Jumping Ship: Two Central Banks Just Printed Billions In Paper Currency… And Immediately Bought Gold Mining Stocks With It

by | Sep 2, 2016 | Headline News | 72 comments

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    When former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke was questioned by Ron Paul during a 2011 monetary policy report, he famously told the Congressman that gold is not money and the only reason central banks hold it is because of “long-term tradition. ”

    Bernanke’s comments have since been cited by financial pundits as expert advice on why precious metals investments should be considered no different than other traditional investments like equities or bonds. Suggesting they may be a safe haven asset or that there are thousands of years of evidence supporting the claim that gold and silver are money are often laughed at and marginalized.

    But if gold and silver are not real money and they are not safe haven assets, then why did the central banks of Switzerland and Norway just print $2 billion dollars in currency and immediately move that paper currency into gold mining companies?

    Via Wealth Research Group:

    Because they obviously know how risky and experimental these policies really are, they are now jumping ship and leaving us this colossal debt load to suffocate on…

    The Swiss central bank has taken this to the next level and recently disclosed a massive one billion dollar position in mining stocks… these 25-plus companies… as a result shot up 400% to 600% this year alone.

    (Watch at Youtube)

    Here is the list of gold related holdings owned by the Swiss Central Bank:


    And the Swiss aren’t alone. Norway’s central bank has done the same thing. After initially trying to keep their holdings secret, an amended 13F shows that they, too, spent $1 billion on gold and silver mining companies:

    Norway’s Central Bank, Norges Bank has filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (the SEC) a request that its Form 13F* for the period ended June 30, 2016, be given confidential treatment. The Norges Bank filed its 13F** with the list of its security holdings redacted.

    This Amended Form 13F contained a list of equity securities held by the Norges Bank at then end of the second quarter of last year.

    centralbankgold-norway(Image Courtesy SmaulGld)

    It’s been suspected for quite some time that central banks are actively taking positions in collapse-related assets like gold and silver. We now have confirmation that at least two of them have done it. There are likely more.

    There can be only one explanation. Our monetary masters know without a shadow of a doubt that their policies will fail and they have lost confidence in their ability to stabilize the system.

    Consequently, they, like billionaire investors and major financial institutions around the world, are rapidly shifting their worthless paper money into the world’s historical assets of last resort: gold and silver.

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      1. Apparently Swiss and Norwegian central bankers know that gold is money, while paper is merely currency.
        Their actions prove that the much maligned “gold bugs” were right all along.

        • It could also be an attempt to stay afloat.
          They could use “future mined gold/silver” to count as assets and shield losses.
          Or to use as replacement for the “pledged” that is no longer there, cover it with future deposits from their companies.

        • “Apparently Swiss and Norwegian central bankers know that gold is money, while paper is merely currency.” Well, if they do, they are not sharing it with their citizens: they issue nothing but fiat paper money. But if you assume that the central banks are actually privately owned corporations, which they are, it makes perfect sense.
          The point is, and never mentioned, is that a gold standard- any standard, it could be silver, copper or lead- is intended to keep things honest. How does the U.S., or Switzerland, or Norway really know how much yuan the Chinese central bank is madly printing in its basement with which to buy gold, and vice versa. It is a corrupt system through and through, and inflationary as hell, all the BS about a need to “fight deflationary forces” aside, and serving to force everyone into a higher tax bracket to boot

      2. if I had a billion in worthless toilet paper sitting in the vault i’d be buying gold with it too.

        • If you bought into this hype, and loaded up on miner stocks, and next year they file for bankruptcy, what do you have? Worthless paper to wipe your tears away.

          If you bought physical Gold and these miners file for bankruptcy next year, what do you have? Still a lot of physical Gold.

          Know the difference between FAKE and REAL.


        • This article fails to mention “WHEN DID” Norway’s Central bankers buy into these Mining positions? If it was last year or even this spring or early summer, they already are profiting yeah 600%. And now they are telling you about this, so you will think this is THIS WEEKS” purchase. WRONG with a capitol W. This is hype so you will buy in at the peak and so they can get out for a 600% profit.

