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Gun Sales Surge In Switzerland As Army Chief Warns “Arm Yourselves”

Tyler Durden
January 1st, 2016
Zero Hedge
Comments (119) Read by 11,187 people

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This article was originally published at Zero Hedge.



It would appear the people of Switzerland have been listening to their military leaders. Having recently been warned by the Swiss army chief of growing social unrest, SwissInfo reports applications for gun permits in Switzerland increased by 20% between 2014 and 2015, according to a survey conducted in 12 cantons. But while the army proposes “arm yourselves,” Swiss crime prevention officials warn against the false sense of security that guns bring.

Whereas in 2011 numerous people in Switzerland voluntarily gave up their firearms, today more and more people are purchasing guns.

Swiss army chief André Blattmann warned, “The threat of terror is rising, hybrid wars are being fought around the globe; the economic outlook is gloomy and the resulting migration flows of displaced persons and refugees have assumed unforeseen dimensions,” adding that “Social unrest can not be ruled out.”

He further recalled the situation around the two world wars in the last century and advised the people of Switzerland to arm themselves

And, as SwissInfo reports, it appears they have…

Applications for gun permits in Switzerland increased by 20% between 2014 and 2015, according to a survey conducted in 12 cantons by Swiss public television, SRF.

The survey, published on Wednesday, showed that in the 12 (out of 26) cantons surveyed, theSwiss are increasingly interested in purchasing pistols, rifles and other firearms for private use.

The greatest increase – more than 70% – was measured in canton Vaud, with more than 4,200 applications in 2015, compared with 2,427 in 2014.

There is a general climate of uncertainty and an increased fear of intruders, said Pierre-Olivier Gaudard, head of crime prevention for canton Vaud.

But Martin Boess, director of Swiss crime prevention, warned against the false sense of security that guns bring.

“When there are more guns in circulation, there is a greater danger for society,” he said in an interview on the 10 vor 10 news programme. “That’s shown by experience in places like the United States. When there are more guns, there are more accidents with guns.”

In Switzerland, with more than 8 million inhabitants, there are about 2.5 million legal weapons, around half of which are used for Swiss military service.

And while the Swiss go about their legal business of arming themselves, President Obama is preparing to unleash another weapon – the executive order – to enact gun-control legislation.

Facing stiff resistance to gun-control legislation in Congress, Mr. Obama has signaled that he plans to act on his own. The president has directed administration officials to explore any steps he could take on guns without lawmakers’ help, and he said in his weekly address that he would sit down with Ms. Lynch on Monday “to discuss our options.”

“I get too many letters from parents, and teachers, and kids to sit around and do nothing,” Mr. Obama said in the address, which was released Friday morning.

Gun-control advocates who are familiar with the White House’s plans say Mr. Obama could lay out multiple executive actions as soon as next week, and administration officials have confirmed that recommendations for the president are nearing completion.

White House spokesman Eric Schultz said Mr. Obama asked his team to “scrub existing legal authorities” and assess actions that could be taken administratively.

Free-dom indeed.

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Author: Tyler Durden
Views: Read by 11,187 people
Date: January 1st, 2016
Website: http://www.zerohedge.com/

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  1. Anonymous says:

    by the time most europeans and americans get it, it will be too late for them.

    • 1vet says:

      I think obola is still upset at getting spanked at the Bundy ranch???

      • I had a 2 hour discussion with a neighbor who is all for mass immigration and thinks that anyone should be allowed to come. She stated that we have more than we need and there is opportunity here and we “Had a responsibility to take care of people who were more unfortunate than us”so on and so forth.
        I picked up my phone and she asked who I was calling. I told her a friend of mine who will bring some immigrants down to stay with her. She had a nice 5 bedroom house and only her husband and her lived there.
        She about had a heart attack. “Dont call anyone I dont want anyone in my home”. They can go somewhere else. I asked her what the differences was between her home and her country. One in the same I thought. She just stalked off all huffy puffy. What happened the the Responsibility and all that?

