James Comey Calls On ‘Patriots’: “Stand Up To Trump!”

by | Jul 17, 2018 | Headline News | 85 comments

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    Former FBI director who was fired by president Donald Trump, and infamous for protecting the corrupt democrat, Hillary Clinton is calling on “patriots.”  He’s asking all patriots to stand up to Trump’s behavior.

    According to CNN, James Comey has expressed his outrage with President Donald Trump on Monday, saying he had taken the side of Russian President Vladimir Putin over his own country and calling on people to stand up against him. In a Twitter post, Comey asked patriots to “reject the behavior of this president.”

    Former CIA Director John Brennan went as far as calling Trump’s statements “treasonous,” while former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel called it “a sad day for the world,” and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, a CNN national security analyst, said Trump had “essentially capitulated.”

    The former intelligence community seems to be rather offended that Americans continue to reject their evidence-less assessment that Russia meddled in the 2016 election.  In fact, Russia has repeatedly denied such, and so far, other than some ridiculously worded social media ads laced with spelling and grammar errors, there hasn’t been much proof presented to the public.  Unless you count the salacious and unverified dossier.

    Making peace with Russia now is somehow a bad thing.  What happened to the anti-war Democrats?  It sure seems like being on good terms with another nuclear superpower is actually a good thing.  Trump’s remarks that he didn’t think Russia was responsible for tipping the tables in his favor during the election (Hillary Clinton was the other option- not exactly a worthwhile human being to cast a vote for) have been rebuked by many, not just the former FBI director. Some in the GOP are even claiming Russia did meddle in the election.

    The Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, a Trump appointee, also issued a statement reaffirming his confidence in the intelligence community’s allegations against Russia and their “election meddling”. “We have been clear in our assessments of Russian meddling in the 2016 election and their ongoing, pervasive efforts to undermine our democracy, and we will continue to provide unvarnished and objective intelligence in support of our national security,” Coats said.


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      1. Real patriots want to kill the POS Comey.

        • +1
          That POS needs a slap

        • I would love to water board Comey, Brennan and Clapper and get some freaking answers. They are all lying scum. Putin isn’t a nice guy either, but he’s not my problem.

          • Obama was trying to start a war with Russia towards the end of his presidency. Of course, that was to help the narrative of evil Russia helping Trump.

        • He’s mostly right except: “To” should be “For”

          • Who do you trust most, Putin or your own Alphabet Agencies, what a trick question. Do you still beat your wife, just answer yes or no? We know how that one works! A Rattlesnake is always a Rattlesnake and Putin is a Rattlesnake, on the other hand the CIA the FBI and the NSA are Coral Snakes and they try and make you think they are Milk Snakes. So Beware, and don’t embrace either one. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

      2. The fucker wouldn’t last 2 seconds out here in the world. He’s the fucking traitor and needs tearing to pieces.

        • Menzo, that article really got under my skin. Comey and his ilk are ALL Deep State and want to destroy this country. He and all the rest need for something to happen to them. None of them have a leg to stand on.

        • yeah Comey, I’ll stand up to Trump – I’d tell him to quit fooling around, fire you and have your sorry ass thrown in prison with the biggest, most hardened and tough sex offenders who like sweet young thangs like you.

          • This patriot stands up with Trump, against Comey, Klintons, Kate Brown, and all other traitors.

        • Only if the Sharks cannot eat him Whole.

      3. does anybody get the feeling something big-exposing the obama/hillary/rinos that knew but did nothing is about to hit the fan….?

        • Hope you’re right.

        • K9base, I have that same feeling but just don’t know how soon.

          • It will happen when an impeachment recommendation is issued by Muller against Trump.

            It will all be based on fake BS, but that does not matter.

            It is a coup de tat.

            That is when the shooting will start.

      4. SOB traitor Comey needs to sit down and STFU. No one wants to hear anything he has to say. The only thing we want from him is jailed!

      5. Its all a two edge sword. If Trumps reach for peace and normalcy is circumvented then war is the eventual outcome. If Trump wins it will only come with the realization by the body politic that the system is utterly corrupt and for the most part the government is therefore only superficially legitimate. The latter thought, if harbored by the majority will rip the country apart as the belief mechanism, the political glue, will be compromised. Succession of States into quasi independent nations would not be unlikely; in essence a replay of the USSR which collapsed for some of the very same reasons.

