Lend Your Support to “The Americans For Whatever Barack Obama Wants to Do”

by | Sep 11, 2013 | Entertainment, Headline News | 159 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Check out the following humorous satire discussing critical geo-political issues.. You’ll want to share this one with friends and family.

    Via The Daily Crux:

    The hilarious minds at Second City have forged comedic gold with this…

    Have you ever wondered why we don’t see this high degree of satire showcased on Saturday Night Live? Hmm… could it be that NBC is nothing more than an Establishment shill?

    Forward this out to all the Obama “trendies” you know… maybe you just might wake one of them up…

    Watch: “I support World War III… And IV”

    (Watch at Youtube)



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      1. Thanks for the laugh, Mac. It is very well timed!

        • This one was pure brilliance!

          I really wish they’d air it on mainstream channels during standard commercial breaks!

          • Is that after Putins’s cut for allowing
            Obombya to play ball with the big boys?

            • I can’t support WWIII sorry. 4.5 yrs of stagnation has me broke.

              But I did start a White House Petition today. I just asked that obama give Putin his Nobel peace prize. Only fitting don’t you think?

              • Do they take EBT? That’s all I have left

                • Dan Bubalo blogged this comment:

                  “Watching the Obama administration is like watching the mini-car pull into the center ring at the circus, and out comes one clown, after another, after another, after another.”

                  • @John Q. Public

                    Dan Bubalo said:

                    “Watching the Obama administration is like watching the mini-car pull into the center ring at the circus, and out comes one clown, after another, after another, after another.”

                    Do you really think a Romney administration would/could have handled it any better?

                    Maybe so… The world could have been in flames… yesterday!

                    American Exceptionalism translated: “Do what I say, not as I do.”

          • That is truely golden 🙂

            • What the hell is this fool trying to get us involved in?
              Me, I don’t care about him, but here’s a way of testing Obamas lofty resolve.
              Take this joker and all of the others that are in it with him, Reid, Pelosi, Wassermann, McCain, Graham, Feinstein and stick them on Kerry’s little yacht, you know that 7million dollar dingy the ketchup princess bought him.
              Add a button that is connected to the launch controls of 100 Cruise missiles targeting Syria. And set them loose out in the Mediterranean say 150miles off the coast of Syria. Tell them, when you guys come to a consensus and you feel the time is right push that button and let the rockets go. Oh, and one other thing we are taking the 5th fleet and those six destroyers back home with us. You all will be out here bobbing around all alone. We won’t tell the Syrians where you are at, just that the launch was initiated somewhere here in the Med. Just think of all of the lives of young Americans you will save by putting your asses out in front first.
              We will soon find out, how bad you want it bitch?

              • THIS is a good example of how TWISTED americans have become,THERES nothing funny about WAR,and especialy a thermonuclear WAR,and thats exactly what oboozo has planed for america,and I can guarantee,after the first one goes off no one will be laughing,these weapons KILL millions of people in minutes..OUR LORD says he plans to blowup 30 cities,you kids have no future,the IDIOTS who think WAR is cool ended it for you………..

                • It’s bad enough that you have to laugh. If you don’t, you’ll cry.

          • Many years ago my wife used to perform at Second City with Bill Murray and David Steinberg. They had a blast! Haven’t lost their touch! James

          • @ Mac. I knew you had an excellent sense of humor. What better way to laugh at the fool, I mean this is what they are there for. BO should be dressed in a chicken suit riding on the back of an old broken down mule, facing towards the the tail end of the burro. BO should be standing with that idiotic smile eating a banana with the caption, “I did it, I turned America into a banana republic”, under that “Brother can you spare 200 trillion dimes”. Everyone in the BO adminstration needs to start doing press conferences wearing paper bags over their heads.

          • Mac, did you get my email?

          • Thanks for sharing buddy!

        • Pukin is a jackass and the other has ears and a tele promoter. I wood respect u more if you drove a Fiat 500. I am recovering from 500 plus bales of hay & it’s not about the hay S.

          • Obama and Putin both said it was Bush’s fault, again.
            Do two truths make it a lie?


        • The sad thing is I know a few Obama peeps that would support this until I explained it was a joke. Not the sharpest group.

          • I just gave a $100 for a one day “Get out of Refugee Camp” pass. Next month I’ll buy another… Part of my preps!

        • Uhhh, this isn’t a joke. It’s for real. His people REALLY ARE that stupid.

