Liberals Use Social Media To Disgustingly Attack All White People In The Aftermath Of Doug Jones Stunning Senate Victory

by | Dec 13, 2017 | Headline News | 46 comments

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    Immediately following the stunning victory by Democrat Doug Jones in the Alabama Senate race, liberals, including many “prominent” leftists, took to social media to attack white people as a whole over the fact that some whites voted against the pro gun-control former prosecutor.

    That’s right, in the new America, the hard-left openly mocks and insults all white people simply because a certain percentage of them do not vote for liberal candidates.

    Keep in mind that BOTH candidates were white yet that did not stop the race baiting left from conducting a vile series of attacks on the white race while pretending that they are the civil rights heroes.

    As I’ve been prone to say lately, you truly cannot make this stuff up.

    Filmmaker and noted anti-Trump propagandist Michael Moore got into the action early, tweeting out an image that attacked white people over the fact that 63% of white women and 72% of white men had voted for Roy Moore in Alabama.

    As Paul Joseph Watson noted,  MSNBC, CNN and Huffington Post contributor Kevin Allred continued the attacks on white people during an unhinged rant that literally cursed at white people over and over again.

    A communications director for a Democrat in the House specifically took aim at white men who committed the horrific crime of voting for their preferred candidate.

    Another prominent liberal flat out rallied against the fact that there are a large amount of white people in America itself.

    Independent journalist Chris Menahan, writing for Information Liberation, also took screenshots of at least a dozen liberal voters attacking the very existence of the white race. Remember, this is being cheered on by liberals in this country who hold actual power.

    From calling all white people stupid, to claiming that only minorities should be allowed to vote, the tweets compiled by Menahan paint a clear picture of what at least part of the hard-left truly believes.

    Make no mistake, this is a direct attempt at forcing white people across the country to vote liberal over the fear that they might be labeled racist. This is obviously an absolutely disgusting political move by the left that the American people will hopefully see right through.

    With that being said, it does not change the fact that the Democratic Party is now openly attacking any white person who does not vote for them.


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      1. I was open to suggestion. I took people one-at-time.

        Now? I feel going to where one needs to be; must be; is the only appropriate course.

        Play-time is over – the grown-ups need too take charge.

        May I suggest starting from the “top” down? Because I would suggest that course of action.

      2. Fuck all of this Liberal garbage to hell! And yes I am WHITE and I thank God I am White! I make NO god damned apologies for it either.

      3. White people have 2 choices:

        1) Unite

        2) Be genocided.

        White people had better face that. White people have zero future as it is.

        • why not, white people are cowards

          • Gandhi, speak for your f#$%in self. I’m a white male, homophobic, islamophobic, deplorable, irredeemable, bitter clinger, pro-American, pro-freedom, pro-white. My message to libturds is simple: You have a problem with me then bring it on.

            • The actual Gandhi sent a letter of admiration and support to Hitler. ?

              Maybe this one is playing cute trying to find more of his own kind?

              Or a libtard who thinks “history” consists of his Instagram posts of every meal he ever had….lol!

              On a more positive note: Millennials have, by consensus, relegated common sense to the category of “Superpowers”. Take heed Oh Mortals; there are gods amongst you. ?

              • Gandhi=diaper-wearing cow worshiper.

        • I choose choice number 1

        • Third choice, move to another country.

          • There’s nowhere to run and I bet it’d be impossible to take our arsenals with us. This is our home.

        • I agree. How many people know that Caucasians are a minority and are about 8% of the global population. We also do not reproduce like some races. Which is a problem.

          • I hope they fuck up and push white people as a whole too far. Some of us are ready to kill now, but it would be ineffective overall to our cause and we would be out.

            • Menzo, that day is coming sooner than any of us know. My only place to go is the BOL with family. We’ll make our final stand there if it comes to it.

