Korea Times: “China Bracing For Emergency Situation Involving North Korea”

by | May 1, 2017 | Headline News | 104 comments

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    Editor’s Note: The following report highlights the very real possibility that we stand on the cusp of armed nuclear conflict. It’s one thing to make threats and statements via the media. It’s a whole separate matter when the world’s most militarily advanced nations are mobilizing hundreds of thousands of troops and putting their nations on high alert. Is war really on the horizon?


    Original report via ZeroHedge:

    With the North Korean situation tense after Friday’s latest failed missile attempt, the South Korea’s Korea Times reports that a Chinese town near the border with North Korea is “urgently” recruiting Korean-Chinese interpreters, “stirring speculation that China is bracing for an emergency situation involving its nuclear-armed neighbor.”

    The Korea Times cites The Oriental Daily, a Hong Kong-based news outlet, which reportedly published the story on Apr. 27, including a photo of a Chinese government document ordering the town of Dandong to recruit an unspecified number of Korean-Chinese interpreters to work at 10 departments in the town, including border security, public security, trade, customs and quarantine.

    The document did not specify the reason behind the unusual, large-scale recruiting. But experts and local citizens said the move indicated that China was bracing for a possible military clash between the United States and North Korea.

    The Korean outlet goes on to speculate that this “might trigger a huge exodus of North Koreans to border towns in China.”

    Whether this dismal scenario will become a reality is largely up to North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un.

    U.S. President Donald Trump has repeatedly warned that the world’s superpower will strike North Korea’s nuclear facilities if Kim proceeds with a sixth nuclear test or test fires an intercontinental ballistic missile.

    The Dandong administration also has ordered its officials to work rotating night shifts since April 25, according to South Korea’s news agency Yonhap.

    Meanwhile, China has dismissed recent reports that it has sent 150,000 additional troops to its border with the North.


    The Threat Is Real And Imminent: The Next World War Will Be Initiated By A First Strike Utilizing An EMP Weapon

    China Puts Troops on Nationwide High Alert Over North Korea

    Tension Builds: Vladimir Putin Mobilizes Troops and Equipment To North Korean Border: “Fears U.S. Is Preparing To Attack”

    North Korea Warns: “If A Single Bullet Is Fired We WILL Nuke The United States”


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      1. 6.2 earthquake, 10 km shallow. Skagway, Alaska.

        • At 1,665 Pages the GOP Spending Bill is Longer Than Obama’s Stimulus

          • Apples and oranges so what’s your point?



          “Even with all of Germany’s economic shortcomings, it could have still been possible to make reparation payments if foreign countries had not placed protective tariffs on Germany’s goods. With the income Germany could have gained by selling goods in foreign countries, for relatively low prices, reparation payments could have become feasible.”


          • In Belarus German soldiers put a tows women, old men and children in a church, set it on fire and shot anyone leaving.

            The NAZIs were no saints.

        • I am not at all convinced that the AR-15 is sufficient for prepping.

          Dont get me wrong, its a great assault rifle. But, I am firmly thinking that a prepper also needs to have a battle rifle. S&W makes high powered rifles in the AR platform.

          I’m more content with the traditional bolt action.

          Do not be lulled into complacency. Trump has not fixed anything so far. I dont believe that it can be fixed by anything short of creating a new country.

          • Those old Mosin-Nagants have lots of knock down power.

          • feel the same. Many have access to body armor..AR-15 might not be enough to do the job. Battle Rifles are a better option to survival.

            • Horse Manure. With the right ammo, 5.56 rounds will go right through body armor !

          • Acid, an assault rifle IS a battle rifle, however, the Ruger SR556 upper can be swapped out for a .308 if you want more power. As far as bolt action goes, I like the Savage 30.06 w/ the accutrigger (axis2), simple and quite powerful. If you’re gonna play sniper, nothing less than a .308 bolt action. You don’t wanna use a bolt action rifle in a fire fight, you’ll lose, and you don’t wanna use a semi auto for sniper work, unless you absolutely have to,I thought you were a little smarter than that. As far as Trump goes, I agree that he can’t fix this mess. Firstly, there’s too much damage, second, many in his own party are working against him.
            Stay quiet Be smart

          • The picture collage at the top is great, Kim in a huff, and Xi snikering 🙂

            If you want something that will outlive you, after you drag it around a long time, you want an AK platform. You can get one in just about any popular caliber now. Yes, an AR is more accurate, at a longer range. But, long after the last AR has been scrapped, AK-47’s made in the 1940’s will still be soldiering on…

            President Trump cannot save the US, now matter how he tries.

