Let’s Start A War: These Politicians Will Meet in the Comfort and Safety of Washington to Decide the Fate of Millions

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    SHTFplan Editor’s note: With all the talk of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s transgressions against his people, perhaps it’s time we consider what our own government is doing right here in America. And while we don’t support  the dictatorial means by which Assad controls his country, isn’t it hypocritical to accuse him of crimes against humanity when our very own government engages in similar activities against its people? In the following insightful article Chris Carrington of The Daily Sheeple explores the arguments set forth by the Obama administration, and turns them inwards. 

    President Obama could potentially launch the opening salvos of World War III within the next week, and we’re doing so by claiming Bashar Al-Assad’s regime is violating the human and civil rights of his people. What about our government? Isn’t it behaving in much the same way? And thus, would China or Russia be able to make similar claims in the future should they choose to turn their military power on us in the future?

    ‘Let’s Start A War’ – An Alternative View
    by Chris Carrington


    Today, September 9th 2013, is the day Congress will debate the prospect of war. Then, when the debating is done, they will vote on President Obama’s recommendation that the United States bomb Syria back to the stone age.

    These well heeled politicians will meet in the comfort and safety of Washington to decide the fate of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Syrians. Most of them couldn’t point Syria out on a map let alone comment on the complex and tribal issues that beset the country.

    Obama will preen and primp himself ready to appear on the television. He is due to appear on several networks today. Then tomorrow he will deliver his speech to the nation. In that speech he will lay out why the United States needs to bomb a foreign land.

    He will cite chemical weapons, an oppressive regime, and a humanitarian crisis that calls for the intervention of the West.

    He will talk of ‘evidence‘ that regime forces carried out the attack and the numbers of people killed and sickened.

    He will tell of the ‘crimes’ that the Assad regime is supposedly committing against his own people.

    He will probably quote United Nations statistics about the dead, the injured and the displaced.

    He will talk about the lack of medicines and medical care, the effects on the children.

    He will talk about anything and everything that he thinks may sell his vision to the citizens of the United States.

    How interesting it would be if Assad gave a press conference and a speech to his nation talking about the United States.

    He could cite the mass killing of American civilians by their own government with chemical weapons. He could also mention that enforced injection of chemicals is the price American children have to pay before they are allowed an education.

    He could say that it’s an oppressive regime, that the government routinely reads and listens in on the electronic communications of its citizens. That it violates their rights at every twist and turn.

    He could tell Syrians that American citizens can be imprisoned without trial and that some citizens are not allowed to return to their homeland after going on vacation.

    He could tell them that even uttering certain words in public or worse still writing them down, can get you marked as a terrorist. Syrians would be shocked at the number of nondiscussion subjects that can get you watched or arrested.

    He could say that children go hungry everyday, that medical care is unavailable to millions. That hundreds of thousands of people cannot afford simple antibiotics and other life saving drugs.

    He could talk about the ‘death squads‘ that kill those who are brave enough to speak out, those who dig around and uncover proof that the regime is corrupt and sullied.

    He could tell his people that the United States government is trying to override the Constitution drawn up by the Founding Fathers and is trying to disarm the population.

    Just for good measure he could mention the homeless living in tent cities and in drainage tunnels under major cities.

    He could send his secretary of state on a trip to all the Middle East nations drumming up support for a coalition that should end the abuse of the American people.

    The secretary of state for Syria could point out to all the other Middle East leaders that although these things are happening half a world away, they have a duty to the American people to step in and stop the situation from declining further. The Obama regime needs to be removed in order for the people to enjoy the freedoms they once did.

    A red line has been crossed, and something has to be done.

    Delivered by The Daily Sheeple

    Chris Carrington is a writer, researcher and lecturer with a background in science, technology and environmental studies. Chris is an editor for The Daily Sheeple. Wake the flock up!


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      1. All politicians and leaders to the front of the line!

        • Americans are pro’s at being gassed by
          our government’s bullshit for decades.

          • Russia, China, and others have already told Obama that attacking without UN approval (which both can veto) will render the attack war crimes and Obama a war criminal.

            In other words, if Obama get congress to support his crimes and he attacks, they all become war criminals in the eyes of the rest of the world.

            They have long been war criminals in my eyes.

            • Maybe thats the inside connection they want to implement NWO
              They attack,
              Boom baby
              Russian and UN troops put down the government and pick up BHO, Kerry, and whoever else and send them on a golf vacation, while the UN tries to collect the civilians weapons
              Just a thought,
              Some of the recent newbys to the site will say stupid doomer,
              But hey, think about it!
              Strange shit happens all the time!

              • Let’s not forget that the USA has been documented in over 200 instances to have conducted nuclear, biological and chemical experiments on US citizens.

                These are all crimes against humanity even if they were conducted on enemy prisoners of war, but they have been conducted on uS citizens.

                Such crimes against humanity would have been unthinkable in the days before the USA was colonized by the Zionist Master Race banksters and accomplices.

                • Obama has consistently supported the most radical elements of Islam in Libya, Egypt and Iraq. The so-called “Syrian Rebels” that Obama wants to support, with McCain, Reid, Pelosi, Boehner and Graham all on board, are neither Syrian nor Rebels. They are fanatic jihadists and paid mercenaries trained by the CIA and US Special Forces, and have the full support of the above referenced psychopaths who are fully aware of the atrocities imposed by these murderers.


              • Hey Kulafarmer,
                This episode really does not add up. It stinks to high Heaven. Either It is a big stall to nowhere like Goofs says, until BO finds a hole he can climb out. Or all this delay is part of the plan to discern what equipment is being moved and why. Obama is not that smart but our military is a master at “mis-information” and using the media for diversionary tactics. This could be all designed to remove the nuclear capacity from Iran, maybe. Two things to remember: 1. The government lies intentionally. 2. The government takes advantage of a crisis no mater it’s source.

                • @Wolf359

                  “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” ~ Winston Churchill

                  Ok, so you think you live in a “free” country. I don’t, and here are a few reasons why.

                  *Assassination of U.S. citizens.
                  The government claims the right to kill any citizen considered a terrorist or an abettor of terrorism.

                  *Indefinite detention.
                  Under the law, terrorism suspects are to be held by the military. The government claims the right to strip citizens of legal protections based on its sole discretion.

                  *Arbitrary justice.
                  The government now decides whether a person will receive a trial in the federal courts or in a military tribunal.

                  *Warrantless searches.
                  The government may now order warrantless surveillance, including a new capability to force companies and organizations to turn over information on citizens’ finances, communications and associations.

                  *Secret evidence.
                  The government now routinely uses secret evidence to detain individuals and employs secret evidence in federal and military courts. It also forces the dismissal of cases against the United States by simply filing declarations that the cases would make the government reveal classified information that would harm national security.

                  *War crimes.
                  The world clamored for prosecutions of those responsible for waterboarding terrorism suspects during the Bush administration, but the Obama administration said in 2009 that it would not allow CIA employees to be investigated or prosecuted for such actions. This gutted not just treaty obligations but the Nuremberg principles of international law.

                  *Secret courts.
                  The government has increased its use of the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA), which has expanded in secret.

                  *Immunity from judicial review.
                  Like the Bush administration, the Obama administration has successfully pushed for immunity for companies that assist in warrantless surveillance of citizens, blocking the ability of citizens to challenge the violation of privacy.

                  *Continual monitoring of citizens.
                  The government has successfully defended its claim that it can use GPS devices to monitor every move of targeted citizens without securing any court order or review.

                  *Extraordinary renditions.
                  The government now has the ability to transfer both citizens and noncitizens to another country under a system known as extraordinary rendition, which has been denounced as using other countries, such as Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Pakistan, to torture suspects. The government says it is not continuing the abuses of this practice under Bush, but it insists on the unfettered right to order such transfers — including the transfer of U.S. citizens.

                  These new laws have come with an infusion of money into an expanded security system on the state and federal levels, including more public surveillance cameras, tens of thousands of security personnel and a massive expansion of a terrorist-chasing bureaucracy.

                  Some politicians shrug and say these increased powers are merely a response to the times we live in. Thus, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) could declare in an interview without objection that “free speech is a great idea, but we’re in a war.” Of course, terrorism will never “surrender” and end this particular “war.”

                  Other politicians rationalize that, while such powers may exist, it really comes down to how they are used. This is a common response by liberals who cannot bring themselves to denounce Obama as they did Bush. Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.), for instance, has insisted that Congress is not making any decision on indefinite detention: “That is a decision which we leave where it belongs — in the executive branch.”

                  And in a signing statement with the defense authorization bill, Obama said he does not intend to use the latest power to indefinitely imprison citizens. Yet, he still accepted the power as a sort of regretful autocrat.

                  An authoritarian nation is defined not just by the use of authoritarian powers, but by the ability to use them. If the government can take away your freedom or your life on his own authority, all rights become little more than a discretionary grant subject to government will.

                  The framers lived under autocratic rule and understood this danger better than we do. James Madison famously warned that we needed a system that did not depend on the good intentions or motivations of our rulers: “If men were angels, no government would be necessary.”

                  Benjamin Franklin was more direct. In 1787, a Mrs. Powel confronted Franklin after the signing of the Constitution and asked, “Well, Doctor, what have we got — a republic or a monarchy?” His response was a bit chilling: “A republic, Madam, if you can keep it.”

                  Over the decades, the very government the framers feared has been created: A government with sweeping and largely unchecked powers resting on the hope that they will be used wisely.

                  Dishonesty from politicians is nothing new for Americans. The real question is whether we are lying to ourselves when we call this country the land of the free.

                  • Howdy, YMWW. I agree with your entire post, right on target. braveheart

                  • Wow, a cross article, thread hijacking call out to my comments from another article.

                    I feel honored for such a desperate attempt to win our argument.

                    Now how much of what you typed is your own thoughts and conclusions?

                    Probably not much. Maybe 10-20 words?

                    I have formulated my own ideas from the study of history and with reason and logic I draw my own personal conclusions. I don’t need to parse other peoples words and ideas to strengthen position as you do.

                    I’m going to re-post the comment you are supposedly taking apart:

                    We live in the most free society that has ever graced the earth. Our constitutional
                    republic has been lead astray. There is no doubt about that. I could go in detail till no end on my disgust for liberal big gov progressivism but even with that stain on america, america has still given more to the world than any other civilization and that is a fact and is due to our FREE society.

                    Since the founding of america some of the greatest achievements In human history have occurred. Is that coincidence? I think not.

                    The framers of our constitution enabled the individual while limiting the state. Something which had never been truly experienced with in government.

                    Can man govern himself or does man need to be dictated to?

                    Well since our founders left us a constitutional republic there has been massive strides in technology that enabled the meteoric rise in standards of living Which has lead to a massive population boom the world has never seen before.

                    The combination of free enterprise and a constitutional republican form of government have fostered and nurtured expotential gains in medicine, energy, communications and machinery to allow the once poor to pull themselves out of poverty (if they so desire) and make a better living for themselves and family. Tell me another system where an individual can empower themselves and change their status in society??

                    Has any other culture contributed any more than american culture to the progress of humanity as a whole?

                    Since americas inception the world has witnessed the steam engine, electricity, vaccines, flight, visiting the moon, the internet, automobiles, abundant food supplies, etc..

                    One cannot help but see the correlation btw these achievements and the freedom of the american way of life. To not see is ignorance or idiocy.

                    Can you tell me of all the other wonderous cultures and countries who have contributed more to the world?

                    Has china, russia or the tribal peoples of africa given humanity anything?

                    The answer is of course not.

                    So why has america?

                    You tell me??

                  • Ditto to what BH said,
                    Total bullshit what is going down,
                    There will be no voting this right

                  • I agree Yo mama, and the only way to change those conditions are for the average American to assert their political rights. therefore We must ENGAGE!

                    What is “ENGAGE”?

                    Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, vote, and let your Barnhardt out. The recall of gun control advocates in Colorado prove the power of the vote.

                    Voting by the masses is the one thing that the PTB fear.

                  • Wolf, We have never given anyone anything that didn’t serve an agenda for the masters. Under the guise of humanitarianism? AND all of this foriegn aid BS was paid for by the further enslavement of the poeple here. Taxes=slavery! Taxes = armed robbery! We were built up by design to be the enforcement arm for the money masters. Do yourself a favor and search the documentary THE MONEY MASTERS it is a good start to understanding what is really going on. Knowledge is true power, get some! 🙂

              • Kula
                You have a good point. Here is something to think about. If the U.S. knows that a nation is about to strike, doesn’t the U.S. have a right to strike them before they strike the U.S. So if Syria is told that they are about to be struck by the U.S. or NATO. Doesn’t Syria have the right to strike first. I know that I would! Use it or loose it!! Also this could be a false flag.

                • This Syria crises in nothing but a diversion, that’s it nothing but!!!
                  The resistance against Obamacare is gaining traction. People are finally opening their eyes and seeing what a fucked up mess it is for what it is.
                  The first ten days into October, Syria will be a non issue, if not before.
                  Listen, boat boy the Muppet and the ketchup princess (Kerry and wife) had dinner with the Assad’s sometime last year. WTF? How the hell do you go into a mans house and break bread with him and then sometime later tell him, Hey buddy I’m going to bomb the shit outa you? Somethings rotten in Denmark here! Do you smell the frighten RATS here yet? It smells like an OBAMA to me! Remember what Raum Emanuel said, Never let a crises go to waste, they had to manufacture this one or loose Obamacare, plain and simple!!!
                  Cruise missiles will not FLY!! We have boats in the Med all of the time, this is nothing new…. Obama is just Jacking with people.. Everybody but America has this fucks number. Putin has Obama down pat, so does the entire Mid East!

                  • yep just tell assad that if he give us his toys we wont beat the shit out of him hmmm yeah that’s worked in the past, redub nagasaki

                  • Its a exact Copy Cat opps like N. Korea was back a few months ago. Recall That episode? Fox and CNN et al were non stop ranting how us ships got sent close to n korea and we Must go there to defend Japs and That other small jap or chink nation, oh yeah Tiwan! Thats it!

                    it was 24/7 same as now with syria. Then all a sudden silence. Not a peep more. None since.

                    And most sold out neocons along with Orielly etc keep makeing excuses for the monkyboy. While 1/2 dozen Real issues like bengazi-fast & furious etc etc go unspoken of in msm land.

                    These bastards All need be arrested on RICO-Act charges, then ALL dealt with at same single Trail for them all. Then the Rope or Lifetime Prison terms.

                    Like JQ Public always posts, we need Neurenberg II.

                    Ironicly couple days ago at newswithviews site Edwin Viera had an article saying the exact same per a Neurenberg II trials. Edwin said regardless of hobammys fake Birth cert, instead of impeachment simply go with TREASON and mass Swindles charges because he don’t need be first impeached for such trials!

                    You folks outta go read edwins latest article there. He is one smart guy and a contitutionalist to the Max.

                    All he says is based on the us const etc. Hes taken aprox 27 cases to the us supremes and won over 1/2.

                  • @Hammerun,

                    You are so correct. What a cluster fuck by our government. Who is in control of the United States at this point is a question that every government in the world is wanting to know. My bet at this point is that Saudi Arabia is in control of our government. They have offered to pay for us to go to war with Syria.

                    With that in mind I would think that any politician who would vote yes on this proposition to do so has been bought and paid for by the Saudi’s. For what oher reason would a politician vote for it? At some thing like 80% of all Americans screaming no at our lawmakers there can be no other answer.

                    There may besome good to come out of this yet. This is a perfect smoking out of the commie bastards who have been bought and paid for by special interests. The yes vote should be a mark of shame on those that voe for it. In turn they should be voted out and replaced. If our media had the guts they would find the smoking gun and they who vote yes should be criminaly prosecuted.

                    On top of everything else this is nothing but a smoke screen to take the pressure off of the adminisration for Bengazi, NSA spying, DEA spying, gun control laws and a host of other scandals. The media has ceased reporing anything else such as Polands confistication of 50 % of it’s peoples saving accounts which happened last Friday without a word being said in the media. Last time I heard the P in PIGS was for Portugal.

                    The Russian government sounds more reasonable than our own government. Who would ever thought the day would come that Putin sounded more presidential than any of our own politicians. We have sunk to a new low and it is just about time to set a correction in motion.


                  • Kill the goyim with ObamaCare, kill the goyim with perpetual war, kill the goyim with poisoned air, food, and water, disarm the goyim, tax farm the goyim—it’s all the same to the “elite” Master Race.

                    95% Depopulation and enslave the survivors:

                    Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel… In Israel, death has no dominion over them… With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant… That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew. Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat. That is why gentiles were created.
                    “Yosef: Gentiles exist only to serve Jews” by Jonah Mandel, Jerusalem Post, 10/18/2010

                  • “Obama is just Jacking with people.. Everybody but America has this fucks number. Putin has Obama down pat, so does the entire Mid East!”
                    Couldn’t agree more. He is a hairless, stoneless piece of work that is an embarrassment to his race and to our
                    country as a whole. Not to me, mind you, because I stand solidly against it. What this all boils down to is the slave boy will pull a false flag out of his drawers and that will be it. Pray, prep and protect…dj

                • Let’s face it, OBGYN is gonna go with “Ok you give up your bio weapons and we wont attack” Syria will gladly hand over “some” weapons and call it a day. No war this year. Leave it to Russia to throw sarcasm back at US to avert a WW!