        • apache54 says:

          that is part of the problem in the US there are too many brainwashed people who are stupified by the MSM and think STUPID thoughts and VOTE !!! will be a VERY long time to fix them and you know that according to “Forest Gump” you cannot fix stupid!

        • john stiner says:

          People that claim that we have more than we need always want to take what you have. They are never the ones that give up what they have.

        • molonlabe says:

          Yep. Just another one of those nimby’s. They are perfectly happy to take in people just as long as someone else deals with it. The sad thing is that her and her husband could probably do some real good for people that really need it. Take in a family and help them out. Contact a local church or shelter to offer shelter for an abused wife and kids. Do something helpful, but no, she will just expect everyone else to sacrifice while she keeps her perfect little life.

        • Hugh Janus says:

          Ed–She means that YOU have “more than you need”. Leftists NEVER share THEIR wealth.

        • buttcrackofdoom says:

          fuckin’ PRICELESS, ed..i sent out an email a few weeks ago saying the same thing…if yer willin’ to have them come into the country, then you SHOULD be willing to have them stay with YOU in your house! good one!

        • Paul says:

          good job carrying on a conversation with a moron for 2 hours… this country is full of drones like her. makes me want to hold a phone book up to her face and punch it repeatedly as hard as i can.

        • Kevin2 says:


          You should have completely agreed with her stating we all need to share. Then walk away and contact every agency and give them both your names. Schedule an appointment, invite her over, make it a big surprise. In front of them tell her, “We talked, I thought you wanted to help”.

          Put the above on YouTube. It’ll go viral. Get enough hits, make a few bucks and in the process expose your neighbor for the phony she is.

        • Karl V. says:

          Life is like a box of chocolates…. somebody is always trying to get their grabby hands into the box and take as many as they can….

      • javelin says:

        As if we’re supposed to believe that O-bama actually sits around reading letters from citizens. When does he read them? While on Airforce One flying to Hawaii or the TajMahal? Or maybe on the golf course while the rest of the foursome are teeing off……..

  2. 1vet says:

    obola rules by the power of his mighty bic pen, regardless what the people desire…

    Now that’s democracy in action…

    • Braveheart1776 says:

      1vet, the chimp-in-chief’s “pen and phone” don’t mean shit to me. Executive orders don’t mean shit to me. Anything he or any other politician says about my rights is null and void and falls on deaf ears. I’m not giving up anything, period.

    • john stiner says:

      Why anybody obeys Obama’s executive orders I do not know. Obama does not obey the law, why should anybody obey his executive orders.

      If I was under Obama’s command I would just say, “Yes, Sir” then go about what I was doing before and not bother with him.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are Americans going to hand over their guns to the traitor in chief who funds Isis? Hell no. You hand your guns to a dictator and he will kill you. Do you really think oebola is leaving our White House in 2017? Dictators don’t leave. About 2 million Americas need to march peacefully on DC before things get bloody. We are living in dangerous but interesting times. God bless those of you who love family and America.

  3. Asshat says:

    Sounds like Swiss officials are anti gun by them saying they bring a false sense of security. I have more confidence in myself protecting my family if I have a gun than the police showing up after we’ve been murdered. They must be a bunch of gov dependents over there. The free shit parasites go where they can be supported by gov programs.

    • ChuckInBama says:

      Military chief sounds like he is facing reality.
      The politicians, on the other hand, are just like ours; full of shit.

    • surleymacnasty says:

      @ Asshat

      You don’t know what you’re talking about.

      Saw this online somewhere, maybe another thread here. When Hitler was invading all the weaker nations he wanted to conquer, europe had six million Jews. The Swiss had six million automatic rifles in as many homes, with the training and ammo to back it up. Hitler figured the cost of taking Switzerlad was higher than it would have been worth. How did that work out, do ya remember? The unarmed Jews died. The Swiss survived.

