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    This article was contributed by The Wealth Research Group.

    Imagine having a rally car, like a smaller-category Ford Fiesta, on the starting line. Right next to it, imagine a semi-trailer truck, with more wheels, a much bigger engine, and more horsepower. Now, imagine that the little Ford Fiesta gets installed with the same engine as the semi-trailer, so they’re both racing with the same amount of horsepower. If they both press the pedal to the metal at the same moment, the Fiesta will fly out of the gate much more aggressively than the semi-trailer truck will.

    Being more nimble and much lighter, it can race ahead much faster than its heavy opponent. Economic recessions make the velocity of currency stall. It makes it so that the semi-trailer and the tiny Fiesta hit a wall (semi-truck being a large business and Ford Fiesta representing a small business). Once the impact is felt, the survival rate of the truck driver is higher and the damage done to him is far less harmful than the fatal wounds inflicted upon the driver of the little Fiesta. If both survive, though, and are bailed out of the mess by fixing all of their issues, the first few seconds of the race will clearly be won by the Ford Fiesta since it’s built to shoot with speed from the starting line.

    If the engineers feel that the damage to it was severe, they may over-repair it, installing an engine that doesn’t fit a small car, but a truck. They may have good intentions, but their error in judgment will lead to many issues down the road.

    The pandemic was that wall. Both large businesses (semi-trailer trucks) and small businesses (Ford Fiesta rally cars) hit it simultaneously. Some trucks not only did not hit the wall but blasted through it, showing how strong they were (Amazon, Walmart, and other “shutdown winners”). Some smaller cars used that hole in the brick wall and passed through it, after the semi-trailers paved the way (Zoom, DocuSign, and the like). These not only did not get hurt by the recessionary wall; they got much stronger, since their competition totaled their cars, so to speak. Walls are not fair, nor are recessions. Some are able to go above them, under them, around them, or right through them, while others get wrecked. The pandemic wasn’t “fair” towards many businesses and it changed our world; no need denying that.

    Because engineers, firefighters, mechanics, and rescue (governments and central banks) rushed to the scene immediately, the atmosphere of panic and disaster soon changed into hope and faith. Drivers imagined their cars going back on the road, better than ever (stock markets bounced fast in late March, rallied, and even entered euphoric valuations), all as cars were mostly still getting fixed, replaced, or totally renovated.

    This metaphor is analogous to what has transpired thus far. The Republicans didn’t believe the wall was necessary, while the Democrats thought that this was one of the best ideas since the wall was put there, in order to stop the cars from potentially going over a cliff.

    In the end, a few of the mechanics invented a seemingly great solution, a sensor that is aimed at clearing all future walls of this sort (vaccine), but many don’t trust the sensor and don’t want their vehicle to be wired with it. It’s important to remember that governments put the wall where it is. The wall represents the lockdowns and the shutdown.

    To sum up our current situation, most cars (both large and small businesses) are in the final stages of getting their oil changed and their tires pumped with air; they’re almost ready to hit the road again.

    From the point of standing still, the smaller cars obviously are better suited to get a better start. These “cars” are metaphorical to cyclical businesses, such as commodities, banks, and other industries, which were most hit and now have fresh legs, like hospitality, tourism, and retail stores.

    These drivers haven’t been on the road in so long that they may push the gas pedal too much (an analogy for inflation).

    2021 is not the reflation year; it is the inflation year and the starting gun will be the 2nd stimulus plan, which we expect to be announced in December, but more likely in January.

    Right now, speculators can conjure up any scenario they want, but anyone who has ever seen what happens when the police stop traffic and then start it up again knows that they race out of there.

    I expect inflation. I expect the next few weeks to feel like a double-dip recession, but come March, I expect gold to go north, north, north.


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      1. Stupid article – Idk why I waste my time even coming back here. Over the last 5 years your car has been in a slow motion car wreck.

      2. well ok but if that fiesta isn’t fitted with what say a Detroit 12 speed tranny …that big ass 550hp diesel engine is going to shred that little sideways mounted “Figure On Repairs Daily” 5 speed stock transmission ….copy?

        So ok fine let’s say some redneck figures out a way to do that.
        now we’re talking pulling power competition ok well the big rig gets the jump strait off the red line. WHY ? wheel ratio son wheel ratio.
        ok so say the little ford la chucaracha starts to catch up
        simple – the big rig pulls a walmart maneuver and crushes the competition …end of story.


        A truck driver stopped at a roadside diner for lunch and ordered a cheeseburger, coffee and a slice of apple pie. As he was about to eat, three bikers walked in.

        One grabbed the trucker’s cheeseburger and took a huge bite from it. The second one drank the trucker’s coffee, and the third wolfed down his apple pie. The truck driver didn’t say a word as he paid the waitress and left.

