Joe Joseph Warns: “There Will Be Major Changes… We’re Out Of Time… This Is The Line In The Sand”

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    The Daily Caller reports that an English professor at the Northern Arizona University lowered the grade of one of her students who used the word “mankind” in an essay. According to Dr. Anne Scott, who runs a class about the human condition, docked the score because she says that students need to “respect the need for gender-neutral language:

    “I would be negligent, as a professor who is running a class about the human condition and the assumptions we make about being ‘human,’ if I did not also raise this issue of gendered language and ask my students to respect the need for gender-neutral language,” said Scott. “The words we use matter very much, or else teachers would not be making an issue of this at all, and the MLA would not be making recommendations for gender-neutral language at the national level.”

    This is just another sign of the times; a serious warning, according to Joe Joseph.

    As Joseph highlights at The Daily Sheeple Youtube Channel, the reason for the push into gender neutral language goes much deeper than some leftist equality narrative:

    It’s because the people who control the public education apparatus – basically institutionalizing our children – are intentionally doing this to blur the lines… why?

    We don’t want manly men doing manly things… no… we want wussified people… we want controllable people…

    Mankind is very much a word… it’s very much a term.. you can find it in the dictionary… why can’t we use that?

    Oh, because it may hurt somebody’s feelings… I can see where we’re going here as a nation.

    Watch as Joe Joseph explains how the masses are being dumbed down with such strategies and how the system will soon put them to use.

    (Watch At Youtube)

    When we’ve reached a point in our country where wearing red, white and blue is considered blatant racism and asking teachers to verify that they know how to read is called bigotry, then it should be clear we have a serious problem.

    With warmer weather upon us, Joseph warns that things could get very hectic, very fast, especially now that we know leaders on the left, including the media, are prepared to support and use violence to achieve their goals.

    We’re out of time… I firmly believe this is the year… This is the line in the sand… The point of no return…  If we don’t do something drastic this year to improve things in this country I guarantee you there will be major changes… hell, we could see a civil war… as hard as it is to envision.

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      1. Cutting a student’s grade for an emotionalistic belief of the professor, for a word that is in the Dictionary,……

        The professor needs to be fired on the spot. If this was a neologism, ok, fair game. But it is a word that is in the dictionary.

        This needs immediate retribution, the professor needs to be fired, would be the kindest option.

        • He should be fired but he will probably get a bonus instead.

          • He is a she…read the article.

        • Anti American LEFTIST are in control of the education system.
          A Teachers job is to INDOCTRINATE. NOT Educate.
          Please get that through your head.

          If you have not gone through the Re education camp called 4 year College.
          Then you are NEVER allowed anything other than a menial job, if even that.
          There is also the social security tracking system.
          There is also a system called e-verify. This system is to vet conformist of the NWO Communist system.

          If you are a NWO Communist with a social security TRACKING number and have gone through 4 year Communist Leftist education THEN you might be allowed a decent job. Unless if you are male-white-straight-christian, then everyone else is hired before you. At my company they call the dangerous on the job, black females, that show up only three of five day work week “protected class.” And yes those are the ones promoted. Women, black, chinese, or mexican, those are only ones promoted. And yes they have 4 year degrees. And they no nothing.

          • Joe, welcome, and I’ve always maintained that federal policy DOES NOT treat all groups of people the same.

            • “One small step for man, One giant leap for mankind.”

              Seems to me the word Mankind is legendry. Obviously College is massively overrated yet today.

              I went to a State University, and found it to be a big a waste of my time. I quit after a few semesters and went to work, then went back to a Jr College on my time while working more in a focused occupation. I always like to make money, Big schools are just a place to escape the parents and home, and party like an animal banging lots of chicks. I lived in a 10 story co-ed dorm. Kegs of beer, bongs and lots of hot horny chicks. Don’t get me wrong, it was fun, but it was a waste of time. One large hall class I had, I didn’t even take the final exam and still got a B. So WTF? Overrated.

              My life today is mostly self taught. You can find everything on the computer if you had a ounce of ambition to look. And I do have a college degree in Business Admin and Minor in Marketing, but I have been self employed for 25 years, so having a certificate Deg of college completion is meaningless if you have self driven ambition. Go work for yourself and skip the brainwashing BS as some overrated college of liberalism.

          • exactly Joe.
            I do a lot of work in schools in California.
            I am constantly shocked at what i see and what the teachers and students say. it is just pure and forceful indoctrination.

            • Not sure why my post are not showing up…??
              I would like to add this story: Which Makes Me Proud!!

              Homeowner’s son surprises 3 burglars, with his AR-15!
              03-30-2017 • ht tps://thehornnews .com

              If it happened to your family, would you be prepared? This homeowner’s son was — and thanks to his readiness, his family is safe.

              An attempted Oklahoma burglary Monday resulted in swift justice. Because of the homeowner’s Second Amendment rights, three criminal thugs were the only ones killed.

              The Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office told local station News on 6 that three burglars attempted to burglarize a home wearing masks and gloves at about 12:30 p.m. The would-be thieves were armed with brass knuckles and a knife.

              The homeowner’s son heard their forced entry, quickly armed himself and shot the thieves with an AR-15 rifle, killing all three.

              “These three individuals came to this residence with the intent to burglarize it. One was with brass knuckles, the other was with a knife,” Deputy Nick Mahoney said.

              The thick-headed thugs shattered the back door as they entered, making their break-in clear to the resident.

              The 23-year-old armed resident shot all three criminals, aged 16, 17, and 18. Two died in the home while the third attempted to flee but died in the driveway.

              And charged with their murders? 21-year-old Elizabeth Marie Rodriguez, the getaway driver.

              She has been charged with three counts of first-degree murder and three counts of first-degree burglary.

              Neighbors informed News on 6 of other recent burglaries in the neighborhood that they believe are related to the criminal gang.

              “There’s always the possibility that it could be, but at this point that would be speculation. We don’t know,” said Mahoney.

              One thing we do know: criminals will stay away from this armed neighborhood for quite awhile.

              — The Horn editorial team


              • Just committing the robberies Americans won’t! This was a home invasion from the outset. It’s rarely hard to tell if someone is home.

                I saw a headline where the homeowner’s son GUNNED DOWN the three “teens”, and no charges had been brought against the resident “yet”.

                Hard to find a way to prosecute (persecute) the resident. They had forced entry and were shot inside somebody else’s residence.

                They had brass knuckles and a knife. They expected to encounter someone. Not too hard to guess what they had in mind for Joe Homeowner.

              • They convicted the getaway driver of the murders?


                Clearly he was not in the People’s Republic of Kommiefornia. Here I think he’d get the murders, discharging a firearm, owning an assault rifle, and probably pain and suffering for oppressing the entire minority community by proxy. Probably an extra charge for daring to own property no doubt.

            • The enemy of common sense, decency, and civilization itself will take over if we don’t push back and put a stop to this insanity!

              “School administrators at a small Florida college suspended a Christian student last week after he confronted a Muslim professor who told students that the crucifixion of Jesus Christ was a hoax and that Jesus’ disciples didn’t believe that he was God.