      The Swiss earn their standard of living from exporting chemicals, fine instruments, foodstuff and (until recently) offering well-to-do people financial privacy. If you want to see a nation full of ignorant unproductive Free Shit loafers look out your window.

  4. Southener says:

    I am reading all the websites correctly foreign countries are arming themselves by record numbers and America is being push to disarm. If America is disarmed what will happen if a foreign country or countries land on our shores. Think about it……God Bless America during these trouble times.

  5. Asshat says:

    So I was reading a post on another site. They guy said he won $1500 of gear from some outfitter. He was looking for advise on what to get. He already picked up some things and another poster said it looks like he’s doing alright and then he said as long as he’s not trying to advertise the outfitter to people for free gear it’s ok. its ok to get free gear as long as you don’t advocate a business. All the gear sites do the same shit. When somone opens up an army navy store to make $ capitalism is good. When somone else does they are a scumbag corporation right. I go to a guy in my area who has been in business since I was a kid. He is in the same spot for 35 yrs. you go see him tell him what you want if he has it you leave with it. If not he takes your name and what your looking for and tries to get it in for you through his years of connections. A true militaria salesman. Not some fly by night trying to get paid off the prepping hysteria. I’m not against somone opening a business just people condemning others for doing it.

    • john stiner says:

      True business is dead. Now all the companies are just trying to rip everybody off. Trying to get as much money as they can as quick as they can.

      I call it the Sears effect.

      20 years ago you could buy anything from Sears. If it broke, they would take it back and give a refund or replacement. They were the go to hardware store before Home Deport and Lowes began business. They only sold American made.

      Now they don’t take back shit. Craftsman wrench broke? They do not replace it with Craftsman, it is some cheap Chinese crap. Nothing is made in American and all the products are just as crappy as Harbor Freight.

      • Braveheart1776 says:

        JS, I avoid Sears more than I do wallyworld. Sears just has the MOST EXPENSIVE Chinese crap of anyone out there.

        • Ozarkanna says:

          For over 20 years, I have paid my Discover bill in full each month at the local Sears. Starting the 1st of February, they will no longer accept Discover card payments. I wonder if this means that they will be shutting down. It would be no great loss if they do. For the last 30 years, they have not sold any women’s clothes that do not scream “black hooker” or “cheap slut”.

      • Philosopher says:

        JS: I grew up fixing broken stuff. It is how we lived. We used to have a Sears Repair shop in town but that place closed down a few years ago. When I was renting I checked on the cost for a replacement part for a microwave. Just a basic filter out of aluminum. They are hidden underneath and can get pretty nasty. The cost to buy one from the mfr. was crazy. More than $20. I put the screen in the dishwasher after spraying it with vinegar and didn’t spend money on replacing it. It was clean and worked fine.

        I have had Sears techs out to work on an old washing machine. Not sure if they still provide parts and service. Radio Shack is gone so I will not be surprised when Sears goes.

        • smokey says:

          I had a Kenmore microwave, went on the fritz, called up the Sears shop and was told it was $90 just to open it up after I brought it in. Well, before bringing it in, I opened it up, and first thing I saw was a fuse in the power linkage. Replaced that 20 cent fuse and good to go.

          I always wondered how many people got charged $90 to have a fuse replaced.

        • Kevin2 says:

          I had a Sears Certified Technician tell me that 1/4 was bigger than 1/2 because 4 is larger than 2.

          True story.

    • Big business has been writing our laws for 40 years or so. Capitalism is on the rocks, replaced by the oligarchy. Oligarchy looks like Republicans pushed a bankster bailout… $30 Trillion up through on a budget bill, last one pushed through by Boehner and Obama. That is Oligarchy. Oligarchy looks like Republicans pushed allowing oil companies to sell our oil overseas, recent bill pushed through by Ryan and Obama. That is oligarchy and it is not capitalism.