        • It’s been censored

      2. Hahahahaha…yeah because obozo.

        • I donated $10 immediately. I fully support flash flag attacks, NSA spy tapping, and martial law.

          I submit my will to the police state!

          • And they’re going to have hybrid tanks!

            The first Green war!

            I mean, if we’re going to blow up the world, we should at least do it responsibly!!

            • LOL!!!

              • I’m in if they go hybrid; but all electric would be better. 🙂

                • March the troops in backwards, waving goodbye.

                  • Mac, did you get my email?

                  • Slingshot: NO, no, no , that’s the job of the French. But then again, Obummer is trying to turn us into Europe so maybe there’s some merit to your idea,

                • the durango kidd says:

                  “I’m in if they go hybrid; but all electric would be better.”

                  Don’t look now DK, but your Crony/Establishment colors are showing… Again.

                  • Ah Yourmammy, you’re TROLLING again! Get a job & get off the computer

            • ROFLMAO!!! 🙂

              • Lol, you know you’ve ‘made it’ when there’s a troll that thumbs down every post, no matter what.

                Shit, I’m havin a party to celebrate. I MADE IT.

              • Lol, you know you’ve ‘made it’ when there’s a troll that thumbs down every post, no matter what.

                Shit, I’m havin a party to celebrate. I MADE IT.

          • Does anyone know if donations of food stamps will be O.K.?

      3. Sadly, many of his sheep will probably think it’s the real deal. (And wonder if he will accept EBT $$)

      4. too funny

        I’d be happy to donate whats left on my EBT card
        or maybe I can donate the minutes left on my Obama phone ?


        • Satori, if you’re serious about your support for World Wars III and IV, then consider doing both.

          C’mon man, we need you all in!

          We can’t do this half-way.

          • alright Mac
            ya convinced me

            transferring the $1.23 left on the EBT card
            and the 6 minutes I have left on the Obama phone

            he can have it ALL if if will help !

            • problem is Satori, the losers with those fucking “pennies from gubt” won’t give up one cent of them…to help our nation.

              I hope they die the most violent of deaths.

              Me…the earth will have mercy, or she may wack my ass.

              No matter…I have shared and contributed to other like me.

          • Mac, did you get my email?

            • Not only did he get it, he forwarded it to everyone on his “friends” list! Your dirty little secret’s out friend!!!

            • Now, why would me asking Mac if he received my email get all these thumbs down? The reason I asked more than once is so he would be sure to see it, since he’s probably read through all the comments already and isn’t likely to go through them all again.

              I sent him an article several days ago, and haven’t heard anything back. I’m thinking it may not have gone through, since this board is wonky sometimes, probably from denial of service attacks. The reason I thought that is, I know Mac is an upstanding individual who would be courteous enough to thank someone for going to the trouble of writing an article and offering it for use on his website, even if he has to turn it down for not being up to his standards. That’s why I thought something must be wrong. I’ve been reading this website and commenting occasionally for many years, and am kind of sad over this.

      5. What is a “limited war?” One working definition is, a limited war is a war in which nobody I care about dies. i intuit none of those people in the video have ever been in danger. Which makes them ideal foils for the propaganda masters.

        Even as satire what makes this not funny is there are millions of sheep who have no principles at all, whose deciding criterion for anything is, “Do I like the person saying so?”

        • War. A dollar ninety nine for a limited time. Would you like fries with that war.

      6. Too funny! Great laugh. Thanks Mac!

      7. What’s sad is our govt are so uptight they can’t take a joke anymore! I read an article a couple weeks ago that they’re pursuing federal charges on the Rodeo clown from Missouri who portrayed Obozo in an unfavorable light. First Amendment? Naw no more!


        • If I was that rodeo clown, I would be putting up resistance. MOLON LABE WOLVERINES braveheart

          • I would go to court in the mask and send em all in a tizzy. Then counter sue their asses for my first amendment rights that were totally trampled on. Its like winning the lottery time.

        • Rtp
          The naacp is calling it a hate crime, and saying that the cia and secret service should investigate.
          The clown got a lifetime ban from the rodeo in Missouri.
          We invited him to perform here in Texas.

      8. That Was Awesome!!!!!!! I’m going to join and I hope you all will too. I hope there’s root canals, prostate exams, and kidney stone extractions ,all performed by my ex wife.

        • Nutbag

          Would you like Moonshine or Baseball bat for Anesthesia.