              “During a separate discussion in class, this time on the application of Sharia law, Polston told the College Fix that a male Muslim student made chilling comments, including that gay people and adulterers should be beheaded in accordance with Muslim law.

              “I spoke out to the professor about … the decapitation comments made by the student,” Polston told the Fix. “The statement by the conservative Muslim student met such fear by some that one of the students reported it to the FBI.

              “’The situation was surreal. We’ve already had one too many attacks in Orlando and as an avid traveler, I realized this was the perfect example of ‘see something, say something,’ he explained.

              “After that, Polston said Zufari reported him to the school’s “dean of safety” and canceled class claiming Polston made her feel “unsafe.” He was subsequently called to the dean’s office to discuss his actions, which Polston said the dean claimed were making campus “unsafe.”

              “They made it clear that they had not gotten a report about what the student said, and were more concerned about the danger I was causing to the campus. What danger? A difference of opinion in a college classroom is nothing out of the ordinary and certainly not dangerous,” Polston told the Post. “The bad grade was upsetting, but they were literally refusing to acknowledge the dangers posed by someone who advocated chopping off body parts on campus.”

              “In a letter obtained by the Post, Rollins College wrote to Polston on March 24 informing him that he was suspended from school. The college alleged that Polston is a “threat of disruption” and is “jeopardizing the safety and well-being” of the college, other students and himself.

              h ttp://

              • “It’s because the people who control the public education apparatus – basically institutionalizing our children – are intentionally doing this to blur the lines… why?”…You ask the question, but don’t answer it, so I will answer it for you.
                God created gender..”So God created man, male and female created He them”..Gen. The devil has destroyed the family, the church and man’s ability to reason..this is his last “kick at the can” by destroying the “genders” that God established. “Go forth and multiply” He commanded, but, oh gee, homosexuals and trans/genders can’t do that, now can they?
                Satan is the author of confusion and he is hard at “confusing” the minds of our wee ones (and the low-information know…the dumbed down ones that have been brainwashed in our “institutional systems”..(what an appropriate term).
                The line HAS been drawn, but by God, and time is running out and Satan knows it. Jesus is coming. Are you ready to meet Him??
                Rev. Roy……<

        • Oh, s**t!! Now I have to use the dictionary!!

          neologism: a new word, usage, or expression





          YOU CUNTS CALL ME “IGNORANT”????????




          THEY CANT YOU DUMB SHITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




          • Without women, there would be no men. It takes both sexes you know. However, I see your point. Men & women have different roles in the basic struggle of life, & those roles have been diluted & intermingled over time. There’s just some jobs that should be primarily done by men, & some by women, as it was intended by God. Ironically, if there’s ever a major global cataclysm as is predicted daily by all the “experts”, we as humans will have to return to that way of existence or become extinct.

        • Political correctness is total bullshit. Everybody needs to respect other people(mankind), but catering to every single persons stupid description of how they see themselves as to religion, sex, race, etc. is ridiculous. I’ll never be politically correct as they demand. It’s impossible to avoid “offending” someone, the PC “subcategories” grow by the day. People (mankind) need to stop looking for stupid meaningless little things that “offend” them constantly & get busy working together to protect themselves, their families, their country from destruction, from illegal aliens, invisible terrorists, hostile foreign countries, & a Govt that actively sought to ruin America.

      2. Don’t think we can vote our way outa this one.

        Keep stackin’ those precious metals: silver, gold, brass, & lead…

        • .. and as if on cue: CA Criminally Charges Undercover Reporters Who Exposed Planned Parenthood’s Baby Body Part Sales at

          Prosecuting truth… Stalin would be proud. But, perhaps this is necessary – to pay Cecille Richards’ $600k salary (this amount is needed to keep what little remains of her conscience from completely leaving her body).

          And for those of you reasonably asking if this was a dual consent to record state, the answer is yes – however a RESTAURANT has ZERO expectation of privacy, so the issue is moot. Expect the black robed judicial thugs to put them in a gulag. These two who reported this barbarity are true American heroes.

          • Yeah, now THAT is the California I know.

            Surprise (sarc).

          • Video– Chris Rock– Gun control

            • REALLY FUNNY VIDEO AT PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS WEBSITE– Starts out called, “Welcome to the third world– whites dieing — deaths of despair… that, of course, is NOT funny!!! However, the video above it with Chris Rock is vry, very funny!! also, other videos after that– one is especially funny, called, “Gun Control” really funny!! 😉

          • The White race is being suicided. It is coming from all quarters, slow death by a million cuts. Global corporations are just another tool to that end, not the cause.

            Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for everybody. No homelands left. We have been declared expendable, persona no grata. White Genocide is coming.

            And the best White people can do is “vote”, if they even bother to do that. Most Whites would rather die, than face the blunt truth of the situation.

            • Keep fooling yourself that,bub,WE (Fraction of American who KNOW door kicking, well)are EXCESSIVELY polite and hate noise.
              WHEN Combat AMERICANS step up?
              Your game is nonexistent and WE as combatants KNOW it,QUIT playing or FACE US NOW we are BORED to DEATH as civilians I CAN tell you.

              • I did say “most”, not all.

                But, time is running out…

            • yeah but the fight will be FUN!

            • JustMe, whoever comes to harm me is persona non grata and will die trying to harm me.

            • JustMe
              Can you tell me why the they’s in the system want to eliminate the white race?
              It is obvious that the ruling class wants to turn the white race into mixed mongrels.
              But why? What is it about the caucasian race of people do the “Elite” find so threatening?
              White people are already a very major MINORITY on a world wide scale.
              So why do they want us gone or the genetics watered down?
              It is obvious that white’s are considered a threat? Just makes no sense to me as to why they Elite want a watered down singular mixed race.

              You are viewed as cattle by the nut jobs running things. Politicians, Police, Government and the Deep State.

              This is Governments view of YOU:
              You will be snooped on and controlled. Your neighbors and children taught to snitch on you.
              You will be sheared. By Politicians and Police.
              You will be milked. By Politicians, Police, and Government.
              Then you are slaughtered by the Medical Establishment. AFTER they have taken everything you have ever earned.

              This is the real world. Not that make believe BS on the TV/Movie screen and the lies you are taught in school.

              Wake up. You are no longer in Kansas. Click your Ruby Red Slippers all you like. There is no going home.

              • The New World Order is the Chew World Order.

                Whites are the only ones strong enough to stop the takeover, which is about 90% in place.

                They want White creations without Whites, and are so deluded that they believe this is possible. Pathological Narcissism to the nth degree.

                This info is readily available on the net- just start looking.

              • They want us to be out-bred as they see White people as racist for simply being successful as they think we have ‘privilege’ and that is detrimental to minorities – that doesn’t fit their equality narrative.

                They want us all divided and hating each other so we a distracted whilst our masters rip us off by raising taxes and cutting welfare/pensions and wages.

                White women should only breed White children (no mixed raced relationships should be accepted) and raise them with a good White man.

                Black people should only have relationships with their fellow Blacks too, White people aren’t supreme but we are different like all races of people are and that’s what makes the world a great place – when we protect our heritage.
                It’s not about hate as Liberals keep claiming.

