Jade Helm Insider Admits: “Gestapo Tactics Will Be Used… Recruiting Informants, Infiltration Techniques, Commandeering Private Residences”

by | Jun 2, 2015 | Headline News | 338 comments

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    This article has been removed at the request of the author.


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      1. Thomas mead is a real cia spook sort from nato and dyna corp. Mastering the human domain is also the motto of usgif geospatial intelligence foundation at geointv.com, they are setting up hq in st louis now. Capt sam walton was army intelligence and ran pow camp at ft douglas utah a bioweapons eval site in the 60s now university of utah cept for 51acres with sub facilities next to myriad labs switzerland eugenics Mryiad connects to darpa Walton was stationed with a major general Michael Kauffman also a business major from sears, Kauffman was commander of the 96th sustainable brigade in the Philippines, rear admiral james kauffman commanded the uss Wasatch amphibious forces in the Philippines. Flash forward to jade helm , confrontation with china over the spratley islands and the tpp.

        • Did the “Biker Shootout” really occur….or was that a completely-fabricated psyop?

          They released the “mugshots” of all the “bikers” who were arrested….but are they really just computer-generated images?

          It’s amazing how many CELEBRITY LOOKALIKES there are just on the first page of arrestees!

          Look here and decide for yourself:


          • Yes it did occur ! I live really close and had friends shopping at a store next to there and they saw it happen

            • 2 interesting things: US military just spent few billion designing new regulation GI CAMOs for all military branches. they are greyish, more than green or desert sand and for URBAN engagements.

              4th Amendment just repealed, and patriots didn’t even notice. Supremes ruled anyone or their home or possessions can be searched and entered WITHOUT A SEARCH WARRANT.

              GREXIT to happen by summer’s end, domino-ing into global collapse

          • They all seemed to have been government operatives. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have surrendered so easily and been allowed to lounge around with the very few numbers of police “guarding” them having their backs turned to them. Real gangsters who were craven enough to savage each other would and could annihilate the police and start and could even succeed against the military. Why else would bike gangs go to war with each other, knowing how it would turn out the way they did it, unless they are government stooges for another purpose?

            • Bingo! When you really start thinking about the official story, and asking questions, it falls apart.

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          June 2, 2015 at 3:19 pm

          Did the “Biker Shootout” really occur….or was that a completely-fabricated psyop?

          They released the “mugshots” of all the “bikers” who were arrested….but are they really just computer-generated images?

          It’s amazing how many CELEBRITY LOOKALIKES there are just on the first page of arrestees!

          Look here and decide for yourself:

          ht tp://i.imgur.com/jepvue8.jpg

          • Oops….didn’t mean to copy and paste that “Your comment is awaiting moderation” bit….hope Mack can fix the clusterfuck I’ve just created….thanks in advance.

          • With all due respect, Nate, I know for a fact that the Waco shootout happened. Our son was shot, and is healing at home. Contrary to the police sgt. and the media, the Bandidos ambushed the Cossacks because they refused to pay extortion money to have the “privilege” of wearing their colors in Texas. The Cossacks are not an outlaw club.

            • Oh really? And what is your name, address, and telephone number? Do you mind if myself or others on this board give you a call to confirm your identity? How do we know you aren’t some …. SPOOK …. or rather, $9/hour flunky who gets paid to sit behind the keyboard and make up bullshit stories that cannot be corroborated?

              The biker shootout NEVER HAPPENED.

              Look at the “photos” from the event, where everyone is sitting around “under arrest.” One guy is texting. They all look bored. Does that look like the scene of a SHOOTOUT?

              • You ARE a troll, aren’t you? You expect me to give out that info? Would you? Just come on down to TX and see for yourself. Ask anybody in Waco, or China Springs.

                • It’s pathetic that people like you actually think anyone on this site is stupid enough to believe your lies.

                  I’ve reviewed your posting history “Spook89”, and found it consists of 98% throwaway comments. The kind that a professional troll uses to establish a posting history on a site, building up a superficial level of credibility, and laying in wait to attack comments like mine. And to attack over and over again, each posting minutes apart….almost as if you’re sitting there getting paid to do it.

                  And then when it looks like you’re getting your ass kicked, suddenly other names start appearing out of nowhere to help you, by flooding the forum with more of the same nonsense.

                  You claim your son was injured in the biker shootout, and yet this is the first this forum is hearing of it from you, non-chalantly as if reciting some trivial fact, rather than the gut-wrenchingly emotional memory it should have been.

                  You’re fooling nobody here, LIAR.

                  You have been EXPOSED.

                  • I was right…you are a troll. Are you always like this? I find you pitiable.

                    • Folks on SHTFplan: please research my own posting history, and that of the “Spook” here**, and compare and contrast. Decide for yourself who is telling the truth, and who’s a 25 year old lying piece of shit getting paid to betray his country.

                      ** a laughably self-congratulatory title, since this $9 hour keyboard jockey isn’t good enough for even the CIA farm team.

                    • NK,
                      I have a dear friend down there who I am actually going to go visit real soon. He told me it was a set up by the authorities……I don’t know and maybe he has bad info? But he is positive that it actually happened.

                    • Spook89 huh? Are you a… Spook? Ah, right. An ex-spook?

                      Whatever. I am always suspicious of anyone who claims to be an insider by their handle. Right. I see. Hiding in plain sight.

                      I can see you are desperately trying to develop your… street creds.

                      Spook. Boo.

                    • BJ: *something* actually happened. The question is, was it a shootout, or just a bunch of actors running around and pyrotechnics going off?

                  • I agree with you. I think we are all being distracted and I saw the same thing at the Hoax called sandy hook. Trolls hard at work.

                • I’m curious as to why you mentioned China Spring and not Robinson, Hewitt, Woodway or Bellmead? Why did you mention the town farthest from the shooting? I live in the area and again just curious.

              • Nathan…my parents live in Waco. It happened.

                • And who are you? What’s your parents’ names, addresses, phone numbers? How do we confirm your story?

                  • Mine too, my dog was hit by a “stray” bullet. My number is 867-5309. My name is Jenny Jenny. I live at 1313 Mockingbird Lane, Wacko,Texas. You guys are like dumb and dumber. “Did not.” Did too.”…….

                    • The point is, WHO can prove anything about what supposedly happened, based on what the news says, or what some random internet troll says? One must use their brains to really figure it out. Look for inconsistencies in the story we’re being sold.

                  • You are an idiot, sir. I was raised in Waco….I was there when the Branch Davidian compound burned. I remember like it was yesterday. I graduated from high school and got married there. I am 100% confident this occurred. But you feel free to deny it. go ahead, make up your own lies. Of course, you are also the type of moron that probably believes the earth is flat and we never landed on the moon.

                    • Again, you have done absolutely nothing to prove anything. You’ve only made further unprovable assertions, with insults tossed in as well. Either start listing names, addresses, dates, locations, and other DETAILS, so that others can attempt to verify your bullshit story, or just shut the fuck up.

                  • NK, you say at the end of your first post “look here and decide for yourself”

                    Accusing people with opposing opinions of being government stooges doesn’t serve any purpose other than to make your own comments sound lame.

                    Read this and decide for yourself weather you agree or not!

                    Avoid loud and aggressive people, they’re vexations to the spirit.

                    Have a nice day.