          You know the more I look at this, the more I see the stinky BS on the wall. Don’t be a sucker.


      3. Print something out of thin air, hand it to someone then sit back and wait for the fortune to roll in. Gold bandits.

        • Gold bandits? More like racketeering fraudsters.

          Seems to be the blanket characteristic of the ruling classes these days.

      4. The Swiss are not buying gold, they are buying gold shares. And this revelation explains the rise in gold stocks without a serious increase in physical gold demand.

        I have mentioned in the past that demand for physical gold is HISTORICALLY cyclical, with a lack of demand in Spring and Summer when the price drops and jewelers buy for production and sale of products in December through February, every year.


        Why gold stocks? The Swiss are MAJOR players in the global gold trade as REFINERS, and CUSTODIANS. BY buying gold stocks and becoming equity owners, they influence where the metal is refined and stored.

        Its called vertical integration. Nothing special, unique, or world shattering about this disclosure. 🙂

        • Of course it is tradition, for years you and I too, have gone to the grocery store and used soon to be useless paper fiat currency, to buy toilet paper to wipe our asses. Its tradition.

          However, today, if I had a choice of buying a container of toilet paper or a container of Real Physical Gold with useless paper currency, I would choose Physical Gold.

          Who in their right mind would buy a paper mining stock or any stock that has already gone up so drastically, to get in at the High point? Answer only stooped people with money to burn. When you own the mine, you control the flow of the physical gold. If you own the Diebold voting machines, you control the elections. If you own the politicians, you control the laws. No different.

          But for you and I that cannot print our own money, we are smart and only buy Physical PM’s to lock in our wealth into hard assets we can hold in our hands.

          The ONLY way for these Miners to make a lot of money is to find some other sucker out there, to buy their over inflated stock price shares at the peak, so they can get out of their positions. Its is like the stooped people who bought a house in 2006 which was all the rage at 2006 prices, and 3 years later in 2009 found their house values were cut in half and upside down and lost everything. Who likes to go long at the peak? Stoopid people, that’s who.

          Mining stock price shares are in a bubble, no different than tulip bulbs in Holland centuries ago. Central Banks buy paper shares to control the market sectors. Lets see how much Physical Gold the Norwegians have in their vaults, they are looking to inflate in value by controlling the mines with paper money?

          I read either this auricle, or a similar article like this last week. If I had a choice in buying paper or physical metals, I would buy physical 100% over paper IOU’s. Unless I could control the metals mine. The man who own the gold mine controls the flow of the gold to squeeze the markets and inflate the physical Gold’s value. The better investment is physical over paper at this time Sept 2016.

          This is more Miners pump and dump schemes. Let see the P/E Ratio on these mining stocks?? How many times is the paper stock price trading at, for the Gold actually being produced in Earnings from these mines?? That is what you need to look at. 100 times, 10,000 times P/E? Get real. You are buying Hype over Reality. Anybody want to take the time to look up the P/E- Price to Earning Ratio for a few of these Mining Stocks right now? And report back to us.. That would be great. OK here is one.

          1. on the list.

          Newmont Mining Corporation Analyst PE Estimates

          ticker NEM selling at: $40.52 stock price

          The P/E Ratio for.
          2015 – 40.23 times the actual earnings.
          2016 – 20.97 estimate but not actual earnings.
          2017 – 20.54 estimate
          2018 – 23.47 estimate

          Did the production of gold from the mine go up 200% to keep up with the price in 2015, or is the projected stock price going to be deflated in half by years end to come into line with projections? And its time to get out of this high stock price now?

          What this tells me, is that the stock price in 2015 was trading at twice the value of earnings, of what the price will be selling at by the end of this year for earnings, next year and the year after. That’s a bubble about to pop.. The miners are trying to dump their double priced shares for a tidy profit and marketing hard to do this, because their earning cannot keep up with the over inflated stock price.

          Correct me if I am wrong.. DK chime in if you like. I am here to learn as well.

          Do you home work people. Suckers get fleeced.

