Let’s Stop Living In Fairy Land: “This Is Training To Condition The Public To Accept Military On The Streets”

by | Mar 24, 2015 | Headline News | 228 comments

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    The United States military, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies are planning a two-months long exercise later this year. The government claims this is an effort to protect the American people, but Alex Jones has a different take.

    In the following video Jones provides extensive documentation sourced over the last twenty years. The evidence is clear… and frightening.

    The exercises taking place this summer in states like Texas, Utah and California are designed not for the protection of Americans, but rather, the intimidation of an entire nation. Members of the military and law enforcement are being desensitized to deployments on U.S. soil and the public is being conditioned to accept soldiers on every street corner as normal.

    Sounds like a conspiracy, right?

    The real conspiracy is the story we’re being told by “official” sources.

    We are not attacking the military… we are exposing and attacking the policy of turning the military into a police state tool, which has been going on covertly behind the scenes for decades and is now coming to a head.

    This is training to condition the public to accept military on the streets.

    I was already given the information by Army PsyOps… and why do you think PsyOps was upset? Because they understand PsyOps are being run against the American people… And these are not PsyOps to free Vietnam or to arm people in other countries… these are PsyOps to take our freedoms… and it’s damn treason.

    And let’s stop living in a fairy land…

    You are being conditioned… you are being prepared to accept this.. and it’s not just here… all over the western world tyranny is being established.

    I’m not saying that the military is going to invade Texas this summer and take over… It’s being done to condition the military and the police that it’s all normal so in the future it can be incrementally phased in…

    Remember, the most PsyOp’d people are those inside the government… they keep you compartmentalized… they keep you in the dark and feed you crap.

    And now they’re there telling you ‘there’s no militarization.. there’s no plan… there’s nothing going on.’

    Militaries are always used to bring in tyranny.

    Who can deny that Obama just dissolved the border without any Congressional authority?

    Who can deny they’re shutting down the power plants with no Congressional authority under carbon taxes?

    Who can deny the FCC just seized control of the internet?

    Who can deny they’re getting EAS alerts on their phones from the President?

    Who can deny the internet kill switch Obama has?

    Who can deny they put our military under NATO command?

    Who can deny that by every yardstick we’re losing our freedom?

    The conspiracy is the fairy tale they’ve been telling the American people.


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      1. I absolutely agree this is just a means to condition the sheeple into accepting tyranny by the end of a loaded gun. The Boston bombing event and how the military police goons forcing their way into peoples homes is a remainder how we HAVE NO FREEDOM IN THIS COUNTRY. It’s all an illusion much like The Truman Show.

        • Keep your mouth shut and your eyes wide open.
          Subversive is not a dirty word, know what I mean?

          • I’ll second that!!

            • I third that!

          • Saboteur starts with the same letter. Weird.

        • Damn skippy

        • Folks,Don’t forget to wave a flag and thank the troops for keeping us safe like a good little sheeple. Remember,bonus points for boot licking.

          • And say you “PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE” to the gooberment

          • THIS is going to be the BIGGEST butt lickers contest of all time in america,THEY’LL have their choice of what TRAITORS ass they want to LICK,be it the US MILITARIES ASS,LICKING the police gangs ass,the russians,the chinese,the germans,the french,the dutch,the muslims,or dozens of federal agents,MAN the ex-military in this country will have so many uniforms to kiss ass on,NO wonder it will take two months to do this,HEY,maybe after your done KISSING their ass they’ll shoot you in the head huh.I would mention your children,but we already know none of you give a flying fuck about them………

          • And millions of new Democrat voters –er, immigrants from socialist and Muslim dictatorships–will not be alarmed or even concerned about troops and tanks in the street. It will bring back warm memories about the homeland. And, regrettably, millions of evangelical church goers are fierce supporters of LAW AND ORDER! Talk to most of the religious “republican” block–the armed goon in a uniform is seen as an agent of God. If you are unfortunate to step into these 501c3 corporations, you will see a special Sunday devoted to our “brave men and women” in UNIFORM! They will kneel and lick the boots that stomp them.

        • Why do they need to keep trying to condition us to accepting it…..when we’ve already friggin accepted it! I mean good Lord people….Did yall not see Boston after the bombing, or LA after Dorner, or PA after Frein?

          F…..U…..C…..Kayed!!! is what we are, no matter how you look at it,,, and that’s the good news… Man I love being an optimist!!! 🙂

          • It is no longer about conditioning or getting people to accept; it is about “desensitizing”. The longer one is accustomed to something that is detrimental to their well being, the easier it is to get one to forget about the con game that is going on.

            The politicians that are not speaking out with full authority and absolute anger about what is taking place within gov, are part of the plan.

            The plan has been authorized and mandated by groups such as the Brookings Institute. Susan Rice was/is a member, follower.
            They all fall under the leadership of Illuminati/Jooster controlled, new world leaders and implementers. Their rock is not our Rock. Get it?

            We can only do our individual part at this point. The voting sham is not going to make any difference. A full on military led retaliation and arrest of the likes of___________, you fill in the blank, is the only way, besides divine intervention.

            Divine intervention will eventually be the order of the day, because LE and Military are too worried about their bank accounts to make a stand for what is right.
            Many will fall by the sword that they bear against their brothers and sisters. The brothers and sisters in Christ will prevail.

            Just when the day seems the darkest, the new dawn will spring forth and redemption and reckoning will be the rule of the day.
            All you twenty and thirty somethings, best get your ducks in a row, because in your prime of life, there will come the worst and soon after, the best of times; “IF”, you are truly a salvaged soul. Get It?

            • Ok ok..so I just showed you tyranny at its finest..

              So go buy some of my supplements and subscribe to all my outlets and you’ll be safe from the nwo tyranny..

              NWO on one hand ..
              ISIS on the other

              Played like a pack of fools..

              by both sides

              It’s all a kabuki show..


              • Kabuki theater at it’s finest, you got it possee.

              • surely Dave Hodges will comprise a follow up piece based on his ‘insiders’so called intel..

                The common folks always played by the msm

                Everyone else on the fringe played like a fiddle..


                I’m no fucking instrument..

                Screw em all..

                • I’m the one that submitted the comment asking Dave to show me the Russkis in Alaska.
                  He said he will do an in depth expose and I’m still waiting.
                  He moderated my reply to him bashing me that I’m a Russian disinfo., I calmly replied and rebutted everything and my comment never came up.
                  Thanks Dave, I’m still open to you coming up to Alaska and I’ll go russki hunting with you.

              • Congratulations! You are minimizing the message, the very same way the elitist perpetrators do. What does it take to get your attention? Is it really THAT bothersome when a man tries to make an income the right way? Are you so used to the free shit army, that you can no longer respect a man who EARNS his money?

                Perhaps you’d be more receptive if Alex was simply stealing from your wallets, like the other half of the citizenry…Damn…now stupid can we get?

          • we’re NOT f…ed as long as we don’t cave to their wishes. If they try to take away freedom of speech, keep running your mouths. In other words, do not let them intimidate you. Keep on as you have been doing.

            Freedom is the most important thing in the world. Without Freedom, is misery. Never give in, never give in, is what I say…

          • I agree with you Rich, except the thing about fucking is if your any good at it, your giving what your getting.
            The gubberment should expect it’s loving citizens to share in this activity.

        • In WW2 sons of congress did go to war. Elvis went to war. Everyone pitched in.

          Now congress exempts itself from every bill it passes.

          The greatest generation? They probably had more character. Still the policies they wrought wreaked havoc on my generation.

          • Elvis didn’t go to war. He went to a base in Germany.

            • At least he was there. More than we can say for the current livestock in Washington.

              • And a hell of a lot more than we can say for you.

          • The greatest generation was loaded with character. Acid has no character.

          • Acid; that generation gave you the best life anyone on the planet ever had. You’d complain if they hung you with a new rope!

            • the word “best” is almost always subjective. please recognize this fact.

          • acid,you are the idiot, a non expert.

            • Actually, acid etch is expert at being an idiot.

          • Hey child molester! Why don’t you go off yourself, little bitch.

          • Acid

            They sure work a hell of a lot better than saying how one day we “should do something” on a friggin internet chatboard. I hope they kick some more off. We all shoulda been out with pitch forks and torches burnin shit down along time ago. That being said I’ll never understand why they burn their stores and shit down. But PD’s and cruisers and such…hell yah let em burn.

            BTW, you sure do know how to get these kid’s panties in a bunch around here :):) It’s getting so obsessive I’m beginning to think it may be coming from some kind of misplaced sexual aggression towards you. They even talk about you now when you aren’t here, gotta love it:)

            • Aw look ass itch, he’s trying to be your buddy. Ask him to join nambla with you!

          • Acid, you’re the idiot, so go f#$% yourself!

      2. We’re living in it. The Democrats and the Republicans have duped more Americans into thinking they’re doing what’s best.

