Judge’s Ruling Forces Woman to Stay at Hospital

by | Jan 26, 2010 | Headline News | 4 comments

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    via My Way:

    Samantha Burton wanted to leave the hospital. Her doctor strongly disagreed, enough to go to court to keep her there.

    She smoked cigarettes during the first six months of her pregnancy and was admitted on a false alarm of premature labor. Her doctor argued she was risking a miscarriage if she didn’t quit smoking immediately and stay on bed rest in the hospital, and a judge agreed.

    State Attorney Willie Meggs stands by his decision to seek the court order after being contacted by the hospital. “This is good people trying to do things in a right fashion to save lives,” he said, “whether some people want them saved or not.”

    Had Samantha Burton wanted to abort the baby we can assume, with a fairly high degree of certainty, that no court order to ‘save lives’ would have been requested.

    Is it me, or is this system just bass-akwards?


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      1. Bass-akwards, indeed.

        I’m not a hard core pro-lifer or anything, but how ironic is it something like this can happen in a country (amd/or world) that allows mid-term, and even some late-term, abortions?

        Maybe I’m missing someting here…but it just doesn’t make sense to me.

      2. That’s exactly my reasoning for posting this one. It’s beyond ridiculous.

      3. Ah, yes! Government, the anti-Midas. Everything they touch turns to complete and utter crap!

        She should just have demanded to have a murder, er, uh, abortion down the street. They would have immediately let her go and then she could have just kept walking.

        Isn’t this a simple case of TGKBTY? (The Government Knows Better Than You)

      4. The references to late-term abortion (in reference to this situation) is repugnant. The woman suffered a miscarriage after experiencing — what-she-thought-was — preterm labor and placed on bed rest. There is no reference that she wanted the pregnancy to end.

        They mention that she smoked cigarettes but says nothing of the quantity – she could of simply taken the occasional drag off her husband. Even if she smoked a pack every day, it was determined that she was not in premature labor.

        Have you ever experienced premature, false, braxton-hicks and real labor? Ever been on ordered bed rest during pregnancy? Ever have a miscarriage past the 1st trimester? I have. (4 births, 2 losses)

        Bed rest is serious stuff, especially when you get into the 2nd trimester. It can be painful and stressful; the discomfort is unimaginable and it puts work/family/etc into chaos.

        What it sounds like is that she was experiencing cramping and/or heavy feeling on her cervix. She went to the hospital and answered their questions while staff determined if she was in labor. The standard script is about drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc. She probably thought it best to be honest. Her labor was determined to be false but the staff decided to determine her smoking was cause for her restriction.

        There are a variety of plausible reasons why the pregnancy ended – it may have nothing to do with smoking. I noticed that they had to deliver the child stillborn — meaning it died in-utereo — via c-section; they did not induce. Stress is a major reason for stillbirths.

        There are some personal liberty questions to be raised here. Believe me, the whole notion that women get a choice over their bodies in pregnancy is a fallacy.

        As far as late term abortions go, I don’t see that as being any easy choice. Its very shameful of people to criticize because most would have been intended pregnancies, and others may have carried that long due to restrictions and/or abuse.

        I think people get confused because a miscarriage is medically called an “abortion.”

        There are more “spontaneous abortions” than intentional ones. Think about that.

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