James Corbett: “The Most Effective Propagandists BELIEVE The Lies” That They Are Peddling

by | Jul 14, 2020 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 9 comments

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    James Corbett of the Corbett report takes on the propagandists on a regular basis. In a recent video posted to YouTube, Corbett says that “the most effective propagandists BELIEVE the lies” that they are peddling.

    People have become so convinced that other propagandists are telling them the truth that they fail to have any individual thoughts on their own, and peddle lies they believe to be true. In this example, Corbett looks specifically at Barton Gellman, an American journalist who helps deceive the public through his own false beliefs.  Gellman is with the Washington Post.

    “We tend to think the propagandists are self-consciously lying to the public, but there are moments when the mask slips and we see that the most effective propagandists are the ones that actually believe their own lies,” reads the Corbett Report‘s description of this video. 


    At 3:00 into the video, Corbett explains that a section of Gellman’s book has been very revealing about the levels of propaganda he’s willing to inundate readers with:

    Apparently, even when “conspiracy theorists” are right, they are still wrong. Just as the government and mainstream media want everyone to believe. Gellman concluded that the NSA’s operation “FIRSTFRUIT” that was spying on journalists was just a crazy conspiracy theory and we should look away and not focus on it any longer.

    However, Corbett sheds some light on this:

    “This is about belief and the worldview, and this is what you get from these mainstream ‘respectable’ journalists, in fact, it’s what you get from every journalist of course, as I’ve talked about before. The myth of journalistic objectivity. But Gellman rides on that cloud of objectivity. He has the ‘objective viewpoint’…‘don’t think too deeply about that’…” –James Corbett

    This reminds me of another quote I’ve had a hard time forgetting since hearing it:

    The things that are going to be blocked are not going to be fake storiesThe things that are going to be blocked and censored, the things they are going to keep from people is going to be stuff they just don’t want you to focus on or know about.” – Melissa Dykes

    Gellman’s take on accurate reporting from sources he just doesn’t like reveals something we should all be aware of:

    “I think it does say something important about propaganda and how it BEST functions through establishment media mouthpieces. Again, it’s not that they have to hire liars who will knowingly know the truth but then go out and lie and propagandize for the lies and put those in front of the public as self-conscious lies. No. The most effective propagandists are people like Gellman who you know really deep down, really believe this propaganda construct that they are pushing out to others.James Corbett

    “Perhaps the biggest conspiracy theory is that conspiracies don’t exist,” commented a random person on Corbett’s video. The truth in that statement, shouldn’t be lost on anyone who has been paying attention, especially lately.


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      1. Did the Oakland Ca.judge believe her own propaganda too?

        Sick in the head Oakland Ca. judge incarcerates 15 year old girl that judge claimed posed danger to the community and has violated “community standards” for not completing online lockdown assignments, even though teacher defended student as not being out of line with majority of students under lockdown. Obviously, the judge is the danger to the community! Give the bitch a taste of her own medicine! This is outrageous!


        Andrea Iravani

        • Another propagandist that believes his own propaganda is the infamous Alan Dershowitz!

          A Deal Is A Deal !

          All politicians, judges, and LEOs swore under oath and affirmation to uphold and defend the Supreme Law of the Land, The Constitution of the United States of America!

          An illegal deal is nothing more than illegal deal! An illegal deal cannot be legally upheld and is not legally bimding in any way!
          The purpose of the law and of the courts is not to make illegal secret deals that protect predators at the expense of the innocent!

          Shove it Dershowitz!

          Andrea Iravani

        • That IS outrageous. Just another example of how the government thinks they own peoples children.

          • Exactly. Their sense of entitlement is revolting as hell!

            Andrea Iravani

        • Cloth masks do NOT protect you from ANY virus (the boxes even state this clearly), just as chain link fence doesn’t keep mosquitoes out. In the crawler at Whatfinger news you should see for yourself the short 3 minute DummiesFUnnies video where doctors speak up against the Desperate Suppression of Hydroxychloroquine. And if masks worked then why didn’t they issue those to prisoners and keep them locked up?! This is about subjugation for the left, NOT about your health.

      2. The propagandists creating and spewing propaganda have several goals, which are not generally divulged to the American public. The ultimate long-term goals for propagandists in the US and the West is the destruction of European culture and heritage, the destruction of the Constitution, and the establishment of Marxism. The faces and names and entities behind this are motivated by pure hate for us, their lust for power, and to create Marxist nation under their control.
        They also have another goal, they literally want to destroy Christianity. You can read about it in a book written by David Horowitz titled ‘DARK AGENDA – The War to Destroy Christian America’. He was once an outspoken leftist but many years ago rejected Marxism and socialism, and now writes and speaks to expose the leftist goals, strategies, and agenda in the US. This book will shock the average uninformed individual.

      3. The govt doesn’t actually make anything. It has no power of creation. It steals, compromises, and destroys. I have found, one of the traits of an effective liar, is they will not even expend any of their own energy on creating their own fiction. Would it be that hard, to just make fun stuff up?

        Anyone with a keen, verbal memory can trace the state huckster’s plagiarized stories, to their online sources, within 5 to 10 easy steps, ie. six degrees of separation.

        Post a catchy figure of speech, there — at the limited hangout. They’re easy to find. Use some gravitas, and a little repetition, and you can get on the radio. Some cult celebrity can be made to say whatever you want, whether it actually matters to you, or you’re just culture-jamming with something stupid.

        (Nasheed — Islamist word for beat boxing, due to a prohibition against musical instruments.)

        One of the complaints of a Tariq Nasheed (or someone who he was copying in a rap song) is he sees his brothers rioting for rims, weaves, and Air Jordans, which he calls ‘ngger trinkets’ — as opposed to the formal means of production in the sense of colonization.

        When is the last time you heard someone who looks like you saying those things.

        You think the song of those govt mocking birds is something seditious. It’s sassy.

        It’s never going to reach a point, in which noone else lays a higher claim than yourself to your own money, body, or the fruits of your own labor.

        h ttps://www.goldenglobes.com/sites/default/files/styles/portrait_medium/public/films/cloudy-meatballs.jpg?itok=aVbSMUTt&c=d0b4cdedd4df5840316bef32cc7a0c5b

        Everyday survival needs will never admittedly be a human right, for those who just want to go on living, unmolested. Your calories or transport or shelter can never be common or cheap or within the means of the empowered individual to have at will — according the wildest, shoutiest propagandist, forever putting some state interest on a pedestal. He won’t know you, personally, or pander to your own private identity politics, yet for some reason is heroic or saintly to you, without your vote.

        Not in my math.

      4. Cloth masks do NOT protect you from ANY virus (the boxes even state this clearly), just as chain link fence doesn’t keep mosquitoes out. In the crawler at Whatfinger news you should see for yourself the short 3 minute DummiesFUnnies video where doctors speak up against the Desperate Suppression of Hydroxychloroquine. And if masks worked then why didn’t they issue those to prisoners and keep them locked up?! This is about subjugation for the left, NOT about your health.

      5. The biggest political fraud in American history (COVID 19, aka chi-com flu) is simply the government running a test drill on how much the sheeple will comply with any order. First, innocent masks. Then, mandatory vaccinations. Then, microchips as your Mark of the Beast… required to buy and sell legally, just as the Bible predicted. Nazi Germany started out with seemingly innocent requirements too.

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