Jihad in Germany: Suicide Bombers Still At Large: Were Planning To Kill Scores Of People In Coordinated Attacks On New Year’s Eve

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    Last night Munich police acting on what has been described as a “very concrete” tip from French intelligence services recalled all public New Year’s Eve celebrations in their city and surrounding suburban towns.

    Though it was initially unclear why, police rapidly evacuated train stations just hours before the end of 2015 citing an imminent threat.

    According to emerging reports, a terrorism interrogation in France led investigators to identify a suicide bombing plot targeting Munich train systems and the thousands of would-be New Year’s Eve partiers who would be commuting throughout the city.

    Police in Munich are now saying that as many as seven suicide bombers were planning simultaneous attacks across the city:

    Police in Germany said Friday a New Year’s Eve terror alert that closed two busy Munich train stations was prompted by the threat of suicide attacks linked to ISIS.

    The stations were evacuated on Thursday evening and service stopped for around eight hours.

    Authorities told the public additional officers were being called in to find possible suspects. On Friday, 100 additional officers were still on duty, Andrae said.

    The information police received referenced five to seven possible attackers and included personal information for some of them. Those details included names and referred to both Syrian and Iraqi nationals, the chief said.

    Available information at the time of this writing indicates  that the 5 to 7 individuals suspected of planning the Munich attacks remain at large, meaning that they may be selecting new European targets at this very moment.

    It is not clear how Syrian and Iraqi nationals could have possibly entered the country, though we can venture a guess that it may have something to do with the recent disorganized and uncontrolled migration of some one million “refugees” from, you guessed it, Syria, Iraq and other mid-east countries.

    Within hours of the Paris attacks in November of 2015 we warned that this was just the beginning and the more attacks would soon be carried out across Europe. Since that warning officials throughout the continent have identified weapons caches and more terrorist cells. In December Swiss police thwarted a chemicals weapons attack and French police seized a treasure-trove of what they described as “war grade weapons.” Today we learned that a Swiss military official has advised citizens to arm themselves in preparation of social unrest and potential terror attacks.

    But the threat of terror is no longer restricted to just Europe. After the San Bernardino attack we noted that the terrorists had help from other cell members and that the attacks were carefully premeditated and planned.  Last month law enforcement reported that a large amount of propane had been stolen in Missouri and foreign speaking persons purchased over 100 hundred disposable cell phones, suggesting that a large-scale attack on U.S. soil may be in the works.

    FBI counter-terrorism experts say that the Islamic State is targeting America next, suggesting that Paris was merely a test to see if the terror group could effectively coordinate attacks on multiple targets in a large city.

    With immigration policies in both Europe and America totally out of control it is highly likely that hundreds if not thousands of terrorists and sympathizers have entered the West. In November eight Syrians were attempting to illegally cross the U.S.-Mexico border when they were captured by Border Patrol agents. In 2014 US Congressman Jason Chaffetz publicly confirmed that terrorists have been captured on the border, though the Obama administration denied any credible threats.

    Given that Border Patrol has already captured and identified actual terrorists crossing into the U.S., we must assume that hundreds of others have already made it into the United States and are actively planning attacks on the U.S. populace.

    As we have warned our readers previously these people are at war. And the targets are you, your family and your neighbors. Prepare to defend yourself should you find yourself being attacked and prepare for the fallout that will no doubt lead to widespread de facto martial law declarations like we saw in Boston, where you may be restricted to your home for days or weeks.

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      1. They Got Merkel We got Erkel Both Countries are In Deep Shyte!!!

        • Merkel & Erkel !!
          I love it 🙂

          • All we need is for Merkel and Obama to get rid of all the guns. Then the terrorists will stop!

            Oh also they should make suicide vests illegal, that way terrorists can’t use those either.

            • Yeah !!!
              Now you’re thinking!
              That will take care of ALL the problems and we can all join hands and sing like the Whos in Whoville.

              • Yea,
                Thats the ticket

              • YAY!! a war on suicide bombers …should work out just about the same as the war on DRUGS!

                • I think we should love them even when they can’t love themselves.

              • It ALL clicks now!!! “Fah who foraze! Dah who doraze!” is Arabic!!!

            • supposedly Obama is going to start working on guns next week according to drudge.

              sickening where this country is going and I do not drink to passout often enough to take a break from it either.

              • Lena, the chimp-in-chief can pass or say whatever he likes. It doesn’t necessarily mean I’m going to follow it.

                • Braveheart

                  You and I have been at shtf plan for a long time. I remember someone I considered a friend named beinformed on here.
                  I wish I knew what happened to him. I miss his post. His post were always wise and well thought out. They informed us on earthquakes and other threats. I considered him one of if not the best posters on here.
                  His number one warning to us all was the removal of guns. No matter what I will do all in my power to get the word out. If guns are given in then in my opinion there is no reason to consider other threats. No matter what happens in the end it comes down to protecting yourself, others and then winning the fight.
                  If the second amendment is lost then we are too.

                  Happy New Year to all and may it be a great one. We can all wish can’t we?

                  • MiV and all.
                    I have been daily watching a man who does a daily video about our sun and it’s effects on earth at suspicious0bservers.org.
                    I am also reading his book about the interconnectability of the sun, earth, moon and planets.
                    Some have said he is Be Informed.
                    I asked when I sent a check for the book, but was not confirmed, I guess he wants to stay ‘grey’. Cannot blame him.
                    For 36$ a year, one can sign up to access his whole site. I wanted to read his book before doing so. So far the book is DEEP, but understandable.
                    His video is posted by 7am eastern each morning.

