Journalist Mike Cernovich Says A ‘Coup Is Underway’ In The White House

by | Aug 31, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Experts, Headline News | 60 comments

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    Journalist Mike Cernovich (above) says that a coup is underway and that president Donald Trump is being held on “house arrest.” Chernovich says he discovered this information after spending a week in Washington DC and talking to over 100 people.

    “House arrest,” is how Trump’s life can be described now that Chief of Staff John Kelly had been introduced.  According to Vanity Fair, it means Trump is “losing control of his West Wing.”  But Chernovich claims it’s more about controlling the president and he said that it has been repeatedly described to him as a coup.  “They keep the door to the Oval Office closed and Kelly doesn’t let any articles go through Trump until he’s reviewed them,” as Adrian Carrasquillo and Charlie reported at BuzzFeed.

    Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow spoke to journalist Mike Cernovich on Breitbart News Daily and they discussed the Trump presidency.  Cernovich says that Donald Trump is on “White House arrest” and a “coup is underway” as they speak. Cernovich has a running series of posts called  ‘Dispatches from Trumpland‘ that were at the heart of their discussion, and all about the coup.

    The interview can be listened to below.

    “There’s some pretty explosive stuff in your report,” said Alex Marlow referencing Cernovich’s recent Trump Dispatches, “and so I just wanted to unpack some of it with you. The first place where it starts in your dispatch is that Trump is on house arrest and you cite John Bolton who people thought was under consideration for National Security Advisor, for Secretary of State who can’t even have access to the President right now and this is a pretty big departure from campaign trail Trump.”

    “Exactly, so I’d heard from people that Trump is on house arrest, replied Mike Cernovich, “I thought ‘oh C’mon, the President of the United States, that’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard’, but I kept digging into it and I kept hearing the same thing over and over again and then, of course, John Bolton wrote his column for National Review and he’s begging people to retweet it, he said ‘this is the only way the President is gonna see it,’ and I’ll say Alex, I don’t really understand, how can Trump not see who he wants to see? This is something I don’t really fully comprehend within the White House. I have talked to a lot of people, it’s a very weird situation.”

    John Bolton’s recent essay confirms the “house arrest.” In his essay agitating for war with Iran, Bolton wrote:

    I offer the Iran nonpaper now as a public service, since staff changes at the White House have made presenting it to President Trump impossible. Although he was once kind enough to tell me to “come in and see me any time,” those days are now over.


    Chernovich also declared clearly in his Trump Dispatches that John Kelly has confiscated the president’s phone.

    When sources confided in me weeks ago that General Kelly confiscated Trump’s cell phone, I hesitated to report it. How could that be true? “Oh it’s true, but Kelly gave him his phone back,” a source told me yesterday, “but Kelly listens in most of the time. We call it the ‘party line,’” a reference to a 90s trend where multiple people would call into a phone line to chat. –Dispatches From Trumpland

    “I heard [John] Kelly had taken his [Trump’s] phone, so he wouldn’t be getting messages on his phone which again I thought was a weird story when people were telling me that I said, ‘come on, get out of here you can’t take the President’s phone this is incomprehensible,’’ Chernovich said during the interview. “But again that Bolton thing confirmed it and I’m not a big John Bolton fan personally, I don’t have anything against him but I found it amazing that he was, again, begging for retweets saying ‘the only way the President is gonna see my article is maybe if it goes viral,’ because it has to get past General Kelly, that shows there is some kind of coup going on there.”

    Marlow then went on to question Cernovich about his claims that White House staffer Ben Rhodes was essentially running the National Security Council. Cernovich replied with a claim that Rhodes was colluding H.R. McMaster to leak sensitive information from within the White House. According to Cernovich, “Ben Rhodes’ people leak all the information out to Rhodes and his intermediaries, McMaster looks the other way and that’s part of the coup.” –Breitbart

    “Coup is a strong word,” said Marlow, “but it’s very hard to argue against it at this point.”



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      1. Trump let swamp creatures, globalists, neocons, and “former” Goldman Sachs officials form the core of his inner circle. Their complete takeover was a foregone conclusion from Day One.

        Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

        • Want to know why Gold and Silver prices have both been recently depressed for years, and now just recently surged upwards in Price per OZ? Read this article below as this article will reflect that, now the US Fed and their Fascist US Banking Cartel have purposely depressed the price of PM’s, so they could repatriate Germany’s Gold back on the cheap. After Germany got their Gold back the paper shorters disappeared, and the price surged. Conspiracy You bet.

          Weird Things Are Happening With Gold
          by Tyler Durden

          Aug 30, 2017 6:47 PM
          Authored by James Rickards

          Last week featured two unusual stories on gold – one strange and the other truly weird. These stories explain why gold is not just money but is the most politicized form of money.

          They show that while politicians publicly disparage gold, they quietly pay close attention to it.

          The first strange gold story involves Germany…

          The Deutsche Bundesbank, the central bank of Germany, announced that it had completed the repatriation of gold to Frankfurt from foreign vaults.

          The German story is the completion of a process that began in 2013. That’s when the Deutsche Bundesbank first requested a return of some of the German gold from vaults in Paris, in London and at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

          Those gold transfers have now been completed.

          This is a topic I first raised in the introduction to Currency Wars in 2011. I suggested that in extremis, the U.S. might freeze or confiscate foreign gold stored on U.S. soil using powers under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, the Trading With the Enemy Act or the USA Patriot Act.

          This then became a political issue in Europe with agitation for repatriation in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria. Europeans wanted to get gold out of the U.S. and safely back to their own national vaults. The German transfer was completed ahead of schedule; the original completion date was 2020.

          But the German central bank does not actually want the gold back because there is no well-developed gold-leasing market in Frankfurt and no experience leasing gold under German law.

          German gold in New York or London was available for leasing under New York or U.K. law as part of global price-manipulation schemes. Moving gold to Frankfurt reduces the floating supply available for leasing, making it more difficult to keep the manipulation going.

          Why did Germany do it?

          The driving force both in 2013 (date of announcement) and 2017 (date of completion) is that both years are election years in Germany. Angela Merkel’s position as chancellor of Germany is up for a vote on Sept. 24, 2017. She may need a coalition to stay in power, and there’s a small nationalist party in Germany that agitates for gold repatriation.

          Merkel stage-managed this gold repatriation with the Deutsche Bundesbank both in 2013 and this week to appease that small nationalist party and keep them in the coalition. That’s why the repatriation was completed three years early. She needs the votes now.

          The truly weird gold story comes from the United States…

          Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell just paid a visit to Fort Knox to see the U.S. gold supply. Mnuchin is only the third Treasury secretary in history ever to visit Fort Knox and this was the first official visit from Washington, D.C., since 1974.

          The U.S. government likes to ignore gold and not draw attention to it. Official visits to Fort Knox give gold some monetary credence that central banks would prefer it does not have.

          Why an impromptu visit by Mnuchin and McConnell? Why now?

          The answer may lie in the fact that the Treasury is running out of cash and could be broke by Sept. 29 if Congress does not increase the debt ceiling by then.

          But the Treasury could get $355 billion in cash from thin air without increasing the debt simply by revaluing U.S. gold to a market price. (U.S. gold is currently officially valued at $42.22 per ounce on the Treasury’s books versus a market price of $1,285 per ounce.)

          Once the Treasury revalues the gold, the Treasury can issue new “gold certificates” to the Fed and demand newly printed money in the Treasury’s account under the Gold Reserve Act of 1934. Since this money comes from gold revaluation, it does not increase the national debt and no debt ceiling legislation is required.

          This would be a way around the debt ceiling if Congress cannot increase it in a timely way. This weird gold trick was actually done by the Eisenhower administration in 1953.

          Maybe Mnuchin and McConnell just wanted to make sure the gold was there before they revalue it and issue new certificates.

          Whatever the reason, this much official attention to gold is just one more psychological lift to the price along with Fed ease, scarce supply and continued voracious buying by Russia and China.

