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James Corbett Breaks Down The Great Reset

Mac Slavo
October 5th, 2020
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Pete Quinones recently talked with James Corbett about the Great Reset and how the World Economic Forum is going to take over and control the world’s population. The Great Reset is not about anything other than creating a control dynamic.

Quinones realized, like many of the rest of us, that the powers that shouldn’t be aren’t even hiding this anymore.  They are coming out and admitting their goals are a dubious a so-called conspiracy theorists have said.  As Corbett says, “it’s hard to get your mind around this!”  The idea that a handful of wealthy and powerful people who control the money supply are going to rearrange the world in a way so that they have all the power to do anything they want while everyone else must only obey is difficult to comprehend.

“My mind boggles at trying to explain all of this because it’s literal every aspect of our society,” says Corbett about how the elitists plan to reconstruct a New World Order and change everything about our society. “This isn’t just rhetoric,” Corbett adds. This is something that is happening as we speak and we had better pay attention.

Corbett does offer a solution, and it’s similar to the solution being offered by others, myself included.  We need to carve out our own space and take a agorist approach.  We need to leave the system and live freely. “It’s the only solution,” adds Corbett. Changing who gets to regulate with power and increasing the regulations never works. It hasn’t worked.

If this manufactured crisis has taught us anything, it is that “They are going to press on that nerve of power until every drop of resistance” in the population is gone. “This is the time to resist” and expand into the black or gray market, working together with like minded people “carvin out space for freedom,” says Corbett.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: October 5th, 2020
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Ken MacPhee says:

    One would think using something like distributed ledger technology i.e. cryptocurrency that cannot be controlled by others would help in decentralizing individuals production value to the point where it could not be controlled by so-called middleman, etc. Get rid of the whole financialization industry where they make large and profits by doing nothing but processing peoples production.

  2. Andrea.Iravani. says:

    Increasing regulations does work. The Glass Stegall Act and Blue Sky Laws, as well as many other regulations in finance, and consumer protection laws that used to be in effect did work. The deregulation created a criminogenic environment and now the system is corrupt.Corruption is far more of a threat than crime, and it is not surprising that it is never surveyed. Crime is surveyed as a concern among voters, but never corruption, and that is my top concern, because reporting crime in a corrupt system is pointless, it just is not something that they are going to bother themselves with. It is much easier for them to hand out citations for regulatory infractions that have nothing to do with Justice or morality, it is regulation that exists simply to make life difficult for citizens in many cases, and violating those regulations usually do not involve a victim, whereas in the case of corruption, the whole world or country is the victim. Violating our constitutional rights is not a victimless crime! It is a crime against humanity that must not be forgiven! They belong in prison until they die! The entire lockdown, contact tracing, distancing, masking, mandatory testing, temperature taking, was a litany of constitutional rights violations!

    Andrea Iravani

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