Life Expectancy Decreases Yet Again But There Could Be ONE BIG Reason Why

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    Life expectancy in the United States has decreased yet again, but it isn’t due to a lack of healthcare as leftists would have everyone believe. There are far more important factors at play when it comes to how long a person will live, and personal responsibility is taking the front seat.

    No one should have to be told that obesity is a risk factor for an early death. Yet it seems to be almost offensive to say so. The problem in the United States with life expectancy is responsibility, not a lack of government handouts in the form of inadequate medical care. In fact, the government’s relationship with Big Pharma is taking a good chunk of the blame as well.

    Opioids and the constant pressure doctors feel to prescribe them thanks to protections from the US government are another cause of a decrease in life expectancy, according to WebMD. Opioids are highly addictive and overdose is now a leading cause of death in the United States. “We’ve been talking about the fact that our children will live less long than we will, and that’s clearly coming to pass,” said Dr. Georges Benjamin, executive director of the American Public Health Association.

    But what many refuse to acknowledge is that first, the government is elbow deep in the opioid epidemic, and second obesity (a preventable disease) is considered “ok” or “not that bad” when in reality, an obese person can expect to live ten years less than a person of a healthy weight. As obesity rates have exploded in the United States in recent years, so has life expectancy decreased.

    ‘‘Excess weight shortens human lifespan. In countries like Britain and America, weighing a third more than the optimum shortens lifespan by about 3 years. For most people, a third more than the optimum means carrying 20 to 30 kilograms [50 to 60 pounds, or 4 stone] of excess weight. If you are becoming overweight or obese, avoiding further weight gain could well add years to your life,” said Epidemiologist Dr. Gary Whitlock of Oxford University.

    When personal responsibility for one’s own life is put first, people tend to live longer. People should take care of themselves an make the decision on which foods to consume and which drugs they should take. But this responsibility for one’s own life seems to be constantly pushed off onto others. And this isn’t solely a problem in the United States. Great Britain is facing a decline in life expectancy as well, and the nation has “universal healthcare.” This all but proves is that government intervention cannot save people, people must save themselves through action and responsibility.

    Throughout the 20th Century, the UK experienced steady improvements in life expectancy at birth, resulting in a larger and older population.

    This has been attributed to healthier lifestyles among the population as it ages, such as reduced smoking rates, and improvements in treating infectious illnesses and conditions such as heart disease.

    But in recent years, the progress has slowed. And in the latest data it has ground to a halt. –BBC

    Leftists would have us believe that universal healthcare will solve this problem, yet the UK is still experiencing a stagnant life expectancy along with the US. Perhaps instead of placing one’s life in the hands of a government (ruling class master), one should take responsibility for what they eat and consume. Perhaps more questions should be asked before accepting a prescription for a highly addictive opioid.  Perhaps more personal responsibility and less blame would help everyone live a longer an happier life.


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      1. I watch movies for educational reasons.

        In “It’s A Wonderful Life” with James Stewart we see the main character as a boy employed by a pharmacist who “accidently” makes POISON in a pill. The boy swears he will never tell anyone. This film plays repeatedly every Christmas. The theme is horrific. It is about a man who’s life is about to end in suicide. All very sweet when in the end the entire it takes a village comes to his aid. Then the bell rings and an angel gets his wings.

        Brain wash and threats all wrapped up like a present and delivered to the public.


        Personal responsibility is great. But it does not relieve criminals whom knowingly poison the public.


        Bringing in aids infected third world men who rape local women brings down the average death age.


        • I don’t think you fully got the story right. The pharmacist doesn’t “knowingly” put poison in the pill. He got drunk, because he got a letter that his son got killed in WW2, and screwed it up.
          The government plays no roll in this film. You have 2 capitalists, Jimmy Stewart on the one hand, and Potter on the other. One is selfish and greedy, who will gladly harm his “village” or anyone who gets in his way. The other is caring and wants to make an honest living, trying to help people as much as he can along the way.
          The moral of the story is, when he chooses to help people as much as he can when they are in need, when the tables are turned because of events outside of his control, everyone is excited at an opportunity to help him.
          None of this should be interpreted as a socialist/nanny state vs capitalism paradigm.

          • Matt:

            Tell it to the judge.

            Everything you said is true. Everything I said is true also.