          • WWTI, I am not an analyst, so can’t speak specifically to the P/E ratios here, or how those forward looking estimates are determined (I believe those are third-party estimates, if I am not mistaken). In any case, if I am making an investment into my kid’s college fund or something, I am most certainly look at P/E’s of 12 or under… Ideally, 10 or under. Currently, such P/E’s are nearly impossible to find. Over many years I am starting to realize that P/E valuations are not always accurate, especially since they are often a few months behind with their estimates. In any case, that I am not a financial analyst disqualifies me from making any further comments on the P/E side of things because we’re talking granular details here like revenue, debt, share price, and even acquisitions (I have seen P/e’s reported at negative 500 in instances where acquisitions were in progress, though the company was perfectly healthy).

            What I can say is this: according to Keith Neumeyer, a $1 move in silver is equivalent to $20 million in bottom line revenue for a company like First Majestic silver. I am going to assume the same is true for the larger Miners such as Newmonth, etc. Thus, one could argue that production does not have to increase in order to generate additional revenue. I think we can all agree on that.

            Like you, I see a positive long-term trend here for gold and silver. At this moment in time I have difficulty believing that gold stocks are in a bubble, especially a Tulip Mania style bubble.

            With respect to Newmont specifically, this chart does not look like a bubble to me:

            versus the Tulip Bubble:

            The tulip bubble top came after a 3,900% increase in price from around 1.50 to 60.

            Newmont is currently showing about a 120% increase since its recent bottom.

            That is not to suggest that Newmont is not overvalued or that a rise is guaranteed, but I do not believe we are in a bubble top yet.

            Consider this: If silver runs up to 2011 highs of $50 and gold hits $2000, do you really think that mining stocks will only see a menial rise?

            I think this time around we are going to see massive amounts of capital flow into Major and Junior miners. And the resulting chart will probably look like that Tulip Bubble chart above.

            I am not suggesting one hold these INSTEAD of physical gold and silver. Rather, they should supplement one’s physical holdings, especially if you already have equity accounts for IRA or 401k or college funds, etc.

            We live in uncertain times, so I absolutely welcome this kind of constructive discourse because it is challenging to navigate the current financial and economic minefield create by our government and The Fed — glad you brought it up WWTI. I disagree with your assessment that Newmont or Gold miners are at a bubble top currently, but I do think a bubble top will be the eventual result here.

            • Funny how wwti thinks he knows everything.
              Multi time loser at many attempts. He thinks he knows it all. And he says he hates theives and liars. Well, he has lied about me so much, it makes one think…
              Be careful whom one listens to…

            • Mac, The info I listed above was from one site, then I searched it again for the same company and it came up with a 675 PE ratio… That is well beyond my interest of investment. I listed that in another comment below. As we dig into all of this info more info arises to get a true picture of what reality is from hype. Lot of angel to this. I think Miners are way over inflated for my interest, but other that can print their own cash go for it. I don’t have free money to cover the board like a central banker does. There may be political interests also to control a sector, that we just don’t see. In any respect, these metal prices are being manipulated. I know one sure bet and that is buy at the bottom and sell at the top or what we think is the top.

              Anything that raised this fast can also drop just as fast. Too rich for my blood. Plus we have no idea what the actual reserves are in any mine, they may hit one vain and the next year zero. So buyer beware.


            • Mac, if you look at this P/E chart it looks just like the Tulip Bulp Chart hockey stick…
              ht tps://ycharts.com/companies/NEM/pe_ratio

              The P/E ration was at 42 in Jan of 2016 and as of Sept 2nd it is 675.33 Uh I think that is unrealistic for my investment taste at this time..

              That’s why I say if the Central bank got in way back when it was 42 then they made a killing this year. But Getting in right now at this high today, it isn’t like you will make 600% on top of that too.

              I would be afraid to enter in at those P/E highs 675 thinking it would go higher. But that is me.


          • PE ratios for a mining company are completely irrelevant. Look at reserves and resources, which are much more important, as those are the future revenues of the company. Look also at the quality of those reserves and resources. Will they ever be mined? Are they in a war zone, in a remote and costly location, highly subject to seizure or additional taxes, etc?

