Leading Contrarian Economist: “We Are Coming In On The End Game Here”

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    To say that the U.S. economy is in trouble would be an understatement. According to Shadow Stats economist John Williams, we may be on the very cusp of a crisis so severe that it promises to re-write the entire paradigm. Debt is out of control and foreign holders of U.S. Treasury bonds are getting antsy. Nowhere is this more obvious than in China and Russia, where leaders of the globe’s other super powers are feverishly working to distance themselves from the U.S. dollar by establishing new monetary relationships that completely bypass the world’s reserve currency.

    A loss of confidence in America’s ability to manage its fiscal, economic and monetary policy coupled with a continued slowdown in growth could soon reveal what Williams calls “the end game.”

    It’s coming sooner rather than later suggests Williams in a recent interview with Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog:

    “I can’t give you good reason for why the stock market is as high as it is.  The fact you are seeing this volatility means there are a lot of people who are very nervous about what is going on and where things are in the market. It is probably one of the great bubbles of all time.  It most likely will collapse along the lines of the U.S. dollar in response to the reality of no economic recovery. . . . I can’t think of a more vulnerable market than what we are seeing here.”

    You are getting a confluence of extraordinary factors that are coming together that will cause the dollar to break.  You’ll have a panic flight from the dollar along with dumping of U.S. Treasury bonds by foreign owners.  We are coming in on the end game here.”

    “I have been forecasting hyper-inflation in 2014 for some years now.  We are coming to the end of 2014, and it hasn’t happened.  A prerequisite is a collapse in the dollar.  A collapse in the dollar can happen at anytime . . . and at this point, I am not looking to change the outlook.”

    “I have had a lot of calls from clients recently to that effect, yes.  I can tell you what they are seeing in terms of their business, after adjusting for inflation, and that’s using the government’s inflation number; they are not seeing any sales growth.  How can you have no sales growth in 80% of the economy and have a booming economy?  It’s not happening.”

    Since 2010 John Williams has repeatedly warned of a coming hyperinflationary event that will leave the United States decimated. With the loss of purchasing power of the U.S. dollar will also come disruptions to the normal flow of commerce, including domestic supply chains.

    As the dollar breaks down, you’ll also likely see disruptions in supply chains, including shipments of food to grocery stores. People should consider maintaining stockpiles of basic goods needed for living, much as they would for a natural disaster. 

    I have a supply of goods and basic necessities in case something terrible happens-natural or man-made-that will carry me for a couple of months. It may take that long for a barter system to evolve, which I think is what you’re going to end up with; at least until a new currency system is reorganized and you get a government that’s able to bring its fiscal house into order.

    It’s an effect we saw happen in Greece several years ago when debt levels got to such levels that no one was willing to lend the collapsing nation any money. This led to a widespread breakdown – people were fighting for food, life-saving medicines were unavailable, power regulators almost shut down electricity to the entire country, and barter networks sprung up because money was simply not available to the average person.

    What became valuable in Greece is exactly what you might expect – physical assets.

    The price of precious metals sky rocketed on the streets of Greece. Those with food were able to barter for other services. And those with specialized skills were able to trade their labor for essential goods.

    The situation was dire, but with the U.S. and Europe eventually offering up billions of dollars in bailouts a complete collapse was averted.

    This left many people with the impression that no matter how bad things get, there will always be a bailout.

    But what happens when America experiences a similar crisis? Who will have enough money to bail us out? Which country will be willing to cough up trillions of dollars to support the U.S. financial system and economy?

    Former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, who presided over the collapse of 2008, has said that the United States was on the brink of collapse. At the time Congress was warned that failure to pass the bank bailouts would have led to tanks on the streets of America.

    Considering we have yet to resolve the fundamental issues that plagued our economy then, how bad will it get when the next crisis unfolds?

    As Greece was falling apart one of our contributors contacted us to share how desperate things had gotten.

    “My shotgun is full and well equipped. I hope i don’t need to use it.”

    This is coming to America. Ayn Rand once said that we can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of reality.

    If you haven’t take steps to do so, it’s time to get prepared for the consequences.


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      1. Stig's American Cousin

        Fear porn alert!!!

        I’m going to go harvest corn now.

        • Navy Vet

          347 days and counting ’til TSHTF ;^)

          • KY Mom

            Priorities? While many Americans are struggling, Obama instead is doing all he can for the recent waves of illegal immigrants.

            Exclusive: Obama Administration Quietly Prepares ‘Surge’ Of Millions Of New Immigrant IDs

            Up to 34 MILLION blank ‘green cards’ and work permits to be ordered ahead of Obama illegal immigrant ‘amnesty’

            According to government documents: Illegal children are GUARANTEED second helpings at meals…
            “Want to bid for a contract to care for the illegal immigrant children coming across the border? Make sure your staff members get Hepatitis vaccines and regular TB tests and can speak foreign languages — probably Spanish but maybe Mandarin, suggesting a surprising number of the children are coming from China.

            The federal government guarantees the children three meals a day, and they must take account of health, religious observance or vegetarian diets. THE ILLEGAL CHILDREN ALSO HAVE A RIGHT TO SECOND HELPINGS, according to contract documents issued last month seeking a transportation company to ferry the children within Texas.”

            • durango kidd

              “It’s an effect we saw happen in Greece several years ago when debt levels got to such levels that no one was willing to lend the collapsing nation any money. This led to a widespread breakdown … ”

              Lets get real folks, the DEBT to GDP ratio in Greece was over 400% and the debt to GDP ratio of the USA is about 110% or less, last I looked. The UK about 200%. Italy maybe 300%. After WWII the US Debt to GDP ratio was 125%.

              Many national governments have a debt to GDP ratio MUCH, MUCH higher than the USA. They are still functioning just fine and they do not have the WRC. Only Germany and China have a lower Debt to GDP ratio than the USA among major powers and these are over 90%.

              The DOLLAR will not collapse. The Economy will collapse as the markets Crash, when the markets Crash. The idea that Russia dumping dollars is a threat to the US is laughable.

              China is BUYING dollars, they are the “Belgium Bulge”, to manipulate their currency down and support their export economy, which is declining. Experts say that growth is now about 5% in China. It could be less and it will be less going forward.

              Offshore investor money (dollars) are flowing into the US at an astounding rate. I told you so last spring and last year. The USA is the Number One prefered investment location in the world.

              Don’t believe the fear mongers. When the market crash does come, the only people who will lose any money will be the Hedge Fund Managers and the money market funds they invest for.

              No one else has any money to lose!!! 🙁

              • durango kidd

                UPDATE: Zero Hedge article notes current China Debt to GDP ratio as 252% while growth is DECLINING. 🙁

                I noted some time back that China was on the edge of the cliff looking into the abyss with respect to its real estate bubble, and if people wanted to focus on “COLLAPSE” it would likely be Europe or China.

                To the naysayers, its in the archives. 🙂

                • JustMe

                  Today’s Debt Clock, pushing 18 TRILLION, good thing mr. obola is about to dump 30+ MILLION 3rd worlders into America…


                  Tell us this is suatainable.

                  • durango kidd

                    Just Me: If the USA carried a 125% Debt to GDP debt load before, it can handle the current ratio. As for being sustainable, these ratios, like all other financial assets, are cyclical and move up and down in a range. Demand for US debt instruments is strong.

                    The NWO controls more than 60% of all world GDP. The main store of value and medium of exchange for the NWO is USD and dollar denominated bonds. By adding the Chinese Yuan as an additional fungible currency to the basket of world currencies, the NWO magnifies their ability to generate fiat wealth.

                    While the aggregate debt is increasing, Debt to GDP is declining, and American GDP is increasing despite the transfer of 60,000 factories offshore, with its newly resurgent oil exports.

                    The current trend is down. Down is sustainable. 🙂

                  • Ghost Rider

                    Off topic;

                    @ MR Rodgers, I’m concerned about the current sun activity, any thoughts?

                    On a side note (maybe related) I have noticed some really weird activity with birds in my area today. Never seen it in the past 12 years at my current location.

                    Also, I left you a post back in our conversation with Canada Canuk several articles ago.


                  • TEST

                    Per Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff, TOTAL unfunded liabilities across all sectors, incl. state and municipal, is now $222 trillion. Of course the socialist War on Poverty has now spent $20 trillion. Did wonders, didn’t it!

                • Cede

                  Just curious Durango, but where are you getting your financial figures from?


                  “The USA is the Number One preferred investment location in the world” Interesting statement. Who said the USA is the Number One investment location in the world? Who? You?

                  • durango kidd

                    Check the chart at Business Insider who polled BIG MONEY. 🙂

              • The Old Coach

                I’m already watching to see how many idiots red-thumb you for that post, D.K. The economic illiteracy of the run-of-the-mill SHTF poster still staggers me. It shouldn’t. It’s not worse than the population as a whole, in my 50+ years of experience in the working world.

                In my words, it’s not the dollar that will collapse, it’s CREDIT that will collapse. Which will instantly decrease the GDP by about 12%, because that’s how much GDP is generated by the Treasury/Fed expansion of credit in this country. Credit collapse is DEFLATION. DEFLATION, people! Get that through your thick heads.

                I laughed at his contention that the credit collapse in Greece caused the electric utility regulators to shut down the grid. Greeks brought that on themselves. In Greece many if not most people don’t bother to pay their property taxes, due to lax enforcement. So the Government added their property taxes the their electric bills. Sooooo, Greeks stopped paying their electric bills, too. Revenue to the utility dried up, and they nearly shut down. I haven’t followed it since. But it does remind me of the Detroit water-bill fiasco.

                Greece’s #1 problem is that their economy does not generate enough revenue to pay the interest, let alone the principle, on the money they borrowed from EU central bank(s) from Day one of the European Union.

                The USA is not nearly so bad, and if we start exporting, rather than importing, oil and natural gas, we might come to breakeven. Hard to do when the Bakken crude has to be trickled out via Buffet’s railcars instead of thru a pipeline.

                • durango kidd

                  Coach: I have been trying to educate the folks here for four years or more, about the economy, finance, banking, and the FED.

                  They want the fear mongers to be correct and they feed on that fear porn because it justifies their financial and economic position in life; and gives them hope that they will have company on the bottom of the food chain.

                  The fear mongers profit from the ignorance of Alt Media Sheeple. And for just $22.00 you can buy a CD from Lindsay Williams that will tell you absolutely, NOTHING !!! 🙁

                  • California Resident

                    We’re not “coming to the endgame”; we are right in the midst of it.

                    Right now, less than 10% of the US population realizes what is happening. Can you imagine what will happen when the other 90% are forced to get a clue all at once?

                  • Gonetoolong

                    DK- The current thought is that our debt will be 28 trillion in 10 years. Do you think our GDP will also be 28 trillion? If it is, I can guarantee you that there will have been significant inflation. You also think we have a great economy with strong GDP. What do you suppose will happen to that GDP when the presses stop printing(QE)? I think our economy will tank and so goes GDP. However, our debt will stay our debt and any new debt will be expensive as hell. I am not buying your version of a super strong dollar to infinity and beyond.

                  • durango kidd

                    Cal Resident: I believe your numbers are reversed. 90% of Americans do realize that the economy sucks; they just do not realize that it is the direct result of FREE TRADE; which in reality is managed trade and managed to the benefit of the Investment Class.

                    The ten per cent IS the investment Class and they are the ones profiting from a QE economy while the FED metabolizes the backlog of foreclosures. 🙁

                  • The Old Coach

                    I know, D.K., I’ve been reading your posts. I’m with you all the way. Economics is hard for most people. And of course its a profession where every practitioner has two hands…….

                    Have I posted this already?

                    At a large interdisciplinary conference several professionals got to arguing over drinks as to what the oldest profession really was.

                    “Not prostitution” say the surgeon, “God took a rib from Adam to create the woman, so I must insist that surgery is the oldest profession”.

                    “Bull”, says the civil engineer, the Bible tells us that God made the world from chaos in six days, so without any doubt engineering is the oldest profession”.

                    An economist sitting across the table, slurring his words a bit, says “Ah, but who created the chaos?”

                    Hold and squeeze….


                  • The Old Coach

                    “Metabolizes the backlog”. VERY apt way of putting it. They might even succeed, if the treasury wasn’t adding to the bubble at the rate of 12% of GDP per year.

                  • Skeptic

                    DK & Old Coach;
                    I You are both entitled to your opinions and welcome to express them. One question. Why do you even bother with this place? I hope you are both correct and we can ride this bus to eternity but it seems to me that I have seen both of you post various info on survival, storage, locations to live in etc. after a big event . OMG– You’re not slumming!
                    Seriously, I guess you are probably anticipating an event other than financial in nature. If you respond please do so in a polite fashion and don’t Whoda-Thunk-Me.

                  • durango kidd

                    Skeptic: Yes I am expecting events OTHER than a financial crisis to trigger SHTF. When the BIG ONE hits Temecula CA next May 24th at PRECISELY 4:02 pm, THAT will precipitate a financial crisis, if we haven’t had one by then.

                    If we have it will be another nail in the coffin, with more to follow, but by my calculations, 2030 begins the reign of the anti-Christ. But who knows?

                    Mark your calendars. 🙁

                  • The Old Coach

                    Somewhat the same with me. I’m pretty hard core when it comes to expectations of disaster, but at the same time, one the one hand, I hope to set people straight as to what that disaster would be, and secondly I love baiting trolls.

                  • mtgrandma

                    If people are prepped properly, they will do well with either hyperinflation or deflation. If you prep long enough you will be ready for anything. It would be nice if you wouldn’t denigrate anyone. Everyone here is just trying to prep and the endgame doesn’t really matter.

                • casual observer

                  Old Coach: Good reporting. As a former reproter of 35 plus years it’s good to see someone gets the FULL story out on the Greek situation. I was wondering how long that would take.

              • Navy Vet

                Durango … from your post: “The dollar will not collapse.”

                Here’s why (maybe) The dollar will be defended at all costs, including but not limited to suicide (two to the back of the head, after multiple shots to the body and extremities) by nail gun, suicide by leaping from tall buildings after business hours, and now (drum roll please) suicide by private corporate jet colliding with snow plow (I’m not kidding, although it will ruled an accident or maybe a criminal act, not a suicide) for daring to suggest, about three months ago, “There is no reason to pay for OIL in dollars”.

                from ZH: ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-10-20/anti-petrodollar-ceo-french-energy-giant-total-dies-freak-plane-crash-moscow

                As to your contention that “the dollar will not collapse”, seriously? Have you not seen the news story about the BRICS forming a clearing bank to conduct international trade and their own SWIFT system to move payments? What do you think that’s about?

                It’s to move those countries away from using the dollar in international trade settlement. As that clearing bank grows and gains both credibility and acceptance, other countries, large and small, will jump on the bandwagon. The killer for the dollar will be when Saudi and Qatar accept payments for oil and nat. gas in either gold or currencies other than USD. That will be the end of dollar hegemony, forever.

                When will it happen? I’ll go out on limb here and predict it’ll happen sometime in the next decade (2020’s).

                • durango kidd

                  Gonetoolong: I have no idea what the national debt will be in ten years; or what American GDP will be, and NO ONE ELS does either. What matters is the level of debt to GDP and whether that ratio is manageable.

                  It is in the best interest of the Uber Rich /PTB / Status Quo for the FED to maintain each at a level that continues a process that allows the rich to get richer at the expense of everyone else.

                  As long as the Sheeple stay home and don’t vote; and don’t get politically active to protect their economic interests and personal liberties; the system will remain intact until Jesus comes. 🙁 🙂

                • durango kidd

                  Navy Vet: I know all about the BRIC’s plan to start a competing system. That’s the reason that each one of them, except for China is in the toilet right now; and China is about to experience its first recession under Capitalism.

                  That ought to be an eye opener. 🙂

                  By the time the BRIC’s organize it, and fund it, and make it operational, the NWO will have wrapped up the TPP and Atlantic Partnership FREE TRADE programmes. If the BRIC’s manage it anything like they do their own economies it will be corrupt, inefficient, and ineffective in no time at all.

