Leaked Police Report: There Are 23 Muslim-Controlled “No Go Zones” In Sweden: Plagued With Violence, Sexual Assaults And Gun Crimes

by | Jun 23, 2017 | Headline News | 84 comments

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    Though European leaders and their US-based counterparts have vehemently denied their existence, a leaked report from the Swedish police confirms that there are at least 23 Muslim-controlled “No-Go Zones” and some 60 “vulnerable areas” where non-muslim citizens of the country can no longer visit safely.

    As noted in the RT video below, the areas are plagued with violence, sexual assaults and gun crimes, and things have gotten so bad that police and emergency services personnel refuse to enter.

    According to the Swedish National Police Commissioner:

    We see developments in our country which are not always going in the right direction… We have more than 60 vulnerable areas in and around major cities in Sweden.. and we see criminality there and we need to turn around these developments in those areas… and we need the assistance of other parts of our society.

    Call us crazy, but maybe not allowing mass migration from countries with ideals, morals and laws that run nearly 100% counter to those of your country would be a good start?

    While that may be considered racist, xenophobic and nationalistic by many “progressives” around the world, one simply can’t deny that such no-go zones are the result of forced cultural assimilation. Of course, the assimilation requirement appears to only involve the natural citizens of the countries in question, because apparently migrants can engage in any sort of activities they wish without consequence.

    As one angry foreigner from Sweden previously explained, it is now taboo in Sweden (and all civilized Western countries) to take pride in one’s country and culture, noting that by doing so you are considered “racist.”

    The fact is that Western and Islamic culture sit on two completely different sides of the spectrum, and while the West has welcomed millions of refugees over the last several years, the same doesn’t appear to be true for the migrants.

    In Britain, for example, followers of Islam are feverishly working to build a nation within a nation, ruled by Sharia law with no regard to Britain’s legal system.

    The same has been true across America. In fact, the issue is so serious that the Texas State legislature recently passed a bill that would force State courts to ignore any foreign law when deciding cases.

    “My colleagues and I here at the Texas Legislature want to make sure Texas judges never apply foreign law in Texas courts in violation of constitutional rights and the public policy of our state,” said Flynn.

    Under HB 45, Texas and U.S. law supersede all other laws. It prevents state judges from applying any foreign law because, in doing so, it infringes upon U.S. and Texas constitutional rights. The bill shields litigants in family law cases “against violations of constitutional rights and public policy in the application of foreign law” under the U.S. and Texas Constitutions, federal and judicial precedent, the Texas Family Code, and the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, among other protections.

    You’d think such a law wouldn’t be necessary in America, but the last few years show that the Islamization, and thus the push for Sharia Law, is happening right here and now.


    The Refugees Didn’t Realize This European Woman Was Fluent in Arabic

    Cultural Clash to Destroy the West: Refugees Systematically “Playing Rape Game Across Europe”

    Shock Video: Reporter Doing Humanitarian Story On Refugees Is Assaulted Live On Air: “What do you want? You’re crazy!”


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      1. Time for Europe to draw a red line! You are dead if you don’t have some pride or love of home/country. Don’t cede anything to these people who refuse to assimilate. they want your land,your head and their law. Take note America or you will fall for the same trick here.

        • They need to go in there and kill the muslim vermin. That is what will happen here eventually. No different from killing roaches.

          • What? Must more necessary than killing roaches. Roaches don’t behead your children or burn your house to the ground because your not a mooslum. Facts are facts.

            I suspect, what you meant, is we should have the same emotions as if we were killing roaches. No.

            Bear in mind, its not Christians vs. Mooslums, its not Secular vs Mooslums. Its not anything religious at all. Its humanity vs Mooslums. They break every rule of EVERY RELIGION.

            Murder: Allowed.
            Theft: Allowed.
            Rape: Allowed.
            Assault: Allowed.

            No religion condones such things. Islam is not a religion! It is a political ideology attempting to masquerade as a religion.

            DON’T LET THEM FOOL YOU!

            • Net,
              “Murder: Allowed.
              Theft: Allowed.
              Rape: Allowed.
              Assault: Allowed”

              “Allowed” should be changed to “Encouraged”.

              • You sir, are correct. My mistake. Thanks for catching that!

            • NetRanger, the Swedes and anf other idiots in europe that all ow Muslims into their countries have brought this on themselves. WTF did they expect and WTF were they thinking when they made that decision? You reap what you sow. If the muzzies start that shit here, they’ll get sent to allah.

