Leading Economist: “We’re In a No Win Situation… This Is End of the World Type Stuff” *Video*

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    If you’re not yet convinced that the path we’re on leads to catastrophe, then consider watching the following interview with Daniel Ameduri (Future Money Trends) and John Williams (Shadow Stats). Ameduri asks the questions no mainstream reporter would dare to ask about the state of our economic, financial and monetary system and what the end result will look like. Economist John Williams responds by laying out a grim picture of how we got here and the impact we’ll soon experience in every facet of our lives.

    This is an interview that shouldn’t be missed.

    One of the leading experts on statistical analysis and economic theory in our country is giving us an outline of what’s coming and how to get ready for it.

    [excerpts follow – see video below for full interview]

    Williams: We’re in a no win situation. This is end of the world type stuff.I hate to say that.

    Go back to September of 2008. The system was on the brink of collapse. That was in the end of the world as we know it – the financial world. They pulled out every stop-gap measure that they could. They graded whatever they had to do to keep the system afloat. That’s the type of environment we’re dealing with.

    We’ve been living through some replays of that, nothing quite as serious. The end of the line fundamentals are not getting better. You’re in a situation now where the rest of the world increasingly has lost its confidence in the US dollar.

    Ameduri: When you’re looking at this hyperinflation, when you’re preparing, how long are you actually expecting the chaos part to last?

    Williams: I can’t tell you how long it’s going to last. I can tell you it’s likely going to be very disruptive to our lifestyles because we don’t have any backup systems to the dollar.

    Ameduri: Are utility workers going to show up for work when if we’re in hyperinflation? Their checks are going to be worthless…

    Williams: It depends how creative people get. You also have a chance of seeing disruption to supplies to grocery stores. And if food’s not on the shelves, it’s one of the fastest ways of turing to civil unrest.

    What I would look to do is have a backup supply of at least several months of the basic commodities you need to live with – canned food, toilet paper, as well as barter items…

    You want to be able to be prepared as you might be for a natural disaster…I think people should have supplies not only for natural disasters, but man-made disasters. And just to keep rotating your stock.

    In this type of environment where nobody can get a safe return on their money within the United States that beats the official rate of inflation, buying canned foods and such is actually a better investment than a Treasury bill.

    Ameduri: What’s the breaking point where we actually see that loss of faith in the currency?

    Williams: Well, I think we’ve already passed it. We’re not seeing heavy dollar selling right now, but if you look at the global market response to what was being done in Washington, that was a loss of confidence…. They’re not going to let a systemic collapse happen so long as they can get away with what they’re doing and the markets allow them to do it.

    Moving further down the road to the hyperinflation, it buys them time. That’s all it does. They don’t have a solution.

    …Eventually you’ll see a collapse here of the dollar where the dollar becomes worthless. For people living in a dollar denominated world that means that the purchasing power of their primary currency is going to disappear. They need to protect themselves or to protect the purchasing power of their assets.

    The proximal trigger for the big problem we have ahead, I believe, will be a massive sell off of the dollar. I can’t tell you exactly when it’s going to happen. It can be triggered by any number of things from a resolution of the Euro crisis to the next round of Fed easing whatever that will be.

    We’re moving in a direction that clearly indicates you don’t want to be in the US dollar.

    Watch the video via Future Money Trends:

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      1. I know this is off topic but what happened to the article about AGP?

        • Blackriflewarrior,

          Sorry for any confusion/inconvenience. I pulled that article a few hours ago.

          Lost focus on that one and failed to properly verify the source; the original study was a humor spoof, which I didn’t realize until it had already been published. The original video was found via Breitbart, so somewhere between comedy and reality the story got mixed up.

          Here’s a link for further exploration: http://www.thedailysheeple.com/anti-government-phobia-study-says-fear-of-the-government-is-a-recognized-mental-illness-recommends-afflicted-be-committed-to-mental-institution_022012

          • Thats cool. I was kinda afraid you got hacked.

          • For some reason I can’t see the video.

          • Yea, I had two beers, came back and it was gone. I’m thinking I was dreaming…… glad it wasn’t me.

          • Good Lord, I hope my friends dont see that, I will be hauled off to the ward. Grin

          • Mac slavo….Thanks. that is one of the reasons I frequent your site. I know the information is accurate

        • So now it was just a spoof?? Interesting.

      2. 2nd?

        • 2nd = First Looser

          • Actually it’s the BEST looser, Bill…..From a fellow William.

        • sea bass…
          second rate comedian? ABSOLUTELY!

          • My Life Goal…..Complete!

        • WOW….you guys really hate jokes. I’m not sharing any of my preps with you assholes WSHTF.

      3. First?

        • too manyfakes
          first class jackass? YES!

      4. It sure would be nice if one of these “experts” could give us a time frame with any kind of accuracy. I don’t want to get caught with any worthless paper, and none of the local stores have a checkout lane for barter transactions, so I’m stuck holding some paper for day to day expenses. What’s the “sign” that tells us to go grab whatever hasn’t been sold out at the local Quikie mart?

        • Time frames are about as worthless as a drunk chick that won’t f@#k. If possible, I would have been prepping since July 5th 1776.

          • I knew of a Sea Bass at MMORPG any relation?

            • Often imitated….never duplicated. Same moniker on various survival sites.

            • Thing is, I’m not here to preach, lie about how many thousands of rounds of .45 ammo I have or give testament to the righteousness of Ron Paul. I just like to check in on the “in crowd” of preparedness from time to time. Man…..you guys have it all down! I’m constantly amazed at all the peeps who have the “solutions” to all of life’s modern inconvieniences!!!

          • Liquor always loosens me up.

            • As do well endowed fellows, I presume.

            • @rich 99

              how about an enema to loosen up your bowels?

            • Rich: that’s what she said too…

            • ~Rich 99~

              Me too lady!

        • countryboy, let me help you. The time is past. In the not too distant future you and all the rest of us will be living the way our great great great grandfather did. So my response to all this has been to gather information on how people lived two hundred years ago and have begun to try and apply it to my daily life and let me tell you, it’s not easy. Really hard times are on the way. Concentrate on using simple technologies to meet the most basic needs. Grow food, make clothes, ride a bike, play a musical instrument, work wood etc. I know that sounds ridiculous but what other choice is there? Learn to be satisfied with the simple things in life.

          • I understand how much of a change in life styles, we’re all in for because that’s how I was raised to begin with. In the coming paradigm shift, people like me will do just fine.

            Growing up in SW Missouri, we were taught to hunt, fish, trap, garden, make repairs, build boats, etc. I built my first hunting cabin when I was 14, now almost 25 years later my son still uses the cabin every year during deer season. I have little to no doubts about my own skill set, the only real thing I worry about is will the government leave me alone long enough to do what needs to be done.

            • don’t count on it. for that reason be prepared to greet fraudulent agents at the door with both barrels loaded. that’s the only language they seem to “understand”.

          • Mr.Scum, kudos dude. If you already live in the country or rural areas, do some type of manual labor, skilled or not things will be much easier for you in the long run. It would very wise to buy a hand saw and other such tools. As for the college crew that can barely scratch their own asses good luck.

            • I would recommend one further thing: be sure to live in an area where the average population density in that county is less than 30 per square mile. The lower density means that you have a better shot at foraging, hunting, and the like.

              In any county (or area) that has a higher population? You’ll either be surrounded by starving and desperate people, or by crime, or be visited by a government eager to ‘keep order’ at all costs. Doesn’t matter if not another soul can be found for 10 miles in any direction… if the other end of the county contains a major metropolis (over 50,000 people), they will spread out, and any hope you have of foraging or of guarding your crops are going to be gone.

              Speaking of which, stay at least 50 miles out from the nearest town of over 50k people. Traffic jams (and possible governmental checkpoints) will keep them mostly contained before mile 20, and by mile 50 the refugees will thin out to almost none for awhile. (The downside? the ones who do make it that far out will be a bit tougher than your average bear).

              Your idea about the tools is a damned good one. Non-power hand tools in good shape will be worth their weight in anything you care to name.

              Not really sure what the government will be doing… I think most of them (as stated before) will be occupied with securing silos and rails, and after spending manpower towards keeping order in the cities, they won’t have the resources to do much of anything out in the country. This is both good news and bad news.

              It’s good news because I doubt the government will be out ransacking homes. It’s bad news because you’ll likely be left wide open to raiders and thieves. I suggest banding your town together and establishing patrols, if you can.

            • Has anyone ever seen the show jerico? Came out a few years ago.

        • It will be different in different parts of the country would be my bet. But if you remember in 2008 when the banks stopped lending, the government kept putting out TV new stories about how everything was fine and that the banks were lending as usual. But businesses who depended on revolving lines of credit to operate knew different and anyone who was watching the houseing and lending markets could see that it had come to a standstill. The waves of dammage and effect rippled out from there. Some areas were hard hit and some not so much.
          Each state has a different level of financial strength or weakness and ditto with each county. Some local governments will find a way to hold things togeather and some won’t. Do some research on your state, county and city/towns financial stability and reserves.

          • Cara, you are so right. That is why it is important to know your state, know your county and especially know your neighbors.

            I was really surprised by some church women (not my church) when they told me that God would take care of them during a time of crisis. That was the reason that they did not have a prepping plan activated.

            I was dumb founded! Dumb founded! God was the one who said to prep during the 7 years of plenty to get through the 7 years of lean.

            So, I am throwing more in the prepping area for people like these. I really like these christian women and do not want them to suffer a lot.

            The hard times are here right now. But the worse times are barreling at us and will hit with the force of a sledge hammer.

            God bless and keep on prepping.

            • Mona, The actual story you refer to is not like your stating it. God did no such thing as tell the Pharoh to do a thing. Pharoh mentioned to Joseph about his dream and Joseph interpreted the dream to mean that they should save food for the good 7 years for the bad 7 ones. God was mentioned by Pharoh as a way to say he was divine or divine intermediary of knowledge. It has been done this way for thousands of years by royalty. In no way or form did God tell Joseph anything. So are you like M. Bachman who says it was Gods will that she run for president? We see how that worked! Also Joseph had a monopoly on the food and supplies in his area, then made a huge amount of money and wealth from hoarding his food and selling it to people in unfair buisness transactions such as for example (give me two cows for a basket of grain). Not a fair trade at all back in those times a cow was worth a lot more than a basket of grains, not to mention he got gold and other stuff from the hungry people in trade for food as well. So is that your plan or are you just advocating to be prepared? Did you read the story yourself or listen to those ladies? The point of the story is twofold; prepare and survive and have way more of what everyone needs to make a lot of money from the sale or trade of it. What would be expected from a Pharoh, not God. Are you saying that God says to screw others over? No I don’t think you are so read for yourself before you talk out of your ass. Don’t state lies from interpretation of documents. Anyone who reads it will see who says what to who. Stop acting like Bachman. Funny how the actual story gets warped into God says and so it shall be…….

            • I am going to continue a little further on this topic. Why did God tell Pharoh who told Joseph about the dream? I mean if God told Pharoh what to do why did he need to tell Joseph who then told Pharoh what to do? It appears that Pharoh was not divine but an imbecile who needed guidance of how to screw the people over for money. This is coming from the guy that is supposed to be the adopted father of Jesus himself. Doesn’t sound very godly to me at all, sounds like a thief ploting to rip people off and saying God said for him to do it so others would go along with it. Oh mighty Pharoh fuck me in the ass without the vasoline so that I might eat your hoarded food, that Joseph told you to hoard because your not really that bright. Its ha been the case throughout history that royalty is not always that smart, hence the need for advisors or something of this nature. Today the elite has think tanks of thousands of people to help them figure how to fuck everyone over in the best possible way and look as if they are not the ones doing it to us. Many of them say they are doing Gods work!!?? Blankfein, Dimon, Queen Liz, Pope etc… very laughable indeed. Unless the god they are talking about is Lucifer himself. I guess that would make the best sense. Okcams Razor, the simplest solution is often the right one. I do apologize to Mona but this was necessary.

            • Yeah, thier version of “God will take care of me”, means YOU will take care of them. Even the best people in the world may work to your detriment, knowingly or not. There is a fine line between sharing and helping people, and commiting suicide by altruism. Suicidal altruism is still suicide.

              If they make no common-sense efforts to see themselves through the coming events, you may want to consider how far you are willing to go to help them. Will you let members of your family starve, so you can feed other people who have no intention of even making simple preperations?

            • If you are inclined and have a relationship with these women, perhaps you could point them to scripture that instructs us to prep? I mean, if that’s possible and if you’re comfortable with that. There are lots of people who say that the Lord will provide, but I’m pretty sure that there are more scriptural references to preparing as the Lord dictated to us. (Ie, in Proverbs there are many passages about the ant and the grasshopper and how lazy people are disdained by God.) I’m no pastor, but I do think that we need to turn some of these misguided Christians around before it’s too late. God will provide, but each person will have to give Him something to work with! (I also recognize that ANY discussion of scripture often results in headaches for most people, so please take this suggestion with a grain of proverbial salt.)

            • to just me, that is a great statement. I concur with you. If a person has made no reasonable effort to get ready for the upcoming events, then why help them at all? As the statement goes God only helps those who help themselves! You can’t feed everyone.

            • If i am not mistaken Noah was a prepper also,build an ark,gather animals,family and enough food to last…

            • isn’t it funny how when you callout a christian liar, who lies about a document that anyone can read they get upset. I know GOD told me to do it…now its OK! Praise da Lord!

            • I know Mona say (I was dumb founded! Dumb founded!) with a Sarah Palin accent! Africa is country!!??? You made my point.

            • I bet you guys and gals think that Mark, Matthew, Luke and John were all disciples of Jesus? Tell me how could that be when every one of them lived 40 to 70 years after Jesus was crucified??? I sure you will tell me right!!!!!!!! Not to mention that all of the gospels in the bible were written after his death by 20 to 200 years later yet, it is claimed that they were eye witness to his his life. Oh yea in court of law you be told to fuck off!!!!! maybe even held in contempt of court for lying. Again come to the thing with facts or not at all. Fuck you Mona and crew. It is not me that is wrong but the historians and ironically archeologists and so forth right? But you can’t argue a thing like this the bible is the word of God? Jesus never said to write any such document in any way or form. Constantine the emperor of Rome and the council of nicea put together the old testament and put whatever they wanted in it. Leaving out important things such as The gospel of Thomas, Jubilees, Enoch, and so forth and other apocrypha. Basically your whole religion was put together by a freemason known as Dionysian artificers in that day and age. Constantine was a freemason. The difference in you and I is that I don’t rely on a book to tell me what to do. I know what is right and wrong on my own. I bet that anyone beyond your ladies will shit outta luck in terms of help if they need it for food or otherwise? To the fucking point most Christains are wanna be’s and do what they want pragmatically when its convienent to…..you don’t really want the truth do you? Just keep following and say bah ray mew. I will shred you in a debate any day of the week. Click the not like button so you can show everyone who is right!

