Libs Claim Using the Term “OBOLA” Is Racist

by | Oct 9, 2014 | Headline News | 325 comments

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    obolaLiberal journalists are now claiming that Americans who use the term #Obola are racist and xenophobic, continuing the trend whereby any criticism of President Obama is hastily characterized as a racial slur.

    In an article for the Verge entitled Ebola panic is getting pretty racist, feminist journalist Arielle Duhaime-Ross blames Dinesh D’Souza and Michael Savage for popularizing the hashtag #Obola as a “racist xenophobic….banner to rally around,” despite the fact that the meme patently represents a witty encapsulation of what many see as the federal government’s botched response to the Ebola outbreak and the failure to block flights from West Africa in the name of political correctness.

    Duhaime-Ross argues that “white privilege….is floating to the surface” in the aftermath of the Ebola outbreak, a theme mimicked by Rev. Jesse Jackson who this week blamed “white privilege” for Ebola victim Thomas Duncan not getting the treatment he needed.

    Vox’s Dylan Matthews also accuses Dinesh D’Souza of taking on a “conspiratorial, hyperbolic tone” after the conservative activist asked his Twitter followers, “Which is worse: EBOLA, the disease; or OBOLA, the dream from his father?”

    Meanwhile, ties together a grand Ebola conspiracy, alleging that the right is forging a “plan to sweep the midterms” by fanning the flames of racist fears over Ebola, ISIS and the porous southern border. The fact that it was National Border Patrol Council spokesman Chris Cabrera who earlier this week sounded the alarm over hundreds of illegal aliens from Ebola hot zones like Liberia crossing the border is not mentioned in the piece.

    The attempt to diffuse any criticism of Obama by playing the race card is by no means a new phenomenon, and has been utilized innumerable times over the years to demonize opposing voices.

    The situation bears some resemblance to a previous controversy when some denounced posters depicting Obama as the Joker out of Batman as racist despite the fact that an almost identical image was used to lampoon George W. Bush, in addition to the author of the Obama Joker posters being a politically independent Muslim-American.

    MSNBC host Carlos Watson went further, wondering aloud whether the word “socialist” was “becoming a code word, whether or not socialist is becoming the new n-word for some angry upset birthers and others.”

    Duhaime-Ross and her ilk will presumably be nonplussed by a new line of Infowars t-shirts which feature the Obama campaign logo embedded inside the word ‘Ebola’.

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        • Oh on topic..more

          Everything is Racist with whos at the helm .. It probably pissed off the mucky muck when he saw his O being used on bumperstickers with Obola as the wording

          I say to that

          waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, baby waaaaaaaaaaa

          • Libs Claim Using the Term “OBOLA” Is Racist

            Wellllllll if the shoe fits & “OBOLA” fits so be it

            The HNIC is incompetent lets face it

            He is the real “Racist” judge him by his actions

            • DY … in furtherance to your incompetence comment, here’s a blog article from a couple of days ago detailing, in plain facts (I know facts are terrible things that just never seem to go away, unlike SOME interweb postings), about just how incompetent our HNIC really is.

              ht tp://

              • @Mac Slavo:

                Why was my post of October 7, 2014 at 6:33 pm, not “posted accurately” (what I wrote)?

                Why was the post edited the way it was???

                Why do you not respond???

                  • Any Catholic that is actively following the advice of the current pope, cardinals or bishops is in danger! This pope and his 2 predecessors all speak opposite to Jesus. One example is “Ecumenism”.
                    Jesus said all must come through Him to get to the Father and heaven. The popes have each said that “all religions, when practiced well, are equally valid pathways to heaven” ( quote from John PaulII but repeated by Benedict XVI and Francis ). Jesus sent his apostles out into the world in pairs to preach his word, though it might risk their lives doing it. The popes have declared that NO missionary work or outreach or conversion may be done now. It is forbidden because it is no longer necessary they say.

                    It is clear that they speak opposite to Jesus and the bible.

                    Three popes who preach that all other faiths are equal to Christianity. So why are they popes if they do not believe in the words of Jesus? And it took the majority of cardinals to elect 3 of these heretics in a row. So the current leadership of the church is not catholic. So read your bible and the lives of the saints and do not listen to these men who speak opposite from Christ. Ask the Holy Spirit to teach and guide you instead of listening to those who call on Jesus’ name and then teach opposite to His words to us.

                  • The 1913 edition of the Catholic Encyclopedia (available online) lists 29 anti-popes prior to the 20th century, other sources list as many as 41 false claimants to the papacy, NOT including the Vatican 2 and post-Vatican 2 monsters.

            • Who cares anymore that a “lib” said it or anythig for that matter. I am to the point where I hate all the titles, because they all are distracting and misleading in a sense. Al of them fall under one title and one title only…..POLITICIANS, period!! And POLITIC stands for many (poli)blood sucking parasite (tic).

              It isn’t a right left problem, it isn’t a conservative liberal problem. It is a cancer that has fully inundated the whole damn system of govt in amerikka at the fed, state and local levels. And in amerikkan corporations and economic policy, wall st., city hall, insurance, licenses for everything, geo political bs, foreign policy….the whole world is sick and has been forever. It’s just now that the disease is fully taken hold and showing the rabid symptoms. Time to put old yeller down, once and for all!

              • I WILL not be afraid, I have done nothing wrong. I will continue to practice Christian values, loving my brothers and sisters to the best of my abilities as Jesus would want. but GDI, cross me, THREATEN me or my family for no reason other than being white and employed, and you will meet your maker.

              • All sides got this all wrong. Here’s why:

                Ebola is a hemorrhagic fever virus that kills people it infects by liquifying their organs.

                Obola is a virus caught by this nation and those looking for free shit hasten the spread. Obola eventually kills the host nation by hemorrhaging freedoms, tax dollars, creativity, individuality, personal responsibility, common sense, the truth and everything else once considered good in this country. Ultimately, the host nation is completed liquified by the Obola virus and it’s corpse becomes Stalin’s wet dream.

                See the difference now?

                • I find you funny, since Obama is considered by liberals to be “Republican Lite.” He has continued Bush’s policies particularly when it comes to the endless war on terror and the endless war on drugs–both of which are costly failures. Despite the propaganda, he is not interested in taking away your guns.

                  America is now a third-world country because of both parties.

                  • Really genius? You think I’m some sort of right winger, do you? No, I call a spade a spade and I know damn well this oreo jackal in the Crack House is nothing more than a puppet. Fuck sake, they all were, are and will be. As for taking away our shit, leave that to the UN and the implementation of Agenda 21 through the scam that is Anthropogenic Global cooling, uh no that was the 70s; wait, Anthropogenic Global Warming, ooops, wrong again, that was the 90s,; I mean Anthropogenic Global Climate Change, there we go, now the liars have all the bases covered.

                    So listen Sharonsj from web sites like the Daily Sheeple where I see you borderline Communist shill fucking comments regularly,





            • Barrack Obola!

              • Barrack Hossein Obola

                • Obola! Obola! Obola!Obola! Obola! Obola!Obola! Obola! Obola!Obola! Obola! Obola!Obola! Obola! Obola!Obola! Obola! Obola!Obola! Obola! Obola!Obola! Obola! Obola!
                  and I am tired of these racist accusations out of the mouths of the ignorant, the clueless and the communists.
                  f u

              • Would Barrack Eboma be racist ??? His mother was white, how can anything be racist with this ass ??? Black, white, whatever, he is either THE WORST president ever or he’s on the wrong team.

              • Hussein doesn’t like the name Obola.

              • Barry-Barry SatorO-bola, AKA: Barak Sodomite-Hussein Obola.

            • Well O’Bola sure isn’t Irish. And it sure isn’t Mexican like O’Lay. So what else can it be, O’bama the Illegal Immigrant Importer in Chief? Close enough.

              • Tell the libs to call 1-800-Waaaaaaaaaaaaa.

            • a few days back someone used the word Ebama….we can all safely switch to that, since it’s clearly politically correct

          • Too funny. How about Obozo instead.

            • Brobola would be appropriate as well.

          • WOW, Get this: General Kelly out of Southern Command says there is NO WAY to contain Ebola in Africa. And here is the Mind Blowing Statement: He said if Ebola hits Central America, mass migration will be moving to the United States, because many will be seeking treatment, and others will be fleeing to the US trying to get away from Ebola.

            We Better get mass reinforcement on our southern Borders right now with heavy machine gun nests. Our Borders will be immediately over run. Run for the Boarder!!! Taco Bell!!

            • Yeah, like that will ever happen, and I mean that with full respect to you. Obola will have declared martial law by then and welcoming everyone across the border after disbanding the Border Patrol. The best way to get even with him is not to die, so do your best to stay safe and alive. Think how much it will piss him off!

            • like I need to have a general tell me what the threat is, its so freaking obvious. I don’t respect him, he doesn’t have the balls to stand by his oath to protect our country, all he wants to protect is his pension. GTH,MF

              • I look at the General’s statement as “Here’s whats truly coming folks.” Just to cover his ass so he can then say “See I told you all so.”

          • I am sick to death of everything being racist. Now we can’t have the RedSkins anymore. What about the Indians? Will they be nex? Or the Saints. We definitely can’t have Saints in this PC world.

            I am waiting for them to decide that “colored” is racist. Then we can’t have the NAACP anymore. How about the National Association for the Advancement of African-American People? The NAAAAP.

            • Honesty Daisy, The Redskins name with an Indian is racist.

              I also would like to share this latest Settlement News for the Native Americans. Its nice to see these tribes compensated. We as Preppers could learn a lot of skills from our countries Natives, like land management and conservation. Learn about the respect and spirituality of nature.


              US to pay largest Native American nation $554 Million in landmark settlement
              Published time: September 25, 2014 15:55
              The Obama administration will pay the Navajo Nation a record $554 million to settle claims by the most populous Native American tribe that funds and natural resources on its reservation were mismanaged by the US government for decades.

              The agreement will be formally signed on Friday at Window Rock, Arizona, the capital of the Navajo reservation, the largest in the US by land mass.

              The accord was borne from litigation that accused the government of mishandling Navajo funds and natural resources on its more than 14 million acres across Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah, all held in trust for the tribe and leased out for purposes of farming, energy development, logging, and mining. The Navajo claims date back as far as 50 years.

              In return for $554 million, the Navajo have agreed to drop its lawsuit and forego any future litigation over past US management of Navajo funds or resources held by the federal government, Reuters reported.

              The deal does not, though, negate future trust claims or any other claims over water and uranium pollution on the reservation, Navajo Attorney General Harrison Tsosie said. Based on non-disclosure clauses, he could not say how much the Navajo had claimed it was owed ahead of the settlement.

              From 1944 to 1986, nearly four million tons of uranium ore were extracted from Navajo land under lease agreements between the federal government and the Navajo Nation, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency.

              Now, the mines are closed, but over 500 abandoned uranium mines, as well as homes and drinking water sources, have been found to have high levels of radiation. The legacy of uranium mining earned the reservation a Superfund designation, an EPA program that addresses hazardous waste sites in dire need of clean-up and control.

              The settlement deal was hailed by Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly as a “victory for tribal sovereignty.” He vowed to hold town hall meetings in the process of deciding how to use the settlement funds across a population of around 300,000 on nearly 27,000 miles of reservation.

              “After a long, hard-won process, I am pleased that we have finally come to a resolution on this matter to receive fair and just compensation for the Navajo Nation,” Shelly said in a statement.

              The historic agreement, US Attorney General Eric Holder said, exemplified the US Justice Department’s commitment to “strengthening our partnership with tribal nations.”