        You fools that still think the Republicans are on your side are part of the problem.

        • A globalist elite who has to have extensive security systems and body guards, IS OBVIOUSLY NOT ON MY SIDE.

        • Only one party!! They just makecyou feel like you have a choice…I want the …vote for none of the above on all ballots!

      3. Conditioning so we the people get used to troops on the streets. I cringe every time I see it!

      4. Well, this certainly doesn’t seem to be training oriented towards foreign operations.

        Not that I would expect that point to enter into MSM driven public discussions to any extent other than to attempt to place it in the “tinfoil hat” category.

        • Germany circa 1933, anyone?

          • Foxglove, try Germany 1939.

            • Yeah, but it started in 1933 with chancellory, followed by Kristalnacht and Dachau in 1934. The Anchluss began in Poland in 1939 as well as the Blitzkrieg on Great Britain. The German domestic agenda ensued well before the onslaught of WWII.

              • Jeez, where do you get your history? The Anschluss was about Austria, not Poland.

                “Blitzkreig” tactics were used in Poland in 1939, and in Holland, Belgium and France in 1940. The air attacks on England that became known as the “Blitz” didn’t start until September 1940.

                BTW the Germans didn’t use the word “Blitzhreig”. According the Guderian, it was coined by a Time magazine writer in 1939 to describe the invasion of Poland, but other sources say it was first used by a Marxist economist named Sternberg in a book published in English in 1938.

                NOW that we’ve got THAT out of the way, it should strike anybody who has read much about the late’20s and early ’30s in Europe that the level of political street violence in Europe today is about on par with what it was in 1930. We haven’t had our Kristallnacht yet, but it’s surely coming. Ferguson is just an appetizer.

                “The Nazi Seizure of Power” by William Sheridan Allen is about as definitive a work as you will find.

                • Probably an even better one:

                  Under the Sign of the Scorpion by Juri Lina. Free PDF. Might help set straight what really happened.

                  • YES…YES…YES…!!!!!!!

                    You got it Granny!!!

                    …and if you desire an appetizer…research the “Construction of the White-sea Canal”…and notice the ‘overlords’…and the cost in lives..of the kulaks!!!

        • Most likely the troops we’ll see on the streets will be foreign troops and Obama’s “civilian national security force”. I can’t look at them without seeing crosshairs.

          • Amen brother. I have the red dot of my Aimpoint Comp M4 burnt into my retina. I can’t look at anything without seeing a red dot. I’ll work up close and you can have over watch.

            Have a good one.

            • Marine, in our fire team we have two with pre 64 Winchesters in 30-06 with 3-9 power scopes and receiver sights, the others armed with the M1 Garand. We learned a long time ago that to close with the enemy is a crap shoot.

              Now, as civilians, we believe in only engaging at long range and then scoot to repeat another day.

              We also carry the .45 ACP 1911A1, just in case.

              Semper Fi

              • Mini-14 with green tip ammo and a Colt Government 1911 for me.
                “Get some”
                SEMPER-FI !

      5. New Babylon is no different than Germany leading up to and during WWII. They allowed their Government to morph from a Constitutional Republic into a Totalitarian Police State and they paid a heavy price for their inaction. The complete physical destruction of their country.

        We sit idly by while we undergo the same transition and remain silent. What makes us think our result will be any different than theirs was? We sat silent while this government has destroyed many countries that really posed no threat to us. We even applauded. How many civilian did we kill in Iraq? How many legitimate governments have we flipped?

        We will rightly be judged harshly for our sins of omission.

      6. All one has to do is google, “Freedom from War”. This state dept. document was create for the UN to implement in 1961. They took it and ran with it.

        First….. disarm the people and the worlds military’s.
        Secondl ….. create a police state in every nation state.
        Third transition to international law dictated by the UN and enforced by the peacekeepers.

        Not necessarily in that order.

        What do we have today. A world that is disarmed for the most part. We are the last world power that is armed. Notice our military being dismantled.

        We have a government that has promoted globalism to the max, including many UN treaties that hurt the US. Small arms treaty to disarm us, for instance.

        We have a war on drugs that has helped them create the police state.

        We see our military taking orders from others..

        That’s just the framework, so much more here.

        It’s tyranny.. the government is no longer of by or for the people. They are destroying America in order to achieve world government via the UN which our government was instrumental in creating. In fact…… of the twenty men on the committee to create the UN, fifteen were later identified as Soviet spies or sympathizers. Algier Hiss led this committee. Joe McCarthy was right, as proven by the Venona release. He was booted out of DC, the commies stayed in place and brought there ilk up the ladder. Our government is not our government. It’s tyranny, to the max.

        Prepare wisely, stock a deep pantry, an army runs on it’s stomach. Network with those who have eye’s to see. Strength in numbers, economy of scale. Now is the time to determine your resolve, and prepare wisely. They have made it clear, they are going to clamp down on freedom loving Americans. The least we can do is give them a good fight, them most we can do is win and pick up the pieces….of a once great God fearing nation. My heart is heavy, knowing what is coming.

        • Spot on, Brother.



        the state of montana main electric energy utility company northwestern electric ‘dares’ montana CONSTITUTIONALISTS, patriots and militia members to challenge it’s right to use their electric bill money to lobby for stronger ‘gun control’ in the state of montana.

        apparently they are now working with anti gun nut ny neo-con Bloomberg to take away montanan’s SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED UPON – RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS!




        • The Right of the People … Shall Not Be Infringed

          “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”



          • The question isn’t whether you are ready or willing to go out and kill, any L.A or Detroit or Chicago street gang teenager or drug dealer is willing to do that.

            The question is whether you are willing to die.

            Think about it for a while.

            That’s almost assuredly what your fate will be, maybe your family’s as well.

            David Koresh and his people might be able to give you some advice about it if they weren’t already dead from doing it.

            Or perhaps you could ask Mrs. Weaver or here son, it it weren’t the same for them. Mr. Weaver. of course, could give a bit of advice about how to surrender to avoid getting killed, as his wife and son had already had done to them for his sake.

            Many things that sound glorious from behind the safety of a keyboard are very, very different in real life.

            • really? are you really so weak?

              don’t be such a puss @sharon.

              • This Sharon is a troll. I don’t want to die, but I will without hesitation rather than surrender to criminals…

                • Sharon is not a troll, merely intelligent.

                  • @ Sharon, digs, AS and Fox,

                    I’ve never in real life seen what a .308 between the eyes does to the man standing next to me. I have never done that to anyone.

                    I don’t know how I’d respond to either. No been-there’s. But I suspect it’d F me up the same way it has thousands of men who HAVE seen that.

                    One can ignore reality forever. What one cannot ignore forever is the consequences of ignoring reality.

                    I don’t question anyone’s valor. But I listen respectfully to someone saying it’s really easy to be a keyboard commando.

                  • She’s a .gov plant, I’m a thinkin’.

                • Oh, BS.

                  Quit being a fool.

                  I used to travel around speaking at patriot group meetings during the Clinton administration (probably before you were born) and heard all kinds of that BS tough talk stuff.

                  Ya’ know what?

                  Not a single one of those tough talkers did a single thing they talked about (remember “Mark from Michigan” and all his tough talk among other famous ones? Turned out to be just another whimpering little baby, didn’t he.) and you are and will remain the same.

                  All those chest beating “militia’s” that were too stupid to avoid openly doing illegal things or even recognize the agents in their ranks just surrendered without even a whimper when the police showed to arrest them, not a shot fired. (and an agent or someone in close knowing or unknowing association with them is not hard to spot, they always use certain key words that identify them, most of which seem to pop up frequently here from certain posters.)

                  Grow up, quit the keyboard tough talk BS’ing and start looking at what you can realistically be doing instead. Ever thought about actually going out and getting the patriot groups started up again? Or is keyboard commandoing just so much easier.

                  • OATH OF AMERICAN VETERANS

                    “I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same!”

                    ‘LOCK AND LOAD!’

                  • Just out of curiosity, which keywords?

                    Also, as many people will piss themselves if push comes to shove, even you, with all of your alleged experiences with so-called ‘patriot groups’ cannot say for sure who will fail and who will follow through. Your blanket just doesn’t fit everyone, no matter how comfortable you are under it.

                    How dare you make assumptions about other people you can’t know anything about?

                    There’s a word for people who step up defiantly (behind a protective barrier) to tell the rest of the world that they are cowards…

                  • How’d that work out at the Bundy Ranch….There’s an old saying, Those that dig buried treasure ain’t wired for sound. Insurgencies aren’t new.

                  • What was your name while talking to patriot militias? Comrade Sharon.

              • Oh and Digs, being smart and prudent is not being a pissy. Sharon and the intelligent folks will be around long after you and your chest thumping idiots are food for the worms. Sharon and others like us – you know, the smart ones- will be forming a viable society and government when you and your ilk are long gone. Just think about it. I know, it hurts…..but just try. Even Acid Etch can out think you…..

