Liberals Call for Violence to End Oregon Standoff: Send “National Guard With Shoot to Kill Orders”

by | Jan 4, 2016 | Headline News | 192 comments

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    Can you believe 2016 just started, and already people are calling for a bigger police state where the government can kill citizens without due process, charge or trial?

    It seems that many on the Internet want another Waco – a lethal federal government show of force for the Obama age. You know,
    to keep the right wingers, pro-gun nuts, anti-government types, patriots and conspiracy theorists at bay.

    Agree or disagree with the Oregon militia standoff over federal land issues still underway, people across social media are escalating things sharply.

    Numerous voices are calling for a literal bloodbath in Oregon – and the exercise of unilateral government power to kill the individuals involved, including supporters. It is an armed and highly-charged, but so far peaceful situation that is, nonetheless, rooted firmly in civil disobedience and principle. But that hasn’t stopped opponent from calling for them to be treated like domestic terrorists.

    Twitter users across the globe and across the political spectrum have been calling for the use of lethal force to end their standoff:

    Even talk show host Montel Williams is getting in on this, calling for the National Guard to be given “shoot to kill” orders:

    So the issue is incendiary in every way, and there is every chance that this uprising/firm stand could get out of hand, despite assurances from those who started it that everything is peaceful. According to Good Morning America:

    Ammon Bundy said Sunday that the group’s actions are not aggressive and there is no damage or criminal activity. Local Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward has accused the group of “claiming to be part of militia groups supporting local ranchers, when in reality these men had alternative motives to attempt to over throw the county and federal government in hopes to spark a movement across the United States.”

    Even with a cautious tone from law enforcement, people responding to media coverage are seeking violence. As many pointed out, the response on social media has once again revealed the bloodthirst of liberals – who love using force and state power to impose their will.

    And predictably, racism has been invoked as a justification for firing upon these armed protesters. The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur set the tone:

    It seems that some #BlackLivesMatter activists are fine with government force, so long as it is aimed at someone who is white. Apparently, because someone black was wrongfully killed by police (like 12-year old Tamir Rice), the same treatment should necessarily be extended in dealing with those who are not:

    The response from the left has been to play up issues of racial divide – contrasting the treatment by police/authorities with mostly black protesters and rioters involved at Ferguson and their treatment with mostly white rancher in a rural dispute.

    Of course, if what was done against black police abuse victims is legitimized against white ranchers, the government gains the power to use the treatment against everyone it determines to be a dissenter or enemy.

    Two wrongs don’t make a right, unless of course the issue is a left/right or black/white one.

    And the odds of widespread civil unrest and even outright civil war grows stronger by the day.

    With the right crisis, the federal government could wipe the slate clean on pesky rights and divisive protesters. Stay vigilant.

    Read more:

    Feds Preparing “Multi-Agency” Action In Oregon As Patriot Militia Says They Are “Willing To Kill And Be Killed”

    Harry Reid Calls Cliven Bundy Supporters “Domestic Terrorists”

    Federal Snipers Train Guns on Family For Filming Cattle: “Outside the Bounds of Designated First Amendment Area”

    Rancher Cliven Bundy Speaks: “I Don’t Recognize Them Having Any Jurisdiction or Authority Over This Land” *Video*

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      1. Not surprising,,,
        Yet these will be the first people crying for the gubbermint to save them when TSHTF

          • Acid,
            Isn’t it obvious?
            Having talked to some ‘rich’ folks about all these land grabs, its obvious to them…
            “It’s called; COLLATERAL for TRILLIONS of dollars in debt. Its what countries DO.”

            • “Can you believe 2016 just started, and already people are calling for a bigger police state where the government can kill citizens without due process, charge or trial?”

              It is apparent from the responses shown above, that the American people are not buying this armed provocation as a bona fide protest. I suspect that the majority of the American people are not buying it as a legitimate protest of the Oregon “situation”.

              I don’t.

              I don’t even believe Brandon Smith does either from what I read of his article at Zero Hedge. Armed protest does not serve the Liberty Movement if no Constitutional liberties are at stake.

              The situation in Oregon is the direct result of civil actions moving through the Courts. If no Constitutional Liberties are at stake, then armed resistance is not an appropriate response.

              Ok, make your point. Take over the building, chain yourselves to the furniture and bring publicity to your cause. While illegal, that is an appropriate way to “voice” your displeasure as even ILLEGALS did to Congressional Offices in DC, and as legitimate protesters have done throughout the modern era.

              To introduce guns into the situation is not a legitimate action to protest these events. As an ex-marine and Vietnam Vet I understand that guns are used to kill people in defense, or offensively in an attack. The participants have voiced their decision to “kill or be killed”.

              Why should any official risk their life trying to negotiate a stand down with armed insurgents wanting to “kill or be killed”?

              These fools are isolated. The power will be cut. Water shut off. The media established a couple of miles away for their “safety”. When the armed protesters refuse to surrender and vacate the building, the building will be engulfed in tear gas and flash bangs. If that does not empty the building nerve gas or other exotic weapons will be used. Eventually people may die.

              What this stupid standoff DOES show, is that Gun Owners Nationwide can eliminate the NWO over a long weekend with five man FREEDOM CELLS, and disappear back into the population before significant opposition can be mobilized, in the event of gun confiscation.

              Eventually that process, picked up and imitated by other FREEDOM CELLS would bring gun confiscation to a halt. 🙂

              • Dear DK,

                Bingo. Every word.

                Respectfully Yours,


                • Thank you, Sir. 🙂

        • Meanwhile our combat forces in places like Iraq and Afghanistan have all kinds of convoluted rules of engagement to deal with before shooting a raghead.

          • @Kulafarmer,
            And they are usually the ones crying for more gun control, until they want LEO or the National Guard to do their bidding/shooting and killing for them.

            • There has only been peace by the occupiers at the refuge out in the desert. There has been no violence, guns pointed, threats made, property destroyed or damaged, or any victim for that matter.

              What we are seeing is many many many more people that are turning sympathetic to their cause out there. Everything Bundy says about the federal encroachment seems to be striking a chord. Unless the PTB do something quick, he will ignite an awakening before long. No, he won’t get the liberals, but enough of the conservatives will start to wake up and smell the coffee. There is no terrorism on the part of the occupiers here.

            • Obama won’t deploy the national guard. He only deploys NATO forces that way when American soldiers get killed they are only reported as NATO forces so nobody will know they are American.