              • The caucasian are the Ten Tribes of Isreal. And they have a home,which they were kicked out of in 721 BC. We will be coming back to our Home Land very soon. Wake up people it is about time to go Home….ISRAEL here we come. Make room on the West Bank……..YHWH Bless his people.
                Rich (RDREV)

              • It’s difficult to point out one main reason as to “why”. Parasitic psychopaths think they own the world, they see White people as being in the way. Historically, White people are more inclined (at least they used to be) to prefer Freedom, communism, etc. Add to that, averice, covetousness, cowardice, jealousy, and being all around control-freaks.
                Law # 36, of “The 48 Laws Of Power” states: Disdain things you cannot have. They cannot “have” White PEOPLE. Perhaps this somehow applies. They want a rootless, controlable, standardized population, not people with history, and sense of self, or the desire to think for themselves.
                It would take many pages to go over their own words, to that end, but they have been pushing this hard for over a century now, beginning even before the bolsheviks took over Russia. Here in the US, it really took off when “The Frankfurt School” began poisoning people’s minds.
                In Europe today, the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan, displacement, and replacement of White people, is well under way. And, the people have zero say in the matter, and they are for the most part terrified to speak about it.
                Today, “professors”, in what used to be higher learning institutions, openly promote the lie of “White guilt/privalege”, even White Genocide, ad nauseum. The idea is now so accepted in the mainstream, that this was posted on facebook, just last week, and it was not deleted, because facebook said it did not qualify as “Hate Speech”:
                By Laura ?: “White women should be hunted and killed so we won’t get white babies who think the own the world!”
                Can you imagine the outcry, if anyone White said that about any other racial group?
                Can you imagine funding cuts for schools because there are “too many White students”? It is happening now.
                There does not appear to be one easy answer as to “why”, but make no mistake, they want you dead, Whitey.

                • Edit: “Freedom, instead of communism”, paragraph 1, sentence 2.

          • Kept telling older people, back in the 70’s, that it would come to this.

            “Oh the bullies and psychopaths go nowhere in life”. Yeah maybe in your generation when it was like 1/2% of the population and life expectancy was 50. Now? Shit man. In the public school I went to for 3 years, I think it was 2-5% that WEREN’T bullies and psychos. Staff included in that judgement. They gotta go somewhere when they grow up, a percentage that large isn’t just going to magically die off or reform.

            OH LOOK MANGEMENT!

            Yeah… that’s where they went. Surprise.

      3. Seriously!

        I’d almost pay to go back to college and take these people on as I don’t give a hoot what grade they give me (I’m 62).

        It might be fun to gather with the students at where ever they gather now days and explain things-in a nice way of course-.

        But, I have a more pressing agenda. Prepping on.

        Those profs and students are all gonna die in the first month of whatever SHTF hits us.

        Poor things. If they only knew.

        • Agree Grandee

          These people (profs, today’s students) are so soft and pampered that they literally won’t know what hit them. Of course, they’re so entitled that they’ll feel reasonable storming my home demanding that I stop “hoarding” (read: the materials we’ve all spent time and money procuring) what is needed for the “common good” (read: their mouths which need feeding). Of course, said “storming” will only end with them likely getting ventilated with a number of my lead catapults.

          Honestly, this is the most pampered and unprepared generation which has ever populated this planet. One month and that’ll be that.

          • @Grandee,
            Many colleges and universities allow seniors, and others to audit classes for free, or a small fee. Sign up, take Sgt. Dale with you, go to class, raise hell, fight back, challenge the professors. When they get nasty and threaten you in front of the other students remind them that you pay their salary and therefore they work for you. If you are retired and they threaten legal action, remind them you have all the time in the world to sit in a court room. Remind the class what Hillary’s new mantra is:’Resist, insist, persist, enlist’, and tell them that what you are doing. You have nothing to lose. Pass out pacifiers, crayons, and tissues when class is over for the day.

            • Nice post, Wilson. We can’t use all of Alinsky’s tactics, as he is a vile amoral fraud, but we can use some of them, where they are ethical, non-violent and non-fattening (:-)) Great post! Wish Mac would bring back the thumbs up.

            • The conservatives are keyboard commandos and the left is activist. You keep typing as the left fights!

              • “Anonymous” for a reason. Cowardice. Post and scram.

                As a matter of fact, Anon, the battle is in fact one of words, communication, and education. We get your insults, just not any of your points, as you have none.

                Get a clue. You might find one on eBay

                • Cowardice describes the right.. keyboard commandos….the left declared war and the right types..

                  • We know, Anon. You fascist leftist MURDERED over 100 MILLION last century, per the Black Book of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press. You leftists are full of H8TE and violence, exactly as your puerile post from mommy’s basement intimates.

                    I am non-violent. But I do believe in the right of self defense. I can only wish you were in front of me right now. I played football at a US university on scholarship, and I would let you throw the first weak punch, given my non-violence. I would then KICK your ass. However, you have an additional problem, being mentally ill, of psychological projection, penning brave words from mommy’s basement as a keyboard commando yourself. Proof again, that leftism is a mental illness.

                    I seriously wish you were in front of me right now. But you aren’t, and never will be. You fascist left types only do your violence in mindless herds, at the behest of your master, George Soros. You would never, ever have the courage to stand alone. You know this, and I know this.

                    You, sir, are a fraud, a coward, a psychological projector and seriously mentally ill. You are also part of the left that gave us Detroit, $20 trillion in debt, the death and mayhem in Chicago, the dissolution of the family and worse. And you are proud of it. You, sir, are not only a fraud, but literally evil.

                    As noted, you whiny ass, I seriously wish you were here in front of me, rather than cowering behind your keyboard. You, sir, are a prime exemplar of what both evil and ignorance. Grow up, get help. And make sure mommy doesn’t turn off your electricity there in the basement.

                    Oh yeah. Sorry you became so bitter due to your failed dating life. Your nasty bitterness drips for every letter you type.

            • Mr Wilson
              What you say is unrealistic. You have no “rights” as a student or citizen.
              I was run out of college by foreign Non English speaking assistants that were doing the “teaching” of classes.
              A Foreigner was doing the teaching that did NOT speak English. I was charged $700 for the class and paid $350 for required books/materials. I asked for a REFUND. The school refused. They also would not refund the books.

              Also, teachers were so antagonistic and dogmatic towards anyone that dared to disagree with their LEFTIST-NWO Communist BRAINWASHING, that you learn to keep quite.
              Other students get in a herd mentality and wrapped up in group think.
              You will be ostracized and shunned by fellow students if you DARE to expound ANY Traditional American values.
              The purpose of College is Brainwashing into a Communist/Leftist ideology, and for the schools to Rip you off. Also the government WANTS you heavily in debt. Then you are controllable.