              • My Rifle – The Creed of a United States Marine

                1. This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

                2. My rifle is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.

                3. My rifle, without me, is useless. Without my rifle, I am useless. I must fire my rifle true. I must shoot straighter than my enemy who is trying
                to kill me. I must shoot him before he shoots me. I will …

                4. My rifle and myself know that what counts in this war is not the rounds we fire, the noise of our burst, nor the smoke we make. We know that it is the hits that count. We will hit….

                5. My rifle is human, even as I, because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as a brother. I will learn its weaknesses, its strength, its parts, its accessories, its sights and its barrel. I will ever guard it against the ravages of weather and damage as I will ever guard my legs, my arms, my eyes and my heart against damage. I will keep my rifle clean and ready. We will become part of each other. We will ….

                6. Before God, I swear this creed. My rifle and myself are the defenders of my country. We are the masters of our enemy. We are the saviors of my life.

                7. So be it, until victory is America’s and there is no enemy, but peace!!

                “The Second Amendment is timeless for our Founders grasped that self-defense is three-fold: every free individual must protect themselves against the evil will of the man, the mob and the state.”
                ― Tiffany Madison

                  • I think what Sharon is suggesting, “dig”, is rather than verbalize what you are going to do, just go out and do it. Inspire us. Inspire us all to rise up as a collective and do away with the tyranny that runs rampant in this once great republic.

                    We hear this IBB (internet blog bravado as I call it) ad nauseam, that it’s become almost a cliche. Talk is cheap and really, on sites like this and others, it’s a real waste of time.

                    If you, and those like you, are pissed off, go out and do something really influential that makes the news, and do it in a way that would inspire the writers of our Constitution. If death is a byproduct of the courageous act, that’s okay, your name will live right up their with the heros of this country.

                    People who chronically get on the internet and complain and whine and blame and demand and bitch about how bad things are and don’t act , ARE the reason we’ve become a weak and fearful collective.

                    • Perhaps the gov is still allowing sites like this to exist because they know that if frustrated angry people have a platform to vent, the gov and elites will have more time to prepare for their own survival. Anyone who has used a pressure canner understands the importance of venting.

                • Awesom!!!

                • I miss my M-14. Her name was Louise.

            • Sharon, I agree with you. Refer to Digs and tallest blade of grass being the first to get chopped.

              • You and Sharon are both douchebags. Prolly ass Itch’s boyfends he’s always talking about.

            • Sharon maybe you should look back to the slave days they weren’t good whats coming will be a hell of a lot worse everyone has to die I would rather fight and die free than be a f#$king slave

            • I’m not willing to die for any SOB, including anyone on this board and certainly not the poster of “The question is whether you are willing to die.”

              “Willing to die” is for religious whackos.

              Die for a commie. You gotta be kidding.

              f ’em

            • Personally i would rather die resisting than live as a slave

              • You are living as a slave, already. You just don’t see it. And if you did see it, would you go out and die right now, today? tomorrow? when?

                • Put it this way
                  Im in the resistance phase,,,
                  Have no doubt the dead part is coming

                  • and resist we shall
                    we will also bring to light the folly of our ruling class. the lies, the misdirection,, the false actions and the cowardly ways they go about it.
                    I will either be caught by surprise and imprisoned for my beliefs , or I will die on my feet resisting .. I also have no doubt death is a big part of this equation i have chosen.
                    we all can get passionate about our beliefs and what we feel we have been wronged by when it comes to the establishment , so bravado follows , none of us are above that either, in private or in public or on a forum.. if you say you haven’t ever gotten all pissed off, than your not human and definitely not a Patriot seeing whats taking place in our REPUBLIC,, to say the least than your not paying attention if your not pissed off enough to blow off some steam

                    we have a duty to inform the sheeple in hopes that if we only wake up one soul , than we have accomplished a purposeful act
                    or if we have helped resolve another patriots questions about the way they may be feeling about a particular lie they have been told

                    Its our DUTY

                • We are hardly slaves. Put upon yes. Then again we keep sending the same scumbags back to congress for decades. Many of us seem to like their slavery.

            • Screw you coward

            • Sharon, I’d rather fight and die for something I believe in, and if it happens, so be it. I won’t surrender to any NWO scum.

              • Me thinks Sharon is an agent provocateur. Most likely a government troll assigned to try to provoke someone to do something stupid that will then give TPTB justification for attacking the rest of us. Notice the subtlety in the language…..”go out and do something” as opposed to talk. And the goading, mocking…the “What are you gonna do about it?” tone. All designed to provoke someone into taking an action BEFORE IT’S TIME.

                When it finally comes down to it, I suspect that the ones who actually act will probably be in the same proportion as the ones who acted in our Revolution. Only about 3% actually picked up a rifle and went to war. With about 10% supporting them. Another 20% will quietly support, without committing much. And the rest of the population will be a mix of those who don’t care, and those who gladly embrace their chains.

                • To your first paragraph, I agree.

          • Digs, I’m right there with you 1,000,000%.

          • Well let me splain this to you Digs. Over here in Wyomin, one of the most gun friendly States in the country, one of only five I think where a person can carry open or concealed without a permit, We don’t have to worry about our gun rights being infringed. We can carry everywhere, except to the postoffice, where I HAVE to go to pick up my mail, no home delivery, and then there’s the gun free zones around the schools, and of course I can’t carry to a Tarven on Saturday night nor can I carry to Church on Sunday morning, and through the week I also can’t carry going into the Bank and should one of your family be in the Hospital you most certainly can’t carry there, and if you want to go to your town hall meeting, carrying a gun is a No-No. But other than that, they sure don’t infringe on my right to keep and bear arms. Glad I don’t live in one of those “We Control You States” Trekker Out. Ain’t Freedom Great!

            • MT

              You can’t carry in your Church?? Who the hell says? Is that coming from the pastor, because the gov shouldn’t be able to put such a restriction on all religious institutions… Of course they “shouldn’t” be able to put most the restrictions they have now….but they do and we let them. I generally always carry to church, and know many lil ol ladies and gentlemen that carry as well. Wouldn’t surprise me if all the old fellars up front on the Amen bench were packin:)

              • Well Richard actualy I don’t go to the Tavern, so no problem there. As for Church, I carry every Sunday. Never met a Baptist Preacher that wasn’t a gun man. Trekker Out.

        • Just remember to keep a list of names so we can add our lists together after the war and hunt them down and well, hang them. Good luck to all patriots. Anyone interested, they should contact Oath Keepers and get started standing up for your freedom while you still can. No longer sit there and bitch, get up and bitch slap the traitors and chief of our country. Organize now, it may already be to late.

          • I’m very disappointed that Nevada didn’t get a RED designation…All the folks I know here are firm supporters of the Bundy actions to threats from Reid crime family….I’m gonna ask my Senator to have that color on their little map changed to RED and confirm our “alliance” with our sisters states Texas and Utah….

            • Well said and pointed out. They call Arizona a pink state when we should be red too. Not fair. Many of us don’t want to labeled sheep either.

              Just remember most in the armed forces probably will play along with orders until it gets real, then all bets are off but my guess is that they will join with the people and fight the banksters who are the real enemy.

      8. The young men and women in the ranks of the military are your children. Do you think they will turn on you? They will play war games, but more than a few know from dad and uncle that fragging is not just a term from computer games – but comes from Nam where it was the fate of more than a few officers who thought they were Custer.

        • Mongo, I don’t trust Etch Acid not to shoot us all regardless of orders?!?!

          • justice

            What the hell does Acid E got to do with any of this.. It’s amazing how caught up some of you all are on him 🙂 It’s actually quite laughable. BTW, from what I’ve read of his posts, I don’t believe he would join such ranks as the military or PD. At least he aint a flag waving badge sucker like most the people I know, full of blind allegiance….With all due respect to our fallen veterans that died fighting for America (before it was all a friggin lie) and every asshole that came out of the service started drawing a disability check for carpal tunnel, tinnitus, and PTSD.

        • Mongo, you I am afraid are living in a fantasy world…. The military and national guard won’t kill Americans…..Ha ha ha, yah neither will the Police… All of a sudden they will all have a simultaneous moment of clarity and stop following unconstitutional orders and join the so called “liberty movement” 🙂 🙂 with all due respect…..Gimme a F**Kin break!!!

          • Have you talked to any military? I knew a noncom at Twenty Nine Palms Marine base when the enlisted men were asked if they would fire on their fellow Americans. He said one Marine wiped his ass with the questionnaire. The Pentagon did not get the reply they wanted.

            • 🙂

            • YEEEEESSS!!!

