Kraft Heinz CEO Tells The Public To Get Used To Higher Food Prices

by | Oct 14, 2021 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    According to Kraft Heinz CEO Miguel Patricio, the company is going to be “raising prices, where necessary, around the world.” Patricio says the general public should get used to higher prices for food.

    His comments follow a spike in government-induced energy and raw material prices alongside supply chain issues around the globe prompting companies to increase prices. This is all by design and none of it is an accident or coincidence. The key is to understand that so you can come out of this at the end.

    According to Patricio, a broad range of factors has contributed to Kraft Heinz’s decision. “Specifically in the U.K., with the lack of truck drivers. In the U.S., [logistics] costs also increased substantially, and there’s a shortage of labor in certain areas of the economy,” he tells the BBC.

    This week PepsiCo warned it was also facing rising costs on everything from transport to raw ingredients and said that further prices rises were likely at the start of next year.

    Of course, there can always be a debate about whether PepsiCO and Kraft Heinz’s products could even be considered food.

    At the height of the scamdemic, customers in the UK bought more Heinz Baked Beans, while customers in the US bought more Kraft Mac & Cheese. Overall sales rose 1.6% to $13bn in the first half of this year, representing a slight slowdown. The results were described by Erin Lash, at the investment firm Morningstar, as “still quite impressive relative to the comparable pre-pandemic period in 2019”.

    If we truly are living through a pandemic, then it would stand to reason that people should boost their immune system and be willing to spend more of their hard-earned money on the foods that are going to keep them healthy, like fresh organic vegetables. Instead, it seems like the items missing from the shelves are things that can, at best, be considered “food-like products.”

    We are being told that there is no resolution or solution to the rising prices or the bare shelves. At least not in the immediate future.  It’s past time to prepare, but if you’re just starting, now is as good of a time as any.  Stock up on healthy foods, and avoid processed foods as much as possible. You never know what kind of scamdemic the ruling class is going to roll out next, and if it’s truly something that’s sinister and causing real harm and damage, you will want the best quality food you can get!

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Isn’t it ironic how during an epic and historical supply shortage of literally everything, big pharma can manage to get all the supplies needed to make “vaccines” and the syringes to inject the worldwide population several times? Why no one has stopped to ponder this, is not really a big surprise.  The media and ruling class haven’t told them to.


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      1. Shelves are getting bare in Tampa Bay area. Just about everything is 0.30 to 1.00 higher in price too. The sheep officially smell the wolves. Prepare accordingly.

      2. Every year, we hear of a pumpkin shortage, at least once or twice.

        At the end of the season, local growers invite the public to feed a field of wasted pumpkins to their livestock.

        Has anyone ever worked in food or groceries and seen this?
        Closing at Dunkin Donut ?? TikTok Compilation✨

        They’ll let you walk, while fields of unsold cars rot in the elements, and they’ll let you camp rough while there are more vacant houses than homeless. You can starve when enough food is thrown away to field the world, and goes to rendering plants. There are enough donated appliances and clothes to fill boxcars, at halfway houses, where at-risk people are given fake makework, sending it to foreign countries.

        But, we are told we can’t afford it, by the sweat of our brow.

        You’re subsidized in helicopter money, at arbitrary standards of living.

        The Examination of Doctor Benjamin Franklin, before an August Assembly, relating to the Repeal of the Stamp-Act, &c.
        Make your own American food, in rebellion against the globalists.

      3. the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission  opened a probe into Kraft Heinz accounting practices in August 2019 ?

        revenue of $26.12 billion in 2020 with a net income of $356 million ?

        let me think about that for a minute….

      4. You will eat bugs and you will be happy!

        • John the Baptist food….locust and wild honey…and to be straight up….its healthier then eating the crap most eat today.

          • Doesn’t take a Nutritionist to figure out why America has an obesity epidemic.

      5. Time to get back to the ways of old…

        Start with fearing the Lord God, then move on the gardening, hunting and fishing…

        The days of living it up…will be dead and gone soon.

        • “Time to get back to the ways of old.”

          I agree but it’s just not happening in the modern world.
          Cell phones ,computers,Internet, video games,flat screens, credit cards ,etc; all represent the modern world.
          Think the majority of Americans are going to trade those things and give up their “quick, easy, convenient” lifestyle so they can get back to the ways of old?
          Not happening.
          At least voluntarily it’s not happening.

      6. I’m figuring everyone’s bills will be going down this winter.

        The meter don’t turn if the pipeline’s empty and there won’t be a store order if the shelves are bare.

        • I hope you are not right. Getting late to prep smartly.

      7. I read where the pharma-globalists were working on putting vaccines in salads, most likely spike proteins, so I am staying away from them unless I grow them and collect wild varieties in the wild.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if they posioned all our food by next year, so I got all I could now for the next few years.

      8. We have a poser-in-chief as the prez. He does not actually formulate policy, he does not have the capacity to do so. He has surrounded himself with socialists/collectivists/authoritarians who are formulating all the policy, it’s only in the name of the prez. They do not act in the interests of America, they act in the interests of their socialist ideology. The number of failures in this admin. since taking office is stunning, and it is not due to accidental, or only incompetence, it is intentional.
        My wife is from Eastern Europe, despite her constantly hearing the country she lived in was a paradise, she grew up with shortages of everything including gasoline, heat, food, decent medical care, everything. All consumables were rationed if/when it was available; but there was plenty of alcohol. This was normal for 98% of the population.
        Now that we have marxist sympathizers running the gov’t we too are beginning to experience shortages and higher prices and everything else other communist countries experienced.
        I see empty shelves where I never saw them before, and way higher fuel prices (thanks JB for shutting down the pipelines in your first week). I went to a hardware store to get a part to fix my chain saw and was told the part is not available and they don’t know when it will be available. The lady at the store said they frequently sold the parts before, but her computer said even the warehouse can’t get them. She said shortages in hardware stores may become much more noticeable when inventory in warehouses begin to run down because many items are not being replenished.
        But it isn’t just shortages of consumer goods, expect more propaganda, more indoctrination instead of education, more authoritarian attacks and threats against citizens that practice their personal rights and freedoms, even more domestic spying, and they’re just getting started. It will all be called good gov’t of course. His admin. wants to create the same paradise here.

      9. I wonder if food will get expensive enough to make extreme obesity go out of style?

      10. In economic terms ketchup and mustard are elastic items. Heinz should get used to lower profits. I might still have to eat, but I don’t have to put condiments on what I am eating if I am short of cash.

        • Heinz is a whole bunch more than just ketchup and mustard.

          They’re more likely to be hurt by a shortage of their products to sell because there aren’t enough raw ingredients than by anyone just giving up a few condiments (which would actually help in alleviating the shortage of supply to meet the demand).

      11. Speaking of ketchup and being short of cash, an old hobo told me this one:

        Go to a restaurant and order a cup of hot tea with cream and the teabag on the side. Put the teabag in your pocket for later. Grab some ketchup from the table condiments and mix in the hot water. Add the creamer and some sugar and, if you like, some salt and pepper. Voila…you got a cup of tomato soup for free.

        • LOL. The less money I have to give these corporations, the better. I like your idea. Free tomato soup.

      12. Message to Kraft, who cares. I get my ketchup etc free from the food banks. So, I don’t give your corporation any money. LMAO Or I make it myself from the many tomatoes I grow in my garden.

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