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Kroger Not Requiring Employees to Get COVID Vaccine but Will Give Them $100 to Take It

Mac Slavo
February 25th, 2021
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This article was originally published by B.N. Frank at Activist Post. 

Last I heard, COVID-19 vaccines are still considered to be experimental, some recipients have experienced side effects – even death – after taking it, and many people still don’t want to take it, including some health care workers.

Last month, Kroger announced that they wouldn’t require employees to be vaccinated.  This month, they’re offering them money to take it.

From NPR:

Kroger Offers $100 Bonus To Employees Who Get Vaccinated

The supermarket giant Kroger Co. announced Friday that employees who receive a COVID-19 vaccine will be rewarded with a $100 bonus.

The one-time offer is available to all company associates, nearly 500,000 individuals in 35 states, who provide proof of their vaccination to human resources, Kroger said. Workers must have received the full manufacturer-recommended dose. As for those unable to receive the vaccine due to medical or religious reasons, completing an education and safety course will be enough for payment.

“As we move into a new phase of the pandemic, we’re increasing our investment to not only recognize our associates’ contributions but also encourage them to receive the COVID-19 vaccine as it becomes available to them to optimize their well-being, as well as the community’s,” Kroger Chief People Officer Tim Massa, said.

Kroger isn’t the first company to do this. The grocery chain Aldi offered employees two hours of pay per dose received. Dollar General also offered employees four hours of paid time. “We do not want our employees to have to choose between receiving a vaccine or coming to work,” the company said last month.

Just over 58 million doses of vaccines have been delivered throughout the country. However, only approximately 36.8 million of those doses have been administered, the CDC reported. And only 7.5 million people have received their full inoculation.

In an effort to get as many shots into arms as possible, a push was made in mid-January to allow anyone over the age of 65 to receive a vaccine. As a result, many frontline workers feel left behind. The virus doesn’t grow tired or weary, but grocery store associates do.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention categorizes grocery workers as frontline essential workers, the same group as firefighters and police officers, public transportation workers, and manufacturers. These individuals are part of the CDC’s phase 1B of its recommended distribution plan, making them eligible for inoculation after health care professionals and long-term care facility residents. But individual states draw up their own vaccine distribution plans.

Dr. Richard Besser, president of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and former acting commissioner of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told member station WBUR that states need to focus on vaccinating those that put themselves in harm’s way.

“I think that it’s critically important that we recognize that while every community is being hit hard by this pandemic, the burden of this disease is not being felt equally,” Besser said. “And those people who need to leave their homes every day to earn money, to pay the rent, to make sure that everyone else has food on their table, we need to do all we can to protect them.”

Kroger announced earlier this week the company plans to close two of its stores in Long Beach, California after the city mandated a $4 raise for grocery workers at large supermarkets. The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, which represents 1.3 million food workers including Kroger union members, said the company needs to do more.

“Kroger workers deserve free vaccinations for the risks they have faced and continue to face as COVID cases increase,” UFCW President Marc Perrone said in a statement obtained by NPR. “This one-time payment from Kroger is appreciated, but given the way the company has treated its workers during the pandemic, it does not recognize the contribution of these essential workers to our nation or the risks they face daily.”

Kristal Howard, Kroger’s head of corporate communications, said Perrone’s statement “inaccurately suggests vaccines are not being provided for free to all employees … all U.S. citizens for that matter. The $100 one-time vaccine payment is not a subsidy. It’s another way Kroger is motivating its workforce to optimize their health.”

Skeptics don’t have to look far to find examples of vaccine recipients experiencing permanent illnesses injuries (see 12).  Kroger may have to pony up more than $100 for employees who continue resisting the shot.

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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: February 25th, 2021

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    1. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Texas Snow Job and Operation Dark Winter Brought to You By The Committee of 300 Assholes

      They are claiming that the Texas Snow Job was so severe that it prevented oil and gas from flowing, which Texans might possibly fall for, but I doubt it, considering that the there are regions in the country that experience this every winter. Bill Gates said that it is because they aren’t “weatherized” whoch sounds like a totally bogus claim to me, since I live in Wisconsin and the gas pipes on everyone’s homes are not weatherized either! And Oil supply lines are not weatherized in the east either, which experiences frequent snow storms! Ya know, if you could just convince everyone that they had to be weatherized when they didn’t and do nothing about but turn the gas and oil back on after demanding federal funds, that would be quite a racket!

