Korean War Part II: Why It’s Probably Going To Happen

by | Aug 16, 2017 | Headline News | 52 comments

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    This report was originally published by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market.com


    Though a lot of people in my line of work (alternative economic and geopolitical analysis) tend to be accused of “doom mongering,” I have to say personally I am not a big believer in “doom.” At least, not in the way that the accusation insinuates. I don’t believe in apocalypse, Armageddon or the end of the world, nor do I even believe, according to the evidence, that a global nuclear conflict is upon us. In fact, it annoys me that so many people seem desperate to imagine those conclusions whenever a crisis event takes shape.

    I think the concept of “apocalypse” is rather lazy — unless we are talking about a fantastical movie scenario, like a meteor the size of Kentucky or Michelle Obama’s Adam’s apple hurtling towards the Earth. Human civilization is more likely to change in the face of crisis rather than end completely.

    I do believe in massive sea changes in societies and political dynamics. I believe in the fall of nations and empires. I believe in this because I have seen it perpetually through history. What I see constant evidence of is that many of these sea changes are engineered by establishment elitists in government and finance. What I see is evidence of organized psychopathy and an agenda for total centralization of power. When I stumble upon the potential for economic disaster or war, I always ask myself “what is the narrative being sold to the public, what truth is it distracting us from and who REALLY benefits from the calamity.”

    The saying “all wars are banker wars” is not an unfair generalization — it is a safe bet.

    First, let’s clear up some misconceptions about public attitudes towards the North Korean situation. According to “polls” (I’ll remind readers my ample distrust of polls), a majority of Americans now actually support U.S. troop deployment to North Korea, but only on the condition that North Korea attacks first.

    I want you to remember that exception — North Korea must attack first. It will be important for later in this analysis.

    Despite a wide assumption that the mainstream media is beating the war drums on this issue, I find it is in most cases doing the opposite. The mainstream media has instead been going out of its way to downplay any chance that the current inflamed rhetoric on both sides of the Pacific is anything other than bluster that will end with a whimper rather than bomb blasts. This is one of the reasons why I think war is imminent; the media is a notorious contrarian indicator. Whatever they predict is usually the opposite of what comes true (just look at Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, for starters).  Another generalization that is a sure bet is that the mainstream media usually lies, or at the very least, they are mostly wrong.

    That said, if we are to believe the latest polls, unfortunately, one thing is clear: The American people, on both sides of the political spectrum, are becoming more galvanized around supporting a potential conflict with North Korea. For the establishment, war is a winning sell, at least for now.

    Of course, I am aware that we have heard all this before. Back in 2013 tensions were relatively high with North Korea just like they are today. North Korea threatened a preemptive nuclear strike on the U.S. back then, too, and in the end it was all hot air. However, besides wider public support than ever before in terms of troop deployment to North Korea, something else is very different from 2013. Primarily, China’s stance on the issue of regime change.

    In the past, China has been consistent in supporting UN sanctions against North Korea’s nuclear program while remaining immovable on war and regime change in the region. In 2013, it was clear that China was hostile to the notion of a U.S. invasion.

    In 2017, though, something has changed. China’s deep ties to the global banking establishment, their open statements on their affection for the IMF, and their recent induction as the flagship nation for the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights system make it clear that they are working for the globalist agenda, not against it. This is not necessarily a new thing behind the curtain; China has done the bidding of globalist institutions for decades. Today though, the relationship is displayed far more publicly.

    In 2015, it was China, not the U.S., that sounded the alarm over North Korea’s nuclear program, indicating that Pyongyang might have technology well beyond American estimates. It was this warning that triggered the slow buildup to today’s fear over a fully capable intercontinental ballistic missile package in the hands of North Korea. It seems obvious to me that China plays the role of North Korea’s friend as long as it serves the interests of the globalist agenda, and then China turns on North Korea when the narrative calls for a shift in the script. It is China that opens and closes the door to war with North Korea; a China that is very cooperative with the IMF and the push towards total globalization.

    In 2013, China presented the narrative of stalwart opposition to U.S. invasion. In 2017, China has left the door wide open.

    Both alternative and mainstream media outlets latched onto recent statements made by Beijing proclaiming that China “would not allow regime change in North Korea.” What many of them forgot to mention or buried in their own articles, though, was that this was NOT China’s entire statement. China also asserted that they would REMAIN NEUTRAL if North Korea attacked first. I cannot find any previous instance in the past when China has made such a statement; a statement that amounts to a note of permission.