      9. Brings a whole new meaning to the 60’s Poster; War is good business, invest your son.

        Or War is not healthy for children and other living things (but hey, who like cares youknowwhatIamsaying?)

        • how about megadeth’s peace sell’s but who’s buying, or killing is my business and business is good (sorry bout sp)

      10. Enough with the jokes already! Obomba is right,let the purging begin! Bring this beautiful blue planet back to medieval times. All i see is ‘useless eaters’.
        Id trade it all for some peace and quiet,freedom from this slavery and some honesty. All is see,hear and do is bullshit,so bring it on! Id love to see the entire planet EMPed,bring us back to simple times and let the useless TV zombie,cheese eating,lazy assed,alcoholic/drug crazed loonies fend for their lives on an equal playing field. No WW3 needed,no boots on the ground,no high tech war games,just EMP the freaking planet.
        Actually the best thing to do in the ME,EMP all of it. Then air drop small arms,AR’s and handguns,with a 100 billion rounds of ammo to boot. Itll help them get out 100 years of pent up resentment and itll be on an equal battle ground. Eventually the herd will thin out and folks will draw a red line and peace will come! No money or outside forces to sway and screw people over. Ya see,problem solved.,

        • DG: Under your scenario, do you REALLY think that “history” would never repeat itself? Even if you do what you suggest here, until humans fundamentally, genetically, and forever change what they are….nothing WOULD change.

        • I’m still hoping for the asteroid…

          • Do not “hope” for Nibiru. Just know that it is coming though.

            • eeder: most folks don’t know this Nibiru is a giant UFO piloted by Bigfoot and Elvis. We’re going to have a “rocking” hairy time when it gets here. LMAO!!!

          • Godzilla going to rise from the Japanese Sea with all that radioactivity.

            • LOOOOL. Good one.

            • is Mothra comming too?

        • The only war I’ll support is one to liberate our country from this evil system we are under. MOLON LABE WOLVERINES braveheart

      11. The timing for this on anniversary of the mother of all false flags is simply fitting…

      12. Perhaps each female of childbearing age could have Dear Leaders love child.

        • Then when he says, “If I had a son,”…it probably WOULD be and he could do what some folks tend to do in naming their male offspring: Trayvon I, Trayvon II, Trayvon III.

        • I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

          • I don’t think Oblahblah is interested in reproducing with women.

        • He’s already the gay lovechild of Hitler and Stalin. We don’t need anymore.

        • That would be CRIME AGAINST CHILDREN AND WOMEN. Leslie Anne be careful since “NOW” is after you.

      13. That video did lift my spirits. Thanks for that satire, Mac. I’m still fuming over urban dog’s attacks 2 articles. I was so hot I even skipped the previous article and that’s not like me. We can make jokes and have all the satire we want about the monkey in the WH, but as we all know, there’s nothing funny about the agenda he and his puppetmasters are pursuing. if/when WW3 comes about, all bets are off. braveheart

        • BH, The sad part is many folks including myself never experienced the horror of war in person. For me I had to talk to my neighbor’s son who lost both legs in Iraq. If the war is justified then it would be easier to deal with the horror but according to this hero the horror will never die and the nightmares are frequents events. The horror adds up specially when you become the sacrificing lamb to benefit the GLOBAL ELITE PIGS.

          • Tactical, I know exactly where you’re coming from. the veterans in my family opened up about their experiences to me with the greatest reluctance, which I can understand. My grandpa’s outfit took part in the liberation of the Dachau concentration camp in WW2. He broke down in describing what he and his fellow soldiers found at that camp. He told me things that just absolutely blew me away. He even personally executed some of the Nazi SS camp guards who were captured; he was that angry. There’s nothing glorious about war. War can only be justified depending on the cause that you’re fighting for. If it’s truly in defense of your country, then yes, that is always justifiable. interfering in the affairs of other nations can never be justified. braveheart

            • Read This for some Real WWII Truths on Germany and German folks etc.

              On May 8, 1945 the shooting ended in Europe. But, shockingly, the war against Germany went on. Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill had decreed that the German people must suffer – and suffer they did. Driven from their homes, looted of their property, decimated by famine and disease, raped, robbed, and enslaved, millions of Germans – most of them women and children – bore the brunt of what Time magazine called “history’s most terrifying piece”.

