Jeff Sessions Resigns As Attorney General; Whitaker To Take Over Mueller Probe

by | Nov 7, 2018 | Headline News | 48 comments

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    This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

    Just one day after Republicans expanded their majority in the Senate, President Trump revealed in a tweet that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has resigned. Matthew G. Whitaker, Sessions’ chief of staff, will become acting Attorney General until Trump can win a confirmation for Sessions’ replacement from the Senate. Whitaker is expected to be sworn in by end of day Wednesday.

    Sessions reportedly said in a letter to Trump that he is resigning at the president’s request.

    As speculation turns to the fate of Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, the White House has confirmed that Rosenstein will remain in his role (for now, at least). This is key, because Rosenstein, who oversees the Mueller probe, was reportedly on the cusp of resigning back in September after a NYT story which alleged that Rosenstein had tried to corral members of Trump’s cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump, even reportedly suggesting that senior officials surreptitiously record their conversations with Trump.

    Immediately after Trump announced Sessions’ resignation, Chuck Schumer, the top Democrat in the Senate, said in a statement of his own that protecting the Mueller probe would be paramount. Since Whitaker hasn’t recused himself from the probe, he will become the senior DOJ official overseeing the Mueller, whose investigation is said to be winding down after a handful of departures from his team of prosecutors. This could be a problem for the veteran prosecutor, because Whitaker, a former US attorney for the Southern District of Iowa, said during a stint as a conservative commentator that the Mueller probe was a “witch hunt” and that he believes Mueller has violated the law by looking into Trump’s finances and venturing beyond the original scope of the investigation.

    In July 2017, Whitaker said during an interview on CNN that he could envision a scenario where the AG doesn’t fire Mueller, but instead “just reduces his budget to so low that his investigations grinds to almost a halt.”

    Schumer added that the timing of Sessions’ firing is “extremely suspect” – though most of Washington probably inferred that Sessions’ days were numbered once it became clear Tuesday that Republicans would expand their majority in the Senate.

    Incoming House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler demanded that Trump offer an explanation for why he fired Sessions. Apparently, Nadler doesn’t follow the president on twitter.

    Speculation has been mounting for months that Trump would fire Sessions – whom Trump has publicly criticized in interviews and tweets over Sessions’ decision to recuse himself from the Mueller probe. Many believe South Carolina Lindsey Graham will be tapped to replace Sessions, speculation that has only intensified following Nikki Haley’s decision to resign as UN Ambassador, which some believe she did to set herself up to succeed Graham (Haley previously served as governor of South Carolina) should he be tapped for Trump’s cabinet.

    Sessions’ being forced out comes after Trump effectively dared House Democrats to use their subpoena power to investigate him, tweeting that “two can play that game” and saying during a press conference on Wednesday that he wouldn’t work with Democrats on legislation if they tried to subpoena him.


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      1. Thank God for BIG favors !!! Session is a NWO POS !!! He should have appointed a special Prosecutor for the Clintons & DNC long ago.

        The evidence is overwhelming that the SWAMP needs a lot more draining. Sounds like this guy is the guy to do it. 🙂

        • I hope you’re right. People thought the same about Sessions. The timing of this “resignation” leads me to believe Trump is about to go on the offensive which is basically what he’s been forced to do. As far as the House goes, R’s didn’t really lose anything. All the R’s that decided not to run were anti Trumpers anyway. They did pick up Trump supporting seats in the Senate which means his judicial appointees will sail through, including 2 more SC justices. IMHO

          • With the Senate under control the House can move to impeach but if the Senate doesn’t concur …. it doesn’t happen. That is how Slick Willie stayed in office. 🙂

            • 2/3rd’s of the Senate would have to agree to any impeachment. Ain’t gonna happen.
              The House Democrats are just a flea on Trump’s ass, nothing more.

        • DK, my biggest gripe about Sessions is that he supports civil asset forfeiture. I guess it’s a safe bet that most people at USDOJ support that BS.

        • durangokidd, man was I wrong about Sessions. He apparently is a NWO POS.

          On the bright side, things are really going to get interesting now.

          • Yeah it is !!! 🙂










          • Whites didn’t civilize the west a religion from Semitic people did you fool.. we are all sons and daughters of Noah ethno nationalism only leads to genocides and tyranny.. absolutely stupid

          • And what are you going to do?