          Link: ht tp://

        • Seems our votes were in vain, if all this is true. Patriots have utterly failed thru a timeline of sixty years or more. We are still in the U.N. and my late parents were involved in protesting our involvement in it years ago. Other issues not resolved: wide open borders, out of control immigration of anyone unchecked, involvement in the middle east with no hope of getting anything accomplished.

          • Is he taking a selfie?? Geeeeeez, I’m going to puke!

        • You got that right!

      2. I think things in Washington are far worse then we could ever imagine! I think the swamp is actually a city sized cesspool! I am convinced most of Washington are satan worshiping NWO people!

      3. Trump’s obviously not a good judge of character. Ivanka and Jared aren’t any better judges and neither have any business being there in the WH in their roles. Just because your father is POTUS doesn’t mean you’re qualified to make decisions along with him. Trump has surrounded himself with people of questionable character. He can blame everyone else all he wants but he has dug his own grave. There’s also been way too much drama coming from this White House in just a short 7 months. Yeah Obama and Hillary are worse but that doesn’t mean he’s fit to be President. They all suck.

        • NY Guy, agreed. Trump needs to fire his entire staff and hire only qualified people who support the agenda.

      4. Is Kelly an Irishman?

        Taking the President’s phone, that takes hoots-pa !?

        If I was Trump, I would go on a disinformation filibuster.

        What nerve some people have.

        It actually is a good thing. Trump is exposing these traitors by putting them up front, instead of remaining in the background where their misdeeds can be blamed on the frontman.

        It is a strategical error. So, let’s just let them trip over themselves.

        It was never about Trump making America great. That’s our job, the American citizen.
        The Cajun Navy has proven that America IS great!


        • If I was Trump I would Break out the Guillotines and start the beheading process of American Haters. These cockroach scumbags need to be eradicated ASAP to save our Country, society, and freedoms.

          • Mass executions tend to not go along well with freedom.

            All that needs to happen is follow the Constitution in both word and intent.

            • All that needs to happen is follow the Constitution in both word and intent.

              No truer words were ever spoken.

            • ???
              Thats all most of us want,
              When they start doing that ill start participating again, untill then they can blow me

              • Nailbanger, Braveheart wholeheartedly agrees. I don’t see anything legitimate about them these days. As far as I’m concerned, all their BS is null and void. I don’t follow any of it.

          • You think fedgov can fix itself?

        • B, if I was Trump I never would’ve hired such people to begin with.

      5. I agree with Dave.

      6. He’s just making up stories to place blame for what Trump does on someone else, because if it’s just Trump, he’s a fool……

      7. Wait for it………

      8. I can’t imagine what Trump has done wrong to warrant this obsessive babysitting. Well except when he opens his mouth and tries to sound sincere, kind of comes out buffoonish. But then that’s what Americans have long grown to accept from their glorious leaders. I can’t think of a snappy police state marching song to reflect current reality.

        • Aljamo: You obviously hate trump – so pi$$ the Fuc# off you traitor you. You are a true clown. Go back to trolling CNN, etc. Trump 2016 & 2020! ! ! !

      9. this is so stupid. having a chief of staff limit access to the president is not a coup. it happens in every administration.

      10. Trump should hang the traitors….

      11. Bullshit article. stating he talked to a 100 people isn’t any kind of credible evidence. Where is the proof? If Trumps under arrest how did he pardon Apario?

        • Oldie: It’s the typical Trump hating nonsense…same old story, different day.

        • well posted

      12. Bring bacteria into a wound and you get an infection.

        • Good analogy.

      13. The same John Bolton NEOCON Piece of schit that is a neverTrumper?

        Um really, is Cernovich pushing him out into the open to show that John Bolton is just another NEOCON Bush/Obama holdover traitor.. Maybe that’s the whole point of unmasking his article, to further the coup in effect, but also to SHOW who is doing it.

      14. The same John Bolton NEOCON Piece of schit that is a neverTrumper?

        Um really, is Cernovich pushing him out into the open to show that John Bolton is just another NEOCON Bush/Obama holdover traitor.. Maybe that’s the whole point of unmasking his article, to further the coup in effect, but also to SHOW who is doing it.