              • The hammonds didn’t want any of the shit there they went willingly. The cause is the BLM LAND THEFT. Fucking BLM needs to be STOPPED! The town of Burns is 50 miles away for fuck sake, what do they have to say? The Bundy’s are staying to draw attention to the issue of land theft by the punk ass BLM. But the media makes out some bullshit story for the masses to demonize the people who are standing up for property rights. The Hammonds just cowered and went along with what they were told to do so fuck them, the REAL issue is fed land theft! This aint going to end well at all but it might wake a few morons up, or demonize white patriots we will see…..

            • Muddy,

              Hey, you completely misunderstood. Those on the left are full of tolerance and cheer for all. As long as you follow their treasonous demands, they’ll welcome you with open arms.

              • Really? I think they are paying right wing back for calling for their deaths when they protest government abuses. What goes around comes around. How many on this site call for killing all libruls every day of the week for years? Come on folks… you love nasty rhetoric. .. now you go all whiney? Quit calling for mass murder of other Americans before you go into the whiney poor abused me conversation. Who on here did not call for street executions by police of protesters in Ferguson. They have stronger grievances than the Hammonds… who admittedly burned 127 acres of land that did not belong to them. Gee one (insured) CVS store burned had you guys frothing at the mouth for wholesale street executions by cops. Forget constitutional rights to trial. Media has been inundated for 7 years with right wing calls for death to the left wing.

                • So what yer sayin is yer a lefty,,,,,

                  • Nice trolling Rebecca

                    • Was always suspicious of that one. Way to much detail on a myriad of topics.

                • Who on here didn’t call for street execeutions? Come now somebody of your supposed well rounded intelligence should know better than to speak in absolute terms. If you don’t get what I’m saying and that is highly probable I didn’t.

                • Rebecca, I usually enjoy your posts, but here’s one thing you’re missing here. Liberals, especially black civil rights activists, and now Hispanic and Middle Eastern activists, have been calling for the destruction of white Americans for well over a half-century and they’re never held accountable for that. I’ve always had a problem with that.

            • There are nut jobs on both sides. People always point to extremes as representative of a group. Who gives a crap what these morons think.

        • Pray for me as I repent my sins and come back to walk with Jesus.

          Pray for God to wash away my doubts, my pride, wrath, and lust, and make me a true believer.

          The time I spent studying Muhammad’s life has surely given me the fear of the hell-fire.

          So many billions of people are worshipping the devil. It doesn’t matter if they are the secularists or the Muslims.

          • Yes I will be glad to pray for you. When you get time check out Pastor John Kyle on deliverance. Also check out Russ Dizdar who is a pastor and expert on satanic crimes.

          • AE, genuine confession and repentance of your sins, and total trust and faith of Jesus as your Savior and Lord is eternal Joy!!!

            Angels rejoice when a lost sheep is found.

          • Rejoice in Him alway!

            God Bless you and strengthen you.

          • Acid…god said to love everyone. I certainly don’t but I will pray for you anyway.

        • They will also be the first ones “mowed down” by the assault rifles that Obama didn’t ban: the ones in government hands. But, they’re sheople brains are just too small to realize it. Poor, poor, stoopid sheople.


          • Netranger, damned straight. All of these retarded libturds had better be careful what they wish for. These are the same kind of people who have been wrecking this country for decades. They could end up getting killed themselves, most likely at the hands of the same “minority groups” they claim to support. That has already happened to some white libturds in some parts of the nation. These same libturds calling on the Bundys and militia to be shot had better start watching their own sixes. I know that once the balloon goes up, I won’t follow any ‘rules of engagement’.


            • You have been calling for mass murder for years now. Is it disconcerting to have the shoe on the other foot?

        • “Wait a sec… So 150 armed men are occupying a federal building & it isn’t considered terrorism? #OregonUnderAttack”

          What do you call 150 armed men in a building?

          A group of Texans watching Star Wars at the movie theater.

          • Proud Muslim mother:

            They blow up so fast!

        • Mac: “the response on social media has once again revealed the bloodthirst of liberals – who love using force and state power to impose their will.”

          1. Libs suck.
          2. Sorry, but this ain’t the hill to die on. At least not for me.


          Oregon is too far away for me to go.

          If I could I would. I’m not a coward.

          But I think its disgraceful that only 150 people in this whole country are willing to risk their lives for our constitution and our way of life.

          Anybody can type words into a computer. Risking your life for what you believe in takes gallantry and honor. Things this country are barren of.

        • Well they are correct about their claims that the response would be different if the occupation was by muslims or blacks instead of whites.

          But it’s not racism-related at all. Fact is, muslims would have blown something up already, perhaps themselves too, and blacks would have looted and rioted, its what they do.

          But these white “militants”, as the lame liberal media is calling them, have been nothing but peaceful. No damage or destruction, no threats, no injuries or harm to anything or anyone.

          It just comes down to the fact that niggas want to see whiteys killed no matter what.

        • Mac I can tell you this much. It is NOT a
          Stand off. And if you continue with this
          alarmism im going to have to stop reading
          you (and stop recommending this site.)

          This site, of all place, I would expect to
          have SOME journalistic integrity. Did you
          perhaps get funding from the DHS to write
          This intentionally inflammatory article?

      2. The gov has already threatened to drop bombs if things gets ”out of hand”

        • Drop bombs?

      3. liberals are gutless cowards. when the SHTF they will run and hide

      4. To think I protected them and their property with my life for 32 years, and they will probably get to see me and my son murdered by their psychopathic controlled Corporatist fascist genocidal globalist criminal government, as we prepare to head to Oregon to act as human shields to prevent the deaths of brave patriots and hero’s who decided they had enough of this NEW WORLD ORDER agenda. At least I will know the fascist Orwellian Police State hell that awaits the surviving boot licking cowards, but I cannot harbor any more ill will against them- they are victims as all the chemically altered cowards of America have become, they have no ability to understand freedom and liberty, or critically think, they have become hybrid humans who could care less about their children’s health and future.

        • Just think of it as taking 32 years to wake up.

        • Life’s a bitch Ron, especially for stupid people lol.

          • Not calling you stupid (you know that) You tell it like it is and I love that lol.

        • God speed. Wish I could be there.

      5. Shoot To Kill right here in the USA.

        How many in Congress would like to see in happen.

        • How many?

          193 Democrats in the House
          44 Democrats in the Senate

          And Hillary…..

          • And 90% of the republican war lovers.

            • Ape Lincoln, Republican = Civil War
              William McKinley, Republican = Spanish American War
              Woodhead Wilson, Democrat = WW1
              FDR, Democrat = WW11
              Truman, Democrat = Korea
              JFK, Democrat = Cuban Crisis, boy nearly ended the world
              JFK, Democrat = Vietnam
              LBJ, Democrat = Vietnam
              Nixon, Republican = Vietnam, ended US ground war
              Reagan, Republican, = Ended Cold War

              Bush 1, Republican, = First gulf war
              Clinton, Democrat, = Bosnia, made Europe safe for Islam
              Bush II, Republican,= Gulf war II
              Obama, Muslim Democrat, = Lybia and other disasters
              Clinton II, Communist Democrat = ?????