            • Want the best of both worlds, the HK-91 delayed roller blowback action. It beats the hell out of rotary bolt. Its like a sub/ moa AK in .308..PTR doesnt do a bad job if you dont want to fork over the 3k for the original. The g3 was used in over 70 countries from the sand to the ice.Ive never been disappointed in mine..

          • Eisen, I’m not sure about the AR since I’ve never owned one but I do agree about Trump. He’s already been compromised.

          • Why not pay a bit more and get an Springfield M1A SOCOM 16? They are a bit heavier, but they have much greater range and are tough as nails.

          • Eisenkkreutz,
            Check out .308 cal riffles. In an otherwise even boxing match, the guy with longer reach almost always wins. .308 has longer reach than either and AR or an AK, it’s also more accurate and can take out targets that are behind barriers that can stop other rounds. The next step up is Winchester 300, or 338 Lapua or even to the king .50 cal., but who can afford or carry the ammo?

            That said the recoil of .308 is significant. The ammo is heavy and bulky. A good .308 semi auto is a lot more $ than an AR, or AK, and magazines hold less because of the size of the ammo. Both .223 and .308 have common NATO versions, and should available after most others vanish.

            Check out an M1A1.

            • PTPO,

              agreed you have to think if what your enemies might/will carry. Because when you clean hours it is nice to find ammo in caliburs you are comfortable with I.E. 9mm, .45, .40?, .223/5.56, 22LR, .308(7.62×51 American), .308(7.63×39 AKs and SKS) and good old 12GA. Remember most of your hunting calibers are just that hunting and not carried by LEO or military.

              Stay alert, stay alive.

      2. Kim has lost weight. Is it the stress, the mean comments, or is he getting in shape for a fight? Whatever the reason, I hope the USA can become prosperous without war. But, war seems to be part of the plan.

        I heard a lecture by James Wickstrom of Arcodeaus. Wickstrom’s comments about the Catholic Church, The See (Pope) the FBI, are nothing short of shocking. He claims that the FBI teaches recruits that all the wars of the past 200 years were religious wars.


        • Maybe he contracted AIDS from his butt-buddy Dennis?

        • Probably Photoshop…He got pretty PO’d that McCain called him a “fat kid”…

          • He always reminded me of the dough boy with a really fucked up haircut.

      3. If Trump would just quit making unprovoked threats to nuke North Korea out of existence the whole problem would go away and North Korea would resume its former peace loving place among the world’s nations.

        • Forgot to shut off your sarc button

        • Anonymous, nice sarcasm.

        • Dude, you have managed
          to piss off two of
          the most laid back
          guys on this site.
          You should re-evaluate.

          • You folks get rain this weekend?
            We had a bit over 10 inches from friday afternoon till this morning

            • I only got about 3 inches,
              but both tanks are full.
              34,000 gallons.

              • Northern FL had like maybe 1 inch of rain the entire month of April. There has been a full out- NO BURN Ban on for a Month. It is a Tinder box. I have trash to burn and I don’t even dare try to lite it. Then the Aholes at Disney World are firing off fireworks every night and the sparks are flying outside of Disney and catching the whole damn area on fire. The local Fire Depts have been running like crazy to put out all the fires from the fire works cinders. That’s fascism for ya. Burn Baby Burn, all for a buck, the hell with the rest. They need to fine Disney or sue the hell out of them for the Fire Dept fire calls.

                My lake is down 4 feet and the canal is down as well. You can almost walk across to the other side with about just a foot of water left, and clear as a bell. The good thing is I got to clear out a lot of tree and brush debris on the banks of my property. Looks pretty good now. Its been a strange weather season with no rain.

                Today it tried to rain, and sprinkled about 10 minutes and the frogs out there started a chorus like they were so happy. Then it stopped and got quiet again. Nature is pretty amazing when you are out in the thick of it. Zeus.

                • I hear you. I live just below Ocala National Forest and we had 0 inches of rain for April. Was looking like we might get a little today, but as usual, it evaporated before it could hit the ground. With something like 100 fires burning around the state, they need to shut down the fireworks until we get significant rainfall.