                  In a another decade Saudi Arabia and Qatar will be dry as a bone! Solar energy technology research has just doubled solar panel efficiency by using a bio ingredient from plants. Now 45% of all light hitting the surface can be transformed into energy. New advances in li ion batteries will increase current energy storage density seven times! Small industrial thorium reactors will be ubiquitous, and new fusion technology by Lockheed Martin will be perfected.

                  Oil and gas will not be used for energy but solely for plastics and feed stock for animals and Taco Bell plastic meat. Yes, that is not chopped beef in those tacos its plastic! LMAO!!! 🙂

                  • sixpack

                    DK, do you think that a great part of why those economies are “in the toilet” might be because of U.S. dollar manipulations and ECONOMIC SANCTIONS brought about by THE U.S.? The U.S. went to great lengths to put the USD on top, then they started using it as leverage against other countries.

                    The U.S. has used their USD world currency status to punish other countries, hitting them in their economies.

                    IMO, the dollar MUST fall as world (NWO) currency, before the rest of the world will be able to recover from decades of financial oppression at the hands of the globalist elites.

                    Other countries have a RIGHT to avoid U.S. punitive sanctions if they can, actually an OBLIGATION to their populace, to protect them from world bullies like the U.S.

                    USD = NWO control of world finances.

                  • durango kidd

                    sixpack: All you say is true. It is exactly why those economies are in the tank. If you start a financial war with the WFC power, than expect to take some shots.

                    I am not cheerleading for the NWO, I am just ‘plaining how they work. The NWO will protect their system with every tool and every weapon they have.

                    The BRIC’s are just learning the basic lesson of financial life: If you try to fuck with the FED, YOU will be the one screwed. 🙁

                  • helot

                    durango kidd says: “I am not cheerleading for the NWO”

                    Now That! Was funny.

                  • Gonetoolong

                    DK- who’s footing the bill for all that new-fangled shit? America is broke. This includes John Q public and tha government. So who pays for all this new tech and its wonderful benefits? Sound great, but at some point someone will be calling us on our national credit card.

                  • durango kidd

                    GTL: Corporations are footing the bill for all of that “new fangled shit” and they will also be the ones buying it, initially.

                    Corporations have TONNES of cash. Form one!!! 🙂

              • MP5A3

                D-E-F-L-A-T-I-O-N, first…..

                • BJ

                  Anyone else notice the tackleebola.com commercial with all blacks in it. Looks like mind control brainwash BS to me

              • Kevin2

                “After WWII the US Debt to GDP ratio was 125%.”

                You forgot to mention a few variables that kind of alter the math of then verses now.

                The US held something on the order of 90% or the worlds gold, was not just self sufficient but an oil exporter and last but not least had an intact industrial base while its potential global competition was destroyed.

                As Gary Cooper said playing Alvin York, “That be a different”.

                Apples and Peaches.

                • durango kidd

                  K2: Not really. After WWII gold was still money. The PTB say gold is not money, but right now we supposedly have more gold than anyone else in the world.

                  When gold becomes the basis of wealth between nations again, the USA can open up its gold mines again and buy all of the gold that can be produced, just like China and Russia do now.

                  There is lots and lots and lots of gold to be mined in the USA.

                  Don’t think oil & gas. Think energy. The USA has loads and loads of energy to tap besides oil and gas and we will move in that direction, are moving in that direction now.

                  The glass is half full, not half empty!!! 🙂

                  • sixpack

                    “but right now we supposedly have more gold than anyone else in the world.”

                    How much of “our” gold ACTUALLY belongs to other countries, like Germany? They’re STILL trying to get THEIR old held in the U.S. back…

                    I guess we need to clarify the definition of “Ours”.

              • Winston Smith

                I agree and I don’t think we will see a rapid, total economic collapse all at once. Rather, I think we will see a protracted crisis that never gets better and slowly gets worse. It will be a managed decent into the gutter which the 99% will never recover from. The only possible flies in the ointment are pandemics and war that hits home.

              • helot

                This comment sure seems, pardon me, absolutely astoundingly stupid: “When the market crash does come, the only people who will lose any money will be the Hedge Fund Managers and the money market funds they invest for.

                No one else has any money to lose!!!”

                • Winston Smith

                  Yeah, if anything the hedge funds would prosper. Their sole purpose for existing is to be contrarian and by doing so act as a hedge against market forces changing in unexpected ways. If the market crashes it will likely be good for the hedge funds and not so good for anyone else.

              • Anonymous

                Put your bong away Kidd.

              • AmericaWILLbestopped

                Put your bong away Kidd.

              • Anonymous

                Sorry DK,

                Your BS fools no one. The dollar probably wont collapse – Social Security checks, EBT Cards, welfare checks will all go out as usual.

                The problem will be a worthless dollar. Your Social security check will buy a gallon of gas or a loaf of bread. But it wont really matter if there is no where to go and nothing to buy.

                Dispite what DK says – you best prepare like the grocery store wont be there tommorrow !!

            • Diane

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              The solicitation number for this requirement is HSCEDM-14-R-00010 and is hereby issued as a Request for Proposals (RFP) using FAR Subpart 15 – Contracting by Negotiation Procedures. The solicitation document and incorporated provisions and clauses are those in effect through Federal Acquisition Circular 05-76. See the attached solicitation document for applicable clauses and provisions.

              • MommaD

                Thanks Dianne!

            • Anonymous

              KY Mom, This ZOG selected president knows that illegals would be good and cheep slaves for his tribal masters. This is why the white people are under tremendous pressures to simply be destroyed. They know that majority of white patriots won’t submit to him and his Zionist owners.

              • JustMe

                This is truly another facet of White Genocide. And, most White people cannot comprehend what is going on around them, why Western Civilization is being destroyed.

                • helot

                  And just who are “White people” anyway?

                  Is this a special club where the rights of individuals are recognized?

                  Or, is it one of those extra-special clubs where only those at the top have any status? …You know, like how it’s been in a lot of places for a long long time.

                  I kind of get the feeling that the phrase, “White people” is code for, “those at the top”. A.K.A. Yurtle. And “Nun-Ya!” to all the rest?

                  Western Civilization isn’t being destroyed, rather Top-down hierarchy of authoritarian rule is.
                  I won’t shed a tear for that.

            • the renegade braveheart

              KY Mom, the federal government has been giving special treatment to minority groups since the 70s and just totally ignoring white people. There are white people all over out there who need help and can’t get anything, but if you’re one of the minority people you can get anything you want. Isn’t affirmative action wonderful? [SARCASM]

            • 7.62x39

              my wife for one could actually use some assistance due to medical issues. she is however the wrong color, white. no disability for her even though she comes home crying in pain from work every day while watching minorities empty EBT cards on crap to feed 6 kids with. really?

              • mom of 5

                I know what your wife is going through. I’m trying to get disability benefits but can’t. I’m trying to find a lawyer who specializes in this…hopefully I can get disability. I honestly can’t work right now. My PCP says that he agrees with me. But…

              • Winston Smith

                I know people of multiple races who get public assistance. The thing is though, they have ludicrously low incomes. There is what I like to think of as a sweet spot where you are totally screwed in terms of income and available benefits. If you are super poor then the government pays for everything. If you make $50k+ and are good with money then you really shouldn’t need assistance. However, if you make, say $20-40k then you make enough that you get no assistance but yet can’t afford health insurance or any other form of assistance to move forward. It’s the economic muddle through point from which few people recover. At that level, all it takes is one accident or illness to ruin you. For example, I just had a minor at work accident that was fortunately covered by workman’s comp. The bill for a CT scan and an hour in the ER? $23,000. Can someone making south of $30k a year ever hope to recover from such a bill, especially if they have other bills too? No. If it was not an at work accident it would be life ruining for me.

                • helot

                  Winston Smith, you gave a perfect illustration of how the middle class is being squeezed out of existence.

                  …In the background,… in the past, a visit to the doctor only costs $25 bucks,.. or some chickens or a homemade pie on trade.
                  The goobermint made things double-Plus-Un-better from that.
                  The same applies to housing.
                  And to higher learning student costs.
                  And to business start-up barriers.
                  Just all-around everything!
                  Up Up Up goes the costs!
                  And the amazing thing is, some people are worried about deflation!? Glory Be, what a wonderful thing long-term deflation would be! …If only.

                  • durango kidd

                    Helot/Clark: You think deflation would be a good thing? Ask a survivor of the Great Depression.

                    While your costs of living are covered by your mother and living in her basement is free, she would find herself making mortgage payments on a home to put a roof over your head that was totally underwater, so you could afford to visit the doctor.

                    Be careful what you wish for. 🙁

          • FreeSlave

            When the Thomas Duncan ebola case first hit in Dallas I talked to non-prepper family members about stocking up on water and food and other things. Didn’t want to compromise op sec though. Checked back with them this past weekend and they hadn’t done anything. They think it’ll work itself out. My impression is that while I’m still very much loved, I’m the lovable alarmist.

            Although I like being loved, I’d much rather they do basic prepping stuff. I don’t have the money or the storage for all of them!

            What do you prepping folks do in cases like that?

            • meathead

              we are all experiencing the same thing. you try to help people but they cant seem to get their head out of their make believe world and see reality for what it is. you can lead a horse to water but you cant make him drink.
              educate the ones you can and move on. the time you waste on someone who will not accept reality is cheating someone else who may listen and prepare. keep God and salvation First, preps come second. I prep becouse i dont know the exact time of the Rapture in relation to a dollar collapse, we may have to survive for a while before we get out, better to be safe than sorry, BUT keep salvation and ones relationship with Jesus First. or else nothing matters anyway

              • Mark

                I agree with you but don’t count on a pre-trib rapture, it’s Satans best deception.

                • Mike in Ga.

                  Mark, you are right and I wish more would consider your point. I know an old preacher who is a man of God at a time many preachers are not true men of God. He has been shown in visions the coming collapse and carnage in America following the collapse of the European Union that will cause a world wide depression. He was told this coming collapse is in no way associated with the Great Tribulation, but is simply another very difficult time for man-kind and Christians alike.

            • Ghost Rider

              I have similar family members. They are aware and open to prepping but they have zero funds at the moment. So I have resolved myself to the fact that I will have to find additional preps for them. For me family is everything. No way I’m turning them away. If they can make it to my house they can share my preps.

              I have my BIL helping me with a remodel project at my house, so the money I save by him helping me can go to extra supplies.


            • Rifey

              Eat them

              • European American

                Gareth did that last night to Bob’s leg. I wonder how long they’ll keep him alive…nibbling away. Energy efficient technique, though, when one doesn’t have refrigeration. Those “Butchers” like to gourmandize.

              • Anonymous


              • boiled frog

                LMAO havent had a laff like that in long time u one crazy Mo FO

            • Smokey

              Do what you need to do for yourself and your family, and as much as you can for others.

              Family is family.

            • TEST

              I hear you. I have it a bit worse. I have a very elderly mother who even in her best days would NEVER consider prepping; unfortunately, she has a much younger mentally handicapped brother of mine with her that she won’t let go. So, I try to covertly prep for them both. Meanwhile, I have two semi-retired gov’t worker siblings who have left the care for my mother and brother to me, both in good times and bad, if they come. (Of course, when she is gone, they’ll be the first ones over to pick over anything they can take!) Gotta love them socialist/leftists types, eh? I also do not have unlimited funds, so that makes it even more of a challenge. I am just doing what I can, I guess….

              • Anonymous

                I’m not a republican, will never vote republican, yet I prep, Love the Constitution, would fight to the death to defend my neighbor’s right to have a gun (unregistered, preferably) and God comes first in my life… stop dividing us (conservatives, liberals)

                • FreeSlave

                  See next post by Mac about libs freaking out in Texas over voter ID laws.

                • TEST

                  I have literally never heard of any liberal “loving the Constitution.” In fact, a goodly portion of the principles of liberals are in explicit antithesis to the Constitution. As Ronald Reagan once said, he didn’t leave the Democrats, they left him. And most liberals have explicitly left America and the Constitution. I would love to see how you reconcile your presumed Obama with the Constitution – INCLUDING THE FACT THAT OBAMA, PER HIS SPEECH IN CAIRO, AND ELSEWHERE, EXPLICITLY BELIEVES OUR RIGHTS COME FROM THE STATE AND NOT GOD

                • boiled frog

                  amen anonymous.

              • Barracuda

                Do the best you can with what you have where you are at.

            • Cat Herder

              Free Slave – do what you can to educate. I do the same here, and I’m 25 miles south west of Mordor (AKA D.C.), and there’s a few that “get it” in the neighborhood – a couple of LEO’s that saw the bumper stickers on the truck…
              Like I said – do what you can to educate – but be understanding of this – if SHTF in the case of a biological event – you cannot compromise your family’s safety because your relatives don’t want to get their heads out of the sand.
              Be well, stay safe, keep prepping and thinking…

            • Navy Vet

              I get either the three headed stare (them looking at me like I’m an alien) or the eye roll so loud you can hear it in a noisy room, or over the phone. So what will I do if TSHTF and they come looking to me for a hand out? I’ll give them one days worth of food and say goodbye and good luck. Friends and family will all get the same, except for my two sons who are welcome to ride it out with me.

              I live about 45 miles from the major portion of my siblings and parents. So they’ll have a difficult time even getting to where I live. The rest live 1500 miles away, so I’m not to concerned that they’ll show up out of the blue. I have one close friend, who already knows what will be in store for him should he show up.

              My biggest concern about all of them is that they may feel somewhat entitled to more of my preps than I’m willing to give them. I pray that I never have to show them how serious I am about protecting what I have for my own survival.

              • DC

                Navy so your close friend is shit out of luck. I love it…..

                • Navy Vet

                  DC … I’ve been telling him since 2008 to get prepped with food, at the very least. He ignores me or says “I’ll just come to your place when I get hungry”. I’ll give him a day’s worth of food, a hand shake and wish him good luck. I’ve told him on numerous occasions that his failure to prepare is not my problem.

                  • Babycatcher55

                    Beware that he doesn’t try to pull a gun on you!

                  • DC

                    I hear ya navy I just thought it was funny

              • the renegade braveheart

                Navy Vet, I have that same concern about ANYONE coming to my place with the same idea in mind. I dread what I may have to do to protect what I have. fortunately, most of my supplies are already at the BOL in north GA and I hope I can bugout before anything happens in my area. What little I have left at home I can load up in the truck and be gone.

              • prepper2morow

                That statement reminded me of my daughters boyfriend telling me he was coming to my house. I told him it’s a long way to walk just to get shot.

              • Barracuda

                You will have to show them. Guaranteed.

            • prepper2morow

              What I did was start buying 50 pound bags of rice at sams club ($18 for 50#) when hungry family comes (and they will) they can camp in the yard and eat rice. I can’t afford to prep for them like I prep for my self. Prep as best you can, Pray as best you can.

              • Barracuda

                That is sweet and innocent but that kind of thinking is a bit delusional. People, any and all people, including “family” can and will turn savage when their survival instincts kick into high gear. Seen it, experienced it. And it sucks.

                • TEST

                  Heck, things are going reasonably well now, and I already have family members who have in essence (no, I’m not going into details) stole $100k or more from me, so if SHTF, I have no doubt folks like my sister would take everything she could. Sick, but true.

            • the renegade braveheart

              FreeSlave, although you mean well, I wouldn’t hold out a lot of hope for them listening to you. I tried talking to people about it right after Katrina and everyone told me I was a nut. One person even told me to climb out of the deep end. After that, I clammed up and never talked to anyone else again about prepping. If they want to be fools, that is their choice, albeit there will be serious consequences to their decision.

              • buttcrackofdoom

                hasn’t ANYONE considered that you’ll NEED help to watch your place when SHTF? if you don’t have a dozen or so people in your “community”, you won’t be able to sleep. you WILL need guards, which is WHY i buy extra preps for the dumb masses that will show up at MY door. i have food for SEVERAL years stored for ME, but i know it might end up as food for two dozen for a couple MONTHS….i just hope I’M ONE OF THE TWO DOZEN!(that gets to eat it). choose wisely who you share it with.

