Left vs. Right Paradigm Lie: Trump and The Bidens Are Both Sinister Puppets

by | Aug 12, 2021 | Headline News | 22 comments

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    EDITOR’S NOTE: If you are still stuck in the left vs. right paradigm lie, this is going to trigger you. Consider not reading to avoid cognitive dissonance. 

    Former President Donald Trump continues to show he was a part of this hoax and the “vaccine” rollout the entire time. This comes as Hunter Biden tells a prostitute on video that he lost another laptop with disturbing footage on it. No puppet sits on the throne unless it’s planned that way, and the sooner we figure this out the better.

    If you are waiting for Trump to save you you may be waiting a while. It’s past time to figure out what the problem is here.  It’s the establishment and all of it. Puppets are chosen for a reason and to say Trump was somehow different in the midst of the Great Reset and the New World Order takeover has become laughable.

    That’s not to say Joe Biden and his disgusting son are any better. Both sides are corrupt as that’s what power does, and both sides deserve to be masters over no other human being. It’s all about control of your mind and allowing one to control you and be your savior doesn’t make you freer. In fact, quite the opposite.

    Let’s start with Trump because this is the guy more people are going to be triggered over.

    Trump said that if not for his COVID-19 vaccine effort, Operation Warp Speed, 100 million people might have died from the bug, saying he’s “very proud” of his efforts to get Americans jabbed.

    “I think if we didn’t come up during the Trump administration with the vaccine, you could have 100 million people dead, just like you had in 1917,” Trump said in an interview on Fox News that aired Saturday night.

    “You take the Spanish Flu, 100 million people, up to 100 million people, died. I think we’d be in that territory.”

    “The vaccines turn out to be a tremendous thing,” he said in the interview with Dan Bongino. “It’s something I’m very proud of.” -New York Post

    Operation Warp Speed: Trump Is Taking Credit For The “Vaccine” Rollout

    As disgusting as it is to roll out this shot knowing it would lead to the dystopian tyranny we are living under today, it still doesn’t pale in comparison to Joe Biden’s sadistic son, Hunter.

    Newly released video footage shows Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden, admitting to a prostitute that he lost a laptop full of incriminating data during a 2018 drug binge. If Hunter is to be believed, he has now lost three computers, according to a report by RT

    Video footage found on the latest surfaced laptop by the Daily Mail and published on Wednesday purportedly shows a post-coital Hunter telling a prostitute that “three guys,” including his drug dealer, made off with a laptop while Hunter lay face-down in a hotel pool in Las Vegas during a bender in 2018.

    “They have videos of me doing this,” Hunter said, referring to his session with the prostitute. “They have videos of me doing crazy f**king sex.” –RT

    This is just to highlight how painfully obvious it has become that this left/right paradigm lie is all about division. It’s ironic that people who claim they love liberty and freedom bow willingly to the guy who is pissed off he’s not getting credit for the “vaccine” the rulers are attempting to force on everyone. It’s also ironic that people who claim they are in support of feminism support a freak like Hunter Biden who is sadistic at best and a sociopath at worst.

    We had better get our morality together. Right is still right and wrong is still wrong whoever does it. The establishment doesn’t fear Trump nor does it fear these stories about Hunter.  It fears us waking up to what it’s doing and which strings it’s pulling.

     Wake up. Sooner is better than later:

    The left vs. right paradigm lie was designed this way for a reason. It’s easy to control people who think they are free as they willingly pick their new master and participate in their own enslavement.



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      1. Best article to date!

      2. Refreshing to see logic regarding the two sides of the slide to tyranny. The left right paradigm has hoodwinked 85% of sheep

      3. Friends get mad at me when i tell them this and they make up excuses about why Trump is pushing the Vaxxx. Some say it’s because he’s still playing his 4-D chess game against the elites…. BS…..If he was, he’d still be in office and someone would be in prison……. When Trump says something he usually means it…….. Trump wants you Vaxxxed and he wants it badly…… It’s alright to follow someone (Trump, Biden, etc.), but when you follow too closely, bent over picking up the crumbs they’ve left for you, your head ends up inside them, (you know where), and you can’t see anything except what they had for breakfast…….The Tree of Liberty needs fed and watered soon………

        • Honk, honk!

      4. Trump was responsible for the roll out of the vaccine and it may have saved many lives. he is NOT responsible however for going down the path of the vaccine passports or any of this other nonsense. that is all on Biden

        • 99.9%survival rate. P0S Epstein guilty zioTrumpy didn’t save ANYbody but the Gates poison he helped push is killing thousands

      5. We really don’t know how many people were saved because of the vaccine. I know a lot of people have been injured and died because of reactions to the vaccine but Covid it is a very serious transmissible virus that much we know.

