Journalist Warns Of North Korean EMP Threat: Even “High-Profile National Security People Are Talking About It”

by | Jun 19, 2017 | Headline News | 74 comments

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    If you asked the average person about what threat North Korea poses to the United States, they’ll probably respond with a blank stare. The few who happen to pay attention to the news, will likely mention North Korea’s nuclear program, as well as their efforts to develop long range ballistic missiles that could one day reach the United States. That’s pretty much all most Americans know about North Korea’s capabilities, because that’s all they hear about from the media.

    The truth however is much more frightening. There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that North Korea is either capable of, or is working on the ability to launch an EMP attack against the United States. Unlike the threat posed by a nuclear tipped missile, this wouldn’t just destroy a city or wipe out an overseas military base. It could destroy every city, and kill millions of people. Without a functional electrical grid, there’s simply no way that our society can feed and shelter the current population.

    However, it should be noted that while most Americans are totally unaware of this threat, people in high places are taking it very seriously. Earlier this month, a columnist for the Toronto Sun named Anthony Furey released a book that details the threat of an EMP attack, called Pulse Attack: The Real Story Behind the Secret Weapon That Can Destroy North America. He was recently interviewed by Breitbart, and revealed that powerful people in our government are discussing North Korea’s EMP capabilities.

    “I was inspired to write this book two years ago after I met with former CIA Director Jim Woolsey, who was in Canada, to talk about the Iran deal,” Furey said. “I had maybe just peripherally heard the phrase [EMP] once or twice, seen it on a science fiction show and didn’t think much of it. And then these high-profile national security people are talking about it, and I thought, ‘Wow, why aren’t more people talking about this?’”

    “Right now the issue is more urgent than ever with North Korea on the rise and being emboldened,” Furey said. “While North Korea, as you know, doesn’t always succeed to the level they want – some of their tests aren’t overtly successful – they are still making progress.” He added, “Everything they do, even if it’s a failed launch, is them learning more information” about how to carry out an EMP attack.

    To hammer home how seriously we should take this threat, Furey’s book talks about a now widely known attack against the grid that occurred in San Jose, California several years ago, and reveals a frightening detail that most people have never heard before.

    In one chapter of his book, Pulse Attack, Furey described a 2013 incident that occurred at the Pacific Gas & Electric Company’s Metcalf transmission substation in California. A group of professional gunmen attacked the transformer station successfully shutting down access to the grid for millions of Californians. “They did it with military assault weapons, and they did it successfully,” Furey said. “They disabled all the cameras. It clearly wasn’t just a disgruntled employee. It wasn’t just a bunch of L.A. gang members. And to this day, a lot of national security experts wonder, ‘what was the point of that attack? Why were they going after the electricity grid? Was it a dry run for something greater?‘”

    Furey pointed out that at the very same time, North Korea had a satellite going over the middle of the United States. And if it were armed with an EMP weapon, it could have been “a perfect confluence of events to take down the grid for all of North America.”

    What’s frustrating however, is that even though the upper ranks of our government are aware of this threat, it seems like nothing is being done to stop it.

    “One of the biggest points that I try to drive home in the book is that we know enough about EMP to know that our enemies have it or are working towards it,” Furey told Breitbart News. “We know enough about it and that it can cause catastrophic damage to our way of life in North America. But there are still too many unknowns about what to do about it, how bad it will be, and what it means for us.”

    Protecting North American’s electrical grid against the most devastating consequences of an EMP disruption or attack is simple and would require, at its most basic, a minimal amount of resources. “The solutions are actually within reach, and they are easy,” Furey noted. As little as 8 cents per month (less than $1 per year) charged to each residential electricity consumer over the course of five years could be enough to provide the basic national safeguards for our electric grid.

    Unfortunately, that’s the nature of our political system. Our government will bury itself under trillions of dollars of debt, but won’t force power companies to spend a relative pittance on safe guards that would prevent trillions of dollars in damages, and save millions of lives.

    Since it doesn’t look our government is going to change its ways anytime soon, it would be wise to prepare for an EMP attack while you still can.

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      1. LMAO…Get over it.

        • “One of the biggest points that I try to drive home in the book is that we know enough about EMP to know that our enemies have it or are working towards it,”

          This guy is not in the loop.

          The first goal of the PTB is self preservation. The exploitation of everyone else is in second place. Anyone who thinks that the PTB do not have a defense strategy for EMP doesn’t have a real clue and is just trying to sell a book.

