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    This article has been generously contributed by Michael Snyder. You can follow his regular writings, research and analysis at The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream. Read his recent book The Beginning of the End to get an idea of what America may look like in the very near future.


    If you are fortunate enough to have a job in America today, the phrase “just over broke” probably describes you.  Yes, there are a handful of jobs that certainly pay very well, but most Americans that work for somebody else are just barely making it from month to month.  More than half of all working Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, and more than half of all working Americans make less than $30,000 a year.  That is an amazing statistic but it is actually true.  Once upon a time, anyone that was responsible and that was willing to work hard could get a good job in America.  But now those days are long gone.  Instead, we live at a time when good jobs are disappearing and when the middle class is getting smaller with each passing year.  In some homes, the husband and the wife are both working multiple jobs and they can still barely pay their bills.  Something has gone horribly wrong, and yet our leaders just keep telling us how wonderful our economy is.

    One of the biggest things that has killed jobs in this country is the fact that the U.S. economy has been steadily merged into the emerging one world economic system over the past several decades.  They call it “free trade”, but they never told us that we would be merged into a single global labor pool where we would be competing directly for jobs with workers on the other side of the planet that live in nations where it is legal to pay slave labor wages.

    According to Gallup, only about 1.3 billion people around the world work full-time for an employer at this point.

    But overall there are more than 7 billion people.

    That means that there are a whole lot of really poor, really desperate people that need to be employed.

    This has been wonderful for the big corporations.  They can just take jobs away from American workers and give them to people who are willing to work for less than a tenth of what an American worker would make.  This has resulted in the systematic deindustrialization of the United States and horrific decline in dozens of formerly great manufacturing cities.

    At the same time, we have also been losing millions of middle class jobs to technology.  At this point, robots are even starting to replacewarehouse workers and fast food employees.  As robots become even more advanced and become even cheaper to produce, there will be less jobs available for the rest of us.

    And what happens when robots can do everything better than us?

    Because there are fewer middle class jobs available, the competition for the remaining jobs has become incredibly intense.  In recent years, millions of Americans have been forced to take just about anything that they can get.  For those Americans, “just over broke” has become “just trying to survive” as they scratch and claw their way through life.

    A recent CNBC article profiled one such individual.  His name is Ken Bowman, and his job at a guitar shop just barely enables him to pay his rent and feed himself…

    Ken Bowman joins the line for a free lunch in the Youngstown Salvation Army canteen, just like he does every Friday.

    Looking younger than his 21 years, his hair dyed jet black and wearing big, battered boots, Bowman plays heavy metal on his cell phone. He chooses a seat at the end of a table and sits hunched over his tray, his blues eyes furtively sweeping the room. The others sit in packs, regulars who’ve formed lunchtime friendships over their burnt coffee and peppered corn, discussing the jobs they once had and the government benefits they no longer get.

    Bowman is sensitive to the stigma of accepting handouts like lunch. “[It] doesn’t mean you’re homeless or poor, people have standards but they struggle,” he said, his chin jutting out, his eyes glowering.

    After paying his rent, Bowman says his job in a guitar shop leaves him with $50 a month to live on — if he can get shifts. He is one of America’s “underemployed,” a group of as many as 11 million Americans struggling to survive in society’s shadows on wages that put them below the federal poverty line.

    There are millions of others out there just like Bowman.  In fact, as I mentioned in a previous article, one out of every four part-time workers in America is living below the poverty line.  The “working poor” is a phrase that describes a very large segment of the U.S. population today.

    And the cold, hard truth of the matter is that most of the country is steadily getting poorer.  According to a study recently discussed in the New York Times, the “typical American household” is now worth 36 percent less than it was worth a decade ago.  That is a staggering decline in just ten years.

    Meanwhile, the cost of living continues to rise.  This is something that I have discussed repeatedly, but sometimes a picture can say things far better than any words can.

    The photo posted below has been floating around on Twitter.  It is of a McDonald’s menu from the 1960s.  As you can see, prices have gone up a little bit since then…

    Inflation - McDonald's

    Most people think that I am crazy when I tell them that I can remember a cup of coffee being sold for a quarter when I was young.  But it is true.  Over the long-term, our purchasing power has been systematically destroyed by the insane polices of the Federal Reserve.

    Sadly, most Americans don’t understand any of this.  They just trust that our leaders actually know what they are doing.  Meanwhile, they just keep on struggling to survive in an economic system that is stacked against them.

    According to one recent study, 40 percent of all households in the United States are experiencing financial stress right now and the homeownership rate for Americans under the age of 35 is at an all-time low.

    In the old days, if you got your education, worked hard and did all the right things, it was just about an automatic ticket to the middle class.

    Today it doesn’t work like that.

    Instead, more Americans than ever are being forced to become dependent on the government.  If you can believe it, Americans received more than 2 trillion dollars in benefits from the federal government last year alone.

    So it astounds me whenever I hear anyone say that the economy is in “good shape”.

    How can it be in “good shape” when one out of every three adults in the United States has an unpaid debt that is “in collections” and there are 49 million Americans that are dealing with food insecurity?

    The truth is that we are in the midst of a long-term economic decline that is the result of decades of incredibly foolish decisions.

    Until the American people start understanding what has happened to us, they are never going to demand real change that actually accomplishes something.

    beginning-of-the-end-snyderMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.


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      1. All I know is that I work my ass off day in day out and at the end of the month i lose 20% to the government right off the top (not including what they jack when i buy gas and other stuff)… My family struggles to put food on the table while illegal aliens, because of a “humanitarian crisis” are allowed into the U.S. and given free room and board literally by the millions.

        This is horseshit.

        We are being impoverished.

        We are so totally screwed.

        • I knew the job situation in the USA was in trouble when NAFTA was signed into law by by Slick Willie and when China was admitted to the WTO. NAFTA started the slide and China admitted into the WTO finished us off. The question that I used to ask people at the time was, “Where’s our next M1A2 tank coming from, Mexico, China?” The manufacturing expertise that it takes to produce a sophisticated weapon, like a tank or a jet fighter and the myriad machined and electronic components that go into them can’t just be conjured overnight in the event of need. Making stuff that works is as much art as it is engineering. it takes people with the know how to do it right.

          Just ask GM.

          • Yes, just ask GM.

            How many new plants in China? Six I believe. Bailout money from Obama to Chinese Labor Plants.

            • Hey the Govnt has wasted $7 Trillion on 2 phony wars and for what? All to jack up gas prices from $2 bucks a gallon to $4 a gallon and less freedoms and jobs for the rest. Public hangings for Tyrants are in order.

              • JOB also = Join Our Bankruptcy.

                It is absurd what is happening now that it makes more sense to be on welfare. Use to be having a job meant security and finanical independency. Now it means that the government can take as much as possible from a person’s income.

                This is interesting from the World Almanac on Federal Minimum hourly wage since 1938:

                Date Minimum wage In 2012 dollars
                10/24/38 $.25 $4.08
                10/24/39 $.30 $4.97
                10/24/45 $.40 $5.12
                01/25/50 $.75 $7.17
                03/01/56 $1.00 $8.47
                09/03/61 $1.15 $8.86
                09/03/63 $1.25 $9.41
                02/01/67 $1.40 $9.66
                02/01/68 $1.60 $10.59
                05/01/74 $2.00 $9.35
                01/01/75 $2.10 $8.99
                01/01/76 $2.30 $9.31
                01/01/78 $2.65 $9.36
                01/01/79 $2.90 $9.20
                01/01/80 $3.10 $8.67
                01/01/81 $3.35 $8.49
                04/01/90 $3.80 $6.70
                04/01/91 $4.25 $7.19
                10/01/96 $4.75 $6.67
                09/01/97 $5.15 $7.39
                07/24/07 $5.85 $6.50
                07/24/08 $6.55 $7.01
                07/24/09 $7.25 $7.79

                Notice something about this? Back in the late 30’s to early 50’s someone making even minimum wage could survive and have some luxaries, yet they were aerning what would be slave wages in 2012 dollars??????????

                Look at the 1960’s and 1970’s. People were earning a minimum wage of $9 to $10 a hour in 2012 dollars. They were not comfortable with minimum wage, but they sure as hell were not like now, scare to death from paycheack to paycheck.

                When you can earn in 2012 dollars $4.08 a hour and survive okay back in 1938. It really shows just how explosive costs of living have gone, to the stratosphere now. When you can earn in the 1960’s $10 a hour in 2012 dollars and have some left over, yet earn today about $8 a hour and have to go on partial welfare to survive. Well this shows just how royally F’ed the economy is. AND HOW THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES HAVE SUCKED UP ALL THE GOOD JOBS AND THE TREASONIST POLITICIANS HAVE SOLD OFF AMERICA AND THE PEOPLE LIKE HOGS AT THE MARKET.

                When all silver coins went bye bye after Nixon, nixed them, the economy had NOTHING solid at all to back up the dollar. Now you have to earn about $15 to $20 a hour to earn what in 1938 you would have in 2012 dollars of $4 a hour.

                When you show numbers BO and the others just can’t justify anything that the economy is fine. The economy is not only in the Toilet, but it has been flushed for ALL Americans. 🙁 🙁 🙁

                • Broke, and our future mortgaged to the hilt.

                  • As Ross Perot warned everyone during the ’92 elections on Larry King. “There’s a gonna be a giant sucking sound if NATFA gets passed”.

                    Sad but true. It was ALL about Wall St. profits that drove companies out of the US labor force looking for overseas cheap labor.

                    China, is also falling to the same thing as they are now looking for cheaper labor in other countries like Africa.

                  • In High School I rode a motor cycle, that had a 2.5 gallon tank. Gas was at .54 cents a gallon for a longtime. I rode all week back and forth to school for less than $2. Today $2 in gas will get you only about 10 miles down the road.

                  • looking more doubtful everyday as to whether we even have a future. At least a decent one. Looking at that chart I can see how as a 17 year old E-2 back in 1965 I was able to have a fair amount of fun on forty dollars every two weeks.

                • BI, you brought back a flood of memories for me with that chart. My first REAL paying job was part-time in a supermarket in 1973 when I turned 16 and the federal minimum wage was only $1.60 per hour. I bought my first car, a 1964 Chevy II Nova, for only $300 from money I earned doing odd jobs before I got the supermarket job, I started making money doing odd jobs at 8 years old but the only tax I paid in those days was the sales tax whenever I bought something. It was only at sweet 16 when I first had the honor of giving up some of my income to Uncle Scam. When I left high school in 1975, I left Memphis for a job opportunity in Miami. I went to work for a courier service delivering packages aka “hot shot freight” in those days, driving a Ford E250 cargo van. I was very fortunate to start out at $4.00 per hour and that was decent money back in the 1970s. 2 months after I arrived in Miami was when I met the lovely refugee from Cuba who would later become my wife. She was a nurse and also made some decent money and we lived pretty good while she was alive. When I came back to Memphis in 1982, I had to go back to minimum wage which was all I could find at the time. I suffered throughout the 80s and it was only in 1992 that things started looking up for me. I’ve never had very much but everything I’ve ever had I’ve worked for it and bought with my own money, not taxpayers’ money. Just like everyone else here, I’m sick to death of my tax dollars going to support useless scum freeloaders like the ones rioting, etc. in the St. Louis area, allegedly over the shooting death of a young black male by a cop. I’ve also seen over the years like everyone else here how our country and the average worker’s standard of living have deteriorated and it’s definitely accelerated under that BOY in the White House. Ovomit has made the job losses under NAFTA and GATT look like a sideshow. We’re headed straight for 3rd world status unless we can achieve a 180-degree turnaround somehow.

                  • Hey Renegade, My first job at 13 was cleaning the parking lot a a red steer resaraunt and paid 1,60 an hr (are we old or what>) in 1979 I was making 2,10 an hour at a salvage store. in 90 I was making 11.00 anhour after relocating to a much better job market and in 93 got into a union job that pays a hell of a lot better. Sometimes it takes relocating to make a decent living. If I would have hung around my home town I would be lucky right now to make 10,00 an hr. I left that shithole with 400.00 and what I could fit in my truck and made my way to a good job back in 90. I just struggled my way through it all and it worked out for me. I was lucky and had a roomate that helped me into my job I have had for 21 years. When times were good I still lived on the cheap and put my extra $ into land and a retreat (unlike most of the idiots that just bought toys and crap). Times are not so good anymore but I at least will never be homeless (my wife either). She is the love of my life and has the same mentality and the same goals. I thank our creator for the blessing of wisdom and truth.

                  • @ Braveheart. Isn’t it amazing and so, so sad what money could purchase before? Earning power was there for those that wanted it, and there was plenty. Now, even someone busting their rear all week long not only gets the government siphoning out large amounts. When you cash that check, the ability to get much is so dimished. Pathetic and sad at the same time that the country has fallen so down and reached so close to rock bottom.

                  • Angry White Man and I Aint taking it any more Damit!!

                  • Brave

                    when i got married in 1976 ,i was making killer money $5.00 hr as a laborer ,our apt. rent was $105 a month ,furnished (not a dump a real nice place,in a nice part of town),i always tell my son and grandson about the menu back when i was a kid ,that there was just a handful of items offered ,i still remember what i always got ,a cheese burger ,fries and a choclate milkshake ,and that was only twice a year in the next town 40 mi. away ,once when we went to get school cloths ,and when we went to the county fair ,in RE: to anon 20% of his pay ,i work for my self and they are clipping me for 39%

                  • I agree. My husband and I play a game each when we to go buy what few groceries we get each week. We look at the person pushing the cart, the fancyphone that she is barely able to text on because of the fake claws and the items in the cart. We then bet whether an EBT card will be pulled out. The one thing we have noticed is they buy name brand food…chicken already cut up, Purdue of course, name brand everything…not the leg quarters bag and the store brand. They whip out the card and swipe it buying hundreds of dollars of food. I am losing my job the end of the month because my company is closing but we will just eat completely out of the garden and freezer. It makes me sick to know we are enabling the FSA “play house” (because God knows there’s never a wedding ring on their fingers) to live in paid for housing, pay their freaking electric bill, pay for everything their kids need and give them a card full of money to buy everything they want…even the gas pumps at Wallyworld accept EBT! What are we NOT paying for?? It’s just wrong! I am a certified clinical research coordinator that has worked since I was 16 and was told last week I was considered “clerical” and the most They would pay me is around $8 an hour…$10 less than what I have been making…hopefully with all of us workers being downsized the FSA won’t get a “raise” this year.

                  • You talk about the job you had at minimum wage in 73. I graduated that year and was 17. IF min.wage had gone up like the cost of gas,which is MORE than 10 times what it was, .20 – .25 cents a gallon, Min. wage would be AT LEAST $16 per hour. Something that never seems to be mentioned on the news. Wonder why?

                  • funny, my motorcycle will get me about 60-75 miles for that $2.

                    or are you comparing a motorcycle you used to have vs a car/truck you currently have along with the gas prices?

                  • I know what you are going through.I graduated from High School in 1963 and moved aboard an old river towboat that I had been training on since I was 11 years old to become a river pilot.I became a paid deckhand at that time for $10.00 per day and that was for a 24 hr day not just 8hrs.I bought a new 1963 Dodge Dart Convertable and could drive forever on $5.00 worth of gas.Went piloting in 1964 and was raised up to $26.50 per day still 24hr day.thought I was in the chips then,got married in 1965 and rented an apt.we lived I’m retired and “tripping”for several towing companies for $600.00 per 12hr day @ 6hrs on watch and 6hrs off watch.That seems like a lot of money but since I’m a contractor I pay what the company would pay for ss and medicare plus my own ss and medicare and a barge load of income taxes.I end up with about $200.00 per day about what I made in 1964 money my accountant asked me why I am working I told him I guess just to get out of the house for two weeks.

                • In 1966 my folks made a total of $8,000, first good job Dad had since 1958. Moved 1500 miles to get the job, paying $4.05 per hour.

                  That $8,000, after taxes, was enough to make a down payment on a small house, make the payments, buy a good used car, school clothes for growing teens, $5 in the collection plate every Sunday, dental braces, and good food on the table year round.

                  • And the Central Planners and Central Banksters had different ideas. 😉

                  • Gonehilo, you are full of baloney! I’m an older woman on social security, just barely able to make ends meet… how much food stamps do I get each month? $16. Get it? the only way I make it is that I prepped when I had extra money and I only was able to prep because I lived in my SUV for a couple years and saved every penny I got… How much food stamps did I get when I was homeless? $16. Nothing more. That is not a lot!!!! (I refused to pay $600 per month for a darn room so I just lived in my SUV for awhile… rent doubled in my hometown in one year– from $350 per month for a room to $600 per month for a room and I just refused to be ripped off… so I lived in my SUV and saved every penny I could and prepped.

                    On the other hand, I know people with good jobs who screw the system right and left… they are not content with high paying jobs, they also steal from the system to get even more.

                • Its called Fascism and Slave Labor. For a bonus they give you “Dancing With The Stars.”

                  • Israel finally Busted for Counterfeiting US $100 Bills. More than $77 Million dollars of Fake US Money printed. US Media trying to cover this up.. CNN -Just reported this.

