Judge Drops All Charges Against 3 ‘Muslim Extremists’ Running NM Compoud

by | Aug 30, 2018 | Headline News | 66 comments

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    Just hours after a judge dismissed all charges against three Muslim extremists training children to become school shooters, the suspected terrorists were released from jail. The three men were charged with running a radical compound in New Mexico.

    On Wednesday, district Judge Emilio Chavez dismissed charges against three of the five defendants; Lucas Morton, Subhannah Wahhaj, and Hujrah Wahhaj.  Chavez ruled that the authorities violated the state of New Mexico’s “10-day rule.”  If you’re thinking “these guys got off on a technicality,” you would not be all that far from the truth.

    According to Fox News, the child abuse charges against the three suspected terrorists were dropped because prosecutors missed the 10-day limit for an evidentiary hearing to establish probable cause. During a separate hearing which also took place Wednesday, Judge Jeff McElroy dismissed the same charges against fellow defendants, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj and Jany Leveille. However, charges leveled against them on Friday, in connection to the death of a missing 3-year-old boy, remained.

    Taos County Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe announced that Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, the missing boy’s father, and Leveille were charged with “abuse of a child resulting in the death of a child” and “conspiracy to commit abuse of a child.” Police stormed the compound August 3 to look for the missing child.  A child’s remains were found on the property on August 6. Health officials confirmed earlier this month that the discovered remains were positively identified as the missing 3-year-old boy’s.

    Siraj Wahhaj, 39, and Lucas Morten, two very heavily armed men who are believed to be “extremist[s] of the Muslim belief,” were running the horrifying compound, Hogrefe said. When police arrived on the scene, Wahhaj was armed with an AR-15-style rifle and several loaded 30-round magazines. He also allegedly had on him four loaded pistols.

    According to a report by Fox News, Hogrefe said authorities had conducted surveillance of the compound while looking for the missing boy before he decided Thursday to get a search warrant. The warrant was immediately obtained after a Georgia investigator forwarded a message in which someone at the compound reportedly told another person that people who were living in the shanty were starving and needed water. “The message sent to a third party simply said in part, ‘We are starving and need food and water,’” Hogrefe said. “I absolutely knew that we couldn’t wait on another agency to step up and we had to go check this out as soon as possible.” -SHTFPlan

    The Muslim extremists running the compound were heavily armed and said to be training children to become school shooters.


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      1. Taos is a Liberals paradise. Doesn’t surprise me that the prosecutor “forgot” to get this into court within the ten day period, because they were Moslems.

        • It would be nice to hear of someone killing these scum muslim trash.

          • “It would be nice to hear of someone killing these scum muslim trash.”

            True, but it would also be nice to hear of someone or a group killing those who are responsible, and have allowed this infiltration to happen to begin with as well. I’m actually surprised it hasn’t happened already here, Canada or in Europe.

            People gonna finally rise up, when it will be too late to do anything about it? The problem is. Those people who vote, and thinking it matters and believing they are making a difference. While at the same time, their own country continues this path of destruction.

            How many more years will it take the normal voter, that this system has been nothing more, but an illusion that they have participated in?

            • Mein:

              When you cut grass it just grows back. Unless you remove it by the root, cutting just makes it stronger.

              It’s unfortunate that you like many others seem to think in extremes. As if the only two choices are blood or ballot. There really are an infinite number of other things one can do about this. Many of the most effective solutions are totally harmless.


              • “Many of the most effective solutions are totally harmless.”

                What are these “effective solutions” you speak of?
                If there are alternatives to blood or ballot box as you say, then please explain what they are.

                • Mein:

                  Non- violent solutions to our tyrannical rulers.
                  1. Identify them.
                  (The biggest trick of the devil – convincing us he did not exist.)

                  2. Sunshine sanitization, shine a light on them and their nefarious activities.

                  3. Courageously stand up for truth and beauty, concepts espoused by the Greeks.

                  4. Bring out the forgotten traditions. Participate in folk dance. Organize traditional cultural
                  dances with emphasis on costumes sewn by women and girls by hand. Songs and music
                  played by the people themselves. Accompanied by short plays or skits enacted by the
                  people. European people focusing on European history of its Twelve or thirteen Countries.

                  5. Create a European Centered Newspaper. Get your own paperboys. Protect them while
                  Deliver the News.

                  6. Create small independent businesses. (Whether or not they are profitable.)

                  7. Exchange silver coins, not plastic or paper among friends and businessmen of a like mind
                  And those whom you would consider as marriage material, your own clan.

