La Obamacare Cosa Nostra Navigators: “Hit Jobs on Taxpayers Resemble… Money Laundering Operations by Al Capone”

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obamacare cosa nostra

Editor’s Note: The following report has been contributed by Joe for America and was originally published by Mike Devine at Devine’s Right. If you haven’t guessed by now, the entire Obamacare initiative, from top to bottom, is a complete and utter fraud. As you’ll see in the video below, federal health care navigators, whose job is to instruct people on the ins and outs of the new health care exchanges, are engaging in gross negligence and fraud. And, while everybody at the operation centers is laughing about how income need not be reported so that applicants’ health care costs can be free, millions of working Americans across the country are the ones who are paying to subsidize it. The video details just a handful of these violations. Imagine how rampant the fraud is when we’re talking about a population of 320 million people, all of whom are now required by law to acquire health care under the new mandate. This entire system is nothing more than a sham, and if you have a job then you’re the one that’s paying for it. 

These people are gangsters… the whole lot of them… the mafia that’s operated in the United States for decades are a bunch of choir boys compared to Obama’s street soldiers… the La Obamacare Cosa Nostra, as Mike Devine calls it, has the law on its side and the force of a militarized government as their street soldiers. They’re shaking down millions of Americans, and you either pay the vig or you sleep with the fishes.

Obamacare Navigators caught on film laundering taxpayer premium-subsidies
By Mike Devine

Most organized crime mobs check outsiders for bugs, but apparently not La Obamacare Cosa Nostra.

Project Veritas sent a Secret Squirrel undercover to Texas National Urban League offices turned Obamacare “Navigators” and, ala Breitbart, found government-run non-ACORNS breaking bad:

Ironically, the only concession Republicans attained after the Obamacare-inspired government shutdown was to reverse the law’s namesake Chief Executive’s latest rule by fiat waiving income verification for customers seeking taxpayer subsidies for exchange-bought health insurance policies. As you can see with your own eyes, truth is not a priority in Project Fundamentally Transform America.

The Rule of Law has been replaced by crony capitalism and a spoils society that farms out hit jobs on taxpayers that resemble instructions in money laundering operations by Al Capone. If only IRS agents were so accommodating with “customers” concerning forgotten income.

It could be worse. The GOP might have gotten President Barack Obama to sign a CR or debt limit increase that repealed Obamacare, which would all but have ensured that it would have been fully imposed on all Americans at gunpoint before Christmas lest they be massacred by St. Valentine’s Day.

The only issue remaining will be who wins the IRE Award for exposing the most egregious act of government-run fraud. Project Veritas for its report on the Navigators or an award akin to the Time Magazine’s 2006 Person of the Year to “You”, since all of us saw President Obama in broad daylight promise us all that we could keep doctors and health insurance policies we liked.


Mike DeVine‘s @ Joe For

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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    1. Npgh

      I would rather deal with gangsters than these people. At least with the mafia you buy protection. (eyes rolling)

      • Unreconstructed Southron

        Yep, Al Capone was a greenhorn compared to these scoundrels.

        • Paranoid

          I’m not worried. I think the ship is sinking faster than they can get the website up.
          Could somebody help me figure out If that’s good or bad I’m getting confused here. Actually I’m GETTING REALLY CONFUSED HERE! (I just want to hide under the bed till it’s over. Help)

            • clint hospo

              YEP, These assholes have the police and military and their friends to protect them for breaking the law and complete straight out lies. I wish people would all ban together and do what needs to be done to restore honor and trust in this country. It won’t happen because people are worried about themselves and families and just trying to survive and misleads from the left to divide us than for all of us to have a stronger case on them. its sad what is happening. I hope all you brother and sisters out there do what is necessary to prepare and when things get worse you don’t back down or give up whats yours!! never let crooks and liars have some hired help to try and take you down. Keep spreading the word and keep strong together as a community from this corruption.

              • durango kidd

                I read an article today, somewhere, that said 5 million people have “withdrawn” from O’Bummer Care after initially signing up.

                The biggest group of “joiners” have been women under the age of 35, who have, in the main, opted for the premium plan. Think about it. If you are going to be subsidized to the max anyway, you may as well check the box for the Platinum Plan.

                More than likely these are welfare mothers expecting to get FREE premium health care, to match their FREE rent, FREE O’bummer phone, and FREE food.

                Its a FREE country, once more! Just don’t forget to get your FREE O’bummer Chip to get into the O’bummer Rallies. It will keep you out of the FREEMA Camps for being a “malcontent” Constitutionalist !!!

                Engage your employees or get your FREE O’bummer Chip. 🙂

                • clint

                  Your right on durango and have had been on here for a long time and hearing your opinions on things is good. Don’t these welfare bitches already have medicaid? For you that don’t know medicare is for older people and medicaid is for the poor.

                  It’s sad too whats going on. The IRS and other similar agenices target us the middleclass for missed tickets(parking,taxes anything revenue. In large cities like Philly they will have irs agents slack on audits for the poor and especially for disability SS and they will sign up and never be looked at for fraud. But the middleclass white if we tried to cheat on taxes or try to get disability ss or other programs we are looked at very close. But these welfare moms will claim ten kids and get back a huge sum from the irs or say have a bad back and can play basketball and will get benefits where a normal person in a smaller area will get denied. You guys get what Im trying to say. Illegals getting benefits but NO, whites will pay fines and will have to pay it back more frequently because they know they have money to steal from. That is sad and its the truth

                • Slick One

                  durango kidd Naturally the career welfare crowds thought they were going to get something for free. Remember that spunk young negress during Obamas first election telling TV viewers that she wouldnt have to worry about gas for her car, paying her mortgage….The Obama negroe was elected by liberal idiots and career welfare moochers looking for free everything. That this free health care scam blew up in their faces is priceless.

          • Swinging on a star

            The dear leader is a proven liar, murderer, manipulator and criminal, yet he is still in office and he is still untouchable, why you may ask, well in my opinion, it is because he has a powerful force field surrounding him. Obama’s force field is made of human protectors, his very close elite minions, his millions of entitlement lap dogs, his vile ownership of the military (not the enlisted men, but the higher ups who will sell their souls to stay in power, the ones who wouldn’t he got rid of), the mass minions media and the corrupt power hungry congress.

            David and Goliath comes to mind, that is how it must end.

            Psalm 23:1-6

            A Psalm of David. The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. …

          • sledge750

            There is no “….til it’s over.”

            “…’s a boot, stomping on your face….forever…”

          • lastmanstanding

            Don’t sweat it…when push comes to shove, these fucks will be no where to be found.

            the Marine Corps say it best…kill’em all and let God sort them out.

            Semper Fi

        • KY Mom

          Prepper tip…

          Doc Eifrig: The four prescription drugs you must have in a crisis… And how to get them in advance

          “…in a real crisis, poor sanitation is deadly.”

          -Doxycycline – treats bacterial infections and “atypical” bacteria such as Rickettsia, which causes Rocky Mountain spotted fever and typhus.
          “A 10-day generic for Doxycycline shouldn’t cost much more than $10 at any pharmacy.”

          -Ciprofloxin (“Cipro”)
          -Bactrim (from the sulfa family).

          “These drugs can be used to treat things like pneumonia, bronchitis, sinus infections, skin problems, and dozens of other deadly infections… even exposure to the most common bioterrorism agent: anthrax.”

          “Store these drugs in a sealed freezer bag with desiccant (anti-moisture) packets inside. Place them in the freezer. Once thawed, they will last for six to 12 months when kept at room temperature.”

        • OutWest

          …..godfather Obama and the Chicago Boyz

          probably feel right at home in their new

          digs at gangland headquarters DC.

          • wrong

            Machine Gun Barack

            • Be informed

              The BO touch, everything he touches turns to cow SH$%. . Has that character done anything that benefits the people? Anything? Whether intentional or idiocy and clueless, EVERYTHING BO has touched has gone to the pig manure pile. Even his own party and the anti-gunners have lost and gained little, THANKFULLY. Feinsteinless had already been turned to crap by the BO touch, as IT ages that Halloween mask they call a face is frightening even ITS own family. No surprise that BO care is an ultimate failure for the people, right out of the gate.