                • Sgt D
                  Definitely, wasnt that the bush theory of premptive action?
                  Scarry stuff, these jerks are psychopaths!
                  We have so many issues right here at home but they are pulling that rubber band so tight its just going to snap pretty soon.
                  People who live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones, unfortunately, were own the house but the dumb ass renters are throwing rocks at everyone they can! Sheesh!

              • OBAMA: I don’t need congressional approval to bomb Syria…

                Drudge Report

                • @BigB

                  Excellent point. Who would’ve thought places like China and Russia would have the moral authority over America in this situation.

                  Its a frightening prospect…

                • What do you expect from the dumbbell piss prize winner?

              • Was this or was not this country partially founded on LAW? There is a judicial section of government isn’t there? Then why the hell is it okay to go to war based on circumstanial evidence? Is it okay to shovel away all the basic principles of the Constitution that guarantees EVERYONE a court hearing? It was admitted by several of these bag over the head politicians that the case against Syria would be difficult to prove in a court of law.

                However it is the U.S., the cop of the world that will be the arrester, judge, and executioner because the U.S. just knows that Syria gassed their people. That’s okay because the superpower U.S. ALWAYS knows best. Just like the idiotic Treyvon case that 6 jurists could no way convict him of it. At least that was a trial. With another country, the U.S. knows best. Here we have the wrong people accused here, and the wrong judge.

                Of course it is all a false flag because of the petro dollar and Iran, and getting Syria is weakening Iran. It is about the Qatar natural gas pipeline. Guess whom is supporting the U.S.? You guessed it, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey especially because they benefit massively not having to ship Qatar’s natural gas via ship. Russia of course loses hundreds of billions of dollars. It is also a pipeline from the natural gas off of Israel and from the south that only needs Syria to get that gas flowing. Two pipelines and Russia loses trillions. No wonder Russia is willing to go to nuclear war over Syria. Russia could end much of this if Syria is attack, by attacking and destroying Saudi Arabia’s ability to produce oil. Something Putin surely has as an option.

                If Syria agrees to give up their nerve gasses there will be a false flag of something else to try Syria on something other charge. Israel will attack someone eventually. Russia can’t let this happen. Iran can’t let this happen. China can’t allow Iran to go into western hands. It is an area that has no real way of getting out of WW3 in the future. The U.S. will continue to false flag all of this and make a complete mockery of the country and its values that are suppose to be based on justice and honesty.

                • NEWS IN A NUTSHELL:
                  Kerry said that the only way Syria wouldnt get attacked was if they gave up all their chemical weapons. Russia told Syria ‘Hey, you should do that’ and Syria agreed. Now Obama is trying to back out of the deal. He just wants to bomb them! Basically Kerry was saying that so Obama wouldnt look like a war monger, but thinking they’d never agree to it, and Syria called their bluff.

                  Tune in tomorrow for the next ‘revelation’ against Syria- NSA will discover that Syria hates puppies and killed Santa Claus; Obama declares this a world tragedy and calls on the Americans to support his annihalation of ‘those Santa slayers’

                  • Syria then would have UN control the chems. Russia would supply the bulk of the force guarding the sites. Checkmate. Russia wins, HNIC and the frenchee gay kerrie looses.

                  • Those puppy-hating, Santa-slayers will have hell to pay!
                    The U.N. should immediately draw up a resolution strongly condemning any anti-puppy propaganda and declare the Santa murder a crime against humanity. Then Kerry can promise to only use “rediculously small” amounts of retaiation attacks.
                    Then Obama needs to get on tv and declare that if he had a puppy, it would look just like he ones the Syrians hate. (oh, he has dogs? well, let’s just pretend he doesn’t- you know, like he pretended to have a son he doen’t have to make a point).

                • Good evening, BI, and once again you’re right on target. Our country has been gradually taken down since the Civil War. We no longer have the rule of law. instead, we have the rule of evil,corrupt people. All of these POS are determined to destroy our nation and our people and we’re expected to just stand back and let it happen? I SAY HELL NO! i’m standing up and fighting, period! i’m so sick of all the s#$% they’re doing, I’m willing to go to war with them now. Let the feds bring it on! I’m so sick of it…..

                  • “What’s so civil about war, anyway?”

                  • Sorta like how Dc approved a permit for the million mooslam crawl but denied the no stop permit for the two million bike run! Dumb asses, i hope Dc is gridlocked on 9/11

                  • BH- WTF???? Calling out imaginary FEDS to “bring it on”. Are you in a wonder land of stupid? Bring it on for what? All you do is type semi coherent crap. Why would they give a flying fuck about you. I see in subsequent comments that you are still here. So are the FEDS. Relax dude, you seem just a little psyco

              • Kulafarmer you are right down grading Syria this is the next step of the NWO but its not the destruction
                of DAMASCUS that will come later when a Arab force
                rises up against ISRAEL then DAMASCUS and NORTHERN
                ISRAEL are utterly destroyed

              • KULAFARMER I agree with you SYRIA is the next step
                for the NWO but its not the destruction of DAMASCUS
                that will come later when and arab force rises up
                against ISRAEL that’s when both DAMASCUS and NORTHERN
                ISRAEL are both destroyed I think by then the USA is out of the picture

            • The bitch in charge will get votes from those who want to save his sorry ass. This has nothing to do with saving lives, nope, this has to do with saving face, you know, the ugly face of the regime leader, the idiot in charge.

              Who cares what the repercussions will be, who the hell cares about facts and finding the truth, they all have tunnel vision and the American citizens are not in their vision at all. The regime is safe and cozy with their special needs met round the clock. We are nothing but a nuisance that they swat away like flies.

              Don’t count on anyone to come to the rescue, if the idiot get’s his way then we go to war, if not then we have to deal with his extremely vile and dangerous ego.

              • Swing on a star = I don’t think it really matters whether we go to war or not, we still have to deal with his vile and dangerous ego.

                I pray that he doesn’t get the votes to bomb Syria.

                • freespeach,

                  True enough.

              • Swinging on a star, uh, I don’t believe this regime can ‘swat away like flies’ 100,000,000 gunowners who have the power in their hands to turn this country around. MOLON LABE WOLVERINES braveheart

                • braveheart,

                  Yep, you’re right, but right now we aren’t doing anything about it. When will it be the tipping point where all those gun owners will say ENOUGH? They are swatting all of the decenters away because I don’t see any getting through.

                  • Swinging, if we could get just 10% of the gun owners to rise up and take action, that would be sufficient. other gun owners will sit on the fence, unfortunately, at first, to see which way everything goes. Most likely, they want to know there’s at least a 50/50 chance of victory before deciding to join. When the American Revolution began, only 3% of the colonists rose up in response to British oppression. That was out of a total population of 3,000,000 people at that time. But over time, their numbers grew, and with aid coming from France, they eventually defeated the British on the battlefield and won their independence. the cost in terms of lives lost, property destroyed, etc. was tremendous. This fight will be no different, except in terms of lives lost and destruction. all of the gun owners do need to wake up and smell the coffee before it’s too late. Any of us as individuals can be targeted for destruction. We’re being forced into a nightmare scenario none of us ever wanted. I don’t want this war anymore than anyone else does, but it’s being forced on us and it’s only a matter of time. Everyone needs to decide what they’re going to do and soon. Will you fight or will you let someone with evil intentions toward you just have their own way with you? Will you let them do as they will to your family, take all of your property, etc. without putting up resistance?I cannot dictate to others what they should do for themselves. Only they as individuals can decide for themselves. I can only offer advice and hope they would follow that advice; however, it is still their decision to make. I’m going to fight. The bastards are not having their way with me, period! MOLON LABE WOLVERINES braveheart

                  • Swinging, it seems our line in the sand keeps getting pushed back. I’d like to know as well, when is enough enough? They keep encroaching and we keep blogging….

                  • Stay cool. We are all frustrated with their elitest attitude and actions. Keep upgrading your defensive tools. Night vision, long range accuracy, personal protective gear, etc. are all good to have after basic prep needs have been met but don’t get over confident that even 100,000+ with small arms could revolt and stand a chance against a professional army with advanced serious equipment like tanks, armored personel carriers, helicopters, infrared detectors, and much more. Red Dawn was just a movie folks. The time to get rid of these bastards will be when 30% or more of our local police force does not obey the federal edicts and about the same percentage of our military say to their commanders “No. It is against the Constitution that I pledged to uphold.” Then we will know that it will be the time for Patriots whether they be private citizens, local law enforcement or active military putting their family and country first, to band together, shed blood, and stop the liberty eating vultures that disguise themselves as representatives of the people.

                  • Connor Kenway,

                    Isn’t that the million dollar question? This administration has inched its way deep into our social structure, they have desecrated the constitution, deeply involved their socialist way of thinking in our schools, hell, they even decided that our 5 year olds must learn about sex whether we as parents like it or not. Is this what we want our kids to inherit?

                    We are lucky due to the fact that we homeschool our children but who knows how long that will be allowed under this regime. If you are honest, believe in the constitution, work hard with no handouts and prepare for hard times then you are considered a potential domestic terrorist. How did we allow this to happen and how far will we allow it to go?

                  • Swinging on a Star.

                    It will all happen when we lose our fear of dying. We are too much in a comfort zone. Not enough of us hurting for all the same reasons. We fear prosecution. When all the hate and anger is released, it will be one hell of a bloodbath.

              • @Mac:

                Test… test… test.

                Are we reaching???

              • Swinging on a star. You started your comment by saying” The bitch in charge”. For a second you scared me to death and I thought it is already 2016 and Hillary is the new dear leader.

                • Tactical,

                  He is a bitch, not a real man, just a manipulative little ego driven bitch. Just because he wears pants doesn’t make him the man of the house, nope, his wife is the real man and I bet he is afraid of the he-she.

                  • Either that or substitue Jalerie Jarrett. works just as well.

            • There is something strange about all this. Could it be Obama really does not want to invade Syria but his puppet masters are trying to force him into it,and all the scandals surrounding him came out as part of the force? In that case, his abrupt change to wait and let congress vote could be a way out for him. We need to pray for him should this be the case and, of course, for the situation as a whole. Maybe Obama is looking for that “way of escape” from sin the Bible refers to.

              • I read Obummer has 6 members of The Mooselimb Brutha hood in his Cabinet. I am sure he just wants to help his fellow moosies.

              • ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!……..

            • @ GC –

              But ….. but .. we really do need a ‘SUPER-SIGNIFICANT-DISTRACTION’ in order to take everyone’s mind off the stark reality of the really crappy economy that we are facing here at home. If we just had a ‘nice-little-war’ to point to as the excuse for the increasingly desperate circumstances of so many of our fellow citizens? Hey, we would be home free!!!

              The sad fact of the matter is that there are so damn many naval and air assets of so many countries moving around in such a small area! It probably wouldn’t take very much for one of those annoying ‘oops!’ moments in life to turn into WWIII.

              I fear that something really bad comes our way boys & girls, as in our near future. The ‘pucker-factor’ is at an all-time high out here in the “homeland”. (I wonder, is that anything like der fader land???) The children seem to sense that there is a ‘bad-moon’ somewhere out there with their name on it.

              Folks who have heard that I may be extremely well prepared for Hurricane Season have started coming out of the ‘wood-work’ seeking some practical advice on how to get just a little bit better prepared themselves. Better a little it late rather than never, I guess.

              Please take a last ‘run’ at any friends or family that you feel may be the least bit receptive to the message in light of the current issues going on in the world around us. You can live a long time on red beans and rice, with a little bit of caned meat, chicken or fish thrown into the pot; add some canned vegies to the mix. Life will go on …. at least nutritionally.

              Can’t afford to prepare, not even a little bit? Quit eating/carrying out COMPLETELY and start preparing everything at home. Pack your lunch for work; if you still have a job, that is. You’ll be surprised at just how much ‘extra’ money you will have.

              God Bless & good luck to all who post here. Try to keep your head down and blend in. Our daughter gets in tonight at 7:00 PM from Seattle; after that we are sticking close to home until we see how the current mess shakes out. You may want to consider doing the same if possible.

              • To get my food storage started, I ate only beans-n-rice for three meals a day for six months…and used the money I saved for food storage. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

                • Way to go, Leslie Anne! I’d be proud to call you a fellow prepper!

                • I bet you felt better physically, mentally, and lost weight. We had a foreign exchange student from Brazil that ate mainly beans and rice before she came to the US. She gained almost 15 lbs. and felt crappy all the time on our diet. It was hard for her to lay off the Ranch Dressing.

                  • Hahaha @ the Ranch Dressing 🙂
                    Yes, I did lose a lot of weight, even though I was eating a large amount of beans-n-rice. I ate it straight up, no extras on it and washed it down with filtered tap water. It wasn’t exactly a lot of fun, but I was able to rapidly acquire food, water storage, first aid, blankets, guns/ammo, etc. You’d be surprised what you can accomplish with an “under $5 a week” food budget. I could have had more variety, but I wanted to get ‘er done. Also, I was able to just cook a vat of beans and a vat of rice and no more cooking that week. Line up 21 containers, scoop 1.5 cups beans and 1.5 cups rice into each container, add a cover….done for the week.

                  • The best part is since I “paid my dues” all at once, I’m now in coasting mode. I just buy replacements for each item I use. Life has been so easy since I got prepared.

                  • LA… Make sure you live. You only get each day once.

                • Howdy, Leslie Anne. Are you serious; you literally ate nothing but rice and beans 3 times a day for 6 months? Glad to hear you have food storage going now, but how do you feel about rice and beans now?

                  • Better for you than all that chef boyardee and dinty moore that you been pounding down for 30 years…

                • Leslie Anne: Seriously? What, pray tell Did
                  you season your beans&rice with? Nothing, you say?
                  Well, anyhowz- i’m always open to recipe ideas 🙂

                  • Iodinized salt was my seasoning. Yes, I did “hardcore beans-n-rice” for six months straight, three meals a day. Filtered water was my beverage. I did take one Centrum vitamin per day, but nothing else. I just felt so compelled to reach goal, nothing could stand in my way. I lived through it. I now know my ability to adapt, if need be. I won’t say it was pleasant, but it did ensure I. met my goal rapidly. I still eat beans and rice, just not all the time, but it’s nice to know I could endure it again if need be.

                  • Sometimes a utilitarian approach is easier than having choices. Because I made a solid decision to only eat beans and rice and drink only my filtered water, I had no reason to think of food at all. It was what it was.

                  • After a few weeks, you don’t even really want the salt, but it becomes more medicinal. You know you need the iodine, so you use it. It becomes routine. It’s hard to explain.

                  • It’s just my nature to do whatever it takes to reach a goal, no matter how hard it is. Like, I bought my house last year with a ten year mortgage, but knew I wanted it paid off in less than three years. People said it couldn’t be done…well, I have less than two years until it will be paid-n-full. I said I will do it and I will. It doesn’t matter how much it hurts. I WILL do it.

                  • Just by adding some curry, salt, sauteed onions and perhaps some canned tomatoes or rehydrated hot peppers one can have a gourmet meal.

                    If you grow your own food and can it, you will be styling…spices can be bought in bulk 1 lb bags, are not that expensive and last a long time.

                  • @ TCC-

                    My wife sometimes dices/chops up a bunch of green onions, a medium tomato and a medium potato to put into the pot of rice.

                    For the ‘rice virgins’ that may be interested. Forget the so-called minute rice. Uncle Ben’s is our favorite but it’s somewhat more expensive than some others.

                    Basic recipe:

                    1x measure of rice, look at the ‘dry’ rice in the pot and pick out any discolored grains.

                    Some say not to rinse the rice, we follow the Japanese and rinse 3x.

                    2x measure of water

                    Add salt to taste, a bit of butter or olive oil (prevents ‘clumpy’ rice, and any vegetable additions. (the Jamaicans add peas and pearl onions for an interesting dish)

                    Bring the pot to a boil, then cover and reduce heat to low.

                    20 – 30 minutes later and its done.

                    Critters in stored rice? They will float to the top when you are rinsing the rice and pour right off. This works, especially if you’re in a situation where you can’t afford to throw food away. Putting the bags of rice in the freezer for a couple of days prior to storage is supposed to kill any ‘critter’ eggs that may be present.

                    God Bless & good luck to all who post here.

                • Amazing! There are many in other countries living on rice and corn or rice and beans but I’ve never heard of a American doing it. Way to go! I would imagine that when things in this country get bad that you will be the lst stressed.

                • Thats impressive. Kudos to you!

                  • Because rice and beans store so well and are excellent calories for dollars they’re a prep staple.

                    What I have done is purchased dozens of $1 spice jars from Ocean State Job Lot. Every kind of spice I could find and they usually have long expiration shelf lives.

                    Figure I can just throw a different flavoring on my hundreds of pounds of rice and beans each serving.

                • Better get your septic tank pumped. If you’re on town, I wouldn’t have wanted to be the waste water treatment worker. WOW!

                  • hahaha! 🙂

                • Holy shizzle, that’s HARD CORE.

              • Taking the same approach but only with those in the family whom I have urged before to put something extra, or two somethings in the grocery basket. Still doing my best to keep OPSEC in a world with a million eyes and ears but will deal with what comes as it does. dj

            • Assad is a criminal…. but its not OUR job to “arrest” him

              the rebels are also criminals…but its not our job to give them “parole”

              IT IS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS which set of criminals runs Syria. We, the people of America have no interest whatsoever; or to use the more common phrase, we don’t have a dog in this fight.