            Nothing left to mine means next year will have no E (earnings), and P (share price) is going to reflect that now. A company with nothing left to mine next year might look attractive from a PE standpoint, but it is not! A company consistently adding quality reserves and resources will get a higher share price, and therefore, a higher PE. I do not follow NEM, but being very large, it probably is a bit pricey compared to its assets, as for the unschooled in mining, it will be a ‘go-to’ mining investment.

            I am happy to add more if there is interest.

        • Here look at this chart of No. 1 Newmont Mining. 5 year P.E price to earnings chart.

          Newmont Mining PE Ratio (TTM):
          The actual P/E ratio is 675.33 times actual earnings for Sept. 2, 2016

          Another words this stock price on Sept 2nd is selling 675 times the actual earnings. Look at the 5 year P/E stock chart. ht tps://ycharts.com/companies/NEM/pe_ratio

          Talk about a frigging Bubble and it is deflating fast. just a few years ago this P/E ratio was nearly zero. That a bubble folks.

          So if the stock value was going to go up, do you think the Miners or Central Bankers would be pushing mining stocks to you and I, so we can get in and profit too?? I think Not..

          Any time a company or Central Bank is accumulating shares for a long position, they go into a quiet period time and start accumulating shares. After they are all in, on a stock position, they then market the stock products to the rest of the public yahoos, to ride the rest of the buyers getting in to jack up the price for them to profit.

          I think the bankers are either trying to dump their over prices share to someone else so they can get out, or these Central Banking Buy orders in mining stocks are Phony and a ploy to get other suckers to buy their over prices shares they already own and cash out. Good for them, bad for you and I.

          You be the judge.

          -WWTI… Question: Would you buy a business on the street corner for 675 times the actual annual earnings? Then have to work it for 675 years to break even for what you paid for it. Stupid is. Mining stock are going to crash hard, big time. And they will use every trick in the book to get out. You think this is the first time the public has been duped on stocks? lol

          • Yeah, you’re right. All those multimillionaire investors who bought equity in that entire list of mining companies are just suckers. What a bunch of rubes.

            Take it from old WhoWTFKnows. He seems to spend every waking hour on this website so he knows it all when it comes to investing. The legend in his own mind.

            • Got a link to your uninformed comment Stuart? All those people who got into the mining stocks back last January made a killing, sure. If it was such a great idea how come you didn’t come on here last January and tell us about your great idea before it happened? Yeah thought so.

              I am saying to market the Mining stocks now in Sept 2016 after the great run up, as if it is a great Idea to go long now in mining stocks is suicide. To market to the public after a 45 P/E last January, to 675 to 1 P/E price in Sept, is deceptive, unless you state that the facts. I did the home work on this one stock, and warned that it is unrealistic getting in with e PE of 675. That’s suicide.. I also have been telling everybody all year to buy Physical Silver especially when it bottomed out below $14. Who listened?? I did and bought more then at the bottom. Did you?? And I just bought another 100 ounces on this last dip to $18.53 last week, and today just a week and a half later it is up $1.00 over $19.56 today.

              So yea smart ass know nothing Stuart Town clown. What else do you have to say?

        • In microeconomics and management, vertical integration is an arrangement in which the supply chain of a company is owned by that company. Usually each member of the supply chain produces a different product or (market-specific) service, and the products combine to satisfy a common need.

          Vertical integration is a strategy where a company expands its business operations into different steps on the same production path, such as when a manufacturer owns its supplier and/or distribut

        • DK, great to hear truth, most realitive newbies here like to brag about buying PMs at this stage of time.
          Some of us bought pre y2k, at 4$ silver and 270$ gold.
          My father’s father bought in early 70’s at 1$ and 35$, which I will inherent in time.
          They were prepping before it was a word.

          Test question. Why do kuggarands have a rose color to them???

          • Like American Gold Eagles, Kruggerands are not 24K but 22K gold with about 8% copper in them.

          • Answer : Could be a bit of copper alloy, but South African gold is easy to spot due to the color. You can pick out sovereigns minted in South Africa from those minted in the rest of the British Empire, as well. No need to look for the tiny mint mark under St. George.