        As the waitress walked up, one of the motorcyclists growled, “He ain’t much of a man, is he?”

        “He’s not much of a driver, either,” the waitress replied. “He just backed his 18-wheeler over three motorcycles.”

      3. STOOPUD! Amazon, for instance, is a great big scheistwagen, based upon (peasants and paupers) utilizing a small rectangular piece of plastic slinging electrical impulse from server to server and declaring “I just bought that…..”. This is not value, productivity, progress. We have become just so many consumers – of finite resources, and it’s coming to an end. Period. Amazon is a huge hologram, and no matter how enormous you project the hologram, it has no substance, density, or stored potential energy to “punch through a brick wall”. Bonerezos Amazon at the end of the day is ‘what’, exactly? A bunch of warehouse floor, a huge fleet of fuel gobbling vehicles distributing a huge pile of shiny plastic shit (made in China) to a huge pile of sloth, insoucient Hell bent Amuricans. America – a great big NOTHINGBURGER. Why? When we can only produce 5 million barrels of oil per day domestically (and consume 20 – 22 million barrels per day in abjectly wasteful endeavour like mowing the grass and driving “to work”) you know your time is up…. Paka paka!!

        • Amazon, for instance, is a great big scheistwagen, based upon (peasants and paupers) utilizing a small rectangular piece of plastic slinging electrical impulse from server to server and declaring “I just bought that….

          and where do you buy your chingy changy big shot?

      4. Where the hell has this guy been? We’ve had inflation for awhile. Bought a car lately? A pair of shoes? Been to the grocery store? If the price hasn’t gone up the size got smaller. What did you pay for dinner at any restaurant lately. The only thing that hasn’t gone up is gas. Wait til “Green New Deal” Biden gets in. Inflated gas prices, inflated taxes ……..

      5. I have been at it for 25 years now and learned a lot, many times by mistakes. On the topic of fuel, I have used gas 5 years old. The thing to do is treat it with Pri-G gas stabilizer, retreat it every year until you use it. DO NOT use STABIL! It doesn’t last near as long and is 50X more expensive per gallon treated. A quart of Pri-G treats 520 gallons for 1 year… A quart of Stabil treats 90 gallons for 3 months.

        On the topic of power, solar is dirt cheap right now. Don’t buy those “backup solar generator” type thing they are virtually useless and EXTREMELY overpriced. Check out Craigslist for great deals on new or used panels. Ebay has cheap panels with free shipping too and cheap charge controllers and inverters. Making your own system is a LOT cheaper and you can add batteries/panels/ controllers to match what you will really need. Be sure to use the correct size wiring…. DC uses much bigger wire than 110 house power does. If you fail to wire it right you will have poor performance and my start a fire. Buy batteries locally, 6 volt golf cart batteries are better than 12 volt marine batteries for longevity and performance.
        There are a lot of resources online on how to setup a solar system. Many companies offer advice and or have pages on setup. One thing that is nice to have is an inverter that also charges batteries. If it is cloudy and you need power you can charge your batteries through the inverter with a generator. You can pretty well charge a 1200ah bank in around an hour. If you don’t have the money for a whole system you can get the inverter/charger and batteries and charge them with a generator. This way you cut way back on the use of the generator and you can add solar panels as you have the funds. Hope this helps.

      6. The last time I walked around the ‘hood, they were advertising one bedroom apartments for a million. So, inflation it is.

        I am old enough to remember the 1970s. All the war, debt and goodies for blacks had to be paid for and that was through inflation. Candy bars went from 5 cents to 15 cents and then 50 cents, before ending up at a buck.

        Vast amounts of wealth has to be transferred to the angry blacks and so that can only come about through inflation. Huge amounts of inflation. And just like the 70s, those dudes are going to get horny with all the free money and rape, steal and murder until people can’t take it anymore, and they vote in a right-wing Republican again to clean it all up.