            • FreeSlave

              Thanks everyone for your responses. Good to know that I’m not the only one with family who ignores warnings. It’s just frustrating, is all.

            • ready down under

              Free Slave – personally it is me, my 2 kids and one grandkid. I wont be immune to helping others but we come first. I have very old and unwell parents who wont be around much longer but if they are still around when I have to take to the lifeboats they are part of the deal.

              Tough choices will have to be made and I honestly don’t know how I’ll deal with it – on a case by case basis I guess.

              For sure some will “expect” assistance and will act as though for some reason I should provide it – got bad news for them. Possibly even fatal news if they try anything dumb.

              I suppose bottom line is I will not provide assistance to anyone if it compromises the future welfare of my family unit.


            • California Resident

              @ FreeSlave,

              “What do you prepping folks do in cases like that?”

              You can’t do anything for people who are unwilling to listen to reason.

              You let them writhe in their own smugness and normalcy bias when the time comes, and take pleasure in the fact that you and your family was the Ant, and that they are the Grasshopper.

              • Barracuda

                When you’re head is in the sand, your tail is the target.

            • Nels

              I experience the same thing preaching precautions to a major earthquake here in the northern San Diego area to my neighbors: Do you have water? I’m looked at sometimes as the oddball, I don’t get into shtf unless I sense that they have an understanding of a bigger picture, survival.
              So, care for you and yours. “Yours” may involve those who would refuse recognition of preparing for themselves.
              But one neighbor heard, so be vigilant to yourself and those you know will need help. Because, hopefully, it will be returned in numbers to protect you.
              P.S. you sound like a Feeder..

              • Ghost Rider

                Yeah, I can relate to that. I’m on the east cost and my one sister and her family are in SD (point loma). I have asked them numerous times about earthquakes and trying to have things “just in case”. I get the standard “we’ll be ok…”

                Its frustrating


                • Nels

                  That’s the exact same answer I got from a friend in Coronado. After reading other folks takes, like the one on Noah, there is only so much one can do, family first though. I think the line is thin, between who’s in and who’s out.
                  Note who you talk to about this stuff because if you find out they have nothing, they think you do. Recently, I talked with an x-detective in our area and he said, “I don’t have water stored, but I’ve got guns, so what am I worried about?” He is one I worry about.
                  Frustration will be theirs’s if they choose not to prepare for what “some” have their eyes/hearts open to. What’s the parable; prepare for you know not when the master of the house returns? The master does not answer to anyone of the house, his return is when he chooses and it’s like taking a smoke break when the boss has been gone: you get two puffs in and the boss sees you out smoking! WTF
                  In a SHTF: Money won’t save them, there will be no food available, no ammo, no water (maybe). No skills, no reserves, no planning, no HOPE. Yes on stealing, Yes on confiscating, Yes on Preying, Yes on Robbery, Yes on trying to keep your family alive (the very thing we are preparing for).
                  I try to quote a mayor of a Philippine city after a typhoon, “after 3 days I was walking over bodies looking for food and water.” Civilized people will become uncivilized when facing dehydration and hunger!
                  Preach to your loved ones, hope others heed and protect yourself as in the movie quote of the Master Sergeant in We Were Soldiers, “Prepare to defend Yourselves!”
                  Another line of his was referring to him only having a 45 and not a rifle, “if I need one, there will be plenty lying around.” Unfortunately, that was his truth.
                  Keep increasing you knowledge base, try things out because some are bogus, actually try to snare a rabbit for eating because it’s a lot harder than you think! Not to mention that you will have to skin it. lol
                  Do not kill what you do not intend to eat, kill what intends to eat you and defend what is yours to protect.

            • Barracuda

              God helps those who help themselves – survival of the fittest and most prepared.

            • fishandmud

              My sister once told me she would come to my house, with her family. I informed her that I might not be there. If I am there, I don’t know what the f**k I’m going to do. I can lie, like most folks, and say I’ll turn them away, but in reality, I don’t know until the time comes. The fact is, her husband would be flush with arms and ammo, but light on food. I would like to say, come on in. Maybe I would be able to sleep a little better. You will have to make those life and death decessions on an individual basis, when the time comes. I can only hope, with a little persuasion, they will be a little more prepped when the time comes. How do you know they are not practicing OPSEC ? I can only hope.

              As far as white genocide is concerened, when the time comes, shoot to wound, wait for it, now shot a couple more.

            • Paranoid

              Give them a 50# bag of rice and beans. A Big bottle of vitamins, tell them you love them; and it’s all you can afford; suggest the get more, give them a list from someone, like the Mormons and wish them well. It’s the best you can do. Then forget it.

            • Mike in Va


              I posted on an article yesterday. My family and I have a large one is much the same. They tell me often that there is coming a time that we are going to have to stick together. When I ask them what they are doing about it they give me a blank stare. I had one tell me that he had his double barrel. That caused me to laugh.
              It the end of the world as we know it happens I am not sure what to do. I cannot support them all. I make a great living but I am not rich. Many of them do have knowledge of how to hunt and live off the land. I may just withhold the knowledge of some of my preps.
              I love my family very much. I cannot put my wife and sons at risk trying to support others though. There is a fine line here. I need help with security because we cannot do it all. On the other hand if you run out of food then security does not matter.
              Can you imagine how I would feel if I had to turn one of them away. Then how is there close family going to feel or treat us. IT is very comforting knowing I live very close to most of them. Hopefully hunting and gardening will get us through. IT may but if the crisis happens this time of year then hunting is it. The problem there is everyone will be hunting. How long will the game hold out.
              Tough times my friend. Pain and hardship are heading our way. Faith in the good lord we all have to have.

              • Mike in Ga.

                Hey Mike in Va. I believe you’re on the right track with becoming able to grow you’re own food because there is no way one can stash enough to last many years. And, I believe that is where we are headed. There will be no short time-frame necessarily, that one will need to prepare for. As far as living off the land goes, keep in mind that during the Depression there was only 120m. Americans. There are around 340m. now. I’ve read estimates that close to 7m. Americans starved during the depression. My family moved to a rural area in 1970, and it was only the year before that deer hunting was again legalized in that county. The entire deer population had been decimated during the Depression, and only after years of reintroducing deer to the area, had the herd grown enough to support hunting again. And that was from only 120 million folks. How long can wildlife support 340 million?

            • Babycatcher55

              You continue prepping, and if they catch on, fine. If not, they can’t say they weren’t warned, and you are under no obligation to help them, at your peril. Remember when God shut Noah in the Ark, with his family, no one else had listened to him for the decades he was building the ark. When the rains came( and up til that point it hadn’t rained, so they didn’t know what it was) and the water kept getting higher, Noah and his family were probably having to listen to people beating on the outside of the ark, and screaming to be let in, til all was quiet…..it’s just the way it goes. You are prepping for those who you will take care of. Carry on!

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            I’m not worried about economic collapse just yet, as TP2B will kill off half the population of worthless eaters first to balance there budgets. Any person dependent on the Government will be the first to go. If you Owe the Government Taxes, they will keep you around so you can work to pay off your tax debt. Unless of course they kill you too and seal all your assets. ha.

            Seriously what is the fastest way to balance the budget. Get rid of all expenses first, and delay payments and half their complaints. And that means death to you worthless dependent eaters. You know who you are.

            • Barracuda

              You made a valid point, WWTI; killing off 90% of the population lightens the Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, EBT, Entitlement, Welfare, WIC crowd next to nothing; take the savings and assets since the dead cannot fight back, pay the debt, bingo! The Big Reset!

              • Mike in Va

                There is one flaw with that. 17 trillion is more money than we can ever pay off. Period. Even with the takers out of the way.

        • AlphaFrog

          As was said in the movie Apocalypse Now:
          …..they’re close…..Very close.

          • Calgagus

            “How can you have no sales growth in 80% of the economy and have a booming economy? It’s not happening.”

            No! I dont believe it. Were in a recovery. Its everywhere.Besides the news says so.

          • TheGuy

            There they were. In a pile. A pile… of little arms.

            And I remember… I wept… like… a grandmother… I wanted to tear my teeth out… I didn’t know what I wanted to do…

        • ridiculous

          this site is for input on daily events and other useful bits of information and opinions.

          if you don’t like “fear porn,” don’t click here everyday

          • Firestorm

            The Horror. The Horror.

          • European American

            “this site is for input on daily events and other useful bits of information and opinions.

            if you don’t like “fear porn,” don’t click here everyday”

            That’s ridiculous.

          • the renegade braveheart

            ridiculous, don’t be so “ridiculous”.

            • European American

              Watch it rb, that will probably go over most of their heads, too. It’s a very “sensitive” collective, here. This “We are coming in on the end game here” talk, even though it never quite seems to happen in our neighborhoods, i.e. the proverbial “Collapse” (although many are probably going broke with the amount of time they spend here, which is probably what Williams is referring to), the prolonged buildup, programmed through Fear Porn, has got the minds of some in the crowd pre ejaculating in anticipation.

              This site is a holy place of worship for many and we must be gentle with those whose lives revolve around the addiction for constant attention, approval and acceptance, in the prepper cult house of the bored. They join raised hands (to their keyboards) with daily fellow members of the shtf congregation, embracing the daily sermon as the gospel so they can whip up their adrenals into another satisfying frenzy, which, once again, gives them the faith and inspiration to do it all over tomorrow.

              Ahh men.

              • Ghost Rider

                wow dude, who pissed in your cornflakes today …..


                • European American

                  “Cornflakes”? You never want to eat products by Kelloggs. Well, their Frosted Flakes and Corn Flakes… GMO. Nasty stuff. And I wouldn’t suggest eating their other products, unless, your starving (to death), Dude.

                  • Ghost Rider

                    your so funny

                  • boiled frog

                    who pissed in your non gmo granola today dude from Europe?

              • T-town

                Interesting take on why people come to this site. So tell us, why do you come here? From your comment sounds like you frequent it often. If it is as you say, sounds like you enjoy wasting your time. What a loon.

        • Anonymous


          Is The US Government The Master Criminal Of Our Time?

          October 20, 2014| Categories: Articles & Columns| Tags: | Print This Article

          Is The US Government The Master Criminal Of Our Time?

          Paul Craig Roberts

          UPDATE: As I read this notice from ClinicalTrials.gov, a service of the US National Institutes of Health, the US Government and Pharmaceutical corporations have been conducting ebola tests on humans. http://clinicaltrials.gov/show/NCT02041715

          This is official confirmation of Dr. Boyle and Dr. Broderick’s reports that the US government has conducted ebola experiments. Perhaps the vaccine was not effective, and those on whom the experiment was conducted came down with ebola and perhaps also employees in the US bio-warfare laboratories located in Africa where the experiment was conducted.

          It appears that the test consists of giving an ebola vaccine and then exposing the unaware person to ebola, apparently an engineered version for bio-warfare. Whatever the tests are, it is clear that Boyle and Broderick in their articles below are correct that experimentation with ebola by the US government is underway.

          • Hunter

            Thanks for the link Anonymous!

        • Anonymous

          US Army withheld promise from Germany that Ebola virus wouldn’t be weaponized

          October 20, 2014| Categories: Articles & Columns| Tags: | Print This Article

          US Army withheld promise from Germany that Ebola virus wouldn’t be weaponized

          German High Government Official Seeks Washington’s Reassurance that the US did Not Weaponize the Species of Ebola that Germany Made Available to Washington

          Washington has not provided the reassurance. By providing the virus to Washington prior to effective reassurances, Germany is complicit in the breakout of a bio-warfare grade of ebola, which has now spread to the US and Europe.

          At this point, it is not clear that this ebola strain will be contained or whether Washington has any intention or ability to contain it. The arrogance and inhumanity of Washington is beyond comprehension.

          US Army withheld promise from Germany that Ebola virus wouldn’t be weaponized
          Published time: October 20, 2014 17:17

        • Dean GULberry

          Ebola related:

          Washing and kissing your dead relative is a MUSLIM practice, and a big reason why the outbreak is out of control. The countries hardest hit are mostly muslim. The filthy savages won’t stop handling the dead.

          Answers a lot of questions about the steadfast refusal to stop travel from the shitholes in question. Took long enough for this to be leaked. The media blockade worked for a while.

        • John W.

          This guy has been predicting this for how long now. Eventually he will be right after costing the opportunity for people to make some good money. These perma bears should go away.

      2. eppe

        I got this in an email, no idea who originated it, (SORRY ABOUT THE CAPS) but I thought everyone would enjoy it… And yes, it was not my joke, making that clear to all, just passing it on…


        • maddog

          Glad your still here eppe. Good people are hard to find now a days.

          • Ghost Rider

            Hey eppe;
            How was the hunt?


            • eppe

              I myself did not see anything, the guy who watches my place, went 2 miles away to a WMA, got a nice 9 point. One of my crew, brought his 19 year old son, who skimmed the bottom of a doe, tracked blood for 400 yards, off my property. That property was clear cut 3+ years ago, then replanted with pine. Of course the blackberry, briars, grew up with the pines, thicker than thick. Got 30 chigger bites, and tons of briars ripped me up, even with coveralls on, spent 2 hours tracking that bionic deer, never found it. Sweated 1 lb off me, sure not the young man I used to be, but we had a great time.

              • swinging richard

                Eppe, I am glad you have returned. You seem to be in better spirits.

              • Mike in Va


                You and I have the same luck.

          • Hunter

            Thanks Eppe–>

            I needed a good laugh this afternoon.

            ..’twas a rough Monday, chasing electrons thru a Euro control..finally nailed it, but am now convinced that all European CNC machine tools..

            ..are ‘female’.

            • The Old Coach

              Haw! That makes two of us! Been there, done that…..

              • Hunter

                Ditto Coach–

                I bet those engineers across the pond at Siemens controls..”ears were burning” today.
                ..damn sadists!

                IMO they’d be better off being employed as cartographers of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics..as opposed to drawing electrical schematics!!!

                Thumbs up to ya!

                • The Old Coach

                  You can always tell a German, but you can’t tell him much. Oh, the war stories I could tell if we were at a pub drinking beer and ogling the waitresses!

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          I’ll pass this on to my 5th grade niece, she should get a chuckle. lol

        • PA farmer

          Eppe, you dont have to Justifie yourself too anybody on this board..

          I made my last trip to town today, I’m set till spring and longer. just gona stay under ground, hunt, can meat, feed Cattle and work around the farm..

          This is only my Opinion I think this Administration Using abola to cover up all their Scandals Obamacare, Fast and furious, Benghazi, IRS ect. I also dont need to chance it and I wont..

        • MommaD

          Eppe gotta admit, one and five sure apply in my life…..lmbo!

        • the renegade braveheart

          Eppe, I’m glad you’re back. Another good one and keep them coming.

        • Anonymous

          eppe, there was a hilarious news story a few years back (true story) about this elderly lady calling the police because someone stole her car… maybe you can find and share… really funny! 😉

          • eppe

            Yes, I posted that a while back, but I said I would only post one joke a day. I would not like to go back on my word, unlike some others we know, who said they would stop ranting on me. If Mac wants me to stop, I will, no problem, but with all the doom floating around, a joke helps all laugh, which is nature’s healer. I never knew I had so many animals on the loose, and the elephant dung, well that would be great to keep the deer out of the garden, then make compost…

            • the renegade braveheart

              Eppe, don’t worry about justifying yourself to anyone over anything. Braveheart will always be in your corner to stand up for you and you’ll get all the green thumbs you want from me. You’re in charge of the comedy department here [in smoking okie’s absence]. We’d have a tough time here without you to make us laugh. Everyone here knows I’m not afraid to take on the trolls.

            • Mike in Va


              I know you are true to your word. That shows what type of guy you are. There is a problem here.
              An asshole took some of our laughs away.

              You know in almost every preppers list I have ever seen there are games, books, puzzles, ect. In the service when times were the worst we would joke with each other or play liars poker. Anything to get our mind off of things we were going to have to do or worries about things that may be coming.