              Over two years ago, the Obama administration came to similar settlements with 41 tribes for about $1 billion overall. Since that deal, the federal government has resolved breach of trust claims by around 40 additional tribes for more than $1.5 billion, according to the Justice Department.

              • stupid long winded comment meaning nothing

                • bla bla bla

              • Bahhh giving Natives free money does not help them. It will encourage laziness druag and alcohol abuse and a feeling of entitlement.

            • And don’t forget about the Greenbay “Packers”. 🙂

              • Mike,don’t forget the “Patriots”,obviously domestic terrorists/preppers!Face it,the nfl has sold out completely to the powers that be and anti firearm groups.

              • Mike A. Green Bay Packers were named from a Meat packing company in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Nothing racist there.

                WOW look at all the red thumb Biggots on this website. RE: My Washington Redskins comment. The Native Americas are true victims of European exploitation. Like WTF ignorant people here. Courts have already rules they cannot patent that name, and have dropped trademark protections. Really are you red thumbers that F-n ignorant Racist and just stupid of any facts or history? I am a white guy and do have a sliver of Native American of me, in my DNA, and very proud of that fact.

                The Native Americans are about the only ones that truly respect our nature and environment for long term sustainability. The red thumbers just like to destroy the planet so there is nothing left. Red Thumbers are Pigs, go eat your polluted fish and eat the smog that kills you.

                • So, if the Packers were named after a meat packing company, then can PETA make them change their name to the Vegans?

                  • I thought is stood for “People Eating Tasty Animals”

                • WWTI, why don’t you just leave, it would make so many people here happier?


            Sierra Leone’s death toll has surged upward with their recent come-to-Jesus revelations, adding more deaths in the last 4 days than the total they’ve recorded in the entire previous seven weeks.

            Given their laxity and mendacious prior casualty and infection reporting, it’s prudent to assume they have unreported (hence un-contact-traced) cases numbering into the thousands. Nothing less would support so many new dead, so rapidly.

            They had more deaths over the same period than Liberia, which has nearly double the reported cases of Sierra Leone.

            Why? Reflect on the fact that this is also the period exactly 10-15 days after their vaunted “nationwide 3-day quarantine” in late September, keeping everyone locked up inside their homes uninfected alongside the infected.

            Then flash forward to the fact that we did the exact same sort of quarantine in Dallas for six days, from Sept. 28th to Oct. 4th, with the other members of the Duncan family, locking the uninfected inside known contagious facilities.

            So the Dallas city government is demonstrably twice as smart as the government of Sierra Leone.
            Walk tall, Texas.

            Hopefully, Dallas hardware stores will soon experience a run on pitchforks and scythes, and residents will stage a torchlight visit to some local leading citizens. Or at least take some hot tar and chicken feathers, and a rail.

          • I love the saying. We have to learn to say “So What” when accused of being racist, which translates to being not liberal. I refuse to enter a shame spiral for being white. The government is a dangerous, lunatic agency and much more dangerous to me than my pointing out the Ebola is synonymous with Obola. A curse on him and his fat wife.

          • So the Libs think that term is racist?


          • I dunno, it fits the disease in the White House. Extremely and indiscriminately dangerous and lethal to any who get ‘infected’ with democracy.

        • Liberia canceled national elections because of the obola pandemic.

          Will the 2016 presidential election be cancelled by Obola because of obola? Is martial law coming?

          Was much of the country’s electorate in an incubation period during 2008 (and prior) and then the Obola disease showed its first symptoms when the electorate voted in Obola liberalism?

          I have built up my immunity to Obola liberalism, but sadly, many are not immune.

          • FreeSlave, my immunity to Obola’s brand of socialism is also built up, but the libturds have been hopelessly infected with it. They live on borrowed time.

            • The frustrating intractable problem is that the LibTurds have dragged everyone else down the let’s-all-drown-together drain with them. Their claws are gripped around the necks of others, choking them and dragging them down with them, all the while blaming the choke victim for their own lib-created diarrhea mess.

              Getting a Lib Zombie from dragging you down is just not that easy.

              • FreeSlave, no libturd has his or her claws on me; I’ll shoot the damn thing before it could ever get near me. if they want to go down a drain, they can go alone. No way braveheart will join them. Preventing a libturd from taking you down is easier than you think.


        • When does saying “Things are alright. Don’t be alarmed. Panic will make things worse.” become immoral?

          To me, it’s immoral if you know, or at least strongly suspect, that something bad is happening or going to happen, and yet you tell everybody else that everything is alright.

          Is CDC honcho Tom Frieden being immoral? I’m not sure. If we could hook him up to a reliable lie detector, it may show that he really believes that everything is going to be alright.

          On the other hand, if we hook up Obola to a lie detector and ask him if bad things are coming for the American people ….

          • If we hook BO to a lie deter it will commit suicide before the first question

            • Stock market Crashing Big Time today Dow Down -$335 Pts. Silver and Gold up slightly. Oil is crashing $84.40 good thing, gas will be under $3 soon. Cheers!!

              • I saw $2.98 on the way home in DFW.

                • $4.25 here

                • $3.25 out here, a dime lower this week.

                • $2.75 at one gas station (Sinclair) where I live. I live in Oklahoma.

                  • Go to to see all the charts and heat maps for gas prices in the U.S. and your local area. This is a good Link app on your cell phone that you can pull up, to find the cheapest gas in your area. Just type in your Zip code. And it will list which gas station has the cheapest gas. BTW/ All the Gasoline sold in your areas, all comes from the same source so brand name does’t mean squat. Shell Gas is no different than 7-11 gas. Diesel is also listed.

                • I saw $2.99 at Quick Trip in Greenville, TX today.

                • $3.19 to $3.26 in northeastern NC

              • $3.29 here where I buy my gas. $3.25 is the current lowest with $3.39 the highest.

              • dow down 335 means it’s CRASHING????….no, that’s not a crash by ANYONE’S standards that I know of……when it gets down a THOUSAND points in a day, then i will start paying attention.

                • When it looses 15% or better in a day on high volume you know the gig is up.

        • Obola would be a piece of shit even if he were white.

          • What’s that black stuff in chicken shit, it’s chicken shit too. Obola is 50% white.

            • He does not look white to me son.

        • This is undoubtedly true, I’m sure there are people who feel it is racist. I doubt that radical neo-cons agree, but then they thought 9/11 would be a good idea too.

          They also thought arms for hostages was another good deal.

          They also thought assassination and torture was another great conservative value.

          The fact is, if you want to call yourself a conservative, then fine, and put on the swastika too boot.

          If you want to call yourself a liberal then that’s fine too.

          I’m just an American and I’m done with retards playing Americans against Americans.

      1. Happy Birthday,!!!
        On 10-10-2008, Mac opened this site, it had 3077 people read, or hit this site. A total of three comments, (a day early) so everyone can thank MAC for his ‘place‘.
        I personally want to thank Mac for having a place for us to discuss, vent, postulate, opine, and even joke about the matters at hand. Ever since I visited the first time in early 09 (did not post for a long while), I knew this was what I wanted to be a part of, since we all have opinions, on politics, religion, prepping and life in general, well it seems we have become like a family of sorts, even in a world that seems to get worse daily.
        Sorry for going dark for a few days, got a lot on my mind. Thanks to all about my mom, it is a hard row to hoe, and dementia is one strange mind set, I wish I could wave a wand over her head and make it better…
        I realized a few years ago, that humor would help this site be a little nicer, if we all can laugh at ourselves and others. Thus is the reason I post jokes here. Sure, I agree, sometimes I post too many jokes on one post, so I am going to limit it to just one per post, if less is more. And I have to say, there are a lot of great posters here that can post great jokes, Old Guy, and many others, you all have done an excellent job!!!!!
        I thought the ‘princess says no’ was really funny, but you see now how hard it is to post jokes or comments that get red painted for no real reason, like I said, different folks with different strokes. PLEASE KEEP JOKING…
        I want to apologize for the last rant on 9-27-14, just have a lot of things on my mind, and was having a BAD weekend.
        I have noticed that there are a lot of new posters here, one piece of advice to all the newbies, read as much as you can of the past articles, tons of advice, tons of comments, and you can get the idea of us older posters and where we have been thru and said to promote this site. There is no STUPID QUESTION, so ask, many will respond. And if you post, be ready to have a THICK SKIN, because many will thrash you, paint you red, and one could leave in disgust, but some of us have endured for a long time, and we all enjoy POSITIVE input from everyone.
        Again, I say, if we all could be civil to each other, even if we disagree, well we agree to disagree, and I do with many here in one respect or another, but we are kinda like family here, seeing how my personal family has broken down, we all need to respect each other…
        NoPitty: Sorry to hear about your father, all we can do is remember the good, and go forward. But I am with you, on this, it is hard to accept people dying, but I feel for you. Just had an old manager die at 58, traveled a lot with him years ago.
        Pissed off Granny: I cannot agree with you more, if everyone could tell me with an absolute truth on where we came from, since someone will not answer.
        Bert G: No, BI and I did not elope, funny though; I miss BI and SmokinOkie inputs badly….
        MTrekker: Thanks on the wwti input on jokes, funny how one person thinks on making jokes and bashes others (and I am not a professional, wish I was, but it made me laugh), only a hypocrite would do the same thing….
        Skeptic: That was my 17 year old daughter posting, she loves jokes too, and has been reading here for a few years. She favors me in many ways, and wants to thank everyone for responding to her in a positive way. She has a good head on her shoulders, and I HOPE she and her sister finds a nice guy who is like me (not exactly, nod, nod, wink, wink), whom she can bond with and stay together till death, which is hard to find now days.
        In terms of the thinking of Be Informed, keep cool, stay low, and come out when you feel comfortable, I think you are correct on going dark, I wonder myself…
        To everyone here, take the time to THANK MAC for what he has running here, it is hard to find a place where we can comment without being condemned for what we say, and may all come out on the other side intact, we preppers will prevail and be the fore runners of what could happen, will happen, and rule as much as possible on the other side, since we are the ‘good’….
        Thanks again MAC, this is my addiction….
        HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

        • Wow, EPPE! Thanks so much for your awesome comment (one of literally thousands of great comments you’ve posted here!). I am truly humbled. And I totally forgot the birthday was coming up!

          This site would not be what it is without people like you. If there’s one place to find really great people, I think it is right here in the forum/commenting section. I’ve met some great friends (now real world friends!) on this web site and I hope the rest of you do as well. It’s a great place to hang out and I often find myself reading literally hundreds of comments on this site – As a community I think it has been a really open place and one where people can share their experiences, personal anecdotes, jokes, and highly informed suggestions about all sorts of things.

          The site has come a long way from back then. Originally, it was just a site set up so that i could share general info with friends and family. And then, for whatever reason, more people started visiting.

          We went from literally just a few people visiting every day to thousands.

          A big thank you to those of you who visit regularly, post your thoughts in the comments, and share the web site with others.

          This web site would simply not be possible with all of you. It’s as simple as that!

          For those interested — from October 2008 through today, here is what our site stats look like:

          TOTAL VISITORS: 49,892,488
          TOTAL COMMENTS POSTED: 463,265
          TOTAL POSTS: 3,167

          and for those wondering about our automated comment spam filtering system all this time, we apologize for the inconvenience caused by delayed comment postings sometimes, but this is why it had to be implemented…


          Thank you all and best wishes!


          • Thanks Mac! Happy Birthday to you and your blog!

            And welcome back Eppe!

            This is a great prepper blog!

