Legionnaire’s Outbreak in Poland Blamed On Climate Change

by | Oct 6, 2023 | Headline News

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    An outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease over the summer in Poland is being blamed on climate change. The other possibility for the outbreak, according to ruling-class media outlets, is “conflict.”

    The Polish rulers are concerned about the source of the sometimes-deadly illness that was spreading through the city’s water last summer. The infection, caused by the legionella bacterium, isn’t particularly rare. It pops up all over Europe on occasion, but this outbreak came with a startling statistic: two years’ worth of infections and deaths in just a three-week period. And it happened to occur in a curious location: a key hub for the Western effort to aid Ukraine in its defense against Russia, according to a report by The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. 

    The media is suggesting that this is a “natural” outbreak that wouldn’t necessarily have happened if the conflict between Russia and Ukraine never happened. So basically, no one know why, but the rulers need to pin this on either climate change or the war so they can advance an agenda.

     Predictions from across civil society have highlighted the potential for Ukrainian public health and biological research efforts to become targets of Russian disinformation. And from the beginning of Russia’s war on Ukraine, Russian officials and media networks have sought to raise unfounded suspicions about illicit activities in Ukrainian biological research labs. Russia has taken its accusations to the UN Security Council and other international fora, so far without success, as it seeks to justify its invasion. The United States, deeply involved in supporting Ukraine, has assessed that Russia maintains an offensive biological weapons program and has raised concerns about whether Moscow might launch an unconventional attack. –The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. 

    The city of Rzeszow, where the outbreak took place, is just 60 kilometers from the Ukrainian border and serves as a major international logistics hub for Western military supplies destined for the conflict. It is a temporary home to roughly 1,700 United States troops and is also set to host a NATO-built logistics center within the next year. When Legionnaires started spreading, the ruling class tried hard to make sure their narrative was the dominant one. They claimed that “misinformation and disinformation” spread about a deliberate attack.

    Russia’s state-owned RIA Novosti news outlet claimed the Legionnaire’s outbreak may have been a US false flag operation designed to later accuse Russia of using biological weapons.

    Polish authorities’ aggressive public health campaign, which included the chlorination of the municipal water supply, appears to have contained the disease, which led to 160 cases and 23 deaths between August 18th and September 11th. Legionnaires is not uncommon, but the ruling class,  while reacting to the features and location of the Rzeszow outbreak, set out to “investigate” whether the outbreak may have been the result of deliberate sabotage.

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    The real cause of the outbreak is not being released yet by the rulers. However, the head of a Polish epidemiology association told The New York Times the evidence likely points to an unusually severe natural outbreak, one that was perhaps amplified by climate change.

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