Klaus Schwab is Scum, But Iran is the ANTICHRIST

by | Mar 4, 2024 | Headline News

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    Do you know what I love about 2024? I love that the hypocrisy is not hidden anymore.

    Under the guise of globalization, countries that despise each other, cultures that look down on each other, and nations and people that seek revenge because of past grievances all smiled at one another pretending that all was well, swiftly resolving every bubble of hatred that rose to the surface while raw emotions and real incentives and interests stayed lurking in the shadows.

    2024 has made all of these obsolete.

    Instead of tiptoeing around subjects, I have found that it’s best to be perfectly clear on where I stand when dealing with those I associate and socialize with.

    Western civilization has reached the point that we’re at because most of the people that “lead” us have no idea what they’re doing since they themselves have no core beliefs they stand on.

    Barack and Michelle Obama and those they represent, for example, openly and deliberately act in a manner that goes against the founding principles of America, the constitution, and patriots, and it’s not done inadvertently.

    Antony Blinken, who is the most influential and powerful person in Washington today, is a clear example of a spineless globalist with zero intent of keeping American values in check. He is a citizen of the world and a self-appointed, anointed arbiter of moral high ground just like Klaus Schwab and every other left-wing agent of communism in the world’s shining beacon of civil rights: the United States of America.

    Of course, ask the average American what Kim Kardashian ate for breakfast this morning, and there’s a better chance they’d answer that correctly than to recite the Constitution and the Bill of Rights or explain the history of the United States to you in two sentences.

    Youth isn’t dumb because all young people have a low IQ… It’s worse! Youth is pathetically confused and ineffective by design.

    China’s efforts to infiltrate America through elaborate and conniving schemes has worked beautifully, and Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, among others, have allowed the CCP to succeed in brainwashing the masses about anything they want.

    It’s a disgrace.

    But even these acts of treason by two American presidents who allowed the enemy to flourish and infect the minds of the many with the most ludicrous ideas and ideologies, where LGBTQ+ support mass-murderers that chop the heads off of other LGBTQ in their communities, tie them to trucks, and drive them around the village for all to see, isn’t as evil and demonic as the Iranian regime of Tehran.

    Barack Obama sat there in the Oval Office writing speeches that would only appeal to the lowest of the low in IQ without making any practical sense (clearly appealing to his base… those that believe in fairytales and handouts) and allowing Iran to strengthen. Today, in 2024, with the help of Blinken and Biden, they don’t fear Washington anymore and freely run and oversee the Captagon drug smuggling operations in the Middle East through the narco-state of Syria where Assad’s family run the manufacturing that is sourced from raw materials from China and India.

    There used to be a time when these agents of the devil would fear the consequences of their actions, but when Obama’s generation of decay taught the West to look away and disengage when seeing wrongdoing in the name of wokeness and siding with the oppressed, it fueled monsters. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a way of avoiding a major clash in the Middle East because the West is totally braindead and can’t differentiate between right and wrong anymore.

    Woke people have allowed barbaric behavior to come back, and it will be the conservatives with a moral compass that will have to carry society forward and stop this madness. War is coming, and the agents of division (the left) are the purveyors of it, but they’ll blame the rest of us because we didn’t give blood-thirsty theological antichrists a chance.


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