              When the shit hits the fan someone like you will be a valuable asset to those that you are around. There is no superman. There is no Hollywood hero. Life is real and we are all human. We all have our breaking point. No matter how bad or proud we are. In fact the bad and proud when they reach it are the worst. It is those that have heart that are the best.
              My dad was the mans man. When he was laying in a hospital bed I had an uncle tell me that I quote ” The man laying in that bed is a man that John Wayne would be proud of “. Even my father who was the man had his breaking point. I try to be the man he was but will never be!

              My point is this

              When times are the roughest. When things go shitty. When your world turns upside down and you fear death.


              It is the person with humor and positive attitude that gets others through it.

              I cannot tell you how much you and your jokes mean to me. We all need it. Especially now with my gut telling me something is very wrong.

              Just wanted to let you know my opinion of you and what you mean to others here.


              • SheepDawg

                Eppe, or someone like him would be a welcome addition to anyone’s family, group, neighborhood, community or tribe.

                His snail, dog, giraffe or whatever else need not apply.

            • John W.

              Jokes are good. Let them rip.

        • Charley Waite

          Awesome. Missed you, amigo

        • Mike in Va


          My friend thanks for the laughs. I needed that right now.

        • Npgh


          @eppe…THAT…WAS THE BEST!

          I’m going to print it and put it on my office wall. (with the edit of people and not posters)

          • John W.

            You mean the resident JOO haters that try to make this site look like a nutbar hangout?

      3. logicrazy

        Play it like a old polaroid. Kodak- lets see what develops,shall we.

        • Stan522

          And there lies the problem….. which alert, which circumstance, which action, or inaction will be the catalyst that throws us over the edge? Is it all being controlled by the elite, or is it being caused by a bloated and ineffective government that has been filled by years of buffoon’s who cannot get real jobs in the private sector, so they settle on working for government?

          This is just another interview with a person who seems convincing and yet we all sit here and wonder…..

          • SHTFhysyeria

            John Williams went to Berkeley and has been wrong about hyperinflation a few times a year since 2008. But that’s all good. As long as he feeds the fear that is so dear to SHTF hearts. Sell your house move to the hills and isolate yourselves from society. That will hasten the full blown insane make believe world you live in. Sit and look out the window and think of new things to be a hysterical little bitch about. Good luck and you all crack me up. John Williams the UCB grad. Wow, how you all pick and choose based on who feeds your little bitch fear heads.

            • Stan522

              I believe you have the wrong impression of most here. Most have families, jobs and obligations. Most have prepared to some level or extent for some level, or extent of collapse.

              What our government has been doing in a number of areas including the national debt, it is simply unsustainable. If you want to be one of those who does not prepare….. good luck with it.

            • Skeptic

              I worry for Mr. Williams. It would appear that he has been consuming a huge amount of preps.

            • Scout

              Bud, none of us would have even “dreamed” what they have been doing to manipulate this so long. Get your silver bullets – Vampires afoot! Are you prepped friend?

              My concern is not John Williams correct adjusted stats.

              It’s the cooked books – mark to market – corporate accounting and .gov accounting, not to mention financial accounting FRAUD.

              That means even the skewed GDP and Debt is WHO KNOWS!!!!!

              Then there are those pesky derivatives, and other manipulations.

              Like real wealth, not sunk capital marked to market bud.

              But you are entitled to your opinion.

              Why are you here?

          • Mike in Va


            You are right. That is the problem.

            Where is my crystal ball. I have tried using my head. It has no hair on it.

            If any of us could know just a few hours ahead of the collapse then I would give a pile of money for it.

            I would have thought it would have happened before now. There is no way to know for sure.

            For the doubters. The collapse and the end of the life we know is going to happen period. IF you don’t think that then why are you here.

            • Stan522

              I am often drawn to history, where I am convinced we will repeat it through the tribulations of the Roman Empire. It took centuries for Rome to finally fall, but I am convinced it will only take decades for the US to finally do it. In my opinion, we are nearing the end. Below are the similarities between the digressions of Rome and the US:

              Hostility between the Senate (House & US Senate) and the Emperor
              Decline in Morals
              Political Corruption
              Fast expansion of the empire (fighting in too many countries)
              Constant Wars and Out of Control Military Spending
              Barbarian Knowledge of Roman military tactics (creating ISIS and al qaeda fighters)
              Failing economy
              High unemployment
              The Decline in Ethics and Values
              Growth in the Welfare state
              Slave Labor (under employed)
              Natural disasters
              Attack on Christianity

              See any similarities?

      4. Anonymous


      5. Angry Old White Guy

        I only came in off the ledge to see if things had gotten better yet.

        Guess I’ll head back out now.

        • Hunter

          Angry Old Feller–>

          Please sir, if you encounter any ‘banker-types or politicians’ beside you, whilst at the ledge…

          ..give ’em a good / hard shove forward!

          ..then step back & listen to the applause!


      6. 1-800-u-r-f*cked


        i’ll start caring when i have to crack open my prep closet to survive.

        * then it’s wheat flap jacks w/ honey , oatmeal w/ cinnamon , beef stew , rice and beans for a year.

      7. 1-800-u-r-f*cked

        ah’ oh!

        the African blacks are waking up!

        Bystanders read headlines saying “Ebola 1: USA 0” at the Daily Talk, a street side chalkboard newspaper, in Monrovia (Reuters / James Giahyue)

        The United States has withheld assurances from Germany that the Ebola virus – among other related diseases – would not be weaponized in the event of Germany exporting it to the US Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases.

        German MFA Deputy Head of Division for Export Control Markus Klinger provided a paper to the US consulate’s Economics Office (Econoff), “seeking additional assurances related to a proposed export of extremely dangerous pathogens.”

        Germany subsequently made two follow-up requests and clarifications to the Army, according to the unclassified Wikileaks cable.

        “This matter concerns the complete genome of viruses such as the Zaire Ebola virus, the Lake Victoria Marburg virus, the Machupo virus and the Lassa virus, which are absolutely among the most dangerous pathogens in the world,” the request notes.


        • TEST

          The US also withheld Germany’s GOLD as well, so what the heck.

          • Anonymous

            TEST…..Please don’t generalize saying the US did this or that since the US Government occupiers AKA the Tribal Banksters are the one causing all of the world looting and killings. They are minorities in charge of the criminal enterprises and sadly have some non tribal members on their payroll AKA the Neocon’s and the progressives. In reality majority of Americans are fine people and are suffering the same pain as the rest of the world.

          • John W.

            Gotta pay for all the Obama vacations some how. German gold is a start.

      8. Anonymous

        You know, it is increasingly common to see people who obviously are very low income, if not on welfare, loading up at auctions of household goods on box after box, bin after bin of just stuff…knickknacks, table linens, plastic gadgets, boxes of pencils, scarves, mismatched groupings of anything you can think of, etc., etc., etc. They typically are getting this stuff for $1-$5 per box/bin. And they buy perhaps a dozen or more of these boxes that no one else wants. It’s clear that they can’t afford to be buying this stuff for their own use and that it’s far more stuff than one family could use. They also aren’t antique dealers because they aren’t buying the antiques or better household items. They’re buying the junk.

        Are they preparing for a barter system because they are convinced that our economic system will collapse? Or are they already bartering in an underground economy?

        These are NOT sharp, intelligent people. They are, by all appearances, barely getting by and they have no regard for their appearance when in public. They are typically scroungy, unkempt, slovenly and poorly dressed. They certainly do not appear to be the type of people who would be well advised to be spending what little money they have on used household miscellaneous junk.

        What gives? Anyone familiar with someone like this who can shed some light on what’s happening?

        • Kevin2

          Poor people love to buy junk that has no value. Ever see the nonsense trinket “knick nacks” like NASCAR mugs and AVON ceramics in trailer park homes? These are the same people that buy lottery tickets as an “investment” and believe that anyone with any financial security is “lucky” not disciplined. I’m talking about white folks here.

          • DC

            Good one Kevin. They probably have no money in there wallet or gas in there car if they have one but they have a 6 pack of bud and a pack of marbs at all time’s

            • Buck

              And a few tattoos as well.

            • Kevin2

              The lower the IQ the greater incidence of smoking.

              • Hunter


                ..or the greater the individual’s stress / pressure level, per trying to survive the slow destruction of Western Civilization…here in post-modern Amerika.

                ..sometimes there, but for the grace of GOD..go we / I.

                Think about it..

              • Ms. X

                I smoke and have a Masters degree. And a flower tattoo too.

            • Skeptic

              And waste the rest!

          • Barracuda

            Rich people buy junk and knick knacks, too, except they go to Neiman Marcus.

            • Kevin2

              Rich people have disposable income and their toys generally have an intrinsic value.

              • Mike in Va


                I am a free American at least for now. For that reason I say people have a right to do what they want with there money. You have no right to tell others how to live.

                Anonymous is right. The problem is the small group of people in power who take from those who pay taxes and give to those who don’t. That is not the American way. That is the communist way and it never works. The reason it never works is because it causes laziness. It was tried by those who discovered this country. The plan was to work and share the production of the work. Then half the people set around and expected the other half to do the hard task. This will never change. It is in human nature. When you take from some and give to others then they have no reason to work.
                Why would they when they eat, sleep, and do what they want.

                The average household in poverty in the U.S. has heat, AC, a wide screen tv, and a car. They call that poverty.
                What a joke.

          • aljamo

            The ridicule expressed at people who live in trailer parks is unwarranted. The stereotype of “trailer trash” comes from the ignorance of people who think they are above that standard of living. Not everyone can afford a nice home with a mortgage and all the other associated costs. Minimum monthly mobile home lot rent payments are at least 400 dollars and up. These lot rents have doubled in the past 10 years. That is not cheap for the poor, aged, disabled and fixed income dwellers. These are people from all walks of life, not stupid slime buckets as the ridicule suggests. This is all the shelter many can afford and the numbers are growing greatly in the need for affordable housing. Mobile homes house millions of veterans, widows, children and law abiding citizens. Being poor is not a lifestyle choice, it is a reality in modern day America.

            • Kevin2

              Your correct but I seen too many “poor” maintain and foster habits that either make them or keep them poor. A couple smoking eats up $300 a month. Smoking pot does not help you pass the pee test either. A higher percentage of poor smoke cigarettes than middle class and the higher up you go economically the less you see it.

              As of late their are unlucky people post industrial evisceration. I seen too many in bad economic circumstances 30 years ago that put themselves there.

              • Mike in Va


                That is another thing. I smoke. I know I should not. I make a great living and can afford it. While I agree it is bad for you. I am sick and tired of the criticism of it. If it is so bad then why doesn’t the government make it illegal.
                There are many more things that are bad too. Alcoholism, over eating and obesity, laziness due to government subsidies ect.
                Freedom is what made this country great. God given rights to pursue happiness. Not to succeed but the right to pursue happiness. The right to fail is included in those rights.
                I will not tell others how to live. If I do then I am not adhering to the constitution and what made this country great. There are exceptions to the rule. For example screaming fire in a crowded theater or murder.

                I started smoking when I went in the service. Almost everyone did so they could get a break. It is the one thing that has a hold on me.

                My question to you is are you perfect? Do you have problems like all the rest of us?

                The problem is not the people. It is the government taking from those that produce and giving to those that don’t. I make enough to smoke if I want even when the government takes 60 percent of what I earn. I should never have to buy cigarettes for others.

                That is the problem.

                • Mike in Ga.

                  Wow, I love this post. Civil, humorous, and insightful. Just great folks…now, if I could just light up a smoke, but wait, I quit 25 years ago. Damn. Funny though, my financial condition, or mental stability has not improved, but maybe my health has. Anyway….

            • Mike in Va


              Yes it is becoming a reality. It is because the government has set it up that way. They take campaign contributions from the rich and then tax the hell out of the middle class. The middle class is being destroyed and the poor population is greatly increasing. This is by design.
              Now we have over 50 percent of the country dependent on some form of government welfare. This will not end well.
              Government needs to get the hell out of our lives.

              Then let freedom ring.

        • Anonymous

          I have seen this before. People buy cheap stuff at auctions then resell at garage sales. It is not unusual for them to double their money.

          • Ms. X

            I’d say doubling your money is a smart move.

        • LSB

          Perhaps they are smarter than they look. Take stuff back to trailer parks and resell in yard sales.

        • Navy Vet

          Anonymous … “they have no regard for their appearance when in public”

          I understand what you’re saying, however unless I’m going to a place where I’m well known, I dress in clothes that are on the long end of their life. I do it to “blend in” and be unremarkable. There’s nothing like fancy duds to make yourself look like an inviting target.

          Conversely, I don’t think the people I’m blending with have the forethought to do what I’m doing.

        • The Old Coach

          I see this too, ’cause I got to estate auctions about 2-3 times a month myself. I see the same ones year after year, too. They’re selling the choice bits on evilBay is my guess.

        • Paranoid

          They have little junk shops at the weekly swap meets and sell the stuff for a few bucks and make money. This whole country is becoming a junk shop

        • T-town

          It is called hoarding. when you can’t afford much, you buy alot of what you can afford.

        • John W.

          You must live in a closet. Quite a few people have a business of holding yard and garage sales on which they do very well financially. Don’t be fooled by their looks they know exactly what they are doing and are good at it. You need to get out more. Knew a person that made very good money doing home cleanouts after someone died or was evicted. Crap went to the dump and the good stuff was sold. You would be amazed at all the really valuable stuff that just gets tossed or forgotten.

      9. maddog

        Wife was trying on her brand new lightweight Belleville desert tactical bugout boots when my son walked in to the garage. I looked up and said ah ha your mother wears army boots. He just shook his head and went in the house. No sense of humor.

        • Ghost Rider

          your wife has good taste for boots. I’ve been wearing danners for the past couple of years. cant go wrong with either one.


          Your sons reaction made me laugh!

        • Mike in Va


          Please don’t take this the wrong way. I have a women who is my soul mate and my teammate. My friend and the best thing that ever happened to me.

          Tell your wife she is one sexy lady.

      10. Anonymous

        This is the end my only friend the end……God I love Mr. Mojo Risen.

      11. Anonymous

        A columnist on Marketwatch.com says that Main Street is doing just fine. This guy says business is bad with his clients.

        Who’s accurate?

        I do know that we are not Greece, or any other European country. Their problems are unique to themselves.

        How many of the people who have increased the welfare roles are really in dire need of public support, and how many have made a deliberate decision to stop working because they can do as well or better by being on welfare and supplementing their income through alternative means?

        The restaurants are still full on weekends. The discount retailers are still filling the shelves with nonessential items, and each season brings more and more decorative items to the shelves shipped in from Communist China.

        The tire stores are still very busy, if not expanding, so people are still driving plenty.

        The vehicles with disabled license plates are getting increasingly more expensive — saw a new Corvette the other day with a handicap license plate. A guy who lives nearby and is in his late twenties/early thirties has a brand new Mustang with lots of options and a handicap plate. Can’t remember the last time I saw a handicap plate on a vehicle more than 5 years old.

        I know the economy is not doing well. I know it’s still moving along based in large part on credit card debt and subprime debt. I know businesses are going out of business everywhere. But the people who are benefiting one way or the other from government subsidies seem to be doing better than the rest of us.

        November’s election has got to start to right this ship. We just can’t keep paying for all of these government programs, the illegals, the disability fraud, the welfare fraud, the wasted programs, the growing government bureaucracy with fat salaries and benefits, the foreign involvements, the federal grant largess, and the myriad other fingers that dip into the taxpayer pie.

        It has to stop. And that’s IN ADDITION to dealing with the problem of Obama/Soetoro’s unrelenting efforts to shove Communism down our throats.

        • Kevin2

          No one is buying a Vette on SS Disability.

          • The Old Coach

            But they can if they’re on a union disability. The UAW, or where I now live, the United Mine Workers. ‘Course the payments come from the company, not the union. Which is why I’m still convinced that General Motus is gonna collapse someday. GM shed all its’ obligations to salaried workers, but the UAW hourly guys still have all of theirs.