                    Fake $100 bills eluded detection with rare quality – Yahoo Finance

                    It was the most popular counterfeit $100 bill in circulation, and for more than a decade its makers were a mystery to the U.S. Secret Service.

                    Agents collected and analyzed the fake greenbacks, which first popped up in Israel in the late 1990s. They were so good that they were often discovered only after they reached a bank or the Federal Reserve.

                    So when Secret Service agent Adam Gaab came across four of the fake $100s on May 17, 2012, shortly after they had been detected at a Loan Max in Northern Virginia, he knew he had the rare chance to link a bill back to the person who passed it.

                    “It was the No. 1 note,” said Ed Lowery, special agent in charge of the Secret Service’s criminal investigation division. “You aggressively run out leads on the No. 1 note.”

                    The investigation evolved into a two-year international odyssey that culminated in the indictment last week of 13 Israelis and Americans of running one of the most successful counterfeiting operations in U.S. history. Hundreds of agents were involved by the time they executed raids and arrest warrants in five states in May and June that resulted in the capture of the 13 suspects and the seizure of $2.5 million in fake bills and a printing plant in a Cherry Hill, New Jersey, warehouse, according to federal authorities.

                    The counterfeiting ring was responsible for producing at least $77 million in fake bills, mostly $100s, said U.S. Secret Service Director Julia Pierson.

                    ‘Painful’ Case
                    “This has been a painful note for us,” Pierson said in an interview. When a bill’s so good that it’s not discovered until it’s in the banking system, that “separates the passing of the note to its detection. It allows these people to operate more anonymously.”

                    One sign of the ring’s sophistication, the agents said, was that the counterfeiters appeared close to mimicking the latest currency security features, including 3D ribbons.

                    The Secret Service has been battling counterfeiting since 1865 and has watched it evolve from an art form practiced by master printers to amateurs scanning and printing bills with their home computers. In the fiscal year ended Sept. 30, the service recovered $157 million in fake bills.

                    Bank of England switches from paper to plastic cur …Play Video
                    The home-computer variety is often easy to spot. Those produced on sophisticated printing presses — mostly overseas — are harder to identify. Some are so good that they become legendary within law enforcement, such as the “SuperNote” that has been produced in North Korea for decades.

                    Though famous, the North Korean note wasn’t the most widely passed and seized of fraudulent greenbacks cataloged by the Secret Service. That honor belonged to what they called the “Russian-Israeli Note,” which agent Gaab held in his hands after he went to the Loan Max in Woodbridge, Virginia, in 2012.

                    Informant Found
                    Over the years, the Secret Service’s forensic analysis linked 17 different versions of the fake $100 to the same source, according to court records and interviews with Pierson, Lowery and other agents.

                    The Secret Service was able to break the ring after Gaab tracked down the man who passed the four $100 at the Loan Max. A year later, Gaab and local police raided the suspect’s home in Dale City, Virginia, and persuaded him to become an informant.

                    The man and another informant helped the Secret Service identify his supplier, and soon agents were using wiretaps, tracking mobile phones and conducting time-consuming surveillance on suspects that led them to Israel, where the bills were being manufactured.

                    Agents identified the ringleaders as two Russian-speaking Israelis: Itzhak Loz, 46, and Ronin Fakiro, 45. Loz and Fakiro, who have been in custody since their arrests in May in New York, made hefty profits on the sale of their bills for 20 percent to 50 percent of their face value, according to the agents and court papers.

                    Operation Moved
                    Federal prosecutors are seeking the forfeiture of the ring’s assets totaling at least $4.5 million. The ring moved its operation early this year to New Jersey to cut down on costs, agents said.

                    “It’s much easier to distribute counterfeit once it’s here, rather than overseas,” said Lowery. “Getting it into the country is the hard part.”

                    Agents conducting surveillance of a New Jersey warehouse in February watched in shock as a tractor trailer pulled up and unloaded at least one large printing press that they would determine had been shipped from Israel. Within weeks of the delivery, the ring was churning out fake bills.

                    “It’s rare to see that here in the United States,” Lowery said. “I mean, you hear about it in training. We see them overseas. But not here.”

                    the sad part about this whole thing is how much the media is trying to cover up the fact that they are israeli jews who were making these fake notes…
                    is that how much america is afraid of these guys?

                    they conveniently termed this note as “israeli-russian” note….. when it was israelis jews by them selves who just spoke russian…..


                • to “Peace Sells”
                  “Peace Sells”

                  What do you mean, “I don’t believe in God”?
                  I talk to him every day.
                  What do you mean, “I don’t support your system”?
                  I go to court when I have to.
                  What do you mean, “I can’t get to work on time”?
                  I got nothing better to do
                  And, what do you mean, “I don’t pay my bills”?
                  Why do you think I’m broke? Huh?

                  If there’s a new way,
                  I’ll be the first in line.
                  But, it better work this time.

                  What do you mean, “I hurt your feelings”?
                  I didn’t know you had any feelings.
                  What do you mean, “I ain’t kind”?
                  I’m just not your kind.
                  What do you mean, “I couldn’t be the president of the United States of America”?
                  Tell me something, it’s still “We the people”, right?

                  [Chorus: (repeat)]
                  If there’s a new way
                  I’ll be the first in line,
                  But, it better work this time.

                  Can you put a price on peace?
                  Peace sells…,
                  Peace sells…,
                  Peace sells…,but who’s buying?
                  Peace sells.
                  No, peace sells… -megadeth

                  • one a the best truest songs ever written in todays times..

                • A Silver 1/4 will still buy a burger and drink, With enough left over for fires. That’s why you should have some. And don’t bother to tell me you cannot eat PM’S

                  • funny how the true cost of a product has stayed consistent, its the fake dollar that buys less….

            • The US Patent= Chinese Blueprint= We are so screwed!!

            • Slingshot, that really burns me about GM. I had been a GM fan since I was a teenager, but not any more.

          • Jesus said the Fake Jews are responsibe for orchestrating Satans plan…

            Rothschild Central Bank Chronoligical History


            • Awaiting Moderation…

            • Mac, what’s the deal?

              • Don’t say Fake Jews?

              • I’m in moderation every time I post!!

                • Munch52
                  I would feel shorted if I weren’t.

            • Blame the Jew Lovers Like Graphique.. = Enemies foreign and domestic. Bankster thieves Fed Reserve Rothchilds Zog Zionist Cabal NWO Agenda21. Death to debt slave masters.

              • Albert Pike, Freemason, wrote a letter to another freemason centuries ago concerning three world wars and how and why they would be fought. You cannot read this letter without comparing his letter to what actually happenedand is happening.

                His statement on World War Three and why it would be fought should be of prime concern to anyone alive as it is being formented as we speak.

                World War One:

                “The first world war must be brought about in order to permit the Illumaniti to overthrow the Czars in Russia and of making that country a fortress of atheistic Communism. The divergence caused by the “agenturs” (agents) of the Illumaniti between the British and Germanic Empires will be used to forment this war. At the end of the war, Communism will be built and used in order to destroy the other governments and in order to WEAKEN THE RELIGIONS (Christianity).

                Did this happen? Students of history will recognize that the political alliances of England on one side and Germany on the other, forged between 1871 and 1898 by Otto von Bismarck, co-conspirator of Albert Pike were instrumental in bringing about World War One.

                World War Two:

                The second world war must be formented by taking advantage of the DIFFERENCE in the FACISTS and the POLITICAL ZIONISTS. This war must be brought about so the NAZISM IS DESTROYED AND THE POLITICAL ZIONISM IS STRONG ENOUGH TO INSTITUTE A SOVEREIGN STATE OF ISRAEL IN PALESTINE.

                During thr second world war, INTERNATIONAL COMMUNISM must be strong enough in order to BALANCE CHRISTENDOM, which would then be restrained and HELD IN CHECK UNTIL THE TIME WE WOULD NEED IT FOR THE FINAL CATACLYSM.(WW3)

                Did this happen? After the second world war, Communism was made strong enough to begin taking over weaker governments. In 1945, at the Potsdam Conference between Truman, Churchill and Stalin, a large portion of Europe was simply handed over to Russia, and on the other side of the world, the aftermath of the war with Japan helped sweep the tide of Communism into China.

                People who argue that the terms Bolshevism, Nazism, and Zionism was not known in 1871, should remember that the Illumaniti INVENTED these movements. In addition, Communism as an ideology, and as a coined phrase, originated four years before revolution broke out. Restif and Babeuf, in turn was influenced by Rousseau–as was the most famous co-conspirator of all Adam Weishaupt.

                And now to what OUR FUTURE LOOKS LIKE ACCORDING TO PIKE:

                WORLD WAR THREE:

                The third world war MUST be formented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the Illuminati BETWEEN THE POLITICAL ZIONISTS (Israel) and the LEADERS OF THE ISLAMIC WORLD. This must be conducted in such a way that Islam, the Moslem Arab World, and Political Zionism (the State of Israel) MUTUALLY DESTROY EACH OTHER.

                Meantime the other nations (including America), DIVIDED ON THIS ISSUE WILL BE CONSTRAINED to fight to the complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical EXHAUSTION….we shall unleash the NIHILISTS and ATHEISTS, and we shalll provoke a formidable SOCIAL CATACLYSM which in all its HORROR will show clearly to the nations the effect of ABSOLUTE ATHEISM, the origin of SAVAGERY AND BLOODY TURMOIL.

                Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of REVOLUTIONARIES, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with CHRISTIANITY, whose deistic spirits will, from that moment be WITHOUT COMPASS OR DIRECTION, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestion of the pure doctrine of lucifer (satan), brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the DESTRUCTION OF CHRISTIANITY AND ATHEISM, BOTH CONQUERED AND EXTERMINATED AT THE SAME TIME.

                Ask yourself is this happening?

                Since 9/11 and world events, in particular the Middle East, show a growing unrest and instability between modern Zionism (Israel) and the Arabic World. This is completely in line with the call for a third world war to be fought between those two, and their allies on both sides. World war three is coming, and recent events show us it is not far off.


                Regardless, whether you choose to believe that Pike wrote this letter, it is to our peril to ignore his forecast for world war three.

                Just tune in to your favorite MSM info and take a listen. Are we not ramping up what has been written?

                And a note to all you people who do not believe in the Bible and Jesus Christ. Turn to the book of Revelation and there you will see that Jesus Christ/Lord of Lords knew what the enemies of Christianity would be up to in 2014—-and further he tells you that it is going to get worse, far worse.

                Choose to not believe Him? Then stay tuned to the MSM and the scoundrels in DC; they are leading us like sheep into Pikes scenario of world war three. Get ready, get prepared, and get right with Jesus Christ.

                He tells you Pike’s god, lucifer will be sitting in Jerusalem in the not too distant future, pretending to be the Messiah and fooling the majority of the peoples of the world. Time to find out who this Illumaniti is, and why WW3. America is being fed a steady stream of lies, ramped up daily, to convince you to send your loved ones to participate in WW3; which will usher in the New World Order.

                Listen to the words of Banker Paul Warberg: “We will have world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be by conquest or consent”. (2/17/50 testuniby befire the US Senate)

                More great information www dot three world

                • Yawn. More gloom and doom religious nutcase nonsense that will never happen.

                  • Trying to “earn” your talkbacker” paycheck this week anonymous? Yawn, same old crap. Just A PAID “ATTACK DOG” never anything worth reading. I will not be answering any more of your attacks, Comrade. The good thing is you and your ilk will NOT win in the end.

                  • Of course you will granny. You’ll continue to spew your Nazi hate speech and try to pawn it off as Christianity. I’ll continue to call you out on it as you’ve NEVER proven a damn thing you’ve said, just repeating insanity from neo Nazi sites. Tell you what I’ll do, if you promise to get the medical treatment you need, I’ll cut you some slack. What say about that,sound fair?

          • What do y’all think would happen if the USA started to impose tariffs again?

            We could raise them on everything that we don’t need from a foreign country:
            1. Kids toys filled with lead.
            2. Processed foods.
            3. Clothes.
            4. Etc.

            We could have “free” trade on things we do need:
            1. Oil
            2. Rare earth minerals
            3. Other naturals resources the USA may be short on.

            We could then charge other countries for all of their illegals we find within our borders. We could even charge Mexico for allowing these illegals to cross their country in order to enter ours. It is not the fault of the illegals, but it isn’t the American citizen’s fault either! With a heavy heart, we should send these people back to their own countries, as there is no good fix to this problem.

            The America that most of us grew up in could then be unleashed to provide for itself again. Items may cost a bit more, but people will have jobs to pay for those items. The middle class will make a comeback, competition for good, productive people will be rekindled, and the core of our country will return, much to the chagrin of the “elite.”

            • You only need to pass one law – If you don’t make it here, you don’t sell it here. Would cure several things – 1-they would put a lot of people back to work. 2 They would have to pay enough for the people to buy what they make.
              Now I know that would not work for the raw materials, as there are some we do not have here, but you could buy that.
              I also realize that we probably not be able to get our reps. to pass it even though they “work for us” but at the very least seem to bought and owned by the corps.
              You would also have to try to get all the other countries to pass it also.
              The reason I believe it would work is the simple fact that we have what they want, our money.

          • I remember when I was an insurance agent in Denver that that some of my clients would complain that they had to train a person from India to do their IT job. I said back then ( 25 years ago) if all the good jobs go overseas that there won’t be people here able to buy stuff. That is exactly what has happened.
            Our core manufacturing is gone , I T is about gone so when the financial SHTF we don’t have the resources or skill sets to get us out.
            Welcome third world! God Bless, James

          • And in other economic news ( I just couldn’t resist this ;^) ):

            Deflation Hits Oldest Profession In The World


            Read some of the comments. They’re effn hilarious!

            (replace the dashes with dots)

            • BOYCOTT ISRAEL – The Parasites Are taking over America. The Israel Zionist Banksters banking cartel Cabal taking over the Federal Reserve. Going to give themselves another Bank “Bail-In” that further dilutes Americans buying power. Their master plan is to bankrupt all Americans then seize our assets when we cannot pay back debt.

              Israeli, Stanley Fischer of the Federal Reserve: Bank Bail-In Coming; Fischer headed Israel’s central bank from 2005 through 2013 and is now number two at the Federal Reserve in the U.S. after Janet Yellen. Link:
              Janet Yellen – Jew
              Stanley Fischer – Jew

              President Putin would never put up with this SHIT!!

              BOYCOTT ISRAEL
              Growing numbers of people of conscience “call upon international civil society organizations and (supporters everywhere) to impose broad boycotts and implement divestment initiatives against Israel similar to those applied to (apartheid) South Africa.”

              “Pressure is needed for “embargoes and sanctions?for the sake of justice and genuine peace.”

              Nonviolent punitive measures should continue until Israel:

              ? recognizes Palestinian rights to self-determination;

              ? respects international laws, norms and standards;

              ? ends its illegal occupation unconditionally;

              ? ends Gaza’s siege unconditionally;

              ? ends illegal aggression and other hostilities in all forms;

              ? dismantles its Separation Wall;

              ? frees all Palestinian political prisoners unconditionally;

              ? grants Israeli Arabs equal rights as Jews;

              ? end its racist apartheid system;

              ? complies with UN resolution 194 affirming the right of diaspora Palestinians to return to their homes and property or be fully compensated for loss or damage if they prefer;

              ? recognizes East Jerusalem as Palestine’s exclusive capital within June 1967 borders; and

              ? gives Palestinians control over their land, borders, air space, coastal waters and resources.

              Nothing short of long denied peace, equity and justice is acceptable. Israeli equivocation and refusal to cooperate no longer wash. Pay back time is now. So is ending long denied justice.

              The Global BDS Movement lists nine ways to effectively support Gaza by boycotts, divestment and sanctions:

              1. Boycott Israeli companies’ goods and services as well as international companies “involved in Israel’s human rights violations.”

              2. Follow BDS campaigns online and through the social media. Urge others to do the same.

              3. Learn more about BDS activities and spread the word.

              4. Get involved in your area for long denied justice.

              5. Take action online and through the social media.

              6. “Campaign against your own community’s complicity in Israel’s violations of international law.”

              7. Urge organizations you’re involved with to endorse BDS.

              8. “Organise a boycott action at a retailer that sells Israeli goods.”

              9. “Share this list.” Urge others to act for justice.

              On July 30, the Global BDS Movement headlined “Stand with Palestinian workers in Gaza: a call for trade union solidarity,” saying:

              The Palestinian trade union movement unanimously urges other trade unions internationally to act on behalf of besieged Gazans and hold Israel accountable for high crimes against peace.

              Entire families were massacred. Large parts of Gaza lie in ruins. Around 2,000 were murdered in cold blood. Many thousands more were injured.

              Israel committed one of history’s great crimes. An unconscionable humanitarian disaster persists.

              Critical shortages of housing, food, water, medicines and supplies as well as power and other vital infrstructure exacerbate horrific conditions with little relief in sight.

              Pro-Israeli propaganda substitutes for truth and full disclosure. Palestinians are wrongfully blamed for its crimes.