      6. off topic
        but of note

        the “big one” might be just be bigger than expected

        Alarming Discovery Shows Bay Area’s 2 Most Dangerous Earthquake Faults May Be Connected

        h ttp://

        • I wish the big one would hurry up. We can’t get rid of the cancer called California fast enough.

      7. Don’t mind those libtards; it’s just verbal diarrhea again.
        When SHTF, I’ll have no qualms whatsoever about putting libtards out of their misery.

        • I do not know of a single person that uses twitter.

          • Exactly. These Twitter posts are classic psyop and we fall right into it

      8. Did the police and National Guard shoot anybody when Ferguson was burning?

        • According to Black Lives Matter over 100 unarmed nigs were gunned down by racist white cops in Furgeson. All while walking home from school, in the snow, uphill, both ways……

      9. When the Government involves their self in matters such as the BLM/Bundy Land Grab issues, and now this, there is a real reason behind their actions, not because of a Family trying to save their farm by burning 120 acres of supposed Gov. Land, in which they already went to jail over, but now the Gov. does Not seem to believe it was a long enough sentence for a 74 yr. old man, and his 46 yr. old son, so they were ordered to spend five yrs. More. So, why did the gov. do this, I have a theory, There is Minerals on the property, and the Gov. wants it. There is Diamonds, gold, and Uranium in that area, as well as where the Bundy’s live. This is the Only reason this is an issue. This is also not the only farm that the Gov. want, all in that area there is precious metals, and the gov. wants it all. The ones doing all the tweets, appear to be racially minded Americans that are jealous of how these Patriots do things without having to destroy any areas they go into, no burning down of privately owned buildings (business’s) or torching privately owned Vehicles. It appears these Patriots do not want blood shed, they want real Justice from a Gov. that is taking away the rights of Americans. Any liberal who want our Gov. to send in the National Guard to kill Patriots who do not want blood shed, are racially, hateful, crazy, murderous Americans, who needs a heart transplant, and eye transplant in order to see righteously, all they want is, Division.


          Common sense tells you lawyer vermin are expensive. The government wouldn’t waste this much time on ranchers unless there was an ulterior motive. We don’t know nearly everything on this issue. You can bet on it.

          • Oh, yes, they will take the time to prosecute little guys. Gov’t lawyers get paid by the year. Once an agency starts a court case, it develops a momentum of its own.

        • Government wants to train some more “ISIS” and corral the people there–black and white–in concentration labor camps for the elites, like they’ve got a billion Chinese under the elites’ Communist buddies there making all that’s “Made in China” for the further enrichment and empowerment of the elites and impoverishment and enslavement of the masses under them.

        • All ready outed: Natural gas and uranium on (private)property and the corporations want it, 0 will make it happen in t/his fascist regime.

          Prepare for the worst all. Opps, forgot, not a prepper site.

          • EASY…..easy……

          • So it’s easier to open a mine in the middle of a National Wildlife Refuge than it is to buy mineral rights from a private rancher?

            Dream on.

            Just the difference in the cost of an environmental review on federal lands using federal laws or one on private land using the state laws is millions of dollars.

        • Michael Arc Angel, welcome, and I agree wholeheartedly with your post. Whether the Bundys picked the wrong fight is another matter altogether. It is still wrong for these commie shitheads to get on social media and call for the killing of good people. Technically, under certain federal laws, they could face some kind of charges for their statements. The “authorities” monitor social media 24/7/365. But I’ll bet a dollar to a doughnut not one of them ever face any kind of charges, let alone even get investigated. If people like you or I got onto social media doing the same thing, we would definitely be investigated, charged, and thrown into the deepest, darkest holes they have. Nothing would ever happen to the libturds because they “support the government.” Disgusting.

          • When it all comes down though, it is the useless libtard eaters that will be the first to go. They hold no value in the post collapse world to the elite. They serve the simple purpose now for mere votes as well as turning the social tide and public sentiment through facebook and twitter against those who stand for liberty and believe in individual rights. Once the elite figure on stomping out the patriots and survivalists, they’ll cannibalize on the libtards with a frenzy.

            • SS, that’s right. the communists have always turned against some of their own children. the ones who are the biggest promoters are always the first ones to be sacrificed.

              • They won’t get enough government cock to eat, they will fight over it lol.

                • Genius, ROFLMAO. One of the best ones I’ve ever heard.

          • Maybe we should join the bad guys. It would be like a Jew joining the Nazis in 1934. You could survive the Holocaust and probably loot your own store.

            You could be a spy in the mist of the enemy.

            The only hard part would be to not get executed by the underground or after the SHTF for war crimes.

          • Right wing shots call for murder online every day of the week. Are you sure you want to be prosecuted for it? Guess I will quit posting for a few days while you whiney screamers for others’ deaths recover from their screaming back at you.

            • Could we be so lucky as to have you take a break?

              • Exactly the move I thought would be made by “Rebecca”. I for one don’t have a nano second memory which is what “Rebecca” is banking on.

          • I think they have to go beyond the general statements like ‘The National Guard ought to shoot them all.’ into something like more of a specific threat, ‘I’m going to Burns, Oregon, and taking some of these honkies with me.’

            One is just hot air, the other is definite.

      10. Click on Momtel Williams twitter account response.

        You will see Montel’s response quote:

        “Wacko Birds, go away, if anything I’d double down on what I said re: OregonUnderAttack, not back off”.

        Another far left black loon; I would pay for his one half way ride back to Africa on a leaky cruise ship.

        • “Another far left black loon; I would pay for his one half way ride back to Africa on a leaky cruise ship.”

          fuck the dumb shit – chain him to a couple of cinder blocks, then push him overboard. Let the dipshit try and swim for his freedom.

          • FTW:

            Your idea would work too!

            • Yes … yes it would … lol

              • FTW, I LOVE your idea. MMD, I know you mean well, but FTW’s idea sounds better.

                • Brave:

                  I didn’t mean well at all…..what I left out (sorry) was the rest of the trash posting on their twitter accounts would be loaded on that leaky ship also.

                  • MMD, they could still be included.

          • That’s a horrible waste of perfectly good cinder blocks. Please be more considerate.

        • Samuel L. Jackson said he hoped the San Bernadino shooter was a crazy white dude. Stop lining the pockets of Hollywood tools.

