Kenosha, Wisconsin Descends Into A War Zone

by | Aug 26, 2020 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 15 comments

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    The violence has been ongoing but turned deadly early this morning when a confrontation between demonstrators and a group of men armed with guns. This occurred at protests and riots over the police shooting of Jacob Blake, in which one person was injured and two were killed.

    The city has seen several nights of rioting, following the police shooting of a black man, Jacob Blake. A curfew was imposed on Tuesday night and police ordered residents to stay off the streets, according to a report by RT. National Guard troops were also deployed to the Kenosha’s courthouse for a second night after Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers signed an executive order doubling the Guard’s presence in the city from 125 to 250 personnel.

    In a separate incident, a man with a gun opened fire after being chased by a group of demonstrators. At least one person was shot in the arm.

    Stay alert and be prepared. Know what’s going on but refuse to feed the fear.  The difficult times could just be beinning. Brace yourself and make sure your are well prepped for massive societal unrest and social upheaval like we have never seen.

    These are the times that try men’s souls, Thomas Paine infamously said. We are descending quickly into a totalitarian regime from one that was already fascist (a merere between the government and the corporations) and socialist. The fall as fast, and the United States is gone. Sorry. It is. There will be no going back.

    But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It simply means we have to make sure that once this system crashes under its own weight, we don’t allow anyone power over anyone else for any reason or any amount of time. We can have a future of freedom, but it’ll require self-reflection, morality, and personal responsibility; three things Americans drarely, if ever, do.


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      1. Ya and some of the commies got shot too. Play stupid games… win stupid prizes!

      2. So it seems the cops have arrested the guy who shot three of the people attacking him. He ha been charged with first degree murder for defending himself. This is why people on the left and the right hate the fucking cowardly cops. When this goes full bore kinetic the right will be mowing down these communist assholes and any cops that are witnesses. This is going to get very very very fucking bloody until the country is cleansed of these assholes. Just wait till the old hardline right octogenarians start teaching the young right how to make warheads out of nitrogen cylinders loaded with cheddite and launched out of mortar tubes packed with rags saturated with dry potassium chlorate made from water softening salt an pool chlorinating bleach onto hoards of zombie terrorist commies. And that is just the simple stuff. The hard right will take down the grid and freeze, starve, and execute any of these morons that try to exit the encircled cities until the republic is restored if they have to kill ninety percent of the US population to do it.

        • The Cops hands are tied in every direction. They arrested this kid because they had no choice,,, he just shot three people and they don’t have all the facts. Its not the Cops that charge crimes, its the Prosecuting Attorney for that area that makes those decisions. The PA also decides when to seek an arrest warrant which also has to pass through a Judge first. By every appearance this kid acted in self defense and SHOULD be acquitted if this ever goes to trial.

          These Cops standing in riot gear attempting to control things have been completely muzzled. They are the grunts taking orders through the chain of command. The Chiefs or Captains of these departments are taking orders from the Governors or Mayors of each municipality. I promise you that if they released the cops on the street to actually do what needs to be done, 90+ percent would willingly kick ass on these assholes. If you wanna blame anyone you need to look at the Mayors and Governors and how they respond or don’t respond. The cops unfortunately are just following orders from above.

      3. “A man with a gun opened fire after being chased by a group of demonstrators.” Can’t say that I blame him. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. In our little Arizona town, the police asked for help from the townsfolk when a protest was planned and Antifa was on the way up from Phoenix. 130 armed people showed up to back up seven police officers who were protecting the businesses where the protest was supposed to be staged. An officer told my buddy who was there, if Antifa shows up remain calm let us do the talking but if they rush us, open up on em ! And indeed, there were two bus loads of Antifa goons coming up here to try to tear up our town. The Highway Patrol pulled them over and basically told them, boys where your going isn’t like Phoenix those people up there are waiting, and it won’t end well for you. They turned the buses around,and never showed up. The “protest” was a couple dozen libtards and three obese women from BLM on they’re best behavior with 130 armed rednecks glaring at them. They may raise hell and tear up liberal shit hole city’s full of metrosexuals, but small town rural America isn’t going to put up with it. Fuck around and find out !

        • The obese women always make me laugh. All you have to do is make them run and their done.

          An obese woman sends a stark message of not caring about their health and appearance. Literally an un-doable woman who you must not breed with.

          It has become very hard to find beautiful, healthy women in many parts of the US. Evolution science tells us these women need to die out and have their welfare and food stamps taken away.

          • In the newer Floyd video.

      4. My only question is is Jesus coming ?

        • Maranatha, and that would be easiest, by far.

          His return never prevented so many democidal atrocities nor countless, radical examples of affirmative action.

          But, I would say that one way of identifying a true miracle, is whether it makes all those same secularists go bonkers. The person who causes it all to break loose would likely be a hellfire preacher or straightforward miracle worker, who presents to you the undebatable truth in a deadpan, literal fashion.

        • For the last 2000 years there have been true believers that thought they where in the end times and Christ would return. And so far they have all been 100% wrong.

      5. Finally, finally, finally – people are starting to fight back and defend their communities. It has taken months but it is starting to happen.

        BLM and Antifa started it and amped it up with weapons, murders, arson and rape. They destroyed the economies of entire cities. Peace is the only option but as long as people are attacking and trying to murder white people, then people will, out of fear, fight back. It is human nature.

        It is a very sad state of affairs but it teaches us something: with all our political correctness, technology, violence still sits below the surface of the human condition.

        • For all political contestants who are shills for warmongering banksters & the NWO, this is what they should receive for TREASON against We The People.

          Scarface – Tony Montana meets Alejandro Sosa (HD)

          From the above video clip, Sosa lays down the law when he says to Tony:
          “I think you and me can work this thing out. We can do business together a long time. Just remember…I’ll only tell you one time…Don’t FUCK me, Tony! Don’t you ever TRY to fuck me!”

          THIS^^^ This!
          This exactly how We The People should be talking to “democratic” or “republican” candidates who want to rule in our name but are beholden to gangster bankster NWO globalist institutions.

          It’s time the people laid down the law. And do the same damn thing to alleged military or “national security” patriots who should know better than to deceive us, cook up, arm, train & fund Islamo terrorists to fight illegal wars in our name.

          Therefore if every lying two-faced political hack who betrayed the people’s TRUST “hung” around from a helicopter for ALL to SEE as a WARNING to future lying warmongering treasonous shills, then I think “democracy” will be ok.

          What do you guys think? It’s time to fucking get REAL.

      6. These are the times that try men’s souls, Thomas Paine infamously said.

        Yet, I feel no pressure, whatsoever, to choose between Stalin and Trotsky.

      7. Just like the my name title and the movie The Patriot. “MakeReady”.

        Also ” no more games, playtime is over”

      8. All of this-the plandemic, the riots and all the other crazy shite going on is all about the money/power and to destroy America!
        Every politician is part of it-they are all bought and paid for scumbags!

      9. It comes down to following the money that is supplying the logistics for the planned riots.
        Once you have the one name you can follow the money to the source.
        Once you have the source you bring in the Racketeering RICO Laws.
        Then bring in Section 802 of the USA PATRIOT Act along with Seizure of assets – Sec. 806 from a grand jury.
        This would stop multi-millionaires/billionaire’s funding terrorist organizations period.

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