          • Richard H—>

            TRUE STORY:……

            Many years ago, back during the “Clinton regime” I was fortunate enough to find myself..guzzling good European beer & tossing darts, amid a group of retired & active duty SF guys…all were senior Noncoms, save one (a retired officer/Major)….plus a handful of other branch GI/fellow vets & a few local old-school / old-hand cops..(crazy, don’tcha know!!!).

            ..’twas at an obscure “Safehouse & Pub near Ft.Bragg/Pope AFB..where good dudes gathered to swap war-stories..& kick the foot-locker, at the end of the bar..

            ..anyhow, on into the wee hrs of ‘oh-dark-thirty’…the conversation got serious…as this was back during the heyday of the “Militia craze”, of said time period.

            When the topic of “civilian disarmament by the military”, per the Army & Marine corp, was broached…and the consensus was as follows:


            “..Your damn right, I’m gonna follow the order! My loyalty is to the safety of the men under me..who’ll be tasked w/ conducting the searches & securing the area / objective.”

            “..the best thing that could happen is..I’ll have a few days to organize, gear-up & review intel…in the meantime..I’ll get word to said local “(self-styled) militia General/Field Marshal/whatever”…to scram his/their group’s stuff!!!”

            “..but if he and his wannabes gives me any “shit”…they’re history!!!

            …’cuz we have 3 hots & a cot, ditto our families.
            What does he & his rag-tag followers have to offer us?????”

            “..his best bet is to listen to me..and do what I say & sanitize his shit…then wait for adult-supervision(us)…’cuz we’re on his side..in the end.”

            “..the worst thing he/they could do is…to flee to a remote location, as that plays into the hands of the regime…as it simplifies their desired mission objective…of tasking us with locating / isolating and destroying them…w/ minimal collateral damage / casualties!!!”


            You can make of this post, what you will..but I was there…I participated in the conversation / debate.

            I also understood their mindset & motives.

            Its been 20+ years since that night..and I often wonder if such clandestine flexibility / strategic-thinking… remains within our military…or if its been “PURGED”..???

            • Hunter, you ask a very interesting and important question at the end of that post. My understanding is that a significant portion of today’s military personnel would come over to our side. I believe the foreigners who have been allowed to enlist since the african virus has been around will act against us. WHOEVER points a weapon at me, and I don’t give a shit what they’re wearing, had better be ready to “buy the farm.” I will act in my own self-defense and I don’t care who they are.

              • Brave—>

                Prior to “F-Troop’s” assault on the Waco compound decades ago…they received training via a SF contingent outta Bragg, courtesy of some obscure federal infra-departmental transfer program…& when they returned to Ft.Bragg..they advised their sister units to…

                “..Hey guys..watch the news, ‘cuz something is goin’ down in Texas soon!”

                Think about that one for a minute or so….!!!


                Personally, I don’t know how 21st century Amerikan SHTF will play-out…

                ..I do think that a slow, drawn-out descent into oblivion’s hell on earth…works against us preppers..as it connotes some measure of “Imperial Control & abuse of Power”, for an unknown duration of time…and thus will manifest itself..as suppression and outright persecution / hunting of those, who’re of our kindred & mindset…at least for a given period of time.

                Thus, per myself..and given a Hobson’s choice (its binary)…I lean to preferring a rapid / lighting-fast (2-5day event, per its velocity) collapse…’cuz at least, given that scenario…the govt. is in the same boat as the rest of us!

                ..and hence, govt would be something you / I / us…won’t have to worry about overmuch.,at least for quite sometime.

                • Hunter, I remember Waco all too well. I still remember seeing Mt. Carmel going up in flames on TV and that was when I made my decision I would stand against the federal government. It was also my first indication of what the Clinton era would be like. If Al Gore had won the 2000 election…..

            • Good points, and good story.

              I can only speculate, but with all the hidden technology and mind control techniques, including injectable drugs, I have to reason that most will fall under the spell of their evil leaders at the prick of a needle.

              When all non military and non LE, are perceived as enemy, then family members and innocents are fair game to a weapon toting zombie. Trust them not, in a shtf situation.

              • 812—>

                Copy that, sir!

        • Ocommie has purged hundreds of Top brass and replaced them with scumbags loyal to him. One test is whether they will fire one Americans. The ones that said no have been replaced. As far as troops, why do you think they have been causing friction between every group in the country i.e. war on women, black lives matter, homophobe, islamaphobe, war on the rich and on and on and on. Hell they have turned families against each other. Throw in his illegal immigrant clowns and well its a lot of scumbags more than willing to kill you.

          • As far back as the Eisenhower administration, the 101st had no qualms about being used against the people of Little Rock.

            Or maybe you’d like to remember the Army under MacArthur’s leadership attacking the Bonus Army, under Hoover’s orders, using infantry, cavalry, and tanks against them in the early 1930’s (all veterans of WWI FWIW)?

            Or maybe even go back farther to the Whiskey Rebellion where George Washington sent the Army against the citizens of the Frontier who viewed the new whiskey tax as an income tax since their distilled products were frequently used in place of money and they considered it their income because of a lack of gold and silver money available to them the way it was in the cities and more civilized areas.

            Just a couple of the more famous examples, there are plenty of others including minor incidents like the tanks and such at Waco- if you wish to study the history of military use against American citizens on both land and sea.

            You think it is any different now?

            I think not.

            In fact I can’t readily come up with an example of the military refusing to move against the citizens when ordered to by their leaders, can you? (a serious question, not a rhetorical one, as I’d like to know the when where and how of them for discussion and reference)

            • Sharon, an excellent post! I too have no doubt the military will blindly follow their orders to kill their fellow citizens.

              Also, I cannot think of a single example where the armed forces refused such orders.

            • Sharon, I know from where you speak. I lost a relative in the Bonus Army tragedy. Yes, there are members of the miltary who will follow orders but how many is still another question? A huge portion of today’s military are against Obama and wouls supposedly revolt in given the opportunity. all of the top commanders who Obama has kicked out have been people oppposed to him. I expect it more likely to see foreign troops and Obama’s ‘private army’ on the streets to act against us because he doesn’t trust the military.

            • I’m afraid I have to agree with this post , Sharon. I personally cannot think of one instance of note, where the military refused to obey orders against a civilian target.

              I hope and pray that I live long enough, to be able to recount at least one such time.

          • They bleed too

          • Maddog, I fully expect to be confronted by foreign troops and Obama’s ‘private army’ which I’m almost certain will be composed of gangbangers and illegal aliens. When I see them in my sleep, I see crosshairs on their faces.

            • BH, that’s what our greentips are for.

              • Nobama, I hear you loud and clear. From my Book Of Resistance, Chapter 12-gauge, Verses .380ACP, .30 Carbine, and .22LR.

        • BTW…blazing saddles is a great friggin movie, not sure if that’s where your handle comes from, but made me think about it 🙂

          Mongo like candy………..

        • I like “Fragging”, I like it a lot.

          • I like “snogging” better…

        • Yes MONGO! They will, your not their family, your the enemy,and some of them have been so conditioned that they will turn their own family members.Maybe the do know some former terms,and yes there will be some fragging….but not enough.

      9. Don’t listen to jones this guy is a fruit cake. Only time I have seen military on the streets is the national guard after a disaster just to help out police and fire personnel and it is for a very short time. They usually block flooded areas or help with evacuations I used to deliver to the guard these troops care about their community they are not down with controlling us. Anyway I want to talk about street criminals a guy I have known for years who is a criminal of oppertunity meaning he does crimes when the golden window of oppertunity happens. I’m not a criminal myself as soon as I found out what this guy did I stopped any association with him. Well I was looking up people on Facebook and his name popped into my head so I looked him up. What I learned is he is now a Freemason works for the town. This guy is not an addict stupid criminal that gets caught and has a record a mile long. He’s very smart and is friendly he comes off as a good guy. His victims are people he knows. Well I found out he lives not too far from me and his kid takes the same bus as my kid to school. My wife says to me one day oh I met someone who knows you at the bustop when she told me I told her to not talk to him I said don’t say hi or anything. She said why he seems like a good guy. I said to her you don’t know him like I do. He’s no good criminal I said. He lives down the street from me and he knows which house I live in as I know which is his. This dude is precisely the type of person that will be a problem come shtf. I also know of another guy around the corner that I had it out with in school. Another potential threat but definetly less so than the first guy I talked about. My town is small and most people who grew up here like it for the most part and stay here. We used to hang with the same crew when we were younger. As we got older some got into different things and some got out of control or moved away. But what I’m saying is not all criminals have a record that you can look up on court dockets. Your neighbor could be a criminal without a record. I’m not gonna move to get away but gonna keep an eye on my neighborhood more closely. I’d say there is like a 5 percent bad apple rate in my area. Even if you live in the nicest community there will be some people like this. I can see this guy now a Freemason trying to chum after the collapse. Even if this guy really did change for the better I could never associate with him knowing the shit he has pulled in the past. He might need to be dealt with later. This is the type of people to me that will be dangerous if needed to feed and provide for his own. I don’t know much about Freemasons if anyone knows about this organization please elaborate on it on the board so I can learn more. Seems like a fraternity to me.

