Lawyer: Monsanto Bullied Scientists And Hid Weedkiller’s Cancer Risks

by | Jul 10, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 26 comments

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    A lawyer on Monday argued that Roundup creator Monsanto hid the cancer-causing effects of their weedkiller and bullied scientists into making claims it was safe. In a landmark lawsuit against the global chemical corporation, the lawyer didn’t hold back in his accusations against Monsanto.

    “Monsanto has specifically gone out of its way to bully … and to fight independent researchers,” said the attorney Brent Wisner, who presented internal Monsanto emails that he said showed how the agrochemical company rejected critical research and expert warnings over the years while pursuing and helping to write favorable analyses of their products. “They fought science,” added Wisner, who is representing Dwayne Johnson.  Johnson alleges Monsanto is to blame for the cancer that has been aggressively spreading throughout his entire body.

    According to The Guardian, Johnson (also known as Lee) is a father of three and a former school groundskeeper, who doctors say may have just mere months to live. He is the first person to take Monsanto to trial over allegations that the chemical sold under the Roundup brand is linked to cancer although thousands have made similar legal claims across the United States.  This lawsuit focuses on the chemical glyphosate, the world’s most widely used herbicide, which Monsanto began marketing as Roundup in 1974.  The company began by presenting it as a “technological breakthrough” that could kill almost every weed without harming humans or the environment.

    Monsanto lawyer George Lombardi alleged that the body of research over the past decades was on the company’s side. “The scientific evidence is overwhelming that glyphosate-based products do not cause cancer and did not cause Mr. Johnson’s cancer,” Lombardi claimed in his opening statements.

    Unfortunately for Lombardi, many studies have shown his statements as fallacious. There is a mountain of scientific data working against Monsanto, including a 2015 declaration by the World Health Organization’s international agency for research on cancer (IARC), which classified glyphosate as “probably carcinogenic to humans.”  Carcinogenic means “potentially cancer-causing.”

    Johnson worked as a groundskeeper for the school district in Benicia, just north of San Francisco, in California. He was responsible for applying the weedkiller Roundup, Monsanto’s glyphosate product to the grounds.   According to The Guardian, lawyers for Johnson showed the jury photos of lesions and rashes on Johnson’s skin after he was regularly exposed to the chemical. Johnson was eventually diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) in 2014, at age of 42. “The simple fact is he’s going to die. It’s just a matter of time,” Wisner said in court. “Between now and then, it’s just nothing but pain.”

    A strategic corporate document also revealed Monsanto’s public relations plan to “orchestrate outcry” in advance of the IARC glyphosate classification, Wisner told the jury.

    Wisner further cited Monsanto emails from decades prior, in which the company was working with a genotoxicity expert who reviewed a series of 1990s studies. He raised concerns about Roundup impacts on humans and suggested further areas of research. After the expert’s analyses, Monsanto representatives began considering finding a different expert and also started working on a press statement saying the product carried no risk, according to Johnson’s lawyer.

    Wisner also read documents that he said showed how Monsanto strategized plans to “ghostwrite” favorable research.The Guardian

    The lawyer for Monsanto disputes the claims saying Wisner is “cherrypicking” studies in favor of his client. Regardless of the outcome, however, Wisner said, “so much of what Monsanto has worked to keep secret is coming out.” Hopefully, the public will soon know just how dangerous glyphosate can be so people can be effectively warned before using it.



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      1. “hid the cancer-causing effects of their weedkiller and bullied scientists into making claims it was safe.”

        But but, when you’re the imbecile left, what scientists say is gospel.

        Anyone else hear about that ‘peer review’ scandal? Lots of plagiarism and such and over 40K ‘peer reviewed’ papers prolly aren’t worth the paper written on.

        • Remember this the next time the imbecile left screams ‘Globull Warming’ at you.

          • This isn’t a left / right issue, its a corruption issue which includes them all. Supposed self described “conservatives’ are as guilty as sin allowing business to “flourish” in as unregulated environment as possible. In approximately 1871 or thereabouts corporations got legal standing as an individual and are therefore protected accordingly by the Bill Of Rights. Interestingly on occasion the Corporation is charged with and convicted of a felony. Apparently the Corporation makes these criminal decisions and carries them out without human intervention because the CEO, CFO, President, VP, and everyone else is not charged and therefore not convicted. The Corporation can’t go behind bars as they have a get out of jail card that flies in the face of “Equal Protection Under The Law”. Some are just more “Equal” than others. Its would be utterly laughable if its repercussions weren’t so tragic.

            • Corporations are NOT people. Nor is those that serve within the justice system given the authority to “interpret” the US Constitution.