          • Speaking of joking – Eppe, you’re stuff is second to none. thank you for always making us laugh.

            I know Ebola is a serious topic… but this kind of made me laugh:


            • Mac, that is a good one. have you been hanging around Eppe by chance?

            • Happy Birthday Mac!

              The ‘Libs’ can kiss my shiny—Scratch that, I’ve seen their women.

              Irrumabo Politica Rectitudo: That be Latin for ‘F*@# Political Correctness!

          • Mac … Thanks for having this informative site and allowing us the freedom to express ourselves without the censorship exhibited on lots of other sites. IMHO, it’s the commenting community that make this site so much more worth a daily visit.

          • Mac,

            Happy birthday SHTFplan!

            Thank you for running a great web site!

            KY Mom

            • Happy Birthday today 10/09/1001!! for The Real Discovery of America by the First European in 1001AD

              Leif Erikson’s arrival in 1001 AD. So in 2014 it will be the 1,013th Anniversary of the landing. Leif Erikson was the first European to set foot in the New World,
              Leif Erikson Day is an annual American observance which occurs on October 9. It honors Leif Erikson (Icelandic: Leifur Eiríksson, Old Norse: Leifr Eiríksson or the Norwegian: Leiv Eiriksson), the Norse explorer who led the first Europeans known to have set foot in North America.[1]

              In 1930, Wisconsin became the first U.S. state to officially adopt Leif Erikson Day as a state holiday, thanks in large part to efforts by Rasmus Anderson. A year later, the state of Minnesota followed suit. By 1956, Leif Erikson Day had been made an official observance in seven states (Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Illinois, Colorado, Washington, and California) and one Canadian province (Saskatchewan).[3] In 2012 the day was also made official in Las Vegas, Nevada.[4]

              • Ya, sure, you betcha!

            • Maybe in a few years Mac can create a New Web-sitecalled “Post SHTF Plan” when “US Patriots” take our country back and we discuss rebuilding our nation without Tyrants and thieving Banksters. We need to be focused on the end game. Thanks Mac, Keep on Truckin!!

              • WWTI, If you would just leave, this place would be so much better…

          • eppe says:

            Thanks again MAC, this is my addiction….>/i>

            Addiction: A primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry. Dysfunction in these circuits leads to characteristic biological, psychological, social and spiritual manifestations. This is reflected in an individual pathologically pursuing reward and/or relief by substance use and other behaviors.

            Thanks again MAC, this is my addiction….>/i>

            • YMWW is a sour grape. If he doesn’t like this site, let him go to MSM.

            • Sounds like YMWW’s addiction is liberalism, which is a mental disease according to Michael Savage.

            • YMWW, what do you have against Eppe? He provides a valuable service here, more than you’ll ever do.

          • Mac, the spam comments you mentioned, were all of those comments from trolls? All 2,386,409? That’s a helluva lot of garbage from trolls.

            • Most of that – probably 99% – was spam bots posting fake posts that the system caught.

              • Am I a “spam bot” Mac???

                • Am I???

                  • YMWW, yeah, you’re a spam bot and a POS troll.

                • YMWW – Spam Bot? You mean a “Bought Spammer.” Kinda like a few “Paid Shills” on here, promoting certain tribal cult theology.

                  • Please go away, no one wants you here. WWTI

          • That’s what I thought.

          • And Happy Birthday from Down Under Mac!!


            • The term Obola is racist? Tough, get over it!

              Now THIS is racist (and sexist too) with a hat tip to eppe……..

              How do you know your house was robbed on the weekend by Asian women?

              When you come home Sunday night they are still trying to reverse out of your driveway!


          • Mac,
            Thank you for allowing people to speak freely.

          • Mac, you sure nailed it, but you having provided a place to let us post, well what can I say? I only wish we could be civil to each other. I hope to be posting 10 years from now, and we all can learn from each other, like your original concept. You are a brilliant man doing this, and I appreciate all you have done…..
            May we all came out on the other side on the up side, and one day everyone meet in a central spot for a party…
            What a concept???

        • Welcome back!

        • My mother suffered with the altizmers. Most times she didn’t even know who she was. It was like dealing with a 5 year old you couldn’t spank. As a last resort I put her in the nursing home. It was a blessing & relief when she died.

        • Mac for president!!

          Oh wait! He probably can’t golf that well.

        • eppe … I can sympathize with your Mom’s dementia. My 94 year old mother has it too. It manifests itself in her repeating the same question over and over, even though you’ve patiently explained or answered it 10 times in the last 20 minutes.

          It’s both frustrating and disheartening at the same time because you know deep down that it won’t get better and you pray that it won’t get to the point where when you show up at the door she doesn’t say “who are you?”.

          • 1) congratulations to everyone that contributed to this site since 2008…and happy birthday, Mac.
            2) Obala!! Obala!!! Obala!! screw you!!!
            3) since my husband has mild dementia, I say hang in there; I do remember being puzzled years ago when he tried to explain how he knew ME but not ANY of the surroundings; little did I know that that was the beginning. It is like having a 5 year old that can’t be spanked!! I too regret the time when one morning he’ll awaken and say..”who are you” I think too often each day, I miss my husband.
            God bless and keep all here safe.

          • I sympathize with both of you. My dad began to “wander”, then became delusional and violent which was heartbreaking. When he died, I deeply mourned the man he was, but was glad the old man went to a better place. I spent months trying to figure out what he wanted to tell me since I had always respected him. It was hard to realize he was, in truth, insane as he had always been such a strong man. Alzheimers is a wicked disease and can also do in the living.

        • eppe,

          It is good to hear from you! 🙂

          Welcome back!

        • 1]. Happy birthday Mac and SHTF. 2]. Welcome back Eppe. 3]. Your daughter is a chip off the old block.

        • Way to go Eppe

          And happy Birthday SHTF PLAN!!!!!!!!!

          • @eppe…Thank God your back! @Mac…Congrats an a very happy birthday!

        • eppe,

          Very Cool! Happy Birthday SHTP Plan!

        • Eppe, it’s about time you came back. we’re in dire need of your humor. Mac, Happy Anniversary for you and this site still ROCKS, I don’t care what anyone says.

        • Good to hear from you again! Humor is a major healer for any and all that let it do it’s thing. You have been missed by some, sadly, not by all, seg.
          Welcome back

        • Eppe: What happens to frogs that park illegaly?
          They get toad….

        • EPPE!!! Wheeee!

          Welcome BACK!!…you know, this place is GREAT – what with all Mac’s efforts here, how could it NOT be?! – BUT, it still wasn’t the same without YOU. I sure missed the humor you bring…which IS a large part of maintaining one’s sanity these days, GOD knows.

          Welcome back Friend!!

          JOG…there, I did it.

        • Good to see youre back Eppe…I agree Mac,great site my only regular one I visit…been coming here since almost the beginning myself,seen alot come and go…will keep doing so till its time to fade totally away…ya I miss Smokin Okie and the others too…hope theyre okay,be safe y’all… REB

        • Glad you’re back were missed much!

          ..hope life is smooth for ya, from here onwards.

          All the best!

        • Eppe, thank you for returning. As I said a couple of weeks ago, you’ve unfuxxed many a shitty day for both me and my wife with your jokes. I laugh out loud and repeat them at work the next day. We truly missed your company.

          • Well,hello Eppe,long time no hear!Hope all is going as well as possible on the home front.

            Oh,Happy B-day for the site,we need to find a central location and have one hell of a party(Genius’s deck perhaps?!).I will supply some “Federal” and Goldfish Crackers!

            Nothing personal Mac but I would look forward to a world were your site as is no longer needed and perhaps becomes a straight out hunting/camping/home steading/self reliant site without fears of powers that want to be/insane world leaders and politics ect.Till then,may the site stay on course!

            • Thanks War, it would be cool to have all the SHTFPlaners to meet in one location, for 3 or 4 hours at one time. I always have wanted to see in person who each poster is. We are LUCKY to be able to post to each other, but to meet, that is something that would be great…

      2. Obola

        • Say that three times looking into a mirror:)

          • And you catch Ebola?

      3. Are Obama and Holder racists? Seems to me they are.


        • Is OBUNGHOLE racist too?

          • No , But i am sure Obungholio would be ;0


          • Happy Birthday SHTF!!!
            The Deadly African Virus is OBOLA

            LIVE FREE OR DIE…
            PS good to see you again eppe

            • Anything that begins with the letter “O” is now racist.

              • I remember dating this Japanese Cheerleader from Ohio State one time… In the heat of our passion one morning, she started screaming.. Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh OHIO!!!!!!!

                If you know foreign languages “Ohio” actually means “Good Morning” in Japanese. Maybe that was what she meant… lol

                • wwti, please go away.

              • “O”shit…


      5. Grow up already. Libs are just a bunch of pansie ass loud mouths bullies. Thing is, the more they whine, the less anyone hears.

        • This Morning hundreds of business websites down in the Sarasota FL area were hijacked, and when you logged on to these websites all that was shown was an ‘ISIS Flag’ on a static webpage. Must have been a network hack that re-directed traffic to this static page or took the other web sites off line. There is a huge Cyber War going on right now, and most of it won’t be told in the main stream media. You can buy Firewall software that can reject logins from selected countries like middle east areas that will be blocked. Every business out there may want to check into this.

          Mac you may want to look into that.

          • wwti, no one cares.

      6. These libs are all anti-American scum. Obama administration is responsible for Obola getting here.

      7. I don’t use the Obola term because I see it as petty and childish meme that I refuse to participate in. Racist? Hardly. This is just the wild flailings of a main stream press that is rapidly losing it’s relevance and will soon be consigned to the scrapheap of history.

      8. Obola, Obola, Obola, Obola, Obola, Obola, Obola, Obola!!!

        OK, if that’s racist is it racist to refer to Liberals, Progressives and Democrats as Socialist and Communist?

        Liberals are the racist, they do more character attacks then any one I know. Really, if you are a conservative and believe in the teachings of morals, God, real education,family they have every name in the book for you,us.

        Just openly complain about almost every TV show now is promoting homo sexuality and watch the leftist blitz.

        Who are the real racist?

        Obola, Obola, Obola, Obola, Obola, Obola, Obola, Obola!!!

        • Don’t forget Oopra, the racist who questioned “Raven” for deciding NOT to call herself African American.
          The fat cow opra had a cow over that.

          • How about OPRAHBOLA?

      9. How about EbObama? Either way works, his administration and his HHS, CDC aloud it into our country for the purpose of becoming responsible for yet another 3rd world hell hole.

      10. I am so tired of this stuff… all I have to say is I have freedom of speech. All of this political PC speech cra# is an attempt to criminalize speech.

        The US Constitution is dead. George Bush was right, the Constitution is just a piece of paper. I just wish we would stop pretending that we live in a Constitutional Republic. Because we DONT anymore!

        The truth is that the only rights you will ever have are the ones you fight to keep.

        (END RANT)

        • Hey brother, the US Constitution is NOT dead, not until TPTB get the guns and ammo. And they are working overtime to do just that, for our own safety of course . God Bless, keep the faith, and keep your powder dry.

        • Justice, I’m with you, but you still DO have the rights God granted you and we’re all going to have to fight to keep those rights. I still lay claim to those rights and I don’t give a f#$% what any government official says.

        • If you really thought you had free speech, you could’ve just said the word “crap” without guilt and the pound sign.