    Both the American public and the Chinese government have given support for regime change in North Korea given the stipulation that there is an attack on the U.S. or U.S. interests and allies. So, I ask you, what is most likely to happen here?

    Much of the world and most importantly the U.S. is on the verge of a new phase of severe economic decline according to all fundamental data trends. The U.S. is set to enter into yet another debate on the debt ceiling issue with many on the conservative side demanding that Trump and Republicans not roll over this time. And, as I discussed in my article ‘Geopolitical Tensions Are Designed To Distract The Public From Economic Decline’, a North Korean conflict stands as the best possible distraction.

    How does the establishment rationalize a contested debt ceiling increase while also diverting blame away from themselves on the continued decline in U.S. and global fiscal data? War! Not necessarily a “world war” as so many are quick to imagine, but a regional war; a quagmire war that will put the final nail in the U.S. debt coffin and act as the perfect scapegoat for the inevitable implosion of the current stock market bubble. The international banks have much to gain and little to lose in a war scenario with North Korea.

    I predict that there will be an attack blamed on North Korea. Either North Korea will be prodded into a violent reaction, or, a false flag event will be engineered and tied to Pyongyang. Remember, for the first time ever, China has essentially backed off of its opposition to invasion of North Korea as long as North Korea “attacks preemptively.” Why? Why didn’t they make this exception back in 2013? Because now the international banks want a distraction and China is giving them the opening they require.

    Will this war culminate in global nuclear conflagration? No. The establishment has spent decades and untold trillions building it’s biometric control grids and staging the new global monetary framework under the SDR system. They are not going to vaporize all of this in an instant through a nuclear exchange. What they will do, though, is launch regional wars and also economic wars. Those people expecting apocalypse in the Hollywood sense are going to find something different, but in my opinion much worse — a steady but slower decline into economic ruin and global centralization.

    Eventually, China and the U.S. will enter hostilities, but these hostilities will lean more towards the financial than the kinetic. The establishment cabal works in stages, not in absolute events. Another Korean war would be a disaster for America, just not in the way many people think.

    Will there be a nuclear event? Yes. If war takes place in North Korea then it is likely they will use a nuclear device somewhere in retaliation. We may even see a nuclear event as a false flag catalyst for starting the war in the first place. This will not be a global threat, but a mushroom cloud over any American city or outpost is enough to scare the hell out of most people. It is all that will be needed.

    Does this mean “doom” for the American people? It depends on how we react. Will we continue to hold the banking establishment responsible for all of their sabotage previous to a high profile war in the pacific? Or, will we get caught up in the tides of war fever? Will we question the source of future attacks on the U.S., or will we immediately point fingers at whoever the media or government tells us is the enemy? Our response really is the greatest determining factor in whether or not the American ideal of liberty stands or falls. This time, I do not see bluster, but a dark fog very common in the moments preceding conflict. This time, I believe we are indeed facing war, but war is always a means to an end. War is an establishment tool for social engineering on a massive scale.

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      1. More fear porn from Brandon. I wonder when JJ’s going to jump in again?

        • …..3….2…..1……

        • It will happen because amerika needs the jobs.

        • Anon, if JJ comes back, then I go back to sleep.

        • “If war takes place in North Korea then it is likely they will use a nuclear device somewhere in retaliation.”

          Brandon has no clue about the power of the American Pacific Fleet and totally underestimates American Power now in the region. If war takes place in N Korea, it will likely be a Massive Well Coordinated Conventional First Strike by this administration.

          Here’s the first clue that it could happen sooner rather than later: Bannon just claimed in a recent interview that
          war with N Korea was “impossible to win without 10 million S Koreans in Seoul dying in a matter of hours” and that folks should just “forget about it” .

          Not true.

          The US has the capability to hit N Korea quickly, quietly, and fatally long before N Koreans get up to cook their morning gruel. First a Cyber Strike coupled with a dozen EMP Cruise missiles to shut down command and control; then a massive number of cruise missiles from Ohio Class submarines converted (by nuke treaty) to carry 150 conventional cruise missiles EACH targeting N Korean artillery positions.

          Second, B1 and B2 bombers following up on those cruise missile attacks targeting NK artillery positions, followed up by a Third Wave of saturation bombing from B-52’s on what artillery positions that might be remaining. Will there be NO SK casualties? No, but many millions fewer than if NK was allowed to strike first.

