JP Morgan Suffers ‘Massive’ Losses: $4.2 Billion Probable; May Spread to Entire Sector

by | May 10, 2012 | Headline News | 312 comments

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    If you’ve wondered what investment banks have been doing with those hard earned bail-out tax dollars lent to them by the Federal Reserve and US government at nearly zero percent interest, here’s your answer and a demonstration in how to vaporize the GDP of a small nation in just a few  weeks’ time.

    In an unexpected after hours call with investors CEO Jamie Dimon said JPMorgan was facing massive losses – legal losses of $4.2 billion were reasonably possible, he said — with trading losses totaling $800 million in the second quarter.

    And Dimon said it could take until the end of the year to restructure the portfolio.

    Although information was still coming together at the time of writing, the Fast Money traders say developments look like they’re a game changer.

    “I can almost guarantee it’s not just JPMorgan.” adds trader Guy Adami.

    “JPMorgan looks like it’s going to bring down the entire space,” adds Steve Grasso.

    In other words, all the traders are expecting financials to sell-off broadly on Friday.

    “The sector hasn’t been doing well anyway,” explains Steve Grasso. “The group has been breaking down. This feels like it could be a nail in the coffin.”

    Source: CNBC

    CEO Jamie Dimon:

    …”egregious mistakes”

    …”self inflicted”

    …”could easily get worse”

    Via Reuters:

    Look out below because this one has traders spooked and it could be a Lehman-like domino that causes a widespread market panic.

    Hattip Satori


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      1. I’m really surprised that they didn’t release this info
        after the close of business on a Friday

        maybe they’re waiting to hear the terms of the government bailout

        • And just what % is JPMORGAN leveraged out on their derivatives.

          Inquiring minds need to know


          • Just checked zerohedge

            they are all over this now..

            Friday will be the wakeup call!

            Those who know will be checking tyler durden at zerohedge

            bright and early

            I’ll defer all conjecture to them..

            sleep tight

            see ya then


            • The genocide and economic crimes against humanity must not go unpunished.

              Run every last one to ground, even if those “dual citizens” have to be dragged kicking and screaming from their usual refuge in “that sh*tty little country” (to borrow the language of the French Ambassador).

              Hold the trials and the punishments in Nuremberg.

              Prosecute the guilty; leave the innocent alone.

            • On a side note, did you know that Tyler Durden is Brad Pitt’s characters name in The Fight Club?

            • “Please return your seatbacks to their full upright locked position”. We’re in for one helluva ride.

            • Friday came and Friday went. No big deal. As usual.

          • The numbers I have read on Internet indicate that JPM has more than US $80T in their derivatives portfolio. Consider that the entire net worth of JPM’s assets are only about US $160B. This means that they have bet about 50,000 times more money than they have if they could sell every single asset that JPM possesses. Of course, JPM will tell us that their “net” derivatives exposure is much less than this. That may well be true on paper but it assumes that their derivative counter-parties WILL pay off their financial obligations should these derivatives blow up in their faces… which they very likely will at some point. The sad truth is that in a derivatives market collapse, no one has enough money to even come remotely close to being able to pay off these monstrous debts. Game over, man, GAME OVER!

            • As Elliot Spitzer said today, it doesn’t matter how big the losses are,the scum(my words) TBTF banks will always be the last ones standing at the expense of the individual investor.The losses will always be put on the common man.Theft is now the norm and there will be NO prosecutions.I cannot buy fire insurance on my neighbors house, simply because I have no vested claim in the property. This is illegal for me to do. How can it be legal for a bank to hedge against an interest rate on a bond or if oil futures rise or fall,etc.,etc. if they have no “skin in the game”.Some say “get a license” and you too can play the game. That is not practical for us as simple working people to do. Just because our corrupt corp gov says it is allowed doesn’t make it right. Hang the scum and lets start over with a level playing field. Rant off.

            • If an 8 year Canadian girl can figure it out why can’t you?


              The Lord is Righteous.
              Standing by in Texas.

            • Oops! Vimeo says she’s 12 but the sight I originally found it on says she’s 8. Goofy. All apologies.

              The Lord is Righteous.
              Standing by in Texas.

          • JP Morgan Chase has a derivative exposure of $70.151 Trillion dollars.
            $70 Trillion is roughly the size of the entire world’s economy.



        • I am glad to be totally out of the market for good. How far will the markets plunge in the morning???

          • I have a coworker who gleefully declared this as a good time to buy in. I don’t mention that I stopped contributing to a 401(k) two years ago because people recommend psyiatcric help.

        • Satori, maybe Friday will bring even worse news. The Friday evening suprise does seem to be their M.O.

          Whatever is going on I’m sure it’s all by design.

          • The bastards stole the pre TARP money and then when the taxpayers were stuck with covering those loses the bastards stole the TARP bailout money. This country is now a lawless enterprise run solely for the benefit of the connected and powerful.

            • Exactly right, John. We have become a nation of men and not of laws. Laws only apply to us commoners and not the aristocracy. Consider that the one and only difference between Bernie Madoff and Jon Corzine is that JC is a friend and fund raiser for Obummer… and Bernie was not. So, for precisely the same actions, stealing their client’s money, Bernie is cooling his heels in jail for the rest of his life while JC is living high off of other people’s money, free as a bird, and enjoying himself. Yes, it is good to be king but it is also good to be the king’s friend.

            • The lawless enterprise headed by the the Fed, the BIS, and the NWO cabal will be ending shortly with mass arrests, a relatively peaceful revolution, and the return of real money. I’m going all-in with what Fulford and Drake have to say. Powerful forces within the US (the Pentagon for starters) and outside the US (the asian dynasties for starters) are currently positioning themselves to arrest every stinking one of these treasonous rats and free the human race from the scourge known as Federal Reserve Notes.

              The evidence of the imminent downfall of the Fed, the NWO, and all of their stinking treasonous underlings is plain to see. Unfortunately, a lot of people here can’t see the forest through the trees. Stop reading the headlines people and look at the big picture!!! The world at large has rejected Federal Reserve Notes! It’s game over for the people behind the Fed and the NWO. They are just evil people and they are the ones going the the FEMA camps, not us! The world is going to go through a positive transformation. It may be rough going for a while, but its far from the apocalypse. The Consitution will be restored. The human race will be freed and will evolve.



              The Drake interview link above skips the first hour. Feel free to listen to the whole thing on your second pass.

            • @ .41MagMan

              It is time you began to understand that offenses against the tribe are punished and that there are no crimes against goyim. After all, they are human and we are not.


            • @41MagMan. For the life of me I can’t understand why Corzine ain’t bleedin’. Why he hasn’t been found in a roadside ditch with a small blue hole in his forehead is a mystery.

            • John Q. Public,

              You are all over it!! Well done!!

        • Youre right . must of been unavoidable…..This is great , bring on the crash, those who work for a living will continue to move foreward without banks ,money and slavemasters.. We will prevail..

        • You know when I mentioned this last night here on SHTF it was initially reported it was only 800M to 1.2B, Now it is 2-4B and they markets have not opened. If investors panic then the markets will feel the pain.

          The funny thing is I have an appt this morning with my 401K advisor (set up by my employer) because I have stopped contributing. My employer is really pushing CONTRIBUTION (makes me wonder what is in it for them)

          Anyway…just wondering how they think they can explain to me why I SHOULD CONTRIBUTE AGAIN.

          • tina
            een though i agree with you, i know that your employer is going to ask you… why should we keep you employed again…

            • And that time may come. I will deal with it when it gets here but in the meantime I must ask why is my employer SO CONCERNED about my “retirment account” (post employment) if there was wasn’t something in it for them.

              I have a 401K that I can not do anything with because I am still employed with that company but I no longer contribute…they are PUSHING contribution really hard.

            • blame it on your husband or your kids or someone… play stupid…. of course there is something in it for them! being smart with them will likely result in them trying to destroy you… im on your side tina.

            • Tina

              You can transfer a percentage of the 401K into an IRA. From there you can pay the 10% penalty and get out.

          • Some employers have been known to “borrow” contributions. Same thing with child support. The employee (usually ex-husband) often gets raked over the coals in court. Seems that only Whorzine can get sway with “I simply don’t know what happened to the money”.

          • this a employer match 401K? If not, maybe you should roll it over to a self-directed IRA (where you can set up a LLC and buy land,PMs,etc.) without taking the penalty or tax hit. If it is an employer match you will have to make your own mind up as to the risk involved. Either way you should get out. Unfortunately, some 401Ks require termination of employment to be able to cash out. Disclaimer…. I am not an economic adviser…any risk you assume is your own. Due diligence required.

        • Absolutely agree – I think this is their way of begging for QE 3.

          • Kevin…I cannot transfer any. I already tried. Was shot down in more ways than one. Don’t want to make too many waves right now…at least I still have the job and it does pay well.

            I can not transfer, borrow or cash out until I leave the job and as long as they will have me I think I need to stay.

            • yes tina, just give them a reason why you arent and leave it at that…. if they really try to force you to do it.. well than you have to decide to make a stand or not…either way do whats best for you especially if you dont mind your job or like it…

        • Satori

          Siverdoctors has a fantastic graph illustrating the entire derivatives exposure bank by bank.

          Here’s some comforting stats for ya..

          9 Biggest Banks’ Derivative Exposure – $228.72 Trillion

          the top 3 are…

          Goldman Sachs has a derivative exposure of $44.192 Trillion dollars.

          Bank of America has a derivative exposure of $50.135 Trillion dollars

          Citibank has a derivative exposure of $52.102 Trillion dollars


          • but just a couple of months ago jamie dimon said there was NO DERIVITIVE EXPOSURE! again , WHY ARE LLOYD BLANKFEIN, JAMIE DIMON, JON CORZINE AND BARACK OBAMA NOT IN PRISON NOW!

          • Just a 10% loss would be huge.

        • As of right this minute, JP Morgan is down 8.5%.

        • Hastening The March To A North American Union And Global Governance

          “But don’t expect any coverage from the corporatist MSM. They are merely mouthpieces for the establishment and know what they can and can’t say. And they aren’t invited unless they’ve proven themselves trustworthy.”

          “We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years,” David Rockefeller said in a speech leaked from a Bilderberger meeting in Baden-Baden, Germany in 1991.

          “It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”


            • KY Mom: Great link, thanks. The problem with the NAU is that like the EU’s current position, this cannot be done with the fianacial situation in ruins and getting worse by the day. It’s like trying to move into a new house while it’s on fire.

            • Gregory8,

              What worries me is the “thought” they are the ones burning down the houses and can’t wait until it’s in ruins, so they can “save the day” and put up “tents” for the serfs…I mean the people.

              The planned message for the people is that they will “really like it because it is so much better.”


        • and the market goes up……

          • Up is the new down!

        • Wow! Just LOOK at the widespread panic this cause in the market today… the DOW is down a whole 34 points! Run and get all your money outta the banks. THIS IS IT! IT STARTED! THE SHTF TODAY! The market crashed 34 points!!!

          When will you all wake up.

          • We woke up to the puppet show years ago…. NO SOUP FOR YOU

        • I have a BIG Question. I’d like to now the damage. I read this article last night. I listened to the same news on national news. They say the losses are around 2 billion. There was even comments by the CEO. This article says double that amount. Which is correct??

        • They are afraid that we might remember Lehman’s fall that was triggered by a $4M loss. Hmmmmmm, history repeating itself?

      2. This is a cornerstone that is crumbling. The good part is, they hold my mortgage. Maybe it will get lost in the ruble.

        • fred
          nice thought,however it doesnt work that way….unless we have a mass default and currency collapse and the people finally stand up to these vipers

          • Yes only the elite are above the law.

        • and fred, i think you meant lost in the RUBBLE, not ruble! this brings whole new menaing to what ninas saying about the russina army coming…. they will leave rubles instead of rubbble.. or rubbish… oh ok maybe you did mean ruble!