      11. I find it interesting that the argument a libturd always falls back on is the race card. They don’t get it. Obama isn’t a dumber than a rock with Down’s Syndrome because he’s black. If he were a Mexican, he’d still be dumber than a rock with Down’s Syndrome. If he were Asian, he’d still be dumber than a rock with Down’s Syndrome. If he were white, he’d still be dumber than a rock with Down’s Syndrome. As it is, he just happens to be black.

        • There is nothing that he does that is because he is dumb. Everything he does is meant to hurt and weaken the country. Shame he was ruined as a child by evil twisted adults. He might have actually turned out quite well had it not been for that.

          • Exactly. I doubt he is stupid. He’s actually playing the game quite well and fulfilling his role in the destruction of this nation. He only looks inept because it gives him cover for his true intentions.

        • Ann Barnhardt has a blog from yesterday, I think, that has a link showing a chart that lists the average IQ of people from countries around the world. For example, Liberians have an average IQ of only 67. Kenyans only have an average IQ of 80, so Obama is actually living up to his full potential (LOL!!!!). People from Sierra Leone, on average, are smarter than both Liberians and Kenyans…interesting set of data.

          • IQ is something that can be improved by education. That’s why Asians have a higher IQ than whites.

          • I read that. Ann Barnhardt should be required reading for liberty minded people.

        • No, Obama is NOT “black”, he is only HALF-black, and that half has no moral character nor integrity.. His white half has no heart, no belief in any being higher than Himself.
          And yes, he does appear to be dumber than a rock. Although, I know several people with Downs Syndrome and all have more cognitive reasoning ability, integrity and character, than the Obola does.

        • Joe, that’s the same tactic that libturds and civil rights activists have been using to shut up white people ever since the civil rights movement. They cry racism when they realize they can’t really dispute the points you make. But in Obola’s first year in the WH, white people finally started waking up and speaking out against Obama and no longer cared about being called racist. I’ve always spoken the truth about those sorry mofos and never cared about being called racist. The f#$%ers don’t tell me what the f#$% to do. They don’t have a leg to stand on. Sorry for the crude language. I’m in one of those moods today and this article helps me to vent.

        • Joe, half of him is white and that half is still dumber than a rock with down’s syndrome…

      12. So what! Obiden just don’t work. How about Oreid, Opelosi, or how about just plain OSHIT!

        • How about just “OSHIT”?


      13. It really doesn’t matter at this point. This shit show is just about over. Keep your head down and be prepared to sustain yourself and loved ones through a period of anarchy. The looney lefties will kill each other off as they are mostly a band of fools and violent thieves. If you can make it to the other side of this period, things might be pretty good.

        • I agree with the upcoming “anarchy”, although I feel strongly it will be confined to areas of Democratic political stronghold, and political power.
          Their empires will crumble extremely fast, and the Entitlement Brigades, and Free-Cheesers will be rabid about why their EBT cards do not work, and their checks don’t arrive, and their Obola phones have died. I doubt most of the ProgressivePlantation Residents will have any supplies to tide them beyond their next cup at Starbucks, or swig of Thunderbird, Mad Dog 20/20, or Colt Malt Liquor. My opinion based solely upon my personal observations.

        • “The looney lefties will kill each other off…”

          Nah….the ones that will kill off the lefties will be all the low-life scum they’ve been pandering to for the last 60 years. I can’t wait to see the rioters come to their gated communities…or drag them out of their Beemers at traffic lights. It will be fun watching them fumble with their i-phones while they frantically try to dial 911.

      14. Heres a joke that hasn’t one cuss word. A frustrated wife buys a pair of crotchless panties in an attempt to spice up her dead sex-life.
        She puts them on, together with a short skirt and sits on the sofa opposite her husband.
        At strategic moments she uncrosses her legs … enough times till her husband says… “Are you wearing crotch less panties?”
        “Y-e-s,” she answers with a seductive smile.
        “Thank God for that… I thought you were sitting on the cat.”

        He never heard the gunshot.

        • Too funny!

        • LOL!


        • LOL I thought you were going to tell my version here it goes, so the woman comes home with her crotchless panties and shows them to her husband, and he looks shocked!

          She says, “what, you don’t want to have sex with me?”

          And he says, “No, it just melted those panties you think I’m going to put my penis in there?!”

      15. the dow is down 324 at this point. not that it matters. obola

      16. My wife informed me that I wont think everything is so damm funny when I start bleeding out of my frigging eyeballs.

        • Bleeding eyes are bad. The problem comes when your bleeding from every other orifice. Americans still don’t know what Ebola is capable of doing.

          • YH … right on. I started reading “Hot Zone” last night. If even half of what I’ve read so far (about 70 pages) is true, the description of what Ebola does to the human body is pretty frightening.

            • I think Stephen King referred to “The Hot Zone” as, “one of the most horrifying things I’ve read in my whole life.”

              That’s coming from the guy who was probably the king of horror genre novels in this century.

            • Navy Vet,

              I read the ‘Hot Zone’ years ago, and to this day it ranks as the most frightening book I read to date. In my very humble opinion, of all the horrific act humans are capable of, we are mere rank amateurs compared to Mother Nature when she decides to clean house.

            • Hot Zone was a great book, read it back in the day, need to reread it.

          • Obama done bled m wallet dry.

            • Obola gave all our wallets ebola.

      17. What is racist is the MURDER of American kids by letting illegal immigrants across without proper (and legally necessary, unless you are politically correct) medical screening. The EV-68 virus has already killed 5 children, and paralyzed a dozen.

        And next summer, be prepared for chikungunya to come across – ~1 million already infected in S/Central America


        I would prefer that the following be allowed to come across the border: (please feel free to choose all entries, as you are going to get them anyway, whether you like it or not):

        ____ Allow illegal immigrant kids to line jump, and come in without serious health screening, to pass the EV-68 virus to other school kids (already 5 dead, a dozen paralyzed with EV-68)

        ____ Don’t close air traffic to western Africa, where there has been a known, ongoing, existing pandemic

        ____ Wait to seriously screen possible potential west Africa Ebola patients until several months after the crisis starts, as this could impact Obama’s golfing schedule if he had to pay attention to this

        _____ As long as they promise to vote Democrat, send 10,000 barges to Bangladesh and pick up *everyone* there. After all, why should we discriminate against countries that don’t have a physical border with us?

        _____ Bring in anyone suffering from the latest malady, chikungunya, which now has over a million sufferers in South/Central America. It is OK to do this now, as the outbreak won’t reach the US until next mosquito season and we need to get Democrat voters in ASAP.
        _____ Provide express limo service for all the al Qaeda, ISIS and Muslim Brotherhood bad guys from Juarez, Tijuana and Nuevo Laredo, so they arrive in the US safely to do their evil deeds.

        _____ Make sure that no one compares this mess with Hurricane Katrina, which was just a natural disaster compounded by incompetence, whereas this is just pure and simple incompetence.

        _____ Chant “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” will undoubtedly fix everything

      19. So the Obama admin policies etc… are the pinnacle of the anti-white agenda. They pick a word or phrase, Obola in this case, call it racist and run that up the flagpole as their battle flag. Buncha dumbasses. Kinda like the pot calling the kettle black.

        • dang it ,you’re being racist about kettles!

      20. HERE is racist, leftist jackazz Der Sturmer/Goebbelian lamestrea, media: 2,185 shooting victims – mostly young black – is the gun control happy socialist hellhole of Chicago.

        Oh yeah. When Chicago was forced to allow guns, the death rate dropped, just as Dr. John Lott, U. of Chicago, and former gun control advocate, wrote in his book, More Guns, Less Crime

      21. Let’s see who can call me racist now:






        They all sound like EBOLA to me.

      22. The U.S. government knew about the outbreak in advance, but didn’t warn the public

        It’s now clear that the U.S. government has long known this outbreak was coming but did nothing to warn the public.

        In early September, the government sought to purchase 160,000 Ebola hazmat suits from a U.S. supplier.

      23. The usual divide and conquer tactics for control won’t matter once co-workers, friends and family start contracting this disease. Ebola and death are equal opportunity – totally without mercy and deaf to rhetoric.

        Someone needs to use some of their prepping duct tape supplies over the mouths of these ambulance chasing foolish children. (Like Jesse Jackson) So that the grown ups can figure out how to protect their families and communities. It’s big people’s business, not some kiddy dog and pony show this go round.

        If you haven’t gone over basic preps, processes and protocols recently with your family. This is the time to do it. Check the water filter, is your roof ready for winter, have you gone over a proper hand washing regime with your kids in the last month?

        Have you taken note of who in your circle is a bleeding heart fool that will proritise the family dog over their own mother? (In spain the dog belonging to the Ebola victim had to be put down as a carrier). Is that damn fool alcoholic BIL planning to make himself a nuisance in your spare room, do you have a neighbour who has already borrowed one too many cups of sugar?

        With HIV we saw there was a subset of sicko’s who deliberately and knowingly infected others – don’t think the same risk doesn’t exist with Ebola for an instant. Think now about who on your watch might fit the personality profile of someone capable of this before they turn up with some sweets for your kids and a plausible offer of help. Look at your local officials – they vary from just lazy and bloated on the taxpayers tab to wannabe Pol Pots style dictators. Your planning should include responding to who they truly are when given unlimited powers – not who you would wish them to be. How smart is your Pastor – will he guide his flock to safety or doom? Who will cause havoc thru panic?

        Ebola has only claimed a few victims in the West but already we are seeing the best and worst of human nature responding from well-meaning incompetence (who provided the inadequate safety wear for the medical staff, or sent the man home?), through to greed and political gain (Jesse Jackson) right through to those willing to risk their own lives in order to protect the rest of us (medical staff).

      24. Nothing but lies — past, present and future.
        Your children are learning them as we speak, and one day soon, they won’t recognize their parents.

        In fact one day, after ingesting the requisite amount of government brainwashing, they will kill their parents in service to the state they are made to love.

        Once the hope of the future but now its albatross, the USA is the land of lies. It’s an embarrassment to be an American because the whole world knows for sure that Americans can’t be trusted — no question about that. Just read the papers — it’s obvious.

        Someone has to stand up and challenge the lies. We’re going to lose everything anyway, so we have nothing to lose. Life will not be worth living in a FEMA camp (of course, they have no intention of letting you live very long in those conditions anyway).

        read more

      25. O/T

        What’s is really going on at the Texas-Mexico border?

        The shadow of a helicopter from U.S. Office of Air and Marine passes a U.S. Border Patrol vehicle as agents search for undocumented immigrants on September 11, 2014 in Falfurrias, Texas.
        The shadow of a helicopter from U.S. Office of Air and Marine passes a U.S. Border Patrol vehicle as agents search for undocumented immigrants on September 11, 2014 in Falfurrias, Texas.

        On Tuesday a congressman admitted at least 10 ISIS rebels have been apprehended trying to cross into Texas from Mexico. Yesterday the Department of Homeland Security denied the claim.

        A border patrol agent told the Examiner Wednesday evening that he knew of at least four ISIS insurgents that have been captured this past week. “There could be more,” he said. “All I know is we (the border patrol agents) know what we see and do, even if the Feds don’t want to acknowledge it.”

        “We have stepped up our searches on vehicles, under, over and all-around because we believe they may be trying to bring in explosive bombs and devices,” the agent said. “Why would we be so cautious if the possibility was not there?”

        “We all know who we have captured,” he continued. “As much as they want it quiet, you can’t keep this kind of information a secret very long. We have families here.”