                  • Wow! That’s rude of Disney, to say the least. After the Gatlinburg fires we had a ban for about three months. It just got let up a month ago, cuz we are getting flooded, there’s so much rain. Chemtrails don’t help. If you see them spraying, figure 48 hrs and you’ll have an inch to two of rain.

        • No, what Trump needs to do is give China 15 minutes heads up and then vaporize NK.

      4. 6.2 and 6.3, plus multiple aftershocks. Shallow. Skagway, Ak.

      5. I trust the Chinese about as far as they can open up their eyes.

        • You just jealous, round eye! If we win war, you work for me!

          • If we win the war, Chinese have to settle for going pee-pee in white man’s Coke.

        • Racist bastard!
          I like Chinese
          In fact the
          only people
          I don’t like
          are Democrats
          and Moslems,
          in that order.

          • and marxists…

          • Thank you rellik!

            • Nope, give me the Russians! Similar Culture!!

          • that’s because you’ve never had to do business with the chinks!!!! they are aholes!!!! especially the fresh off the boat gooks!!! F them all!!! only good thing bout chinks…….are the juicy pork dumplings, and beef chow fun!!! your a dip shit! let the enemy in and give em your keys!!!

      6. I’m 1000% set for war and societal breakdown!

        Got my gold for money. Yeah thats right BlackMoe! stuff it! 😛

        Got a few thousand apricot seeds from Apricot Power and laetrile 500 mg laetrile tablets in case I get cancer at some point.

        Got LOTS of canned chili and freeze dried food from Augusons Farm

        A decent amount of whiskey

        100 rolls of toilet paper

        2000 little packets of sugar

        200 bars of soap

        Maybe 50 bottles of shampoo

        3 AK-47 VEPR from the famous russian Molot factory, but only 2000 rounds VERY SAD 🙁

        And when society starts breaking down going to go to the local convenient store and take all their cartons of cigarettes and then to the local whole foods and take dozens of their plastic bags filled with almonds to be able to snack on for a long time.

        I know I’m missing a lot of crap to survive super long term but whatever. I kind of want to mix it up when things go south. Will be fun!

        I’d rather die in a huge melee than get droned strike in some small town in the country.

        • You’d be a lot better off developing a plan based more on what you know how to do than what you have on hand.

          Your “stuff” can be taken away from you by everything from a fire or flood to an earthquake or Tornado. Or have to be left behind if you need to leave the area in a hurry, which happens rather frequently when trouble hits hard.

          What you know how to do will go with you wherever you go whenever you go and cannot be taken from you by anything or anyone outside of death itself.

          I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t have supplies and such, just that what you have is nowhere near as important as what you are when the going gets really, really rough.

        • Payback list..,check

        • I wouldn’t advertize what you have my 3% brother. The less everyone knows about you,the better off you are! By no means am I trying to tell you what to do,or how to execute your plans.Im just looking out for a brother. Best of luck to you,and yours.

          • I know a neighborhood liberal, and he started prepping. He got 20x extra 1 gal cartons of Ice cream, loads of Hollywood magazines, 2 extra computer controllers for video games and a 2 huge boxes of chips he is hiding under his bed in his momma’s basement. And he also bought 2 extra decks of cards which one he said he will use to clothes pin to his bicycle wheel frame so that it makes a snapping sound on the spokes when he peddles to drive away any zombies that come to attack him. Pretty smart eh? lol

            • You gotta hand it to those lefties…

            • A sound plan.

          • I appreciate the concern Josh. But I don’t really give a fuck to be honest. We have a 2nd amendment for a reason right? Come and take whatever you want! I’m ready to get weird and wild. Hope whoever wants to bring it brings it.

        • AZ
          If you make to my neck of the woods we can HELP.

          • Just called you Sgt! I’m a comin!

          • Sarge, I was on the range this morning. I had a picture of porky on a target and shredded it with 2 25-round mags in my 10/22, LOL! Also got my hands on a picture of Obullshit to go on a target, LOL! But that’s for tomorrow.

        • Az cats. Let me get this straight. In a societal breakdown, you are worried about cancer?
          In a societal breakdown you won’t have enough time to progress to Stage IV. Especially
          with only 2000 rounds at your disposal. 200 bars of soap? I’d trade some of those for
          energy drinks or something more useful. A passport and stashes of foreign currency
          sounds more useful than any of that. Good thing you have pm’s. A ticket out is better
          than shooting it out with a bunch of savages. Think and rethink everything. What sounds
          like a plan today may not make sense in a few weeks or months. Good luck brother.
          Never hear anyone talking about body armor. If you have the stay and shoot it out mentality, it might be worth the money. Of course being invisible will be better than being
          armed to the teeth. Being gone to another country would be even better than being
          invisible here. Of course you have to pick the right country. Sooner the better. G’ luck.