          The PTB have devised MULTIPLE LAYERS of defense to protect their ass. You can take that to the BANK !!! 🙂

            • On a lighter note My Peeps, do yourself a favor and watch all of these you tube videos; but take a piss first so you don’t piss your pants. 🙂


              • Love RD Mercer. Got his CD’s. “Just how bigga Boy are Ya?!” Been several years though since I heard anything out of him.

                • Check out the one about the “product recall” for the VIBRATOR. It’s a scream. 🙂

                • How long has it been since you had a good old fashioned country ass whippin? RDM.

          • “he PTB have devised MULTIPLE LAYERS of defense to protect their ass. ”

            Right on – but what about YOU and ME? They don’t give a darn what happens to the people as long as they personally survive it! I don’t care if all the elites a**es fry as long as my loved ones are not harmed!

            • Right on. You and me ??? Food, water, and lead …. you know the drill, keep stacking and packing. And hey !!! It won’t be the end of the world; just the end of the world as you know it. Don’t forget your seed vault and DIY books.

              Adapt or die. 🙁

        • I am so on board with you guys…like the rest of the doom and gloom crowd, enjoy life and who cares about NK emp….

          someone tells max, max posts an article, bo polny posts the world is going end, silverdocs posts, now is the time to buy silver, jeff berwick (sorry if I misspell names) says, now is the time to buy bitcoin, its going to a 1 million….

          it goes on and on….I dont fear anything anymore….its gone…I cant take with me to heaven what is here on earth….so who gives a shit?

      2. Journalist Warns Of North Korean EMP Threat: Even “High-Profile National Security People Are Talking About It”

        I would be directing my attention towards my own Government, before looking elsewhere if an EMP occurred over our country.

        Can’t be wrong if it happened … it it does appear to be an outsider … then the U.S. Government is responsible for it to happen … after all … they are very much concerned about our well-being. ツ

        • An EMP by whoever would give TPTB plausible deniability and accomplish their goals. All focus would be taken off our pathetic state of affairs. While millions die TPTB would be living in their high dollar bunkers just waiting it out.

          • Until they start suffocating because someone filled their air vents with quick-drying cement.

            • Im sure you have their location of their bunkers and air vents.

              • Search google maps satelite view for this one.
                43°31’04.0″S 171°45’42.2″E

              • I happen to know the locations of most of them in Texas, I’ve got two major bunkers within 30 miles of my location. Remember they don’t just magically build themselves the government and rich private citizens use civilian contractors to build these structures, it’s not like we don’t know what’s going on when we build storm shelters larger than the average house.

        • Lets break this Headline Down shall we: Journalist Warns Of North Korean EMP Threat: WOW a real Journalists??? or a Fake News spreader? Seriously Journalist today are nothing more than “Cut and Paste copiers” to what ever their handlers want to be the fake news of the day to be. So lets throw that half of the equation out.

          Lets dig into the 2nd half of the headline:
          Even “High-Profile National Security People Are Talking About It”

          High Profile Security People are paid to think and talk about everything or every threat. So that’s a given. No news here again.

          N. Korea is no threat to the US Period. They have never attacked us or our people. So why does the US Threaten them with sanctions, or block-aids or piling up 45,000 US military soldiers on their southern Border? Who is threatening who?

          The Neo-Cons, MICM, MSM, Gews, Rinos, Bankers and elitists, all want perpetual war. Its a Big War Profit Game for them. So they need a new punching bag to beat up on. This just shows how F*CKD up the US Government is in their Psycho Mentality. None of these cowards directing all of this hostility towards NK, has the balls to go sit on the border and pack a gun and back pack full of MRE’s to do the fighting themselves do they? Ship all of the politicians kids over to the N Korea Front with rifles and back packs, and see how fast a truce ensues. They are cowards.

        • Western civilization will not survive unless women lose their voting rights.

          More than one race cannot inhabit the same country in large groups.

          Nothing constructive is possible until we admit to this.

          • “Western civilization will not survive unless women lose their voting rights.

            LMAO – ‘dat der sum funny shit – though not true, you need a lot more growing up to do and stop your habitual woman hating ways.

            I don’t know how it feels to be a confused bi-sexual in this world … maybe you are able to enlighten us with your expertise?

            It would be very much appreciative, and most of all – thanks in advance.

