Liberal Michael Moore Is So Angry About Destruction Of Environment, He Plans To Destroy The Environment In Protest

by | Jan 8, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Entertainment, Headline News | 38 comments

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    The hypocrisy of wealthy liberals knows exactly zero bounds. Rich and whiny liberal, Michael Moore, is so upset about the destruction that’s been done to the environment, that’s he’s planning to destroy the environment to make a point.

    And no, this is not a joke. According to Newsmax the infamous liberal filmmaker (who has gotten rich by exploiting other liberals) has threatened to begin fracking off the Florida coast.

    His anger appears to be directed towards president Donald Trump, as Moore said the fracking will take place off the coast of Mar-a-Lago, which is Trump’s resort in Florida. Long opposed to everything Donald Trump has said and done, Moore took to Twitter to openly protest the administration’s decision to open nearly all U.S. offshore waters to drilling for oil and natural gas. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke announced a plan Thursday, reversing protections in the Arctic, Atlantic, and Pacific.

    The administration believes the proposed territory holds some 90 billion barrels of oil and 319 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, or reserves that are about 80 percent larger than is currently available. “Under President Trump, we are going to become the strongest energy superpower this world has ever known,” Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke told reporters.

    This announcement angered Moore and his liberal hypocrisy quickly came to the surface. In other words, he’s going to protest the destruction of the environment by destroying the environment.

    Moore is also all but saying he’s planning an oil spill, something that has disastrous effects on the environment. But Moore’s a liberal hypocrite, so in his mind, to protect the environment, he has to help destroy it.

    Zinke said the draft National Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program for 2019 to 2024 would make over 90 percent of the outer continental shelf’s total acreage available for leasing, including areas put off-limits by the Obama White House.

    However, there may already be a kink in Moore’s plan to frack of the coast of Florida. Florida Republican Governor Rick Scott immediately opposed Zinke’s plan, saying that he had asked to meet with the secretary to discuss “the crucial need to remove Florida from consideration.”


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      1. That ugly prick destroys our environment by still breathing..and thats all i got to say about that

        • that fat hog is “eating” the environment.

        • damn, jabba the hutt, you’ve lost a lil weight!

          • might be worth it!….if he does something ILLEGAL, at least we can lock the sumbich UP, and throw away the key….

      2. will someone please step on this fat slug!!!!

        • No one wants to clean the shit off their shoes

        • And ruin my good Redwing boots??? I think not!

      3. Michael Moore is quite possibly the cause of the recent West Coast earth tremors. I swear, a person’d have to look long and hard to find a more disgusting individual as him. He doesn’t need to do anything out of his ordinary to destroy the environment. His bovine flatulence alone must be truly a constant cause for hazardous fume concern.

      4. It was reported that his bowel movements once clogged up the local water reclamation plant. Two back hoes popped hydraulic lines trying to remove the earth destroying, battle ship sinking turds. How many trees had to die in order to supply TP for that massive rear end?

        • URP…. I think I’m gonna hurrrrrlllll!

      5. He’s gonna drill for oil and basically give it away??
        WOW! Just goes to show how little he knows about the value of oil..
        he says:
        “..we’re going to let the ppl of Florida keep whatever they collect 4 free!”
        What does he think, it comes out of the ground all refined and ready to put in your car??

      6. Moore brings up some points with merit like the Flint Michigan water and the evisceration of manufacturing from free trade agreements. Its unfortunate that in the absence of valid issues he reaches into the progressive cauldron for the next non issue to be made into an issue. His goal is not to fix problems for if it was he would stick with one and Flint was perfect. His goal is to get media attention which ends up being converted into that which he claims to despise, $$$$$$.

        • evisceration of manufacturing from free trade agreements

          That was Clinton’s doing with NAFTA. That was the start of the Progressive “one world” open borders movement.

