LAPD Shooting: The New Michael Brown?

by | Mar 2, 2015 | Headline News | 137 comments

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    Despite circumstances surrounding the incident remaining unclear, the shooting of a homeless man by LAPD officers yesterday has been seized upon by some as the latest Michael Brown-style social justice campaign.

    The victim, know only by his nickname ‘Africa’, was shot and killed on the city’s Skid Row after officers say he tried to grab their weapons. The incident was captured on a low quality video recording.

    Witnesses said the man punched and kicked officers as they tried to arrest him, before reaching for one of their firearms.

    This appears to be backed up by the audio of the incident, with officers heard to say, “drop the gun” and “he has my gun” before the fatal shots are fired.

    However, just as in the Michael Brown case, other eyewitnesses contradicted this account, claiming that the officers merely chose to execute the man because he was struggling.

    “He didn’t have no weapon, they just shot him,” Yolanda Young, told KTTV. “They could have just wrestled him down and took him to jail, but they shot him five times.”

    “When they couldn’t apprehend him, that’s when they backed up and just started shooting. Pow, pow, pow, pow. There was five of them. They could have apprehended him,” said another witness, Ceola Waddell.

    Early facts about the incident suggest that the victim of the shooting was acting violently and that his behavior was a key factor in his death. ‘Africa’ was witnessed to have been fighting with another homeless man before police arrived. Reports that one officer was wearing a body camera during the struggle may be able to clear up whether the man reached for a weapon.

    In the case of Michael Brown, it took autopsy and ballistics evidence to prove that Brown did indeed likely reach for Officer Darren Wilson’s gun during the encounter last summer and almost certainly did not have his “hands up” when Wilson fired the fatal shots.

    However, before waiting for the dust to settle and the facts to emerge, many of the same people who ignored or twisted the preponderance of evidence in the Michael Brown shooting are back on the scene to spin the same narrative of an unarmed black man being summarily executed by police.

    As we repeatedly documented during the height of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement late last year, activists seemed intent on highlighting cases which were ambiguous at best or ones where a lethal response by police was clearly justified, such as an incident just before Christmas where Antonio Martin was shot dead by a St. Louis cop after the teen pointed a loaded gun at the officer’s head.

    This only served to discredit legitimate opposition to the genuine problem of police brutality. The ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement lost even more credibility when protesters started harassing white people, including children, in restaurants and shopping malls.

    We report on innumerable examples of unjustified police brutality almost every single day, yet segments of the racially charged left routinely obsess on incidents where the victims are black people, even though in most cases, such as Michael Brown and Antonio Martin, those killings appear to be justified.

    The problem of police brutality will not be resolved by jumping to conclusions just because they fit into the pre-defined narrative which has been pushed by the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, especially when such cases eventually prove to discredit that very narrative.

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      1. “the cops acted stupidly” Barack

        • Fort Apache, the L.A. killing fields.

          • I hate to say this, because I tend to think of myself as open minded, but it’s hard not to be slightly racist when this happens. If white people did the same thing it’s bad. Ok let’s say no black person has to work, they all get benefits, would that be racist? Yes, because they are not given the same chance to work as a white person. Would they riot? I cannot say. Same thing with the Femenazis. No matter what you do, they want the opposite. I hate being only 19 and thinking like I am 50. Anyways Johnny In Mt is done here.

        • This is what happens when you try to fist fight a cop that’s prob never been in a fist fight before. HE WENT FOR MY GUN!!!! Click Click, bang bang X20. The news reports he was black or homeless, nobody gives a shit and the murderer goes free. Only in America.


          • ERIC FREIN


              • _______________________________
                your name here

                • I may believe this if it weren’t for the fact that cops always cry “he’s grabbing my gun” and then either beat the victim senseless or kill them outright. Then, they have evidence by eye witnesses and audio that there was an “attempt” at their piece. Old trick, covering their murdering asses.

                  Ain’t buying it. If they guy put up a struggle, is that worth killing him over? If I killed a man for every fist fight I’ve been in, I be up there with Hitler in terms of murder. Why do cops always think that they are above the common man? Our “rules” don’t apply to them. that day is coming to and end.

                  • Exact same thing happened here in my town about ten year ago. Three cops had a 19 year old white kid in handcuffs with his hands BEHIND his back. About 0130 or so in the front yard of his parents house. His mother and sister were only yards away and could see and hear it all. One cop yelled “He’s got my gun!!” and while all three held the kid one of the cops pulled his pistol and put the gun against the kids head and fired a bullet through his head. It was done intently so as to not hit the other two cops. The state coroner examined the body and ruled it a HOMOCIDE but…oh no…the cops are NEVER guilty of crimes they commit. So the D.A. never charged any of the cops with anything. The city cops re-enacted the scene three times and video recorded it and could NEVER show how the kid did what they say he did. State coroner’s report shows absolutely no fingerprints or DNA from the kid on any of the cops weapons or duty belts. The MURDERED him and got away with it. Parents sued and won 1.7 million…whoop de doo! One of the three murderers committed suicide a few years ago on Thanksgiving….probably because the guilt got to him after 6 or so years of murdering the kid. Cops are criminals with badges. PERIOD!