                • Pure paranoia from folks who are afraid of their own shadows and see novel/movie grade conspiracies everywhere. You folks have been read and watching way too much “Doomer Porn”. I like it too, but it’s just fantasy. It never comes close to what agencies are capable of, and more importantly, what they’re not capable of. Need proof? Two halfwits bomb ?Boston and are able to elude over 1000 federal, state, and local cops for 4 days even after a house-to-house search. A non-military sniper eludes over 1000 cops of the same types for 7 weeks in the hills of Pennsylvania. A 29 y/o contract worker walks out the front door of the NSA with all their data on a thumb drive. A postal worker flies his mini-copter from Pennsylvania all the way to the steps of the Capitol Building w/o being spotted. What the hell is everyone so afraid of?

                  • …All scripted events, to be used as “proof” of what they “can’t” do. That’s exactly what people are afraid of! Two sides, of course, can play the game. There are no rules.

                  • “What the hell is everyone so afraid of?”

                    So when the bombs are flying, you’re just going to walk down the street non-chalantly, because “they’re incompetent, see?”

                    Feel free to take your chances with that.

                    Those who have read Sun Tzu know that it’s wise never to underestimate one’s enemy.

                • Lies. Drama and lies….all written by a Hollywood script writer to appeal to the dumbest 33%.

                • The funny thing about this article, is the first pic to show up has a cossack “road captain” with the nazi “SS” lightning bolts tattooed on his arm. Nooooo they are not criminal organization as one poster pointed out. Working in the corrections field, that in no way shape or form is a sign that he is a white supremacists….nope they are upstanding citizens of the highest degree.

                  • The photo on the front page of the paper of a Cossack with a cute, yellow scarf issuing from his left back pocket suggests that they’re a gaggle of kweer bikers…

              • not everything is a false flag… sheesh.

                • It’s not a “false flag”…it’s a psy-op, a Hollywood production, filmed on location in Texas. It’s all part of JADE HELM.

                  • Nathan,I have no clue who is the troll and who is not, who is lying and who is not. I do know this, if YOU want them to publish their information, how about YOU give us YOURS first? you know, just in good faith and all.

                    • What in the world are you talking about?

                    • “Nathan,I have no clue who is the troll and who is not,”

                      That’s a problem, isn’t it? Start PAYING ATTENTION.

                      “I do know this, if YOU want them to publish their information, how about YOU give us YOURS first?”

                      You already have my real name, asshole, what more do you want?

                      All I’m doing is QUESTIONING the story of certain SCREEN NAMES who get on here and say things like “oh yeah, you’re full of shit because my cousin/brother/roommate’s uncle/some other guy on the net whom I talk to once every few months was there and saw the whole thing!”

                      Do they teach you to question things and think critically wherever you from, or just blindly believe every assertion some random Internet asshole makes?

                      Look at the picture I posted! Do you really think it’s a coincidence that God damned Rob Schneider (with a funny face and big beard!) and Ben Affleck were among other dead ringer celebrity look-alikes in the first page of “arrested”?

                      I guess you really haven’t looked at enough pictures to deduce that they are actually COMPUTER GENERATED IMAGES! ALL OF THEM! THIS WHOLE SCENARIO IS COMPLETELY FABRICATED FROM A to Z!

                      If you trust photographs, and some random Internet posters chiming in to say “me too!” as being proof of anything, you’re being fooled!

            • It’s just amazing how many commenters on this site have loved ones involved in the psyops!
              I call BS on them all, Spook89.
              No offense, just sayin.

              • The way we will know if this is real or fake is when the Bikers come back to finish the job, the real 1%ers BTW, not the wannabees

                something like this goes down in 1%er land they dont let it just lay, even rival groups may band together on this issue .. If this is for real those police depts and every other police depts just painted a huge target on their back , how mch you want to bet not many groups of bikers will get pulled over by a cop

                these 1%ERS in real life play for keeps, and if one brother bleeds ,, they all bleed , you dont just ice a biker and walk away from it , your entire family is at risk

                like I said if this was for real ,, there will be a lot of cops getting visits ..could be a year, could be a month.. could be longer .. but that day will come even if it takes a life time

                If i were a Texas cop, I’d find a real job and leave Texas, again, if this event really went down like this

                I will sit back and wait for the news stories ..I got plenty of time to make my assumptions

        • “The clear implication here is that the 82nd is going to be taking out armed dissidents or rogue military units who would oppose a martial law takeover.”

          Armed Dissidents = Preppers

          Rogue Military Unites = Citizen Militias or Oath Keepers

          “We require areas of undeveloped land with low population densities… We desire to have a very rural area for us to be able to operate in… “

          Going after rural preppers?

          For once, I’m glad I’m in the suburbs, lol.

          • I want to play with them. Me being an armed dissident. If they can practice so can I.


            • BigB, be careful what you wish for. The way things are looking, we’ll all get to play with them. But they damned sure won’t like the way I’ll play.

              • “We are asking Big Spring city council for a letter of invitation which would invite “forces” to train within your city limits”

                Hmm, invited in like, say, I don’t know, VAMPIRES?!!!!!!!

                • and not one of the folks in that room stood up and shot that guy in the fact.

                  seriously, think of the message that would have sent…

                  • fact = FACE stupis autocorrect….

                  • fact = FACE stupid autocorrect….

                    • that’s it, I give up. The internet wins.

                    • Marcus, stop paying for internet and buy guns and ammo,lol

              • Nope they won’t like they way I play either. But I would like to know what the rules are.


                • No rules

                  Never been any

                • BigB, just fight to win and stay alive. That’s all that will count in any post-SHTF scenario. All of the other rules we live by for now will go down the tubes once the balloon goes up.

                  • You sad it Braveheart but the government always has rules of engagement and intel is the best way to defeat an enemy.


            • If they do practice on you, and you do practice on them, just remember that their will be no communication, IN OR OUT. That means nobody is coming to help you. No like minded people. No preppers. No family or friends. No Oath keepers. NO BODY. Then they will move onto the next group on their list, with no communication from that area either. Better have your HAM radio warmed up.

              • You won’t need a HAM, the gunshots, fires, choppers, screams and mass panic will be seen and heard for miles…*shudder* God help us all from the insane demons.

          • If this exercise was to quell an uprising in the city, why do they need rural land to operate?

            A woman named Linda Kirby has a Youtube video ( “Jade Helm 15, I found the meaning”) showing government documents, and you can read along, that state the purpose of annual JH exercises is to condition the people to the troop activity in their communities but ultimately it will go live. Then it will fulfill the UN mandate to disarm the American citizens and to remove key people who might be a threat to the government and the UN plans.

            It sounds like there will be a couple of annual drills and then when it goes live, citizens won’t know that people are being taken. They won’t know if they are seeing actors or prisoners, exercise tactics or fighting, practice extraction or kidnapping, acting or execution.
            And when it goes live will it be confined to the south or is the northern border an issue?
            A couple of years ago rumors said that the many wild fires that popped up in the southwest might be related to a covert Russian base being built. The ring of fires required evacuations of the locals who were suspicious why the construction crews were not evacuated? Why would there be a Russian base anywhere on US soil? I believe the area in question was Colorado in the mountains. There was also a rumor of Chinese building in Idaho. Anybody have any facts about that?

            As for an EMP, Saudi Arabia (?) has recently dropped at least 2 radioactive bombs on Yemen and they affected electronics there. It was reported that they were Israeli bombs but dropped from Saudi looking planes. Strange combo if you ask me.

            Sounds like this year will be a drill and then there will be much press about how silly some people were for getting upset.
            George Soros has said the dollar will die soon and he will crash it and put the Chinese Yuan/Remindi into it’s place. He has crashed many nations before. Whatever else you do to prepare, I suggest MUCH prayer for the people of this nation and your families.

