Lines ‘Out The Door’ And ‘Strong Sales’ At Tampa Florida Gun Show

by | Feb 26, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 44 comments

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    The constant fear mongering after every shooting has people pushed to two extremes. The first group cowers in manufactured fear at the feet of the government demanding more ink on paper to protect them. The second group gear up to protect themselves.

    Both are the result of the mainstream media’s fear-mongering, and this is evident in the aftermath of the Parkland, Florida school shooting. While we constantly see the media glorify those demanding the rights of the innocent be erased, we rarely see the other side. People who understand evil exists and want to be prepared should it happen to them.

    According to the New York Times,  the lines stretched out the door this weekend at a gun show in Tampa, Florida, as thousands of potential buyers and the merely curious waited for their turn to browse booths stocked with the latest firearms, ammunition, customizable holsters, and patriotic paraphernalia.

    Several sellers said they were on track to double their normal sales for a weekend. “It’s sad to say, but whenever there’s a shooting, business only goes up because people are afraid of losing their right to own a certain weapon,” said Quaidman Woody, who was running a booth with his father, a sales representative for CrossHeirs. “So even if they don’t need another AR, they’ll buy another AR or pieces of it.” This has been shown time and time again, yet for some reason, those who want the destruction of fundamental rights continue their charade. Those demanding a law to protect them always forget one simple thing:

    “We’ve lost our perspective on what’s really happening,” said Scott Rollf, who owns a company called 22mods4all. He said customer concerns about potential legal limits on guns had perked up sales after a decline in demand in recent months led him to reduce his prices.

    Thriving demand for firearms after the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012 and during President Barack Obama’s administration caused new gun companies to swarm the market. Even after the Las Vegas shooting, gun stocks skyrocketed. 

    In the wake of the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada, gun stocks have predictably skyrocketed.  As with every mass shooting in recent American history, incidents like this one tend to make Americans want to take matters into their own hands to protect themselves and their families.

    Shares of Sturm Ruger rose nearly 4 percent and American Outdoor Brands, formerly Smith & Wesson, rose nearly 5 percent or more in Monday morning trading. The shares are up as traders bet that more will be purchasing guns in the face of likely new proposed restrictions on guns.

    But gun stocks have historically risen after high-profile shootings. After the Orlando, Florida, and San Bernardino, California, shootings, “you saw a two to [a] three-month surge in firearms sales,” said Rommel Dionisio, managing director at Aegis Capital. The two ISIS-linked attacks “certainly triggered something in the American consciousness about personal safety.” –SHTFPlan

    It could be that some don’t trust President Donald Trump to not follow in Barack Obama’s footsteps too. After all, he did tweet about it:

    Gun stocks continue to rise thanks to more sales for often months after horrifying shootings. In the month after mass U.S. shootings, Sturm Ruger shares climb an average of nearly 2.9 percent and American Outdoor Brands rises almost 5.4 percent, according to analysis using Kensho, a quantitative analytics tool used by hedge funds. The study looked at 32 instances since the Columbine High School shooting in April 1999 in Colorado.

    Gun sales also climb ahead of elections which show expectations of a Democratic victory. The 2016 presidential election, for example, and both of Obama’s elections. This is because gun owners understand that Democrats would love nothing more than to increase restrictions on firearms and purchases immediately. After Trump’s win, sales of the guns dropped sharply and so did the share prices.

    Under Obama, background checks for guns reached 141.4 million through the end of May 2016, amounting to sales of about 52,600 a day, according to the FBI. Last year, the FBI conducted more than 23 million background checks, which are generally used to figure sales of new and used weapons.

    The media and anti-gun liberals are one of the best things for the gun industry; the very industry they are so desperately trying to cripple.


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      1. 5.4 percent rise pfffftttt chump change

      2. Try this again
        5.4 % rise pfffftt chump change
        Blow me mr/ Mrs. Moderator …. I’m working on my 28th banning

      3. ?

        • Those demanding a law to protect them always forget one simple thing:

          This article sounds good, but they miss the point entirely.

          It is not gun control, background checks or any other form of regulation that these people want.

          It is a TOTAL GUN BAN that they want. They just have to take baby steps, like Commiefornia.