            • FTW, uh, I don’t think we need to know about Eisen’s ‘expertise’. I don’t want to hear any of that freakish crap.

            • The first time women voted we got prohibition . And the BATF. Because it was believed to lay off the revenue officers would have them work for the organized crime prohibition created. Thanks ladies.

            • I’m an idiot bimbo and if you are stupid enough to listen to me you deserve what you get.?

              • Now this is funny!!

                Bill Clinton gets Father’s Day message from his black son

                •Danney Williams, 31, posted a series of messages on Twitter for Bill Clinton in honor of Father’s Day on Sunday
                •’Even though you abandoned me and only took care of Chelsea, I still want to thank you for giving me life. Happy Father’s Day @BillClinton,’ wrote Williams
                •He first claimed to be the love child of Clinton and former prostitute Bobbie Ann Williams back in 1998, and disputes a DNA test that discredited his claim
                •Williams, who has five children of his own, also posted a message suggesting that Chelsea is the daughter of former Assoc. Attorney General Webster Hubbell
                •The former president, 70, has not responded to any of Williams’ recent tweets and his camp has denied that he is the man’s father
                •Williams said that he tells his five children their grandfather was the president, and that they will meet him one day

            • FTW, no need to tell everyone about your demented dreams.

            • Ek is onto something here. Women, by and large, overwhelmingly vote for big government. They’re hardwired to be taken care of.

              And ‘diversity’ is not “our greatest strength”. It is a constant thorn in the side of ANY culture.

              Women–If it wasn’t for that thing between their legs, there’d be a bounty on ’em.

              • Sorry to tell you, but you don’t know what you’re talking about. I have taken care of my self my whole adult life, and have had to keep up and support a man who would not grow up. Maybe I should judge all men on my bad experience with a man. No, I’m not stupid, I can reason that all men are not the same. There’s good and bad everywhere. Waiting

            • FTW I agree with you. I’m glad to know there are some grownups posting on this sight. I really don’t think women get enough appreciation for what they do contribute to society. You do know all women are not alike, just like all men are not alike. I think that men would not want to judged based on Eisenkreutz’s statements, but on their own beliefs. Waiting

          • I don’t care if a women has “equal fights”, for years my lifestyle has been to treat them like second-class citizens. I have absolutely never been physically abusive nor have any animosity. I don’t know why but the “good girls” and pretty girls let me treat them as disposable the most. I use them as I see fit, and when I’m finished I throw them away. Some tips, never tell women you love them, never let them live with you, never tell them anything personal, never give reasons or explanations, and learn to say no to them because I never make it about them, it must always be about me. The first time they say or do anything that doesn’t fit what you want send them on their way. Two have told me I was responsible for them being pregnant, one was not actually pregnant (couldn’t be from me anyway), the other was and was demanding all kinds of support; because she tried to take advantage of me I waited until after she had her baby to tell her about my long-previous vasectomy. Guys, stop being beta males, you’ll enjoy life more, you’ll live how you want, and you”ll keep your money and assets.

            • Keep dreaming.

              You’re description is of girls.

              No self respecting WOMAN would go near you, or anyone like you.

            • Billy, I suggest you might want to have a DNA test done on the baby. You know vasectomies have been known to repair themselves. Also women who have had tubal ligations have been know to have been repaired by their own bodies. I personally, as a nurse, have seen this happen more than once. The body was made to repair itself to a point. I would also suggest you use protection, there are some things out there that are not curable. You’re being very foolish to be taking these kinds of chances. Waiting

          • I think what Eisenkreutz means is that women tend to ‘vote with their heart’ instead of realizing we are destroying our culture. As a woman, I can understand the need to vastly slow down immigration of all kinds because assimilation is not happening. Until it does, we need to “put on our own oxygen mask first’. And keep explaining to women how we can’t solve every problem, and which ones can we actually afford (monetary and otherwise) to do. Example: if we really want to help immigrants, help them in their own country for a fraction of the cost and know that it’s for a finite period of time/money when we start the program – have an exit strategy!

      3. At least a emp would shut up the main stream media.

      4. FTW, they know all about the threat and even about the 2 NK satellites that orbit over our country every few hours. I’ve heard that if the satellites were destroyed that would eliminate the threat? I could be wrong on that one. Our military supposedly has the capability to eliminate those satellites. Why not do it? Me smells something rotten in DC.