        • I was just thinking that of BofA..great minds think alike??

      3. Let them fail along with the rest they cause to fail, and let the chips fall where they may.

        Only after the bankster fraud has defeated itself can we take back the power of money.

        Let’s hope this does it….

      4. WTF?… SHTF?… why didn’t someone warn me?

        • This is happening very similar to the way it happened back in 2008. Late in 2007 it was blatantly obvious that the economy was floundering. Hell, 2 years previous to that in 2005, the housing market was beginning to die. Then, 3 years later around late June, the scumbags rigging the game played the collapse card. We all know what followed.

          This time, you can be damned sure the outcome will be vastly different. This time, there is no easy money to print for a massive bailout. This time, the Federal Reserve has run out of quantitative easing gas. This time, the plan looks like a major clampdown as the solution to the utter chaos that will surely ensue as millions of people’s retirement funds get vaporized in the panic sell-off is all but a sure thing.

          All part of the plan it appears. Any sane person eating clean food, drinking chemical free water, not brainwashed by television and not under the influence of mind altering, fluoride or Lithium derived pharmaceutical medication, saw this shit coming for a long time. Get your shit in order, the time may be very close at hand.

          • Joe: Even Zero Hedge admits it was a traders mistake, not a problem with the instrument, so it could not have been “foreseen for a long time” as you state.

            WE also now know that the FED printed around 26 trillion dollars last time around to protect the system.

            Very little of that “money” ever reached the marketplace and the hands of consumers. Even Lew Rockwell said the money was “stuck in the system”.

            Four billion dollars IS a lot of money, but nothing that cannot be overcome on the JP Morgan balance sheet by selling other good assets to cover the losses. The CIO is toast.

            Make that 601 bankers OUT the door. 🙂

            • The good thing here is, it looks like JPM is going to have to EAT the big wiener all by themselves. If Obama or anybody even thinks about a bailout, it will be like committing political suicide. Watch PMs.. I just read support at $26 on silver. JPM just might have to dump their silver load and drop the market.
              But that’s just me.

            • durango kid
              your denials of the obvious are becoming more plea-like and desparate daily.

            • dk you fucken fool! get the hell out of your bank stocks you twit!

            • eeder: I do not own any bank stocks or the stocks of any public corporation. I only hold stocks in my own company.

              It is a private mining and oil exploration company. And as soon as I have sufficient liquidity I will be drilling my own wells, with my own money.

              The assets are there, the cash is not.

            • ok, well either way… i think its becoming obvious that the bankers are part of the problem… maybe you should just sell your assets instead of trying to raise sure youve thought it out though.

          • “the time may be very close at hand”.

            The time for what? The time to arrest these Fed and NWO assholes and throw them in a cold, dark cell? The world has rejected Federal Reserve Notes. It’s game over for them… not for us. World War III is not happening. Too many powerful forces inside and outside the US are making sure it doesn’t go down that way. The return of real money and the restoration of the Constitution is on the way!

            • @toomanfakeconservatives Have you not been paying to attention to their motto? The name of the game is “Ordo ab Chao”. I thought by now, anyone that has taken a close look at who these people are, would already know this. “Never let a good crisis go to waste”, Rham “The Sack of Shit” Emmanuel.

              So, again, the time may be close at hand. How deep this is going to cut will be seen by closing bell today. This may just be another precursor, but the next few days will tell for sure.

            • The ‘Order through Chaos’ motto is not fool proof. The system can collapse in a way they have not forseen. If the military doesn’t back them up, they’re finished.

        • What? Warn you? Nobody told me that was my job!

      5. we need a fresh start and get all these guys who think they have moderate power fall to where we are. and wait till they have nothing and ask us for food and guns. we will be the ones with the power and wealth and survivors when a collapse happens. I wish we could all put one good tip to share on here each day.

        • Does anyone have any good recipes for BBQ-ed bankster roasted slowly on a spit over a low fire? The assholes are so fat and greasy that they should be self-basting. We’ll need lots of dry-rub and ‘mop-sauce’. Perhaps the recipes that I already have for ‘stock-marketeers’ and ‘corporate-kleptocrats’ will also work for the banksters???

      6. Here we go again…

      7. It has been widely reported the 1.2 Billion Corzine heisted from MF Global was transferred to J.P.Morgan in London – the same trading desk where this “loss” is being reported.

        Right now, Jamie Dimon is blaming a “rogue trader” – same M.O. as when SocGen lost a Billion last year. Do they think we are really that gullible to believe their institutionalized gambling losses are always the result of a rogue trader gone wild?

        Oh yeah, check this out: Goldman Sachs reported today they lost money in their proprietary trading only one day in the last reporting quarter. They only lost one day. And they had twenty days of over 100 million dollars profit. Since his bonus will now be a million light perhaps Jamie Dimon could ask Goldman Sachs for a free room and a buffet.

      8. What I want to know, and I don’t have crystal ball for any forecasts, is whether this is the beginning, the proverbal straw that breaks the camels back, a major economic collapse in the U.S. The crash of 1929 had a major effect across the U.S. If this causes a market panic, then ……

        • That’s something I’d like to know too

        • In the scope of the U.S. economy, $4.2B is not huge, but the panic effect could be.

          • No, but don’t place your bets that $4.2B is the end of it….there’s probably a much heavier loss hidden behind the curtains somewhere, waiting to be revealed at a more opportune time.

            • Federal Reserve Notes are monopoly money… therefore the losses aren’t real. None of it is real. The world has rejected FRNs and it’s only a short matter of time before all of these NWO and Fed assholes are behind bars.

        • I think that’s what everyone with any functioning brain cells is wondering. With any luck it’s not just the straw, but an entire tree this time that crushes this whole corrupt system once and for all.

          And here I was going to sell all of my positions anyway tomorrow before I heard this news. Of well, that’s how it goes. I’m mostly in miners and metals, so I can rest assured that they will get devastated as the scumbags will leave people with no place to run. Oh yes, you can bet your last Mercury dime that those thieves know to pick pockets from the panic-stricken people running from the burning theater.

          QE3 right around the corner, but they just might try to hide it under the table to try to hold down inflation, dollar collapse, etc…

          Interesting times dead ahead. Might as well enjoy them, get all worked up about it won’t help anything. Good Luck To All.

        • The big banks with their TARP money are the market. Volume is non existant with the banks churning stocks to each other to make profits. Most of the company insiders have been bailing out for quite awhile. The stock market is a crooked game now since crooks are placed all through govt. and there is and will be no oversight. Corzine skipped with over a billion dollars and no action is being taken against him. We are now a lawless society.

          • Lawless at this brief moment in time… but not for long.

        • No, actually this is not the beginning. This whole slow-motion train-wreck really came to a head in 2008 but that was the culmination of decades worth of fiscal and monetary policy incompetence by the US government and the Fed. What we see today are the cars slowly leaving the tracks, tumbling through the air, raising huge dust clouds, bursting into flames, and various RR people bailing off before total destruction occurs. It is too late for them to escape but they will try anyway.

          Note that all of the things done by the gov and the Fed were band-aids meant to make it look as if they were doing something useful when they were not. None of the structural problems we have were addressed by the stimulus or any of the bailouts. Because of that, we can fully expect them to recur. I am afraid that the patient has advanced cancer and band-aids and cool damp towels on the forehead may look like treatment but it is not.

      9. Listening to Bernanke speak is like nails on a chalk board to me. I just want to slap the smug right off his face and I’m not a violent person.

      10. Just like back in the old west when someone started a rumour that the bank was out of money, and the bank had to deal with everyone coming in demanding their money. This type of self fulfilling prophesy can bring down everything, just like before. You have so many other parameters to this now that you didn’t have in 2008; like the debt balloon that is much higher, the Middle-East problem, the Euro and countries like Greece, the U.S. dollar being much weaker than back then, and one of the most important of them all, IT ALREADY HAPPENED AND THIS IS ON MOST INVESTOR’S MINDS. Watch the VIX the next few days, to see the fear factor. You start seeing the VIX going past 50 again and bad times are likely coming.

      11. We have all been waiting for it, Got Silver?

        • Hit $29 yesterday I think. I have a few hundred ounces but sure wish I had a few hundred more; just not in the cards for me at the moment, but I did buy an extra 160 acres last week in Nevada…has two springs on it and a creek too! Awesome property….best part was they didn’t want silver for it…just some funky green paper.

          • Jim… you really should feel ashamed of yourself for taking such advantage of these people. Imagine trading some worthless crap for something that is truly useful… and they fell for it! LOL!

            Seriously… good job, man. Land is good. Machinery is good. Gold and silver are good. Food and water are good. Medicines are good. Guns and ammo are good. Friends and family are great. Most everything else is drek.

        • Can’t afford PM, does lead count? How about over 1000 books on chemistry, physics, pencil and paper drafting, blacksmithing, gardening, food preps, metal casting, medical, first aid in NBC situations, etc?

      12. Fuck JPM. J. Dimon should end his life now. He is wasting perfectly good breathing air.

        • Oh, no! Mr. Dimon has not nearly gotten all that he has coming yet. I want him to live for a very long time and, hopefully, in abject poverty, illness, and complete misery. He has a LOT to answer for and he has not yet begun to balance the scales of justice. No cheap and easy out for him, by God!

          • Trials by jury… then extremely long prison sentences for all of them from Daddy Bush on down.

          • First, I’d prefer to see him in prison with a husband named Lamar.

        • I am not smart at all about economics, but is there any chance that this is somehow tied to China buying a U.S. bank? Both these stories stink, so it stands to reason that maybe there is a connection. Can one of you “money guys” think through this please?

          • Yes the Chinese just bought a bank that has branches and does business in the US…had to be approved by the Administration and it was right on the heels of some blind guy not getting what he wanted out of our embassy in China and Hilda’s visit to Beijing.

        • Jim Rogers is a VERY smart guy. Most self-made billionaires are and he is no exception to that.

          Anyone wanting to know about the REAL state of the US economy need only go to two places on the web. First, check out for John Williams take on the US economy. Then head over to the Trim Tabs blog site and Charles Biderman’s comments. Neither of these very smart guys pull any punches. Both tell it like it is and not as others want it to be but isn’t. Great reads in both places.

          It is interesting that every time the US economy starts looking sick by the measurement standards of the government, they change the standards until it looks better. This is asinine. We cannot solve a problem until we are convinced that there IS a problem and what its nature and magnitude are. All of these are being manipulated and changed into things that are not connected to reality. Unemployment is much higher than 8.1%. Using the pre-1995 government calc (U6), it is closer to 16% than 8%. When people run out of benefits, the gov stops counting them as “unemployed”. How handy is that? Inflation is treated the same way. When something we must have starts rising in price, the gov simply removes it from the calc, solving the problem. Huh? Yep, food and energy are inflating at double digit amounts… so let’s not count them any more. There, problem solved. Ben says we had 3.5% inflation in 2011. John says that we had 10% inflation. My shopping tells me that John is right and Ben is wrong. Damn, reality sure bites sometimes.

      13. No no no….not a problem folks. See just do like Corzine did…donate $500,000 + to the Obama campaign (look it up on the campaign web site – its there) and all will be right with the world. Not a problem….just keep it under wraps till November so we don’t have to say anything now we don’t really mean.

      14. ;0) “JUMP YOU FUCKERS!!!”


        “SPLAT!!!” ;0p pssszzt

        … it’s time to go All physical P.M.’s and Lead.


      15. Another “crises” that the tax payers can bailout. This shit is a never ending game of lies and theft. Fuckers.

        • It will be ending soon. In case you haven’t noticed, much of the world at large has dumped the Federal Reserve Note and is now trading in commodities, oil, gold, and alternative currencies.

      16. How do you LOOSE $4.2/$5 BILLION–Billion dollars? You put a stop loss sale on stock to keep from loosing you shirt. Was everyone asleep? It takes time to loose this kind of money. NOT ONE person noticed that part of their business sector was imploding? This just might start QE3.. I just pray this is not the start of the fall of our financial system..