          • Richard, I watched the vide on another website earlier and the bum was definitely putting up a fight. If someone was trying to get my weapon from me, I would waste his stupid ass. I have to stand up FOR the cops on this one. Especially after hearing that so-called “social justice activists” are already telling bald-face lies about the incident before the officers even get suspended and investigated. You play with fire, you will get burned. You can go to the bank on that.

            • So the ‘red-thumb brigade’ FINALLY responded? Must have been asleep. That’s OK. Bring it on. I stand by my statements.

            • Texas Town Experiences 61% Drop in Crime After Firing Their Police Department

              ht tp://

              • I wonder if it is a real drop in crime or a skewed number because there is no one to report the crime to.

                • probably because the cops that were committing the crimes in that area had to get hired by a new dept to commit their crimes in another area or district, or city

                  yeah i know it was a smart ass remark, i wouldnt want to let my friends down getting out of character

            • idiots like you are the reason i decided to shoot on site after the SHTF

        • This is why we prep.

          I could give a fuck about the justifiability of the shooting.

          The only thing preppers need to see is the swiftness and indifference that blue man does the deed with. That right there shows you how to deal with fucking pork after the ballon goes up.

          Still want to donate to FOP you stupid old wrinkled fuckers? “Troopers are you best protection.” You brainless fucking retards.

          • Acid, this “old fart” says YOU’RE the ‘brainless f#$%ing retard’, so go suck an egg.

          • You call everybody that disagrees with you a name Acid? give it a rest,you degrade your remarks with the name calling. You’ve been reading Sal Alinsky too much!

          • Acid are you trying to be me? It’ll take more than your lame insults Cupcake.

          • Every one wants to bad mouth acid but I think he is both hillarious and accurate. Acid I’ll buy you a whisky

        • Except obummer has a “get out of trouble free” race card he can play.

          “This appears to be backed up by the audio of the incident, with officers heard to say, “drop the gun” and “he has my gun” before the fatal shots are fired.”

          THIS IS PSYCHOLOGY 101. Why do they train cops to say that loudly? Because it plants a SEED in the minds of everyone nearby. SOME PEOPLE will actually imagine that that’s what they think they saw. They often believe it and stick to it. Here’s a true story:

          I personally saw this at play at a car accident that I was witness to. What people thought they heard before the police got there, made them literally ID the wrong person as the driver of the vehicle that caused the accident.

          I refused to go along with the consensus, because I saw who exited the driver’s seat. The police originally cited ME with a citation for “hindering prosecution”.

          Apparently, the person they wanted to be the driver, was revoked and had a very bad record, but the true driver had a clean record. The police claimed I was protecting the revoked driver because they thought I must have known him.

          It went that far, because witnesses convinced themselves that they saw something they didn’t. My ticket was dismissed eventually.

          The same thing may account for the wide discrepancy in witness accounts in this case.

          Police themselves cause that discrepancy by yelling things like “he’s got my gun”, even though he may not have. But just hearing it said during an obscure tussle is enough to convince some people they saw something that didn’t happen.

          Witness accounts are often flawed.

          Just my 2 cents worth.

          • Your personal experience aside, which is unrelated to the shooting, I would think that using a loud command voice to order a gun be dropped, is exactly the way to communicate an order to a suspect.

            And, in a group of officers, telling them loudly you think the suspect has your gun, when that is what you believe, is the right way to communicate that hazard to your fellow officers.

        • Time for another chimp-out?

          • “let go of the gun. let go of the gun” Bang bang bang bang. Sounds like the “bum” did get one of the cops guns. I don’t have a problem with the outcome.

            LA Riots all over again.

        • Same as it ever was…

        • Police shootings of American citizens are certainly on the rise and increasing, and most often the victims are shot multiple times, which clearly show a wanton aggression.

          • Statistically, one shot will not stop a perp. Cops are trained to have a mindset such that if someone is grabbing their gun, they are trying to kill them and or their fellow officers.
            Cops want to go home at the end of their shift. They are exposed to druggies and other unpredictable dangerous people. Attacking cops definitely shows the man was not in his right mind. Once again, I don’t have a problem with the outcome.