                  8. Take your children out of school.

                  9. Take your TV out of the house. Our Church forbad TV.

                  10. Don’t take legal or illegal drugs. Don’t submit to poison vaccines. Research. Refuse.

                  11. Starve the beast. Taxes feed the beast. Mothers stay home. Fathers self employed.

                  12. If you have a lot of money, buy acres and acres of land. Invite only Europeans of a
                  like mind to join you. Create a city within a city, a State within a State.

                  13. Teach self reliance. Be prepared. Live with or without dependence on electricity. Get set
                  up with solar, Wells, private streams.

                  14. If you have brains use them and educate yourself. Promote learning and continue to learn
                  and teach till the end of life.

                  15. Take care of your parents and grandparents, promote respect for elders.

                  16. I have more ideas, and I’m sure you do as well.


                  • All ideas are very good.

                  • Things you mentioned are totally harmless, but this is America.
                    And none of those things will make a bit of a difference in changing it’s outlook. Most of society will not go along with what you suggested.

                    They are notable ideas, but good luck getting the majority going along with such noble ideas.

                    “Peace is that brief glorious moment in history when everybody stands around reloading.”

                  • “Chop that infidel’s head off! Nonbeliever jerk! (sic)

            • Wasn’t a 3 year old child’s body found buried on the property? How the hell did they get off on that?

            • nobody’s going to “rise up” from behind their keyboards. The country was already lost, and the relocation of the new population has begun.

          • Menzo, now that those 3 are free, they are “fair game” for someone. The prosecutor and judge are also vulnerable.

            • As a rule I don’t like judges, but he had to follow the written law.
              You can keep a guy in Jail un-charged( which is different from an arrest), just 10 days in NM. The failure is all on the Taos prosecutor.
              They should be happy is wasn’t Louisiana The laws there allowed for six months, when I was the guest of the old (early 70’s)New Orleans Parish prison.
              Full disclosure; all my charges were dropped as they determined it was self defense. You have to be careful where you get into a bar fight in the New Orleans French quarter.

              • The judge wasn’t following any law. She ordered the crime scene destroyed so there would be no evidence.

                She gave them token bail on just their signatures.

            • The Deplorable Renegade, I no longer believe that the rule of law exists. There is a good article on Townhall titled “The Rule of Law Is a Sick Joke.” It is definitely worth reading.

              h ttps://townhall.com/columnists/kurtschlichter/2018/08/30/the-rule-of-law-is-a-sick-joke-n2514048

              • Justice, I saw that article earlier today on townhall. Townhall.com is a good website. That article is right on the money. Thanks anyway.

                • Deplorable, watching the world/society swirl the toilet bowl makes me question how much I really want to survive?

                  It’s no longer a question of survival, it’s more like I might last 3-5 years longer than 99% of the world. But I question anyone’s ability to make it through this storm. Especially someone with limited means.

                  The America I grew up in is gone and I don’t like or recognize this one. When I leave it, I will say good riddance.

                  • Justice, you must’ve been reading my mind. I do know that I don’t want to try to survive an all-out socialist nightmare in this country. I think I’ll also outlive the 90% that are expected to perish. I don’t really expect to make it ALL the way through the storm. Yes, OUR America is gone and I don’t like the one that’s taking shape. I’ll also say goodbye and good riddance when my time comes.


        • I dont want to live under black rule and communism.

          Whites in South Africa are living under black rule and communism.

          It’s so disgraceful that this is happening without a fight.

          Were the founding fathers “terrorists”???

          Did George Washington believe in “political violence” and “hate speech”????

      2. Rogue liberal judge, go figure. There is a better solution to muslim trash outside of the courts and justice system anyway.

      3. Child protective services didn’t get there first? They certainly show up for bullshit calls and cause trouble for decent parents.

      4. Same thing happening in Europe.

        The courts are throwing the book at white people and letting these peaceful Muslims out with a slap on the wrist even when brought to trial.

        How can thousands of girls under age be turned into drug addicts then used and abused? Is it happening here? Of course. It has been happening since the CIA infiltrated the anti-war movement in the early 1960’s. And it has gotten worse with time.


      5. They will be hunted down like dogs and the judge will suffer the same fate when the civil war comes


      6. Are we not @ this same point?:

        “…..That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security…..”

      7. Off with their heads…

      8. The state of Louisiana presented Emilio Jacob Chavez a law license in 2004.

        The New Mexico Judicial Standards Commission found Emilio guilty of the following misconduct all of which took place while he was employed as an Assistant Taos County District Attorney.

        In July 2015, Gov. Susana Martinez was duped into appointing Emilio as an Eight Judicial District Court judge. Emilio didn’t receive the appointment because he was the most qualified attorney in the area. He received it because he had proven to be a reliable lackey for the local political hacks.

        In one matter, Emilio found it acceptable to issue subpoenas prior to an indictment being handed down. Emilio so acted despite his knowledge that such conduct was not permitted.