            • Mona and crew, no matter what you pick up down on the hands; I will continue to get freeeeeee rent in your mind as I have struck a blow to it.

            • Mona, I bet you have no idea who Uriel(Fire of God) is do you, though you are a christian? Why I use the name? He was an Arch-Angel tasked with rectifying and retribunal punishment of all sinners as well as other angels. He was so good at his job that God asked him to do, that he was asked to leave heaven. He was not sent to hell but existed here on earth and keep watch over what is called tarturus where fallen angels/nephilihim are imprisoned. Th El at the end of his name relates to the phrase (shining one) as does for any other angel with that at the end of their name. He was a Cheribim extremely powerful in the angelic heirarchy. He is also credited with giving hunans the knowledge of manifestation and how to do it. If you choose to be good then be it fully and completely not half ass because you show special attention to a few, Jesus never did that if any of the writings about his life are true. Otherwise what said “WANNA BE” applies.

            • So you don’t think I am some kinda atheist or otherwise. There is A God a supreme creator, a first cause, thought, vibration, intention. A supercalculating intelligence beyond our comprehension to understand; only glimpse small fractions of it in fleeting moments of consciousness. It is extra-dimensional and beyond three dimensions. It appears that it wants us to notice that it has created us to notice that we were created by it. However something at this level of consciousness is so far beyond us that I dare say it would not have purpose in having us worship it only seek that we might have a relationship like with a father and mother to a child.

            • After seeing these posts it has become clear to that any Christian fuck that doesn’t prepare best not show their fucking face asking for help me, or be shot.

          • Matthew 6:25-34

            • Friend if you stop worrying about clothes and food because a fucking book says not to then you deserve what you get. If you start trying to take or steal anything you will get treated accordingly. I don’t call that thinking for yourself, its following orders of someone else’s thoughts.

            • I’m go with my man Uriel there. Lets just hypothetically say that the savior doesn’t show up at all because fucking books you say are gospel are all bullshit. What will those of do that have made no preps waitin instead for God to come wisk you away and take care of you? Well in my hood theres a few ways to deal peeps like you. One way if what you say doesn’t happen is for you all to suck or fuck into gettin fed, basially be somebody’s bitch cause you were dumbasses not take into account prep’s beforehand. Don’t worry these day’s man or women can be pimped. Otherwise be killed as collateral damage. Equimeanable hater bitches. What up essay yo!!!

            • OQ,

              that’s all fine, but that’s all Talmudic – from Old Testament.

              New Testament clearly says not to worry about. One of the big differences between Judaizm and Christianity, IMHO

        • That’s the trouble with economic collapses. They’re so darn inconvenient.

        • ~CBS~

          Lets begin w/ an accurate real world definition of the term “Expert”…by breaking down & defining its composition & pronunciation.

          ex = has been!!!

          (s)pert = a drip under pressure!!!


          NOTE:) I’m not an expert!!!! But look for the following, sir! If you see the below outline unfolding….utilize those crisp $10-20-50-100 bills as SHROOM advised you too, & be quick about it!!!!!!

          On a side note…ask “RICH-in-DENVER” & a handful of others on how long your “GREENSPAHN / BERNANKE SCRIPT” will remain viable! Ignore DK’s advice on the dollar…he’s right about the metals(gold/silver)…but dead wrong concerning the paper!!!!!!!!!


          Look for…………………………….

          ****Civil War in France, England & Italy!****

          Perhaps not simultaneously, but one will follow upon the heels of the other, in a very rapid fashion (measured in days, perhaps weeks, but less than a month apart maximum for each country)……social/financial TEOTWAWKI will begin in EUROPE & cascade here, as the central banking dominoes fall!!!

          Personally, I look for France to “light up first” immediately after Iran is attacked by israel & PERSIAN GULF shipping traffic shuts down.

          My reasoning is based on a combination of demographics, economics & the judeo-political/elitist hierarchy endemic to the EU in Brussels(their version of DC)…


          1.) A huge radical Islamic under-class in each country, itching for a violent confrontation w/ the non-Muslim dominated state govts of Europe…(all socialist in nature)!!!

          2.) Judeo-communist/satanic agent provocateurs fueling/egging-on the Muslims’ passions amid a hyper-inflationary monetary environment…


          1.) Complete & utter collapse of the EURO currency resulting in a Wiemar (1920’s Germany) scenario…across the entire European continent. This will likely occur @ warp factor 9, once the fireworks in/with Iran are lit!!!

          2.) The reliance of Western Civilization’s adherence to a Rothschild family debt based/fractional reserve banking-monetary system!!! Which requires an ever escalating increase in public & private debt to sustain itself & the economies it controls!!!


          1.) Damn near everyone here is/are classified as nothing more than cattle/herd animals, in the minds of the elites. They have openly stated their desires(& intentions) to reduce humanity’s numbers by 4/5ths(minimum).
          Thus insuring a more manageable “herd” with a reduced likelihood of numerous unpredictable….ROGUE ELEMENTS (that’s us)!!!
          ……see the law of averages (simple math)!

          2.) AGENDA-21 (an official United Nations “policy paper/study”), is a prime example of their mindset…as is the accepted social norm we call…abortion/infanticide!


          IMO…we as preppers/awakened human beings have, in the long run, two options only…!

          They are:….

          #1.) Passive Resistance…where we hide/hunker down & provide for our own only, then reverently hope GOD sorts out the mess & its undesirables per our benefit!

          #2.) Proactive Resistance…where we provide for our own & like minded humanity, then assist GOD in his endeavors (at every available opportunity) to eliminate the elite & their supporters/followers/amen crowd!


          Yeah, I know…..mega thumbs down impending!!!

          ——Do me/yourself a favor beforehand, trolls.
          Attack my logic w/ your counter-logic/proofs!!!
          I/we can be civil about this debate….because it is imperative that, the truth of our current predicament, be acknowledged & recognized for the sake of our children & grand-children…if they survive!!!——

          • I going with option #2
            Yours is a well reasoned post -Thanks!

          • I wouldn’t expect too much in the form of “counter logic” on this one Gunsmith. You pretty much covered all the bases, from first to homeplate, and exactly who is running towards those “points on the playing field”.

            At some point, “proactive resistance” is OUR only longterm salvation. May the “passive” phase be short.

            • ~Yental~

              Agreed sir! The only problem we face relative to “proactive resistance” is whether or not we’ll have enough courageous individuals step forward….when the passive phase terminates & transitions into….righteous action!!!

              See Mel Gibson’s character in “Braveheart” last words:


          • So far so good on the thumbs-downs, Gunsmith!

            I would argue that passive resistance isn’t resistance at all, and here is my reasoning. (it’s roundabout, so bear with me!)

            I used to work at a shelter for abused women. The position was more often than not, frustrating and heatbreaking.

            In any type of abuse situation, whether it is spousal, parent to child, school yard bullies or the government against it’s citizens, there is one thing that ties them all together.

            When you don’t loudly say NO you are saying yes.
            By accepting what happens you are saying it is, indeed, acceptable.

            Passive resistance is nothing more than acceptance. It’s hiding out and saying the fight just isn’t worth the risk.

            Further, by accepting bullying, overbearing and abusive behavior, you are modeling for your children that as the way that men treat women, or in our situation, how governments treat citizens.

            If you don’t say no, you are saying yes.

            Passive resistors might as well get in line for the FEMA camps.

            • you are 100% correct , the problem is getting enough people to stand up and say no .

            • “you are 100% correct , the problem is getting enough people to stand up and say no”

              I believe the line from Brigidoon will come into play here:
              Give me ten men who are stout-hearted men and I’ll soon give you ten thousand more.

              We just need the proper ten men. That is why you should be prepping. So you can stand as stout-hearted men(women) and then attract and lead the tens of thousands that will rally to you.

            • 90 million gun owners in America is enough to say “NO!” in unmistakable terms.

              Everyone shoul muster next Sunday after Church with your musket in hand!

              Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote. Join your local Repub party and vote for Ron Paul in your Primary.

              With enough delegates he wins the Primary!

              PS: I saw that Gunsmith. 🙂 Why is it that NO ONE can predict the “collapse” of the dollar when it is soooo “unsustainable”?

              Not gonna happen people except by EMP, Pole Shift, nuclear war, or celestial event; BUT lets say it did happen and all those dollars are out there …. so what?

              Don’t wanna play ball with OUR GB’s? Fine, new currency to replace the old one. Oh, you have old currency? Too bad. Oh, you want OUR new currency?

              Ok. Sign up here.

            • ~Miss Daisy~

              When you don’t loudly say NO you are saying yes.
              By accepting what happens you are saying it is, indeed, acceptable.

              *(quote)…Passive resistance is nothing more than acceptance. It’s hiding out and saying the fight just isn’t worth the risk.

              Further, by accepting bullying, overbearing and abusive behavior, you are modeling for your children that as the way that men treat women, or in our situation, how governments treat citizens.

              If you don’t say no, you are saying yes…(unquote)*


              DAMN!!! Excellent point, madam! Thumbs up & thank you!

            • Gunsmith – thank you and also, thank you for the nice things you said below – I just now read it. *blush* I don’t mind debating with you at all because you are respectful and keep it about the issues. (Unlike my faithful band of stalkers)

              You and I agree on most of the important things…the other stuff is just glitter and personality. 🙂 Differences there just make for more interesting conversations.

          • @ Gunsmith — A good intelligence officer or area specialist absolutely must have the ability to dispassionately and objectively analyze trends as a predictor of the future. You display this talent magnificently in this post.

            I would add one other element to the equation that has the potential to utterly DESTROY the satanic machinations of the zionist/plutocratic/nation-wrecking cabal, and to do so in such a devastating manner that these devils will not only NEVER rise again, but will actually be removed from power and hunted down by their “own” people. That element is RUSSIA.

            Under Putin, Russia will act as an impregnable bulwark against the plans of the Tel Aviv/DC anti-human, satanist cabal.

            The NWO wants chaos in Russia, to soften it up for eventual dissolution and pillage via a “Russian Spring” or color revolution as been done in Libya. This will not happen, because despite the lies and false “news” feed footage of such NWO mouthpieces as FAUX-News, MSNBC and CNN, more Russians support the policy of national resurgence (with Vladimir Putin, an Orthodox Christian and TRUE patriot as their leading advocate) than oppose it.

            Russia is still a NATION, with a CULTURE, and it has not lost its native VIGOR and LIFE-FORCE, and it is NOT decadent like the zionist-dominated “West.” Russia also has brilliant scientists and weapons designers, vast resources, mighty nuclear weapons, and gigantic MIRVed rockets with self-directed war heads that can reach anywhere on Earth.

            While the USan regime has been borrowing $$$ feverishly from China to fight wars for Israhell, Russia has been using MOST of its own riches to create tangible, wealth producing assets and to keep the country out of DEBT to bankers. This is Putin’s REAL “crime,” for which our Bilderberg-Chabad regime has demanded his death.

            The war being waged against Christian Russia by the NWO has been one sided, but Russia has not yet begun to fight. When she finally opposes these devils OPENLY, Holy Russia will smash the globalist schemes to strangle the white races of the earth through debt and demographic destruction, and she will free the zionist-occupied, banker-enslaved nations of the West, just as the armies of Czar Alexander I freed a Europe that was groaning under the yoke of Napoleon in 1812-1815.

            Putin and other Russian government ministers have called for Russians to deal with their demographic crisis by HAVING CHILDREN, NOT by importing stone-age savages from the THIRD WORLD as the zionist-subjugated “West” does. They have affirmed Russia’s Slavonic and Orthodox identity and rejected the soul-destroying and population-culling poisons of feminism, homosexuality and “diversity.” Russia has also invited EUROPE to reclaim its own identity and HERITAGE and Putin has actually lectured the German people to be PROUD of themselves and to abandon the Zio/US-imposed definition of themselves that is based on GUILT. The USan regime, OTOH, has wrung its hands because there are (in its view, according to WIKILEAKS) not ENOUGH Third WORLDERS in Europe. Which country represents LIFE for the West, and which offers only DEATH?

            We are not alone. Real Americans (and real Europeans) have a powerful ally in this contest for the soul and future of humanity.

            Slava Rossiya!

          • @ Gunsmith — A good intelligence officer or area specialist absolutely must have the ability to dispassionately and objectively analyze trends as a predictor of the future. You display this talent magnificently in this post.

            I would add one other element to the equation that has the potential to utterly DESTROY the satanic machinations of the zionist/plutocratic/nation-wrecking cabal, and to do so in such a devastating manner that these devils will not only NEVER rise again, but will actually be removed from power and hunted down by their “own” people. That element is RUSSIA.

            Under Putin, Russia will act as an impregnable bulwark against the plans of the Tel Aviv/DC anti-human, satanist cabal.

            The NWO wants chaos in Russia, to soften it up for eventual dissolution and pillage as been done in Libya. This will not happen, because despite the lies and false “news” feed footage of such NWO mouthpieces as FAUX-News, MSNBC and CNN, more Russians support the policy of national resurgence (with Vladimir Putin, an Orthodox Christian and TRUE patriot as their leading advocate) than oppose it.

            Russia is still a NATION, with a CULTURE, and it has not lost its native VIGOR and LIFE-FORCE, and it is NOT decadent like the zionist-dominated “West.” Russia also has brilliant scientists and weapons designers, vast resources, mighty nuclear weapons, and gigantic MIRVed rockets with self-directed war heads that can reach anywhere on Earth.

            While the USan regime has been borrowing $$$ feverishly from China to fight wars for Israhell, Russia has been using MOST of its own riches to create tangible, wealth producing assets and to keep the country out of DEBT to bankers. This is Putin’s REAL “crime,” for which our Bilderberg-Chabad regime has demanded his death.

            The war being waged against Christian Russia by the NWO has been one sided, but Russia has not yet begun to fight. When she finally opposes these devils OPENLY, Holy Russia will smash the globalist schemes to strangle the white races of the earth through debt and demographic destruction, and she will free the zionist-occupied, banker-enslaved nations of the West, just as the armies of Czar Alexander I freed a Europe that was groaning under the yoke of Napoleon in 1812-1815.

