Liberal Michael Moore: Trump Could Be The Last President!

by | Sep 13, 2018 | Headline News | 65 comments

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    Liberal loon and filmmaker Michael Moore believes that Donald Trump might be America’s last elected president. Moore is worried because he thinks Trump “dislikes democracy” and has “no respect for the rule of law.”

    In an interview MSNBC’s Chris Haynes, Moore elaborated on his odd belief on Wednesday night. “I think that we have someone in the White House who has no respect for the rule of law, who dislikes democracy by an incredible degree,” Moore said. Moore went on to say that Trump is just all other billionaire CEOs who “rule by fiat.”

    He claims that those billionaires (who are protected by the government because they buy said protection) are accustomed to near-unilateral autonomy when it comes to running their companies. “They rule by fiat. They decide. They make the calls, and they don’t like anybody else having a say,” Moore asserted.  Which is exactly why they own the companies.  They can do whatever they want and rule by fiat if they own the company. And if Moore thinks those who opposed, for example, Obamacare had a say and that wasn’t “rule by fiat”, he’s higher than the international space station.

    The truth that no liberal or conservative really wants to hear, is that the government doesn’t care about the public and they haven’t for a very long time. They are concerned with making money and increasing their own power over others and the only way they get that is through continued public compliance with their “ink on paper” laws and voting.

    Moore’s suggestion that Trump could be the last US president is an idea Trump has already floated, but not in a way you may think.  Trump suggested abolishing presidential term limits after praising Communist China’s president for his power grab. According to Business Insider, during a speech to Republican donors at a private event in March, Trump lavished praise on the Chinese President Xi Jinping, who has moved to consolidate his own power in the country. Commenting on China’s move to abolish presidential term limits, Trump said: “Maybe we’ll give that a shot someday.”

    Again, politicians only want power over others and as long as people are compliant, freedoms will be lost by the day.  No one wants to admit that they are being oppressed by the government they keep voting for, but that’s an unfortunate fact that no amount of propaganda can cover forever.  Even Hitler’s propaganda minister knew that much.

    “The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” ― Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Propaganda Minister

    “National Socialism is a religion. All we lack is a religious genius capable of uprooting outmoded religious practices and putting new ones in their place. We lack traditions and ritual. One day soon National Socialism will be the religion of all Germans. My Party is my church, and I believe I serve the Lord best if I do his will, and liberate my oppressed people from the fetters of slavery. That is my gospel.”  ― Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Propaganda Minister


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      1. We do not live in a mob rule democracy. This is a Constitutional Republic you dumb fuck moore. Our Constitution protects the people from godless heathens such as yourself and if that doesn’t work we will begin killing you people.

        • In theory we don’t, in practice we do, or at least almost do. Give it little more time and the transition will be complete.

          • The transition to bloody hell war.

            • Michael Moore is nothing but a big pathetic blob of blubber. Why does anyone pay any attention to him? And to post his ugly picture just pollutes this site.

          • Not sure why SHTFPlan even gives space to these LOW IQ Dolts. Maybe Moore thinks Hillary follows the law really well eh?

            I think competency tests need to be given to even Vote. That would probably wipe out the entire Democratic party from voting.

            I think today, these lefty freaks try to out do each other in the most outrageous comments for attention. We really just need to lock them up for psych evaluation, before they are set free on the streets of America.

            But hey these lefty comments make for good fodder to rip apart.

            Keep you powder dry patriots, the day of reckoning is a coming. I know I will do my best to take out my daily fair share of loony lefties.

            • I think competency tests need to be given to even Vote. That would probably wipe out the entire Democratic party from voting.


              • Spoken like a Republican lying hypocrite.
                Agree we need competency testing: one for morality; and two, for understanding the Constitution… as most educated Dempcrats do. I.e., this is OUR country, not the nation of the wexcessivesly wealthy, nearly all Repuclican, who have bought laws to enable theemselves to accumulate wealth that the basic workers and logical persons have created.

            • TSB, Michael MORON needs to be starved to death.

          • When is heart of that fat lump of shit (Moore) gonna give out?

        • Pretty sure moore wants a central committee communist rule

          • With himself heading the committee.

        • direct democracy – evil
          indirect democracy – good

          Christianity teaches that mankind has fallen, since the Garden.

          Secularism believes that we are all animals, so equally suspect.

          Isn’t it still the same person, once you have given him a status symbol or the seat of authority?

        • Menzo, damn right about our Constitution and Michael MORON. It would be gratifying to see him laying in his own blood.

      2. I don’t just dislike democracy, I loathe it. And those who support democracy make me vomit. This is America. It is a republic…not a looney tunes democracy. This is not Greece.