      2. Sheeeeit, this is nothing new. Not in the slightest. Whats shocking is that it’s recorded.
        Out here on the left coast, this is everyday life. Every night on the local news you can hear about this kind of shit. But there is a reason for most of it too.
        Say you’re some kind of halfwit bad ass from back east and you need a change of scenery. Where do they go? LA, thats where. People of all backgrounds migrate here.
        I’m not defending the cops or this little scene and there is some bad bad bad shoots here. LAPD, LASO, theres some trigger happy folks in there, but that being said theres a boatload of bad people here too.
        There’s types of crime out here that is shocking to most people in other parts of the country that has to be dealt with on a hour to hour basis.
        Robbery of all types, assaults, petty thefts, home invasions, kick downs, car jackings.
        Shit pick your flavor, it’s all here. I’ve been in the area where this happened, this place isn’t Disneyland. Not in the slightest. You drive thru it and you and your wife add something new to your vernacular for what you see and thats, HOLY FUCK!!!
        This shooting is not surprising, its nothing new at all.
        If you’re pondering moving to the Golden State, be forewarned. Come and spend a couple of weeks here before you jump in.

        • OPSEC as best we can I suppose.
          Just got some ‘No Trespassing / Prohibido Pasado’ signs at HomeDepot for 99 cents each, ready to go up- (legal CYA), No Soliciting & Protected by 2nd Amendment also can be effective dissuaders, and you dont have to have a dog to have a Beware sign…
          Sand bags ready to be filled- (Back in the day the Weather Underground put sand in the walls between the studs…)
          They sell 2 for $10 fake sec cams on Amazon (thieves are usually stupid, yet wary)
          Light mounted to that pump shotgun (pellets less apt to go through walls, homicide lawsuits are time consuming…)
          Leave the radio/TV on a talk Ch when you go out (is somebody home, listening to that crap?)
          Motion lights outside, timer lights inside (low watt porch light on photo cell, cheap at box stores nowadays…)
          Take time to stash your valuables, let em take that damn TV…
          Easy to install a metal wrap plate around that deadbolt, use long screws in the strike plates…
          And keep that trusty baseball bat in the usual location…

      3. LAPD We treat you like a King.

        • LMAO. Yes they will.

        • MTC, if you accept as gospel what these “social justice activists” say about ANYTHING, you’re being misled.

        • King Kong BWAHAHAHHAHA

        • Yea, a RODNEY King!

      4. Why not? Nobody is organizing or physically doing anything to stop the complete decimation of this country. And I am not talking about the upcoming election or the ballot box. Just people hoarding bullets and guns for “when” they are supposedly needed. Talking shit about what they are “gonna” do when the time comes. Good luck people, I have a feeling that the time has already passed.

        • My personal favorite as well. Everyone talks a big game about going down fighting, but I never actually see any of them fight.

          I get the feeling the idea they actually want to fight for died years ago, they just haven’t figured it out yet

          • Apparently, this guy went down with a fight. Look how that turned out.

        • Outlaw.

          The country can be compared to an alcoholic or drug user. Never going to get to recovery until he wants to do it. The pain and discomfort forces him to do so or the person dies. As a nation we will continue to suffer for as a nation we have to decide what we want to do about the decimation of homeland.
          Right now it is all fun and games as it happens to others and away from our local communities. When the Wives and children all across the land are in a state of fear. Then maybe some will stand up and fight.
          Until then prep.
          I’m ready. How about you.

          • Slingshot, its done hit me hard.

            Me and mine are already suffering. I am ready to put aside personal differences, ORGANIZE with others and get this misery over with. I was prepped and ready two years ago. Thank the Lord then. Now my preps are about gone.. from personal use, or having to sell to get by. I am at hand to mouth, not much left to lose.

            I heard all these people were gonna put their foot down when the borders were opened up. I was ready to go. Now that has come and passed with no-one doing anything, as usual. Thats just one thing among many that was supposedly the line that would not be crossed.

            Remember that phrase NOMI? LMAO, ya right. Obamacare is here, border open, DHS funded again, Net Neutrality, etc., etc.

            Now ammo, and what is the response? Don’t stand up and stop it, OH NO!, just hoard those bullets and get ’em while you can get ’em right? You will need them one day right? Keep on stackin’ right?

            Well I dont mean to come off as an ass, but I am just trying to put some sense in peoples head. You can stack all you want, if you dont use it while you can, you will just lose it like me and many, many others.

            We can hang together… or we can hang one, by one, slowly but surely. NOMI, right? They have done taken miles and miles since that phrase was coined.

            Good luck y’all! I pray we can put aside the minor differences and realize the problem, ORGANIZE together and fix it. God bless!