              • No they wont, Blacks have been raping and murdering whites for 50 years and nothing has been done. I am amused at guys like you who talk tough on a keyboard. But of course you and the others wont do nothing. Not that i blame you, there isnt much that can be done

            • I bet I hate them more than you do ranger. Fooled I ain’t.

              • Does your trigger finger twitch every time you see one? Mine does…


            • This is all part of the Illuminati and NWO Agenda for Nations Destroying. Open borders, perpetual conflicts and chaos, breakdown of cultures and national pride. They did the same thing here in America with the NAACP, Women’s Lib, Break up of the family unit, Public school brainwashing that makes kids think Gay is cool and transvestite is Good,. they target the strongest aspect of your Country and destroy it. They are destroying US history by banning the Confederate Flag and taking down monuments that signify our greatest leaders, all to destroy our culture, and any memory or history of that.

              They install their puppet lefty politicians that make phony laws to bring countries into the gutter of full destruction and implosion. Open borders, same sex bathrooms, porn and pedophilia, rape and incest, women’s gentile mutilation, slavery. They want you to live in fear and too afraid to fight.

              You are either an armed patriot, or you are a slave.

              • “illuminati” “NWO”

                I wonder (((who))) they are. . .

                >>>women’s gentile mutilation<<<

                Good one! Of course that was deliberate- wasn't it??

                The choose are controlling all Western governments- the so called immigration exists to destroy the White race.


            • Very well stated. I wish the rest of the world had half of your understanding and grasp of the truth of the matter, then maybe Muslims would note be able to invade the nations they are currently taking over by civilization jihad.











          • Ruh-roh! someone is off their meds.

            • Oh! I get to eat on your dime? Well, that’s certainly pleasant news…. please send my gift card for “Golden Corral” right away… I’m actually starting to get a little hungry right now —

          • You are addressing your parents as F’in boomer scum….
            stupid millennial.

          • Ek is right. The vast majority of women are not strategic thinkers. Women are in no way competent to run a civilization.

            If your sons are very young, they will be raised muslims and used against the west. If they are considered too old, they will be killed or castrated for use as slaves. Muslimes make sure their slaves cannot breed a new generation.

            Your daughters will be kept alive only as long as they are good as sex toys. They will find that there is no way of appeasing their new masters/mates. They will then be killed for pleasure or cast aside, while their masters watch them die a gruesome death, laughing al the while. Western women have never encountered men who place absolutely no value on a woman.

            • Ek is right on that extermination is the plan.

          • Acid Etch? Is that you? So typical.

          • Acids hate for women is a cover for being gay. Its in the archives with his coming out rants. You have to go back a few years to appreciate these rants. He does have some valid points. Good entertainment

        • what about America’s red line? In the cities and suburbs Blacks have been raping and killing for over 50 years and nothing has been done. The red line gets moved further every year right here in the USA

        • I would crack down in Sweden. I would give the Muslims 48 hour to leave the Country. Or be shot on sight. And make it legal for Swedes to shoot, no daily bag limit, either sex, no license required. With in 1 week there would be no more rape and chaos. Problem solved. The 48 hr clock starts NOW.

          The same with all European Nations and here in the US 48 to leave.

          Same with the Blacks here in the US. You break the law you get sent back to Africa. One way ticket, no re-entry.

        • Europe has been conquered by consent and are pushing for total sharia law by EU leaders. Cowardly wimpy EU males apparently want their wives and daughters raped 24/7 in concubines, and males turned into slaves, as they are condoning this third world invasion. EU citizen idiots are told nationalism is fascism and they believe this crap. Europe will fall soon under an extreme Muslim leadership and the EU leaders will either be killed or convert. Most will convert. Europe has turned into a third world sewer and will be trashing and tearing down churches, monuments and other cultural entities on command. (see: pamelageller.com, jihadwatch.org, etc.

      2. Drop a bomb in the middle of each and every one of those no go zones.

        Arm the people.

        Hang the traitors, liars, and architects of this atrocity.

        Then start weeding out the rest of the scum.


        • NRA stands for Negotiating Rights Away

          • ….but only in CA and NY for the most part.

          • I understand how you feel Gandhi. To some extent I agree, however, without the NRA we would be like the Brits, the Canucks and the Aussies.