  6. tuesdayissoylentgreenday says:

    We have a Constitution, he can take his so called Ex orders and give them to his Kitchen Help……

    In case he did not get the word… there is already more ammo and guns in the Americans hands than they could buy in the next twenty years… If we cannot control Drugs coming in to America…. I am sure Black Market Ammo and Guns will not be stopped either…

    Now if he thinks pushing this “I am the King” Speech to us…There are lines in the Sand that once crossed… once started will not and cannot be stopped. God Bless America and may God open the eyes of Americans that are asleep…

    • john stiner says:

      Sweeping gun control is not what Obama wants. He wants selective enforcement against his protagonists.

      Free speech for me, but not for thee.

      You speak out against Obama or the FEDS then they go after your.

      Just like they did to Dinesh D’Souza.

    • RIGHT you are….
      1. Executive orders are binding on the executive branch only. Citizens are under no obligation to comply.

      2. Obama cannot use an executive order to bypass the Constitution. Under the US Supreme Court ruling Marbury vs Madison, any such order or law that as repugnant to the Constitution is automatically null and void.

      3. Under the US Supreme Court ruling United States vs Miller, the Second Amendment reserves to the people arms equivalent to those carried by the uniformed forces.

      4. Under the US Supreme Court ruling John Bad Elk vs United States, citizens have a right to resist any official acting outside the law and the Constitution up to and including the use of lethal force.

      • Kevin2 says:


        “1. Executive orders are binding on the executive branch only. Citizens are under no obligation to comply.”

        Executive order 6102 authorized the confiscation of gold at $20 / oz. You got a beautiful piece of artwork with Thomas Jeffersons picture on ultra high quality paper. If you decided not to comply you go to jail for 10 years with a $100,000 fine enforced by law enforcement officers authorized to use lethal force.

        The above is reality.

  7. RoyInNC says:

    The president of the US has no executive authority over the American people, only over the Executive branch! He is 100% fake, in hopes the American people, and our legislators are ignorant and asleep. Many of them are! He’s an NWO puppet! It’s the NWO that wants our weapons gone. Gun safety and citizen security are the guise to sell it under.

    • john w. says:

      He may not have authority over you but if his minions come out and shoot you then you are still shot.

    • Equorial says:

      RoyInNC – you are 1,000,000% correct (presuming such a thing can be so). It is all a guise to denude us of weapons so that we may be killed with as little risk to them as possible. (History loves to repeat it just a bit too frequently for my tastes).
      Yeah – NO executive authority over We The People, yet ONLY THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH (which ain’t shit to folks like us in these days in which we are living).
      Do remember all laws that are supposedly made from here on out (and many existing ones for that matter), (if UnConstitutional by nature, then it is NOT a law that you must acknowledge, much less obey). It’s a law that was nulled & voided as it was written, because The Constitution ‘trumps’ such things …period.
      NWO wants our asses dead. Their reason(s) for doing so do not matter to me. I see one. I have read that we shall not be invaded. Clearly, it appears that The Invasion will be hidden under a veil of “allowing immigrants into our nation fully knowing that at least 10% of them are jihadists hell bent on chopping off our heads and playing hockey “with our noggins” (stolen quote from Andrea on Fox). Hell. Even the prez and (I must assume ALL Muslims) within America want the very same and nothing less. Some insane leader of Islam is spouting off to the blacks to leave the military and go back to their hometowns to fight the whities/’crackas’ (I thought anyone born in Florida was called a ‘cracka’)? lol… I’ve read that Black Lives Matter is calling for the death of Whites – -all of them due to the “iniquities of our fathers.” (How many fucking times do we need to pay them back for the damn iniquities of our fathers when at no time did anyone in my family ever ONCE have a thing to do with slavery)? Every generation until the end of time? Nope …this time they want our ‘cracka’ asses dead, or so it is reported to be. Anyone heard the same shit anywhere?
      By the way RoyInNC. We share the same state. Someone else is close to me (I mean someone on here) but has yet to acknowledge, and I can’t blame anyone a bit for not doing so. Anyway, I am extreme west …can almost throw a rock and hit ‘Chatta’ TN. HIGH in them-thar hills. Yeah! …okay, back to swaging more 7.62x51mm’s (using RCBS SB AR die set. Really nice!