      As I previously reported:

      Texas government, oil sector, and investors frequently engage in terrorism. I have noticed the pattern for over a decade. When oil prices would start falling, they would constantly have fires at oil refineries, to drive the price of oil back up through supply reduction. Oil prices have been going up, but, Biden has outlawed KXL, which is great, since it went through the Ogalala aquifer that is used by farms in the farming region and supplies farms with water, and all of the KXL oil was strictly for export, so only the refineries and investors, shipping, and pipeline industries would reap the rewards at everyone else’s expense. I do not believe that this was caused by the weather. I believe that they allowed it to happen and deliberately shut energy off, and intentionally restricted gas to create a panic in retribution for the shut down of KXL, used to demand more money from the government. Bill Gates coincidently just wrote a book on this, just like he coincidentally held Event 201 and had been 
      “warning” about a plandemic. Bill Gates has moved on from the irrational fears and scientific fraud of the plandemic, and has moved onto irrational fears and scientific fraud of Climate change. Bill Gates is now the largest farmland owner in America, with over 240,000 acres, and is terrorizing people with soylent green factory grown synthetic meat. The man is an evil monster and terrorist that belongs in a federal pennitentary for the rest of his life!

      They have been calling for Dark Winter, because this was planned, with SOP 303, to shut down communications, and to incite martial rule, which congress would be out of the loop on, but the 1/6 deep state staged coup did not achieve their intended goal of doing that.

      These people are terrorists and thieves. Terrorism is their business model. How much proof do you need? 9/11, the 7 false flag wars that ensued, 2003, 2009, and 2020 plandemics, BLM and Antifa terrorism, 1/6 staged rioting? Not to mention the missing $21 trillion from the Pentagon. It is time for them to move to Panama or Brazil. They are anti-American terrorists! California fires are another indicator. They claim that it is global warming. Arson is more likely in many instances.  They have a scorched earth policy. Gates is calling for infrastucture ending on the power grid and sewer and water systems. Grafton WI high school which I wrote about years ago, looks like a prison, is outdated, and they voted to spend $7 million to update the plumbing! You could build a new highschool for that! The Grafton government moved the village hall to an 11,000 square foot building years ago! There are only 11,635 people in Grafton! They could have turned that building into a high school, rather than use it for lazy overpaid employees. Menial labor for Grafton government pays $90,000 a year. The median annual household income in Grafton is only $72,432. The village president James Brunnquell works zero hours in the village, obviously! He claims to be a Republican, but is as conservative as the Liberace, another famous Wisconsonite! 

      It seems that they initially intended to walk away with enormous gains with the internet shutting down from Y2K, which did not happen, and then attempted to shut it down with the controlled demolition of the World Trade Towers, 1996 being a practice run, which did not happen either, then in October of 2014, Obama issued a space weather warning that could destroy the internet, which I pointed out that the WWW is world wide, the internet is not in one place, it is stored in satellites, as well, and fiber optic cable is impervious to EMP attacks, then it was revealed they they planned on SOP 303 to shut communications down under martial rule and the FBI was orchestrated the 1/6 event working with Q Shahman as a manchurian candidate that they cultivated, as they typically do, in addition to Proud Boys, Ohio Militia founder and Publix heiress Wilkens who did in fact suspect that she was being played when asked to go to DC for 1/6 and did in fact inform militia members that she had sensed that it was a set up. QAnon, who I strongly believe is Christopher Wray who was a WANO attorney who would have energy clearance, and appointed FBI director right before QAnon appeared, but SOP 303 plans were revealed by Global Research who has also been fantastic with the scamdemic. Obviously, if the FBI had any interest at all in silencing, investigating, amd exposing QAnon, it is within their capability to find out precisely who QAnon is. Why has QAnon not been charged with incitement and insurection as Trump was charged?

      Andrea Iravani

      As well as this:

      James Woolsey is a pathological liar and a psychopath in league with the Rockefellers and Bill Gates. James Woolsey was the “brains” behind 2001 Operation Dark Winter, and also 2020 Secure the Grid, calling for increased spending on the power grid, leading to the Texas Black out Panic! 

      Now pathological lying James Woolsey, former Idiot in Chief at the CIA, 1993-95 is ridiculously claiming that Krushchev ordered the JFK assassination, without any evidence. 