              World leaders able to act responsibly yawn and do nothing to help. Israel is free to commit crimes of war, against humanity and genocide with impunity.

              Enough is enough. This no longer can be tolerated. Sustained, committed, intensified Global BDS actions against Israel can work as intended.

              The movement recommends the following actions:

              “1. Stop handling goods imported from or exported to Israel.

              2. Divest your trade union pension – and other – ?funds from Israel Bonds as well as from corporations and banks that complicit in Israel’s occupation and human rights violations.

              3. Dissociate from Israeli trade unions which are complicit in the occupation.

              4. Support our call for a military embargo on Israel.

              5. Share information with your members about the siege and destruction of Gaza and ask your members to boycott Israeli products and to share their knowledge with family, co-workers, and friends.”

              Isolate Israel effectively until it complies fully with international laws, norms and standards.

              Ordinary people committed for equity and justice can make a difference.

              On August 1, the Global BDS Movement reported the loss of a large export deal because of Israel’s Gaza aggression.

              The fruit juice producer Priniv was affected. Mounting evidence shows a growing “silent anti-Israeli boycott” by European companies fearful of being associated with a lawless, racist terror state.

              Business deals are being cancelled. Others aren’t be negotiated. Israel is being hit harder where it hurts most – in its economy.

              On August 1, the Global BDS Movement headlined “Round-up: Israel’s massacre in Gaza prompts international sanctions and boycott action,” saying:

              ? Chile suspended Israeli trade agreement negotiations;

              ? five Latin American countries recalled their Israeli ambassadors – Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and El Salvador. Perhaps others will follow;

              ? Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff condemned what she called Israel’s “massacre;”

              ? Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan called Israel’s Operation Protective Edge “genocide.”

              ? Bolivia’s Evo Morales calls Israel a “terrorist state.” He expressed solidarity with beleaguered Palestinians and besieged, suffering Gazans. He encourages BDS.

              ? South Africa’s ruling ANC party parliamentary group called for the government to recall its ambassador and expel Israel’s envoy.

              ? Spain announced a “provisional” suspension of military exports to Israel.

              ? Politicians and political parties worldwide urged similar actions.

              ? the Maldives government cancelled three bilateral agreements with Israel. It may prohibit importation of Israeli products.

              ? Six Nobel laureates, dozens of celebrities, other prominent figures, and thousands of ordinary ones urged a military embargo on Israel.

              ? BDS initiatives are growing worldwide.

              According to BDS spokesperson for the Palestinian BDS National Committee, Zaid Shuaibi:

              “The trade and diplomatic sanctions taken in particular by countries from the global south are a hugely welcome step that we urge other governments to follow.”

              “States have a legal and moral obligation to do all that they can to hold Israel to account for its violations of international law, including by cancelling free trade agreements and imposing a military embargo, as a first concrete step.”

              “All across the world, people are echoing the call from Palestinian civil society for a full military embargo on Israel as the most urgent measure of accountability.”

              Israel’s on-going massacre, its deliberate and premeditated targeting of schools, hospitals and civilians, including children, in accordance with its criminal Dahiya Doctrine, makes any continued military cooperation with Israel an indefensible act of conscious complicity.

              While most governments support Israel, growing numbers of officials and other figures in them are reconsidering what’s no longer justified.

              It’s long past time Israel and its culpable officials were held accountable for high crimes against peace too grave to ignore.

              • I had to go for the green thumb.

                It seems most people are so stuck on the monsters that now control Israel, they’ve forgotten that ANYBODY who murders innocent men, women and children for ANY reason is a criminal against humanity. Being from “Israel” does not give them a free pass to murder. I DON’T BELIEVE GOD GAVE ANYBODY A FREE PASS TO MURDER HIS CHILDREN, and every living thing on this planet is HIS…including Palestinians.

                Just imagine what the world response would be like, if Russia was doing even a small fraction of what Israel does every day, with complete impunity. Or North Korea. Or ANY country other than the sanctimonious United States.


                • And a green thumb for your post Six. When will we ever learn?

          • Yep… my daughter has a degree from a very good college and has 3 years of dental school under her belt–only one year from a doctor’s degree. Yet she is working at a car dealership, answering phone calls, barely able to survive (and goes to school part time). Almost 2 degrees and barely makes ends meet.

          • Our defense contractors outsource all the parts form American manufacturers located in the US.

            • they also use For PROFIT prison slave labor.+

              BDU’s, body armor, kevlar helmets, 782 gear, etc.

              beyond SICK..

              prisoners are also making the gear that cops wear/use.


        • I feel ya friend, thats why i went out on my own and thumbed my nose at the 7:00-3:30 gig i had, if im going to be just barely making it im not going to be doing it while helping to line the pockets of politicians and government employees,
          Things are more corrupt now than they were 6 years ago so am even more determined to not participate.
          Who is John Galt!

        • Same in Aussie anonymous …. 🙁


        • Same here, Anonymous. But most people don’t know what they can do about things. They feel “disempowered”, feel their votes don’t matter, writing to lawmakers gets you nowhere, what’s the point….etc. It’s time to take matters into our own hands. Revolution is imminent, I’m afraid, because things cannot keep going like this. I have 3 adult children, one has a job. The other two sons are struggling, accepting the gov’t handouts when they can get them, looking for work and getting more and more discouraged because they are both veterans of the Iraqi war, college educated and still can’t find a full-time job in Illinois. It’s disgusting! I help them when I can, but my husband and I are in the “barely getting by” category along with so many others. We’re limited. We need a revolution!

        • And in the news today the White House says that they had no idea that illegal aliens were being let go into the country! Now how is that possible? Either they lie or they have not read or listened to any news reports in the past 3 months or they are so incompetent that they have no system of internal communication! I am going to go with : they lie!

          What do you all think?

          • Might do us good to read up on the Bolshevik Russian Revolution. The revolutionaries were “imported” into Russia. Think that couldn’t happen to America. Damn the asleep sheep!

            • OK, if YOU’RE so damned awake and ready to go, why don’t YOU lead the revolution instead of bitching about it on internet chat rooms?

        • I have researched taxes in the states and you guys pay roughly the same as we do in Canada except for some states like florida etc. In Canada the average Canadian pays more in taxes than for food and shelter. I heard they are building an inland harbour in LA to bring in more non-north American products. When something is built here it is built with parts sourced all over north America. When it is built overseas, nothing comes from here, except maybe some raw materials. So let’s build those LNG plants and ship our gas overseas and give our competitors cheap gas. All that’s going to do is increase the price it cost to heat your house.

          It’s really good for Goldman Sachs but the rest of us get screwed. I think your tea party has some good ideas. Don’t know why they dislike the gays so much but whatever.



      2. Thanks for ignoring Ebola…we all know the wage problem in the country. Prepper sites should be..not for profit..

        • Hi Warface — I am not sure what you mean. We covered Ebola extensively MONTHS BEFORE it became news in the United States or outside of Africa and as it began to spread in recent weeks.

          If there are any new significant developments, such as a case being identified in the United States, please let us know and we will certainly get it out there!

          Here are some search results for previous Ebola articles and related:

          • Mac…Ebola was big news less than a week ago and now there is barely a peep about it.. Come on.. the CDC is claiming an international emergency and now…crickets? We all know the wage desparity we have going on in the country…how about news we can use? Prepping involves being informed..any updates on the two American brought here with the disease for treatment? Enquiring minds want to know.

            • All the updates you could possibly want are as close as your keyboard.
              I’d rather talk economics.

              • Warface: Ebola has been “around” since at least 1976 when it was first officially identified. The outbreaks have been growing in size. There have been more infected and more deaths from this current outbreak than all the other Ebola outbreaks combined. EBOV is considered the most dangerous, it mostly like can be contracted through the air if you are close enough, in addition to transmission of bodily fluids, two people in America are known to have Ebola (the doc and the missionary), they don’t have a vaccine, the serums are experimental, and if you catch it, you are pretty much FUBARed.

                Now back to economics.

                • @ PWYPreach. Ebola probably has been around for a lot longer than a few decades. They are finding that bats are a reservior for many diseases, the really bad ones. Also rodents for bad viruses such as Lassa Fever, HantaVirus. I think there are other containment vessels for smallpox and it will likely naturally pop back up.

                  Much has been made about Ebola. I read in the Huffington Post that they think that Ebola can last on something outside the host body for 48 hours. This DOES NOT jive with the Soviet weaponizing of viruses and the difficulty of making Ebola more resistant outside an infected body. Ebola is much like rabies at the present time and needs the fresh bodily fluids to survive. Marburg is much more stable and has been weaponized by the USSR in airborne form. To have a Marburg outbreak would terrify anyone because it could be at least made to be airborne.

                  Viruses are not really alive in the common definition of life. This is why they can mutate and change so easily. This is what all of us must watch with Ebola, the survivability of it outside the bodily fluids. IF Ebola gets into the airways, especially the throat, nose and mouth AND can survive like the flu on surfaces, then it is time for those that enjoy living to go into extreme deep isolation like some nice totally desserted inland or down in some South American desert.

            • Welcome to my nightmare.
              I think you’re gonna like it.
              I think you’re gonna feel,
              Right at home.

              Alice Cooper

            • Warface, I don’t know where you’ve been but go to the home page and you’ll find several articles Mac has furnished concerning Ebola. He has not been ignoring it. this time we are discussing economics.

            • Hey get with the program. This is now this weeks bucket of fear subject matter. I am concerned with Feral dog packs during SHTF when people turn their pets loose cause the can no longer afford to feed them and the FEMA CAMOS sure are not let people bring their pets in. I am refering to the 98% unprepared out there. Watch Feral dog packs Post Katrina.

              • I guess we’ll need to get used to skinning dogs, when the food supply gets short. It might be easier to eat a feral one, than to be forced to eat your own.

                • You do NOT want to eat any feral animal. Mant will have Rabies, most all will be eating out of garbage cans and eating off of dead corpses full of bacteria and diseases. They will be big disease spreaders.

        • Sarcasm on:

          You mean that Ebola is still a thing?

          I haven’t heard about that for, like, three days.

          Didn’t realize it’s still around, with Obamacare and all. Isn’t that supposed to fix everything?

          Sarcasm off.


          • Anybody know who’s paying the medical bill for the Doc and Nurse being treated at Emory?

            • most likely the charity Samaritans purse
              that’s who they worked / volunteered for

              but in reality its going to wind up being us the tax payers
              the charity will squeal like pigs when there asked to fork over the money

            • Buck,
              Department of Defense and the centers for disease control ,
              What they are not telling us , due to recent posting by world health organization , this might not be Ebola Zaire but a variant . I would not be suprised if USAMRIID is involved there is also crickets at DHS on this I suspect news is being purposes downplayed to avoid panic .
              A case recently popec up in Madrid Spain the man cam in on an international flight from Africa to Germany then to Spain.

              The media is definately being controlled from upper levels , we have people on the ground in St Louis , the FAA has put a no fly zone over the rioting area effective 18:00 August 12 , the MSM is not showing much . But in area sources have reported a third night of rioting , if this spreads to other cities we could be in for major problems not seen since 1968 . There is definately agitation going on by unknown outside entities . Don’t these people have the intelligence to relise they are being used .

              I really think this is all coming to a head with the crappy economy and illegal invasion something is going to pop real soon .


              Semper Fi 8541

              • Auto spell sucks

                Semper Fi 8541

        • @Warface – “Prepper sites should be not-for-profit”? What a ludicrous statement. It’s not like you have to buy anything. It’s free for you to read, so why would anyone complain about someone who tirelessly gives free advice and does research to bring you up-to-date information, earning a living at it? Blogging is his job – he’s an entrepreneur, the type of person who built this country. The advertisers pay him so you don’t have to. I don’t know what you’re complaining about.

          • Knowing that a prepper site or any site is a way for the owner to make some money helps with filtering out the informercials from the meat and potatoes. All you have to do is to turn on the skeptic switch in your brain and don’t get emotionally caught up in the blog. Consider it a self defense strategy for the prevention of getting sucked into a rabbit hole.

      3. City of Seattle just raised their utility fees several percent. Up 196%, nearly double, from 2004, just ten years ago.

        Average residential payments will approach $300 for water, sewer, trash pickup.

        Yet they are squawking to sign up more and more people for utility assistance, paid for by the other ratepayers.

        Of course, they delayed the announcement of the increases until the week after voting for or against a new autonomous city park taxing authority. No need to involve elected officials in taxation, anymore. Just submit your budget and the new taxes for it are automatic.

        Even when housing values lost a quarter or a third of their assessments here, property taxes dropped by perhaps one or two hundred dollars. It has nothing to do with your home value, but the amount of money they want.

        • Move.

          • I did, years ago.

            If you take out the city of Seattle, Washington becomes a red state. They’re nuts down there.

            The newly elected Socialist on the city council is a real gem. Totally insane policy proposals and demagoguery, nothing else.

            • While that may be true, it is us ‘socialists’ that keep the entire state afloat. It is OUR (Seattle’s) tax money that funds YOUR schools, paves YOUR roads, and funds YOUR social services. I for one am more than happy to make my contribution so our entire State, and all of its citizens, can participate in all of the fruits of living in a first world State (and Country); just as I have.

              Hell, I am only a little bitter that a portion of MY Federal Tax payments are siphoned off to to support the leaches that we call ‘Red States’

              • The state isn’t afloat, it’s squandering money like mad on your progressive feel-good spending schemes.

                You think only liberals buy from Amazon and Microsoft?

                And don’t forget, it’s our ‘red state’ food and minerals that support the leeches in the urban blue zones.

                Without you, we’ll have some budget prioritizing to do.

                Without us, you starve.

          • Just got my Homeowners insurance annual bill in the mail today. Went up from $1100 to $2100 and I have no idea what the flood insurance bill is going to do soon to follow. So I have to come up with another $1000 by Sept 30th to cover that. I have never filed a claim in 13 yrs. Like WTF ?

            • Its called Karma WWHTI

              • Its called organized insurance raqueteering theft.

            • Mine increases every year and I have NEVER filed a claim in 45 Years!!

              It’s all the other claims that raise our rates.

              • @hmmmm. Call your Ins Agent and ask him what he did with all the Insurance premium payments you you made over the last 45 yrs. Of course he is out of the office enjoying his new boat and will get back to you next Monday on that one.

              • I would also add its greed raising the rates for more profit, greed is a major reason the USA is on its way down.

            • Pay off your house and you won’t need insurance. Bingo!

              • No, it’s pay off your house and you’ll have the option of whether to retain insurance or not.

                Needing it is something else.

              • My house is paid off. I still have insurance. WTF happens is it burns down? Mortgage insurance is another thing but you should still have insurance. I can’t afford to build another one if something should happen.

        • That’s a price your going to pay for the Progressive Democratic utopia. Keep voting for that bunch and it will only get worse. Maybe Starbucks and Costco will come to their rescue, NOT. They have it too good to give it up. But all is not lost, just think, you have a new stadium for the Seahawks. Sounds like there is some money coming from somewhere.

          • well I live in a “Republican utopia”
            and let me tell you
            things aren’t any better

            a whole new slew of taxes takes effect shortly

            • I’m just being biased. I remember what it was like back in the 90s. Sometimes it’s sad to see a wonderful place that has history and charm slide off into something totally unrecognizable. Down just north of where the old Kingdome is sad.

              • In 1980, I went to the Blue Oyster Cult concert at the Kingdome, with Black Sabbath, Molly Hatchet and Riot. There was over 55,000 people there. It was muddy and loud. We were shaking windows on Queen Anne hill…ah, the memories…

                • I believe Americas peak for the most freedom in my lifetime with quality life, freedoms, freetime, peacetime, wealth was in the late 1970s to early 1990’s then everthing turned to shit. And after about 2001 George Bush fully destroyed any possibility of people enjoying the American dream. Young kids these days are Royally screwed.

              • You should have been there in the 1960s through the 1980s. Seattle was still a small town that got big, then.

                Now it’s controlled by a political machine and there is no relief possible, absent a total political meltdown.

          • VOTING—?

            Are you for real?

            seriously…? voting?

            hmm, hold on. Oh yeah.. voting is a SCAM to PLACATE the sheeple.

            voting does NOT WORK..for the people anyway.. perhaps it works quite well for multi-national corporations.

        • My average water and sewer is $16 per month.

          • We’re on a well and septic…cheaper than that.

            • Holy guacamole, my water last month was 180$, and it’s weird, because we don’t use water often here, and the month prior was 120$. Why the sudden spike in my fucking water bill!? Lol

              • Check to see if there an underground leak somewhere. Our house was built in 1989 using first generation PEX tubing from the meter to the house, and every house in the neighborhood that has it, is having to replace it, cuz it’s splitting! We not only dug it up when we found where the leak was, we encased the new PEX in 1.5 inch PVC pipe. No more leaks…:) it was about 120 feet we had to replace….