          • Watch bootleg movies and never pay the juice another penny.

            • I cut off my dish network in 2011.

              I download all my tv content and movies from this site:

              ht tps://

              It is bittorrent. Learn it and love it.

        • Careful…your racism is showing.

      11. I wondered how long before the celeb TOOLS got in the act.

        • I will have to with hold judgement until Rosanne Barr weighs in…….

          Yea Right

          • I’m waiting for Danny Glover and Spike Lee, they always have rational opinions about Caucasians and firearms.

      12. Hollywood is a tool box.

        • White Guilt libs are out in Force Mudsharking and Coal Burning…

          • These are the same liberal type (Communist) that killed 90 million in Communist Russia. They do not want their government or welfare check to stop comming. They do not work and wouldn’t work if you gave them a job. Yet some are trolls who would pimp their morther or sell their souls for money. Never give your guns up, these are the people that will be in charge of you and your family.

      13. It’s true that the militia should’ve stood up (and still need to) for the victims of all the police shootings. Many supporters of the militia have done so. Yet, so many even on this site can be seen as indifferent if not hostile to the black victims of those shootings. It’s only natural that those, so often blacks, who’ve been wronged so greatly by government’s police would now be indifferent or vengeful towards whites who have any grievance. Whites, blacks, Indians–all in the same boat with different but yet, the same grievance, that of government’s long record of cutting them all out with the same authoritarian cookie-cutter, only in government’s image. There’s no reason nor need for all the disparate groups to be at each other’s throats, no matter their differences. Government loves to have it that way so they can slam everyone in government’s cage and declare “problem solved”–“with slavery and injustice for all”.

        • …..Maybe we should all hold hands and hug it out…..

        • Maybe they should stand for all the pigs that murder WHITE people too huh? Quit pronouncing that nigs get preferential treatment ok. A shitload of whites get shot by the cops you just never hear about it, And in percentage reletive to crime I’d say it’s about even. The militia is not there to defend every nig shooting or white shooting, they are there for state and national issues. Why didn’t you go grab yer gun and defend the imbiciles at fergusun?

          • Real issue is stupid whites full of fake Guilt and turned into Mudsharks and Coal Burner idiots.

            And YES Virginia, there Really are vast differences besides “skin color”…Too Many to here list of!

        • One rational voice in the crowd. All of us have grievances and all grievances are government brutality. We will NEVER stop government brutality by calling for killing other Americans without due process of law.

      14. The real issue is government domination of the people. No matter whether it’s the unspeakable killing of innocent people, mostly black but some white, and Indians (a whole subject hardly ever mentioned on this or mainstream sites), it’s all government oppression to keep the very few on top of everyone else. The ideal society is everyone governing him or herself for the protection of others from oneself, as well as defending oneself from those who won’t govern themselves and, from those who attempt to rule over others. How can the injustice of government’s partisan authoritarian side-taking be better than the people’s individual liberty to live and let others equally live and defend themselves from those who won’t?

        • Indians? Nobody gives a shit about Indians and we give even less of a shit about Africans.

          • Well hier stiner, thats a pretty statist remark. Fuck the weak they are easy prey huh? I suppose you support isreal and all that shit too? Negroes have an average IQ of 70 in africa so easy pickins, they have no rights if they are retarded huh? The natives here would have had theyre asses kicked by someone else so might as well be the europeans right? Damn man, you ARE the ELITE aren’t you? You are superior and have the right to kill and steal and occupy! You are a god! Fuck me hier stiner, You must be the messia! (sarcasm, you are really just a right wing brainwashed stupid punk) 🙂

            • Genius… ditto.

          • So far stats proves that whites are aprox 75% or Three of every four folks cops whacked as innocents per year..

            Stop trusting TV news and msm type websites like drudge or biretbart sites…They are just additions online to compliemnt Fox or CNN tv crap 1/2 truths.

            Research who took over as head editor at biretbart after the orig owner guy was mysteriously whacked dead.

            HINT: Ben Shapiro who cannot speak on cspan live tv longer than Three minits at best without Again reminding viewers of how talmudic and tribe minded he and his loyalties are…And how much better his master Race fellow travelers believe themselves to be when he compares them to lowly Goyim.

            I think we should all start sporting shaprios skull cap adormnent so as to royally confuse the Masses as to which is which eh. That way even we goys can get vast public worship as guys Unable to ever do wrongs and join the worlds largest class of professional victims…

            Its all we can do since none of us white guys will be able to duplicate ourselves into appearing as african savage blacks eh…And there are only Two main classes of professional world victims groups out there folks…

            I am tired of being blamed always due to being a supperior white man…I rather join them as cap wearing victims and get away with every fuckin thing one can conjur up….Then strike like a viper back at them all.

          • Yes indeed serves those Indians right for being on our land before we got here. And just who do you think those stupid Indians got that land from? The took it away from stupider Indians.

      15. The fluoride has done its job very, very well.

        Well kids, yes, let’s all cheer for the .gov to label everyone as terrorists and shoot them on sight. Great fucking idea, dimwit. You’re next, you know. Once you set a precedent you never get to put the genie back in the bottle. Ever. Oh yeah! Whatever happened to Gitmo closing and the Patriot Act being repealed???? Riiiight???? “Hopey-changey… shut up I got elected now (finger)”.

        • The Guy, ok thats enough truth dammit lol.

      16. I’ve given up on humanity in this country.
        It is the likes of those above “tweets” that resembles the dumb downed society that we are forced to live abroad.

        Is America worth saving?

        Not so much, especially when we are outnumbered by a dumb downed society.

        We are truly on our own, avoid the trashy plague that surrounds us as much as possible – it could be contagious!

        • FTW

          I do not think we are going to make it. Too much against us. Too much Division.

        • FTW, we can only be concerned about our own AOs once the balloon goes up. The libturds will have targets on their backs just like everyone else. They are no less vulnerable to what’s coming. Libturds are truly a lost cause.

        • FTW, you mean you don’t want to be a martyr for a bunch of idiots???

        • How much of those are real?

          Apparently the “cook up child molestation charges” angle wasn’t working out so great… so BING suddenly! All of Twitter hates these guys! Wow. So. Those are real people right? They aren’t Muppets… riiiiight?

          See if enough people say you aren’t the popular kid bam you aren’t the popular kid! That’s a pretty interesting (if blatantly obvious) approach…

          Now having read the actual back story of these guys, I can’t really say I’m on board with them and all. I mean. They kinda sound like… I dunno. Like they’re kind of full of shit? Mostly.