            • Smokey gets the first prize.
              Kugs have 4% copper for whatever reason the Russians decided at the time.
              Pops bought 1 a month for years.
              He was an avid junk silver buyer too.

              Coin collector, prepper, survivalist, whatever, what is in a word???

          • Yeah I remember when I was 3 yrs old back in 1963 and collecting silver dimes for .10 cents and silver Quarters for only .25 cents. That certainly makes me a syrvivalist prepper, and that status transfers to my whole family since we had the same last name. LMFAO.


            • The problem with wwti is he came real late in the game, and thought he was something new.
              What a joke.
              If you cannot see that you are a newbie, just give up on being a veteran at this game.
              You will never be to to level most have achieved. So give up.
              A legend in his own messed up mind…

              • eppe, obviously you wanna pick a fight. Go for it. You lied and I called you out for that. Just stop lying and exaggerating.. You think this site has a seniority list or something? lol You want to be the history buff of the site? fine, here is your burger king crown. Happy now!?? Go study the archives.

                I could care less when somebody started prepping. I don’t need a label or a pledge pin or a ribbon my shirt for prepping.. And I don’t care if you came here 5 years ago or 5 minutes ago. If you have something positive to add, or want to learn, then great. You never offer anything, but self-indulging illusion and off topic childish jokes. Just because your grandpa collected a few coins years back, does not mean you are a survivalist.

                Hell, my forefathers came to America back in 1638, and were pioneer survivalists. Crossed the Atlantic, Sailed into Boston harbor and set up camp near Boston and dealt with a lot, including Indian raids. A few generations later my family, left an 80 acre farm in Wisconsin to his son, and set out for California via a horse and wagon, they took the southern route through Texas, not the Oregon trail. They went by wagon all the way to Los Angeles.. They had true grit. Balls of fire..

                You live 100% dependent on the grid in suburbia, no weapons to defend yourself or your family, your wife packs your lunch for work for your desk job, and you call yourself a survivalist. That’s hilarious. Keep em’ coming.

                ~WWTI… Just shows the Pussification of the Male species over centuries, reduced to a keyboard commando.

                • See, lying again.

                  • Wwti, the real problem here is you read doom porn and acted upon it.
                    In 10 years from now you will be living a deer camp existence and the rest of us will be living in luxury.
                    You fucked up, face it.
                    Who cares what you do, stop writing books on your current life.
                    P.S. you started first 30 months ago.

              • Actually eppe I never even thought about prepping until about 2008 and started collecting in 2010. I never thought about prepping because I had a lifetime of successful careers, business owner for the last 23 years. Yeah self employed. And from 2010 to 2016, I have accomplished a lot in those 6 years, with a remote BOL, Guns food, off the grid, etc… And it is so obvious you are way beyond jealous.. So even if you claimed you started prepping back in 1997, you have not accomplished much of anything for prepping. You live in Suburbia, 100% on the Grid, you work for someone else, your wife wears the pants in the family, you have no BOL, no security or weapons, not much of anything, besides finding this website 5 years ago and started posting jokes.. 99% BS not even prepper or article related. You are a FRAUD. Like do you want a ribbon to wear on your shirt or a sticker for your bedroom window or something? Tell us what a real prepper is.. In your fantasy mind? Not really sure your motivation here, other than cyber squatting, space waster, dumbfuck dreamer from JawJa, wannbe prepper. You dilly dally your life away with nonsense.. And you have NOTHING TO SHOW for all those years, claiming to be a big prepper survivalist. I bet you even wear depends diapers?

                I’m sure your wife has some drunk stories about you. You are the house clown freak show.


          • Thanks eppe, I do what I can. 🙂

            Buy Canadian gold coins, folks, which are .9999 fine and American gold coins certified .9999 by a reputable dealer.

            And those Krugerrands ??? Buy one. They won’t be making anymore of them after the Changes. 🙂

          • Yeah and if you were really smart you would have sold it all when Silver hit $48.50 in 2011.. Naw you were too busy jerking off on the joke site to understand how to lock in any profit. So you slept, and it went back down to $13 range. I sold all my junk silver and other 999 silver at $42 and laughed all the way out of the Jewelry store in 2011. Now back in at $17.22 average, with nearly 45 Lbs of .999. Yeah do the math bitch.