                • PEX blows. I’m sorry to hear that. Also, the meter reader never “reads” your meter. The county just guesstimates your usage. My meter is covered with diust and never is moved or cleared. I suspect some of those increases, if not from a busted pipe, are from over zealous readings by the clowns from water and sewer

              • @ZeBug- Sounds like you have a water leak. Running toilet, faulty water meter or a smart meter that got hacked. Better look into that one ASAP.

              • Same here. 33% increase in h2o and sewer, utilities going up 60% next cycle.

              • You’ve got a busted pipe somewhere. Call the water folks, hopefully it’s on their side of the meter.

      4. Free trade means lower wages.

        Green movement means higher cost of living.

        Political correctness means that if you complain about either you are a racist, sexist, bigot moron who doesn’t believe in global warming and therefore cannot possibly deserve the freedom of speech that the Constitution used to guarantee.


        • What?, someone can take that political correctness and shove it!

          • Im with you Brother,

      5. I was first!

      6. That is why we have several businesses…WE control our destiny playing their game by their fucked up rules.

        They change the rules we just adapt and over come.

        They are just about shit out of luck…we’re about to hand them their ass…with the earth’s help.

        “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

        • Thats what ive been doing, farming is an expensive business, not much profit

          • Small biz is just a job that you create for yourself. The key is to start one that you can manage on your own and use others like you to support it…meaning subcontractors…NO employees. I know a few businesses that make it with employees and do very well but it is damn few…especially today.

            We eeek out a living with ours, but it has become increasingly difficult over that past 2-3 years.

            Kula, folks like us will NOT let the founding fathers down…no fucking way. nomi brother.

        • Boiling Frog!! We have been getting screwed for decades. Fight everyday. Make em work for it.

      7. I remember when the price of McD French fries went up to 11 cents in 1962. Meant I had to find a penny on the sidewalk to get the burger and fries if I only had a quarter in my pocket, which was often.

        Once a month, they would change the sign out front, how many millions had been served.

        If my folks gave me a half dollar for lunch money, I tried to save those, to splurge on a cheeseburger, fries, and a milkshake.

        • You mean Freedom Fries? Would you like that Biggie Sized with your FEMA Burger sir. Thankyou. Next…

        • I can remember when they changed the sign to over 1 million sold…in the late 60’s.

          …and folks, it was a REAL burger then.

          I live in a small community by most of your standards and there is one here. The sheeple feed there by the hundreds or more daily. Same at taco bell, kfc, dq.

          Down the street is an awesome place with fresh baked organic breads, local produce, handmade from the heart “stuff”. Sure they get a few things from FSA and Sysco but I know the owners and take every attempt I can to bang on them about doing it. It is very difficult to take a stand against the giant fucks but it must be done.

          Until we can kick corpco to the curb, sheep will be fed what is killing them.

          Frankly, we all get what we deserve.

          I am about to finish my morning joe and go plant my next rotation of spinach, kale, carrots, beets, parsnips, chard and whatever else I can pull out of my arse to feed those I choose to feed…with fresh stuff.

          More solar/sun pickles (for M. Trekker) as well today and still put in my 8.


          • lastmanstanding…they eat the McD’s, they fill themselves full of toxic waste, they die off…population control…

        • Smokey, you must be my age or a little older. I remember those days also and McD had REAL food back then.

          • 62 next month.

            I recall going out on the lawn to watch the little blinking dot called Sputnik traverse across the sky, down in Chula Vista in 1957 or 1958, and turning on all the lights in El Centro when John Glenn went over a couple of years later.

            It was a totally different country, and society, then.

      8. I haven’t been this broke since I was in the Navy. I make what should be a good living, after putting myself through college and graduate school for my MBA.

        Now I have fixed costs of student loans, mortgage, children, etc. and my dollars for living expenses just barely cover food fuel and daycare. My wife and I have a history of being voracious savers. I fear those days are over. I have began selling nonessential assets in order to reallocate resources.

        I dread the world my children will inherit. Thanks for nothing grandparents,mom and dad.

        • If I was unclear, I was speaking of the erosion of purchasing power.

          • I once read a poster in a waiting room that said “I’m now starving off the money I always dreamed of making”.

            • inflation by the bankers will do that

              just a FYI

            • There is a Glut of Gas Grills sitting outside of Home Depot, that they cannot sell. Nobody buying them anymore. The Reason= The “Price of Meat” has gotten so expensive, they can no longer afford to grill out. Another American tradition turns to dust. POOF..GONE!!!

          • and the biggest factor in the erosion of purchasing power is the Federal Reserve.

        • Unless your folks are flaming liberals, it’s not their fault.

        • I wouldn’t be so bitter towards Mom, Dad and the Grands. They probably did the best they could. People for so long believed every lie they were told by all the governments. Money/credit, cheap loans, “own your own home” with only 5% down, trapped a lot of people with stars in their eyes. Plain ‘ol human nature. The milk is already spilled, tears will only add to the puddle.

          • I was lucky. My parents didn’t believe in owing money. My father only bought one car on credit, and regretted it. He paid cash after that. He bought a house for $2,500 in 1960 and paid double payments on it to get rid of the debt. My siblings and I now own it free and clear. No matter how bad the market gets, we will still sell it for many times what my parents paid.

            • Just make sure you pay the taxes or theyll show you what you own free and clear.

              • They can have the ashes that are left if they want to take anything……

              • Marty…when this all REALLY shakes out, we will see who REALLY has the balls to have the final say.

                My bet is on the God, the earth that he created and those who stand shoulder to shoulder with him to send satan and his bastards back to hell.

                No one lives forever…and none here are willing to live on their knees.

            • Archivist, I’ve never used credit for anything because all the people who control access to credit never allowed me to use it. Every vehicle braveheart ever owned was paid for in cash, NEVER HAD A CAR NOTE IN MY LIFE AND I WOULDN’T GET ANYTHING FINANCED NOW IF IT WAS OFFERED TO ME ON A SILVER PLATTER. I confess for a time in the 90s I tried to use credit for a couple of different things, one of the to get my own piece of the American Dream. I was turned down for the mortgage even with a co-signer! in the aftermath of that, I said to hell with credit! Never filled out another credit application since then. Even if the economy recovered tomorrow, I still won’t fill out a credit application for anything. I don’t give a shit about it now. I’m debt-free and I’m happier that way. That’s how I’ve managed to buy more preps at one time than I would’ve been able to otherwise. I’ve always heard it said that every cloud has a silver lining. So me getting barred from using credit has been something positive for me after all. That’s one type of stress I don’t have in my life, being in debt. I’ve got a company vehicle which is better than anything I ever got for cash and the company furnishes the gas, maintenance, insurance, etc. It seems NOBODY ever wanted braveheart to go in debt on anything, well so be it!

              • If you couldn’t get a loan with a co-signer then you HAD to have some real problems in your credit history. During the 1990 decade credit applications were being mailed out to DOGS and BABIES!

                • Anonymous, I know most people were able to get access to credit back then, albeit with some difficulty. there’s not really any such thing as “easy credit”. I think my biggest problem was that I couldn’t show any ability to manage personal debt in the right way. I tried every method that is known for establishing credit, all to no avail. I couldn’t even get a credit account in a friggin department store. I finally got to the point that I lost interest in using credit for anything. To me it’s not worth the effort you have to go through to get access to it and I tried for 10 years from 1991 until 2001. So I just do without it. they can take their credit and shove it nowadays. I wouldn’t use it now even if it was offered to me on a silver platter. I was willing to bite that bullet back in the 90s but couldn’t get near it. Too late now. As long as I can buy something with cash or my debit card I’m just fine. No credit bills to worry about.

          • They knew the hard cold blunt truth, looked the other way, and handed not just America, but all of Western Civilization to those who have sworn to destroy us.

        • “student loans, mortgage, children, daycare.”
          All decisions YOU made, leave the grandparents, mom and dad alone!

        • Not sure exactly how the grandparents or parents are to blame….or am I reading that wrong?

          I would question myself: Did they make me go to college? Did they make me get married? Did they make me have children? Did they make me decide that my wife should work a job outside the home while we have small children instead of my working two jobs and my wife staying home with the kids?

          I would then remind myself that a lot of the wealthiest people today either never went to college or never graduated college.

          Throughout history, wealth has pretty much always consolidated into smaller and smaller quantities of hands, and I don’t see how that can be avoided based on humans’ history of how wealth transfers. Then people get pissed and then come the revolutions and the overthrows and the communism and the socialism…that’s the precipice we are dangling on right now.

          • Well there’s a dumb plan.

            Wife stays at home with the kids until they’re 10… congratulations, her resume is a steaming pile of %^&# now. Someone with her qualifications should have no problem finding a top flight job in either the food service or house care industries.

            Meanwhile all income is single sourced through one single individual, who is overloading himself on top of that.

            One major sickness will be all it takes. In this economy? You won’t be saving anything even with two jobs, that is for sure.

            She’s gotta work, and y’all gotta bleed out for 18 years. At least at the end you’ll suddenly have two incomes (or more) from two qualified people.

            • I know plenty of people who are stay at home moms, with husband having one full time job, but some have side jobs….it takes a lot more planning and a garden, and careful spending…

              • Well that’s fair *sarc*.

                Hey no pressure though, right? If you ever get laid off or downsized… guess what, you are all toast, and it’s all your fault. I’m sure that’s not passing through your mind every minute of every day though. Making you just a joy to be around.

                At least with dual income there can be some compassion if one or the other goes down for a year or two…

          • I am doing some genealogy work for a guy who is close to being a billionaire. He didn’t finish college, but he knows how to make money.

            And I’m helping him spend a little bit of it.

        • My Nephew and his Wife both graduated from Dental School. Their student loans are set up on a 30 year payback loan schedule. Like WTF? My jaw dropped when I heard that. So he will be like 58 when they are paid off.

        • The role of my parents and grandparents are that of the apathetic electorate, only interested in bread and circuses. Never taking the effort to verify or learn what their elected representatives were doing, the long term impact of their policies and simply voting along party lines.

          This is in my opinion is how we ended up with one (Fascist/Marxist) political party mascarading as two separate political parties.

          • Yeah, that’s right, gorilla- blame EVERYONE but yourself! JUUUUUSSSST like Obammy blaming Bush for all his ills. Do you NOT take your voting record into account for these problems of ours?
            Most of the problems a person experiences is always their own fault. For example, MY problems stemmed from my decisions in my past… not my dads’ or the people around me. If, just IF I’d listened to my Dad, I wouldn’t have had to endure the things I did in my life. Only after about 30 years did I learn my fathers lessons to me. Life is not so bad now. Thanks Dad, for giving me that lesson… RIP.

            • Tinker I clearly struck a nerve with you. Did you bother to read my clarifications? If you did I don’t think you comprehended what I was saying.

              In the simplest terms: We didn’t get here overnight, but rather from the cumulative effect of generations of apathy from the electorate and corruption from our elected officials that has been compounding each election cycle.

              I can with clear conscious say I have done and will continue to do everything within my power to get this county back to it’s roots of: A government of the people, by the people and for the people, with Liberty and Justice for ALL.

              If my (our) ancestors had half of my conviction I doubt we would be in the dire straights that we now find ourselves in.

              • Gorilla- my sincerest apologies. I must have read something into your analysis that I now know not to be accurate. Again, my apologies.

              • the coup took place in 1963.. JFK MURDER>

                usually the youth are the SPARK of revolution throughout HUMAN HISTORY!

                what did they do after 1963? sex, drugs, rock n’roll, and more DRUGS.

                self indulgence was the name of the game!

                why they were known as the “ME” generation.

                EVERYTHING wrong with America is the fault of the 60-80 year old crowd that were in their prime back then,

      9. Hear it, see it everyday. People don’t have the money to fix things around the house, let alone keep a house. I wish I could say something positive that would project hope, but I’m fresh out. A lot of McMansions and waterfront estates up for sale in the county. Folks of wealth are downsizing. A lot of high flyers here are falling by the handful. It has already trickled down to the trade workers. It’ll get worse I’m sure before it can get better. I worked through some tough times in the eighties, but this has a different feel about it.

        • PO’d…it will never be the same, the new reality is you have to think and act survivalism as your new lifestyle. Buy a piece of land, if you can, put a solid shelter on it, invest in off-grid energy and water source, grow your own food, raise your own meat, make your own clothes, arm yourself, defend what’s yours…carefully ally yourself with other like-minded folks, it’s the best we can do in what used be called “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”


        Global Nausea

        ” By my reckoning we have about a year left of the drive-to-Walmart-economy before the public broadly gets what trouble we’re in.”

        we ain’t seen nothing yet

        an economic system built on FRAUD

        resources running out

        perfect storm

        we’re living at a very pivotal point in the history
        of industrialized man

        and that’s not a good thing

        the barbarians are at the gates

        • Spot on Satori.

          They have fuel prices spiked to the maximum that they can in every different area of our country.

          They have changed how they manipulate them in our area to give the sheep additional complacency but there is still a huge difference (less) in fuel use the past 5 years or so.

          Fuel/gas/propane…is CHEAP right now…get ready.

      11. How is that Bowman guy in the article paying for his cell phone and the heavy metal tunes on it?

        • dude is 21, heavy metal, guitar…dole!!!

        • archivist
          bingo we have a winner!!!

      12. Inflation folks, the dollar is dying and it takes more to buy everything,but taxes go up…everything is going up except wages. There aren’t any places to go to to get away from it anymore. Many of us will work til we die or suffer if we don’t. You are now competing with 7 billion people for dwindling resources. not looking good.

      13. I’m a UA local union plumber, been out of work for about 2 months. Out of a 3000 member local, the majority are out of work. What do they say about economic health and construction?

        • They might be using non union plumbers.

          • the non union shops are using illegals.

            plus NO NEW CONSTRUCTION in 5 years and counting.

            electrician here. 🙁

      14. Get a first job and then get a second job..

        Good God folks…quit whining and get your ass out the door..

        Yeah we know the politicians and the banks and the nwo/ptb have fucked all of us over..well screw that..!!!

        I’m 62 years old and still work a full time job as chef @ 40 plus hours a week and took on a second job nights part time @ 12 bucks an hour to help make ends meet..and yes I know all full well about being a debt slave/serf..but at the the end of the least I can live,buy ammo,buy food, and still have a few left a the end of the month ..

        At least I sleep at night not worrying bout the feds feeding,housing, and clothing me..

        The world is not a pretty place but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to stay alive..period!

        Get over it!

        It’ not going to change and it’s getting worse..


        • Wow cant wait to see what happens when some one puts you out of work good luck for now.

          • None of us are dealt a winning hand in this house of cards..

            It took nearly a year to find a second job that doesn’t interfere with my first job…

            Perseverance is the key..or suffer the hand dealt to you.


            Go the way of tens of millions and collect welfare,section 8 housing ,ebt, food stamps and the like..

            Id rather be a debt slave than a dependent government slave…


            • This works well for people like us that do want to work and have the ambition to do so, however, there is the point also that even if you filled every low wage and low skill job in the entire country tomorrow, there are not enough jobs for the populace. My problem with today’s people is that the young won’t work. Most available (shitty) jobs are beneath them, so they sit and mom’s or grandmom’s house waiting to win the lotto or something. I am now an employer and can’t find decent people with a decent work ethic to work. And I have ads out. You should see the shit that applies.

            • hey smarty pants..

              SLAVES WORK!!

              think about it… who is the SLAVE?

        • Well put possee…its so very easy to sit around crying in your soup. If people dont have the life they want they should create the life they want.

          It might take two jobs, or starting a part time biz. Cut back the phone, cable, satellite…

          • The point of the article is that there aren’t many jobs, part time or otherwise. Cut back, yes, but everybody can’t get two part time jobs, they don’t exist.

            • Plus, pyrrhus99–a part time job for $7.25 @ gas for $3.40 a gallon is really not getting you anywhere.
              Gee, make $29 for 4 hours to pay $7 in gas??
              Wow, you made $22 before taxes, if any!! 🙁

              • 🙂 $29 bucks for 4 hours of my labor! I don’t think so. Someone that has a college degree can have it instead.

                • ups pays 10

                  $10 per hr. I worked there in 2000 and just started working there again. I get the same pay, 15 years older body more broken and paid the same regardless of inflation. please crash soon! PLEASE! Who can afford to raise a kid nowadays? This society is fucked!

              • Go deliver pizza in a middle class area (avoid predominately black areas as they usually don’t tip). You should turn 2-3 times minimum wage on average. It’s a dead end, but at least it’s better than the bottom.

          • read about Jurgis
            the main character in Sinclair’s THE JUNGLE

            he tried a similar strategy

            Upton Sinclair and Jack London (esp The Iron Heel)
            were both prophets

            The Jungle

            “The book depicts working class poverty, the absence of social programs, harsh and unpleasant living and working conditions, and a hopelessness among many workers. These elements are contrasted with the deeply rooted corruption of people in power. A review by the writer Jack London called it, “the Uncle Tom’s Cabin of wage slavery.”

            if you haven’t read this classic
            I strongly recommend it
            we are heading back towards those days
            at least working people are

            and London’s
            The Iron Heel
            will really be an eye opener

            • Satori, what the average worker is going through at this time I already experienced back in the 80s at a low wage. So I can definitely identify with them.