      5. “Toronto Sun named Anthony Furey” author wrote
        “A group of professional gunmen attacked the transformer station successfully shutting down access to the grid for millions of Californians. “They did it with military assault weapons, and they did it successfully,”.

        They still don’t have a clue who shot up the substation transformer. They used rifles, they don’t know what kind of rifle other than “large” caliber. It did not impact that big of an area as it was just a substation, they blow up all the time. I’m not to sure I’d trust the rantings of a Liberal newspaper columnist.

        I don’t worry about EMP, I worry about a direct hit from Solar flares or a local GRB from an exploding star. More permanent damage and Faraday cages/CE ratings won’t help.


        • a sub station was shot up a few years back with I think a 7.62 cal rifles, but millions were not without power. The real threat is the fiber optics that scada controls the stations with. BTW transformers are designed to withstand bullets…not sure what caliber, but the engineers know there are a lot of lousy hunters and drunks out there.

      6. Well the Bernie crowd is I bunch of murderers, so they are not going by to protect you from EMP sorry. You will need to buy 115,000 SPF sunblock.

      7. Looking around would a 90% population reduction be a bad thing? If only the preppers survive and the fear porn people go by by. Isn’t that good?

      8. How many guys would it take to get all these big transformers at one time ? Don’t underestimate our enemy?

      9. Off Topic:

        Rap is controlled by a tall Israeli Mogul/Tycoon; and the exploited black stars are talking about being forced to perform homosexual favors in exchange for wealth and fame.

        __ this could be the reason for all these distractions.

        __ I doubt that the men behind the stage want this much of the spotlight on themselves.

        __ fame and fortune are no substitute for honor and peace of mind.


        • Isn’t it obvious?

      10. Yet another reason to consider Nova Scotia for a BOL. If you look at *probable* range of a likely EMP attack, it is totally outside the concentric circles. The Canadian dollar is worth maybe 75 cents or so, so you get a lot for your money, and Americans can buy easily with no restrictions. Basically it’s like non-reportable bank acct. Almost ZERO Muslims, well watered, very fertile land, on the Gulf Stream so get’s mild winters, yet if nothing happens you have a nice city of a half million with two universities, an int’l airport, culture, nightlife, etc. I used myself in Cape George Estates near St. Peter. Access by ocean if you need in an emergency is quite easy.

        • I would choose Vancouver island or the Queen Charlottes( AKA Haida Gwaii). Better everything, except it is pretty wet.

          • Rellik, I lived on Vancouver Island (Nanaimo) and off it, Gabriola Island. Prices are staggering, and you are at serious risk of losing your shirt if there is ever a downturn. I am a western boy by birth, and what you say is true (fertile, watered, warm – in fact, getting off the ferry at Departure Bay in Nanaimo there is – or at least was – a palm tree welcoming folks. Haid Gwaii is an option – you are definitely off the beaten track. You ARE very remote tho. I have a friend whose brother lives there, but I can’t comment more. However google “Crack House or Mansion” for a fun look at crazy BC prices. If you have money great, definitely do look at the island. But I don’t have the money, so Nova Scotia is an excellent poor man’s option. Prince Edward Island might also work but if there is no meltdown, it is VERY socialist. Newfoundland might be an option, but again, if there is no meltdown, it is costly to get there.

          • Housing costs in Vanada esp Vancouver is way high and a huge housing bubble about to splatter its guts all over. Stay away from that mess. Worse than in the US.

            • Canada not Vanada.

        • move already…you’ve been saying it for years. There is no way you can get there in a collapse. be there to get there. same for BH. he’s in kneegrowville and will never make it out if tshtf.

          • Anonymous, I’ll make it out in time. I know how to tell when it’s time to bugout.

        • Canada is a good choice – and as Far East as you can go is even better. I doubt Kim will pre-announce this, so the challenge is ‘getting there’ after the EMP – with no electric power. Get a battery powered Shortwave Receiver and shield it. At least you will know what is happening. Boats are a good choice. You get transportation there on less traveled routes, and you can sell it when you get there. Be ready to navigate without GPS. If going by ground, you have to move fast – while cops still have gasoline in their city storage tanks. You have probably 2 days by car to travel freely (if your car even runs). Otherwise it is foot and bicycle – and you won’t get very far that way. If you delay, you are dead – or you better find one of those ‘prepper novel’ communities to hang out in.

          Or, get your butt out of Dodge now!