        • He’s had 20 years to figure this out, ignore reality at your own peril.

      10. start deporting foreign criminals & executing terrorists!

      11. The Problem with Alex Jones is that he’s full of shit so often that I just assume he’s always full of shit. Jones is doing the people a disservice because you don’t know what’s true.

      12. A plan:
        Go online and purchase a ass pocket full of Pocket Constitutions. Give one to every “solder” you meet.

        I like the Cato version. Go here:
        They got a deal on 10 for $10

        There are editions out there but these will fit in a shirt pocket.

        It is amassing how many of our service men and women there are who have never read that which they swore to uphold and defend. It’s a real eye opener for them…

        A buck well spent!!!

        Even if it only “turns” one of them…That’s one more on our side!

        • Have mine !

        • I have two I received at a Tea Party meeting in S. Louis, Missouri; but only paperback.

      13. I don’t live in any of the states that got volunteered for these Ops. But still anyway, “I don’t want nor need your fucking protection”. My sympathy for those who have to live in the close proximity of these exercises. I’m sure there will be night time drills that’ll interrupt ones sleep. This is pure bullshit and smacks of Martial Law. For many years I felt this decay/erosion of our country would bring about just what we are seeing now. Military in the streets, LEOs executing citizens, asking for papers, robbing travelers of cash and property, Homosexuals allowed to have and raise children, the nullifying of our constitutional rights, spying and collecting of data on citizens. I could continue but these to me, come to mind most. I no longer recognize this country. Its become a laughing stock/joke in my opinion. The ones who are responsible are numerous and too many to mention. But know this, I got a heart full of hell and a stomach full of hate waiting for you.

        • Kinda makes you sick doesnt it.

        • PO’d Patriot, make no mistake, if any member of the US military comes to act against me, he/she will die, plain and simple. I won’t make ANY exceptions for whoever armed scum come to act against me.

        • AMEN my Brother………AMEN !

          SEMPER-FI !

      14. I have a question ?????????

        It has been said that 40,000+ Muslim Terrorist are in our country waiting for the word (go) to attack us like in MALLS, POWER GRIDS etc.

        And lets not forget our own ASSHOLE DOMESTIC ONES TOO.

        Now make no mistake.


        And I think all of you would agree that these people want to kill us.

        ???????? Who is going to fight and stop these asshole ?
        mmmmmmm ???????

        I have no complains about a (Strong Police Presents) or (National guard Presents) in places walking around or driving our streets what could be target areas.

        Although I wonder why ???? there is not a PEOPLES MILITIA not being (FORMED) to help out in a EMERGENCY to (assist) Law Enforcement and National Guard ???????? *******

        Now I am not talking about like the (Tory’s) like the Revolution in 1776

        Because this is where the 2ND AMENDMENT comes into play.


        Now look where these Exercises that are being held.

        Right at our BORDER with Mexico.

        ???????? Question

        There are 300 MILLION people in the U.S.

        A. (85 MILLION are U.S. GUN OWNERS)***********

        B. 1.45+ MILLION U.S. MILITARY

        C. 780,000+ LAW ENFORCEMENT

        ?????????? WHO HAS THE MOST FIREPOWER ??????????

        ?????? I wonder if these tangos do decide to attack will they go to a STATE where they have GUN FREE ZONES ??????.

        Or STATES that have OPEN CARRY, and CONCEALED AND CARRY ??????

        I feel that this is something just to Boost PARANOIA so we wined up fighting each other.

        That is what our ENEMIES would like.

        If I am wrong about all this then I am wrong and I humbly apologize.



        I feel WW3 is about to happen which is going to be a all out global thing, due to RELIGION, ECONOMICS, and POWER as well as PANDEMICS that will happen too.

        PEACE !

        • War will touch our shores,

        • GR, only 1% of the gun owners would be necessary to take out those muslim camps and send the inhabitants to allah.

          • I’ve got to ask: If the govt knows abotu those 36 muslim terrorist training camps, why have they not waco’ed THEM?

            Why hasn’t black ops taken the camps down?

            The answer is: Because the govt wants them there for a reason.

            We’re in a sick country, when we can justify murdering women and children, but let thousands of terrorists train in camps on our soil. I don’t recognize this country either.

        • Oh, there IS a nationwide Militia–one most likely in every state.

          • ht tp://govtslaves.info/house-introduces-bill-to-repeal-the-patriot-act/

            Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wis.) and Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) have introduced the Surveillance State Repeal Act that would end the NSA’s unconstitutional domestic spying. I can say without hesitation; this bill is the real deal.

        • @getting real

          Get real!!! Are you really still buying into all that BS. That’s the same reason we fools got sold the “patriot” act. I must admit though I had to stop reading your post after you said something about having no problem with military and NG patrolling our streets….you know,, to keep us safe from,,,wait for it,,,,,TERRORISTS!!!! So if you happened to have redeemed yourself towards the end, I have no idea.

      15. Posse Comitatus Act

        June 18, 1878 by President Rutherford B. Hayes. The purpose of the act – in concert with the Insurrection Act of 1807 – is to limit the powers of the federal government in using its military personnel to act as domestic law enforcement personnel.


        • Should add that the Act was passed to limit the rampant corruption and violence that Army occupation forces were committing in the South during Reconstruction. It’s impossible to read the truth of this today, but in the 1920s Harvard historians were still writing about it. (Can’t find the book at the moment, but if I do I’ll post it.)


        funny how he fails to inform his audiance he is banker buddies with jew neo-cons , his media company is controlled by jew neo-cons and he is even related to them via marriage to a jewess.

        sure is queer!

        • That smear has already been tried, my friend. BTW, what PROOF do you have, that “ZIONIST JEW PUPPET MASTERS ACTUALLY CONTROL ZOG AMERIKA”?

          That’s why Jones doesn’t go out like that—because some fool like you would jump at the chance to discredit him, because he can’t actually prove it either.

          You are acting like a govt shill…please stop.

          • Well said sixpack. Enough already. Yaaaawn.

      17. I think it is curious how SHTFplan.com does’nt list VeteransToday in the list of websites above. Many websites repeat the same stories and I see that here. VeteransToday does’nt do that, it just prints truth articles that hit real close to reality. I can’t find any comparable truth elsewhere.

        • VeteransToday has run a lot of misinfo pieces, making ridiculous claims. The editor has said he does that on purpose, if I remember correctly. I wouldn’t want to be linked with VT or sites like that either.

      18. Where are these military exercises going on I’ve not seen any of this only thing I have seen in my area is new police cars that’s it no military hardware same old swat van and a broken down humvee that looks like it won’t run and it has been there for like ten years. My community is so broke they only got new cruisers because the old ones were crown Vic’s that were old. The federal gov probably paid for them. Where is this military presence on the streets I’m not saying it’s not true but I’m not seeing it. The police department and the town hall and the fire are in the same building. The cops patrol my neighborhood once in a while but they are always parked down the end of the street near the main road. See military vehicles sometimes going down the highway in convoys they look brand new too but this is normal really. The air guard is nearby too so I see Blackhawks and c130 and sometimes other military planes but no fighting type planes like jets or apaches. They fly over my place often. I’m actually glad they are nearby. One thing I saw on youtube that had me concerned was the guy that has all the plastic coffins in Georgia. I don’t really think the gov is gonna use those for the public. If there was a massive dying off of humanity they really wouldn’t have time to put people in those and give proper burials. They would dig a big hole and throw many bodies in it. Even burning bodies is gonna take time and fuel to do with thousands of dead bodies you don’t have much time before diseases start to spread they are gonna want to deal with it fast. I think those plastic coffin things are like a cheaper version of the cement ones they put the actual casket in and if the gov owns them they are probably for military personnel or for something different altogether. But ya it’s alarming to see them all.

        • @ Ass hat

          If memory serves the alleged warmup to martial law is called JadeHemp15, scheduled to take place from June 15 to August 15 in TX, NM, AZ, CA, NV, UT and CO. States are color coded according to hostility level. UT, TX and the southern most 10% of CA are labelled hostile. Most of CA and CO are friendly. NM is dubious. AZ is dubious-friendly.

          Allegedly a declassified US Army Special Operations Command document. The US Government Printing Office prints most US documents. They publish the Monthly Catalog. Accessible online or at most university libraries. Open to the public by Federal law.

          Before I get too excited about this being real rather than adroit psyop I’d want to check reputable sources, such as several university research librarians or the Retired Officers
          (military officers) association.

          I’m not saying it’s not real. I’m saying I don’t have credible proof that it isn’t just more doomer fear porn.

          • That’s a wise position to take on this, until we know more.