                    Eyes open, no fear…

                    • I watch that website daily. I emailed him and asked if he was BeInformed but got no response, and that was ok with me. I still think it is, or someone very much like him who has all that knowledge. It’s a great website. I wish we could hear from JustOneGuy, too. I guess we can all catch up when we meet on The Other Side. 🙂

                    • I once asked Beinformed if he was the guy on youtube and he said he wasn’t and would never post on youtube. It’s in the archives but I couldn’t tell you where.

                  • Mike in VA, yes we can wish and hope all we want to. The only change I hope for is to take this country back from the scum who have ruined it. I also miss Be Informed AND Just One Guy. They were the 2 sharpest blades in this house. When they collaborated on something, that was always a treat for us. I agree that anyone who surrenders their weapons is signing their own death warrants. History has already proven that. If anyone wants my weapons they’ll have to kill me to get them. I won’t surrender to the NWO with little to no chance for survival. Surrendering to my enemies is not an option. It’s not living.

                    • Brave.
                      I agree and woe to anyone who tries to take me or my family or my arms! they will all perish, if ya know what i mean!

                • Braveheart,
                  At this point Whatever Washington does won’t matter,things are moving faster then Obama’s plans.If this was colonial America it would be late 1774 or early 1775.Trump is the last political hope!

                  • People are concerned Trump could be “bumped off” by those in power as he does not approve of gov agendas. Some say Cruz should be prez. Time will tell.

                    • President of what?

                    • Just Me.

                      President of the, “He Man Woman Hater’s Club”.


                  • retired.

                    Obama has divided this country so completely that should any insurrection arise, it would become a “Free For All”, to the point it will be “Shoot On Sight”.

                    ” They got one thing in common. They got the Fire Down Below”.
                    Bob Seger.

                  • Apache54, I read you loud and clear. same with me. watch your six.

                  • Retired, I wouldn’t have a lot of hope for Trump. he was and may still be a close friend of the Clintons. I don’t think he’s a serious candidate. I don’t trust any of them.

              • To the American people.

                May the yoke of tyranny rest softly upon your shoulders and may you enjoy the torments you will so eagerly embrace.

                • good one, slingshot!

                • Lol, was that your Christmas card greeting for the sheeple you know?

                  • Woogie

                    The first part I read somewhere long ago but the second part fits how people today are not aware of the consequences.

                    Might of made a Good Christmas Card.

              • Lena,
                YUP sometimes one just has to turn off the computer and drag out something with alcohol in it and take a break!!! the world just has gone bonkers! what used to be good is now bad and the scumbags have taken over !! wish i was a bit younger, might change things, but too old but to defend my olace IF they come looking!

              • To bad we don’t know what the next threat is. I mean the one from the HNIC, that way we could beat the panic rush on “AR’s or Ammo or High Cap Mags or Components” somebody is going to make a killing next week on something. It may be politicians if the HNIC oversteps the Constitution to much. He best tread very carefully, or he could create a serious situation. Trekker Out. I Have Mine!

                • Mountain Trekker

                  I Gots Mines Too!


            • The solution is, declare the whole of the country “GUN FREE ZONE” & that mean the White House, Congress, Senate, all the Banks across the Nation to be declared GUN FREE ZONE… Then & only then American people can give up their guns !

              • Reynard, I wouldn’t give up my guns even under those circumstances. NEVER EVER SURRENDER YOUR WEAPONS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

          • The terrorists come from Muslim groups- the Muslims need to cleanup their shit- they are either for or against terrorism- if the hold back and do little nothing- then they are for the terrorism.

        • Mac,

          I’m going to climb Denali this summer. It’s colder than Vinson Massif (highest peak in Antarctica).

          • That’s one heck of a vertical there Acid — and it should be a helluva view from the summit!

            Best wishes on your training until the climb! Keep us posted on how that goes!

          • Wow… Acid on top! BWAHAHAHAHAHA.
            I wish you had a blog so we could follow your progress. I for one would follow your journey… Would luvit.
            There’s no need for YOU to have ANY personnel doubts… I too have been there and got all screwed up in my head by wrong scenarios.
            Wishing you well and victory for your adventure.

          • Acid Etch

            Take Pictures. ;0)

          • I lived in Alaska for years. Loved it! Have an awesome trip.


          • Wretch, I tried McKinley in 1975, good luck, it’s a very tough climb.

            What else have you climbed? Any experience on ice?

        • Always did like Switzerland.

      2. I almost put together a setup like the pic above with road flares for Halloween.

        Then I thought I better not…

        • You probably would not have survived the night.

        • ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-01-01/caption-contest-and-then-i-said-obamacare-would-lower-insurance-costs

          Maybe this article is what they were laughing about.
          Read the comments, some are pretty good…

          • i aint gonna read that link, because it will either give me a good laugh….or it will leave me sobbing uncontrollably…and i betch’a it’s the latter!

      3. DYK that in Egypt the rate for mutilation genitalia is 90%, meaning that is done to 90% of women in Egypt and this is a purely muslim deal.

        things are just getting started in Europe, travel there at your own risk.

      4. Hey asshole in the white house, get out of that house and stop your systematic disarmament of the United States. And all you gov officials in DC, grow some balls and shut this asshole down!!!

      5. not only Europe but you’ll see more here in the states.

