Jobless Claims Up To A 5-Week High, California & Pennsylvania Hit HARD

by | Jun 14, 2019 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 24 comments

Even though the number of people who applied for jobless benefits in early June edged up to a five-week high the mainstream media is not yet ready to signal any deterioration in the “strongest United States labor market in decades.”

The labor market has cooled off in the past several months. It was in part, hurt by ongoing trade fights and by less hiring in key portions of the economy such as retail, construction, and manufacturing. The government said [PDF] Thursday that initial jobless claims rose by 3,000 to 222,000, in the seven days which ended June 8. Economists polled by MarketWatch estimated new claims would total a seasonally adjusted 218,000.

The more stable monthly average of new claims climbed 2,500 to 217,750. The four-week average gives a more accurate read into labor-market conditions than the more volatile weekly number. The number of people already collecting unemployment benefits, known as continuing claims, increased by 2,000 to 1.69 million. These claims remain close to a 46-year bottom, according to Market Watch.

But is this a sign of things to come?  Some say the strong labor market we’ve experienced hasn’t really been all that strong.

Most of the jobless claims came from Pennsylvania and California. The number of people losing their jobs is still clinging near a half-century low, however, even though the economy has slowed and hiring has tapered off. The U.S. added an abysmal 75,000 new jobs in May.

If these numbers don’t improve, with 78% of the American public living paycheck to paycheck, this economy could quickly unravel.  The everything bubble cannot stay inflated forever.  It’s difficult to tell if this is the beginning of a recession or a bump in the road, but keep your eyes on the numbers.  This economy is not nearly as strong and immune as the government and mainstream media pretend. There is a lot of data and evidence showing that we are in serious trouble and should be all preparing for an economic disaster.

Economic disasters are one the hardest to prepare for because it just takes time to accumulate precious metals and pay down debts. This is one reason we are constantly reporting on the state of the U.S. economy.  We want you to take the initiative and prepare for the worst before it is too late.

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    1. Jim in Va.

      Plenty of help wanted signs in my area(Va.). People are waiting for someone to GIVE them one. Others refuse to work for less than they think they are worth. If they were worth what they thought they were they would be working wouldn’t they? Sometimes you start at the bottom and work up and hopefully if you work hard you’ll be noticed and given further responsibility and that means more money. Work or starve. Those that really can’t will be taken care of.

      • Clown World

        (Free) Help Wanted and F your biological requirements, it should say.

        You need a warm body at your labor post. It breathes and has a pulse. Your provide life support.

        There will never be any social institution, which sincerely believes that you earn the right to live, only after an arbitrary term of community service. Then, you are touched by the magical civil rights granting fairy, like Pinocchio, after you have learned enough moral lessons.

        This is some Marie-Antoinette-tier lying, here.

    2. Mensa Graham

      Miserable job prospects have anything to do with those two states being very blue?

      Put another way, who in their right mind would want to live in either place?

      • JRS

        Only blue in Philly and Picksburg…red in between. You do know Trump took PA? One blue and one red senator in DC. State legislature controlled by the red. Blue governor. More registered hunters than any other state. Don’t really know what any of it means because both parties got the state so far into pension debt they will never catch up and they have stolen so much money from the turnpike tolls that it is tens of billions in debt and bankrupt. Oh well, at least the state police have new barracks and cruisers and top notch salaries and bennies. I would say this state is as corrupt as any other.

        • Kevin2

          Pennsylvania is Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with West Virginia in the middle. Schools close in that “in between” when deer season starts. The state is filled with towns of 10,000 or less (many less).

    3. JRS

      One factory alone here laid off close to a thousand people last month and shut it’s doors. So, yea, that probably put Pennsylvania right up there at the top of the list of new unemployment claimants. They were the largest custom cabinetry manufacturer in the US. It may say something about what type of houses are being built (not the higher priced ones) or the types of remodels being done. Or maybe that the higher end house flipping is slowing down. An acquaintance of mine works at a former Armstrong cabinet factory and their work is steady, but they make low end cabinetry. So I guess maybe there is still Section 8 housing contracts being doled out by HUD in NY and Philly areas.

