Jim Cramer: Bailouts Won’t Be Enough To Stop COVID-19 Economic Fallout

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Forecasting, Headline News | 8 comments

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    The economic ramifications of a nation on lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak are going to be dire. They could end up being far more severe than the pandemic itself, and according to Jim Cramer, the government’s bailouts won’t be enough.

    Now is the time to prepare for an economic crisis. Whether we actually dip into another Great Depression will greatly depend on when our freedom is restored and we can all get this economy going again. “Legislation isn’t enough,” the “Mad Money” host said. “Once Congress passes this bailout bill, both businesses and individuals will have some cash. But wouldn’t it be better to have actual customers?” Cramer said according to a report by CNBC.

    Coronavirus Crisis: The Virus Will Bankrupt More People Than It Kills

    Cramer said he is confident Congress will “one way or another” be able to come to terms on a coronavirus relief package, even as the economic stimulus bill before the U.S. Senate again failed a key procedural vote Monday. Cramer suggested that once Americans are healthy, they can begin to go back into the workforce, however, that’s a little disingenuous. Health Americans are also on lockdown preventing them from participating in the economy and helping to get it going again.

    Will A Face Mask REALLY Protect You From The Coronavirus?

    “The problem? That can’t happen until we have enough ventilators and enough testing to cover the whole population,” Cramer said. “The lack of those things and surgical masks are what makes this situation so dangerous. Without them, the patient could die and healthcare providers could get sick.”  While we should all be trying to prevent the spread of this virus, doing so has done irreparable harm to businesses and individuals already.  So at what cost do we continue to destroy American lives?

    The American people want a “sense of hope” that there will be an end date to the new stay-at-home reality, Cramer said.  “A realistic date would at least give us something to look forward to,” he said.

    Prepping For Two Week Quarantine: Emergency Food Supply


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      1. The last place rom which I would take financial or other advice.

      2. The last place from which I would consider financial or any other advice..

      3. We are seeing how pathetic the economy is. People are claiming they can’t afford food after just a week of being laid off???

        That tells me a few things: it tells me our economy is joke filled with low paid itinerant people. We also have over crowded cities filled with the trash of the third world, over crowing streets and housing, making social distancing impossible and a joke.

        We need to reduce by half urban populations just as we did in past epidemics. There should be strict rules on population density and strict geo tracking to make sure people have a legal right to be in cities.

        The laissez faire open borders policy is what has caused this crisis.

        • Frank Thoughts

          “..strict geo tracking to make sure people have a legal right to be in cities”

          You love that authoritarian government stuff. Geo-Tracking of the citizenry? You can’t see it’s potential for misuse? Ever hear of the US Constitution? Read any writings in the Federalist Papers? Think you’re somehow exempt, protected, coveted, special?

      4. What WHO does not want people to know is that the medical mafia is running a fraud scheme and obscenely over charging people for things that grow naturally most of the time in Alkaloid plants, which marajuana is one of and why they are so against its legalization. 

        Almost every effective drug on the market is derrived from an alkaloid plant, or a synthetic version of it. Most of these have been in use for at least 4,000 years. 

        The drug quinine, and synthetic versions  will probably sky 
        rocket. The medical mafia is pissed that it works and is even more pissed that it is so cheap, but an explosive and sudden increase in demand will undoubtedly cause a sudden and expolosive increase in its price. That is the basic rule of economics. 


      5. trump has failed

      6. How sick the people at the NIH ( National Institute of Health) are! I happen to be an unwilling victim of sick ssadistic Nazi Mengele type experimentation, but even reading about these monsters hanging a mouse upside down by its tail for thirty minutes and placing them in plastic tubes, then filling them with water forcing them to swim is sick as hell! These psychopaths are disgusting! Stop paying psychopaths to torture people and animals! This is pointless! It is sheer madness! They have lossed their minds, obviously! These are mentally incompetent retarded mutants, obviously had too much flouride!

        More like the National Institute of Mad Men! Mad Money! For damn sure!


        • The “tail suspension method” of sadistically taping a mouse tail to a stick and hanging it upside down and watching and recording it struglle has been the ” new and preferred method” for testing anti-depressants since 1985. That just goes to show you how fucked up the medical mafia mad men are and the lengths that they are willing to go to to get mad money! What did they give them in medical school? A daily dose of mercury?! These monsters are mentally incompetent retarded mutants, that really should be edited from society!

          You would think that after 35 years of this torture program, someone would have blown the whistle and said that they were unqualified to do anything, especially practice medicine on the grounds of mental incompetency! 

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