            Putin and other Russian government ministers have called for Russians to deal with their demographic crisis by HAVING CHILDREN, NOT by importing stone-age savages from the THIRD WORLD as the zionist-subjugated “West” does. They have affirmed Russia’s Slavonic and Orthodox identity and rejected the soul-destroying and population-culling poisons of feminism, homosexuality and “diversity.” Russia has also invited EUROPE to reclaim its own identity and HERITAGE and Putin has actually lectured the German people to be PROUD of themselves and to abandon the Zio/US-imposed definition of themselves that is based on GUILT. The USan regime, OTOH, has wrung its hands because there are (in its view, according to WIKILEAKS) not ENOUGH Third WORLDERS in Europe. Which country represents LIFE for the West, and which offers only DEATH?

            We are not alone. Real Americans (and real Europeans) have a powerful ally in this contest for the soul and future of humanity.

            Slava Rossiya!

            • Apologies to all for the double post — my computer burped as I was first posting and my handle (as well as the posting itself) went to that black hole in the cyber continuum into which things mysteriously vanish, only to reappear on the other side of the galaxy aeons later.

            • ~Ahab~

              Thank for your analysis & kind words.


              I agree with your assessment regarding Russia. The simple fact that she’s managed to retain her culture after suffering under +70 years of judeo-communistic genocide & its ensuing terrors, speaks well of their European/Slavic DNA. They are a resilient people!

              I monitor social/political & economic events over there…I’ve watched the unfolding of the current (massive) agit-prop campaign to divide the population & thus set the stage for the NWO take over.

              I see the NWO pressing from outside via the US/NATO “missile shield” farce….I’ve noticed Russia has endeavored to rapidly retire its foreign debt & substantially increase its gold reserves…which in effect, provides financial protection for its people, via monetary stability.

              I don’t see the Russian government assisting/encouraging its manifold industries/companies to “OUTSOURCE” their production/services to off-shore locations….in the name of profit…and to the determent of the Russian worker!

              I also notice that long guns(rifles-shotguns) are now legal to own in Russia. While here in Unified Socialist Absurdistan(USA), the gun owning population “worries & frets” over confiscation/banning of its weaponry.

              I see no comparable law in Russia that is the equal of the Patriot Acts I & II or the recently passed NDAA law!

              I see the Russian education system producing intelligent free thinking graduates because of high academic standards…..instead of a business plan that teaches to the LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR, which results in widespread intellectual cripples who feel good about themselves!!!

              Sir, realistically I could go on for hours with this subjective comparison, but you get my point!

              My conclusion is…I admire the Russians & empathize w/ them, because during the dark days judeo-communist rule(see USSR)….the average Russian still “LOVED HIS-HER COUNTRY” yet despised their government!!!

              …Now, I am walking in their shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • my god man, you have shown brilliance here! Let me add one thing to the ex-pert saying above. Does anyone know of Bobby Jones? He was the only golfer ever to play as an amatuer for his entire career in golf and ironically the only person to ever hold all 4 professional titles in golf around the world. He was never paid any money, he beat everyone there was. Amateur comes from the latin to do or perform because of the love of the game, no payment. It means nothing that you are less of a player. I felt that in light of the profound breakdown of ex-pert this would only enhance the point that has been made. College or degrees don’t make a person, it is their heart and deeds that define who we are.

            • A tad of topic here but I wish to say it nonetheless. Did anyone see the article about the man applying for a job with the state police? He scored 133 on the I Q test and they said he was too smart for the job. He appealed the decision in court and a judge said he might make others feel inferior. I mean come on total bullshit! The real reason is that they only hire folks with I Q’s less than 110 because they don’t want intelligent peole who will think to much and question orders when they are unjust. Hence just smart enough to do the job and barely. POLICE an acronym for P-EOPLE, O-F, L-LITTLE, I-NTELLIGENCE, C-ONTROLLING, E-VERYONE. I think that sums it up fairly well. Hate it or love it, it is what it is.

            • ~Uriel~

              *(quote)…College or degrees don’t make a person, it is their heart and deeds that define who we are…(unquote)*


              I agree! Thumbs up to you!

            • Fuck you for the thumbs down against Gunsmith. College pricks can’t even cut a board of wood with a saw, barely scatch their ass; much less know how to hunt or grow their own food. You guys are part of the problem. USA did not get built from the ground up by deck jockey, pompus, pretensious, pontifficating, arrogant bastards from college did it! Matter of fact were the assholes who grows your food and makes the shit you live on? That will stop helping your sorry asses very soon. Fair to say that you bitches don’t even know how or own any weapons, you think that the police are gonna come to your rescue! I know what happens to those who don’t work in life or death situations they are left for fucking dead period. Literally dead weight kiddies, read some books and act like your smart, but when it comes to doing things we know where you stand, let the professionals with experience handle it. When I get real fucking hungry, I will carve a piece of meat out of your ass bitches!!!! You better learn how to be ruthless and fast.

        • The PTB are working very hard to kick the financial can just a little bit farther down the road ….. at least until after the 2012 elections. Whether or not they can keep it all together until then remains to be seen.

          There are any number of things that could be the trigger and gets the ball rolling. The US Navy now has no less than 3 aircraft carrier task forces operating in and around the Persian Gulf. The US Navy can kick anyone’s ass when operating out in deep water. Operating out in the Persian Gulf is like trying to operate in a bathtub. I feel kind of sorry for our guys and gals out there in the US 5th Fleet.

          Nobody can say with any degree of certainty just when “IT” will happen. I personally don’t feel that the juggler can keep all the balls in the air for very much longer.

          The only thing that I will predict is that when the S does indeed begin to HTF, is that the transition time from; “What the hell?” to “Holly Shit!!!” won’t be very long. We would be very lucky if the transition time was as long as 72 hours to get the gas cans filled, grab a couple of more bottles of LP gas, etc.
          I really don’t want to be out there when my local Publix supermarket turns into a war zone for that last case of water.

          My family and I have a list of priorities with individuals assigned to each last minute task that would be great to get SAFELY taken care of if at all possible.

          God Bless and good luck to all who post here.

          • ~Mad Markie~

            ***(quote)…Operating out in the Persian Gulf is like trying to operate in a bathtub. I feel kind of sorry for our guys and gals out there in the US 5th Fleet…(unquote)


            Exactly sir! Our Naval platforms are designed around long range stand-off war fighting capabilities.

            ….so why is our (civilian) govt thrusting them into a “knife fight in a phone booth” scenario…???????

            Something stinks of a set-up, regarding this whole episode, IMO!

            • I think that Daisy was talking about this very thing Gunsmith. When they lose a carrier with 5,000 sailors, it will give them the reason for the war they want. The Gulf of Tonkin scam would not work this time.

            • Which carrier is in the Persian Gulf?

            • ~Red Leader~

              Copy that, sir!

              I read every post on this site when I’m @ home. I do not touch base here when I’m on the road. I do read every post Miss Daisy deposits on these threads(when possible)…& while I’m likely not her favorite debate partner….I’ll give her credit where credit is due:….

              ….Miss Daisy is one of the sharpest (female)knives in the cutlery rack!!!
              She would be a trophy catch for any man capable of matching & exceeding her intelligence & passion/spirit!


              Oftentimes, I refrain from posting/writing/opining on a given subject, because someone else beats me to the punch, w/ a succinct analysis I’d be hard pressed to top/enlighten upon!
              Thus, I figure that’s the reason “MAC” provides us w/ the thumbs-up / thumbs-down option. To date:—

              —I’ve never given “Red Leader” a thumbs-down—

              KUDOS to you, sir!!!!!!!

            • I think that the PTB are seriously hoping that they can help manufacture another ‘Pearl Harbor’ type of incident there in the Persian Gulf to justify taking the United States into yet another senseless war. The greater the loss of American lives and ships; the greater will be our outrage and lust for revenge. I fear that the assholes play most of us just like musical instruments.

              The parallels here with WWII are very similar. The Maritime Exclusion Zone that the United States declared around Japan was a lot like the current “Sanctions” that the world has enacted against Iran.
              The average Iranian is really starting to hurt from this latest round of banking sanctions.

              This one could go HOT in a heartbeat! But then war has always been the favored fallback position of the homies there in the District of Criminals. It’s your sons and daughters that have to fight and die! Damn sure not their kids!! All of those little assholes have deferments and are safely tucked away in University somewhere. Besides which, their corporate buddies in the Defense Industrial Complex can make lots of money. Everybody wins!!!!! Except that “Everybody”, in this case is only the top 5%, the elites, that actually win anything worth having. The rest of us, that remaining 95%, we all loose big time.

              2012 promises to be a very interesting year. God Bless and good luck to all.

          • I’ve been thinking a lot about that– last minute delated “to do list.” Glad to know that there are others who are thinking similarly. Good luck.

        • The time frame is the million dollar question. We could see a sudden collapse of the dollar virtually overnight. Or we might still be waiting for it to happen a year from now. I think when Greece defaults it will take out our banking system and the Fed will create as much as $100 trillion in order to stabilize the world’s banking system. When that happens your $1 bills will suddenly become as worthless as toilet paper.

      5. buy everything while its cheaper now before hyperinflation sets in, an if your a prepper you already did or at least you should have, what you could afford anyway

        • Everyone always says to buy toilet paper and stock up. I’d rather put every nickel into food. If shtf…you can always stay home and then wash your ass…you’ll have the time. If you are starving….you can’t eat toilet paper. News… at my company the are instituting a policy of planned “corrective action”. To purge employees they will pile on the work and give unrealistic timeframes. Also, they will turn to email to pick anything they wish to justify your term. My company is also offshoring to fucking India. When SHTF…I think many will be visiting their former mgt. who fucked up their company and lives. Just my guess. Me no…I’ll just remember all the hours I stool from those fucks who have been underpaying me for doing the work of 3 people. Other news, more folks buying guns. A liberal Dem I work with is now all into guns. Weird times we’re in. Note…if things start going down….best to buy in bulk, stay home. Focus on the basics…. Food, water, shelter security. Don’t get distracted. Ignore the folks that make fun of preppers. They are just bone heads. I’ll save them an old can of spam. Also, don’t tell these fucks what you have…they will be the first to rat you out. When the SHTF goes down…you will need to move your preps. Distribute them in caches. I estimate it will be like the warsaw ghettos in places like oakland, ca. and near cities. Tip: Start watching Youtube video on building cob houses and how to make a tipi out of scrap materials if you have to bugout. . Be sure to include tools in your bugout bags. I don’t know what is coming, but it sure is NOT good. Man I miss McCarthy….this dude was a patriot…he knew that the commies were set to take over America. Make sure you take vitamins and stay healthy. Obama’s healthcare system will have the dr’s retiring early and rationing will be under way. Folks FEMA camps are REAL. Follow my logic: Fema camp–>stock and staff them–>NDAA–>batlefield America–> drones overhead. Chemtrails are to block the rays from the “OZONE HOLE” we never hear on the news anymore….any of you fuckers notice that one! They never mention this!!! This will cause massive weather changes and crop failures. It gets better….Obummer sold off the strategic grain supply. Oh well…I’ll never starve..plenty of “Meat” walking around. ha. Adjust to the new norm…It’s all going down and it’s all going to crash. Me…I’ll be fine….put it all into metals. I’ll trade it all to a banker for some repo. property deep in the woods and live off the land. Already have all the tools, guns and bow. Final thought…. Start planning for WWIII…as we own a communist country China big bucks. They have been stock piling iron or and now are silver pooling. Silver is the war metal that runs electronics…for shit that goes boom. with over a billion souls there…they are looking for farmland. Start prepping mentally for massive changes…think martial law. Latest prep…planning many cold frames with some of them heated. Plan on growing your own food. You’d be amazed that you can get by on greens of many types for a long time. Do the super pails from beprepared.com. The buckets stack real nice. If you never eat the shit….in 20 years..use it as dog food. Final thought… you know all those fucking boomers with thier RVs…you know..the pissed down the toilet inheritance their kids will never get. When these fuckers are old…you can park them in the back yard and put the boomers there when old and save on nursing home costs. Fuck the selfish pricks. The greatest generation are rolling over in their graves to see what became of the boomers…the generation that let the United States go under. Nice job “Me generation”. I’m enjoying you drop one by one.

          • I see your point, but I’m still getting the TP. If the water is cut off, there won’t be any way to wash my @ss. Already got a bunch of food, and will add to it as I go.

            They don’t talk about Fukushima in the news anymore either, but it’s an ongoing issue.

            • just remember if your livin in the woods and your tp gets wet its pretty much useless. however paper towels can be dried out and still be used.

            • Get a rain barrel and attach it to your rain gutter. WALA, Buy a Berky Water Filter.Now you have water to wash your A#@ with and water to cook your freeze dries food with.You will be way ahead of everybody else who waits for the SHTF.

              Food, water,guns,ammo and silver coins AG.999. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Everybody is on their own. Remember Katrina, nobody came to help.

            • Coast Guard was there the second day, third day, fourth day………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

          • Man! Thats was an intense read! Funny about feeding “he Boneheads old spam”

          • I am finally buying a dozen cases of toilet paper this week after accumulating three years of food storage and enough Silver Eagles to purchase five more (at today’s exchange). I already have enough hunting ammo and everything else so I may as well convert some of my fiat paper into a more valuable kind.

            • I bet you could get quite wealthy off of trading TP!

          • Forget the toilet paper. I see you have received some thumbs down, but for the most part I can agree with you. In reading the posts here it seems most of the fine people who visit this site are genuinely good people. But not many of us has endured a SHTF expirience. I think what you are saying is you have already adopted the kill or be killed mindset and…you tell it like it is, and I respect that. The day will come when normally benevolent people will have to choose survival over good manners. What a sad commentary on the human race that we are preparing to survive while others will die. A hundred years ago, people helped each other survive but that was because they weren’t corrupted by money and toys. I have gone out of my way to help others in need and have even performed CPR on two different occasions to total strangers. But the day will come when I may have to extinct someone for not much of a reason other than preserving my or my families lives. I don’t think people put much thought into the mental aspects of having to live like that. Killing another human is not the same as harvesting an animal. Most of us were built with a conscience and taking lives in the name of survival will surely effect that. We can blame the boomers or whoever you want for the mess we are in but one day, none of that will matter anymore. I have prayed to God for forgiveness for the things I have done in the past but these days I pray for things I am going to have to do in the future. I am ready to kick evil out of this world, like most here, but I have also taken the time to think about what it is going to turn me into. I dread the day I might have to kill to protect myself or my family but I will do it.