      6. sorry but the solution is to STOP all immigration & deport every foreign criminal.
        I apologise but this is the only way to lessen the risk.

        Then execute anyone who is a terrorist or killer!

        • The call of Allahu Akbar should NEVER be heard on American soil… EVER.
          Look to Europe and learn quick fast.
          Time is short.

      7. Wow, an attack that never happened, with a chance to cancel oodles of parties and blame terrorists, raise taxes, and call for war.

      8. considering the fact that Germany is tripping over itself to bring in as many Syrians as possible-one can only LAUGH at the situation

      9. Europe today USA tomorrow!!!


        • Sgt. Dale, I hope ur not to close to the flooding! God bless brother!

          • “A”
            The Illinois runs about 1 mile away, and we are safe. We had only a little flooding in the area.
            thanks for your concern!!!


        • Sarge, I had a question about .22LR on the last thread but no one’s answered it yet, so maybe you can help. I’ve always heard that more people have been killed with a .22LR than any other caliber, but I’ve never found any study or tests to verify that. Help?

          • According to thd FBI, It used to be .38 revolvers now it’s 9mm.

            • Doc wonder if that could be because all the dudes in the hood pack a big 9. The hood seems to be the place for real life gun test. But none of the test would be “one shot kills”. That even goes for LE. Trekker Out.

          • Brave, maybe because a .22 is a LOT quieter round than any other. Easy to suppress also. For very close or point blank work 🙂

          • Braveheart

            I don’t think that includes wars. A lot of people are shot with .22’s and the bullet ricochets around inside the body. It is a deadly weapon. Yearly in the U.S. statistics that the .22 or .25 alternate in the amount of deaths caused. I believe it is because of the price and availability of the hand gun and rounds in this caliber. At least it used to be so easy to get.
            It is true that most people don’t use it as a first choice for self defense because death usually happens later do to damage caused. A heavier caliber is more of a die now weapon. As with all cases it depends on the placement of the shot as to how fast the death occurs.
            When I get to work or home later I will try to find you the stats.
            As with all weapons a .22 is deadly. I would use that if I had run out of other possibilities for sure. I have plenty of .22 bullets. I was lucky enough to get them before the price skyrocketed and the demand for them went through the roof.

            • Mike, I was stockpiling .22LR even BEFORE Sandy Hook. I also agree wholeheartedly that a .22LR should NEVER be your first line of defense and needs to be something heavier. That’s my reason for changing back to 9mm. My point is that the .22LR is more useful than a lot of people think. .22LR was used for assassinations by our special forces in Vietnam. I have one specops vet in my family who has told me a couple of stories about it so that’s how I know. A lot of people get shocked when they find out what the .22LR can really do. I just wanted to see something that can verify whether more people have been shot in this country with .22 than any other caliber. I still go out and pick up extra .22LR when I can find it.

          • BH 1776
            “G” and “M”
            Kinda hit I on the head.

            One reason is that there is more 22’s in the country than any other caliber. Also a little 22 under you pillow is easier that a 1911. If you know what I mean. 22’s are easier to handle in any ones hand.

            Stay away from the 25. I have seen where a 25 was used and the bullets bounced of the fore head of the guy. I friend of mine was in the army and some guy saw a guy get shot in his chest and the guy pulled the bullet out of his skin. 22 move a lot faster and hit harder.

            Hope this helps.

            • we had a guy here who was fighting with his wife
              he shot her in the forehead with a 22,it bounced off
              all it did was REALLY p_ss her off !!!

              • Satori

                When you buy .22 cal. ammo make your you know the velocity of the bullet. They can be as low as 400 fps. to a high of 1100 fps. (Stinger?) Bullet weight varies also.

                • I shot a bobcat with a 22cal. at 90 feet and watched his eyes dim in the night vision I recently sold…

                  Found some Winchester “333” 36 grain hollow points at $14, but sold them too recently…

                  Getting better at using a 1ounce sinker on a spinning rod. Deadly out to about 45feet. I still have the spinning rod…

                  • 1vet, the BEST .22R ammo I’ve ever found is Aguilla SSS Subsonic 60-grain. It’s made for .22LR rifles but I’ve fired some in my .22 pistol also. It has more kick than any other .22LR ammo on the market but it’s still easily controllable. I tested some in my 10/22 on my last trip to the BOL and it was really sweet.

                    • Thanks for the heads up!!!

                      10/22’s are great guns!!!

                      I love Ruger…

                    • I had a 10/22 and a marlin 60, the marlin was a LOT more accurate. I could reload the marlin tube faster than the ruger clip also. The marlin was also cheaper. I really don’t see why people have such a love affair with the 10/22….

                    • Also USED to have a winchester model 190 which would shoot 1000 rounds without cleaning and accurate way beyond the 10/22. Another superior rifle is the old Remington nylon 66! Ruger is a GREAT company but the 10/22 imo is just a overblown overrated over complicated so so rifle. Same goes for the ruger mini 14, what a piece of shit that thing is…

                    • Tell ya who makes a good rifle for the money is HOWA. They are japanese and have hammer forged barrels high quality steel and factory free floated barrel. Very smooth action and with a little brownells bedding a fookin tack driver! The poor mans sniper rifle it has kicked the shit out of all my friends stuff! Can you hit a 1/2 inch bullseye at 200 yards?