        • Actually he just left it in his other jacket; he’ll find it after Ben B lends him what he needs.

        • well shit man,, they lost it im going to go look for it,,finders keep’ers

        • They didn’t get the memo about the suckers rally in the stock market, and had to cover shorts… or maybe its depreciation on their Greek villas.

      17. Banks or anyone else cannot live on credit and not deal with the underlying problem, it just doesn’t work. Maybe this is the first in a series of cracks on a mammouth dam holding back the colossal amounts of phantom derivatives that are almost a QUADRILLION DOLLARS, THAT IS 1000 TRILLION. Like a physical dam, one crack can lead the another and under the pressure just keeps growing until, TSUNAMI. Isn’t it amazing how the physical world can be compared to the non-physical world, and have the same catastrophic events happen to both that are neglected and not repaired?

      18. beans…




        I’m your brother. Make it count.

        • Amen Brother

        • @ BadAmerican. Don’t forget the other B’s:

          Bleach, a must.

          Bicycle, when the fuel is gone for your auto.

          Books, espeically survival, no internet left.

          Buckets and Barrels, too many uses to mention.

          Booze, one of the best barter items out there.

          What will benefit you the best is your brain.

          Cool use of B’s B.A., I like the bullion. 🙂

          • 2 more B’s….


            ..Be Informed..

            ………………..just sayin’……………..

            • Burt the Brit …..just saying as well

        • beans…



          bullion…(bouillon here)


      19. This collapse is dragging on and on. Could we please get on with it?
        My Food Insurance only has a 25 year shelf life.

        • Real problem, I’m old enough my shelf life is shorter than my food.

          • thats my “problem” too

            I’ll be leaving the MountainHouse to my heirs

          • Exactly Paranoid…I have to laugh at the prepper sites for lecturing me on NOT putting mylar bags in my 5 gallon buckets of food….

      20. *** something every red blooded freedom loving american might want to remember is if the chinese are allowed to build these chinese only cities on american soil they will be guarded by communist military chinese secret police.

        who will be working directly with our own zionist fascist cia trained dhs sec forces.

        the two will eventually combine … meaning america will then be under a full communist iron curtain of control just like china!!!

        can you folks see where this is going???

        the chinese cities must not be allowed on amerikan soil!!!

        it is our very real death of liberty forever!!!

        they will be chinese fort bases of armed occupation on american soil!

        this must be stopped immediately!!!


        • You have mental problems get help. What the hell do Chinese and Zionists have to do with one another? You Jew haters are all so stuck on stupid. I would be ashamed if I were you to even admit to believing the crap you spew.

          • @john w … ummmmmmmm yeah … really … you don’t follow current events to well do you Dimtard! ever hear of the adl , aipac , splc , cpac they’re israeli mossad zionists fronts retardo they literally own Wash DC and control you through your news newspapers radio hollywood movies music videos songs , tv commercials , even what library books you read! your whole life is influenced by them and you don’t even know it! they are zionists! you are All owned by zionist banker jews!

            sigh… i’m not even going to go into the catholic church , fed reserve , irs , cia , fbi , freemason , chinese connection or russian connection with the fed reserve and the israeli zionists!

            you will see soon enough as it All , your global carbon credit irs debt slavery un agenda 21 global fascist zionist government unfolds!!!

            *** 911 was an inside job by the way ; done by the cia fbi israeli mossad the u.s. pentagon and run directed by murdering dick cheney!!!


          • Connecticut Jewish Woman Suing over Burial of Gentile in her Congregation’s Cemetery

          • Jump on the fucking bigot, John. Nina, you are through. We tracked you down.

            • ~Southern Boy~

              Ummmmmmmmm…….do you have a learning disability or what?

              First you drunkenly stumble (intellectually) unarmed, into a “smart minefield” monitored by “Ahab” & guarded by “Daisy”…& promptly get your ass “BLOWN AWAY/HANDED TO YOU…then you get OWNED & OUTED as a descendant of the pharisees too boot…all on a previous thread, of course!!!

              –(question)– …Is there any hint of “Masochism” in your family tree/history?

              —OUCH!!!— It must suck to be you!

              ….because now you’re solidifying the previous thread’s circumstantial evidence as an irrefutable fact via typing…

              -(quote)-…”We tracked you down”…-(unquote)-


              What’s up w/ this “WE” shit???

              I ask you straight-up….Who/what represents “WE”???

              ….”WE” equals you & who else and/or what organization/outfit???

              …FYI pal, unlike Ahab & Daisy…I don’t shy away from profanity when necessary…I use it as form of “punctuation”!!!!!!!!! Deal w/ it…

              So it seems, as does in your case, hasbarat types!


              Now you’re trashing John-Q & Nina-O???????????

              What’s up w/ that?
              John is right on the money w/ his posts & for the most part…ditto for Nina-O w/ regards to…who the real enemies of GOD & by extension….mankind, are!

              Why don’t you “prove” them/us/me wrong? Offer some verifiable data/truth…hard facts maybe!


              You are way out of your league, Southern Boy & if you’re not careful, you’re over-ripe for another can of “WHUP-ASS SOUP” being smashed upside your head!!! You’re dealing w/ many folks who really know the score here…so quit slinging mud & man-up w/ facts…OK?


              …or is your problem due to knowledgeable individuals posting the truth relative to judeo-zionism & the wretched wickedness inherent within your rabbis’ Talmud….much too close to the truth…for your Edomite/Ashkenazi sensibilities?

            • Careful, Gunsmith!

              You’re going to hurt Southern Baby’s feelings and he’s going to tell Mac on you.

              He might even “get you” by tracking down your IP address. *delicate ladylike shudder*

              Honestly, I don’t see him being around much longer – he picks fights with the wrong people and he is way too thin-skinned and delicate to deal with the repercussions.

              I’ll venture to offer SB one little piece of advice, the same one I offer my 11 year old daughter when she comes home from the playground, unhappy with some small infraction committed by the other kids.

              ***SUCK IT UP, PRINCESS!!!***

        • @john w … ummmmmmmm yeah … really … you don’t follow current events to well do you Dimtard! ever hear of the adl , aipac , splc , cpac they’re israeli mossad zionists fronts retardo they literally own Wash DC and control you through your news newspapers radio hollywood movies music videos songs , tv commercials , even what library books you read! your whole life is influenced by them and you don’t even know it! they are zionists! you are All owned by zionist banker jews!

          sigh… i’m not even going to go into the catholic church , fed reserve , irs , cia , fbi , freemason , chinese connection or russian connection with the fed reserve and the israeli zionists!

          you will see soon enough as it All , your global carbon credit irs debt slavery un agenda 21 global fascist zionist government unfolds!!!

          *** 911 was an inside job by the way ; done by the cia fbi israeli mossad the u.s. pentagon and run directed by murdering dick cheney!!!

        • @john w … ummmmmmmm yeah … really … you don’t follow current events to well do you Dimtard! ever hear of the adl , aipac , splc , cpac they’re israeli mossad zionists fronts retardo they literally own Wash DC and control you through your news newspapers radio hollywood movies music videos songs , tv commercials , even what library books you read! your whole life is influenced by them and you don’t even know it! they are zionists! you are All owned by zionist banker jews!

          sigh… i’m not even going to go into the catholic church , fed reserve , irs , cia , fbi , freemason , chinese connection or russian connection with the fed reserve and the israeli zionists!

          you will see soon enough as it All , your global carbon credit irs debt slavery un agenda 21 global fascist zionist government unfolds!!!

          *** 911 was an inside job by the way ; done by the cia fbi israeli mossad the u.s. pentagon and run directed by murdering dick cheney!!!

      21. Do you hear the people sing?
        Singing a song of angry men?
        It is the music of a people
        who will not be slaves again
        When the beating of your heart
        Echoes the beating of the drum
        There is a life about to start
        when tomorrow comes.

        Will you join in our crusade?
        Who will be strong and stand with me?
        Beyond the barricade
        Is there a world you long to see?
        Then join in the fight
        that will give you the right to be free

        • Proud to see a wonderful song/performance mentioned… 🙂

      22. THEY suffered massive losses? What about the rest of the economy they already contributed to destroying. Oh, wait, it’s only a disaster when it happens to them.
        Having trouble feeling sorry.

        Frightening thing is I believe JP Morgan now does the admin for the food debit card program, does it not?

        Speaking as someone who has always lived in a poor area, you do NOT want to be in the city when the food stamps are disrupted (though I will be).

        Decent people who are normally nonviolent will join the troublemakers rioting as soon as they can’t feed their kids 3 meals, but the TV shows some banker getting out of a limo on the way to eat a $500 steak dinner and discuss another bailout.

      23. It seem to quiet of late, I knew something would happen.

      24. QUESTION please

        ***serious question for everyone please… the un agenda 21 program calls to de-industrialize amerika back to the stone age and cordoned off city living states zones for you to live in shoe box size high rises – with reclaimed wild lands where most of you live now in the suburbs … if thats true to their un agenda 21 plans for ameriKa nafta union of america mexico and canada … then why is “”FREAKIN CHINA”” BUILDING CITIES , INDUSTRIAL CITIES IN AMERIKA home of the once free americans ???

        *** also why are russian troops being stationed at the heart of amerikas national defense network??? colorado springs colorado home of NORAD CONTROL???

        its obvious yet its not … why are they doing allowing this???

        anyone please a lil’ help i can’t figure it out completely where this is going???

        thank you too all suggestions and death threats ;0)!!!


          • thank you ;0)

          • hey, you listen to JR moore too?

          • ive been listening to JR Moore for about 10 years…. found him on short wave along time ago… always thought he was cool even when i dint worry as much about these things…. he is THE liberty man!dais, nina, you guys should listen to his show sometime.

        • Actually you are describing where I live; Wyoming. and we like it here I hope they finish shutting people up soon, to many tourists

        • may 21st 2012 russian SPETSNEZ special forces troops arrive in AMERIkA country they are trained TERRORISTS … Spetsnaz carry out reconnaissance and “special warfare” missions in peacetime as well as in war.[citation needed] The primary function of Spetsnaz troops in wartime is infiltration/insertion behind enemy lines (either in uniform or civilian clothing), usually well before hostilities are scheduled to begin and, once in place, to commit acts of sabotage (such as the destruction of vital NATO communications logistics centers)[citation needed] and the assassination of key government leaders and military officers.[citation needed] According to Vladimir Rezun, a GRU defector who used the pseudonym “Viktor Suvorov”, there were 20 Spetsnaz brigades plus 41 separate companies at the time of his defection in 1978. Thus, the total strength of Spetsnaz forces was around 30,000 troops at the time. Currently, their numbers are classified.

          • Putin was and is a SPETNATZ soldier. Barry was/is a doper and community organizer. Guess who I am betting on.

            • That’s a solid bet. However, I’m betting on our boys at all levels… to support the police and Federal Marshalls in the coming mass arrests of all of these NWO and Fed traitors.

            • TMFC,

              Not going to happen.

        • Russian airborne troops are set to train how to target terrorists in America as part of a joint anti-terror drill with the United States which will take place in Fort Carson, Colorado at the end of next month.

          “Airborne troops from Russia and the United States would hold joint anti-terror drills in the U.S. state of Colorado between May 24 and 31,” reports the Xinhua news agency, citing Russian Defense Ministry Col. Alexander Kucherenko. The story was also reported by Russian news outlet RIA Novosti.

          The exercises, which will mark the first time the respective country’s two airborne forces have held joint drills on U.S. territory, will revolve around the the “reconnaissance of imaginary terrorists’ camp and a raid,” and will also involve evacuations of the troops by helicopter.

          The Russian soldiers will also be given access to U.S. special service weapons at Fort Carson.

          However, the Russian troops won’t just be confined to a U.S. military base — on May 27 they’ll be out in the local community attending a baseball game in Colorado Springs.