      5. so now we look at what can be done without gold or silver. Are we looking at skills for sale? Food? weapons,what?

        • Although it is up to the individual, all of the ones mentioned and possibly more.

          Given the possible scenario(s) of any given event, it’s best to be prepared as much as one can be with what one has at hand.

      6. As the stock market turmoil approaches us, consider gold mining and gold streaming royalty company stocks. One way to obtain both of these is through the Tocqueville Gold (TGLDX) mutual fund.


      7. I wouldn’t be surprised if Wealth Research Group were really able to find the next targeted buyout.

        Since July I have bought 3 stocks they suggested and two are up 100% and another is up 33% in 2 days.

        Spead the word about these banksters!

      8. Swiss are the sneakiest bankers. Two years ago they refused gold.
        Now they buy the stocks. At least we can benefit from this.

        Thanks guys.

      9. So, let me get this straight, first they refuse gold, then they print, now they buy gold and silver stocks. What blunt manipulation. If I can profit from this like the special report says, why not

        • The Swiss know how to make money with money, that’s for certain. They even arbitrage their own currency against others, to some extent.

      10. I think even printing or reposting these Mining stock pump and dump articles here is enabling these Central Bankers and Mining Thieves even more, to help them in their theft.

        It is a disservice to the honest people here, to try and convince people to buy paper mining stock at their peaks. Or muddle in Owning Gold as the same as Owning Paper mining stocks. Big difference. Unless you know how to short stocks or play the options game, you will get your clock cleaned buying over prices stocks in a long position. So lets keep it real here.. Just saying..

        This is what happens in SHTF as it is about to implode, lots of trickery, deceit, scandals, theft, lies, fraud, exaggeration, swindling, shell games of the truth. What ever you want to call it. BEWARE.. There is no Get rich schemes too good to be true, out there. One day you have wealth, and the next day you are holding your dick, in the soup line wondering what happened.

        ~WWTI… My last post on this article, unraveling it.

      11. THE SKY IS FALLING!!!



        THE SKY….oh wait, it what the as asshole elites have BEEN DOING for 2500 years – manipulate wealth, and set the standard by which wealth is measured!

        No thanks, I can’t digest gold when I eat it. Move along, the sheep are still asleep in the pasture…lol 😉

      12. Gee Mac, I’ve been using the same e-mail and user name for 6 years, and I’m still being moderated?!!! We’re da love YO! Cherry picking your inside ring a little? Sheesh….

      13. How about a piece of land with water and mineral rights.

        • Like Switzerland, for instance….the whole country is a BOL, full of preppers. I mean serious preppers, they’ve got two- and three-plane hangers cut into mountainsides with their airforce sitting inside on catapults. Pull back a shrub on a hillside overlooking a valley and you might find an artillery bunker.

      14. Audit the Federal Reserve the Fort Knox gold repository.


        How much gold is in Fort Knox?

        Tick Tock, Tick Tock.
        What you have is what you got. Nothing!

        • Actually very little gold is in Fort Knox.

          After the 1964, .007 movie “Gold Finger” where a financial terrorist, who reminds us all of George Soros, tried to detonate a nuke at Fort Knox. Rendering the gold unusable.

          The plot was to irradiate the gold and make it radioactive, thus unavailable for the market. With a shortfall in the market, the price of gold would explode. Gold Fingers small holdings in gold would become worth billions over night. Of course .007 saved the day.

          Now the real part. After watching the .007 movie President Johnson asked advisors could this happen if Fort Knox was nuked. They said yes it would spell financial Armageddon. So LBJ ordered Fort Knox gold to be distributed at FED banks, to major cities across the US for safe keeping.

          Now with most of the US gold in the hands of the FED bankers, the international banking cartel was free to do with all of America’s gold as they pleased. It’s not there anymore, they converted it to paper and sold it over and over to thousands of people, none of whom will ever get delivery, because the vaults are already empty.