        • The “globalists” have weaponized “minorities” against WHITES (the “globalists” are predominantly “Jews” & “NeoCons” & dual Israeli-“American” “Citizens” ~ read, AGENTS FOR ROTHSCHILD-ISRAEL, est. 1948 AD!, and the “minorities” are ONLY minorities (currently) in the United States, founded by WHITES. You have to look at who is behind the MONEY POWER.

          The “Globalists” Are Dreaming of an Anti-White Christmas

      4. Keep it up libtards. You’re gonna’ wake up the sleeping tiger, and it is going to rip you to pieces. It’s getting close……

        • Stevie, damn right. The libturds have no idea of the hell they’d be unleashing onto themselves.

      5. Y’all ready?!!

        NO ONE is looking out for you, but you!

      6. Bring it…….and prepare to suffer the consequences. Otherwise back off and there will be peace in the neighborhood.

        • They actually must back way, way off.

        • You know, the funny thing is, these white liberals seem to think that if there is going to be a fight against those “other” white people, that they will be safe from any blow back. That’s a very dangerous way for them to look at things. You see, once the shit starts flying, they think the only one’s who are going to be bleeding, are going to be those “other” white people. Nowhere will be safe for them, or their supporters in the media, once the rule of law goes out the window. I’ve read on more then one blog, were people already have lists of names of all the liberals they plan to visit. They plan to visit them with some rope in hand, while looking for a close by tree, they said some assembly will be required, along with a very short drop.

          • TM,the guilt ridden Libturds are going to find out the hard way that the majority of people they sympathize and support with will be the first to stab them in the backs the second they don’t get their way.If ANYONE thinks their skin color and/or financial status makes them immune to attack when SHTF they are in for the surprise of their life..

      7. All the while the people come to TEXAS and let what’s left go in the way of the third word…

        They can install a dictator and all be burned at the stake or be beheaded for all I care…

        I hear the new national carry bill has been hi-jacked with add on legislatin that would take away your right to bear arms if you had an unpaid speeding ticket??? I hear this was supported by John Cornyn,,,

        I say grow some balls and try to take them now…

        Gonna turn off the internet and enjoy the time we have left and cut down on the aggravation…

        The racism and sexism is getting so bad against white males I expect to see crosses on the sides of the street any day with mutilated white male bodies on them driving to work…

        Welcome to the new amerika???

        Nothing to see here, he was just a white Christian male who offended the NWO…

        I recommend moving to the country, screw the cesspool the country has become…

        Take care of your own…

        • Vet1, I’ve also had it with the vilification of all things singularly male especially if he’s white. Being born a male (or white) isn’t a crime. I’m tired of the pixxing and moaning “victims” of masculinity. I see nothing wrong with a mentally and physically strong man. A good strong man is not abusive and even knows how to control himself; how about that concept…

          Seems all the left wants to do is reduce all people of either gender (I’m leaving out their other 50 options) to meaningless, stupid dehumanized bots that bow to their masters. How many of their ideas would be ridiculed or punished severely in most other parts of the world? They’d not last long.

          Maybe most of us on this site should move to Texas. Texans are unabashedly proud of who they are–and for good reason. The Texan attitude is one we can identify with.

          • Texas aint so great. Texas is chock full of illegals. Also a great number of California losers are moving there. Those two groups will slowly and steadily turn Texas into a cesspool like calif is.

        • I’m a Native Texan and I lived in CA and FL while in the Navy. I’ve lived in CO twice (my wife is a Native of CO). We all know how the libs have ruined CA. They moved to CO and now dominate the front range and have almost made it into a mini-CA, a la Oregon and Washington. The northerners moved to FL and have turned a lot of it into little NY/NJ. Now, they are trying to do the same to TX. We must resist.

          They have no concept of “Texas is in the blood”. Texas is the only state that fought a war with a foreign country for its freedom. Texas is the only state that was its own country,the Republic of Texas, prior to joining the Union. Texas proud doesn’t mean we are just proud of our state. It means we are proud of our forefathers and our history. Libs now rule the cities in Texas with the exception of Ft. Worth. They are working hard to take over the entire state. True Texans, those with Texas in the blood, will resist to the end. To the others that are transplanted I say, “Assimilate or leave”.

