Land of the Free? Home of the Brave?

by | Apr 23, 2020 | Headline News, Ron Paul | 28 comments

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    This article was originally published by Jeff Harris at The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity. 

    During a bank robbery in Stockholm, Sweden back in 1973 four bank employees were held hostage for six days in the bank’s vault. A curious “bond” appeared to develop between the hostages and their captors which later came to be called Stockholm syndrome.

    According to Wikipedia Stockholm syndrome is defined as:

    “. . . A condition in which hostages develop a psychological alliance with their captors during captivity. . . ”

    Currently, we are experiencing a global terror campaign waged by the elites who control the World Health Organization (WHO) and who are using the fear of the COVID-19 virus as a psychological terror tactic. Photos of “temporary” morgues needed to deal with the onslaught of piles of dead bodies and photos of “mass graves” dug by inmates on Hart Island in New York City have done their job well, even if they are based on fiction.

    Terror theatre, complete with running totals of “infections” (no, they are actually exposures but infection sounds much worse) and deaths (grossly manipulated to artificially inflate the numbers) has traumatized the population to such an extent that a majority appears willing to gladly accept illegal, unconstitutional “orders” for economically crippling lockdowns.

    A variety of polling data suggests that the majority of citizens are just fine with the draconian lockdowns. According to the International Business Times, a poll conducted by Yahoo News/YouGov April 17-19 found that 60 percent of those polled reject the call for reopening the economy. Only 22 percent agreed that it was time to get back to business while the rest just couldn’t make up their minds.

    This is tragic for our once proud republic!

    Our public schools and universities are to blame for this along with parents more concerned with their entertainment than teaching their kids how to think critically. The kids (and many of their parents) have had the religion of climate change, LGBTQ tolerance and political correctness drummed into them so hard they appear to be incapable of grasping the totalitarian noose that is tightening very quickly.

    Founding father Benjamin Franklin famously said:

    Those who give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

    When 60 percent of US citizens happily embrace an illegal, unconstitutional economic shutdown based on flawed “science” spewed by self-serving bureaucrats in hopes they’ll be “safe” one can only conclude they are suffering from the equivalent of Stockholm syndrome. These same people will gladly line up to be injected with an untested vaccine when the “experts” tell them it will keep them safe.

    Psychological terror is a powerful weapon and on full display during this pandemic theatre. For those who truly value liberty and freedom the time has come to take a stand against naked tyranny masquerading as our protector.


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      1. I do not believe the poll results. I do not believe ANYONE claiming that they actually believe that covid-19 is a health threat that necessitates the equivalent reaction that would be required for a nuclear bomb!

        They are totally full of shit! This is all political posturing and nothing more! Banksters allied with WHO,Silicon Valley, unions, and governments in criminal collusion holding everyone hostage so that the criminals that destroyed the economy will steal even more than they did in 2008. This will only get worse.

        This is a nation full of complete psychopaths. There is no hope. Until the opportunistic cult of corruption has been locked away behind bars and ALL constitutional rights have been restored there is no victory!

        This covid-19 is just being used by anyone looking for a fall guy,
        bail-out, a hand-out, a power-grab, and a fake revolution and I do not believe for one second anyone who claims that this lockdown is a health issue related to coronavirus.

        Pathological liars always lie! Politicians, Media, Banksters, Silicon Valley, governments, WHO, medical mafia, and unions always lie, they sure as hell won’t stop now! They were just born that way!

        • It also seems blatantly obvious that since the banksters once again gambled away their solvency, that they have held the world hostage until they borrow from the banks to prop them up, or to depend on the governments to prop them up, or depend on Silicon Valley to prop them up, or the Unions to prop them up!

          THEY are in this together! That sure as hell does not and never will include me! They are all full of shit! They are cannibals that behave like rabid animals! Joining them is not a survival tactic! It is a kamakazi mission!

          • Oh, and don’t forget the publily traded comanies that did stock buy backs and used financial fraud as a buiness model!

            This is not a revolution!

            This is a CIA Color Devolution and the color is Clear!

            The retarded mutants are in charge!

          • Oh, and don’t forget the publicly traded companies that did stock buy backs and used financial fraud as a buiness model! 

            This is not a revolution! 

            This is a CIA Color Devolution and the color is Clear!