            • Here’s a link to info about the Chinese in Idaho. It starts out with a humorous comic strip.

              ht tp://www.boiseweekly.com/boise/red-potatoes-investigating-the-truth-behind-chinas-takeover-of-idaho/Content?oid=2436095

            • If those were nuclear bombs going off in Yemen, how come the cell phone or other digital cameras kept working?

              • The source did not say nuclear but said they were radioactive.

            • Whenever the government goes out of its way to assure us everything’s fine– that its only protecting our national security– you can bet your booties they have something sneaky planned that will be AGAINST our best interests.

              Or top put it another way, when have you ever known the government to be truthful about anything?

              I don’t know what this is all about– seems suspicious as hell!! But one thing for sure: the government/officials always talk really well and reassuring… just before they screw us!

          • When everywhere becomes rural, they’ll have their wish. That’ll be God’s country, the one He made. But, they can’t survive without their civilization. It’s what gives them power over all those who depend on it. These last messages on this implement of their civilization–the ‘puter–are all the epitaph the destroyers of the earth will need.

        • If the government thought we were pussies
          they wouldn’t go to such extremes.
          I believe they know when we are broken
          down hard enough, they will have created
          the proverbial cornered rat.
          As such, they also know 300 million cornered
          rats are going to be a force to reckon with.
          Remember Willard the Rat? Times 300 million.

          • This reminds me of what the Russian separatist said in the great movie Crimson Tide. I translate: “If you kill 1 American citizen in Jade Helm 15 we will kill 900,000 in Washington D.C.” Let that sink in.

            • 100 heads life and casualty insurance co

              Bring it

              Wipe their blood lines from the face of this earth
              They kill one of yours , we kill 100 of theirs

            • Haven’t they already killed lots of Americans? Their cops are all about killing the people who don’t obey them.

          • All I know is, it’s a gateway from rags to riches in one season, if one knows what he’s doing…

          • As usual, you have no effing idea what your talking about

        • Have you ever read JG Ballard’s novels? They are disaster novels from the 1970’s. I just finished reading “High-Rise”, soon to be a major motion picture.

          I have also been studying celestial navigation.

          • How far out into space are you going?

            • Can’t speak for Acid, but as soon as warp drive is invented my ass is OUTTA here.

              • NOT everything that happens is a fucking conspiracy. You cry wolf too often and the real shit gets caught up in the busllshit.

        • “Fury Road” is far beneath “The Road Warrior”, but it is far above “Beyond Thunderdome”.

          • You smell like doodoo, poop face. Go eat poop.

            • Fuck off, moron. What information do you provide for the group. Fucking fatass.

          • More propaganda from the sodomite.

        • Hey everyone. Long time reader but first time commenter. Was getting off connection flight last night when two soldiers were getting off the plane to report to “training exercises” at Camp Custer. I asked them if they had any idea what was going on or what they had to do. They said they had no idea, they were from Florida, and they were just supposed to report to the first person they see at the base to let them know that they are there for the training exercise. The specialist didn’t even know if his Sargent would be there. Seems like they are working to keep it very hush, hush. So some activity here in SD

      2. Prep for tomorrow. Live for today.

        • TP2B will not be satisfied till America is ruins. However during that post SHTF time, fly swatters and buggy whips will make a strong comeback. Stockup. I’d give $5 bucks for a fly swatter right now.

          • The dollar stores have them for $1.

            You can make your own from wire coathangers, metal screenwire, and a strip of cloth to sew around the edge of the screenwire so you won’t hurt yourself.

            The first flyswatter was made in 1905 by Frank Rose from a yardstick and some screenwire.

            • And acid says we don’t provide useful information. Ha.

              • Archivist, I always knew acid was full of shit, even when he was eisenkreuz.

                • Ha, ha!

      3. And next we”l see the red and blue lite specials at our new FEMART SuperCenters!

        • This is exactly why we need to shut down the DOD, cut their budgets in half and expell the traitor psychopaths. These cities are being held hostage and forcing land use changes to include Military. MI-AP rezone status. This bozo airforcebase i lived by tried to get the city to rezone my entire neighborhood area of 3500 under this scam rezone ro cover up their incompatible low flights and excessive noise. Well I flat out busted these lying scumbags when I uncovered all their Fraud in their bogus sham studies. The city folded like a cheap tent full of clowns when I exposed their scam. They are lying military scumbags wearing a US Uniform and hiding behind our flag. Ne ver be afraid when you have the truth on your side. Dave Hodges knows about these scams. Always expose their fraud. Always

          • WHO,
            YUP, you are correct, only problem I see is WE the people will have to take over first and soooo the revolution will have to occur and we have to WIN!

        • No Fo that was the idea behind them developing the cia

      4. Getting serious folks! Hidden agenda here.

        • JiV
          His hidden agenda is hidden in plane site.
          List to what he is saying and you can here what he means. To total different things.
          Southwest CYA! Cover Your ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • These assholes have way too much time and our money in their hands. Close half of all military bases today. Somebody profits big time when they run these exercises. Its all greed and federal contracts. Fat bastards. Hang em’.

          • Sarge, I saw the same article and video at Hodges’ site over the weekend. I get the same feeling from watching the POS, which is how I view military contractors.

          • Hey Sgt. and All.

            Ironically I spent several hours today theorizing about Jade Helm. I had a friend in the service do some research to try to determine what is going on. Ironically I have not been able to speak to some other friends in the intelligence arena.
            Jade Helm is not training for operations over seas. That we know for sure. That alone should send chills down everyone’s spine. If it is training for overseas operations then why is it in unrealistic environments?
            Afghanistan is more mountainous than this area. Also there is no need to use private property. Fort Leonard Wood has 53,995 acres, Fort Benning has 141,471 acres, Fort Hood has 136,094 acres. This is more than enough area for training. I can think of 5 Forts in the State of Virginia alone. The military has there own urban warfare training centers. They have built small towns on several forts and these have been there forever. The military also has desert training in California. They have mountain training, and cold weather training sites. They closed the jungle warfare training center at Fort Sherman Panama. I have heard that they are going to reopen it.
            There is also no reason for the FBI or DEA to be involved. They don’t have jurisdiction outside the U.S.

            I can come up with 3 possible theory’s that make sense to me.

            1 – This exercise is one of many that will happen. It is to condition the american public to except these operations as normal. This will make the public except this as the new normal until something takes place.

            2- During this exercise someone or some people fire on the military. Then the military fires back. Then the populice is enraged and fires on the military. You could dress people in military uniforms and fire on people. Then the same thing happens. Dress people in police uniforms and fire on people of have people fire on the police and military. Then you have the beginning of war and chaos. It would then give our government what it want’s which is martial law.

            3 – ISIS or something the government calls ISIS actually attacks. They attack school’s, power grids, water sources, and transportation. The military and every other organization will be there to shut it down. They would then feel like it was there duty to follow orders for the good of the country.

            In summary I wonder if anything will happen due to the publicity this exercise has gotten. If it does then those in power have gotten extremely bold because that could and should wake the rest of the country up. It would also mean that they carried out an operation that made those in uniform feel like they were doing there duty. It could even put those in uniform in a situation where they are being fired on and feel they are defending themselves. This damn thing is extremely dangerous one way or another. It is like troops of two enemy countries training next to each other. All that is required is for a spark to light the fire and then boom. This country is at war and the preps we have will be used. I hope and pray that nothing happens. Again it just does not make sense.

