Julian Assange Is Visibly Skeletal: “He Needs His Story Told!”

by | Jun 6, 2019 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 51 comments

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    An inmate locked up with Julian Assange, Wikileaks co-founder, has released some images of the journalist, in which Assange is incredibly emaciated. The inmate released the images of Assage saying “he needs his story told” and he wants “people to know why exactly the USA wants him and what good he has done for the world.”

    According to a report by The Gateway Pundit, the inmate gave an interview with Cassandra Banks and asked to remain anonymous. Banks, who claims to have been exchanging messages with the inmate in question on Wednesday night, says that the media outlet has decided not to share images that may violate Assange’s privacy, such as the photos of his cell’s conditions. According to Banks, however, these photos reveal “a thin blue mattress within a scarce and very small cell.”


    Assange is imprisoned in the United Kingdom and faces eighteen charges under the Espionage Act in the United States for his publication of the Iraq and Afghan War Logs. If extradited and convicted, he would face a maximum sentence of 175 years for the “crime” of publishing material that the US government did not want the population to know.


    Not long ago, it was reported that Assange’s health is failing him quickly and he asked that in this current war on free speech, we all must take his place, and speak truth to power. According to RT, Assange is receiving medical treatment at the prison, due to ill-health. Assange’s father John Shipton said that doctors had been called in at short notice. He said: “My visit was double booked, it has been canceled. (The doctor’s visit) must be at short notice because a double booking occurred.” Last month Assange’s health deteriorated so much that a doctor was reportedly called at short notice to administer medical treatment at the prison.

    When Banks asked the inmate if he was going to attempt to extort Assange with the photos he took, he replied. “Extort him for what reason? He exposed the biggest scandals in the world. Whose side do you think someone in prison would be on? The government who have us locked up in here or a fellow prisoner who actually doesn’t deserve to be here?” 

    The inmate said that Assange won’t be able to win his case legally because the government controls the laws written.  “He isn’t going to win this case through the law, he’s going to win it because there’s public outcry,” the prisoner explained. He noted that the mainstream media is controlled by the government and said that “the internet is the one thing they can’t control,” sounding a bit like Assange himself.

    Read The Gateway Pundit’s article and exclusive interview report here. 


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      1. In the world of hideous looking obese American land whales, I’d say Julian looks fit.

        Assange will get life while the Clintons, Obamas, Bushs, Cheneys, NWO, Zlionists, J-dirtbagbanksterscummery run free.

        • Incredibly obese woman: “How dare you say that in front of my face!”

          Al Bundy: “I would say it behind your back but my car only has a half of tank of gas!”

      2. They do this to someone who is famous/visible/connected just image what they will do to ordinary citizens who get in their way?

        • What do they do to people they can reach? Its called “Arkancide”.

        • They will do the same thing they did to the Navada Ranchers. Throw them in jail for a year only to be found not guilty by a jury.

          You can beat the rap, but not the ride!

      3. The horror, the horror . . .

        No joke.

      4. A reporter is locked up in prison for exposing the wrongs of a government that no longer represents the will of the people.
        While rapists, that just happen to be non-white, and not British, but are Africans and Middle Eastern financial money seeking migrants, get away with thousands of rapes and murders.

        What is most disgusting is that children are being raped.

        And their white British parents are so demoralized that they don’t have the fortitude to rebel against the tyrannical non-representative government that oppresses them.


        • You are just anti-pedophile!!!

          How racists!

      5. Nothing to see, here. Real reverend. Serious country, serious civilization, is all it looks like.


        I’m just a semi-anonymous nobody, on the internet. But, show me where I am wrong. Show me something pivotal in those leaks, and I’ll give you props, fwiw.

      6. A long electrical pigtail double male. Sting. Is fear satans second best weapon?

      7. Like Demitrius? Demetrius the ultra famous Greek Roman soldier. Put on house arrest for speaking , publicly challenged the Emperors best gladiator, with boy he could speak to. Boy kills gladiator. Emperor kills boy and Demitrious. Possibly gladiator was follower, and an unknown Saint.? To kill a boy ,or be an unknown Saint ? God knows.

      8. Who couldn’t watch who could? The vinegar for water he was not allowed,rushed out for the lawless mercy of Hadrian, for that man hanging on a cross naked ,being eaten alive. Unknown Hadrian, who couldn’t watch.