            The difference is that I looked beneath the surface and found what looks like more than just a feel good fantasy with an obvious moral. I found something ugly. Maybe it is better not to know. Then you can just be entertained.


            • WiFi kills:

              A female human is born with all the eggs in her ovaries that she will ever have. Though not yet totally developed, the eggs inside an infant will become her children in approximately twenty years after her own birth. But for the babies being born now, many are carrying dead or deformed eggs because of WiFi.

              Little girls should never use WiFi because it kills the eggs in their ovaries.

              Pregnant women should never use WiFi because it will go right into the female fetus’ ovaries. The infant will be sterile.

              Use land lines in home and school.

              They outlawed WiFi in schools in Europe to protect children.

              It sounds unbelievable. so do the research yourself.

              WiFi lowers sperm counts especially with laptops on the thighs.


      2. Radiation from Fukushimi brings down the average death age, too.

      3. You are the number one person responsible for your health. There are others contributing to your demise, your government who keeps forcing on people bad food in the form of GMOs, pesticides, drugs, chemicals, air and water pollution etc. The Bible states man cannot guide his own footsteps and God will ruin those ruining the earth. In China organic foods are reserved for only the rich and politically elites. Think about that……

      4. My cardiologist told me of a study done post Germany reunification. The opportunity to study DNA v Environment presented itself by studying the health of families split for five decades. Surprisingly the life expectancy in the west was less than that of the east even though the medical care in the former was much better however that was more than offset by the rich diet fats from meat, cream and the like verses the spartan diet of East Germany. People who live the longest are very thin, Grandi like according to him.

        • The German people were starving after World War II. The Marshall Plan saved German lives from the diet of starvation.

          Americans have a different diet than the Europeans do. The Germans love their sausage (rich in fat) and beer (rich in empty calories), and their Bratwurst. On the average Germans live longer than Americans. The French love their gravies and sauces. All big “No. Nos” in the American diet. Still, the French live longer than Americans. Geography makes a difference.

          Walk down the isles of any grocery story in the US. Any food you see that is either in a bag or box will kill you. Why? Because you are looking at processed foods.

          • the blame-e

            No doubt processed and “frankin” food contribute to the decline. A woman from Belarus said this about US food, “Your chicken doesn’t taste like chicken, your ice cream doesn’t taste like ice cream”. Brits toured our Refinery and they were shocked at the portion size in the local diner saying, “I would feed my family that”. Our food is plentiful with portions too large, we’re also too fat and increasing. Regardless the thin are healthier as the organs don’t work as hard I presume.

            • The woman from Belarus is right. My mom captured the ice cream machine she grew up with. You burn more calories cranking out real ice cream than eating it. But it was real, really real. The choices were simple: chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry.

              I say this all the time when I sit down to a meal. The American diet is the diet of the future. Dystopia tastes like crap. It is made up of all processed fake and Frankin “food products.” The industry started with artificial ingredients and now look where we are. All of this was accomplished to accommodate exploding population growth — and not just here at home but throughout the world.

              There just isn’t enough real food to go around. There will be no beef in another generation.

      5. I’d like to see a specific breakdown by both race and legal and illegal immigration status to see if there are any links to those combinations and if it is enough to affect the life expectancy overall.

        But I doubt I will ever see that breakdown, and it may be of no significance anyway.

        But it does seem that life expectancy is decreasing as both legal and illegal immigration are increasing.

      6. Suicides have risen sharply. Lots of our soldiers are coming back as the military pared down, and they cannot deal with the transition, many are homeless largely due to injuries from IED attacks, and then the Veteran Dept delays their disability. These often end up committing suicide. I would not be surprised if opioids are involved.

        It was frequently difficult to make a career in the Marines as the brass tries to be as lean as possible with the exemplary kept on whenever possible. There are cruel stories about this.

        Lots of older guys are financially broke and committing suicides as well. Lots of farmers have committed suicides.

        It’s so prevalent that it’s becoming a topic of sermons which is not at all typical historically.

      7. I love that I can make an anonymous comment. So rare, even among alternative (i.e., non-fake) media.

      8. I have seen litters of puppies, where a couple are always bigger, and “fat” savages, who have killed their all natural healthfood with a rock, or dug for it with a stick. Nature or nurture?