              That was my experience. I loved learning. I hated the attempt to CONTINUOUSLY brainwash.
              -I love my Mother. I respect my Father. I love my family. I love my state.
              -The Lord God of Jesus Christ is supreme master over all of mankind and creation.
              -The Ten Commandments are a framework of how we should live our lives.
              -Thomas Jefferson was a great man. The Constitution a WONDERFUL document.
              -The Civil war was about states rights. Not just slavery. Brave men fought on the Southern side. Also many brave blacks fought on the Southern side. The Civil war is a historical event that should NEVER be forgotten.
              -I am a man who only has an interest in women for marriage or love making.
              -Men are different from women. We are not the same. Those differences make us stronger when together.
              -I have the Right to keep and bear arms. I will defend my home, my family, my city, my state, my country, against ALL enemies.

              These ideas make you HATED in a University environment.
              I refuse to be Re-Educated and Brainwashed into a NWO Communist Leftist world view.

              I was not college material. Because: I love God. I like women. I love America. And I will not be “changed”.

              That was many years ago at a well known and regarded College in a conservative state. I can not even imagine how horrible it is today.

              ***** Communist Leftist Anti Americans are a DANGER to America. Get them OUT of teaching positions.

          • Grunty: In turn, I am going to DEMAND these fascist leftist profs stop “hoarding” their pensions, sabbaticals and early retirements.

            However, I am a reaonable man, and won’t demand they redistribute these to me; rather, I will demand they redistribute all their perqs to all the illegal immigrants in those sanctuary cities they bloviate about. I’ll also be demanding the Hollywierd Learjet leftists redistribute the square footage in their zillion room mansions. (Google “George Clooney mansions,” then click on images for a real hoot. I’m surprise Goog – “First, let’s ONLY do evil” le hasn’t blocked this yet!

            • Grandee,also believe I would like to go back to school and finish my degree in post modern/afro centric/underwater lesbian basket weaving,my destiny awaits!

            • Cowardice describes the right…Left has declared war but right types and is ignorant!

        • “G”
          Wait for me I’ll go with you. Tag team these stupid bastards. They would run out of there crying!!!!


          • QUESTION: Talked to my friend about making a fish pond, he’s for it. This will be dug in pretty rocky/clay soil. What in your opinion is the best way to seal it? Pond liner or bentonite? The input will be about 3-4 gallons per minute only during the day and the size we are looking at is 30×30. Thanks for your input/experience in advance! 🙂

            • don’t forget to send trump a nice thank-you note for cutting off the EPA at the knees….now you CAN build a pond without fear from those bastards(i HOPE).

          • Sarge, Braveheart will be happy to join you and take on some libturds. Oh the fun we can have…..

        • I feel no pity for those kind of people the ones who can’t think for themselves or do a search to find things out. All they do is listen and obey to the garbage they are taught. I have no pity for them. We will be better off without them.

      4. There is no way we can change their minds and no way they can change ours. Meanwhile, society goes downhill faster and faster. It is time for reset and if civil war is the means, then bring it before our country is gone.

        • Amen to that!

        • TTHHE, I agree – sadly, I do. I’ve said it to many friends and some enemies…. “no one can kill an American like another American can”. I refer to the last Civil War. The total dead exceeds all those killed in all wars up to and including Viet Nam. In total, all the others added together just equal the Civil War. I only caution that it is never to be something we want. What we may have to do, yes. The biggest lesson of history is that we don’t learn from it.

          • What would the world look like if the Civil war never took place?

            • IF your aunt had BALLS….would she be your UNCLE!

        • We could opt out.
          Start pulling your kids out of college. There will be no jobs for them anyway. Only college debt.

          Get rid of TV, mobile phones and sadly maybe our internet too.

          Don’t buy their tech crap either – if it says “smart” it is watching you somehow and it will eventually control you.

          Buy local.

          There won’t be a civil war. The elites will continue to boil the frog slowly. Through patience and incrementalism – they win.

          Only way to change it is to opt out.

          • I don’t understand why these kids are going to collage when there are really no jobs out there or very little. Why are they thinking they are all gonna get great jobs? Surely they must be brainwashed.

          • @MM59….

            I disagree. I think we are headed directly for civil war……and not in the too distant future.

            But I agree with you that we need to do what we can to opt out of the current system.

            …and start keeping a list of names.

            Something to work your way through when SHTF…….to let them know that being on the wrong side of these issues will have consequences.

      5. “We’re out of time… I firmly believe this is the year… This is the line in the sand… The point of no return… ”

        No, we are not “out of time”.

        Time is the protocol by which God catalogs eternity. The man and/or woman who masters time and patience, masters all things. Patience is faith in action. Those who wait upon the Lord, rise up like eagles.

        Chill, Chicken Little. Chill. Keep stacking and packing My Peeps. Use time to your advantage. 🙂

      6. It is a Marxist attack on Western Civilization. Transgender access to your daughters bathroom. Same thing. Same sex marriage. Same thing. Feminism, same thing. Don’t take one issue and try to discuss it as if it has merits. You have to see all of them as one big war on you and your way of life. It is, in fact, by design. The culture of critique. The Marxist strategy against the West. See it. Know it. Destroy it.

        • James Obergefell, one of the plaintiffs in the landmark gay Lawrence case, was part of press conferences of LGBT activists who proclaimed the Supreme Court victory was not enough.
          He said, “Friday’s historic ruling is a victory, but it’s just the beginning.” Beginning… as in lesbian advocate Paula Ettelbrick proclaiming a year or so ago that, “transforming the very fabric of society… [and] radically reordering society’s view of reality” is the goal of the homosexual movement.

          Another article called the activists’ plans “the next frontier.” This “next frontier” includes taking away your religious freedom. Obergefell and the activists called for laws that would:
          • Abolish protections for religious employers to hire according to their sincere beliefs . . .
          • Erase protections of religious employees to have a workplace not hostile to their beliefs about marriage . . .
          • End protections for religious landlords to rent rooms or other property without violating their religious beliefs.
          This would lead to other Kristallnacht-style attacks: Refusing professional licenses for those disagreeing with same-sex “marriage.” Wiping out tax exemptions for religious institutions. ENDA, if it comes back, could force your church to hire gays. The list goes on. Such as this Christian business destroyed: Or just ask Elaine Huegenin, who was told by the New Mexico Supreme Court her “right of citizenship” necessitated she take pictures of gay weddings. Or the proprietor of Melissas Sweet Cakes in OR, just fined $130k by a send-up job where the OR. Human Rights Commission was in bed with radical gays. Or Barronelle Stutzman – a grandmotherly woman who hired gays, served gays, but declined to provide for a wedding and was viciously and nastily turned upon and had her 70 yr old life and biz destroyed. Or Memories Pizza in IN. that had multiple death threats from those same people that cry about “H8TE” from others.

          The goal is, as Hitler told pastor Martin Niemoller “You stay inside your churches. **I** will take care of Germany.”

          Please make no mistake… they are coming for you and your freedoms. They have never intended for you to keep them. Just review the gameplan laid out by radical gays Madsen and Kirk several decades ago if you disbelieve me.

          • @Test

            One day they are going to pick on the wrong person……someone who feels that they have nothing left to lose……and then there is going to be hell to pay. That will get the ball rolling, and it will be on.