      Not to mention how ludicrous the notion of the White House and surveillance state keeping Krushchev alleged invlovement of the JFK assassination classified! Sure that the Dems would love to claim that Trump didn’t de-classify everything because he wanted to protect Russian secrets! It was the Israelis! Even reported by Israeli media in Israel, but it was ignored by the press in the US! JFK had it in for the Israelis because of nuclear power plant development! He was Irate! He was upset about it uppending the entire Middle East! He also wanted to have the Jewish League register under FARA. Yes, JFK and Kruschev did have a great amount of mutual respect for each other. What was declassified in Israel over 50 years ago, has still not been de-classified in America! 

      Listen to tape 88 on the JFK library.

      Andrea Iravani

      I tried Replying to Tyson B with the last part of the comment, regarding Woolsey and his book on a few occasions, but for some reason, it never appeared.

      I tried posting this and other comments on the Saker and but they did not post. Some get posted, some do not. Not sure what that is all about!

    2. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Murder By Mal Practice and Munchausen Sydrome

      Terms and Conditions:

      Individuals in the medical community, pharmcuetical industry employees,  drug store employees that are involved in covid vaccines, media, education and university employees, government employees, media employees including elected politicians recognize and understand that they can personally be sued by anyone in America for gross negligence, conspiracy to commit high crimes, treason, conspiracy to commit mass murder, and accessory to mass murder. This is an offical warning to anyone that is pushing the Blind Faith Mythology of covid, the vaccines, or censoring any content that discloses the fraud of covid and the vaccines. 

      Oh Yes We Can!

      The Blind Faith Mythology of Covid by the Pseudo-Intellectuals and Propagandists in the Age of Evil

      Pseudo-intellectuals, and propagandists claim that covid exists, but it has been proven that covid does not exist when 1,500 covid samples were examined by seven different universities using electron microscope examination which revealed that all of the samples were infulenza A or influenza B. Dr. Derek Knauss also called the CDC and asked for the covid virus genome sequence, which the CDC said that they do not have.

      Shown here:

      International Illegality of scamdemic:

      Q –  Is America a super power anymore?
      A – America has gone from being a super power to a super failure, or technically, a super duper failure.
      Q- Does America have military superiority anymore?
      A – Not even close.
      Q- Does America have technological superiority anymore?
      A – Not even close.
      Q – Does America have human rights superiority anymore?
      A – Not even close.
      Q – Does the UN ever intervene when human rights abuses are taking place in a country?

      Better do an immediate about face on the scamdemic and vaccines America, before somebody else does it for you!

      Either that, or face the same fates that Hitler, Goebels, and Nazi war criminals faced!

      Joseph Goebbels 

      “Joseph Goebbels, in full Paul Joseph Goebbels, (born October 29, 1897, Rheydt, Germany—died May 1, 1945, Berlin), minister of propaganda for the German Third Reich under Adolf Hitler. A master orator and propagandist, he is generally accounted responsible for presenting a favourable image of the Nazi regime to the German people. Following Hitler’s suicide, Goebbels served as chancellor of Germany for a single day before he and his wife, Magda Goebbels, had their six children poisoned and then took their own lives.” –

      Nuremburg Trials

      “Nürnberg trials, Nürnberg also spelled Nuremberg, series of trials held in Nürnberg, Germany, in 1945–46, in which former Nazi leaders were indicted and tried as war criminals by the International Military Tribunal. The indictment lodged against them contained four counts: (1) crimes against peace (i.e., the planning, initiating, and waging of wars of aggression in violation of international treaties and agreements), (2) crimes against humanity (i.e., exterminations, deportations, and genocide), (3) war crimes (i.e., violations of the laws of war), and (4) “a common plan or conspiracy to commit” the criminal acts listed in the first three counts.”

      “In rendering these decisions, the tribunal rejected the major defenses offered by the defendants. First, it rejected the contention that only a state, and not individuals, could be found guilty of war crimes; the tribunal held that crimes of international law are committed by men and that only by punishing individuals who commit such crimes can the provisions of international law be enforced. Second, it rejected the argument that the trial and adjudication were ex post facto. The tribunal responded that such acts had been regarded as criminal prior to World War II.”-

      “Either we will go down in history as the greatest statesmen of all time, or the greatest criminals.” – Joseph Goebbels

      More Evidence of Targeted Assassinations! 