        • Igor Panarin (Russian Prof and Political writer) predicted in 1998 that the USA would break apart in 2010 into 5 pieces allied with various entities (see ht_tps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Igor_Panarin)

          Obviously he got the date wrong, but his reasons seemed pretty valid.

          Might still happen something like that…


          • bb, an American named George F. Kennan, wrote a book about the same concept way before. It’s called, Around the Cragged Hill. Kennan was a 50 year State Department veteran. (Yuck). Because of the Marxist plan to destroy the West through diversity and multi-culturalism, the demographics in the US have been altered drastically. Division of the US may be the only way to avoid or end ethnic strife in the near future.

            • Speaking of diversity, I was in the Miami airport a couple of weeks ago. I sear I was the only white person there. Even the announcements were in Spanish only.

              • My people immigrated from Italy; does that make me off white?

                • no, semplicemente non hai documenti …. LOL. Don’t feel bad, my heritage is French out of Canada…. siamo entrati negli Stati Uniti perché abbiamo combattuto contro gli inglesi

            • And don’t you love it when a plan backfires so drastically?

              The Marxists got what they wanted but the irony is NOW they have mentally unstable lunatics that can’t figure out basic math pointing ICBMs at them.

              Good job on that one assholes.

              That was smart.

          • Breaking into 300 million pieces would be liberty. Yet, “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty; power is ever stealing from the many to the few.” (quote attributed to slavery abolitionist Wendell Phillips)

        • Kevin2, I believe your scenario may very well happen. I don’t see how this nation can stay together for much longer. We’ve become so divided because of the PC crap aka diversity, tolerance, multi-culturalism, etc.

          • The Deplorable Braveheart

            The forces pulling the US apart, social, political, economic are increasing. Like reasonably strong cloth once a fissure occurs the divide rapidly increases.

            • qanon.pub

            • That is the communist plan. Cause division. A unified America is too strong, so sow the seeds of chaos.

              I bet if it were investigated it would be found that , Antifa was Russian funded.

              • john stiner

                Communism is an economic system of state owned means of production and Russia certainly has private ownership of the means of production. Antifa is Soros funded. Soros is at odds with the Russian government, actually they have an arrest warrant out for him because of meddling in their internal politics. Soros could best be described as fascist who uses communists to achieve political ends. Your analysis os 180 degrees out.

                • Actually the civil unrest with youth inspired by “share the wealth” communism is aided, funded and likely in these times created by TPTB (with Soros being the administrator). TPTB / Globalist / NWO are opposed to an independent Russia as much as an independent USA. They’re opposed to an independent anything. Putin is as much as their enemy as Trump is. Both distain the Islamic immigration culture merge. Both desire to put the interests of their respective nations at the forefront as opposed to the globalist collective of the EU and Clinton, Bush, Obama’s policy’s in then US. In effect the EU, from a global perspective shares more with Marx than the modern Russian Federation.

                  • K2,

                    You are right on target on this one. Soros, is one of the top globalists, and has been meddling with governments all over the world. He has a lot of power and a lot of followers. The Germans and many EU members have been working closely with Soros as well and have supported programs initiated by Soros. It would be great if someone could articulate Soros’s ‘grand strategy’.

                    Louisiana Eagle

                  • It should read ‘articulate and expose’

                • Kevin2, Soros is Jewish and betrayed his own people to the Nazis in WW2. Most of Hungary’s Jewish population were killed because of him. If Putin were to have his secret service take out the entire Soros family that would solve some problems and I would support any effort to make peace with Russia. I don’t really know about Putin but I DO know the Deep State and their minions are never to be trusted.

              • (((3ews and infiltrated Z-i-o-n-ism))) into every sector in our society since 1960’s has been attacked by this insect parasite since the 1960’s, to break up white America with school integration, NAACP, Womens Lib movement, tri-gender bathrooms, ANTIFA, mass illegal imigration.. All designed by (((Them))) to destroy America and our culture, Boyscouts having to admit girls and gays. Rap music which is not music at all, just annoying to the white man. Sports and taking a knee to boycott the Flag and Nat Anthem. All planned controversy and chaos. By exploiting our freedoms with chaos. Its (((Them))) the G Soros who the enemy is deviding America.

          • I’m glad we live in the southeast

        • Look at the Bill of Rights carefully. The only reason it exists is the anti-Federalists demanded proof that state legislatures would have autonomy and that the role of the federal government was limited to coining money, raising standing armies in times of war, and treaties. That’s pretty much all.