        • I can see that you won’t be “going down without one helluva fight” in this lifetime brother…

          I’m right here with you…lms.

        • Possee, I’ve been in the private security industry since 1982, started out at minimum wage, but I now have a management position that pays me $45000 per year. Being debt-free has helped me buy a VERY NICE survival supply of the basics and more. Being denied credit was actually a GODSEND for me. Clouds do have silver linings after all. I put in 72 hours per week at this one job, can live comfortably, and still get the preps I need. There is something positive to be said for living without credit.

          • That’s $9.83 per hour. No judgement here, glad you are doing well on it. Being debt free makes all the difference in the world. I’d rather make $5 an hour and be debt free than to make $25 an hour and have the debts that most american’s have. I don’t have children or a spouse or debt so I have been able to move mountains myself. Much like possee, I have taken the uncertainty of economic adversity and turned it into a triumph for myself. If you aren’t happy with the way things are you have just not been making the right decisions.

            • No doubt about it. 45K for 72 hours per week STINKS!

              • Since when does working for a living stink?

                Think he’s a sucker for not going on the dole or something?

                • Working doesn’t stink but 10 bucks an hour DOES!

                  • islam is the enemy of the world…

        • I am really sorry that you have to work so hard to just keep your head above water. That said, if I were in your position I would divert a portion of my ‘prep budget’ to develop a skill that commands a higher wage in the market.

          For what it’s worth: the sum total of career advise given to me by my Grandfather (Great Depression survivor & WWII vet) was ‘learn a trade’. Given that input I joined the Navy after High School to become an Electronics Technician. My 10 years of service have taught me how to troubleshoot and fix ANYTHING (given enough time), paid for my Engineering degree, and instilled in me the ability to outlast or outperform any limp-dick civilian who may ‘have a problem’ with me.

          All in all, it only take one good ‘compass bearing’ to make a good life. I hope you can find your bearing.

          • nosuchuser … I went the same initial route, Navy ET school, then two crypto schools, then into various jobs in the electronics industry. I was either in boot camp or schools for almost as much of my time in than I actually served at a duty station. I did a kiddie cruise, out in ’68 at 21, when Tet was winding down. When did you serve?

            • 93-03. The only reason I got out was that ‘they’ kept threatening to promote me. If they bumped me up to Chief I would have never gotten to touch a piece of gear again. So I took my ball and ‘went home’.

              p.s. I timed my enlistment just perfectly to get in three wars and multiple police/humanitarian missions. Wasn’t boring, that’s for sure….

          • True that. In tech, there are just not enough competent people. The scam-du-jour is India sys claims to have a whole team of testers or programmers and gets a big contract. Turns out they have 1 or 2 ok programmers and 28 useless folks. but, American managers get to lie to the shareholders and say they are saving money by paying $25/hr instead of $75/hr. Of course, SMB’s know better as they have to be effective to make money and so they hire the best people in town (usually working as independents or side gigs of course). Long story short: become a software tester for a year and then learn computer programming while doing that. If you are smart, you can make it. $60k after a year. $100k after 3-5 years. easy.
            BTW, 100% of the testers who worked for Accesuckture were useless. They would test against the wrong systems (server environments), had zero idea of what to test (despite online user help documents on company’s website), and, since they sat in India, typically could not actually test 1/2 of the features (no texting to their phone, not able to get a production bank account to check things out, etc stuff which is basic for a person in America).

          • Nosuchuser,
            Went the same route , my dad was a WW2 vet , instilled that same work ethic, did the Corps 1977 to 1993 (2 FORECON) paid for engineering school myself , started it when recouping in Bethesda naval hospital! ( had to learn to walk again , another story for another time) . Ability to outlast civvies is an asset , some do not know what hardship is . Got downsized in 2008 ,managed to get into a Private Military Contractor position with .gov . Stationed with DHS. There really are very few engineering opportunities out there right now. Get to use some of this skill set at work. Yes some of us a .Gov do work for a living.

            Semper Fi 8541

      15. “Bowman plays heavy metal on his cell phone”
        He would have more money without a cell phone.

        • youngsters cant breath without a cell phone

          • There’s an app for that…

            • >>>Come up with another name. This one is taken.<<<<

      16. “student loans, mortgage, children, daycare.”
        All decisions YOU made, leave the grandparents, mom and dad alone!

        • I help my kids and grandchild out all I can . one of these days I will be the one looking to them for help . a tight family is a rare thing these days .

          • @islander – My father told me once that charity begins at home. We are tight knit. We are pragmatic. All of us are independent, but will help one another if needed.
            You don’t see that too much, now a days.

      17. That idiot Glenn Beck has all of you brainwashed against the early 20th century progressive socialists. Now what exactly are you railing against? Do you like child labor? 13 hour work days? 1 day off a month? Wage slavery? Uninspected food? Squalor? Denial of women’s suffrage?

        No don’t get me wrong public spending on education health and housing is what causes the rise in prices, but one has to understand that a socialist back then would equal a libertarian by today’s standards. Accept that the early progressives were a valuable and contributing influence to our society.

        • Acid, first I don’t listen to the moron Glenn Beck and second, there’s not one positive thing you could ever show me about socialism. Always knew something was wrong with you.

          • It’s a virtue to share what you have with others as long as you’re not forced to.

            • Acid, that is a personal decision for individuals to make. I don’t care what anyone else does for themselves just as long as it’s your decision. don’t let anyone else make your decisions for you. Although you make a valid point, first make sure you have the resources on hand in order to share with someone else before you make your decision. We are all just individuals out here trying to survive. I, for one, know that I’m NOT some govt. agency with any tax money to waste on any freeloaders aka the “gimme dat” crowd.

          • Yep, and progressives? Acid needs to read Atlas Shrugged, that will make you think about the progressives, scary thing is that progressive was a disease back in the 40s when the book was written, now in 2014, we are living in Atlas Shrugged, its surreal

            • You old people who have only ever read atlas shrugged need to read some socialist literature.

              • Acid, I have read the Communist manifesto. Marx was full of shit with a CAPITAL S!

              • Let’s see… I’ve read Marx, Trotsky, Lenin, Mao, etc. and I still think they were full of crap. I give Marx some credit though as his basic understanding of the forces of history were fairly correct. However, he fails to really account for human nature and the variability of individuals in his prescription for the future. Not everyone wants to be part of the grand collective of humanity. Not everyone is the same. Not everyone plays nice as part of a team. No, some people are best left to themselves to do what they wish to do instead of being forced to fit a misguided “plan”. Most of our biggest technological innovations have been made by people who don’t play well with others. Men like Tesla, who most likely was a high functional autistic and therefore would never be a good fit for any team. Nevertheless, most of our basic electrical infrastructure was invented by him, as well as much of what we know of radio broadcasting. Society needs people like that. We rarely ever move forward because of the work of teams. It’s usually the visionary individual that moves us forward.

        • Acid Wretch, in 1920 the progressive idea was good.

          That was nearly a century ago. Those issues you raise were solved, and since then, it’s gone downhill fast. If they had quit in 1920, we’d all be better off.

          • You folks need to learn both conservatives and progressives are all a like. In the end all they help is themselves. Try Independen an Libertarian for a change.

      18. I havent been able to find decent work since 2008 . I was working in machining . Im also approaching 50 years old most jobs today are being given to legal and illegal immigrants. However my bills have all steadily increased over the past 6 years this year with the inflation in food and gas has been the worst . I believe the worst is still to come .

        • Marty, maybe you need a backup education. Never rely on just 1 skill to get you through. I had a few years of experience (self taught) in solar. When things got tight I used my (precious metal resources) to attain 2 certificates in solar power. I got a job but I had to relocate. Shit happens but the more you know the better off you will be.

      19. This link was posted last year by some one on this site. I can not remenber and wished I could. As it was a very eye opening arttical done in the 70’s. I am truely sorry i can not remener who posted it. But i would like to repost it. If only a few here on this great site take the time to read it and continue to spread it more people will remove the scales over their eyes. There are some great people on this site.. Coontinue doing what you do!! Thank you..

        • Night Shadow, I know this link very well because I am the one who posted it. That was the book that woke me up and first made me aware of the conspiracy for one-world government. Everyone can download it FREE to their computer. I highly recommend it. The information in it is just as valid today as it was in the 70s. Not just an article, but a book titled, “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” by the late Gary Allen.

          • Thank you Renegade Brave Heart.. My eyes have been open before then.. But after reading it helped confirm what i saw. I have been following this site for over 3 years and have opened many peoples eyes with that BOOK as well. There is a great group of folks here minus the trolls. Keep up the good work.. I am coming out of the shadows and hope to bring some information to the site.. I OWE all of you..

            • Night Shadow, you are welcome. come on out of the shadows, we would love to hear more from you.

      20. Education

        In 1970, a year of tuition at a public university cost $1,207. In the most recent year of data available, 2007, a year of tuition at a public university cost $11,034. That represents an annual average increase of 6.2%, which, if you applied it to the 2007 price, gives you an estimated 2010 cost of a year of education as being $13,216. That’s a 994% increase in the cost of a four year degree.

        So, let’s say you’re earning minimum wage and trying to make it through college.

        In 1970, you could work 755 hours at a minimum wage job over the course of a year to earn enough to pay for a year of schooling at a public institution – about 14 hours per week.

        In 2010, you would have to work 1,823 hours at a minimum wage job over the course of a year to earn enough money to pay for a year of schooling at a public institution – about 35 hours per week.

        In other words, in 1970, you could work a part time job as a cashier or something to that effect and easily pay for college, enabling you to work and attend college without going into debt. In 2010, you have to work a full time job to pay for college, meaning you essentially have to choose between debt and an education or some other difficult plan.

        Not only that, a college education is becoming much more of a requirement than it was in 1970. In 1973, the earlierst year that I could find firm data, 72% of jobs available for workers in the United States had only a high school diploma or had dropped out of school. In 2007, that number had dropped to 41%, and future projections show it only going lower. The jobs remaining that do not require a college education are primarily service jobs that do not pay a high wage.

        In other words, in 1970, the choice to enter the workforce immediately after high school or work a minimum wage job while going to college was a real choice. Today, it’s not a real choice unless you want to agree to low income for life. You have to enter the costly bargain of secondary education.

        The median price of a home sold in the United States in January 1970 was $23,600. The median price of a home sold in the United States in January 2011 was $240,100. That’s an increase of 917%, one on par with the jump in education prices.

        In other words, even after the housing collapse, a home today costs approximately three times as much as a home in 1970 compared to the average wage that a person earns.

        The Full Picture
        The minimum wage in the United States has gone up 353% since 1970, and average incomes have gone up approximately 500%. In that same span, however, the cost of basic household goods has gone up 482%, the cost of a four year education has gone up 994%, and the cost of an average home has gone up 917%.

        In other words, in the eyes of an average worker from 1970 compered to today, the prices at the grocery store have remained largely unchanged, but the cost of an education has roughly doubled (and it’s now required if you want to earn significant money, where it wasn’t in 1970) and the cost of a home has roughly doubled as well.

        If you look at it through the eyes of a minimum wage earner from 1970 compared to today, the prices at the grocery store have gone up about 30%, the cost of education has roughly tripled, and the cost of a home has roughly tripled.

        Is There A Solution?
        Like it or not, students of today, you’re likely not going to be able to follow the path of your parents – and especially not the path of your grandparents. If you want to have a financially healthy life, you’re going to need to keep an eye on every dollar much more than they had to. The ability to sensibly manage your money and make smart buying choices is much more of a requirement than ever before.

        Parents and grandparents of today, give those kids a break. They’ve got a much worse financial reality than you did when you walked out of school. They’re facing bigger housing costs, bigger education costs, and a bigger requirement to have that education than you ever did. Don’t compare the path they’re following to the one you’re following. It’s an unfair comparison all around.

        • What folks might consider- get a certificate in some area. Something that takes one to two years. For example phlebotomy (drawing blood) takes a few months to a year to get a certificate. They make $15-20/hour and they are in demand. They can pay this back with the increased income, then use the money to fund education in a higher paying field.

          I have known people who have done this. One doctor I know became a respiratory therapist and used this to fund going to medical school.

          Too many people feel that they have to follow old paradigms but these don’t work anymore.

          • What people here do not seem to understand that our whole economy is an unsustainable ponzi scheme . Playing merry go round to try and get certified for another scam job or a diploma or degree is not going to change this .The economy do to govt meddling is no longer a true functioning economy .Healcare as most other services are dependend on govt more either created out of thin air by the fed which just continues the destruction of our dollar and our standard of living and the endless juggernaut of taxes and fess and revenue generation put on the backs of Americans. Eventually the entire system will collapse in to anarchy there is no way around this.

        • The real problem is that We The People no longer see the investment in our citizens as a worthwhile investment. Public College tuition increases have tracked the decrease in State funding of public institutions.

          It has been shown that investing in our fellow citizens, via higher education, benefits the eternity of our society in the long run. If for no other reason than college graduates tend to make more money and will pay more taxes over their lifetime than the cost of their education. To say nothing of the value of the technical advances created by the Scientist and Engineers WE educated.

        • The reason education and housing have gone up much more than other things is solely because of gov’t subsidies. Student loans and subsidized mortgages pumped so much money in that prices rose. Then gov’t just pumps in more money, and prices rise again. And over and over and over….. If the gov’t would just stay out of things, life would be so much better.

          • Every Govnt Program is designed for some politicians buddy to make a killing off of some Federal contract. Even EBT Foodstamps. That that money gets funneled to the 7 big corporations that Monopolize Grocery Store shelf space. The MICM – Military Insustrial Mafia Complex is the biggest culpret that adds to our national debt. I’m tired of being fleeced. How about you?

      21. Everything is good, when done in Moderation.

      22. This is why if you have extra money(after preps) you buy some silver/gold ect.,it is merely a inflation hedge,gold goes to say 2000 a ounce will not buy you more bread,but,will buy you the same amount of bread as it’s value will now,after that,only good for the long haul you make it thru to the rebuild(that Phoenix will arise!).I am at moment still waiting for monies owed to me by another contractor,not fun.

      23. Making a living is getting harder. I am going to go more simpler. Most my debt is paid. I will work for what is needed. The American Dream has gone down the Liberal Drain….

        • The ‘American Dream’ was born from Liberal Ideals. The Founding Fathers, who were the fully formed blossom of the Enlightenment Movement, were Liberals.

          All of our current prosperity, for the middle class, is in fact the outcome of the policies put in place by FDR (most of the ideas predated him, but he wrote them into law). We have reaped the benefits ever since.

          The ‘Liberal plan’, after WWII, resulted in the greatest creation of wealth in human history.

          Finally, if liberalism is such a ‘toxic disease’ then why is it that it is the ‘blue’ states who pay they taxes that keep the ‘red’ states afloat?

          • For the most part, people don’t really know the real meaning of “liberal” or “conservative”.

            The “liberals” are like a bunch of monkeys that mostly identify each other as part of their tribe by the amount of poo they fling at the “conservatives”.

            By the same token, the “conservatives” act the same…flinging their crap back at the “liberals”.

            The amount and color of the poo they fling is the glue that holds each group together.

            Myself, I am a fiscal conservative, a social liberal, and a political anarchist.

            Oh geez, now I got shit flying at me from all directions.

            What a shit show…

            • JRS- no shiite from me, friend. I feel the exact way. Additionally, it’s a sad day when I hear so many misconceptions from others who believe in their heart that some people are taking “tax monies” from “their pocket”. All Americans should pay their FAIR share and be heartfelt to helping others. My belief is that SOME social government projects are a good thing to provide good people with a modicum of relief from economic decisions made in error by politicians. Especially when those “some” projects were bought and paid for by the SAME person who PAID HIS TAXES for years before his need for them.
              YES, there are those who have the “gimmedat” mentality, but unfortunately, without changes to the entire SYSTEM, very little besides bitching about the problem will be accomplished.

            • You think GW Bush was a compassionate conservative or a murdering war criminal? Actions speak louder than any label or catch phraise.

          • What a crock.

            The ‘American Dream’ is to own your own home, raise a family, and be left alone to do it. Since when do liberals leave anyone alone?

            After WWII, all that wealth was created by a capitalist system that was all that remained on the planet after Europe was destroyed during the war.

            FDR planted the seeds of our destruction, with a giant, intrusive government and nanny state. His policies are being re-examined and found wanting in many respects.

            The New Deal, that idol of leftist worship, just prolonged the Depression into 1938 and beyond. It took WWII, lend-lease factories, and defense buildups to bail out FDR beyond 1940. It would have been wise policy to sunset much of the New Deal by 1935 or 1936, but the leftist ideology would not permit that.

      24. It’s definitely a complex problem, but it plays into one of my theories. That theory is that we are headed for a communist style revolution. Here’s why. If you look at many of the communist movements of the 20th century you find a common theme of a population becoming tired of the effects of economic colonialism destroying their chance to own anything. For example, in Cuba under Batista 70% of the land was owned by foreign corporations. For them the idea of private property ownership didn’t even come into play as most of them would never have the opportunity to do so. Instead they were trapped on an island and forced to work for the multinationals unless they wished to starve. In comes Castro promising a more equitable split than they were getting and they fell for it. It’s not that they believed in communism, it’s that they felt they had no other options.