              • SWFL

                [Has that character done anything that benefits the people?]

                Do you mean like going on vacations? Imagine what it would be like if he and his’ns were actually working full time.
                I know, work may not be the right word; still, I’m sure he considers it work to be so consistent at anything, even being a figure-head for his handlers.
                I’m sorry- did I write that out loud?

              • Slick One

                Look if you put a negroe in office…can you really expect things to end well? Look at Haiti, Detroit, South Africa…..

          • sixpack

            I’m sorry, but I don’t see the problem with the advice not to go back and report money on the side that was already earned and probably spent.

            How many of us have gotten a few bucks here and there for cleaning gutters or mowing a lawn, or maybe babysitting, that we didn’t volunteer to the IRS thugs? I’m guessing quite a few. Did anyone think to get a receipt for your work, so you had some proof of it? Probably not.

            The anger here, is misplaced.

            We shouldn’t be angry with people trying to hold on to as much of their mere pittances as they can, or the other people trying to help them do it.
            YOU NEED TO VENT YOUR ANGER AT OBAMACARE AND THE FRAUDSTERS THAT CREATED IT. THEY are the ones fleecing hard-working Americans out of their money, NOT the little guys who are trying to get the best deal they can, in a totally shitty situation.

            I think we’re ALL guilty of brushing some nickels and dimes under the rug without paying a percentage to the king. GET OVER IT.

            IMO, this article attacks the wrong people.

            • hammerhead

              “I think we’re ALL guilty of brushing some nickels and dimes under the rug without paying a percentage to the king. GET OVER IT.”

              The problem is the mindset that we have to pay the government a portion of our earnings.
              I earbed it , damnit , its mine.
              I do agree with “local” taxes for fire dept. and such , but the feds can kiss my butt.
              Folks are just so damn brainwashed into thinking that they have to “tithe” a portion of their hard earned money to the federal government.
              The whole process has to be rethought , we dont owe the fed anything , they just started takin it in 1913 .
              We need to say NO .

              • sixpack

                yep. Demonizing people for trying to keep their own money, like this article seems to do, is just side-stepping the REAL problem.

                We earned it—we should keep and control it.

      • possee

        The only difference between organized crime and government?

        The government has the (its well paid )law on its side..

        please spare me the rest..

        there isn’t any..


        • possee


          Cause I worked for the so called wise guys on Federal Hill,Atwells Avenue & Broadway,Providence R.I. for years as a chef..

          They were boy scouts compared to the feds..

          I’ll swear by it..

          They only taxed you 10% on the unpaid balance..
          they never seized your home.wages nor threatened your family..only you..and you knew the deal well before you double speak mull-ti page contracts..unlike the feds..

          Damned I miss the old days..


          • The Old Coach

            Now I remember those places. The Blue Grotto?

            • possee

              Yes Old Coach.
              Blue Grotto,ItaloAmerican Club,Cafe Verde,Tony’s Colonial Market..Venda Ravioli..Camilles,Caserta Pizzeria,Marzillis Old Canteen..just to name a few.

              The concrete pineapple still hangs above the entrance to Atwells Avenue..


      • TRUST NO ONE

        I’ll give you my take on all this stuff.
        The elite think they own us.
        When the dollar collapses…they will be shocked to find that the don’t.
        Know what I mean…stan?

        I’ll always give you guys a product link of things I actually bought and own.
        I bought three. Home, car and have one at work. These are lifetime buys.
        You buy the best…ONCE!
        Ever thought that the SHTF could go down at work?
        I keep a few cans of spam, a gas mask for fire…in a high rise…
        and a few MREs.

        Funny…many at work used to laugh at me…know they all want to know what’s coming next. I predict hyperinflation within 5 years…all that money created will bite us.

        • sixpack

          I’ve got 5 different sizes of leatherman, from the micro on up. Got a gerber, a schrade and a sheffield with a hammer on it. I’ve got a couple of swiss A-I-1s too.

          I love them all. I keep half of them in my purse.

          I’m a “Tim Allen” kinda gal…

      • Man on the inside

        As the morals of our country spiral down into the pit, understand that this will only get worse. I know that when I deal with anyone in any business I have to factor in that the moral base of our country is steadily dropping. We took God out of every aspect of life and replaced it with Amoralism. Even if you are an atheist there are certain basic moral codes that came from the bible that our country was founded on that have now been set aside. This is why socialism is coming. With socialism you are not at fault, you are not responsible. The state will take care of you but you must follow the states strict set of guidelines. AS the state as it tightens the grip on your life (and absolute control of it) the state will tell you what, when, were, why, and how. They will also use any means possible to control you. This will only get worse. I almost welcome a full blown worldwide calamity in hopes that the people who could survive such an event (folks like us) could reset and rebuild. I know though it would only give the “state” more of a reason to control people. This is human nature and our forefathers knew this when they wrote the most successful document in the history of mankind for running a government (The Constitution). Now our new leaders are working to negate, bypass, or re-wright this document and will use thugs to do their dirty work much like the “Brown Shirts” of Hitler’s times. We live in interesting times……. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS……

    2. Old Gringo

      “Take my Identity. Please!”

      • sixpack

        I know what you mean. My credit rating is so low, if an identity thief tried to use my information to get a credit card, he’d get arrested for his stupidity.

        • braveheart

          I don’t even have any ‘credit rating’ because i don’t use credit for anything, period! My identity is not even 50% attractive to any ID thief. Using my name to try to get anything won’t do them any good.

          • sixpack

            Unfortunately, my ex-husband loved all of the credit cards they sent us, way back in the 1980’s. We were both in the military and had a new baby. CC companies just sent them, and he didn’t see one damn reason why he couldn’t spend them on himself…and he did.

            When we divorced, the filed bankruptcy and, as his wife, I got the bad credit history and a bankruptcy on my credit record.

            I never even bought one single thing on any of those cards—I cut mine up as fast as they sent them.

            He, however, did not.

            LESSON: Never mix business with pleasure, or marriage with credit records.

            • braveheart

              Sixpack, my bank did offer me a credit card once, but I turned it down. Had I gotten even just 1 card, I might have gone overboard and not been able to prep like I have over the years. One of the best decisions I ever made for myself. I don’t regret not having credit for 1 minute. If I can’t prep for whatever is coming, then to hell with it all.

              • sixpack

                I wouldn’t take a damn credit card, if they paid ME interest.

                • John W.

                  You people are silly. If you cannot control your spending it is not the cards fault. You must all live in caves and never do anything. Ever try renting a car without a credit card? Yeah I know you never go anywhere. Sad.

    3. Outlaw

      Screw ’em, no money from me.

      • Kulafarmer

        I will NEVER AGAIN comply.
        MOLON LABE

        • yourmotherwaswrong

          Kulafarmer says:

          “I will NEVER AGAIN comply.”

          Q: Do you vote?

          • Drew

            Why, Do you?

          • Kulafarmer

            Yes but it doesnt matter

            • yourmotherwaswrong

              Kulafarmer says:

              “Yes but it doesnt matter.”

              So you’re part of the Well Heeled Dog Club.

              Roll over… play dead… ata boy!

              • Kulafarmer

                Arf arf
                Pant pant pant,

              • Kulafarmer

                Someone once said if you dont vote, you better shut the fuck up because you have no business bitching if you didnt at the verry least cast a ballot, weather it was worth a shit or not,
                Im guessing your one of those donkeys who doesnt vote but squeals like a stuck pig

                • braveheart

                  Kulafarmer, whoever said you need to be a registered voter to speak your mind was someone who OVERDOSED on the federal koolaid. I’ve never been a member of anyone’s party and I still speak out regardless. I disregard such people because they don’t know shit from shinola. You and YMWW are both correct that it’s useless to vote. I’ve never been trapped in the false left-right paradigm and never will be.