        Republican Representative Duncan Hunter told Fox News this week that “at least 10 ISIS fighters” have been caught on the Texas-Mexico border and attributed his information from Customs and Border Agents. “There’s nobody talking about it,” Rep. Hunter stated. “If you really want to protect Americans from ISIS, you secure the southern border. It’s that simple.

        if you trust the source

        ht tp://

        • so who’s the distraction

          Obola, or ISIS?

          • Both

            • Both are false flag tools that the NWO scum are using to bring about the chaos they need to implement martial law.

              They just don’t know what a big steamy pile it is that they are about to step into. They think they’ll be insulated from all this.

              I look forward to the day when they are all hanging from utility poles.

              • Char-Yu tree? Or a Street Candle?

      26. Him and his bunch called us, Traitors, Cowards, Racists, Terrorist and Unpatriotic.

        GFY Obola.

        What has he done for our country but bring it to ruin?

        He is not done either, folks.


        • +1
          Its amazing what passes their muster,
          Let hundreds of thousands of ILLEGAL ALIENS in but call a patriot a terrorist.
          I agree with you.
          GFY OBOLA

          • Somehow, I think he’d get off on that and not consider it the insult it is. There’s something really warped about him and I no longer think it’s just that he’s an entitled narcissist, but something even more dangerous.

            • @ Vicky
              If Obola isn’t the anti-christ, he’ll do til he gets here!

      27. I have notice the Duncan family questioning the quality of care the hospital provided for their son. I have also seen comments by the Rev. Jesse stating the white patients got better care. I would like to know if the Duncan family paid for the care received, or was the American taxpayer footing the bill. I would also like to know if the Duncan family plans to compensate the families of victims infected by the irresponsible actions of their son.

        • The white patients received better care because they were in a different hospital in a different state that knew they were coming and were working with the CDC to prepare for their arrival. They didn’t just walk in to a random hospital and expect top of the line care. Duncan died because he contracted a deadly disease. Duncan received care at a facility that wasn’t prepared for it. Examples would be the clean up and the fact they turned him away in the beginning. Rev Jackson needs to use a bit of common sense and realize that even if they were racist NO ONE will risk their families lives over color and turn him away because he’s black. Remember at this time it had only been days since Obama went on tv and said he was confident ebola would never reach America. Hence the term Obola. Not his race but his failure to protect us.

          My question is If it comes out that more people are infected because of Duncan will the family be responsible for the crime? Involuntary manslaughter at least. He knew he was possibly infected and remained around other people without regard for their safety and lives. Seems like that’s what white guilt is about. Paying for something you didn’t do to someone who didn’t go through it. A dead family members crime is yours to pay, right?

        • Duncan had no insurance so of course our greedy system gave him no care. He told them he’d been to LIberia and that he was sick, he had a temperature of 100 degrees when they sent him away. Blaming a sick person for being sick, is pretty sick.

      28. Obola…Obola…Obola, ah, simply refreshing to say that, absolutely liberating!!! OBOLA…OBOLA…OBOLA is a Marxist/Socialist/Communist as in Collectivist.

      29. Everything is just fine .. no te preocupes

        What could go wrong? Nada, Obongo ..

        At least not or the jews..the knew it before .. they are just about so clever.. unbelievable ..and you know ..they are good with the money .. look just at the FED..they are so smart .. but then again why in 109 Locations Jews have been Expelled since AD250 ….. maybe too smart?

        We’re 220 trillion dollars in debt; The banks are insolvent from the 2008 crisis; The FED prints hundreds of billions each year (out of thin air) to keep things going; 1st qtr GDP was -2.9%; We’re on the verge of a possible Ebola epidemic; ISIS /or better CIA is about to take over Iraq; Our Southern border is Wide open; etc, etc, etc, –

        I mean really – What could possibly go Wrong?

        This is all completely Unsustainable –

        Joe Q. Public does not have a Clue and will be totally Blindsided when –

        It All Comes Crashing Down

        • We’re not clueless, but will still be stricken when it hits. I don’t know if it’s better to know, or just let it be a huge surprise. We’ve had time to make some deep preparations, but have had the strain of knowing it’s coming while others are still laughing and playing with no hint of alarm.

          Obola, Obola, Obola, Obola, Obola!!!!!

        • Yeah… I keep telling my brother Joe, but he just doesn’t listen. 🙂

        • Yes only the Jews are evil. Spain did so great after expelling all its Jews, that’s why it’s a world power like England and France right????

      30. If you do not suffer from white-guilt…your a racist. So I guess I am a racist. I have no problem with anyone of any color, race, or creed that is an asset to society. If you are a liability and the world is better shed of you then no one wants you around. People who contribute to society do not pull the race card, its the parasites who do that. Watch a shine comedian and how they degrade honky and everyone thinks it cute. Be a white comedian and pick on the shines and see what happens. I am a white racist because this country is full of black and brown racists. I can live with it.

        • Warface, AMEN to your comments. To everyone here: I’ll say Obola all I want. The libturds and civil rights activists don’t have a leg to stand on. They can go f#$% themselves!

      31. Creating racial tension is all in the new order conflict scheme while AJ and his ilk are Zionist controlled opposition designed to produce the “divide and conquer” strategy.

        Infowar originated during the cold war term describing a plan to establish confusion and chaos into populations and again popped its head up in the mid 1990’s

        “The Pentagon has drafted a classified document asking the White House to draw up a national infowar strategy,” writes Neil Munro in the Washington Post. “If the request is approved by the Defense Department and accepted by President Clinton, senior officials from the Pentagon, the intelligence agencies, the FBI, Secret Service, State Department, U.S. Information Agency and Commerce Department would develop the infowar strategy for the president’s approval.”

        In conclusion: it’s hard to tell who’s on the side of liberty, freedom & justice and who’s Initiating mis/disinformation.

      32. First lets clear the air one one MAJOR lie and deception regarding the jew and his perennial persecution complex with his irrelevant imbecilic obligatory mantra of “anti-Semitism”. Understand THIS TRUTH – the jews have NEVER EVER suffered any persecution. The jew has ALWAYS been the persecutor – the perp – the agitator – the instigator of evil beyond evils! He has been given FAR too little JUSTICE for his immense CRIMES – but that WILL change.

        read more

        • Ya those poor Nazis being persecuted and Holocausted by the Jews, what a maroon.

      33. Happy Birthday SHTF website!!!!!!

        @eppe: Our moms are now no longer afflicted. They are having a grand time. God bless them. We should be so lucky!

        As for the topic: Liberals are, for all to see, know-it-all sonofbitches and how you qualify to be a liberal is you tell everyone you come into contact with that you know what is best for them in all the facets of THEIR lives, and most importantly, you can put a name, politically correct to be sure, on anything to justify why it seems like its all the Republicans fault.

        I wouldn’t be too quick to call Obozo Obola because there is no cure for it, yet. And we don’t want him around (geez, I almost said “hanging”). Now, I call him what he IS, a clown. The only sad thing is he makes only his liberal friends laugh. The rest of us have to be sad.

      34. i get called a redneck all of the time. I always respond with a “thank you” and invite the person over for pickled eggs and PBR. Maybe when the little cry baby fuckers get called a name, they could try my approach.

      35. I think I can speak for a lot of folks in saying, we have racist fatigue. It’s old, childish, inaccurate, and last but not least UN AMERICAN!

      36. My Go*, liberals and progressives are sick and demented people. They not only hate Americans, they hate themselves! There’s no surgery, therapy, or drug that can cure that kind of self loathing.

        • YH: “liberals and progressives are sick and demented people.”

          Unfortunately, they have control of the Presidency, the Judiciary, the media, higher education, elementary and secondary school education, unions, Hollywood, etc….

          Liberalism is socio-cultural Obola.

          Purported NWO = Libs .

      37. I find the term “tea bagger” racist and offensive but it doesn’t stop the communists (democrats)from using the term.

        • I do, too, but the Left considers it a smashing witticism and that their calling us that should end any and every argument.

          Obola, Obola, Obola, Obola, Obola!!!!

      38. Happy Birthday SHTF Plan and many more to follow!!!!

        This site is truly a poison thorn in the Libs side, you can put that with all your PM’s at home (not in the bank).

        Feed Jake

      39. It goes without saying that immigrants are welcome – just get in line like everyone else, and follow the laws, like everyone else. Just promising to vote Democrat doesn’t mean you should get to line jump. And incidentally, I just had a brief conversation in Spanish with a local woman about the upcoming elections, so keep that hackneyed, big money/Jesse Jackson “racism” canard for a real racists, like those leftists who hate Dr. Ben Carson, Gov. Bobby Jindal, Gov. Nikki Haley, Col Allen West, Dr. Thomas Sowell, Alan Keyes (whom I voted for president in the primary in 2000), Clarence Thomas, etc.

        From the today:

        Though the Centers for Disease Control refuses to discuss the origin of the current outbreak of Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68… gee what a shocker there. There’s that “most transparent gov’t ever” thing again!), the fact that emergency rooms across the country began seeing infected children around the same time as the nation’s public schools were re-opening for the 2013-2014 school year, should serve as at least a clue as to how the virus made its way here. Of course, the Obama administration has allowed tens of thousands of children to enter this country illegally over the past several months, and most of them have now been admitted to our public schools. (Thankfully, not ONE of the infected kids has been admitted to the schools of the Hollywood Learjet leftists, the schools of the Martha’s Vineyard limousine liberals, or the Sidwell Friends School, where Obama and other liberal elitists sent their kids!)
        Between Oct. 1, 2013 and Aug. 31, 2014 there were 66,127 so-called “unaccompanied minors” entered this country along our Southern border and processed by officials, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). The CBP lists the country of origin for most of those children…
        -El Salvador…15,800
        While the evidence seems to point to the recent surge of illegal aliens as the cause of the EV-D68 outbreak, now there is proof…A 2013 Defense Department study conducted in Central and South America on patients with flu-like illness, did identify EV-D68 in some of the test subjects. All 3,375 test subjects were age 25 or under. The CDC now reports that cases of EV-D68 have been seen in 43 states as well as the District of Columbia. However, unofficially, the virus which has left many children with permanent breathing problems and limb paralysis, has also taken the life of four U.S. children, since mid-August. On Sept. 25, 4-year-old Eli Waller died in his sleep at his home in Hamilton, NJ. (But that is a small price to pay for more Democrat voters, I guess…)

        On the plus side, I guess the above beats all the terrorists they are letting across…

        • Test–

          Then let’s all refer to shorthand layman’s terms as….the “Obamavirus”.

          Especially for the children’s sake, of course!

          ..after all, why not use the liberal’s lexicon & their pet constructs, to get our point across?

      40. Ebola topic…….Cop in Texas negative. I bet he dies of a heart attack in the next few days

        • or self inflicted nail gun to the back of his head multiple times.

          • That is fuckin priceless brother

            Haze gray, Go Navy

      41. As one of those hated liberals who visits this site, I personally like the term “Obola.” I think it’s a fitting and clever combination of the words, given that he’s been the *worst* President ever, and Ebola arrived here because of HIS stupid decision to not ban travel to and from those countries.

        As far as calling his wife “Moo-chelle,” on the other hand…. I’m sorry. I just can’t approve of that one. It’s horribly offensive to cows everywhere, who have done nothing to deserve the insult of being associated with that Food Nazi.

        • Jenn, welcome aboard, and you say you’re a liberal? You can’t be. You don’t sound like one. You sound more like one of us. Again, welcome.

          • Thanks for the welcome. I’ve been around for a few months now. I don’t usually say much. 🙂

            I’m pro-choice but also pro-death penalty. Pro guns, just not for me. (I have my crazy moments. It’s best if I remain unarmed.) I’m pro-evolution, but also pro-teachers-with-guns-in-school-to-keep-kids-safe.