        The elephant in the room is the suppression of cheap drugs that can be repurposed and prevent the virus from entering into the body. Remember it was Trump that came out originally and hyped up hydroxychloroquine. That is telling. I firmly believe Trump has been misdirected because he is not a doctor. He has to listen to this so-called experts and they have steered him wrong.

        I have thought a lot about whether Trump is part of the plan and I have come up with the answer of no. He got us out of t p p, the Paris climate Accords, and renegotiated NAFTA. He was starting to bring manufacturing back and the Communists had to make their move. No Trump was not planned I know that much.

      6. Donald Trump pushed the Vaccines claiming ownership, said he was the “Father of the Covid Vaccines” and still pushes them despite the tens of thousands of deaths and 500,000+ injuries,

        Trump called anti-vaxxers, DERANGED and MORONIC on a video I saw yesterday. He admitted he KNEW there were injuries and death and Trump compared the casualties of the vaccine to birth control pill side effects.

        This man is part of the cabal, and it doesn’t surprise me one bit. He wants the credit for all the vaccine deaths, I will give that to him.

      7. Honk, honk!

      8. first, ‘cvd19’ has never been isolated, so while it may still ‘exist’, no diagnosis can be made w/r to ‘symptoms’, no test can be done, no one can be said to have ‘cvd19’, or to have died from it.
        They say it has a 99.9% survival rate. There are now a half dozen available cheap, safe effective treatments (making vax approval illegal); meanwhile, the vax is not a vax and is not FDA approved, FDA published (p16) its adverse reactions, they know it’s a death-vax. Second, even ‘two party’ system is usually ‘manufactured majority’, the solution is one-issue-at-a-time voting

      9. Mr Salvo Freedom of Speech
        Thank GOD
        Americans are few now ,and the Proof is TELLING the
        Not as the MANY Hope it may be
        The very Stable GENIUS
        Is quite Intelligent,I was fooled BY HIM
        But only for a few years ,fooled so bad i invested family time an my Family’s MONEY
        Mr Salvo I hope you read My Comment and in my humble opinion you might understand who I Believed
        The trump might have been in this very old book written in 1913
        The ol rough Rider,Theodore Roosevelt
        Wrote FEAR GOD and Take Your Own Part
        Damn Trump used the bully pulpit well his song of Patriotism
        On the issue of O Dumbass’s birth certificate put trump out there
        Long story short it became Obvious to me trump was truly
        Articulated in the Ol rough Riders Book
        Mr Salvo Roosevelts book details our current events and in his book the failed Leader 45 is in Great detail
        ChinaFY Mr Salvo is what Roosevelt called what IS happening to the democracy that both Poolitical bandits created in 1913 on December 22 in the dead of Night
        How it all started is when the Federal Reserve Began
        Funded all this EVIL
        How it all ends
        Psalm 91
        Written to YOU by GOD
        My Fellow AMERICANS
        Our Founders wrote our First American Prayer
        Our American mission statement
        I quote
        And for the support of this Declaration,
        With Firm Reliance on the Protection of Divine Providence
        56 Americans showed ONE PEOPLE
        Who is THE LAWS OF NATURE
        And of
        NATURE’S GOD
        45 had ONE PEOPLE ,He is nothing more than
        The Sound of Fury Signifying NOTHING
        BUT GOD IN
        PSALM 91
        My fellow Americans showed our Founders how to
        Trample The Lion
        Our American Generation can TRAMPLE
        The Dragon

      10. If Trump were so bad, why did the Bidenistas cheat the 2020 election to get rid of him?

        Trump’s plays along but does not believe, making his potential for free agency and erring on the side of freedom dangerous. He introduced Operation Warp Speed, sure, but also left the States free to decide their level of COVID-1984. Liberty states like South Dakota were not penalized for choosing freedom.

        Biden has no free agency save that his marbles are so old they can fall off the teleprompter at random, and the leftist bureaucracy rules mostly unimpeded by Trump tweets.

        Anti-Trumping, is pro-Biden. That’s how the system works. Neither, will never be a realistic ballot choice, and inept resistance to electoral cheating, means Biden may be the only choice now.

        • They both serve our enemy Israel not US

      11. All I know is come to my door to vax me and your ass will be leaving my property very quickly. Nuf said!

      12. The lethal injection has killed more people than coronavirus. SarsCov2 has never been isolated and there is no test for it. Therefore there are exactly zero proven deaths from coronavirus.