                • slingshot


                  I am done voting too.

                • Outlaw

                  This guy nailed it square on the head:

                  “I have solved this political dilemma in a very direct way: I don’t vote. On Election Day, I stay home. I firmly believe that if you vote, you have no right to complain. Now, some people like to twist that around. They say, ‘If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain,’ but where’s the logic in that? If you vote, and you elect dishonest, incompetent politicians, and they get into office and screw everything up, you are responsible for what they have done. You voted them in. You caused the problem. You have no right to complain. I, on the other hand, who did not vote — who did not even leave the house on Election Day — am in no way responsible for that these politicians have done and have every right to complain about the mess that you created.”

                  -George Carlin

      • Hammerun

        Obama is going to move, by design. Obamacare will be kept in place until millions have gotten the cancelation letters and nowhere to go except for what ever is leftover. People will rebel against what’s left of Obamacare. And here comes a single payer Medicare type program. They’ll have no choice, they’ll have to. And ofuckingbama knows it. This I believe has been the plan all along.
        Fuck up the big system, spend billions of dollars, Obama and ilk get millions in kickbacks from the Canadian developers, shock the people with ridiculously high insurance premiums, skyrocketing deductibles, lose their doctors, just basically turn their worlds upside down. Concern and panic will set in and they will willingly grasp at any idea that they can afford. Enter Obamas, single payer.
        My guess will that they will set a monthly premium at $3-400 a month at their limits and requirements, doctors, hospitals and clinics. per person.
        Oh and your treatments and care will also be at their discretions.
        We are on a grand game of chess here. Ive been a chess player all of my life. A good player, plays three move out on each piece on the board. These people are out to five to seven moves while moving the pieces where they want them when we don’t see.
        Again it’s like herding cattle or sheep. If you want them to move a certain direction you anticipate the herds movements and run them to a cliff or a wall and they will turn one way or the other.
        The numbers are so wild right now, 15M to 129M, who knows how many people are going to be affected by this. But you can bet on one thing, they know what they want us to do next. And they are standing ready to launch it.

        • hammerhead

          “We are on a grand game of chess here”

          Putin with hot microphone
          “negotiating with obama is like playing chess with a pigeon , he scatters all the pieces , shits on the board and then struts around as if he has won ”

          LOL , there may be hope for us yet .

          • sixpack

            LOL, I’m gonna keep that one in my archive of quotes. Thanks.

        • KY Mom

          A U.S. physician explains how to protect yourself from Obamacare
          – Robert S. Dotson, M.D.

          “Medical care is going to get worse under Obamacare.”

          “As income reductions are being imposed on private practice, costs are being driven up by exploding regulations. In addition, the plethora of new mandates and laws have increasingly criminalized every aspect of the practice of medicine and created vast new armies of armed bureaucrats whose sole aim is to impose civil and criminal penalties on any provider unlucky enough to be singled out for attention…”

          “Avoid contact with the existing health care system as far as possible. Yes, emergencies arise that require the help of physicians, but by and large one can learn to care for one’s own minor issues.

          Though it is flawed, the internet has been an information leveler for the masses and permits each person to be his or her own physician to a large degree. Take advantage of it! Educate yourself about your own body and learn to fuel and maintain it as you would an expensive auto or a pet poodle.”

          One does not need a medical degree to:

          1. Avoid excessive use of tobacco or alcohol or, for that matter, caffeine

          2. Avoid poisons like fluoride, aspartame, high fructose corn syrup, and addictive drugs (legal or illicit)

          3. Avoid unnecessary and potentially lethal imaging studies (TSA’s radiation pornbooths, excessive mammography, repetitive CT scans – exposure to all significantly increases cancer risk)

          4. Avoid excessive cell phone use and exposure to other forms of EMR pollution where possible (the NSA is recording everything you say and text anyway)

          5. Avoid daily fast food use and abuse (remember: pink slime and silicone)

          6. Avoid untested GM foods (do you really want to become “Roundup Ready?”)

          7. Avoid most vaccinations and pharmaceutical agents promoted by the establishment

          8. Avoid risky behaviors (and, we do not need a bunch of Nanny State bureaucrats to define and police these)

          9. Exercise moderately

          10. Get plenty of sleep

          11. Drink plenty of good quality water (buy a decent water filter to remove fluoride, chloride, and heavy metals)

          12. Wear protective gear at work and play where appropriate (helmets, eye-shields, knee and elbow pads, etc.)

          13. Seek out locally-grown, whole, organic foods and support your local food producers

          14. Take appropriate nutritional supplements (multi-vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3)

          15. Switch off the TV and the mainstream media it represents

          16. Educate yourself while you can

          And, lastly…


          • The Old Coach

            Damn! I already do all of that! Heck, I haven’t even owned a TV since 1977. (Before many of you were born!)

        • TheGuy

          Here’s the little problem with that little plan…

          “Enter OBAMA’S single pay…”


          If he fucks it up that bady do you think anyone’s ever going to listen to ANYTHING he says EVER again?

          No… if that’s the plan… you’re in for 3 years of excruciating pain. Then enter HILLARY’S single payer system.

          Hope you’re healthy. If not… well this is going to suck a lot…

          • SWFL

            My opinion is that he will not propose it- it will come from the “opposition” as an alternative and a remedy because “We can’t go back- the previous system is already dismantled and can’t be put back together. This is the best we can do now.”.

    4. Barn Cat

      I wonder how much of what the Navigators were paid is heading back to the Democratic National Committee. If we were still a country of laws, such kickbacks would be multiple felonies. Obama is often compared to Nixon but there’s no evidence that Nixon hated America or was sabotaging it. Nixon ordered a couple of burglaries and then lied about it. Pretty minor stuff compared to today. Back then, the fact that Nixon lied was enough for the country to turn against him. But Clinton lied under oath in a court of law and most people didn’t care. If America was still a great country just before that, it stopped being one then.

      • KY Mom

        Paid for by U.S. tax dollars…the Navigators

        We can also assume many “illegal aliens” will be signed up for Obamacare and registered to vote.

        Obama recently said he needs Pelosi as speaker of the house, so “he can get a lot more accomplished.” It looks like they are planning ahead for the 2014 elections.

        HHS Resurrects ‘ACORN’ Through ObamaCare

        “ObamaCare provides millions of dollars in grants to hire community activists and others as “navigators” to assist individuals enroll in health insurance provided by state or federal exchanges and, according to recent reports, register people to vote.

        HHS lays out numerous guidelines for the “navigators”, including paying them up to $48/hour for their work. The rule, guidelines and voter registration effort are a potential vehicle to resurrect ACORN or an ACORN-like entity.”

        “Ron Pollack, head of Families USA, has said their effort will be run like a “political campaign.”

        • braveheart

          ACORN never went out of existence, they’ve just been in the background for awhile. Now they’re being given a new purpose.

        • The Old Coach

          He and the gang are following the same takeover scenario we’ve seen repeated again and again in places like Chile, Venezuela, Argentina, Guatemala, (just to name a few). Rouse the ignorant, get them to vote for you by promising free shit, then start subverting the government from the inside. Ten years, fifteen years, and you have a permanent dictatorship, collect vast sums for commercial favors, and screw the people. Only in Chile did a movement arise to pull them back from the brink. May God send us an American Pinochet!

      • sixpack

        Who was slobbing on clinton’s knob under the desk should’ve been between he and his wife, NOT millions of people who weren’t involved.

        Now, about Nixon being so harmless, you may want to read up on that. Here’s a couple of links to get you started…

        • John W.

          Clinton was getting sex from a subordinate. That was the crime not the BS that was presented. Earlier that year he had pushed through a very tough bill with heavy penalties for any conduct of that type. In the Federal govt. any sex between a superior and an underling is considered illegal. Any GS-9 getting a BJ from a GS-5 female would be fired and possibly jailed.