            It’s confusing being me sometimes.

            • @Jenn Just continue taking your meds, one day you’ll come around.

            • Howdy Jenn,

              Yes, it IS a confusing World today…don’t be concerned; if your’e HERE, things WILL get better rather quickly, ‘birds of a feather’ and all. Be Welcome in this place. Congratulations on ‘coming out’.

            • categorizing people as “liberal” or “conservative”
              is rarely accurate

              Jenn is a good example

              I’m another

              “progressive” on social issues
              but VERY conservative when it comes to the Constitution
              2nd amendment rights etc
              same way on fiscal matters
              balance the damn budget !

            • Jenn … I see some surprising contradictions in your post. FWIW, a person can be pro 2nd amendment (which you seem to be based on your guns in schools comment), but choose not own a gun, which is different, I think, than saying “Pro guns, just not for me”.

              Any way, have fun here. It’s an interesting place.

        • Jenn,

          If you were of voting age, did you vote for Obola in 2008 and/or in 2012?

          • Hi FreeSlave,

            No. I didn’t. I had been of voting age when Bush, Sr. ran, I’d’ve voted for him. I *did* vote for Clinton, and I did vote for Gore. I detested Bush, Jr. And I couldn’t bring myself to vote for *anyone* running in the last two elections. I was nearly swayed by Obama until about halfway through his first campaign. But then he started saying things I just don’t agree with. And after I saw him in office the first term, I knew I didn’t want him a second time around.

            I think Dumbledore said it best when he explained that people have a disconcerting knack for choosing exactly that which is worst for them. (Not a direct quote, but close enough.)

            • Jenn,

              At least you’re not a completely hopeless Lib.

              FWIW, is your litmus test abortion? That a political leader has to endorse abortion? If not, do you have a litmus test?

              FWIW, my minimal litmus tests are abortion and gay marriage. If a politician or candidate or a party platform supports either of those two issues, I will vote for the opposition.

        • Thats funny,
          Offensive to cows, i like it

          • **grins at Kulafarma**

            I like cows. I really don’t like *her*.

      42. Liberalism is obola, it will discimate, destroy, and eventually kill anyone it comes in contact with. Look what they have done to this country. Of course a lot of repukelicans helped, but not to the extent the liberal minions from hell have.

      43. Other reasons why we should call him Obola that have NOTHING to do with race what so ever…

        – Fast and furious
        – NSA spying
        – Illegal Obamacare law changing executive orders
        – IRS targeting of conservatives and tea party groups
        – Race baiting Ferguson MO situation
        – Illegal war in Libya, assassination of Kaddafi, running of guns to FSA
        – Illegal war and bombing in Syria
        – Illegal drone strikes in Yemen, Pakistan, and others
        – Sponsoring of the civil war and ouster of freely elected president in Ukraine
        – Propaganda and lies against Russia for downing of MH-17
        – Petty attacks against Fox News and anyone who is critical of King O’s policies
        – Border fiasco and sending sick kids to spread disease all over the USA
        – Not rescuing our Marine in Mexico because he is white
        – The most divisive president in US history
        – Least transparent president in US history
        – Largest debt running president in US history
        – Not banning flights to US from Africa to be PC

        • Plus hes half and half! So which half is the offended side????

          • Does it matter?

            • Not really

          • He’s halfrican 🙂

          • Kulafarmer –
            The half that is offended is the half that pretends to think.. 🙂 with that said – when it comes time to impeach his backside – Congress won’t be impeaching the “black” half – only the “white” half…that’ll solve the “racist” issues that’ll crop up…
            Then again – we have the ignorant and dim bulbs in the population to consider…
            Be well.

      44. Got no job, my unemployment runs out in three weeks,economy is in the crapper, ebola raging out of control. But
        I don’t care. EPPE’s BACK!! BTW: Is it REALLY Ebola?? Ebola is a hemmoragic disease where you literally bleed from every orifice. However, so far the doctor who supposedly had it, walks out of the ambulance unaided. A few days later,he’s cured.Where’s all the blood? Quayle says that it is NOT the ebola we’re all familiar with,not Marburg,not Zaire,and not Reston, and not Ivory Coast ebola. He posits that it was weaponized into something wholly different. Check out Coast to Coast AM where he was interviewed last night. Also,with Eppe being back, he saved ya’all from me posting my jokes.

        • Southside, I would love to hear some of your jokes, always looking for new ones… Getting harder to do daily…
          The hard part is finding jokes to match the article, now that is a challenge….

      45. Obama and Ebola both destroy without mercy so what’s racist about using slang obola! Btw mr prez….it’s “TO” not “TA”….leader of the ‘free world’ hmpf


        • Kulafarmer, I’m wiping coffee from my screen. that one is damned good.

      47. @everyone…did you see that actor that tweeted something like this: don’t worry about that virus from west africa. He only has two more years in office. LOL! I cant remember who is was. Blaze had the story.

      48. The real racist are the people whining at every turn that they are being discriminated against.
        Theres only so much that can be done for these idiots, at some point they need to take responsibility for their own destiny rather that trying to get more preferential treatment.
        Racist my ass

      49. Lets not call grass grass anymore, call it St. Augustine or Bermuda or its proper name. It may become a racist slur next. Lol

      50. We were suffering from eppeola. A lack of sufficient daily intake of eppe. Looks like our comedy malnutrition is over. Welcome back.

        • Yay…welcome back eppe! You all notice how the overall tone of SHTF is better today since eppe is back?

          Congrats Mac…


          • Burt, PKLL, and everyone who reads here. I appreciate the welcome, and we all need to be nice to each other, and this site would prosper with info, experiences, and jokes… It makes me come here FIRST thing everyday…

      51. Nigeria is a nation with many, many very serious issues but when they had their patient zero they put aside all the usual nonsense and mobilised both their smartest and the most pragmatic, they then added a snifter of plain ol’ common sense. For once the politicians stepped aside and let those who knew what needed to be done, get on do what they needed to do.

        Their outbreak has been contained – some achievement considering patient zero landed in multi-ethnic, multi-cultural slum and skyscraper filled Lagos. Google that city in order to get some sense of what they were up against. Smart use of their existing Polio notification system, involving 18,000 health checks performed by 500 individuals meant that the infection count from their patient zero was stopped at a mere 20 people.

        That level of cooperative behavior and coordination isn’t something that normally comes naturally to the Nigerian character or temperament. However they know when to play around and when to be serious.

        Now instead of back patting and trying to silly score points they are busy analysing how to improve their response for next time, as they aren’t under any illusion that there won’t be a next time. No wasting time holding out the begging bowl – they used the people and resources they already had – just moving them to what was now a higher priority role.

        The West needs to look, listen and learn from the Nigerian experience quickly.

        Lesson 1 – normal political point scoring about race, class, ethnity and who has the biggest dick doesn’t apply.

        Lesson 2 – political correctness has no room at the problem solving discussion table.

        Lesson 3 – It doesn’t actually matter whose “fault” it was, what matters is that the disease is contained, & those afflicted are saved where it is possible to do so, without endangering others.

        Lesson 4 – there is no room for complacency and anyone who can be trained up from cleaner to phd scientist to orator to help in the coming war on humanity should be. Noone is to be considered too menial in the chain of command.

        Lesson 5 – Any lessons learned should be damn well drummed into the heads of as many as possible so that mistakes, no matter how minor are not repeated when the second wave arrives as it surely will.

        The US and Europe has far more advantages than Nigeria in theory (including no crazy Boko Haram on it’s soil) yet the response has not been as mature. The furore over the victim’s dog in Spain summed it up for me and I say that as a life long dog owner. (With a kid who wants to be a dog trainer/handler when he’s grown!). The West needs to shake of the shackles of delayed adolescence and grow the fook up.

        • We are governed by a bunch of grade-school level morons.

          • Howdy WALT!

            Yep, it’s the same as “Hunt for Red October”, the scene where the Admiral says,

            “This will get out of hand…this WILL het out of hand and Peolpe WILL DIE….”

            Sheww-wee…gives ya such a Warm and Fuzzy feeling knowing that IDIOTS are running the country…don’t it?

          • Walt K, I wish they were grade-school level morons. We actually are governed by criminals. To be fair let’s say 99.999% are criminals.

        • Howdy LoneLoneMum,

          Excellent list M’am! Most of the problem in Sierra Leone and surrounds, was the presence of political appointee’s in positions of authority as opposed to persons chosen on the basis of competancy. Clearly, what happened in Nigeria should be virewed as a – if not THE – template for othert African nations…and the REST of the World as applicable.

          With something THIS dangerous there simply is NO room for ‘normalcy bias’.

      52. Yeah….I get called a racist every time I talk about those zipper-heads living next door to me.

        Same goes for my Dago barber….or those Spicks I see hanging around Home Depot.

        People need to get over themselves…….and stay off my lawn.

        • What you say is similar to the fact that all helicopters have an Italian heritage: The big blades go wop, wop, wop while the little blade goes ginny, ginny, ginny. -:)

      53. I really don’t care anymore if the press or anyone else yells racist. They have become like the boy who cried wolf we read about in school. AT least those reasonably educated read the story.

        People who call everything racist seem to be quite racist themselves. Sort of along the same idea of he who smelt it dealt it idea. They both stick rather badly at times.

      54. I am so sick and tired of the ‘race card’ being used to cober up basic incompetancy. Sorry Folks but, “THAT horse has been beat to DEATH”. Truth be told, when O was first elected, I mused then, “Hmmm, he’ll have to do double-duty to be able to convince everyone that he is the “President of the United States”…and not a racially motivated bungler-at-the-helm of the Ship of State.

        Unfortunately, we’ve all seen how that has wotked out…or should I say ‘hasn’t worked’ since there are now 96 MILLION Americans of working age out of the work force due in large part to the policy’s of an administration that actively seeks to CRIPPLE American business at EVERY turn with ludicrous regulation, continuously seeks to throttle every tax-paying citizen of the Nation via the LUNACY which is the ‘Afforable Care act’, GRANTS effective citizenhip to a bast ragamuffin army of illiterates and lastly has coorupted the FAITH of of the People of this Nation in the Governance of, via escapades such as Mr Holder’s ‘Fast and Furious’ debacle, the flagrant use of a branch of government to assault his political adversaries…and who now as Chief Executive of the nation, sworn to ‘protect and defend’ the Constitution and the People of this country, is NOW NOT exercising that authority adequately to PROTECT the citizenry- by CLOSING OUR BORDERS – from the spectre of what may YET become the worst plague EVER seen in the history of Civilization!

        Racists?!?!?!…Hell no, REALISTIC. Stick that in your PIPE and smoke it. Clearly, the MEDIA in this country is SO BOUGHT and PAID for as to be ‘Lehmen’…in the sense of the OLD definition of that word.

        I will say it here, again…”BRING IT ON, MAKE IT RIGHT…”, else may God clean this mess up…COMPLETELY, TOTALLY and so start again…from scatch if neccessary! Neither me NOR mine will EVER, or ANYMORE, live on our knee’s at the behest of the RICH, EVER….PERIOD. Let Ragnarock COME!….we are READY….you would not BELEIVE how READY WE are. Let the new DAWN COME…Be there to see it Friends…it will be a SIGHT to BEHOLD.

        “Das Spreche Mich!!…Fur Immer und Jamals…AMEN.”