              Gruesome Harvest was one of the first books in America to sound the alarm against the victor’s postwar war against the Germans. Bristling with contemporary documentation, burning with humanitarian and patriotic outrage, this informed, riveting classic dares to tell the shameful story of how American and Allied policy makers undertook the political, economic, and social destruction of the German people even as they presumed to instruct them in “justice” and “democracy”

              Today, as the propaganda war against the Germans wears on in the media and academic life, Gruesome Harvest, written in 1947 by a courageous American, when the decimation of the German race was still official U.S.-Allied policy, tells a vital story, one that must not be suppressed or forgotten.

              GRUESOME HARVEST

              The Costly Attempt To Exterminate The
              People of Germany

              By Ralph Franklin Keeling


              127 N. Dearborn Street



              Table of Contents




              Chapter I:
              WAR DEVASTATION

              Chapter II:

              Chapter III:

              Chapter IV:

              Chapter V:

              Chapter VI:
              THE PEOPLE HUNGER

              Chapter VII:

              Chapter VIII:

              Chapter IX:

              Chapter X:
              FACTS WE MUST FACE

              Chapter 5-Bastardisation of Germans should be read by all folks!….What is being done to usa BY Multicult Diversity, to exterminate whites was done in Post WWII germany in a much Faster way/method.

              Also: the De-industrializations of germany is Same as NAFTA did to USA. Only done to germany much faster due to Potsdam mutual allied agreement.

              Ask those “Greatest Generation Heros” to explain These issues!(That includes my father who was in wwii and korea so don’t call me unpatriotic for shareing Truth You were never Taught of! WWII was a whole lots more than simply to free jews etc. Same as usa civil war was alot More than to free black slaves as we were taught to believe)

              NOTE: Every place in all Ten chapters where the author writes “Displaced Persons” that really is like “Code” to not have to name “Jews”. Bolshevik russian and polish jews that were flooded into germany after wwii ended, by the many millions, were always called “Displaced Persons”.

              Keep that in mind as you read it written often when he tells how DP’s were given the LIONS share of Foods etc etc. Again: wherever he wrote “Displaced persons” it means “Jewish Persons” and of the Mainly Bolshevik Kommie variety used to help destroy german Innocent folks that Never supported nazis etc…Real Truth from 1947 that None of Us was ever told of!


        • Brave- I am an American and can say what I want when I want. You are a baby. Mac is an American and there is little censorship on this site. Howdy Brave and welcome aboard.

          • urban dog, f#$% you! I’m an American and care more about this country and its people than you can imagine. I live by the same Bill of Rights as everyone else here. The 1st amendment doesn’t mean you can go act like a troll and not face any consequences. just what is your beef making personal insults against me or any of the other good people on this site? Plus, I’m not a f#$%in baby either! I know Mac is an American and there’s no censorship here. Mac has honesty and integrity. That’s 2 things you don’t seem to know anything about. You’re a troll, allright. Trolls never have anything useful to contribute to our discussions here. If you had some good info on any survival-related subjects to offer, we’d be glad to hear that. That’s what this site is really about. Let’s see you go try your BS at any MSM site and see how fast you get banned from that site. Plus, what the f#$% you mean welcome aboard? I’ve already been here much longer than you and I’ve also been in the real world for my whole life. Now, if you’ll stop all your drivel and start engaging in some serious, intelligent conversation about the articles that Mac presents to us, then fine, we’ll be glad to hear that. However, if you want to persist with troll-like behavior, then you’re not welcome here. I’m sure everyone else would agree with me, even if they haven’t made it known yet. When you first came here, you gave me the impression of being a troll. I’ve always heard it said that first impressions are very important. However, just to show I believe in fairness, I’m offering you an opportunity to prove to me that I’m wrong. I do hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity. braveheart

        • Braveheart, take a chill pill and relax dude. No need to get bent out of shape over a troll on the internet. Save that energy, it will be needed for real life events coming shortly.

          • Outlaw, thanks for your concern. don’t worry, I’ll have enough energy for what’s coming down the pike.

            • BTW, in my comment #2228544 I just issued a challenge to urban dog. Let’s see if he responds to it.

      14. obomba got Americans to vote twice for the destruction of their own country. Shouldn’t be that hard to get them to vote for the destruction of Syria.

        • Only twice? Some peeps be slackin! I voted twice in ten counties for Obomb-us… now that’s respect!

      15. I’m doing exactly the opposite, I’m becoming a minimalist. It’s not all obama’s fault that the USA is on a path of hard times for another decade; but his polocies ensured it.

        From here on, I only give to Christian and vet charities and myself; all those obamaites are going to going to have to live off someone else.