    5. DRD5508

      If this weren’t so true, one would suspect an April Fool’s day prank in November.
      These tptb people and their minion think they’re prepared for the backlash from Americans but I don’t think they understand how tough the battle will be. They won’t escape. Most of these lids/progressives (whatever) can’t stomach the fight in their own yards and homes, you’ll see. They’ll be raising white flags expecting mercy.

    6. hammerhead

      This is nothing more that a pathway to communism .
      By being in charge of our healthcare , via the IRS , the government now will simply regulate and legislate the Bill of Rights out of existance.
      I could be wrong , but it looks like the end to me.

      • Shooternv

        Don’t forget the EPA closing coal power plants and lead smelting.

        • hammerhead

          I gotta fine from the EPA for working on a house that
          “may have had” lead paint on it .
          You have to love the regulation nation .

          • wrong


            I took that stupid class for lead. What a joke. Sorry to hear you got busted. A friend of mine in town did too. He even took the class but said piss on it. He ended up being the one pissed on. Looking forward to getting out of the building trades myself. Like you said, too many regulations and too many assholes doing the regulating.

            • hammerhead

              WRONG- we aint gonna have any choice but to get out of the trade . do you see young kids coming in ? NO
              In the next decade our socialist government will make home depot and lowes the only organisations that can build a new home . I would bet that fianance will be provided as well .every tradesman will have to work for them.
              I see a type of system ( agenda 21) that only authorizes certain corporations to built “authorized” structures.
              I said this about a decade ago , we are gettin closer to that socialist reality.
              best of luck

              • sixpack

                What they seem to be doing, across the board, is circumventing the legal system. Pretty much everything they are setting up requires no judicial process. They are literally wiping out the need for civil litigation and due process.

                Obummercare is but the latest example. Instead of going to court to collect on their alleged debtors, they can just do it administratively, through the IRS and your tax refund.

                Asset confiscation on auto-pilot.

                The same with gun grabbing and personal property confiscation. They’re stealing private property by working around civil process and declaring land “protected”, as well as regulating the owners right out of their own homes. It’s all really just an extension of “civil forfeiture” now.

          • C Howard Fields

            hammerhead How come? I worked on my house, in Kennedy country, well over 200 years old. Got no complaints.

            • sixpack

              Your property just hasn’t been targeted yet. Be patient, it will be.

        • Barn Cat

          Obama destroyed the American coal industry all by himself. But it gets worse: he also destroyed the business climate in America too. Who in their right mind would build a plant in America today when Obama could destroy your investment overnight?

          • sixpack

            Absolutely, Barn cat. Just one more reason why obummer should be hanged for treason…

          • The Old Coach

            Not only the coal industry. In my (already very poor) county the death of the coal-fired electric plants has killed a large aluminum smelter. 1000 people put out of work, on top of all the miners and power-plant workers. If we don’t hit 50% unemployment here by next spring I’ll be surprised. The population of the whole county, wives, kids, grandparents included, is only 15,000.

      • apache54

        either we throw them out or we are finished as a country that we know!!!

        • Kulafarmer

          Throw them ALL out!

          • Twisted Titan

            Throw them out?

            Way past time for that.

            We need to string em up ,lop off heads and drive steaks into their black collectivist hearts.

            Its the only way you can be certain you killed the undead.

            • Slick One

              Twisted Titan Only AFTER we use some really nasty methods to loosen their tongues to see what other nefarious things thay have planned. Executions without interrogation most brutal and painful are a waste of possible intel.

          • wrong

            Still got that rope in your shed?

            • sixpack


            • Kulafarmer

              You betcha! Have lots of rope, nice strong new england climbers rope, perfect for a few hundred hangmans hanks.

        • John W.

          If they get amnesty through we are indeed finished.

    7. Old Vet

      What I have lived by sense 1970:

      Airborne Creed

      I am an Airborne trooper! I jump by parachute from any plane in flight. I volunteered to do it, knowing full well the hazards of my choice.

      I serve in a mighty Airborne Force – famed for deeds in War – renowned for readiness in peace. It is my pledge to uphold its honor and prestige in all that I am – in all I do.

      I am an elite trooper – a sky trooper – a spearhead trooper.

      I blaze the way to far flung goals – behind, before, above my country’s enemy’s front lines.

      I know that someday I may have to fight without support for days on end. Therefore, I keep my mind and body always fit to do my part in any Airborne mission. I am self reliant and unafraid. I shoot true, and march fast and far. I fight hard and will excel in everything I do just in case of war.

      I will never fail a fellow paratrooper. I cherish the sacred trust and the lives of men with whom I serve. Leaders have my fullest loyalty, and those who I lead will never, never find me lacking.

      I have pride in being Airborne! I will never let it down! In peace, I do not shrink from the dullest duty nor protest the toughest training. My weapon and equipment will always be combat ready. I will be neatly dressed, show courtesy and watch my behavior in a proper Airborne military manner.

      In battle, I fear no enemy’s ability, nor underestimate his ability, power or threats. I will fight him with all my might and skills – staying alert to avoid traps and try to escape if I should ever be captured. I will never surrender while I still have the means to fight, though I may be the last paratrooper.

      My goal in peace and war is to succeed in any mission of the day or night, even though I may die doing so. For I belong to a proud and glorious team…

      The AIRBORNE, the ARMY, my Country – the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I am its chosen few, I volunteer to fight where others may not want to go or serve.

      I am a trooper of the sky! I am my Nation’s best! In peace and war I will never fail, Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere…I am Airborne!
      I volunteered as a parachutist, fully realizing the hazard of my chosen service and by my thoughts and actions will always uphold the prestige, honor and high esprit-de-corps of parachute troops.

      I realize that a parachutist is not merely a Soldier who arrives by parachute to fight, but is an elite shock trooper and that his country expects him to march farther and faster, to fight harder, and to be more self-reliant than any other Soldier. Parachutists of all allied armies belong to this great brotherhood.

      I shall never fail my fellow comrades by shirking any duty or training, but will always keep myself mentally and physically fit and shoulder my full share of the task, whatever it may be.

      I shall always accord my superiors fullest loyalty and I will always bear in mind the sacred trust I have in the lives of the men I will accompany into battle.

      I shall show other Soldiers by my military courtesy, neatness of dress and care of my weapons and equipment that I am a picked and well trained Soldier.

      I shall endeavor always to reflect the high standards of training and morale of parachute troops.

      I shall respect the abilities of my enemies, I will fight fairly and with all my might, surrender is not in my creed.

      I shall display a high degree of initiative and will fight on to my objective and mission, though I be the lone survivor.

      I shall prove my ability as a fighting man against the enemy on the field of battle, not by quarreling with my comrades in arms or by bragging about my deeds.

      I shall always realize that battles are won by an army fighting as a team, that I fight first and blaze the path into battle for others to follow and to carry the battle on.

      I belong to the finest unit in the world. By my actions and deeds alone, I speak for my fighting ability. I will strive to uphold the honor and prestige of my outfit, making my country proud of me and of the unit to which I belong.

      R ecognizing that I volunteered as a ranger, fully knowing the hazards of my chosen profession, I will always endeavor to uphold the prestige, honor, and high esprit de corps of my ranger regiment.
      A cknowledging the fact that a ranger is a more elite soldier, who arrives at the cutting edge of battle by land, sea, or air, I accept the fact that as a ranger, my country expects me to move further, faster, and fight harder than any other soldier.
      N ever shall I fail my comrades. I will always keep myself mentally alert, physically strong, and morally straight, and I will shoulder more than my share of the task, whatever it may be, one hundred percent and then some.
      G allantly will I show the world that I am a specially selected and well trained soldier. My courtesy to superior officers, neatness of dress, and care of equipment shall set the example for others to follow.
      E nergetically will I meet the enemies of my country. I shall defeat them on the field of battle for I am better trained and will fight with all my might. Surrender is not a ranger word. I will never leave a fallen comrade to fall into the hands of the enemy and under no circumstances will I ever embarrass my country.
      R eadily will I display the intestinal fortitude required to fight on to the ranger objective and complete the mission, though I be the lone survivor.