          “This announcement comes at a time when Russia actually has troops working in cooperation with China,” points out Business Insider’s Eloise Lee, making reference to one of the largest ever Russian-Sino naval drills currently underway in the Yellow Sea.

          Alex Jones has documented foreign troops being trained on U.S. soil to deal with “insurgents” since the late 1990′s as part of “urban warfare drills”.

          Back in July 2010, our reporters covered the Operation Vigilant Guard exercises in Chicago which involved Polish troops training alongside U.S. National Guard troops in drills focused around raiding terrorists and drug dealers.

          by Paul Watson

        • Nina,
          You have and are spreading bad info. The Ruskies will be at Ft. Carson, not NORAD. Period, end your paranoia and check your facts.

          • @230 JHP … i friggen trained in ground combat at ft. carson jug head and transported prisoners there … i know where the f-ing bases are … read em’ and weep dimtard.

            *** Cheyenne Mountain is a mountain located just outside the southwest side of Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.S.

            *** Fort Carson is a United States Army installation located near Colorado Springs, primarily in El Paso County, Colorado.

            denver colorado is the second largest federal government area in the country the back up whitehouse is there under denver airport , the new cia headquarters is in denver co. , placing 30,000 to 100,000 Spetsnaz Russia Troops there so close to such critical infrastructure and the national under ground dumb train systems which is hubbed out of denver colorado is pretty friggen dumb! its as dumb as letting the chinese build whole chinese cities on 50 square mile plots of land on ameriKan soil.

            whatever… if you can’t see it … you can’t see it! keep drinking the fluoride … we’ll find out soon enough!



              I agree. It’s definately cause for alarm. These Spetsnaz are elite special forces trained to infiltrate into enemy areas and deploy nukes. They speak english well enough to pass as americans and most are caucasian so they can mimic US troops. They would be willing to follow orders our troops would view as illegal orders. They are exellent tools to wreak havac on infastucture, assassinate, and infiltrate. Definately cause for alarm that they are going to be here in CONUS and in mass.

              The Lord is Righteous.
              Standing by in Texas.

            • And with all of your intel, you sit behind a computer screen and attach yourself to the shtfplan site? For what purpose? I would think someone of your calling would be actively engaged in more than leaving numerous comments to a website.

            • i tried fllouridated water once nina.. tasted like shit tho.. hope it didnt affect me too much!

            • zoltanne
              fuck off you cia troll… goodbye you are not welcome here.

            • Ft. Carson, CO…hmmm…isn’t that where them good ole Amerikun boyz are going postal and shooting each other and everything in sight?

            • @southernboybugger … you haven’t tracked down shit … All you’ve got ya’ lil’ queer bible licker, is a bunch of gerbils shoved up your ass texas queer boy!!! You should become a priest for the catholic church you’d fit right there with the rest of the queers and boy lovers!!!


            • @Zoltanne … I am but a tiny snow flake lightly landing atop Mount Everest’s highest peak … i am nothing but a harmless snow flake for now … once enough of my brothers and sisters snow flakes (freeman constitutionalist American patriots) are awakened to reality and add their numbers too my one snow flake!

              WE WILL BECOME A AVALANCHE of a billion tiny snow flakes ROARING down upon washington dc from Mount Everest’s highest peaks! Sweeping away All COMMUNISM FASCIST worshiping ZIONISTS , LUCIFERIANS and NEO-CHRISTIANS globalist United Nations Agenda 21 en-slavers before us in a FREEMAN LIBERTARIAN REVOLUTION OF SUCH FORCE AS HAS NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE ON EARTH!!!

              Till then I am merely just a tiny Freeman Patriot Constitutionalists snow flake of the Billions it takes to make a Global SWEEPING SMOTHERING Deadly Avalanche , quietly sitting atop Mount Everest’s highest peaks – Waiting Patiently for more Freedom Loving Patriotic snow flakes to fall!


            • @Zoltanne … ;0) don’t you fret none … I do more than play here at SHTFplan … it takes time to build a Private Freeman Patriot Army to take over the illegal international banker mafia communist fascist zionist federal government currently in control of Once Free AmeriKa!

              Give it some time to fester , build , grow , many Freedom loving Americans are still just waking up to the reality of the hard truth of the communist fascist zionist crimes and fraud done to them by the international bankers , United Nations and crooked politicians!

              Enough Americans aren’t blood boiling pissed off mad enough yet!!!

              Be patient it will come… when enough Americans can’t afford to feed their starving children any more , pay their bills , have their utilities cut off and are homeless!!!

              Then it will come … for now we Freeman Patriots collect intel , define targets , develop strategies , recruit and prepare!!!

              Give it time … it is coming!!!


        • I could be way off here, but I’ll throw out a theory.

          I recall hearing that there were also Asian troops (Thai, maybe?) in Idaho. I believe I also read something about another Chinese industrial city in the Idaho area but I can’t recall if that was accurate or not. It seems as though many of the foreign troops are being located in the Northern or Western parts of the US.

          And where are a great number of the Patriots concentrated? The Redoubt. With troops in Colorado, Idaho, Michigan, it seems like they are easily accessed, attacked or surrounded by foreign troops.

          I’m no military strategist but I can see a pattern to this. And before anyone jumps on this – this is pure conjecture, a possible answer to NinaO’s question.

          • And don’t forget the aircraft carrier they want to get.

          • I have to throw in my two-pence here.
            now, I’m not saying that this scenario is impossible (with those 20 or something Russian airborne guys going on for some mischief) i find it however very unlikely. I haven’t taken good look on this situation, but from what I gather they are airborne infantry and not GRU Spetsnaz. of course Spetsnaz could be easily imitating airborners if there was any attempt at seizing some strategic point…
            now, if we take a look at the daunting task of hypothetical mission to bring USA down, we would be probably thinking like this:
            1bring in your Spetsnaz way before hostilities
            2bring them in quietly! no official training scenario there! we are talking about infiltrating thousands of them prior to hostilities. so they are either already in USA or not.
            there are multiple scenarios for bringing down USA, but I would go for this – later stages:
            3start economic chaos in Western Europe and spread it to USA
            4divide EU by helping certain nations (Germany, France and Italy) and crashing others (UK, Poland, Baltic States etc)
            5with EU taken out of equation start massive guerilla warfare in USA proper, posing as disillusioned USA citizens doing some revolution.
            6wait for the martial law to kick in, let the USA gov do the hard work of disarming and combating its own citizenry
            7transmit orders to your Spetsnaz boobies to converge on SNS and CandC
            8when both sides (government and citizens) are exhausted, plop a HAEMP over the CONUS
            9give a go for your Spetsnaz units
            10 start an invasion or just leave the CONUS alone… it’s not going anywhere after all that…
            11proceed with the Western Europe taking out both those that were your “allies” (Germany, France, Italy) and those who were against you. (one must always remember what KGB guys used to say – true Chekista thinks one thing, says something different and does something else entirely)

            so I would not be too worked up about that training… but yet again, no one truly knows until it is revealed…

          • Daisy,

            Here are a couple links about the Chinese industrial city in Idaho.

            China Wants To Construct A 50 Square Mile Self-Sustaining City South Of Boise, Idaho


            Idaho Eagle Forum: Idaho Governor Sells out His State’s Businesses to China


            • Thanks, KY Mom – great info!

            • KY Mom – just wanted to say thanks again – I sent you a lil shout-out on a post I wrote today. 🙂

            • Daisy,

              Thank you! 🙂

              KY Mom

        • My husband is directly involved in the Russia “trainin” and it’s more like 100 soldiers.

          • “All Floods Start , with just a few drops of rain!”
            -chinese proverb

            Ruusian Troops should not even be on AmeriKan soil! Period!

            Folks need to remember that Russia’s Ex Communist fake Mafia Prez Michail Gorbachev lives is retired at the ex Presidio U.S. Navy base located on the San Francisco Bay by under the San Fran Bridge … it’s now a U.N. Compound with a bunch of U.N. offices All working for the Globalist World Bank World Government michail Gorbachev now WORKS FOR THE U.N. GLOBALIST WORLD GOVERNMENT PROJECT!

            Also Lucifer Killery Clunton (hilary clintons Secret service code name is LUCIFER by the way – no bullshit) sent a letter to Russia requesting russian troops to be dispatched to ameriKa during a nation wide civil riot revolution break down – truth! NATO TROOPS ARE ALREADY HERE!!!

            The Russians (who are KGB mafia ruled , just as ameriKa is CIA mafia ruled) are on board with the U.N. Globalist Agenda ; they are only now just fighting like the chinese (who are hard-lined core Communist party mafia ruled) are fighting for a fair share of the spoils of the organized global domination.

            All three Organized Political Criminal Mafia run countries are working together for Global Dominance as a team!

            All they’re fighting over now are the spoils of global conquest!

            The fact Russian Troops are on AmeriKan soil is a huge change in stances – it says Russia is now on board with the globalist u.n. world bank world government agenda!

            Also zionist cia illegal puppet prez barry soetoro aka osama barack obama is a known MUSLIM Marxist radical COMMUNIST he was raised by active party members CIA COMMUNISTS , trained educated by them!

            Can no one else see the very real danger here to the once free ameriKan people???

            You have no choice now , no where to run too , you’ve two choices now KNEEL SUBMIT TO COMMUNIST ENSLAVEMENT TYRANNY or FIGHT – TAKE BACK YOUR U.S. CONSTITUTION GUARANTEED FREEDOMS!



            • *** TOLD YA’ SO… SUCKERS

              On May 10th communist cia zionist puppet traitor barry soetoro Obama Signed another Executive Order

              This latest executive order will allow the soviet socialists in our local communities through their committees to adopt and enact United Nations regulations designed to establish absolute United Nations’ control over our every resource.

      25. Nothing to see here. Move along…

      26. Not good!! This could be a black Friday and will be for JPM. In my opinion here’s the kicker though, for the last 8 years the big 5 banks have all been using and controlling their subcontractors, the hedge funds. If we have a financial contagion to the hedge funds and derivatives the whole system will begin to implode.

        The hedge funds and derivatives are for the most part unregulated markets and could collapse over night. We all know it could take 2 or 3 weeks for the stock markets to collapse due to the circuit breakers.

        If I still had money I think I would have it all in my possession for the next week or so till we see what happens. Remember possession is 9/10th. of the law.

        Let’s all pray this doesn’t spread to the broader markets, but this after hours call seems to be highly unusual.

        • And guess what? It’s Friyday the 11TH of May. Why can’t they choose a day like the 17th or 31st or 25th? Why do they do all there shite on the 11th day of a given month?

        • Just watch the “too big to fail” start coming out of the woodwork now with similar revelations. Anyone who has been paying attention knows that the gambling only doubled up after the bailout and that it was just a matter of time before this happened again.

      27. The only good that could come out of a true financial crisis before the election is that people might Wake up and turn to Ron Paul as a “solution”. The bad I see from it is “capitalism” being blamed and the world goes down the road of one world central authoritarian gov.

        • Ron Paul may very well be installed as President temporarily when the coming mass arrests gut the political and financial establishments of all these NWO/Fed lackeys and accomplices. Down the road, when legitimate elections take place, he might become the first elected president of the restored United States.

          • LOL! What mass arrests? Better yet, who exactly is going to be conducting those arrests?

            • Archie Bunker

            • 5 days ago the FEMA purchased 70,000.000 MRE packets.
              4 days ago the Homeland sec pruchased 450,000,000 rnds
              of .40 cal. So, who do you think they will punish.
              Last year the FEMA started to renivate most of the closed
              Army and Air Force bases….doesent this sort of make you
              wonder. It sure does me.

          • Your an idiot.
            Nothing againest RP though. He da man!

        • Ron Paul. Yeah, ha ha ha… Is he going to be following his illustrious son’s plans for Amerika the Great or does he have his own Draconian ideas to implement?