      19. I can’t but help to feel that this could very well be another “Drill” gone LIVE, just as what was going on on September 11th 2001 911.

        Something Big may happen while Our troops and God only knows who else, are out upon our streets and won’t it be super lucky that they just so happened to be out on their drills! Now They can PROTECT us??? All it would take is one shot and all out hell and Civil War could happen.

        There is more to this, I guess we just have to get ready and be on the alert!

      20. There lucky “i” wasnt in Boston…..”anybody” that would come on my property, demanding i come out with my hands up…or try to force their way in would have been SHOT ON SITE.!!! I just can’t believe not one of these goon thug paramilitary thugs wasn’t blown away…what a sad state this country is in. The sheeple deserve the tyranny that is coming….unfortunetly for me, i don’t deserve it. So when it arrives at my doorstep, i will probably die. But at least i would have taken some of them with me.

        • Look where it was…the liberal sheeple pen known as mass

        • J-I actually believe the ‘troopers’ got away with that invasion inside homes by calling it a ‘drill’.

          We will never know the truth.

          I can only speak for this street in south Kentucky—that would have never been sanctioned here.

          I get to listen to gun fire every day–someone practices for something!!

      21. A rather large percentage of our military hate Obama as a much as we do. They may train, but that does not mean they would actually follow orders to subdue their brothers, sister, parents and friend. True some would follow their orders but it would lead to civil war.

      22. As someone who is a current active duty service member, I’m used to seeing military everyday harharhar. But honestly this conspiracy theory crap about military turning on the people is a load of bull. I am around my fellow service men/women everyday. The level of moral is so low and being fed up with stupidness is so high that we wait for a crazy order like “Go kill Americans, your family, your friends” just so we have a good reason to quit. GIVE THIS SHIT A BREAK. We are not robots. Besides, Prez O.’s draw down of the military has us at near record lows, so the civs outnumber us even more. First thing I’ll do is head home. STOP BEING STUPID.

        • Thank you, sorta what ive heard from others i know

          • Hi Chaos,
            I don’t Alex Jones; but, also think the “military” in subduing freedom is not the legal military. Its not the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force or even Coast Guard. Its not the national guard. Its those other military forces in the USA — which, I believe, are actually illegal. What militant force enforces the federal laws today? The federal system? Why can’t I sell milk in my state? Why do beggars need a license? Why is having no health insurance illegal? I think there are several groups in the USA who are ultimately controlled by the elites and which work as military units. They are presently working cohesively on many issues and market-testing other issues in various states. Its all a market test to see how far they can push each population center, and how far they can over-run the Constitution and the Law of the Land.
            Personally, I think the dismantling of the lawful military is a symptom/purposeful effort so these other military units will not/continue to not have well-organized opposition.

        • I can agree with your current assumption, Chaos.

          However; the problem could arise that you are no longer a rational minded thinking person, at the next prick of a needle.

          How many military and LE gonna try and opt out of taking a shot/immunization/vaccination, mandated by your authori-ty?

          The old John “Cougar” Mellencamp song pops into mind…

          “I fought authority,
          but, authority always wins”.

          As long as you are a member of LE or Military, you have authority to answer to.

          • True stuff about the oh so critical “Medical Hit-list.” We get pestered so much until we have to get those life or death shots.

        • Chaos, what you say might be true. I hope so. But there will be some that will follow those orders given. Just as there will be civilians who will hide at the first shot fired. It remains to be seen.

        • @ Chaos

          I”d like to believe that. I really would.

          Historical record, Howard Zinn, A People’s History of the United States, various chapters. From the genocide against Native Americans to the Labor Organizing Era.
          To Orangeburg and Kent State. And since.

          From the Whiskey Rebellion in George Washington’s day to the present, EVERY SINGLE TIME the military or law enforcement have been ordered to fire on or brutalize civilians, THEY HAVE.

          Show me the historical proof (I don’t mean online bullshit, I mean REAL PROOF) that it has EVER been different anywhere in the US.

          Wishful thinking is one thing. Documented facts say otherwise.

          If you and they weren’t alright with following orders, you would not have volunteered to enter a career where you follow orders all day every day.

          All of a sudden in wholesale numbers you are going to say, “Sir, no sir, we won’t do that?”

          • You lost all credibility by citing Howard Zinn. You won’t find it in any on-line biography, but Zinn was a Red Diaper Baby. He spent WW2 carpet bombing civilians in Europe. He must have enjoyed it, because he made the rest of his career about destroying stuff, like the the Constitution and the Bill Rights.

        • Hold your position chaos, we need the inside intel…

        • Ah, Chaos–has the army finally realized that while you’re on the east coast cuffing granny, some steroid-induced Rambo is on the west coast cuffing your wife???

        • AMEN……………….! Another “True” American !

      23. Right on chaos. The sky is falling, the sky is falling. No chance in hell the US military attacks US citizens.

        • At the biginning of the War of Northern Aggression I, 50% of the officers in Lincoln’s 12,000 man army went South while only 20% of enlisted men went south.

          The northern armies didn’t target, or attack civilians they just shelled southern towns, burned their out buildings, raped their women, took their food, livestock and provisions and laid waste to the countryside.

          Commies are scum and that’s what they’ll do this time.

          Better have a decent rifle, shotgun and lots of ammo.

      24. My only thought is the title of a movie and this is what I live by: LIVE FREE or DIE HARD!!!!

        Happiness is a large pile of HOT BRASS around you.
        The time soon approaches when our worst fears come true.


        • YOLO…and if you do it right, once should be enough.

      25. Things that make you go ,, hummm

        All evidence gone up in smoke ( by design)

        Demo of sandy hook school building
        Demo of alleged Adam lanzas home

        Usually they want to preserve as much evidence if they know they can pin it on the “guilty”
        But when the guilty is them they make sure to destroy it and ignore any outside investigation
        Or the possibility of a future investigation

        I’m only pointing out two incidents , there are many
        Ask yourself are you willing to disarm knowing what you should given just those three examples of only 2 events ?

        • 9/11 evidence was FEMA trucked out almost immediately…your observation still holds true.

          • Roger that

            another blatant example

            thank you for bringing it up

            anyone else?

      26. “Members of the military and law enforcement are being desensitized to deployments on U.S. soil and the public is being conditioned to accept soldiers on every street corner as normal”

        Exactly. It’s finally come to this. Nice huh? Hitler and Stalin would love it. Think about it. The American government feels it necessary to do something like this. It’s not 1957 USA any longer. What would George Washington think? It’s definitely not where he thought the country would go after ridding itself of the oppression of England. Do you get the feeling we have been led down the primrose path for years now? It appears that the US is not the goody two shoes country we have been led to believe it was. What’s next?

      27. I certainly hope that there are people who are quietly working on a plan B that the globalists/ NWO/ illuminati folk won’t like.

        Real freedom unfortunately is not cheap.

      28. Look up in the sky, its a bird, its a plane, NOPE it just the BALOON and its gone up up up the BALOON is up ! SO now what?
        U the federal government do not have enough ppl to get the job done remember DAT yo!

      29. Soon it may be possible that our military will enlist foreign nationals for service. These individuals may not have family within this country and are willing to use force to gain citizenship. So True Americans, born on our soil and those who have gone through the process of becoming an American have deeper ties to our country and its values, will pause at the thought of killing fellow Americans.

        It seems we will have to fight many Factions. The Government with its use of the military. Law enforcement as it is militarized and our fellow neighbors that want to strip us of our supplies as we fight to defend ours and theirs Constitutional Rights.

        This will be a House to House Fight for our Freedom.
        If you choose to. All else is bullshit.

      30. True. I think the military would split like it did during the Civil War.

        • Bingo,
          Just as the rest of our country is divided by ideology our brothers and sisters in the armed forces are too.

        • First of all a civil way is two factions fighting for control of the government. We have never had that. One portion desiring to be independent from the rest of the country has happened twice. Please note that England doesn’t refer to the revolutionary war as a civil war.

          As to your point about the military splitting during the war for southern independence, what units turned against their respective states and joined the opposition?

          As several have already pointed out above, the military has followed orders against civilians 100% of the time. You really think they will disobey when ordered to restore order to city xyz?

          • viva la Revolution !!!

          • viva la Revolution !!!

      31. TSWHTF some day and that day will be the day of reckoning for all of us. This will be the day we fish or cut bait.
        Let us all pray that we will do the right thing.
        If you are one of those that wants to take up arms, do so, for me they haven’t crossed the line in the sand yet. I pray that this day never comes!
        Until then I will train and prepare! I will not die on my knees!!!!

      32. Lets not forget how these Gestapo types are trained also along with the Police.
        I seen a state trooper in his street clothes in the store using Plastic to pay, the scanner kept denying his card, he was almost bending the podium pol it was on each time he would run it. He was getting madder with each try, his ears were getting redder and redder with Anger. I thought forsure he was gona pull his ankle gun and empty it into the scanner while Yelling quit resisting then handcuff it. After four tries he left..lmao.