            • I don’t care if I get mocked by the trolls for this suggestion if it will help even just one person, but if you are buying the TP, I would highly suggest also buying diaper rash cream — even for adults — as this will prove to be a true blessing when the SHTF and gastric illnesses are running rampant through the community. It will help you heal faster.

            • yes mr blackrifle, it will be a sad day when i am forced to kill somebody over a can of food. but when it comes to my kids…………i will if i have to

            • profound insight black rifle. What do we become upon the fighting of evil? Evil ourselves for harming others? Good is evil and evil is good, they are the same energy at different ends of the spectrum. Sometimes we must become that which we are not to remain being what we are. The choice is simple fight or die or don’t do a thing and still get killed from lack of action. Surrender has not worked out for those throughout history that gave up. In most instances they were killed, tortured, raped and then killed, etc… Had these individuals but fought they may have still lost in the end, but at least they died by their own hand and choice instead of being a slave/coward. They had a chance of winning ironically (spartans 300). Han Tzu (the art of war) said that a man when faced with no retreat and imminent death will fight like he is 2 or 3 men or he will just give up and die; it has been proven in battle this statment. A piece of advice and wisdom to all; surrender is a form of suicide, if you choose to this in any situation of war just shoot yourself in the head, be like the ancient samurai die with honor for fuck sake. Don’t let someone else do it for you because you are coward. Sprout some fucking balls and mean god damn enormous ones. A salute again BRW the world needs more like you.

            • Corncobs. Wipe your ass with corncobs.

          • Keep your old phone books. In fact, when the new ones come out, grab 10. They’re in huge stacks out in front of grocery stores. Nice thin paper, 2000 or so sheets (4 sheets per page) per book, stacks and stores compactly, and let’s face it, there are worse things you could wipe your backside with. Like a pine cone.

            • Very good observation and suggestion! In Europe, TP used to be made of re-cycled news-print, not quite as bad as using sandpaper, but no as “soft” as phone book paper either…

            • Or a corn cob…

          • You can sit there and wipe your ass with your bare hand like they do in the third world – I’m using TP! Besides that, why do you hate boomers so much? It’s a like some sick obsession with you!

          • I am still gonna stock up on some TP. I have a ton of washclothes ready to go, but am going to wait as long as I can until I need to use those. Baby wipes take up a whole lot less room than TP. Those are my second line of defense to having a clean tushie

          • TP makes it easy to stay clean and healthy. If you get sick from your butt germs you might get sick, die and not be able to eat your food. Prepping is a balance of items with water, food and shelter first, then defense, fuels, solar, health items, gardening, canning, etc.

            Just imagine what you could trade a roll of TP for to someone who has never been without it. We are heavy on the TP.

            • Along with the TP talk and KB’s recommendation of diaper rash cream, consider getting just plain ole zinc oxide. It’s more versatile – you can use it as diaper rash cream and also as sunscreen. It has tons of other uses – it’s important our preps multitask whenever possible!

            • who needs toilet paper. if you jest let the shit dry on your ass it will eventually flake off. also the odor from your butt will keep others from coming in and getting the rest of your preps.

          • My food and other supplies are staying in my house. I’ll be guarding it with my kid. One of us will be armed and awake 24/7 during the collapse.

        • Ancestrial sniper, I’m with you on this. I have my prepps. It doesn’t stop me from gathering more.

          But I feel that you are behind in prepping, if you have a list of items that you need to get WHEN THE SHTF.

          I have all my essentials NOW! If it hits, I’m sitting at home and surviving on what I have and what I can produce for myself.

          God bless and keep on prepping.

      6. we’ve been hearing of an economic collapse for a good 3 years now
        TPTB have managed to kick the can down the road fairly well
        how much longer can they or will they continue to do so is the question
        bottom line is BE PREPARED
        threats such as an EMP or solar flare,World War 3 could happen
        but right now
        the most immediate threats are economic
        and on a personal level-losing your job and income
        this is something that is happening to MILLIONS as we speak
        the time to build the ark is BEFORE it starts raining
        you don’t want to be one of the people fighting over the
        last canned of creme corn at Walmart


        • If folks maced each other at Black Friday over a toaster, what will they do over food?

          • I don’t know for sure but don’t be surprised when you see it!

          • I think you have summed it up quite well ScoutMotto.
            I have nothing clever to add to that.

      7. A timeline is next to impossible because the politicians can keep propping up until the last straw breaks the camels back. One day, probably over a long weekend, the government will declare a bank holiday and by the time the banks open it will be too late. Your account will be frozen, maybe you would be allowed to withdraw $300 a month. Probably the government will print new money and you will be “allowed” to bring in as much as $1000 to trade for the new dollars on a 2 for 1 basis. Anymore then $1000 would be disallowed.

        • With all the machinations and complexity within the system I agree that we don’t know know what arrows are left in the quiver. Thus, like you said, it’s next to impossible to provide any sort of “date” for when “IT” will happen. We’re talking about the movement of trillions of dollars of capital that represents everything from natural earth resources to physical energy. The system is MASSIVE and I am not sure that any one individual, or even conglomerate of individuals, can fully control it.

          All I really need to know is that mega-parabolic moves throughout history, as in mass expansions, are almost always met with catastrophic collapse. It may take years, but often we’re talking in terms of generations for shifts like this to happen so predicting something to the exact day with any degree of certainty is no easy undertaking… An 80 year cycle was proposed by many wave and cycle theorists, most notably Martin Armstrong, and seems to identify and explain, at least on some level, the flows of capital (and mass psychology of given populations).. Our problem is that we lack a complete set of data and information to make exact predictions (heck, even physicists can’t do it for the very same reason). Interestingly, Armstrong’s models actually forecast some major crises over the last 30 days to the exact day – the S&L crisis, the day gold topped in the 80’s, the collapse of the Russian Ruble in the 1990’s, the breaking point for Japanese real estate bubble, to name a few. Fascinating stuff for those who really, really need to know what day this is all going down.

          For the rest of us, there’s (dis)comfort in the knowledge that when things go parabolic, the breaking point can come at anytime. So, for the novice economic observer, we turn to charts like these, which we may not fully comprehend with respect to the details that make them up, but we intuitively understand their consequences:


          Debt Ceiling Chart

          Decline of the Dollar:

          Decline of the Dollar

          Human Population:

          Population Bubble

          • great info Mac

          • EEEE GADDSSS!!! Not another Graph!!! How will I ever make it without data points represented on a graph! Lord of mercy, please help me to construct false models as accurate and pertinent as these!!!!!!!! Lord please allow my lowly brain functions to construct, at least, a lowly equation to best represent the future of mankind! Me + you – overanalyzers = AWESOME!!!

            • sprout some brain cells dude.

          • we all start off as novices Mac, but we become rather learned at a certain point.

      8. @tmfc: lol..lol..first of the worst..I bow to your rapid post.

        When the shtf, check your six…you won’t want to be first then…just sayin’

        I tend to agree with most of what you post here at Mac’s site, so thank you for that.

        The end is coming…I don’t want it, but I dont like being part of the charade without my consent.

        –I will no longer be the slave Im expected to be–BadAmerican

        be safe…stay the course…I got your six…B

      9. The time frame is any day now. As soon as the war with Iran gets really going, watch the country fall apart completely. One of the triggers of the war is now and unquestionably the worth of the dollar; more importantly the fact that the better part of the rest of the world is gone off of the use of it in transactions altogether. Without it the Fed reserve/Banking cartels can’t steal and extort money from other countries and people as well if at all; the ponzi scheme comes undone catastrophically. So war is now guaranteed. It is fair to say that societal collapse is coming like fucking 300 car train wreck and can’t be stopped. Check your undies see any marks? This is gonna go real fast now. Go get some food and other suplies, get ready. I can’t state it in a more vociferous manner. All this has been talked about for at least the 5 years and it’s all coming to a head/fruition now, there is no maybe anymore. The time frame is before the middle of this year.

        • just like the great depression, we will see this go on in waves. First one hit and we saw the effect then it got better and folks thought we were in recovery. Then the second one hit in 08 and everyone shit their pants and jumped off buildings; since then we have gone up and down a few times but never fixed the core issues that caused the bullshit to happen and now here comes the third wave. It will be worse than the other two combined and last many many years. Anyone who disagrees in this is just plain blind to the historical and economic current events and stupid. I mean seriously? Ben buttfucker admitted that the fed reserve was responsible for the great depression in 33 in an interview on C-span. The time frame is directly tied to the economic and monetary value as well as reserve status of the american dollar. It’s just about now toilet paper for the bunghole. So expect a economic and military chaotic event to happen. The fundamental logistics of the unfolding events is nearly the same as the great depression, however we will call this depression the greater depression of this century as it will be global. Time frame says it will be this year before the end of the year. The greedy banking fucks won’t let things go too much further as they can’t own everything without the dollar or a new currency altogether. If you don’t already have supplies,etc…in place then get fucking moving already. You shoulda had them a year ago and if ya wait much longer your just f-ed. So I recommend not paying attention to anything anyone says, think for yourself. No one has any guarntees of the exact timeline of it, but enough of the domino’s have fallen, the process in in full swing now. Reb down there is right do the best you can and prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

          • Interstingly from a demographics perspective every 80 years we have great war. The revolution then about 80 years later the civil war, then WW2 and now were do for WW3 or whatever name you want to call it(Armageddon). Strangely the monetary systems have also followed this pattern. Fiat systems have died and new ones are created. Empire are not lost to war but fiscal destruction and mis-use, corruption of the politicians and of the average citizenry. Ours is way past due for death and new one born. No monetray system that has ever existed not made of or backed by something of wealth, i.e gold or silver, etc… has ever worked unless the goal was to steal wealth from the many to give it to the few. Even in the days of julius Ceasar the mixing of cheaper metals into the coinage made the same effect as paper money printing and they fell apart. Call these few vampires(money junkies). Many of these guys, bankers, investors do Coke, which triggers the the exact same areas of the brain associated in the brain to making money; why we call them money junkies and ironically many of them are actual junkies. No one who does coke or any other hard drug can ever be trusted and this is what the elite do! Oh having said that they will kill you or any of use without conscience to continue the game. They are insane completely and totally insane. Don’t worry we have repeated this cycle hundreds of times in history as history may not repeat exactly but it rhymes with itself.

            • Did I get to a banker or minion thereof? Folks like you should be looking over their fucking shoulder now. I can’t state more clearly. You see no one is afraid of another being unless they have done some type of wrong to the other. Unless they have a mental disorder or such that causes them to be this way. Good/love is intelligence at the highst level, where the idea that evil is stupid and destroys itself comes from. In other words nearly all of the time this happens(evil); it is context to another taking advantage, insulting, screwing over, stealing, cheating, blackmailing, beating, mentally abusing, harming or generally fucking someone over that the one doing the wrong action starts to get paranoid that they are going to be punished for their wrong doing to others. A recently released publication has said that it is we the victims getting fucked over that are paranoid and have a mental problem towards the fact that we know we are being fucked over by elites/gov’t as they own the gov’t. I thought the article was very funny. It is proven and sound in the psychological sense that a person who is crazy/insane does not know that they are; so are we insane for feeling that we are wronged and won’t take anymore? No only the gut/viseral spiritual reaction that all have to knowing evil when it is done to them. I mean we know were are not crazy, therefore we are not insane but the other way around for those who propose that we are. Projection of action/deeds/intent is what we have here; basically the bad guys calling the victime the evil doer to justify their actions and continue the vampirism. No the fact is that we are aware of the culprits who are doing it and they are shitting in their pants. Only cowards hide behind others to do their deeds for them. Anyone of true worth and worthy of any respect will come out into the light and speak or say te truth. I guess I have just proven my point in context to the evil doers. I may struck down but I will be proven right for the point of my action/thoughts. Like Lyonides of the spartans I have a problem kneeling before any false pretense. Obi Wan said, strike me downand you only make me more powerful than you can imagine Darth.

            • ~Uriel~

              ***(quote)…Did I get to a banker or minion thereof? Folks like you should be looking over their fucking shoulder now. I can’t state more clearly. You see no one is afraid of another being unless they have done some type of wrong to the other…(unquote)***


              Truth…pure & unvarnished!

              Excellent point! Thumbs up!

              Which reminds me…do you know, that shortly after the crash/collapse of the 2008 bubble & the TARP fiasco, huge numbers of “Wall Street” managers/investment gurus/financial advisers-planners & portfolio supervisor types….sought & received “CONCEALED CARRY PERMITS” from the city/state of NEW YORK! Yeah…it was reported & sensationalized for a few hours & then the facts/news disappeared down the web memory-hole.

              …(NOTE: emphasis on “received”)…?!? Think about that one! We’re talking about NEW YORK CITY for Christ-sakes!
              New York, is an anti-gun state, at least in the political sense!

              Hmmmmm…methinks, the money junkies might be, a wee bit worried about potential “pay-back”…..& hence, their blanket privilege CCW is rather “elitist”, don’t ya think?

              …& while we’re on the subject of (communist governed)New York, is anyone currently (condemned to) residing there, aware that the most rabid anti-gun/anti-American senator…a Mr. Chuck Schumer(D-NY)…just happens to own & shoot an AR-15!!!!
              Evidently, he’s worried about something too!

              Oh my GOD…an AR-15 is an ASSAULT RIFLE & yet Chucky endeavors to become proficient with its use?
              Which begs the question….WHY THE HYPOCRISY, CHUCK???

              …a review of his record reveals that, Mr. Shumer desires to disarm us regular folks via un-Constitutional anti-2nd amendment legislation? Rather elitist of him, don’t ya think?
              Ditto for that other NY congress-critter/idiot Carolynn Mac-something-or-other…..its alleged she possesses a CCW permit-(unconfirmed on my end)-

              To my fellow preppers I say…ask the NRA, they’ll confirm the above for ya!

              …and do your homework. The future of your children/grand-children, may one day depend upon your/their ability to identify…real the enemy!


              Do not misconstrue this post, folks! Its bourbon night here in the South & I’m relaxin’ w/ the kickin’ chicken! –(Wild Turkey for y’all Yankees)–

              Keep preppin’ & may GOD bless & protect each & every one of you!

      10. what are you thoughts on a timeline? it seems we’re getting closer, but how close?? anyone?