          Third, while bombers are mopping up NK artillery, additional cruise missiles would be taking out NK nuclear facilities and major command and control centers with physical destruction after the EMP missiles.

          Kim would probably be targeted with a massive bunker buster bomb after attacks by 150 carrier jets remove the 1950’s NK Air Force and strike additional NK military targets including its shallow water navy.

          NK military might could be reduced to rubble in a matter of hours, not days, before S Korea entered the war after getting hit by NK Artillery.

          That still leaves the NK 2 million man army, but without aircraft, ships, artillery, and nuclear weapons, it would be no match for the SK Army supported by its own aircraft (F-16’s) and three US Carrier Task Forces.

          Kim thinks he can ride the tiger but the tiger will eat him alive. 🙂

          • “We may even see a nuclear event as a false flag catalyst for starting the war in the first place.”

            This is pure insanity by Brandon.

            However the longer TRUMP waits the more powerful NK becomes and the more likely his capability to respond in some fashion including a nuclear attack on both SK and Japan.

            Additionally Iran is likely in a secret partnership with NK to attack American Allies in the Middle East, while Kim is tasked with attacking America and it’s Allies in Wes Pac: which is why Iran is ratcheting up its rhetoric about cancelling the nuclear agreement with the West.

            Waiting much longer is a dangerous game. Particularly for those Allies under our nuclear umbrella. 🙁

            • Smith has been consistently right in his predictions. Durango is a fraud that has been drinking the false left/right koolaid and almost everyone here knows it. Ask him to show you any evidence to back his repetitive claims that he is some kind of “economic expert” or that he has predicted any event and he’ll tell you to “search the archives”. Don’t listen to a word this moron says.

              • Still sucking Brandon’s dick, I see. Check the archives asshat. My record is IMPECCABLE !!! 🙂

                • LMAO! There you go, people! Like I said, this narcissistic fraud claims he has a “record” but ask him to show you a single link to a correct prediction he made and he absolutely refuses. Durango, you’re the only one here with a hard-on for Brandon Smith. You’re so desperate to convince everyone you’re as intelligent as he is, but you have no accomplishments to speak of. Losers always try to cut down winners to elevate themselves. Face it, Durango, you’re a blowhard and a fake. Smith has given us multiple correct predictions. You’ve given us nothing but hot air but you still want people to give you props. It’s sad.

          • This is exactly what will happen.

        • Brandon Smith is basically always right. Almost all his calls end up happening. You’ll be on here a few months from now talking about how you “saw the North Korean war coming” the whole time and pretending you never read this article, lol!

      2. “Will there be a nuclear event? Yes. If war takes place in North Korea then it is likely they will use a nuclear device somewhere in retaliation. We may even see a nuclear event as a false flag catalyst for starting the war in the first place. This will not be a global threat, but a mushroom cloud over any American city or outpost is enough to scare the hell out of most people. It is all that will be needed.”

        Ummm…duh..thats how this works. And for the USA to have the “high ground ” to retaliate the false flag will be set up to implicate the NORK’s BECAUSE it must also defuse ANY chance of China being able to claim that it was unprovoked response….and CHINA KNOWS THIS ALL TOO WELL from merely watching how the USA has acted in the past 40 years. they aren’t stupid and they know that is exactly what will happen. they will SCREAM for an IMMEDIATE STOP of hostilities so it can be “investigated” to find out what really happened( and stall the spread of a wider conflict initially), but the USA will hesitate briefly and then ignore them. China will then act on the USA failure to restrain from response. China wants out land and resources, they cant have it if they nuke it, so they will go another route.

        that’s how it will happen.

        • China’s only response to a Massive American First Strike on NK would be to send its troops currently on the NK border, in to occupy the country.

          So what ??? Let them have the ashes. 🙂

        • Neal…….Neal,Neal, Neal,
          “China wants our land and resources”!!!!!
          Put your bong away son.
          More like America wants to rule the phucking world via financial filth and military bluster.
          America, it seems, is allowed to do ANYTHING……..ANY PHUCKING THING……as long as America’s interests are served. Who cares what lies are sold and human flesh ripped apart?
          And sadly, but, as karma would have it, soon America is going to teach itself a VERY painful lesson.
          Your nation is tearing itself apart internally, and, as we discuss here, will soon be thumped PHUCKING HARD by a world that has simply had enough.