            • Kevin2

              Glad you mentioned the UAW. A worker at Mopar was injured and they never forwarded the X rays to her Physician or reported it as an OSHA recordable. “Back to work” “there is nothing wrong with you”. Eventually she put 2 & 2 together got spinal fusion and it failed and she got workmen’s comp. Guess what? Chrysler went bankrupt and they were self insured. The State does not back it up. Good by Workmens Comp.

              We’re walking backwards. Walter Reuther is turning over in his grave. Injured for life and one of the big 3 walks away from their obligation. Its 1930 over again.

              Compete with the 3rd world and you emulate the 3rd world.

              • The Old Coach

                I hear you, Kevin2. I spent 15 years working for a Tier One supplier of capital equipment, so I’ve heard a lot of war stories. Too many go the other way though. The hourly GM guy who “suffered a back injury” and got full disability, retired to the UP, and took up snowmobiling and dirt bike riding. Meanwhile there is a legion of retired GM salaried guys who had to go back to work when GM and Obama dumped their retirement. One engineer I knew very well is working a desk job at my old employer to this day. He’d be about 73 or 74 years old now.

                The main area where GM emulates the Third World is their corruption. Ford not so much. Chrysler got raped by Daimler Benz, who bought ’em, asset-stripped ’em, and sold the husk to to Cerberus, who then suckered FIAT into buying them. FIAT, a company that made such lousy cars that they had to abandon the American market entirely. Early ’80s I think it was.

                • John W.

                  At one time there was a commonly used saying,”If you own a Fiat you better have a good friend who is a Fiat mechanic.”

        • the renegade braveheart

          Anonymous, I know where you’re coming from. These people on govt. programs live better than I do and are even able to use credit for something because their checks are still regarded as income plus they don’t pay taxes on it. I work full time and pay taxes into the system, yet I’ve never been allowed to use credit for anything. One day those checks will stop coming, the EBT cards will quit working and that’s when the fun starts.

          • Barracuda

            Maybe the leeches can eat their EBT cards and WIC checks.

        • Mike in Va


          The credit is the problem. How many huge houses with two brand new vehicles do you see? It is not just the government that is up to there rear end in debt. I think I saw somewhere that the average American has 10,000 dollars in credit card debt.

          I think that is the answer. We are just on borrowed time.

      12. Jim in Va.

        Get rid of your dollars now,buy them preps while you can. Buy some gold/silver too.

        • DC

          Just got 25 oz of silver today in the mail. I hate to mail order but I don’t have any local people to buy from.

        • Rellik

          I tend to invest in steel, brass, lead, tools, and food, eg. useful things.
          Tell me why if PM such as gold is such a good investment, why, the man selling it to you hasn’t bought all he can? He must make more off selling it to you than he could make by purchasing it himself. Like used car salesmen or real estate people, if it is a good buy, they buy it for themselves, as an investment, They only sell the stuff they don’t want, need, or are profit taking before the crash. You can’t eat gold and get any calories from it.

          • The Old Coach

            Aha! Someone who finally gets it!

          • Archivist

            What makes you think he hasn’t already bought all he can?

            A guy running a restaurant is selling food. Do you think he’s selling it because food is a bad thing? He’s selling it because he can make a quick profit that he can turn around and buy something else with.

            I don’t have silver and gold as an investment. I don’t care what the dollar price is. What’s important is what you can trade the silver and gold for later on after things are back to some sort of normal. PMs are a compact store of value and have been so for all of recorded history. I’m pretty sure that a silver dime will still be worth a loaf of bread 100 years from now, and an ounce of gold will still be worth a real nice suit.

            • Ghost Rider

              ahhhh, someone who finally really gets it !


              • Hunter

                But, on the other hand…

                …seems like I recall a passage / prediction in the good book, where one day in the future, the people will throw their gold / silver (PMs)..into the streets!

                ..can’t remember the book / chapter, though.

                • helot

                  RE: When “people will throw their gold / silver (PMs)..into the streets”
                  Do you suppose guns and other preps will be any better to have then, Hunter?.

                  • Hunter



                    ..Yes, I do think thus!!!

                  • helot

                    That’s a bizarre reply, Hunter.

                    Many Christians say that at The End times gold will be thrown into the streets to herald in the arrival (or something like that) of The King. …And you say having extra food will be useful at that time?

                    What an amazingly worldly view.

                    I’m disappointed you didn’t expand on that.

                    But, then again, how could you? It’s The End of this earth age, The King is arriving in his golden egg spaceship, gold is being tossed into the street as if it has no value,…. and yet, food somehow does?
                    Yeah, I’m not getting that.

                    But anyway, the point being, until that time, gold Will likely have value just as it always has for 5000 years. And that’s what your comment tried to derail.

                    I’m nobody in particular, but I fail to see how food would have value if gold had none based on the coming of The Lord… If anything, you’d think it’d be pointless to have food, I mean – The Lord is here – why have food!? It’s The Freaking End! After-all.

                  • durango kidd

                    helot/Clark: You do not see the value of extra food because you have your head in your mother’s refrigerator and eat for free.

                    In a true SHTF scenario food distribution would likely be disrupted and shortages would be developed. Worse Scripture says that in the Latter Days no one will be able to buy or sell without the Mark of the Beast.

                    Those who have food will not have to take the Mark. Again you display your lack of education. 🙁

            • Kevin2

              Remember the Movie Shindlers List? Oscar Shindler bribed a NAZI officer with diamonds saying, ” In these times there may be a need for portable wealth”.

          • Kevin2

            If PMs were a bad investment why can’t Germany get their gold back from the “safekeeping” of the Federal Reserve? Why is China buying gold hand over fist?

            • Hunter


              ..’cuz it ain’t there anymore! -(per Germany’s stash)-

              ..the ‘Shylocks’ at the FED either sold it..or its been shipped to Tel Aviv!

              ..as guilt-geld reparations, don’tcha know!


              ..And per the chink elite…

              ‘The big ‘Charlie’ of the north (China)..is buying gold to protect their paper (they think!).

              Never realizing, that in the end..it’ll boil down to..rice & noodles..

              ..again, think about it!

        • Mike in Va


          You and I need to get in touch someway. Don’t worry about Opsec. We can meat in a public place and not discuss our preps.
          It is just nice to have likeminded friends.

      13. mona

        I’m ready to go. I was prepped for y2k and when it didn’t happen I had plenty of food and valuables to ease the cost of living.

        I have been prepping seriously since 3 months after Obamas election. I have no regrets for my actions and continue to prep.

        Hope you all are taking precautions for a very unstable future round the world.

      14. KY Mom

        Obama’s Latest Speech About The Economic “Recovery” Results In Mass Audience Exodus

        “Yesterday, Obama made a rare campaign trail appearance in Maryland where he spoke in support of Democratic candidate for governor, Anthony Brown,

        proceeded with his usual bulletin of reading fabricated economic data off the teleprompter in which he highlighted improvements in US unemployment (if not the 46.5 million people on foodstamps or the 93 million Americans out of the labor force),

        a rebounding housing market (just as the bouncing dead cat is once again dead), the benefits of health insurance (if no mention of the disaster for small businesses that Obamacare now definitively is) a resurgent manufacturing sector (just don’t look at this chart) even if he did point out the unfairness of families having “two folks working”, and…

        a mass audience exodus followed.”


        • maddog

          que chingow

          • TheGuy

            CHEEEN… GAAAOOOWWW!!

            • maddog

              I failed Mexican spelling class.

        • The Old Coach

          A mass exodus of DEMOCRATS !

          • Hunter


            Ain’t that the truth!

        • Barracuda

          Ever notice how Obama like to use the word “folks”, like he is “one of us” and we are all just good buddies. Actor.

          • Anonymous

            No, it’s intended to be condescending. It’s code word for “the little people.” It’s an attempt at false familiarity and cultural connectivity, something which Obama has never had because he did not grow up in America or of loyal American relatives. He grew up overseas and then under grandparents who were dedicated socialists, who put him in touch with black Communists and allowed them to heavily influence and mold him.

            Obama wouldn’t know a “folk” if one bit him in the butt.

            “Folks,” in the proper sense, is a term of endearment when speaking of one’s parents. It’s also used properly when referring to one’s peers within a recognized peer group. Any other use is condescension and the elite like Hitlery and Obama know it.

            • SheepDawg

              You may be reading into the “folk” thing a bit too much – because of other biases about the speaker? Volk became Folk in English. Volk meaning People in the German language and also in Old English ‘folc’. You can talk about your folks or your kin folk, but really we’re talking about an older word with the meaning of People. A word that has survived and is still used in contemporary English language.

              While some folks may see things as you do, I am guessing that some folks will not.

      15. ponomo

        Why do I not trust Obama and WDC (CORPORATION)?

      16. Anonymous

        KY Mom…. Soon we’ll see Mass Americans Exodus from the country under this regime.

        • Hunter

          Anonymous (# whatever)**

          **(its getting hard to figure out which one of y’all are posting).


          Know this..

          IMO..at this stage of the ‘game’..cowards run!


          Real Americans bide their time..and wait for the opportunity..to wreak vengeance!

        • Babycatcher55

          I know of half a dozen already gone!

      17. Ghost Rider

        Here is my overall daily outlook on things:

        Anything can happen at any time

        Dollar collapse
        Massive CME from the sun
        etc, etc

        I try and be prepared, have my bases covered, and enjoy my life. It is a balancing act. Sure, sometimes I get caught up in doomer porn, but I have learned to relax.

        Am I guaranteed to survive whatever comes my way, absolutely not… I will do my best and the good Lord willing I will come out on the other side safe with my family.

        Stay safe


        • Mr Rodgers

          Evening GR,

          Needless to say, I AM a bit tired Brother. I have bebn doing little the last few days other than Solar monitoring and o have bbe ‘pre-occupied’. That SAID, “yes…I DID ‘get there’ Friend..jst after CC ‘clue’d me in’, previously. I am in possesion thereof, “So, Alles gut und alles KLAAR mein Freundin”.

          The Solar thing is ‘concerning’ at this point; magnetic complexity REMAINS very high indeed, while the current pattern of activity is yet indicative of a pending ‘event’ in my estimation. Needless to ssy, the longer it goes on without doing so (over the next 48 hours) the MORE nervou I will be getting; in a phrase here, “Stored ENERGY”..and yes, I fully BELIEVE that this one is a fully ‘class X-10+’ region.

          CC, GR, please be patient with me under these citcumstnces; I AM ‘tasked’ presently, Capice?

          Oh, gotta SLEEP…till later people…

          • Ghost Rider

            thank you sir, i’m glad you have it for future reference if needed.


            • Canada Canuk

              @GR: Was worried HE was going to miss that message with imp info from you, but sounds like he is extremely busy with the solar, and not getting much sleep! Take Care All, CC

          • Mike in Ga.

            CME, X Class flair, and EMP are real threats. A great and informative read is the novel, One Second After. A link I refer to every time I have on-line access throughout the day is:


            up to the minute solar activity monitoring.

      18. TPSnodgrass

        We are continuing our preparations, do not fear a major US Ebola outbreak, but we are positive there will be a huge shift economically in the fortunes of our Republic, thanks to the political pimps and thugs in Washington, D.C. from both major parties. We do add to our “precious metals” stocks each month, Au, and lead, as well as have gone from one “canning weekend” each month, to two. This ensures that we will have enough to share with immediate family in the close by area.(They prep as well)
        I have faith not fear, I believe in God, and in His Son, Jesus Christ, and pray that the majority of faithful people in this country, will turn back to Him, or, our Republic will indeed be chastened. For the non-believers, I’m OK with your non-belief, and accept that you don’t agree with my personal religious beliefs, just don’t try to denigrate my beliefs and I won’t denigrate yours. We can find all sorts of common ground to agree on and to further spreading the message of being prepared as we can be for what most of us here, know, is coming our way. I have faith in my fellow man and woman, NOT, in any political party or politician or hack.

      19. redskin

        YAY EPPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      20. Socrates

        Again, if you have not yet pulled your head out of the sand, leave it there- the end will be swift and maybe you won’t know what even happened.

        I like to use analogies when referring to the SHTF event:

        When a large asteroid approaches Earth many times it will be surrounded by smaller chunks that have that dislodged or broken off from the main asteroid. Many times Earth is pelted by the smaller rocks first, as a precursor or warning of the ‘Big One’ yet to hit.

        Earthquakes are the same way: You usually get smaller precursor quakes that increase in frequency and magnitude before the ‘Big One’ hits.

        We are in the same exact situation now- All the events that are transpiring locally and globally are not only increasing in frequency, but magnitude. Just because you don’t pay attention to the smaller rocks coming in or the smaller tremblers does NOT mean that the ‘Big One’ is not far behind. All these events have been building for some time now and when that ‘Big One’ finally hits…you are going to freeze in fear and ask yourself- “How did I not see this coming?” You may have seen it, heard it and even smelled it, but CHOSE to ignore it.

        • PA farmer

          Socrates, I love analogies. I run a quart of oil over what my tractors and trucks call for and a little bit over in the fourwheelers, air compressors, mowers and so on, it cost me an extra case of oil a year. I call it being Prepared for the day your working something hard and it decides to use oil or lose oil and it happens, its good insurance, because I trust that oil light on the dash about as much as I do the government..
          Side note, I seen a Amish buggy today in a odd place on the side of the road as I passed it I seen why, the horse was on the ground dead, maybe he shoulda gave the horse an extra helping of Oats for breakfast.. Analogy,lol..

        • Mike in Va


          Great post.

          I want to ask a question to all who have read this blog.

          What does your gut, little voice, whatever you call it say?
          I have a bad feeling. Do a lot you feel the same? My gut is normally right. God I hope it is wrong now.

          I read a book about the gift of fear and following your feelings. It is true we all have a sixth sense.
          What does yours say?

          • Gunnar's mom

            I have been anxious lately. Why specifically now?? I don’t know. Maybe all of the chaos everywhere. Russia, Africa, our border, ebola, strange viruses,riots in the streets. I can usually pinpoint where my angst is coming from. All of this is worrisome.We keep working and living our regular lives but there seems a sense of urgency underlying each day.

        • Mike in Ga.

          You are so right my friend:

          Deuteronomy 29:4
          Yet the LORD hath not given you an heart to perceive, and eyes to see, and ears to hear, unto this day.

      21. BJ

        Looking for info / opinions on best generator to get?

        Obviously looking for longest lasting fuel wise. Power output and quietness.

        Opinions and information ??


        • durango kidd

          Honda is quiet. You may want to get a gas generator which would be silent and you could make your own methane in a pinch, or a total grid down scenario; but these are more expensive. Home Depot has a nice gasoline generator for a grand.

          Just a thought or two for you. 🙂

        • dave in Idaho

          diesel… You will have to rework the exhaust but the fuel will last decades and so will the engine.

        • DC

          Bj… Depending on your fuel type if your using propane and have the money look into generac I sold generators for years all brand and sizes. If your looking for a small like portable gas run unit go with honda. Just my opinion from customer feedback over the years. I been out of the trade for a few years. Now I change my kids shifty diapers for a living. Lol Also use the interlock kit made to go on your main breaker in your panel it much easier and cleaner then using a sub panel. With this interlock all u do is turn off the main breaker and it turn a 2 pole 30 amp breaker for your generator on. (It’s hard to explain) I also installed a few.. I would say go 7500 watts if u can and you could probably power most of a 2000 squ foot home… Not sure if any of this helped or made since. I will try to answer any other questions if u have any

          • BJ

            I think diesel or propane is the best for a combo of power, longevity of fuel and noise. If I went diesel and had the exhaust reworked. But I am not mechanically inclined with motors and stuff, so this exhaust rework thing is over my head.

            I think gas goes too quick and doesn’t last long enough in storage. Wouldn’t natural gas be cheaper than propane? How long is storage with natural gas vs. diesel? And which one would run more hours?

            I just googled Generac, and didn’t immediately see 7500 or anything like that, but instead some at 22Kw in the $4500 range and they run on natural gas.

            • durango kidd

              BJ: I saw a prospector with a gasoline generator who had placed a small car muffler over the exhaust. It seemed to work pretty well (very quiet) and doesn’t take much skill. You could do it.