            • @outlaw

              Get up and do something about it then. Or just buy some canned tuna and ammo and bitch about it like the rest of America. But I’ve got news for you, if you’re waiting for a mass awakening and revolution…..It aint coming my friend. We are all…..F…..U…..C…..Kayed… and for the most part on our own. There is no continuity, there is no leader of the group, there is no group. I empathize with you sir, and share your frustration. But fact of the matter is….a damn earthquake, asteroid, emp, or friggin nuke strike is about the best we can hope for short of Christ himself parting the skies. If we want something done each and everyone of us are gonna have to do it ourselves, then put it on youtube, open up a twitter account, and hope and pray we get a big following. But most like me will just keep praying for guidance and hope for our country, buy some more canned corn, and pray the good Lord lets us know what needs done and when it needs doin.

            • I feel your pain,
              Am about to test my preps as well,
              Im actually basicly going to be put out of business by the feds,
              Regulation is just a wonderful thing,
              I have two choices,
              Comply, spend thousands to comply and go broke from the additional regulation
              Not comply, and go broke because i have no way to make a living.
              Im done,
              Any cash coming in now eill go to stuff for self sufficiency, once the hammer falls ill eek it out however i can and hope everything comes unglued,
              Hate to be half empty but from where Im sitting there really isnt a whole lot to look forward to, so yea, lets get this over with cause im not going to kiss the government ass,

              • OFF TOPIC:

                I hope you understand that was an omission on my part…

                and this a true mea culpa… peace my friend.

                • Is all good,

        • I got disparaging news for you Outlaw. We gots a long row yet to hoe. We ain’t even close to the start.

          • Ya, it sucks, but unfortunately I can’t argue that one.

        • It’s TOO late, outlaw, there is nothing to stop. It’s over. Even though we look outside our windows and it might be a beautiful sunny day and 55 degrees (which it is where I live right now) and people are out and about and everything appears to be “normal”, well, it is normal. The world has changed and this is the new normal. For those who frequent sites like this, who see the monster growing in the room, well, they are are not “normal”.

          Everyday that goes by, THEY (and we won’t identify who they are since it stirs up too much controversy with certain dogmatic religious groups) get stronger. As we can all see by now, their methods are methodical, incremental, inch by inch, so as not to bring too much attention to their vile agenda, and most Americans are still way to distracted by the veritable kaleidoscope of mind altering, relative temptations swirling about in their empty craniums. It’s not TPTB that are dangerous, it’s their slaves that we will have to contend with.

          But really, we are all on our own. Everybody in the prepoer tribe, including myself, waited, and waited, and waited for something to happen and the reality IS, SOMETHING IS HAPPENING EVERYDAY and everybody, in the comfort of their perceived safe and warm home, gets on the internet, and blogs-up, and bitches and complains and whines and demands and molon lubes up the ass, but nobody does anything.

          It use to be, everyday I’d power up and go to specific sites thinking “Is this the day”, the day that the big event takes place? And I began to realize, as I mentioned earlier, that its happening every day at a torrid pace, and I wasn’t getting it.

          The country has been decimated. Learn to speak their language and play by their rules, OR, get off the internet, stay off the internet and go out and make a statement that moves people. But don’t ask me to do it. I’m no different than any of you.

          • “But really, we are all on our own.”

            True words, and therein lies the problem.

            • Outlaw.

              Sorry to hear about your problems and your disappointments in others.

              Straight up! The country is lost. Never will it be America and what it stood for before. Oh, I look for that glimmer of hope to turn it around but I am only fooling myself. Not one more step! Hahahaha!
              There is no Lone Ranger, Superman, Batman or Sky King to the rescue. I am just going through the motions trying to help people with information. When they come for our guns, then all the Patriots will die and in most cases alone. Nobody will give a damn either.
              Let’s not fool ourselves.

        • I’m saving the lead. It appears TPTB are hell bent on a war with Russia. I figure I’ll need those bullets when the first nuke goes off in the US. That’s when TSHTF for real.

      5. Can’t say I’m surprised the typical bunch is waiting to make a big stink. Nothing was said when cops executed a Hispanic man, with his hands in the air, on a crowded street, ON video. Now that it’s a black guy though it’ll be all over the news.

        Something tells me Al Sharpton and his ilk would keep their mouths shut if they didn’t get TV time and money for acting a fool. Black people should be pissed, they even get sold out by their so-called activists

        • Blake, AMEN to your comments. Now let’s see if Al gets dollar signs in his eyes over this incident. That didn’t happen in the Cleveland case where the 12-year-old was shot. Wonder why? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

      6. Maybe they will leave Missouri go quietly back to our Redneck ways and get out of the public eye.

        • Remember the story about the boy that continuously cried “wolf?” When the wolf finally showed up nobody paid attention. The race-baiters are eventually going to get a bad-police shooting, but nobody is going to listen them. They sure screwed up with the choir boys selected for the previous riots.