  8. rellik says:

    If I had my way every school teacher would look like this:
    ht tp://www.gallup.com/poll/158729/men-women-veterans.aspx

  9. Cameraman says:

    Righttt!!! Oblowme can stick his Pen up his u know What!! EO Only apply to Existing law Passed By CONGRESS,,the Little Bytch is Off his Rocker if he thinks ANYBODY gives a Shyte about his Agenda!!
    Come Git em Pussy!!!

    Semper Fi

  10. Plan twice, prep once says:

    During WW2 six million Jews were disarmed in Germany, while in Switzerland six million Swiss were armed to the teeth. The rest is history.

  11. USMC1982 says:

    Good excuse to buy more guns.

    Ammo up

    And buy some Smith & Wesson and Ruger stock.

  12. PeterFrancisco says:

    Every time Obama opens his mouth, I have this uncontrollable urge to break into my Kenny Chensey impersonation: “His lips sound like Sha-ri-a, his lips sound like Sha-ri-a.”

  13. Thor 1 says:

    Ask yourself these questions;

    1 Why do they want background checks on every gun sold?
    Answer,so they can track and know where the guns are.

    2 Why are they letting Muslims into the country knowing that at least 10% are terrorists?
    Answer,to have them do attacks and cause civil unrest so Martial law can be imposed keeping odumbo as leader indefinitely.

    3 if Martial law is imposed, what else happens?
    Answer Constitution is suspended then the think they can take your food,water,medical supplies and arms. Also get free labor from you!

    If they create the problem and then try to fix it by taking everything everyone has worked for to protect their family, they are violating the Constitution, laws and of course morals. Go for it!!! America has defeated evil lawless ignorant SOBs before so it won’t be the first time.

    • tuesdayissoylentgreenday says:

      If they call Martial law and the Constitution is toast… Then they are killing the document that says they are in office… SO, they have zero authority if Constitution is suspended. It will be a free for all…

      We can clean things up state by state if the Mexicans and the Russians leave us alone… Via Mexico trying to take the southwest, Russia taking Alaska.

  14. swinging richard says:

    Anybody having trouble finding pmags in their area?

  15. CuzzinJim says:

    Buy it cheap and stack it deep. It’s coming and we all know it. The traitors that have ruined this country need to pay the price so we can once again become the best country in the world. History repeats itself, but most are too dumb to get it. For those with really short term memories, I have no sympathy for them. For those that have enriched themselves off the American public, give away our money to those who have not earned it, and continue to let terrorists, and illegals of every type in, they should pay the price. Public lynchings should come back in short order, and the thieves, killers, rapists, etc. should pay the price no more than 3 days after their crime. That might bring a little order back to this once wonderful country. Otherwise, we deserve what we get……

  16. Jim in Va. says:

    Check out the new Ruger American semi autos in 9mm and .45.

  17. Braveheart1776 says:

    USMC1982, I bought a 9mm for Christmas and now have to build up a 9mm ammo supply. Gun show in my area Jan. 9-10. Will definitely be stocking up.

    • Gonetoolong says:

      Brave, we have a show in my area as well Jan 9-10. It isn’t in a city that happens to have a tall building shaped like a penis is it?

    • Sgt. Dale says:

      BH 1776
      Looked up than new pistol you got and it looks like a good one. Great reviews. I would have 2, PT99’s 2, S&W 5906’s and 2, 469’s if the earth quake hadn’t happened. One for me and one for my wife. Try to stay away from steal case ammo will mess up the feed ramps.