          The USA Republic was designed to be confederacy of states who were an amalgam of the various ethos based upon locale and ethnic origin. This unfolded by immigration and honesteading as people emigrated to America and brought their brothers’ and sisters’ families and settled homesteads and that rich ethnic origin led to French, Irish, German, English, etc cultures eventually forming villages.

          If you didn’t like your neighbors, you moved after homesteading for seven years so you could sell the property. This created a regional ethos like the Volunteers from Tennessee during the War of 1812.

      6. The MIC depends on and insists that Russia continues to be the American number one fake enemy to keep the obscene billions flowing into their coffers while the US economy collapses for the majority trying to eke out an affordable living. The msm are aghast at their lessening relevance. Why was the man with the anti nuclear sign yanked from the conference so quickly?

        • The msm are aghast at their lessening relevance.

          More than you realize.

          Think about this:

          MSNBC gets about 200,000 viewers a night.
          CNN maybe gets 500,000 viewers a night.

          Several youtube channels I follow get more views a night than that. Wranglerstar and Townsends get more youtube views in one day than MSNBC gets viewers. And they are just one guy and a video camera.

          That is why Youtube is shutting down conservative commentators on Youtube, they are more powerful and get bigger audiences than MSNBC and CNN.

      7. Senior Executive Service=Deep State. 8,156 people in the SES. 7,000 of them from the Obama administration. Google the Senior Executive Service. Try aim4truth.org. Try American Intelligence Media. Some of the pieces of the puzzle are found on the aforementioned sites. The truth shall set you free. Or at least tell you who to aim at.

      8. All true patriots know what a “TRAITOR” Comey is!
        Can’t wait for President Trump to put up a Comey “WANTED POSTER”.

      9. He and his masters are so afraid that Trump is dissolving their Deep State’s apparatus by tariffs. They know that their sometimes-boy Putin threw a match in their powder about Clinton when they expected to get her elected. Putin shows everyone that he’s his own man, not always their stooge. That’s why–although they like to use Putin as one of their bogeymen to scare their masses into clamoring for whatever their mainstream media tells them to do–the Democrats desperately want (and, for their apparently guilty purposes, they desperately need) to contain Putin, but Trump, though possibly only for his own narrow business interests, is (characteristically) not playing along with them in that regard. When the Deep State is hyperventilating and screaming for their “patriots” (their masses of anti-American, pander-addicted, Deep Statist minions) to turn out to help them, we can know that Trump’s actually getting something done against the Deep State. The “Higher Loyalty” Comey’s book talks about appears to be his “higher loyalty” to his Deep State masters–painted, of course, as if a “loyalty” to “motherhood, apple pie, etc.”. His whole FBI–whose hierarchy Strzok glumly litanied in his testimony to the Congress, expecting it’s “supervision of his actions” to be his defense of his own accused bias against Trump’s campaign– is so-evidently Deep Statist, along with the CIA’s capacity for facilitation of “foreign adversaries” to use as bogeymen to scare Americans into compliance, and the rest of the Deep State’s “government” (the Deep State’s terrorism of the people–when pandering their culture’s goodies to them doesn’t work– to force their compliance with the Deep State’s will) it seems a not-really-funny joke when they claim the grinning fox (themselves) as the honorable guardian of the hen-house.

        • Anon,

          You have said it well! Hillary, the Democratic Party, and the media are the ones who colluded with the Deep State to change the outcome of an American election of a president. They are still at it. Somehow, they have managed to divert attention away from their own crimes and focused the attention of the American people on a false narrative that somehow Trump colluded with the Russians to win the election. Somehow, even republicans have been duped by these evil people to claim Russian meddling is the problem rather than the meddling by the Democrats and the Deep State. The media has tragically failed the American people. The attempt to change the outcomes of elections may go back even further if the truth be known.

          Louisiana Eagle

      10. When Putin tells a proud boffin, I am so, so sorry, it must be very difficult for you make a deal, that is manipulative, btw. You want to help people. I am so sorry you can’t help people…

        Putin apparently wanted to repatriate money, which left his country and wound up with Hillary contributors.

        Trump apparently wanted more info on Hillary. (How much is enough.)

        Also, denuclearization is disarmament. Has the World Bank monetized these materials, and are they buying. Just asking. In Lucis Trust rumors, the globalists would consolidate all nukes and menace the independents. Is that how NK was seen.

        Also, if a sovereign Russia had control over it’s own money supply, they could just say that (Borris and Natasha’s) money is no good, anymore. Cancel it. Write it off. Make it go away. But, print more to replace it.