              All the armchair “lead from behind” chicken hawks in DC — beginning with that jug eared dumbass in the White House — can blather on and on about why our sons and daughters should go out to kill some more brown people to make us “safer”. Let’s see the likes of them shoulder a rifle and stand a post. Let’s see where THEIR children are every time a war is needed to distract us from the corruption at every level of government or the economy swirling down the pipe straight into the sewer. No? Lemme see… “all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”; does that ring a bell?

              Goddamned pseudo- pious frauds, every one of them

            • Obama/his handlers will most likely get the vote they want to get. Remember how the NSA has been gathering dirt on Congressmen, Senators, senior civil servants and key military brass for at least the last decade? You don’t task your resources to that heavy an undertaking without ever planning to use this stuff at some point. Not to mention how Obama has shown his willingness to use other government agencies to go after people he doesn’t like. The IRS going after libertarian groups, the USDA going after people trying to be food self-sufficient or even ordering judges to find Zimmerman guilty of murder. Combine that tendency with his proven proclivity to manipulate information, if not the outright forging of evidence and you have yourself a situation in which he can easily coerce lawmakers into doing things his way.

              Especially when he has said, on record, he had considered canning both chambers and going it alone, even well before Syria or even Libya.

              And people have a self-preservation instinct, even politicians. And with the threat of their lives being destroyed one way or another if they don’t follow the script given to them, they will generally comply. There might be some token resistance but I can’t see a mass refusal to go along with it considering the guns held to their heads. Let alone lawmakers calling news conferences and telling the world how he is being coerced into voting a certain way; that would be a death sentence.

              The real powers that be stand to greatly improve their grasp on the world with this situation. But at least people are starting to see how the Oval Office is for sale to the most influential bidder and Congress is the voice of Obama and/or his puppeteers instead of that of the people.

        • Just thought I would post this article.

          Not since the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991, and prior to that the fall of France in 1940, has there been so swift an erosion of the world influence of a Great Power as we are witnessing with the United States.

          The Soviet Union crumbled jurisdictionally: In 1990-1991, one country became the 16 formerly constituent republics of that country, and except perhaps for Belarus, none of them show much disposition to return to the Russian fold into which they had been gathered, almost always by brute force, over the previous 300 years.

          The cataclysmic decline of France, of course, was the result of being overrun by Nazi Germany in 1940. And while it took until the return of de Gaulle in 1958 and the establishment of the Fifth Republic with durable governments and a serious currency, and the end of the Algerian War in 1962, and the addition of some other cubits to France’s stature, the largest step in its resurrection was accomplished by the Allied armies sweeping the Germans out of France in 1944.

          What we are witnessing now in the United States, by contrast, is just the backwash of inept policy-making in Washington, and nothing that could not eventually be put right. But for this administration to redeem its credibility now would require a change of direction and method so radical it would be the national equivalent of the comeback of Lazarus: a miraculous revolution in the condition of an individual (President Obama), and a comparable metamorphosis (or a comprehensive replacement) of the astonishingly implausible claque around him.

          Until recently, it would have been unimaginable to conceive of John Kerry as the strongman of the National Security Council. This is the man who attended political catechism classes from the North Vietnamese to memorize and repeat their accusations against his country of war crimes in Indochina, and, inter alia, ran for president in 2004 asserting that while he had voted to invade Iraq in 2003, he was not implicated in that decision because he did not vote to fund the invasion once underway. (Perhaps Thomas E. Dewey would have been an upset presidential winner in 1944 if he had proclaimed his support for the D-Day landings but advocated an immediate cut-off of funds for General Eisenhower’s armies of liberation.)

          As has been touched upon here before, the desire to avoid America in another foreign conflict is understandable. But if that is the policy, the president of the United States should not state that presidents of countries in upheaval (e.g., Bashar Assad) “must go,” should not draw “red lines” and ignore them, should not devise plans to punish rogue leaders but not actually damage their war-making ability, should not promise action and send forces to carry out the action, and then have, in current parlance, a public “conversation” with himself about whether to do anything, and should not thereby abdicate his great office in all respects except the salary and perquisites.

          A Senate committee has voted President Obama the authority to attack Syria. But he is the commander-in-chief. He has that authority already, and what he is doing is implicitly making the exercise of that power dependent on Congressional approval. How does that square with the presidential oath, which requires of the inductee that he “faithfully execute the office” and that he “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution”?
          President Truman famously said, “The buck stops here,” and he was right. The American public despises Congress, with good reason. Most of the members are venal, politically cowardly, and incompetent; the idea of those 535 log-rolling gas-bags sharing the command of the United States armed forces does not bear thinking about.
          And if the United States is effectively blasé about countries using chemical weapons on their people, as it apparently is about the formerly “unacceptable” development of nuclear weapons by Iran, this depressing news should be imparted to the world explicitly by the administration and not left to be surmised from the waffling of the Congress.

          What is more worrisome than the fact that the United States has an inadequate president, is that the public still accords the incumbent a significant degree of support. If the American people, who have responded to intelligent leadership so often within living memory, has become so morally obtuse that it buys into this flimflam, the problem is more profound than I imagined.
          What American will need in 2016 is a new president who enunciates a clear policy: foreign intervention only to prevent genocide, to avenge extreme provocations, or to preserve world peace, and in accord with constitutional and international law. That policy would have cut post-Korea war-making to evicting Saddam from Kuwait, the Taliban from Afghanistan, modestly assisting the opponents of Gaddafi and Assad, (as leaders who had monstrously provoked the West), and would have spared everyone the chimerical extravagance of nation-building in hopeless places. Vietnam and the second Iraq War would have been sidestepped altogether.

          The Americans show no sign of wanting their country to be regarded as absurd in the world, and they are so America-centric, and so suffused with the heroic mythos of America, that they seem unable to grasp the possibility that it is.

          There is a contagion that makes the condition less startling: The United Kingdom suddenly has begun to appear ridiculous, too. The British replaced leaders who did not conduct wars effectively, during the Seven Years’, American Revolutionary, Napoleonic, Crimean, and both World Wars. But never in their history until last week have they had a prime minister who summoned Parliament to seek authority to make war and then was denied that authority. The Grand Alliance of Churchill and Roosevelt, the Special Relationship of Thatcher and Reagan, is reduced to slap-stick, farce.

          The country that could pick up the slack and lead is Germany, but it is psychologically incapable. A third of its voters are communists, eco-extremists or cyber-nihilists calling themselves “pirates.” They are still in attrition-therapy over the after-effects of Nazi and communist rule. And the European power that can’t take the lead, because it is almost bankrupt, over-centralized, suffocating in pettifogging regulations and governed by idiots, is France (though it yet has the superb, often misplaced, feline confidence of a Great Power, and admittedly has been magnificent on Libya, Mali and Syria).

          Canada could play a role — but first it must acquire an aircraft carrier and the other equipment necessary to project power. For starters, we should buy one of these splendid aircraft carriers the United States is retiring because of the gridlock-fed deficit and the idiocy of sequestration, rename it H.M.C.S. Canada, recruit the 6,000 people necessary for the crew and partner with other countries in the aviation industry that can help provide it with the aircraft it would carry, and show the aid and defense flag in the world. Nearly 70 years ago, recall, we had two — admittedly much smaller — aircraft carriers despite having a population of just 11.5-million. At the least we could get a helicopter carrier.

          The United States is a hard-working, patriotic country with a talented work force and a political system that can generate policy and govern and lead effectively. Unless the environmentalist extremists who predicted that by now Manhattan would be underwater, the average temperature in Toronto in February would be 20 centigrade, and that we would all be gasping for oxygen, find richer electoral sugar daddies than the oil industry and get political control of that country (almost impossible), the United States will be self-sufficient in energy in a few years.

          This will end the suicidal U.S. balance-of-payments deficit, cut the worst terrorist-supporting, oil-producing regimes in the world off at the ankles financially, and drastically reduce the federal government budget deficit.

          National Post

          • @ Man on the inside:

            “The United States is a hard-working, patriotic country with a talented work force and a political system that can generate policy and govern and lead effectively.”

            Which is exactly why it is a threat to the oligarchical theatrical world view and must be deliberately (as is currently) destroyed as it has been for the past 70 years.

        • Did anyone besides me hear what Hillary said? She dropped more than a few “buzz” words.

          The two that caught my ear:

          1. New World Order
          2. The 2012 Treaty we “hammered out” in June (UN ARMS TREATY, maybe?)

          Nahhhhhhh. Agenda 21 is all just crazy talk for the Alex Jones types.

          All this shit going on in front of our eyes and what is the media highlight of the day?????????; ZIMMERMAN BEING AN IGNORANT ASSHOLE………………because somehow that really matters to people.

          Maybe we DO all belong in FEMA camps. Jeez.

            • Cal Resident. I went to ST Bernadettes 1-6th until they closed it. Did you know M. webber? He lived in your area.

              • Doesn’t sound familiar.

          • Speak for yourself,
            Ill pass on the FEMA camp thanks

          • The only change/nwo that we need or will condone is a world without progressive control freak awipes like hillary.

        • Preferably the line against the wall.

        • Yea, and send Michelle to handle the MRE’s. …. Oh wait are those on her government approved healthy meal list?

        • Do you want to know who REALLY gassed those innocent Syrian boys and girls, women and men?

          1- The people who DID it,


          2- The NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY [the NSA] because they INTERCEPT any and ALL Communications in countries both friendly and hostile to the U.S.!

          The NSA KNOWS!

          (Given THEIR technological prowess, prove to me that they do NOT know, if you choose to Disbelieve my hypothesis!)

          SO…IF Congress COMPELS the NSA to RELEASE T H A T INFORMATION, we will MOST likely see that it was not ASSAD, but someone setting him up.

          And how C H I L L I N G it would be if it was our own people operating under the direction of either the President or, our Military without the President’s knowledge?

          What if the NSA knows who did it and that their information shows it was someone in our own government who “ordered” it?

          Wouldn’t you be scared to death if YOU were one of the NSA workers who knows who did it, especially if it was us?

          Keep in mind that Evil is built on Lies, Confusion, Narcissism, and Scapegoating (= assigning blame to others who had nothing to do with the deed they are accused of).

          IF the NSA knows, then those that did it KNOW that the NSA knows it, and they could TARGET those NSA governmental employees– in which case they better guard their very lives, especially if elements in our own government “authorized” it.

          Because that would mean that their bosses or their bosses’ bosses could sell them out IF in fact rogue elements in our own government “ordered” the gassing of those innocent human beings.

          We killed Seal Team 6, didn’t we, by putting them in an OLD Chinook helicopter?

          My conclusion is that given what Snowden revealed about the surveillance capacities of the NSA, since NO ONE has ASKED the NSA who did it, then maybe someone in OUR government did it. My goodness, I truly hope that is NOT the case! Especially because one of the Commandments is, “Thou shall not kill.”

          I believe the NSA knows who did it. Do you believe they know who did it, too?

          This would make a great Hollywood screenplay, sort of a variation of the film, “Three Days of the Condor” with Robert Redford, but I could never write it because it would be exploiting those people who died..

          As Gandhi so poignantly said, “Truth never damages a cause that is just” and “Truth needs to be repeated as long as there are men who disbelieve it.”

          – The Lone Ranger

      2. I’m just wondering why we don’t attack N. Korea. That little sawed off pissant dictator of theirs is as bad as Assad ever thought about being.

        But we don’t attack them…or even talk about it…do we?

        Face it…we’ve become the neighborhood bully.

        • we don’t talk about China, either (they hold our debt) with 1 child/forced abortion policy, millions killed thru starvation, torture, forced body part “donors”, imprisonment…

          we don’t talk about Russia, millions starved, imprisoned in gulags..and so on..

          we don’t talk about (insert African country with dictator that oppresses and kills….)

          Hint: follow the money trail.

          • “””we don’t talk about Russia, millions starved, imprisoned in gulags..and so on..”””

            The US has more political prisoners behind bars than any other country, but in raw numbers and as a percentage of the population.

            China is the model of government sought by the banksters. If they are not stopped, that is what we will end up with. The only thing that can stop them is you and your guns.

            • “more political prisoners ”

              No, sorry. A prisoner doesn’t automatically make him a political prisoner. They aren’t the same thing.

              Ramos and Compean are POLITICAL prisoners. The rapists, murderes and assorted other douche nozzles, not so much.

        • Last week I thought we would never attack since Russia and China called our bluff. Now Barry is going to address the nation tomorrow night.I’m sure it will be to tell us he’s decided we go to war. Sometimes I wish I was still asleep like the sheeple.

          On a positive note, my uncle asked me to be in a long range match this weekend. We shot 200 and 500 yard matches. I learned a lot from those older guys and I would have never thought an AR would be accurate at those ranges. A lot of fun except for the bugs that chewed on me due to the standing water in the pits.

          • Match sounds like fun, we got nutz over here, have fun!

            • I was lots of fun but I think it was turkey mites that got me. Man those things are relentless. I probably have like 70 red bumps that itch

        • Walt: Isn’t it Ironic that DRodman,or whoever the
          hell is stirring up shit in NKorea again. March revisited, I Daresay. Pisses me off because this
          (propaganda) shit sent my spouse-trained in NBC,now
          retired-into his/her(opsec,doncha know?) last ‘Episode’
          Was it Hemingway? who said, “All is fair in love and
          war”, well, they were Definitely being ironic/sarcastic(sp?). Always like to read what you have to say Walt 🙂

        • Oy vey!

          You probably won’t have to wait long, Walt, before the holy genocidal tribe declares that China and Korea are “lands with people for people who steal land [and everything else]” so are to be incorporated into eretz-Yisrael.—make that ersatz Israel!


      3. Really? Too late. There’s going to be NO WAR. This is the one time that having a leader like 0 is a good thing. He’s far too inept to actually make and stand on a decision (any decision). Right now we just have to wander through these antic’s until he’s done and it’s vacation time.

        Nothings going to be happening. All the doomers are half-excited and half-scared. Notice how looonnngggg it’s taking to make a decision? First it was ‘more evidence’, then it was the UN, now it’s Congress, next it’ll be the UN again and then Russia storing the CW’s. You see, stall, stall, stall, stall, stall……..opps – vacation time.

        Not one thing says we’re going. Understand who Dear Leader is and you’ll sleep better at night. I’d worry far more about the economy and him raping us of our Bill of Rights (what’s left of it) than any action on the other side of the world.

        • It is regtrettable that America has such a coward as a President. Never before in the history of this great nation has a President allowed himself to become somebody’s prison bitch the way Brobama has.

          • He’s not a a coward, he’s a dumbass… racist… incompetent… bought-and-paid-for… NWO whore… and elitist’s play toy…a war criminal… and more generally, a sorry excuse for a human being.

          • Prison Bitch……. I like that…..

            • By his pics, so would he.

        • There WILL be war with Syria, it is already a done deal. What we are seeing is kabuki…

          • Amen to that Fred….it’s theater!!

        • According to a former Congressional expert on the middle east and alternative warfare, Yossef Bodansky now of the World Tribune: Qatar, Turkey and Syrian nationals met with US Intelligence on August 13 & 14 in Turkey to discuss the coming event that would be the public reason the US would bomb Syria. Syrian rebel commanders were sent back to prepare their troops to be ready to take control once the bombing stopped. US navy ships were en-route prior to the August 21 gas attack. The sarin gas components are believed to have come from Saudi Arabia. And on August 24th and 25th 20 tractor truck loads of weapons and munitions were delivered by US Intelligence to the rebels. That was just the first shipment. There is more info at http://www.worldtribune.com August 28th “Mounting Evidence raises questions about Syrian chemical weapon attack.”

          Middle eastern sources say it was the rebels that set off the gas. European and more recently German intelligence agree with this. With US Intelligence present in the planning in Turkey and the delivery of weapons just after the attack, how can the White House claim the US has no knowledge of the attack? If we knew and were any part of this, then US Intelligence and anybody in the government who knew are criminals and if we bomb the Syrian government without UN Security Council approval then the US is a world criminal. Syria and it’s allies will be legally allowed to respond with like force.
          You may not think Obama has the stones to do this but I believe his master do have them. They make money from war and it’s clean up. They won’t be in the war. They will be in safe zones.
          And here is a possible tinfoil hat question? What if the on and off friendliness/anger between Obama and Putin is theater? Russia and China have been preparing for war for 5 years now according to the experts who watch them. They have been amassing arms, munitions, food and underground shelters. What if this is all just a show to make war dollars and implement far stricter security controls of the US people? It will be a real war with real casualties but it’s start will be staged and the end will be world communist totalitarian control.
          Tinfoil hat or a really bad dream/reality?

        • Yes Goofs, I am thinking this is another “rumor of war” like North Korea was a few months back.

        • Based on your supposition, wouldn’t it make sense that perhaps Obama is intentionally stalling to put a wrench into the puppet masters plans? You cannot deny McCain or Romney woulda been bombs away by now like good little puppets! Now AIPAC is joining the party to get the sea change in Congress and force Obama to pull the trigger! If he wiggles out again, more scandals, another False Flag, even worse etc., etc.! Perhaps Obama is playing chess with the blackmailers at every turn – maybe they have been responsible for all the things we blame Obama for, and he is masterfully playing delay hands! No doubt he may be between a rock and a hard place – the people handling him are ruthless and cunning and he has a lot to lose by becoming a cog in the wheel. If you think he is the centerpiece you are kidding yourselves – and Obama’s stalling on Syria has been the only thing preventing the plan – that’s why they put Kerry in there – to more effectively handle the puppet and get things moving again after the false flag! Worth considering because for sure Obama isn’t making the agenda – he’s just he public face and TelePrompTer reader who just may have a conscience!

