LA Mayor Threatens To Cut Power & Water To Homes That Host “Large Gatherings”

by | Aug 6, 2020 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti has warned that residents hosting large home gatherings can expect their water and power to be turned off. This thin-skinned mayor is losing his power grip on the people and will stop at nothing to show just how low he’ll go to get people to obey his every command.

    If nothing else, this at the very least shows that the public is no longer willing to be controlled or dictated to. Garcetti’s temper tantrum is being thrown because he was able to shut down bars, but cannot get people to stop being social with each other. “You’re breaking the law. Just as we can shut down bars breaking alcohol laws, in places that are in criminal violation, we can shut them down,” said Garcetti, who is an actual criminal and political parasite.

    According to a report by RT, starting on Friday, Garcetti said that the city’s Department of Water and Power (DWP) would shut off service to properties where there are “egregious” violations of local health orders, pointing to house parties in the Hollywood Hills and Calabasas in recent weeks, which he said were held in “flagrant” defiance of the law.

    While we have already closed all bars and nightclubs, these large house parties have essentially become nightclubs, the mayor said on Wednesday, vowing to treat residential homes the same as businesses that skirt health guidelines. In other words, the mayor will dictate what people can and cannot do, meaning the slaves have an obligation to obey or be punished. In case anyone has failed to notice, that isn’t freedom.

    Politicians have been getting made fun of for their power grab and inability to control people.  Most simply want to live their lives freely and without bein bothered so long as they afford others that same courtesy. Politicians, on the other hand, want only power and control.  Remember Bill de Blasio’s snitch line?

    Commie De Blasio’s Snitch Hotline FLOODED With Obscenities

    The bottom line is that people are finally awakening to what the government has become: puppets of the bankers. Once enough figure it out, the disobedience will spread like wildfire.


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      1. Let’s see — lanterns, flashlights, candles. Ice chests full of ice for the food and drinks. Lots of bottled water. Let’s party like it’s 1899!

        • How about solar panels like the greenies have been touting? Water in rain barrels – better than the chemical laden cocktail the city pumps. What will the dictators do, come and break the panels?

          No one gets angrier than a scammer who has been outed.

      2. I almost wish I lived in CA & this Ass 1/2 cut off my water & power. He has to live somewhere too… It would be fun to tske out his power & water & watch him cry like a little girl. Just remember tough guy, paybacks are a bitch. What ever you do to me …. I will pay back in spades . It will be Biblical …LOL ! Let’s quit talkin & get this party started.
        Standing by in Montgomery County Texas

        • San Jacinto Co here! Hey neighbor! Yessir we need to have each others backs during this crap, getting worse by the day.

        • RT 1957, same here. I’ve been in north GA for a whole year now and I’ve had people over at my place several times for BBQ, etc. I’m 20 miles from the nearest town. My neighbors do like they want at their homes also and no one bothers them. If our power gets cut off for any reason we all have solar for backup and our water comes from wells. I live on 30 acres bordered on a year-round creek on one side. No one will come try that crap out here if they want to stay alive.

      3. Golly Cut off the Power as a viable solution? Yep I agree with Random Tangient. When the government starts cutting power. That’s when you don’t let them have any electric. and make certain everyone don’t have any water or electric. Its the only viable solution.

        • Just FLEE the state if you have the funds to flee.
          You are right,there’s no ballot box solution, but there’s also no ammo box solution either.
          Just FLEE the state!!!!
          Why intervene when it’s pretty obvious the state is beyond repair and is self destructing all on its own? You don’t..
          What you do is FLEE and let nature take over….

          • I think that there is a viable ammo box solution. Its very simple shoot transformers not people. Everyone who is not self reliant will die within a year.

      4. A clear violation of the tenth admendment as long as you pay your bill its your property. We know what is next. If you refuse the vaccination and chip they cut your power and water. We need to think like Gengis Kann and implement a scorched earth response.

      5. L.A. Mayor, just like the DEMONRAT TYRANTS in New York City, Atlanta, Seattle, Chicago, Milwaukee, and on and on. These dim-bulbs (stupid people) want to dictate what’s good-for-you & completely disregard the Bill of Rights. Don’t vote for a**holes like this.

      6. “L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti announces he is authorizing the city to shut off water and power to any houses or businesses that are hosting any parties or unauthorized large gatherings.”

        Your ‘trabajadores esenciales’ park about 10 cars to a house, in my overrun district, with frequent visits from the utilities companies.


        Also, you said that you would level the building, sometimes?

      7. “L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti announces he is authorizing the city to shut off water and power to any houses or businesses that are hosting any parties or unauthorized large gatherings.”

        Your ‘trabajadores esenciales’ park about 10 cars to a house, in my overrun district, with frequent visits from the utilities companies.


        Also, you said that you would level the building, sometimes?

      8. August is your last month to get prepared and also to move. I would recommend getting to any place where blacks are at a minimum or non existent. I say this because of black behaviour as a group is not going to be good in a crisis. Just as their response to the first wave of Covid is to riot and destroy the economy, their behaviour collectively will get much worse in a second wave and further lockdowns.

        Blacks are forming paramilitary groups that will take over from the police in urban areas. You definitely do not want to be in an area where these people are the law enforcement. They will march to the instructions of drug cartels and the abuse of the people in these areas will be horrific: gang rapes, child abduction and abuse, trafficking etc.

      9. Find out where your water main is located. They will have a lock on it. That’s what bolt cutters are for. Then put your own lock on it.

      10. These guys must have robots instead of humans for security. Borg clones. Probably

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