Kremlin: Reports Of Major Progress In Ukraine Talks “Wrong”, Biden’s Putin Remark “Unforgiveable”

by | Mar 17, 2022 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

    Buildings on fire in Chernihiv, Ukraine. Source: Maxar Technologies

    The past two days saw reports of “progress made” in ongoing Ukraine-Russia ceasefire talks, but a Kremlin spokesman shot that down as “wrong” while still affirming that discussions are continuing Thursday.

    Wednesday afternoon saw for the first time President Biden when asked by a reporter call Vladimir Putin a “war criminal”. Peskov weighed in on the provocative words, saying this characterization was “unforgivable”. And according to Bloomberg:

    Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said a Financial Times report of substantial progress in talks with Ukraine was “wrong” but that the discussions will continue on Thursday. He blamed Kyiv for dragging its feet on negotiations, saying Ukraine’s government was “in no rush.” Ukraine dismissed the Financial Times report on Wednesday, saying significant issues remained.

    “I don’t know if they are already underway but they are expected [to take place] on various tracks,” Peskov said of Thursday talks. He said contacts are expected to be held today,” according to state media.

    “Our delegation, led by [Presidential Aide Vladimir] Medinsky, maintains contact with experts and government agencies, it’s ready to work around the clock, it has made its willingness clear. Unfortunately, we don’t see similar enthusiasm from the Ukrainian side,” the spokesman added. Zelensky himself acknowledged negotiations as “fairly difficult” while the Kremlin said it’s ready to reach peace but “on our terms” – meaning it’s still seeking a military solution on the ground in Ukraine.

    Further, Zelensky said the following in a US media interview:

    Zelensky says Russia has crossed “all the red lines”: Asked in an NBC interview on Wednesday if a chemical attack by Russia would be a red line that would prompt the US to become more actively involved in combat, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said, “I believe that Russians have already crossed all the red lines when they started shelling civilians.” Russia has already killed more than 100 children, Zelensky said, adding: “I don’t understand the meaning of red lines. What else should we wait for? For letting Russians kill 200, 300 or 400 children?”

    Coming off Zelensky’s Tuesday address to the Canadian parliament, and Wednesday speech to US Congress – wherein he urged a no-fly zone in both – the Ukrainian leader addressed Germany parliament on Thursday, delivering a similar message while invoking Holocaust imagery and references. This also as the Group of Seven foreign ministers hold a virtual meeting to discuss the crisis.

    US intelligence is being cited in Thursday reports saying Russia has suffered huge military losses, though the allegation is unconfirmed…

    Further Bloomberg details of the battlefield situation that “Ukraine’s military said Russian strikes continued on infrastructure sites and on densely populated areas of cities. But it said the Kremlin’s forces remain bogged down on the ground.” However, “Russia said its troops were advancing through the town of Sievierodonetsk in the Luhansk region in the east.”

    Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has castigated Western press reports for what she described as a “distorted picture” of the reality of the Russian military operation in Ukraine. She also said Moscow is not seeking to remove Ukraine’s statehood.

    “Let me stress once again what both the Western mass media and the Western establishment refuse to see: this operation is not targeted at the civilian population. It does not pursue the aim of seizing the country’s territory, ruining its statehood or ousting the current president. We keep saying this again and again,” she described to a news briefing.

    Interestingly the statement constituted among the clearest denials so far that Russia is seeking full regime change in Kiev, also amid conjecture that it will seek a permanent occupation or even annexation of the country.

    “The Western media are forming an absolutely distorted picture of current events. They disinform their own population. They are a propaganda tool in the hands of their politicians,” Zakharova said.

    Meanwhile, Bloomberg reports amid speculation over whether or not Moscow made its dollar bond interest payment in rubles, “Russia’s Finance Ministry said a $117 million interest payment due on two dollar bonds had been made to Citibank in London amid mounting speculation that the country is heading for a default. Russia had until the end of business Wednesday to honor the coupons on the two notes. The ruble gained for a sixth day in Moscow trading, while the country’s stock market remains shut.”


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      1. I’m an xer, 45 white wrong color male lol,
        I remember the Chechen wars vividly in the late 90s and Russia Russia Russia did not dominate the Pee Stream media like it does now. It’s absolutely crazy, the Ukraine is not a member of nato or the E.U. They have a1000 year history of ties to Russia.