          However! Being full of shit is not a death penalty offense. Shooting someone probably is though… so this is easy. As they said in Spies Like Us… “you must have a few men you won’t mind wasting…”

          Possible scenario: funny how the FBI guy walks up to the door to negotiate… facing the door… and gets shot in the BACK of the head (8 times with a nail gun for bonus points…)

          Sigh I’m being altogether too sarcastic about this.

          Bottom line is one way or another they’re going to lose and lose big. Alive would be… better. Also for the love of God and all that is holy do something about this whole prison rape thing because seriously. Civilized, huh?

      17. My rights to free speech/association/defense ect. are only re affirmed in bill of rights,they are my and everyones birth right,can only be taken away if I agree or you kill me.As I don’t agree to give up these rights imagine they will kill me,I also imagine millions will including me fight back before dying.History is full of examples of folks fighting to the death for their freedoms/birthrights.

        2 side notes,:

        1.Montel is a has been talk show host,fuck him.

        2.Firearms are just one of many tools in the box of freedom.

        • Warchild, montel=libturd. Libturd=dickhead.

        • Yup

      18. Militias do need to stand up for (and wholeheartedly recruit or seek alliance with the blacks and Indians that have suffered at the hands of government’s police. Some have said this before but, not enough.

      19. I’d pay to watch Montel and some Free Shit Army ‘warriors’ try to retake that facility on their own.

      20. I find it highly entertaining to watch them scream “TOLERANCE! TOLERANCE!” when people complain about ISIS who want to kill Americans but scream “KILL THE SOBS!!!” when its patriots. One might get an idea that these people don’t understand what America is about. In fact, they are so blatantly stupid they think the guys in Oregon are “Anti-American”. HO LEE FUK!!! How misguided can one get? Well, let me tell you, VERY MISGUIDED. They think these guys are not “patriots” they think they are the enemy.

        Another thing I’ve noticed, they repeat and parrot with comments everything the lying bastard media puts out, never realizing they sound like a bunch of simpletons by not ever going into the facts of anything. Its as if these bunch of gun toting rednecks ran out of beer bottles to shoot at and just decided, on a lark, to go take over a building owned by the BLM. I find it highly entertaining, once again, that these collectivist morons spew hate and vitriol, all the while scourging these people for being intolerant! HAHAHAHA!

        What a bunch of brainwashed toilet paper liberals. They don’t realize that when The Kenyan hits the handle, they get flushed too.

        I do really believe now that liberalism is a mental disease. They have proven it over and over. My prayers go out to the CFCF. Go With God fellas! We’ve got nobody else but the spirit of your independence and God himself. The fedgov is now “MuzGov” and they prove it every day. Hopefully MuzGov will fail in catastrophic, entertaining and massive ways. May God be with them also to help them do the right and lawful thing.

        • NetRanger, libturds don’t have a leg to stand on. Once the balloon goes up, the libturds will be on their own. I know I won’t risk my life to save one. They’re not worth it. Like I said earlier, they’re the ones who have been wrecking this country for decades and have the nerve to try to tell everyone else how to live, etc. Anything they say about my rights just falls on deaf ears. Fedgov will fail eventually. It’s only a question of how and when. If some libturds were to be taken out by muzzies, I won’t shed any tears for them. You do reap what you sow.

          • Braveheart1776

            At some point in time as things go south. I will make sure that if I die nobody gets any of the preps I leave behind. No a damn thing.

            • Slingshot, I’ll be with family once I bugout to the BOL. If I die, I already told them they can have my preps to give them more of a fighting chance. One of my relatives making the offer to me of sharing her cabin as a BOL back in April 2013 is the only reason I have a place to go in order to escape the city and there were certain “strings attached” when the offer was made. At the time, it was my only hope for escaping the city before the balloon goes up, so I jumped on the offer. It meant that my chances for survival went through the roof. I would’ve been a fool to turn it down and stay in the city to face almost certain death at the hands of the free shit army and God knows who else. I’ve got another trip scheduled for March but it looks like I could be going back sooner.

              • Braveheart1776

                Strings attached. Hmmmm. Let me guess.

                You have to take a shower once in awhile and wash the dishes. Hahaha!

                Glad you got a good deal.

                • Slingshot, LOL. It is a good deal all around.

              • hopefully they dont look at this as an invitation

                dont think I would say something like that to folks that could one day not need you , but you haven’t died yet

                catch what im sayin?

                • EOTS

                  Maybe I will take a few of THEM with me. I hear you.

        • Net, I have not commented on this sight for some time,as most of the posters have relinquished their responsibilities as Americans to the NWO/GOV. I was at Bundy Ranch and as soon as i can i will be in Burns. Our country has fallen to these liberal banker/money owned serpents in charge.It is time for “WE The People” to make a stand before our liberties and constitution is obliterated.Most of the posters here are retired and prepped and my recommendation to those that are not physically abel to be there in person, is to not comply stay home and don’t contribute to the on your preps, if we could get enough people to just stop this systemic BS we could bring this Matrix to its knees.In the meantime i will support the patriots in any way i can,so my children and Grandchildren will be able to know the freedom I had as a child.This government is {not of the people} is about to reap what they have sewn…..Karma!!!

          • Thinker, good to see you my friend! I didn’t know you were retired? I’m busy as hell for a while but looking forward to your setup this summer. You are right, die on your feet or live on your knees. BLM is a huge enemy! I need not tell you that though. You will have to come over for dinner sometime, you’d love my wife lol, she is worse than me!

          • Thinker:

            Prayers for you and the patriots standing tall.

            All the foolishness/garbage that has been thrown at this blog about those patriots; shameful.

            We now can see who can stand the heat and who should get out of the kitchen. Most of the “wait and see”, “wrong time/wrong course of action” posters are the ones, for years here at shtf who have puffed out their chest and spouted bull shit about how brave they are. When it looks like someone is finally willing to lead the parade most here will be no shows.

            At last, we now can separate the wheat from the chaff. No more big talk boys, you are on record about where you stand should America need your help to survive.

            Most are just like the politicians promises; just talk, or worse than that poke fun at those patriots who are willing to give their lives to save the soul of America for your kids and grandkids.

            Bad assed computer key thumpers. You know who you are!

            • Oh my God, I think I am turning into Acid Etch! Heaven help me!

          • Well said Sir. III%

        • You so called patriots call for killing every American in sight who isn’t an old white man. Of course you get that attitude back. You guys on drugs or what?

      21. Fuck the liberal luciferians and those who have allowed themselves to be brainwashed by them. The fuse is lit folks…May God guide those who are awake and see what’s happening.

      22. ‘Malheur’ is French for Misfortune.
        The Piaute salt marsh expanse was so named by a Hudson Bay Compant trapper in 1826…

        For a good backstory on the area, go to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge website and click on ‘Fur Trappers, Wagon Trains, & Military Expeditions’.