                    • Aguilla hypersonic ammo was 50 bux for 500 rnds. and rated at 1700 fps with a 30 gr. bullet. I got some when it was that price now it’s prolly 150.00 😛

              • Did it keep him out of jail?

            • SgtDale; I’ll stick with my .45….the person will be pinned to the wall with a nice hole in him.

          • .22 for murders. 7.62x54R for deaths
            molon labe

          • I’ve heard that, too. I’m pretty sure the 9mm Parabellum has been a lot deadlier, but outside of military use, the .22 has been used for quiet killing for a long time. Two in the ear and done.

      10. Stay away from crowds…..

        • [SARCASM ON] Being around muzzies is a BLAST! [SARCASM OFF]

      11. A WARNING to all!!!! GOOKS IN THE WIRE, ACT ACCORDANTLY. Take no prisoners.

      12. If they think they’re going to take Israel out, they’ve got another think comin’. We’re gonna lay waste to these maggots as soon as we get rid of ‘Nancy-Boy’ Obama. Anybody know where I can get a used scalar particle beam weapon? Maybe on eBay?

        • Ask your mossad buddies, Im sure they will give jooo a deal!

      13. Unfortunately, it has already come here.

        Strangely enough, we have security experts who are telling us, even putting locations on the map of alleged terrorist training sites within our country and do we hear of any take downs in those areas?

        One person has come forth and stated allegedly that in every state in our country there are staging areas, small warehouses, shipping containers storing weapons and ammunition and awaiting mobilization call to began a day of Jihad in America.

        By the way, in Goldsboro, NC, 4 males from New York were arrested for stealing propane tanks (small, medium) and pipes or such from a Lowes there according to the news about 90 days or so ago.

        In Missouri, allegedly similar activity at several Wal-Marts and most recently the reporting of the purchasing of a large number of pre paid cell phones by Muslim men according to reports. Reports of thefts of tanks in that state too.

        Getting back to the propane tanks. Steve Quayle, I think ran an article called Hell Cannons in Syria. What they are doing is attaching propane tanks where the end where warhead would be attached to certain rockets and fired with a range of about one mile according to the post. Just point it to a city, shoot. Seem to have several models they are using.

        I did a search – Improvised artillery in the Syrian Civil War – Wikipedia

        It seems that according to the post there is an interest in creating a similar weapon here.

        I don’t think it is going to remain quite to much longer here
        They hate us worst than Europe, more than Israel.

        The Media is suppressing the violent assaults on property and especially on women in Europe. That is coming here.

        What will stop them here, conceal carry…
        I bet Europe wishes they had that.

        • W&W

          I just googled the same as you did.

          Got an eyeful of what these people manufacture in their garages for war.

        • That one day of Jihad in the US will result in Muslims being killed in the streets and their mosques being burned down. Worst mistake they will ever make.

      14. Everyone screams made in America is the way to go. Well the dealership put locking lugs on the wife’s van. So yesterday I had her go get new brake pads and rotors so I could do front brakes. I get out the 4 way and start taking lugs off they were on so fuckin tight I knew dealers service dept did it doing a tire rotation with impact gun. Whatever I got the lugs off and replaced the rotor and pads and put the weel back on and used 4 way again to tighten. Put the van down and moved over to the other side. When I started turning the locking lug key the metal star inside just ripped completely off like it was cheap pot metal. No bullshit looked at the lock key and it said mcguard made in USA and has a number to it. I knodded my head in disbelief how could it be so cheap and what if this happened to the wife trying to change the spare cause of a flat. If you look at the wheel studs and lugs on newer vehicles they are cheap Crome plated steel not the black fine thread studs the older vehicles had. Those you could use impact gun on no problem but the new stuff is cheap and tend to get overnight using impact gun. Plus it not to torque spec. Mcguard makes cheap locking lug sets with inferior steel and they are made in America. I do my own brakes because I have the tools and ability to save on the labor sometimes to the tune of $500. I don’t know about you but $500 in my pocket is better than a mechanics.

        • That’s sad. Happy New Year anyway to you and your wife.

        • Asshat, AMEN about saving that $500 which can go on preps. When I change a flat tire, I use a 2.5 ton floor hydraulic jack and 4-way lug wrench. I refuse to have any impact wrench. It’s too easy to get out of control and overtighten lugs with the impact gun. With the 4-way you have a lot more control over what you’re doing. It’s a method that is tried and true for me. No reason for me change from it.

        • ha, new front calipers,new master cylinder, new rear brakes,, and still have the pedal go to the floor,, abs 92 jeep.. oh dah….

          • Jeep? It figures. The last Chrysler product I had caught on fire and turned into a crispy critter. Everyone I’ve ever known that had a jeep has had nothing but trouble with them.

        • Pull your locking lugs off and throw them away. Same with your locking gas cap.

          All those do for you is get you stranded on the roadside when you can’t change your tire, or a holed gas tank or ruined filler neck.

        • I agree with you about those fking dealer mechs. I had trouble with tire alignment and kept taking it back.

          Finally the guy said we fixed it. It was a little better. I just accepted it already.

          Couple of months later I had to “TRY” to take the tire off. The frick’n asso tightened the lug nuts SO HARD I almost DIED trying to get it off!! So that’s how he fixed the problem. Asso….

          I’m glad I caught in time. To think I was going around with waay overtightened lug nuts…..

      15. Terrorists aren’t stupid they are not gonna attack on a major holiday like New Years. It always happens when people least expect it.