              The generator at HD is a 7500 for a grand.

              Lots of time left. You may want to think about a basic solar and battery setup and add to it every year as you are able. Next year buy a wind turbine for $1500 and add to it every year. 🙂

            • DC

              Bj. I think with the pad mount like generac the smallest u can get is 15kw which is 15000 watts. I hooked up my parents on a 7500w Honda and we all stayed cozy and feed during the October snow storm a fews years back. Your right the propane and diesel should be more efficient and quiter. The reason I said propane I think it’s easier to store but I only been prepping for a little less then a year so you all no better on the storage. Unless something changed I was always told the propane ran more efficient and more quite then any other. It’s been 8 years since I sold them so that could have changed. I’m not sure I would go the natural gas route because we have to rely on others for service ie gas companies. All the other gas methods we can stock up on.

            • dave in Idaho

              Natural gas will not be available in a grid down situation as it is compressed. Diesel is far more common than propane.

        • The Old Coach

          +1 on Honda gennys in the small sizes up to 5KW. After that look at Genereac and Eaton.

          I have three generators. One is 7.5 KW, one is 3KW, and one is a tiny little thing that Honda made in the ’70s that’s only 35 watts. Barely bigger than a shoebox. Perfect for battery charging to keep my (otherwise solar) communications batteries topped up. A shame they don’t make it anymore. But I strongly recommend you have a minimum-size genny as well as a big one. It can be silenced easily and is very portable. And most of the time you don’t need 5KW, so why suffer the waste of running a 10HP engine at close to idle?

          • Hunter


            Coach is correct.

            Go High..go Low.

            But do look into propane as a fuel. It will require a carburetor conversion kit..which is simple to do.

            The added bonus being..a much reduced case of piston-ring / bore wear, due to bore splash lube oil wash-out, that is inherent to air-cooled gasoline engines.

            Propane will give you..longer engine life and less contamination / fouling of the engine’s lube oil, per equivalent hours of operation.

            ..your spark-plugs will exhibit less wear / fouling also.

            Good luck!

            • The Old Coach

              But I gotta look into propane conversions again. I use propane for my cook stove, so I usually have about 200# on hand at the start of winter. Could expand that by twice or three times over with no strain.

              I’m noodling on steam these days. Wood fired, coal fired, (I’m in coal country), it would eliminate all dependency on high tech fuels after a TEOTWAWKI event.

        • Skeptic

          By all means diesel. Fuel lasts a long time and you can make or buy bio-diesel in a rough time. I am finally learning how to use these web sites a little bit and read ahead a bit before I answered. I saw that you do not claim to be handy so my suggestions may not be your cup of tea.
          A diesel generator set that is water cooled and runs at as low of an rpm speed as possible. Google CS Lister or CS Listeroid. These are 650 rpm water cooled diesel gen sets that can last for eons and produce 5 or 6 hp while using a quart or so of diesel(offroad) or bio-diesel an hour. There is a bit of a cult following for them all over the world and they have been doing the job since the 1920’s. There are no electronics or even wire on the engines and they start with a crank. Huge flywheels keep the power pretty steady. They used to be quite affordable but epa stopped import. EMP– no problem. Google around, don’t take my word for it.

        • Plan twice, prep once

          Regarding a home generator,
          I suggest choosing a generator, if possible, that matches the same fuel you use for heat, fuel oil can run a diesel, and generators are available that run on propane or natural gas. Engines running on nat gas or propane run very clean and the engine lasts longer, and doesn’t need such frequent oil changes.

          I do have a gasoline generator, but I wanted portable, I do keep fuel with fuel stabilizer, but I use it regularly to run tractors, mowers and snow blowers, so I can rotate my supply and keep it fresh.

          Make sure you have a safe way to connect the generator to the house.

          Make sure you have Carbon Monoxide detectors.

          A small engine requires its oil to be changed every 50 hours. A lawn mower can be run 2 hours a week for six month to put 48 hours on it. For a generator that happens in just two days. During the ten day outage in my area, the stores were all out of small engine oil. Using a multi grade synthetic can allow you to extend oil changes a bit and is better for the engine as well as good in all seasons (temperature ranges).

          Security, in a disaster where people are freezing cold there have been problems with theft. I had strangers asking about my generator during our last disaster, and I just told them to move on. When you are the only house with lights, it’s a bit hard to keep it secret that you have a generator, let alone the noise it makes. I have a large chain link fence dog pen that I put the generator in, chained down, and the pen padlocked, and a motion detector covering the area.

          Power management: Power comes from burning fuel, the more electricity you use, the more fuel you will burn. Most of my primary lighting is compact fluorescent or LED, added all up my normal lighting needs these days is about 120watts for the whole house, including out door security lighting. TV, sat box 150 watts, two furnaces a fridge and a freezer. It all ran well on a 5,000 watt 240volt generator. And as long as we were careful we could run the microwave or toaster oven or coffee maker or laundry, but only one of those at a time. I did load balancing in my panel box to match the load on the two legs as much as possible. If you don’t know what that is get an electrician.

          Good luck.

      22. SameOld

        This website contradicts itself so much it’s not even funny. One story will say “IT’S HERE!” and the next will say “BY 2021”. No one knows when or what it will be like. Most likely you won’t be prepared for the right thing. Live and love life and stop fearing every little thing.

        • vtfree2

          You do know that the so called “alternative media” has been infiltrated by TPTB, the same with organic food. The system has been setup to keep you and everyone else confused and your head spinning in the dark, part of the matrix design.

          Hell, some sites don’t even know what’s being advertised on their pages and have no control over it, which tells you something right there.

          It’s to the point your lucky if you can believe 1/4 of what is published in all media. Most is distorted with half truths and disinformation, making it hard to make heads or tales from it all.

          Your best bet is to use your common sense and good judgment. Learn to read between the lines and don’t jump to conclusions.

          They Own It All

        • The Old Coach

          No, no-one knows when it will come. If it’s a solar EMP, you’ll get a couple of days warning. If it’s an earthquake, you won’t get any. Ditto a credit collapse. Even the bigwig bankers don’t know that one, and when it does happen it will propagate around the world at the speed of Internet. The financial guys who are really tied to the net 24/7/365 will get five minutes, if that. You will find out when your bank doesn’t open, your credit card doesn’t work, and all ATMs are suddenly dark.

          Mac’s publishes a wide spectrum of third-party opinion on what the dangers are, and an even wider range of speculation on when something will happen. Don’t shoot the messenger.

          I do have the opinion that a lot of what Mac publishes is designed to drive sales of something that the writers are writing about, but since my eyes are open I can discount what needs to be discounted. And every so often there will be a kernel of truth, even from this Williams guy.

          There’s an old, old story in the SciFi field, that tells of a young scifi fan who cornered Ted Sturgeon at a conference and asked, “Why is it that 90% of science fiction writing is such shit?”. Ted allegedly fixed him with a steely gaze and said, “90% of everything is shit!”

      23. Magnum

        Geez, how many “end game” columns have been posted on this website? Every one wants to be able to say later that he/she predicted “it” before “it” happened.

        Mr. Williams says, “A prerequisite is a collapse in the dollar. A collapse in the dollar can happen at anytime…”

        But no one seems to be able to answer what will likely trigger the collapse of the dollar….that would be a helpful piece of information. And explain, in some detail, why that “trigger” event will make the dollar crash.

        • durango kidd

          The dollar is the currency of the New World Order. It is their weapon of choice for their wars of phony, crony capitalism and it is the primary fiat in which they hold and trade their wealth.

          Dollar Collapse isn’t going to happen for a very, very long time. Save ten dollar bills in plastic coffee cans buried in your back yard. 🙂

          • JRS

            Dang it! I’m getting all confused here.

            First they said buy silver coins. So I went out and bought a bunch.

            Next, I heard Rawles say nickels, nickels, nickels. So I traded my silver dimes for a whole bunch of nickels.

            Then the advice was to save pre 82 pennies, they are the ticket to prosperity in TEOTWAWKI. Took all the nickels to the bank and cashed out for pennies…buckets and buckets full.

            Now you want me to carry all them five gallon buckets back and get some ten dollar bills?

            Where will it end? Shakes head and heads off to the cellar for the jug.

            • durango kidd

              Rawles said, “Nickels” ??? LMAO!!! 🙂

              • Navy Vet

                Yep, he did because a nickel (the last time I read one his posts on nickels a couple of years ago) was worth $0.0525 in metal content. Of coarse you need a high temp. melt furnace (2651F) in order to actually take advantage of the scrap value, not to mention that melting down U.S. currency is against the law (not that you’d have to worry about that much when TSHTF).

                • Archivist

                  You don’t have to melt them down. Everyone recognizes nickels, same as they do silver dimes and quarters. At one point, nickels were worth over 7 cents in melt value. They will always be worth more than the new ones coming out in the next year or so.

                  Saving nickels is easy because they’re all worth something. If you find some from WWII, they’re part silver and worth over $1 each.

                  The pre-1982 pennies are worth twice their face value, but they take time to sort out. I go through all my change and pull out the nickels and pre-1982 pennies. It doesn’t cost me anything but a little time, and might help with small purchases later on.

            • Barracuda

              JRS: D I V E R S I F Y

            • Ghost Rider

              That was good


        • vtfree2

          USD’s are faith based, as long as you/people have faith that a worthless piece of paper has value then it will last for a undetermined amount of time. When that faith jumps over the cliff is when the end of fed notes (loans) will start its path to ruin.

          At this point in time many people still maintain their faith, striving day in and day out to accumulate pieces of paper with green ink. Because they (notes) still have diminished purchasing power.

          Even though China/Russia realize the worthlessness of this cheap paper it may take years to be weaned from the power and corruption it offers.

          Like a thieve in the night it will happen. Then we can give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s. All any of us can do is be prepared at any given moment.

        • The Old Coach

          I’m gonna say it again. There will be no collapse of the dollar. There will be a collapse of credit, which will be a sudden and violent deflationary event. Williams has to know this perfectly well, because anybody who has passed Econ 101 knows it, or should. The lying S.o.B. wants to sell you a bill of goods of some kind. PMs, probably.

          Fact is that a credit collapse is a normal part of a healthy economy. Only if you try to stave it off by printing money for years on end does it become dangerous. Like the old aphorism about fire (and Government) holds: “Keep it small, keep it contained, and keep an eye on it.”

          A credit collapse makes the value of every dollar grow larger, because there are many fewer of them around after a credit collapse. In a perfect world, PMs wouldn’t lose you anything, but they also are no panacea. BUT this is NOT a perfect world. The PM market is rigged against the casual buyer, and guys like Williams are doing the rigging when they publish fear porn like this.

          /rant off

          • durango kidd

            Credit Collapse Coach? Does that mean Helicopter Ben can’t refi his mortgage? 🙂

            • The Old Coach

              I about split a gut laughing at that report.

      24. TEST

        I appreciate this article, and the work Williams does. And he very well may be proven correct. And in fact, there is indeed a lot of hidden inflation (smaller bottles, less filling in boxes, etc.). However, while I think Williams will eventually be proven correct, there is also an equal possibility of deflation, or deflation followed by mass (or hyper) inflation. Thing is, Williams has been predicting this for a while now (and I kept the quotes and sources as proof). Further, WHO is China going to sell TO? And if they do sell, they will kill the value of their securities. So, they are kind of stuck – which is why they are diversifying with gold and silver.

        We should all pay attention to what Williams writes. He certainly has the problem pegged well. But as to what comes next, no one knows, and it is best to diversify. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE GOLD AND SILVER NOW, GET SOME WHILE THE LEFTIST CRONIES HAVE DRIVEN THE PAPER PRICE DOWN. Broke? Get “junk” silver, pre-1965 silver coins. Recognizable, divisible in a way gold is not (ever try to buy a loaf of bread with an ounce of gold? Valcambi has ounces that you can break off by grams, but that is still easy to lose). THERE IS LESS SILVER TODAY ABOVE GROUND THAN THERE IS GOLD, in case you didn’t know (silver is used up in industrial processes, or processes where it is not recoverable, such as film; most gold ever mined is still stored to this day). The frauds and liars in NY have artificially pushed the price of AG (silver) down, so you have a great oppty to buy now. Also check out Jim Rickards (who helped resolve the LTCM crisis) and listen to what he has to say. As we have a competitive devaluation race to the bottom, we may end up using SDRs from the IMF. Which could well end up feeding int the beast from the book of Revelation, IMHO, as well as destroying US sovereignty…. but I digress. Diversification is critical, so try to add real estate and farmland, if possible. Google “Surviving Argentina” and see what Ferfal did as that socialist workers’ idiot paradise imploded economically (and continues to do)

        Most of all friends, **speak out**. Communicate. Educate. Get facts and let others know. Many years ago I used to lean left. However, the simple FACTS finally woke me up. There ARE others out there who WILL respond, if we communicate effectively. Yes, there are many who won’t, I know (I have one neighbor who is as closed-minded and ignorant as they come, and they could pull up and put her in a boxcar to a FEMA camp, and she’d be chanting “Yes we can” the whole way), but we must try, for their sake, and also ours. The point is, that the left’s ideas are IDIOTIC and have never, ever, EVER worked – nor can they. If we can get enough people to see that, we could still carry the day. Pick up Dr. Arthur Brooks’ book, Who Really Cares, to arm yourself with FACTS about how corrupt, bankrupt, and impoverishing socialism is. Ask your lemming neighbor how that $20 freaking TRILLION now spent on the War on Poverty has gone, or how Detroit, the first city to adopt the leftist Model Cities Prog. under Mayor Coleman “I’m the Motherf***r in Charge Here” Young went. Ask them when Obama worshipping Gwenyth Paltrow or Tom Hanks – who recently purchased a 14,500-square-foot mega mansion in Pacific Palisades for $26 million, the largest transaction for a single-family home in Los Angeles County in
        2010 – will be opening up just ONE room in their zillion room mansion to just ONE of Obama’s line jumping illegal immigrants for just ONE day. Or maybe just divorced Mikey Moore could do so at his NY penthouse, or mansion in Torch Lake, Michigan (which Nat’l Geographic calls one of the 5 most beautiful lakes in the world; oh yeah, did I mention, contractors who worked on his mansion reported he stiffed them for work they did)

        • Cellar Spider


          “And he (Williams) very well may be proven correct.”

          Oh please, anyone who uses statistics pre 2008 doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing. It’s like comparing apples to oranges.


          The post 2008 economy is one of ever expanding money supply; much like the universe. Your personal unit of economic worth becomes infinitesimal as the money supply becomes infinite.

          • durango kidd

            Williams has been saying “Hyper-inflation” for years but what we have is a deflationary environment and a new depression will be deflationary too; as will another leg down in housing when the markets crash.

            Deflation increases the purchasing power of the wealthy who have many streams of cash flow generating dollars for them. Hyperinflation destroys the value of the currency in which the Uber Rich hold their wealth. The Uber Rich ARE the PTB. So, what will the FED do??? Plan accordingly.

            Cash is King!!! Long live the dollar!!! Long live the King!!! 🙂

            • The Old Coach

              +100. See my post a few rungs above.

            • Archivist

              What deflationary environment? Most everything I buy is going up. The only thing I’ve seen go down is gas, but I don’t buy much of that. And I don’t see that ever going back down to 50 cents like it was when I first needed to buy it.

              Groceries are going up. You’ll never again buy a Hershey bar for a nickel. Electricity is going up. You’ll never again have an electric bill of $8. Medicine is going up. The average prescription price, with no insurance, back in 1973 was just over $2. Clothing is going up, especially tall sizes. You’ll never get a new shirt for $3 again.

              I read history, and history tells me that every single paper currency has failed. In particular, every paper currency in this country has failed, continentals in the 1700s, and greenbacks and Confederate money during the War of Northern Aggression.

              TPTB supposedly existed back then. What kept them from saving the paper back then?

              • durango kidd

                Wait until China starts making those $6 Wally World sweatshirts in Mexico after the TPP is signed. (See the Sweatshirt Index)

                Those $6 sweatshirt will be $3 a piece, including both sleeves!!! 🙂

              • The Old Coach

                I’ll try again:

                Yes, a deflationary environment.

