Koch & Soros Unite To CENSOR The Internet

by | Aug 21, 2019 | George Soros, Headline News | 19 comments

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    Establishment left-wing and establishment conservative billionaires are teaming up to censor the Internet.  It looks like elitists on both sides of the political aisle are trying to make sure you only get the information they want you to have.

    Organizations established by left-winger George Soros and neo-conservative Charles Koch have been working together on a key priority of globalist neoliberals and neoconservatives: censorship of the Internet, according to Breitbart News. Censorship is necessary for tyranny so it makes sense that those who need the government to enslave humanity would be working together to achieve the means to an end.

    Last year, the Charles Koch Institute pledged its support for the “After Charlottesville Project,” an initiative organized by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) aimed at combating “online extremism.”

    Sponsors of the initiative include Comcast, NBC Universal, the Kresge Foundation, and the George Soros Charitable Foundation.

    Other groups involved in the project include a host of Soros-funded organizations, including “Hope not Hate,” the British equivalent of the far-left SPLC, and the pro-immigration National Immigration Forum.

    The former group, Hope not Hate, has a reputation for far-left extremism. Liberal anti-extremism campaigner Maajid Nawaz accused them of “book burning” after it announced a campaign to get allegedly “racist” books banned by major retailers. It was also forced to retract a smear against a Jewish pro-Israel activist last year.-Breitbart News

    The Charles Koch Institute, once seen as a conservative nemesis of the left, has now aligned itself with this group of left-wing, pro-censorship, anti-Trump agitators. When it comes to censoring the Internet, both the progressive and “conservative” establishment appear to be converging on a common position.

    The Charles Koch Institute now also appears committed to advancing Internet censorship and aligning with totalitarianism and slavery over freedom and libertarian principles. Koch is now for  “content moderation,” as they call it. Sarah Ruger, the Institute’s director of “free expression initiatives” has praised Airbnb for canceling the reservations of far-right activists, and has called for “online hate” to be treated like a “virus.”

    As always, there’s an elephant in the room — what counts as “online hate?” Is it questioning the official narrative? Is it condemning authoritarians who harm others? Is it siding with morality even though it contradicts the existence of government?  What exactly is “online hate” and who gets to decide if you’re hateful?


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      1. Decentralized networks, the dark web, and blockchain technology will outpace two old dying globalist scumbags. They can talk about it all they want.

        Nothing can stop what is coming…. Nothing.

      2. Koch bros. are not “establishment conservative billionaires”.
        The power of the internet is freedom of expression, which on many sites you cannot do. There already is a significant amount of censorship. I get better treatment from Communist Chinese and Russian sites than I do from “conservative” American sites.
        I have been banned from several conservative sites without any explanation. I’m an Conservative/Libertarian sort of guy.
        I don’t use that much bad language. I will use the “n” word, if it applies, I also will use other similar epithets if it helps me get a point across. I dress these words up to get past the auto-filters, but you will get my point.
        The site moderator simply just didn’t like my comment, because they can’t handle someone else’s opinion in a non-emotional manner, so poof, a ban.
        We don’t want the government to come in and make their decisions on what is allowable.
        We enough private do-gooders running web sites for that now.

        • imho, replacement theology, as well as demographic replacement, refashions every other possible worldview and country of origin as conservative. They want diversity hires in the position of intellectual and fierce taskmaster, not as radical and outlier.

      3. Why that Kochsucker!

        • One of the Crotch brothers died this week!! Two to go…

      4. I’ve been banned from every libturd site you can think of. The last one I was banned from was huffpost, one of the worst. Then I found this site and it’s been a lovefest ever since. No MSM koolaid for me regardless of what happens.

        • Librurd sites I comment on
          Daily mail, BBC, the Hill,
          NBC, and SF chronicle.
          The Daily mail has banned me, in fact they threatened to turn
          me into the police! NBC banned me on my first post!
          The Hill has warned me twice.
          Conservative sites that have banned me.
          Free Republic.
          Gateway Pundit.
          Washington Times
          Washington Examiner.
          2A Hawaii.
          Peoples daily on-line; will usually leave my stuff up and if they don’t like it it disappears after a few days.
          Pravda; leaves my stuff up but you need to read Russian to log off or you stay logged on forever.
          Many other sites I don’t comment on as most the most comments are in line with I want to say so there is no reason to repeat it and there are thousands of comments.
          I like SHTF the most because of good prep information that is shared sometimes and we don’t have 1,000 nutcase commenters. There was somebody on Free Republic linking to SHTF but I think he was banned as this site is too radical for them and I no longer see those links.
          My comments on censorship still stands.
          We don’t need government oversight.

          • … fromthetrenchesworldreport.com …

            No censorship.
            Content similar to SHTFplan.

            • That garbage laden website seems to regurgitate WaPo propaganda on white supremacists and the evil evangelical Trump supporters. No comments allowed either. Are you a Bernie volunteer too?

          • rellik, I’ve found most ‘conservative sites’ are in reality ‘Republican sites’. Very few professing ‘conservatives’ can even articulate what are conservative values.

            Critical thinking has been indoctrinated out of Americans. They have been cleverly corralled into two groups. Each group has been groomed to hate each other. Their every solution is a government solution. They get to vote so they think they are free. How can be free again if they can’t think like free people?

            • Montana Guy- you are spot on! I wish we lived in the same general area. So many conservatives/Republicans have gone completely wack-a-doodle. They are as wacked as the left wing wacko’s and they don’t even realize it. These are stange days. Strange days indeed…

        • Our own 5th Plank funds the labor, to the left, and the capital, to the right, says both wings of nationalism are at war with eachother, and there is no way to settle it. Higher interest on good news, lower interest on bad news. Tom and Jerry never ends.

      5. That evil old Soro’s fellow just won’t croak ! If they do manage to censor the net, hopefully an alternative net will come into existence. It blows my mind that they censor speech in some European countries, particularly Germany and England, and that you can be incarcerated for mere words or your own opinions. If they have they’re way they’d take every last right away from us here to. Your all guilty of THOUGHT CRIMES !

      6. In the end, their commonality of the few controlling the many bind them as allies. They both have globalist intentions. Their common enemy is an informed populace. They’re more akin to the mafia commission than ethical businessmen. When moved in an arc both left and right eventually meet.

        • I;m old and don’t give a fuck… what does that make me? Dangerous?

        • Even here in arguably the ‘Heart of the Liberty Movement’ there is no fight in our dog. With a stroke of Obama’s pen the Republicans’ NDAA gutted our Bill of Rights. What did ‘patriots’ do? Jack.

          Gun confiscation has already begun. Globalists are very clever and very patient. If they have one Achilles’ Heel it might be the timing of their ‘global economic reset’ (their words not mine). They are going to have to initiate the chaos before effectively disarming Americans.

          Chaos will bring a vacuum in authority. Hope for restoring liberty in new republics lies there. Otherwise our grandchildren will be slaves.

      7. Who will decide if you’re hateful? The same group who will decide if you should have a gun under Trump’s forthcoming Red Flag laws.

      8. Koch bros, were always frauds.

        They want to own you, typical billionaires.

      9. “far-left SPLC” Nice try. The far, or real, Left has nothing to do with those fascists who masquerade as leftists. Shall I call Conservatives who care – and there seems to be lots – fascists? Don’t like it? Then don’t do it to me!

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