          • Crap, I’m sure you mean well but if our economy collapses, and I think it will, a passport and foreign currency isn’t gonna do much good because the rest of the world will be collapsing as well. 200 bars of soap can be traded for stuff he might need. Frankly I think going mobile will be key to surviving. I know people that have theirBOL’s but a moving target is harder to hit than a fixed object, imho.

            Stay quiet Be smart

          • Crappenstix, everything you said makes sense EXCEPT for leaving the country. Last time I checked, THE WHOLE WORLD HATES AMERICA. Being an American in another country in post-SHTF will be a death sentence. best to stay stateside and find the best remote region to relocate to.

          • Tell ya what, You can have all the preps in the world but if you are old fat and out of shape you will die quickly. Last Sunday AM I went out for a 25 mile bike ride for the fun of it, which I have not done in a while.

            I did it in about 1 hour 45 mins. Oh I busted through the pain and regained some muscle memory I lost. That’s still about 14 MPH. I feel good today, but my pelvic bone hurting a little. Glad I did and will try to go at lease one a week early AM before it gets too hot. Polished off a full bottle of water on the ride besides hydrating good before. Got to have a good water supply when exercising or you will get cramps. I stopped a few times for a min, and easily stretched. Got to stretch after your muscles are warmed up, not too much before when they are cold or you will pull some muscle. Know your body, know how to warm up, know how to stretch, and always drink plenty of water. Get off your prepper butts and take action.

            The other good thing about the ride was this long paved trail, and all the great places of woods I could stealth camp off to the side in the country with thick woods, if I really needed to. I would hook up a bike and trailer to pull behind, with my bug out bag on it. Lots of great hidey holes out there if you look.

          • Haha Crapp. Yeah….got my medicine for cancer in apricot seeds. 🙂

            I don’t want to leave. I want to mix it up like our forefathers would have. Im ready to FIGHT.

          • wait….what?….you got more than 2000 rounds of ammo?…..i just can’t help but wonder, if you go through 2000 rounds, and are still ALIVE…..with somebody SHOOTIN’ BACK atcha’….you ARE an optimistic son-of-a grunion. and as far as body armor, i sell and buy it, so know a little. these days i see people at the gun show buying the plates and the carriers, but not bulletproof vests…i want BOTH, and i got a feelin’ when they are gettin’ SHOT at, they might wish they had invested a little MORE…..you can throw a lot of ideas around where you are shootin’ at people, and wouldn’t want the extra weight, but i bet if you get hit, you change your tune. the shtf scenario I ENVISION will require it.

        • AZ, you are a little low on the AW

        • do you think there will be a war in North Korea, if so will it be nuclear?
          where can I get iodine for thyroid?

        • When SHTF, just shave your head and toss the shampoo, it won’t save you from lice…

          • Shampoo = barter JUST ME

            • AZ, those gold-foil-covered chocolate coins you have stacked aren’t real money either. Yeah I guess you can eat that “gold” though.

        • Toilet paper and soap, very wise.

          Keep stacking that gold AZ. You’re going to make someone very rich.

      7. ” Hiho Hiho its off to war we go ” – fat boys new theme song

      8. I hope China isn’t telling us something. You know it is only a period of time before the little fat turd does something and you and I know he will use it all, because it is either use it or loose it. I feel for the innocent people.
        Keep prepped and ready!!!

      9. Look how fast China deployed 150k troops and kevin2 being the smart guy that he thinks he is is telling me that it not in the logistics as in not in logistics to do so in Mexico.. China is the enemy of the American citizens..that drug dealng
        President of Mexico has a bad surprise.


        • hcks- China allegedly deployed 150,000 troops to the North Korean border, not the Mexican border. I’m not doubting for a second that China has some covert troops in
          Mexico. I don’t think they are there in large numbers. I think they are more like spies or
          para-military people in place in case the balloon goes up. A few well placed agents can do
          lots of damage. They probably work for Chinese front companies and get transported into
          this country by the cartels if things go hot. Mexico is a frenemy. They do business with us
          and take our money. I remember walking around in Juarez many years ago and not feeling
          much love from the locals. That was before it turned into bodybag city.

