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    Just In Time For The Vaccine: A New COVID Strain Has Been Found

    Mac Slavo
    December 16th, 2020
    Comments (9)

    As the COVID-19 vaccine rolls out everywhere, a new strain of COVID-19 has been identified in the United Kingdom as a mutation. Normally, when viruses mutate, they become less deadly and more infectious to continue infecting as many hosts as possible.

    And what does that mean for the rushed toxic and side effect-laden vaccine they want to jab us all with? It’ll mean nothing. We’ll all be expected to take the shot no matter how many mutations pop up, and like the flu, even with the vaccine, won’t be able to eradicate the coronavirus.

    According to The Washington Post, the new strain spreading in the UK has unknown significance as of yet. But the Post also noted:

    There is no evidence that these changes are making the virus deadlier, but new research has provided evidence that the virus is not a static target of vaccines and will need to be watched closely to see how it responds to therapeutic interventions and the human immune system. –The Washington Post

    So are we about to get another mandatory rushed concoction we’ll all be expected to take? Likely. There is an obvious push to get the public on board with this vaccine and to think it won’t be forced or you won’t be coerced into taking it is pure delusion at this point.

    Medical Journal: Get The COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Be Punished HARSHLY

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    The issue of the covid mutation sparked headlines across the United Kingdom after a top government official, Health Secretary Matt Hancock, stood in the House of Commons on Monday and announced that more than 1,000 confirmed coronavirus infections in southeast England show a suite of genetic mutations that might be driving the surge in that region.  The mainstream media has jumped on board and used this new information to propagate fear.

    That news was quickly followed by a striking statement from Jeremy Farrar, the head of the Wellcome Trust biomedical research foundation, saying “there is evidence to indicate a new variant of the Covid-19 virus” and calling this development “potentially serious.” He said it is unclear whether the variant is responsible for the spike in infections in parts of the U.K. or what this may or may not mean for transmission of the virus and the efficacy of vaccines. –The Washington Post

    The pressure on the virus to evolve is increased by the fact that so many millions of people have now been infected. If that’s the case, we are building herd immunity anyway and a vaccine is unnecessary.  “Most of the mutations will not be significant or cause for concern, but some may give the virus an evolutionary advantage, which may lead to higher transmission or mean it is more harmful,” Farrar said.



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      Author: Mac Slavo
      Date: December 16th, 2020

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      1. Capt Barty says:

        Baaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! More virus. Gonna come get us all! (Run in circles, scream and shout) The vaccine doesn’t work on the new strain. Baaaahhhhhhhhhh! Complete lockdown needed until a new vaccine is found. More and more grant$ to big pharma. OK, suckers. Now you need the phase two vaccine. Does that combine with or enhance the phase 1? Do you know? No, neither do I. But, I do know how to plan, and it’s what I would do. Thankfully I’m not wired or possessed that way.

        Beg, beg for the government to come save you. HaHa, that’s what it’s all about. On your knees, or we won’t save you. Well, maybe we will and maybe we won’t: we’ll have to think about it.

      2. CA Rebel says:

        Mandatory jabs, new strain? Coincidence? What did you expect from made in China virus, made in China test kits, and made in China vaccines.

      3. Darth Skipppy says:

        I heard a line of discussion, from Boomers receiving experimental treatments, for their stomach, hair, joints, meds, or teeth.

        They would go to a mandatory support group, where they were not allowed to say anything judgmental, so cause other people to worry.

        Though informed consent would include a full list of ingredients, and you might just have the fold-out from a legit box of vax, just talking about it, *non-judgmentally, has resulted in gross censorship.

        DRACO and PANACEA was supposed to protect against a wide range of viruses, before 5-6G was expected to reprogram mRNA from a distance. Vaccinations now take the form of a sugar, enzyme, and nano-crystals, on a band aid or sticker, making the need for multiple injections or even multiple applications obsolete.

        “And what does that mean for the rushed toxic and side effect-laden vaccine they want to jab us all with? It’ll mean nothing. We’ll all be expected to take the shot no matter how many mutations pop up, and like the flu, even with the vaccine, won’t be able to eradicate the coronavirus.”

      4. willyard says:

        no no a REVERSE mutation you see
        only a matter of time before BSL-4 wuhan is exposed along with fauci and con-fidants
        btw congratulations lucky bio lottery winner

      5. Genius says:

        Do NOT consent to the vax or tests! Download these documents and share them!

        ht tps://

      6. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        Here’s the thing, I have my own agenda which does not entail obeying them but does entail exposing them for corruption, fraud, and violating my constituional rights which is illegal as stated in the constitution, and I refuse to stop reminding them and everyone else that they are guilty of high crimes, treason, terrorism, financial and scientific fraud, and that they are mentally incompetent, low life  dweebs, so they are just going to have to accept that whether they like it ir not because that is the way that it is and will continue to be. Their opinions, desires, wishes, and demands are irrelevant and illegal, and they are totally aware of that which is why they are lying about it. It is time for them to wake up and realize the massiveness of their powerlessness! Not powerful enough to face reality, and the fact that title is not power. Hillary Clinton and Trump are current reminders of this, and of course there were the Kennedy tragedies, which were abhorant, but the point being that until they are able to face the reality that any person on earth has the ability to kill them, regardless of their title, maybe at that awakening will they stop violating the property and constitutional rights of others. I am not suggesting that anyone assassinate anyone, nor do I condone it, I am strictly reminding them that they are in no way superior, because if they were they would not have to be pathological liars! I have faced that reality, and since everyone dies, I am prepared to die defying them and resisting their agenda because that is a worthy cause. The Kennedys were martered, and died as national heroes standing up for what they believed in, their ideas remain unstopable. The legends live on and everyone knows who the guilty parties really were, those who felt that the Kennedys were guilty of class betrayal, the deep state, CIA covered up the assassination by Israel for that reason and the fact that JFK said that he wanted to scatter the CIA 1,000 pieces to the wind. The Mossad assassinated JFK for two reasons, wanting to sever ties with Israel for developing nuclear power, and having the Israel lobby register under FARA. So the deep state and Israel look like shit and Kennedy looks like a hero. How is that working out for you trying to get people to believe one God damned fucking thing that you say?!

        Andrea Iravani

      7. hmmm says:

        I wonder how they found the mutation when they can’t even find/isolate the original “virus”? 🤔 Just another thought: isn’t it just amazing how this virus never takes a day off? Of course,now it’s “mutating”. This truly has to be the hardest working “virus” in the business.😀