        • Lena, I’m with you. The Obamanistas and all other freeloaders out there can go pound sand, eat cake, whatever. As individuals, it’s all we preppers can do to keep ourselves and our families going. braveheart

        • @Lena
          That has become my mantra as well, have been cutting back everywhere, have cut my market to just cover expenses, have no intention of being one of the people feeding the beast.
          It has awakend a whole new side of me where i am learning how to innovate or make do without or improvise.
          Quit freeing, as a result i have way more time as well.

      16. Brilliant satire! But I wonder if this is dangerous? I’m not sure sheeple are sharp enough anymore to know what satire is. They might actually think this is a cause they can support.:-/

        • Good point…

      17. Man! I gotta get that rubble kissed by Lindsey Graham, she sounds hot!

      18. I used to hate war, but now that Obama is starting them, I think they’re way cool! LOL

      19. There’s a party going on in the White House.
        Whew! We just missed it by this much and the Beastie Boys are playing, “Brass Monkey”
        Oh Yeah, That Funky Monkey.

      20. LOL. I posted this earlier today as well…classic satire and very well done! The sad part is…some people probably think and act that way every single day of their pathetic lives. Idiocracy isn’t set in the future. It’s happened now.


        • They’re acting like it right now. Listen to the left and the current talking point about how Obama forced Putin into a corner and got the international control of the chemical weapons like he always wanted from the beginning.

          Trouble is, it’s a bald-faced lie. But all of a sudden, it’s on dozens of blogs and forums, sometimes nearly word for word identical.

          It’s delusional, personality cult worship, and insane.

        • Satori, Don’t worry. A fake war will change the focus of the Americans.

      21. Our humor for not having WWIII does not ring a bell with me.
        The lie of going to war for humor doesn’t sell anymore. If being funny looks like Cambodia, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan……if I lived amongst the hilarious ruins that America has left me….I would think there must have been something about “being funny” that I didn’t understand.
        Funny, my ass. Theft of humorous resources and turning populations into comedians, owning all the funny in the WORLD. That is the “comedy” these people want and it is coming to a neighborhood near you sooner than you think.

        I know it makes no sense it didn’t before I rewrote it either.

        • Y99, I see so far 3 thumbs down on your comment. My only questions to such individual is: Do you really enjoy to see innocent adults and children being cut into pieces for no reason? I am all for destruction of evil in any shape and forms, e.g the man eating monsters of Al Qaiuda and their supporters but causing children being cut into pieces is not something that a normal human can support.

          • Tactical

            “I know it makes no sense it didn’t before I rewrote it either.”

            But having restated that, what is your point that we should go to war?

            • y99, I am against all wars unless we are being directly in danger of being killed and destroyed by an enemy. This is very similar to God given rights to defend self and the country if needed. My comment was directed to those who put thumbs down on your comment. I guess such folks do see wars as a comedy. Like you I don’t see anything funny about wars specially when innocents gets killed due to some sick minds with the global elite and to protect their interest. BTW, the global elite are all over our planet from north to south and east to the west working closely as a satanic cults by using ideologies and under the name of religion.

              • Regards Tactical

                War is ugly and evil but it is a distant second to the first of evils. The first is dictatorship and tyranny, the enslavement of one’s own citizens, this is the cause of many wars and it’s also the goal of many power hungry party bosses and inherently evil ideologies. I believe as the Founders did that natures law (God) gives me the right to live for my own sake as a free individual within the structure of a moral society. My Individual freedom is the only thing I’ll fight for anymore.

      22. Pure comedy gold. And that’s how to start fighting back against the Progressive machine. Has this been uploaded to Youtube? It needs to be. I’m not exactly an optimist when it comes to the future, but the folks at Second City have given me at least a glimmer of hope.

        Loved this one,

        P.S. Still buying the .45 auto this Saturday. 🙂

        • Yes, I saw it on youtube a couple of days ago.

      23. The whole world is laughing itself into the grave.

      24. I predicted this would happen two years ago. My friend who is a visible minority said its a wonderful thing to get Obomba back in for another term. I told him it will be a perfect set up for TPTB…blame the black guy for all of Amerika’s problems. Hot damn fools,y’all are fallin for it!!!!!!!!!
        Every time someone on here blames Obama for anything,i replace the written text with baaa…baaa!!!! Now go back to sleep,we all got a busy day in the morn,serving our masters 🙂
        Oh,go watch 1984 and Animal farm,then i dare you to come back here writing dumb assed shit about the puppet.