        It was never designed to be a democracy. It has never been a democracy. To propose that it should be a democracy implies government change and thus is seditious. It would take a revolution to be a democracy. One could even argue that to be a Democrat by definition is an action of traitors.

        Now here’s where it becomes the Theatre of the Absurd. To have a Democracy, you would have to dissolve the American Republic by force of arms and a very lengthy civil war. But then you dingbats, you would have to vote and by popular acclaim… vote in a democracy. Well goofballs, a majority don’t want a democracy!!! That’s why you would have a civil war!

        What dolts! They claim to be pro-democracy then moronicly don’t know the meaning! This would be akin to overthrowing the government, forcing a democracy! And then it immediately is thrown out by the People.

        Clueless dingdongs. The English say, “Heads soft as cheese.” The Dutch call this poppycock because it implies heads full of soft manure.

        Ever heard of the DSM? It’s a manual of all known and agreed upon diagnosis of allegedly valid form of mental illness and so practically a bible for psychiatrists.

        Now much complaining has occurred over the years as arbitrary concepts have been declared as mental illness with no evidence or diagnostic tests proving these exist. But I reckon we have seen more evidence that Trump Derangement Syndrome IS a valid mental illness and frankly it may be an actual disease that is contagious to liberals!

        • “To have a Democracy, you would have to dissolve the American Republic by force of arms and a very lengthy civil war.”

          already happened

          • Yep havent had a true republic since and maybe even before and off we all go to vote for figure heads who refuse to represent

        • This same, loathesome mob should be given delegates, first?

          What is the logic?

          • Not sure If your questions are directed at me, that I understand them or If they are just rhetorical in nature. Just seems our elected represenatatives refuse to represent on any level or any issue from abortion to immigration or even repecting our decision as to who should be president. Seems to be more and more blatant in our face insubordination all the time. Meanwhile they sit up there and accumulate hundreds of millions of dollars is personal savings and assets. One has to wonder If there would be any possibility to bring these people to heel. Idk, but it looks like Micheal Moore the human blob, elected by no one, is their mascot representing a physical manifestaion of who they are.

      3. There are three words which form a condemnation in Kentucky. When someone is beyond the typically horrible point of being a reprobate, they devolve to being “worthless”. But if they exceed this point, around these parts…they say, “He ain’t right.”

      4. Moore is such a FAT, disgusting, vile rat, left-wing nut-job that deserves to HANG!!!! As do all of the other radical buffoons on the left.

        • While he’s hanging there, I’d like to stick him with a pitchfork I hate him so bad.

          • Hate is Lucifer’s tool. Not YHWH’s.

            3For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: 4(For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) 5Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; 6And having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled.
            2 Corinthians 10:3-6

            Your heart is in the right place. Get strong. Build discipline. Train in hand-to-hand and ranged combat. Have supplies. Know the Bible. It’s coming starting with the great apostacy.

            • God said to hate what is evil.

              • Supply the Bible quote and let’s talk about it. I doubt it says to hate people. Hating evil in general or hating sin but not people especially specific people.

                You’d have to back to wartime in the Old Testament discussing enemies and they were specific examples not general and to the Israelites.

                You have to be careful as YHWH had such emnity with the Israelites that they practically were the enemies of YHWH at tikes and were chastized for it.

                • Romans 12:9 Psalm 97:10

                  • I do remember how to heap coals on my enemies heads by doing good unto them. But durn it’s hard to not want revenge and act on it. Just human and doing the best I can.


                    Let love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good.

                    It doesn’t say who it says which. That could be the evil that you door the evil that you see in others, particularly in your faith community. See the context?


                    Ye that love the LORD, hate evil: he preserveth the souls of his saints; he delivereth them out of the hand of the wicked.

                    LORD literally is YHWH. Wicked is actually rasha meaning a criminal ie one who breaks the law is a rasha. A saint is literally chasid ie a kind or pious person. The word nephesh is translated soul but is very beautiful. It means much more ie your soul is your desire your passion your appetite your sense of self your sense of being a person, etc. The word preserves is shamar ie YHWH keeps you and watches you and preserves you. It literally is like a watchmen or bodyguard. Natsal means to deliver but it actually suggests snatching you out the hand of the wicked. It is though YHWH plunders what the wicked has which is you in their hands. The criminals think they got ya and YHWH snatches you right out their hand!

                    Again it is not talking about hating a person, but generalized hate of that which is evil.

                    And we really study it within the context of Yeshua, we all sin, so we all are guilty and hence we all are criminal (rasha) but YHWH wants us to be kind and pious (chasid).