        • TEST Obtaining Canadian citizenship is a lengthy process and isn’t that easy, even for Americans with no criminal record like myself. How can you live in NS past a visa exp without citizenship?

      11. I just ordered 50, 15 amp blocking diodes for my solar panels. It is something I have been meaning to do for a long time. Scientists that study EMP believe that the blocking diode is the only thing that would fry with an EMP burst. The blocking diode prevents power from the batteries from flowing back through the panels at night.

        The diodes are about .35 cents each. Cheap insurance.

        • Should already be built into your panels?

          • Battery problem ? Have always thought of making batteries with lead plates in a fish tank. Pull them out and brush them off when needed?

          • Yes all panels have them built in. An EMP might fry them so they would need to be replaced.

            • Digi-Key is your electronics friend.

      12. We need to EMP those bastards first. Then cluster bomb the DMZ before they pulverize
        Seoul into rubble. There is no diplomatic solution. That boy is too stupid to back down.

        • Only problem with that is we’d have to drop leaflets to let them know they’ve been EMP’d.

      13. The Takedown of America- Paul Martin- The Common Sense Show 5/7/17 (Hour 3)

        Paul Martin is right, the lds- mormans are the sleeping zombies. When everything breaks out, those zombies will wake-up and be a clear & present danger to anyone trying to survive.

        You had better be in damned good shape, as well. Because you aren’t going to carry a 60-80 lb bag for sixty fricking miles. You better start thinking about your recommendations. You’re going to have to lock down somewhere and they will find you if it turns to that type of event.

      14. Cell phone and internet outages reported across the U.S.

        Drudge Report

      15. If the US was hit with an EMP, and they swore it was N Korea, I wouldn’t believe it.

        I’d believe it was the deep state trying to start a war.

        • PTPO, I agree. I also suspect the deep state will try something like that.

      16. Instead of worrying about what North Korea (being the latest hobgoblin of the week) can do, try focusing on what the deep state right here in the United States can and is doing right here at “home.”

        The deep state has over-thrown the governments of 28-countries so far and — if you are President Trump — is in the process of over-throwing this one right here in the United States. Talk about sh*tting where you eat.

        This article, with its reliance upon “. . . high profile national security people . . . .” sounds more like a false flag. More and more lately the writing style between the “libtards” and the alt-right is identical.

      17. Whoever does it ,it will kill millions. No more EBT cards,social security,welfare,cell phones…….win win for the government.

      18. If it does ever happen it’s unlikely we’ll ever know for certain who really caused it. Speculation isn’t the same as knowing for certain.

      19. Don’t think we have to worry about a EMP in our lifetime.

        • Sure. Maybe next week or next month but not in our lifetime. WHAT???!!!!!

      20. Don’t worry . Be happy. Beg me for food for your children. Because you didn’t know. And fear porn wasn’t your cup of tea.. The Tares must burn . Like it or not.

      21. Oh please, sell this BS elsewhere. If our electrical grid is attacked, it will be by the same SOB’s who did 9/11.

        It wasn’t that long ago that the ‘experts’ were warning of Iran launching a ballistic missile and detonating an EMP over Kansas–why bother?– and we just had to nuke them NOW before they hit us.
        Now it’s North Korea?

        Don’t you think its odd that Iran and NK DON’T have a Rothschild central bank? Just like Iraq didn’t or Libya, but they do now.

        I realize some/most of your stories have to be sensationalized to draw readers, but please stay away from NWO propaganda.

      22. Seems like the only way to nip it in the bud is to turn Iran and NK into heaping piles of ash and cinder. Downside to that will be we’ve opened Pandora’s box.

      23. Patriot, the only way to stop it is to turn Washington, D.C. into a pile of ash. The Globalist pigs won’t stop, until the pigs stop breathing.

        • You got that right. Amen. Waiting

      24. Washington DC, and the rats that work there, is the real enemy of civilization.!!!!

      25. Can’t wait.


      26. I view an EMP as the most likely of all war scenarios. After all – why drop a few valuable nukes on LA and NYC (that might kill 5 to 10 million people at best), when you can detonate two nukes 100 miles over the country and kill 250 million people over the course of a year? North Korea will use its limited resources and technology wisely and that means one or more EMPs.

      27. Wrong, wrong, wrong! The U.S. can knock out any satellite launched from N. Korea before it gets 2 miles off the ground.
        The only way a missile could get through is if the Pentagon wanted it to. Then it could blame N. Korea and continue to take over N. America proper.

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