        • “Shit”…”Puppet” – now theres a visual not to be missed!

        • So you contend other forces are dangerous, but Obama isn’t? Chamberlin fell under the spell of Hitler because he lost his imagination for evil, he wrongly believed man had become to civilized for war.

          Even a puppet has a body of something controlling it

      25. Lets all get on board for the commander an thief

      26. That was a little corny, there’s so much material available that it makes me sad to think that this country has lost it’s imagination and creativity and is incapable of capitalizing on the material that this president gives out freely. Come on comedic america, take the freaking gloves off and earn your paycheck.

      27. I just don’t see the humor. Oh, you may think its funny but Obama supporters don’t. You laugh like they don’t support him like that. THEY DO! I’M TELLING, THEY REALLY DO!

        • Oh it’s funny all right… just not funny “Ha Ha”.
          More like the creepy uncle who makes you feel “funny” when you sit on his lap.

          … “Welcome to the Jungle, it gets worse here every day!”

      28. I agree Obama supporters are dangerous and borderline militant in regards to criticism of there dear leader I mean community organizer. The scary thing is what exactly keeps them from lashing out in a fit of violence and rage. Is it a guilty conscience or the law books?

        • Fear of consequences.

          They haven’t disarmed us yet.

      29. I think this might be true. Ft Hood soldiers ordered to deploy to Syria. Google it.

      30. Satire aside, has anyone else noticed a glaring lack of consciousness about this or any relevant current events in the average person?

        The few people I talked to today have no clue about current events in Syria or the Middle East for that matter, let alone NSA spying or IRS profiling. They just huff and puff and say that sounds like crazy alien conspiracy talk.

        No one is awake any more, no one is asking questions, no one seems to care.

        Very discouraging.


        “They’re out to get me… they’ll never catch me… cuz’ I’m F-ing Innocent!”

        • Does anyone know what color shoes Kim Kardashian’s babygirl, North West, is wearing today?

        • I had heard that there were 12 times more searches through google for mylie cyrus than for Syria.
          That makes pop culture 12 more important than ww3.
          Or its just that there are that many more potential zombies.

          • hmmmm…12x more guys checking out “naked” Miley video than Syria?…at least we know that part of the universe is still rockin’ normal.

        • I have been noticing this a lot,
          Mentioned Syria in a conversation the other day and got blank stares and a couple of cant do anything about its.
          My new response to the dont worry be happy crowd is that is what TPTB are counting on and im glad to see you are a government sheep,
          Hope you enjoy being a pushover.
          Dont usually get much of a protest because thats what these people are is pushovers and will fuck it up for the rest of us.

      31. This is a video that is titled “How would the world look like after a nuclear war”. The first part shows clips from various nuclear war movies. Then about 5 minutes into the video this strange looking robot, from the future after WW3 explains in very good detail about fallout, nuclear weapons, sickness, changing of DNA codes, and much more. This is actually very interesting. The last part has all these mutants with a comical undertone. This is a good video for those that would like to see it. It is 13 and 1/2 minutes long.


      32. while I can see and appreciate the humor in the production and it’s intent, I also realize that there is a certain percentage of the kenyan’s supporters that would actually support such a program… they’re dirt stupid, following the ebt king in whatever he decides to do – even to the destruction of this nation… be careful what you ask for – you might just get it…

        pray for the best while prepping for the worst

        Prepping Preacher III

      33. Awesome..its Cammo for everyone…..

        hey , where did everyone go?

      34. There is so much downer-stuff going on out there, I’m just trying to stay focused on enjoying the little things in life…the sound of rain, a good glass of champagne, a well cooked meal, visiting with people I enjoy being around, sleeping in on the weekend, spending time with my kitty, a bubble bath with fresh herbs from the garden tied up in cheesecloth to scent the water, etc. I just have this feeling the good times won’t last much longer and I want to get the most out of whatever time is left.

        • Gee, looks like voting does work after all?

          Go get them, from the school boards, mayors, aldermen, state houses, governors, all of it. Vote them out and keep voting them out.

          • Nows where all the losers on here that says voting is useless. I got grilled for telling people to show up at the polls. Guess everyone was busy working on their bunkers.

            You don’t vote, you don’t have a right to bitch if something doesn’t go your way…. bottomline

            • What is truly foolish is believing that our voting structure isn’t corrupt and that it functions as it should. Now I’m not saying every single election we have is a production (reps, mayors, sheriffs), but do you really believe that there was ANY chance of Romney getting elected? Ron Paul? NO. With the amount of corruption and Constitution burning going on, if you really believe they don’t rig elections, you’re living in a fantasy. What we have is not choice, but illusion of choice.