          • I dont agree. Obama HATES America. look at his past associates.

            • Obama doesn’t just hate America, he wants to turn it into a third-world shithole, like the one he grew up in.

          • Of course, he’s not creating the agenda, but he’s going along with it-that makes him as guilty as the ones creating this and he does have “free will”…he can choose! Sorry, but he doesn’t get a pass on this…..not when people are going to die!

          • Hang on a sec: you lost me on ‘may just have a
            conscience’. Fuck!Pinoccio has More of a ‘Conscience’
            than Oblohole. goodgreif…

          • I’m with Dave on this one. Why would Obama choose now of all times to buck at his handlers’ traces? If he did have a problem about being a mouthpiece for the true power brokers and really had stones he would has sounded off about that already.

            This is just a play to give legitimacy to his plans. Five to one key players in Congress have already been bribed or coerced into going along with the master plan regardless of the wishes of the people.

            But I’m not making excuses for him. I want to see him hang, make no mistakes. As JP states, he’s guilty by going along with that plan instead of nutting up.

            Although I wonder what he tells himself to rationalize his decisions so he can sleep at night.

      4. Remember “War Pigs” by Black Sabbath. So true. OZZY RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Check out “monster” by Steppenwolf. It plays like it was produced for today even though its over 40 yrs old.

      5. Yes, the govmnt is on the road to destruction, internally and externally. Will they change their direction even if they are called out on their atrocities? Nah, too much power & $$$ at stake. Hypocrisy & greed abound, their minds are seared.

      6. excellent article…..just the point i’ve been trying to make with some of my co-workers……”what if the roles were reversed?…what if the usa was in the middle of some civil unrest and russia & china said it was time to bomb america “to protect the children?”….what then?….my co-workers had no answer….sad, isn’t it?

        • It is especially sad because it is reality, not what if.

        • sounds like your co-workers are the ones that need the foil hats to keep reality out. had a discussion with one of my co-workers the other day- he was all for war with Syria….because he said war always helps the economy. I asked “really? like the last two have helped thatout so much?”. Then I said- how about we start the thought process over again ,with the VERY FIRST question that EVERYBODY should ask- Is is right, or wrong?! Obviously- it FAILS the very first test…therefore, the rest of the arguments are moot!

      7. Yeah! Let’s start a war! One our grandfathers will be proud of! (jeesh!) Pee-you! Pee-on!

        How bout NOT!

        But, since even Glen and Rush are ultimately on-board with the ‘other side’, guess it’ll be.

        What do you mean Glen and Rush? Have you not noticed? Here we are where Glen’s bad international bankers start the war they want and what is Glen talking about? Something about his side or the other side but NOT A PEEP about ‘HOW TO HANDLE THE INTERNATIONAL BANKERS’.

        One word,


        Of course you will not hear the real and relative battle cry, “eff the thieves”, you see, multi-millionaires know whose side they must fall on.

        Sorry folks, if you don’t hear talk of how we’re gonna deal with our problems (like Iceland) then war as they say, will be the least of our problems!

        Prep so G_d will recognize you as one who does recognize Him. A livable planet is not in the EULA.

        • Yep…Ole Glenny…

          Ask him what the double triangle shield on his cowboy boots is for.

          There lies his true allegiance and the reason he doesn’t speak up.

          • JRS:

            You are absolutely positively correct. Sad to say, isnt it.

            • @POd granny… I answered you question in prior link..

              • Read it. Appreciate your view. Thanks!

          • JRS:

            Amazing what you can find on the internet. Decided to look up what the symbol on the Israeli flag meant. After going through page after page; then there was this:

            socio economics history blog wordpress.com is the star of david a jewish or biblical symbol or…….

            I have always wondered what the 666 might mean in the Bible. Very interesting.

            • granny…I didn’t go to your link so I’m not sure what it says, but from what I have read it was originally red and was an adopted sign above a Rothschild place of business…and that in itself says quite a bit about the international banks and who runs them.

              • JRS: Correct. It began as the original Old man Rothschild RED six point star symbol. Thats why he changed his name from Meyer to Rothschild. In german where their first HQ loan co existed about 300-350 yrs ago, the words Roth=Red and Schild= Sheild aka RED Sheild. Later adopted as Israli star of ‘david” except King David never had any such star. Biblically that star originated as a Pagan Heathen false god symbol. In the OT bible sections God Bashes israelite tribes for worship of Raphiem, and Molach(sp?) which is the Brass Idol false god geated red hot by a wood fire in bottom of statue.

                Then the isralites and judahites tossed their first borns unto the arms of the heated statue to be burned alive as a sacrafice to Molach false god. That six point star is somehow conected with it all. David never used nor had any such star symbol. Just More Khazar fraud practices that rival all the rest they are so famed for.

                Also the reigning Head of Rothschild family at the time of 1948 israel is on record several times as saying Hes the true Owner of state of israel since He and His cash Built it!…Do not believe for one moment that all them jewish isralis in the israel state aint aware of rothschild and how his loot and family is so conected.

                Them Banksters and eliet partners they have, wanted their Own Country so they can also Make laws-Own a Military/Navy-and have what is the absolute highest power available on earth, other than God, in Human power, which Is the powers of the State or Nation. Who else can own their own military? make war? Make money by Printing it? Loot and bankrupt Other nations?

                None else can besides a “State” so they got israel as a state. And look how all I wrote a state can do is being done by them eliets. As long as all or Most all other states agree to never arrest or halt them from so much evils, who else can stop or arrest owners of a State?

                Nobody else can. They make the Laws to shield themselves.

                In laymans terms Israel equals a rabid swindled scam state, intended as a base of opps by the worlds largest most evil and deadly Mafia! Only their mafia don’t speak Italian…They speak Yiddish.

                Imagian if Al Capone was able to take illinois and secceed from the USA! Then Capone as Prez or King could Buy a Military-Banks-Print cash! etc etc…Nobody but a bigger state or nation could ever stop Capone then right.

                Switch Al Capone and Illinois to Netanyhaoo and Israel!

                • Just wanted to let ya know I really enjoy your info TG. Man, you are a wealth of information!

                  • Outlaw: Thank you for the compliment. All it really is. Is that I have researched and studied most all these major issues. They all kinda tie into each other and after 20 yrs online reading I have leraned quite a bit.

                    I think a good asset I posess is that I have what some folks call a Near-Photographic memory. I am very bad on remembering persons names. But numbers and all the related info like we discuss here is stuff I can read 10 yrs ago and when a post comes up thats related to info I know of, I can relate from stuff I read or learned yrs or decades ago.

                    Many things I can also recall what page or section its located at. Like guns laws for example. I can sometimes recall both the actual law, and also which of 50 pages to go look for it at.

                    So I guess passing on info to others,especially when most folks do not have as much free time to read so many things, is a good thing for me to do with my memory etc eh. Nobody can learn too much good info. Knowledge Is Power right! Thanks again Outlaw, Them Guys.

        • Does everyone here watch professional wrestling a few hours a day or something?!!

          Do you get what I’m saying? Our ‘fearless leader’ Glen mentioned it a year or two ago about how ‘they’ told him, “The ship is leaving the dock!” (Oh, and if you see a pic with me and Jeffrey Immelt well, we just happen to live in the same condominium complex in Dallas) He didn’t confront them. He was surprised. Ok. Maybe.

          But come on. Kerry and Assad had dinner in 2009. They will now be enemies but they will probably have dinner again in 2015 or so. Same with the Obama and Putin match up in the professional wrestling grade drama which is being played out.

          The great thing that is happening now is: Our guy, Obama, screwed up the whole ‘war for finances’ table setting when he erroneously caved and included Congress in on the decision-making! Obama said “This will require war!” He pushed the clutch in (the clutch of human events) and he still has it pushed in and the momentum is lost. Period. They are if they have any sense pissed at Obama for slipping up so horribly.

          Anyway, now the great (unformed) Tea Party international (neglected, hmmm) is talking it up and making the right contacts hopefully to stop this unnecessary (for us) war which is necessary (for them).

          We may still get it though… much less chances and much chance for an awake planet if indeed our biggest mouths are really all the way on our side.

          You can go back to your professional wrestling if you want to.

        • @QuantumBubbler, and you recognize God by spelling His name G_d? Are you ashamed to let the word “God” fall from your keyboard?

          • Just something Jews do for some stupid reason which I forgot and don’t care to remember.


            Is that better?

      8. I miss Nina O’s take on the situation. Sure it was repetitive yet this person placed the blame squarely where it belonged.

        • Just don’t say it 3 times PLEASE

      9. BUT, what they (those that want to start a war in Syria) will NOT talk about is who is going to make money from this. What scandels and other criminal acts are going to be covered-up or “forgotten” about. Or how with a distracted public, TPTB, will have more time to hide or distroy the evidence of their treasons, criminal behavior.
        And Yet they want to start another world war. It seems TPTB never learned the lessons from the first one. This is insane; start a war, risk having to have both Russia and China as enemies. Our country is broke and so far in debt, that that debt will never be paid off. We don’t have the manufacturing base like we had during WW II. The weapons of war also are more complicated, expensive and take long to produce. In addition all they will need a massive amount of spare parts to keep them functioning. Their equipment is as good as ours, and they have more of it and more military personal.
        Given the abuse of rights in our own country, who are we to tell other nations how to behave?
        BTW Chris, excellent article by you!

      10. Blah, Blah, Blah, Obama, Blah. Really? How many will waste your time to listen to the, Tele-promter King.
        Shit or get off the pot you stupid fucker.

        • I vote for him just getting out of the white house before he hurts anybody else.

      11. What I’m not hearing brought up by any media is –What is the difference Between someone using chemical weapons during a civil war to kill children and Obama using DRONES to kill children? Isn’t Obama, by his own definition, a war criminal? WHere is the outcry from the nations where the drone strikes occur? It is nonexistent due to their financial dependence on American money!!! Criminals at their finest.

        • “”WHere is the outcry from the nations where the drone strikes occur? It is nonexistent due to their financial dependence on American money!!!””

          No, it is censored out of the new overage because the truth can not be told.

          There are many voices screaming, I am sure. Just look on the floor of the editing rooms.

          • What else we never hear on any MSM news is: What will hobammy do to Protect the few remaining Whites in South Africa, when as soon as Mandela, Now 95yrs old! soon Dies and Hoards of African Savages in S.Africa has Vowed to finish Killing Off every last Whitey there to Honor Mandela.

            Those african savages plan to do a rerun of Hati circa 1800 when blacks in Hait exterminated every last white there, once white folk voted to give equality and the Vote power to the hatian blacks that highly outnumbered whites in hati.

            Will Hobammy-McStain-Finestien-AIPAIC-NAACP et al demand american military go to save those few last s african whites?

            • “Hoards of African Savages ”

              Reading this blather I now know why you’re a racist. Because you’re a frakking retard that doesn’t possess the mental acuity of a teenager.

              It’s HORDE you idiot. They dont keep all the black people hidden in the closets over there. And then there is the camel casing…. God you’re stupid.

            • What do you do for a living? Its got to be some low info kind of gig. I’m thinking Cable TV installer or mail man.

              • I’m a Retired Hit Man, Not so Much. Happy now? Before I retired I worked for folks who had Troubles with other persons. Many were very ironicly similar to You!

                I did not mind that as it served to make My job that much eaiser to do. Pays swell too!

                I will give some free advice incase you or others ay take on the same type profesion. Rent a motel room nearby the “hit target”, place a fresh clean set of clothes and shoes etc there ahead of time. be sure to equip the bathroom with a Gal of Vinigar. Soon as the Job is acomplished, go to motel room, take a good shower and Use that Vinigar First to remove powder traces.

                That way incase by mishap you got pulled over by cops and they susspected you, when they do a parafin test for powder traces…You wont show any!

                ps, always toss the gun asap. No gun=No crime.

                or you can use other method or weapon. I prefer guns.

                My partner on ocassion likes an Ice Pick. To each his own eh.

      12. I Won’t even listen to The Narcissist in chief, ALLLLL lies, Always lying, lies , lies and damn lies. It’s actually amusing because HE actually believes his own Bullshit.

      13. America has become the “dog on the chain” the past One Hundred years (fed reserve) and continues with Fido in the white house as chief puppet.

      14. Excellent article, = comments and insight. If the blurb from zero hedge that Russia’s plan to put Syria’s chem.’s in “adult supervision” (international coalitional…thingy) is correct than we could almost be thank full for our commander in chiefs waivering. Is it an act or does it come naturally? Hopefully he will make us all look slightly less stupid by getting involved in the actual stoppage of chem.’s dispursal…oh yea, I forgot, we do it to our own…or promote it when in “our” (elite agenda’s)best interest…

        thanks for listening, carry on, egg

        • The Russians play chess. Chimpmeister plays ” Sorry.” ” I didn’t draw that red line, the world did!”

        • I think Russia is playing Obamas bluff as well as assisting in the tide being turned against the USA.
          Obama blinked
          Russia gives an option,
          World likes it, Non violent!

          Then what?
          BHO bombs them anyway? The rhetoric so far is they dont trust
          BHO says ok, plays out, UN says chems were from AlUSAQaida, hmmm
          Nothing happens and this shit drags on, and on and on

          I think we need to remember what Kerry and Mccain both mentioned about the aim of turning the tide on the battle field and regime change.
          Whats the right hand up to while they are having this puppet show with the left

          • Sure we should go to war – lets give OBumbler, Kerry, Billary an M16 each and say, “After You!!”. Not gunna happen of course. But another thought on the time it is taking to “round up the troops” – this was pretty much what happened in Iraq. Gradually had to build up support for an invasion which also took some time and when they found “evidence” of WMD it was a done deal. Of course there were no WMD (our PM her in Oz fed us the same BS by the way) but by then it didnt matter. Stuff ’em all over there – 100 years ago they were nomadic goat herders and when the oil is gone in 30,40,50 years they’ll be goat herders again and no one will give a flying fig about ’em!


            • Been watching the news – looks like BO BO will have this taken out of his hands, not only by Congress but by the Russians as well, making him look like a weak, innefective fool. So, now he has to go to Plan B …… as soon as he thinks of one (or one is thought of for him!!)


              • Theyll probly give him another nobel prize!

            • If those donkeys were in front of me doing a leapfrog id have an accident and slip and accidentally punch 55g holes in all of them!

      15. Don’ Need A War With Syria. If they Want To Kill Each Other, Let ALLAH solve their problems.

        • I don’t label tens of thousands of innocent women and children in Syria as “killing each other”.

          So if Americans fight their government, its called a revolution. But if Muslims fight an oppressive government, its called killing each other?

          You are a perfect example of what’s wrong in this country. Ignorance is spread out all around this nation.

          Before Alqaeda came to Syria, it was only Syrian people fighting for their freedom and nation. But alqaeda came and destroyed the face of the Syrian people who really want to improve their country.

          Than the media focus on alqaeda this, alqaeda that. And soon afterwards, all Syrian rebels were labeled alqaeda.

          And the scary thing is, that you people who are supposed to be “awake” are falling for the same trick. And you are grouping billions of Muslims together with alqaeda who doesn’t even represent the Muslim world.

          I don’t label people like you as awake or smart. Rather, I label you as an extremely ignorant person who is spreading false information.

          • Another thing. Americans know that alqaeda is controlled by CIA. Americans know that blackwater bombed Sunni religious sites and shiite sites which resulted in a civil war. Americans know that the government killed millions of people around the world including millions in Iraq and used uranium ammunition which is now resulting in diseases at a large scale. Why do Americans act like Muslims are enemies.

            They are suffering like Americans are and even more. They was no enmity between the Middle East and the United states up until the government put its nose in that area.

            Think if it this way. If Russia or China did the same thing. What would you do?

            • Id be pissed!
              Good post, generalization is counter productive

              • “Why do Americans act like Muslims are enemies.” Well let’s see, the Terrorists who flew planes into the world trade center were Muslim, the shoe bomber was muslim, the underwear bomber was muslim, the Fort Hood shooter was muslim, the suicide attack on the USS Cole was perpertrated by muslims, muslims own slaves, muslims cut off peoples heads and the list goes on and on. Perhaps this is the reason people hate muslims is because they deserve it based on their actions.
                When shooting a muslim first dip your bullet in bacon grease so to sent that muslim piece of pig droppings straight to Hell. And by the way Mohommad was a pedophile. Just another great example of what a wonderful religion Islam is.

                • ” the Terrorists who flew planes into the world trade center were Muslim”

                  Oh oh, you’re gonna get all the troofers and anti-semites up in arms. everyone knows IT WAS THE JEWS. /sarc

          • Billions of Muslims?! Try 1.5 BILLION, halfwit! Be a good little chicken hawk and go fight for the Beloved Obama! Sounds like your ignorance is spread out in front of the mirror!

            Freedom fighters don’t resort to cannibalism, torture, beheadings, mass executions of women and children, exectuing naked POWs. If you and your liberal pals at Daily Kos want to see Shariah law around the world, go live under it. Tell us how it wonderful it is.