                    Like the woman who committed adultery and Yeshua said, He who is without sin, cast the first stone.

                    • It surely helps to hear it from someone else too.

      5. The .0001% do run the show. Moore looks at the mere 1% that includes people of success and education who actually work in his description of evil. He conveniently leaves out that the .0001% own his cherished party too. His pet project communism is just a strategy of omnipotent control from TPTB, who themselves are not communists, but sub contract communists as human resource managers.

        • Yep, he’s just a tool.

      6. Why do people run stories like this? I can see no purpose whatsoever in allowing a turd in a ball cap a platform.

        • Agree, I stated the same point in my above comment. How about some prepping and security articles.. You know something with real purpose.

          I set up my 2 trail cams, got some nice shots of the doe and fawns yesterday, and also got a black and white IR night photo of my neighbors cat prowling around after midnight. The little b!tch looked right into the camera set at about 2 Ft off the ground. BUSTED!! I also caught the neighbors other cat digging in my porch trash can the other night also. I might have to set up a few traps and disappear them. Pre dig the hole.. poof gone. Can’t stand cats, All they are, are mischief killing machines of nature.

          • Your ignorance is showing.

            Know why cats were revered in ancient time? Why most farms and ranches kept/keep them? Etc?

            Because they are natural predators who stop disease carrying vermin of different types. By that action they keep your stored foods safe and healthy. When SHTF they will be greatly needed because there will likely be bodies lying about that cannot be buried and rats/mice, and other vermin will … you get the picture. Cats will stop, or at least lessen, the vermin that will carry the diseases to you.

            • I reckon everybody likes a kitten as they are rambunctious little explorers.

              A cat is never a pet unless it has been bent to its owner’s will. It’s natural instinct is as a hunter. It’s not only good at its role, it’s proud of the kill. That is why it leaves trophies of little chipmunk and mice heads on your porch.

              It’s one of the most destructive creatures because it will kill unchecked because it can evade into a home. A dog will not normally kill everything in sight. A cat will, if given the opportunity. They have been described as serial killers.

              If your house cat was your size, they would far exceed the worst stories about pitbulls. Now pitbulls get a bad rap as the dog that most frequently bites is NOT a pitbull. But some do horrific things. A large feline would do remarkable damage. I seriously doubt that most can ever be tamed. A large feline is almost always an apex predator with hardly any creature able to catch or control them.

              Some cat owners like that independent streak but it’s not normal.

          • The ONLY reason why cats would get into your trash can is because you’re leaving food in there, which is an incredibly bad idea. Cats hunt rodents, and rodents love the food you’re throwing away. When SHTF, your cameras will still be taking snapshots of Bambi while your dead ass rots away from whatever godawful disease you contracted from being bitten by rats.

            Don’t want cats on your land? Don’t leave out food waste to attract rats.

      7. I, for one would like to see Roger Moron be
        the ” last liberal moron”. Everything he
        said about Trump is in fact, is about him right from
        the Liberal traitor’s playbook.
        I guess it is true…..A SKUNK CAN’T SMELL
        HIS OWN HOLE…..and I’m not talking about
        pie holes here!!!
        What a skanky skunk he is!!!!

        • Don’t know about his politics but he did make a fair to middlin Bond.

      8. Moore is a dem flunky. Even diet companies wouldn’t give him the time of day.

      9. Frankly, I am getting a little sick of all these patriots, like Moore, who haven’t even so much as taken Civics 101. This goes double for all our virtue signaling professional politicians. In the never-ending story that is the endless political season here in the United States where all we hear a about is something that does not exist – democracy.

        Maybe a republic just ain’t cool enough for these people. A republic certainly isn’t cool enough for progressive socialist Democrats, like Moore. They scream, they chant, they roar, they boast about democracy. What are we saving the world for? “Democracy!” Which doesn’t exist. What are we making the world safe for? Again, “Democracy!” And again, something that does not exist. So why, here in the United States of America do we hear so much about something that does not exist? These people talk about democracy as though it is the soul of the country. Are we that? Soulless?

        The “Washington Post” is the biggest of the virtue signalers. For them “Democracy dies in Darkness.” Kinda makes me all weepy.

        The United States of America doesn’t have a democracy. I know that sounds like I saying the United States doesn’t have a soul, but there it is. We have a republic. And not even that because, in truth, what we really have is a federal republic, where all the power in concentrated in one place, “The Swamp” (oops) Washington, DC.