      13. But muh fweedom and democracy!
        We got a vote on Iraq, Afghanistan, TARP, too big to fail, Obamacare, COV-LARP.
        Oh wait.

      14. Trump and Biden BOTH have big FAT blue and white Israeli PHALLUSES up their hind ends. They BOTH serve our USS Liberty murdering, ISIS, 911 terrorist, Epstein raping blackmailing ENEMY in Tel Aviv. Somebody please ARM Iran with the NUKEs to get the job done with

      15. Equating Trump with Biden is retarded. Trump was not controlled he was defeated. He failed to understand business and politics are not even close to the same thing. He trusted to many of the wrong people for the wrong reasons because he was out of his league.

        Coming to the conclusion he was controlled is the product of a weak mind. They do not foment color revolutions to unseat politicians they control. The oligarchs allowed their power bases to burn they were so afraid of Trump. It is beyond idiotic to claim they burned the nation for show. The oligarchs know exactly how to trick the population with media. They did not have to burn the country for show. they had to burn it because Trump was dangerous to them. They lost their grip on the narrative due to Trump and are still desperate to get it back.

        Trump was a terrible politician who turned his back on the people who elected him but he was not controlled.

        If Trump was controlled why did they foment a color revolution against him? If he was controlled there would have been no reason to put on a show burning down cities.

        It is far more likely that the Federal Reserve Note is going to crash and the oligarchs are trying to gain ideological power so they are not kicked to the curb like they always are after their ponzi money spins out of control.

        People who are so sure Trump was controlled all have one thing in common. Low IQ’s. All of the problems the USA is facing are racial. Trump did more to wake white people up to what is happening to us than anyone else by a large factor. Claiming he is an enemy is idiotic.

        BTW. If you believe the shot is a kill shot you are low IQ. Make a list of 150 million people and check it every week. Thousands will have died every week no matter what. Most people do not have any critical thinking skills

        • People gravitate towards information that reinforces their own beliefs regardless if the information is valid or total BS..
          That’s not a good thing

      16. The endless right v.s left thing is working——-for some one, isn’t it?.

      17. The Left – Right Matrix has been designed to divide people into two opposing camps ,working for the same managment .
        Trump was no rebel & does not even know what being one was .
        Has he named names ,etc ?
        He was CONNECTED & those ‘ connections ‘,shield that criminal (.all of his life ),from justice .
        The entire ‘ Right Wing ‘ structure ‘, as we know it ,is a shield & fruitless hamster wheel to more power yielded to the elite .

        No ‘ anti establishment candidate ‘,would of garnered the literal billions in free ‘ establishment ‘ media ‘, Trump recieved in 16 .

        He was a conduit of the worst most greedy elements in the US & set off a divide ,by conjuring the worst in the country to back him.

        Nor does he have an inkling of any philosophical ,or historical understanding of the issues his more ‘ intellectual ‘, adherents hope for .

        If he would of governed by breaking the Right – Left Matrix ,with probity , shrewdness & finesse ,uniting the population , not becoming a Neoconservative on steroids , and doing the bidding of the most corrupt elements in the ‘ Conservative Movement ‘, run out of Rupert Murdoch ,front man for NM Rothschilds , FOX as his guide , he would of been genuine.

        He was & is a useful idiot .
        A dangerous & greedy figure …..

        The culmination of years of Ex Trotskyist Communists wishes who founded of the ‘ Neoconservative Movement ‘, and took command of the ‘ Right Wing ‘.

        The only free person & society are its people verses the power of International Finance ,not ‘ Right ,or Left ‘,opposed to it .

        The Hegelian Dialectic is : Thesis , Anti Thesis ,Synthesis ….
        Karl Marx expounded upon it ,and we live it today.

        Break that paradigm & be free .
        Divide into Right – Left & be enslaved.

      18. “Sinister Puppets”, maybe. Don’t forget the large number of willfully ignorant folks. Take CRAZY KATHY for example. She was a cute & likable San Francisco liberal (like the Goldie Hawn characters on SNL) that was a frequent guest on the Tucker Carlson show. She typifies the type of uninformed Americans that enable imbeciles to govern us. I’m sure you could find plenty of similar folks in NYC, CHICAGO, Portland OR, Seattle, etc.

        Those people failed to exert the intellectual effort to learn about American concepts spelled out in the Federalist Papers, the Constitution, & the Declaration of Independence. Clearly they do NOT place these ideas in historic context.

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