            On a side note. Earlier today drudge had an article on the FBI using small planes for intelligence. They are taking video and taping phone conversations. Anyone want to guess where most of the reported missions were? Most are in Jade Helm areas. The planes are run out of front companies reported to be in Bristow VA.
            Prep for the worst and hope for the best.
            God Bless All of You.

            • Mike, good analysis. I think any or all of the above could be part of how things go down. In my view, they are clearly preparing for WW3.

              Years ago it became clear to me that any invasion of the US mainland would not be from the coasts, but through Mexico and across the Arctic through Canada, in a pincer movement splitting the country in half.

              China will invade from the southwest through Mexico, and Russia from the north.

              Operation “Jade Helm” —-> “Jade” = a reference to China. “Helm” = “Helmet”, or protective armor worn on the head. And where is the head of US command..? Under the Denver airport. Jade Helm is primarily a defensive formation, to protect against the Chinese invasion.

              We could see an “ISIS” false flag in Mexico that would give our government an excuse to send troops down there pre-emptively.

              It will all be for naught, in the end. In this war the Chinese and Russians will land saboteurs and troops via orbital dropships, or maybe even base-jumping them in, directly into the continental US. They will wreak havoc on our infrastructure and supply lines.

              It will be interesting to see (or rather, hear about years later) how things end up going for those rats trapped beneath the Denver Airport, after Russian and Chinese troops overrun the country.

            • Forgot to mention: operation “Northern Exposure” is thought to be about WMDs, nuclear, etc. Could be, but what if it’s more about how exposed our northern border is to a land invasion via Canada?

            • Mike-
              You made some good points.
              There were multiple drills going on during the 9/11 ‘attacks’, adding to the confusion- with many control centers coms asking on the air: ‘Is this part of the drill? Is this part of the drill?’
              Same deal with Sandy Hook- regardless of what anyone thinks happened there, at least two ‘school shooter’ drills were going on that day in Connecticut…

              This M.O. is tried and true.

              • Hank

                I can only hope that enough people become aware of this before the operation starts. Hopefully that will stop things that are going on.
                Maybe the publicity will put a halt to some plans.

            • Mike, your analysis is a good one. I’m trying to not get tunnel vision on this one. Watching reports of global events to keep abreast of what else may ‘surprise’ us.

              • Nopittypartyhere

                Thanks for the reminder. Your thought is a great point. Watch what the other hand is doing!

            • Mike
              Points well taken.
              FBI and the DEA do work outside the US. They do a lot of under cover work. Just take my word for it. Remember I have trained with FBI. Some of them like to tell stories when the have been out of the field and are just training.

            • I know what its like when the power grid goes ker-plunk! Our fridge broke down… it was still cold but not real cold– not enough to prevent food poisoning. It just got warmer and warmer. I noticed every time I ate something from the fridge I got indigestion and sick on the stomach but because it was still cold (but not real cold) I thought I could keep food in there for a few hours.

              I read up on it and called the poison control center and they said food has to be kept 40 degrees OR UNDER in order to prevent food poisoning– otherwise, bacteria accumulate rapidly. She suggested I get a food thermometer.

              I had no symptoms when eating out– only when eating from the fridge. Finally, I got REAL sick– head killing me and stomach felt horrible! vomiting all day. Felt I was going to die. I never went that refrigerator since!

              But I learned from this: just keeping food cool is not enough! It has to be kept 40 degrees or under!! I also realized that if the grid goes down, we will have very little of surviving. It will be an intolerable situation. If it hadn’t been for the grocery store and their WORKING REFRIGERATORS I would not have made it.

              Also, if you get food poisoning, vomit like heck because it gets the bad bacteria our of your stomach. I took 1/2 t. garlic powder every day (BOOKS have been written on the value of garlic to kill bacteria and shit). And little by little, could eat again and got well. (Also ate yogurt (good bacteria) when I stopped vomiting.

              • I MEAN A REFRIGERATOR THERMOMETER– that is what the lady at the poison control center told me to get…

                • Of course, if you have canned food, all is well. However, that will go quickly. and when it is gone, then what? Without a fridge, what little food you are able to scrape up will go bad quickly.

                  • that is the whole point “A” BTW canned food will not be good if it has been stored in a warm area or if the can is damaged as in rusted or bulging.

              • Lugol’s solution is a good and fast cure for bacterial food poisoning.

            • The civil war and chaos will not be survivable for the elites–in America, Asia, Europe or Africa. Nothing of theirs will be left. The people don’t care. They’ve got nothing to lose. Nothing. The alternative for them is to still lose to the elites. That’s nothing too. Chaos and SHTF are all on the people’s side–for the destruction of the elites. The elites have plans for seabasing and spacebasing? They’ll base in Hell instead.

        • Jim In Va,
          I’m just south of DeeCee, and within a 50 or so mile radius-there’s at least 5 major installations-haven’t seen much in the way of movements-yet-but that don’t mean anything…lots of trucking companies could have their logos pirated (Air America, anyone?) and used here without anyone being the wiser.
          But, I’ll be listening in on the comm nets for “loose lips” chatter – especially if the RTO’s foul up and stay “red” instead of “green”.
          Be well.

          • Smell this Rat. Macdill AFB build this $5 mil dollar building then says the FL Nat Guard should store their weapons at this Federal base. Really? Sounds like the Mil Feds are trying to control the State’s Guard from protecting our state and area and access to equipment and weapons if they wanted. Watch these scams unfold before Martial Law.

            • The Jade Helm, Missing Keystone Link nobody yet mentioned is….The New York–London–TelAviv…ZioJewMuda- Triangle….AntiChrist-HQ.

              Far more deadly compared to that bermuda triangle ever was.

          • “If the people in Texas are not yet afraid of what is coming, they are either totally ignorant, or are abject fools.”

            Please don’t worry about us, even our blacks won’t riot. We take care of ourselves all the time. Everyone remembers Hurricane Katrina, what about Hurr Ike, not so much. Because Texans were out the next day cleaning their place up helping each other, no need for FEMA for 90% of us.

            Not too worried about the Feds, hell I even dropped my health insurance just because the gov said it was mandatory. My wife is my biggest concern not a bunch of politicians.

            Live free brothers, it begins in your thoughts.

            • and the crime rate in Dallas is up how much,

      5. Its time for the Governors and local Sheriffs to stop them from doing this training. They are the only ones that have the power to do so. Mayors and city councils have no power to do so.

        If I lived in that area I would have All of my preps ready to go in a minutes notice. “Minute Men” comes to mind.

        They are training for something in a different area not in Texas area. They would get their asses kick in Texas if they tried to pull something off there.

        This plan is for some where else like the east coast or the Midwest.

        I’m going to get some of my stuff on line today. I think it will be done sometime in Oct. in the Midwest. Just a feeling no evidence on hand. JUST A FEELING!

        A.S.M.S. N.N.B.T.E.

        • If I’m supposed to be ready in a minute. What should I do during the extra 58 seconds? I suppose I’ll just go P, better one to many.

          • “P”
            I would go PEE also.
            Thanks for making me laugh. These days we need it!!!

        • See these psychopaths are bored killing and maiming poor 3rd world people for decades, so now thwy want to unleash their genocide on the American people. This is a shot across the bow and we should be protesting all of this. Come on you pussy politicians grow a pair and stand up to and against this military presence tyranny.

        • “Its time for the Governors and local Sheriffs to stop them from doing this training. They are the only ones that have the power to do so.”