              The US Constitution means exactly what it meant when written, and if someone is too “dumbed down” to know what it means they only have to look it up. The writings of the time show us exactly what is meant. This is just usurpation on the part of those who serve within our governments. BTW, there is no immunity for anyone who SERVES within our governments – state and/or federal, nor can those that serve within our governments give out “immunity”.

              Thomas Jefferson: “…To consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions is a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy. Our judges are as honest as other men and not more so. They have with others the same passions for party, for power, and the privilege of their corps… The Constitution has erected no such tribunal, knowing that to whatever hands confided, with the corruption of time and party, its members would become despots….”

              “James Madison: “But it is objected, that the judicial authority is to be regarded as the sole expositor of the Constitution in the last resort;”

              John Marshall: Opinion as Chief Justice in Marbury vs. Madison, 1802: “The particular phraseology of the Constitution of the United States confirms and strengthens the principle, supposed to be essential to all written constitutions, that a law repugnant to the Constitution is void; and that courts, as well as other departments, are bound by that instrument.”

              Consider, how could the courts “interpret” the document to which they are bound to by Oath and position to follow?

              • Cal

                While I agree with you unfortunately the courts do not. For legal purposes a Corporation is a person and has been since approximately 1871.

                • Monsanto Should be charged with Fraud that harmed human health, and fined like BP in the Gulf oil platform spill. They knew, and with full intent poisoned Americans with their toxic filth. $20-$25 Billion in direct fines amd another $20 Billion in compensation for damages for victims/Farmers. And for the board of directors of the Monsanto Corp prison time 20 years. Its the 20/20/20 settlement.

                  The FDA is a sham government agency.

            • Kevin2,

              You are referring to the treasonous Act of 1871. It was done to settle debts incurred by the American Civil War. Bankers fund every war, and they also reap the benefits of rebuilding the after the destruction. That was also when the US became fascist.

              I also agree that corporations are just as damaging to our freedom as a large government. “We shall learn the lesson from England and we shall crush corporate aristocracy in its infancy as it bids defiance to our laws and already challenges our government to a trial by strength.” Thomas Jefferson.

        • What a typical sheeple you are,we have at least two types,the liberal one,that you complain and the ‘conservative sheeple that YOu are,both are deadly and unknowingly worship the same SATAN,that control both parties,both type of sheeple,etc.wake up and lrear the truth: thekhazarianmafia

        • Good link, thanks

        • JRS..I don’t believe the truth of who killed Seth Rich will ever see the light of day. Just like the two boys in Arkansas who were said to have been hit by a train after it was proven they were already dead and placed on the tracks after their murders. In other words a Clinton special happenstance like a long list of other deaths covered up.

        • JRS.. not just conservative content but any alternate health related content outside of the establishment stranglehold plus discussions on anything Nikola Tesla.

      2. The Monsanto family made their fortune on slavery.

        They were the biggest slave traders in Louisiana.

        Now, they still make money off the misery of others.

        The name Monsanto is a fake, a fraud, a deception and a lie.

        Round-up poison. GMO poison.

        Cancer, death, destruction of the natural balance of Nature.

        “Warning before you use Round-up”. Recall it. Destroy it. Put Monsanto on trial for murder.

        Then hang em. It’s a start.


      3. I am in the sleazy, corrupt, disgusting “Health Care” Business, where I make a lot of money, and nothing about this surprises me.

        F the public. F health. The FDA (and all parts of the gov.) are controlled by Big Pharm, BCBS, etc. They are.

        If I wasn’t making so much money ($500,000+/year) with this sleaze, I would get a real job, like owning a sports bar and selling alcohol to young people, especially the chicks at the bar.

      4. I use Honcho(same as Roundup) to keep weeds off my buildings,fences, and water tanks. I keep records on where I spray and how much I use. Just in case I ever develop a problem with the chemical, but I don’t believe I will ever have a problem as I don’t drink or inhale the poison.
        I view this to be like DDT that was wrongly banned on the basis of some eco-nuts beliefs and pseudo science. It has since been determined DDT is not as bad as believed, but since eco-nuts can never be questioned, millions continue to die due to mosquito borne diseases.
        I do not trust corporations, but I trust eco-nuts even less. Corporations are looking to their bottom line, so you know to be on your guard. Eco-nut are practicing their religion and are as dangerous as Moslems, they are happy to kill you as their gods command.