        Why does Russia need our help with this, if money is arbitrary, virtual, like an entry in a book, and under their sovereign control. Does it trickle-up, through a separate banking fixture.

      11. All of these politicians, Republican and Democrat, have no idea of what life is like for most Americans. If only American homes were as well-insulated against the cold as the Washington establishment is insulated against the reality of American life!

      12. I remember Obama. Shaking when he stood next to Putin. No matter what trump does it will never come near all the anti American anti constitutional treasonous things Obama did. I would list them all but it would take to long and to much space here. But everyone already knows

      13. James Comey Calls On ‘Patriots’: “Stand Up To Trump!”
        Now that’s the funniest, most ridiculous thing I have ever read on this BLOG HAHAHAH

        Mac Slavo, you owe me a glass of Tea, I just blew 1/2 of it out my nose laughing so hard as I read that headline….

      14. Mac Slavo, thanks for sharing this article. You see the Muslim infiltraitors like Brennan or Clapper trying to sew discord in this nation. Like all leftists they are good at circling the wagons around their fellow swamp creatures, like Comey. If Mr. McGoo (Sessions) would get off his ass these characters would be making their press conferences from Federal penitentiaries.

        • Cranerigger I think Sessions is Deep State along with Rosenstein, etc. Mr. McGoo also supports civil asset forfeiture and all the other things this illegitimate system does day by day.

          • Brave as I’ve said before, I think the Deep State has something on everyone in office. Jeff Session was as bold as could be until he got to be the AG. then they pulled out HIS dossier and he became as quite as a church mouse. The Globalist ain’t going to roll over and play dead, they will be as vicious as cornered lions or should I say cornered rats. Trekker Out.

            • Just possibly Sessions is doing exactly what Trump wants. Possibly Trump is waiting for th upgrades at GITMO to be finished. Then the special forces will round them up take them to GITMO and they be tried by a Military Tribunal. A military Tribunal is much prefered than a civil trial. A civil trial would last years with endless appeals and allow many to cut plea deals and bribe & blackmail prosecuters and judges and murder many witnesses. Actually its the military that runs everything. The military enforces the Petro Dollar. The military Guards Ft Knox. The military owns & controls area 51. I think Trump is allied with the military. If the Military have his back the left and Dimocraps are simply farting in the wind. Perhaps Sessions is being told not to arrest anyone? Remember Trump plays Chess to everyone elses checkers.

      15. COMEY IS COMMITTING TREASON! When are we going to hang him in public along with all his stupid cronies who done their best to destroy the United States. This issue is way beyond the first ammendment when they insight riots to take out the President of the United States.

      16. When SHTF…Mozambique (2 to the body, 1 to the head), reload and repeat!

        • Kigali

      17. The current “Beast System” that’s been going for HUNDREDS of years has poisoned (and is poisoning) almost EVERYTHING (food, water, air, education, etc.), stealing land, wealth, health, etc., and SUPPRESSING the Truth (God’s Words/Ways of Wisdom) https://153wordsofgod.wordpress.com/who-rules-the-world/

      18. Brennan – Voted Communist ticket in 1976. STFU. Clapper didn’t think Iran or North Korea posed a threat to America. STFU. Comey should be shot for treason. Nuff said.

      19. FU Comie

      20. Well in exit polls 66% of veterans voted for Trump while non-veteran military ie first timers currently enlisted slightly voted more for Hillary Clinton.

        I would bet the vast overwhelming majority of gun owners voted for Trump.

        More than half of all women voted for Hillary as well as minorities.

        It does not bode well for the demoncrats who are expecting an armed uprising.

        Sure the globalists neocons and extreme leftists are Hillary supporters, but if they impeach Trump they get Pence who is very conservative and perhaps is as archconservative as myself.

        So unless some blithering idiot military generals within the homeland just up and lose their marbles in a totally hopeless manner supported a treasonous armed revolt like Benedict Arnold, there is likely no chance for a sucessful democrat revolt.

        They would have to seize and retask icbms to even have any chance.

      21. Go fuck yourself a-hole.

      22. como se dice treason?

      23. A MURDEROUS LYING THUG! That’s rich…

        You would know, mom.

        You down with HRC yeah you know me…

      24. The rank and file would never allow themselves to join a military coup against the USA as it would be hopeless. To start you would have to overcome Northcom.