            The reality is…..the left is a small, but very vocal minority of the population. And….for the most part, they are regional. The election of Trump in November proves this. I saw a statistic somewhere that said that had there been no votes cast in the urban areas of California, Chicago and New York, that Trump would have won the popular vote by 11 million votes. As it was, he won 85% of the counties in this country.

            Unfortunately, this small but vocal minority of the population has taken over most of the educational institutions, the courts and dominates the “deep state”. So, while they are the minority, they hold the reins of control of most of the institutions of power.

            The rest of the country sent a polite message to these folks in November. I suspect that if these usurpers of our republic do not listen, and if they persist with their efforts to continue to destroy the values of this country, future messages from the majority will not be as polite……or peaceful. At some point, their patience will be at an end, and if it is believed that the will of the majority is being ignored, there will be an uprising of some sort……and as I have already stated, it will most likely not be peaceful.

            To date……I don’t think the powers that be are paying very close attention. They say that they are opposing Trump. But in reality….they are opposing the majority of the people in this country who elected him. Because this past election was not about the man… was about changing the course of the country and uprooting the corrupt establishment (deep state) that has destroyed this nation.

            I believe that we are in a situation very much like the one that confronted the colonists in the early 1770’s. Only this time……King George is the entrenched elites in the government, educational system and courts. The Revolutionary War was in every sense, our first Civil War. Our second civil war was in the 1860’s and I see many parallels between that conflict and what is going on today as well.

            So… is coming. But it’s anyone’s guess as to what incident, or series of incidents will occur that will set it off.

      7. “gender-neutral language”…???

        Fuck Their Common Core … Politically Correct Bullshit !!!

      8. Note about the – literally evil – “gender neutral language” issue:

        One of my grad degrees is in linguistics (N.B.: NOT typing or proof-reading, as you may know!). When I was studying, one of the top linguists in the world, Robin Lakoff, stated that, e.g. where someone says “Would everyone take off *his* jacket,” this is categorically NOT sexist in that language is an arbitrary convention, and everyone KNOWS this includes both sexes; similarly referring to America as a “her” (e.g., “God she his grace on her” in America the Beautiful) EVERYONE knows this doesn’t mean only females live in the US, or only females are true citizens (tho I might file a lawsuit now over this).

        Truth is, the left, the vile feminists and Nazi brownshirt gay uber alles types are now coming for your very language, exactly as Orwell warned. In NYC, you can be fined up to $250k for not using “ze” and “hir” (multiple stories, see for one.) Dr. Jordan Petersen, a top Univ. of Toronto prof, is now in trouble for refusing to use politically correct language. One story at As just one of many other similar stories, the mayor of Houston required local pastors to turn over sermons, and the gay Stasi police wanted to check their speech (one story at out of many)

        THIS IS ALL PART OF THE CULTURAL MARXISM GAMBIT. And yes, they ARE coming for you, led by the fascist gay Nazi sturm troopers and their judicial Kristallnachts. Or as lesbian sturm trooper Paula Ettelbrick proclaimed a year or so ago that, “transforming the very fabric of society… [and] radically reordering society’s view of reality” is the goal of the homosexual movement.

        You resist now, or you will be overrun, just like the cousins Germany’s National SOCIALIST Workers’ Party and Stalin’s Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics overran Poland.

        Make no mistake. You will not retain your freedoms. They didn’t intend to leave you with any.

        Google grandmother Barronnelle Stutzman and see what the true H8TERS, the radical gays, did to this grandmother who hired gays, served gays, but politely declined to provide flowers for a gay wedding (hint: she was ruthlessly turned on, and they are trying to destroy her business, finances and even her life. H8TE? Just look askance at your local radical gay fascist!)

      9. People have no clue how close we are to rolling blackouts due to the shutting down of so many coal fired power plants. Most are against building new natural gas pipelines.

        There are protest no matter what kind of energy production you try to build. I really want to know what environmentalist want. Do they want us to just shut down all sources of electricity. I wish there was just one environmentalist who would answer that question for me. Maybe instead of just protesting come out and say what you want.

        Blogger: No need to panic yet about Yorktown shutdown, blackout risks. In a post for his Bacon’s Rebellion (VA) (3/28) blog, James Bacon recounts a discussion he had with Dominion Virginia Power Director of Transmission Planning and Strategic Initiatives Steve Chafin about the upcoming deadline to shut down two coal-fired generating units at the Yorktown Power Station. Regarding the threat of blackouts, Chafin said the Virginia Peninsula will, in normal weather conditions, have between 50 and 80 “high risk” days. However, the Environmental Protection Agency will permit Dominion to run its Yorktown 3 unit up to 29 days, reducing the number of high risk days to between 20 and 50. Chafin continued, “Should it become necessary” to temporarily interrupt service “we will do all we can to limit the number of customers and duration.” Chafin added, “We’re running drills to make sure we’re ready. We think we can get through the summer without any rotating blackouts.” Bacon mentions that the Surry-Skiffes Creek transmission line, Dominion’s proposed solution to the issue, “remains in a state of regulatory limbo.

        • @ Mike, Hey Mike…Didn’t Trump sign a executive order so we can put miners back to work and get the coal flowing again?

          • Yes, he did.

          • Yes he did. We will have to see if coal fired plants start coming back. I fear they will not. Reason being money has already been spent to close them.

            I hope I am wrong. Depends on the almighty dollar.

        • Mike in VA

          I was in the power generation field for three decades and I agree with your assessment. Another danger, possibly even greater is the lack of redundancy in the grid (distribution). Deregulation of generation took a significant amount of money from the public utilities. This necessitated cutbacks in upgrading and maintaining the transmission network. There was a generous amount of fat from the pre deregulation years that was cut into; its all gone now.

          No matter where you look the US is reducing its real wealth in this drive for globalized international redistribution. I think of it as nation to nation communism; “from those according to their means to those according to there needs”. From the 1 lb pasta box being reduced to 13.5 ounces to gym class being cut to save money its, “here, there and everywhere”.

          • Kevin

            So true. Now when companies are trying to do upgrades you have these idiot environmentalist groups protest. In VA the power company is spending billions of dollars to close ash ponds. The water from the ponds are put through a filtration process. The water is so clean they almost made us put an additive in it before it was returned to the river. Guess what. People protested. They had a funeral procession of the river. Carried a coffin down the road that portrayed the river being dead.

            The reason we are closing all the ponds is because Duke had one rupture about 5 years ago. A bunch of plants have now either closed or converted to natural gas. There is no need for the ponds but environmentalist are not happy. Closing the ponds is to take away the threat of a rupture.

            What the hell do they want? Billions of dollars. I bet they will be the first to protest when there bill goes up too.

          • Nation to nation redistribution.

            Also known as the global warming scam. Christina Figueres, the Executive Secretary of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, delivered a speech to the World Affairs Council of Northern California, touting that the “world has reinvented itself” and in order to be prosperous and efficient, we must live in Mega cities. (Think Marxist control grid)

            She said, “In order to address climate change is to build a complex framework the purpose of which is to facilitate and accelerate the actions at all different levels of government.”