        I don’t believe that someone is physically resilient, without enough weight to cushion a fall, or to take a blow, or carry a load. Some are very brittle, imhblo.

      9. I have way more days behind me than in front of me. Many members of my family have died. One thing that cannot be measured is quality of life. We can only measure the quantity of years.
        I’d rather enjoy life while I am alive, rather than live as an nut case Vegan hoping to get two or three extra more years in an assisted living facility.
        So I will enjoy my beer, eggs, butter, steak, tuna, lobster, mayo, avocados, et al.
        I planed my retirement for me to live to age 85, government caused inflation screws up my pension income after that. Although I claim I will be shot by a jealous husband when I’m at age 120.
        I figure 85 to be about right.
        Odds are better for a little old lady to run me over as I walk in a sidewalk before then.

        • Rellik,
          You have a really good point that I have thought about often. Quality vs longevity. As we get older we need some comforts ect that we did not always value when younger. Would I rather live to be 80 and enjoy what time I have left or live to be 90 by starving myself and cutting out all the other good things in life. And it goes even further than just health items. I want comfort so I drive a Suburban instead of a Prius. I live in a nice older house instead of a tiny certified effecient apartment. I still take trips instead of not taking them in order to save the environment. It is an individual choice, but for me it is best to be a happy 75 or 80 vs starving miserable 90. KF

      10. Problem is that medical care is too expensive and completely controlled by multi billion dollar pill pushing thieves that offer no remedy for sickness. In fact quite the opposite of healthcare because these death pushers have killed millions in their history. Quite a leap from doctors making cheap housecalls to being entitled to earn millions of dollars for quackery. They all are aware that chemotherapy kills patients but in tandem with the cancer industry they continue to only pursue the money. To call this healthcare is a horrible joke.

      11. I plan on raising the average life expectancy significantly. I’m enjoying the hell out of this ride.

      12. Sometimes I feel that these alt-media sites are really MSM Deep State surveillance sites. When I read articles like this one my suspicions are really aroused.

        Obesity is probably a population control method used primarily to decrease the population by any all means available. There are others. Obesity is caused by processed foods. Stress and other factors of course play a part. However, some people respond to processed foods differently. Those that don’t store processed foods as fat and die on the average 10-years earlier than the rest of us. Kind of gives a whole new meaning to: “You can kiss that retirement goodbye.”

        The percentage of processed foods out there has gone from 32-percent in the 1980s all the way up to over 60-percent today. These are what are killing Americans, not their laziness nor their irresponsibility. Nobody dreams of being the size of Orson Wells, or Burl Ives, Dom Deloise, Kevin James, Dick Cheney (Still, you couldn’t ask for a fatter fat man than Dick Cheney), or John Goodwin. Just like no 10-year-old boy dreams of becoming “Money Man.”

        Articles like these blame Americans for what is being done to them. Americans are eating what is being put in front of them. Rhymes with doing what they are told.

        Here’s another give-away that these alt-media sites are beginning to show their true colors. Chris Martinsen of Peak Prosperity just ran an article in today’s Daily Digest abusing the 2ND Amendment, saying how many people guns are killing each day. Pure gun confiscation propaganda. Read it.

        (Well, oops. I was going to provide a link, but guess what? The article has been pulled.)

        Anyway, gun control uses the same logic as self-driving cars. There wouldn’t be, on the average, 30,800 deaths per year if people were not driving cars.

      13. The U.K. has the laziest people in Northern Europe and do the least exercise. The result is that the country has the ugliest women in Western Europe.

        Food diets for most involve junk food and little fresh food.

        As for the US, it has long been known most Americans are fat and lazy.

        The President needs to re-introduce the draft so these bad habits can be whipped out of the population.

        • “The President needs to re-introduce the draft so these bad habits can be whipped out of the population.”

          A de-facto government subsidized heath club? No thanks, government is neither mom or dad. Your body is yours not the governments who has neither responsibility or authority over your personal being up until you cross the line adversely effecting others safety. Leave communist authoritarianism in China.

          • Here are two accepted definitions of Freedom:

            1. exemption from external control, interference, regulation, etc.
            2. the power to determine action without restraint.