      28. Looks like I got myself some gasoline, eh! eh!

        • Never seen a man beat a snake before… who are ya? Reflexes! That’s what ya got! Me… I got BRAINS!

      29. Fuck JPMC I hope they completely crash and burn. Let the sky scrapper jumping start!

      30. You can bet that this is an engineered crisis. Nothing happens by accident with this bunch.

        One day, we’ll be hunting them with dogs.

        • My sources tell me a lot of these NWO/Fed accomplices have already fled the country on permanent vacations. Your vision of hunting them down with dogs is real… and not a joke. This is specifically mentioned in the Drake interview… the hunting down of the assholes that fled the US already to avoid the looming mass arrests.

          • Well, at least you know where to find Michelle Bachman… Yodoleieeeee…

        • Biggest 419 scam the world has ever seen.

          I just hope the bankers welfare check stops coming soon on BOTH sides of the atlantic. The bankers are NOT entitled to my great-grandkids inheritance.

      31. sorry fellas i really couldnt read all the post because of time constraints,,,all posters do understand that JP controls all the child support payments..these fukrs are about to get away with the theft of moneys to our children,,,ok yes i should be getting child support but it only 10 bucks for 3 kids.. thats not the point

        • Jason from Mars,

          JPMC also handles all the unemployment benifits, well at least for TX.


      32. We know this has to be. So let’s get on with this already. Does anyone else think that a global electronic slave currency is coming soon?

        • Digital currency is the ultimate control tool. Take a chip or you won’t be able to pay your groceried or utilities?

          Usery is forbidden to Christians, yet the West indulged.

          Dogs are microchipped and anyone who thinks the ptb see humans as anything more than dogs really hasn’t been paying attention.

          How many REAL assets has this latest theft purchased?
          arable land
          water rights
          oil wells

          My bet is that you can buy an awful lot of real assets for a few billion dollars today. The assets will retain value even when the dollar is worthless. Generational fortunes were made and power consolidated during the last great depression by the chosen few. Someone somewhere is laughing at us today.

          The march towards neo-feudalism continues.

      33. Buy Silver coins !

        F#@% JPM

      34. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer company. Maybe this is God’s way of telling Mr. Dimon that no, he really wasn’t “Doing God’s work.”

      35. Consider that the money supply used in the US is all bank debt except for the relatively small portion which is debased coinage.

        Federal Reserve Notes are liabilities of the Federal Reserve Bank. Checking account balances, saving account balances, and CD’s are the liabilities of commercial banks. It has been evident for several years that most US banks are insolvent and can’t pay their debts, and so is the federal government.

        People worry about money becoming worthless from hyper inflation. I worry more about the banks defaulting on their liabilities and our money becoming worthless because the banks are broke and our money is their debt. This is what happens when a society abandons real money like gold and silver and instead is forced by its government to use bank debt as money.

        There was a reason Article 1, Sections 8 and 10 were part of the Constitution to have Congress COIN money and to prohibit the States from making anything but gold and silver coins legal tender. Too bad politicians who control the government do not obey the Constitution.

        • They will soon be forced to obey the Consitution instead of their Fed/NWO monopoly money paymasters. When the mass arrests occur, following the letter of the Constitution will become popular overnight.

          • I’m curious about one thing: who exactly is going to bring back the letter of the Constitution? Better yet, how are ‘they’ (whoever that may be) accomplish that? Inquiring minds wanna know.

            • Um, i think Toomanyfakes means Ben Fulford’s 100 million ninjas worldwide that are posed and waiting to round up the elite and save the day. Sucker? or shill?

      36. Never seen a man beat a snake before… who are ya? Reflexes! That’s what ya got! Me… I got BRAINS!

      37. The company I work for has our 401K through JPM…

        • WOW…and I thought I had it bad…LOL

      38. All the big banks have trillions in bad debt, not to mention that they hold a big stake in Europe. Could this be the big excuse to start another war? Lets create chaos all over again, while they steal what wealth is left. They already are trying to spin it as, it’s not that bad, but it could get a bit worse. Main stream propaganda going into, nothing to see hear, move along. Hey, get your head back in the sand if you know what’s good for you!

        The wheels are churning to see how they will pawn this onto the tax payers, because as we all know, they are to big to fail.

        “The ground will open up and the sky will fall” “Tanks in the street, with martial law”, what is going to be the next big scare tactic?

        Will someone just press the reset button already!!!!

        Be aware, Be awake, Be A L I V E!

      39. Couldnt happen to a nicer bunch of pricks

      40. Yea….I see. The difference between Bernie Madoff & John Corzine is Bernie was not handing cash to Obummer.
        We have the Justice Department dealing weapons to cartels
        We have the Justice department after Arizona for trying to enforce border security…
        We have the Justice department after Texas for passing voter ID act….
        We have the Justice department after Sherrif Joe in AZ
        Is it just me, or does everything seem like it is upside down ?
        Whiskey Tango Foxtrot……over ?

      41. Greetings Everyone!
        So we are told that just one trader is at fault at JPM…..
        I may be wrong,but I question the premise of the article.I suspect that JPM(as well as GS)have been trying to conceal losses MUCH larger that.The number ARE much larger they are willing to reveal.I have said it before else where here…$10.00 gas and large increases in everything else we “little people” buy.I just bought a 25 roll package of TP,planning to get 3+ more next month.And “setting something by” each month there after.
        Frankly,I would expect the “Wall-Street” numbers to decline about 50%-75% in the coming months.Most people’s retirement “funds” are dependent upon a “market” that moves upwards each year.And many of these are already 70% underfunded both for business and non business retiree’s.It’s going to be a VERY nasty shock when the B.Boomers start to reach for their golden years check….
        Perhaps I wrote too much,but I don’t want to see other “little people” get any more pain if I can be of help…
        Just trying to live up to what I believe(do unto others,etc).
        Best to Everyone here!
        Hope you’re not too deep in the “market”

        • have been reading here for months….. posts have been helpful, compelling and now….. inspirational

          I skim through some posts and read slowly others

          hope for the best but am prepared for the worst

          stay safe

      42. The entire market/economy should have been allowed to crash in 2008. The “too big to fail banks” should have gone down with Lehmans. Then, start to rebuild, from the ground up, a more stable economy, minus derivatives. In today’s environment, that is not possible because we have a government hell bent on making war on the American people, should the big bankers fail. Is this insanity or what? Instead of going after the people who cause the fall, go after the victims: the American people. The whole DC/NY gang has got to be delusional. They damn sure are going to find out that they’ve made the wrong choice.

      43. When all this is over and America “what’s left of it” has to be rebuilt, maybe we’ll have our very own Nuremberg trials and can publicly execute the very one’s who have been behind the world’s ills the whole time, Zionist Jews, Mason’s, Luciferians, Satanists, traitors, roge bankers, etc.
        I’d like to toss the switch or pull the trigger myself, for a bit of personal satisfaction.

      44. Blame this ALL on reaganomics …

        Reagan acted as our president.. “Acted” while the bankers ran the show from behind the cutains of the whitehouse.

        Under his term.. This country and its industrial and mfg sectors were systematically Dismantled and sold off.. Shut down for ill gain profits..

        Export of jobs and products
        Reganera- vast poverty..

        Its easy for the elite to pilfer us.. They keep us occupied with wars, recession, debt and they load up all the cash they can carry right out of the Fed res back door!!

        This is all OUR Fault!

        I guess all the floride we are subjected to has really worked in making the general population – completely docile morons!!

        Let it all fail.. At the end.. We can eat US dollars.. With bbq sauce.. It might taste like the pork skin its printed on these days!!

        Another day.. Another lost dollar..$$

        • Blame it on Reagan? The blame is on every President going back to Woodrow Wilson. And most of the legislative branch as well.

        • The last few comments are troubling…..IF you have been reading this site for a while, then you should have years of food, water, ammo, and supplies for what’s being promoted by the NWO gang for us.

      45. We have crossed and burned a bridge, as a nation-USA, that we can never return and cross back over. When almost half the voting public (by the estimates) support and condone an outlaw, and openly gay supporter, as commander and chief, we are screwed as a nation. The bankers (like JP Morgan), and the Federal Reserve (which are private banks), have destroyed our economic/financial system. We the sheeple, have allowed it. The system must now implode and begin anew. The problem is that the “new” system will be a global one and our sovereignty as a free country is definitely over. The only thing we have is our personal freedom granted by our Creator.

        • “When almost half the voting public (by the estimates) support and condone an outlaw, and openly gay supporter, as commander and chief, we are screwed as a nation.”

          Nough said! Bring back Hitler and the Nazi Party. Oh…never mind, y’all Right Wing Fundies are well on your way to doing that already.

        • The Creator. LOL! Yeah…that’s gonna take ya places…like back to The Stone Age but you cave dwellers would be quite content and in your element living in cages, dragging women by the hair and killing each other with bows and arrows while praising and worshiping your “creator”

        • And this is what you get from a “brain on religion” – may your ‘creator’ help us all!

      46. This what they get for manipulating PMs for all these years. Silver and lead bitchez.

        • Do you realize that this is nothing to them? We (you and me and the rest of the taxpaying suckers) will end up picking this one up too, one way or another. Just watch.

      47. hey nina or any other computer nerds…. can you guys teach me how i can see all of you thru your computer screens…. pretty please… i need a good laugh… oh not you nina and daisy… i know weve reconsiiated, however i would get a kick out of it…. actually dont teach me! could be addictive… obviously itt is!

      48. wti light sweet crude tumbling pretty hard this morning, but brent crudes holding in better….hmmmm

      49. jamie dimon is quite possibly the most vile man i have ever seen roam…. hes a fucken mouthy goof…. id like to see if hes so tough face to face with someone like me or nina

        • eeder.

          It is easy to be brave from a distance. – Omaha

          • hey ohcumgache…. where ya wanna meet pal… i will be there to hammer you good and hard…. stand firm.

            • i dont got a passport… i aint going to omaha.. having said that id tell you right to your fucken face how much i hate you…. than id wait for you to either talk shit and walk away or gi ve me reason to make you feel pain.. the choice … that would be yours… FUCK OFF FAGGOT!

            • eeder,

              Even a small mouse has anger. – Tribe Unknown

              For your information, Omaha is the name of an Indian Tribe located in Nebraska. You do not need a pass-port to go there.

            • Eeder needs a passport, because he lives in Crazyland. Or Canada, one of the two.

            • even a stupid mouthy prick like you has balls sometimes even though its too your disadvantage! eeder 101…. tribe of eeder

          • hahahaha.. you think im scared of a god damned indian! ive got two native reserves in my area. a couple of years ago a mouthy wealthy yankee got his ass booted nearly to death by them indians for creating a stir there after his stupid little teenage children caused a stir there. the indians are my firends tho… give me a fucking break…. i do not scare that easily… and im your irish un cle.. who the fuck cares….

          • yes mama bear im from canada… whats your fucking point… and you yankees arent crazy…yeah thats what i thought.

            • eeder is NOT representative of true Canadians! Far from it. He’s an embarrassment to humanity it seems.

              All real Canadians apologize. It takes all kinds I guess.

            • Double shots of Windsor Canadian and GSP(when’s he comin back?). Love those Canuck exports.

      50. just mere months ago, JAMIE DIMON proclaimed the euro one of , if not , the greatest inventions ever in the history of mankind… and now he admits how “stupid“ he is! and you all believe this horse crud…. you are all a pile of fucking fools!seems the greek people havent felt enough pain yet either…. they want more pain to keep the euro! our planet is inhabited with people undeserving of freedom!

        • eeder: you seem to be under the assumption that it’s the people doing this and not their appointed leaders. You also seem to be under the wrong impression that the will and wishes of the people matters or has any bearing on the decision of the cabal in charge of the world and its utter demise.

      51. It’s 10am eastern time and the pump monkeys are hard at work. No big deal….nothing to see here.

        • Yep, the propaganda machine in the financial news media is at full force, with a little FED meddling behind the scenes I’m sure.