        • I think Malheur could also translate as meaning ‘Badtimes’.

      23. And the left says WE are intolerant.

      24. Was listening to talk radio Boston this morn and there was a lawyer on and she was saying they need to use the divide and conquer technique on the Oregon protesters. She said they will be charged when it’s over so she said use a megaphone to tell them anyone that comes out and surrenders within 10 days will get charged with a misdemeanor. Anyone after will get felony charges. She figures that there will be people that come out early and this will create divide amongst protestors. She also referred to them as domestic terrorists about 5 times. If there is no murders then they are just occupying a federal building. Terrorist use murder to create terror and fear. I’m not saying armed protest is the way to go but it has grabbed attention. She said they don’t want this to start a precedent of armed protest. Total libs always think a gun on someone makes them an instant murderer. Obviously the gov is pushing buttons and is very uncomfortable. As long as this doesn’t get ugly and people can control their anger armed protest is a very affective tool against tyranny. Just be calm and if the gov attacks they will be the aggressor justifying retaliatory action. I wouldn’t want to be part of this but I think it’s a bold move by citizens that says enough bullshit. Calling this terrorism is extreme in itself just like all white folks are racist. Classic liberal extremist propaganda.

        • If they are domestic terrorists, without a shot being fired, then all those teachers who occupied the capitol building in Wisconsin over the union issue are domestic terrorists, too. Round ’em up and jail ’em.

          Those Ferguson protestors blocking public streets? Terrorists. Fire up the water cannons and let the dogs loose.

          She’s right about one thing, they don’t want to allow a precedent for armed protest. Just think what could happen if the concept grew and grew.

      25. I’m quite surprised by Montel Williams comments on this matter

        apparently he has no problems with mass murder

        as long as it is being committed by the government

        just more evidence that propaganda works

        • or,.. he’s one of them

      26. the Oath Keepers organization is definitely distancing itself from this situation

        Oregon Standoff A Terrible Plan That We Might Be Stuck With

        ht tps://

        • Satori, great article! This whole mess is fucked up from the start. Wrong place, wrong people, wrong time. Ron you better read this BEFORE you head up there!

          • Genius:

            What will be the right time?

            • Makemyday

              You know I am fucking tired of you smart ass bastards calling the good folk here Keyboard Commando’s and Cowards.
              You people think about as far ahead as your nose.

              The older guys think ahead and who do you think is going to be your supply and support (Equipment) base when is really get bad.
              You insult those who have skills and heavy equipment and can farm. And fight too. Just because we may disagree with the time or motive of YOUR group you want to piss on us.

              You pick your time and WE shall pick ours.

              Hell the best people to have beside you are those that FULLY believe in the cause not some have minded person that wants to look good.

              I wish you all good luck. It’s not my time yet.

              • If you can read what all transpired for the Hammond family with their years of abuse from the BLM/FEDS and not feel that America/Americans are circling the drain, bully for you.

                I see what the “and then they came for me” is all about; it was played out in Burns, Oregon.

                When the Hammonds finally gave it all up and the ‘authorities’ came that morning to take them to a prison in California, I wonder how many Burns, Oregon families were hiding behind their curtains, watching, wondering who/what will be next.

                Anyone know if the Hammond ‘terrists’ were put in a cushy prison, reserved for the favored, or are they sent to do hard time?

                I can just see the BLM officials, the sheriff, the lawyers, the judge, the bought and paid for people of Burns (not all of course) giving themselves high fives as the sun set on the demonstration in Burns. After all, they had won their victory, even if the Hammonds and America had lost.

                No page out of Black Lives Matters’ playbook, thank the good Lord for that!

                The patriots that went to Burns on that day had no press coverage, CNN, FAUX, MSN, SHTF, not a word. No talking heads for the patriots were invited to be a GUEST speaker. Nope, you have to be a radical bent on destruction of America and then you will be invited to the party. Patriots are not, and will never be a part of that group.

                So, lets see. The chimp in charge of bringing America to its knees is signing EXXXX orders on gun control and has been invited by CNN to spew his anti-American rhetoric to the sheep this week. Will that be enough to set in motion any back lash from the sheep?

                We vote repeatedly for crooks that take their orders from AIPAC, will the sheep ever wake up to that?

                Geo-Engineering the weather and chemicals being sprayed all over America that are killing us, will the sheep ever wake up to that?

                Loons burning down towns in America, debt we never ask for and will never be able to pay, wars to further the agenda of the NWO (our kids used as fodder), will the sheep ever wake up to that?

                So what balloon has to go up, what time is going to be just right…..looks like to me we have let it pass….

                • Makemyday

                  Don’t have to tell me America is going down the drain. Just show up in my neighborhood. Our city didn’t get one day into the new year and already two people shot dead.

                  I would like to get things on the move also but let me say this.

                  With all the crap the government has done we should be more ahead in the fight than we are now. More trained
                  with better communications.

                  Even with people who own guns there are many who will agree with the incremental steps to take away our gun rights. They go along to get along and it’s not that bad crowd. Although they support the Constitution.

                  The focus is going to be on the Militia instead of the government tyranny as in so many other areas. Did you see that the twitter heads and media are against you.
                  Celeberties draw BIG ATTENTION and the stupid follow them.

                  Then see how fast the public eye turned on the government when hurricane sandy hit.

                  I don’t know exactly how it will go down but they will come for our guns. After a financial meltdown which hits us all. Or a EMP by the sun or war.

                  We have to put the focus back on the government. Let them declare Martial law and go door to door.
                  Then Lead, Follow or get the hell out of the way.

                  Now I noticed there was a call for prayers. I am not a religious man but I do pray for people’s safety. Would you pray for people who insult you. Kind of hard to do in my case.

                  The older people here might not have the money to get in the jump seat and go where ever. But we are here for the long haul behind the scenes. You can bet your bottom dollar the older guys and gals already have their shit together.

                  Consider the older guys are dying everyday and the younger people don’t have a clue.

        • Surprising from Brandon to say the least. All I know is that assembling under the “Right To Assemble” is never a bad idea.

          Personally, I am going to watch the numbers. How many Federal, State, and Local “employees” are going to be used to “exterminate” this assembly.

          I bet the numbers will be staggering. But it will give us good ideas on “cache” requirements.

      27. Montel Williams was a Naval Officer. FYI

        • so he was a “useful idiot”?