            • That would probably also be an accepted definition of anarchy. Obviously external control or regulation should be mandated to prevent people from doing evil. Force should be used to enforce it. The idea that “the power to determine action without restraint” is a good thing is laughable. The question would be “what action does a person ‘determine’ that they’re going to do”?
              Does it hurt others or not? Is it a cost to others or not? Is it intrinsically good or bad? Our country simply was not built on the concept of unrestricted “freedom”, but on the notion that people should have at least some manner of self-governance, aka a right to vote for representation.
              Libertarianism is idiotic.

              • Hello Matt. I am curious why you feel that libertarianism is idiotic. What part of freedom don’t you like? Your freedom of speech to post your opinion, for instance, is one of a host of liberties that were built into our Constitution from the start. The choice our Founders made for representative self-governance, as opposed to establishing a new monarchy, was the ultimate act of unrestricted freedom.

                Libertarianism is not anarchy. The basic philosophy of libertariansim is that one is free to pursue one’s own path in life without interference from government as long as: 1) one does not interfere with another’s pursuit. 2) one does not cause harm to others. 3) one does not initiate the use of force. This sounds to me very much like what you contended and not contrary to it. You might be one of us and not realize it. Best wishes.

                • 2) one does not cause harm to others. . .

                  Flat out wrong. One must not violate rights of others.
                  There are many ways to harm others that do not violate rights or involve initiation of of force.

                  One can hurt feelings, lie to them, be unfaithful, and so on, without violating rights.

                  Lying with business fraud is another story and must be stopped by force.

                  • Hello awed bawl. When I used the word “harm” I had in mind causing someone physical injury or tangible loss to their property which I do believe would violate their rights. You are correct in evincing the better definition and making the distinction that you did. There are lots of folks who are gobs more gooder at eloquating these things than I am. Thanks. All the best.

            • “Freedom is the sound of one hand clapping…

              Ah so Grasshoppper…

              Seriously though, talking about Freedom without discussing Responsibility misses the point.

              In Societal living our Freedom is always going to be tempered or moderated by that very arrangement.

              Freedom is absolute only when you live far away from other people and have no direct interaction. Even then, we could go all Righteous about how this theoretical hermit still has a Responsibility to treat the Environment well for the consideration of others who will live there or need the resources in the future, blah, blah….

              So the classic line “Your Freedom to swing your fist ends at the other person’s nose.” [Barring a self defense situation]


              • Koan

                what is sound of one hand clapping, asks the master

                what is sound of one bull crapping, answers the new master

        • Daniel Webster: “Where is it written in the Constitution, in what article or section is it contained, that you may take children from their parents and parents from their children, and compel them to fight the battles of any war in which the folly and wickedness of the government may engage itself? Under what concealment has this power lain hidden, which now for the first time comes forth, with a tremendous and baleful aspect, to trample down and destroy the dearest right of personal liberty? Who will show me any Constitutional injunction which makes it the duty of the American people to surrender everything valuable in life, and even life, itself, whenever the purposes of an ambitious and mischievous government may require it? … A free government with an uncontrolled power of military conscription is the most ridiculous and abominable contradiction and nonsense that ever entered into the heads of men”.

          • Bravo Cal! Thanks for posting that. In fact, the XIII Amendment prohibits involuntary servitude except when duly convicted of a crime.

          • When they claimed to be establishing a free country, perhaps they lied.

            A fully free country would be useless for the elite. . .

      14. Having lunch with some guys from work, we were talking about longevity, I said if you want to live to a ripe old age you need to have picked parents and grandparents who also lived to a ripe old age.

        One guy spoke up and said if he could have picked his parents they would have been white. We all about choked on our lunch, one guys drink came out his nose. True story.

      15. Self-discipline is the factor that is missing in a lot of these (obese) people. Once (maybe twice?) in my life I stepped on the scale and the reading was equal to that when I was 9 months pregnant: WHOA!!! Okay, time to do something, girly – this is UNACCEPTABLE!!! Eggs for breakfast, spinach salad for supper, EVERY DAY until my body was back where it belonged! That’s self-discipline, and KNOWING what your body is supposed to be like. Fluctuating one clothing size up or down here and there is normal (seasonal for me – I purposely try to put on “extra insulation” for winter, but have yet to truely succeed except for that one year :p ); anything more requires action.

        Healthcare, it’s true, has nothing to do with it – personal choices do. I have free healthcare, but never use it – the only two times I saw my new doctor (over a year ago, for back problems), she prescribed me chemicals that I cannot take (I did try them – and reacted badly to both) so I’ve given up on doctors for good (she was the last straw).