        Now compare that kind of thinking with what is happening in much of the Western world today. We are now being turned into serfs on the very land our forefathers fought so hard to win. Financialization is raping the average person and robbing him of his home, job and way of life. Large real estate investment trusts are now buying up residential real estate and keeping it as rentals, thus ensuring that it will not be available for purchase in the future. Laws are written to protect certain corporations at the expense of future competition. Good jobs that offered security, health care and a pension are all but gone. We are being herded into a place where more and more people will be willing to listen to concepts like Marxism because they see no other options. This may be part of the reason we are now all under such a large amount of state surveillance. The powerful know what they are doing to us and where it leads and they are trying to stop it.

        The issue I have is that I don’t know how we can turn back the clock. How do we stop this possible future and go back to the better parts of the past without losing the best parts of the present? I don’t want Marxism as I understand where it leads. However, my fear is that the history of communism is being rapidly lost to living memory as it is not taught in schools anymore. Give it another 10-20 years, when gen X is nearing retirement, and the people who matter to the market will not have the perspective of history needed to understand why it’s such a bad idea.

        • great post Winston

          ever see the movie Elysium ???

          welcome to the future

          you won’t be needing shades

          the future ain’t gonna be that bright

          • I’ve never seen it but have heard great things about it.

            The sad thing is that I saw all of this coming due to globalization. Back in the 2000’s I told a friend of mine while we were walking through a local Wal Mart that we were riding the wave down until the great rebalancing. What this meant was that we were enjoying the results of outsourcing labor in the form of cheap consumer goods while the jobs were disappearing. As the jobs disappeared, the proportion of the average person’s paycheck that these “cheap goods” cost would go up as average pay went down. Eventually this leads to the rebalancing, which is when US labor cost and developing world labor costs equalize due to the developing world having developed and US labor losing it’s pay advantage. This means Chinese goods would now cost as much as Western goods and manufacturing would flow back from China as the labor arbitrage trade would no longer offset the cost of shipping and time. However, the quality of life would never return for the average person since there would now be global competition for these jobs that would keep labor from ever seeing the relative pay it did in the past.

            • short term labor arbitrage. balanced quickly. Now, no net gain when quality is factored in. The one benefit is many countries have no honor so will lie about what is in the dog food or produce power washers which look ok but gasket in sprayer goes out after 10 uses. Today, buying from China mart is a bad investment as the product quality has dropped to bad. Better to pay 3x as much for something made by Americans which will last. IME.

              BTW, there can be no labor shortage as USA Federal Government allows importation of over 1M [immigrant track] visa workers and probably several Million “temporary” (L1 Visa) visa workers. Plus millions of “illegal” workers. Why is illegal illegal to me but not illegal to them? If I didn’t have two jobs, then I’d get on welfare myself. You can have upt o 500k house and a car of any value.

              • The excess of illegals are here to keep labor prices down for the large corporations. If there is a glut of low skill labor in the country, then corporations have the upper hand and don’t have to give out raises or livable wages in order to fill positions. Employees are expendable. If that were to chance then the corporations that own the politicians would not be able to book record profits and funnel large sums of money to the campaigns of their politicians. Thus politicians left and right are seeking to let them in at the expense of low skilled American citizens. Much of the welfare payments we see now is to keep those people just happy enough that they don’t revolt.

            • Winston
              you’ve got a great grasp of what is really happening

              things will never be the same

              and riding the wave ?

              great way to put it

              the wave is curling over
              and we’re just about to get pounded into the sand

              won’t be long now

        • Winston … there are several ways to “turn back the clock”, none of which will not be pretty and all of which, unfortunately, will put us back to an earlier time with none of the “better parts of the present”. They’ve all been discussed on this site in various posts.

          From my perspective, based on what’s going on in the world today, it’s either going to be dollar collapse/economic meltdown or Ebola.

          The dollar collapse/economic meltdown is being actively worked from both ends by the financial oligarchy here, with cooperation and complicity from our government and by Russia, on the other end, by its actions with the BRIC’s and other countries to end dollar hegemony in world trade. The final nail in the dollar coffin will be when Russia and/or OPEC trades Nat. gas and/or oil in other than dollars.

          One may think that this will take years. I don’t think so. I think Russia will break dollar hegemony in the Nat. gas trade this year in Europe. They’ll do it as a sanctions retaliation, just as winter starts to set in. Germany and the all of the former Soviet satellite countries will roll over in a heart beat, as they are the most heavily dependent on Russian gas and they have no army’s of any consequence to fight Russia with. Even if they decided to go to war with Russia, all of the army’s in Europe together don’t match up to the combat power of Russia.

          Once dollar hegemony in trade is broken, all of those dollars that are in use today in international trade have to go somewhere. They’ll come back here causing massive inflation because dollars won’t be worth shit, anywhere, even here.

          Then there’s Ebola. Ebola in Africa is out of control. In an article I read a couple of hours ago, identified infections are now up to around 2000 with over 1300 deaths. A new African country is now involved with 10 cases up from zero last week.

          Estimates are that if the governments are reporting x cases the actual number is probably 5-10 times that number, since the rudimentary medical systems in the outbreak countries are already overwhelmed and people are being turned away from hospitals because there aren’t enough WELL medical workers to treat them. BTW, medical worker cases are now up to 170 with no new information on how many have died, since about two weeks ago.

          I’ve read several comments, on several different sites in the last week, by people who work in the health care industry. They pretty much all agree that if Ebola comes here, there’s no way that our health care system, one of the world’s best, will be able to cope. So when it comes here, just like in other countries, we’ll just as f’d as everyone else.

          Pick your poison.

          So back to your question, how do we reset? The survivors of either scenario above will do it in the manner prescribed by Mao, “political power grows through the barrel of a gun”. Who knows what we’ll actually end up with.

          • I am well aware of the ebola situation and have prepped accordingly (respiratory protection, Tyvek suits, etc.). I follow it as much as I can and see it as a terrifying possibility. However, I do not think it will be as bad in the developed world as it is in Africa. It has hit a particularly bad, worse case scenario group of countries over there where it was primed to spread due to the effects of civil war in those nations. They had lost all trust in public institutions and so they did not do what was needed to contain it. Plus, sadly, many health care workers were not supplied with proper equipment to prevent infection as it is hard to even find so much as a bar of soap and running water in most of their hospitals, let alone protective clothing.

            The real question is how the dollar will fare in the short term. I see a number of different possibilities, but the thing that scares me the most is the effect of QE on any contraction in the usage of the dollar. Even as recently as the late eighties the dollar was not used by everyone as a clearing mechanism. The COMECON nations did not trade in Dollars, and that included all of the Warsaw Pact nations (USSR, DDR, etc.). So there is precedence for a large block of European nations not using the Dollar and the Dollar being just fine. The question though is just how many nations outside of that block will also trade outside the Dollar and how much of that money gets repatriated. We could just see a high inflation that is bad, but does not pass the test of hyperinflation. Plenty of nations have gone through this without a total collapse of their societies. It would be painful, but we could come out of it relatively unscathed with a few incidents of widespread civil unrest.

            Hyperinflation would potentially be a whole different animal. The last large industrialized nation I can think of to go through one (outside of Argentina) is the Russian Federation in the late 90’s. The difference between them and us though is that the people were already somewhat self-sufficient. They had dealt with decades of shortages and knew to keep a garden at home or at the family dacha. In the US, we are used to a life of plenty and I don’t think such a situation would go over well. Likely we would see martial law that may or may not contain the violence, depending on how many people took to the streets (government control flows from widespread consensus, as well as the barrel of a gun). Again, I don’t think this is the most likely scenario. I think we’ll muddle through somehow and avoid hyperinflation, at least for now. Hyperinflation is usually a political event as much as it is an economic one and I just don’t see the politicians going ahead with it. (Then again… I could be wrong too.)

            If the worst happens though, what kind of system will emerge? I think capitalism as we know it goes bye bye, as well as certain private property rights. It could be some form of fascism (private-public partnerships) or socialism/communism. However, I think the type of communism we would see is more Trotskyite than Bolshevik, if it even goes there at all. Meaning we would retain some illusion of democracy rather than being allowed to know we have no real say in things at all. (I may have communism on the brain right now though as I have been studying it for the last few days.) Things could even go back to how they were when the country was founded, but I just don’t think the will to do so is there with enough of the people for it to happen.

            • Very interesting and the crux of it all. Dachas = BOL in a sense.
              Dollar is collapse, just slowly. Angry birds speed. 🙂
              The market inconsistency presently is in common folks thinking dollar is strong. Looking at investment leverage, then it clearly is not. E.g. typical Merger/Acquisition went from $5B 20 years ago to $50B today.
              Capitalism will never die as its human nature. If you need something, someone will sell it. if someone is selling something, then others will compete. True that the USSA will continue to try to outlaw competition as well as control markets. But also true that humans will factor in the risk (socialist gestapo intervention) and continue to provide products to markets. As the government is totally corrupt now, so will the people become. When people see the federal government give $40B to a an automaker who has repeatedly crushed the electric car but claim its so the automaker will build alternative vehicles, when the people see the government give $500M here and there to obvious scams and take not accountability afterwards, when the people see welfare momma buying groceries the workers cannot afford, when the people see county governments borrowing (bonds) $1.5M to put two baseball diamonds on an existing field; then the people realize total corruption. You fight fire with fire. The man without hope makes his own opportunity. Missouri riots are probably not an aberration.

            • Winston, one point you missed when referencing the Russian Federation collapse, is in addition to them being somewhat self sufficient, they also did not have to contend with the dreaded E word (EVICTIONS) as the majority of housing was all Govt housing!

              In the USA, the level of foreclosures/evictions would be astronomical adding another factor into the equation!

              • True, but the system would be overloaded so it would be essentially unenforceable. The force of size would push the banks into a massive restructuring of the debt, lest they lose everything. Evictions? the renters would just revolt and riot. Landlords, for fear of violence against them and their families would likely stop trying to evict people after the first few of them were publicly lynched, shot or set on fire.

                You have to remember that laws exist and are enforceable by consensus. What this means is that order is maintained because most people more or less obey it. Maybe 3-5% of society is responsible for most of the crimes. The rest do as they must not to run afoul of the law. Once a large enough minority loses confidence in the government and refuses to obey then order is lost and the government fails (or at the very least loses the ability to enforce the minor things). This is how the former Soviet block states all fell. The mass of humanity no longer listened to the government and the government forces were afraid to stand against it. Similar forces would be at play with housing in a hyperinflation event.

      25. Iowa,you using the same e-mail(can be a made up junker),or,if ya’s put in a link put a space between say HTTP to avoid the mod game.The Mod Game,has a 70’s game show ring to it!

      26. Just over broke? Listing to Pastor Wickstrom again huh?

      27. These decisions were not “foolish”. They were intended to, and did, enrich politicians, government bureaucrats, crony capitalists, cheap labor billionaires, and a host of other parasites. In the end, of course, too many parasites will kill the host…unless the host kills the parasites first.

        • Maggots eat dead flesh. And used in the Civil War and a medical use to treat wounded soldiers from getting gangreen.

      28. These decisions were not “foolish”. They were intended to, and did, enrich politicians, government bureaucrats, crony capitalists, cheap labor billionaires, and a bunch of smaller parasites. In the end, of course, too many parasites will kill the host…unless the host kills the parasites first.

      29. Lauren Bacall,RIP.As I am not a member of the geriatric set only saw her in movies on the tube that even as a kid were decades old,that said,a actress of her times that showed her mettle to even at time watching films came through to a young kid like me,enjoy the nest life Lauren.

        • Lauren Bacall and my other favorite Kate Hepburn had genuine class. The current population of pop tarts looks like fertilizer by comparison.

        • Urgh….,meant “next life”,I swear,someday going to fire my editor!

        • “Here’s lookin’ at you, kid”

        • People think Robin Williams was funny. The truth was; He was most always hopped up on Cocaine. And this is first hand knowledge of people I know who hung around him. It was all a drug induced life illusion, run on drugs, rambling from subject to subject, and still many people today believe it was somehow talent. A drunk can also be funny too, till he hits and kills somebody.

          • Who,Williams issue with drugs(mostly booze) is well known and he for at least a long time remained sober/dealt with it,folks fall off the horse,hell,I probably will at some point.A sober person can also be funny,till they murder someone.The best we can take away from this death is if you have family/friend ect. hurting and needing some help,try and help em,reach out to em,about all one can do.

      30. Enjoy What Time You have Left with Your Families…

        Don’t fret none, soon there will be plenty of War Work for you All when WW3 kicks off!

        then you good Christian Goyim Gentiles can All get busy dying for your Zionist globalist jew masters.

        ZOG AMERIKA is the “TIP” of the NWO GLOBALIST NEO-CON BIG ZIONIST DICK(spear)for the next 50 years or so!


        • The daily Grind of a Man’s life.

          My name is Pancho. I work in a Rancho. Make five pesos a day. I go see Lucy. She gives me P@ssy. And takes my Five pesos away.


          • jacksofhearts, that was a good one.

        • @jack. There are about 6 to 8 Jew Shills on this blog site giving red thumbs if anybody posts truths of their Joo zionist cult cabal clan.

          • yep i noticed. they’re as thick as ticks on a coon dog here lately.

            thanks for the support.

          • WWTK:

            They have to “earn” their pay from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israelie, as talkbackers; or they are sheep setting in the pulpits Sunday morning listening to the made up lies about the self chosen, and pad the plate so we can support those that are bringing America to her knees.

            Commie komrads or liberal college grads with their elite professors lying to them about true history.

            • granny, an eighth grader has a better education than you’ll EVER have so give it a rest.

            • Bingo PO’D GRANNY. The whole world has awoken to their parasitic belief system.

          • We’re not ‘jew shills’, ‘commie college kids’, or whatever other ad hominem label you want to put on folks who don’t agree with insane bigots.

            You can add ‘illiterate’ to your job title, too. Might want to learn how to spell ‘jew’ correctly. You can’t even spell it the same way twice in the same sentence.

            Spew your tripe somewhere else. We’re tired of your boring rants.

      31. I should never have had a kid in this climate.
        Never should have gotten married.
        Never should have bought a house.
        I should have lived in a shit shake.

        Why? If I didn’t do all that shit.. I could retire now.

        Now I’m on the treadmill for life….

        Living in an age of currency decline.
        We are massively in debt to a communist country.
        We have a commie in the white house.
        Everyone is a corporate slave at best.
        The boomers sold off the country’s factories.
        Sorry folks… it was the boomer generation that sold us out.
        Yeah… Nafta and also Made in China.. Thanks bushes and Clintons. Fucks
        And Al Gore.

        It will be a happy day when I hear that fat fuck has a coronary.

        So now..
        Live low, lean, work long hard hours and try and not get fired.

        In a way.. I wish it would all collapse…
        That there would be blood in the streets and we’d see
        all the dems who are trying to disarm us being dragged from their homes.

        As for the mid east.
        I think we need to empty our prisons.
        Arm and train them well.
        Tell them if they can take it all over…we’ll buy oil from them.

        I’ll just say it.

        You take the white man out of power and now look at the state of the world.
        Sorry…. Things will never be the same again.
        I feel like I’m living in a third world country.
        Just keeps getting worse.

        No wonder Robin Williams cashed out.
        He must have seen it too.
        The United States of Despair.

        • “In a way.. I wish it would all collapse…
          That there would be blood in the streets and we’d see
          all the dems who are trying to disarm us being dragged from their homes.”

          The grand reckoning is exactly the only event that will place us back on course, unfortunate but true

          • @KulaFarmr. I am so with you on that for a total reset. What we need is a full all out EMP that will shut down the is entire electronic age globally. Humans have become the slave to electronics, that track us and keep time, measure speed, track our movements, track our taxes paid, utility bills. Banksters will collapse, all debts will be erased. What you own today and in your possession is now all yours free and clear. With a big EMP it will shut down the Tyranical Governments, IRS, DHS, CIA, FBI, Militaries, Tanks, aircraft, radar speed traps, red light cameras,facial recognition, all that BS that has destroyed our culture.

      32. Yes itsa golwbal economy. Until the cost of production in other places rises and the cost of production in the usa falls to a point where we again have a level playing field the job loss here will continue. Which do you think will happen first?

        • China is now collapsing as they are now outsourcing their Jobs to Africa the cheapest laborforce on the planet.

      33. Now get this Robin Williams was playing the masturbating choke the chicken & choke yourself and accidentely killed himself. and they are calling it a sucicide. he was in a movie about the very same thing,

        • The clinical term is “autoerotic asphyxiation”. And yes, I thought that too. However, he was under psychiatric treatment for depression so there is that possibility too. It could be that the physical pain of depression just got too much for him so he took the only way out he saw possible. I guess we’ll never know.

          • Old Guy been smoking too much Corn silk out of his corn cob crack pipe.

        • He was found, “fully clothed”.