          Well we’re fucked, then! Cause the local Sherriffs and Governors are all on the take…at least here in the Southeast. Our sheriff is one of the most corrupt mofos in this land….a methhead and faggot, who assumed office after the last sheriff died unexpectedly, and who has surrounded himself with like minded “deputies” who likewise have no morality.

          There is only one solution left for America: the ammo box.

        • SD: I still say look north; a small low yield nuke in Mich. is my bet or northern In. out side chance Northern Oh. Everything east of the Mississippi River and north of the Ohio River will be locked down (martial law?) for public safety (lol), then the rest of the country soon to follow, again all for public safety against more attacks (False Flags). All IMHO.

          • The infrastructure in Michigan looks like it has already been hit with a major nuke. Besides the obvious (Detroit) Lansing, Grand Rapids, Battle Creek, Flint, Kalamazoo, Saginaw and everything in between is practically in ruins.

            Economically, this State just gets worse and worse and there is no sign of improvements in this area at all. Crime is up, which keeps the Judicial System busy and full of money if they are able to squeeze it out from the offenders.

            The Federal monies that has been keeping this State afloat the last few years. One may as well say “the federal government owns michigan”. Michigan has one of the largest debts compared to others and I just can not see how it will be repaid back to the Feds. Like most Politicians, our representation is full of corrupt individuals and their actions tell very much who they really work for.

            Like most States, this one continually keeps wanting to raise taxes and or create new ones in the disguise of the betterment, but there is a huge problem with this scenario. practically everybody is tapped out, there just isn’t any more to give or should I say “steal from us”.

            • The state of Michigan claims that I owe them close to $5,000 for various “driver RESPONSIBILITY fees” accumulated as a result of a bullshit drivers’ license situation from another state that resulted in tickets in that state, after living there for a while and getting pulled over/ticketed for said bullshit.

              After paying the tickets in court (which they were happy to put on a payments plan…at a cost of $30/month “oversight fee”), the STATE then sent me a bill asking for an amount that was basically twice the ticket, court costs, etc. And threatening to suspend my license if I didn’t pay.

              As my license was already suspended I just silently told them to go fuck themselves, and continued to drive discreetly. Then moved away from that place, never to return until the day those fascists are swinging from the trees and sanity has returned to Michigan. Or until the U.P. achieves independence, either one works for me.

          • @Copperhead
            Hope you been well. Been busier than ever here, no stopping us now.
            Quit reading here for the most part but watching Jade Helm as our area is changing and we aint in the JH zone.
            Got chinooks flying overhead now. Walmart did a drill on customers last week and we were just going in. Couldnt go so we beat feet out of there. WTF is up w/ Walmart now?

            Time to call you the prophet Copperhead. Drudge has a new story about Army drills and explosions in Flint.
            You called it. Read about it brother. Stay safe.


            • Calgagus, good to see you back and hope all is well with you.

        • San Antonio has several military bases in it so they are already surrounded.

        • Get real, Texas can’t even keep hordes of illegal and mostly unarmed and uneducated Mexicans out.

        • I was kinda thinkin that too sarge, can they be stupid enough for that, in short im kinda thinling maybe..thing is most ppl i meet moved here from out of state, mainly north easterners, some from the west.. Grant it the old vets are aware, some of the farmers and ranchers see it… Everyone else is clueless…. UTTERLY CLUELESS….
          Ya know if you are gonna be bold and take down a coutry, why not start with the most formidable opponent….. If texas falls first the rest of the country will race to fall in line…. I think texas will be able to make a pretty good stand, but the commies and the trendies and all the other freak shows are everywhere here, our communities are fractured, our inustries are limited, our convictions are weak, we struggle with the same social and economic problems as everywhere else.

          On a lighter note, anyone been watchin Texas Rising on History?


        • Sgt

          You are right. It could be that something is going to go on that is opposite of where the training is taking place.

        • SGt Dale,
          Right there with ya last preps in now it’s just observe and orient .
          Decide and act will follow post event .
          Things are going to happen , just do not know when , but it’s assured it going to be rapid and aggressive festivities . Be situationally aware at all times, AT THE MINIMUM carry a bailout bag.

          Think of the kit the OSS used in WW2 , it’s going to be that kind of a day when the shoe drops .
          E and E .

          Think the 6 “P” ‘s

          Semper Fi

      6. Has anyone considered the possibility of the ‘criminal element’ may see opportunity in this by impersonating military and facilitating ‘home invasions’ under the umbrella of JADE HELM? How many crimes will be committed and over looked as a result of this guy’s report? Texans might want to consider this aspect as a real possibility.

        • Anyone attempting entry into my home will be shot first and identified later.

          • By the way….a criminal is a criminal. Some of them wear badges and work for government agencies.

            It’s one of my lines in the sand. Cross it at your own peril…and bring plenty of body bags. You’ll need them.

            • Anon4, home invasion at my place carries the death penalty. Decision is final there will be no appeals. Doesn’t matter what they’re wearing or who they are. I’ll treat them all equally.

              • ” Here come da JUDGE! “

        • Ah I really don’tcare what the “Criminal Element” does, Congress can stay in DC or not. all the same to me.

        • ANY home invasion will be criminal! The people can repel them all the same way. It doesn’t matter to win. It only matters to make the enemy’s victory expensive and full of loss for him.

      7. Guess I don’t see what you see. When I look at that map, I see a buildup of troops on the Mexican Border. It takes 20 minutes in a Blackhawk to fly from Tucson to Mariacopa, Arizona. So air bases not on the border are not a problem, and definitely more secure. I see a possible invasion by the US Drug Interdiction Teams into northern Mexico to quell the drug smuggling, probably ahead of the 2016 US Presidential season. On the other hand, the way Obama works, perhaps he is planning armed escorts for illegals crossing the border. I wonder how the SEALs feel about picking up used baby diapers along the border? There are billions of ’em. Thank you, Mexico!

        • ” I see a possible invasion by the US Drug Interdiction Teams into northern Mexico to quell the drug smuggling, probably ahead of the 2016 US Presidential season.”

          Also could be interpreted as, “to preemptively invade Mexico before China does.”

      8. Well, this is a Jim dandy deal. Their is actually quite a bit of speculation laid out in this article, the reading between the lines stuff is interesting and reasonably well thought out, and taken as a whole this could really be the end of the American way of life, or at least the remnants of it, so, whats the best thing to do? Their are the arm chair chest thumpers who say fight em, ok, seriously, you think you could be even marginally effective against say, a Marine Corp rifle squad… not so much. I believe quite strongly that the only way to be effective, even marginally is to form groups, cells if you will, much like the viet cong in Vietnam and operate independently of anyone else for your groups security. I’m NOT saying that these groups need to be participating in a violent exchange with anyone, but they could be very effective in alerting, observing and assisting community members in the event of a bad outcome from some real or imposed crisis. In any event, if you don’t have some preparations on hand, it’s really time to do so.

        • He’s nothing if not humorous. You have to know those folks up there pulling the streets and running these scams have to be laughing their asses off at all the goings-on. They’re having fun with it. Example…the recently arrested “bikers” at the “shootout”:


          Look at Rob Schneider’s face, and that beard….LMFAO!

          (All computer generated images…)

        • He’s nothing if not humorous. You have to know those folks up there pulling the strings and running these scams have to be laughing their asses off at all the goings-on. They’re having fun with it. Example…the recently arrested “bikers” at the “shootout”:

          ht tp://i.imgur.com/jepvue8.jpg

          Look at Rob Schneider’s face, and that beard….LMFAO!