        • Mr. Rodgers,
          I agree the race card is starting to get old. We live in a small town my daughter played the powder puff game the other night at school well a girl that she has had issues with all year turned around and knocked her to the ground and started hitting her so my daughter got in a good kick before they pulled off the other girl and they both got kicked out of the game, my daughter was mad and she did come to the stands and say she hated black people well my brother and I both got onto her and then she did change it to she didn’t like that girl. ( which she has no problem with blacks she has cousins that are black and gets a long great with them she just has a problem with stupid).Well someone in the stands heard and went and told the principle so the next day when they both got in trouble the other girl told the principle she tripped and my daughter tripped and she was on top of my daughter then my daughter got aggressive (that’s why my daughter had the bloody nose)Any way my daughter got 4 days suspension and has to right a paper on race the other girl who is black and started the whole thing only got three days and no paper. When my daughter was in the principle she asked him why it is ok for a black to start something but not a white and he said that isn’t how it is ( new liberal principal ). When she writes her paper she is going to write about discrimination against whites. She is very opinionated and very informed ( May be home schooling after this and she gets expelled)

          • Good Evening M’am,

            “( May be home schooling after this and she gets expelled)”

            Ahhh, these things do take effort, do they not?
            Nonetheless, what most – broadly – have difficulty understanding is that we are ALL here, so it is incumbent on each to ‘meet in the middle’. Else, the End will come for everyone. Per se, it doesn’t sound as if your daughter has ‘racial problems’ bu tit might be that the ‘other’ does. Damn, it’s AMAZINg how FAST chilgren learn the WRONG THING…is it not?

            I inadvertantly slippoed with a ofur-lteer apelation around my 5 year-old niece ONCE…and regretted in for – Oh, say about 23 months – till she forgot it. We DO have to be very careful what we say, HOW we say it…and to WHOM we say it at all times, surely. That said, the ‘little ones’ are quite adept at figuring out how to ‘swerve the system’ in thier favor, aren’t they? Yes, the are ALL ‘little Angel’…except for when they are otherwise….Good luck on the ‘Home Schooling’ M’am; in thee days and times that is LIKELY the best solution of all; so very many things to NOT have to worry anymore, Eh?

        • Mr. Rogers–

          I employ a standardized(by me) reply, whenever some offended liberal cretin (of whatever hue)…calls me a “racist”.

          ..per a deadpan look, I reply: “, what’s your point?”


          To date, I’ve yet to receive a coherent/intelligent answer!

          • Hhahaha…Ahhhh, I HADN’T thought of that one! …and I just LOVE ‘dry’ humor! Thanks Friend! +several if I could….Hhahahhaaaa

      55. Are you familiar withe the phrase, “..the truth will OUT.”? Just so, over at the Hedge is what I can only descrive as the ‘smoking gun’ that we have all been waiting for for so very long. Breifly, what is
        detailed there is a very clear trail describing the illegal actions of a Federal reserve – via Mr Bernake – during the AIG debacle…post-Lehman, that is clearly OWNED “lock, stock and barrel by the monied interests of this country, specifically, by the face-hugging vampire squid which is Goldman-Sachs, titled as:

        “Meet The World’s First “Undercover, Super-Secret Central Banker”

        I you read anything this YEAR…read THIS!…and then let the next CIVIL WAR begin.

        …It REALLY is THAT bad, People, take my word for it just this one time.

        • I read that article myself a little while ago and while I’m reading I kept saying wtf, Wtf, WTF!!! I was just astounded at the revelation that was the crux of the article. After I thought about it for a minute, I said to myself why am I so surprised. This is standard behavior for this bunch of crooks.

          Read the article. It’s eye opening.

          • Howdy Navy!

            Yeah, ame here…flabbergasted. I am pateiently waiting till we go all ‘Iceland’ on the entire ‘backing clan’, which ig anymore of this gets out – methinks – will not be much longer!

            WHAT a HAPPY thought that is, No? Walking along the promenade, seeing the corpes of BANKERS hanging from the lamp-posts, takingh polarioids with the kids, TEACHING THERM anout BAD MEN all while having a nice ‘Family’ day! Hey,they ALL used to go to hangings back in the day, didn’t THEY? Maybe

            • I don’t care if the banksters are hanging from the lamp posts in total decomposition. I still will shoot at their corpses.

        • Mr. Rogers: Can you give the title for the article? I just went looking but didn’t spot it.
          Thanks in advance…


      56. The LIBS can pucker up and kiss my A$$…oh wait…they probably like that. We are truly surrounded by idiots.

        Speaking of idiots- Seems the doors have blown off the MH-17 777 ‘shot down’ over the Ukraine. Now, we just need to find that other long-lost 777 flight: MH-370

        MH-17 False Flag Exposed After Revelation Passenger Was Wearing Oxygen Mask
        (from ZeroHedge site)

        When exactly a month ago the supposedly objective, impartial Netherlands released its official, 34-page preliminary report of the MH-17 crash over Ukraine, presumably based on black box data, air traffic control records, and other “authentic, verified” information, there were precisely zero mentions of “oxygen”, “mask” or “oxygen mask.”

        Which is odd, because in what should become the biggest Freudian slip scandal in false-flag history, certainly since the Gulf of Tonkin, yesterday Dutch Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans accidentally revealed for the very first time ever, that one of the Australian passengers aboard the doomed airplane “appears to have donned an oxygen mask before the fatal crash, suggesting some on board might have been aware of their impending deaths, a Dutch official disclosed.”

        Needless to say, this makes a complete mockery out of the story that the plane had exploded upon impact with the “Russian” missile, and is why there was supposedly no trace of any impact on the flight’s black box recorder. Whether or not it also means that the alternative theory that a Ukraine jet had purposefully downed the Malaysian aircraft to serve as a pretext to implicate Russia, is unclear. But it also means that yet another conspiracy theory becomes fact: namely that whoever were the western powers who doctored and manipulated the “official” crash report of MH-17 to implicate Putin, not only lied but fabricated evidence.

      57. My favorite bumper sticker is “Buck Ofama”……or as i like to call him “Odumbo”

        • I really want to get some made that say “Free Obama” HAH!

      58. “”I will say it here, again…”BRING IT ON, MAKE IT RIGHT…”, else may God clean this mess up…COMPLETELY, TOTALLY and so start again…from scatch if neccessary! Neither me NOR mine will EVER, or ANYMORE, live on our knee’s at the behest of the RICH, EVER….PERIOD. Let Ragnarock COME!””

        If Ragnarock is a god, pray he has Leonidus with him!

        • Hmmmmm….

          Actually, I’m leaning towards “Carlos(white feather) Hathcock” as his companion…

          ..and the ‘communist’ as his target!

      59. Off the racism topic

        Glad to see you back eppe.
        You have both hands full right now.
        Know that you are cared about in these interwebs.
        And missed.
        Been reading here since Jan 2009, I believe.
        Thank you Mac personally for providing me with so much information about prepping.
        Even though growing up, my large family of southern white trash called it putting up the extra.
        Yeah. I’m white trash literally. Since my maiden name was white. So I suppose this post is somewhat on topic.

        Got some nice beets sprouts coming along.
        In a window box. Got plenty planted for fresh greens.
        Put out more turnip seed. Good stand of garlic greens.
        I cut the green shoots and sprinkle them on stir fry.
        Growing some field peas in a large pot.
        With luck they ought to be blooming at late December.
        Won’t make peas but sure add to cheer during visitors.
        River Rat, made some candles using the wicks from your recipe. They burn just fine and I plan on using up the rest of the wicks soon.

        Y’all be safe out there.
        Waving from these red clay hills in Georgia .

      60. Prepper Tip of the Day

        wearing PPE,personal protective equipment
        can protect you from dangerous pathogens eg flu viruses
        but it is CRITICAL that you properly remove this gear
        otherwise you risk contamination

        How To Properly Remove Exam Gloves And A Tyvek Suit Without Contaminating Yourself…lf/#more-37252

      61. eppe heres a joke for you!The Age Gap ​

        At 85 years of age, Roger married Jenny, a lovely 25 year old. ​

        Since her new husband is so old, Jenny decides that after their wedding she and Roger should have separate bedrooms, because she is concerned that her new but aged husband may over exert himself if they spend the entire night together. ​

        After the wedding festivities Jenny prepares herself for bed and the expected knock’ on the door. Sure enough the knock comes, the door opens and there is Roger, her 85 year old groom, ready for action. They unite as one. All goes well, Roger takes leave of his bride, and she prepares to go to sleep. ​

        After a few minutes, Jenny hears another knock on her bedroom door, and it’s Roger, Again he is ready for more ‘action’. Somewhat surprised, Jenny consents for more coupling. When the newly weds are done, Roger kisses his bride, bids her a fond good night and leaves. ​

        She is set to go to sleep again, but, aha you guessed it – Roger Is back again, rapping on the door, and is as fresh as a 25-year-old, ready for more ‘action’. And, once more they enjoy each other. ​

        But as Roger gets set to leave again, his young bride says to him, ‘I Am thoroughly impressed that at your age you can perform so well and so often. I have been with guys less than a third of your age who were only good once. You are truly a great lover, Roger.’ ​

        Roger, somewhat embarrassed, turns to Jenny and says: ​

        ‘You mean I was here already?’ ​

        The moral of the story: ​

        Don’t be afraid of getting old, Alzheimer’s has its advantages. ​

      62. I could care less what communist America thinks, Grow up for GOD sakes!!@!@!!

      63. Hmmmm, with BI ‘out of the loop’ I suppose that I can temporarily stand in (poorly) till that one returns (I PRAY).

        We’ve just had a 7.1 along the west coast of South America, along the South American/Antarctic ridgeline. Additionally, in that same location there has been a spate of 5+ grade events in the last few hours…almost a ‘cluster’ formimg there. As well, Bardabunga has continued increasing the relative severity of it’s seimic activity almost continuously, albeit slowly…seemingly at about 36 hour intervals (quite consistently, I’ve noticed)…the last being a 5.2. All of which you can monitor directly by Goolging “3DBulge” and following the associated link.

        Bardabunga’s activity has been quite nearly continuous for approximately 5 weeks at this point and it would be my educated guess that THAT the continuous stress being generated thereabouts is ‘flexing;” the entirety of the region around it. As that stress builds THERE it WILL naturally cause stress/strain to propagate through the crust along plate boundaries. And in truth, we have been seeing additional activity along the Atlantic ridgeline -m as a consequnce thereof – in places where we typicallly do NOT see it; specifically multiple events at or around the latitude of the Florida panhandle…but physically along the ridgeline itself.

        Naturally, I AM no substitute for the ‘Master’…just WATCHING here…”Oh where Oh where has our little BI gone, Oh where Oh where has he GONE?” THIS worries me…

        “Calling ALL BI’s…CALLING ALL BI’S”….Ah-ah!…no smart-ass remarks on that!! You – here – know what I mean…

        • Mr Rodgers; Thanks for standing in for BI. I had just left a comment on the previous article for you? It also seems as if the good old SOL is resembling the stock market!
          As the times they are a changing!! By the way sure is nice to have you back! Now if we could just find our friend and family BI eh?

          • And so you DID, ‘you have mail’…there!

            A pleasure! Now, WHERE is that DURNED BI at!!! All this WORK to be done here!….

            • Mr. Rodgers.


              • YTC…yes Friend, ’tis me. It ‘s alright now, what is done is DONE, ‘…the Air is the air.

                I know thee friend, Yea, I know thee…” 🙂

                Very good, discreet. I had to think that over for several seconds before I got it!