                Concept #1: Inflation is an increase in the supply of money. It doesn’t have to be fiat. When Spain started bringing shiploads of gold from Peru in the 1500s, it drove a massive round of inflation in Europe. Deflation, obviously I hope, is a reduction in the money supply.

                Concept #2: In today’s world of banking, LOANS are money, just as surely as paper dollars or coins are. So the “money supply” = paper dollars + coins + loans. (I’m keeping it simple.)

                Concept #3: Loans are “sound money” so long as there is a certainty that they will be paid back. If they are not, or will not, be paid back, their value drops, the third element of the equation above gets smaller, and the sum gets smaller. Making new loans is INFLATION. Recognizing that bad loans have lost value is deflation.

                The real world situation is that banks and others have made trillions of $$ worth of bad loans that will not ever be paid back. But they keep pretending that the loans are good, because if they don’t, their net worth drops, in many cases below zero. They would be bankrupt. If one bank goes, they pull the next bank down along them.

                This is what economists call a “deflationary environment”. Absent the insanely heroic efforts of central banks to prop up confidence, the recognition of the worthlessness of all those bad loans would cause the money supply to implode with a “whomp” that would be heard on Jupiter. Catastrophic deflation.

                It would take very little to start that avalanche. That is why the Treasury and the Fed and the EU central bank and Japan and China and everywhere else keep adding more “money”, in hopes that nobody will kick off that avalanche. But in fact the Emperor has no clothes, and sooner or later some little kid is going to pipe up and say so.

                So yes, you are seeing prices for crucial consumable goods creeping up and up, and yes, this is caused by inflation, and yes, the inflation is deliberate, BUT the breakdown, when it comes, will not, cannot be hyperinflation. The planetary-size vacuum of all those bad loans will swallow any attempt to hyperinflate like a black hole swallows a dust mote. It will propagate world-wide at the speed of Internet, (aren’t you sick of reading that from me?), and no central bank will have the reaction time or the power to stop it.

                Consequences for us peons: Banks are inert, so nobody can pay their bills, most especially the people in the retail supply chain. So, no food in stores, no gas at gas stations. Needless to say any money you thought you had in a bank is gone forever. Credit cards don’t work. ATMs are all dark. The PTB will be at war with one another, each trying to salvage something for himself. For a short time people in possession of essential goods like food and fuel may try to charge famine prices, but that will quickly stop when they find out that nobody has any money, because deflation has taken it all away.

                I’m done for tonight.

                Hold and squeeze.


                There are trillions in bad loans on the books of banks, hedge funds, and central banks in the USA, EU, Japan and China, to name a few. That’s just for starters. These loans ARE MONEY, but the money they represent is, even more that the dollar, dependent on the pretense that they are still worth something. Now, if some lender decides to demand payment from a borrower who can’t pay, the value of that loan goes to zero in half a millisecond. This is why banks were/are not foreclosing on so many bad home loans. If they foreclose, they have to subtract that loan value from their net worth. Many banks would go bankrupt if they wrote off all their bad loans. If they owe money to any other banks, (and they do), the other banks have to write off THAT set of loans, and more banks go bankrupt. Gazillons of dollars of “money” simply disappear.

                The Treasury keeps pushing out more and more money by deficit spending, and the Fed is trying to convince every banker in the world not to call in any loans by buying up a lot of that bad paper, (which legally they are prohibited from doing, BTW). Inflation is an increase in the money supply.

                • The Old Coach

                  Awww, jeez, I meant to delete those last paragraph.

            • helot

              durango kidd says: “what we have is a deflationary environment and a new depression will be deflationary too; as will another leg down in housing when the markets crash.”

              Ah yes, that must be why you were saying it was a great(!) idea to buy a house in Phoenix and elsewhere a few years back?
              You said the market was rebounding back then.
              I wonder how many people are regretting listening to you on that now?
              You flip and flop more than a political canvasser.
              But there’s one constant, you Always defend The System, The status quo, and throw the little people under the bus in the name of nationalism. Or, is that Fascism? Or, mercantilism? Or, all of the above?

              Also, you call yourself a follower of Christ and yet add a smiley face onto the end of this:?

              “Cash is King!!! Long live the dollar!!! Long live the King!!!”

              • durango kidd

                Hey asswipe! I wondered where you have been hiding! It is a great idea for those with knowledge, negotiating skills, and cash. Right now, I am waiting for the next Crash. When the next market crash comes along I will be picking up the real estate I want for pennies on the dollar.

                You have none of those so you may as well continue to sponge off your mother while living in her basement. Don’t you ever feel guilty about that? LMAO!!! 🙂

        • Kulafarmer

          So far almost every single liberal i have met and know are full of hot air, protect the immigrants, but not on our island, free healthcare, but i dont want to pay for it, more government regulation to protect us but dont touch anything that has anything to do with me, it goes on and on, i have lost a lot of friends to that, would rather be a recluse than have to put up with these libtards

      25. KY Mom

        Marco Rubio Plans To Introduce A Bill To Ban Visas From Countries Affected By The Ebola Epidemic

        “Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida) plans to introduce legislation that would ban new visas for people from the three countries affected by the Ebola epidemic; Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. In a statement from his office on Monday, Rubio described a visa ban as a “common sense” restriction.

        “While Ebola’s deadly reach has proven to be a complex and unique international challenge, the many uncertainties surrounding this virus continue to threaten U.S. national security,” Rubio said. “Our biggest priority is ensuring that sufficient safeguards are in place to limit the spread of Ebola, contain it at the source, and protect Americans.”

        Yahoo dot com

        • Kulafarmer

          And when president obola refuses to sign it they should immediately start the impeachment process

          • dave in Idaho

            the dems and pubs are left and right feet on the same body going in the same direction.

            • Hunter

              Not so much, methinks!

              Actually, the Democrat and Republican parties are..merely opposite cheeks on the same “KOSHER ASS”!!!!

              ..they’re both owned!!!

              ..lock, stock and barrel!

      26. Townsaver

        When will people learn.


        It is just a slow motion train wreck. You think because gas is “cheap” everything is wonderful? You have been conditioned to think $3.50 at the pump is “OK”. Gas is cheap at about $1.09.

        The 3% that are us preppers are simply not able to stimulate the economy all by ourselves – thou we did make a nice dent buying all those ebola preps…

        Oh well, got to get back to producing nothing.

        • oldvet

          GAS $2.89 @ 33782

        • Kevin2

          Actually gas is quite cheap at $3.50 a gallon. Pre 1973 oil shock gas was 30 cents a gallon and Tetra Ethyl Lead was the octane booster. Minimum wage was about $1.00 / hr and a very good wage was $5 / hr. Now that very good wage is $30 and the minimum is $7.50. Fuel economy was half of what it is today and your driving a car that lasts twice as long too.

          $5 hr x 6 = $30 / hr
          30 cents x 6 = $1.80 Gallon
          $1.80 Gallon x 2 (Increased MPG) = $360

          The reality is that your gasoline hit on your wallet is comparable to the same hit pre 973 oil embargo. The difference is that due to outsourcing via “Free Trade Agreements” with virtual save labor nations there are a far fewer percentage of people with that “good job” today.

          Things ain’t too expensive. Your just not making what you used to.

          • Kevin2

            $3.60 gallon

            1973 oil embargo

            Need to proof read……..

            • the renegade braveheart

              Kevin2, in 1973 right after my 16th birthday, I bought a 1964 Chevy Nova for only $300 as my first car. It had the old inline six-cylinder engine with 3-speed standard transmission. Gas in my area was 29 cents a gallon at that time. The tank held 13 gallons and from dead on empty I could fill that tank for $3. It got 25 MPG on the highway and a tank of gas would last me for 10 days. Under the hood you could see everything and even had room to get to whatever needed to be worked on. I wish I had one of those now, restored of course.

              • The Old Coach

                You and me both.

                Anything with the old Chevy “stovebolt” six would be a “grail car” (or truck) for me, even though I’m pretty much a Ford man. I think your Nova had a smaller six in it though.

              • Babycatcher55

                My ex hubby had two of them…a 65 that he bought in 1975 for $500 and restored (mostly) and a 72 Super Sport bought in 78 ( don’t remember what he paid) that I learned to drive ( 4 speed on the floor- I was surprised he let me drive it)… Wish we could have kept them….but poverty does that to ya…those were two hot cars!

          • Townsaver

            I’ll have what you are smoking…

            “Things ain’t too expensive. Your just not making what you used to.”

            Yeah, cause inflation isn’t real and stuff. Things don’t cost more, I just make less money? WTF are you talking about?

            Oh and just to assure the red thumbs and be a douche, it is you are, or you’re, not your.

            Finally, many cars were able to get 40+ MPG in the seventies dipshit. Ever here of the CVCC?

            • Kevin2

              Cars pre 1973 got 10-15 MPG. We’re not talking 40 MPG for the math above to work.Twenty to 25 MPG drops the gas consumption by half. The math does not lie.

              Sure inflation has dramatically increased as the USD went pure fiat in 1971. Inflation also made that 30 year mortgage in 1988 pretty damn affordable today and that home went from 60K to $200K. The problem is the wealth creating industrial backbone of the US along with the middle class it supported has been removed via globalization. Millions of middle class Americans went from that status to poor because of of those trade agreements. The deregulation of the Financial Sector (I hate referring to it as Industry because Industry’s make things) with the demise of Glass-Steagall gets dishonorable mention as a cause of our financial woes too.

              Gasoline today is far better too than the leaded 1972 variety allowing spark plugs to last 100K miles not 12K. Lube Oil even petroleum based is so much better today as the best oils in 1972 would not be salable today. The product your getting today is a lot better.

              • European American

                “Cars pre 1973 got 10-15 MPG.”
                I had a 1960 Mercedes Benz 180 D that got over 50mpg.

                “Gasoline today is far better too”
                It’s not that it is far better, todays gasoline and diesel fuel is formulated especially for Computer controlled electronic fuel injection. The E10 is far worse on smaller engines and the ethanol, which is now in most pumps, actually reduces the MPG.

                • the renegade braveheart

                  EA, spot on. The ethanol has watered down the gas, thus reducing the quality of it. I’ve heard somewhere that CITGO gas has the lowest amount of ethanol of any brand on the market and CITGO premium supposedly has NO ethanol in it. I may try a tank of it and see.

                  • The Old Coach

                    Depends on where you are, not the brand. Alcohol percentages are mandated by the Feds, but only for urban areas and some eastern states. In my very rural BOL we get Marathon gas which has no ethanol in it at all.

                    Ethanol is one of the worst frauds this nation has ever seen. Hygroscopic as hell, so it doesn’t keep well, ethanol has much fewer BTUs per gallon than gasoline, so mileage drops, rots older fuel hoses and carb gaskets, rots fibreglass gas tanks, requires acre-feet of water to produce…..(please, stop me now!….)

                    Modern PURE gas does seem to keep far, far better than gas we had in the ’70s. Back then I made a mint of money in my Honda shop every spring, cleaning tanks and carbs that folks had left full of gas over the winter. Six months and it smelled like turpentine, and flowed like molasses. Recently I left untreated gas in my old, retired work truck for YEARs, and found that it would still run the engine when I had to move it this summer.

                  • Overwatch

                    I drive a 2005 Chevy Classic. I bought it in 2005 from the same guy who sold my father all his cars since they both got out of the Army after WW2. It had 10,000 miles on it, give or take a few. Now it has 374,000. Sure, I have a new 210,000 mile transmission. Other than that, not much in the way of a major fix. I work as a medical courier near Boston. It gets a tankful of regular wherever it’s cheapest or most convenient every morning. When some blowhard tells me ” They don’t make ‘ em like they used to! ” I just laugh. Sea Foam lubricant seems to help about monthly after the oil changes. Not enough money for a new car so my neighbor and I do whatever it takes to keep it running.

                  • European American

                    List of gas stations that sell ethanol free gas.

                    (Note: remove space between ht tp://… to go to the site.)

                    ht tp://www.pure-gas.org/index.jsp?stateprov=MI

                • Kevin2

                  I stand corrected with ethanol. I’m speaking of the refined component. Its cleaner for sure.

                  The Mercedes Benz was by far not the typical car and that was diesel. Regardless the MPG has effectively doubled in gasoline powered cars from 1972 to now which drops the cost per mile by half.

                  • The Old Coach

                    I will cite an experience I had with an ’89 Jeep Cherokee that I owned for several years. That car had the old AMC six in it, stick shift. It got 25 MPG new, and it still got 25 MPG at 250,000 miles, no matter what you did. I worked in the auto industry from ’93 until I retired, so I knew a lot of guys driving company furnished cars. The last few years of the Grand Cherokee had that same engine, but the car had gained several hundred pounds of weight, a larger frontal area, and had power everything. My friends who drove them told me that 15MPG was the best it would do with a human driver in it.

                    That said, yes, if you do an apples to apples comparison of engines of the same displacement, same load conditions, etc., the new ones are much better. But the complexity makes me wince. They are so complex now that they bloody well better last for 200K miles without maintenance. (That is, by the way, the target design life for GM and Ford now, or was when I quit in 2009. I played a small part in achieving that, but you’d need an engineering degree for me ‘splain it to you.)

                  • Archivist

                    But I can’t get into one of those high mileage cars. There’s no headroom. I could easily get into the Maverick I used to have, but I can’t get into a car that even approaches twice the gas mileage of that Maverick. My Maverick got almost 30 mpg. Those new toy cars are pretty useless, as there isn’t room to carry groceries. The last small car I was able to get in was the Ford Tempo. It had a lot of headroom and legroom. The best gas mileage I ever got was a Ford Taurus. I got 30 mpg from the first tank when I bought the car until the last tank 5 years later when I sold it. My current minivan gets 20 mpg.

                    And minimum wage in 1973 was $1.60, not $1.00. I was working in a factory making $1.90. Farm workers in my area were making $12 or $15 per day, depending on the job. In 1974, I was selling gas at 52.9, and then in the months following it went as low as 47.9. I can hardly remember 30 cent gas because that was way back in the 1960s when I was in school.

                  • European American

                    I have all tall torso so my head hits the “celling” in most cars. So that issue is always a priority for me. With that being said and to make a long story short. I’ve been looking for the perfect car for my needs for a long time. I have an ’03 Toy Tundra and it’s in excellent shape and if it got 50 mpg (and had a diesel engine) I’d be in heaven. The mpg is the only issue I have with it.
                    So, that being said, for the last 5 or so years I’ve been looking for a car that would get great milage, be dependable, comfortable, etc., etc. And one that would complement my truck, which, even though it gets poor mileage, I still like it for its functionality.
                    Anyway, I like diesel. It seem to stay way more stable than gas, in terms of its longevity. (Don’t have to ad stabilizer like gas, although you can). I have 16 german made jerry cans that I used to have gas in, now, diesel. The reason diesel, is because I FOUND THE PERFECT CAR FOR MY NEEDS.
                    As the story goes, I had narrowed it down to an early 2000’s VW Golf TDI. Even though most are made in mexico now so the quality isn’t great, they still can get 50 mpg which, for freeway driving is my benchmark. And just before I made the purchase, I happened to come across this site. Note remove the space between ht and tp ( ht tp://www.nicecarstdi.com/ ) and found IT.
                    Apparently VW, back in 95, wanted to make a higher end car, like the Mercedes, that was high end ($23K at the time, which, in 96 was pretty pricey) i.e. great quality and comfortable and got great mileage. It was the ’96 Passat TDI. It was somewhat actually overkill and they only built it in 96 and the first 3 months of 97. Sedan and station wagon. A thousand or so made it to the states. Didn’t sell well, to expensive and didn’t “appear” to have all the bells and whistles that Americans wanted at the time. Little did they know, this car was the best that money could buy and was worth every penny. It was built in Germany at their Audi factory, using many Audi parts, with all top of the line German material and tools and workers. “A Wolfsburg” edition.
                    Anyway, it came and went with little fan fare.
                    I got one, actually I talked my girlfriend in to getting our first one (he he). I’ll be getting one within the next month. SHe got the “B4” station wagon TDI and I’ll be getting one too.