      28. Since I’m a borderline sociopath, If I were the elder Hammond who is being basically given a life sentence in jail, I would not show up at the jail right away, I’d hunt down the Hippie chick prosecutor( she has an interesting history), and the Judge who again sentenced me and kill them both in a brutal way. If I was still free. I’d take a trip to Denver, locate and kill everyone I could identify as BLM officers that had screwed me over over the years. What are you going to do take away my birthday? Never pick a fight with an old man, he’ll just shoot you.

        That being said, Bundy is picking the wrong spot to finish a fight.

        Progressive liberals don’t realize how much hate they have generated in the silent “majority”. I will just drive off If I came upon a car accident and the car had an Obama sticker on it.

        • Rellik, I see cars with Obama bumper stickers on them every day where I live. There’s a few of those in my neighborhood.

          • How many people have Obama Christmas ornaments? I’ve got one.

        • I’d drive off too Relik and leave them for the buzzards!

        • Thats got to be the best post you have had in a while relik. I agree completely!

        • Lol he wouldn’t have to go to Colorado. The person who deals with all the BLM issues relating to the area in and
          around Hammonds property, “grazing denial, etc” is the spouse of the manager for the malheur wildlife refuge (person in charge of all the issues “water rights, access, etc.” that the refuge would have with the Hammonds.)

          • Thanks, Belle, for another truth nugget. Cohesive little group there in Burns, Oregon, aren’t they?

            • If only I had time and space for more. I find it very interesting the fundingprovided in the omnibus spending Bill that would “allow” county employees to keep there jobs and provide faster processing of grazing permits to ranchers. Cohesive and corrupt for sure.

        • Kinda like the way you think Rellik

          its like the 100 heads policy .. do my family wrong( and i mean really really wrong, not some BS shit) .. I hunt yours down

          and Thats right Never pick a fight with an old man , he’ll just shoot you ..and with every day I grow older and less patient

      29. I don’t know the circumstances around the use of eminent domain in the bundys case. But they did that around here to expand a airport runway so they can land international flights. People’s homes were bought by airport corporation and torn down to make way for expansion. If you don’t want to give up land they have ways to make you sell land like raising your property taxes on your farm forcing the sale of acreage. A lot of time you make out on the deal. Being willing to use gun violence over a piece of dirt is old school thinking. Just get your $ and move on. it sucks they can do this whuddrya gunna do. There is plenty of land out there.

      30. Who is behind the liberals?

      31. Not enough that the left MURDERED over 100 mm last century per Oxford Univ. Press’ book, The Black Book of Communism, now they are back at it.

        • Read “behind communism”

      32. More H8TE and violence from the leftist hero Che:

        Quotes from Che Guevara… y;know… that guy on the T-shirt of your groovy campus hipster:

        1. “We reject any peaceful approach. Violence is inevitable. To establish Socialism, rivers of blood must flow.” (What happened to “All we are saying, is give peace a chance??”

        2. “These hyenas (Americans) are fit only for extermination.” (Sorry but all you “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters would likely get a bullet)

        3. “Youth must refrain from ungrateful questioning of governmental mandates. Instead, they must dedicate themselves to study, work and military service.” (Shut up you lemmings, and MARCH! No more free lunch welfarism for you!!)

        4. “I’d like to confess… at that moment I discovered that I really like killing.” (Reminds me of vile Bill Ayers –professor of education at U of I Chicago, buddy of gun control fanatic Obama who wrote: “…we’re also going to make it clear that when a pig gets iced that’s a good thing, and that everyone who considers himself a revolutionary should be armed, should own a gun, should have a gun in his house.” Cited from A Strategy To Win, appearing in New Left Notes, September 12, 1969.

        5. “Youth should learn to think and act as a mass. It is criminal to think as individuals!” (This one is pretty much in place and standard operating procedure on campus today; and if you object, the campus speech and thought police will pay you an (un)friendly visit, komrade!)

        6. “The victory of Socialism is well worth millions of atomic victims!” (I guess this makes sense, given that The Black Book of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press, says the left MURDERED around 100 mm last century

        7. “If the (nuclear) missiles had remained, we would have fired them against the very heart of the U.S., including New York City.” (What? And destroy Mayor Bolshevik Bill de Blasio’s Socialist Workers’ Paradise of NYC?)

        8. “Judicial evidence is an archaic bourgeois detail. When in doubt, execute.” (Wasn’t he just a grand guy!!)

        9. “We must do away with all newspapers. A revolution cannot be accomplished with freedom of the press.” (Better idea Che: do as Former CBS News president Richard Salant said about the “news”: “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.” Quoted from You Don’t Say, by Fred Gielow, Freedom Books, 1999

        10. “Workers have to start getting used to life under socialism. By no means can they go on strike.” (So… get off the dole, lefties, and GET TO WORK! Or it’s off to the camps for you!)

        Extra credit: (I also don’t have the exact quote saved, but this is very close, though I need to find the source still to have the wording exact. “I know the campesinos (peasants) support us; but when we come to power, they, too, will have to be liquidated.” (So all you students, for example, now know why all your “Yes we can chanting” only left you owning $1 trillion in student debt, no career or hope of one, and a room at 28 years old in mommy’s basement.

        Venezuelan student Alejandro Sosa describes what Che means to him, and how his legacy has destroyed his country.

      33. The Hammond Family Does NOT Want an Armed Stand Off, and Nobody Has a Right to Force One On Them

        ht tps://

      34. More H8TE and violence from the left in history:

        • John Wilkes Booth, a Democrat, shot and killed President Lincoln

        • Charles Guiteau, a member of the communist Oneida Community, shot and killed President Garfield

        • Leon Czolgosz, a leftist anarchist (similar to the useful idiots in the Occupy movement) shot and killed President McKinley

        • Lee Harvey Oswald, a communist, shot and killed President Kennedy.

        Failed assassins (whose politics we know):
        • Severino Di Giovanni, a leftist anarchist, tried to bomb President-elect Hoover’s train

        • Giuseppe Zangara, a professed anti-capitalist, tried shooting President-elect Franklin Roosevelt

        • Oscar Collazo and Griselio Torresola, two Marxists, tried killing President Truman at the Blair House

        • Samuel Byck, who tried joining the leftist Black Panther group, attempted to kill President Nixon

        • Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, member of the Manson Family and also a hippie environmentalist, shot at President Ford

        • Sara Jane Moore tried to kill Pres. Ford as well because, as she said, “the government had declared war on the Left.”
        • Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, a leftist connected to the Occupy movement, tried getting a one-in-a-billion shot at Obama by firing a gun at the White House

      35. Gov had better not kill one of those boys, not one. Its public land, let them have their protest. And leave peacefully.

        Otherwise, you will fuel the militia to grow. Because these protesters have a valid point.