          (All computer generated images…)

      9. Helped beta test this stuff in urban areas in the 80s and contribute to the manuals on this. People have no idea. We learned from the British, who did most of this stuff first in Malaysia, then Africa, Northern Ireland. The British got it down to a science. They can shut down any insurrection swiftly.

        • Or so they believe…

          It’s not going to work here.

      10. I cant wait. Fun and games aplenty.

      11. SGT, im retired USMC when i pee i am 70 this month, i dribble for 5 minutes or so… lol
        SGT USMC 1966-72

        • Catena

          Doesn’t matter how long it takes for you to piss, as long as you still can do it upon your enemies grave.

        • Catena, thanks for the laugh. I to am 70 this month and the trick at our age is to sit and, as long as it takes for us to finish we can grab a few winks

          • Thx for the belly laff about piddling.

            Remember what Gen. Patton did when he crossed the Rhine? Yep–unzipped and peed into the Rhine River to his heart’s content in front of all the news boys.

            It sent a hell of a message:

            Hitler & Co. said the Rhine was “unconquerable.” Patton showed them: “Piss on you, your armies, and your tyranny.”

            • I believe Patton made that crossing at Boppard Germany. Courtesy of the 44th Combat Engineers Battalion, that my dad belonged to… 😉

            • SC, most people here don’t know that GEORGE PATTON, OMAR N. BRADLEY, DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER, AND DOUGLAS MACARTHUR were all involved in the massacre of part of the Bonus Army in DC in 1932. I lost a relative in that atrocity. Those people were all WW1 veterans who served with pride and were just asking for help due to the Depression. TPTB’s response is history. The US Army massacred civilians and most people didn’t care.

        • Saw palmetto – will help you pee …

      12. Go ahead cowards, wave the flag and make your fascist criminal genocidal government and boot licking military of treasonous traitors feel right at home.

        • Gee Ron. Thanks for your permission to do so.

      13. Aug. congress on vacation more than likely the O’s will be out of town and/or country. Everything is done by design and planned out awhile back make no mistake about it. Like Sgt. Dale said Oct. well just keep an eye out from now on as to when the Obama’s are away from D. C. that to me is an indicator as of a time when. Loading all my mags. will my answer to the SHIT!! They can eat shit and die for all I care. Two to the chest and one to the head. Folks really think about night vision if you don’t have, will save your life.

      14. Ok….I’ve been on the fence with this, trying not to jump to conclusions. But Damm, I can’t doubt this any longer. The military has had training events prior to every major operation. So they are peeping for something. Only questions now ate:what is it and is it imminent?

        • No….the only real question is….are we prepared?

      15. *prepping*…stupid autocorrect

        • @Valhalla…..

          Well…they are “peeping” too.

      16. I read this quote somewhere, “it is obvious that ISIS and Al Qaeda are manufactured fronts for covert US/Israel military operations” talking about the middle east quagmire. The mentioned forces positioned over the Mexican border are controlled by the US military government also. Obullshit and his evil NWO traitorous henchmen have the final solution in hand, so they think.

        • Yep…exactly. It’s all planned out…

      17. When I was active duty, we trained to fight the Soviets pouring through the Fulda Gap with exercises in Germany. We trained to fight the Soviets in the Arctic with exercises in Alaska and Norway. We trained to fight in the desert with exercises in Arizona and New Mexico.

        If you’re exercising in Texas and practicing to infiltrate American society… then you’re training for a Civil War. Their lies are exactly that, with a heavy coating of BS on top.


        • “If you’re exercising in Texas and practicing to infiltrate American society… then you’re training for a Civil War.”

          Dem! The Libs must’ve really brainwashed our military and our LEO’s to think they gotta shoot American civilians on orders from their butt-kissing senior officers and the Traitor Commander in Chief.

          • There are still a lot of good soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines in the military. But you’ve also got Crips, Bloods, and MS-13 gang bangers in just about every Army unit now and they won’t think twice about opening up on civilians. And the war on the Christians in the military is all about getting rid of the good soldiers and replacing them with MORE Crips, Bloods, and MS-13 gang bangers… along with a fair number of queers.

            Have a great night!

      18. I was wondering why Obama decided to take away the local cops military toys…hmmm.

      19. I back up Sgt Dales assesment of Texas. Texas is literally the wrong side of town to be in. Get ready for the Lexington Concord event in our very near future.

        Crap is so outa control right now, its almost as if we are living in the twilight zone and it all real.

        One local red neck once told me year ago, that he knows a guy that heard a loud POW, is his house and taught he was under attack. What happend was the fact that he has over 150,000 thousands round of ammmo in a room and resulted in the weight cracking the foundation.
        Who ever is coming here to Texas better be prepared to be literally shot, bludgened, streathced, ran over, stabbed, mauled, chopped up to piceces, eaten, skinning, smashed, crushed, shot up all over, hanges, decitated, head wounds, and body and limb wounds, wiped out off the map completely. I am not sure if Jade Helm is for Texas, because they are not ready to take on this city. All of the daggers, kives and spears have been wiped out off all the sheves here locally.

        Based on my constructive research, with the products leaveing the shelves, i can honestly say, that if soldiers are getting ready to attack Houston and surrounding cities, turn and run like hell. I have asked many times the store clerks if its normal for that many knives and spears to be sold during hunting season, they told me that they have never seen anything like this befoer, that the products are selling year round. I justa about lost bladder control listening to him. Mybe i need a pair of Depend Under Garments, so that i can stop pizzing my pants publically. Looks like Sweet Jesus awaits the Un, chinese, jihadist and other rogue forces entering Texas. Sweet Jesus awaits you soldiers heading here. One local vietnamese told me recently that they are getting ready because they dont trust china. Thats why we call it Texas-nam.

      20. Just to play devils advocate, but couldn’t it all be, if not exactly what they say its for, but maybe close enough to what they say they are training for?

        I think the idea of sleeper cells and invasion by…someone, aided by use of an emp is plausible, …so running drills to prep for it wouldn’t sound too out of the ordinary. ….

      21. I left this group long ago when it started going full retard. Every once in a while I check back to be reminded of what George Carlin once said: ‘Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.’

        • Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way back out.

        • Can’t believe you have the audacity to call yourself a pastor. You’re nothing but a sham…a hypocrite.

        • Hi guy–nice to hear from you.

        • PP,
          I questioned some of your bs along time ago.

        • Pastor, there are some originals still on here like me and braveheart, and a few others. There are some bull-shitters and fake people but a lot of people are still here. I remember you.

          • If one reads the relevant parts of the many various website online articles regarding back during GW bush prez era. Back when articles discussed pros vs cons of that “Warner Defence Budget expansions” etc that got finally passed after Much bi-partisan bickering about huge pentagon and defense dept increases etc..

            That Main Highlighted parts that mattered to most patriot websites were details on how Haliburton got an NO-Bid award of close to $500-Million cash.

            Reasons discussed for that grant, were specifically to be used over a 5 year time frame, which began around 2007 or so if I recall correct….And Haliburton was chosen withOUT any others allowed to even bid for it due to various us senators etc claimed nobody But haliburton and its several subsidiaries like root & brown(is that proper names??) were able to get the job done..

            And that specific job was to use what was actually closer to $487-Million or so to “Rebuild existing, and build brand New where needed” FEMA camps and facilities.

            Many were to be made from older closed down prior army bases and the like.