            Maybe not. I do say this: the NRA has drawn a line in the sand. In years past, your Negotiating Rights Away was very true. They caved. I think, maybe, they were really designed to do that, but today, instead, I think they’ve been infiltrated by American Patriots that won’t give in anymore.

            • I hope you are right. If the NRA would publicly admit that even RPGs are protected arms then I would rejoin those cowards. Seems like only our enemies are allowed to out gun us. But as long as they show that fool holding a flint lock over his deranged head, NRA and their members can kiss my a$$.

          • Gandhi

            “NRA stands for Negotiating Rights Away”

            The NRA operates in the real political environment and gets the best deal it can at the time with intent of strategizing for the future. The Clinton “Assault gun” ban is a prime example. While we had to swallow that the the NRA put in a 10 year expiration requiring re-redification. A decade later, with a new political environment, the bad wasn’t repealed, it just failed away without fanfare. It is by far the most effective pro gun group in the world.

            • Fully agree K2. It’s easy to complain about any organization , as it will never reach G’s high standards. I like what the NRA has done in the realistic political environment we find ourselves in. Although I always wish for less restriction on firearms as a rule, I’m still very happy to be an NRA member.

              God Bless


        • Just surround the areas. No traffic in or out. Then flush the pen, house by house. Surrender and be deported otherwise FEMA Camp sweat shop hard labor. You lie you die.

      3. Nothing like putting up a sign that says
        “Start the war here”
        WTF are they waiting for
        All their problems crowded into one area?
        Can someone say Target Rich Environment?


        • Yes. Won’t have to worry about killing innocents. Just shoot everyone that moves in there.


      5. “There Are 23 Muslim-Controlled “No Go Zones” In Sweden: Plagued With Violence, Sexual Assaults And Gun Crimes”

        Islam 23 Sweden 0

        Better get with the game Sweden!

        • Chews 23, Swedes 0

          The spotlight must be placed on the actual bad guys.

      6. Born and raised in Southern Africa, Swedes lavishly funded terrorist organizations in that part of the world (Rhodesia and SA) thus the more crap that hits them the better I like it, couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of a-holes

      7. Must be a bunch of islamophobic propaganda! I mean, islam is the relition of peace, right? How can this be? I mean, if islam is a religion of peace, wouldn’t these “No Go” zones be an example of calm, serenity and stability?

        BWAHAHAHAHA! You *KNEW* I could only hold out so long! All the information about “The Religion of Peace” is utter bullshit. Its the religion of violence, bloodshed and murder. The “radicalized” portions of that “peaceful religion” are not “radicalized” at all, they are just following the dictates of their prophet. The peaceful ones, yeah, they get murdered too because they’re not really following the script.

        YouTube search, if you dare:

        why we are afraid bill warner

        No bullshit. Just facts.

        • Trojan horse now has 23 enclave terrorist cells set up. Kind of like the Viet Nam Tet Offense. Then one night all hell breaks loose across the entire country. Time to hand out the Sig Sauers and take care of Bitness.

      8. look at the guy in the 1st photo – a red-headed swede with stupid muslim abraham lincoln beard, and a muslim karate shirt (buttoned up to the neck of course).
        what a guy you are swede! what a effing guy.
        i have no pity for the foolish swedes.
        eff off muslims, bring that sharia nonsense
        to los angeles and see what happens to y’alls.

      9. Our own government supports the moose lims more than they support Us citizns.

      10. “Vulnerable areas” police commissioner??

        Try GONE areas.

        You speak Swedish, Commissioner. So to do I. The word used for this is tjockskalle.

        • No go zones are conquered territory. The jihad is working.

          • I almost screamed when I read this caca.

            That implies that the ragheads are doing this all on their own, with no help from the (((international money hegemon))).

      11. These Arab murderers were forced into Sweden, Germany, and England and other white nations by the globalists. Since those scum globalists get what they want all of Europe will be invaded. Bringing them to the US also, I went to the local mall today, hadn’t been there for over a year. First noticed upon approach to the mall that the biggest anchor Sears was demolished at one end. I went in to suck up some air conditioning, WOW the people inside looked like a third world nation. The only white people inside were old codgers. Stick a fork in the old US, it’s well done.

        • You’re just in the wrong area. The vermin always infest the cities and destroy them and then they never leave. In my area the only moose limbs hanging around are in winter after hunting. …and as far as malls, go, I broke the handle out of mine when I missed the log I was splitting.