      64. Just who are the Liberals this article is talking about? Point them out and why they are liberal. The definition of liberal from Webster’s dictionary is: 1. favoring progress or reform. 2. free from prejudice; tolerant. 3. characterized by generosity. 4. ample or abundant. 5. not strict or literal. 6. a person of liberal principles or views. The definition of conservative: 1. disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., and to limit change. 2. cautiously moderate. 3. traditional in style or manner. 4. a conservative person. Obola or Obama fits the definition of conservative clearly and does’nt come close to fitting the definition of liberal. All of these present day bastardized politicians are conserving their position, their gravy train incomes for serving the people (NOT), and the elite status that goes with it at taxpayer’s expense. They are all conservatives. There are no liberals allowed to exist. They have been wiped out. The power’s that be have got you duped on this one.

        • well said aljamo

          Obama may be “liberal” on social issues

          but on everything else

          he’s more Bush than Bush ever was

          foreign policy same
          energy policy same
          economic policy same
          failure to go after Wall Street criminals same

          • Satori and aljamo….. as long as the simple fact is being ignored the crime continues. The simple fact is beyond every single puppet named as the president there is an international Zionist criminal movement. As long as the Satanic Tribe exist the human suffering will continue.

            Obama is nothing, Bush was nothing the same as his father and Clintons etc.. The only one who tried to same man kind from the parasitic Jews was Kennedy and we all know what happened to him.

            Humanity needs the judgment day for these criminals to order to be saved. It is coming.

        • Mr. Rodgers.

          All I want to know is when California is going to slide into the sea so they can solve their water and fire problems. And others you know.

          • Howdy slingshot!

            Yep, SAME HERE Bro…Damned “infection” out there is TOO DEEP to cure,…so, OBVIOUSLY the only solution is STERILIZATION. I do beleive that ‘somebody WAY above my PAY-GRADE’ is arranging that, NOW. Consider this;

            Washingtonm on the east coast, “Gomorrah”, getting DROWNED while Kalifornication, on the west coast is sufering slow incineration (SODOM) while the poor lil ‘fly over’ states in the middle…still trying to be ‘good lil kids’ are getting JUST the right amount…not too hot, NOT TOO COLD…just RIGHT!!!. See any parallels there friend? Really. 🙂 Gee, it’s GOOD to BACK! I am going to go off and do my ‘happy dance’ now….Adios Muchacho’s

          • Yes Indeed I also would like to know when? BI and I where in agreement that the Cascadia & San Andres will let go first then the New Madrid.

            • Howdy OG,

              The San Andreas continues to dissipate at least SOME of it’s strain lately through smallish releases; My worry – more and more – is norhtward, the Juan De Fuca, specifically….I am seeing little release up through that vicintiy. ALSO, there have been a few Queen Charlotte Island occurances lately, thus the SOTH voxed by the SA and the NORTH boxed by that. Damn!, I WISH BI was here…that one was a WIZARD at reading that stuff. Anywho, not my field, though I DO watch it with regularity…we’ll all have to muddle along somehow till our ‘expert in residence’ is ‘ressident’ again.

              As far as the NM, though that is always worrisome I just don’t feel like it’s threatening yet….call me wild, call me crazy…but it just doesn’t ‘ring’ yet, IMHO. Oh Well, We’ll see in time, as always.

        • Aljamo,

          Think of the current usage of the word “gay” and compare it to the historical or the original usage of the word “gay.”

          It should hopefully be apparent to you soon enough that there is a difference. The revisionists have hijacked and co-opted the word, twisting and perverting it to their own purposes and ends.

          The same thing happened with the word “liberal.” When conservatives use the term “liberal” or “lib” as a well-deserved, well-justified, perfectly accurate epithet, they are using the term to describe the liberalism of Obola, Pee-lousy, Marxo-socialism, godless secularism, and hypocritical totalitarianism.

          Get over it.

        • Hey Jesse
          Ferguson, Mo. is calling you again.

        • Red rover, red rover, let ebola patients come over!!

          As Johnny says, ebola carrier # XX, come on down!!

          The wheels on the hearse go ’round and ’round, ’round and ’round, ’round and ’round.
          The wheels on the hearse go ’round and ’round, all the way to Dallas.

      65. You’d need a huge list to detail everything the left claims is racist. Such as referring to Obama as “Barack Hussein Obama”.

        • Kitty, Call him Mohammed if you want but he is only a puppet by your beloved Zionists behind all of human misery.

      66. Liberal shitbags caterwauling about “Obola” being “rayciss” – too fucking bad.

      67. “It’s a WONDEFUL day in the neighborhood….”

        Hah, seen the DOW today…No?…down 324 pts…don’t bring it, SING IT! The assholes are now ‘heading for the exits’ or thinking they will be. Gods above!, I can hardly WAIT to see the carnage that this will be….there is no one BUT the rectums in the market right now (alas, most everone’s “retirements” are there unfortunately…but that happens when you TRUST people you shouldn’t…doesn’t it?) and THOSE have been in this, stoking the leverage higher and HIGHER in a VAIN and FUTILE effort to live without having to WORK!

        Sheesh..if they spent HALF that much effort on actually DOING SOMETHING just imagine what the World would be like! Hmmmm? Screw ’em all…I hope they end up as road-stripes on WALL STREET, ‘flagrante delicto’

        …”a wonderful day in the nieghborhood….a wonderful day for a neighbor…would you be mine, could you be MINE?”

        Hahhahahahahaaa!! Sorry, “evil JOG” getting the upper hand there temporarily….DOWN!…BACK!! Down BOY!!! !…accompanied by snarls and grunts in the background, FADING away….)

        Probably this little ‘interlude’ should be chalked up to the “prodigal eppe’s return”….I will STUDIOUSLY attempt to restrain myelf henceforth…and hereafter. I PROMISE. 😉

      68. Obama and his minions need to GTF over themselves.

      69. It isn’t racist, it’s just really unwitty.

      70. Happy Birthday to Mac and SHTF! Eppe-good to see you post again. You were missed by many of us.
        My condolences to anyone dealing with a loved one with Alzheimers. My mother lived for 8 years on that downhill slide and for the last year did not even know who I was. Would not wish that on my worst enemy.

      71. Would to God that all our problems in this so called government were the result of simple incompetentcy or some similar thing but I dont see it that simple or even possible…I believe we are seeing purposeful intentional evil being carried out by persons who have an agenda to rule over everyone and everything and who know that they have to destroy freedom/self-suffcentcy and independent thoughts and actions in order to have any chance…and they know they have little time to achieve their goals,so theyre blatantly in our faces with their actions,they wont stop till they are stopped and I firmly believe they will be stopped but at a terrible price to most of us,dont give up hope,hold on to your freedom and your sanity…2cents REB

      72. Really it’s only racist ish . He is after all only black ish and white ish , Grey if you will

      73. Racist. Say it a few times. Racist. Obola. Say that a few times. Obloa. What do they have in common. Words. They are only words. They describe or have meaning. Still they are only words.
        Obola gives meaning to Obama’s Administration. Ineptitude that brings destruction. Racist, a word to throw off blame for which the dictionary can write as a description for the inability to reach one’s pinnacle.
        So Oboma and his crew ponder over words and not their actions.
        They are more worried about a word.

        This Man could have silenced all the racists in this country. He is a trophy with no substance and has reversed, where others endure hardships so this man can be where he is now.
        It is remarkable he was given the chance, TWICE!
        Two more years. Two more years. Two more years.

      74. pretentious piece of tripe from a very worn out group of progressives that think calling someone a racist is the
        answer to everything…

      75. “ Let your motto be resistance! resistance! Resistance! No oppressed people have ever secured their liberty without resistance. ” Henry Garnet

        “Nake nula wauŋ welo!”.. Chief Dan George, (” It’s a good day to die”)

        Feed Jake

        • Hoka Hey! Crazy Horse.

      76. I don’t think we have two more years.

      77. I hate political correctness. I can say anything I want anytime I want. Obama is a brainless retard. I bet he cant even count to potato. With that said calling Ebola Obolo is stupid. He did not create ebola. He was too freaking stupid to block the boarders. But hes just a puppet any way. He certainly is not Hitler. Not even smart enough to be that evil

        • barry obama is a very dangerous sociopath narcissist, street wise hustler (barry was a homo street prostitute in ny city and drug dealer) and a predator murderer (barry has killed 3 of his own kind in chicago so they wouldn’t kiss and tell).

          don’t under estimate a predator sociopath narcissist.

          they kill with out hesitation no feeling of regret no remorse.


      78. “THATZ RACESIST!”

        “Obola is for everyone, brought to Zog Amerika AND YOUR FAMILY by NWO Zog CIA Puppet Dicktator Prez Barry Obama!”


      79. I’m going to step out and call all here Friends. I have been preparing for the day that soon approaches since 1993. Am I fully prepared no way, and if you think you are you’re just fooling yourself, you never get fully prepared. I don’t prepare for myself, I prepare for my family, because sooner or later you’re going to cross the river to the other side. Prepare for the ones you will leave here on this side of the river, they’re the ones that will need it then. In your struggle to prepare, make sure you prepare your SOUL for that trip to the other side. Over there one of two places await for how you have prepared for that day; rest and peace or restlessness and turmoil the choice is yours; that prep is forever. One day or the other soon approaches. PREPARE!!!!!

        Feed Jake

      80. St. Louis Residents Run Police Out of Shaw Neighborhood

        “these st. louis cops are some crazy murdering crackers!”

        * you’d think they would start carry a 12 gauge shotgun loaded with 1oz wood or rubber anti personnel plugs by now to take down armed criminals there. it isn’t necessary to kill someone with a gun any more, there are enough passive police arresting tools available now that killing suspects is no longer necessary.


      81. And report you to the IRS for an audit. Being called a racist is supposed to shut you up immediately and they get really pissed if it doesn’t affect you, then they haul out the big guns. They can’t afford to have us unafraid of them.

        Obola, Obola, Obola, Obola, Obola!!!!!

      82. In other news: these people are a joke.

        If it wasn’t obvious before, it sure is now.

        Cry harder.

      83. Besides why is it racist? Gah I can’t believe I’m justifying this to a bunch of crybabies. But anything bad happens on a President’s watch, it gets his name attached to it derogatorily like this.

        Yeah like Bush was any better.

      84. fanning the flames of racist fully justified fears over Ebola, ISIS and the porous southern border.

        Fixed that for you.

        I couldn’t give a shit less if ISIS was English. OH WAIT. A bunch of them are!

        Yeah so… race? Who gives a f***?

      85. There is no racist like a liberal racist. They invoke skin color to the point of obsession. They always play the race card spitefully, disproportionately, as a first resort and without an ounce of justification.

      86. I neither affirm nor deny accusations of racism. I just reply that I don’t care what they call me. And I really don’t. They hate that more than anything.

      87. Am I racist if I am a “minority” and I say it? Can we say D-I-S-T-R-A-C-T-I-O-N?

        Hold steady– things seem to be picking up speed. Good luck to ya’ll.

      88. Oh,on a side note,obola.


          • I got one thing to say to your response renegade. obolla obolla obolla obolla to infinity and beyond

      89. First off is not Ebola a fatal disease? Yes. Is not Obama a fatal disease right along with progressive liberalism to this countries health and well being? Yes. Has not obammie refused to protect our borders by shutting them down and banning all foreign flights from Ebola stricken countries thus allowing the probation of this disease? Yes again. Therefore F the media. Nobody cares what those dumb asses have to say, it’s all lies anyway. Therefore obammie is appropriately called obols a.

      90. Okay. I won’t say Obola anymore. How does spear chucker in chief sound?


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