          • Hcks thinks China is in Mexico. And he is ready to defend Houston to the last man standing. Sounds like a trip on some crazy shrooms. Same ol Stupid shitola different day.

        • It has been rumored since the 70’s, that China had infiltrated infantry division size units into Mexico, just waiting on the border.

          Today, as back then, this is most unlikely. Rest assured, they will have operatives in place, probably in every major town/city in the US, and they can make a mess pretty fast. China plays the long game, they are buying properties in the US a record pace, while they hold $3 Trillion of US debt…

          Kevin2 is correct about the logistics. It takes a lot to support even a company size unit for any length of time. It is unaffordable to have any large element sitting there doing nothing.

          Nameless’ post is probably closer to reality about the Chinese. Simply put, China does not need a large conventional force sitting, waiting, when a few well-placed agents can do major damage.

          Here in the US, if a real war starts, there are probably tens of thousands of “sleepers” from every country that hates us, waiting for such an event, to get started…

          • “Here in the US, if a real war starts, there are probably tens of thousands of “sleepers” from every country that hates us, waiting for such an event, to get started…”

            So TPTB would want everyone to think to justify arrest and imprisonment (or worse) for Americans that might decide to speak out against US policy. Few people could blend in better than Germans in the US as Germans are the largest single ethnicity in the US population and the NAZI ideology was enticing. The incidents of sabotage during WWII was insignificant.

            The logistics debate is ridiculous as its a given in military strategy.

        • I looked at a map. China is next to North Korea and Mexico was, “Way over there—>” China has food, trucks and fuel in CHINA. No shipping required. Indigenous supplies. China has all they need right there.

          “he thinks he is is telling me that it not in the logistics as in not in logistics to do so in Mexico”

          Yes that is exactly what I’m telling you.

      10. I have no idea why people here list what they have as far as supplies/stockpiled.
        I have nothing. I know nothing. I don’t recall. Forgot. Sold it. Ate it. Someone stole it. Lost it. 777-12-8843. US Army. Why don’t y’all just give your coordinates while your at it. FM it won’t matter – they’ll have a trillion drones the size of butterflies with 1 .45 round on board zeroed in on a phone signal. One could only hope. Instant depopulation. We are a nation of idiots.

        • Stock up on Hustler magazines. When the internet goes dead, guys will need another source for their masturbation needs.

          • I’m guessing the trade value of those magazines goes up if they are still wrapped in plastic and unopened. Otherwise I wouldn’t want one.

      11. Ugh. We are in the middle of rotating stocks and some are expired. Past the “best by” date but still good to eat. So, we are eating this stuff right now. Ugh. Really gross to eat this healthy choice soup in good times when I make a rockin’ fresh gumbo. But, it’s part of the discipline of prepping. We have a week’s worth to get through… in hard times, these soups would be gold with their water content. Rotating toilet paper stock too right now. Happy coincidence.

        Because of the prepping, I have been able to gauge the smallification of certain products like paper towels and toilet paper in brands that I generally buy. It is bad, people. Compared a 3 year old roll of tp to what DH picked up at the store today. It is 1/3 smaller for the same labeled roll. Going to try to find some old stock online.

        TP goes quickly. I had an epic supply and we got down to 3 weeks supply. You can stack a powder room corner with 2 years worth of tp, floor to ceiling and have a cute conversation piece if you tack cute little bathroom sayings on the stack… like a Burma shave art piece.

      12. I’m wondering how many of the posters on this forum have a grandson or granddaughter in uniform? I’m just wondering what the future holds for all of us……

        • Unfortunately, it doesnt look all that bright,,, i feel sorry for the younger generations, they wont get to have the good times like we did,,,

          • Look at some of the poor kids that died on the beach at Normandy. Some of them were
            18 year old virgins. Thats a short life. They grew up during the worst years of the great
            depression and then died before they could live a decent life. Imagine the pain of the
            mothers. Bringing a kid into the world and then dealing with the grief of death in a few
            short years. Europe learned from two world wars. They learned that war is bad and should be avoided at all costs. I doubt if Europeans prep like Americans do. I think they enjoy life
            and the simple things in life much more than we do. They don’t have the baggage that goes
            with being a superpower. In my 2 years in Germany I never saw Germans stressed out like
            Americans get. They know how to chill. People can say what they want about Europeans.
            We have some lessons to learn from them.

      13. Anybody that believes this crap deserves the results

        • Woof-woof!