        Now it’s been a globalist dream to enforce Rex 84 in cases of massive civil unrest. So unless democrats have totally lost the plot, and want to be rounded up themelves as enemies of the state, and put in FEMA camps as political agitators along with Antifa and BAMN, and BLM, and all the illegal aliens, then it is abject stupidity to add your voice to the extreme leftists cry for resistance.

        The Democrats would forever be destroyed as well as all communists and socialists and every potential radicals on the left.

        The whole point of Rex 84 was to put crazed leftists and pinkos and avowed marxists among African Americans first, then remove the potential of Hispanic agitators first among illegal aliens, into guarded FEMA camps to reduce uprisings and sabotage and infiltration of military bases and critical infrastructure.

        Meanwhile such a heinous plan would irrevocably harm American patriots. Then we would be forced to redeploy soldiers in the Middle East first, which the Russian and Chinese would seize as an opportunity as well as every Wahabi and countless Muslims worldwide. I doubt we could risk US NATO forces or USPACOM.

        It would be complete chaos worldwide.

      25. The alleged hacking of the DNC which Russia supposedly did exposed Clinton wrongdoing. No one is going after said offenses. The messenger, not the content, is in focus. Even in a court of law criminals testify against criminals. Here at worst it exposed illegality. Personally I could care less who uncovers the truth about corrupt politicians. Would the US citizenry prefer to have a corrupt President unknowingly or an entity possibly by unconventional means exposing the corruption? Its insanely illogical that the former is acceptable when something this great is at stake.


        • I don’t like the lying, traitorous scum myself but.
          If there was a photograph like that, floating around out there, the PTB would have no choice but to throw Comey into a deep dark hole. Unless evidence of them doing something like that can actually be produced, then such a statement is nothing more than a rumor started by some troll living in his mothers basement. A rumor started, to throw gasoline on a fire. Anyone who believes that statement without evidence is just as gullible as the snowflakes we all make fun of.

      27. Comey’s mental condition has not improved.

        What he meant to say was;

        “Patriots Stand Up For Trump Right On My Traitorous Neck!!

      28. CW II starts in 5…4…3…2…1…

      29. Anyone with a real brain knows what is happening, Comey, Hitlery, Brennen, McCabe Oboma and many others have decided that they our in Control, but they are not..!!! “We the People” are taking our Nation back and the game is not over! These Commie/Evil/Monsters are going down, plain and simple! President Trump, “We the People” are with you and I hope you see this post! God please protect President Trump and “We the People”…!!!

      30. Why Jim?…I like Trump.

      31. In the event of mass civil unrest…which would lead to occupation of critical infrastructure like utilities, the the commander of Northcom would HAVE to act decisively with the gloves off. You can alway reduce operating tempo but inadequate operating tempo costs LIVES and resources. Then you are in a window of opportunity with the media too.

        This means the commander at Northcom cannot be perceived as indecisive or else appear impotent and befuddled.

        Antifa, BAMN, and BLM and total buffoons like Code Pink would riot and then an immediate counter-insurgency that have been strategically placed within their power structure would faciltate the military crushing them.

        And weak members would sell out to save their own skins as well because federals are also among them.

        They are domestic terrorists intentionally fostered to trigger Rex84. BLM and illegal alien activists are straight out of the Rex84 guidelines.

        Antifa are particularly dangerous as they are a global well funded organization recruiting the youth at universities. They idolize the Spanish Civil War anarchists and look to history to see how abysmally that failed. And this all is equally reminiscent of Chairman Mao rallying young people in the Cultural Revolution.

        Ask any military stratgist if I am not right.

        The Spanish Civil War anarchists wanted everything that Antifa wants like banning private property, closing churches, and murdering clergy and those in religious orders like nuns.

        In response to this came total military occupation ie martial law which crushed the anarchists and was almost as bad.

      32. Stand up and RESIST the communist socialist democrats.

      33. I believe it is possible that Trump and Putin have private business dealings. Still I feel inclined to worry more about the nation that has an estimated 800 military installations spread across the Earth in every nations business. That power is a definite threat to peace.

      34. Mr. Comey, you are a DISGRACE to your country AND to the office you once held.

        You, sir, are simply ignorant of our Constitution, AND, of the Godfather.

        What PART of “Keep you friends close, and your enemies [Putin] even CLOSER” don’t you UNDERSTAND???

        Geez, NOBODY commits “treason” in PUBLIC, they do so in PRIVATE!

        Like Hillary who sold URANIUM to the RUSSIANS!

        In fact, I’d use my hand before I’d use your book as toilet paper.