            The retarded mutants are in charge! 

          • If history has taught us anything, it is that there is no honor among thieves! There never has been, and there never will be! Included in thieves are evil power usurpers! Relatives have murdered each other in cold blood for power through-out history, and it still happens to this day, see Saudi Arabia and Shakespear!

            If there were to be a military coup, it would probably end up in endless power struggles and assassinations.

            If Trump were ever to bust Kushner, who would not put it past Kushner to murder Trump? The look in Kushner’s eyes is that of an extremely beguiling, calculating, and evil predator.

      2. The 99% on federal assistance, unionists, and diversity hires would not have been worried about the closure on Walmart’s seed aisles, or do not want any form of rescue from govt, which leaves them putting out their own fires or providing their own medical care.

        The zoo animal, more comfortable in captivity:
        h ttps://

        When it was illegal to evaporate the seawater, to evade a salt tax:
        h ttps://
        You typically get a fraudulent, sub prime loan on an SUV, in these parts. They walked to an ocean.

        They preferred not to pay taxes on such foreign imports as paper products as textiles:
        h ttps://
        No hoarders stormed the Walmart; they had to dress themselves.

        “These same people will gladly line up to be injected with an untested vaccine when the “experts” tell them it will keep them safe.”

        They did it for free tortilla chips and said they got chipped. Yes, seriously. According to the path of least resistance, you can probably buy a human soul for a donut or a side of fries.

      3. From the news last night. If you are put on a ventilator, you have only a 12% chance of survival. If you are 65 or older and put on a ventilator, you have a 3% chance of survival. And we needed all those ventilators, why?

        • If you have already quit breathing.

          I wonder what is the survival rate of other people put on a ventilator.

      4. If healthy people will tolerate the government ordering them to stay indoors and ruining their financial well being, then they will tolerate being put on freight trains and sent to the Gulag.

        • So sign up for the military and fight for freedom…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

        • They won’t have to be “put on freight trains…” From what I’ve observed, they’ll get on all by themselves when being told to do so. The average person has a mentality of about the 7th grade.

      5. This is obviously the land of the corrupt, evil, insane, mentally incompetent, and the helpless through enforcement by the previously mentioned. It cannot be disputed. Where is the attraction supposed to be for joing this cess pool of human waste?

      6. This is obviously the land of the corrupt, evil, insane, mentally incompetent, and the helpless through enforcement by the previously mentioned. It cannot be disputed. Where is the attraction supposed to be for joining this cess pool of human waste?

        • do you speak Portuguese )))))?

      7. Not being married is one of the greatest freedoms. We unmarried men are empowered from the grips of society and the courts. We enjoy financial freedoms in how we spend, save, and invest. We are free from family responsibilities. We can do what we want, when we want, how we want. I have freedom of action and movement in every aspect of my life that married men dream about. I own a nice home in a semi-rural area with some property, my sometimes girlfriend is frequently trying to get me to let her move in, I will of course never allow it. And she hates it if I date someone else. She actually believes because I have a profitable career I am robbing her or denying some sense of entitlement because my refusal to ever marry or even have a relationship that is anything more than casual. It’s as if we men have the responsibility to subsidize anything a woman wants. She wants me to explain why, but I don’t owe explanations for my actions or reasons for anything to anyone. In fact, explaining one’s reasons is disempowering, never do it. If she starts to talk about her problems I literally walk away, she gets upset, but I don’t waste my time listening to women’s problems.
        Getting a vasectomy is another empowering act for men. I encourage it. My vasectomy helps ensures my lifestyle stays the way I want. When a friend told me he was getting married, I said to him after you give your vows at the altar and raise her veil to see her face, all you will really see is toil and trouble. He called it off.
        To summarize; no marriage, no kids, get a vasectomy as an insurance policy, stand up for yourself, live life as much as you can on your own terms.

        • Neither the Islamists, nor the Mormon fundamentalists, have sterilized themselves, in order to get what they want, though.

          Here is an example of Dominionist (world conquest) belief:
          h ttps://

          Reproducing your neighbors out of existence is a means of creating your own polity.

          h ttps://

          (Excuse me. I have some work to do.)

        • I agree with you 99.9% I would never ever trade my kids for anything! I need someone to carry on my name and ethics and to carry the land for another (6) generation!!