      7. Just trying to stir up more trouble. Sharpton should arrive within the next day with his hand out looking for money. Same old, Same old, nothing to see here.

        • @confederate
          At least the sumbitch has the nads to do SOMETHING. Who do we have???? Wayne Lapierre, that sumbitch folds faster than a wet napkin. I do not like al Sharpton one bit, but at least he has enough spine to not give a shit how many people disagree with him. Where is ours? Men that will stand firm on principle, only a couple I can think of right now…Larry Pratt and Ron Paul. But guess what, most of America either doesn’t know who they are, or they’ve been told they’re kooks and believe it

          • Richard Head.

            We might get Jeb BUSH the Third. Then we can hear it all again, “Its Bush’s Fault”. Hahahahaha!

            • Jeb will run to split the vote, putting hillary in the white house…as planned.

              • Yep. Jeb will get “installed” as the candidate by the party elites. And he’ll get the same tepid response that McCain and Romney got at the polling booth.

                Not that it would matter all that much even if he did win the election.

                The Republican establishment and the Democrats are two sides of the same coin.


              • Saw this in a comment section about Hellery:

                “Someone should give that old hag a broom and open up a 21st story window”.

                Amen to that!

          • Most people are afraid to be called racist. They care more about what others think of them than they do of themselves. Your right, we don’t have anyone, except ourselves and we each will have to make the decision of what we will do when we’re in the shit.

            • remember that they have programmed people to tell on their neighbors and families. If people don’t like/agree with you, you can now end up with a black bag over your head, or dead in a SWAT raid. It’s just not that simple anymore. The fear of persecution is real, and we’re reminded of that fact every day, in news reports like this shooting.

              The message is: They can kill you if they want to.

              • Sixpack

                “They can kill you if they want to.”

                It’s not only the MAFIA doing it. Hahaha!

      8. After the cops shoot all the folks there are to shoot they’ll probably start shooting each other to gain hierarchy.

      9. What was the deal, I just caught part of the news the other day, something about two obama’s being on the loose in Sun City Arizona. Was it Barack and Mooshell? Out hear in the Mountains, some time radio reception ain’t very good, I thought I heard them say they finally got a rope around their neck, and then my radio cut out. Hope everything worked out for the good of everyone. Trekker Out.

        • My Mistake, boy do I feel silly. Found out it was two llama’s that were loose in Sun City, Az. Trekker Out.

      10. I look forward to the day that the U.S. falls apart.
        Burn baby burn.

        • DevilMayCry

          I do not give prep instructions for SHTF unless I am asked about it. I’m done with trying to help people straight out. Only here do I do it. And for you NEW People who find this site and others like it, consider yourself lucky. I would get all the info you need, for one day all will be gone. There is a wealth of information to be utilized and many will fail to acquire and preserve it.

          • I didn’t plan on prepping for SHTF.
            Mostly I planned on dieing.

            My generation is the fallout of one parent households, ‘freetrade’ destroying jobs, and a complete lack of representation in government.

            Maybe I’ll invest in gasoline and light myself on fire in front of the federal reserve when everything goes south.

            • DMC, HOLY SHIT! You know, if you’ve got that kind of commitment, there are other ways to do a lot more good.

              Of course, that could send a burning message (yes, I know, its a pun, but an apt one) to TPTW.

              But, seriously, please consider something else.

            • A Buddist Monk did that In Vietnam. Where did that get him?

              • @slingshot


                You’re talkin about him aint you?… but….DMC, I wouldn’t recommend that if I were you:)

                • Saigon. Mid sixties or so. Protesting the Government. Got out of his car dowsed himself with gas and poof. Was all on the news.

            • “Maybe I’ll invest in gasoline and light myself on fire in front of the federal reserve”

              They’ll just call you an extremist and charge your surviving family with the cleanup and damage you cause to their sidewalk.

              They won’t give a damn if you die on their doorstep…or anywhere else for that matter. You’ll just save them the cost of killing you.

      11. I think the proliferation of video recording devices -mostly cameras in phones- is making the public far more aware of a long standing problem.

        I’m guessing that the police, while proliferating their own surveillance devices almost everywhere, never expected surveillance to work two ways. They certainly seem to hate the idea of being on camera, something someone simply doing their duty with nothing to hide should fear (or so they tell us if we don’t like being covertly surveilled by them).

        OTOH, the problem is not necessarily just with the cops themselves, they seem to be getting trained this way and are doing what they are trained is right to do by those doing the training.

        • Chiel Beck was on the news today and said that two of the cops had camaras on them. It’s going to be interesting if they’ll release the footage. If they’re dirty, we’ll never see it.

        • If ever citizen was armed and ever cop had an honest job, the crime would be more like it was in the 30s. Oh, yeah, guess that was the way it was back then too. No cops. Everybody armed. The sheriff stayed mostly in town and would get called out when someone got shot or a crime was committed. There were very few “patrols”.