      • VRF

        Lead the way to Washington DC and help us out

        Semper Fi


      • Cameraman

        I”ll Take the Marine Corp Creed” Kill em all and Let God Sort them Out!!!

        Semper Fi NOT Simply Fuk It!!!!

      • yourmotherwaswrong

        @Old Vet

        Screw your military idolatry!

        It’s one of the reasons this country is being turned into an authoritarian police state.

        USA… USA… USSA…

        Screw the military worship!

        • Old Vet

          @yourmotherwaswrong: That is why I served so you could say what you want. I take your comment as a THANK YOU. You do not have a clue.

          • yourmotherwaswrong

            @Old Vet

            No one is serving in the military to protect my right to say what I say. No one in the military fought in Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan for our freedoms. The latter presupposes that there are countries in the world that are trying to take away our freedoms. What freedoms might that be? It is the U.S. government that has been steadily eroding our freedoms since the ink on the Constitution was dry. It is the U.S. government that we need to be concerned about, not some foreign enemy. The former presupposes, not only that there are people in the world who want to infringe upon my right to say what I do, but also that there are people in the world who even care enough about what I say to try to stop me from saying it. Again, it is the U.S. government that we need to be concerned about. After all, it is the U.S. government that is listening to and reading everything that Americans say and write. There is no bigger lie ever uttered than “the troops are defending our freedoms.” The troops are standing by while our freedoms are being taken away. The troops fight for their masters in Washington; they fight for the Banksters; they fight for Empire; but they do not fight for our freedoms.

            Why people can’t see this boggles the mind.

            • Anon

              @yourmotherwaswrong: When you decide to put on the uniform and by chance you go to a combat theater of operations area. You soon learn that you fight not for the government, not for freedom, not for apple pie, but for EACHOTHER. Yes the government is taking away more and more of our freedoms everyday, but when I retire every night and when I awake every day, I thank the Lord for allowing me to be born and live in the U.S.A., everyday. We are still the only free country on the face of this rock. Go look at any cemetery and the little flags that mark a veteran’s grave, those that are not marked and those whose body never made it home died for your right to act and talk the way you see fit.
              Now your choice of not going into the military is yours, but do not call us that did basically crazy because we choose to do so. So having said that; you can take (in my time) your draft dodging ass and go to hell. You are doing no more that pissing on a veteran’s grave, and you are to self-serving to risk a chance of getting a scratch on your chicken-shit ass. ENOUGH SAID.

              • yourmotherwaswrong

                Anon says:

                “We are still the only free country on the face of this rock.”

                This is what I’m talking about.


                1. totally uninformed about what is going on; not having even a clue from which to infer what is occurring

                2. not informed; lacking in knowledge or information;
                “the uninformed public”

                see Boobus Americanus

        • anonymous

          Pucker up & KMSA.

    8. j Stuart

      Vermin. All of them.

    9. Pissed Off Granny

      My definition of ACORN:

      C ommunist
      O rganization
      R uining
      N orth America

      • braveheart

        ACORN is just one of those black criminal organizations that helped get Obama into the WH. The only thing they’ll get out of me is some hot lead if they come after me for anything.

        • Kulafarmer

          +1 brother

      • apache54

        I agree ! they are acorns, bunch of nuts in a tree, lets shake the tree and let them all fall out!!!

        • Kulafarmer

          Maybe roast them acorns on an open fire!
          Spirit of the season and all,

    10. VRF

      More reasons not to
      1. have any money in a bank
      2. Not to own a home or have a mortgage
      3. not to have employment, or owe them more then they can take from you
      4. not to have drivers license

      O-care will come after all of these and probably more when you

      A- don’t pay them for their bogus care
      B- don’t enroll
      C- don’t pay the fine

      extortion at its best

      • hammerhead

        VRF – as the Obamacare law is right now,if you dont pay your fine for not signing up,
        they cannot put a lien on your home and they cant take money from your bank account and they cant garnish your wages. BUT , if you are expecting an income tax refund the scumbags will take it from that.
        so if you can structure your taxes so you have no refund due then they are screwed.
        How long before they close this loophole?

        • VRF

          VRF says:
          Comment ID: 2842946

          November 12, 2013 at 12:48 pm

          I got this in my in-box this morning folks,

          “I actually made it through this morning at 8:00 AM. I have a preexisting condition (Type 1 Diabetes) and my income base was 45K-55K annually. I chose tier 2 “Silver Plan” and my monthly premiums came out to $597.00 with $13,988 yearly deductible!!! There is NO POSSIBLE way that I can afford this so I “opt-out” and chose to continue along with no insurance. I received an email tonight at 5:00 P.M. Informing me that my fine would be $4,037 and could be attached to my yearly income tax return. Then you make it to the “REPERCUSSIONS PORTION” for “non-payment” of yearly fine. First, your drivers license will be suspended until paid, and if you go 24 consecutive months with “Non-Payment” and you happen to be a home owner, you will have a federal tax lien placed on your home. You can agree to give your bank information so that they can easy “Automatically withdraw” your “penalties” weekly, bi-weekly or monthly! This by no means is “Free” or even “Affordable.” Kinda sheds a lot of light on all of the arming and beefing up of arms for all of the domestic departments INCLUDING the IRS now doesn’t it?

          There’s a war coming folks…. I hope you paid up your health care premiums (sarc), or at least stocked up on arms and ammo

          • DRD5508

            VRF, this is exactly what needs to be spread around. Hope you don’t mind me making copies to hand out at this weeks prep meeting? I’ll only print/copy the facts without your name/comment ID.

            • VRF

              Sure DRD ,
              this is something a lot of people dont see or know, It was sent to me as to show whats going on , and if anyone thinks that they will get away with not paying the government what it wants, is fooling himself. They will do what ever they want to get the money they need to cover for their corruption , If that means garnishing your wages, to putting a lien on your property..right down to a penny or two for your eyes when they kill you.

              Here is the reason this is all tied into the IRS..have anyone on this board met anyone who had the IRS come at them for past taxes? or due taxes on capitol gains ..or closing out a 401 early, or property taxes? well they either get their money, or they take what ever they want..right down to your wife’s wedding band and engagement ring, or your last pair of socks..they dont care if you are out on the street or in debt to them for the rest of your breathing days..they always get theirs

              Its a Revolutionary cause people ..sink your dam teeth into it..or be very very sorry..

              plus when they tell you they are “Not going to do something” that means its coming..
              so when that person said they will not put a federal or government lien on your home, that’s just another lie like “you can keep your doctor or policy” They will close ALL the loop holes..this shit is not going to go away.. because this is how they are funding their war against us, with our money..Not a dam thing new about that when it comes to these bastards

              • DRD5508

                VRF, I have had to deal with the IRS in the past, individually and helping others. Up till three years ago, it wasn’t to hard to win. The issue in the past,normally, was the IRS people didn’t read the forms correctly (submitted forms) or they weren’t clear on a deduction.
                Now: I fear it won’t matter if you’re right, the damage will have taken affect before their errors are corrected. The redistribution will have wiped out people and the delays will be long in correcting their mistakes.

              • Beth

                Yes I have VRF. Had a small business, had a bad stretch that really put me behind and I’m afraid to say taxes, at that time, were an “invisible bill”. Had to pay the food vedor to keep customers in the door…had to pay the light bill, propane, wages, etc. etc. etc……long story short, the IRS operates on electronic desposits, etc. and if you wait too long or don’t communicate with them in terms of a repayment schedule, they CAN and WILL just take the $ out of your bank account that is linked with your tax ID.
                Quit being a small business owner last July. Have a simple, stress-free job that I can walk the whole 2 blocks to, yay, also forces me to go 8 hours w/o a ciggie, double yay!
                Oh–liens—you just reminded me–I have a small pile that have been satisfied (hmmph!) and I really NEED to do the next step in paying the $40@ filing fee at the local court house to have the liens totally off the book. Ba-HUMBUG!