          • Burt Gummer– AND with “acute incisions on his wrists” according to the Medical Examiner. Now, I ask, who the Hell cuts his wrists before “autoerotic asphyxiation” ?????

        • OK, you acquaint yourself with the coroner’s report and then see if you still believe your post.

        • David Carradine supposedly died the same way, in a closet in a motel.

      34. He can’t afford food but he pays a monthly cell phone bill?

        • When your dream job is to work in a guitar shop, a cell phone and hair dye is about what you would expect him to fork his paycheck over for.

          He’s not ‘underemployed’. He’s underachieving.

          Cry me a river.

        • some jobs, require you to have a contact number, even for crap pay.

          These same low paying jobs, require this so they can call you to come in for 2 hours or whatever. I have friends with bad jobs like this, if they don’t answer immediately they will lose their job.

          the days of a cell phone being a luxury item have gone the way of an email address also being a luxury.

          • Folks need to tell the boss, ‘My cell number is private, for family only. You want me to use my phone for company purposes, give me a phone or pay the bill.’

            • Do that and in this economy you won’t have a job. I have seen it happen.

              • If your employer requires you to have a phone, he has to pay for it. If he requires you to answer immediately, he has to pay you to sit by it and wait for his call. If he requires you to use your car he has to pay you the mileage, too.

                • you must think this is the 1980’s,.

                  what a delusion.

          • Yeah, that’s true. You have a point there.

        • It doesn’t mean it’s a nice phone or on a good plan. It could be a prepaid phone that he keeps just for emergencies. It could also be a basic phone with him added to someone else’s contract. I do that myself and only pay $20 a month.

          • True, but a lot of folks are whining about paying the bills while running up big phone charges or cable fees, just to name two common culprits.

      35. the costs have gone up, true, but so has the
        unnecessary bullshit that everyone thinks they now need.
        a few people caught on to it in the article about this poor broke bastard, and his cell phone.
        I could afford a cell phone, don’t have one
        I could afford cable, don’t have it, airwaves are still free you know
        I could afford telephone, don’t need too since I have an internet service already, I just use magic jack at a cost of about $100 for the year
        I could afford a Mc’mansion, never in a million years would I be so stupid
        I could afford a new car, but why, when my 1993 chevy has a new battery and fresh oil
        I could afford heating bills, but why, I have a chainsaw
        I could afford to eat fast food, but I have a fridge, stove, and brown bags
        it’s not what you make, it’s what you spend. (that was my dads line, and it stuck)
        people complain about the mentality (or lack there’of) of these riots going on in ferguson MO right now, and yeah, no doubt I agree with you, but what about a look at your own rationalities. have we become so removed from reality that you will pay for a cable bill because your wife will leave you if you cancel it? Iphone/ipad whatever the latest craze..
        time to become the man you should have been, make your choices and stand by them. time to make your investments, and make them work to save you more money down the road, not become rich off of them. time to make things happen, because no one will do it for you.
        it’s time because, we are about to hit that fan. if we are lucky, we have a year. I feel it, and I know many of you see the signs as well. from a numerical point ‘it’ should have really happened already, and I am thankful for any additional time I am given.
        as for why I can afford all those things, well that’s simple, I don’t need them.

        • Amen. My dad always said, “It’s not what you make, it’s what you save”. And, “Pay yourself first.” If you have not accumulated at least a little wealth from your labors, than you’re doing something wrong.

        • The main difference between poor people and well-off people is delayed gratification. Well-off people can put off buying things until they can buy quality at the best price and after they have the money. Poor people have to get things right now, even if it’s crappy Wal-Mart stuff or they have to buy on credit.

          My father said that you can save in a number of ways by waiting. First, you are making at least a little interest on the money in the bank. Second, you won’t have to pay credit interest. Third, you can wait for the item to go on sale. Fourth, if commission is involved, having cash means you might talk the price down further by giving the salesman a guaranteed sale.

          My father also said that because of the mindsets of poor vs. well-off people, you could divide the world’s wealth equally between all people, and inside of a year the same people would be poor or well-off. Nothing would change. Wealth redistribution wouldn’t change a thing except temporarily.

          • Best post on this whole thread….

      36. Considering out government eliminates gasoline and food from the inflation numbers, we will continue to receive the same lies. What is more concerning is the morons in the press refuse to report this absurdity. Where’s the eFfing truth and reporting. Without truth in reporting, we will continue on this absurd path. We have lost our country and it is only a question of “when” it will fall.

        It has not been the same since 2008 and I see nothing out there that will change it…..

        • Govt does not include gas or food in CPI number because they will soon be unavailable, so they are just trying to keep the number consistent.

      37. What I want to know is, just what they are calling federal benefits? If we’re talking social security that a person has paid into all their working days, or VA compensation, for their service, well, so be it. I don’t agree! I get tired of hearing about the moochers that some talk about.

        • Yep, there’s is no comparison between someone getting a pension or retirement check when they paid into the system all their working life, or a VA benefit when they served in the military at risk of life and limb, and someone sitting on the couch in their rent-subsized apartment eating junk food paid for with EBT.

          According to the left, if you drive on a highway, or get water from a hydro reservoir, you’re just as much of a welfare leech as any bum on the dole.

          • 90% of the Military collecting pensions today never risked any life or limb. Unless you served in direct combat you do not deserve any lifetime pension. You are no different than welfare recipients feeding off the hog trough.

            • shut up.

              there are people that got hurt, body ruined do to a training accident, on a black op mission, or like me,
              after being in the USMC and having a botched knee surgery was not able to re-enlist.
              Then I went to college for 2 years, joined the USCG, and got career ending injuries TWICE, once saved a shipmate from falling overboard and crushed while ship docking. secondly, I saved a female from being gang raped by 4 guys.
              sever spinal injury first time, second time neck vertebrae damage, skull fracture, more spinal damage, severe concussion.

              Oh, did ‘interesting things’ in the USMC that ‘never happened’..

              bet you never consider all the things the military does in cental/south America..!

              I have a VA pension and EBT card.. and EARNED EVERY PENNY!!

              war is EASY, you are supposed to be there. In a OP, you are in/out no trace left behind. when you die, the OS is “training accident”
              I spent time with the baddest of the bad..

      38. I feel great full for what I have but this story is scary to think this could one day happen to us. Just makes me want to prepare more in case if all the “what ifs” that could happen.

      39. The politicians know that the only people that are going to vote are the police,firemen,city workers and teachers. They vote for what’s good for them, more funding ,higher pay gun laws. While the rest of the country sits and talks about how bad things are for them. But, they won’t get off their asses to go vote. 17% voter turn out. We should dye you finger purple if you voted, that way we can see who is really an American and not just some wiener on the side lines . If you don’t vote shut you ass.

        • Diebold votes for me.

          • Yep and who owns Diebold? what could go wrong eh?

            Diebold votes for everyone

            if your vote was actually counted ..there would be a law rendering the act of real voting illegal

      40. Here is an idea. Trains skills that a relevant to society?

        Yes, technology kills jobs for the unskilled labor force, no doubt or argument there. Yes, this is a planetary labor force now. you ARE competing with people that may be willing to work for less then you… much less. But if they can get the job done, well shit, guess you are shit out of luck.

        What are we to do, go totally nationalistic, close the borders to trade, and start making stuff again? What a fucking joke. Unions have succeeded in destroying your precious manufacturing jobs. Companies can not pay union wages and benefits and turn a profit. Oh wait, yes they can. They just are not called Ford and GM anymore. They are called Honda and Toyota.

        Bomb them back to the stone age? Yeah, that worked real well. We won WWII remember? How is that working out for us now? Please do not misunderstand me. My father died fighting for this Country. He sacrificed so that I may live. The only honorable thing about war, is someone fighting for what they believe in. The rest is butchery.

        I will not dishonor those lives lost, waving a fucking flag and shouting to the world we are #1. We are not #1, we may have been, but you older folks mortgaged that out on the backs of your children.

        Well the payment is do you selfish, self entitled, “greatest generation”. What a fucking joke. My children, your grandchildren, must now “prep” to secure our future from your short sighted arrogance and greed.

        Look in the god damn mirror. There you will find your answer to why things are so bad.

        • The thing is, it’s not always a battle of extremes. We could still have trade with other nations but impose tarrifs on those nations that are not on a level playing field with us. This way we can still trade with most of Europe, Japan and Canada without the added taxes but tax countries with planned economies that intentionally manipulate their currencies to take jobs from the developed world. Had we and other developed nations done this years ago we never would have lost all of our manufacturing capacity and turned China into the pollution puking factory to the world. There would be no labor and regulatory arbitrage and therefore no reason to do business there.

          • Clinton granted Most Favored Nation status to China, thus allowing them to flood us with their cheap goods. You are correct. Fix our trade with tariffs will aid the middle class. Failure to take this action will doom the middle class.

        • Townsaver,I said look in the mirror yesterday in regards to why this country has gotten so fucked up,tis because we allowed it to happen.Ike,when leaving presidency warned the public about the mic and the country as a whole did not listen.One day things will get bad enuff the citizens will uprise and it will be horrible/long/bloody ect.Some point down the road though the citizens here in US and worldwide will prevail over the insanity,may take many generations to do this but nothing in the big picture of history time wise.

      41. The day of reckoning soon approaches. Cities, towns, spots in the road are hurting; above all, people are hurting some beyond belief, why our out of control Government. In my local area towns cannot pay bills, and are going under. Lifesaving services are being cut to the bone. Yet people still say; the ballet box will fix it, no way; Congress approval ratings are at all-time lows this being reported from poll after poll, survey after survey yet the good old boys win primary after primary and are reelected time and time again, but people will say the ballet box will fix it. The ballet box will fix NOTHING how say you.
        River Rat how do we fix it; I truly do not know short of a total collapse and starting over from scratch. Yes the collapse is going to happen, but the starting over from scratch in the type of world we have today, I fear will not happen. The America that we love so much will end at the collapse. Soon the MSM can no longer camouflage what is really going on with mainstream American people, the true face of the biggest scram (WALL STREET) will come to light, along with so many others. Our Governments are only for the few now, not everyone like it was founded on. Greed has taken over this world and nothing is going to stop the lust for it (money means power and power means more money). Yes the day reckoning approaches fast, whether any of us are prepared or not, it approaches like it or not. First and for most IMHO, get right with GOD stay there no matter what comes your way, as my Grand Father told me many years ago NEVER LET ANYTHING GET BETWEEN YOU AND GOD, I hold these word dear to my heart today. So prepare the way you think is best for you and yours, stand tall in whatever you do, take responsibility for your actions and enjoy life with your family to the FULLEST. Just waiting on the bank of river; enjoying life to its fullest with family.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!!

      42. The day of reckoning soon approaches. Cities, towns, spots in the road are hurting; above all, people are hurting some beyond belief, why our out of control Government. In my local area towns cannot pay bills, and are going under. Lifesaving services are being cut to the bone. Yet people still say; the ballet box will fix it, no way; Congress approval ratings are at all-time lows this being reported from poll after poll, survey after survey yet the good old boys win primary after primary and are reelected time and time again, but people will say the ballet box will fix it. The ballet box will fix NOTHING how say you.
        River Rat how do we fix it; I truly do not know short of a total collapse and starting over from scratch. Yes the collapse is going to happen, but the starting over from scratch in the type of world we have today, I fear will not happen. The America that we love so much will end at the collapse. Soon the MSM can no longer camouflage what is really going on with mainstream American people, the true face of the biggest scram (WALL STREET) will come to light, along with so many others. Our Governments are only for the few now, not everyone like it was founded on. Greed has taken over this world and nothing is going to stop the lust for it (money means power and power means more money). Yes the day reckoning approaches fast, whether any of us are prepared or not, it approaches like it or not. First and for most IMHO, get right with GOD stay there no matter what comes your way, as my Grand Father told me many years ago NEVER LET ANYTHING GET BETWEEN YOU AND GOD, I hold these word dear to my heart today. So prepare the way you think is best for you and yours, stand tall in whatever you do, take responsibility for your actions and enjoy life with your family to the FULLEST. Just waiting on the bank of river; enjoying life to its fullest with family.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!!

      43. Working ain’t worth it unless you’re making it. Don’t be a chump. There are over 80 welfare programs. I’m sure you can get on at least a few. As you know, IRS was notified of illegal aliens who claim nieces and nephews as dependents when the kids don’t even live with them — I think its was $100’s M in fraud from just one single tax filing company in Atlanta — and chose to do nothing but audit the conservative groups instead. You gotta get it: crooks want everyone else to be crooks. Everyone on this list knows the folks on welfare are committing fraud – don’t know the kids papa? gimme a break. Most of the time the pappa of one or two of the kids is still living there except when notified of official visits.

        BTW, RE investors are buying up homes here. Another bubble forming with REIT’s/retirement funds now being the investment pile. Will the gooberment bail out the rich old people who are letting their money be pumped into the ponzi?

      44. The price of everything is just outrageous. Greed is like a runaway bullet train. Gotta keep those wealthy stockholder gains going up, up and away. It will all collapse when the majority can no longer afford the prices for life’s basic needs, such as food and shelter. It is near that now. The insanely greedy capitalist’s goal of fleecing every last dime from their slave workforce is nearing fulfullment. Usury has done the trick, thank the Fed who has destroyed our nation. It could’nt be anymore sinister a plan, ending in mass death and destruction to come.

      45. Y’know… I used to make $500/hr in my spare time. LITERALLY !
        Now, steering towards the end of my life,I know how Robin Williams must have felt. The world is fundamentally flawed, corrupt, rotten to the core and populated by effing idiots who are just pig-ignorant oxygen wasters.
        What’s the point of trying to live in a fundamentally dysfunctional world with no hope of a better one ?
        Money ? Worthless.It can’t buy you happiness.
        Job? Paper shuffling for 40 years. Pointless.
        Material possessions? Live in fear of losing them.
        Friends? There when they need you !!
        Yeah..I’m still in a “job” with managers who don’t have the slightest idea of the real world, what’s happening and why, and what’s coming. Yep, the Titanic can’t sink, the Nazi holocaust never happened, the world is flat. Poor ignorant sods. No idea…
        True happiness? Walking on the beach with my dog.
        I, however, have PLANNED, post GFC, and WILL survive regardless, for now, if only to watch this whole pathetic world and backward human society collapse as they so deserve.
        Yep, time is limited. Maybe only a year to go for us all before SHTF big time, and as I warned all who would listen, wake up or go under. They’re ALL going under…
        PLAN for no job, PLAN for no job-based income, PLAN for the real world or face the consequences.

      46. just confirming what many already know

        Study: You Have ‘Near-Zero’ Impact on U.S. Policy

        “A startling new political science study concludes that corporate interests and mega wealthy individuals control U.S. policy to such a degree that “the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.”

      47. very interesting piece over on ModernSurvivalBlog

        People Don’t Even Notice They’re Bound In Chains Of Debt, Laws, And Regulations


        “For those who have managed to escape their chains of personal debt, you know what I’m talking about when I say the extreme liberation of being debt free is a dangerous threat to the debt-based system at large.”

        people are waking up
        and that is the biggest threat to the system there is

      48. Indeed, much worse times are coming soon. Once the next set of wars take place, the economies of the world will be decimated (already in progress) – but you can see by this passage in Revelation where there will be only rich and poor, no middle class anywhere. The oil and the wine, the wealthy, they’ll be okay for a while, but everyone else – A measure of wheat for a penny and three measures of barley for a penny – it will take a day’s labor for one to barely eat…

        And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand.” “And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and [see] thou hurt not the oil and the wine. -Revelation 6:5-6

        • We are all Forked, cause the knife ran away with the spoon.

      49. The job problem is not confined to the USA.

        Remember the mass influx of Mexicans? NAFTA

        How about the new influx of Central Americans? CAFTA

        Yes, much as we were told these would bring prosperity to all of us, we were lied to. These policies forced Monsanto corn into ALL of these countries and their land was taken over for GMO crops and they were left with no way to make a living and no future.

        However, don’t be fooled. This is also where the USA is headed. The poorhouse. Food riots. Starvation and death.

        When the shale bubble bursts, the decline will pick up speed. You have maybe a year or two to learn how to grow your own food and supply your own heat. After that, you will be out of luck.

        I sometimes have CNBC on to follow the numbers. Last week, they had a CEO of an international company (forgot which one). He stated that they had 3000 openings worldwide and got over one million applications for those jobs.

        The hosts of the show were dumbfounded. Their mouths dropped open. They had to ask him to repeat what he said. So things are tight everywhere. Growth is over and the global financial system cannot survive without growth. Bad times ahead EVERYWHERE.

        Gotta go dig up some new potatoes for supper and check on the peach wine. I’m gonna need it.