          When the world realizes what the paper gold market has done, the price of physical gold will skyrocket. If preppers have a little gold they can like Gold Finger, sell it for a huge profit. Essentially the FED nuked America’s gold for us, or rather sold it off years ago. It’s gone, unavailable.

          LBJ suckered by a movie to give America’s gold to megalomaniac foreign bankers.

          The plot thickens, the foreign bankers did what they always do, steal the money, or in this case the gold.

          Last point, there is a historical ratio of gold to bread. It has held throughout history for thousands of years, at about 325 loaves of bread to one Troy ounce of gold. That translates to a loaf of bread a day for about a year. To those that say, you can’t eat gold, bite me! It does vary from 300 to 350 loaves of bread to one ounce of gold as with any commodity. Occasionally in a famine, Gold goes a bit higher or lower. Yet in all of history, paper money always becomes worthless, gold still buys bread.

      15. btw/ 401K’s and IRA’s, are nothing more than Bail-ins for Wallstreet and the Government. As 401K’s begin to limit your ability to trade within your fund, and steer you to certain products, they will begin to set you up into funds with in funds, which are mainly geared towards Government bonds. That’s right, more Government bail-ins. Try parking your money out of equities you will be forced into bonds. Negative earnings. Both the Government and Banks work in collusion to rob you blind. Even Pension funds are not allowed to invest in Precious metal stocks.. They want you all in to propping up their phony paper stocks and worthless bonds. Since 2008 this Tarp money and other back door money has been funding Wallstreet in the Trillions, as there are little realized profits or earnings in equities, just higher propped up stock prices. Its all an illusion. Do you want to be the last man holding the bag of soon to be worthless 401K stocks or government Bonds?

        Get out now, of all IRA’s and 401K’s, take the 10% tax penalty and quickly buy hard assets like Land, Gold and Silver. We are going to implode at election time. Just investing in Silver will quickly earn back the 10% penalty, but then you have something real and tangible in your hand.

        Either way the election goes, they win,
        If Hillary wins, they install martial law and confiscate all assets.
        If Trump wins, he will be dealt with a financial mess of mass proportions. And the bail-ins begins of robbing your assets. There are not enough prisons out there to hold all the banksters.


        • Fortunately, my 401(k) provider, Vanguard, allows us to pay $50 a year for a Brokerage Option 401(k). The Broker Option means I can invest in hundreds of different mutual funds, even non-Vanguard funds.

        • I got out of my IRA and paid off my debt (all of it) and still had enough to pay my taxes and penalties, which were much more than 10%. Closer to 30%. It hurt real bad to pay Uncle Sam, but it feels real good now being free.
          My question: I have a good deal of life long earned money in Company 401k. I want to dump it as well and pay my penalties. I am told that I can’t touch it? How would I do this?

          • Dragon, Good for you on part 1. as far Part 2. as them saying you can’t cash it out. I would get all your original paper work you signed and look it over really well, seeing if you can find contradicting language about their claims. You can also call the 401K administer, and possibly roll it over into something else like an IRA, with no penalties but a place where you have more control. Seek professional guidance on that or a Financial Lawyer. Some businesses say you can’t cash 401K out if you are still working there. Especially if they contributed dollar to dollar matching funds. There may be a hook. Or think about quitting the job, and cashing out. I listen to Dave Ramsey show a lot and these similar questions come up. I sometime disagree with him on advice, as everybody has personal circumstances beyond the financial balance sheet. But get a hold of your original paper work you signed. All of this comes down to the agreement you signed and the terms and conditions of the contract you entered into with that 401K program.

      16. Major M5.6 Earthquake Hits Oklahoma, Felt From North Dakota All The Way To Houston

        h ttp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-09-03/major-m56-earthquake-hits-oklahoma-felt-kansas-texas

        • Yep, we felt it in Oklahoma for sure…?

          • Mag 5.6 in Oklahoma? Pffft. I won’t get out of bed for anything less than 6.0. 🙂

            Vertical Integration… think about a company that makes vending machines. The machines have machined and sheet-metal components, electronics (cables and PCB boards and human interfaces) and motion control (servos/steppers, linear rails etc).