              • we have a choice, do as your told or do not, that is your choice

            • Well, according to George Carlin, people who don’t vote are the ones that get to bitch because non-voters had nothing to do with the consequences of those who voted….just sayin’

      35. Hey all

        On another note..I was watching MSM on TV (yeah I know I shouldn’t do this)

        but its a way of gauging whats being lied about

        Guess what I saw?

        They were over in Syria, filming a chemical weapons stockpile, there were 55 gallon drums of stuff and war heads to deliver such weapons…

        guess whos writing was on the war heads?…it wasn’t Russian letters, it wasn’t Arabic letters… they were letters just like the ones Im using to write this comment

        so whats that tell you who supplied these to Syria?

        Nuff said

        • VRF

          Of course they were..afterall..Benghazi was the centerpiece for our black opps sending armaments/chemical weapons/light weapons to the Syrian opposition..and that’s why no air support was given..Ambassador Stevens and the others were just collateral damage…

          Just like all the seal team 6 that supposedly got bin laden all conveniently died later on in the helicopter ..

          Dead men tell no tales..


        • Naw VRF, that was just jock itch medicine for crotch cricket bites.

        • VRF….let me make it short: Made by Israelis send to Saudis and executed by their man eating cannibals. Now idiots can thumbs it down and I don’t care since it is the truth.

          • you forgot..they bought the American letter stencils from amazon . com

            • Do a online search for Drugs like Ecstacy, manufactured in and BY Jewish Israli dopers flooding the usa with illeagle mind altering dope.

              After That Truth and Facts sinks in deep. Do another search on Jewish Rabbis in New Jersey-NY-and Israel, all linked into International Sales of Human Organs for transplants done illeagally.

              Then do a 3rd search for similar Rabbis and Israeli jews connected to the major “White Slavery” aka Sex Slave white women, kidnapped-scammed by movie star promices-and generally swindled into a life as whores for cash working in the largest Per Capita Brothel zone, in Israel/Telaviv.

              Then awaken from the mass delusions promoted by wolves that some folks calls their Pastors, who never alert their flock to these factual truths when they keep preaching to bless them jews and israel BS.

        • no, yet another white man will be charged with a hate crime. while others get a free pass because they are the minority, therefore it can’t possibly be a hate crime.(sarc)

      36. The check is in the mail.

      37. That video is very funny! Jones played it yesterday during his radio show, I laughed so hard, people outside my office window thought there was a nut-case inside. (I could see them peeking in). With that said, I’ve read all of the comments above and I wish to say something to those that would wish for the destruction of mankind to “re-set” the balance of “useless eaters” to “productive people”. Those comments, if they are serious, make me sick and should not be tolerated by anyone with a moral conscience. My question to you is, “What makes you think you are above the “sheeple” or useless eaters?” Yes, it is true that some people are smarter, prettier, cleverer than others. Some of us have forsight and can see beyond horizons but that makes us responsible for those that cannot take care of themselves. How many of you own a pet? Dog? Cat? Fish? You are smarter than them, you are supposed to have the bigger brain and yet you love them probably more than most folks you know. (I am in that category). You care for them, feed them, take them to the vet, talk to them because they are your best friends. How could you wish death and destruction on your fellow man? Especially, for anyone that believes in God and/or an afterlife? Who are you to judge? Can you see into a man’s heart? Most people are very overwhelmed by the system and are working paycheck to paycheck if they are the lucky ones. They are too busy taking care of families to pay attention to world events right now. They are still people and be careful what you would wish for…you are part of humanity as well. God Bless.

        • I would rather take care of a dog or cat than most people.

        • Because quite frankly, People piss me off…The stupidity factor and the consequences of it do me the most…

        • Aye, i have been working a job, and a man walks by with his dog, he is an older person and it is obvious that he has suffered a stroke or some other form of brain damage in the past and it does sadden me if life takes a dire turn he and his dog will not survive without a compassionate person to aid him or Gods intervention. So I cannot wish for that harmless persons demise, but the ruthless, evil, scoundrels, willfully ignorant, or shallow that’s a different story….however one can still hope that life gives them a bitch slap to wake them up before it is to late for them.