          • And please……good folk here at SHTF Plan,
            Don’t take the immediate “it’s not OUR fault, it’s the NWO”.
            Buy a map, buy a mirror and use them both.
            On the map, put a dot where every US Military Base is across the planet (you’ll need over 800)
            Hmmm……are they NWO bases, or are they bases flying the US flag out front?
            With the mirror……..hold it up in front of yourself, take a good, long, hard look and ask yourself this SIMPLE QUESTION:
            “If all the people on our planet were asked how friendly America has been to them……IF THEY REALLY KNEW THE TRUTH……how could I continue to look into this mirror without feeling utter shame in what my nation, under the guise of “freedom & justice” has done to them”.
            America needs to stop behaving like a lying phucking cheating bully and wake up to itself.
            Close down the 800+ military bases……..bring those troops home and the money spent on killing people…..use it to put them to work fixing your nations roads! bridges and ports.
            Take the military jackboot off the throat of the world.
            You might just save your nation if you go that way.
            Current direction……..phucking death and destruction for USA and the rest of the world.
            ASSWIPES (Not SHTFP Community…….I am talking about those that steer your government).


        … joy to the world. All the boys and girls.

        Now wait a second here.

        CHINA did not say “if North Korea strikes first we are neutral”.


        Kind of different eh?

        • No, the Chinese government said that they would remain neutral, not just a journalist. Plus, all the Chinese newspapers are controlled by the Chinese government, you dope.

      4. More Fake News Never going to happen. All BS. All this Hype is to jack up and revive the Reagan Era Stars Wars Program. To do nothing but fleece the US tax payers more than they are already fleeced. Sorry Jack, I’m Broke. lol

        Hey Mac, how about start posting some legitimate news or stuff about everyday prepping. All this Fake BS about NK is irritating.

        • The immature pricks on this site can’t digest legitimate news. They keep salivating for some rebel insurrection that they think is going to happen. They have to make one more
          ammo run over to Walmart before all of the shooting starts. Baby boomer Rambo fucks.

          • Anonymous, any one of us boomers is still in good enough condition to take out your stupid troll ass, so STFU and move along.

            • Likewise, you Chuck Norris wannabe revolution promoting dickweed.

            • You truly are deplorable and despicable. Your BOL is a tree fort in your backyard.

        • CSS, agreed. It’s really gotten old about NK.

        • ummmmmmm prepping is useless against nuke …….just sayin

        • This is not fake news. It is going to happen. I have been wondering when the US Space Plane would get back into orbit as I think it is essential to knocking out NK satellites.

          Clue number two: the Space Plane will be re-launched in September according to a report on Space.com 🙂

      5. “War is an establishment tool for social engineering on a massive scale”.

        Total bullshit. War is fought for gain of resources. You make the gamble that you gain more resources than you lose. Alternatively, you need to defend your resources from someone wishing to deprive you of what you own.
        Loss of life only enters the equation when you no longer can carry on/support the fight.

        If I am dead, my rifle is useless, unless I have raised children and Grandchildren that will pick it up and use it.
        You get the idea? Asian culture does.
        Liberal Americans do not even understand.

        • Liberal americans dont even understand that the left is just as if not more so, hateful as the fucking KKK,,,

        • You’re an idiot, rellik. Almost all wars are banker instigated wars to gain power over the people. Resources don’t factor into it. They have all the resources they want since they can just print the money to buy them.

      6. Want to know what is really going to Blow up the USA? The Stock Market Bubble and Banksters Derivatives Bubble.

        Since 2009 the DOW Industrials was at 7000 Points, and within 8 years, the Stock Market has Trippled to 22,027 points today. You want to talk about Bubbles? BANG!!!! And look out below..

        And look out for the Derivatives Market Bubble:

        The 2017 Economic Crisis Is Worse Than 2008

        The very same banks that created the last economic crisis have now created a 278 TRILLION dollar derivatives nuclear time bomb that could tear down the American economy in single and unannounced moment.

        Much of this article deals with the blatant corruption of Wells Fargo, however, they are just the tip of the icebeg.

        Interestingly and tragically, Wells Fargo appears to be a sound manager of its debt compared to the other banks.