      33. When they went looking for these terrorists in Boston people wanted them caught and voluntarily helped authority’s get them. If the troops knocked on your door they had reason to believe enemy might be hiding there I live an hour south of Boston. I used to deliver packages from amazon to the house where the wife of one of them lived don’t know if they lived in that house though when I was doing that route. But I know exactly where it is. It’s a nice area that costs a lot to live in. They found this guy hiding in a boat in someone’s backyard like a coward. What a piece of shit loser his mother blamed America. I say if you don’t like America leave. Look at the greasy cowardly way terrorists attack. They set off bombs against innocent people at a running marathon. They looked like two ordinary guys going to the event. The law enforcement agency’s in this country are not really set up to deal with these random attacks. Cops always show up after the fact and find someone dead tragically. They need to gather intelligence to better determine how to anticipate attacks. This is a coward enemy that uses guerrilla tactics harass. Personally I hate these terrorists and will help the police get them any way I can. I don’t want these guys attacking folks on my street don’t get me wrong I don’t really like the police it’s just I want evil off the street especially in my area. It seems we are being conditioned to hate cops and think they just want to crush our liberties. People you need the police to help keep communities safe. There will always be scumbags I just wish the cops would shoot them dead on the spot. Forget courts and jail that is just housing society’s rejects. Look how many people are in jail how much does it cost to take care of scum just shoot em on the spot stop trying to capture them alive. They are evil and will hurt more people if they get out. Criminals have more rights than their victims. I’m fine with public hangings.

        • Asshat, you can’t keep it/them, off the streets until you keep it/them from coming into the country.

          The Obominable snowjob is making sure they have an expidited pathway for coming in.

      34. After reading Jonathan Cahn’s books and Mark Biltz’s blood moon prophecy of Acts 2:20 and Joel 2:31 it would appear we are coming right up on a possible “End of Days ” scenario.

        I don’t think it is a stretch to say what I am going to say next.

        1. Rapture event happens(one that everyone says is not biblical(it is!) or can’t happen.This event would include born again Christian believers and MOST KIDS.
        If this event happens it will happen on a :Feast of Trumpets in mid September ” Could this be the year? I would say it is VERY LIKELY!

        WHEN this event happens it will also Usher in the 7 year Tribulation period. The ANTICHRIST CANNOT come until the Holy Spirit departs and Jesus takes Christians and kids to him.

        Read 2nd Thessalonians Chapter 2, verses 2-8.

        Read 1st Corinthians 15:52

        Amos 8:11

        Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD:

        This is because all who diligently preached the word of God for redemption through Christ are taken out of this world.

        Don’t wait until this happens to come to repentance!
        Make Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior and repent of sins.

        • I see you’ve already been taken.

          And the Preacher says…”I want to be the first one taken”; just proves he hasn’t fully and correctly divided the word of God.

          The first ones taken, are taken by the one that comes first…Antichrist/Satan/sixth trump= 666.

          I guess you still believe antichrist is a flesh man walking the earth today? wrong! That isn’t what my KJV says.

          Anyways, you have plenty of indoctrinated company to help you cry for the mtns. to fall on you after you realize you have been duped.

          I do follow the blood moon thing, and believe it is relevant; however, I don’t see this set of blood moons aligning with a return of Christ this year. Why?

          Because we are not prophetically fulfilled as yet. Two very important points; Battle of Gog/Magog and the two witnesses.

          Unless these two events and their timing are pure allegory, then, there is a seven year period after the Gog Army has been destroyed, and after half of that time transpires, the two witnesses must come on the scene and preach in Jerusalem for 42 months.

          There are some possible variables because of the shortening of those days by Christ, but the writings of John in Revelation came nearly 95 years after Christ resurrected. Why would God still include the days of their (two witnesses) presence on earth if it were not relevant?

          Rev 11:3
          And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.

          Because it is very much relevant for completion of God’s plan.

          It doesn’t matter how bad things get in USSAG, or how bad we want it to end, there is no escaping unless we die first.

          I for one, will not spend the remainder of my days/weeks/months/ or years, in fear of evil or turning a blind eye to tribulation that is coming because some preacher says the church is going to fly, fly, away like a bird to escape.

          In fact God is totally against that type teaching by what He says in Ezekiel…

          Eze 13:20

          Wherefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against your pillows, wherewith ye there hunt the souls to make them fly, and I will tear them from your arms, and will let the souls go, even the souls that ye hunt to make them fly.

          One can turn this scripture around to make it sound different like the Kenites have done, but the fact remains…..
          God is saying that He is against those that teach His children to fly to save their souls.

          Sounds like God is against the Rapture/Fly Away @ any moment Doctrine, that has taken over the modern day church, especially the mega churches.
          Rush out and buy your copy today, you don’t want to be “Left Behind”…..sarc off.

          • Indeed. Russia/Persia needs to attack Israel next. It will be awesome to see them both wiped out by God.

      35. Went to disney world and saw Muslim women covered head to toe all you can see is eyes. People stay away from these people and I don’t blame them. I’m an islamophobe myself. It’s probably a normal thing in the Middle East. But to the western world it is very oppressive looking. These people are creepy to me and I feel I could never trust my family around them. It’s sad how these ladies are controlled like property. But we have the other extreme in America too women that want to control men. That’s total bullshit too. It’s one extreme to the other what a confused nation we are.

      36. just announced that more states have been added to Operation Jade Helm.

      37. That full page SHTF popup is getting to be pretty annoying.

        • I agree, it keeps coming up even if you do sign up,
          Im waiting for everything to go dark, cant wait

        • Yes, it is, and it’s not even using the same email addy as I am signed up with here; it’s reading a different one off my computer…

          NOT cool.


      38. Thats why its important to keep the fake money going.
        so people still have that something to lose that will keep them in line playing the illusory game.
        otherwise they would feel theres nothing to lose anyway.
        and they would stand up and push back.

        keep kicking the can until all the setup is in place
        rules and regs ready
        plug ready to be pulled
        the dominoes lined up

        breathe deep the gathering gloom

      39. ht tp://clashdaily.com/2015/03/female-mayor-of-irving-tells-islam-their-sharia-law-to-kiss-texas-ass-so-to-speak/#

        FEMALE MAYOR OF IRVING: Tells Islam & Their Sharia Law To Kiss Texas’ Ass (sort of)

      40. I majored in US history and did my masters thesis on Causation of Military Deployments in domestic situations., aside from a few incidents in the wind up to the civil war I never found ANY incidence of the Military ever refusing to exercise force against the American people. I grew up in Memphis in the 1960’s and was deeply affected by the Federalizations of troops to control the city afterMLK was killed. Don’t delude yourself folks, if a fight comes it will be our own military we will be fighting. That is why I fear, Patriots will fail, while we might have more armed citizens than armed soldiers, I believe the vast majority of gun owners will not fight. There will be chaos and LOTS of death, but barring a TEOTWAWKI event they are MUCH better armed and trained than we are. My only solace is the people running the government and giving them orders are unprincipled cowards at best. An effective long term campaign using unconventional warfare tactics MIGHT break them. We stand a much better chance attacking the government leaders than we do fighting our military. I strongly urge everyone of a like mind to read everything you can about unconventional warfare tactics immediately.

        • Direct confrontation is futile, sure.

          “Men in the Walls” by William Tenn. One of the first SciFi books I ever read.

      41. Hitler lost the fight but his ideas are winning every battle and he’ll take WWII in the end, eighty years after he died.

      42. “i guess it is true what they say about once free Zog Amerikans , only 3% of you have the balls to do what must be done to truly be called ‘FREEMEN’!”

        “enjoy your lifetime everyone spent as indentured ‘tax debt slaves’ , living in fear , under the usury driven shadow government dicktatorship of international zionist jews.”

      43. JADE HELM 15: Please keep in mind that Congress will start their Summer Recess on Aug.10- Sept.4 right in the middle of the DRILL(?). IMHO during that time frame something big will happen connected to the Drill. Finish your home defense’s and be on very high alert, folks it just could start then.

        VALERIE JARRETT(Stanford yearbook)-SCARY!!!
        Here is the lead fox in the chicken house. This one gets to whisper in the kings ear many times a day. I’d like to draw your attention to the bold print next to Valerie’s picture, what she said while attending Stanford University. Ponder and re-ponder what she boldly stated way back in 1977 “…using freedom of religion in America against itself.” AND guess what….that is exactly what she and her muslim czars have been…and are doing….while we sleep. Well, I have not been asleep – how about you?