      52. Markets showing a gain today in early trading…politics make market predictions very tough these days, especially during an election year. Markets Green right now, Obama 2012…see how that works?

      53. “Look out below because this one has traders spooked and it could be a Lehman-like domino that causes a widespread market panic.”

        … or not … the freakin DOW is up 26 points here at 10:30am

        (using their government supplied money).

        It is cheaper to prop up stocks now than to bail out
        Trillions in government insured pension funds later.

        If the market goes down, the dominoes will start to fall.

      55. OK, seriously folk’s? It seems like no matter what the post is by Mac, someone says “first”, then we read 50 posts on how that person is an idiot. Then someone posts a rant on something completely unrelated and we end up reading 50 posts of people calling each other fags and get in to a darker conversation. I want to hear what everyone thinks, but can we at least stay on topic and support a constructive prepping discussion? It is so sickening to go down to the comments section and have to glaze through 75% of the posts being personal shots at each other.

        I have found that one discussion leads to another and then to another and I love the constructive conversations. Enough ranting and cussing. Adding the word fuck to a sentence does not lend credibility to the author of the post. It shows a lack of ability to prove a point.

        I love the site. I love the information. I love the constructive discussions. I hate when people state that we should be shooting people in government. No we shouldn’t, we should be voting them out of office. I hate when people use this as a forum for their own agenda. Go to and get yourself a website where you can spew hatred all day long and then people will have the opportunity to not have to read it.

        I am starting a personal policy of giving the thumbs down to all conversations that are completely off topic as well as the responses from other people calling them names, forcing another uneducated response from the idiot who originally posted their political agenda.

        I ask that everyone who wants to keep this site for what it is to do the same. Soon when people realize that if they post verbal trash like most of what is in this discussion area that it will be hidden within minutes and not worth it.

        Let’s be constructive people. When the SHTF, what difference will it make that you spewed hatred on an online discussion or called a faceless stranger a fucking retard.

        What will make a difference is helping people prepare and sharing constructive ideas on being better preppers.
        Please, if you see someone vomit on the discussion board, please click thumbs down and help clean this discussion area up.

        • finally, now I can continue my readings here

          hello all planners……I will be more involved …..

        • @ Norse Prepper. You know what is so funny about all of this hatred that goes on, most of the people on this site are actually the people that you would want to watch your back. I would trust someone that has the same preparation ideals like I do, more so than I would some of these individuals (most non-preppers) that waste their time, minds, resources, and their lives are meaningless crap. I too see this hate, but if most of these people got together they would find they have much in common. Their hate should be directed towards those that want to take everyone’s freedom away from them. Most of the people here don’t realize that the others that they direct their hate towards are not the enemy.

          A constructive course of action would be on each post try to offer some way of preparing and ready ourselves for the living hell on the way. Each of us has an unique approach to be prepared. Many times some of the individuals that use the f word the most are the ones that deep down want to help their fellow prepper to get ready and want them to see just how dangerous the world is for everyone.

          Norse Prepper, you know what I am concerned about is the fact that there are many individuals out there watching, yet not participating in the discussion. Some of these people have total revolutionary ideas that can help us ALL. Yet these people see all this inner fighting going on, and don’t want to be part of it. Mac by not censoring anything is the absolute correct choice. I tried to help someone on another site that moderates the comments and was banned and censored because it was, I guess, not what was something someone wanted to hear.

          This site should have 1500-2000 comments on many of the wonderful articles presented, but there is a hidden audience that does not want to be part of the other comments that direct anger towards each other. I just wish people would see that their hate is actually hurting everyone, including themselves, by preventing many people (that just won’t participate) from giving us all valuable insight to survival ideas.

          • ~Be Informed~

            A very constructive post on your part. However, your definition of “hate”…may be a bit broad, in terms of comprehension by a reader, on a given post.

            …a case in point would be the numerous references as regards to race & religion….the smart folks always post multiple links to support their info/data…of which maybe 10-20% here, will actually follow said links…& yet they still garner multiple red checks(thumbs down) because they’re right???

            …its sad that in Amerika today, more often than not…”TRUTH” is always the first casualty in any serious debate…& facts become irrelevant/subservient when “tolerance” is the rule!!!!!!!!!!

            Ahhhh…such are the benefits of the diversity/multiculturalism cult in post modern Western Civilization!!!


            I do not classify said folks as haters, when their data/links check out as truth…regardless of their delivery method!
            I do categorize their thumbs-down stalkers, as mere low brow/poorly educated, self-serving/lazy dimwits, who’re intellectually handicapped in the IQ dept & lack the ability to logically analyze a given topic, free of personal bias/prejudice(**)!!!

            **(…the definition of “prejudice” is….an unconsidered opinion!)


            I doubt those who fail to participate/share their insights are dissuaded from posting their knowledge/experiences, based on a perceived level of “HATE” allegedly circulating here….more than likely, they’ve seen someone else beat them to the punchline….because, let’s face it…regarding the survival/prepping/medical angle, there are manifold heavy hitters here(they all bat clean-up on my roster) & most are female…& one is English!

            –(KUDOS Ladies…y’all have taught/educated me much!!!)—


            …your concern for fearful/timid posters may have merit….but I wonder over the loss of some “sharp cookies” who have vanished from these threads…

            That is a trend that I find much more disturbing……

            • @ Gunsmith. You ever see that opening pilot episode of Jericho in which the character that was going to run against the mayor said, “I don’t care about the election, I care about survival”. Right now we have to accumulate as much information as possible to survive what is coming. All of this squabbling is hurting that effort because there are thousands of people that don’t chime in because of these “fights” that go on that these people don’t want to be part of this. I just sent a comment in which I was not really holding my cool with the Durango kidd because he called me f’en brain dead, even though I agree with 90-99% of what he is asserting.

              I am in a way not even living up to my own words and allowing myself to become reactionary to something said. I hate to be a hypocrite, but it is extremely difficult not to react when someone calls you brain dead in a field that you have college degree in. The thing is I would still offer durango kidd any information I have to make his life more survivaable because I truly feel a kinship with other people that are trying to prepare like I am. There are so few of us. I guess what I am saying is that I wish people would try to focus more on what really matters, survival.

              You know the other night I woke up so thirsty and as I reached for my bottle of water I told of something that totally freaked me out. What if when I was this thirsty I had no water, and I would only become that much more thirsty. It is an awful thought and I feel that we should be thinking more in the line of that what is not going to be there for us, rather than bickering over meaningless subjects.

              I just hope that others will spend more time thinking about how to help their fellow preppers to survive rathern than how to verbally injury each other. Even those that spew out the most vile words on this site have fantastic ideas on how to prepare and I just wish they would concentrate more on this. It sure makes me feel good when I have a new idea that others have not thought of and maybe that it might aid others in surviving what is coming.

              Thank you, and everyone else that takes their time to try to help others, this is what preppers, survivalists or whatever someone that prepares and tries to ready themselves, do for each other.

        • I do concur on some points in your post Norse Prepper… but one..
          and I quote:
          I hate when people state that we should be shooting people in government. No we shouldn’t, we should be voting them out of office.
          it is sooooo typical of a scandinavian… det bara visar hur ni norrmän och svenskar och danskar tycker och tänker… tyvärr så är det helt tvärtom i det övriga världen. folk hatar regeringen, och de har rätt o göra det. regeringmän är alltid värda att skjutas ihjäl. de utnyttjar systemet för deras egna mål, och vi, små killar och tjejer är bara deras leksaks figurer… skandinaver tror i deras regeringar, men det är bara ett undantag och inte en regel. om du skulle leva bara för ett år i mitt land, skulle du snabbt förstå vad jag menar, men pga det skall aldrig ske, det är meningslöst att diskutera.
          anyway, you might think that democracy is the way to go, and you may have your delusions about changing the system by playing the system’s rules, but that’s your prerogative… I would very much like to hear what Manos would say to you in response for your “let’s vote them out, we have a democracy after all”
          if you haven’t figured it out yet, then I think it is pointless arguing with you. just don’t assume that if a country has a declared democratic government it doesn’t mean that those elected are “benevolent rulers”… after all even Lukashenko claims to be a democratically elected leader… ours claim the same… the only difference between them – “authoritative” democracies say that Lukash is bad and ours are good… but I must say that majority people in my country are living worse than majority in Belarus… go figure…

        • Thank you NP. If I could give this 10 thumbs up, I would. When i first started following this site a few years ago, I did so because of the information contained within the articles AND comments. Now it seems to have attracted the exact kind of people that give preppers their stereotype. You would think that after your comments get hidden via thumbs down 30 or 40 times one might realize that no one wants to hear the raving lunatic’s speeches or the Internet tough guys.

          I’m all for free speech but many forums have moderators for a reason – to keep the founding principles of the site in line. While I understand this isn’t a forum, the comment sections might as well be. It’s clear the site has grown enormously in a short time but the price of that fame has been a dilution of quality messages from the participants.

          Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to sound high and mighty but even the most productive garden can be choked out but a few bad weeds.

          • It seems as though Norse Prepper has caused a lot of time to be spent reading off topic because of his/her ranting. The very thing he/she was bitching about. This site offers a wide range of interesting comments and it’s well worth the time to sift thru some of the trolls and fake preppers because they have found people they can engage with. Some have nowhere else to go. If NP and Arkadan can’t handle the sifting maybe they need to go to a “moderated” site. The dirty words such as “fuck,shit,ass,damn,bitch or even faggot or dyke”, shouldn’t be a problem for adults. Yea there are people who visit that act like children, but this is primarily a site for grown-ups. I don’t use the Lord’s name in vane nor like to hear, or read it in print. I do use salty words from time to time. If you don’t like it? That’s what the “thumbs down” is for. The thumbs down and hidden comment is all the moderation this site needs or it will loose its uniqueness and attraction. If Mac goes to a moderator, I’m afraid he will see a decrease, not increase in activity. I could be wrong, but every site I’ve visited with “moderators”, has died. Some of those had followings of 500 or more. We have enough restrictions on free speech as it is. Most Moderators have their “own” agenda and inevitably it finds it’s way onto individual comments. The uniqueness of this site will fade with a moderator on board.

      56. My concern isn’t that JPM lost money, but that we the taxpayers will cover their losses. It seems the federal govt/banking coalition nationalizes losses while keeping profits private.

      57. JPMC posts a “surprise” 2 billion dollar loss, the market opens down but jumps right back up. More proof that this market is propped up on false bubbles.

      58. toomanyfakeconservatives @ May 11, 2012 at 12:42 am

        Highlights of interview:
        •The process of removing the cabal that has controlled most of the world for the past 300 years is almost complete
        •The takedown is being done by the world’s military, police and intelligence agencies. The group being taken down is the… conglomerate headed by George Bush Senior… they will be bankrupted and put in jail. Evidence of the takedown is now becoming visible for all to see.
        •…the green countries that have real money stopped lending to countries still controlled by the fascists… starting in the fall of 2008. That is the real reason for the so-called Lehman shock.
        •The fascists won a year’ respite when they promised “change” under Obama. That ended in 2009 after Obama showed through his actions that he was part of the fascist continuum.
        •If you look at the green countries on the map you can see their targets.
        •The fascists also tried to carry out a coup against the US patriots in the Pentagon and the agencies by setting off nuclear bombs in New York and Washington. Instead these bombs were taken by patriotic forces…
        •It is hard to know when the final take down of the cabal will proceed but the situation is now down to a few technical legal details… to do everything legally and constitutionally… However, the take-down has already begun.
        •The fascists have…been trying to negotiate their way out… George Bush Senior has… offered “all the money in the world,” in exchange for “being left alone.” [but] many of them have tried to cling to power too long and are no longer in a position to negotiate immunity for themselves.
        •White Dragon sources in the US agencies say top cabalists like the last four US presidents will go to jail.