      16. The government of the US has become the largest terrorist organization in the history of the world.
        Its so true and so very sad, and it seems like there’s not a thing that I can do about it, or is there?

        • Stu:

          If AIPAC and Israel says we will have war, we will have war.

          If it takes a little stall time to ready a horrific false flag bigger than 9/11 then so be it. If that is what it takes they will get it done.

          Turn on the MSM; they are jerry rigging the public opinion favoring the war; updating it by the minute.

          And, isn’t it wonderful. FAUX news has finally been invited to participate in a discussion with our FAUX president.

          Get ready for it patriots, it is coming your way from the biggest terrorists of all; those ass@#$%s that we send to Washington. We have allowed probably 1,000 people to take us hostage. Breaking out of their manmade prison isn’t going to be easy.

          This war they are formenting, in the end, will not come out the way they planned. The Bible tells us so. But, oh the suffering it is going to wreak is going to be beyond description.

          They could give a s#$% less about the people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, the Congo, etc., etc., etc. It is for the domination of the world and the world’s natural wealth……all to be owned by the One World Cartel.

          Jesus has a surprise in store for them. I just hope he shortens the time to alleviate some of the suffering.

          • Howdy, Granny. I agree totally and i’m dreading it, but still prepping for it. braveheart

            • Hi there Braveheart:

              I know your heart is as big for America as mine is. Just knowing whats coming for our kids and grandkids is about more than a body can stand.

              I live in Oregon on the redoubt side but don’t think it will much matter when the big shtf. Sounds like you are not very happy about your present whereabouts but you have relatives that will come to your rescue?

              Would like to write some “soft hearted” posts but I think the time is long past for that.

              Kindest regards,

              • Granny, remember the article, “Map: Where You Don’t Want To Be When It Hits The Fan”? I’m in one of the blue areas on that map, but I have arrangements to go to a cousin’s BOL if I can get out of the city in time and That is at least 100 miles from another ‘blue spot’. If my vehicle is fried by an EMP, I may be toast. I could become toast anyway because I live within the New Madrid Seismic Zone. Whatever happens, I’ll give it my best shot at survival. plus, you’re right about it being too late for ‘soft-hearted’ posts. I believe all of us will get hardened hearts in post-SHTF. Just don’t let your heart get hardened toward God. that’s one of the worst mistakes anyone can make. braveheart

                • Then what are you waiting for? Get out NOW, while there is time!

          • So PO’ed granny. I do have one important question. When Jesus returns, will he come back as a Jew since he was Jewish while he was here ? I don’t believe he can come back as a Christian since he couldn’t be a follower of himself. So therin lies the paradox. I believe that what is important is that Christ said, love thy neighbor as you love thyself and how can a person love a God whom they have not seen yet hate their fellow man whom they see ? So when people spew the anit Jew bullshit on this site it comes across as ignorant trailer park poor white trash redneck just got out of prison rhetoric. It’s time to find a solution and not look for scapegoats.

            • Justice:

              Jesus was not a “jew”. So the rest of your post tells me you don’t know what you are talking about.

              Satan has an age old saying “If you can’t kill the message then do your best to KILL THE MESSENGER”. Keep trying, Justice.

              I won’t lower myself to decide what hides behind the screen name Justice. I will let Jesus decide whose side you are on.

              • Juzduhs:

                In my ignorant trailer park poor white trash,redneck just got out of prison talk:

                De debil gotta holda ye bro; yer hi falootin kollege edukation iz showin.

              • Not a Jew ? Are you retarded ? Further conversation would be a waste of time.

                • Justice: Educate your sorry Self!

                  JESUS WAS NOT A Jew
                  Benjamin H. Freedman, Jewish Historian – Researcher – Scholar.
                  From “Common Sense”, p. 2-1-53 and 5-1-59

                  “Christians have been duped by the unholiest hoax in all history, by so-called Jews. This is considered their most effective weapon.”

                  “This ‘big lie’ technique is brainwashing United States Christians into believing that Jesus Christ was “King of the Jews”, in the sense that so-called ‘Jews’ today call themselves ‘Jews’. This reference was first made in English translations of the Old and New Testaments, centuries before the so-called Jews highjacked the word ‘Jew’ in the 18th century A.D. to palm themselves off on the Christian world as having a kinship with Jesus Christ. This alleged kinship comes from the myth of their common ancestry with the so-called ‘Jews’ of the Holy Land in the Old Testament history, a fiction based on fable.”

                  “American Christians little suspect they are being brainwashed twenty-four hours of every day over television and radio, by newspapers and magazines, by motion pictures and plays, by books, by political leaders in office and seeking office, by religious leaders in their pulpits and outside their churches, by leaders in the field of education inside and outside their curricular activities, and by all leaders in business, professions and finance, whose economic security demands that they curry the favor of so-called “Jews” of historic Khazar ancestry. Unsuspecting Christians are subjected to this barrage from sources they have little reason to suspect. Incontestable facts supply the unchallengeable proof of the historic accuracy that so-called “Jews” throughout the world today of eastern European origin are unquestionably the historic descendants of the Khazars, a pagan Turko-Finn ancient Mongoloid nation deep in the heart of Asia, according to history, who battled their way in bloody wars about the 1st century B.C. into eastern Europe where they set up their Khazar kingdom. For some mysterious reason the history of the Khazar kingdom is conspicuous by its absence from history courses in the schools and colleges.

                  “In an original 1903 edition of the Jewish Encyclopedia in New York’s Public Library, and in the Library of Congress, Volume IV, pages 1 to 5 inclusive, appears a most comprehensive history of the Khazars. Also in the New York Public Library are 327 books by the world’s greatest historians and other sources of reference, in addition to the Jewish Encyclopedia, dealing with Khazar history, and written between the 3rd A.D. and 20th centuries by contemporaries of the Khazars and by modern historians on that subject.”

                  Many denominational Christians and even church leaders are under the mistaken belief that Jesus was a Jew. But nothing could be further from the truth.

                  Judea and Galilee were two separate states and political entities, as illustrated on the map of Palestine in the time of our Saviour in your Bible. Jesus Himself was not a Jew (Judean) or resident of Judea, He was a Galilean or resident of Galilee (Matthew 26:69; John 7:41), and a Judahite or descendent of the Tribe of Judah. The Judeans of prominence were not of the Tribe of Judah, but of Edomites. Pilate was being ironic when he wrote the sign “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Judeans” for the Cross (John 19:19). That is, “the Galilean who was King of the Judeans,” as in “Queen Victoria of England, Empress of India.” Jesus grew up in Nazareth in Galilee. His disciples were fishermen from the Sea of Galilee. And although He visited Jerusalem, he spent most of His life in his home country of Galilee. John 7:1, “After this Jesus stayed in Galilee; for He could not walk in Judea, because the Jews sought to kill him.” His followers were constrained “for fear of the Jews” (John 7:13, 19:38, 20:19).

                  Esau, the brother of the patriarch Jacob, became the ancestor of the people called Edom, or Idumea. The Antiquities of the Jews by Flavius Josephus, XIII ix 1; XV vii 9 instructs us: John Hyrcanus forcibly assimilated the Edomites as a national group and they became “Jews” in about 120BC. The Jewish historian Josephus, who lived just after the time of Christ, wrote, “They [Edom] were hereafter no other than Jews’. The Jewish scholar Cecil Roth in his Concise Jewish Encyclopedia (1980) says on page 154, “John Hyrcanus forcibly converted [Edom] to Judaism. From then on they were part of the Jewish people. In the Talmud the name of Edom was applied to Christian Rome, and was then used for Christianity in general”.

                  Terrible judgements against Edom are made in most of the prophecies of the Old Testament. For instance, Isaiah 34, 63, Jeremiah 49, and the entire book of Obadiah.

                  The Edomite, Antipater, became the Procurator of Judea in 47BC. Ten years later his son Herod actually became “king of the Jews,” initiating the Edomite dynasty which ruled Palestine under Roman authority for over a hundred years. The Edomite assimilation opened the way for the virtual takeover along the lines predicted by Ezekiel and stimulus for an influx of population from the arid country of Edom into the more hospitable environment of Judea, an influx obviously encouraged for political reasons by the ruling Herodian dynasty. Edomites would have been appointed to the most influential positions, in order to extend and consolidate Edomite authority over the land and its people. Herod became notorious for his massacre of infant boys two years old and undger,” a supernaturally inspired attempt on the life of Christ (Matthew 2:16). Herod’s son Herod Antipas, continuing the work, and was responsible for the gruesome murder of John the Baptist (Matthew 14:6-12).

                  Christ demonstrated a very real antipathy towards the people called Jews, in Bibles published after about 1776, but who would be more accurately described as Judeans, or residents of the Edomite-dominated territory of Judea. Jesus said to the Jews “You do not believe because you are not of My sheep” (John 10:24-27). “I was only sent to the lost sheep of the House of Israel” (Matthew 15:24).

                  The Jews shouted “Crucify Him!” (John 19:15); “His blood be on us and on our children” (Matthew 27:25). In an appropriate turn about, when Jesus returns, their blood will stain His own garments. The spiritual leaders of the Jews were the Pharisees, who not surprisingly were associated with the (Edomite) Herodians (Matthew 22:15-16; Mark 3:6; 12:13). Jesus repeatedly condemned the Pharisees as “hypocrites” (Matthew 15:7; 22:18; 23:13,15,23,25,27-27). He also called them “serpents, the offspring of vipers” (Matthew 3:7; 12:34; 23:33).

                  That should Keep you Busy Learning Real TRUTH! Justice.

      17. I know I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating. NOTHING THIS GOVERNMENT DOES HAS ANY LEGITIMATE BASIS TO IT, NONE WHATSOEVER. TPTB, working hand in glove with Wall St. and the international banksters, are out to destroy this country. Sad to say, they’ve done a helluva job so far. Bearing in mind the attitude govt. officials have toward the people and their intentions toward us, I say we don’t owe government anything, except to kick them all out and start all over again. None of them have a leg to stand on. None of them could preach to any of the people about anything. The government is the problem, not the people. Who the f#$% are DHS or anyone else to classify people as terrorists? The govt. are the terrorists. War is coming between us and the govt. it won’t end well for the govt. MOLON LABE WOLVERINES braveheart

        • Please pass the Grey Poop-on.

          Your sights are right on target, braveheart

          • Howdy, OutWest. The only thing we owe to this evil government is ‘precious metal’ aka ‘hot lead.’ braveheart

            • Copper jacketed lead to be exact!

              • Before we give them lead, can I give them some brass? As in brass knuckles? We can not let them perish without feeling pain and terror.

            • Bacon grease works well to top off the hollow points.

        • That, my brother in arms, is the drum I have been beating till I broke my drum sticks and realized I’d best just spend the money on beans, bullets and bandaids vs another pair of drum sticks… It is the reality that they are the ones who are terrorists and I have no problem dealing with terrorists who say otherwise. dj

        • Had a sobering thought. Not only do we find our current gov/corp disgusting, but so does the rest of the world. Obuttcheecks and Keeeeery who served in VN have backed themselves into a corner. Those two clowns, plus their supporters need to be put in a round room and see if they can find the penny in the corner. It is about the money!

        • So Brave…Do you think the government having a law against drunk driving is good or bad?

      18. All Russia and China would have to do to end this would be to say that the second that the first bomb falls on Syria they will gather 100% of their holding of US debt and say “Can you cash this for me please?”, thereby completely bankrupting the US because we don’t have another trillion lying around. We would have to print the money since we don’t have it and send it to them.

        The US would then come out and say that they have analyzed all the data and have decided that it would be best to look for a political solution.

        What message would a very limited bombing do? There is no way short of invasion that striking them with a bunch of missles for a week would make Assad say “Wow, we better do what the Americans are saying!”

        It will only embolden Assad when he says “See? We took their best shot and are still standing!”

        We are still in sequestration because we are broke, we are doing financial tricks to continue to pay our bills facing the inevitable debt ceiling increase coming in October. We can’t afford to keep OUR White House open for tours, but can spend hundreds of millions if not billions bombing Syria?

        There are reasons that the Arab world hates us. This will not change anything. Even if for some reason these efforts embolden the resistance force in Syria, they are probably worse than Assad!

        Look at all of the other conflicts that we have been involved in over the past decade. How many of them can be deemed successful?

        What happens if we bomb them and they and Iran attack Israel? We would retaliate, more countries will be drawn in and possibly invite WWIII.

        We can’t even stop water from leaking out of a nuclear reactor for cripes sake!!

        And God Bless,

        • Distraction my friend, this is all a distraction,
          I dont know for what or where but you can bet these pricks are doing other shady stuff.
          Watch your 6 folks, boogie mans not going to get us but you can bet some sort of bullshit is playing out behind the scenes.

          • Boy, do I agree with you! I’m always looking over my shoulder anymore. Don’t know what’s coming, but am sure it’s vile. I’ve written my “Representatives” (Sarcasm) every single day and did get one reply from one of the senators. He “sincerely” wants me to know that he’s fighting for the middle class. What that has to do with Syria, I don’t know. I also whine every day about ObamaCare and maybe he got my letters mixed up. He’s a Dem, so am sure he’s wondering how he’s going to support O-dimwit without any blowback in the next election. The Republicans are lying low, so assume they are hoping we won’t notice. We are so screwed.

        • Arabs don’t hate Americans. They hate the government. They suffer like Americans are suffering. But they are suffering more.

          And just like you said, there are reasons for hate. People just don’t suddenly wake up and hate another group of people. A sentence that is the view of many in this country.

          • Good point, similar to racism,
            Again, its those generalizations and assumptions.

        • “…they will gather 100% of their holding of US debt and say “Can you cash this for me please?””

          I would rather suffer through a financial collapse, than to try to survive a financial collapse AND WWIII, only to have the banking cartel take over afterwards.

          If it takes an American financial collapse to stop this madness, then so be it….just as long as we get to hang those fucking banksters when the dust clears.

          • Amen to that. I hope I see such day before I die.

            • Amen

      19. Just as human instinct has taken us to war for the only true reason of freedom, instinct now should keep us out of war.

        Progressives believe they’ve evolved beyond nature (instinct) they have lost their imagination for evil and in so doing they have become more susceptible and likely to commit true evil.

        Progressives believe that our fight or flight instinct is no longer needed because we’ve become so civilized with laws and structure, this train of thought is dangerous because it places the goals of man above the nature and instinct of God.

        • Y99:

          Our instinct of freedom for the true cause to go to war does not ring a bell with me.

          The lie of going to war to free up people doesn’t sell anymore. If being free looks like Cambodia, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan……if I lived amongst the ruins that America has left me….I would think there must have been something about “being free” that I didn’t understand.

          Freedom, my ass. Theft of resources and turning populations into slaves, owning the WORLD. That is the “freedom” these people are subject and it is coming to a neighborhood near you sooner than you think.

          • Granny, I refer to what would be a just war and freedom is the only thing worth fighting for. Our founding fathers instinctually viewed the revolutionary war (rightly so) a just cause.

            Syria, or any other foreign entanglements backing a dictator or tyrant is not a just cause and we should all instinctually see this and stay out of it.

          • PO’d Granny — sarc/

            Obama heard off mike:
            “I love the smell of napalm in the morning,
            ……It’s……It’s…… Orgasmic!!”

            • And OutWest:

              0 finished the conversation with “heard OutWest gonna douse somebody with gasoline. He be a terrerist,too. Got a drone fixed on his local? Oh, right on, lets do it…

              • Many have tried Granny, none have succeeded yet.
                They better hurry, before I die of natural causes.

          • Additionally it should be known that we as a country have not been fighting around the world in order to establish individual freedom, freedom isn’t what the establishment wants, our leaders like to call it spreading democracy, which in truth can only be referred to as spreading mob rule.

            World war III is already being fought, and each new entanglement is nothing but another battle in an overall ongoing war, and with each little monster we fight we only help in creating a larger problem.

            Instinct and our desire for individual freedom should keep us out of these battles, we cannot push freedom onto people born and raised with a slave mentality.