      My next Gun Show is Jan 30 and 31. On my Birth day. Daddies getting a new gun.


      • Braveheart1776 says:

        Sarge, I copy you about steel-cased ammo. My next gun show is Jan. 9 and 10. I’ll be primarily stocking up on more 9mm and some more .22LR. I picked up 2 more mags for the 9 earlier today.

    • rellik says:

      10,000 rounds minimum. 9 MM is more deadly than 45 ACP per NRA tests( I can dig the Rifleman issue out if you wish), you just have to “aim small”. What the world really needs is a PPK in 9X19 MM. They would sell millions of them. I never miss with my PPK copy in 22 Cal.

      • Braveheart1776 says:

        Rellik, you say 9mm is MORE deadly than .45ACP? Interesting. Please provide a link to that issue if you can. while I’m at it, I’ve got a question on .22LR that someone here should be able to answer. I’ve always heard that more people have been killed with a .22 than any other caliber, but I’ve never seen or heard of any study or tests to back that up. Help?

        • Genius says:

          I USED to have both and I would take the 1911 over ANY 9mm by a 1000 yard shot!

          • Mountain Trekker says:

            9mm is better than a 45, wow! The government says a BB gun is better than an AR15 so please trade your AR in for a red rider and we’ll all be happy. Give me a brake, sometimes I think gun writers run out of anything to write so they just start putting out BS. Trekker Out. Make Mine A 50BMG!

            • Braveheart1776 says:

              MT, I do find it questionable about 9mm being better than 45. I’ve seen a 45 round fired into a gelatin block so I already have a good idea about what the 45 will do. It’s definitely a manstopper, but not everyone can handle the recoil from it. It is harder to develop any degree of accuracy with the larger calibers. So I say that 9mm is the MINUMUM amount required to stop someone. It will still do the job and the recoil is not so bad.

              • Equorial says:

                Any ‘factory’ or well-made ‘hand-loaded’ .45ACP can pick a man up, turn him around and then set him back down. Germans fell like toothpicks when we started issuing .45’s …thus, I’m going to stand with BraveHeart. (You can increase accuracy with ‘handloading’ for ANY large caliber pistol (or rifle). That’s been proven by 1,000’s of One-Holer’s in USA Competition Events. I love 230grain RNs in my .45, and 115grain HP’s in all the 9mm’s. Oh! …and yeah, although a well-placed .22LR will do the job (or several of them), a 9mm is considered by Assad Ayoob as being the minimal that you would want to carry to ensure ‘stoppage’ …although a .38Special +P is ‘right up there’ with ‘inertial damage using that ‘hydrostatic’ shape thingie-a-whatzit).

              • Mountain Trekker says:

                Brave I agree, about many not being able to handle the recoil and yes a person should use the largest caliber that they can handle and feel comfortable with. I keep hearing how the 9 with newer powder and newer designed bullets are as powerful as the 45, so I guess while the 9 has improved the 45 hasn’t. I don’t buy it. Just as I love my 270 Win. and shoot it the best, if I go after the Largest Bears I’m taking my 338 win mag. Trekker Out.

              • rellik says:

                Stopping in kind of late. I like shooting 45 ACP and 9MM. I’m deadly with .22 cal.
                454 Casull makes me flinch after the first shot.
                It is what you are comfortable with. I train for self protection. There are lots of people that can send bullets down range faster and more accurate then me. Very few of them are cops.

        • rellik says:

          September 2012 issue. Based on ballistic gel penetration. I thought there was a newer test.
          As for .22 it worked pretty good on Robert Kennedy!

      • 1vet says:

        Don’t matter I always ben a 1911 guy: of course that was before I sold everything to go play slots in Vegas…

    • smokey says:

      Try sgammo.com, you can get a case or two delivered for a good price. Gun show ammo is overpriced.