                    What a car. Drives so smooth and can get up to 55 mpg if the sweet spot is maintained on the highway. The 1.9 liter tdi engine is bullet proof. THe quality all around is superb. Station wagon has plenty of room for groceries. Leather seats. Just a great car. If you can find them, the decent ones, you’ll pay anywhere from around $7000 on up to $23,000. $14000 should get your a very good rust free, well maintained one. If you are mechanically inclined towards diesels and german cars, you can go less expensive.

                    THe site that I listed above will give you various things to read, i.e. history, quality, etc..

                    This car has a cult following. Perfect vehicle for an unpredictable future. CHeck it out.

                    Oh, and yes, great headroom.

                  • Kevin2

                    Regardless gasoline is as cheap now relative to wages and fuel economy as it was pre 73 oil embargo with its subsequent rise in price (contrived of course to dove tail fit the new oil peg Bretton Woods replacement).

      27. KY Mom

        Obama Repeats: You Can’t Get Ebola on a Bus—Day After Bus Quarantined in D.C.

        “On Saturday–one day after a bus that had departed from the Pentagon was quarantined on Capitol Hill in an Ebola false alarm–President Barack Obama issued a video message to Americans telling them that “you cannot get it [Ebola] from just riding on a plane or a bus.”


      28. Old Guy

        Its still to early to state that ebola was a fizzle. Ill continue to not worry about it.the one thing I do know is we have More Taking Parasites and less Making Producers. When the parasits out number the producers that is not sustainable. Its the excact same thing when you over graze a pasture . or when you pump waer from a resevor faster than the rain replenishes it. This economy is not sustainable. I wonder how long it can be kept afloat by borrowing & magick tricks?

        • the renegade braveheart

          Old Guy, the answer to your question is anyone’s guess. It’s true that the parasites are growing every month and the number of producers is going down. I already hear there’s some whining about the ‘benefits’ being reduced in order to accommodate these damned foreigners coming in and getting on that gravy train. When you need more slices out of a pie, what do you do? You make the pieces as small as possible to get more slices out of that same pie. You eventually get to the point when you need to bake another pie or don’t do squat. When the house of cards finally comes down that’s when all of the fun begins.

      29. Gadabout

        Off topic, but pursuant to the article about the Georgia Guidestones about a month ago, someone took down the block that contained the 2014.

      30. fester

        Nigerian Scientists Submit 15 Ebola Cure Claims

        The experimental drugs include: Kolaviron from bitter kola, ZMapp from tobacco plants, Metallic Nano Particles, Nano Silver, Favipiravir, Lamivudine (Epivir), Brincidofovir, Choloroquine, Crofelemer and Dietary supplements such as Ganoderma, Immunovit, Immunocal, Ascorbic acid and Sodium Ascorbate.

        i’ll stick with homebrew colloidial silver, alkali/ baking soda drink, green tea/ honey/ cinnamon/ ginger, garlic, onion, oregano, olive oil, cocunut oil, calcium magnesium iron, vit c , vit d , b-12 , echinacea , l-lysine , And Amino Acid Packs. All part of my daily diet.

        an elderberry juice when sick(which is never now).


      31. Frank Thoughts

        The dollar will not collapse: it is still the currency of all the global institutions and so you watch them for when the dollar collapses. If World Bank staff start getting paid in SDR or yuan, then it is over for the dollar.

        We will see a classic market collapse, then emergency measures and more QE. This time it will be hardball and the state will have to do things such as institute a national draft of youth in most Western countries to keep public order. Times will be tough and hard but it won’t be like The Road.

        Keep in mind: this is global and every region is in a mess because of debt and collapsing demand. The US is no worse.

        Systems will see through the successful countries (Germany, Scandinavia) and the unsuccessful countries will be the ones that already have inefficient companies and piss-poor products (think most of Africa).

        • JRS

          Sounds reasonable. I would say that the countries that will avert total collapse will be the ones with surpluses of the “real capital”. Food, water and most of all black gold.

          This probably will include the US, Russia and maybe a couple African nations with oil and fertile land.

          The rest are up shit crick and will be liquidating billions of excess unfunded liabilities.

        • Kevin2

          As more nations use other currencies in international trade the USD looses position. Its naive to think that it will remain the worlds reserve currency indefinitely. When, not if it looses that position either slowly (at first) then accelerating its abandonment those dollars come home to roost. Even if they evaporated the cost of foreign goods would dramatically increase in the US. You can’t just create “money” and continue bullying the world into using it. You can’t re-approprate a nations gold and just ignore them. You can’t successfully install and re-install governmental leaders throughout the globe in an attempt at controlling the world to your liking.

          The above spells war one way or another. Maybe it starts with nation A stealing off nation B as the global cop has reduced his number. Maybe its a few other nations coming together to challenge omnipotent control. Most likely its a combination of the two. The war clouds are forming and empires don’t go down gracefully.

      32. prepper2morow

        After having read the posts I see here every day I wish I lived closer to almost all of you. If I did I would be sure of one thing, We all would not just survive, We and our children would thrive. Thanks to all for the info the jokes and the new things I learn every day. We will have to have a big cook out when its all over. Thank you all. Prep as best you can, Pray as best you can.

        • Kevin2


          If this goes down the world will be a very ugly place to be in. There are far too many ultra destructive weapons in global arsenals to add kayos, economic calamity and political instability into the mix. Its a recipe for disaster. Hitler types rise from the ashes of hardship. You better hope that they continue to kick the economic can down the road. Only a mad man would look forward to the big reset.

          • helot

            Better, “the big reset” than this ongoing bolesheet, Kevin2.

            I mean, just ask that girl who got killed by a Swat flash bang grenade while she slept in her living room.
            …Oh wait, you can’t.
            The next girl in-waiting like a bride to King Kong might be ok with “the big reset” to avoid the same fate?
            Yeesh, you sound like one of those people who think The Dark Ages was all dark,… when it wasn’t.
            The Crack-Up Boom will be more liberating than it will be a nightmare, imho. Especially in light of what we have now. The scary thing is, King Kong is going to thrash around for awhile in his police state until Humpty Dumpty falls off The Wall.

            • Kevin2

              We’re talking about Economic Collapse here. Only tyrants and mad men wish for such a thing.

              Are you so naive to think that Thomas Jefferson and company will spring up and resurrect the USA as it was meant to be? Those nasty powers that be will finance group against group and in the end you won’t be able to tell the players without a score card.

              The system is best straightened out through the system as best as we can. Demand civilian review boards over law enforcement and vote out anyone that is against it. There lay a start.

      33. David

        I can tell you if they grant amnesty and we have that many illegals I will be picking them off.

      34. fester

        E. B. O. L. A. = “Enjoy Barack Obama’s Legacy America!”

        • The Old Coach

          OOoooh, that’s gonna leave a mark !

          • durango kidd

            Yes, I just about shit my pants when I read it!!! Very good Fester!!! 🙂

      35. fester

        In an interview conducted in 2007, a prominent Russian scientist who defected to the United States told PBS Frontline that Ebola is just one of many genetically engineered bioweapons:

        Dr. Kanatjan Alibekov was the former First Deputy Director of Biopreparat from 1988 to 1992. Biopreparat was the Soviet Union’s biological weapons program. Alibekov defected from the Soviet Union and moved to Washington, DC in 1992… In the 70s and beginning of 80s the Soviet Union started developing new biological weapons — Marburg infection biological weapon, Ebola infection biological weapon, Machupo infection, [or] Bolivian hemorrhagic biological weapon, and some others.

        The U.S. Dept. of Defense mirrors all biological weapons developed by the Russians, of course. And as the theory goes, they need to be tested somewhere to see just how well they work. Why not target a bunch of rural Africans? After all, that’s what Pfizer did with its own vaccine experiments that killed African children.

        Africa has been the target for a LOT of things!


      36. God Soldier

        any one ever store 2 of each gu n they have that way if one breaks you have a back up for the ammo u have and also parts

        • The Old Coach

          Yes. Two is one, one is none. At least you need to stock spare parts kits. Extractors are a notoriously weak part in many guns. (Just ask me how I know.)

      37. TEST

        Incidentally, Dr. Lawrene Kotlikoff, now at Boston U, formerly Ass’t Treasury Dir. under Reagan (or something similar, google it if you want the exact title) says that if you take ALL the unfunded liabilities in the US, federal, state, municipal, private, etc., the total is now not $17 trillion, but $222 trillion. Just google his name and do your own research. Of course, the People’s Socialist Thugocracy of Illinois, where I live, is the EIGHTH most likely state, country or province in the world to default, according to credit default swaps data. Right behind Portugal at #7. Gotta luv that idiot socialism, eh!

        Now, mes ami, about the above. There are THREE, and only three, ways you can pay off that debt, assuming you are beyond growing your way out of it, which we are. You can a.) Print money; b.) raise taxes, or c.) cut services. While you can combine, there ARE no other options. And if you raise taxes yet more, you kill economic activity. If you cut services, all the leftist free lunchers whine and riot in the streets. So, you are left with a tendency to a., debase the currency as the primary vehicle. And of course, that is why they are FRANTIC to drive gold and silver down, and it exposes their game.

        Here is what that disgusting rat Keynes said about it all: “Lenin is said to have declared that the best way to destroy the capitalist system was to debauch the currency. By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. By this method they not only confiscate, but they confiscate arbitrarily; and, while the process impoverishes many, it actually enriches some.”

      38. Burt Gummer

        Picked up a 32″ Sony Trinitron tube tv for free today. Craigslist ad. Will be going into my bugout location. It will make life more enjoyable there without taking away money from preps. I also picked up a free shower door to use on a cold frame for growing cold tolerant veggies. Free is always within budget. I can’t see a $ collapse this year. obola would have to really pull a boneheaded stunt that pisses off the Chinese and Russians and cause them to shoot both barrels of their economic might. Is he that stupid? Forest Gump would say yes…”stupid is as stupid does”. obola has been stupid many times but gosh-darn inbred on crack stupid? Let’s hope not.

      39. helot

        Some people go on and on about GDP as if it’s ‘everything’ and a Mighty constant worthy of whoreship. I wonder, do they even stop and consider what percentage the GDP is made up of goobermint spending?

        I mean, if you take away goobermint spending from GDP, what are you left with? Pop Tarts for two?

        All that GDP is built upon a sand pile of QE.

        Dust in the Wind.

        • The Old Coach

          Govt is about 12% of GDP. Of that about half is magic printed money, (deficit spending).

          • JAKE

            Hey, old Coach,

            “Govt 12% OF GDP” ????

            Proof. !!

            You provide validity to the comment Check Your Facts.

              • dudedudedude

                So, one macro point John Williams probably knows is our economy is transitioning into a Government Economy. Instead of people spending money on innovation, houses, cars, gadgets, and personal entertainment; more and more will be spent on Government Endeavors. Sure, Government may choose to spend on phones and housing (and does!); but, the private sector is gradually attenuating and being replaced. So, government spending as a % of GDP will just go up and up. When would it stop? When it is so inefficient that people choose another way to use their money. For me, I think its already there. I think at least once a week how I can stop funding the blob. Haven’t figured anything out for me yet; but many people are leaving the USA in a search for more progressive countries.
                The USA Government is able to service itself through debt printing. The debt is so highly leveraged into stocks and commercial real-estate today that more creation of debt simply may not be able to be absorbed. Of course, the more they create, the less they owe from the past. So, we could have another 1, 10, or even 100 years of this system. If 1 year then the dollar crash. But, and more likely, continued high inflation for the consumer. I haven’t seen anyone list the event horizon point of no return where we do jump into that 100 year asymptotic hyper-inflation. I think most people here are saying a new bank of settlement will be non-dollar or at least basket of currencies and that will be deflationary for the dollar demand (high to hyper losses in dollar value). I think we are already here at the point of no return for the consumer. One good layoff or medical issue and you’re all but bankrupt these days. Cost of living is way too high.

      40. Frank Thoughts

        Big day for the dollar yesterday: the dollar’s enemies took a nasty hit.

        Hit #1: Head of French Total oil company and anti-dollar trade-loving-CEO dies in ‘freak’ accident at Russian airport as snowplow hits private jet. Looks like Igor was forced to drink too much vodka.

        Hit #2: Yuan-loving Brits have entire online bank payments system go down for 10 hours on Monday in major banking failure.

        • Kevin2

          Frank Thoughts

          Your post is indicative of the dire straights the powers that be are in maintaining the present system.

          When you have to overthrow and invade countries to maintain them using your money in international transactions your in big trouble. Its only a matter if time before this falls apart and the increasing frequency of using muscle in place of sound economic policy is a good indicator of the time remaining.

          If one didn’t know better (and I’m not too sure I do) you would think they took lessons off of Mafia bosses. “Nice place you got here, you wouldn’t want to see anything happen to it would you”? “Gold” “What gold”? “Forgetaboutit”.

          This is one hell of a way to run the world. Its guaranteed to be unsustainable.

      41. Check your Facts!

        These clowns here are dumber than rocks and they have no clue what is what. Their facts are fiction and their nonsense is pure fascism.

        The Fed is The Problem. And the government is the majority of this economy. The Fed is committing suicide as their pretend and extend is their last trick left. The Monetary Bubble of Last Resort is what has been occurring and the fact is the majority of the world has finally wised up and turned fully against the Fed and all it’s supporters. Much the same for the ECB, BOE, BOJ, and PBOC.
        Their all in a desperate attempt to keep borrowing their way out of far too much debt. It ends badly for all the clowns and no, real estate wont be any safe haven either as there wont be any safe havens in the most desperate times caused by our ruling elite idiots.

        After skimming through these posts it’s laughable how dimwitted and clueless these clowns truly are, especially the two biggest dim witted clueless government/fed trolls.

        Are these government troll jobs that have you posting this nonsense here the only way you clowns can make a living anymore? …Yea, I thought so.

        Just as well, the Great Purge is about to begin, and it might as well begin with the clowns here!

        The gig is up, and your all going down for the count.

        The Fed and Central Banking is dying. Only Nationalizing the central banks and issuing debt free currencies are viable, sustainable, long term solutions.

        Today, and for quite some time, the US Government is the vast majority of the national economy. From trillions is direct corporate welfare, to trillions in middle and upper class welfare, to the SP500 fully dependent on massive government spending for their profits, to government already directly and indirectly retaining the majority of US workers it’s painfully apparent the dim witted clowns here have nary any clue what so ever. Of course that is what happens when government shill and trolls post here to attempt to rein in the hordes of confused and scared masses that already sense things are fully out of control, but aren’t privy to the facts. And here you buttheads come and lie to all this clueless unwashed with one lie after another.

        By all means: Fight the Fed. End the Fed. Abolish the Fed.
        Already the fed is almost dead, dead, dead, and it’s taking everyone else down with it.

        Okay dimwits: How much does the USA spend each year in just interest payments to the Fed?

        Answer: almost half a trillion dollars per year, and that will rapidly keep rising until it overwhelms the current monetary system and thus destroys it. You idiots.

        To look at the fiction by the trolls here is laughable to the extreme.

        • JAKE


          Old coach has a post ahead of yours that validates your assertion.

      42. RICH99

        We are coming in on the end game we are in the end game …..I’ve heard it all and it’s IDIOCY !!!
        NOBODY knows shit and if they did , they would be dead already ….all the rest are controlled opposition !!!

      43. 41MagMan

        “I can’t give you good reason for why the stock market is as high as it is.”

        Of course you can, Mr. Williams. You are a FAR better economist than I am and even I know that the Fed has levitated this market via printing several trillions of dollars out of thin air and dumping that currency into the banking system. A good part of this money has made its way into the US stock market, much of it from companies borrowing money on the cheap and buying back their stock. This reduces the share float and raises their earnings per share, which makes their investors happy. In short, this market has been massively inflated by Fed policies.

        “Ayn Rand once said that we can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of reality.”

        No, what Ayn Rand said was, “We can ignore reality but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality”.

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