        From the John Cruz interview as well as the Economic Collapse Blog:

        “JPMorgan Chase

        Total Assets: $2,573,126,000,000 (about 2.6 trillion dollars)

        Total Exposure To Derivatives: $63,600,246,000,000 (more than 63 trillion dollars)


        Total Assets: $1,842,530,000,000 (more than 1.8 trillion dollars)

        Total Exposure To Derivatives: $59,951,603,000,000 (more than 59 trillion dollars)

        Goldman Sachs

        Total Assets: $856,301,000,000 (less than a trillion dollars)

        Total Exposure To Derivatives: $57,312,558,000,000 (more than 57 trillion dollars)

        Bank Of America

        Total Assets: $2,106,796,000,000 (a little bit more than 2.1 trillion dollars)

        Total Exposure To Derivatives: $54,224,084,000,000 (more than 54 trillion dollars)

        Morgan Stanley

        Total Assets: $801,382,000,000 (less than a trillion dollars)

        Total Exposure To Derivatives: $38,546,879,000,000 (more than 38 trillion dollars)

        Wells Fargo

        Total Assets: $1,687,155,000,000 (about 1.7 trillion dollars)

        Total Exposure To Derivatives: $5,302,422,000,000 (more than 5 trillion dollars)

        Compared to the rest of them, Wells Fargo looks extremely prudent and rational.”

        Source: ht tp://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2017/08/15/the-banks-are-preparing-to-steal-all-of-your-money-another-wells-fargo-crime-homeowners-you-are-at-risk/

        • “Want to know what is really going to Blow up the USA? The Stock Market Bubble and Banksters Derivatives Bubble.”

          Concerning our markets: I’ve often wondered why the balloon is still in the air. Let’s face it, our financial system is fake from A to Z with a generous helping of helicopter money poured on top. It does not matter at this point what the numbers say because the system will only crash when TPTB throw the switch.

          Face: The Market Can Remain Irrational Longer Than You Can Remain Solvent.

        • And what better way to write off all that impossible to pay back debt than via war. In short the banks have been writing checks with other people’s money that their assess could NOT cover. It is mathematically impossible for any of those banks to make good on their debt.

          Why do you think the auto companies are so generous with their auto loans? Zero interest for how long? It is not possible for a middle class wage earner to save up enough cash to buy a new car out right.

          Student loan debt, no way out of that mess. Talk about unintended consequences: Young collage grad with a near useless degree, with minimal if no change of getting a high enough paying job to warrant the debt, now must take a much lower paying job. It will now take decades for the grad to repay back the student loan. In the mean time, marriage is post ponded, starting a family same and no disposable income to set aside for a down payment on a house. Same with buying a new/newer car. Therefore, less demand in all the industries/services that depend on people buying houses and cars. We’re totally screwed.

        • “Want to know what is really going to Blow up the USA? The Stock Market Bubble and Banksters Derivatives Bubble.”

          Everything about our financial system from A to Z is a fraud — with a large helping of helicopter money on top. Virtually none of the statistics are accurate. This system will continue until TPTB pulls the plug.

          Somebody said more eloquently than I ever could:

          The Market Can Remain Irrational Longer Than You Can Remain Solvent.

      7. Forget Korea.

        ANDREW CHEVALLIER has written a book that is: “easy to use, authoritative, reliable, informative, integrated”.

        The name of the book is: “Herbal Remedies”.

        ISBN 978–1–4351–2131–7


      8. I agree with relic.

        this article sounds reasonable but I don’t agree with it… for one thing, the “elite” DON’T always get what they want.

      9. Weapons of mass destruction BS worked in Iraq. Fake news fear works on the majority of Americans. This entire government and all of the criminal divisions that depend on it and will not be disappointed as freedom circles the drain. Look at what freedom robbing put in place after 9-11. The media follows along and pushes the momentum relentlessly. Even the present right vs left chasm is orchestrated by evil minions to divide and conquer. Trump is following the gameplan as instructed.

      10. If that happens there will be a draft. They can’t fight such a war without the draft: Vietnam War 2.0. But this time it will be LGBT and women too (and lots of Muslims and blacks). So a Smarties/Skittles grab bag army bogged down in vicious mountain fighting.

        The Koreans will fight and they will fight for the long haul. On the plus side, the poon tang is going to be very high quality and maybe the music will get better like Vietnam.

        The Korean have deep, deep bunkers and will last a long time before they are defeated.

        • Disagree. We have bunker buster ordinance. Precision guided. Thermoberic. Sucks all the
          oxygen out of them. Nothing lives. Air supremacy and later on, starvation, will decide most
          of it. You always have to bring twat into the equation. Calling you out, perv.