    • Anonymous says:

      I just added a Ruger LCP, .380- bought a 150 rounds yesterday. Plenty more to buy…

  18. william smith says:

    I have read elsewhere that all Swiss males of fighting age are armed and trained. so what is this about? you can only shoot one gun at a time, and I would imagine all these men already own a backup. From what I’ve read the Swiss have been armed since before WW11.

    • Hugh Janus says:

      This advise probably references concealable, easily transportable weapons (handguns). Automatic rifles are harder to keep close at all times while times are ‘normal’.

  19. steven jacobs says:

    unlike our gov’t-the swiss gov’t EMPOWERS its citizens

  20. WarVet says:

    Hey Obama: MOLON LABE!

  21. tandalayo says:

    The SWISS are already armed…you didn’t know this??? Every family is required to have an M16 or similar. Your articles are looking more and more like plain old fear-mongering to get readers…

    • rellik says:

      You are really wrong. I won’t go into details. Most people on this site will fill in the gaps. Swiss is age restricted, for one. Most Americans are better armed, but not as well trained. I am very M16 qualified, but I keep 7.62 in the gun safe.

  22. swinging richard says:

    I am glad to see their gun sales are increasing. It means they are thinking of protecting themselves and not counting on the police. It will be fun to see the tables turned on the jihadists.

  23. Rockmanr says:

    At the start of WWII some national guard units reported for duty with trap door springfields. TO invade Guadacanal the Marines had to raid hollywood studios for guns used in movies. At the end of WWII we were the military power on earth period. At the start of the Korean War a few year later they had to raid museums and war memorials for tanks and artilary to recondition for the war. Cuban missile crisis the Seals had no guns as they trained with army weapons. They pooled their money and went to Sears and Roeb5uck to buy guns. The list of stupid actions is endless. As far b5ack as 1810 the slaves around New Orleans revolted and marched on the city to kill everyone with white blood in them. The citizens had no guns but an american warship that was there landed its crew with weapons an6d cammon saved the city They learned and formed an6 armed militia that fought in6 1812 with Jackson

  24. Diane D says:

    I am not impressed. America has millions of gun owners, but how many are actually armed citizens? Simply owning a gun doesn’t mean Jack Feces to the enemy.

  25. snowman says:

    i am 61 years old and i will admit to being a gamer. Because of this fact i engage in discussions with many many Europeans; who over the years, laughed at me for owning weapons. They would give me all the Socialist dribble about how the citizens dont need guns, need to be more civil,leave it to the government to protect you BS.Now they dont laugh or scoff at me they just say now we understand.At this i feel like saying to them “I told you so” but what good would that do to rub their nose in their own ignorance and put them on the defensive? Now they know what a 2 amendment is all about and why it is so important to the people of these UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!

  26. B from CA says:

    … Obama is a tool of the shadow government he
    represents, a foreign entity. You figure out who it is.
    Without the federal reserve, what power would they
    have over us. Zilch. Nada. None.

    Who do you think the Satan that tempted Christ with
    “…and all this will be yours” really was. He was the
    enemy of all mankind. But that serpent devil was
    and is, all too human. And he has tempted our
    elected and selected officials. Unfortunately they
    don’t have the courage to confront crucifixion.

    We on the other hand must accept our fate as Christ
    followers. Or we will spend eternity as traitors to all
    that we know is just. Better to die than to live in
    sin and shameful cowardice. I stand up for the
    Constitution. To hell with those who seek to enslave
    America, “Devils be gone”.

  27. Rockmanr says:

    Two things about Obummer First he is goin6g to push for massive gun control an6d second he going on a world tour in 2016. He is getting out of the country after stirring up the pot of violence Start a civil war to end gun6 violence Makes sense to him

  28. NewVegasBadger says:

    Here is a trip down recent memory lane; do you remember when JC Penny had its own tool section?


    This is sickening and what do the politicians do ?





    WAKE UP ! WAKE UP !! WAKE UP !!! WAKE THE FUCK UP !!!!!!!!!!!