            Note: Yes, this last winter was warm in N. America. But don’t ask Europe, where there was record cold. And there has been ZERO global warming since 1998. Zero.

        • It probably depends on the environmentalist as to whether they actually understand what they want, but if you can get past the feel good language of “deep ecology”, you would discover that they want humans to come back into harmony with the environment(read massive depopulation). Kinda like the Georgia guidestones. People are the problem in this planet, like a virus, as pointed out by Agent Smith in the Matrix. The only good humans are the ones who worship Gaia and seek to live in harmony with their environment, all else must perish. So they seek regulations to put pressure on humankind.

          • “. . .Ironically, this important policy-making think tank is located at a former U.S. military base – the Presidio in San Francisco. From his headquarters at the Presidio, Gorbachev is systematically unveiling his blueprint for a world government in the twenty-first century. This blueprint, as we shall see, involves manipulating the earth’s inhabitants into accepting a new world order in the name of saving the planet from environmental catastrophe. . .”

            . . .someone is lying, big time. . .the whole movement is commie bull. . .”environmentalists” are well paid whores and useful idiots. . .the (((goal))) is to enslave everyone. . .else. . .


          • Redoubt

            Look I am a hunter, fisherman, and all around nature lover. Most hunters and fisherman are. I want my children to be able to enjoy what I have enjoyed.
            I see no problem with man using things to make fire, electricity, or other things that help us all. Yes it should be done responsibly and it is. Working in the industry I know this. For one thing the fines the government would take if we polluted the air or river would be extreme.
            I also would not allow anyone to pollute the river. I have fished, camped, hiked, canoed and swam in that river. It is beautiful.
            The thing that people must learn is we as people were given dominance over all plants and animals on this planet. We should take care of that while using what we have to make peoples lives better.

            Man from the beginning has used this earth for food, warmth, water, and comfort. We should continue. If you would like to get rid of electricity then be the first.

            Anyone who would like too cut your main breaker off and go for it if you think that is how people should live. Set the example for others.

            • The coal mines are gone forever unless Trump stops alternative sources of energy from being imported, he probably won’t so the mines aren’t coming back, nor the steel works.

              I support Trump by the way, he’s a great man and a leader we need but I don’t have full confidence in him due to his appointments to the cabinet…….many Goldman Sachs slaves for my liking.

      10. Sorry, Mac. One more, if I may: Man claiming to be dolphin demands rights at Shedd Aquarium.

        I really did just sent this to the public relations person at Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. Had great fun writing this! No response, of course. And riffing off of Abby Hoffman’s old Steal this Book, I hope some of you will take the below as a bit of a boilerplate for your own emails/letters to editor.

        Ms. Rodgers,

        I plan to visit Shedd Aquarium in the near future, and have a question for you. With the increasing recognition of the rights of the LGBTQ community today – such as the recent move by Target stores to allow men identifying as women into women’s washrooms, and with which I am sure you fully agree – I would like to know if you will allow me, in the interest of intellectual and moral consistency, to use the dolphin pool as a “washroom,” should my need arise during my visit, just like the other dolphins at Shedd do. You see, Ms. Rodgers, I have always identified as a dolphin – I love swimming, taking baths, and really enjoyed watching Flipper as a child. I knew very early that I was a dolphin, despite the oppressive human-centric bias against us who identify as dolphins, and despite having two legs and opposing thumbs (which I hope to remedy through publicly funded surgery).

        I do hope you will provide the same respect to us dolphins who happen to have a human-like body, and that Shedd will quickly approve of us in the LGBTQ-D community. (Yes, the “D” stand for “dolphin,” and while you may consider this absurd today, ten years from now I am sure you will look back and understand that I was just ahead of the times a bit.) You may also wish to consider providing litterboxes for people who identify as cats – see this woman here:, or hay in your cafeteria for this former person who now identifies as a horse

        Finally, Ms. Rogers, could you please provide the rationale behind your denial, should you answer in the negative re. my using the dolphin pool? I am very curious to understand why biology is determinative in some cases – e.g., your Shedd Aquarium restricting us human-appearing dolphins (who self-identify as dolphins) using the pool as a washroom like the other dolphins – but not determinative in all cases, such as in the Target bathroom situation, where people who have only XY chromosomes are now allowed to use women’s washrooms.

        Eeee-yeee-eeee (that’s dolphin for “thank you,” which I’m sure you know.

        Flipper Jim

      11. I have a LOT of data on this. I hope some of you can use the below. Sorry for posting so much!

        For those of you interested (and if you value your freedom, IMHO, you really should be interested). The Nazi Brownshirts had their Kristallnacht to destroy Jewish businesses. This is the same thing, only using the judiciary. And yes… they are coming for you and your freedom of conscience next. Story at or the great news aggregator Joe Miller at

        Am I exaggerating? Consider this: Cour d’Alene court orders Christian ministers to marry gays, or face jail time (apparently Muslim imams are exempt… but you probably already guessed that) In KY, The Human Rights Commission in Lexington, Kentucky has a chilling message for Christian business owners who refuse service to LGBT organizations: leave your religion at home. “It would be safe to do so, yes,” Executive Director Raymond Sexton told me. “Or in this case you can find yourself two years down the road and you’re still involved in a legal battle because you did not do so.”

        Then there is baker Jack Philips or CO, who was basically sent to a re-education camp for declining to do a gay wedding Some of you already know about the T-shirt maker in KY whose biz got in legal hot water as he didn’t want to print gay T-shirts, and the $135k Melissa’s Sweet Cakes was fined for not doing a gay wedding. Child welfare organizations, such as Lutheran Community Services and Catholic Charities, are being threatened by this decision to recognize same-sex marriage or face losing their ability to participate in federal programs or apply for federal grants.

        Tony Perkins noted “Our Founders envisioned a nation where the moral and religious beliefs of individuals, faith-based organizations, and business owners would be protected, not a nation where one’s convictions about marriage could be used as a disqualifying factor for interaction with the federal government” There’s more, but you get the picture.

      12. I found this from 2009. I wonder how many ‘re-education’ policies have been instituted in the teacher program.

        Teacher Program – Proposed Policies at University of Minnesota outlines ‘re-education’ for those who hold ‘wrong’ views
        Published: 11/27/2009

        “…to redesign its admissions process so that it screens out people with the ‘wrong’ beliefs and values – those who either do not have sufficient ‘cultural competence’ or those who the college judges will not be able to be converted to the ‘correct’ beliefs and values even after remedial re-education.”

        “…political and ideological screening of applicants, remedial re-education for those with the ‘wrong’ views and values, [and] withholding of degrees from those upon whom the university’s political re-education efforts proved ineffective.”

      13. Time to instruct the sheep on how to use the shears upon themselves. Because violence cures all of societies cancers.

        “All the worlds a stage…” in the age of bullshit.

      14. Mike in VA, thank you for this info. Our daughter is still in VA in Newport News, so she will need to know this so she can prepare. Thanks again! You are a blessing.

        • Babycatcher you are welcome. I try to help as many as I can because others have helped me. We all should be that way. Thank you so very much.