      16. I can’t even begin to imagine what is installed for 2016. I am a pessimist, not and optimist…I have watched all the YouTube videos, and all the executions by soldiers on civilian populations of people and they are simply following orders. Like I have mentioned many times before that the scientists said that there is no chance in hell, starting on 01/01/2016-2017 that we will ever be able to liver freely like in the past, that those days are literally over.. that the criticism and the stupidity catches up to everyone. Gerald Celente’s trends for 2016, is according to him, calapse and war domestically and abroad.

        What I was told:

        There will be a run on be grocery store s after June 2016.. reason, food supply gets cut off from our state by guess who, the cabalist engineered calapse.Celente. says that he has a plan in place to get the hell out of the country, then decide where to go from that point in out….the only difference between this year and last year is that I plan up upgrading preps. Freeway, building construction and other roadway improvements all over Houston,you know the usual normal stuff that people are that makes then think that all is OK.. well I have and answer for them, it’s not. I will continue fo prep, prep, prep, prep till SHTF strikes.



        2016, the year the laughing stops.

        • HCKS, Happy new year to you. I’m also still stacking myself. But I wouldn’t trust Celente on anything.

        • you got that right, HCKS. it’s the stupid…the genepool is VEEERY shallow these days. with the gubmint FEEDING all the stupid, all they WANT, there’s no gettin’ rid of ’em…call me a raciss….i’m proud to be a raciss…..VERY PROUD!….just not as much raciss as them self-righteous liberals….now THERE’S the card-carryin’ raciss’s!

          • I thought a racist was someone who liked nascar lol.

            • LMFAO!!!!!!!!

      17. So anyway a while back they had box limits on ammo at Wally’s. Which I was pissed about because I feel the one with the $ and comes first should be able to get what he what he wants. So today the wife goes into the super Wally’s to get food well I forgot it was the first of the month and all the welfare parasites got their ebt and were in there filling up their carts with all the food. So the wife comes home with two 1lb packages for 5 of us to have. So I said why didn’t you get the big package of beef. She said they didn’t have any left. So the free shit useless eaters are eating all the food with no box limits on amounts and use ebt. But I can’t buy all the ammo I want with cash. That’s bullshit there should be bot limits on ebt purchases I paid for it anyway. This would be fair the people who work and pay should have first dibs on shit. They cater to useless parasites fuck Wally’s.

        • shouldn’t HAVE to go to china-mart to get dinner on the first…sounds like you aint been preppin’ very well…just sayin’….BTW, i haven’t heard anything on that walmart long lines at midnight the last day of the month thingy for a looong time….anyone know if it’s still true that they line up with full carts and then check out at 12:01 when their EBT card is filled?…don’t make me go over there at midnight next month to find out fer muhseff!

          • BCOD, I hear that all the time about the wallyworlds in my area. I’ve never seen it for myself and don’t really want to because, 1. I stay out of wallyworld all I can and, 2. I might “lose it” if I saw it. I go to other places to get my grub for the food supply. Wallyworld isn’t the only place to go.

        • BTW, box limits are only on hard to find rounds at MY walmart…i bought all the 308 i could carry a few months back with no limit…at 50 cents a round it’s a good deal.

        • WallyWorld where I live was jam packed with newly enriched Cubans here for the handouts. Honestly, Ordinary Citizen was just as bad. In front of me in line was a dad with two cute kids, maybe 2 and 5. Those kids were trying to get dads attention but he was too busy on his phone to even look at them. I see it everyday, young parents paying no attention to the kids and just giving them a device to distract the kid and themselves. Go to a restaurant and all you see is the whole family in their phones. Sad thing is I’ve even caught us doing it. Zombie slaves.

          Thanks for reading this rant and have a safe, productive, healthy New Year all

          • i am now an expert on what happens when an ex gives your 10 year old son a smartphone. it only took a couple years to make him so dependant on that phone(the games, and talking to his “girlfiend” a thousand miles away), that he didn’t want to live anymore if he wasn’t playing with it….or a video game at home….go to disneyland and look around you ANYWHERE IN THE PARK….really….look around you anywhere. all you’ll see is a bunch of clueless twits walking into each other on their phones, texting, sending pictures, talking…the smart phone was the absolute WORST thing that could happen to america. now he’s been gone to a school(over 600 miles away) over a year now until they can “fix” him to where he wants to live again without that smartphone in his face. he was home for crissmuss for 2 days with me and 2 days with his mom, and a couple days later i saw my other son’s(12y/o) facebook, and the 14y/old had been on there updating his profile…this after the school councilor left VERY strict instruction to her face-to-face to not allow him on any social media…this broad needs sent to the witless protection program. so yes, smart phones are WORSE than a neutron bomb to america(ns).

            • I agree 100%
              (As i tippity tap this in on my Iphone6S+)
              But seriously, yea, keep hoping i will wake up and they are just not working, but until then its the only form of coms. And necessary for business etc. at least for now.
              Eventually who knows though.

        • I’ll use Walmart to buy canned goods and staple foods, and brand names for less money, as well as motor oil and such, but that’s about it. I just don’t like the meat they sell, for some reason.

          I know it’s silly to go to Walmart and stock up on stuff, then hit the real grocery on the way home for meat and produce, but that’s what I do.

      18. That is great! Maybe these c#@ks*&%%ing krauts will stop forcing Italy, and Greece to allow them in!

      19. Happy new year to all.

        I hope 2016 is uneventful year and requires few to use their preps. May fair weather favor your plantings and help all your green things to grow. I’d so rather a nice boring year, instead of the powers that shouldn’t be screwing with the sheeple and raging war on our constitution and freedoms.