      14. Trump is too busy serving the NWO’s 7th term of Clinton/Bush/Obama. I am very disappointed in Donald, he is a liberal, even lies like one too. Disclose: I didn’t vote for my 7th election, I have no candidate that represents ending entitlements, taxation of citizens, unemployment, immigration, and for the working middleclass taxpayer. I have lived a long happy life, but many of you, especially the young, YOU ARE DOOMED

        • We are all doomed. So what. People are born . People die. 1776 to 2017 is a pretty good
          run. Everything has to come to an end. So be it.

        • People tend to overlook, that the mess we are in, is a result of things that happened a century ago. It is easy to blame the last few Presidents, but, the die was cast long before most Americans were alive. It’s been a long slow spiral down.

          “Democracy is beautiful in theory; in practice it is a fallacy. You in America will see that some day.”- Benito Mussolini to Edwin L James of the New York Times, 1928
          Benito Mussolini was correct…

        • “I am very disappointed in Donald…”

          Don’t be. We all danced to the music served, drank from the well provided and signed the dotted line without reading the fine print, and we called this “living the good life”.

          There are many to this day whom refuse to turn off the TV, look up into the sky, nor read the labels on the food and health care products. These people also want to lay on the sofa while someone else stuffs them with grapes.

          The mouse does not question why the maze to get to the cheese. All he knows is that he likes the cheese.

          No sir. The disappointment is misdirected.

          • Well said.

      15. Thanks Bert I hear it from the old guys at work. They tell me I’m stupid for being there and I’m not gonna have a retirement if I don’t leave. I say it about my kids they are screwed. If I raise them to work hard they will become corporate slaves while the evergrowing pool of parasites bleed them dry. I’m 40 and all I’ve seen from the world of employment is lies no raises no stability. Am I supposed to believe trump is gonna solve the problem of stagnant wages brought on entirely by corporate crony theft from workers. Ceos making unreal bonuses while the equipment is failing and being patched to go another day. All I’ve seen is decline in everything not being negative just an honest assessment of the things I’ve seen. I think it’s safe to say the decline will continue till it hits home for all of us. anyone who’s just getting started preparing is way behind the power curve.

        • I could add anyone thats still here is behind the curve. The last of the smart mega money
          has made its way to New Zealand. Lucky bastards. They know that the wheels are coming
          off. They are not wasting time, money and effort on buying ridiculous amounts of survival
          shit. They most likely figure prepping is for those that can’t get out or are too stupid or
          stubborn to leave. Crash landings are not for the wealthy. The diligent prosper.

      16. Is former President Bill Clinton dying?

        That is what news sites are saying. He is in the housing above the Clinton library with friends and family. Not expected to make it passed one week, Clinton reportedly wants to clear his conscience and called a reporter to give his parting words, perhaps some type of confession.

        Bush senior is also very sick.

        And, of course, Hillary is not well either.


        • I’ll bite my tongue…

        • It would be some of the best news we’ve had in a while.

        • In a word: AIDS. This has been known for some time. Bill looked worse and worse throughout the election campaign. Bush senior is just old and it is amazing he is still alive. As for Hillary, she shows signs of multiple problems, from something that upsets her balance to very poor eyesight to late-stage lung something. They’ll all be gone before the year is up.

      17. Whats going on in the ME?

        This is all distraction from the ME. All of EU on High alert.

        NK will hit the Left Coast, who on this site cares about that? Russia has better arms!

      18. As you see more and more of those idiot leftist “We are not afraid” and similar signs extolling the “virtues” of Muslim immigrants, you might want to consider if these non-Einsteins will soon learn to be afraid when their town becomes like Götebörg or Malmö Sweden, or when the Muslims come marching in to San Francisco to implement Sharia law there, or when their daughters are raped/sexually assaulted, as just happened in Australia, where Muslim man assaulted NINE women and girls but was not sentenced to prison (two years’ probation only) as the judge “reasoned” that, as a Muslim who had immigrated from Afghanistan, “seeing girls in bikinis is different to the environment in which he grew up.” (See Dr. Michael Brown at https://townhall.com/columnists/michaelbrown/2017/05/01/do-women-wearing-bikinis-deserve-to-be-sexually-assaulted-n2320456?utm_source=thdaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl&newsletterad=

        Brown writes: “Seriously? This young man assaults 9 different women and girls on a beach in Australia, and the court only gives him probation because he came from a different culture?” Does this mean an Amish man would have the same right? Or is it only the politically correct Muslims – being used as shock troops for the left to further rip apart western culture – who get a pass?