      7. I can speak to the issue of wholly ‘Off-grid’ systems directly.
        In the time since me and mine departed for the GWN (Great White North) we have established 4 primary ‘mini-towns’ consisting of multiple of our families and numerous ‘outback’ remote stations associated with the need to manage livestock, conduct trapping and fishing activities.
        Every facility we’ve constructed has – over time – become fully equipped with full electrical functionality via various methods including, Diesel generators (FAR and away the best long term generation solution; gasoline based generators simply cannot bear the strain of extended use, high load for any significant period…more on that later), Solar, and at two of our remote sites, Hydro also.
        The back bone component of our various systems is the AIMSCORP 12KW Pure Sine units. Those are capable of continuous, sustained delivery of the full rating indefinitely. But also, those are capable of excursions (transiently) far in excess of that rating; 24KW for two minutes, 36KW for 30 seconds. I advise also that if your intent is to be fully off-grid then consider only the 48V (nominal) variants, as the roundtrip efficiency of those are vastly higher than the lower voltage versions…specifically the relative efficiencies involved are 12V – approx 42%, 24V – roughly 72%, but the 48V units typically exhibit efficiency well above 90%. When you’re compelled to feed fuel ($$$) the difference is stark.Those can be researched at aimscorp dot net in fullness.
        There – as well – you’ll want to examine their 200 Amp-Hr, 12 Volt Vision 2000 battery’s which are – IMHO – possibly the best and most transportable offerings available on the market. To be sure our primary, central homestead has been switched over to a pair of very large Fork-lift batteries of the 48 volt persuasion, having roughly 2800 AMP-Hr storage capacity. Given the rough character of transport in and out of our location transporting those in was a FORMIDABLE task; each weighs in excess of 3200 lbs.
        Our Diesels vary in size (all are surplus Military units, low elapsed hours) between 10KW and 30KW and ALL are of the MEP-xxxa variant. Anyone considering obtaining such, be warned; ONLY the ‘a’ variant is useful…single phase, 120/240V!!
        The ‘b’ variant IS fundamentally 3 phase and while individual legs will yield fully acceptable 120V functionality you cannot employ those as a substitute for anything requiring 240V short of purchasing an exorbitantly expensive 3 phase to single phase converter transformer. Additionally, the inability to access 240V direct will effectively de-rate the generator; you will NOT be able to draw the gen’s full rating through the three 120V taps. Period.
        We have two large Solar arrays in operation; each consisting of 27 Jinko 400 Watt panels mounted on H-Fang dual axis Slew drives (the HEAVY DUTY Industrial versions, capable supporting about 67,000 lbs static load) which being BLDC worm gear driven units DO require an intermediary Hall Sensor aware controller which is then directed by the actual Solar Tracker module. A word to the Wise here; IF your panel area amounts to more than 100 sq ft you will need to obtain a Tracker module which has an associated Anemometer (measures wind speed) AND the internal logic to direct the array into emergency ‘table top’ position should high winds occur.
        Returning to the battery issue there is an article you will absolutely wish to acquire. The expense of the larger battery systems is horrifying high and naturally you’ll want to get MAX LIFE/utilization from those. To that end, traipse over to pulsetech dot com and look up the system specific variety of ‘Power Pulse unit…either 12V, 24V or 48V and strap that into your system. If utilized properly, your battery pile will see an extension of it’s life ranging between 300-500%. During the first year of operating our initial installation we installed those and my batteries are virtually as good as the day they were purchased, FWIW.
        In employing those (which use miniscule amounts if power in accomplishing their effect) you MUST install a On/Off switch inline with those modules; they draw their operating power FROM the batteries they are attached TO. If you leave for any protracted period they WILL remain in operation thus slowly draining the pile…possibly to the point of damage. Be so warned.
        In order to adequately regulate power being transferred from the Solar array into your pile (and thus not destroying it utterly) you must employ a Solar Charge controller. Two types of those exist; the PWM variant and the MPPT version. For anything larger thsna few hundred watts you will want to acquire the latter, NOT the former for a wide variety of reasons. Both our arrays consist of 3 each Epever 10420AN controllers, each currently serving 9 panels arranged as a 3×3 grid. The model I specify is fully capable of managing (even in extreme cold) 12 panels per controller arranged as a 3×4 grid – 4 parallel strings of three panels per string (series)…thus giving us further expansion room beyond the near 11,000 watt each array currently provides to us.
        Naturally, this subject can be explored in FAR greater depth than I’ve treated here, should any questions arise feel free to post those and I’ll endeavor to answer any and all.

        Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving…each and everyone.
        JOG, AKA Yu-No-Hu

      8. Heaven forbid we criticize the article itself here. My how the times have changed.

      9. With all due respect to well-intentioned conservatives —

        Do you have an “opportunity zone”. Look at the crime map.

        Do you have DACA’s. You’ll know where the red line was drawn, when you cross the right street.

        No conscientious person will need to guess and second guess. You will know it, when you see it. Flatly.

        I have always thought it would be ironic, if they just locked that Black Friday crowd, inside, and they had a Camp Katrina. Did any of that happen, this year, or was it always within the city’s control.

      10. And what exact set of engine mounts would the Fiesta need to support a semi engine?

      11. From an engineering perspective. The entire Ford Fiesta weighs about the same as the semi-truck diesel motor. It is doubtful the car-frame, suspension, drive-train, tires, etc. would be sufficiently robust; even if you could cram that large engine into the Ford Fiesta engine well.

        It’s a fun thought, I just hope some Demonrat doesn’t go to the expense of trying the experiment. Aw hell, who cares !!!

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