      11. “I am one of those who do not believe that a national debt is a national blessing, but rather a curse to a republic; inasmuch as it is calculated to raise around the administration a moneyed aristocracy dangerous to the liberties of the country.”
        -Andrew Jackson

      12. Send all the gays, not sure if theyre gays, wannabe gays, gender questioning, gender undecided, all the “gangsta thug” blacks, ALL liberal assclowns and so on to the front line with faulty weapons & ammunition and let them be cannon fodder.

      13. The first world war started when a Serbian national killed an Austrian archduke. Serbia was this tiny Balkan country while Austria-Hungary was a major military power which was allied with Germany which had the most powerful military in Europe. It was a complete mismatch just as North Korea is a mismatch against the United States. Their chances depend on how events play out with Russia and China.

      14. Brandon Smith, thanks for the analysis. An in-depth review of history demonstrates that war is an alternative of desperate nations. Too often in the last century huge numbers of young adults were killed or maimed in an effort to achieve poorly defined goals. Desperation and fear of the other guy often led to conflict. Add to that, financial woes, and we’re off to the next battle field.

      15. I said all along it wasn’t going to happen, and so far I’m right. SO FAR!!!

        If it happens it happens there is not a damn thing I can to about it.

        I’m prepped and I hope I’m Right with God!!!


      16. Lot of wishful thinking in the article, basically saying everything remains pretty much as it is now.

      17. “China plays the role of North Korea’s friend as long as it serves the interests of the globalist agenda, and then China turns on North Korea when the narrative calls for a shift in the script. It is China that opens and closes the door to war with North Korea…”

        China is using NK as a bargaining chip in trade negotiations with the Trump administration.

      18. In the meantime, I hear Kim is executing record numbers of people who don’t believe he is a living god.

        And they say the communists oppose religion.

      19. While China may be exasperated by NK, it will not allow the US to overthrow the North and occupy the country, because they know the US will build large military bases and intelligence gathering assets on their borders. South Korea is bad enough for them, they aren’t going to allow NK to be worse. They might allow a unified Korea, but only under specific conditions.

        Trump is doing “wag the dog.” He’s trying to “bomb Russiagate off the front page” by stirring up a major crisis, just like Clinton did back in his day.

        The problem is that NK really wants negotiation with the US with the aim of getting the US off the Korean peninsula and stopping the US from overthrowing the regime. So they will continue to launch missiles in order to pressure the US to negotiate.

        The problem for them is that this will fail, because the US is not open to negotiation. And Trump will continue to issue threats of war until he’s backed himself into a corner where he will HAVE TO take some military action against NK.

        And when Trump does that, even if it is a “small” military operation intended to intimidate NK, it won’t work. It’s likely to escalate into full-scale war.

        And that war will be SO disastrous as to end his Presidency. He’s apparently too dumb to see that. Once the US fails to defeat NK, or defeats them and winds up with another decade-long insurgency a la Iraq and Afghanistan – but ten times worse – he’ll be impeached. So instead of gaining public approval, he’ll end up losing it.

        But in any event, there is ZERO evidence that NK has EMP weapons, and the likelihood of their being able to hit the continental US with missiles, still less with nuclear warheads, is minimal. It’s also unlikely they will try to attack the US mainland at all, especially if they’re busy trying to defeat a US invasion force.

        In the end, the war will be about domestic politics and MONEY – as it always is.

      20. You say you don’t believe in Apocalypse or Armagedon.
        Then, it would be interesting to read your opinion on DEAGEL.COM population forecast for the year 2025.
        According to them, the US loses 270 million of its inhabitants by 2025!
        Please don’t copy and paste their “official disclaimer” at the bottom of the page.

        • He has backed down for now, hoping to gain more time to build his missile base and nuclear arsenal, but he is chomping on the bit to fire those nukes; likely in tandem with Iran’s attack in the Gulf.

          He has sixty bombs now, do we wait until he is capable of delivering those bombs? Do we wait until he has 100 nuclear tipped missiles? 200? A thousand?

          We need to take out the Fat Kid. Sooner rather than later. 🙂

      21. Well, of course I don’t know what is going to happen.

        If N korea hits anything with a nuclear weapon, should they have a working warhead, I can’t see Trump doing nothing. I hope it is not with conventional nuclear bombs due to the fallout.

        It is a sad place the world has come to. Unfortunately I don’t have the money for a self-sufficient hideout in the country.

        We can’t take care of our environment, or the poor or overpopulation with controlling the size of our families. So much goes into weapons and police forces and so little money or caring to where it should.


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