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    The Market Ticker publish Karl Denninger says Damnit, Stop the Looting Now!

    This is the wholesale LOOTING of America and EVERY AMERICAN CITIZEN by the BANKSTERS who just months ago cried poverty and demanded public largesse – RIGHT DAMN NOW – lest the entire banking and financial system collapse in a smoking heap.

    The American People told you by a 300:1 margin – not just NO but HELL NO!

    The American People were WISE.

    The American People were willing to accept THE IMMINENT IMPLOSION of the American Banking System and the financial destruction of ALL the robber barons who had ripped them off blind then violated them from the rear once they could no longer see, SO LONG AS THOSE SCAMMERS WERE ALL RUN OUT OF TOWN ON A RAIL, BANKRUPT, WITH NOTHING MORE THAN THEIR UNDERWEAR ON THEIR UGLY, DISGUSTINGLY-FAT BODIES – AFTER THEY GOT OUT OF PRISON.

    But NO!  You couldn’t do that!  You couldn’t let the PATRONAGE stop!  You couldn’t be without the billion in campaign contributions over the last decade, the K-street wonders who lobby you on a daily basis, nor could you deal with losing your own special deals like your cut-rate loans for your own properties through “Friends of Angelo.”

    So you not only bailed them out, forcing the American people to pay for their own financial rape, you knowingly turned a blind eye while the ripoffs and scams continue, guaranteeing that the violations would continue on a daily basis.

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      1. Oh yeah…Karl is all keyed up right now.

        My personal favorites are when he blasts CNBC.

        …not that I’m 100% convinced of CNBC’s idiocy, as he puts it…I just like how “into” it he gets.

        What amazes me is that he keeps making appearances on Kneale’s show, despite the fact that Kneale continues to talk over/interupt him…

        If you want to see another example of such behavior, check out Larry O’Donnell’s recent “debate/interview” with Peter Schiff.  It was disgusting.

      2. Yeah, I saw that interview O’Donnell did with Schiff. It was pretty ridiculous.  I was mad enough to email MSNBC about it. Perhaps Larry watched how Schiff bitchslapped Kneale around last time he went on CNBC and was determined not to let that happen again so he decided not to let Schiff get a word in. No one can step to Schiff, though. He is way too smart for any of those idiots to let them get the best of him.

      3. Yeah, I freely admit that I don’t know a darn thing about this stuff – and yet I’m willing to bet that I’m more qualified than Kneale is to be an ecomonic analyst. 

        Schiff if pretty good about keeping his cool…

        On the subject of Schiff, as I’ve said here before, it absolutely astonishes me that some of the same clowns who literally laughed at him c. ’05/’06 are again talking smack to him.

        Again, for all I know Schiff is smoking crack this time around – but based on his recent record, I for one will pay attention to what he is saying.

      4. One of my favorite sayings from Jim Rogers (not quoting him verbatim):

        If people oppose you, you are definitely on to something. If they ridicule you, you should be even more excited.

        Schiff has written books not only predicting what has happened, but also what is currently happening (ie. how the government would respond to the crisis). Given his track record, we should continue to listen to him and take the precautions he is outlining. I highly suggest you read “Crashproof” by Schiff. It was written in late ’06/early ’07. It is unbelieveable how incredibly accurate his predictions were.

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