          But, no, seriously, all the problems I hear of with sharia and mooslims is always in the cities. You never have problems with starlings, coyotes, wolves or crows until a bunch of them get together. The reason we don’t have much problem in the USA is because the %age is low.

          • dont worry, they will come to the sticks eventually. I see gas stations even in rural areas run by Muslims.

        • Aljamo, it’s the same way with all the najor shopping malls in my city. “Diversity” and “Multiculturalism” have taken over. Fortunately I don’t have to go into the malls for anything. I take enough risk at wallyworld, lol.

          • MAGA=Make America White Again

            By no objective metric can the “browning”of USA be considered a good thing. All “multicultural” civilizations have failed, and always with the genocide of White people. As soon as non-whites come to power, the genocide of Whites begins. All the sub-human mud races hate Whitey.

          • The Deplorable Braveheart…Wallyworld…thats what we call the town we live in 2 hours North West of Adelaide South Australia…Wallaroo …a small fishing touristy type town on the coast…but where I grew up 10 mins North of Adelaide is like stepping into the Middle East…garbage every where…they dont like my missus walking past in a skirt with a full leg tattoo…they gather and stare…rude as fuk they are to most around that way that are locals…they have even offered a friend 30 or 40,000 dolaars more for his house so their families can have it…if they do not own a barber shop or supermarket they seem to just hang around…some I am sure dealing hard drugs….probably heroin from back home….lock and load….

      12. Whites are a defeated race. The fate of a defeated race is slavery, and death. That’s it: End of story.

      13. There are “no-go muslim neighborhoods” in the United States. There seem to be a lot of these neighborhoods in Michigan. There are non-muslim idiots who talk about accomodating Sharia law in the courts. Christian refugees from Muslim lands could provide a unique perspective on what Sharia law is really about.


      15. its really not a Muslim problem, its a non white problem. Guaranteed most of the Rapes and violence is done by BLACK “muslims”, just like here in the USA

        • >>>its really not a Muslim problem, its a non white problem>>>

          Please keep in mind that the choose are not White- in their own eyes.

          (((Mike Wallace))) and Morgan Freeman. Mr. Freeman assumes that Mr. Wallace is white- Wallace sets him straight. . .


      16. The percentage of Muslims in France is 8%, in the UK 4% and Sweden is 5% while its .8% (8 tenths of one percent) in the US. The US has some “breathing room”.

        • We may have breathing room, but that doesn’t mean we want to smell C4 in the morning.

          Any percentage is too high. Thanks K2 for the stats. According to Bill Warner, the big problems start at 3%. Its not an opinion. He documents it in his books and videos.

          But, you know what the biggest telltale sign is that these people are bad? Here it is:

          What population group do you think has the biggest fatality rate (both in numbers and per capita) from muslim hate?

          Jews? Good choice. No.

          Christians? Another good choice. No.

          Buddhists? No. Not them.

          By the numbers muslims kill more muslims than they do all other people groups combined. Simply put, to become a muslim is to become much more likely to be killed by muslim violence. Let that sink in for a little bit. Essentially, just becoming a muslim is somewhat suicidal.

          • Net Ranger

            We had an operator in the oil refinery from India that was equivalent to a US degreed engineer who I became friendly with. He was a Hindi and said this about Muslims. “Muslim kill Jew, Muslim kill Christian, Muslim kill Hindi and when Muslim have no one else to kill Muslim kill Muslim”. I don’t necessarily think that Muslims prefers killing other Muslims over the other “Infidels” but they’re in closer contact with them. Blacks kill blacks in far higher numbers than killing whites. They interact more with their own people. The difference that I see is the frequency of the violence. Regarding the statistics of crime rates of each demographic as its said, “The math doesn’t lie”.

        • USA also has 17% Blacks. We have zero wiggle room as these 17% commit 75% of the Crime in the US. FBI and Depr of Justice Srats. Dont ban Guns, Ban Blacks and Muslim. Neither can assumilate into our society and more than half are on welfare or EBT, so send them all back home. These indigents drain our resources. And BTW/ Liberalism is a disease.

          • 17% Blacks, 2.1% Gews, .8% Muslim. So 19.9% or 1/5th if the US population causes most all crime, chaos, terrorism. The KKK was pretty spot on when this all started late 50’s and 1960’s. Instead of States deciding whats best and works for themselves, the hijacked Feds made up their own rules.