          I have a cousin that came to Texas for a visit. He lives in California. While here, we went to the gun range where he had his picture taken with an AR-15.

          He posted the photo on his facebook page with comments about the gun range day except he left off one important detail.

          He should have put in the post that he was in Texas when he took the photo, no Commiefornia, because when he returned guess who he got a visit from wanting to see the gun?

          • fist mistake is Facebook

      4. I find it funny to point out little facts like this article to those I know are anti-2nd Amendment. When I tell them the statistics for Florida – over 1,300,000 concealed weapon permits for apx. 21 million citizens, right at 1/4 of all residents own a firearm (both of which considering how many northerners occupy homes here coming from anti-gun states, isn’t that bad)…. they are always amazed. True Southerners, native Floridians, the percentages for the ownership is at least double.

        • If anyone doubts heartless, check out this chart:

          This Floridian has seen strong steady gun sales for years. Good but even better would be strong holster sales. Floridians (and all): Carry everywhere!

      5. The police are always the last to arrive; always the last on the scene.

        And now, as we saw at Parkland, those people hired and armed to protect our children won’t even enter the school if a live fire episode is underway.

        It’s all common sense. Depend upon yourself. Rely upon yourself. You are the only one that can save you.

        • Blame-e, like I always say, law enforcement is NOT out there to protect citizens. Their primary job is to protect the system and collect revenue. They don’t even care about the public. They have a total anti-public way of thinking. While I can agree about certain parts of the public not even worth interacting with, LE paints with too big of a brush. They consider themselves along with attorneys and judges to be above the law and think they can do whatever they want with people. Things don’t work that way with me and I hope I never have to prove that the hard way to someone, whether a cop or not.

          • After the Pulse night club shooting and a shooting at a factory with 5 employees killed the local Florida sheriff said, “you have to be your own first responder.

        • Then why are you reporting on a fed moderated site?

        • When seconds count, police are only minutes away.

      6. The State can suck my dick
        Why can’t I throw the disconnect on these school shooters
        Step up who wants to be next ?
        I want a big square “D” that takes me both hands to pull it…
        Why is that a problem?

      7. I went to many Gun Shows at this Tampa Event. It is an amazing show. I really felt the freedom floating in the air. America’s Largest Army today is Civilian Gun Owners and Carry permit Owners and American Hunters. And always be prepared to engage if needed and win the fight if needed. Do some running and shooting skills, to learn how to take cover and shoot. Shoot at white paper plates 25 yards away, and then 20 Ft and 10 Feet away. If you can put most or all on the plates, you are pretty good. While running a course.

        • Why shoot perfectly good white paper plates? Why not instead shoot brown paper plates? Much more appropriate I think.

          • Maybe blue helmets?

      8. Gun Show Princton Ill. March 24 and 25th. Last one for the winter until summer is over. Next one is in October.

        I hope I’m going to get my Noreen 300 Win Mag Semi auto.


        • I have an AR-15 for every member of my family. I did this because I believe in the future AR-15s will be banned, but I want my children to grow up and be able to fight back should the need arrive.

          I have been milling out the 80% lowers so I can replace the lowers on the store bought ones.

          • You probably shouldn’t advertise about the lowers, John.

      9. Sarge, the gun show I went to over the weekend was also a survival expo. I stocked up on ammo, gun cleaning supplies, freeze-dried food, medical supplies. I found an M1 Carbine made by the old Inland Co. in 1945, WW2 issue for $1000. I wanted it but couldn’t spare the money. The supplies took priority. My next gun show is in April so maybe I’ll get something then.

        • Brave.
          My brother just picked up a DPMS AR10 for $700.00 + tax at Big “R”s. Look on Gun Broker I think you might find a good deal.

          I’m still getting stuff. Just finished reloading 500 308’s 300 300 Win Mag’s 300 357 and 38’s, 250 45 ACP’s 400 6.8mm. and now I’m working on our 200 223’s. Damn I shot a lot of rounds with my friends last year. Because I’m retired I get to do the reloading. I am happy that they are going to reload some of the stuff we shot. About 25% of it.

          • Reloaded a whole weeks ammo at one time good.

        • The prices on the M-1 carbines are through the roof. $1800 is the usual price for a WWII one. Even the ones with non-matching serial number parts are $1200.