        After the first Constitutional Convention was decided in 1787, a Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

        To paraphrase Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher (from perhaps the only true Democracy the planet has ever known), and to keep this as simple as possible: In a democracy the people vote (and vote often). In a republic the people vote once for those who will be doing the deciding for them. Simple as that. Anything else is just propaganda.

        Whenever you hear the word “democracy” uttered by an American, any American, think “bull s*t.”

      10. The country as a whole is considered to be a republic.

        The type of government is a representative democracy.

        You vote for a congressman to represent your views in Washington. At least that is how it is supposed to go. We all know it doesn’t when they are all bought off by big business.

        • I beg to differ, Sir. Extreme leftists who now near solely teach in our universisty “claim” our government is a representative democracy. It is NOT. If it were, there would be no Electoral College.

          In fact, it’s been estimated that merely the population of the largest 100 urban regions could vote for some scoundrel and determine the presidency as people pay attention to them.

          There are 19, 374 “cities” in America. Thus a 100 determining the outcome for 19,374 is NOT a representative democracy. It’s a sham.

        • “The type of government is a representative democracy.”


          To put in my best Heath Ledger “Joker” voice (I’ll even put on the suit): “No, it is not.”

          Nobody represented me for all these endless wars and endless war-mongering. I never voted for that sh*t.

          Nobody represented me for all these professional career politicians. I never voted for that sh*t.

          Nobody represented me for all these political family dynasties. What? Are we suddenly a monarchy? I never voted for that sh*t.

          I could go on and on and on and on.

          Anybody who says democracy, think “Bull sh*t.”

        • “You vote for a congressman to represent your views in Washington. At least that is how it is supposed to go. We all know it doesn’t when they are all bought off by big business.”

          Because that’s when the democracy kicks in?

          You’re now talking about an oligarchy. Make up your mind.

          Here, I’ll help. When ever you hear the word democracy, especially when spoken by an American: Think “Bull Sh*t.”

      11. there is no difference between a democracy and a mobocracy. The rural areas will never submit to being ruled by the cities.

      12. Any form of government that lets curupt idiots vote is doomed?

      13. He’s probably right … if we ever elect another democrat they will probably be dictator, not president

        • sic semper tyrannis!

      14. The Founding Fathers were wise even if not moral Christian men. The senators prove that we are not a represntative democracy. They wanted a Republic as senators have enormous power. And so each state, regardless of population, has two.

        They knew the country would grow. And though they began with thirteen states, more would follow as people homesteaded and formed villages turning into citiesand territories. And these would need political help so they would get equal representation such that they would acquire senators.

        We are NOT a representative democracy. If that ever happened, we are lost as every whim would be ennacted.

        In a democracy, those elected determine civil rights and these are capricous.

        In a republic, the People are given inalienable and inherrent natural rights. Inalienable means they cannot be taken away. Inherrant means assigned at birth.

        The People elect representatives and lend them their power. The representatives serve the will of the People. All people…not just the majority. In effect, the minority opinion is CRUCIAL on most legislation as congressional bills.

        The People may lose status if they are criminal, and thus the representatives may not protect the natural rights of those particular people. And those who are here criminally technically have no protection as they willingly violated the law. And illegal aliens are not represented no what the Democrats say. Congress does not serve the illegal aliens.

        A majority in a democracy can overturn lots of legislation.

        In a republic, the chief executive can veto legislation as bills just as a comsul could in Rome. But 2/3 are needed to overide, and this is NOT merely a majority but a shrewd concept that likely means the minority political view is essential to overturn the veto. That is why is NOT a representative democracy.

      15. Here is a shocking aspect of the American republic. The people fear political control by a single party. And so historically they will vote for the opposite side.

        This creates even more tension as we have gridlock as effectively HALF who vote persistantly are Democrats and Republcans. But this partially helps as everytime they fail to enact legislation, it may benefit the People. The idea is to make passing the budget difficult without compromise.

        Nobody wants a return to crazy FDR who stacked the Supreme and Federal Courts with EXTRA judges so he could have his way. Nobody wants such a demolagogue again with a cult of personality. When he died immediately Truman was weak and soon isolated by a hostile Congress. The Conservative Congress LOATHED him and opposed him. In return, Truman vetoed 180 times! Only 12 were overturned.

        There is a very good chance Trump will stay in power. And Pence may then also win for two terms,but then most assuredly a Democrat or worse a Socialist will win and they will lock it for eight years and maybe sixteen years.

        That is how the political seesaw goes.

      16. If the people of America would follow Moore into complete socialism it would not be long before real hell broke loose. The leaders of socialism would try, as they have in other countries before, to murder all that oppose them as they spent and seized everything of value to keep themselves in power and luxury. In this world there are millions of innocent people in mass graves because of socialists like Moore, so beware of him.