            “If we pass this Great Society (NWO) agenda, Why those n!**ers will be voting Democrat for the next 200 years.” ~LBJ

            So how did that program work out?
            50+ years later. We give them every equal opportunity, plus some, welfare food stamps, and they still commit 75% of the crime. Proof they cannot assumilate into our society.

            This is a discussion worth having. Call a spade a spade.

          • “. . .Dont ban Guns, Ban Blacks and Muslim. . .”

            Don’t ban Guns, Ban Blacks and Muslim/Chews

            Muslim Chews- the desert rats- the real axis of evil. . .

            A new way to look at things.

      17. Only way to fix this, go in, and kill anyone that attacks the cops, yells at them, or does ANYTHING aggressive in their “no-go” zones. Sweden has been invaded my hostile aggressor, they need the military to clean the place out, and fast.

        • “. . .Sweden has been invaded my hostile aggressor. . .”

          Yes, of two choices, each of which is Shemite. . .

          Is is them, or (((them)))?

          New thinking will abolish Judeo-Christian and replace it with Judeo-Islam. These desert rats have very much in common. Let them have their just deserts, their just deserts, and just desserts (sand ice cream).

          Leave them to their own devices, not to White devices. Whites’ stuff, from now on, to be used by Whites only. . .


      18. The deep state is who is placing soldiers of Islam all over the EU and the US. These aren’t just migrants, a good percent are trained soldiers.

        With the deep state behind them you can bet they are getting assistance with weapons smuggling. They likely already have significant weapons cashes. Expect them to have full auto weapons, RPGs, mortars, grenades, land mines etc. Obama’s operation “Fast and Furious” where FBI and ATF ran cover for weapons smuggling to criminals was likely a warmup to arming ISIS or what ever this one will be called in America. There’s already reports there are numerous terror training camps all across the US, that LE is ordered to turn a blind eye to.

        The few terror attacks we’ve seen are just “lose cannons” not in the real loop. Anyone who thinks the Deep State is on the run, or under control is mistaken. The day will come that the soldiers of Islam reach critical mass and are activated.

        • Not a problem in Texas. Standing by awaiting The Purge. The rule of .308 will solve this problem.
          Take no quarter. Activate what you want. I’m your Huckelberry ?

      19. The lazyass boomers are content to pretend to not see what they have wrought, as long as they get “their” Social Security and Medicare.
        None of you has paid nearly enough in taxes over a working life of 40 years to “deserve” to suck off the taxpayer tit for 25 or 30 years. Most SS reciepients break even on their contribution in less than 5 years.

        unrelated: The guy who stole the banner in NK did something incredibly stupid, but harmless. If your grip on power depends upon political banners and posters of dead “great leaders”, you are losing your grip anyway.

      20. Who is responsible for letting these people into the country? What are their motives?

        • Sink:
          “3ews are at the center and 3ews will be resented…”
          Barbara Lerner Specter founder of an organization in Sweden orchestrating this migration.
          “Europe is not going to be the ‘mono’lithic Countries…”

          The reason:
          “The destruction of civilization…”
          Winston Churchill

          “…for the ‘reconstitution’ of society…” (Take apart & ‘put back together’)

          “…based on arrested development” (based on not letting them improve/ keeping them dumbed down, stop their advancement/ slave/)
          Winston Churchill


          • Spectre, not Specter

            Spelling errors have a nice correlation with out-of-focus cognition. . .

      21. The spineless politicians ( George Soros Slaves) in Sweden is killing the country with these brainwashed muslims and turning the country into the same type of shit-nations as they came from.IF you pore dirty water into a cup of almost pure water, it too becomes dirty. Simple chemistry!

      22. Unchecked, the number of no-go zones will drop from twenty-three to only one, called Sweden.

      23. That red haired SOB in the photo needs to have a DNA test.

      24. Sweden has a military with tanks that can take back control of Swedish land any time they wish to do it. Just say so and stand back,. Muslims speak fluent tank and understand it perfectly

      25. For you guys with bug out trailers fully loaded. Many people think a tow package means wiring and a tow hitch. Most mean dual core radiator , and severe duty clutch fan, and stronger rear springs? You can get coil over load carrying shocks l got Gabriel’s . Easy to install and spring helpers. The radiator and clutch fan harder? Most radiators have internall trans cooler. Pull at night when it’s cooler. Open windows and put heater on high . Take the longer but flatter way. High dollar trans fluid. Rear differential fluid can be syphoned out with small hose and replaced without removing cover. Put some neodineum magnets on outside of rear diff. Cover. Hardware store has them. I put 3 . On bottom. Top off rear diff. every year. Drive as slow as you can stand. Radiator coolant , more water for hot climates. Water cools antifreeze Doesn’t , water pump lube. If you can find it. Inflate tires to max PSI they will run cooler. Low PSI is for soft ride. Duct tape neo magnets to your oil filter , paper filters cannot stop metal particles for long under constant pressure and vibration. It’s a common sense thing?