              • REB

                They mess with me and Ill salt the fields and burn the house and barns…get rid of the livestock and walk away…aint playing their game!

          • hammerhead

            VRF – can i copy your post and take it to may laywer who
            advised me of the things that i had posted ?
            PISSIN ME OFF !
            good luck with diabetes , its rough .

            • VRF

              Hammer , I dont have Diabetes

              as I said in my post , this was sent to me.

              but yes you may forward this to anyone you want, it was forwarded to me

              • hammerhead

                done thanks

          • dmitry


            thanks for your inputs.


          • lastmanstanding

            In the meantime, try Pacificsource for healthcare.

            Regarding the war…no way around it.

            “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

        • Kulafarmer

          Give these crooked basturds some time, they will legislate a way.
          Throw them out and take away future benefits.

      • Barn Cat

        Obamacare will encourage a lot of people to work for cash if they can. No income, no obamacare taxes. I used to do small business accounting for an accounting service. It wasn’t uncommon for businesses like junkyards and restaurants to pay employees under the table so they wouldn’t have to pay payroll taxes. That will get worse now.

        • European American

          Obamacare will also encourage, if not force, Americans to eat healthy food, exercise and get plenty of rest, i.e. take direct responsibility for their health rather than putting their life in the hands of people who care more about the dollar than one’s well being.

          • Cameraman

            How the Hell do you have Money Left for Healty Food after Paying these Bulshyte Rates?
            Changed your Screen Name To PEON Ok?

            Semper Fi

            • Tactical

              I guess we all should go to Michelle Obama’s garden in the white house to get free veggies….. I wonder if she takes EBT for payment.

            • European American

              If you want to consume gmo junk food, remain indoors all day, stressed out and staying up at all hours worried because you are in debt up to your eyeballs cause your paying all your hard earned dollars for Rx (and non-Rx) drugs to keep your blood pressure down because the doctor you see and the insurance policy you are on could care less about making you well and more concerned about keeping you sick so they get more of what you can’t afford to give them, then yes “Semper Fi” continue giving your “power” to them by remaining in servitude. It’s your life.

              What you don’t seem to realize, or maybe even care about, is eating healthy is FAR more affordable, in the long run, than paying to be sick. You do the math.

              How does that go, “You can pay me now or pay me later”. It’s your choice. Take DIRECT responsibility for your health.

    11. Unreconstructed Southron

      Al Capone was a novice compared to these hooligans.

    12. Old Vet

      The PISS ANTS leading this Country now, HAVE NO F__K’N CLUE what it’s all about!!

      NOMI (The longer we wait the harder the task).

    13. VRF

      Lie to the government?

      why the hell not, we are lied to regularly by the Government

      problem is, the government has been collecting info on s all for so many years , they already know the truth. So whats the penalty for lying? fines? possible jail time?

      Oh and to those who say “Ill just lie about my smoking” umm well brain child there are tests to show if you do or don’t smoke, I wont be surprised once this gets up and rolling that sooner or later those who enroll will get tested..My life insurance policy came and did a health screening on me and they take blood and lie all you just like the president

      Fuck this Commie care

      • REB

        Lying to your fellow man under most circumstances is wrong…govt is not a fellow man…you can not lie to a liar,cheat a cheater,or steal from a thief…govicorp is all the above except a fellow man…resist,rebel and retaliate against them or be consumed by them… 🙁

    14. Lake Monster

      Having an under the table pay job works fine for us. I took my money out of the bank in 2008 when B of A stole money straight out of my account and lied to me and tried to say I withdrew it when I didn’t.

      • DRD5508

        Lake, I got a lot of family to withdraw their money also prior to 2010 from B of A.

        • The Old Coach

          Ditto. It won’t starve ’em, but they can’t f$@& with you anymore.

    15. Nina'os lil brother

      The mafia would be better
      At least they would sell me an RPG
      You know for “squirrel’s n such” 🙂

      • Kulafarmer

        Yea, thats the ticket,

      • yental

        Kill-n-cook with one shot. “I do define ‘squirrels’ rather ambiguously” in the current state of “the socialized/fascist union”. That said, there are certainly some GIGANTIC SQUIRRELS that would probably necessitate an RPG round to qualify as a “one shot, one KILL” suitable “hunting round”. ;)!

        • REB

          Yep…RPG works dandy on them “RED” squirrels… 😉

    16. Colorado Kid

      You better watch out Texas!

      From a boots on the ground perspective, I have seen the liberal/progressive change in Colorado over the past 25 years. We were once a great red state, and now we are the laughing stock of the west. The last 10 years, the libtards have went full force by re-districting the voting areas to heavily skew things to their favor.

      We have the biggest flip-flop Gov in Hickenlooper, who should get ran out the next election. The house and senate are demoncratically controlled, and some basic gun rights were stripped earlier this year. The only hope we have is to vote these turds out and pray anyone else is conservative enough to make change.

      So make your stand Texans and fight every libtarded bill, politician, and gov’t funded program because if Texas goes blue, we are all done.


      • lena

        we’re all done !

        texas is expected to go blue by 2020 thanks to the 1965 and reagan amnesties.

        people keep tell me that now is the time to stand and fight, but that time was 40 yrs ago. unless you live in some pocket thats likely to remain traditional usa, youre going to spend youre remaining days in a country that makes england’s bending over to everyone that shows up look mild.

        • gone under

          Reagan amnesty was a one time pardon( I think 2 mil)that also included enforcement and a fence that congress did not fund. Not 40 mil with health/EBT/sec8 benefits.

        • YH

          Well said Lena. The majority of Americans have learned how to vote themselves other people’s money. They have fully embraced Marxism at its core. “From each according to his abilities, To each according to his needs.”

          It is the most feared worst case scenario the Founders dreaded, and it has come to pass without a single combative battle being fought. It is a coup d’état the likes of which the world has never seen. It has been masterfully played by the enemies of freedom and constitutional governance.

          There is no putting this Genie back in the bottle. All we can do now resist anyway we can on an individual level. For all intended purposes there is only one political party left in the U.S.. Republicans and Democrats are merely subsidiaries of the centralized Progressive party.

          • TheGuy

            Joke’s on them.

            They just voted everyone else their OWN money.


            • sixpack

              Yeah, like the other article said: “I thought obamacare was a good thing, until I found out I was paying for it”…


              • YH

                Exactly sixpack. The idiots that thought Obamacare sounded like a good idea are too stupid to realize that it’s nothing more than a gigantic federal government “bail-in” scheme in disguise.

                • sixpack

                  It’s just too bad the rest of us had to get caught up in it with them.

            • YH

              @ TheGuy,

              It is poetic justice. Now the progressives are running for political cover trying to demand that people be able to keep their old insurance plans knowing full well that those plans have already been canceled and cannot be reinstated.

        • NeoIsolationist

          Certainly is true if nothing changes, meaning the establishment can continue on at the same velocity and trajectory they have had. The fly in the ointment is the fact that many, many people are now aware of the depth of the conspiracy (from 1963 onward, and actually back to 1913). So it will require, I think, brute force and overt tyranny between now and 2020 for the establishment to get there. I’d say the odds at the point favor the establishment.

    17. Tactical

      Call it Obamacare, Universal Health or any other names you wish. The truth is all is a poppet game show just like the “.Savings and Loans” in the 80’s, ” ,Net” in the 90’s, “Hosing Bubble” in 2001-thru 2008. The final destination is to the Wall Street for the selected and corrupted few to get richer and average citizens to get destroyed. Who runs the Wall Street?

    18. CWinOR

      This trainwreck is continuing to make more entertaining viewing than anything Hollywood ever produced! Feet up, kicked back, cold one in hand, just waiting for the final car to derail. “Pop! Ahhhhh!”. Might as well enjoy that spectacle that has been created for our viewing pleasure!

      • Kulafarmer

        Ill gain amusement watching it,
        But sure as hell will not participate in it.

        • CWinOR

          AMEN to that! Any “navigator” that shows up at my place will be given directions to immediately leave the premises…en route to the nearest bridge that’s out!