        More wonders the Muslims will bring our way: 40% of the world’s 1.4 bn Muslims are illiterate; the number skyrockets if you just look at women. The top seven countries with the biggest gaps between the number of boys and girls who receive primary school education are Muslim countries (Cited from a 2010 UN Dept. of Economic and Social Affairs report)

        Sadly, the left refuses to point out the correlation between Islam and the misogynistic traditions of Islam. Women are overwhelmingly viewed as disposable property of male relatives in Islam. In fact, Mohammed was married to ELEVEN women, including a nine-year old and his own forcibly divorced daughter-in-law. He also kept concubines and taught that wife-beating was a necessary discipline: “As to those women on whose part you fear disloyalty and ill-conduct, admonish them, refuse to share their beds and beat them.” Surah 4:34. He endorsed slave trade – in fact, it was Muslims who brought slaves out to the coast, still practice slavery today in certain areas, and have murdered perhaps millions of black Sudanese… but the left won’t tell you that. In highly Muslim countries like Afghanistan, 80% of marriages take place without a woman’s consent, with Muhammed’s example cited as the justifying rationale behind forces marriages. Women often feel they are worthless, and Allah created them to be used by men, even in their so-called hellish “paradise.” They are often treated not much better than animals.

      19. £uck all you honkys, I was the first black president and my gay lover Al Gore did invent the internet so raspberries. Jerry Parks had it coming.

        It’s the drugs stupid!

        I did it all and Hillary is mentally ill.

        • BC, you ain’t done shit so go back to sleep.

      20. B from CA… I haven’t heard any of that. Too bad both can’t live to relish their evil handiwork to conclusion. That old vile cretin Poppy snookered everyone, lame. The plot and execution is glaring right up front. Shrub junior, what a fvcking joke! Clinton, Obama completely despicable liars. None of these assholes were a choice of the people.

      21. North Korea is China’s little sex doll. Kim is making some noise because China is telling him to. But why? I suspect it is part of a campaign to push the US out of Asia. The Pivot to Asia never went down well with China and they want American gone, like, yesterday.

        Some sort of event will be precipitated but who knows where and when. China has many options.

        • Frank Thoughts

          North Korea is shaking the US down for IMF “loans”, food and oil. They have been doing this when the US is occupied elsewhere. It started with Clinton, then Bush and then Obama. Its frequency increased with each successive gain. If you look back NK got the above tribute roughly six months post each saber rattle. The US saves face to the uninformed public. Trump is pulling a Jefferson, “Millions for defense not a penny for tribute” as was done with the Barnaby Pirates in Libya. The “Shores Of Tripoli” was later immortalized in the Marine Corps Hymn.

          China wants a secure uninterruptible (short of war) supply of oil. The US on the other hand wants to control the spigot. As Kissinger said, “Control food and you control people”, “Control oil and you control nations”. Once oil was found close to China it had the potential to be reachable by the Chinese military.

          North Korea is a separate annoyance as it drawls increasingly greater US military presence into Asia. China would prefer to keep building the Islands and one day just claim that area as under Chinas influence thereby requiring a great military strike to dislodge them with all of its inherent liabilities including a massive global negative economic impact.

          I suspect that China will covertly back a coup of the NK leadership.

      22. 51% Of Murders In The U.S. Come From Just 2% Of The Counties

        “In 2014, 54% of the counties in the U.S. had no murders whatsoever while the worst 1% of counties had 37% of the murders and the worst 5% of counties accounted for 68% of murders.”

        Gun Ownership
        “According to a 2013 PEW Research Center survey, the household gun ownership rate in rural areas was 2.11 times greater than in urban areas. Suburban households are 28.6% more likely to own guns than urban households.

        Despite lower gun ownership, urban areas experience much higher murder rates. … so much of the country has both very high gun ownership rates and zero murders.”

        ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-05-01/51-murders-us-come-just-2-counties

      23. Houston is now safer. 150,000 Mexican troops have been sent to the border of North Korea and China.

      24. The next President of South Korea will probably Moon Jae-En. He has cautioned the US not to meddle in South Korean politics. He is also talking about a closer relationship with China. Instead of South Korea coming to US and our going to China who puts pressure on North Korea, just cut the US out altogether? This will be interesting.

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