      8. These pinheads just keep making it easier and easier to tell the good from the bad…and we all know what happens to the bad people.

        • EXACTLY! It’s like the redcoats all over again. Just makes it easier to adjust for windage.

      9. Spell check really makes posting something tedious…

        White people to Texas…

      10. I don’t really give a F**k what black and black wanna-be people think.

      11. Always, always remember: H8TE, bullying and being nasty to others is wrong. Unless, of course, you are the fascist left. Then it is “understandable,” “reasonable” and even “justified.”

        Last century, various flavours of the left MURDERED over 100 million people. Before this century is out, I wonder how much over they will on that total.

      12. There is going to be a recount if they throw out the rigged votes and the suspicious ballots Moore could still win?

        • Old Guy, there’s no question the libturds stole that election just like many others and there was damn sure some black voter fraud involved. Under AL law a recount can be required. Moore is entitled to that. Final decision won’t be made til’ the AL Secretary of State certifies the election results.

      13. Did everyone see the tweet from Berlatsky, he says there are too many white people in America. This statement appears racist to me. Why would he say that, to tell us why he believes that? I would like for him to explain his rationale, how he formulated his philosophy that leads him to say things like this. This tweet goes beyond making a political statement. It is visceral; he didn’t say what kind of whites-liberal, conservative, poor, rich, religious, non-religious, boomers, millennials, whatever, he said just “too many whites”. He makes a general unqualified statement in one sentence. Does that also apply to Christians? Not only is it racist and bigoted, it also is rank hypocrisy. If someone tweeted there are too many blacks, or too many Jews, or there are too many Asians, what would he say about that? Obviously, the purpose of this tweet is to stir things up. This kind of trash adds nothing to national discourse, it actually only serve to wreck it. That’s the real purpose of the tweet.

      14. Texas is filled with Mexicans. Apparently you Texicans are ignoring that fact. Enjoy your burritos.

        • Texians and Mexicans have gotten along just fine for generations. We enjoy our burritos, salsa & Dos Equis too.
          The rest of the country can have the white bread.

        • Mecca equals slave labor. Why else have them here.

      15. Be careful what you wish for, Alabama. One poster over at the WRSA site opined that as soon as Jones takes office, Alabamians can expect all kinds of Mohammedan refugees along with legions of other species of Third World dreck. Of course, that will mean that much more votes for the Jackass Party. Our current Cold Civil War just got a little bit warmer.

      16. The left is showing its ass, sure they can hate me, don’t care.

        Why should I care what a bunch of useless eaters have to say. They’re just mad because the trough is being taken away from them.

        Now that they are openly saying what they are saying I Believe I’ll just sit back and see who is saying it.

        …….. and clean my guns and sharpen my knifes.

      17. Let the bio-engineered cleansing begin. Not wanting to scare you bottom of the Bell Curve dwellers, but I be sho whitey in chaj o’dat.

      18. Like Granny said in the Movie “The Outlaw Josey Wales”, “Them words don’t mean ‘DOODLY SQUAT”. One day I might just get the chance to meet them and show ’em the error of their ways.

      19. Like. I keep saying. It’s time to make America white again.

      20. Those words do mean doodly squat. They are the precursor to your genocide. First they demonize, then they kill those they demonized. These people are full blown communists. If you’re White and not a communist, you are fair game to them. Words do matter. They are giving you a heads up. You know what comes next. After the next Presidential election they will claim a mandate to do it.

        • The White man conquered this country once, he can do it again. Bring it.

        • Him, you mean the words mean doodly squat ONLY TO THE LIBTURDS. Let the damn fools bring it on. Once we chew them up and spit them out, their blood will be running in the streets.

      21. Possibly if black parents had taught their children manners and to be respectful of others and had spent less time teaching them how to peel bananas with their toes….

      22. Its all good,
        we whites have NUKES

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