      38. As long at the populace relies on MSM they will remain dumber than a sack of wet bricks. I don’t see much of a change until reality bitch slaps them into our world. For many, I’m afraid it will be too late.

        The real reason for the post: I’ve been trying to add some extra body fat while still maintaining full mobility. With my prepped 1200 calories a day, I know I will be losing weight until certain other parts of plan are growing. I know it won’t help a lot, but the extra fat will help early on. I’m not eating cheesecake or junk food, just increasing my intake of beef, chicken, ribs and similiars. I’m eating as good as I can cook it as long as I can.

        one eye open and the other 3/4 open when sleeping

        • and if their official story is that AL CIA DUH was the culprit for 9-11..than WTF is this shit?

          two lies that point to the fact that 9-11 was an inside job

          you cant have it both ways Oblaimy

        • Treason… yes definitely. What’s the punishment for aiding the enemy? Dangling at the end of a rope I say.

      39. Donors to the WWW III Forward Fund that contribute $1,000 or more will get a special 2 ounce bronzed sample of poop from Bo the Wonder Dog.

      40. I need to air this and then funnel all the money into my own bank account…Because peoplearestupid

      41. The worst part about american’s for whatever BHO wants is it’s true. They will do and say anything no matter how ridiculous or devoid of facts.

        It really points out F#@ked up more then half of the population is.

        Love, Peace, Equal Rights and Gay lifestyles are only a figment of the American imagination. Try it in any non-caucasian country and you will likely get killed.

      42. LMAO!

      43. Obama

        He is convinced that chemical weapons were used by Assad’s regime, and is willing to go to war over it


        Has No IDEA what happened in Benghazi , and choses to ignore it as much as possible

        makes perfect sense ,,,.. right?

        • Ohh I can think of better ones than that, Lindsey Grahm and the Neo cons say its Obumblers screw up and the only way to fix it is to bomb Syria…not lets get rid of the screw up first…
          Or Mcain the evil sociopath in reply to Greta’s query ” what if Russia or Iran get involved, Mcain with a straight face replys ” then they will learn what American firepower is all about” so in his twisted mind in order to “save” the Syrians we may have to fight wars aginst Russia and Iran ?
          I swear you cant make this stuff up, and I wonder am I the only person listening to what our dear leaders are really saying ? —————————————————————————————————
          * crickets chirping * must be as I hear no calls for impeachment or recall of our warmongering Senators.
          And as an ultimate irony I now find my self agreeing with Code pink, code fucking pink…. truly there is no longer a left right divide in this country, only traitors and free thinking people.
          In war, truth is the first casualty. Aeschylus

          “What good fortune for governments that the people do not think.” – Adolf Hitler

      44. Mooshelle is starting a “drink more water”campaign

        ahh That’s ok.. I think we get enough chemical poisoning with the amount of fluoride they are putting in the water as it is.

        or is this her own Chemical attack?

      45. I am afraid it is on no matter what. Just back from a trip visiting many people and have to admit nobody gives a flying f#ck about the Middle East and World War Three. Lots of chat about Miley Cyrus, pulled pork, baseball, beer, cancer etc.

        Telling people this is really serious is a big turn-off and people will just walk away from you.

        If I was the security state/Pentagon, I would be very happy with this state of affairs: the population is good and prepared for being passive and indifferent. Get some beer, beef up the cable package and kick back: the fireworks are going to be spectacular.

      46. Now Assad’s all like “Oh, I’m giving up because of Russia’s proposal, not the US military”…

        … difficult but I’m going to let you have that one for two reasons:

        1. Everyone can see how fast you jumped all over yourself at the chance, so frankly you’re not fooling anyone.

        2. You’re a child. We all know this. Thanks for the confirmation.

        This is not the time to be looking for political advantage, kids. You wanna do that… sure fine whatever LATER. I was not pleased with Putin’s little deal to the NYT. I mean… sure some of what he said about “a new cooperation” and so forth was great and all but, buddy, this is the edge of WW3 and you REALLY have to ask yourself if you’re HELPING or just scoring political points. If you’re going for the points… you come off as someone who digs on juggling chainsaws with a shit eating grin on your face. Just stop it, all of you.

        Dear Assad: better not screw this one up. You hold out on this one, there are far more interesting things that can be done to you besides cruise missiles, sunshine.

      47. I sent in a $100 and hope to get my pass to “Get out of Refugee Camp”…

      48. We’ve all gotta throw in our buck o’ five. We can’t let that ‘Perpetual War Fund’ account overdraft.

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