        His punishment for such conduct was to be elevated to the position of a District Judge. What an unmitigated joke!

        And what punishment was meted out to Emilio by the apologists for Judicial Misfits sitting on the New Mexico Supreme Court.?
        None. NADA. And Obama signed a letter of recommendation to have him appointed. There you have it.

      9. This just in !

        Judge Drops All Charges Against 3 ‘Muslim Extremists’ Running NM Compound.

        Suspects then pick up the charges and put them in their vests…

        • Bada bing bada !

          • Boom

        • If it was a white or Christian compound it would have been Waco’ed. The full force of the force of the fed. and state gov’t would have come down on it, they would have been shot, gassed, bulldozed, and burned out. Surrender would not be an option, there must not be survivors. Then the MSM would have declared they were vicious racists trying to overthrow the gov’t or something like that, with the subliminal message like the less whites or Christians the better.

      10. President Trump has not stopped the UN refugee resettlement program that brings thousands of Africans into America. Most of them would be pagans or Muslims.

      11. This can all be solved by the rule of 3.08 ? It is just a matter of time. Folks are generally pissed off. It will only take a slight nudge for “ The Equalizer” to emerge from the shadows . From where I sit the govt stooges will be high on the list for the Purge. I’m your Huckleberry ?

        • You’ll be a daisy if you do.

          • Now you know WHY they monitor ALL forms of communication INCONUS. Wouldn’t want the peasants mobilizing now would we? WTF do you think will happen to the “lone wolf”?

      12. I work in the West Texas New Mexico area this was in the news for 3or4 days and
        That was it
        Had it been a white Christian NRA member it would still be on every news channel
        And protest every where

      13. Time to go RED! I look for a massive red vote this November. Every time there is something stupid like this more people turn red.

      14. Off Topic:

        Question, I live 30 plus miles from DC, subsequently, how likely do you think it is that electronic components would survive an EMP in a Trash Can Faraday Cage? They are also protected in EMP antistatic bags.

        I just wonder why I go to the trouble and expense and try and protect essential electrons when it’s not likely they will survive and EMP or Nuclear Blast!

        • I feel foolish thinking that a trash can is going to protect delicate electronic items?

          I wonder, what’s the use?

          • The trash can idea is not a wild idea, it can work.

            Now it a hundred people put similar working electronics into cardboard boxes, and then put those boxes into steel trash cans, would they survive an EMP? I’ll bet 95 to 99 % would survive.

            Without the trash can perhaps 5 to 10 % might survive.

            For best possible survivability, have all external connections and wires removed where possible. Where not possible, retract, or tightly wind and shank wires. An extra wrap of aluminum foil would help. Then an insulating layer like a cardboard box. Then place that package inside your trash can.

            If there was imminent warning of an EMP attack (or nuclear attack) take your best portable electronics, shut them down, remove batteries and unplug external cords, bag in plastic, wrap in foil, drop in a cardboard box and put them into an unplugged microwave oven. Wind and wrap it’s cord. Shut off gas outside the house and at each appliance. Next go to your service panel and shut off every breaker including the main, next unplug everything. Even if it’s not critical to your survival, it could cause a fire in an EMP.

            Last of all take shelter. There are articles on nuclear shelters Shelter could be under a heavy workbench in a basement, with lots of dense material stacked on it and around it. Yes the US military tested it and you can survive at a reasonable distances, a nuclear explosion in a standard military fox hole. The fallout is an other subject.

            If it’s a solar CME event from the sun. You might have better warning of its coming. Lots of time to protect electronics and find shelter. Most CME events present more risk to electronics than people.

            If I had a days warning I might go to my cars and just unplug all easily accessible sensors, ignition coils, battery etc plus the main computers. There can be more than one. Afterward just plug it all back in, you might have the only car in the neighborhood that works?

            I have old retired portable radios and cell phones including short wave, that still work, but we’re just getting old and maybe had noisy volume switches or tuners. That stuff is already packaged and put away in EMP proof containers.

            • Plan twice, prep once, thanks for the most excellent Post!

            • “Afterward just plug it all back in, you might have the only car in the neighborhood that works?”

              thats what I do not want to be after shtf: unique

        • Genius or someone else will argue this with me.
          If your product is CE rated it is pretty safe.
          You need to earth ground a Faraday cage VERY well!
          Just sitting on the deck won’t do much for it.
          Anti static bags are for static electricity and must be grounded.
          Static electricity is not the same as EMP.
          Your car will survive, it may stop but will probably
          start easier than you will if you are too close to a
          NUKE GOING OFF.
          Your best bet is to get the hell away from DC,
          Get a place on Solomon Island.

      15. I’m wondering if the judge got a death threat.

        • Local news says multiple threats. Not sure what version of threat.