        • A lot of people here are too busy reacting to headlines and not seeing the worldwide picture. The Federal Reserve Note is DEAD ON ARRIVAL! Every day more countries reject it and every day more international transactions take place without it.

          The NWO simply cannot exist and their evil plans cannot take place without Federal Reserve Notes and the Bank of International Settlements. Both will be gone sooner than you think. Sorry to disappoint all of those here with the bunker mentality, but World War III is not going to take place. Powerful forces inside and outside the U.S. have taken steps to make sure it won’t. The U.S. is about to be freed from debt slavery once and for all. The FEMA camps are going to be used on them… not us.

          • toomany fake cons
            oh god i hope youre right… at this point i feel its a tossup…50-50… god i pray youre right

          • Yeah, and when the NWO plans of domination thru finances fail, they still got the biggest arsenal of weapons of mass destruction available at their disposable.

          • toomanyfakeconservatives

            I’d love to believe you are right but these sods ar right sneaky

            Take a look at the BP whistle blowers who have bitten the dust.(we don’t hear much about the gulf oil stuff now in UK MSM but I’m assuming a mess that big is taking a while to clean up?)

            You dig deep enough and for every major scandal someone who knows shit but wasn’t trusted to keep their gob shut seems to have a “heart attack” or similar.

            • Thanks for the link. Look up the fates of the people who were around JFK. It’s a laundry list of plane crashes, car wrecks, fishing accidents, heart attacks and so on. The suspicious deaths stretched well into the 1970s and 1980s.

        • LOL! This fantasy made me smile. Is that a script you’re working on for Hollywood or something?

        • I can dig it…… when it happens. Till then, I’ll remain skeptical.

      59. I’m Betting the markets will rise today. Its all just 1 big game being played.
        Scare the little guyes to sell when it drops the big boyes will buy and make all the money again…


        Close around 13,080 on the dow

        • no DPS, ill take the other side of the bet… i bet the market either finishes down today or within 10 points of no change… on the dow…. which is not really important….. watch the s and p instead

        • eeder,

          You maybe right, the great thing is that I have nothing in the markets, therefor I will lose nothing. If I was going to bet on anything it would be lead going up LOL. Either way its kinda fun to watch these markets. The sheeple of the world will never learn.


        • Dammit it looks like the market is falling, So much for my career as a trader, But hey I hear JP Morgan is looking for some new players…Hell with 100 point loss I could go all the way to the top…LMFAO.


          • dps
            stick to your day job my friend! youre correct. you are nto cut out for trading!

      60. ahhhhhhh! ya patriotic little guys and dolls! all of my posts where im derogatory to americans by calling you yankees have been taken down! you yankees think youre tough.. you think youre special…. youre half right… youre special alright… as in special education… as in youre a bunch of dimtards…. FUCKING GO TO HELL!

        • He he he…Don’t worry, mate. The Yanks are about to find out how very special they are…just you wait and see what happens in Chicago. Assad & Qaddafi will be green with envy.

        • Dimtards??

          Who’s the one getting their comments removed? HAHAHAHA!!!!

        • Inbreeder says what?

      61. i think i know why the troops have been out all this week, at least here in southern ontario… i think it is directly related to this jpmorgan stuff too….any thoughts …

        • No, it’s not JP Morgan, it’s the NATO Summit in Chicago. They’re gonna kill them all like flies. Assad and Qaddafi will look like babies compared to what these world-class terrorists will do.

      62. I’m shocked, shocked that gambling has been going on at that fine establishment of games of fortune called Wall Street.

        • +1

      63. let the whole shitty mess collapse. it couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of sociopaths, psychopaths and assholes in general. we ninety-nine percenters will mostly be just fine since we’re all well aware of what’s coming while the assholes in general have their heads jammed up each others asses. fine with me, i’m prepared. let it crash.

      64. If the CEO of JPMorgan does not resign, then I believe this will show itself as a set up. Perhaps a dry run, to see how the people will react. I am afraid it is just the beginning. This was probably done on a thursday, in order to execute their buffers, and study what our reactions were. The people will be confident to not move their money since it was just a little nothing, as they have been told. Next time is will be devastating because they actually believe these crooks.

        • no worries on the reserve of omaha though ouchi guchi or whatever the fuck your name is.

          • @ eeder… as a fellow Canadian, I am urging U to stop using the “F” word on this forum…..

            I have been addicted to this site for a couple months now, and have learned so much, but lately, it seems its all going down the sewer….so please to all of you, lets put a stop to the cussing!

            We should be trying to help each other, and giving each other tips on prepping and survival skills…. as time is ticking…To all of you, sorry my first post had to be on a “downer” (usually I’m a happy gal)

            • Welcome skt

              It took me ages to post for the first time, at least yours has a point, mine was totally inane…thinking about it, some still are lol

              Take care

            • im sorry skt, i didnt mean to get you down! im .. im sorry

        • Why should Jamie Dimon resign for an error his Chief Investment Officer made?

          Dimon is a crook and belongs in jail, but he is not culpable for a trade made by his CIO.

          • C’mon DK….wasn’t this the whole point of Sarbanes Oxley;that the CEO was held liable for the actions of anyone under him? No more ” I don’t know….I wasn’t there on the day in question.” This is why Jon Corzine is in jail this very day. OOOOPS….. I just woke up from a bad dream with a funny twitch in my trigger finger.

            • JRS: Actually, NO. Sarbanes Oxley was federal legislation respecting accounting principles and internal fraudulent acts within or by the company.

              IE The CEO of Wal Mart could probably be held legally liable for the bribery of Mexican officials by underlings (but not likely).

              These are legal standards and processes for which the Officers of the company are responsible for overseeing, and therefore criminally liable for any illegal acts that are committed within or by the company officials during their tenure.

              A bad trade is, well, a bad trade. The Trader is responsible. In this instance, Dimon is not legally culpable.

              The trader is not legally liable for a bad trade either; depending upon his intent. A reasonable man would assume that the CIO of a company of this size and prestige, receiving the level of compensation that he no doubt commands, would not deliberately sabotage his own efforts. This trade falls under incompetence and a mistake in judgement.

              He has earned his reward.

              Dimon is accountable to the company’s board and shareholders for the overall performance of the company.

              Which means, of course, that in 90 days this will all be forgotten.

      65. None of this will be over until the whole banking system comes down. Derivatives is the key word. Although I don’t know what they are, it was said when they crack, that will make the dollar fall and of course the banks will fall. I think there is a way to go because the dollar is up right now. Will it take a nose dive? Could, just like gold did. There is no way the economy is going to get better. It is getting worst and the government is running out of money. If they do a QE3, its just delaying the crash and making it worst. It has to fall.

        • The “whole banking system” you are talking about only exists in the part of the world that still accepts Federal Reserve Notes. Every day less and less transaction take place within this system and more transactions take place outside of this system. The NWO loses power every day as country after country drops the Federal Reserve Note and makes their internation transactions is gold, oil, and alternative currencies. In fact, the Fed and NWO are circling the drain and about to be flushed for good.

          • While I’d like to believe the “flushed for good” comment, I think they still have a whole heck of a lot of power. And before you see any flushing, you’ll see an event (or series of them) that will derail that flushing for a while. They have a Trump card called the US military and until that Trump card is taken out of play, the NWO don’t need to hit the panic button just yet. IMO, the only thing that will help us to flush the NWO will be moving that Trump card to “our” side.

            • Arkaden: Well said. And the only way to get control of the military is for Patriots to control the government again.

              Once government is firmly in control of Patriots again, NWO legislation, Executive Orders, and treasonous acts can be rolled back and the US Constitution restored to its rightful place as the basis for the laws of the land.


        • Enough is enough: You do not know what derivatives are, or how they work; but you are willing to accept someone else’s idea that they will “crack”, “make the dollar fall”, and then “of course, the banks will fail”.

          LMFAO! 🙂

          I have never heard anyone with so little information or understanding pontificate upon a subject of which they have NO knowledge, yet
          form conclusions based upon the hearsay of alt media selling you fear and doom via a monthly subscription; or the rantings of other individuals on threads like this one who have about as much factual information as you do.

          Yours IS the perfect example of the ignorance that pervades rank and file America about their economic and political systems.

          Educate yourself. Get informed. Then engage.

          • durango kid… absolutely correct sir.

      66. Bernanke – Thurs 5/10/12 in speech at Bank Structure Conference “Banks are in Great Shape, Crisis is over, good liquidity.” *Dimon & Blankfein met with Bernanke earlier in week – JPM losses around 18 Billion.

        By: SherrieQA

        I have information from a “source” that both Dimon and Blankfein met with Bernanke earlier this week. The same source is saying the real losses for JPM is 5 times at least the amount stated, they have said it is actually around 18 Billion in losses. This source is real and is connected in financials. We will eventually see if the source is correct regarding the real loss amount, eventually coming out.

        So that means Bernanke knew what was about to go down with JP Morgan from his meeting with Dimon earlier in the week. But Blankfein (Goldman Sachs) met with Bernanke also. So……….. does that mean Goldman Sach is in just as much trouble as JP Morgan and their losses?

        Bernanke lied through his teeth in this speech he made yesterday. From saying the banks are in good shape to saying they are not “betting” as much. The facts are the banks have hedged more on derivatives than they have ever before. There is more gambling going on than there was in 2008!

      67. Eduardo Saverin, the billionaire co- founder of Facebook Inc. (FB), renounced his U.S. citizenship before an initial public offering that values the social network at as much as $96 billion, a move that may reduce his tax bill.

      68. The population(including preppers), have been brainwashed to believe the puppet masters can never fail. NEVER!
        In the end they will call in the massive U.S. military to back them up, enslave all mankind, end of story.
        But if the military says no…. then what?

        • Maybe Ben Fulfords Ninjas will save us? 😉

          *sigh* We have been so screwed…and were not even kissed first.

      69. And they are dogging the HELL out of me over a late payment of $97. ! You know…I dont advocate this but I can understand why some folks want to chop their
        heads off!!

      70. FUCK JP MORGAN

        • + to infinity and beyond Rich99 !!

          best post ever…fuck’em all, then kill’em all, then let God sort’em out.

          I’m your brother, make it count.

        • Must add this…just spotted this comment…

          Posted by Nickadeemus on 8. mai 2012 23:03:38

          Thank you for posting on this forum! I was the photographer. This picture was taken on highway 85 Northbound two miles south of Elberton, Ga. It is absolutely true. I blew past the truck doing 82MpH. My tail lights were even with the front of the rigs cab when it occurred to me what they were. I slammed on my brakes to let the rig pass. As I pulled out my blackberry and positioned for the shot, the driver looked in his side-view mirror and slammed on his brakes. He then banked right to exit the highway onto an exit ramp towards Elberton. I could not operate the manual transmission, save the shot, and maneuver my vehicle to follow.

          Thanks again to whomever posted this here. People need to see this.


          • These are grave liners. What if the guy driving the truck was on the run from creditors or an ex-wife? Maybe it wasn’t a government coverup but some poor driver who thought he was about to be busted? Just thinking of possibilities.

          • Jay Jay, I smell something fishy about the photo and comment by the supposed photographer. I checked out the story and the comments (thanks for the link, by the way) but the comment is inaccurate on several points. Elberton is 45 or 50 miles SOUTH of I-85. (there is no other hwy 85 anywhere near there, such as a state hwy 85 or such, so I assume the commenter meant the interstate. Plus, any freight moving from Georgia to Chicago would almost certainly be on I-75 up to Chattanooga then NW through Nashville. I-85 (north of Atlanta) heads NE, taking you farther away from Chicago, not closer to it.
            And if the commenter actually passed a truck then slammed on his brakes, as he describes, the trucker would think he was up to no good and might very well exit off, just to avoid a possible hijacker or drunk driver.
            The main problem though, is the photo itself. Can’t tell for sure, but it looks a lot like plastic stock watering tanks, not coffins. And there’s about 4 or 5 big plastic manufacturers in and around Atlanta. My guess is the truck was heading to a farm supply store or distribution center.
            Anyway, I think we ought to chalk this one up to ‘false alarm’ or at least ‘inconclusive’ at best.