          • Tactical

            I wonder if these so called the navigators are the ones used to work under ACORN and involved with promoting prostitution? Hard to recognize them if they changed their front gold tooth.

            • CWinOR

              Many of them are Tactical. And many of them are from outfits like La Raza (“The Race”), which has already espoused their desire to “take back” (“reconquista” movement) the parts of America they claim were theirs in the era of “Aztlan”…which is nothing more than an Aztec legend or myth. I’ve kept tabs quite a bit on La Raza for many years. “Interestingly”, their website used to loudly proclaim their intent- up until ’08.

              It’s FACT that wetbacks (oops! did i say THAT?! I meant “Illegal Aliens”, double oops! I meant “undocumented immigrants”, lol) are working for La Raza, and most likely getting paid as “Navigators” with YOUR tax dollars (I quit paying taxes years ago).

              • Tactical

                Thanks CWinOR for the info. Very informative.

                • Pissed Off Granny


                  On the hearing before Congress, K. She-be-louse was ask if the Navigators were being checked to see if they had any “record” with law enforcement.

                  Her answer was no!

                  So a convicted felon could be the one who has access to all your personal info from the form they are helping you to fill out.

                  Wonder how much peoples ss#, etc. is worth out on the street corner?

        • braveheart

          No Obamacare for me either, under any circumstances.

    19. TheGuy

      This is a tacit admission by the administration that you HAVE to lie in order to get the f*cking thing to work in any way that remotely makes any financial sense for you.

      Which strongly implies that they are totally out of control of the insurance companies and just promised to be a middle man and to enforce sign-ups…

    20. aljamo

      This new healthcare policy comes from medical and insurance related business. It’s not obama’s decision. He’s just the stringed puppet chosen to sell this repulsion to a gullible public who voted for him twice.

    21. GEO_LITHIC

      Obamacare is THE impeachable offense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    22. European American

      The Best Health Insurance is Prevention.

      It’s a clean deal that way; no middle man.

      • Tactical

        EA…very true. Swiss system has been following this path for years….. however in the US we have a big corrupt pharmas that are running the system and using humans as lab rats to sell their poisonous drugs. I can’t recall a single visit to my primary care without being offer a new drug and when I was asking why I need this the answer was to prevent future problems with some BS medical terms.

        • The Old Coach

          Um, not to put too fine a point on it, but those “poisonous drugs” are why I didn’t die in 2003, and why I won’t die in 2014, or 2015 or 2020, assuming that we are spared the Apocalypse. I’m Type 2 diabetic. Runs in the family. If I stop with the drugs and the insulin, my nervous system breaks down, (usually accompanied by a lot of pain), the circulation in my feet stops working and they have to be amputated or gangrene sets in, blood vessels in my eyes burst and I go blind……. I thank God every day that I have almost none of these symptoms 15 years after first diagnosis, because those evil drug companies developed drugs and insulin delivery systems that keep this under control at a modest cost and with little effort.

          So unstuff your head from your orifice and get a life.

          Oh, BTW, you wanna know where is the company that developed and produces my insulin delivery system? Switzerland.

          • Tactical

            The Old Coach… You are not looking at the bigger picture.

      • Cameraman

        The Best Prevention for Treasonous Govt, is the 2nd Ad and a Healthy Supply of 308….

        Semper Fi

        • RICH99

          Well the problem is we have a treasonous government and what has a healthy supply of .308 done ?????
          I am as guilty as everybody but let’s face it , we aren’t gonna do a damn thing and THEY KNOW IT !!!!!

          • braveheart

            Says who, Rich?

    23. M

      What is going to happen when a few millions of poor bastards . Driven insane by this society have their meds shut off ?
      That is one bad event no one is talking about . Cept me and as usual I am so far ahead of the curve. All ya can see is flikering tail lights . if you own a good telescope that is )

    24. YH

      I would consider it a Badge of Honor for the IRS to come after me for Obamacare tax non-payment. That way I know I’m pissing off all the right people for good reason.

    25. slingshot

      Michelle O’s Princeton classmate is exec at company that built …

      You guess it!

      • Tactical

        slingshot… the exec you are referring to also a tall black woman in gray business dress testifying in the circus in front of the monkeys in the congress?

        • slingshot


          Did not see her testify. I don’t know.

    26. RICH99

      YENTAL ole’ boy where are ya …..ya been quiet lately …..may it be because you have 16 days left ????? ONCE AGAIN I showed you up
      We had no war with Syria AND we made it to thanksgiving …..when o when will ye listen to me !!!!!!
      Just the fact that I read today that they plan on having 7500 drones in the skies above amerika by 2015 tells me that we have at LEAST until then !!!!

      • The Old Coach

        Thanksgiving is over already?

        • VRF

          Crap I missed the dried out Turkey?
          oh silly me..hes still in the White house

      • slingshot

        Could not find the article for the link but you can pull it up on the internet. Must have pulled it.

        Sorry folks.

      • Tactical

        Thanks sling for the link.

    27. Anonymous

      @ BI- Is there somewhere else u post about earthquakes?
      Sorry OT
      A few stories back a lady & man on the inside (I think) asked u about
      Weird Things their animals were doing. I don’t know how to get
      back to the comments. Just wondering if u saw them

    28. Uzziel

      I’d rather just waste the lot and be done with it.

      Problem solved.

    29. Iowa

      95% of the Federal Gov’t IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL. I think Jesus said it best, and I’m paraphrasing…

      “We don’t want to offend them, but FUCK EM!”

    30. lonelonemum

      The other reason I prep?

      Simply I don’t want to be herded like a sheep down a particular path.

      The sprog found this wee video on youtube that made me laugh and summed it up

      I enjoy walking through the hedgerows collecting blackberries to make into a pie. It’s better than spending the afternoon at some mall and coming home to eat food that tastes of cardboard.

      A friend is coming to stay this weekend for my birthday, and I’m looking forward to breaking out the demijohn of home made wine, and eating simple home made food. My son is just getting started on his gift making (that’s right at 9 he old enough to make a few simple gifts rather than buy cheap plastic tat for his friends and Granny). Life is good, even though in monetary terms we are far poorer today than 5 years ago.

      I have found a lovely local church with an excellent Sunday school that derives it’s lessons directly from the good book. I never expected to meet people I can envisage becoming genuine friends with so soon after relocating, yet already I’ve come across a couple, and so has my son.

      I know things are grim, but with the right mental outlook there is so much we can enjoy TODAY. Hug your child and/or your honey. So many in the Philippines have lost those they loved in an instant. Appreciate home, hearth and loved ones and create memories of this calm before shtf.

      The criminal cabal will drive us all crazy long before SHTF with their constant antics and attacks at every damn thing we hold dear. Staying mentally healthy is important too.

      Anger is only useful is channeled correctly, otherwise all that energy just dissipates into the wind. The time is coming when we will have to draw on every pleasant memory and use our last reserves of mental strength.

      • Pissed Off Granny


        Wishing you the happiest of birthdays. I look forward to your posts; they are very informative.

    31. Anon

      Lavrov to confirm Russian air defense system, surface missiles for Egypt, Russian Navy facilities at Alexandria
      The Russian guided missile cruiser Varyag in Alexandria, Egypt
      DEBKAfile Exclusive Report Nov 12, 2013, 5:18 PM (IDT)

      During their two-day visit to Cairo starting Wednesday, Nov. 13, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu will finalize an advanced Russian weaponry deal for the Egyptian army. DEBKAfile: Egypt will receive a double-layered system for defensive and offensive needs: a shield against stealth airplane, drone and cruise missile attack, as well as missiles able to reach any part of the Middle East, including Iran. The Russian Navy may gain Mediterranean port facilities and a foothold opposite the Saudi coast.

    32. nevermind

      I don’t like what is happening to our country; I voice my opinions to senators/congressman but they are part of the problem. I have troublemaker stamped on my file.