          • Bill Clinton was the Quarterback that threw the pass that made the touchdown. He wasn’t the coach nor owners that designed the play. It wasn’t created by liberals but rather Neo-Cons who pose as patriots and are only loyal to their banister masters. GH Bush 41 advocated for it, Ross Perot while campaigning against it sabotaged his own race, took votes from GH Bush and Bill Clinton, despite promises to the contrary signed it into law. The tentacles of the globalists transcend party.

            • Hear hear!!
              well said, kebmo.

              • Its intellectually dishonest and quite frankly annoying to repeatedly hear that democrats caused the demise of the US when republicans were equally responsible. TPTB want both left and right to blame each other while disavowing their own complicity. I seen this worship on both sides as it took the better part of twenty years for UAW Workers to realize that Bill Clinton did sign NAFTA. Likewise its revisionist history not to accept that it was born out of and overwhelmingly supported by a republican majority. Simply put, they’re all no damn good.

                • it is kevin2’s fault for doing nothing?

      7. Flint was screwed up by the Dems that ran that city,why doesn’t he destroy them? they made decisions to deal with the water concerns and messed up the river. clean your own messes up before blaming others. He messes up an oil platform fine him into bankruptcy.

        • Why blame the democrats when you can blame George Bush?

          The democrats creed, “it is always the republicans fault.”

      8. Michael Moore is not an issue. Drilling offshore is the issue.

        • specifically: moore drilling offshore…the dudes an idiot at best.

      9. Want a hoot? Pick up Do As I Say, Not as I Do, Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy by Peter Schweizer. One of the hypocrites he documents is Moore, who at the time of the 2nd Gulf War, owned stocks in Haliburton, which Schweizer uncovered and documented. I forget how many penthouses and mansions he owns, but I tried to see his uber luxe mansion at Torch Lake, MI. A la Roger and Me, you can’t get close. He also reportedly stiffed some of the contractors. A a lot of this info came out when he divorced his wife, so it is on the public domain. But do yourself a favour: Google “Michael Moore mansion,” then click on images. I will vote left when Mikey opens up just ONE room in just ONE of his zillion dollar properties to just ONE illegal immigrant for just ONE night. OF course, will never happen.

        • next time i hear one of my liberal friends say “we got to open up the borders”, i will reply…”i got some homeless friends i will send over so they can sleep in your garage, you don’t MIND, do you”….don’t forget to leave a light on for ’em!”

      10. Ummm, I think “someone” made a stupid tweet while amidst a big fat slobbery, rather disgusting temper tantrum and simply posted the first picture he googled. Obviously, this ‘man’ does not know his oilfield equipment. Good luck drilling offshore with that, idiot. A box of donuts that this picture came from a rest stop on the way to North Dakota.

      11. DIE MIKEY DIE. Your unselfish suicidal death would save an entire forest no longer needed to produce your asswipe and manpons. Skinny people and small boys would no longer fear being pulled into your gravity like a big SJW black hole.

      12. Michael Moore is a miserable human being who focuses on the world’s problems to avoid facing his own. He needs to clean up his own act first. If he does that, maybe he’ll be able to make a genuine contribution to make the world better. Stranger things have been known to happen but not lately.

      13. When he waddles into a McDonalds the poor slob in charge of the cheeseburgers has a stroke.

        • he’s got his own zip-code….

      14. I wonder what he’d look like roasting over an open fire?

        • Out of control grease fire?

      15. Michael Moron, hypocrite extraordinaire.

      16. I would gladly sacrifice 2 bullets for Moore’s head.

      17. Dozens of jobs! MAGA.

      18. Ryan Zinke (former U.S. Navy Seal Commander) VS. Michael Moore (current ass-wagon). A nano-second fight for the ages.

      19. Michael Moore is a fracking idiot.

        • he needs to get his head out of his apps…

      20. He will probably be doing a lot of “stress eating” now.

      21. Moore is one of those who are TRULY WORTHLESS. He proves that to be a Calipornian you have to have your brain removed though in his case I firmly believe he NEVER had one to begin with given that no one can be as STUPID AND IGNORANT as Moore.

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