      12. Nothing is going to happen over this because it was a black officer that shot the black perp.
        Sharpton and Jackson will not even go there to raise hell because they can’t blame a white officer for shooting that guy,
        I want to see more video on this to see if it was a righteous shoot. If it was not righteous the cop should feel the full force of the law. I don’t care what color his skin is, hell he could be purple as far as I care.
        This cop has to live with this on his mind the rest of his life. I know that is the last thing I would want to live with.
        I damn near had to pull the trigger on a asshole that kicked my door in. As he looked down the barrel of my 12gauge he realized the person he was looking for did not live there any more. I never felt so sick in my life after that and the guy walked away.
        Not saying if it came to it I would pull the trigger if my loved ones and friends lives and well being depended on it. HELL YES I would drop the hammer. I know I’ll be one sick SOB after that, but mi loved ones come first.

        • Well maybe the black cop had bi-racial parents. Jackson and Sharpton might think half(profit) is better than nothing. Hell its LA,and anything goes, (dogs and cats living together) shake that Black cops tree and see if some pasty face falls out. Check the woodpile too.

        • Northern Reb, I’ve had more close calls like that than I want to remember. But HELL YES, I’ll drop the hammer on a scum if my life and my loved ones’ lives depended on it. Bank on it. Yeah, I’ll sick over it, but I’ll recover from it somehow. My loved ones and I come first and I won’t let any stupid, restrictive law on self-defense stop me from doing what is necessary.

        • If they make me pull that fucker out then the time for talk is over. That bitch could have come back when you were asleep, you know.

      13. Cop in providence a while back picked up a guy took him in for questioning and when he closed the door the suspect wrestled his gun away and shot him with his own gun. Then he broke the third floor window and jumped to get away he was caught by the police and they beat the fucking shit out of him. For killing one of their own. Cop was white guy friend of my wife’s family and a good family guy loved by many. Criminal was a black guy when he showed up in court he had a mask on his face was swollen so bad you wouldn’t believe. Criminals family was screaming outraged. I’d say he got off easy with a swollen face. This is a case where I’m glad the cops beat the snot out of criminal. I suppose it’s white people’s fault right. This is true story you can look it up. All the cop was doing was his job as a detective to investigate a crime. Everybody in the law enforcement community was affected by the loss of a good cop my wife said he was a good man.

        • This guy above gives me the Heebie Jeebies something awful!

          • Which one Richard, the one in the video or Peckerwood.

            • MT

              The one in the video. Though I admit I didn’t watch the video, I’ve see him all over the place and I think I may have watched a part of one before but I really don’t know who he is, I just know for some reason he gives me the creeps. . I guess I should just educate myself and watch the video and see.

              • ok update, I watched half of it, sorry still giving me the creeps and a bit too much anti Semitism for me. Thanks but no thanks.

      14. Bad boys, Bad boys wutch you gunna do? wutch you gunna do when they come for you??

        • Java Junkie, they better NOT come for me if they want to live.

      15. Who really cares about California anyway?

        As far as we are concerned, that state fell away long ago.

        Look at the demographics and politicians…

      16. Justified? Who knows. Does it matter? It certainly doesn’t to the cops. They go home to their families. Until it happens to your kin, you won’t really care.

        Qualified immunity.
        I was afraid for my life.
        Perp did not immediately comply to my orders.
        He resisted.
        He was barking and showing his teeth (Hey, coulda been).

        All reasons to kill you.

        America is occupied by the blue mafia.

      17. There will be a defining moment, a moment when we realize that no matter what we do, it won’t be enough. Everything we do is futile, because in the end we have no control over anything except choice and soon that will be taken away.

      18. New Michael Brown???


        get a life

        ‘F…” with le and you get a beat down


        a further beat down

        or worse..


        the odds of myself getting in a confrontation with le is nearly nil..

        that being said

        I’m more concerned with the weekly “forced” extraction of my hard earned wealth by a gang of bankers and political psychopaths running this damned charade of a show..

        the l.e.?

        They’re the least of my concerns..

        Enjoy the day,,what’s left of it..

        Prepare accordingly..


      19. Honestly, I think the US has seen its greatest days already. We’ve lost our moral compass, and the very fabric of what made us great has been torn. Unless we have a real spiritual awakening, we’ll fade from the world stage as internal division and conflicts draw our resources away from international affairs and back to the homeland. Some of our major cities are more dangerous than overseas war zones . More people died in Chicago last year than our soldiers in Afghanistan, and that’s just one city. We keep pushing God out of our society and demanding government fill that void.
        It’s just not gonna work.

        • Words of iron, my friend.