            REASONS Given In write-ups on it all were:..The congress and senate, spearheaded By us sen Warner, whom I believe was a Repub from VA(??). Said that when the time came for processing current Illeagle mexicans into actual citiens etc, once new improved border safty and imigration reforms got passed into fed law, they EXPECTED a Massive several and maybe even TEN’s of MILLIONS of More Illeagles from mexico and litterally every central and south american country to come Flooding across the mexican/usa border.

            Which obviously would overwhelm every systems-cops-fed border agency-fbi etc et al…Therefore those fema camps repairs and newly built extra fema camps would be used to House and Process said floods of millions of new illeagles along with the current “11-Million” already Here, which they been claiming just 11 million illeagles here for TWO decades or longer! While at same time admitting that each year that passes usa gains another 2-3 Million More of illeagles!…40-Million Now is probobly alot closer to reality.

            Now..I am the First to tell folks never trust MSM Nor Fed Govnt as 98% of everything they say or advocate is most always Lies galore and/or pure Propagandas used to Pre-Brainwash or Pre-aclimate duped down goys into accepting some future Bad stuff etc…However, at same time I also tell folks that Yes sometimes the fed govnt does tell us the truth. Not every issue is a false flag opps…

            So if you take it ALL into consideration, add in all we know of Hobammys and most from BOTH political partys honchos and reps and senators desires to NOT close down border Ever…Grant instant amnesty to them 3rd world hoards here and however many arrive once the MSM go wild reporting their horrays and halilulah’s once Hobammy, or whoever as Pres finally signs new reform laws and announces amnesty etc…

            Well..Just…Maybe…This Jade helm stuff IS mainly what its said to be…Training and or pre-stageing equip etc FOR a soon comming Hobammy-zio wet dream of being not just first black prez but also THE Black Prez who grants 100% amnesty to 40-Million mexicans and hobammy will Take all credit and every tv MSM shall Give him all credit happily.

            And like that warner defense spending bill spoke of..They Are expecting to be Flooded at border with as many as TEN MILLION or More illeagles entering usa as fast as possible to get in line as if they been here a long while already…Which is easy due to zero true ID-documents-real names-ages-criminal or felony histories etc can be used to verify since NONE of illeagles Has it and neither does their piss poor run Mexican or Guatamalla or columbian et al govnt’s have it…

            I recall No mention in that warner bill cash for haliburton saying that ANY of the expected Ten or More Millions flooding in, once amnesty is anounced will be sent Back!…Not a dime of that almost $500-Mil was to go for enforcement…Just spent to beef up and rebuild or build new/more fema camps..Although I do Not recall that word “Camps” actually used..More like FEMA-Processing Centers, and FEMA-Facilities etc etc..But it Means Camps.

            Add all we so far KNOW for certain of videos of nice clean fema camps, fenced in, armed guards, nice new showers and rooms with kitchens etc…Some look more like a nice motel!…Jesse Venturas videos did at least, “if” that really was fema camps???

            It all sure fits real swell with just maybe all this is training OR told to us as a training but is Real and by design to do as warner defense bill claimed…Have places to Take-Hold-Process-Illeagles into valid usa citizens-and Stop those Ten million More from crossing border once their TV news and or mex relatives, all 78 per illeagle per house, fast phone mexico city relatives with the…Good News Pedro! Hurry Pedro! Hurry I will save a place in da line so You and your 17 dirty filthy 3rd worlds kiddies can also get usa citizenship once here..

            I’d wager once usa TV msm announces amnesty or called by any other name, the land line and cell phones will get Jammed big time due to floods of calls TO Mexico alerting another 200+ million 3rd world filth to Hurry Pedro! Its ON!

            And if so then Yes jade helm may be one of the Rare times fed govnt and or msm actually speak truth.

            Time shall tell eh…I refuse to give much if any credit or belief to Hodges articles….Too much like a combo of glen beck+alex jones to be taken this serious…and NObody has more secret anon inside sources than campbells has types of soup!

            Remember regardless if this warner defense bill was honest on illeagls/anmesty/etc etc..Bottom Line is Haliburton DID get awarded almost $500 Million in about 2007 or so…Haliburton DID start spending it to repair and build fema centers or camps or facilities or whatever…and if the many videos or articles are factual?…Camps of fema sure fit well I’d rekon..That Jesse Ventura video shown in hour long tv special on venturas short lived tv show sure was a Camp..

            I do NOT know Any more than anybody else at this point…But I do kinda think just maybe its mostly about warner defense bills concerns of floods of 3rd worlder mexicans and amnesty etc….IF So…Then maybe its a Good thing Our military are training to halt millions of border crossers as described above…I sure do not want them here…and I sure aint able to do much if any to halt it. They do Not want me in charge as I WOULD order usa cops and Nat guards to SHOOT illeagles if they refuse to stop On Mexican side of border and order em to ROUND up every one to Deport Back, with their Kiddies thay make it all about falsly to Tug Your Heart strigs with..”ohhh wont You do it For them Chillins?”…NO I sure will NOT!

        • PP, good to see you back and hope you’re doing well. unfortunately, we still have morons coming here with their usual crap, but I’m still here and not leaving. I’m still prepping and getting another supply run ready for my BOL in north GA in July. I know we didn’t see eye-to-eye on everything but I always respected your opinion and you were always sincere. Best wishes to you and yours.

      22. The Ft Worth/Dallas, Tx “Metroplex” has a population of approximately 4.5 million (or more). There is also the Houston area with millions also, albeit a bit waterlogged right now. And how many other states are supposed to be “covered” with minimal federal resources during this exercise? This is gonna be a government clusterfuck of mammoth proportions! What a sham.

        • What if they bring in U.N. troops?

          • Sara:
            Blue helmet make for easy targets…..
            S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

            • I doubt they’ll be wearing U.N. blue. Probably lots of Oriental faces, though.

          • Than we call it a target rich environment

          • The UN has fewer than 100,000 troops.

      23. Many of the old timers on here remember when I posted on a more regular basis. I’ve attempted in the past to tamp down the concerns of events like JH-15 and was roundly condemned and I’ve not posted much since.
        Full disclosure, I was a member of a Unit that took part in exercises like this from 1996 to 2003, our focus was counter insurgency and hostage rescue. In the Fort Bragg NC area small scale events like this are conducted multiple times a year, much of it is designed to introduce areas unknown to the Operators in order to create stress that cannot be achieved within a known MOUT/shoot house, one of the most memorable missions on a very small scale was conducted at an old textile plant that had closed in the 80’s.(old building was very cool and filled with history) I was part of larger missions in Jacksonville FL, and Philadelphia PA.

        Firstly even with my background I tell you I have little trust in our government, and although the Military is part of that said government it should be acknowledged that it is made up of men and women who are your kids, neighbors and common citizens from every city, town and crevice of this nation and if 24 years and 14 within the Special Operations community taught me anything it taught me that the people that gravitate to that community are truly American and it will take a generation to change that fact.

        Second; although I have concerns with the size and scope of this event and its proximity to local population I am more concerned with what I can gather from its proximity and coverage of our Southern border. Anyone on here who served in the Military and or has any sense of history knows that the best way to deter an enemy is a show of force/military power at your weakest point.

        Many fictional books/movies have been written about an invasion of the US via our southern border, so my larger concern is why is our Military conducting deterrent operations along our weakest point, and what is it they know and we don’t?
        Threat scenarios along our border are too many to even count, but the simplest would be 300-500 ISIS fighters taking over the financial district in Houston while a thousand more under the cloud of chaos infiltrate small towns and cities.