        You can start by reading a Civics book, and watching the Godfather that night.

        Soon, AG Sessions is going to announce indictments against everyone connected to Hillary Clinton.

        And then you’ll be standing up to a Judge.

        – the Lone Ranger

      35. Comey, you boob, when SHTF you’re dead…

      36. Their are two nations resisting Globalization Invasion:
        USA & RUSSIA.
        ITALY & SPAIN are also finally standing up to forced migration.
        Huge problems impacting the whole world REQUIRE the peace & unity of USA + RUSSIA.
        Nuclear war would be very bad for Earth !!!

      37. Why hasn’t he been indicted and stripped of pension for illegal activity?

      38. I reckon in 24 hours y’all will hear that the Russians have 160 terrabytes of details on the DNC. The SHTF but it will take days for it all to leak out.

        I would bet that Mac posts a link to it through Steve Quayle, but the source is someone else with intelligence connections.

      39. I always enjoy reading the comments and I know there are several who make comments about acreage and a shovel, about giving them the bullets first, about come and take it; all fine statements by the commando elite, but I really do wonder sometimes how we’ll tell each other apart.
        They call themselves patriots; we call ourselves patriots. We speak the same language: different dialects, but the same language. I work with liberals, conservatives, libertarians, constitutionalists……you get the picture.
        When the SHTF, maybe those of you who still pray can ask God to give the enemy and limp or a lisp.
        You may already have an enemy in the camp.
        I guess it’s like anal sex: you can’t say positively that you don’t like it until the dick is already in your ass.

      40. Comey has no credibility. Ive got nothing against Russia. If not for Russia We would be speaking German. The Russians lost a entire Generation of men in WWII. Most of the folks in Russia are white. In not a race traitor. At present Putin is the only one helping the White Refugees from South Africa. Don’t fall for the propaganda that Russians are evil. We are already in a world cold civil war against the White race. In south Africa the civil war against the whites is a Hot war. The government there has the policy that the only good white person is a dead one.

      41. The Deep State is the Senior Executive Service. Over 8100 members. 7000 are from the Obama administration. Google that please.

      42. The long term plan of the globalists and technocrats among the elites was to utilize robotics and automation so they no longer need worker bees.

        You should be preparing for that and AI will eliminate even many professionals as huge databases of medical informatics can estimate the most likely medical outcomes and pathological source of disease versus at least eleven years of medical school from a human.

        They consider everyone else a useless eater. And when military robots are around, they won’t need soldiers or LEOs either.

        That is the brave new world of the globalists.

        Why do you think they desire population reduction and hate religion? These folks are either satanic atheists who worship themselves but use satan as mockery of religions OR they are outright Luciferians who negotiate with Lucifer for power.

      43. Did everyone forget that Russia was an Ali in WW2?
        And still are?

        Oh and F*ck you Comey you fking traitor
        I hope you and all your deep State cronies burn for weeks

        I also want to be clear
        I don’t support any political party
        They are and have been out to Fck us all

        It’s time to really “level the playing field “ and start over
        With our Bill of Rights intact and enforced

        Time to braid rope my fellow nationals

      44. Sorry Jimmy! The patriots stand up FOR Trump. You are a confused little man. your higher loyalties are at cross-purposes with reality. Go dig yourself a really deep hole and jump into it head first.

      45. I thought we were ‘the resistance’ and ‘othe patriots’, it is amazing how Hollywood and the MSM and Democrats have flipped things. Do not be fooled! They intend total domination and the ferocity with which they are mobilizing and fighting back is astonishing to see! They are organizing and being funded in a big way. They realize they have been caught manipulating and meddling in elections and are worried about the consequences. Thank God for Trump! Any lesser man would have been turned into mincemeat!

        Louisiana Eagle ?

      46. Except for two urban cities in my state, the rest of the state overwhelmingly supported Trump even though we are largely agricultural and will be harmed IF tariffs actually are put in place. BUT we grow soybean that feed the entire world and they CANNOT survive with us. The other nations lack the capacity to grow what they need.

        And the US largely made everything they needed as prior intenational products other than a few West German items like cars or razor blades or weapons were junk.

        We make the vast majority of food and we CAN make everything! Who holds all the cards when our military is the MGHTIEST in the world?

        Old statistics say there is a firearm in every third home in most of my state other than those two Democrat bastions. And in many rural cities here, there is at least one or two in every household in many towns and villages.

        The DNC cannot win.

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