        • here’s MY song i sing to myself these days…sung to the tune of “happy birfday song”

          crappy new year to me
          crappy new year to me
          fuckin’ obama’s still drainin’ the treasury
          crappy new year to me

          • BCOD, lemme make you a drink my man, sounds like you need one! 🙂

            • problem is…i don’t DRINK!….PFFFT!….maybe THAT’s the PROBLEM!…per-she-ate it genius!

              • Good fur you butt.
                Not worth wreckin’ your liver.

          • BCOD, LOL. Good one. Let me have some of whatever you’re smoking. [just kidding]

          • Funny shit bud

      20. Everything that plagues America can be resolved by one action….Delete the HNIC

        • And then warn the rest of the damn politicians that they are next if they dont turn their crap around

      21. Everything that is plaguing America can be resolved with one action, delete the HNIC.

      22. If people clean out the grocery store on the first of the month imagine what they will do when the food supply chain breaks down. I’ve said it before I’m in freight logistics so I know there is a shortage of drivers and it’s supposed to get worst over the next decade if we make it that far. You gotta be a fool to not have adequate food supplies especially if you have kids. Some people are gonna suffer empty handed and when they try to take stuff from others it’s gonna be a bad day for them.

      23. Wait . . . Muslim terrorists? That is so out of character for them. I’m sure we’re all shocked by this.


        It’s been at least 12 hours since the last Muslim terrorist attack, hasn’t it?

      24. Is the CIA getting investigated by German intelligence?

      25. It’s gonna be REAL hard not to scream “I TOLD YOU SO!!” when some of those “refugees” turn out to be terrorists who start killing Europeans and Americans…

        This P.C. crap is going to be the death of us yet!

      26. Police sound like the real threat, that they can get the people to do anything the police tell them–or else! The people can defend themselves, (against police, as well) if self-armored (regardless if self-armed).

      27. I wonder if they are going to close down all the Islamic training camps they have HERE in the U.S. that are operating with in the law here ?

        Latest count by the F.B.I.

        36 of them ??????????????????

        • But those are just peaceful religious retreats,,,,
          Just like i will just give my guns to the gov and sing kumbaya with the other sheep,
          And the tooth fairy will be by at 9

      28. Off Topic:
        I’m hearing on the news while I’m working that the Muslime & Chief is going to go it alone with Gun Control. The Son-Of-A-Bitch is trying to start a Civil war/Revolution.

        Bastard can’t get a Black VS. White Race war. So now he is going after the guns!

        Like I have always said you can have mine after I’m out of Ammo!!!!


        • He can go it alone
          But he is itrelevant , EO’s are not law
          And he is not my King
          The more people understand this , the more irrelevant he becomes

          Two years into his first office , I stopped recognizing anything from DC that wasn’t backed by our bill of rights or constitution
          And I will continue to live with that thinking

      29. Butt crack I’m prepped just still wanna eat fresh food still it’s not always like this at Wally’s just the first of the month. Yes it was bad idea to go on the first. There are no more box limits on ammo there is everything available but 22. It comes in from time to time. They won’t tell you if you call sporting goods dept. they are told to tell you no 22. I know this because the guy in the hunting dept told me. The best way is when you go in store just go by and see. I don’t need 22 but still go by cause there is rollbacks on ammo from time to time. I was trying to point out that the useless eaters just eat everything. These people IMO don’t deserve the food they get because they are useless don’t raise their kids right and are on drugs don’t hold employment. The last is first and the first is last statement has never been more true. Just don’t feel my family should take a back seat to useless bums who contribute nothing. I will scream this all I want because it’s my right. Nobody else has the balls to call out the useless eaters. These people are the problem with America. Grown ass men not working or in jail and young girls with 3 kids from 3 different daddy’s getting free shit because these guys don’t pay even though they are court ordered to. If I sound mean good sick f looking at useless bums wearing their pajamas all the time. Bunch of rot tooth parasites. Useless eaters try to take what I got will be dealt with.

        • Asshat; I gave up even going to Walmart. I get .22 ammo elsewhere along with other ammo. the price means nothing if they don’t have the product. Walmart in general seems to be going downhill,their stores aren’t well stocked,help is hard to find,attitudes are bad and they aren’t that competitive anymore.

          • Dick’s sporting goods and gander mountain. They usually have some sort of 22lr available. Here where I live, they will tell you if you call whether they’re in stock or not.

      30. My son moved to Berlin, Germany, in July. He’s 25 and went there to work and complete a Phd. My husband and I were already concerned about the Muslim populations there, and then right after our son arrives, this huge invasion is allowed in! The whole thing just still seems so unreal. The destruction of civilization suddenly accelerating at this time. Unfortunately, our son, who is a great, sensible guy in most ways, is convinced that Muslims “assimilate”. Before he left for Europe, I asked him if he had ever done any reading of the Koran. He said No in a way that showed he did not even want to talk about it. He gets annoyed when hubby and I remind him to be alert to all around him, especially when riding the trains. We’ve pointed him to news sources other than MSM and to info on youtube about what’s already happening in Germany and also Sweden, UK etc. and he won’t check any of it out, and gets ticked off at us!
        Hubby and I are concerned every day for his safety and wish he could come home sooner. Surely things will only get worse over there in the next two years.