        VALERIE JARRETT – The Top Muslim in the Top Power Seat – Obama’s TOP ADVISOR

        I am a Iranian by birth and of my Islamic Faith. I am also an American Citizen and I seek to help change America to be a more Islamic country. My faith guides me and I feel like it is going well in the transition of using freedom of religion in America against itself.

        Valerie Jarrett Stanford University 1977

        Yes ladies and gentlemen, THIS is Obama’s top advisor .
        Seems as if his promise to fundamentally change America is in full swing.
        Had enough yet?

        • copperhead

          We’re getting what we deserve, the fact “we” even put this guy into office is a testament to how fukt we are as a country. And I’m sorry anyone that believes that Obama is not a muslim as well…is a damned blind fool….I’m gonna go pull some more of my hair out now

      45. I’d like to see the militias take this live & smoke the traitors in the US military.

      46. Just to let you all know that during the 1968 riots in D.C.
        which was 12 blocks from the WHITE HOUSE.

        The 82ND Airborne Division was called in to stop the riots.

      47. Keyboard Commando’s and Armchair Generals.

        There are times that I feel I am the only person prepared within a 200 mile circumference. I am talking about those who are at the same level I am. Then there are those who make me look stupid and then again those who have a different style of prepping.
        By our own admission that there is only 3% who prep, makes us pretty sparse and of that percent how many are hard core preppers. Appears it is the older people doing most of the bitching. Myself included.

        If you take a good look at this site and how
        much traffic crosses the board, you know we are not where we should be. After My couple of years posting, I thought there would be more people doing the same. All that is going on around us and all we get is a few hundred replies on an article. Half of that may be bickering between us. We should be hitting a thousand posts.

        • I agree, slingshot.


      48. The real question isn’t the American public is being condition, but who’s army are we being conditioned to accept…?????

        UN? Russians? Chinese? All of the above????

        • UN, of course. It’s been the plan for decades.


      49. Ya’ll take a good look at the airbus 320 crash site in the Alps

        than ask yourself the question .. where was all the debris in Shanksville PA , and at the Pentagon

        their own lies are telling on them

        if you dont think were already at war , than you aint been payin attention

      50. Ya’ll take a good look at the airbus 320 crash site in the Alps

        than ask yourself the question .. where was all the debris in Shanksville PA , and at the Pentagon

        their own lies are telling on them

        if you dont think were already at war , than you aint been payin attention

        • Enemy–when I saw the picture of the Alps, the first thing I thought was…Shanksville, where was the debris??

      51. ht tp://sipseystreetirregulars.blogspot.com/2015/03/well-isnt-this-interesting-expanding.html

        They also told us that these exercises would be happening on a regular basis, and “you can expect to be seeing a lot more of us.”

      52. Hating on avid bad y’all. I agree with that OG post, thanks for saving our butts ww2 generation but even then Pearl Harbor could have been prevented :/

      53. People we can’t accuse people of trolls all the time, I have been on here for years, lets try to respect each other and be together. Sure there may be paid people but the majority are not. I’m not good at writing and my view or point may come across different or not what I’m trying to say. We are all on the same team here. We want freedom and left. alone. I have been reading all your posts and I’m not afraid to die, I have thought about it over and over and loss of a family member etc, or being taken away arrested etc. If martial law goes down, it will be about impossible to know who is who and who the good people are and the bad ones.

        Know this NEVER stop at a roadblock with your weapons. They will detain you for as long as they want and go thru your home and take ALL your money, food, weapons guns all of it and you will never get it back. Our troops will be told to follow orders and will be mass confusion within the ranks themselves. You have to either try and talk to them or defend yourself or do something nasty. I don’t know what will happen or how bad things will get. America is so crowded and so many thieves and corrupt officers will take advantage of the situation. Under no circumstance can you allow yourself to be taken to jail or detained during this period. Team up with people you can trust!!!
        You can’t trust people either, they will turn on you for a reward or something knowing you have weapons. Neighbors will call the authorities and many people will come to your location. If you have 10 people at your place it will be hard to get out of that alive or with your stuff. You can’t afford to start a fight on your property otherwise backup will come.
        Know in your heart that it will be nasty but you can NEVER give up your rights!!! I know we are all of different ages and physical abilities. Try to exercise and keep active. Armor yourself for gods sake with plates. That is something I would have. Buy some steel ar-500 plates in a plate carrier for under 300 bucks. Life saver right there.
        People will rat you out, people like to see conflict you know this. Trust a few but play stupid as well. If they are wearing level 4 body armor your bullets are not going to penetrate. You must either take a leg shot or a face neck shot. I would suggest and not saying everyone has their own opinion but in close quarters in a home I would be using 12 guage buckshot to the face. You only have a sec or 2 max to either be killed or live. The places will be burning with fires everywhere and again don’t start a conflict at your area if you can avoid it. Backup will come in and at that point they will take everything. Be smart and low key. Common sense says this country of ours is just too big with too many people to control everyone and the only way they can do that is to disarm us.

      54. The devil-worshipping PTB are losing! And their time is up, however they are going to try once more , one last attempt, to retain power. Soon, (And it may be before July, maybe in a few weeks) By Mid April, try pulling off something, it may be start on the east coast, Also trying to initiate WW111
        “Something BIG is about To Happen…People Pray”


        Take it for what you will, but remember YHWH GOD is STILL in Control over it all.

      55. No, I do not think so. The game is to get whitey. None of this is being done in States with negro populations. That’s the tipoff!

        • BULL !Why don’t YOU and the Black Panthers (All 7 of them),
          bring it on coon boy ?

          • Watch out, coon boy gonna bite ya! LOL! Cool down hothead.

      56. If we keep bringing muslims here we will soon need military on the streets because our land will be a war zone just like most other mslim lands……….Ask France and Greece if I am correct.

      57. Is Furious 7 trying to tell us something?

      58. BULL CRAP ! It’s “Martial Law” ………………PERIOD !

      59. BALONEY ! It’s Martial Law !

      60. This article is horse shit. You think the military and law enforcement are thoughtless drones that all will blindly follow orders from their bosses? No, they are people with feelings, families and stuff to lose just like the next guy or gal and will DISOBEY orders they know are wrong. Who honestly thinks the entire mitary and police force would just start bossing people around and instituiting martial law for no good reason? Please.

        By all means be prepared to deal with tough times, but preparing for martial law and implying it’s inevitable? C’mon.

        I could go on and on… But holy crap this is just fear mongering garbage.

      61. First of all the military has had people on the streets for decades conducting training in civilian clothes. Second of all that has to be the way it happends unless you want to spend even more to send them overseas to conduct certain training. This is the same reason that we rotate military personnel to different domestic posts training facilities so they don’t see the same thing over and over again in the same location. The three letter agencies do the same thing domestically and overseas. Continuous training at the same facility is negative (bad) training. Whether or not this is for good or bad reasons has yet to be determined. Standby.

        • JADE HELM, I justed wanted to inform you that The U.S Military and the federal L.E. ( ATF, FBI, NSA, DHS, eieiooo!} organizations have many on site M.O.U.T facilities. These M.O.U.T sites are mock cities and that it what is used for urban style training. These MOUT sites came to be due to the liability/danger to civilan populations as such training senarios are dangerous. Aircraft can have catasrophic failures/crash,flash bang grenades or any type of training ordance can cause fires, blow off body parts and even cause fatalities, and it is totally reckless for anyone in the federal government to place the people of this country and the military in such jeapordy!
          I can only see this type of action as a way for that lemming at the white house to poke a stick in the eye of partiot minded Americans. And if an unforunate event occurs during their provocation of the American people
          all those involved in allowing,planning and conductiong such training should suffer the penality of TREASON.
          We can’t wait for GOD save th U.S.A, GOD inspired the fathers of the Constitution and they acted with divine guidence which created AMERICA!

          SUA SPONTE!
          U.S Army active duty 1987-1993 Infantry GRUNT!!!!!!!

      62. JADE HELM, I justed wanted to inform you that The U.S Military and the federal L.E. ( ATF, FBI, NSA, DHS, eieiooo!} organizations have many on site M.O.U.T facilities. These M.O.U.T sites are mock cities and that it what is used for urban style training. These MOUT sites came to be due to the liability/danger to civilan populations as such training senarios are dangerous. Aircraft can have catasrophic failures/crash,flash bang grenades or any type of training ordance can cause fires, blow off body parts and even cause fatalities, and it is totally reckless for anyone in the federal government to place the people of this country and the military in such jeapordy!
        I can only see this type of action as a way for that lemming at the white house to poke a stick in the eye of partiot minded Americans. And if an unforunate event occurs during their provocation of the American people
        all those involved in allowing,planning and conductiong such training should suffer the penality of TREASON.
        We can’t wait for GOD save th U.S.A, GOD inspired the fathers of the Constitution and they acted with divine guidence which created AMERICA!

        SUA SPONTE!
        U.S Army active duty 1987-1993 Infantry GRUNT!!!!!!!

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