        There is Zero mention of 8 years of shelling of the Donbass region by the Ukraine installed 2014 government. Why ?? I guess doubt is the origin of wisdom as some French guy once said. But as I get older I realize the MSM is completely biased to fit the agenda that controls them.
        The propaganda during war from both sides is astounding. I imagine that both world wars were no different! Money is the root of all evil and all wars are bankers wars! Peace in the Middle East, yeah not in this lifetime!

        Find your self a used golf cart for a decent price. Preferably with a high speed kit. It has to have a roof on it. 48 volt cart is best but you can do 36 volt also. Install 2 1=inch square metal tubes lengthwise centered on the roof 2.5 to 3 feet apart. Install 2 24volt solar panels (250-300 watt) to the bars and wire them in series for 48 volts. Install a solar charge controller in a protected place. If you are using a 36 volt cart you will need an mppt controller to make the voltage 36. Make sure the cart has a regular charger also for backup. Hook it up to the batteries and walla! A perpetual solar powered mini car! Good for trips around town and you can make it street legal. You can make all kinds of mods to golf carts, off road tires, suspension lift, high speed kit, full enclosure, etc. Make sure you have good batteries and a desulphator (optional). You can install windshield wipers for wet weather. Total cost if you need to buy a cart is around 2500= 3000. Much cheaper than a tesla lol. No gas, no oil, self charging. It could also be used as a backup power system for your house. Park it in the sun, install an inverter, run an extention cord to whatever you need. This will provide waaaaay more power than one of those portable solar gimmicks! And you have a vehicle too boot! 😀

        • GENIUS!

          • 😉

      3. Putin’s kind of in a bind, he either wins or is seen as being incapable of even defeating a third rate Western power and is no longer someone to be taken seriously as a world power.

        Biden’s kicking his ass without even pointing a single gun at him.

        • Finally, a well-reasoned thought on this site. Such a rarity (unless I’m posting, that is).

        • Biden is doing jack except pooping his pants , this was planned and started way before biden plus I don’t know how much of this report I believe plus there are no Ukrainian soldier death numbers , why is that ….if 7,000 Russian soldiers deaths is correct is the score 7,000-0

        • Actually, without totally eliminating all resistance across Ukraine, Russia has basically already achieved some of its goals. Ukraine will not be joining NATO, the 26 bio-labs producing pathogens have been shutdown, globally exposed and in the process of being destroyed. Remaining concessions will likely be implemented later such as formal recognition of Donbass independence and Crimea belonging to Russia. and a few other smaller items.

      4. Fookin all these assholes are putting up ads to help Ukraine nazis. Idiots are eating it up too. I have to put this theater out of my mind. Whats going to happen is whats going to happen. I have done all I can. Time to just shut off the crap and get back to my happy spot. The libs and fools and fear porn fukks can suck my weenus. Imma go hug and kiss my doggie!

        • Why were you giving so much free rent to that shit anyway?
          Don’t you have any hobbies that don’t include television and internet?

          • You are right. Although i will argue that learning their i.e the news and their master(s) methods of control and information campaign now can and probably will save your life later.

      5. so if you go from being referred to as “allied forces” to “war criminal” in a period of 77 years.

        would that not be cause for ponderance of any leader to question if perhaps his fellow countrymen fought and died for the devil?

        • “War criminals” are accused by both sides against the other, but the winning side determines who they actually are.

          • Therefor, history is written by the victors of wars. True. Just like the buybull.

      6. Russia’s statement of de-Nazficaion and de-miitarization isn’t realistic without some level of regime change.

        Ukraine not being part of NATO is actually a benefit to NATO; Ukraine can be used to troll Russia endlessly with no direct threat to NATO countries.

        Khazarism looks at Ukraine as their spiritual homeland; Eastern European Khazrist Ukraine parallels Western European Zionist Israel. A neutral Ukraine would not follow normal European neutrality.

        The Nordics and Swiss have not been able to maintain a high degree of honest neutrality. However, they haven’t pursued WMDs and an aggressive play-the-victim foreign policy that wags their dog.

      7. I truly had no idea the country I love was home to so many traitors. I hope you’re all eventually arrested, charged, tried, convicted, and executed for your treason. Every one of you can fuck all the way off.

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