      5. What could go wring with 2 judges siting on the Supreme Court who used to be Monsanto lawyers…?

      6. Law suits, law suits, law suits, they never end, everything causes cancer. There is just one thing lower than Monsanto, and that’s a Lawyer. Yes law suits have protected us from faulty and defective products, but they have removed some very good and effective products. So just remember the next time you complain about government regulations, most were brought on by Law Suits, to many to name here. My very own favorite is whenever I try to get gas out of one of my stored gas containers and I have to push down some stupid little gadget to get the gas to come out. Trekker Out

      7. Dirtiest dozen list of Monsanto products: #1 Saccharin, cancer in test rats and mice, still found in products eaten today, drinks, candies cookies medicines gum fruit spreads toothpaste. #2 PCB’s chlorinated hydrocarbons, banned in 1979 still found in pregnant women’s blood. #3 Polystyrene non-biodegradable responsible for most total hazardous waste worldwide. #4 Nuclear weapons, played a key role in the Manhatten project that produced the first atomic bombs for WW2. #5 DDT banned in 1972 causes liver and other damage, still found in soils and waterways. #6 Dioxin one of the most toxic chemicals known to science, a cancer hazard to humans and found in meat and dairy products due to how integrated within the food chain. #7 Agent Orange chemicals can still be found in herbicides used today, said to be responsible for 400,000 deaths and 500,000 birth defects. #8 Petroleum-based fertilizers Monsanto involved in 1955 after buying a major oil refinery, destroys beneficial soil micro-organisms, sterilize the soil making it fully dependent on an external stimulant to produce. #9 Roundup interferes with mammalian hormonal systems. These disruptors can cause development disorders, birth defects and cancerous tumors. Found in groundwater, soil, streams and even in the air. #10 Aspartame brain damage at any dose toxic sweetener still widely used in diet sodas, yogurts, gum, sauces, drink powders and much more. #11 rBGH injected into dairy cows to produce more milk raises level of pus, antibiotic residues and a cancer accelerating hormone called IGF-1 linked to breast, colon and prostate cancer in humans, injected into cows every other week. #12 GMO’s liver damage and severe hormonal disruption, prevent in sugar beets, potatoes, corn, tomatoes, squash, golden rice, soybeans, salmon and animal feeds, liver/kidney damage and severe hormonal disruption.

        • I guess you live in the stone age.
          You have mentioned just about everything
          we can’t avoid in todays society.
          I’m healthy and 62+ plus years old.
          My mother is still alive.
          I drink too much beer and don’t exercise as
          much as I should. I raise my own cattle,
          my own chickens, and pigs. I have a garden,
          and I have used the chemical in Roundup
          for some weed killing for many years now.
          SO2 saturates the air where I live, as I
          live on catchment my water is slightly acidic.
          The fu cking sky is falling!
          I’d worry more about the dangerous government
          than the thousands of chemicals we get
          exposed to on a daily basis. The government
          is more likely to kill you, than the gallons
          of MEK I have in my shop.

          • Thank you. It is awesome to find someone thinking for themselves and not jumping on the “corporations are out to kill us all” bandwagon. This whole Roundup brouhaha reminds me of the lemmings video and Rachel Carson’s big lie about DDT. To this day people believe lemmings jump to their watery deaths and the DDT caused the decline of bird populations due to thinner egg shells. DDT was one of the greatest lifesaving chemicals because of the diminished vector population. More people are die in Africa from mosquito bite infections than from wars. I tried the vinegar-epsom salt-Dawn mixture to kill weeds and finally gave up and bought some good old Round Up.

      8. NOT EVEN Monsanto’s OWN EMPLOYEES will have their company’s genetically MODIFIED food in their own CAFETERIA!!!

        What’s THAT say?

        And their genetically modified food when fed to LAB rats causes GROTESQUE tumors in them. Check out the pics online.

        The Department of Justice needs to see if they can be prosecuted for their modifying God’s good seed into a devilish (destructive/evil!) product as well as their bullying.

        Bullying can never be tolerated. It must be ANSWERED with the force of the law.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • Which law?
          There is one for us and one for them.

          • Sad to say many people believe their own fantasies,if you really believe that the world is about to end as we know it, by all means stock up on some Heirloom seeds. But in today’s world we have a “few countries” where famines are a everyday fact of life, but just go ahead and eliminate herbicides and insecticides and hybrid seeds and watch the “whole world” fall into a famine like never witnessed before. The United States is the worlds bread basket and that is due to technology in farming. We have farms that produce 200 to 300 bushels of corn per acre and before Hybrid seed most was in the neighborhood of 30 to 70 bushel per acre and at that rate we wouldn’t even be able to feed ourselves much less the rest of the world. God gave us a brain to be able to cope with our needs, so we must use good management and new methods or we’ll all starve together. Trekker Out

      9. Governments need rules to keep in check their immense power and so do corporations. Regulating their behavior, holding individuals within their organization criminally liable for breaking the law isn’t communist, its realist.

        It matters little if the boot on your throat contains a communist or fascist foot.

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