      16. Parents out living their (adult) children is not all that uncommon today.

        My parents, now in their late 80s, have buried two of their children, one at age 54 and the other many years ago at age 35. Same for a few of my aunts, uncles and parents’ friends. I lost two of five siblings by the time I was fifty-five.

      17. At least Americans are quitting smoking in great number.

      18. With respect, Mr. Slavo, taking responsibility for what one eats and drinks isn’t powerful enough in and of itself to combat the Big Pharma families pushing Opioids while they suppress natural pain remedies.

        For example, for centuries the Chinese have been using magnets on the body which forces oxygen and nutrients into the wounded/pained area which reduces swelling and in so doing decreases pain.

        The powers that be, including the unholy collusive marriage of FDA with Big Pharma would rather have us take an opiate that changes our neurochemistry thus deepening our dependence on their pills while increasing their profits.

        Government exists to protect us from monopolies and abuses but Departments of Justice and Attorney Generals have lacked the kind of testicular fortitude formerly exemplified by a rare few.

        Conclusion? When individual choices made by countless citizens fueled by uncanny truth join together as one, then the deafening roar of outrage tends to shame the elected and the appointed to do what they get paid to do: to protect those who Harry S. Truman said occupy the highest office in the land: that of citizen.

        – the Lone Ranger

      19. Just don’t eat so much.

      20. They don’t want you to live much past 65. They want you to become sick before or around retirement age. You go into a nursing home they charge you $4000 a month and you lose all your retirement savings your home everything. Your family don’t get that. After your tapped out of $ they get you on state aid then they cut back your care hoping you’ll die soon. We’ve all heard the horror stories and they are true. They don’t want you living to 90 and collecting social security and pensions 401k funds for 30 years. I’ve seen it so many times. That is why they don’t want you to have a long life. It seems they can keep you alive long enuff to extort all your estate though.

      21. If you want or worse…must lose weight, it’s simple but boring. Eat a light breakfast, skip lunch or eat a salad with vinegar and no oil, then for supper eat tuna or chicken breast with half a baked potato and steamed broccoli.

        Drink lots of water. Take calcium supplements as milk is high in fat. You bones are remodeling the scaffold of your skeleton.

        In a a month, you will weigh twenty pounds less. Start walking as exercise to strengthen your knees and back. Do that for two weeks. Get on an eliptical for thirty minutes and then do the rowing machine for thirty minutes. Do that every other day. Skip the treadmill.

        Now you’re stronger. Start weight training your arms and chest every other day. Use the assisted chin up/dipping station. It gives you weight to facilitate proper chin ups. Gradually reduce the assist until you can do chin ups wide grip, pull ups, and dips with no assist. You will get the maximum benefit in the shortest time. For some strange reason, people avoid the one workout that will actually help you.

        In two months, you will be stronger and at least forty pounds lighter.

        Or you can go to the gym, waste your time on pointless cardio, eat too much, and stay about the same weight with no improvement on your blood pressure.

        In the third month, you need new clothes. You are getting noticed. You can start using the heavybag so get some decent newer style boxing gloves and get in touch with your fighting spirit. You will get very strong fast as it wears you out to do thirty minutes of boxing.

        Do all the other exercises and possibly add leg exercises. You most likely have added abdominal exercises. Go easy if you had middle age spread as your abs are weak and seperated…especially ladies due to pregnancy.

        Start bokken exercises. This is a wooden sword and swing that around. There are plenty of videos. This tones your arms and loose areas of the chest. Your forearms will double in size and your wrist strength will become remarkable. You will start looking chiseled and your double chin is disappeaaring.

        It’s not hard but your workout ends up two hours a day with a boring diet. You likely start increasing protein with low cal fruit smoothies with whey protein powder. Guys will start bulking up genuine muscle at that point. Your mood soars. You get lots of attention as an alpha male.

      22. All health statistics in the U.S. are increasingly skewed because of one thing – Race.
        Obesity rates drop 90% if we remove the black and Hispanic populations. Same with longevity and I.Q. stats.
        Of course, no one can mention this fact without being racist, so we get more and more govt. restrictions and meddling.
        Just another benefit of diversity.

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