        • When a NEOCON speaks, make sure you update/ Add them on to your long list of public TRAITORS.

        • NJ, agreed about Bolton. Bolton would go to war against his own mother if he found a good reason to do so.

      15. Well,with it being a holiday weekend/the damages in Texas and other close by areas would be one hell of a time to pull a coup off with all the distractions,just saying.

        • War: As they say, don’t ever waste a catastrophe…could be the perfect time for some “interesting” things to take place. I don’t trust any of those damn nuts.

      16. The National Hurricane Center has more bad news. Tropical storm Irma is headed for the Caribbean. It is expected to become a hurricane. It may eventually go up into the Gulf of Mexico. Houston, you have a problem. Good luck.

        • The Gulf is like a Merry Go Round; where it stops, it stops. I figure about 200 degrees are in play and I live in a 20 degree window with therefore a 1 in 10 chance if its in the gulf.

          Simple math for my simple mind.

      17. Just yesterday we where out driving. We where traveling at the posted speed limit. When we came to one of those passing zones on a hill. A half dozen vehicles zoomed past us. Right at the end of that passing zone there was a state cop. And he jumped out and pulled over the only vehicle that had out of state tags. Holiday weekend and the parasite cops are already gleefully generating revenue.

        • Thats why i just cruise it now days,,, ill get there when i get there,

        • OG: That does NOT surprise me one bit. It is disgusting how things are. It is all about money period and seizing every dollar from the average person.

      18. The coup started November 7, 2016. It’s ongoing; now whether it succeeds is another question. Only time will tell, be prepared for anything, because these are the times in which we live.

      19. This so laughable! The occupant of the Black House since the forceable removal of JFK services the interests of the Owners of the FED who shall remain anonymous!

        Trumpeter as selected specifically to do the will of those unspeakable persons aka deep state, national security state, globalists, powers that be, neocons, neolibs, etc., etc., etc.

        • . . .to do the will of ((())),((())),((())), and don’t forget ((())).

      20. i need more fiber in my diet, i havent shit in 4 days!

      21. The first thing to know is this: since 9/11 we have been at war, a full state of war. We are under war-time policy conditions and readyness status. “So, what?” you may say.

        It means everything: it means the national security apparatus operates on a war footing; so does the Pentagon. In wartime you can do things you can’t do in peacetime. You can detain people without due process; you can execute anyone who is a national security threat with only the approval of a general or higher. The military and the security state can take presidence over any civilian President if that civilian takes decisions that threaten national security.

        The global matrix built by the US after WWII is complex, very thick and straddles the globe. It ensures boats travel safely, planes take-off and land safely, that the rule of law is present in most places and that anyone doing commerce can trade freely in most places. It is the cornerstone of most of the world’s prosperity and safety. It cost a great deal in blood and treasure to make. And be damned if that is going to be f#cked up by a jumped-up Negro, or a douche bag real estate mogul cum reality TV star. The smart guys eventually say “enough is enough” and take the toys away from the Adolescent-in-Chief in the White House.

        • An interesting take on modern times, but you ruined your credibility with slander at the end, and actually at the beginning with misunderstood facts. “It’s no coincidence the century of total war coincided with the century of central banking.” Ron Paul. The actual mechanisms for our country being in a state of emergency have been in place since the creature from jekyll island came forth, since the wheat parody has been controlled, and something from the 40’s with a never rescinded state of emergency notice which also so conveniently put a new measure of control into commerce and food production management. The joys of fiat currency.

          • Government by Permanent
            Emergency: The Forgotten History of
            the New Deal Constitution


            Executive War orders having force of law- War on Poverty, Drugs, and so on- Congress bypassed by Executive fiat. . .

        • Very excellent. With War, the president can do any damn thing, civil liberties go, and so on. A free country can be turned into dictatorship with little to no resistance.

          Almost constant war since WW2- more and more arbitrary power to the State.