            • Thank you for the level headed answer. Anyone who has been on a ranch or farm can tell you that these are poly water troughs used to water cattle, horses or whatever you may be raising. They come in different sizes, and this looks to be the larger size. Lately they have been seen as a less expensive alternative to the stainless steel with just as much durability. Looks like they are headed to a distributor from the factory.

            • Those look like the same exact containers that are on Infowars and other sites. If you notice, there are 10 containers setting atop 10 lids. Why would farm troughs have lids?

            • @Arkaden … yur’ your very very very wrong … they are the actual:

              Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
              1600 Clifton Rd. Atlanta, GA 30333, USA
              [email protected]
     The U.S. Government’s

              *** CDC Human Disposal Coffins “specifically designed” to put whole Biologically weapon diseased killed DEAD AMERICAN families (2 PARENTS 2.5 KIDS and their pets fido and fluffy) in them. you can clearly see the covers stacked on bottom. There are millions of these and federal FEMA contracted built controlled mass grave sites – pre-staged all over AmeriKa!

              *** the tuckers across ameriKa are also being trained how to spot domestic terrorists by the dhs and are part of the dhs “see something say something” spot a domestic (lone wolf) terrorist national campaign! Just like your local postmen , ups fed-ex truck delivery drivers , private security , meter readers , wal-mart employee’s etc etc!

              The trucker probly thought the photographer was a domestic terrorist and took evasive action to get away from the crazy photographer messing with him and his load! ***Personally as a ex Class A Trucker myself … the kid is lucky he’s not bug food for messing with a truckers truck , trailer and load!

              (i suggest folks don’t mess with truckers while their on the job – driving , if they want to continue living!)

              *** These are the real deal folks! miilions of these exist pre-staged all over ameriKa by the CDC FEMA just for you and your families!!!


          • Regarding being water troughs for live stock –

            reviewed link and in video with Alex Jones and Jessie Ventura they also show same “coffins” and their “lids” – I have live stock and my troughs don’t have lids. Just saying

            Also, they followed the money and seems it goes back to Haliburton


        Ron Paul beats Obama

        ­Last Tuesday night Mitt Romney won the Arizona and Michigan primaries and once more “electability” was the issue. Almost one third of voters said it was their main reason for choosing Romney. According to interviews with the national media, some voters held their noses and voted for the former Massachusetts governor on that issue alone. But as readers of this blog will know, they needn’t have held their noses. The man who shares Obama’s banker, Goldman Sachs, thinks that Syria has an opening to the sea and whose wife drives two Cadillacs, (presumably one at a time,) is not the most electable after all.
        read more at link

        • JayJay,

          Texas INMATE #11593-051(Keith Judd) got 40 per cent of votes against Obama in the West Virginia primary earlier this week.


      72. *** “Great Britain goes the Full SS Nazi!”

        In rounding up potential troublemakers ahead of the games, the British government is drawing inspiration from none other than Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

        In an effort to “clean up” Berlin before the 1936 Olympics, the German Ministry of Interior authorized the chief of the Berlin Police to arrest all undesirables – mainly Gypsies – prior to the Games and have them slung in detention camps. Political enemies were also incarcerated in the camps.

        Hitler also used the event to install an early form of CCTV surveillance, but nothing to rival Big Brother’s stranglehold over London which will be put to good use in spotting thought crimes before they happen.

        • I’m in London, the school run takes me past an Olympic site every morning.

          Helicopters constantly circle over head, the war ship was open to the public last Monday (1.5 hour queues so we didn’t bother going on). I think the military are trying to use the event as a recruitment drive or summat – certainly the phrase “strutting peacocks” comes to mind. A show of strength to warn off any foreign troubemakers. Shame the locals are too irritated by the whole thing to be impressed.

          I’m fed up with living in a construction site and would love it if they’d just fill the frigging holes in the roads. The project managers of the roadworks want sacking.

          It’s grim, due to the building works, but tbh our police force has trouble tying their own shoelaces so I don’t see any kind of minority report type stuff going down. They spend a LOT of time on apprehending motor vehicle tax disc offenders.

          I’m unaware of any “round ups”, just a lot of irritation from ordinary folk at our lives being disrupted for a flashy show noone can afford tickets for.

          The jobs promised to Londoners when the Olympic site announcement never materialised as they either flew in cheap foreign construction workers or are using volunteers at the actual event itself. Companies are using the Olympic transport disruption as an excuse to delay new hires and the unemployment situation is hurting a lot of locals.

          I don’t like the miitary build up, the predicted crowds, nor the fact the underlying causes for last summer’s riots have not been addressed – so I’m decamping to a nice relaxed spot in the Carpathian mountains for the summer with the ex MIL & my child.

          • Lone

            Bloody hell, we agree on something. Lol

            It’s a waking nightmare, I underestimated the time to go three miles by car….NEVER AGAIN

            Take care

            • If my lad weren’t due to have a simple op in the immediate future we’d have flown the coop at Easter. Asking an autistic kid to endure a foreign hospital inc a GE etc is too much to ask unless it’s a real emergency methinks.

              Anyone who has the& common sense of a ghat will avoid the Olympic circus.

        • What’s up with the missle placements for the Olympics? Heard that they posted notices on the buildings targeted for placement. Big row about this?

      73. One thing that will take the financial sector down faster than you can say bankrupt is an earthquake in Toyko, California, New Madrid area, even New York or other east coast cities. There has been some weird earthquake activity the past 5 days, they are all over the place, small but there. Something is again building stress all over the planet. Remember the largest strike slip ever recorded, 8.6 and 8.2, other seismic stations had it 8.7 and 8.3? Here is an article I found about it:

        This earthquake realigned the plates big time and another round of earthquakes is likely to come when enough stress has built up on already weaken plates around the world. Try to imagine a 8+ in Toyko, last one in 1923, overdue. California, last one in 1906, 1857, 1812, and sometime around 1700, way overdue. Just imagine the economic destruction from the insurance alone. People don’t think about this much, but many people have life insurance, and how they pay that off for a million people or more is just not going to happen. Insurance companies are much tied into the finances of the world. Structures destroyed by fires and not the earthquake themselves I imagine would have to be covered by insurance companies.

        Imagine the financial loss from the buildings being unusable that businesses depend desperately on, especially in Toyko. After an earthquake on large size to a major financial city, hub, it would be real wise to finish off everyone’s survival supplies before the runs at the stores begin. There will be a lull and shock and awe before the supplies start to be picked clean after an earthquake destroying event on the economy. Just a tip to all those preppers out there.

        Check out all the earthquakes, there sure are a lot of different places. Could mean nothing, but usually in the past it means a decent size earthquake is coming. Look for the earthquakes to increase in size in the 5-5.9 range and then it is a good possibility of something larger within about 3 days after they had increased into the 5-5.9 range. Something is going on with the planet’s crust. It is interesting to watch.

        • I always wonder how insurance companies define the term “act of God”? Read the fine print of any policy & it’s always present.

          Would an earthquake on the scale you describe not be classed under the weasely insurance term “act of God” – which usually renders any claims null & void.

          So any survivors would be left destitute and penniless but the insurance companies would retain all premium payments.

          • @ lonelonmum. I would hope those that bought an insurance policy did not have some clause in this like that. Life insurance is life and the loss of it. I know some people that have life insurance policies that are even covered with someone committing suicide. That is how desperate insurance companies have become. I would hope that people that have died in other natural disasters would be a defendable case against any insurance company trying to weasel out of paying families that have lost someone in some mass natural or manmade disaster, I sure would hope.

      74. Greeting everyone (again)!!
        To durango kidd:
        I agree it’s tough to be a businessman in these times.
        Having been a manager myself,it’s never an easy task.Perhaps more-so when things seem to be going good.
        If I might be so bold,I would suggest that you use part of your excess cash flow to find a local bank.Get a majority position(on a personal level,not as your company!).Put friendly folks on the B.O.D..And then perhaps ask for a loan like everyone else to fund your expansion plans.
        Is this fair of you? Perhaps not,but the market is rigged against anyone but the major players in the “Wall-Street” cabal anyway.You might with the new income stream from your new investments put funds into said financial institution and thru the B.O.D.(indirectly of course) make available fund to nearby small businesses at a affordable rate.Everyone would win but the JBM’s of the land.If(and it’s a big if!)other like-minded businessmen
        could join the party.It might even grow to the point that when the “too big to fail banks” do actually FAIL(and their greed will be the “double-tap” cause)there would be a system around to fill the void,as it were.Banking managers who would be concerned as much about the the effects of what they do long term as well as the bottom line next quarter.The need to make a profit isn’t wrong as long as it isn’t excessive.I think most smaller banks would do quite well and still care for the health of the local business community instead of “offshore adventures”.
        Just my thoughts,
        again Best to All
        Hope Everyone here has food to eat and a safe place to rest tonight.

        • GFG: Just saw your post to me. I really would not want to go the route you suggest, as retail banking is not my idea of fun.

          I do not work well with others as I prefer to call ALL the shots so partnerships and group projects that include other shareholders is not my cup of tea; but I appreciate the input.

          I have looked at “local banks” but only as a facility to house my activities (they come with a vault). A “seed bank” as it were. 🙂

          There are many ways to raise capital but having spent some time in Merchant Banking / Venture Capital I really don’t want to go that route and give up equity.

          There are other avenues to raise capital using some assets as “insurance” to leverage the development of other assets. I have that proposal out to investors. I will bide my time.

          I will convert some assets to cash when I find the right transaction. Until then I am in no hurry. I have learned that the “man who masters patience masters all things”.

          I have gotten this far on my own, now just a another little hump, and BOOM!!! I’m off to the races.

          In that vein I expect, and I am preparing to do some things offshore. After all, my government wants me to be a globalist.

          These assets continue to increase in value while they sit, so it only gets easier to use them in the way I want too the longer they sit. I am working the angles now and hope to achieve the liquidity I want this year.

          Maybe sooner rather than later. Thanks again.

          • DK:I read your reply,and understand where your coming from.Your points are well reasoned and have sound logic behind them.I may have had a touch “rose colored glasses” in the idealistic scheme I put forth.My ideas were predicated on others working with you being reasonable,honest and forthright in their parts.Not very bloody likely in these current times we are in.
            No doubt someone would “cook the numbers”(A.K.A. JPM)fail to submit the due paperwork for the Federales and push all the blame on you.The FEDS would “create” a criminal case against you,seize all your findable assets and give you +10 in a non”vacation” Fed detention center.
            All from trying to better the system.
            Happens all the time
            All the Best in your endeavors

      75. Domino #1 has just fallen… My crystal ball is broken, but I still see lots of trouble ahead. *gasp!*

      76. @Gunsmith … “RESPECT!!!” ;0)

      77. When the electoral process is corrupt, is it proper to vote from the rooftops?

        • Old Fuzzy: With 30,000 drones in the air, rooftops would not be a serviceable voting booth.

      78. Is it accurate to say that the only true political power comes from the barrel of a rifle?

      79. Is it better to hide in a preppers basement during a collapse or is it better to go out and deal with those that caused the collapse? Choices must be made, after all.

      80. DPS,

        Do you have any further updates from Manos? If you get the opportunity to communicate with him please let him know we are praying for him, his family and friends.

        Y’all Beware!

      81. The Carpathian Mountains or Carpathians are a range of mountains forming an arc roughly 1,500 km (932 mi) long across Central and Eastern Europe, making them the second-longest mountain range in Europe (after the Scandinavian Mountains, 1,700 km (1,056 mi)). They provide the habitat for the largest European populations of brown bears, wolves, chamois and lynxes, with the highest concentration in Romania,[2][3][4] as well as over one third of all European plant species.[

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