            • Infidel, good question about Eisen. It’s time for mommy to give Eisen his meds and put him to bed.

          • Most millennials don’t work. They sit in the basement playing video games, sponging off their parents and fill up their fat asses with nachos and Mountain Dew they bought with their ebt cards.

          • eisen didn’t do anything…he’s innocent. Bitches all the time and moans a lot. He is another snowflake.

          • Maybe, but you Millenials don’t have any fucking balls and won’t do anything. You included. 🙂

          • Well, now that you mention it, “millenials” are in fact NOT blameless. I know a few who exemplify what you are complaining about.

            One more time, the treason began over a century ago. You just happen to be here when the end-game is coming up…

        • Sessions had the chance of a lifetime to do the right things, instead, he sat on his erect thumb, and chased potheads…

          • Sessions lost his nerve after the Federal Agents sent to Arkansas to investigate the Clintons were murdered by the CIA.

            Sessions is a coward. He could have drained the SWAMP. 🙂

            • DK Sessions is the swamp.

      2. Good riddance.

        • @ Him, I agree. Sessions is worthless as tits on a boar hog.

          • Hey, boar hogg tits is good eatin – called “pork belly”

          • As a screen door in a submarine.

        • Allowing him to resign without dereliction charges is too good for him. When are these fuckheads going to be held accountable for not doing their job?

          • Um…Never?

      3. Like him or not Trump is a very crafty player. Putting Nicky Haley in position to replace Gramham long before he fires sessions. Chess to the other folks checkers.

        • I’m expecting Mattis to be next. Or soon. Wonder who will replace him?

      4. Trump should put in Republican former Representative from Louisiana, Dr. David Duke. ? lol.

        That would shake things up real good. Haha


      5. Where is the investigation on Hillary?

        • K2 There will never be an investigation. As President Trump was promising to “lock her up!!!” before, during and after his campaign and at his rallies he never did anything at all to make that happen. I remember him saying last year that the Clinton’s were longtime friends and he would not pursue action against her. So don’t hold your breath over an investigation that will never become a reality. It’s not happening and he knows it. Same old, same old, saying one thing, doing another. They’re all the same.

      6. We’re going to miss him SO MUCH !!! /enough Sarc for a year.

      7. It kind of feels like Trump is acting on a pre-planned choreography… Remove Sessions, replace with someone on his side… release the FISA warrant information implicating Rod Rosenstein, Mueller. They have to resign because of conflicts of interest. Open investigation into the “other side,” as Trump likes to call it. Clinton, the DNC, Pelosi and a whole cabal of Democrats receive indictments…. Yes, this will make me happy.

        • I like the progression of your points. But the thing for us Patriots to watch out for is what happens when the left is backed into a corner. Just like a alley rat is backed into a corner, it will charge, and go for blood. Just count the bodies in the “Clinton Body Count”, let anyone google that.

      8. Rod Rosenstein next. Then all of the Senior Executive Service Deep State. All 8000 of them.

      9. …..and so the investigations begin.

      10. Good. Glad he’s gone. Sessions supported Civil Asset Forfeiture, which Trump also supports so consider that he might very well replace Sessions with a like minded AG.

        Never approved of many of Trump’s picks and appointees, most are scumbags like Bannon, Priebus, Tillerson (glad they’re all gone) and John Bolton one of few who is still there but wish was gone. Instead of draining the swamp Trump was filling it. Now he has to drain the swamp he filled.

      11. Whatever happened to the Tea Party?

      12. Nadler’s comment is foolishment 🙂

        A President cannot obstruct justice nor is he required to account to anybody when he is exercising Constitutionally granted Presidential powers – NO MATTER THE MOTIVE.

        No less a Giant Lib than Dr Dershowitz made that shot (all net) months ago from waaay behind the three point line.


      13. rumor has it that Trey Gowdy is being considered for AG.

        • That would be great, if indeed he had the balls to indict all the traitors from Obama, Hillary, Lynch, etc. and on down the line. We need SOMEONE willing to drain the swamp. Sessions was a big disappointment.