      50. These debt and living standard statistics are a bit too general to take seriously.
        When a lot of Americans say they are “just over broke”, it often means,.. after they overpaid on their fancy house and car. A lot of people on this blog might be in rural middle America where cars do look junky, but I look around and see mostly very nice cars, and a glut of those honcho pickup trucks. Oh yeah, we can go on about the vacating malls, but a lot of that’s a sign of changing times in the way we do business online now.
        Those unpaid bills in arrears are more likely an indicator of how many deadbeats didn’t pay their last cable bill when they moved or their creditor because they had to do some fancy living. I’d like to see a statistic of how many of those people have Ipads and Iphones.. that would be an eye-opener.
        To be honest,.. and I AM in the process of moving with one priority reason of meeting new people,.. the people I’ve been encountering ARE very often deadbeats looking for sympathy and handouts.. even people who society has spoiled.

      51. Tariffs are the only way to block cheap foreign products. The brainwashed and the shills will immediately attack the suggestion and chant, “free trade, free trade”. But the truth can’t be denied. Prior to giving China most favored nation status by treasonous Clinton, their products were effectively blocked from our market. MFN status removes all barriers to their products (tariffs). When the $ collapses in value, foreign made products will become very expensive. We will then start manufacturing in America again because we will be the cheap labor. Importing millions of illegals will assure the wages will stay low. The future for most Americans is a meager existence, if they don’t wake up and protect our country from importation of cheap goods and labor.

      52. Hey the Milkshake is still only .20 it just takes 3.00 to buy it. let me explain… If you had two silver dimes that you would use to purchase that Milkshake back in the 60s you could get $1.50 for each one. that would be $3.00 that it takes to buy one now.
        The true value of silver really has not changed much it just takes a LOT more FRNs to buy it. SO what has changed?? FRNs have lost MOST of their value.
        When I was a kid cigarettes were .35 a pack. One SILVER quarter and one SILVER dime. That same amount of silver today is worth $5.25 still around the price of a pack of smokes.
        gas was around .28 a gallon then, multiply times 15= $4.20 still around what a gallon of gas is today
        Think of PMs as a store of value, a way to hedge against inflation.

      53. Quote of the Day

        “The important thing to remember about the Alan Greenspan era is that despite all the numbers and the inside-baseball jargon about rates and loans and forecasts, his is not a story about economics. The Greenspan era instead is a crime story. Like drug dealing and gambling and Ponzi schemes, bubbles of the sort he oversaw are rigged games with preordained losers and inherently corrupting psychological consequences. You play, you get beat, in more ways than one.

        Greenspan staked the scam, printing trillions upon trillions of dollars to goad Americans into playing a series of games they were doomed from the start to lose to the dealer. In the end the printed wealth all disappeared and only the debts remained. He probably did this just because he wanted to see his face on magazine covers and be popular at certain Upper East Side cocktail parties. His private hang-ups in this way shaped the entire scam of modern American politics: a pure free market for the suckers, golden parachutes for the Atlases…

        There are really two Americas, one for the grifter class, and one for everybody else. In everybody-else land, the world of small businesses and wage-earning employees, the government is something to be avoided, an overwhelming, all-powerful entity whose attentions usually presage some kind of financial setback, if not complete ruin. In the grifter world, however, government is a slavish lapdog that the financial companies that will be the major players in this book use as a tool for making money. The grifter class depends on these two positions getting confused in the minds of everybody else. They want the average American to believe that what government is to him, it is also to JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs.

        The fact that an unapologetic fat cat like Kudlow—one who talks and acts and dresses like a fat cat—can, when convenient, throw on the mantle of a populist revolt and get away with it reassures us that for all the talk about pitchforks and revolutions and fighting back, the Tea Party movement remains in thrall to the authority of the rich and powerful. Which renders the so-called movement completely meaningless…

        The new America, instead, is fast becoming a vast ghetto in which all of us, conservatives and progressives, are being bled dry by a relatively tiny oligarchy of extremely clever financial criminals and their castrato henchmen in government, whose job is to be good actors on TV and put on a good show…Our leaders know we’re turning into a giant ghetto and they are taking every last hubcap they can get their hands on before the rest of us wake up and realize what’s happened.”

        Matt Taibbi

        hat tip The Burning Platform

        • Remember when GWBush gave the rich a Lexus and the rest got a muffler in hix Tax scam program to fleece the middleclass and poor for the benefit of the halves and have mores?

      54. Since Clinton signing NAFTA/GATT our defense industrial base has been gutted, if not destroyed. What once was called the “Arsenal of Democaracy” is now just a shell. If we had to fight WWII again or even WWIII now, we couldn’t…. zer0 has had the EPA destroy 40% of our coal fired power plant also….

      55. The One Question About Ebola That Nobody Can Seem To Answer

        “How in the world is it possible that more than 170 health workers have been infected by the Ebola virus? That is the one question about Ebola that nobody can seem to answer.

        The World Health Organization is reporting this as a fact, but no explanation is given as to why this is happening. We are just assured that Ebola “is not airborne” and that getting infected “requires close contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person”.

        If this is true, then how have more than 170 health workers caught the disease? These workers are dressed head to toe in suits that are specifically designed to prevent the spread of the virus. So how is this happening?”


        • Also from this article…

          “These health workers take EXTRAORDINARY PRECAUTIONS to keep from getting the virus. If it is spreading so easily to them, what chance is the GENERAL POPULATION going to have?”

          “Overall, more than 1,700 people have been officially infected and more than 900 people have officially died so far. But an official from Samaritan’s Purse says that the REAL NUMBERS are probably far, FAR HIGHER…”

          “In a six-hour meeting with the president of Liberia last week, Isaacs said workers from Samaritan’s Purse and SIM watched as the “somber” officials explained the gravity of the situation in their countries, where HUNDREDS LIE DEAD IN THE STREETS.”

          “The recent surge in the number of cases has stretched all capacities to the breaking point. Supplies of personal protective equipment and disinfectants are inadequate. THE OUTBREAK CONTINUES TO OUTSTRIP DIAGNOSTIC CAPACITY, delaying the confirmation or exclusion of cases and impeding contact tracing.

          Some treatment facilities are overflowing; all beds are occupied and PATIENTS ARE BEING TURNED AWAY.”

        • yeah, it makes one think it might all be a big pile of Bullshit? a misdirection as the left hand is behind you F-ing you in some way..or to have you look and be concerned about this (ebola hoax) as they pull the curtain down on you some other way , or pull a stunt somewhere that would normally enrage the largest group , but somehow have them too concerned about their made up problem

          here like this ..make the problem up.. then come in to save the day ..sound familiar? should, thats exactly how our government works and operates

        • It does sound airborne.. but articles keep bouncing back and forth on saying so. Very annoying.
          While some sites say that CDC admits it, the CDC still isn’t listing air as a source of transmission
          However, they want healthcare workers to take precautions as if it might be.
          Aside from this, as far as sanitizing methods go, it may be a WIDELY widespread misunderstanding that germs will instantly die if a sanitizing agent is splashed on them. Some microbes respond to certain sanitizers and not others, and perhaps more importantly, there may be time considerations on how long it actually takes to kill a germ and render things “sanitized”
          I was doing a little research on sanitization issues of germs before this Ebola outbreak.

      56. The U.S. Plans To Bail-In The Banks – Federal Reserve Vice Chairman

        “Under the proposed bail-in scenario, the faiure of a “sytematically important bank” (a.k.a. “too big to fail”) will receive no government funding to stay afloat. In order to keep their casino doors open, a too big to fail bank will just call on their loyal depositors to help out by taking whatever percentage of the depositors’ money they need to stabilize the bank.”

      57. Quite a few people complaining about their situation and quite a few responses reprimanding them for complaining and not getting two or three jobs. I don’t see this as whining. I view this as healthy venting and general awareness. Since the Federal Reserve Act was enacted, our purchasing power has been diminishing exponentially. While most of us are doing what we can, we believed the American dream and went into debt for a house and car expecting to make more money as we stayed with our employer and climbed the “corporate ladder”.

        Unfortunately we found out that the American dream is a lie and watched as our futures were thrown away with NAFTA and GAT, etc. Now we are awake or waking up or we wouldn’t be researching alternative news sights like this. If any of you are fortunate enough to have 2 or more jobs, are self employed or are in a financial situation that allows you a feeling of security, God bless you. However, don’t berate the rest of us for having a civilized discussion about the state of this country and venting a little. We either aren’t as well informed or intelligent as you or simply aren’t as lucky, so be a little less condescending and understand where the rest of us are coming from!

      58. If I hear one more idiot say we have to make sure people get a living wage I’m going to scream.

        Most of these turds that are saying this are the ones yelling that minorities/ under privileged need it. Most minorities/ under privileged, that they are talking about get around $45,000.00 a year in food stamps, medical care, education, and housing given to them. Why would they work? If you are too damn lazy to work you do without. $45,000.00 is $5,000.00 more a year than I make with over 25 years of work for my pension, and working around 1,000 hours a year at my part time job. I have to pay for my food, medical care and housing.

        If you can’t work now that is another story!

        Raise the minimum wage. DUMB SHIT THAT WILL RAISE THE PRICE OF THE ITEMS OR SERVICE PROVIDED! I saw the other day that McDonalds employees wanted the minimum wage at $15.00. I’m going to work at McDonalds if that happens. I wear a bullet proof vest and wear a firearm, put my life on the line or may have to take a life to protect someone or myself. I only make $18.00 now. How much money can you say a life is worth????

        What needs to happen is we need to stop giving every frigging country in the world aid, stop taking every thing away from the middle class to raise the lower class. Jesus even said. “The poor will be with us always”. You can take a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. You can take a lazy man/woman to a job but you can’t make them work.

        If I hear another TURD say their fair share. I’m going to poke them in the eye with a sharp stick!
        Who are they to judge what some ones FAIR SHARE is. Fair share is a feel good term, that the give them crowd likes to use. When will the give me crowd start giving their fair share back??? You don’t take things from me you ask for them, and I will more than likely give it to you.

        I had an argument with a LIBTARD one time over taxing the rich and the middle class to bring up the lower class. I told him when the Dems are in power there are only two class of people in the USA. The rich and the poor. The reason is because the MIDDLE class gets taxed so much they are now the lower class. When the Reps are in office everyone gets taxed the same and now you have three classes. That was in the early 80’s. Today you can’t tell the difference Both Dems and Rep’s are hammering us.

        The day it all comes crashing down will be the day TPTB will get theirs. I hope it is painful!!!!!!!!!!


        • Sgt.

          working at McDonalds can be hazardous to your health

          you could fall face first into a deep fryer



          • Satori:
            with my face that might be an improvement!

        • Good morning, Sgt. Dale, and AMEN to your comments.

        • Its more like $60k in benefits (plus don’t have to work) if you are in Hawaii. Varies by state, by Hawaii was the highest in the last study I read.

        • This is the drool coming out of the mouth of a public tit sucker who spent most of his time sitting on his fat his in a taxpayer paid for car writing out speeding tickets to gather the revenue to pay for it. We’ll be fine without the likes of any more of your type hypocrite hillbilly.

          • Bingo. BobZ. Cops are revenue collectors. Hypocrits.

          • Badges ARE modern day REDCOATS..

            revenue generating,
            free speech zones,
            FOR PROFIT prisons,
            drug arrests, (this is TOTALLY against our founders)
            swat raids all day every day,

      59. had a thought: EBOLA HATES COLD TEMPERATURES

        if you are infected by ebola hop in the ice cold tub and take a long cooling ice cold bath then hop into bed and put ice packs in your groin, top of head and armpits.

        this will create a very inhospitable environment for the ebola to reproduce in your cold body.


        if i did catch it i’d be in the iced bathtub as long as possible as cold as possible daily with vit-c ascorbic acid intravenous therapy and other herbal virus immunity boosters till cured or dead.

        STAY COOL


        • viruses don’t “reproduce”. your bodies cells do that for them. If you’re so cold the virus dies off, its because you’ve killed yourself via hypothermia.

          • i’d still do it just to see if it worked. what else do you got to lose. you are gonna die a horrible death anyways.


      60. 2014 Australian Father of the Year Award

        goes to…

        Photo of Australian Boy Holding Severed Head of Syrian Soldier Shocks the World

        Australian jihadist Khaled Sharrouf, who fled his country to become an ISIS fighter, uploaded a picture of a 7-year-old boy believed to be his son holding a severed head of a Syrian soldier to his Twitter page captioned with words “That’s my boy”, The Australian newspaper reports.

        Peter Nettleton, the child’s alleged grandfather and father to Sharrouf’s wife Tara Nettleton, urged the government to take action, according to the newspaper.

        “I was gutted, totally gutted,’’ Nettleton recalls.“Can’t the government do something to pull these kids away from that man?” he asked, as cited by The Australian.

        The photograph taken in Syria shows a young boy dressed in European clothes, wearing a baseball cap and barely able to hold a man’s severed head. This caused a wave of condemnation and horror in the world.

        * ISIS is al-CIA-duh zog amerikan cia and israehell jew mossads baby from jordan al-cia-duh terrorist training camps.

        … more

      61. I used to be poor, but I’m not anymore.
        I’m glad I earn a lot more money than I need.

      62. “If the police begin to act like an ‘army of occupation’, the members of the police should not be TOO surprised when the citizens begin to act like the ‘resistance’.”


        • Jacksofhearts. Watch the video on Ytube. Why Cops Fear SHTF….. Karma’s a bitch.

      63. Has less to do with how much you make an hour and much MUCH more to do with the value of a dollar and the percentages in taxes removes these days.

      64. I get a kick out of posters that complain about the minorities and poor collecting more than them in benefits when they themselves are on the dole.

        Yes, ANYONE who lives on the taxpayer dime has no room to criticize anyone else that does.

        In fact, I would sooner the poor get the bennies than some government worker or LEO.

        With .gov and LEO, you not only get a beat down and money stolen from you, you actually have to pay for the privilege. lol.

        • JRS. The Cops Asset Forfieture Program is a perfect example of wealth redistribution. To rape the public with phony laws. I consider it Piracy Theft.

          • civil asset forfeiture

            forgot about that one..

            that is A STAB IN THE BACK of EVERY Patriot that died founding this country!!

            BADGES are REDCOATS>.!

      65. Teenage Boy (age 14) Built a Secret Hidden Compound Inside Walmart and lived there for 4 days before being discovered.

        “Customers who walked down the aisles where the teen was living never noticed two hidden compounds where the boy was able to store necessities, sleep in a makeshift bed and eat items taken from inside the store.”

        “He created a crack in the back wall of the drink aisle to grab juice and even collected a fish from the pet department.”

        “The boy lives with relatives, but was visiting other relatives when he disappeared.”

        “Police were called and released the boy to the custody of relatives.”

        Drudge Report
        (Direct link below)

          • Sorry the kid needed to do that but shows he has the brains to use what is around him to get along,no child should have to live in wally world!I would say things go wrong to a larger degree this kid might just have the smarts to get thru it,hiding for days with customers/nights with workers and store cameras pretty good,using diapers to avoid traveling to bathroom a good one,just wonder where he dumped them,may not want to know!

      66. It was mentioned bailout money used on companies going over seas,while true is happening under obola it started under bushy,both parties do not have the countries interest at heart,obola could have put the brakes on it and ended crony capitalism,that actually would have been real change!Till we get rid of both parties and their masters nothing will change for the better at all.

      67. A lot of people have a legitimate gripe about being outsourced, laid off, downsized or whatever. It’s been rough the last few years. Just get off the sob story and do something.

        Most of this was brought on by ourselves. If you don’t like it get a different career. There’s always something that can be done. I’ve been advertising for help for months. I’ll hire anyone, laborers, apprentices, even if you think you’re a pro. From $15 to $50 bucks and hour. And there are no takers. No one wants to actually work outside with their hands.

        Kids think everything should be given to them. They will not get off their butts for even $12 or 15 bucks an hour just to do something during summer. In my town the high school didn’t even have a woods class last year because there weren’t enough students signed up. It was only a few years ago kids couldn’t get in the classes because they were full.

        This is wrong. It goes back to me saying it’s all our fault. It starts with the kids. You don’t teach them right and wrong, no father figure, useless crap we’ve voted for them to look up to. It all adds up.

        When the lights go out, it’s really gonna be bad. There won’t be anyone left that will be able to change the light bulb!!
        molon labe

      68. BABY BOOMERS — STRIKE AGAIN — THANKS “me” generation!!

        1. for 30 years, the boomers squandered more wealth than any people in written history.
        2. they snorted drugs, smoked drugs, shot drugs, threw parties, drank like fish, etc.
        3. had they DONE SOMETHING in the 70s-90s other than worry about “me” maybe we wouldn;t be where we are today.
        4. when the boomers were young:
        …..a. jobs paid EXTREMELY well, and were easy to get
        …..b. the older generation (which saved) retired (got the F#%!) out of the way so there actually were jobs
        5. Now, the boomers are REFUSING to RETIRE (got out of the way so younger people can have jobs)
        ….a. jobs that completely SUCK in comparison to theirs!
        6. Now the boomers not only have ALL the jobs that illegals aren’t doing.
        ….a. hmm, what generation is EMPLOYING the illegals because they are “cheaper”?.. YEP BOOMERS!!
        7. the boomers bought houses when they were FAR cheaper
        …something we DO NOT HAVE.
        8. AND they are the LANDLORDS RIPPING US OFF!!

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