      11. Just my thoughts…Id recommend not putting too much stock in anyones predictions…its okay to consider them but its probably best to go with your own gut instinct…being prepared is great,(do it as best you can)…having a coronary over it isnt,its best to adopt/live a prepared lifestyle rather than trying to get a big pile of stuff accumulated without changing your lifestyle and thinking…isnt going to do you much good,you cant cover all possible scenarios,youre going to “forget something” and only find out when you really could use it,dont sweat it…cover the basics like many here talk about,food,silver ammo, some tools ect, but dont try to do it all…youll go nuts!…thats what I see happening to some folks,even here…theyre getting prep burn out,trying to do it all…worrying about what all the “experts” say is coming(and they cant seem to agree on much)if you stop and think youll do okay,dont allow the event(s) to drive you…you drive you…you need you…your family needs you…America needs you…they all need you to be alive…healthy and sane…take some time to relax,breathe,enjoy life and your family/friends…life is short,dont make it any shorter by not living…!

        • Thank You REB!! I put in a post at 5:24 AM to see how others are getting along. I feel as if some of the posters here are extended family I truely care about. (MM)

          • Mike. Its weird isn’t it? I have never met anyone from this site personally but I have never come across a better bunch of people anywhere I have gone. I used to frequent infowars but got tired of the fear-mongering and the over-abundance of trolling on that site but I have met some good people from there and we talk regularly. A couple of the saavy guys I met there even set up our own website and we have a chat room where we just have a good ol time. Its weird but I am genuinely concerned about the people here. I must be getting old. Or maybe I have just grown up. Peace Brother.

          • Thanks Montana Mike….I know what youre sayin,theres good people here!

            • I agree with you Reb. Aren’t you being a bit judgemental against others in saying you know there are good people here? I mean are you making out anyone who says the truth to be a prick for saying it? So in other words I am evil?; or perhaps a bad person and not good? It is the most prejudice statement you made thus far. That is having predisposed notions of another or others based on your concept of something. The fact is if your not scared or afraid at this point….no no no fucking pissed at this point as that is where fear should lead(righteous anger), then something is wrong with you. A person with courage is not super or special they simply act on a fear instead running from it, they face it and do battle. This is the person who we call a hero or that has courage. Keeping in mind that they are often called hero’ so I guess all of us are hero’s in our way. Ahhh I digressed there for a moment…fear will eat away at your mind and corrode your soul unless you take action against it. What you call going insane is actually a perfectly normal response in context to what is happening now; how you choose to handle it is another topic entirely. Burning out is true, but those folks are like at least two years behind what they should perhaps already be in preps. Going mad from effort?, already been there done that and moved past it; part of the process of acceptance of what is going to happen very soon. My gut instinct tells me like said already we should be ready any day now. We all should be a little scared don’t you think.

            • Uriel….glad you agree but you lost me man..I dont see how agreeing with MM and saying there are good people here is judgmental against you or anyone else?…if I thought you were evil/bad Id say so…I dont have any reason at this point to say so…so Im not…as far as speaking the truth goes..keep on speaking it,no one here has a problem with truth… I dont,and Im certain if you or I or anyone else here gets off the truth too far theres plenty of good people here who will set us straight,thats fair…I can assure you anything I said was in no way directed against anything you said,if it were thered be no question..I say what I mean and I mean what I say or I say nothing…always!

              As far as scared and angry?…never said I was or wasnt…of course I have been scared a few times,and angry a few more,but I am beyond allowing that to dictate terms to me…I dictate terms to my life when possible..not yours not anyone elses just mine and when I can no longer do so then Ill be moving on.
              I am ready for anything that happens…at the same time Im totally unprepared,I know that…all Im saying to people is to take as much control as they can,and to not allow fear to break them,(some see fear as a great motivator and at times it may be to certain people…mostly I see fear as a great destroyer,Ive watched it squeeze the life and drive out of too many good people)…thats something Ive been saying here for quite awhile and in my day to day for many years…I plan on encouraging as many people as I can…In any way I can to take charge of their own world to the best they can…the rest is in Gods hands…I hope that clears up any misunderstanding…thanks!

            • thank you Reb.

        • Best. Comment. Ever.

          • I agree. I really worry about Manos and I have never met him. Things seem to be going from bad to worse in Greece very quickly.

            • It is really bad there, Red Leader. I posted this letter from him because he asked me to get the word out for him.


              Note: he wrote me afterward and said he made it home safe and sound, but was shocked at how heavily armed the police were – they were completely prepared to open fire lethally. 15000 people marched silently.

            • Daisy..Went to your site and read manos letter.His views are more the people’s views than the MSM. In your intro you said wages were cut 35% to the private sector. Would this be the public sector instead? Not sure how they can cut private wages except by taxing but maybe that is what you meant. Anyway, thanks for the link.

            • JRS ~ Hi – thanks for reading. According to Manos, across the board all employers are to cut salaries by 35%. My understanding, based on the fact that he is not a government employee is that this cut is unrelated to whether or not it is a government agency or a private company. It is a pay cut for every employeed person in Greece.

          • Thanks!

      12. I’ve trained for this all my life! I am ready…mentally, physically, and spiritual!

        • Amen.

      13. Here’s a time line for you:
        #1. H5N1 (bird flu) Spreads into the CONUS.
        #2. USPS Already trained and authorized to dispense MEDS.
        #3. Marshal Law
        #4. Your at home with your preps, and hear a knock….

        #5. Its over before it started.

        That was the plan to begin with.
        The swine flu was just a test, a precursor, to see how the public would react, and how worried the majority of public was.
        To see how many people could be commanded by their own will, to get up and get a shot.

        The media will do the rest when they show you on the 10 O’Clock news…..hundreds of dead bodies being burned.

        This is fema….we are here to help……lay down your firearms……
        We are here to protect you……get in line for a vaccine….

        #6…………………….your six feet under….because you did not comply.

        • FEMA would need 30,000,000 workers to accomplish this. Besides, #1 is a trigger event prompting relocation to our off-grid retreat. No road to it or mailbox or utilities means no FEMA. Even the county assessor has not figured out it is there because it cannot be seen on satellite photos.

          It’s like a bear attack. I do not have to be fast enough to outrun the bear. I only have to be faster than you.

          • Bear Claw Chris Lapp: Can you skin Griz?
            Prepared Pastor: I can skin’ em as fast as you can catch’ em.
            [Bear Claw runs through the cabin with a huge grizzly bear close behind and jumps out the back window]
            Bear Claw Chris Lapp: Skin that one, pilgrim, and I’ll get you another!

          • Your plan is well thought out…although millions do not have this luxury ….
            My friend …..Fema will not need 30,000,000 …..they will only need station managers, Through fear, the media and rewards offered to turn on your neighbors ….herding the sheeple to the slaughter …….will be done so by our own hands, that is the plan…..this is not going to be a us against them senerio…..it will be Us against Us……then they will come in and clean house…….that is the plan…..it has always been the plan…again you are lucky to have a retreat location I only hope you have the man power, weapons and equipment to dig in and have 24/7 security and roving patrols….good luck to you and god bless….

            • We’re about to have a complete economic collapse. There won’t be electricity or running water or food at the grocery store. There won’t be police or fire protection. The whole country will be in complete anarchy for months if not years. The army and the national guard will be trying to restore order in cities and protect the property of those who are a part of the New World Order. It will be a LONG time before they worry about preppers and their guns.

      14. Iv’e had doubt’s about the world surviving ever since I was 16 years old. I’m 55 now and I think my worry’s are soon to become reality. Like the words from the old Phil Collins song.There are to many people causing to many problems. The corp wants us gone so they can have what’s left for themselves. It’s very obvious.

      15. As much as I hate to deffer to a “feeling”.
        I’m seeing a lot more sheeple wake up to this “feeling” that something wicked this way comes.
        And as Blackriflewarrior, so eloquently described a lost sheep coming to him for guidance, and his handling the situation like the true Master Jedi, that he is, it is our duty to our fellow man to help those that we can.
        We cannot win a war by ourselves, but we can influence the outcome.
        Be prepared my fellow Jedi’s, For when the SHTF,
        They will turn to you in droves.
        Your years of survival skills (of which you were ridiculed for in the past) will draw them like a moth to a flame. CHOSE YOUR WORDS WISELY !
        As much as you may want to, resist the urge to say I told you so.
        They already know that by the time they come to you.
        I’m getting the “feeling” that it’s time for us to put some of our mental and physical prepping
        Energy towards preservation of our fellow man.
        With arms wide open.
        Trust but varify.

        • Soon the obesity issue will be solved for millions. ha

        • Good words Slick. I can see you have wisdom and knowledge that most will never understand.

          • Thank you for the kind words Wildman.

            • slick and wildman are the same person…

        • @ Slick – I’m already on the “fellow man” bandwagon. I have a niece and nephew who just may need a place to stay when all this falls down the tubes. They can stay with me rent-free if they want.

          • ScoutMotto,
            The rewards, both mental and spiritual will be well worth it.
            Mentoring is a gift that can echo for generations and is a true legacy.

          • I have 3 & 5 yr old nieces, and their sheeple mom and dad(my bro)AND my sis in laws, mom, dad and sister (they all live together)…I can’t and won’t let my nieces starve..as for the ADULTS….they can AND will work for their food! The plus in this…my SIL’s mother is a nurse..so it’s not all bad, we’ll just be eating A LOT of beans and rice!

      16. “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship.”

        We appear to be in the loose fiscal policy stage, heading into disctatorship. Welcome to the brave new world.

        Keep on preppin’.

      17. Greetings Everyone!
        Looks like THE CHANGE is getting closer…
        I suspect after reading about Detroit that it’s our own preview of future events.
        Argentina’s sad condition(except for their 1%) is our future if the 1% have their way(which they most likely will no matter who gets the POTUS job).
        And yet God will have the last laugh on them for their too many to mention acts of pure Satanic evil and wanton destruction of our planet.God’s word warns us to be prepped and ready for the times ahead.
        I just read that the Baltic shipping volumes are dropping both around Europe and Asia.It’s to the point that shipping companies are PAYING shippers to use their boats.This happened just before the crash in 1980 as well.
        Heads up folks!

        • Thanks for that shipping info–I was just gonna check out the Baltic dry index.
          But, does anyone feel like they’re in a dream world..it’s like I know what’s happening but all around me are people just carrying on like nothing is wrong, all is well, their lives are great??
          The only one with a clue as I’ve witnessed in the last few months is Jehovah’s Witness; and that’s not a joke..we prayed together.

        • GFG…Yea that Baltic index is not a good sign. Scarier yet is that total gasoline deliveries in the states has gone down 47% since 2008. It is now at 1980 levels. I guess people aren’t making that commute to work anymore since they don’t have a job.

      18. I don’t think there’s a timeline. We just know it’s coming. The problem with waiting for an obvious warning is that you’ll be trying to find supplies at last minute with a crowd of people who also waited and are now panicking. The shelves at our local grocery got pretty empty with just a snowstorm and power outage — if people believe grocery deliveries might be interrupted or the prices will triple overnight, I doubt there would be anything left in a few hours.

        We have limited money so we chose a few basic foods for each meal (oatmeal, canned fruit and soup) and watched for half-price/buy one get one free sales to buy extra. Slowly but surely it adds up. I’m pretty certain boring meals won’t be our worst complaint when things get tough.

        Once a month we see how much change is left over from our weekly grocery budget. Five dollars and change at the dollar store gets you toilet paper, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and deodorant. If you’re on a tight budget don’t try to replicate all your normal groceries, just try to have extra of what’s essential.

        It gives so much peace of mind to have even a week’s worth of food on hand, let alone a few months. If things get really bad, or if you just have a short paycheck, there’s something to fall back on and you have time to plan rather than fighting a crowd at an already anxious time.

        • Many here will have a reaction to this, BUT, their AIN”T nothing wrong with ramen noodles and rice– if that’s all your budget allows, get-R-done.

          • thats funny..just counted mine!! need more.. lots more, dont forget your pets

      19. Let’s get it straight. This country was never, NEVER a democracy. It has and will continue to be constitutional republic or at the very least a republic. We the people don’t get a vote per man set up, no democracy only republic. True democracy has existed one time in history and it was with the greeks(spartans and athenians). It has never existed in it’s true form sense that time. Call it what it is……….did any of you go to college? If you did and still call this country a democracy then you are a moron, period. Specificity friends. If someone says cut a litte off the top that leaves the entire situation to be open to interpretation. Calling this place a democracy is not open to interpretation. Be educated and act it.

        • I am a tenor in the choir you are preaching to.

        • A republic is simply any non-monarchy. Like it or not, we are both a republic and a democracy.

          Wikipedia: The most common form of modern democracy is parliamentary democracy in which the voting public takes part in elections and chooses politicians to represent them in a Legislative Assembly. The members of the assembly then make decisions with a majority vote. – Sound familiar?

          • Gov’t guy, wrong we the people elect the representatives who make our laws and change or amend things for us. None of us actually have a vote per man say in the actual running or law process itself. It is this exact thing that makes a true 100% democracy a democracy. We only vote to feel important and have the illusion of having a real say in matters. Since none of us can vote mam for man or woman for woman and have the votes mean crap we are not a democracy in any way or form. Well heres a good example for you; when Gore ran against Dubya he had the popular vote (our vote from the citizens) but not the electorical ones and because of it he didn’t get the presidency. Our votes did not mean dick, hence my point. Oh and let’s add one more thing in the pledge to the country and I quote “to the republic for which it stands” Thanks for the debate you can’t actually in, only have an opinion about. Come to the arguement with verifiable fact or not at all. Feel good that you get a vote and believe it; it means absolutely nothing friend.
            Scout motto, you better just keep singing in the choir up there. I don’t preach; I talk hard cold facts not what I want to believe but what is.

            • semantics Gov’t guy, still no democracy.

            • gov’t dude that fingers up is from me, for the fact that we are both right.

        • Amen..

      20. You guys are being misled. The S*** will not hit the fan very soon.
        I have made a little study and guess what?
        Only in 2036 ! Now that is 24 years from now.
        However when it will hit, there will be no way to escape.

        • What time exactly in 2036? I need to know. Got a dentist appointment that day.

          • SO: 4:02 pm LA Time.

        • Philippino Bob: I agree. You may be closer to the truth than you know, and more than any here may want to believe.

          According to biblical prophecy, there are many other things to be played out before the shit really hits the fan.

          The shit doesn’t really hit the fan until there is “peace and safety”. There is no peace and safety on the horizon.

          WE do not even have the seven year peace treaty yet, but it will come after this war, however long it lasts.

          MABUS has not yet died and the anti-Christ has not yet emerged.