      14. Sessions said marijuana makes you a bad person. He did nothing else besides protect big medical and big police states money suckage. Another greasy palmed sorry excuse for US Attorney General like most all AG’s for decades. Drain the swamp someone said. What’s next? Continue draining the swamp in 2020. Simplistic for simpletons.

      15. Aljamo, agreed about Sessions. My biggest gripe about him was that he supports the use of civil asset forfeiture aka police and judicial theft of innocent peoples’ property and other things they worked all their lives to obtain. These same innocent people NEVER EVEN FACE ANY KIND OF CHARGES and have no recourse to reclaim their property. That’s why I always say that NOBODY WITH A BADGE OR LAW DEGREE CAN PREACH TO ANYONE ABOUT LAW WHEN THEY REFUSE TO FOLLOW THE SAME LAWS WE’RE ALL EXPECTED TO FOLLOW. THE SYSTEM IS TOTALLY CORRUPT AND HAS LOST WHATEVER LEGITIMACY IT EVER HAD. Anyone who supports the practice is no better than the common criminals they claim to be fighting against. The practice has done nothing but make LE and the courts more corrupt than ever before. There are cops, prosecutors, and even judges who stick their hands into that cookie jar every day. And not there’s a growing number of police chiefs and county sheriffs who claim they can’t operate their agencies without the practice. They claim their agencies’ budgets depend on stealing from people aka criminal activity perpetrated by cops. They’ll never take anything from me.

        • Deplorable Renegade

          Sessions is an old school authoritarian, not a constitutional libertarian. His only position that I agree with, that I’m aware of is the Second Amendment. That, like the entire Bill Of Rights should not be up for re-debate with every election. We shouldn’t be concerned with a politicians or bureaucrats view because the US Supreme Court should be our protection. The Constitution in effect is being repeatedly ratified.

      16. You all do realize that Trump knew exactly what Jeff Sessions stood for and yet still selected and appointed him? Right? Because some of you are acting like Trump needs to drain the swamp as if Sessions came with the presidency when we all know Trump picked this pos out of many choices. This doesn’t speak well to Trump’s ability to pick people of good moral character. I don’t know about you but I hold him responsible for this horrible choice of a human being for Attorney General and some of the other pieces of crap he has chosen.

      17. Did you notice that the resignation letter was undated?

        I suspect that AG Sessions had written it much earlier in the game. This has the classic signs of a “desk drawer” resignation.

        Many times Executives will appoint or hire someone and have them write an undated resignation letter when they walk in the door.

        The only problem here is the letter was pulled from the file, but someone forgot to date it.


      18. Sessions was a disappointment and this was evident immediately with his recusal. Coulter is singing his praises at least regarding enforcement of immigration law as much as he was able.

        Whoever steps in during the interim can go hogwild since there’s little chance they can stay on. Which means a patriotic attorney general could kick butt in ways an approved attorney general can never do as a poltical creature.

        For example they could seriously oppose this outrageous caravan. A handful are illegal immigrants. 10,000 is an army. I would use violent means to prevent them entering as otherwise, it will greatly exacerbate illegal immigration. Only the extreme Democrats and pretenders in the Democratic party (pure Marxists all) benefit from illegal immigration. We simply do not have the money to deal with that debacle.

        Session had strange priorities like MJ. What in the world was he thinking?

        • Maranatha – I have a better question. What in the world was Trump thinking picking Jeff Sessions when he knew everything he stood for?

          Trump went along with Sessions crazy beliefs on marijuana and the continuance of the war on drugs and that pot should be under federal law and never be legalized anywhere, a felony crime. He wanted users and growers imprisoned. Plus how about the crime of civil asset forfeiture? Trump knew all about that legalized abuse of power and apparently went along with it because he never stopped it.

          Sorry, but I am shook up over Trumps selections. And worried. I don’t believe he was forced to pick these a* * holes. Yes, I am questioning Trumps mentality and mental health. He will not get my vote again in 2020. No way.

          • Matt you big liar. You voted for Hellery last time. Trump even with all of his faults was and still is the far better choice than any Dimocrap. And since you live in Missouri your opinion and you vote don’t count for diddly squat. Missouri will vote for Trump in 2020. They kicked McCaskill to the curb Tuesday.

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