      16. Seems we need more info on these judges , Family photos, addresses?

      17. Justice, I also have a trash can faraday cage that I keep some electronics stored in. I also use those antistatic bags. Sometimes I question it myself. Oh well, we’ll find out for sure if/when an EMP ever hits.

        • Braveheart is that you…have you changed your handle?

          If so, how have you been? Hope everything is going well!

          • Justice, sorry I missed that post. Yes, it’s me. Just had to make a small change to my moniker. But I’m still deplorable according to Hillary, LOL! I’m still alive and kicking, still stacking and hoping for the best. I was at the BOL for the last week of July and going into August. Going back at the end of Oct. and sticking around through election time. Things may get very ‘interesting’ about that time.

      18. They seem like nice people.

        • Yes they’re very nice people, just poor house keepers.

      19. You shtf censors are just like cnn you cocksucking cowards


        • More like the religion of pieces…..

      21. The compound was demolished shortly after the 3 year old boy’s body was found. No explanation on who ordered it, media is silent on that it happened and evidence destroyed.

      22. Asian and Muslim ,and black and Hispanic UN. Troops? To restore order? The Tribulation,will , probably be exactly as described.

      23. Recognize the near Full Spectrum Dominance of the Domestic Enemy? And plan accordingly?

      24. Anyone want to bet that a nefarious arm of our federal government didn’t have a hand in this?

      25. Ok men,

        You live and Texas. You know what needs to be done.

      26. Surprise! The Feds have arrested all five of the suspects! New federal charges.

        • Yep…I think this was by design. New Mexico didn’t want these nasties in their prison system poisoning other inmates. The feds will be able to reign them in and use their resources to “investigate” them in depth. IMHO

      27. 13 days from now is the day when we were attacked by these same Muslimes. Ladies,Gentlemen, keep yourselves armed when you go out that day and take no s**t from antifa or anybody else. Guaranteed there will be a bunch who will try to start something.

      28. The statists have a reflexive urge against DIY, in my experience. You don’t want any independent means, goods, or social services — especially not security.

        If you actually go into a gun store, it seems to be a privilege, to own one — like if it was a tv channel or place where alcohol is being served. There are not too many allowed to exist, imhblo. They seem to be given to cronies. It is full of militaria and militarists, and mainly intended to service law enforcement — an armory, for all intents and purposes.

        But, the 2nd was intended to be against a monopoly on the use of force. Do guns, standing armies, and peace officers go hand-in-hand, hypothetically speaking. Not necessarily. Boyscouts with no power of arrest should possibly be calling upon the responsible, empowered citizenry, when they are in need of help.

        On the other side of politics, NPR has also confused gun rights with police statism. They have recently said there was no evidence for most of those alleged school shootings. You have an interesting conundrum, because shelter-in-place drills would have been used as an excuse against gun rights. A liberal-biased NPR was forced or tricked into condemning a narrative against gun rights. Retrace your steps, and some of the schools never remember it.

        Is the compound fake; we had fake drills, but they weren’t made public. Has a fake subversive slipped through the cracks, or did this thing never really exist, like a war game.

      29. Educate yourself about Islam. It is not YHWH that they worship, but the Devil.

        Doubt this? Really?

        Since the seventies through 2005, I did my best to help Muslim immigrants because I thought they were misguided. Now? I realize they were troubled…as troubled as urban youth-at-risk in the urban regions.

        Muslims believe in ABROGATION. Look it up. This is why they falsely claim Islam is a religion of peace. Instead, over time, it gets more cruel and outright evil and is about conquering and lying. That’s right…in Islam it’s okay and acceptable to beat your wife and children, lie to save your skin, create a parallel justice system through Sharia, etc.

        Every malevolent cruelty in the Handmaid’s Tale exists in Islam. They were cowards and afraid and instead blamed Christianity.

        Slavery exists and THRIVES in Islam. Especially NOW.

        If you want to ruin America, just blindly look away and do nothing.

        In effect, those who disparage Christianity encourage people to leave Christianity and they then subsequently adopt Islam. I have seen it happen and typically to leftists.

        Liberalism is iconoclastic to Western Civilization and Christianity. They claim to be tolerant and enlightened when in fact, they are neither.

        The preponderance of Humanity needs spirituality because our brain is hard-wired for it.

        If you ruin the faith of young Christians as teenagers, they will not become atheists. Nope. They will flirt with Eastern religion, Islam, Wicca, weird made up New Age religion, even Satanism. Atheism is a transitional state.

        Hate easily becomes Satanism in the faithless. Why? Because “doing as thou wilt” as Aleister Crowley infamously stated, is fuel for accepting Lucifer as your Master.

        And Lucifer is always there behind all other belief systems save Christianity.

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