        On a side note, too bad there isn’t some way to get every American and European to read the Koran. Then maybe more people would understand why this “religion” is such a grave threat to the whole world.

        • The reason he is getting ticked off at you is because he is in denial that his entire belief system is completely wrong.

          In Germany, he will definitely be surrounded by others who think the same way, while completing his PhD. Don’t expect an epiphany, but be grateful if one happens.

          • That’s true!
            We hope his views become more realistic because of observing the gradual buildup of really bad problems due to taking in unassimilable invaders, rather than because of a violent event that happens where he is.

      31. Yea Sarge, remember that’s what dictators do.. they are the king…it’d proves based on what is taking place in Europe that the same thing is planned for the good old USA.. if we allow 180,000 Muslims into the US, and it’s now obvious that they are literally soldiers, muslim jihadist fighters, then this proves that we will literally face the enevitable.. none other than civil and revolutionary War all over again in 2016-2017.. remember what the 4 Star general told economist V..that it will be total all our war all over, starting from October 2016, to all over 2017, so this men’s sno elections in the fall..

        This war will be including a merger of Mexico under the north American union and that anyone who opposes that merger will be attacked by drones and foreign soldiers, via JH15 equipment deployed her to then to us against us the people, deployed to take out the Christians and patriots.. all we can do is prep and get more ammo…just saw on stevequayle.com that turkeys president just enter the gates of Babylon, Valhalla piece is sh….t temple, to declare himself King of the middle east. His jihadist fighters just massacred over 120 women and children in and area of Iraq being occupied illegally.. Let’s see how his fighters fare in my area if they come here.. I am sure you all must have read about a Muslim thug mugger, and you aught to see the face an Baird on that taught that is was food idea to burn down his own most, thinking that he could trigger jihad in Houston. What a dunbass.. luckily quick thinking by our cops her locally who tracked the idiot and caught him on camera.. most Muslims in Houston know that they come here and start sh….t in this city. the Vietnamese and AMC, “American born Vietnamese Chinese” factions via gangs will take out their muslim jihadist asses without help from patriots.or cops. Jihadist can and will be shot on sight if they venture into my side of town..If your all recall, a cop was taken out by a black big dred lock thug, just less than 6 miles from my condo. When I saw a helicopter hunting down someone late at night…You jihadist phucks that like to read my post, make up handles and come on here attacking me, calling me mentally deranged..you keep it up. your only taking sh…t because you haven’t not seen me in person. the average muslim when they see me in public, and I look them in the eye, they hold their heads down, and look in the other direction..so you phucking trolls are nothing but mouth..dont try any crap in my city, you are in the wrong town rag heads..



        Come to Katy you jihadist phucks. We are ready and waiting.

      32. SGT Dale.

        I don’t give a flying fuck in the meat house what that bastard does.

        At this point I am Not A Criminal. It is when HE makes me a Criminal through no fault of my own, but by decree, is where I am really going to be angry.

        I know I give those that live in those states that have massive gun control grief, but that kind of shit does not go well with me and creates a new set of standards to live by.

      33. To be honest I don’t believe anything their government says nor do I believe anything the illegitimate government here in the FUSA says either…

        These assholes need to come up with boogie monsters so the sheep will cling close to them.

        I still am amazed how you people are letting 100 people tell 300 million of you what you can say and do…….

        • Ive never understood it either,,, guess that why people say in a problem

      34. Had Strange? dreams last night…

        Hiding guns in a metal pan of walnuts and staging preps???

        • Dont you just hate that, the thing that bugs ma about that stuff is a lot of times i get those dejavu moments when the stuff actually comes to pass, chicken skin moments

          • Yep! had them too, but unfortunately you don’t have to be visionary to see the road we’re on as a country…

            Feel bad for the grandkids, ’cause it will come on my watch…

            • Agreed Vet,,,
              Feel for young peeps everywhere, its so much different now than 40 years ago

        • 1vet:
          I had a dream several years ago, where we have a civil war and the Chinese attack, and THANK GOD IT DIDN’T COME TRUE!

          Then again if it did we would have our Republic back, and china would be smoking and trying to rebuild. ( China looses over 1 billion troops)


          • Destiny can be a cruel task master…

            or something like that…

      35. Why do this article sound like it is written an NWO agent that is trying to get us to believe that ISIS (Daesh), whatever, is independent. Just ask Mossad what they have to say. The opposite of what they say is probably true

      36. Take hundreds of millions of guns away from hundreds of millions of law abiding American citizens because America doesn’t have a mental healthcare system.

        Go figure…..

      37. The next time you are at the store pick up


        PAGES 69-71


        • Damn good book. Helps to understand the bastards.

          • what’s to understand?….they want our heads on a stick….but WE are gonna WIN!……..when do we eat?

      38. People they can’t take guns away they’d never get em all believe me. What about all those boating accidents. I really think all this anti gun legislation is gonna do nothing. We are a constitutional republic and gun ownership is a right not a privelege. I really believe there are cops that wouldn’t confiscate guns unlawfully but of course there are always those cops that follow orders to the tee even if they are wrong. Just stick to your guns it’ll blow over if not then it will get ugly. I feel tptb is a dog with no teeth. If they had teeth then they could stop criminals from getting guns. Rights are not debatable even if people don’t like the fact. Texas was on the news this morn for allowing open carry to ccw holders. Personally I feel everyone should be able to everywhere. People are already complaining about it though. Criminals conceal weapons that’s why I don’t have a ccw permit. Good guys open carry. Good folks should have nothing to fear for open carry. Tired of my rights being infringed on. It doesn’t say anywhere in the constitution that mentally ill or criminals can’t have guns because the founders knew that the wrong people would get guns so it was imperative that good folks not be barred from guns. They knew what they where doing when the constitution was drafted. Only evil wants you disarmed. To view it any other way is idiotic.