        • Yea, that’s what happened to this country. Pushing god out of our society and demanding government to fill the void?
          Come on man, there’s no need to make up an excuse like that to say why America is in the shape that it is.
          That is not the problem, the second part that you said about government is correct. That is all that was needed to be said and nothing more.

      20. yup

      21. Until we see the number of comments rise to the total amount of persons reading the articles, Nothing will happen. Same old twenty to forty people with a slight turnover. What we have are a majority of Drama Queens and Information Gatherer’s that remain silent, visiting SHTF. Net surfers looking for a cookie. OPSEC? If you read this site there is a trail to you. How much faith do you put in your fellow prepper? You better not put any.

      22. Look out for number 1 first. Who cares anymore what the hell happens in the world just watch enough news to know what is going on. It’s coming apart soon. People have been saying it for a long time but it’s getting closer day by day. Keep the shotgun by the door folks.

      23. What a bunch of pansie ass quitters. You call yourselves preppers. good luck surviving anything. If America is no longer great, then it’s because people like you gave up on her. why don’t you go tell it to the 30 year old vet whose legs were blown off in Iraq, I would love to see all your stupid faces when he sets you straight and shows what fools you all are. Brought right into Obama ‘s plans for the USA didn’t you?

        • Just Me:
          That a boy, YOU TELL’M. If the U.S.A. is so bad why don’t you just pack up and leave. No great loss.
          If you think you can find a better place on this earth, Please by all means go there and live.
          Is this country perfect, NO. but she is the best there is. We just have to change the politician point of view, and live under GODS LAWS and the Constitution and this country will be great again.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

          • “We just have to change the politician point of view, and live under GODS LAWS and the Constitution and this country will be great again.”

            How long is that going to take to bring that statement to fruition?

            • How ever long it takes. talk about the NOW generation, geeze.

              • just me.

                Now Generation?


              • Dream on jm. We’re NOW dealing with the NWO generation, geeze. You’ll have to visit a theme park to observe what your trying to hold onto.

          • Why don’t you pack up and leave !

            The country has been turned into a $hit house by people doing nothing and sitting on their bums and you are also guilty of allowing your criminal government to start wars all over the place.

            The USA today is even worse than 1930s Germany because of people like you who lets them get away with it.

        • i’ll tell him to his face he got what he deserved!

          he was the illegal invader under false pretenses and zog cia lies, not the iraqi patriots who were and still are fighting for their homeland, the once sovereign international state of iraq.

          it was and still is an illegal zionist war.

          9/11 was an inside job!

          israel did 9/11!

        • There are 58,000 names on a Black Wall in D.C.

          One is the name of a friend of mine.

          Gave Up? I am stating the truth. Prove to me that anything substantial has been done to stop the downfall of this nation in the last forty years. Oh we have a Republican Congress. Goody Goody. They have already hung the Mexican Flag from the School Flag pole in the South West. Isis Flag is not far off. Hell by the looks of it, it will be the Over 60 group that saves the day.

          • There has always been those that would attack and try to destroy our country. we are still here. A little fragmented at times, but still here. I would agree that at present the enemy comes from within. But my mother in law has not sung yet. so until she does…We are strong because we continue to fight. don’t ever give up. what we are going through is nothing compared to what our founding fathers went through. WE WILL STAY STRONG.

        • @just me

          Unfortunately those boys and girls lost their legs fighting for lies. I’d dare say there are probably a good many that, putting pride aside, would tell you the exact same thing. And I don’t think people are trying to say this country sucks I think they’re just voicing their frustrations over the fact that most have forgotten the idea that this country was founded on, and even a blind fool can see that America has definitely taken a wrong turn and speeding down the wrong path. We cant just keep closing our eyes, waving the flag and singing God bless America. That being said though…May God bless America

          • Exactly. Well said RH.

      24. Been posted before, just seems to be the right time to insert this now…. Enjoy…


        ​ *What a great tip, it really works. I’ll bet Krylon loves this plug.
        How to get rid of ants. . .*

        *My buddy from Atlanta, Georgia swears this works. * *Go to Home Depot or Walmart and buy a can of black spray paint. The brand pictured works great. * *Stir up each ant mound as you go and the area around them with a stick.
        The ants will emerge by the hundreds to defend the mounds.* *Spray each mound and the surrounding area, making sure you get plenty of paint on the ants as well. * *Once the ants realize they live in a black neighborhood, they quit working and start killing each other.*

        • Eppe:
          That Bad!!! but I just about chocked on my tea. LOL
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

        • Thats funny as shit bud, i gotta pass it on

          • Thanks eppe for interjecting a bit of levity to a very disheartening discussion.

        • Eppe, you ain’t right. You just ain’t right. It’s a good one, though.