      20. All she wants to do is, Dance! – Don Henley

        • Wow, thank you for this info. Very interesting. No judgment but maybe a little hope that they have had their “sacrifice” and are now done for a while and will leave us humans alone. Maybe they are concerned, as they should be, that we humans are on to them and too many of us are awake and maybe they will just move on to some other planet and leave us the heck alone………

      21. Will China send its warships to Syrian coast?

        China has reportedly sent its “Jinggangshan” amphibious dock landing ship to the coast of Syria. In case this information is confirmed, it will offer proof that China has changed its attitude towards the local conflicts with the involvement of the US. It is possible that soon China will start, like Russia, using its warships to demonstrate its presence in the given region or for the allocation of political support, or for supplying necessary items to its allies which are subjected to pressure from the West, expert with the Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies Vasily Kashin says.
        0One can’t rule out that soon such operations will be carried out jointly with Russia, and the large-scale Russian -Chinese naval exercises that were conducted in the past few years were aimed exactly at practicing strategic coordination and mutual trust.
        0The Missile Frigate Xuzhou of the Chinese naval flotilla deployed in the Gulf of Aden was sent to the coast of Libya in 2011, to ensure the safety of the Chinese citizens during their evacuation from Libya. However, in this case – meaning the reports saying that the Chinese “Jinggangshan” amphibious dock landing ship was sent to the coast of Syria – the reasons, as it appears, are different. According to the Chinese media, there were only 46 Chinese nationals in Syria at the end of last month. Thus, it is rather doubtful that sending a large amphibious landing ship of 28,000 tons displacement is good. Motor transport could be used for this purpose.
        0Russia regularly sends its landing ships to the Syrian coast. On September 4th a source that is well aware of the development of the Russian-Syrian military-technical cooperation said that they are being used to supply weaponry to Syria. Russia started doing this after in 2012 Britain prevented the entry of the “Alaid” civilian transport ship which carried repaired helicopters meant for the Syrian army into Syria. As distinct from a civilian ship, a landing ship can’t be detained, stopped or examined.
        0Regular voyages to Syria have become a heavy burden for the Russian technically outdated navy vessels. And still, amid the preparations for military action against Syria, which are being carried by the US, another two landing ships have already been sent to the coast of Syria. In case of need that can be used for the evacuation of Russian citizens from Syria.
        0Russia and China have achieved tangible results in offering political support to the Syrian government, which is doing its utmost to resist pressure from outside. China’s growing authority in the developing countries is urging it to take a more active stance on the most urgent issues of the world policy. There is reason to believe that soon China will get far more involved in coalition actions, and one cannot rule out that there will emerge a situation when China will be able to assume leadership.
        Vasily Kashin
        Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2013_09_09/Will-China-send-its-warships-to-Syrian-coast-2751/

      22. On way home from work I had such a disturbing thought I had to pull over and collect myself. I miss Jimmy Carter!!!

        • That is the 7th exact same Jimmy Carter joke here. Original please.

      23. What about growing some balls . Ask why 250 aipac lobbyists are allowed in this country ? Name them , post pictures .

        What about asking why 80 odd elected american official . Went to israel a couple years ago. Why didn’t they go some place else like france / UK / hell why not goto nepal if someone else is footing the bill.

        alt media is apparently lacking in the big balls department , that is why these questions are never asked .

        • @M, Because they are all PIG farmers. PIGS will remain PIGS as my grandpa used to say it from his time during WWII.

          • M: All MSM media in every format is owned-run-profited-by the same dual citizen usa/israel jewish zionists as those at AIPAIC are.

            The polititions and msm folks must go on a junket trip to israel, don a skull cap, and bang their forehead against that wailling wall. Then Off camara, they go to private secret meetings with the head hncho Pharisee Rabbi’s of israel along with political leaders there too, and thats when every US politition and MSM personal are given their instrutions. Also all polititions go there before they officially announce a run for office in usa.

            They Must recieve full zionists jewish support to run for office or they wil never get any MSM notice and promotions. About all msm will still give them without prior approval from israels pols and rabbis is usa msm will Bash the hell out of them like with Ron Paul.

            Nobody gets elected in usa without that jewish approval or one can also say without that Rabinical “kosher” symbol Stamp!

          • Not only that, “But what’s time to a hog,” to quote Mr. Rawles…

        • Msays:

          You really answered your own question about the balls of the media.

          The media is owned by the same people in your post.

      24. Doesn’t matter how it works out. It is a win win for Obama. Notice nobody is taliking about Obamacare and the hit it will make on us come October 1?. Benghazi, hacking/tapping of presidents of Mexico/Brazil, NSA recording us all, IRS targeting opponents of Dems, Fast and furious, On and on. This will work out well for Obama and his plan to tear down the USA.

      25. no more EBT cards and free shit for those who voted for him..were gonna need that cash for his next stupid act..are you ready?

        remember who you voted for and why voting doesn’t work

        lol jokes on us people until we all stand up and get all of them the hell out of our own government..

        War is when your government tells you who the enemy is…Revolution is when your smart enough to figure it out for yourself

      26. oh and BTW..he’s already a War Criminal, so this time around would make round two

      27. Off topic: This is a response to Realtime Prep says: 2 articles back. I did some looking around…I find it so odd that 10 State and Federal Law Enforcement officers, armed, converged on that tiny place. Lets see, what is it, about 60 miles at least from the Alaska Hwy up a remote mountain road, turns to gravel just before Chicken. I believe between Mt. Fairplay and Chicken you may pass by the Northrup-Grumman locked off gate. Wonder whats up there? I have learned that Homeland Security awarded Northrup-Grumman a 44 m. contract to provide “Bedspace, Transportation and Detainee Location Tracking”, of illegal immigrants. I think I got the web address for this correct, http://qbit.cc/northrup-grumman-awarded-44m-c In the foxnews report, it said something about a report of rampant drug and human trafficking in the Chicken area, then it appeared to be downplayed to only the dumping in the river. That area of the state is loaded with minerals in the ground. In the past, there has been lots of exploration and good results in, at least Mt. Fairplay area. One of the men involved with testing broke leg and had to be medevac’d off mt. by chopper. At one time, someone named off a bunch of different important minerals found, wish I could remember what they were. I think nickel was one of them. Of course Chicken has been the big gold area. Northrup-Grumman has their fingers in a lot of pies. Don’t have any idea if they were involved with causing this investigation but they are certainly sitting pretty close to this town. A friend in Tok says they hadn’t heard anything about this incident.

      28. Appears Putin has put forth a possible solution to the Syrian situation today calling for Syria to give up the CW’s to the UN & to have them destroyed. Of course right after they come out & say this so does the US.

        • Syria never has been the “ultimate prize” in this Hollywood production. Iran still retains that classification as “ultimate prize”.

          The Zionist regime in Israel and the U.S. will not let this opportunity, and all those military assets parked in the “Med” go to waste. “Never let a good (potential) tragedy go to waste”!

          The growing stench behind the scenes is getting stronger with each “delay”, and “illusion” of some “diplomatic solution”.

          It would be “nice” to believe in unicorns too.
          Unfortunately, some seem to forget exactly who/what we are dealing with…and wanting to believe. LYING PSYCHOPATHS WITH A CLEARLY STATED AGENDA!

          • Yental, Yental…

            Why are you always right on the money?

            • Pissed Off Granny: agreed ….we do have selected folks on this site with a very high IQ and Yental is one of them. I really think they are medical doctors specializing in Cancer detection. Yental, if I may add…Saudis are also part of the cancer along with their DNA related cousins.

              • @Tactical, you bring up an excellent and often overlooked/under reported observation. The Saudis are undoubtedly on this same “NWO chopping block” as well.

                Depending on how the current global chessboard is played…the Saudis could potentially precede Iran, or possibly be “a sacrificial pawn” in very close succession to Iran’s planned destruction.

                We are on the same page with that observation.

                • @yental, Another important aspect of this NWO planning is that if and when every single regime according to their planners is changed, the story won’t end. Peace is not even on their agenda since even assuming an imaginary world peace is against their Military Industrial Complex goals. They must have wars and killing of the innocent in order to sale weapons. The enemy will change according to their plans. Bankers also may differ in name and their goals but both parties are really the same organ under different name but the same mission. The interesting part is the NWO is 100% managed by the Zionists and this cancer sacrifices their puppets once and when they are no longer needed since their mentality is such that when it comes to money, human life means nothing.

                  • @Tactical, my summary of the commentary you just submitted, IMO,…there is not enough profit in peace. Peace is therefore an inadequate “producer” in this world. Useless to TPTB.

                    That said, the stage is being set to usher in the perfect LIE, the “Peacemaker” hailed as the “Jewish Messiah”, aka Abdullah. (Gog, if you will)

                    He will ultimately break the peace-covenant, stop the Jewish sacrifice and offerings on the Temple Mount, set his throne in their temple and declare himself God. This is the ‘Abomination of Desolation’ spoken of in Matthew chapter 24. (Daniel before)

                    I am not a religious man…meaning I endorse no organized religion or practice in my life today. All “religions” are tools of the “Peacemaker” in one form or another. I consider the KJ bible incomplete and lacking much of the truth. However, there is much truth there…and it serves as a “conceptually” valid reference to many “religious believers” and offers a path to find acceptance in “their” understanding as “they” know it.

                    EVERYONE is born with an “open channel” of communication for discernment, guidance, and direction. EVERYTHING of this world is designed/planned to provide the maximum amount of “interference of that channel” and “denial” that the “channel” exists.

                    As a “rule”, I limit my “interpretations/discussions” of this subject. Occasionally, I am “moved” to “break that rule”. The WHY is up to anyone “affected” to discern for themselves.

                    I am not seeking a “religious debate”…I am not a “religious man”.

            • THEY continue to “run the same scams” out of the “same scam-boo”, over and over and over again.

              Maybe, someday soon, the “majority” will finally “catch the wave”. 😉

              • boo=book, although “boo” may be more appropriate.

        • @Southern Border, then maybe they could do the same with the depleted uranium WE drop on the rest of the world? Not gonna happen.

          THE ONLY REASON the U.S. would want Syria disarmed is to make it easier to beat them down later…the SAME REASON they want US disarmed.

          Maybe that was the plan for Syria all along.

          • That’s why DINAE FUCKSTIEN is supporting her brother Hussain to attack.

      29. “Taking a step back…do you think Obama woke up one day and said, “Hold on here. Assad just used chemical weapons on his own people. I have to take action. I have to punish him.”

        Of course not. This idea came from somewhere else. It’s been on the table for years, as part of a Middle East strategy to destabilize the whole region. It’s, on one level, a Mossad-CIA plan, with a Saudi twist. On a higher level, it’s a Globalist operation, whose end game is order from chaos.

        Partition nations into warring ethnic enclaves, disrupt the oil flow, create, therefore, planet-wide depression, and come in behind that to install new fascist dictator-puppets, bringing in international banksters to “re-finance” the whole region and own it from the ground up.

        Obama is just another renter in the White House, playing the cards he was dealt.”


      30. “Wouldn’t it be great if wars were fought by the a$$holes that started them?” ~ The Postman

      31. Off Topic. Homeland Security. Something new.

        Google maps. Cecil Field Commerce Center. West side of Jacksonville Fl. South end of field. West of Air Control Tower.

        Google updates satellite imagery and low and behold there are P3 aircraft fitted with RADAR Discs like Air Force E3 early warning and Navy E2C early warning aircraft. Have Never Seen them before. Why would they have these aircraft. They can intercept all communication and have Command and Control capabilities. They are not for Hurricane Hunting.
        Zoom in and look at the blue entryway covering on Aerospace way to confirm Homeland security is there. Aircraft have blue identification stripe.

        • US CUSTOMS

          • That is one heck of an upgrade for Customs.

      32. Obama and Putin both could strongly qualify for the label JackAss and Dick, don’t ya think?

      33. This is for Lone Ranger:

        When you come riding in on your horse go back to yesterdays post. I have some more questions for you.


        • Hey there Pissed Off Granny!

          I responded to your post yesterday as you requested but it a was a late response because I had to work late!

          So check there, and if you have more questions, by all means ask away, but ask right here if you don’t mind, thanks.

          BUT because I respect you so much, I do have a question for YOU, Pissed Off Granny and it is this.

          I live in FEMA Region III and a friend out in the Mid-West is URGING me to relocate with family outside of Region III before October 1st because she said there are 386,000 foreign troops ready to descend upon us here.

          She and I already know that Donald Trump said something big was going down on 10/15/13.

          You and I already know that on November 12th and November 13th the people in charge who appear to be psychopathic! are shutting down the Power Grid for a “drill” which you and I know is just a cover for another one of their false UNpatriotic flags!

          Let me be clear: decades ago I STOPPED running away from anybody or anything and I ain’t running now but on the other hand, I believe in all that Sun Tzu wrote in The Art of War.

          If you were me, would you stay and fight, or would you leave?

          – The Lone Ranger

          • Lone Ranger:

            I live in the Oregon redoubt but hsve no sense of security even here. If I was rich, I would relocate to Yellowpine, Idaho. Anybody here know where that is? I know Dave from Idaho certainly does. Nope, no hospitals, no doctors, 1 grocery store, and probably no PTB. See, I’m not even sure of that.

            Don’t think there is anywhere to hide from the Devil so gotta believe what the Good Lord has planned. I know us patriots are chomping at the bit to change things in this land we love; personally I think it is so big and so bad that only HE can now determine our destiny. He was in charge when we colonized America; why do we not think he will be in charge again.

            I know he will have a lot of mopping up to extermine the vermin that are now in charge. It is going to be interesting to say the least.

            So, Lone Ranger, you saddle up when you think it is time. No one can determine that but you.

            PS: Sorry I didn’t see this post before I put my two cents in on your post down the page a bit.

            • Sorry: the word is exterminate the vermin

      34. “I believe that if we had and would keep our dirty, bloody, dollar soaked fingers out of the business of these nations so full of depressed, exploited people, they will arrive at a solution of their own…and if unfortunately their revolution must be of the violent type because the “haves” refuse to share with the “have nots” by any peaceful method, at least what they get will be their own, and not the American style, which they don’t want and above all don’t want crammed down their throats by Americans.”

        Marine General David M. Schoup

        • Nice quote from the General, JRS. And so very true. Thanks.
          Side note about Saturday night in Tucson- it was a high left English, but he called the corner pocket and it went in the side. Forgot to chalk it up, I guess. Next thing you know, all hell’s breakin’ loose. If Stella hadn’t used her patented ‘Crotch Cruncher’ move from karate school, it would’ve been a lot worse….

      35. The “Comfort and Safety of Washington”? If they go thru with this Washington may not be all that safe, IF you know what I mean

      36. The Big Boy Bankers can not let Syria and Iran get away with dropping out of their banking system as others will try to do so. Look at Lybia and Iraq when they did it. Every one must tow the line and use their banking system to prop up the dollar. The Federal Reserve is the biggest of the Central Banks and are responsible for the dollar and they are behind all of this as well as the Bank of Internataional Settlements their master. It’s all about the dollar!

        • Dude:

          Here is a little known gem I picked off the internet:

          June 1963

          President Kennedy signs Executive order 11110 which returned to the US government the power to issue currency without going through Rothschild’s federal reserve.


          Any doubt who controls our politicians?

          • Or dusts them off……

      37. Russia at this point probably has more international clout than us. Our president, and I use that term loosely, is a plant for someone else’s agenda. Soro’s maybe?? Who knows. With his resume, he is not qualified to scoop dog shit off the sidewalk. Apologies in advance to anyone that scoops the poop. I was not a fantastic student in college, but I damn sure wouldn’t spend millions of dollars to have my records sealed. And, I actually do have friends that remember me, unlike him. Everything is wrong with his presidency. With all the problems we have here, and everyone here knows damn well they are overwhelming and going to send us to ruin before it’s said and done, why would we care about Syria? They can kill each other until no one is left standing for all I care, and that goes for the rest of the middle east.

      38. If these guys love war so much, let them go, and take their sons and nephews and brothers along, let them do the fighting and leave the average citizen who doesn’t want war out of it.

        These pampered politicians the world over think nothing of sending “troops”, it’s just a bunch of numbers to them. Then these sickos get together for a sumptuous meal while watching graphic videos of the day’s bloody slaughter.

        On the other hand, who knows if all this warmongering is a gigantic diversion for other drastic events that might soon land on our heads. Be ever vigilant. Either way, something big is bound to happen… soon. This planet is in a whacked-up mess.

        • Annemarie, welcome aboard, and I agree. Let the politicians’ relatives get strapped to the missiles and WATCH THEM FLY! AWAY THEY GO! braveheart

      39. William Penn, one of our Founding Fathers, once said, “Those people who will not be ruled by God, (The Christian God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) will be rules by tyrants”.

        Pray for the peace that passes all understanding.

      40. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8SycdU3QDk&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DH8SycdU3QDk
        Awesome, this man said everything I’ve been thinking. And look at McLame, what an asshat. Yeah, maybe he would run for office if the fix wasn’t already in. It’s time for these politians to go. And it’s obvious it’s not going to happen at the voting booth. Treasonous pigs

      41. Mac, I like the way this story is presented. like Lord Acton said, ” Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” nuff said. local is the key mom and pop should lead if able, leaving out such fallacies as religion, this is how human beings work. sorry to tell the truth, sorry it is the truth.

      42. Chris Carrington loses me here.. “He could cite the mass killing of American civilians by their own government with chemical weapons. He could also mention that enforced injection of chemicals is the price American children have to pay before they are allowed an education.”
        Oh….. the dramaqueen routine…
        Obama’s points are worth listening to, not that I support invasion at this time.

        • @Superwoman : Can you please translate what you just posted into English?

        • he meant Gass used on WACO folks, and Vacines on kids to be allowed into schools.

          Hobammys “points”? are ALL Pre scripted by his zio jew Masters that control him totally. he is not qualified to opperate a lemon aide stand if that.

      43. Sing Along With Mitch
        Greatest Hits Vol 3

        ‘All we are say-ing,
        Is give war a chance’

        Remember folks, it is a relentless attack on every side. 1- Morality is under assault, not because the Luciferian wizards care one way or the other what somebody smokes, drinks, or sleeps with. But because an immoral people will accept enslavement… so long as they get their kicks.
        2- Intelligence in under attack, for obvious reasons. An ignorant people can be more easily controlled. Often simply by fooling them rather than with force.
        3- Education is not just under attack- it’s been defeated. Public schools from kindergarten to post-graduate level have become nothing but brainwashing propaganda centers. It’s working quite well to further the plans of the PTB.
        4- Media. All forms of information or entertainment, have been virtually locked down by the wizards. With a few exceptions like the internet (which is easily killed or controlled) there simply is NO outlet for truth that challenges the gangsters.
        5- Resources. Food, fuel, water, medicine, utility power. It’s all got to be controlled by the rulers. Otherwise, people who are not dependent on them for all of life’s necessities might decide to challenge them.
        6- Private property (and personal privacy itself) must also be destroyed. Same reason as #5.
        7- Wealth. Control of money- or whatever is accepted as the medium of exchange, is the ultimate prize. Having that one, (which the gangster banker slime-sucking wizards already have in most of the world) makes all the others on the list much easier to accomplish.