      26. I have watched how the Mexicans oftentimes show eachother solidarity. Small companies work in tandem. Intergenerational families are all afforded a space, have home businesses, help trashdiggers and food deliverers.

        Whites are skilled at military grade chickenshit, hazings, and stab eachother in the back, at every turn.

        Bottom feeders, and creatures, which live in caves, feed on detritus and death. Parasites and the overgrowth of mouldering things, requires that a host be compromised or dying.

        These Muslims are actually in your no-go zone.

      27. And (((who))) is controlling the “Swedish” government??

      28. Just a matter of time before they decide to take over.

        Please God. Bless me with a few hundred million lottery. I’ll recruit a bunch of retire U.S military and promise to take Sweden over and kick out the Muslims.

        Sweden, the 51st state of America!

      29. And Barbara Learner Specter Told us who is responsible for this. The children of Satan.

      30. Awe poor Sweden y’all sound real swede on here. A lot of strong talk from a bunch of nigger loving Jew worshipping tax paying debt slaves. Call on the cops, please there wouldn’t be crime if weren’t for those duchebags. Military? You mean the thumb suckin piss pants morons we have here? Faggots!! 99% of em couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag.They were too scared to walk out the door and get a real job in this fuckhole country of Amerryqueer. In the nation of freedumb it staggers the imagination as to how far that can go. Products of the ejewcation system your thoughts are not your own your words are only passing rhetoric. Whether its christiandumb muslime or buhbuhiST your all to blame at least have the courtesy to call satan by his true name. Neophytes! Your altruistic allegiance to your national oligarchs, the idiom of so-called democracy (never read what Democritus had to say about that huh), and the asinine assumption of a therorized god who has all the mental and emotional capacity of a brat child is all the reason for this. As if the horrors of catholics on christian, jesuit on pagan, islime on buhdist, or a marxist asstheist on all never happened. All were created by a jew to subdue you. Until the total anihalation of this alien specie all the way to Tek and back is complete and the quarantine of all cross specie ferrell breeding apes you will have no peace know no true love or have any knowledge worth sharing. The O-riginal people of this planet this your responsibility. For which you cower in ignorance and fear because you know not the god you are. 7.5 billion slaughtered by the jew world order well that’s not quite enough. Here’s to the last mAn standing. Let’s get it on!

      31. Guess my first comment was too unsnivilized. Christians deserve muslims like nationalist deserve globalist. Talk about shariah law while being subjecated a sheriff. The schicklgruber told the truth and you fallowed anyway. Condemn a cult and exhalt your own. Racism will not be tolerated but rhesus aggretion is understood. Either way coined by a mass murderer. Freedom is the enslavement of the simpleton. The fear of all is that one might not be scared. Toleration is to accept evil and the attrition to this is to live. Poor Sweden so sick must have caught something from Amerryqueer. G what could it be. It will all be over soon. Just aliens apes and the moon

      32. I sometimes get the impression that this invasion of illegal aliens or legal aliens entering (flooding) the United States is for the purpose of making the White Man/White Woman a Minority.

        Some colleges are segregating the blacks from the whites, at the blacks requests. Some colleges are having classes on ‘Making the White person Apologize for being White’.

        Half of the World’s Muslims are inbred due to Generations of Incest.

        Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels warns that “massive inbreeding in Muslim culture may well have done virtually irreversible to the Muslim gene pool,
        including extensive damage to Muslim’s intelligence,
        sanity, and health.

        70% of Pakistanis are inbreed.

        54% of Muslims in the United Arab Emirates and Qutar are
        inbred. Intelligence goes down by 10 to 16 IQ points.

        I will post the link below this post.

      33. The “angry Foreigner” has some good you tube videos explaining some of the problems with the invaders in Sweden.
        At least until his videos are banned.
        Screw islam, it must be stopped in America.

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