            If the company makes all those types of parts in-house they are vertically integrated. They have the advantage of controlling all their supply chains.

      17. Sounds foolproof.

      18. Vertical integration

        On another note, I heard a lecture. The American farmer’s average age is around sixty!!
        This is the first time in history this has happened. Farmers either don’t have kids, or their kids don’t want to farm, primarily because of over regulation.

        Is this the event the PTB have been preparing for. When these aging farmers kick the bucket??


        • B, Jim Rogers has been saying this for years.
          He says future farmers will be driving Lambraginas.
          Why? Because Lam was originally a farm equiptment business.
          Lam asked Porche to build a car for him, which he refused.
          So Lam built the Contouch, and made another empire…

        • Someone told their kids they could only find happiness by living in cities.

        • Aging farmers? No worries! Uncle Sam is training Syrian refugees to “farm” here in the US.

          • Good. Dispersal is much better than Dearborn, Michigan, or some enclave like that. Be a lot easier for the neighbors to keep and eye on ’em, too.

      19. These bankers just handed us mining shares opportunity… they are idiots, but for once we will make the money

      20. Did they print Dollars or Euros?

      21. We have been working on survival farming for a while now. We have not sold anything but we share it with our families.

      22. Sounds like a great plan . The FED. The Jewish mafia takes over the money printing. prints up a ton of paper money buys up everything . And when the economy finally crashes from all the money printing . They hold the titles to everything. Wow why didn’t I think of that. Destroy a country so you can own it. Cheap. Then all the penniless survivors rebuild it for them for food. Sounds just like ww2 . So this must be ww3 .

      23. We all know the Jewish mafia is calling the shots. This is why they have been deported from over one hundred countries in recent history. Are we too overwhelmed to fight back. .? Looks like? Some of us will make good slaves. The others will be gone. Is this our destiny?

      24. Well good job this site is covered in adverts selling us gold or else i might get a little worried in where to buy some.

        I like silver, they get it for free when minning copper but I think it’s worth more than that and won’t be buying anymore unless my target of $12oz is met.

        The US mint or so i am told stopped printing 1oz eagles due to low demand so please put your orders in or 2016 will leave a dent in my collection

        See http://www.silverdoctors.com/silver/silver-coins/breaking-us-mint-halts-silver-eagle-coin-production-due-to-lack-of-demand/

      25. You will never see $12 Silver ever again in your lifetime Mr Smith. You missed the boat at the Bottom of $13.67.. I jumped on that close to the bottom, and with commission it came to $14.99 for another 100 Oz of Rounds. However Silver today is up to $19.56 mid day… SO that a $5 profit for me, and for you….. SOL for you.


        • Some people love to bray.

      26. The miners’ P/E ratios are due to accounting conservatism which required write-downs when gold and silver bottomed in 2015. Those ratios are backward-looking, and will improve long after the miners’ financial situations improve.
        To understand what’s currently going on with their financial statements as a group, read Adam Hamilton’s recent weekly articles at http://www.zealllc.com/essays.htm such as:
        “Silver Miners’ Q2’16 Fundamentals” and
        “Gold Juniors’ Q2’16 Fundamentals” and
        “Gold Miners’ Q2’16 Fundamentals”

      27. Don’t bother calculating E/P’s if you don’t understand the mining industry any better. Simple accounting moves that makes those E/P’s extremely high or low. P/E’s not a good indicator of the condition of a mining company.

      28. The market in available physical gold will freeze, the moment when everyone has theirs and they aren’t selling. The IMF has set gold reserves as a criteria for the SDR rollout in October. A very tight market does not necessarily correlate to much higher prices. We have seen when the price of gold drops the available supply shrinks. Central bankers print money and buy gold. The net effect is deflationary, the inverse Midas touch. Everything the CBs touch turns to fiat. Then a new bull market in gold begins, as the miners add to supply, annual volume of gold recovery offsets the falling value of fiat currency. The CBs are really done at this point, but consumer demands increases, because the poor love gold, and we are going to have a lot more of them in a global depression.

      29. Where is Barrick Gold? Why not barrick Gold?

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