          Lots of time people, but keep prepping! 🙂

          • There’s nothing in biblical prophesy that has to happen before the pre-tribulation Rapture. Still, I think the collapse will happen first. That will lead to the one-world government prophesied in Revelation. Once the world leader is publicly revealed Jesus will come and take us Christians home. I think things could happen so quickly that the Rapture could be this year.

            • Don’t pack your bags yet, Barn Cat. Much must happen before Jesus comes.

              This war with Iran (the war of Ez:38) will stimulate economies. The EU seems to be getting it together, but whatever happens there WE know the outcome.

              The EU gets much stronger and negotiates a seven year peace treaty with warring parties.

              America withdraws as policeman of the world to concentrate on Asia and address internal problems from earth changes.

              Thus America is absent from End Times prophecies, as noted by all bible scholars.

              The Patriot Movement takes control of the American government once more and dismantles the NWO in America. How? Why?

              Washington’s vision must also be fulfilled in these end times. Lots of time my peeps but keep prepping.

              SHIFT happens!

            • Based on very extensive research into Christian theology and texts. One would reasonbly conclude that perhaps we exist in purgatory. Not much different then the movie Ground Hog Day with Bill Murray. We get up each morning and its seems different but is it? Theres no where to go from where we are. Yes we can drive around and move about just Murray could but still here(earth) and the universe is fucking huge!!!! Yet we wake up each morning to repeat a similar set of routines until we die all for the sake of money that is basically worthless an illusion. It seems we are given opportunities to do good or do evil, very simple opportunities for self definition or one might call it tests. Well I add that all church forefathers, bishops, cardinals, popes, priests, monks whatever say that 99% of everyone is going straight into hell. Only a small group of people will ever see heaven. How is it that so many wanna be’s think that they are going there in rapture just because they say they are christian? You guys are delusional especially if you are not damn near perfect in your deeds and actions. How selfless have been thus far in your life? Right…not very, so keep dreaming. You guys will believe anything including things like the of lie if your rich enough you can buy your way into heaven by paying the pope a large sum of money or prepay for sins you haven’t yet commited. SIN in Aramaic means to “miss the point”. Money can’t do it and any religious organization that says you can buy your way into a supposed heaven is completely full of shit. Hard work, diligence, personal suffering, sacrifice, charity, selfless deeds, the long path…Not one time but all the time, everyday. No short cuts. If you are lacking from some of these or don’t practice them frequently enough; you know whats up. Look in the mirror and know thyself truly. As Carl Jung said “the foundation for all mental illness(sin) is the lack of legitimate suffering.” I would say that most folks are doing exactly that, not knowing thyself and facing legitimate suffering of knowledge of self. The church had brilliant plan for this called confession and repentance to someone else about wrong doing, genius. Nobody’s going any where until they get straight with self first and then to others. Do see any reasonable form of that happening here in this country?? Especially here, or around the world for that matter????? We are getting ready to kill each other for food and resources right? Do be so fucking naieve.

            • Yea yea, when Jesus does show up right? He will come back with vengence against those who have not been lambs and basically damn near perfect. If the story is to be taken seriously, you mutha fucka’s better get in in line real fast and get it right with the lord. He comes to make war and destroy a lot of things, namely us. Blood red robes and white horse to make WAR, you know? death and destruction okay! Go ahead and cheer if you are one the extremely lucky folks that are going straight up to paradise; otherwise shut the fuck up. Well over 7 billion people now, and 1% as is stated will go to heaven; how many folks is that? 7 million or so? You guys kill me with stupidity that you think your going outta here!!??? Fucking hilarious, now I’m laughing hard……wooo hooo haha!!!!. Okay alright!; back to it, consider very carefully and not from a fundamentalist lack of thinking for yourself but real self conclusion to what will really go down if the texts are right? God bless you guys, really you need it!!

            • let me add one more thing. If we are not buried like the christain custom is to be; then what happens? I mean say we all get nuked and vaporized or something to that effect, maybe even just creamated at death. Unless your God is truly the absolute creator of all it can’t bring your ass back; no clone of Dna nothing your fucking gone period. As I understand it the only reason Christians are buried is so that uote “God might resurrect you at the end”. If your not there how is that even possible? What if we get smouldered by a super duper flare from the sun that just scorches the surface of planet? No more us or bodies so your entire thing goes poof. I will say that the gospels are not total crap just that Jesus never said to write any of them and they are not the fucking word of God but the words of many men over a 400 period. Thanks for coming thanks for the show; come with facts or not at all so you know.

            • correction. 1000 million is a billion. 7 billion is 7000 million and 1% is 70 million folks that may fly into the air at rapture. The rest of you looks might be shit outta luck.

      21. Let me add this to the mix : DON’T buy just gold as your fall back currency. Include silver as well . The reason is just like the first depression in the early 20s The Feds consfacated all gold and made it illegal to own. however they left silver alone . Don’t think for one second that you can keep your gold safe in a bank safe deposit box , the feds went to every bank got the master keys and took all the gold they could find !! It will happen again , this two faced lie monger in the whitehouse will see to that !! If you don’t have it in your hand , then you don’t have it at all . Good luck to all of you .

      22. Fortunately for us things are different in one big way: gold is not the circulating medium it was in the 30s and before. So compliance today, if any, would be scant. I agree though, no one should leave the metals in any bank. I recommend de-banking as much as possible. Stash that cash elsewhere.

      23. There are those who ask for a timeline.

        There are those who ask for it to happen now.

        There are those who say they are physically preprepared.

        How many of our regular posters…and others can say they are emotionally prepared for all that is to come.??

        I have not been sleeping well. I woke up at 1:00 am local time and came here to read what is written. There is information and hope here. Still I think to myself: what have I forgotten, what do I add next to my stock. Most of all I ask will I rise strong and decisively to meet the new paradigm which is coming?

        Your thoughts please (MM)

        • I’m a retirement firefighter and believe that has best helped me prepare for what is to come. In addition, I’ve done some missionary work in third world and seen how most of the world gets by on less than two dollars a day, yet many of them are happier than we are.

          It’s is the violent transition to a third-world country that will be the most traumatic. I cannot prepare for every possibility, but I sleep well at night knowing that I have done everything in my power to prepare my family to ride out the transition. There was a time when I, look you, woke up in a cold sweat, but now I can sleep when the wind blows.

          May God grant you the serenity to accept the things you cannot change, the courage to change the things you can, and wisdom to know the difference.

          • Prepared Pastor:

            “many of them are happier than we are.”

            I see their happiness many times on TV.

            So in return, do you believe that our technology is the yoke of our unhappiness? I believe in many cases it is. 🙂

            • From my personal experience in the mission field, they put much more emphasis on relationships since they do not have as many things to distract them. We know intellectually that at the end of our lives it will not be the things we accumulated during our lives that we will most treasure (although I do miss my Porsche collection), but the relationships that we built during our lives.

              I only see this in the U.S. with children. They do not care if they live in the biggest house or a single-wide mobile home. They are perfectly happy eating spaghetti-o’s. Until they learn to be consumers, they value their relationships above all else.

            • Thumbs up for you.., Prepared Pastor. Thanks. 🙂

          • I like the prayer at the end Pastor.

        • First of all, MM, you need to sleep for your emotional and physical health. Do what you can to work hard through the day, take walks, tire yourself out so you can sleep, even if it is 5-6 hours. Take naps, if you can.

          Second, your prep schedule makes sense and over time will help you accrue a store of survival goods.

          I think a store of TP is necessary, even if others do not. Hygiene is essential. If someone has a cold or worse, TP is good for a tissue. It will act to help blood coagulate on a small cut. The empty rolls, stuffed with anything burnable makes a firestarter. JMO.

          Food: for under $100, you can store 50# of rice, 20# each of various sorts of pasta and 50# of beans. Beware: they need to be sealed from bugs and beans have a shelf life of 2 years and you don’t know how old they were before they were packaged. Old beans won’t soften by boiling, so have a grain mill to crack them or grind multiple times into *flour*. It will make a nutritious soup base. You can look around the web for recipes for ground or cracked beans. Learn to container garden for produce. Again, check the web for dwarf plants, *baby* varieties that do well in containers. Cold frames extend your season and a pot in a south window will produce greens in the winter. Make this a hobby. It takes some time to figure out the right plants and the right method.
          Yes, these are hybrids. Save the seeds anyway. Some will breed true. I have dome this. You don’t need that many seeds to start enough plants to get produce for 2-4 people for one growing cycle of 1-5 months, depending. Usually hybrid seeds will only be viable for a year.

          Think of *what if*. If someone has a cold or if everyone gets the same virus, do you have the simple, common remedies we now take for granted? Have you looked at various herbal teas that actually work? Experiment now. Watch the web for sales. There are always sales & free shipping somewhere. Buy them by the case and restock as needed. Right now, there are shortages of anesthetics and some cancer drugs. What happens if the government decides to shut down the smaller pharmaceutical manufacturers for whatever reason? Shortages and price increases.

          Tools and, above all else: skills. People learn things through their lives. Inventory your skill set and prepare for the strongest ones to become a livelihood. If the tools you use are electric, start thinking about batteries and small generators to power them, just like they do at remote construction sites.

          Friends and family. You don’t need a lot of these, but enough who value what you do to trade with you and help out in an emergency. You, of course, will be there for them, too.

          We are all looking at a lifestyle change. I agree with those above who say it will come in waves. After each wave, things will improve, but they won’t get back to where they were pre-2007 or even where they are today.
          Personally, I think we can take a look at the 1950s in Eastern Europe for the most severe conditions we might face.

          For the record, we are in our 60’s and we think we are somewhat prepared for 1-3 years, depending on scenarios. No one can be completely prepared for everything. Improvise, adapt and overcome. It is all we can do.

          Worrying will not get you anywhere. The end stage of grief is acceptance and we all need to reach it.

          • Excellent posts, Prepared Pastor and BlueH2O.
            Thank you.

            I would like to add one more suggestion for those who plan to relocate when SHTF: move to your BOL now and don’t wait until SHTF. Why add more stress on yourself and family? You’ll have time to settle, get into right mental state, get to know people around you, start a garden and adjust to a more simple life. Imagine: S is hitting the fan and you just watching it on TV thinking “thank god I don’t have to drive through this mess”. Just a thought 😉
            If the whole family can’t leave right now, think about sending one of family members to look for and buy/rent (if you’re still looking) and/or organize your new home. It’s time to make some sacrifices and to be a little uncomfortable. You’ll pat yourself on the back later. Move your preps to your chosen location too. Don’t leave everything to chance on the day of SHTF.
            Think about what is really important to you. And what stops you from from doing what’s important. Are those reasons really good enough? Many things that seem so important now may mean absolutely nothing later (like latest Iphones, for example :)).

        • Montana Mike,
          My mom told me these words many years ago:
          ‘If you are prepared, you have nothing to fear’. My fear, though, is I’m not prepared enough. When I was single, I had no worries. Now, with wife and three kids in tow, I fear every day and night. I feel like I’m on a manic episode where I get various things, look at it and wonder if it will be enough for my family. I don’t want this to happen just yet. Every day that goes by is a blessing that allows me to prep just that much more.

          The good thing is you’ve been thinking about events to come. Look at this as biofeedback. You are psychologically preparing. When the time comes, I’m certain you will do well.

          Prepare and don’t fear!

        • The timeline begins when Obama gets re-elected. He will be re-elected. The first step will be a massive federal assault on the 2nd Amendment. Things will go downhill from there very fast. IMHO

        • You are not alone in your anxieties. Even those who are not awakened by the realities we face are in an unmistakeable state of malaise to varying degrees.

          Among the people I know, there are none who don’t have some personal issue(s) they are dealing with. And most of those people do not even want to face the coming challenges, they turn instead to bread and circuses to ease their fears.

          As for being emotionally prepared for what is coming, it is unlikely anyone can be totally prepared for thse unknowns. If you could prepared for everything, you would likely be omniscient anyway.

          The best you can do at this time is stay focused on your preps, without being in a state of worry. If you are as prepared as you can reasonably be given your resources, it may also be a good time to consider an exercise regimen, if you are not already on one. That may at least help de-stress a bit.

        • You want a quick one? Get several L of Antiseptic mouthwash, The cheap stuff, Most people would be amazed the germs that stuff will kill. 2. Get 5 Gal buckets at your local Pizza Joint. they get mushrooms in them and sell cheap (50C) That’s 2

      24. JJ I definitely feel as if I’m living in a dream! I’ve only been following this “stuff” for a year and a half or so and I’m already burnt out. I have the silver on hand, the cash on hand and not in the bank, the 3 months of freeze dried foods plus other grocery stocks for another 3 months, my freezers are full….but then I look around and feel a little foolish. After all, no one else is panicking….
        Now I’m wondering how far to take this….do I think about one last good family vacation – antibiotics – more guns/ammo?
        I can’t even GO there in my head. It’s so surreal. I CANNOT imagine things being so bad that I have to use a gun! Really!

        • Take a week off and go camping and think about it.

        • So many can’t believe it will get as bad as we KNOW it will…because it’s never happened before to us!
          Continue prepping as you are – it never hurts to have extra food, ammo and silver. Should everything end in a fairy tale you won’t have to purchase anything for awhile, eat the food, and sell or save the ammo and silver – BUT everyone knows it won’t and you’ll be very glad you’ve prepped!

        • OK…you did the right thing. Now throw the “cloak of invisibility” on it all in the corner of a basement and go on with your life. You are fine. NOW… focus on education, school, killing any debt, making sure your kids never take out any debt. Now start gaining gardening skills. I’m planning a heated cold frame for growing winter veggies. Focus on your career and don’t worry about shit. Remember, there are many who do not tell folks of their preps. Why would they. You are NOT alone. Stop thinking you might need group support. Think for yourself, live for yourself. Heck, just this year I strong armed my employer for a second raise and title change. I have these fucks enslaved to me because of my programs I wrote. It was a prep. Good luck. ps. Save for your retirement land out in the country. Me… I’m going to buy a shit used class A RV and park it in the woods…maybe a few of them…no taxes…off the grid. They won’t even know I’m alive.

        • What you’re dealing with is called normalcy bias and it is … normal :D.
          Most people in our country never lived through any serious difficulties. I am not saying you’ve had a worry-free life, I am saying it’s hard to imagine the life here can be anything other than what it’s been in your lifetime.
          It is hard to wrap your brain around ugly possibilities and it is scary. So, naturally, most people stick their head in a sand at the very first thought of it.
          Kudos to you, for prepping through fear because it IS easier to be in denial.