      15. Orwell saw this type of bludgeoning years ago. Not only has the left stolen your wealth, now they want to steal your language. And make no mistake, they will also want your mind and very life next

        “But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.”
        From “Politics and the English Language,” not 1984.”
        ― George Orwell, Politics and the English Language

        “What is above all needed is to let the meaning choose the word, and not the other way about.”
        ― George Orwell, Politics and the English Language

        • That’s what governments did to the native North Americans!

      16. Mankind, man, men, humanity !!!

        Man is the natural provider and protector. Men should go to work and to battle.

        Woman gives birth to the future. She who rocks the cradle, rules the world.

        The roles of male and female are not the same. Striving for equality is striving for the lowest common denominator. It is easier to go down than up. Women become inferior pseudo men; and, men become inferior pseudo women.


        • Well said, B

          – Grunty

        • I dont understand the profs point, the word is humanity, from the word human neaning anyone like all of us, human.
          Its not huwoman or huwomanity,, just stupid, this student should fight this tooth and nail all the way to the board of directors if need be

          • Nail,

            Just wanted to let you know that I tried out that bread recipe you posted yesterday. Unbelievably good! It’s in my regular rotation for sure…..simple yet tasty. I just have to optimize for baking it in a solar oven so I can enjoy it when TSHTF, while I’m (successfully) fending off legions of hungry college professors and entitled pampered douchebag college students with my favorite lead catapult. ?

            • Cool beans Grunty!
              Its nice with some pasta,, dip it in a good quality olive oil,
              As a flat bread would do pretty good in solar cooker or ideal in a big dutch oven!
              Glad you liked it

            • Im making my old standby tonight, real basic,
              6 -7 cups flour
              3 cups water
              1.5 tbs salt
              2tbs yeast
              Combine yeast salt and water stir well
              Flour into mixer add water, salt, yeast mix
              Mix well
              Let sit
              Form loaves or use for flat bread or pizza crust
              If loaves etc bake 420 for 35-45 minutes
              This one i tried just leaving it out for a few days, actually made a nice sour dough all on its own, excellent round rustic loaves or french style loaves

              • Nailbanger;
                Nice of you to share your bread recipes. We appreciate it and will try in the near future.

        • He who rules the woman rules the world. Mother’s ruin children with their emotional, socialist, rebellious mentality. When patriarchy is dead the country is dead. Women should not teach men.

        • B

          Glad to read your post. It is plain nature. It is the way God intended. Mothers have something that children need that I as a male cannot give.
          At the same time a male has something a female cannot give to children.

          We can see a correlation of the nations down turn with women going to work.

          In life if you have children that is the most important thing in life. A stay at home mom has the most important job that the world has to offer. A man who provides has become rare and both sexes need to realize how important both things are.

        • Sick world. Women want to be dudes. Get tattoos like dudes. Play sports like dudes.
          Wear pants like dudes. Dudes get ears and nipples pierced like women. Women want
          to be oil rig workers. Construction workers. Drive big rigs. Its twisted. Welcome to 2017.

      17. Blah, Blah, Blah. If we are honest the truth is we have two choices. 1) accept the Globalist way of doing things or fight. ….. and i do mean FIGHT. It’s time to decide.

      18. Let it all fall apart. The strong will rule and these weak P.O.S. with work for us.



        • Professor Numskull will be my beech till he tires out then tree food. No sense keeping them around past their minimal usefulness. Same with all leftist communists, They are as worthless and destructive and stupid as it gets.

        • @Sgt. Dale……

          Yes……..let the culling begin.

      19. Hey Fran…..firing isn’t possible. You see, the teacher has immunity to being fired, unless a “crime” is committed. It’s called TENURE. You see the Marxists came up with this clever idea called tenure, whereby once achieved, the teacher/professor can now (without fear of reprisal) indoctrinate the students with their Marxist ideology. If we’re ever going to save this country, one piece of the puzzle is getting rid of tenure. But even so, many of these Marxists have wormed their way into the school board systems and/or are the administrators of the school. Who will “fire” a professor, if the boss is himself a Marxist.? The proverbial fox guarding the henhouse. I fear its too late!!!!

      20. Make sure all your guns are cleaned, oiled-up and ready to go. Better to enter the Apocalypse with a clean gun rather than a dirty one 😉

        • All my tools are clean and lubed. If you have an AR you better not get it dirty or it will jam. An AK could probably go through 2-3,000 rounds without cleaning 🙂

          • Not this crap again

          • A gas piston AR will solve the problem, without giving up accuracy.

            I had an SKS, that while extremely reliable, had sights that were so badly out of alignment that you could not adjust them enough to compensate for it.

            One must not only be confident that his weapon will function, but that he can actually hit his target.

            AK’s are at best a 4 MOA weapon unless you’ve spent a pile of money to improve its accuracy (an expensive proposition). Most AR’s are capable of 2MOA out of the box if the shooter does his part. MANY are sub MOA.

            Thomas Whelan said, “Only accurate rifles are interesting”. I tend to agree.

        • ?

      21. Look this “woman” up. She appears from her picture to be a lesbian from her picture and most likely a man hater based on her actions. Nothing to do with PC.

      22. Yea yea yea , we are out of time blah blah blah !!!
        15 comments says it all

      23. I would suggest they change the name of the subject (huMANity) if they don’t like using mankind. One is just as correct as the other.

        • I love humanity… it’s people I hate!

      24. For automobile manufacturers who produce a number of lines of motor vehicles, there is a firm rule of “If it doesn’t sell, don’t make it as it is!”. They find out why it isn’t selling. If they can’t get it selling, they stop production. Colleges are manufacturing graduates with training in different fields. If the graduates in a given field can’t find jobs, they continue to produce them. The basements of the parents of college graduates are full of these unemployed graduates who are saddled with student debt.

        • When I was I high school [ hated those stone tablets by the way ] we had an industrial arts program that was terrific. I was able to learn how to operate a mill,shaper,lathe, weld and or course drill press. We also had a very good auto mechanics class and woodworking class. There was also a crafts class where they taught leather work, photography and film development and other crafts. Those of us that were inclined to gravitate to working with our hands would not be given the time of day by our counsler . If you were trade inclined you were not worth her time. If you said you wanted to be a teacher , lawyer, doctor then she had all sorts of time to help with career assistance. years later they abandoned the industrial arts program so now this school graduates kids that cannot do a damned thing and don’t know anything. I never went to college , accrued no student debt and made a living with my hands. Not knocking education but make sure there is a demand for what you are going to major in. Many people that are going to tech schools are getting good paying jobs but they get their hands dirty doing it. I never minded that as there has always been plenty of soap and band aids when needed. Education has gone to hell.

      25. College for free.

        Attend any state supported college in any sanctuary city. If they ask you if you are a student, tell them you are an undocumented student, and therefore allowed to stay. Give them a taste of their own shit……priceless.

        …survive your enemy…..BA.

      26. Have these so-called intellectual elitists, given ANY thought as to how they are going to impose their ideology on “humankind”, when mankind utterly rejects their swill, indoctrination? These “humankind”, are without any means of defense of their human persons, and who, is going to step up and defend these “intellectual zealots”?
        I certainly won’t, and I don’t see BLM or any other Soros funded NGO having the capability of keeping these tenured parasites from getting stacked deep in the streets.