        • OMG! I just couldn’t stop laughing my ass off!!!!!
          aaaawwwsssommme annalogy!!!

      25. That’s right cop lovers….Just keep patronizing them.

        Obummer gets rid of green tips, lmao……

        AP-20 for you oinker. nuff said.

      26. Answer this question.

        What is the Patriot Movement? Is it buying a bunch of Ammo and MRE’s. Joining the NRA. Joining a State Militia.
        Running around the woods with Night Vision. Electing politicians to combat Gun Control. Wearing Cammo.

        Are we an Army of One?

        • Don’t know what movement you have been involved in but around here we have seminars and LEARN how the system works and how we USE the system to change the system. That is what it is about. Not guns and revenge. you think it is over and done. ‘IT” has barely begun. I assure you people ARE listening and PAYING ATTENTION and ACTING. Is there going to be a big march on Washington? Not the kind of march that the news will report.

          • Except for gun shows. There is no movement or assembly of any kind in my area that I know of. To include Hunt Clubs. As far as I know, it is just me.

      27. I drink alone

        • I drink to get pissed. Cheers Ass hat.

      28. I’m gonna do something absolutely idiotic and refrain from judgement till I can get the facts. I will say this though if anyone was to try to do serious bodily injury to me or go for my gun I wouldn’t stop at 5 rounds. It would be more like 7 to 19 rounds depending on what I happen to be carrying that day, followed by a reload and possibly another 6 to 18 rounds.

        If you are unfortunate enough to have to use your weapon you will know the extreme emotions that will never leave you. The right mind set is critical though, never shoot to kill. You shoot to live.

        • @patriot1

          so cop picks fight with unarmed crazy black homeless person. unarmed crazy black homeless person fights back. scared cop just realized he bit off more than he wanted to chew. scared cop yells HE’S GOING FOR MY GUN!! scared cop shoots unarmed crazy black homeless person multiple times.

          Okay, now you go pick a fight with somebody unarmed, then shoot them unarmed multiple times, then when the cops come see if they’re so forgiving to you.

          Look he MAY have went for his gun. But I’m am so tired of hearing “oh he went for my gun” and then ok that’s it. As long as you say that well its justified. And correct me if I’m wrong, even if he went for the gun. For the cop to shoot unarmed crazy black homeless person multiple times, he must have had CONTROL of the gun, thereby leaving unarmed crazy black homeless person UNARMED. And I’m pretty sure I saw multiple cops in video didn’t I.

      29. I want JUSTICE! ALL those LAPD officers should be fined for littering RIGHT NOW!!!

        • I just want MERCY! We ALL fucking need it. RIGHT NOW!!!

      30. I live in LA.

        By default I am not believing the cops around here. I had a good experience with cops in Orange County once, I’ll say that… that was a difficult situation for the poor guy and I have nothing but respect for how he handled it… but that was OC.

        LA… dude. These guys? Yeah. Nope. If the video evidence shows it, I’ll believe it but it’s going to take that much for me to ever believe them.

      31. Facts ? Well just how many facts do you need or do you not beleive your own eyes and need the nanny state to tell you what you have just seen.

        Another execution style murder and the system will take weeks just to decide if the man was wearing black shoes or brown and then hope you have forgot about it.

        The police are above the law and might come for you next.

        Pig fuckers the lot of them who only server the interests of the elite and are used as tax enforcment officers on we the sheeple until we hit back and remind them whos boss

      32. the cops are learning – just not fast enough

        there’s noooo freaking way they can do their job anymore – especially when it comes to patrolling the ghetto black areas of a city ….

        this is the perfect situation to practice the new policing policy …. let the animals kill each other ….

        Chicago has been using the policy for years now in the Shooting Gallery on the Southside …. the blacks won’t cooperate with the CPD on stopping the shootings/murders …. so, just keep the animals contained and let them rock & roll …

      33. Kill all the fuckin’ bums. And everybody who supports them. They’re breathing our oxygen. They’re the real zombies. One in the head. That should get some thumbs down. Your mother was wrong. Violence does work. The Craft.

      34. Look at whom the people within the government see as their enemies. Christians, Vets, Pro-life, people who support the United States of America’s Constitution, people who oppose people from other countries breaking into their country unlawfully, people who support the Second Amendment, and my personal favorite, people who pay with cash to buy a cup of coffee.
        The bottom line is, the government employees of America are at war with the citizens. The Tea Party folks are deeply hated by government employees. Because the Tea Party folks want lower taxes and have smaller and accountable government. The government employees feel deeply threatened, because they know they can’t make it in the private sector. They know there is a shopping cart, sleeping bag and a cold cardboard box in an alley waiting for them if they should ever lose that fat government job. That is our America today, destroyed by government employees. And it’s going to get real bad because parasites will fight to the death than lose the hoast.

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