        • You ARE a quick learner! I’m married but my wife has her own money and it works good. I know what you mean though, I have been there several times. When they start that shit it’s bye bye time!

        • ?

        • Quick learner, no children, no future. You speak the communist line.

      8. “Bad Things Happen When The Sky Turns Black”
        The world as we know it, does not exist anymore!
        It’s gone, the traditions, values, ethics, morals, given
        to us by our fathers, by their fathers, fathers,, our ancestors,
        our God, are not rapidly disappearing,
        are almost totally gone!
        What is at risk, is a deep, dark, sickness. These are those, who have thought to use their strength, knowledge, not for the good,
        but for their own evil ambitions!
        These are the ones, the Evils, the ones who have broken the
        lineage, where those with the most precious lineage have been forsaken, ridiculed, and ignored!
        Perhaps someday, our day will come!
        Never Stop Believing, Never!

      9. TPTB claim to be at war against a standard virus as fatal as the seasonal flu.

        They are really at war against the truth, autonomy, the constitution, liberty and justice and being help accountable for their extremely violent, predatious, rapacious, sadistic, and barbaric crimes.

        I am at war against parasites that have illegally invaded my life and property and stolen my rights, property, and life, and illegally spy on me, violating my constitutional rights and property.

      10. We keep hearing from the anti-war community ( I am anti-war ), as well as the advocates of healthcare for all, ( I advocate affordable healthcare for all, but the corruption must end first! ) that we could use money and allocate it to healthcare! Hell no!

        The health systems in the U.S. are not in any way at all woefully underfunded! They are woefully abused & rampant with medical fraud! At least $700 billion to $920 billion a year in outright fraud! 

        Medical spending is an obscenely and outrageously high 18% of GDP! Meanwhile, overall health, life expectancy, and quality of life for patients have all dimminished! It is highway robbery by psychopaths WHO do not give a damn about anyone’s lives but their own!

        Do you see what is happenning? The same fraudsters that claimed to be spending a trillion dollars a year on war that were actually using the Pentagon to money launder and divert it to Wall Street, now wants to claim that they are using the same money in the good of public health, or in the good of public education, or in the good of free college for all! 

        These are tricksters! If they really cared about people, they could just give people the money directly and let them decide how to spend it themselves! Meanwhile, trillions of dollars disappear, and people are duped into believing that it was all spent in the public goid, when it actually all goes to the richest thieves in the world!

        In 1970, medical spending was 6% of GDP! 

        Fee for service healthcare results in more fees and more services! There is an economic incentive for it! There is no legitimate agency to report abuse to! I’ve tried it! It is like trying to report financial fraud to the SEC! Or government corruption to the government! And no, the government should not be able to pry into everyone’s private life! However, there must be a legitimate institution to report medical abuse to! There are agencies, but they all favor the medical industry, and are basically fake consumer advocate bureaucracies that do nothing! They will tell you to fill out a form, and that it will be responded to in the order received. Ask them how many forms are yet to be reviewed, and they refuse to tell you! it could be two, or twenty-two million!

        As far as NATO is concerned, it is a treaty organization that does not honor treaties! 

      11. ?

      12. Is this site accepting comments now? I quit months ago because nothing would go through moderation. It seems that all the old posters were eliminated for some reason.

        • Howdy A!
          No, not everyone is gone…JustOneGuy here, posting under a new pseudonym. Hope all has been well with you and yours. We are well indeed here in the Great White North.
          I have only recently returned myself to active posting on the board and it will take a few days until ‘mideration’ begins to recognize you such that postings are logged expeditiously…persevere please. In this time the pure wealth of knowledge that we ‘Old Timers’ have is about to come into it’s own..,and will be sorely needed by many.
          Welcome back…it is a delight to see some of the regulars popping in!


      13. I see that the moderation crap is still on. I posted for years, but now I’m not welcome?

        • Hello Archivist. Good to see you’re still kicking. I have regularly posted here since 2011. The moderator only approves comments a couple times a week now. I think Mac Slavo has “staff” running the site and they let his name stay up top. He hasn’t posted a comment in years. It’s seems to be just a revenue stream for him now.

          I don’t even log in my handle anymore. It doesn’t post any faster than leaving it blank as “anonymous”.

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