      25. Montana Mike. A lot of us feel and ask the same sometimes. I came out of a war torn country in 1979, where we had to defend ourselves and families practically door to door just feet away. Neighbors turned traitors, brothers killed each other, and snipers were actually enjoying the pick throughout. My country is Lebanon, and believe me having no electricity, water, limited food supply for 4 years, we learned how to barter and trade very quickly. Research that time frame in Beirut. So I tell you, just be ready mentally, because when the shtf back then, we never had a warning. The only warning we had actually was the buzzing of the 155mm shells coming in unannounced at a rate of 30 per minute.

        So now, all you need is yourself keeping it together, your family support and the will to stay focused and ahead of the game.

        1- #10 cans
        2- Ammo
        3- Silver
        4- Bug-out-Plan.

        Keep preppin’.

      26. The dollar is in real danger. This article explains the petrodollar phenomenon and what’s REALLY behind the Iran issue better than any I’ve seen.


        If you have food & a water source etc then start saving some silver coins (cheaper for many of us to lay our hands on than gold) for barter.

        I’m trying to collect a bag of silver instead of saving with the bank for my son’s “college fund”. I see it as a long term thing. He’s 7 so it’ll cover his Uni education (he’s science crazy) or a down payment on his first acre of agricultural land.

        It’s the long game as we don’t know how this is gonna play out – overnight dollar collapse or hyperinflation or long decline. Either way the dollar and the Euro are going down. I’m in the UK and am not sure of currency either. PM’s retain SOME value no matter the climate.

        If we have to those silver coins may be our “get out of dodge” fund (cabin in remote part of E. Europe that belongs to my son already) to escape a hell hole.

        No matter how hard you prep the basics like food etc noone can foresee everything & a silver coin might get you that one item you badly need like a tool, or skill you don’t have in an emergency.

        Gold would be nice, but how many of us have the cash to splash after we’ve prepped properly including heirloom seeds? Most of us don’t have a lot of cash at the end of the month already!

        • TO ALL: This is a must read from a reliable source. It is long. Please take the time to read it. It spells out so many things regarding Iran, the US dollar and others. Again a must read.

          L..L.. What type of silver coins are available to you to save?? I don’t know your age but I do remember stories from the Cold War and Berlin Wall era. Gold and silver coins were used to bribe border guards and others to cross over to freedom in the West.

          Please continue to write us and let us know your situation. We Care (MM)

          • I’m just saving what I can get my hands on tbh.

            http://www.sarniasilver.com/scottsdale_silver.html seems to have recognisable coins at a reasonable price. 1 a week/month from this site is better than nothing.

            With a growing child shoes are a priority for preps and good footwear isn’t cheap.

            The shtf already for a proportion of the population of the US population. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01c2y2b/Panorama_Poor_America/
            A link to a UK programme showing how the US is allowing children to exist TODAY. I really think the more rural US members of this site should watch it as part of your preps.

            SHTF is coming to us ALL – what varies is our personal circumstances and geography as to when it hits us as individuals. The frog is simmering on the hob nicely.

      27. once tshtf it will be survive or die for each and every individual… bear in mind that death comes in more than one form though… being marched off to a camp with no hope of escape can inflict death – a slow, wanning of internal life essence… watching or hearing of one’s friends or loved ones not being able to “make it” and having to succumb to the effects of either mob rule or jackboot authoritarianism(sp) will take it’s toll as well… we have grandkids and we are prepping for their families as well as ourselves… tptb will seize direct control of all resources and will seek out the reserves of those of us who have prepared for the trouble to come and our own military will be used against us for that and other purposes… i do not believe for one second that the overwhelming majority of our servicemen/women will come to the rescue because the military itself is an entitlement-designed machine at this point… so many in it have come from socio/economic entitlement backgrounds so it’s an easy transition to make… it will come down to an internal war of attrition: are there enough of US to beat all of THEM..?? i’m nearing 60 and my wife is past it, but as long as we have breath we will in some way, somehow resist… may our God have mercy on and help us…

      28. A lot of us don’t have unlimited resources or room to store a lot of stuff either. I want to tell you that I’ve been using homemade laundry detergent since last summer and it’s great. You only use 1/2 cup each of borax and washing soda and 1/3 of a bar of Fels Naptha soap (available in hardware stores if your supermarket doesn’t carry it) to make a big batch – about 4 gallons. I keep it in a 4 gallon bucket with a small gamma seal lid on it and it lasts quite a while. Use 1 soup ladle of it for each load.

        Go to Lehmans.com and search for laundry supplies. They offer a kit for $50 but you don’t need to buy that, just get the stuff locally. Go to the downloads tab and print the recipe. It’s good for HE machines too. Think of the money you will save (more $ for that toilet paper). You will need far less space to store the ingredients than lots of jugs of detergent. And it’s better for your septic system.
        I read that Mrs. Dugger uses this and her 19 kids always look clean.
        Boy, these big companies have been ripping us off big time!

        On another note, I hate to think of you guys taking up a lot of space storing ramen noodles; there’s no nutrition in them. I was at Costco yesterday and a 25# bag of long grain white rice was still under $10. You pay that for a 5# bag of Uncle Ben’s. They have it in 50# bags too but too heavy to lift. I used to repack the rice in mylar bags or 1 gal glass jars but decided now just to get rubbermaid tubs and put it in there in the original packaging. Does anyone think this will be a problem?

        • Gadabout. We store all of our food in rubbermaid containers in their original packaging, rice, flour, and sugar too. Keep it in a cool dark place such as a storage room in the basement and it will last a long time. We go beyond the best if used by dates before we rotate because I have found that food will last a lot longer than you think. I just opened a big bag of peanuts that were 6 months past expiration and they are fine. And don’t forget to watch for pests. I put out a bunch of mouse traps and caught a whole bunch of them but now I haven’t caught one in months. We also bought a vacuum food sealer and I love it. You can take fish out of the original plastic and vacuum seal it and it will last (they say) for up to two years. I also have small canned nitrogen containers that I use to displace air the vacuum bags before I seal them. Keeping your foods dry and cool is the real key.

        • I leave my rice in the bag it comes in from Sam’s; just stack it in your house the way you find it where you buy it…..and the fact I love ramen noodles doesn’t mean I’m gonna live on ’em. Hey, they’re $1.69 for a 12 pack. And beef and chicken buillon at Sam’s is 7.00 for 225 cubes–can’t beat that with pasta, salt and pepper.
          I also have rice-filled 2 liters–for the churches to pass out to those starving that didn’t read the internet.
          I’m not letting anyone in my home.

          I think my point is that no matter how strappd you are for money, there are inexpensive things out there for those determined to feed their children…..but you may have to give up cable, cigarettes, and McDonald’s!!
          Your choice.

          • You’re right, JJ. I know we aren’t rolling in money but we have a very substantial stockpile of food. I do a lot of purchasing of loss leaders. I buy as many as I can manage.

            Today I got 12 cans of tuna because it was cheap. A few weeks ago I bought 12 jars of peanut butter. I just pick one thing that is really cheap and that is my stockpile item for the week. It doesn’t seem like much but if you can swing $10-20 a week you can build your food stores pretty quickly.

            We have Ramen noodles too, JJ. 😉

        • Lehmans now sell soap bubbles?
          Sorry, couldn’t resist 😀

        • mice and squirrels will chew right through that rubbermaid stuff… i went junkin and started buying up every metal tin and breadbox i could find for use in storage. use old coffee cans and glass jars…those huge pickle jars are fantastic…and if you have a “foodsaver” machine you can suck out all the air from these too. i am not wasting my money stocking alot of tp or other paper products…gotta already prepared bucket full of nice washcloths just waiting to be used for butt wipes-and they can be washed and reused. glue traps or rat poison should be stocked at least in a small quanitity cause there is gonna be a population explosion of the vermin when doo hits the fan.

          • We put bags of wheat in new galvanised metal trash cans. We do not open the bags. The cans are totally critter proof.

            I also have one of the cans grounded with radios wrapped in alumnium foil inside of seal a meal plastic with moisture absorbers for EMP.

          • be careful that you don’t reach in the wrong bucket and pull out a glue trap and wipe your ass with it. I hear they are really hard on butt hair.

        • Gad….I ,too, use storage totes to store my rice and pasta in the basement. I prepped for Y2K but when I decided to use some of the rice,etc. after the scare, I found it tasted old or stale. This go around, I left the bags unopened but double bagged and used a foodsaver to seal. I don’t buy the expensive bags, but get packs of quart bags by the hundred to seal with(cheap).I may have higher humidity than some in my basement, but this seems to have done the trick. Also, I think ninao posted about soaking your rice in peroxide before cooking to destroy any traces of mold. Haven’t tried this yet but it sounds reasonable.

      29. Excellent interview. On our site we’ve been posting articles by many economists and more and more they are lining up behind a hyperinflation type scenario.

        Gold and guns folks.

      30. and a fairly good rug to grab ahold of.

      31. Thanks Mac, last week when I saw those charts, it was like someone punched me in my heart. I will pass this tidbit along…Last year around Nov, the military was worried about getting paychecks. I was informed that right after that, the pay mechanism for the military was moved OUT of country. I didn’t get details, but apparently thru a third party based out of the US. I rather suspected JPM or someone like that. JPM is also HEAVILY involved in the EBT program, they are the ones in charge of the cards and making sure the funds are placed properly.

        At this point, I’m wondering if they are watching to see how much revenue is brought in by April, and if it’s not enough, boom crash…Last year only 50% filed, and out of that 50%, 38% got back refunds…..

        The IRS is so far down right now, I personally know someone that was audited from “98 recently for not filing. Yes, it’s legal for them to do this. They got hit for a huge amount, and they can’t prove otherwise.

        Please keep all hands inside the carnival ride to avoid injury.

      32. When it comes to preparing, I have 3 lists.
        The first list are things that I need now or need to aquire ASAP. That would be things like 6 months of food, water, etc. Medical supplies, a good firearm with plenty of ammo, vitamins, seeds, etc. The bare mininum amount of stuff that I and my family will need for a short and long-term emergemcy.
        My second list would include a second or third fire-arm and ammo, duct tape, rope,super glue, extra shoes and clothes, other medical supplies such as quick-clot, gold, silver, and food beyond 6 months for example. These items are important to have and make life easier but not necessary to have.
        My third list is stuff that might make good barter items. It may be ammo for a caliber I do not have, alchohal,12v battery,,etc for instance. Basically, the stores are being ransacked and I am getting rid of my soon to be worhtlesss money and getting something I could possibly use or trade. By the way, if your area of the country is at this point, SHTF is happening if you need a sign. Also, if they still take credit cards, use them first then your cash.
        Like I said before, not everyone on this site makes a 6 figure income. By having a list of what is most important, I can better spend my money instead of buying stuff that I need and not just buying stuff to be buying it. Also, everybody’s list are not going to be the same.

      33. Nothing to see here people, just another sensationalized the sky is falling piece of propaganda. Go out and enjoy life, while you can.

        • Your link says it all. Year over year decline in living conditions. Apply those statistics to our REAL statistics(not the bogus BLS ones) and we are getting close to being the same.Coming soon to a city near you. Better get out of Dodge as soon as you can.

      34. Religion of the world, not the Gospel (truth) says we will all be raptured up into the sky all who believe that Christ is the living son of God (wich he is) and that peparing or prepping is a waste. We have been steadily deceived. Being a Christian does not, nor has it ever guaranteed that in the last days or any days that harm/suffering would not come to you. However, the whole rapture/whatever garbage makes you a readily available target and great potential victim when things fall apart. The Zionist of old had Christ murdered so yeah, I believe they can and will kill if they wish. As far as a particular timeline goes, the bonfire is smoldering right now, a full blaze could come anytime. The Zionist, descedants of Satan, whatever you wish to call them and their sysem has been a slow steady work in progress for a very long time and they control the pace. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, stock up on essentials and try to educate those that aren’t too far gone. Out.

        • If anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially his immediate family, he has denied the faith and is WORSE than an unbeliever….I Timothy 5:8

          Don’t forget this one, folks.

        • Folks. Do all you can to get out of debt. Do not take any loans or your children from the bankers. They have enslaved us all. I think it’s time we all look at the Jews for what they have done to the world. They have enslaved us with debt. The Arabs hate us as we occupy their lands to protect the Jews stolen land. I’m tired of being politically correct. I DO NOT LIKE THESE PEOPLE!! From here on out…I’ll jack up their rents, not help them at work and make sure my kid knows why the fucked up the world. Anyone that has a plan to enslave another deserves what it gets. I hope Iran nukes the shit out of the Israel…and I hope China and Russia get cocky with the US and the Arabs take back what is theirs. This is a 100% red blooded American saying this! The the NWO…fuck your brain washing.

        • ~AKV-30~

          Roger. Copy that, sir!

          If only more folks would research (in depth) the lies & false testimonies of Mr. Cyrus Scofield & his alleged “Rapture” theology…they would understand that it was zionist money & influence that forced the Scofield reference bible onto the pulpits & seminaries of assorted Christian religions!

          Its purpose was twofold…

          1.) To religiously “disarm” people via the…its GOD’s will/I’m gonna be raptured outta here before it gets rough mentality….thereby minimizing Christian resistance to zio-tyranny.

          2.) Create discord within the Christian community via the false supposition that Christ was a wimp & therefore encouraged the modern creation of that criminal enterprise we call israel….by the subjection/control of Christianity to the whims of zionism!

          —-Thumbs up to you, sir!—-

        • you are a jew hating sicko

          • Didn’t see the word jew mentioned once.

            • Me either. Jolly isn’t so jolly, huh?

            • What do you people think a Zionist is? An Arab?

            • jolly..,Yes Zionists are Jewish. However not all Jews are Zionists.Orthodox Jews reject Zionism for the most part.Zionist Jews did not even exist before 1897. They only became mainstream after the Basel Accords of WWII when it was decided that they should have their own land( now called Israel). Therefore all Jews are not Zionists.They do have different beliefs.

            • jolly…re-reading the original post I responded to I suppose that it was not quite correct either. The poster claimed that Zionists had Jesus crucified when in fact Zionism did not exist at the time. I suppose that to some they are the same. I just wanted to point out that, in fact, they are not.

          • jolly I will eat tenderloin off your back once shit falls apart, I will take a bite out off crime. Since ironically Jews are the largest organized criminal outfit on the planet, not Italians, Russians, Asians….you guys. I bet you’d taste pretty damn good with barbecue sause on ya roasted on the grill. Bow Wow holmes.

      35. What a great family of preppers! I cherish the wisdom each of you share. As events unfold, we will all need to be heads-up for increased dis-information. We need each other now more than ever before.