      Vaccines to Exterminate Seniors, to Save Corrupt Government Employees, University Professors, and the Medical Mafia! We Can’t Have 23 Million Overpaid Government Employees and Non Working Seniors! Would You Rather, Save Seniors, Or Continue to Overpay Corrupt, Incompetent, Lazy Government Employees That Refuse to Do Their Jobs and Abide by the Constitution?! 

      They Are the Persistence Which Must Be Met With Resistance!
      Their Lifestyles Are Crime Against Humanity! MICIMATT InfraGard Cult  of Corruption!

      CNA James, whose video the criminal psychopathic hacker prevented me from watching, has stated that people are dropping like flies from vaccines in the nursing home that James is employed in.

      As I have previously reported:

      Well, It sure as hell appears that the vaccines are killing many more people than they are reporting because on November 16, 2020 there were 2,487,350 annual total deaths until November 16,2020. Verses 2.7 million to 2.9 million total deaths per year between 2015 and 2019. On December 22,2021, they report that there have been 3.2 million total deaths in America. So, between November 16,2020, and December 22,2021 there were 712,650 deaths. So, once again, medical error is the third leading cause of death in America, but they are claiming that it is covid. It is their treatment and prevention of covid that is responsible for far more deaths than “covid”! Of course they claim that the Novemeber numbers might not be accurate, because it is nearly impossible for the government employees to be able to count to over two million and get it right the first time. That is just expecting far more from government employees than they are capable of doing!

      Now The Atlantic Council is worried that there may be a pandemic, and are insisting on DoD spending. Deja vu! Where did they ever come up with that idea?! Let’s not and say we did, since we already did that, and it did not work, a few times, in 2020, 2009, & 2003. They consider themselves to be ideas people and a think tank.

      I also discovered that in 2017, the Trump administration issued an edict that all conversations by any scientist that works for the government, including the CDC employees must be cleared through the Atlanta Communications office, which was then required to be cleared by Mike Pence after the scamdemic, according to Harvard Law Edu:

      “Motivating the Knight Institute’s concern in this instance is a record of severe restrictions on the rights of government scientists to speak freely to the press. In 2017, Axios published an email from Jeffrey Lancashire, a public affairs officer, to the National Center for Health Statistics, announcing that for every employee of the CDC “any and all correspondence with any member of the news media, regardless of the nature of the inquiry, must be cleared through CDC’s Atlanta Communications Office.”

      “According to recent news stories, scientists and health officials at the CDC must now coordinate with the Office of Vice President Mike Pence before speaking with members of the press or public about the pandemic,” the complaint reads. “These stories have raised concerns that public health experts who know most about the risks to the public are not being permitted to speak candidly and that the information the government is now conveying may be incomplete, inaccurate, or misleading.”

      Compliance with the CDC on covid mythology qualifies you for being tried for crimes against humanity in international tribunals.

      Andrea Iravani

    3. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Individuals in the surveillance state/police state have the mind set of a rapist, and have found a way to commit non-stop total life rape, but conceal their identity, so that their victims do not know who their perpetrators are. This leads to the victim distrusting everyone, since anyone that they encounter, may be their perpetrator, and I say this from personal experience from being terrorized and tortured by the megalomaniacal, narcisstic, psychopthic, predatory monsters in the surveillance state that have the most outrageous and alarming sense of entitlement that the world has ever known, without absolutely any legal, moral, or intellectual justification for their barbaric crimes against humanity. I know who some of them happen to be. It is a really gigantic cult though.

      My advice to any victim of abuse by the surveillance state would be not to move. You will probably end up in the same circustances within a very short time frame based on reports that I have read from targeted individuals, in addition to the fact that you just let you known perpetrators off the hook free and clear for their crime spree on your life. As the saying goes, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. If you move you will be off kilter. Moving is extremely stressful. Moving during international unprecedented corruption of the scamdemic, and during surveillance abuse, makes adaptation to a new environment all the more challenging than it would typically be for someone moving under normal circumstances, or moving to something, and not trying to move from something, and the surveillance state is everywhere. Political parties, federal agencies, InfraTard aka InfraGard, police unions, national and international corporations makes moving a fool’s errand if it is for the purpose of trying to move from the surveillance state.

      Andrea Iravani

    4. Darth Skippy says:

      Someone in-real-life, nonchalantly told me not to worry about these side effects videos, so much, because these are just human test subjects in the experimental phase.


    5. Darkwing says:

      $100.00 and you put your life on the line: Bull Dren

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