      36. Playing The Government’s Game: When It Comes To Violence, We All Lose

        h ttp://

        “This is what happens when people get desperate, when citizens lose hope, and when lawful, nonviolent alternatives appear pointless.”

        “The government has been anticipating and preparing for such an explosion for years. For example, in 2008, a U.S. Army War College report warned that the military must be prepared for a “violent, strategic dislocation inside the United States,” which could be provoked by “unforeseen economic collapse,” “purposeful domestic resistance,” “pervasive public health emergencies” or “loss of functioning political and legal order”—all related to dissent and protests over America’s economic and political disarray. Consequently, predicted the report, the “widespread civil violence would force the defense establishment to reorient priorities in extremis to defend basic domestic order and human security.”

      37. Why would conservatives be criticizing liberal calls for harsh reactions, when conservatives do themselves? Pot meet kettle.

      38. My lord we have a bunch of braindead racist idiots who really believe your patriots? WTF is wrong with y’all? Did your wife leave you for a black man? Where did you learn the hatred you possess? What we have is the illusion of choice, the is NO difference between the Democrats or the Republicans or the Tea Party none at all just an illusion…and you have bought into have been brainwashed your whole life and cannot tell what is and what isn’t anymore…good luck with your fight idiots……..

      39. Does anyone keep tab of those libturds in a little black book ??

      40. I supported them a while back when the cocksuckers wanted to steal their cattle. You can bet I’m behind them now also. Is there anything that they need? cell phones, clothes, food? a 5 gallon bucket in case the toilet won’t work?

      41. Is there not one man with the balls to call for a peaceful end to this? I understand the constitutional issues. I understand the duties of the federal officials and the passion of the patriots. I also understand the grieving of those who lose family members. This doesn’t need to escalate.

        I personally volunteer to stand as a liaison, unarmed and unafraid, between them. Anyone willing to join me? I’m willing to do it alone if necessary. Do I need to post my personal info here to be convincing?

        • Would you also stand between two Lions hellbent on killing one another..something to think about..

      42. During a traffic jam, a man was going from vehicle to vehicle, asking for money or gas. The man ran up to my car and said “terrorists are holding congress hostage and they want a million dollars or they’re going to set them on fire! Can you donate anything?!
        After a seconds thought, I said “yeah, I’ll give a gallon”.

      43. Way to many so called Patriot (Freedom) Groups are only in for the name and DUES!!! A lot of people’s shit is weak when comes right down to stand and fight. After the smoke clears only the true PATRIOT will be standing and those that fall will die in a pile of hot brass.

      44. They were told to go home by the towns people, we’re they not? So shut up about the police state! If they die, they are not marters, they are idiots with egos.

      45. The us government are the only terrorist we need to worry about! Showdowns with authorities are a convincing way,
        Some good old fashioned violence might be just what the doctor ordered.

      46. The Feds are saying they can over ride states rights and laws. Under these properties sits a huge water system uranium deposits and natural gas including other resources. There are a line of people wanting to mine and send money to china.

      47. it seems the Hammonds have reported to prison to finish out their sentences

        the Feds should just turn off the electricity and go back to Washington
        this thing will peter out on its own

      48. Whites will never rise up and ‘take back the Republic’. It is a fantasy tale. Most whites I meet in North America are obese, pot-bellied, multi-chinned, lazy asses who spend most of their time watching sports on TV. Not exactly the material for a fighting army.

        Ironically, it is aggressive Muslim males who are more like warriors: sexually predatory, in pursuit of land and riches, combat experienced, physically fit and heading your way.

      49. So if these gentlemen need dealt with by armed force, the next BLM bs needs dealt with via armed force as well

      50. It’s an obvious point – but Worth restating: most right wingers would already be squealing with delighgt had it been an armed gang of muslims who’d taken over an empty school in Portland. For the occupiers would have been obliterated immediately.

        So you fundamentalist right wing cranks – pipe down with your fake outrage and try to deal with the extremists in your midst.

        • Ah yes….the old “moral equivalency” argument…

          Also known as the “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.”

          Sounds good….but requires zero common sense or logical thought to believe.

          So…tell me steve….when was the last time one of these militia guys blew up a group of innocents in a restaurant or school? Or when did they stroll into their place of employment and shoot their fellow co-workers? Tell me about the last time militia members (or fundamentalist right wing cranks as you prefer to call them) raped and murdered innocents who didn’t agree with them? Tell me about when they sawed the head off of someone.

          Your thinking and argument is a mile wide and inch deep. (That means your thinking is shallow if you can’t understand that term)

          Your point is not obvious. It’s stupid. It’s fine for a junior high civics class. But it doesn’t wash here.

      51. Why diddent the patriots go to the farm instead of fed ground are they actors is it a big show and why all the newbies chiming in on here all of a sudden are we being phyco analized on here and tagged

      52. liberals are the disease that is destroying america

      53. Let’s hope this ends without anyone getting hurt. I do not know the specifics of the case, but I think the penalty for the Hammonds are a bit harsh for a brush fire that got out of control. Silly abuse of power by the government. This is why there needs to a policing agency of the govt. that is not funded by the govt.

      54. Chuck Baldwin, appearing on al Jazeera, said that the protestors have been infiltrated by .gov spooks and provocateurs and this is an attempt to smear the militia movement and help Obama’s gun control agenda.

        • One young man just drove up there and joined (he posted a vid online), next thing you know, David Muir at ABC news is showing clips of him making statements. The shit seems a little loose up there, I guess one .gov agent could clusterfuck it somehow.

      55. It should be remembered that Britain regarded the founders of this country as “terrorists”.

      56. ain’t it funny how libtards like to kill everything. Unborn babies, protesters for a cause other than theirs. Well I guess they are now really showing their spots. This could get very interesting!

        What is going on in Oregon Is their right to do even, if we disagree or a agree. Now at this time I’m setting on the fence with it. If the Guberment gets heavy handed and strikes this will tip me one way. If the Protesters get heavy handed and that will tip me the other way.

        Let us all keep a cool head here. Let us hope that this will spark a larger more to LIBERTY!!!


      57. Just a big to do about nothing. Lose lose situation any way you want to slice it. Stupid pig headed idiots.

        • agreed, most of the government is a shot show, and corrupted by democrats who want to wipe their ass with the second amendment

      58. we need to support this, the government is corrupt, and full of lying politicians, the democrats are taking over a naturally red nation, and spreading lies about the laws and rights of the second amendment, we need to take over, and ensure this is once again a nation of it’s people.

      59. we need to be a nation of the people, not a nation of the dictated people

      60. we have no candidates who support the supporters of the 2nd amendment properly, but trump is the closest we can get, which is sad

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