        The list could be much longer, but everybody here already understands.

        It’s easy to become overwhelmed by this never ending assault on everything we value. We get worn down. We get depressed. But, here’s the Good News:

        These death-worshipping scumbags will NOT win in the end. There are more of us than them. Even if many of our fellows are still asleep, we still outnumber them. And many of the sleepy sheep will soon wake up. Some to be sheared… Some to be slaughtered… And some to become Wolves!
        The PTB know that. And that’s why they are scared! Don’t forget– They put on a show of arrogance in public, but behind closed doors- they’re wetting their pants in fear of a few million (billion?) more sheep waking up. So, even though it seems overwhelming sometimes, don’t let the bastards get you down. It’s not too late. Keep preparing. And Keep Sounding The Alarm!

        • SmokinOkie — Words of iron, my friend

        • Howdy, SmokinOkie. while I appreciate your occasional comedy, you also know how to be serious when the occasion calls fir it. AMEN to everything you said. braveheart

        • Imagine there is no country,
          we showed this to Syria and Libya too.

          Imagine there are no possessions,
          because I stole them all from you.

          Imagine all the people,
          worshipping me today.

          You whooo ooo, may say I am a dreamer,
          but I am no the only one.

          Some day you’ll see me and my statue,
          standing in the Temple where it does not belong.

      44. TPTB have to keep funding the arms manufacturers to keep the real terrorists, the American people, threatened and suppressed. Damn the people, they want it all and we are standing in their way. Stand strong fellow citizens, build the opposition to tyranny.

      45. They keep starting all these ACTIONS.

        But worst they don’t start them wanting to win.

      46. Until this morning Obama was backed into a corner. Now with what Kerry said Russia offered to take over the chemical weapons and the UN jumped in. Obama may wiggle out of this without a congressional vote and make Russia look good. Obama comes out smelling like a Rose. Is this guy teflon or what?

        • No he is not. It is after election(Sorry selection) and he is flexible as he promised the guy before Putin.

      47. I’ve read the Book I know who wins,BBasic IInstructions BBefore LLeaving EEarth.

      48. Aren’t all Dems?

        • To Jim in Va.

      49. Aaron Tippin’s song keeps banging away in my head: You Got To Stand For Something Or You’ll Fall For Anything!

        some good articles but some people on here are total IDIOTS

        • DICKHEAD RICH99 didn’t you say you were out of here

          • Hes a troll, trolls never go away, they just morph or reincarnate

            • I’m a troll becauseeeeeee……um….why……….because I stated something that proved to be accurate so that makes me a troll??? Is that the mentality here ….I’m a troll because I disagreed and my disagreement was accurate ….OMFG !!!!!
              So if I’m a troll because I was right then what does that make you guys ….just plain morons I guess

              • Rich99
                You’re a victim of premature ejaculation,
                and you pound your chest about it.

              • Rich99, in the old days, you used to express your opposing viewpoints in a sensible and intelligent manner and carry on a good conversation. I used to enjoy your posts regardless of the fact that I didn’t agree with everything you said. Something happened to you after Sandy. You sound like such a psychotic now. What happened to the old Rich99? I would gladly welcome him back.

        • Thought you were leaving “for good” and if you think that we’re “fuckin doomers”, why have you come back AGAIN?

          • SIMPLE….. to prove I was right

        • Ah… the ghost of RICH99 past

          This is only the Middle Game, RICHIE my boy

          There’s many a slip ‘tween cup and lip

          • You guys have EXCUSES for everything …..someone here said by sept. 12th and if not that by then he would concede I was correct …..2 days away

            • The fat lady hasn’t sung yet….

            • OK, Rich, OK so it appears you’re right. Knock off this crap already! It’s sad that the old Rich, who had a real good head on his shoulders has been replaced by a dildo posting under the same name. last week you said you were finished with this site and that we’re all full of it. Why the f#$% did you come back? MSM sites get too boring for you? You’re the one who’s full of it, so get lost, dildo! to everyone: don’t you just love trolls? [SARCASM DEFINITELY INTENDED]

              • I simply came back to show you I DO KNOW what I’m talking about ……now what do we do about all the idiots who gave me a thumbs down WITHOUT even debating me on the issue ….that’s what sets me off !!!!
                Don’t just freak in give me a thumbs down…..tell me why I’m wrong

        • It’s called a delay and they may still vote…

          “The Senate was scheduled to vote Wednesday on a procedural motion to begin formal debate on the resolution, but Reid announced late Monday the vote would be delayed in order to buy the president more time to make his case to senators and the public.

          “What we need to do is make sure the president has the opportunity to speak to all 100 senators and all 300 million American people before we do this,” Reid said.

          This is from USA Today…try reading before you speak!

          • That comment above was for Rich99 or 98 or 97…or whatever

          • I’m waiting on that vote !!!!!!!!
            What was the result ????????

        • Wrong….The Israelis are on different time zone and are sleeping. Wait until they wake up and give their orders to their slaves in DC.

        • Keep thinking like that RICH99. One less mouth to feed when food is short. The shit in Syria has nothing to do with gassing children. The end result of the shit obummer and his pales are spreading is to create their NWO. The time has come, look around, tell me one thing the shitbags have done that has improved the lot of Americans. There is nothing you can come up with to indicate the sheeple’s lives will improve even the slightest.

        • @Rich99, The “vote” was, and remains irrelevant. A stall tactic to purchase more time for the finale. Your lack of credibility now rivals that of Obama…and the last American regime.

          A fool playing and betting on a fool’s game. Your “word” is NOW meaningless!

          • You fuckin guys told me 2 weeks ago to bank on an attack but now your saying its stalled…………funny how you never predicted a STALL !!!!!!!! It was imminent at that time

        • Rich, you said last week you were finished with us. what brings you back?

          • He can come and go as he wants. Doesn’t have to answer your questions. Howdy everybody. Welcome aboard. Moron.

      51. Wow, did Carrington hit it on the head or what? A brainwashed, slowly reduced to indentured servitude public has no idea what has happened to them. This guy tells it like it is. Bravo! Give em hell fella.

      52. 1849: Gutle Schnaper, Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s wife dies. Before her death she would nonchalantly state,

        “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.”

      53. 1849: Gutle Schnaper, Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s wife dies. Before her death she would nonchalantly state,

        “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.”

        Their wealth is in the trillions of dollars.

        WWI, WWII, and now WWIII because the world fails to learn from history.

        They are the only ones with enough international influence to start World Wars and control countries with Central Banks. If the missiles were aimed at them, there would be no more wars…anywhere!

        • DAVE there is no amount to put on the ROTHSCHILDS they are the wealth





        • What do we call such actions? PIGS AT WORK.

      55. Regardless of what happens in the U.S. or the Middle East……keep your eye on ROME.

        • GUNS N ROSARIES bingo ROME is the center of it

        • That’s where the Antichrist will be, in the Vatican.

          • Anne Marie, the Antichrist will ONLY be in Rome– at the Vatican– once he and the False Prophet (= Pope Francis) unite to bring about a new world religion after the false prophet abolishes the Sacraments and after the so called soon to emerge charismatic Antichrist arranges a peace among 7 warring Middle Eastern nations..

            This is in fact the Third HIDDEN Secret of Fatima: that in the End Time there would be TWO Popes and that the reigning Pope would be the False Prophet, the imposter pope or antipope.

            The Antichrist is from the East, not the West, Maria was also told. His two primary targets are all Christians and all Jews.

            The good news? When Christ returns (“this generation” will witness His Second Coming) He will throw the False Prophet and the Antichrist into the Lake of Fire which is Hell.

            – The Lone Ranger

            • Hi Lone Ranger:

              I think everyone on this site need to know that you base a lot of your info from the website “the warnings keep coming”. Without sounding like I am attacking you personally, I want you to know that I understood from your post to me on Lessons in Urban Warfare here at shtf that you are a scholar in religion.

              On your answer to your post to me you lost me at #4.

              But I would like to re-state my position once more:

              In your answer to me you said that CHRIST TOLD MARIA that the anti-Christ (Satan) is out to destroy 2 groups; Christians and Jewish people. It is my understanding that most Jews of today follow their religion via their bible, the talmud. The talmud does not believe in Christ. If you don’t believe in Christ then you must be anti-Christ, anti-Christian or anti-Jesus; take your pick.

              The jews bible, the talmud, says things about Jesus Christ that are so horrible that it must make Satan rub his hands in anticipation of having a pre-maid, pre-prepared welcoming committee upon his reappearance on this earth.

              So why would the anti-Christ be out to destroy the jewish people when the majority of them are already his?
              (Make no mistake, can a jew be saved, absolutely. How? Just like the rest of us, by truly believing in Jesus Christ and repenting of sins.)

              There is no lack of evidence in the Bible what Jesus thought about anti-Christians, the devil’s (Satan) followers and what the final solution will be for these people.

              So, getting back to Maria from the warnings keep coming:
              When she states that Jesus told her Satan (the devil) was out to destroy the jews whose religion is anti-Christian; that revelation just doesn’t ring true. Jesus is the one who will come to destroy the people whose religion is anti-Christ.

              Don’t care if you continue to believe her revelations. I know you are Catholic and a lot of her revelations concern some of your beliefs. But please don’t tell us they are useful to the rest of us Christians.

              Maria seems to find most of her “revelations” which are already in the KJV of the Bible. That is where I do my best to find my revelations. Go to your Bible it is all there.

              The rest of her “revelations” can be found by looking at the world today and using your brain to discern what is going on and who is in control to figure out the end game. The posters on shtf has got a good grasp on the situation, I sure am happy to see that.

        • Now its ROME !!!!!!! LMFAOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooo

      56. Its very weird that ‘We’ (USA) want to start another war, bomb those folks, kill tens of thousands, just to teach them–

        Thou Shalt Not Kill….

        • Ug,

          That’s why they had to remove the 10 commandments from in front of the court house. They could not tolerate being convicted.

          A4 out

        • Yeah…and when we bomb we don’t use evil chemical weapons.

          We just use humane stuff like Willie-Pete and Napalm.

      57. Remember the old “we had to destroy the village to save it” mantra from Vietnam? That was proven never to have been said, but it sure appears Obama now is using this as his official, new policy in Syria.

        What’s next? Nancy Pelosi to introduce her adjunct Syria doctrine, “We have to destroy the country to find out what’s in it?”

      58. The real enemy and the destroyers of America is international communism through zionism. Their agenda is to get rid of white people, christians in particular. Obama is their present puppet to bring down our country. The facts are clear, bringing America into both world wars to do their will. The 3rd world war is to squash the awakening of people to their crimes against humanity. Our government has been infested with communists for decades. If reports are true that Russian troops are in this country, then the the u.s. and soviet union are in cahoots to bring down our country. The zionists are the power who own everything and are calling all the shots. A good read is at therebel.org on these criminals goals.

      59. I was just about to admit that RICH99 was correct about this, then RICH99 just has to come on the site and call everyone idiots and fu%^ing doomers. This was not necessary and why RICH99’s comment was collapsed. On Sept.13, as long as the computer is working, I will still admit fully RICH99 was correct about this, that is THIS TIME just like I said I would. You should keep a promise. BUT I HAVE something to add to RICH99 and anyone else out there that doubts the seriousness of what is going on over there.

        First, there is a very high probability of an intense false flag very soon or this month. This will give that BO an excuse to attack or join in from another country such as Israel that has been attacked by someone that started this.

        First reason. The petro dollar. Even though BO would love to have everyone on welfare, for total control of the country, his puppet masters understand what happens when the oil dollar goes into the toilet. It means that the economy goes into a freefall. It might not be Syria that is attacked, it just may be Iran for their “Nuclear Program”. This could be the starting point in which the U.S. says, okay Syria got rid of their chemicals, now it is time for Iran to get rid of their nukes. Iran is the real reason for all of this being an ally of Syria, because Iran is the ignition point of many other countries dropping the U.S. dollar.

        Reason two. Natural gas pipelines. Like mentioned about Qatar and Saudi Arabia to ship natural gas to Turkey. Countries such as Israel and countries south of them want to ship natural gas to Turkey. Country blocking this is Syria. These so called rebels are coincidentally being funded by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and a few other arab countries that seek to benefit from these pipelines that are being blocked by Syria and mainly by Russia that must maintain their natural gas monopoly to Europe or lose up to trillions of dollars.

        Reason three. Lack of cheap and easier to refine oil. The world is a lot more desperate for high energy ratio oil. Sure you can refine oil tar and oil sands, and get maximum 1.75 to 1 in energy recovery from doing so. Also have to use tremendous amount of fresh water to do so. Then there is the waste by product that is toxic that must be disposed of. The misnomer that there is plenty of oil is wrong. There is plenty of hard to refine frozen in rock and sand oil, but there is not good old bubbling crude from the classic Texas oil wells anymore. Unless you talk about the Caspian Sea region that is Iran, Russia and a bunch of ex Soviet states. This is a region highly desired by the U.S. and one golden reason why there are so many U.S. air bases surrounding the region. Afghanistan is not the reason. It is the last strong points for crude oil as pracitcally every other region is tapped out. Deep water oil is very expensive to drill for, maintain, and to transport. Way better net energy ratio, but this is limited.

        Reason four. Israel. Some people can hate Israel, but this country is tiny and definitely under the gun. In all fairness, Israel has enemies that want to put every Jewish person on a meat hook. This has been well expressed by many muslims. Israel eventually because of the advancements of rockets, missiles, and drones can be hit and literally destroyed without the use of any WMD. Israel decades ago said that it would take between 1000-2000 high explosive bombs deliveried from aircraft in the right spots to destroy the infrastructure of the country. Israel said that this could also be launched from missiles. Now it is drones that can pinpoint this to a few feet. These drones are almost invisible to radar and pose no risk to pilots. Enough of these drones and missiles can prevent Israel’s superior military from being able to replenish itself. Israel at one point will have to move to do something to stop this. Pretext Iran, Syria, and other arab enemies. Stealth Drones Iran has and can mass produce.

        Reason five. The bankers and elitists cannot allow the U.S. to become a second rate country. This could be the U.S. dollar in the short term, but it is also the Empire mentality that must be maintained like the Romans and too many others. These past empires have fallen back on their militiaries when there economies and the empire has become decentralized. The U.S. is spread real thin, and has an economy that is more Chinese and Indian now than American. This tend cannot continue to those in this country that would and will lose everything when the U.S. economy falls apart. There are BO puppet masters that have an interest solely in that the U.S. remains an empire, and this is falling apart daily. When the economy goes, the only trump card or ace in the hole is the military. History repeats itself this time as so many other times throughout history because these dumb asses continue to fail to learn from past mistakes.

        RICH99 may be TEMPORARILY right, but the above 5 reasons does not show this trend to last very long. Look out for that surprise attack that has been speculated for a long time. This is the best odds on favorite. Royal horrible false flag is much more likely now than ever.

        • The economy is still in a hole and we still have all the systemic governmental issues we had a few days ago.
          The game is long

        • Treasury “X Date” May Hit As Soon As October 18

          “In a report released today, the Bipartisan Policy Center has released another analysis of just when the US will hit the “X Date” or the date on which the Treasury will not have sufficient cash to pay all of its bills in full and on time.

          Should there be still no deal on the debt ceiling by this date, the Treasury will be forced to prioritize payments to avoid a debt default.

          According to this estimate, the X Date falls anywhere between November 5 to as recently as October 18, or just over a month from now (and there has been zero real discussion in Congress over the debt ceiling hike with all the excitement over Syria).”

          *See the chart listing the major funding events and transactions due in the next two months.


        • Creative Accounting…

          Treasury: Debt Up $0 in August; CBO: But Deficit Was $146B

          “The federal deficit increased by $146 billion in August, according to a report released today by the Congressional Budget Office. But, at the same time, according to the U.S. Treasury, the federal debt did not increase at all during the month.”

          “Despite this deficit spending, the Treasury reported that at the close of every single business day in August, the federal debt subject to a legal limit by Congress remained exactly $16,699,396,000,000.”

          CNS News dot com

      60. I can just here the elite sitting around…
        They speak of too many people on the planet.
        The biosphere is dying.

        Wars are not too messy…too many nasty weapons that can render the
        land useless.

        You just know they are planning the next big flu pandemic.

        Below is a link to N95 med surgical masks.
        If a pandemic hits…you will NOT have time to buy these.
        Further, you need many for your family.

        Of all the preps you have done…these are the most likely to save your lives.
        Not the shotguns or the cans of beans or pallets of grain.
        Link below to the best I could find at a decent price.