      36. Yesterday we started the protests again.
        The march passed through the main streets of the city during the night. More than 15,000 people followed.
        Most of us were holdind candles and torches.
        We kept singing our national anthem, and the nation’s flags waved in the crowd.
        We were proud, we were safe, we were immortals. Our friends and neighboors were close.
        The police forces remained hidden in small side streets.
        I was surprised to see that they were fully armed. They had their hi capacity pistols, except of their armour, shield, tear gas, and sticks.
        We heard that they have their “orders”.

        Tommorow the puppet socio-fascists are going to vote the 7th austerity package. I’m sure they will do it.
        They won’t hesitate, because they fight for their positions, their money, and their interest rates.
        They know that if Greece goes bankrupt, gallows expects them.

        Tommorow it’s us or them.

        Pray for us,

        Pray for you,

        Be safe and be healthy.

        When the time comes, don’t hesitate. You are right, they are wrong.

        • Manos

          You inspire.
          You have faith.
          You have a sense of country with your fellow citizens.
          You keep us informed and warn us of what’s to eventually come here.
          You stand united as a people against the usurpers.
          You fight back.

          We are a nation divided.not inspired
          We all have faith but not common.
          We have no unity with our fellow citizens.
          We do not stand as a people united against the usurpers.
          We make a stand individually.

          May God bless you and your countrymen and women.

          If only we stood as proud as you..

          I salute you..sir!


          • Possee,

            Don’t forget the people who fought and created the country.
            They were your grandfathers.
            The same blood flows through your vains.
            The Revolution for Independence inspired people all over the world.
            There is no need to remind you the Chicago strikes, against the Mr Pullman in 1894.
            Your nation understoods perfectly the prinicples of liberty and rights.
            But unfortunatelly the NWO, manipulates the masses through the “divide and conquer” dogma.
            Their end is near my friend.
            Even if we go down today, there are others who will stand up:
            You, the Italians, the Irish, the Spanish, the Portuguese.

            God bless you too.

      37. Everyone wants a date for SHTF, I believe it is here already!
        Each time you go to the grocery store, each prep you purchase, every time you fill up the fuel tank – inflation takes more and more from you; every time a father loses a job; and every time a family becomes homeless – the S hits them full on.
        For Manos and his countrymen it has already hit – it’s just a matter of time until we are ALL there!

        • thankyou preppergal35…i feel like you have given me some validation..i appreciate it…been saying for a good while that the doo doo has already started to fly. the fan is just speeding up and the crap is flying alot faster as time moves on. wont be long now when we will all be buried in it if we dont think on our feet and get busy preparing for its eventual landing.

        • @preppergal

          I don’t think getting a date for shtf is what everyone is wanting. being married myself is enough for me. i sure don’t want to be burdened with a date.

      38. Have you guys seen this post yet?


        That is why I would keep my lips shut on camera at least.

        Prep for yourself, it is a must without being sarcastic. God has awaken us all to be ready and prepare for the worst to come. here is another post by the NRA:


        That should make us all really call he bluff.

        Keep preppin’

        • They can think they are taking away my second amendment right..but the fact remains they didnt give me the right to begin with, so they cant take away what they didnt give..so If they feel lucky..maybe they will be, but maybe they wont

      39. I will give my time line for whatever it’s worth. The worth may only b pennies, but here goes.

        I believe nothing will happen in the next 12 months. Things will continue to feel like it is getting closer to the brink, but they will continue to put band aids on all the broken bones of this mess.

        I am gearing towards a date of around 15 months from now, based on one thing. Our government’s spending. I have been preaching the catch 22 that was mentioned a few days ago here about people living on the teet. I was very happy to see it here, as my closest family members are now not thinking I am completely crazy.

        Again, I could be way wrong, and hopefully I am, but we cannot keep giving out everything, but we can no longer just stop the entitlements without massive social unrest from 48% of American.

        Hopefully I am crazy.

        • Statistics say all of us are crazy, question is are we right?

      40. MANOS : Prayers for you, your family and your country.

        Thank you for keeping us updated on the events of your country.


      41. I found this post on a blog–food for thought??


        I work for an insurance company and lately have been getting lots of calls from pepole who wrote checks to us that have not cleared their banks after say a week. We have no reason to hold checks, the sooner the money is in our bank the sooner we collect interest. Is it possible other banks are now being slow to clear checks written on their banks in an effort to hang on to the money longer? Thats a very scary thought. Let me know what you think.

        • Last week I bought my wife a computer from Dell online. I paid for it with my debit card. I received the computer and as of yesterday, my account had not been debited. I still don’t understand why they sent it to me. I called Dell and told them that I had the computer and they do not have my money. They said I should give it a week and call back.

      42. Hello MAC: Just want to thank you for the site and important subjects you post. The comments that are coming out here now are the most sincere that I have ever seen. We seem to feel it coming and we are coming together. Again thank you !!! (MM)

      43. Nothing sounds better than a prepper union. 🙂
        The more we keep each other informed of what we hear or see, likely to be backed with proof, the more urgency we feel to unite and face these neo-cons pro-actively. Keep up the faith and don’t dwindle, as the lord said.

        Keep preppin’.

      44. Mac, keep up the good work.

      45. Another great article/video, thank you.

        One thing that I’ve been thinking about is this.

        As the final stages of a SHTF scenario plays out…are we to assume that the powers that be will just lay down their arms (military, mercs, Nat. Guard,gov. workers ect…..Or would they rather try to gather as many citizens as possible (for our collective good & safety of course) into places like the many FEMA camps that have sprung up all over the nation apparently.

        At first, in my mind, I’ve been playing out variations of scenarios like seen in the film “After Armageddon”. But I’m wondering now if there’s a possibility that those still in power at the end (those with the force) might very well try and keep their most precious resource…PEOPLE

        People who can work various tasks from physical labor on up. The camps would/could be like little isolated communities/towns with everyone assigned a job or task for the good of the community.

        Done the right way, this might be preferable to being on the outside for many (well most if not a prepper) but done the wrong way if could easily be a totalitarian type of situation where the common people are used as little more than slave labor and fodder for any appetite those in control might enjoy or envision.

        lol sounds like a crazy movie or a conspirator theory dream…but in a SHTF situation, with masses of people looking for salvation, safety…it seems it could easily be orchestrated by those in the know and with the resources.

        Just wondering…

        Not a pleasant thought actually.

        So what do you think more likely, an “After Armageddon” situation where everyone is affected (citizens, gov. fed/state/local, military ect.) or do you think there could be some areas where control, in the guise of safety and security might be enacted or tried?



      46. Im sick and tired of being treated like I’m a goddamned fool for trying to warn my loved ones of what’s coming! No matter what I say or what statistics I quote or YouTube videos or quality websites like this one I show them they won’t take me seriously and won’t change a thing. Fuck it! I can’t do it alone and even if I could I’m tempted to let them suffer the consequences of being ignorant, stubborn and disrespectful of my efforts to help them save themselves if that’s even a possibility. When I was a kid I never thought of being alive past the age of 28. Once I made it to 28 I could see no future beyond age 48. Now that I’m 49 I can’t see much beyond 50. As fucked up as things are I don’t really care if I turn 51 either. I hope for two things before I go: I precede my children in death and I have an opportunity to unleash the boiling rage that I’ve had to suppress my entire life on those who deserve it. DA’s, CPS, bad cops, bad politicians, bankers, evil predatory females, rapists and child molesters to name a few.

        • its da jooos! da jooos are responsible for messing everything up

        • Don’t waste your time on the “deaf”. Do what you think is right. You don’t owe an explanation to anyone.
          Be helpful if someone asks for your help or advice, otherwise, keep it to yourself.
          It is difficult, I know. I often feel like I am in a movie or in a different dimension, looking at people around me wondering why can’t they see what I see…
          Prepared Pastor quoted Serenity Prayer earlier, I love this prayer, it rings so true:
          God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.
          Hang in there, brother. This too shall pass.

          • we shall see what will pass soon enough.

        • Relax Bro. Go down to the Pound buy a homeless dog that’s doomed, take it home, rub it’s belly, see it get happy, snooze on your lap. We have had a wonderful half century. Times get bad, that’s life, As the book says: “The Sun Also Rises”: Also suggest you get laid: Always improves my mood

      47. There is no debt and there is no money – it’s all a fiction. The US has never been out of ‘bankruptcy’ to the Zionist banksters – from 1789 onwards with reorganisations every 70 years. The US is still a colony to the City State of London and the Bank of England via the FED.

        You need to enact what JFK had in place before he was assassinated i.e. Government printed money. Just shut the Fed down and your financial problems will be solved within weeks certainly within months. Usury paid to Zionist Jew criminals IS the problem.

      48. Distribution Restriction: Distribution authorized to the DOD and DOD contractors only to maintain operations security. This determination was made on 1 June 2007. Other requests for this document must be referred to (redacted)
        Destruction Notice: Destroy by any method that will prevent disclosure of contents or reconstruction of the document. ….

        This publication uses the term insurgent to describe those taking part in any activity designed to undermine or to overthrow the established authorities……

        Counterinsurgency is those military, paramilitary, political, economic, psychological, and civicactions taken by a government to defeat insurgency (JP 1-02). It is an offensive approach involving all elements of national power; it can take place across the range of operations and spectrum of conflict …

        In dealing with the local populace, the primary aims must be to:
        •Protect the population.
        •Establish local political institutions.
        •Reinforce local governments.
        •Eliminate insurgent capabilities.
        •Exploit information from local sources. …

        An insurgency is organized movement aimed at the overthrow of a constituted government through use of subversion and armed conflict (JP 1-02). It is a protracted politico-military struggle designed to weaken government control and legitimacy while increasing insurgent control. Political power is the central issue in an insurgency.

        *Admin Edit* Continue reading at: http://theintelhub.com/2010/05/26/secret-document-counter-insurgency-of-the-american-people/

      49. This shall pass? The Russians said the same thing in 1917. They said, the government will take care of this. Then they were murdered wholesale for 70 years. The Germans tried to defeat the Russians, but the war mad them weak and allowed the Jews to take control of Russia a lot easier. The Germans allowed the Jews to pass through Germany and knew they would take Russia out of the war, but that might be the dumbest thing Germany ever did. It came back to bite them big time 22 years later. The white people just can’t see what they do not just eliminating each other, but totally destroying their countries by firebombing their cities. This will pass, but will we have guns when it’s over? Do we even deserve them, since we did nothing when we dsicovered we were tricked into all the wars in the 20th century? Then we got Oklahoma CIty bombing, Waco and because we didn’t attack the government for muurdering those women and children in Waco we got 9/11. It’s time for the Line Wolves to wake up and go after the ones who ok the wars and the ones who pulled off 9/11. Because the FBI is not going to do it.
        If you’re smart and don’t have to live here your best bet is to leave this country. This country is finished. Do you want to take the chance that you will want to live here after martial law?

        • You said: “This too shall pass?”

          I am assuming you were responding to my post to Anonymous.
          Yes, it is difficult to get the masses out of normalcy bias and get them moving, thus, the right time has to come.
          Your post sounds very emotional and is somewhat all over the place, so it is difficult to respond as you’re raising so many different subjects.

          • There was a boy in a village. He turned 16 and was given a horse and everyone said that it was bad, the Zen master said “We shall see..”. A couple years later the young man was riding his horse and it bucked him off; he feel and broke his leg, everyone said it was bad, but the Zen master said “We shall see…”. A month later their country went to war and had a draft instigated to get troops, but they left the young man alone because off his broken leg; took the horse instead. Always says the Zen master “We shall see…if anything is good or bad” Only time will tell.

      50. Hopefully not all the elite will make it to their mountain resourts and yachts. Politicians created this mess. Rich people don’t care. The rich destroy and pollute the earth. The poor people work for the rich. hile they only get a meager salary to get by. While corporations like Exxon make 45 billion. Poor people don’t need much. Just a small boat, a bike, and maybe a gun. We have hundreds of years learning what happens when there is a depression and mayhem. The poor people pay, because they don’t have the money to sit back. The rich could have stopped this, because they have the power. Let the rich pay dearly for this mess.

      51. “Come now, you rich, weep and howl for the miseries that shall come upon you! Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are moth-eaten. Your gold and your silver are corroded, and their corrosion will be a witness against you and will eat your flesh like fire. You have heaped up treasure in the last days. Indeed the wages of the laborers which you kept back by fraud, cry out; and the cries of the reapers have reached the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth. You have lived on the earth in pleasure and luxury; you have fattened your hearts as in a day of slaughter. You have condemned, you have murdered the just; He does not resit you.” James 5:1-6

        Fire and brimstone and a burning wind shall be the portion of their cup. ~Psalm 11:6

        But the mouth of those who speak lies shall be stopped. ~Psalm 63:11

        You destroy those who speak falsehood. ~Psalm 5:5,8

        Pull them out like sheep for the slaughter, And prepare them for the day of slaughter. ~Jeremiah 12:3

        “Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.” Luke 21:36

        “Because you have kept My command to persevere, I also will keep you from the hour of trial which shall come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth.” Revelations 3:10

        “Because you have made the Lord, who is my refuge, Even the Most High, your dwelling place, No evil shall befall you, Nor shall any plague come near your dwelling; For He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways.” Psalm 91:9-11

        “For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and did not know until the flood came and took them all away, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.” Matthew 25:38,39

        “Like fish taken in a cruel net, Like birds caught in a snare, So the sons of men are snared in an evil time, When it falls suddenly upon them.” Ecclesiastes 9:12

        “When the wicked spring up like grass, And when all the workers of iniquity flourish, It is that they may be destroyed forever.” ~Psalm 92:7

        “It is time for You to act, O Lord, for they have regarded Your law as void.” ~Psalm 119:126

        “The great day of the Lord is near; It is near and hastens quickly.” ~Zephaniah 1:14

      52. Just need the big ticket items for last….night vision gear from JRH Enterprises….solar panel array and deep cycle batteries (off-grid of course) and a tri-fuel generator as a backup to the solar….

        Trying to time the crash before credit card transactions and ATM’s are frozen.

        And a stack of cases of my favorite booze in liters…

      53. So besides gold and silver….what else do you do with your dollars you have sitting in your banks? I mean, you can only have physical possesion of just so much of metal. You’ve got your food, water, guns and ammo….and are trying to do all the other preping…but you still have some money in the bank. And, if you are keeping some cash on hand, great, how much and will it even be worth anything when it’s all said and done?

        • Pay any remaining debts you have or consider helping another person and only one you trust absolutely.

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