      • Anonymous

        The quality of wood used in the new mcmansions is anything but high end. Aged wood that was used in antique and vintage furniture is quality.

    4. rellik

      “Put another way, who in their right mind would want to live in either place?”
      I was born and raised in SE Los Angeles county.
      It was a beautiful place, but then we let Democrats
      occupy the place so I left. CA was a “red state”.
      Under American law we aren’t allowed to ki ll
      vermin, so the place was lost.
      Plan “C”. Wait it out and don’t ask and don’t tell.
      Millions of Democrats will die, and I will not do
      a thing to prevent it.

      • Anonymous

        Rellik can you do me a solid ?
        Stfu for a minute?
        I need cia background check ran on some incoming.
        Can you help?

      • Mensa Graham

        Visited LA in 67 while stationed at Ream Field S of San Diego. Very nice place that looked just like where I grew up in South Fla only the ocean was in the wrong direction. 🙂 Both places have unfortunately gone to the dogs both due to really democraps.

    5. Anonymous

      – Censorship should be despised, and Fought.
      – Infringement upon the Right to Keep and bear Arms should NEVER be tolerated. Non compliance.
      – Fear mongers that manipulate for profit should be called out.
      – Stealing, Theft, taking your hard earned money so that it is given to illegal foreign nationals and the bum class, again should be fought. No compliance with theft. Taxation without representation. I pay school taxes. Yet I have to pay fees for the children to participate in sports. I pay road taxes/fuel taxes/registration, yet foriegn companies build roads and I have to pay tolls? Does this make any sense to you?

      1776 was fought for a reason.
      These issues were supposedly setteled?

      Now history is being rewritten. Monuments to brave men destroyed. Communist always do this.
      Censorship is “new normal”. Tech Monopoly should be broken up.
      No freedom of speech or discussion.

      States like California, Washington, NY, Connecticut, cities like Boulder Colorado, and many more INFRINGE upon constitutional rights to protect your family against violent felons that serve little or no time for thier violent crimes.

      Political correctness is communism.

      Police are murdering without cause or consequences. They shoot people’s dogs. Then Police started killing children with flash bangs and shooting kids with obviously toy guns. They also shoot hostages. In Houston they murdered two people in thier own home then lied about it. What is wrong with these Police? Why no accountability?

      FBI chases down soccer moms for school bribes. But FBI refuses to stop drug cartels taking over ALL of south Texas Police departments/Jails, political offices. FBI refuses to stop China Intel and Russian enterying country illegaly.

      There is about to be a great pushback against the EVIL Tech monopoly/governmnet forces that infringe Human Rights. Neighbors are really pissed. Guys at job site pissed. Lots of anger.

      I don’t want to see war again. My sons will not be dying for nothing. I will not allow them to be drafted. I refuse to be be recalled to fight in any other future made up war. I am a man of peace, a farmer. So I am leaving. I refuse to live under Tyrants. I refuse to get sucked in to any conflict EVER again. I will raise crops, livestock, and my children, in peace. So I will leave.

      What are you going to do?

      Comment likely censored. Discussion not allowed.
      Facts not allowed.
      China Intel operatives, Russian spetsnaz with stolen credit cards, Drug cartels operating in the open, these dirt bags are spotted all over the border state of Texas. Why is this allowed?
      MS13 gang members all over Houston area, San Antonio.

      My place is soon up on market. Hope we sell out before house of cards economy collapses.

    6. Plan twice, prep once

      California is a one party rule, lost sanctuary state. They offer unlimited freedom to criminals. So long as they are illegals.

      This is so sick.

      The state has its streets lined with homeless, if not for a warm climate, they’d all be dead. Nice voting block Democrats.

      The DNC voting advantage won’t survive one cold winter.

      • repr sleepr

        either way, if you vote out there in California, best be wearing gloves when you make your selection.

    7. Honeypot

      Layoffs in Silicon Valley
      20,000 American tech employees lose their jobs to Israel.