      17. Goebbels reference to “the lie” was a condemnation of liars.

        Moore is a liar who uses this quote to impeach Trump.

        How low is that.

        And who would not want a politician who wants to “liberate my people from the fetters of slavery”.


      18. Michael Moore is proof that, while beauty is only skin deep, ugly goes clear to the bone.

      19. Moore is worried because he thinks Trump “dislikes democracy” and has “no respect for the rule of law.”

        Mumble projection…

        Funny how they can never see what’s right in front of their own nose…

      20. Isn’t the original constitution? Didn’t it say something about only land owners can vote? Sounds like a good way to weed out the idiots?

        • Yes, the founders wanted landowners to vote, but that never had a chance of being enacted.

          The whole reason that the Scots first came over was the majority were living under English landlords with the Scots being tenant farmers (the sharecroppers of the day). A wave of Scots came over as surveyors and they chose good homestead sites.

          The Irish followed, but in larger numbers during the Civil War.

          One proposal is a new homestead act possibly converting public housing to ownersip through sweat equity. That was first proposed by Jack Kemp back in the late seventies and early eighties. Everyone in government housing could “homestead” and by caring for the property and improving it, then sell it in seven years.

          Urban zones would transform as owners would run the gangbangers out of their neighborhoods. Then at the very least, the homestead owners could sell and walk away with a profit. But then the government would get out of subsidized and public housing projects entirely.

      21. I wonder if the only way a public voting government civilization , can survive for very long, Is to have a IQ test before voting , And if you don’t pass with 100 IQ or above, Your vote is null and void.

      22. Moore is so fat he rolls along threatening everyone downhill from where his blubber is rolling. How could one even go out into public looking like that?

      23. Two words come to mind with this bloke,


        all that fat and grease has migrated to his brain.

      24. Corpulent pustule comes to mind when this commie’s name is brought up.

      25. Moore is a piece of shit.

      26. Being a follower of Jesus of Nazareth is rough. There is nothing easy about it. Our natural inclination is nearly always wrong. To be baptised is to bury the natural man, and rise up reborn. You don’t need to be baptised to be saved, but you should. It then helps you remember since you publicaly professed that Jesus is your Lord and Savior. There is nothing democratic or republican about being a bondservant.

        If we act in rebellion to what Jesus said for us to do, then he would rebuke us, just like he did with Simon called the Rock (Petra). When we act in rebellion, we act like Satan. Man oh man, you never want that rebuke.

        What happens spiritually is we hate the evil we see in ourselves and when we see it in others it makes us angry. It is hard to be a bondservant and remind ourselves that we sin and are rebels too.

        If we hate the enemies of YHWH then we would hate ourselves, for we have acted as criminals and rebels ourselves. Ministry is about humility and that is difficult to Americans as we are a nation of prideful individuals so servanthood comes with great difficulty.

        An unhealthy person as they age get bitter at the evil we see.

        A heathy person realizes there is evil within which they try to erase and it makes you merciful to others who are sinners.

      27. The USA is an agreement by the member States to accept and abide by the Constitution’s terms and Amendments, in its own language. Without the Constitution there is no USA; just individual States. ..And no legitimate federal employees.
        The idea of the Constitution is that truth is prerequisit. That is, lying is absolutely disqualifying. Truth is when the idea stated agrees with what is real.
        Lying to the citizenry — who ARE the USA — is a high crime; and so liars should be disqualified from public office… and punished. Citizens need to back up their elected and hired employees who call themselves “government”… and monitor them.
        When the government is corrupted and become bad employees, truth and natural law reverts to the individuals, the citizens. “We, the People…”.
        Ethics is the judge of any man-made law;’ and any law that is unethical is no law at all… i.e. should.
        Etc. IMHO.

      28. Mr. Moore’s quote about someone who does not respect the rule of law and who intensely dislikes democracy immediately brings to mind Barack Obama who gave unfettered access to the Chinese and Russians to see and learn about the inner workings of our Grid system (Grid X 1 and 2). Thus, our Grid is now more in danger of being hacked.

        But that was just one of Mr. Obama’s many treasonous actions.

        In point of fact, Mr. Trump loves the rule of law and embraces democracy as evidenced by his judicial nominations and his command of bypassing fake/controlled media by getting his message out through Twitter and making speeches across the country.

        Lastly, Mr. Moore linking Mr. Trump to billionaires is confusing because he clearly passes over the Clintons whose foundation allegedly has illicitly enriched them, the Obamas who are also now millionaires, and the Bushes who are no doubt billionaires.

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