          Government by Permanent
          Emergency: The Forgotten History of
          the New Deal Constitution

      22. The disinformation campaigns are indeed strong. If one reads only liberal rags, one is led to believe he spends all sorts of time golfing, put on weight, and spends the majority of his time managing his personal assets and of course, colluding with mysterious black hat russian agents. Meanwhile in the real world of We The People, the upswell of liberty keeps growing. Some people don’t understand the principals of liberty and how that relates very strongly to private property. We are free to control ourselves, but not others. The blessing of liberty comes with the price of eternal vigilance. We don’t give an inch on liberty, our rights are non negotiable. The politics of politics eludes me, but I’m hopeful for the rescind of mandatory insurance policies, the possible first ever comprehensive study on vaccine safety, flat rate taxation (as a 1099 that would be so wonderful to me), 2 rules wiped for 1 new rule added, and hopefully a continuation of removing benefits for free loaders and migrants whom do not make positive contributions. We are a nation of migrants, but how did we survive before gmo foods, vaccine injections, wheat parody, minimum wage laws, and for sale lobbyists. Trump already impressed the heck out of me with the limited lobbyist ban, his presidential sticker is still on my mailbox to this day. However, if TX is in a state of ruin, they’ll need to pay special assessments to rebuild, it’s not my responsibility to subsidize their elevated risk taking in building in floodable areas. Coastal living has an elevated risk price and asking a mountain main to pay that is taxation without representation. FDIC insurance and Ron Paul said it best; poisonous protectionism. Cheers from Colorado.

      23. I think that with a little research, journalist Cernovich? Chernovich? (he is identified by both names in the same paragraph) will find that a “party line” was a telephonic innovation long before its use as a chat platform in the 90s.

      24. John Bolton is an Iran-hating Zionist neocon cretin.

        However, I do tend to believe some of this stuff as it’s pretty clear Trump is very much under control and not allowed to do any of the things he talked about in his campaign – with the sole exception of some domestic policy stuff and his anti-Iran nonsense, since the latter jibes with the neocons, military and elitist crowd surrounding him. Also his North Korea stupidity is fine with them.

        Yes, I think it’s reasonable to call this a “soft coup”. It’s a “Seven Days in May” situation without the actual military troop movements. They just surrounded him with generals.

        I expect Secretary of State Tillerson, who’s still pushing diplomacy, will be ousted before long. I see the Washington Post came out with a editorial calling on him to resign.

        If John Bolton gets in as Secretary of State, we’re all screwed. That guy is a warmongering lunatic in service to Israel.

      25. Trump promised he would drain the swamp and instead he’s created a whole new ecosystem.

        If a person has no ability to judge character they don’t have good leadership skills because the two go hand-in-hand.

        Regretting my vote.

      26. With 63 years behind me I take everything I read, hear or see with a grain of salt. I consider sites like this entertainment and discussion points. One thing however is very clear to me…We the People actually do not have a clue what is really going on in government, in the world of politics, the minds of the ruling class or their one world government. In my mind it is all being orchestrated and we are fed bullshit to keep us jumping from one foot to the other.

      27. There is a ‘colored revolution’ underway in the United States led by the neo-bolshevist ‘antifa’ (armed wing of the communist ‘democratic’ party).

      28. You Americans and we South Africans have exactly the same (((enemy))). That (((enemy))) controls the mainstream media in both our countries. You can be sure that if it backs some character, that person is poison to freedom and patriots. Like e.g. Mandela. A real soulless convicted terrorist, whitewashed as if he was a messiah! An (((enemy))) puppet. His legacy is a slow genocide on us Boers today. Black barbarians using methods that are too ghastly to cite on this blog, to kill whites . Yet, the (((enemy))) mainstream media is silent as the grave about it.
        That same press hates Trump. We can all be sure he is the best president America has had in 100 years. What’s good for America is good for the world and me. Pray you never get the sort of kleptocratic “government” we have over here now.
        Wishing all American patriots well. Take care.

      29. It’s official shed is now fake news

      30. Why is fake news okay?

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