      Billionaire and Neocon Paul Singer who donates heavily to candidates in the Republican Party is financing this outsourcing of jobs to Isreal.

      Along with the jobs is the high level techno-secrets of artificial intelligence. Some have called this espionage, others treason.

      But news coverage is minimal and debate absent.

      If this were any Country other than Israel it would be a topic on everyone’s lips.

      How do they get away with all this if they are not the puppet masters; pulling America’s strings, with Americans dancing to their Israeli tune.


      • Clown World

        Israel is told which specific products they are allowed to manufacture, as a precondition of receiving economic stimulus, and are threatened with being cut-off, if they don’t concede to Washington’s diplomatic demands.

        They model dysfunctional behavior, common to all Western democracies, besides just inflicting it on others.

        • Bert

          Shut up, say no bad about Israel, and keep sending them $4,000,000,000 billion every year, you infidels.

          • Clown World

            (Ezekiel 36) “…They model dysfunctional behavior…”

            I really dislike repeating myself.

            B said, “keep sending them $4,000,000,000 billion…”

            If you are productive in spite of a financial treaty, you can be legally sued for damages.

            They use words like ‘settler’ and plant trees. How would American pioneers have viewed arrangements like those?

            There is the same general political differences between urban and rural people, over there, too.

    8. Bert

      Oh My imaginary God! A five week high. Better click on all the Amazon links and buy all the seed banks and food storage plastic non-food safe buckets.

      • Clown World

        Then, a political presence on the Temple Mount should lend no credibility, whatsoever, to your secular administration. You won’t be needing any Tomorrowland Festivals or pride marches, near any Biblical sites, seeing as how that is so meaningless.

    9. Get Real

      NEWS FLASH: It is well known that Trump and his WH counselor Jared Kushner LOVE Israel.

      And FYI, Jared and Ivanka are Democrats, always have been, who are both PRO-CHOICE, not pro-life, and who have enormous influence over Donald Trump. They are stalling the banning of abortion issue, ensuring that most (not all but most) women can still get an abortion if they choose to.

      In other news today, search this recent headline for eye-opening details:

      ” Ivanka Trump, Kushner took in as much as $135 million last year.”

      Time to Wake Up and Get Real…

    10. Get Real

      For those who think my post earlier today (that may never get posted) is fake news, here’s a link to the FOX version. Check out the others as well.

      Not too mention that Trump has raked in over $300 million in his (Made in China) MAGA merchandise since he took office.

      I’d say the Trumps are capitalizing on the presidency, which is not at all consistent with being ‘all for us’ and ‘for the people’…. spin it however you want, but that’s the reality.

    11. Plan twice, prep once

      I live in a town with a legendary school system, a top five in my state. Houses here normally sell like hot cakes. It’s been getting soft.

      I have been poo pooing a recession, but I’m seeing soft spots.

    12. Rock Roller

      I’d advise young people entering the job market to learn a trade or two, so they always have a skill to fall back on.I have more work than I can possibly handle, and people calling every other day, and I don’t even advertise.Why? Because I return their calls promptly, and show up to bid the job when I say I am.Also, I go above and beyond most others on quality. It seems to be a real problem in this area,nobody calls anyone back or shows up at all. One lady last week told me the guy before me rescheduled their appointment FIVE times, then never showed up! So she called me, I showed up and got the job, even though I told her it would be about three months before I could start on her house. People appreciate honesty, hard work done correctly, and someone that genuinely cares about their project/home. Give them those three things, and you’ll always stay busy, even in lean times.

    13. Old Guy

      Who gives a fuck about Calif or Pennsylvania? The Peco plant at Shannon Ark need to hire 1600 more workers. They have been importing Marshall islanders to come and work. pretty soon there will be more Marshall Islanders in Arkansas than there are in the Marshall islands! In surprised Mac didn’t blame Trumps Tariffs for those blue states problems. Remember this No matter who what when or where. The problem of too many Parasite Takers and too few Producing Makers is not long term sustainable.

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