          I got one made from Inland Division in September 1943, 100% correct. Cost me $420 back in the day.

          I would rather use the M-1 carbine than the AR-15 any day in a gun fight. They are great guns.

      10. I agree with a previous poster learn how to run and Gun how to take cover and shoot on the move.

      11. When seconds count,
        The cops are outside arguing if their rainbow patches are on right

        • They are too busy enforcing bathroom laws and arresting bakers that won;t make a gay wedding cake.

      12. theyre locking horns with us in a battle of both wits and brute force that they simply cannot win:
        the more they villify us the more guns we buy
        the more guns we buy the more they cant ever take them away
        75,000,000+ gun owners and climbing
        300,000,000+ guns and climbing
        mountains of ammo
        history as well as most of law enforcement and military on our side
        “if youre looking for trouble…youve come to the right place buddy”

        • That is the shitty thing about these shootings. Makes the prices go up.

          A DPMS AR-15 at the last gun show was only $479. Prices are going up now.

      13. Keep reporting on yourselves dum asses

      14. Let me tell you how this thing works.
        You were at your wits ends when you stumbled upon this site .
        Wake up it was no accident

      15. Anyone in the southern Arizona area, Tucson is having a gun show at the Pima County fairgrounds March 3 & 4. See ya all there !

      16. Is it just me, or does that new AR-556 from Ruger look like the sexiest thing since Raquel Welch? Solidly built and curves in all the right places…
        Reminds me of the time the Mrs and I went camping at Red River. Just a couple of middle aged rednecks on a 30th anniversary jaunt. Had the whole weekend to ourselves. Moonlight and wine. A full bottle of Viagra and 600 rounds of 223. Wow! Did we make some noise when we///
        (Had more to say but Mrs okie is slapping my hands from the keyboard!)

        • Smokin.
          Thanks you made me laugh!!!!

        • AR-556 from Ruger look like the sexiest thing since Raquel Welch

          I just shot my load.

      17. I don’t own one,but i wouldn’t give it up if I did. I believe these shooting are orchestrated, sleeper cell, MK ultra, not sure, just know there are those who want to disarm the populace to be easier to herd like sheep into Fema camps.

      18. The pi$$ hole state of Illinois is about to pass every piece of gun control legislation the democrats want. It all starts this Wednesday the 28th of feb

        Its hardly being reported.

      19. Testing 123 testing Monday February 26 9:35 pm

      20. PS Pacific time

      21. I picked up an AR10 and Taurus Judge yesterday. Had nothing to do with the mindless noise from the LSM. I have no fear of an attempted ban. They know not what they do.

        I just had the money to get a few more weapons. Haven’t bought a new weapon in a decade. But if it adds to the statistics so much the better. The psycho left will never give up and neither will I (we). I will never submit to them.

        I grew up around weapons (guns if you will), my children did too and so is my grandson. My grandson is 7 years old and owns a .22 revolver. Has since he was 5. Of course he only gets to use it under adult supervision.

        But I can hear the leftest fools wailing like banshee’s over that. I owned my first rifle at his age as did my son. Start them young and teach them well. It’s the psycho libs causing all the problems.

        I will never submit to any filthy leftest and their communist ideals. Millions of us real Americans hold said views. Millions of us are armed and will defend our way of life.

        That is my two cents.

      22. Sorry Mac , I owe you an apology. You do,for the most part post all our comments just not always in chronological order.makes it hard to respond to what others say.

      23. cold dead fingers …….

      24. I go to quite a few gun shows every year here in Tucson. I very rarely buy anything at them because of the evil price gouging by all of the sellers at the shows. Guns, ammo, survival gear, it’s all the same, PRICES THROUGH THE ROOF. I almost always buy my guns and ammo at the local Sportsman Warehouse where I also buy my camping and hunting/fishing gear. Save a bundle of money compared to the gun shows. I would love to own an M-1 carbine but common sense dictates I will never spend $1200 – $2000 on a used, older firearm.

      25. Good to know there are so many patriots in Florida. California also has many patriots. Yeah, we make fun of Commiefornia but many Constitution-believing folks live there too, The Dummycrats win the elections because they are heavily represented in the big cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc. I’ve been to CA gun shows and you would be amazed at the number of transactions going on there.

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