      9. Causes and events have situationed us all? Cristian’s are just followers of a certain Jew? The door isn’t shut, He still knows you. The foolish Virgins were followers with empty flasks. Seems this is all about efforting enduring the WWTri ,Tri- bulation. I.e. Having food , and stopping the Tares and foolish Vergins from taking it. No one knows exactly when or how or expecially why, But we’ve been warned.

      10. Demetrius and Nestor

      11. Julian Assange will rot in jail or be ‘eliminated’ for revealing US war crimes. The war criminals remain free and are treated like heroes! Today’s US military is America’s Golden Calf.
        And professing Christians remain silent and complicit. Makes me sick…

        • When the US military starts killing white people, then we will pay attention.

      12. Reveals how afraid American citizens really are, especially when the backup is nonexistant. Thank the DHS and treason implanted post 9-11. If nobody voted nothing would change.

        • Since when does voting help?

          Eleven states have passed laws that will award their states electoral college electors to the winner of the overall popular vote, regardless of how the citizens in their state vote.

          Voting is irrelevant.

      13. A mound of skulls, the most prevelent image at an ancient dump? Along with the flies and rats. Tortured by the biting flies, by day , butchered by the climbing rats by night.what kind of people were these? Crusifiction was the worse for the worse. Saint Hadrian saved him from that night. That act of mercy , and being nailed not tied.They tried everything to save him from that night. And they did.

      14. An image of his death, or an image of his life, Follow his fish.

      15. Do as you will and want Mac.

      16. They’re killing him slowly believing that will prevent him from becoming a martyr. But these evil demons are DEAD wrong! Assange is one of the best friends America has ever had. He’s a hero not only to Americans, but to people all around the world. If he dies, we WILL retaliate!! We know the names of everyone involved in this grave injustice and with murder on their minds, they WILL hear from us!!

        • That guy is a nut anyway. The embassy employees had complained numerous times during his tenure about his bad behavior and lack of cleanliness. They even said he rubbed shit on the walls in his room.

          He is mentally ill.

          Of course, that may have been part of the government plan to destroy him too. Poison him into mental illness.

          • You believe everything you read?


      18. We won’t be parasites in our new lives, Imperical evidence of a grand master engineer? This planet isn’t covered by an inedible unstoppable weed , and the only thing that can eat it.

      19. I wonder if Gods life started by galvanic processes ,dissimilar metals ,acids , corrosion? But the metals? Does that mean our new lives will have an unlimited playground?

      20. Does anyone think in this seemingly infinite universe,we are the only life?

      21. I believe that one day ,we live as God, as the finest moment we’ve created.

      22. Do your worse satan, your fear is not in me.

      23. He must, as his feet touch holy ground ,end full forgiveness.

      24. For now you must be happy being someone God agrees with.

      25. Your not forgiven till you stop. You come to the realization,that only God can protect you from the children of satan.,, Thier in for a big surprise,when they can’t stop God.

      26. Torchered by images of terrible things we’ve seen, that’s a good thing.

      27. How many things were ounce believed impossible?

      28. As Hadrian ,I’ll fall on my spear ,to save him.

      29. Hadrian built his wall to keep the red heads out, because those ladies from hell , were as bad as the Irish, Un understandable, and un un beatable,

      30. Read about a non commonwealth femal traitor, The Great Bodica.

      31. Welsh men, Buddug the Great .

      32. The Pennsylvania Dutch, attempted mis nomer , for maybe the most sacrificing people on the planet, and go figure they are Germans.

      33. Buddug died of a broken heart.

      34. The Italians , from cars to guns you can’t beat them.

      35. And then there’s the best of the rest.

      36. Joan, Solshnitzen, and the countless others.

      37. I wonder if opium,cocaine and the rest, are a gift from God ,to ease satans lust, weaponised.

      38. satan is powerful,very powerful,His spoiled child. But God will have his way. He sent his finest son, to beg forgiveness for his worse.

      39. God begs his son to stop,but he just won’t, until he locks him up forever.

      40. Hey, When Julian published, he accepted his death in this life, forever,. And his finest moment of truth in the next, forever.

      41. Boo, who’s buddies with Buddug.

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