        • That is why they want to import “”refugees”” to kill off the men here. They are then hoping to step in like the communists they are after we have expended ourselves eliminating the islamics.

      27. [satire] And to level the playing field, all full time workers regardless of sex, and all CEOs in the USA will agree to a pay of $49,000 per year so that our hard working unemployable welfare entitlement people that refuse to work can equally share in this American socialistic prospertity. The cleaning lady on 6 month maternity leave deserves the same pay as an NASA astronaut, the inner city people that haven’t worked any jobs ever the same pay as the oil platform roustabout, the NFL halfback, and even Bill Gates. [end satire]

      28. They haven’t a clue what a civil war will mean. ANYONE who’s studied such wars and the reasons behind them will tell you that for anyone who actively seeks such a war, they are 1) Dumb as a rock, 2) won’t fight in it themselves and 3) will use it to change a country into something NO ONE wants. Millions will die, and the sheep will actually help the ones who started the whole thing in the first place. My Uncle Sam taught me what to do should such a war start. I don’t want it, but I WILL protect me and mine as anyone who supports the “other” side wants nothing short of Marxist/Socialist America. If that’s NOT treasonous I don’t know what the f*uck is….

      29. Twenty years ago nobody knew what a transgender was. Now they require separate
        restrooms. It makes no sense.

        • I don’t know why this is so complicated. You use the bathroom that corresponds with your anatomy. Period.

          I swear it takes someone with an advanced college degree to screw this stuff up.


      31. I can’t fucking wait until the societal breakdown that sure as fuck is coming takes place .These ass wipes will be the first casualties .

      32. “School administrators at a small Florida college suspended a Christian student last week after he confronted a Muslim professor who told students that the crucifixion of Jesus Christ was a hoax and that Jesus’ disciples didn’t believe that he was God.

        “During a separate discussion in class, this time on the application of Sharia law, Polston told the College Fix that a male Muslim student made chilling comments, including that gay people and adulterers should be beheaded in accordance with Muslim law.

        “I spoke out to the professor about … the decapitation comments made by the student,” Polston told the Fix. “The statement by the conservative Muslim student met such fear by some that one of the students reported it to the FBI.

        “’The situation was surreal. We’ve already had one too many attacks in Orlando and as an avid traveler, I realized this was the perfect example of ‘see something, say something,’ he explained.

        “After that, Polston said Zufari reported him to the school’s “dean of safety” and canceled class claiming Polston made her feel “unsafe.” He was subsequently called to the dean’s office to discuss his actions, which Polston said the dean claimed were making campus “unsafe.”

        “They made it clear that they had not gotten a report about what the student said, and were more concerned about the danger I was causing to the campus. What danger? A difference of opinion in a college classroom is nothing out of the ordinary and certainly not dangerous,” Polston told the Post. “The bad grade was upsetting, but they were literally refusing to acknowledge the dangers posed by someone who advocated chopping off body parts on campus.”

        “In a letter obtained by the Post, Rollins College wrote to Polston on March 24 informing him that he was suspended from school. The college alleged that Polston is a “threat of disruption” and is “jeopardizing the safety and well-being” of the college, other students and himself.”

        h ttp://

        The enemy of common sense, decency, and civilization itself will take over if we don’t push back and put a stop to this insanity!

      33. We know that fedgov has gone completely darkside. How else can you explain a police investigation the says the president (obama) was using forged identity documents? Let’s face it, no policeman or doctor or dentist would be allowed to remain on the job if they were using forged identity docs. But a man with forged docs is allowed to be in control of nuclear weapons?

        There’s been a coup people. My sense of the situation is that the military-industrial-complex is now running the show. The *only* way to clear this up is thru revolution.

      34. When did the tags for sharing on Facebook disappear?

      35. Folks the ship has sailed. Hundreds of thousands of our youth are being indoctrinated with shit. An entire generation of Americans, what do you think they will do when they reach full maturity. The country will DIE. Can you imagine a nation of pajama boys and fags and trannys trying to stop the Chinese or the Russians. We will have to use nukes ,can you imagine such a nation actually fighting a real war. Of course our generation has never fought one either, we have fought but not to WIN, and if you aren’t trying to win you Aren’t really at war. Vietnam, Iraq, AFghanistan, how long would any of them have lasted if we really went in there and said surrender or EVERYBOBY DIES. I remember seeing those guys in Afghanistan pissing on the dead Taliban getting court martialed. What a joke no wonder nobody that is our enemy respects us, we just don’t have the stones to stand up and fight for anything anymore as a country.

      36. If we don’t have a civil war now. ( race war ) . When they are 15 % of the population. We will have a race war when they are 50 or more % of the population. Take a pick .we need to realize . The third world is satans world. And as written the Tares must burn. Like it or not.

      37. After 240 plus years of accumulating traitors, America is overdue for civil war to scourge them from our lands, so due to the lack of real patriotism and justice in America, we find ourselves mired in their acts and destroying our country. Had they been dealt with when they arose, they would not have become the movement they are now. Civil War? SO WHAT, we need what we need when we need it because we FAILED utterly to deal with them before it came to this. this is what Apathy and tolerance has created, now embrace the suck.

      38. I hope and pray that a civil war starts, and the sooner the better. God, Himself, knows there is no other solution to the mess our country has become. The necessity of a civil war can be laid right at the feet of all of us who have done nothing but sit on our asses and whine about how bad things are instead of forcefully stopping this insanity prior to this point. Let each and every one of us true Americans kick butt and take no prisoners.

      39. Jer 51:8-9

        There was a logical disconnect, somewhere between Joseph’s discussion on decadent empires and then saying that nihilists won’t succeed (again.)

      40. She is stupid. Simply put.

        all of this is simply to prepare the way for ” him ” ,
        the anti-Christ .

      42. woMAN

      43. It’s so very simple I don’t give a shit why anyone says you have men and women period just like the Bible says there is nothing that says anything about transgender, fags , are queers end of story people talk the talk about a revolution but can they walk the walk no Americans have become weak there to busy watching the kartrashyins and dance moms and stuffing fat burgers in there face if a revolution ever does come to be guess who’s first on my list

      44. When one does an etymological study of the word “man”, one finds the word comes from Sanskrit and means “to think”. So those ancient Indo-Europeans used a term to define themselves that is gender neutral, “man”. The Romans, who took a lot of words from Sanskrit took “man” and Latinized it into “mens”, meaning “the mind” – found in the popular Mens Sano Corpore Sano, translated – Healthy Mind and Healthy Body. The bottom line is that there are people who wish to eliminate thought and rely on emotion. Man means to think, take that away and its all about feelings – neutrality is just a means to an end.

      45. this is a RELIGIOUS ISSUE Why? Because the non gender people have a religion its that simple. Its their religion. when they want you to switch pronouns, its because of their religion. Its their religious belief that they are not born male or female.
        You have the right to your own religion and to refuse anothers.
        This student needs to sue based on freedom of and from religion.

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