        • AH- I support open carry… we have it in Texas now for licensees. But, I won’t carry like that. At 60, still a fairly strong lady, that would get me too much attention from the young punks I run into occasionally. They are a lot stronger than me for sure, and I am sure they would like to get their hands on my S&W. Same thing with purse carry- wouldn’t do it because my upper body strength is not equivalent to a “youth’s”. On body, concealed is the way to go for me.

      39. Immigration is a Trojan Horse invasion. This is about destroying the true Israelite/Hebrew people from the face of the earth!

      40. Government officials LOVE CHAOS!

        It is the only way they can stay in power, drain you and your country of money and resources and give it to themselves and their comrades, er buddies.

      41. hang anyone who is planning a terrorist attack.
        That will make the war on terror better as we can stretch terrorists necks!


      42. Jim in va do you have a dicks sporting goods in your community. Every Black Friday they have 550 rnd bricks of 22lr for $19.99 this past sale it was $24.99 which is still decent deal. My local gun shop has 22lr all the time they never ran out and there was no box limits either but it’s not cheap like 22 should be. people come from out of state to get some and pay like $20.00 for 100rnds of cci. Crazy I pass on it at that price. I guess if you need some you gotta get it but glad I put a good supply back.

        • here in so cal, turners has 22lr any day of the week(at the checkstand) …but if you want the cheap stuff, go thursday mornings and they sell for around 35$ for 500…not bad, but yes dicks had it black-eye day for 25$ for 525 rds..now THAT’S a great deal, in THIS day and age….22 is coming back, but get all you can while it’s under 35, cause it won’t last long.

      43. Divide & Conquer

        1945 – Allied powers divvey up the middle east like a poker pot…
        Instigate insurrection, overthrow elected reps and install puppets like the Shah- remember him?

        (source: Perkins, ‘Economic Hitman’): Hell, the US invented the phrase ‘take the gold or get the lead’. The Cartels learned well.

        Send drones to bomb Arab wedding parties… body parts everywhere.
        Then give the surviving family members weapons…

        “playas” gettin played as far as the eye can see.

      44. Question: Say Obama makes an EL confiscating guns. The cost of going house to house is massive. The House sets the budget and they are not going to budget for it. Even the Demo who sponsored a confiscation bill know it will not pass… they are playing their market just Republic do when they have 50th Obama care vote. Street Theater.

        • HERES A GOOD TIP! When shining be sure to save your heads (the first part thats nasty) and the tails (low proof stuff). The heads can be ran again and made into alco fuel for a stove or cleaner or disinfectant. The tails can be ran again to make high proof super clean hooch for making flavored stuff (kaluah, peppermint shnapps, etc.). Waste not.. want not!

          • Genius, thanks again. I put that in my notebook.

        • the problem, rebbeker, is that they now have ANOTHER law to trap your life savings with when they get something on you…or you get snitched on….hell, they ALREADY can confiscate your life savings with little to no recourse when they catch you with it in your car….just another law that’s not needed…to go along with the thousands of OTHER laws that SHOULD be repealed.

          • BCOD… they already wiped our savings. What is left with go to the next bankster bailout. Stock shares are no better than TP just like QE turns FR notes into TP.

      45. Rebecca if tptb want to confiscate guns they could use the postal service. The postal service goes to every address and then go get any remaining hold outs. They could start by alphabetical order like the first letter of your last name. one week do all th a’s the next do the b’s and so on. Could get em all within 6months. This is a plan that can work there are other confiscation schemes that are possible too. To say they couldn’t do it because of cost is false once they start they could use scrap proceeds to fund it further. There are plenty of anti gun donors to fund it too. I’ve seen pictures of piled up guns the size of mountains. They could have buy backs at first and most people would just give them up for a check or gift card to Wally’s rather than get nothing for them. I’ve seen buy back programs down city with no questions asked and they are successful. The need for $ trumps everything. Butt crack is right Courts can subpoena you bank to freeze your accounts. Seen it done. It’s all possible and people have no spine so it will happen one day.

        • I know it can be done, but I don’t think Obama has the support at this time to get it done. Of course, if he gets Republican backing he could. They sell us out for corporations every day of the week. What do the Koch brothers want bad enough to sell your 2nd Amendment rights for? Things are going downhill fast, though, I won’t say it is far down the line.

          • So which is it. You say they won’t then somebody calls you out and you change your tune.

      46. Hold the politicians responsible for the crimes of the Muslim immigrants rather than taking guns away from the citizens. I for one am tired of being penalized for the actions of others.

      47. “When It Hits The Fan, Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You”

        no shit. you warned us, and nothing happenned.

        • there’s one of the simps now!…GTFO! if you don’t find the site useful……purty pleeeeze?…you trolls really think people don’t see right through you and your agenda?

      48. I say he does not have the support.
        We are talking about psychopathic snakes with no morals. If someone pays them enough they will sell their mother and you. They do not have moral fortitude… it is all going down, a few bucks in their picket will help them save their family. I am not contradictory, these people are. No one has come up with the money.

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