      Does anyone have an action plan? Is there a way to organize and fight to maintain what is left of American freedom? Years back it was the Tea Party, but they failed; who now? I see a lot of words but no leaders.

      • sixpack

        If we sit around waiting for a “leader” to follow, we might as well just be lemmings.

        We are all leaders.

        • slingshot


          If the forty or so who post here consistently, would go silent for three days, who would express themselves as we do.

          Not many for sure.

    33. RICH99

      How frwakin long does it take for CENSORSHIP to clear on this site ????
      I posted something 3 hours ago

      • admin

        we make it a point to censor your comments for 3 hours and 1 minute per post Rich 🙂

        [in all seriousness, apologies… couldn’t get to a computer today]

        • RICH99

          The 2 thumbs up answers my question ….THANKS

        • sixpack

          Yeah, well Mac, I’m sure you have nothing else important to do, but stare at your computer all the time, just in case rich99 wants to post another hateful comment… geeesh. The nerve of you Mac! You can’t have a LIFE, you’re supposed to cater to trolls, damn it.

          /sarc off/

    34. Grandma

      They have started training today where I live for civil unrest. Said in case of a hurricane. Ha. A little late since the season is over this month. Its for a collapse. It must be getting close.

    35. Rusted Spur

      A couple of things struck me reading through these comments. Kula I have a lot of respect for you but I do think that you are wrong about not being able to bitch if you didn’t vote. I think my opinion of the political atmosphere is a 1st amendment right. I don’t vote. Nor will I ever again. I look at the legitimacy of our gov’t as much like the dollar. The only real power it has is what we grant it by continuing to play along.

      What I shouldn’t do is what I did the other day. And for that I apologize to everyone that may have read it. I shouldn’t condemn anyone or mock them for believing that the political process can still work. DK believes that another party or two could turn the country around, I just think that we would have more corrupt parties. But He is entitled to his opinion and has good arguments for them.

      Someone else said that this will encourage people to not have drivers licenses and back accounts ect. I have tried to be completely off the gov’t radar and found that I couldn’t do it successfully. If someone else knows how to run a business and collect a paycheck without having an SSN, DL and Bank acct I am all ears.

      I think on a positive note, this will force “them” to show at least part of their hand. I think they will have to move at a quicker pace before waking the sheeple. There is going to be some pissed Dems and repubs both feeling betrayed by their elected officials. So I think we are taking a giant step toward the collapse of our economy when this takes effect. Someone above mentioned the single payer system was what they intended all the while. I think they are probably spot on, But they knew that after the clintons failed attempt that they would have to force us to want it.
      Problem, Reaction, Solution.

      • Kulafarmer

        Rusted Spur,
        I get it, believe me, that statement wasnt mine, was actually what someone told me, i go back and forth with voting, our comunity is small, so in some races the votes really will matter, in many cases it boils down to damage control by picking the lesser of two evils, that said, at the national level, i really dont think it matters any more and will eventually have no option but to vote with my REPR, i dont think i will vote national anymore, and i am getting tired of grumbling about this stuff, it doesnt accomplish shit anyway! And you are right 100% about that being within your first ammendment rights. It most definitely is.
        I think the point was that unless you contribute to the process you are on thin ice to complain about the outcome. If you went out and did what in years gone by was considered a responsibility as an American citizen, to vote your conscience for the representative of your choice or as close to it as you can get, and even if that representative didnt get elected, you did your part and are then entitled to complain about the results or lack there of, JMHO
        But i dont really care what you personally do as it is entirely up to YOU, and just as i dont want anyone dictating my actions, i would never suppose to dictate to another the same.
        Good post though rusty

    36. SmokinOkie

      The government has become the chief agent against all civil society. The very system of administering law has become an outlaw. The ‘System’ has become the great enemy of the systematic function of everything in the world. Government itself, has become the ultimate anarchist!
      The diligent, the thrifty, the people in possession of a work ethic (or any ethic for that matter) have become the object of ridicule; they have been targeted for confiscation of the fruits of their labor. They’ve been threatened and coerced by force of ‘law’ to do the very thing they despise- to reward slothfulness and punish achievement.
      Our nation groans under the change that has no hope. Ignorance abounds among our brethren. The masses see that liberty is lost and their reaction is to celebrate slavery.
      “Chocolate is my favorite flavor. Oh? Chocolate is illegal? Strawberry was always my favorite flavor. What? No strawberry without a license from the Department of Flavors? Well, that’s okay, I’ve always liked vanilla best.”
      Those who remain awake, the three percenters (give or take a few) keep wondering- Where is the Inch of which there is Not One More? We draw a line in the sand… but the tide keeps washing it away. So we draw another, and glance over our shoulder; wondering… wishing, that others would join us. But they’re all frolicking in the sea, shouting “Slavery is freedom! Hooray for chocolate… I mean Vanilla!”

      Oh, by all the powers in Heaven! If only sanity were as contagious as the measles….

      • sixpack

        well said.

      • SWFL

        [Oh, by all the powers in Heaven! If only sanity were as contagious as the measles….]

        I’m doing my best to be a carrier but a lot of people seem to have acquired an immunity. I don’t know how though, I can’t see where they’ve ever been exposed before. Maybe it’s genetic- it seems to run in families (and ideologically in-bred communities like college towns and universities).

        • The Old Coach

          You are close SWFL. I spent years trying to make industrial machinery idiot-proof, only to realize that the UAW had funded a large research project to develop develop better and better idiots.

          It was probably a small step to re-dedicate this project toward ensuring that no college student would graduate sane. Seems to have worked.

          • The Old Coach

            develop-develop. I need an edit function Mac !

            • admin

              Workin on it! We need user ID’s to make something like that work correctly, and that will be a part of the new forum feature. Thanks Old Coach!

          • SWFL

            You can take the idiot out of the industrial machinery, but you can’t take the enjoyment out of putting them there.

      • REB

        …ah Okie…maybe that’s why they avoid me like the plague…and I thought it was my socks…sanity and liberty…long may they live!

    37. slingshot

      The Democrats got caught in a lie about Obamacare. Hope Feinstein, Pelosi, Reid, Boxer and a few other are pissing their pants.

      Not to worry too much. The same idiots will be back in power because Hillary is going to make a run for the presidency. Women will vote her into office.

    38. think about it

      IDIOTS…..DUH….FKIN,,,IDIOTS….mac you failed this site….TROLL……

    39. Buzzfix

      You can’t trust people from Chicago especially community organizers if you know what i mean 😉

      • SWFL

        What do you mean? Chicago politics is world famous!

    40. Kulafarmer

      Off topic
      Something to think about, seriously,
      How safe are your preps?
      After seeing the destruction in the Philippines,
      Are your supplies etc vulnerable?
      Start thinking of ways to secure them.

      • TTC

        Kula: That is Constantly on my mind.
        For the BOB, Contracer Trash bags have
        so many uses… any other Ideas are
        always welcome.

    41. Pissed Off Granny


      Am I in the same moderation dog house as Rich 99?

    42. mikeincanada

      If you want to hear more on the obamacare website and security listen to the interview on with john macafee november 12 2013. This will give you avery good insite on cyber security. Have a great day and God bless yall.

    43. KY Mom

      Obama finally fixing health care … in Kenya

      “Though the federal government is struggling to make Obamacare functional for Americans, the administration is simultaneously helping to upgrade the health-care system in Kenya.”

      “…the U.S. Agency for International Development in June 2012 alerted contractors that its Kenyan aid portfolio was growing “exponentially.”

      In addition to heaping the cost of the programs on U.S. taxpayers, part of the plan strips responsibilities from a U.S. contractor and transfers it to a Kenyan company, according to planning documents WND discovered via routine database research.”


      • JayJay

        Thanks Dejan; haven’t heard this one.

    44. RICO

      Seriously what are Americans waiting for?

      RICO Tool Kit: How to hold Washington accountable using the Racketeer Influence & Corrupt Organizations Act

      Read it. If it applies to you now you know what to do. The political justice system is dead. Eric Holder anyone?

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