      61. I’ve flown around Syria. How about u? Squat & pee.

      62. US$index down with metals. Interesting.

      63. Good post BIBI.
        You handled that like an adult, not a temper tantrum throwing child.
        If rich99 could learn to control himself, I would actually appreciate his opposing views. He could add a different perspective, and site reasons for his beliefs. Instead he makes sure no one will ever take him seriously. What a shame.
        You remind me of someone I know named Richard. It is funny how a name given to someone at birth can help influence the person that they become. Give a girl a stripper name and she ends up a stripper. Name your boy Matt and he gets walked on throughout life. Name a child Richard and they turn out to be a Dick. There are exceptions to this, but almost everyone I have ever met named Richard was a dick and an idiot. Is your real first name Richard? Just wondering.

      64. Sorry that should have said ” good post Be Informed”

      65. @ James in Dallas. It is painful to have to admit RICH99 COULD be correct because RICH has to be so confrontational towards everyone. IF Rich would come on, like you said, and just have a good debate and express why Rich feels this way, there would be a lot more respect. Instead Rich immediately calls us fu^&in doomers and idiots. Who in their right mind is going to respect anyone that starts off calling everyone belligerent names? I have to out of respect for myself admit that if by Sept. 13 when the moon has too much light admit that there was not an attack. Still I wish Rich would cut the name calling and just have intelligent conversations. Rich wants to be right so desperately that if half of this was channelled into just being civil, more people would not collapse practically every comment. Eventually a chip that big on someone’s shoulder has to weight them down.

        • @ Be Informed
          It’s my experience, that people who act like that have no friends and what family they do have won’t associate with them more than is necessary. It is some kind of superiority complex, where they believe they are always right and everyone who has an opinion differing from theirs, well, they are just a moron.
          To quote the Richard I was referring to: “I get to act superior because I actually AM superior!”.
          It’s easy to see why Americans can not get anything important accomplished anymore. We are pitted against each other. To busy being divided, we turn our backs to or conquerors.
          This site could be so so much more if all the energy invested in being childish was focused on being useful. Many people read theses articles and quite a few people stick around to read the comments as well. this site could serve as a medium in which people are benefited by knowledge through the time they spend here. I am sure most people benefit from all the information passed around here, but it seems like a lot of valuable time and space is wasted on bickering. That being said, I respect everyones right to say what they want and to say it as foolishly as they desire. I am glad they are exercising at least some of their rights.

      66. @ James in Dallas. Very well said. I am just thankful that we still have those rights and freedoms. Imagine how there are people, not the elitists or others controllers but in the masses, that want to give up those rights. They say that those rights inflict harm based on this toxic notion of political correctness. Just think how these fools would feel like not being able to speak anything under control of an iron boot at their throat 24 hours a day. Freedom is so easy to lose when enough of those are willing to just give it up.

        • @ Be Informed
          Political correctness is like an infectious disease that ruins every person who catches it. They have convinced people to censor themselves, and restrict their right to speech because it might hurt someones feelings. The problem is when you so easily give away one right, it’s a fair assumption that you will just as easily give away your other rights. Remove enough pieces of a foundation, and everything built on top of it will fall.
          A lot of people won’t know that they needed something until they have lost it. I guess one could equate our rights to a muscle; disuse will cause atrophy.

      67. My prediction on Syria – we just avoided WWIII. Obama will accept Assad’s surrendering of his chemical weapons stockpile and there will be no attack. So the congress won’t have to vote and Obama doesn’t lose face. Across the world, Putin will be seen as the peacemaker for getting Assad to give up his weapons. In the U.S., the bootlicking Obama media will give HIM credit as peacemaker, using the slogan “peace thru Strength”. The civil war in Syria will rage on, and we will continue to supply Al Qaeda in Syria with weapons. What say you?

        • @tmedlin…. You do have very valid points. We all need to remember that recent circus in Syria was only smoke screen and the real war still is taking place behind the scene as follow:

          1- War is needed and will continue under different scenario. Military Industrial Complex can’t survive without wars.

          2- Puppet Masters in middle east ( Zionists and their arab cousins with deep petro pockets) will plan another genocide shortly and will get the US involved not by choice rather by order. Sad? Yes indeed.

          3- The real treat still is at home and inside the USA and that is the economy. We all need to remember getting killed in a war is less painful than gradual death as majority of American families are dealing with on a daily basis with inflation, degradation of wages regardless of what the monkeys in the zionist controlled media and federal reserve wants us to believe.

          So let our corrupt poppets to hire heart eating monsters under the name Al Quida or any other satanic names to continue their sick goals but each day I notice Americans are waking up and refusing to get their hands bloody to benefit the real monsters in Israel, Saudi, Gathar, and other pig farms in middle east.

          God Bless.

          • yup,
            “1- War is needed and will continue under different scenario. Military Industrial Complex can’t survive without wars.”
            If you can buy a vote for $10K then for $3M you have all the business you can handle. Let’s see how long it takes to buy up the votes. Interesting game there as someone could hold out for $100K but once they buy a majority the price probably drops towards nothing. If you think I’m joking, I remember one lobbyist who was convicted for bribery stating he had over 100 congress persons on his payroll. I think it was more like several 100.

            Follow the money. they will attack someone because they have to make money. $3M is a small price to pay for a $T contract!!! Or for $100B’s in new war equipment orders.

            • You got it and correctly so. Corruption at its core.

      68. You forgot to mention that tens of millions live in unsafe areas which are on the verge of becoming war zones. They are unable to walk freely on their streets if their race is not the predominant in their neighborhood and often will be assaulted or shot on site. The schools their children are require “ed to attend are extremely dangerous and boast an over 50% drop out rate. But, let’s not confuse propaganda with problem identification!
        BTW, “He could also mention that enforced injection of chemicals is the price American children have to pay before they are allowed an education.” is not 100% accurate as in North Carolina at least one can still legally evade the poisoning. The rulers are trying to outlaw this freedom over one’s body by making doctors required to not service anyone who has not undergone the treatments. Alas, I am very sad for my many friends with autistic children and many more with children with allergies from everything from peanuts to strawberries. But do not mention that the contract for various vaccines clearly states your child can end up in a permanent coma to these people; because they do not seek the truth – even while they did sign the exact contracts when they agreed to let their children be used as experiments.

      69. Wonder what diversion ol Omammy has got up his sleeve this coming week. John Vainer, speaker of the house, has been slung into the corner with all his sticks and strings (envision Pinnochio)to gather dust. Another thing, that like a puppet he has no balls. Last thing John Vainer was heard saying on the house floor, “But, I’m a real boy”! Stay tuned, stay frosty folks.

      70. This is the same Bull Crap that Bush gave the American people and the world about the WMD back in 2002. Same crap different person

      71. @ tmedlin. BO looks bad, real bad, which is funny as hell. Screw the MSM, they will lick the back side of BO, but BO looks bad, real bad. Anyone will any brains can see BO as a total failure in ALL of what went on here. Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas, ALL win. The U.S. loses, still has the issue of the petro dollar and an economic status that resembles the Lusitania. Israel is the really big loser as their enemies are even more so empowered now. Qatar and Saudia Arabia lose because their precious natural gas pipeline won’t get to Turkey.

        WHAT NOW? Iran won’t give up its nuclear program, Israel is faced with enemies that now cannot and will not be attacked by BO. Yes, Israel will very likely attack Iran, Syria and others on their own and start the whole WW3 going. Israel knows that there is a time limit for their survival, as Iran and others continue to b uild up as much as possible to destroy Israel, even with conventional weapons. Israel knows the amount of weapons that are being built up along its borders and beyond.

        What is very likely is that one day between 4 to 9 PM eastern time between 5 days before to 5 days after a new moon you will hear of massive Israeli strikes on Iran, Hezbollah in Lebanon, and Syria. The window for Israel closes this Thursday for this month. The next window is Sept. 29 to Oct. 9, with Oct.4 being the darkest with the new moon.

        Everyone should mark these days on their calendar because Israel WILL act to “save” itself. They have in the past and will again. Again, I can see that people hate Israel, but let’s face it. Can Israel trust BO? Can anyone trust BO? Even if BO has nothing to do with the actual power base, those puppet masters of BO have shown that they will not support Israel any longer. Israel knows this and WILL act on their own. It does not have to come as a surprise to anyone out there either. Just remember 5 days before a new moon, 5 days after a new moon. This is the window Israel WILL use WHEN they attack and start WW3 unless there is some orchestrated false flag large enough to get the U.S. invlolved like this failed flase flag this time.

        • BI, No, don’t hate Israel or it’s people. That hate is reserved for those in charge of Israel. The ones who control our u.s. government and it’s policy. The majority of the Israeli people hate their government, just like here in America.

      72. Nothing will change as long as we are fat and happy. I said this on the last post, I said it today, and I will say it on the next post.

        • PrepperDude,

          Fat and happy? Sorry but over half the country is not fat and happy, they are living day to day, handout to handout. This country is far from fat and happy, the only ones who are fat and happy are the elite who run this dog and pony show.

        • Prepperdude, I hope you’re speaking only for yourself. I know damned well I’m not fat or happy.

      73. Forgot something. There was an earthquake on the Southeast Indian Ridge. This has in the past lead to some very large earthquakes in the Samoa area, 8.1 in 2009, and Tonga/Fiji areas to Kermandec Islands. Also on the list are western Indonesia, Japan, British Columbia/Pacific Northwest and southern Mexico to Costa Rica. 95% hits of major earthquake within 15 days of when this area is hit. Danger period is now until Sept. 25 for the above areas.

      74. Well, looks like Putin in his shiny Russian armor and a stiff glass of Vodka has come riding in to save the day!! 0 looks like such an idiot, wow – I’d be afraid to show my face out of the Oval Office after what just happened.

        Of course the media will spin it that he won somehow.

        Like I said, NO WAR. I’d worry about zero-care coming online and all those part-time jobs first because, eventually, both you and me are going to be part-timers. :0

        Got beans, bullets and band-aids? Good – the government is going to need them!

      75. Obama seems to have a horseshoe stuck up his ass. Or a media that relentlessly provides cover for him.

      76. Check out “The Disaster Myth Narrative: No One Panics, No One Loots, No One Goes Hungry” over at the daily sheeple. I threw up my lunch when I was reading it.

      77. Every time I come to this site, you folks scare me!

        You scare me because you are the ones who are “preparing” yet you are so easily mislead……wow!

        Let me be very serious here, even though most of you cannot handle the truth!

        The truth is this; There is an Alien(People from other worlds) Takeover, taking place…it is easy to do! It has always been done the same way!

        What is always the bottom line of ALL WARS? Resources, always……not money, not power, they are byproducts of the real issue…..resources!

        If you wanted to take over a world, but do not have weapons to do so and in fact if it is against the “law” of the Federation in which you belong……how would you do it?

        Easy, control the leaders of those you wish to conquer, the easiest way has always been the same way, give them “technology” that they don’t have access to…

        How do you think King Kamehameha “united” the Hawaiian Islands?….you know how, the Europeans gave him a ship and cannons and guns…….guess what, his competition didn’t have that……how did that work out for those Hawaiians in the end? I will tell you how, they are now SLAVES to the U.S.A. who took them over without firing a single shot!

        The Aliens that are here, they work in the mental environment, they are master manipulators……you people are proof. Look at you, DIVIDE and CONQUER ……you make it so easy for them…

        You people still argue over who is to blame, Obama, Osama, whoever…..you know who is to blame??? YOU ARE!

        You are allowing the controls to take shape until there is no escape. Uniting as PEOPLE OF EARTH is the answer…….have you heard of Ken O’keefe? World Citizen? You should look that up, he has it down better than anyone I have found yet!

        You worry about GUNS, you worry about the ARMY coming after you……..wow!

        Guns won’t save you my friends……nope.

        Being real about the Universe you live in is your only chance. But you will ridicule me instead of finding out the truth…..you will continue to post nonsense on this site and others….hoping, waiting for someone to save you from what you feel deep in your soul is coming!

        Here is what is coming, don’t say you have not been warned……..it is SOLAR, the thing that will get the people is SOLAR…..I can’t say when, but soon…..

        If you cannot hide underground, your chances are not good for survival, promise, some will survive, most won’t, you don’t need to go deep, but deep enough so as to be protected from the radiation that will come from a break in our protective layers.

        It is for this event that the government bought all the supplies, they know and have known since the 60s…ALL NASA missions have had something to do with the magnetosphere…….ALL.

        When this happens, it will weaken us even more as a race of humans on this world, if you don’t survive this, you don’t need to worry about anything else!

        The Aliens that are here, want our BIOLOGIC resources, not our oil or minerals…..They want YOU! They cannot live here, they have problems with our tiniest of pests……germs etc….

        Why do you think they spray us with chemtrails? The SUN!

        So my friends, wake up to the truth, stop debating things that are so unimportant, tell everyone that when the SHIPS come, they are NOT your friends……NO Alien races that are here are our friends……..NONE, the good guys won’t come, they won’t interfere. Its not their way…….sorry. Jesus (Michael) may save you, but that is something that we will have to wait and see…….just watch out for the so called “Rapture” unless you don’t mind being FOOD for Aliens!

        Please for the sake of our children and their children…..PLEASE WAKE UP…….the Universe is just like the earth, the STRONG will dominate the weak…it is Nature and Nature my friends does NOT end here on this little blue world……

        If you cannot accept what I have said on this,a website of preppers, then honestly as a RACE of Humans…..we have no chance!

        For those who still want to debate whether there are “Aliens”……..all I can say is this, there are MORE STARS than there is SAND……..on Earth…..

        ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono.

        • @ Alien Hunter…are you referring to the Archons of the Nag Hammadi library?

        • @Alien Hunter…did you say we (the folks on this site scare you)? Try one of the following centers below:

          Center for forensic mental disorder. It is a 800 number. Try it….

      78. No……sorry, I am referring to the TRUTH of the situation……please.

        • Finally someone that make sense on this site.

          ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono 2u2!

      79. You stated “The Aliens that are here, they work in the mental environment, they are master manipulators”, so then who are the aliens? Are they inhabiting people? What are you referring to when you state the “TRUTH” of the situation? And what does “ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono” mean?

        • The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness -Hawaiian Motto

      80. There’s a huge misunderstanding I think, today, in US leadership regarding “goals” versus “methods”.

        Nixon’s GOAL was to make the US indispensible to the rest of the world.

        His METHOD was by means of military protection for the Middle East among others.

        The GOAL should be the same.

        The METHOD is totally outdated. You’re going to need a new way to be indispensible.

        The method has been rendered totally moot due to assymetric warfare. It takes very little, technologically speaking, to cripple an “old school” military power these days. Smaller nations DON’T attempt it at the moment due to the repercussions to themselves, but as we’ve already seen with Saudi Arabia… it’s only necessary to find someone else credible to blame in order to avoid that.

        Time to find a new way to be indispensible I think. It can be done. You simply make it suicide to attack you. Not due to retaliation but due to the fact that the attacker would be damaging their own economy / resource base / whatever.

      81. Why don’t the “patriotic” shills in the military march into DC and arrest every last one of these murdering crooks? At the very least, they could refuse to carry out these criminal orders, and/or bring back the fine art of fragging.

      82. Is alien hunter any relation to rich99?

        • Howdy alien hunter. Welcome aboard.

      83. President Obama will relinquish control of Guantanamo base
        to the Russians. I’ll trade you three lolly pops for
        another CIA try at that pipeline in Syria.

      84. Everyone will downvote me for this, I’m positive. So downvote away.

        But… seriously?

        Nicely done Obama.

        *I can feel the red fingers coming at me right now*.

        This was… I don’t think this was “the plan” from day one BUT I think that he’s balancing just the right amount of threat with just the right amount of “we’ll deal with this peacefully but this is your last chance”.

        Not damn bad at all.

        I seriously just HOPE it can continue on this trajectory. This has the potential to set an even larger precedent than mere “blowing shit up” would.

        It is perhaps too much to hope for, but having grown up in the Cold War era, it would be nice to see Russia and the US capable of working together on these sorts of things.

        I’m naive. I know it. But this could work out well, despite whatever might be going on behind the scenes.

      85. Pet – A Perfect Circle


        Don’t fret precious I’m here, step away from the window
        Go back to sleep

        Lay your head down child
        I won’t let the boogeyman come

        Counting bodies like sheep
        To the rhythm of the war drums

        Pay no mind to the rabble
        Pay no mind to the rabble

        Head down, go to sleep
        To the rhythm of the war drums

        Pay no mind what other voices say
        They don’t care about you, like I do, like I do
        Safe from pain and truth and choice and other poison devils,
        See, they don’t give a fuck about you, like I do.

        Just stay with me, safe and ignorant,
        Go back to sleep
        Go back to sleep

        Lay your head down child
        I won’t let the boogeyman come
        Count the bodies like sheep
        To the rhythm of the war drums

        Pay no mind to the rabble
        Pay no mind to the rabble

        Head down, go to sleep to the rhythm of the war drums

        I’ll be the one to protect you from
        Your enemies and all your demons

        I’ll be the one to protect you from
        A will to survive and a voice of reason

        I’ll be the one to protect you from
        Your enemies and your choices son
        They’re one in the same
        I must isolate you
        Isolate and save you from yourself

        Swayin to the rhythm of the new world order and
        Count the bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drum

        The boogeymen are coming
        The boogeymen are coming

        Keep your head down, go to sleep, to the rhythm of a war drum

        Stay with me
        Safe and ignorant
        Just stay with me
        Hold you and protect you from the other one
        The evil ones
        Don’t love you son,
        Go back to sleep

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