        Our Military is made up of US, they believe in the second amendment and the majority of real fighting men come from a lineage of heroes who have taught their sons and daughters the value of our liberties.
        I trust the Special Operations NCO’s and enlisted to do the right thing, if things go to shit and they break from unlawful orders I will shelter them and ensure them they made the right decision in support of their country, then I will fight alongside them.

        My 2 cents.

        • Thanks for the above comment, y99. Well said.

        • Y99:
          Good to have you back, I never served and that is the only regret I have in my life.
          You have the training and more knowledge on this insurgency stuff.
          The question that I have, are they practicing for an invasion of this country or some thing else, like and EMP or nuke attack, a collapse of the banks, I could go on.
          Their answers just sound like they are hiding something from the people. I was under the impression that the military was being cut in number and money so why all of a sudden we are we have having this large scale exercise for 3 months that has to cost billions of dollars?
          Like I said on my other post you don’t practice for something unless you intend to use it.
          Maybe you can help answer that for me, I would just like to know if I’m going to have to start using my preppes. Thanks…..
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • “Good to have you back, I never served and that is the only regret I have in my life.”

            You should be thankful. Your regret should be willingly paying the taxes that funded hired thugs to go into other people’s countries and murder them.

            • Nathan:
              If you don’t like this country and the men and women that served and are serving, why don’t you get on the next plane out of here.
              You are entitled to you opinion and I’m entitled to mine.
              My opinion about you is your are a ungrateful troll and probably was given a dishonorable discharge.
              Plus you are full of sh%$!!! I have three neighbors One young lady and two young men that are serving right now. And I would love to see you say the trash to them right to their face.
              So troll go away to some better country PLEASE!!!!
              N. Reb

              • “If you don’t like this country and the men and women that served and are serving, why don’t you get on the next plane out of here.”

                You are serving Satan, asshole, and I’m trying to educate you to that FACT.

                My ancestors came here on the very first boats in 1600s, in significant part because they were sick of all the wars and destruction created by you flag-waving types. The very latest arrivals were here before 1750. The very EARLIEST arrivals were Cherokee Indians, who were here tens of thousands of years before YOU ever arrived on this planet to tell ME that I need to leave.

                My people have been in this land from the very beginning….and I personally will continue to remain here to guide MY people back to sanity and morality. If you have a problem with that, then YOU can get the hell out right now.

                “You are entitled to you opinion and I’m entitled to mine.”

                No you’re not, because your “opinion” is in the process of getting you killed, Nazi.

                “My opinion about you is your are a ungrateful troll and probably was given a dishonorable discharge.”

                My opinion is you’re a self-absorbed, arrogant jackass who is having difficulty coping with the realization that the country and flag he was taught to worship from childhood is a complete sham. That’s why you’re lashing out at me for trying to educate your ass.

                For the record, I was one of the most upstanding members of one of the best combat communications units in the Air Force…and was honorably discharged after six years of service, at the rank of SSgt…with two tours in Afghanistan under my belt. So take your foolish ASSumptions and shove them up your ASS.

                “Plus you are full of sh%$!!! I have three neighbors One young lady and two young men that are serving right now. And I would love to see you say the trash to them right to their face.”

                No you wouldn’t. Because I would.

                I bet you’re going to like it even less when those bright eyed young kids come back missing limbs and eyeballs, all because your fucking arrogant old ass lied to them all their lives, telling them what a great and amazing country this is and how they should definitely sign their names on that dotted line to “proudly serve”, and all the other DUMB FUCKING HORSESHIT that gets drilled into your pea sized brains to make you into a clueless automaton, a “useful idiot” ready to be duped into supporting the murder of innocent people in the name of “defending freedom.” What fools you are.

                “So troll go away to some better country PLEASE!!!!”

                There is a better coming country….once this piece of shit called the “United” States of America is finally destroyed.

                • Hey Troll:
                  My people where here before any boat came a shore.
                  By the way what is your MOS???
                  I would love to meet you just for a few minutes because I know that you are so full of it. I don’t have to watch TV. to get a laugh because you are here you clown.

                  • You are a moron and an asshole, and I know for certain you would not enjoy meeting me, because you would come away knowing those facts.

                    2E151 was my AFSC.

                    • a 2e151 is a maintenance man for satellite screen and computers. Just Google it

                    • I don’t need to Google anything. I lived it. I was the guy who was called up when there was a problem nobody else could figure out.

                      Satellite ENGINEERING is only one of my many fields of expertise. Yes, I can design a satellite communications terminal from scratch, including designing the integrated circuits and software to run it…..could you?

                • Troll:
                  I’m a Christian, I serve Jesus Christ and him only.
                  I can tell by your foul mouth that you don’t follow the same Lord I do.
                  Facts!!! you would not know a fact if it jumped up and slapped you in the face.
                  Plus I’ll stand up for country and very service person that service this country honorably.

                  • “I’m a Christian, I serve Jesus Christ and him only.”

                    So you claim. But YOUR money pays for murderers to kill, maim, and destroy. In reality, you serve Satan.

                    “I can tell by your foul mouth that you don’t follow the same Lord I do.”

                    I can tell by your comments that the only Lord you follow is the one of self-worship. That’s why you refuse to consider that I’m correct in everything I say, and that the IDOLS you worship are false.

                    “Facts!!! you would not know a fact if it jumped up and slapped you in the face.”

                    You’re speaking to one of the most well-informed persons on this planet. In light of that revelation, please consider the irony and foolishness of your assertion.

                    “Plus I’ll stand up for country and very service person that service this country honorably.”

                    All the way to your grave. And then your memory will be pissed and shat upon for generations, and deservedly so, because you chose to fight for the Nazis.

                  • Klein is clearly a troll with issues.

                    Don’t feed him.

                    The rest of us see where you are coming from Reb – no worries there.

                    • “Klein is clearly a troll with issues.”

                      If that’s what you really think, then the one who has serious problems is you.

                • Hey I like this guy

          • Northern Reb///anon thank you for your welcome back. I’ve missed this site and many of the good people, it’s unfortunate that so many crazy people have invaded but it was always inevitable based on the content of survival.

            We should all remember that the trolls on this site give us proof that much scum will survive SHTF and we’ll the have to deal with them accordingly.

        • Y99;
          By the way Thank you and all the others that have served this country.
          N Reb

          • Served this country? In what way does a paid thug “serve” his country, when his “service” consists of invading peaceful countries and killing innocents?

            Anyone who has ever served in the U.S. military in recent memory (myself included) is a sinner and killer. Fact.

            I’m personally responsible for helping kill three innocent farmers in a truck, an innocent grandfather walking nearby, and horribly maiming his 14 year old daughter (whom he died protecting.) She lost an arm and an eye.

            How much blood do YOU personally have on YOUR hands, taxpayer?

            • You must have been a drone operator out of Homestead.

              • More like satellite communications engineer, in a combat communications unit.

                I held the binoculars the guided the Army guy with Javelin missile. And laughed and cheered just like everyone else when the truck exploded into the biggest fireball we’d ever personally seen. It was really COOL!

                • You two faced little child!! “Laughed and cheered when truck exploded and into a big fireball It was cool”. Now how is the hypocrite?? What a bunch of hot air.

                  • That’s exactly what we DID, you fucking asshole! We laughed and cheered, because it was SOOO COOL! Because we were all KIDS, who knew nothing other than the patriotic horseshit SIMPLE FUCKS like you pounded into our heads from the time we were born. And now THAT YOUNG GIRL is the one who has to live with the consequences of OUR ARROGANCE.

                    How many times must it be repeated before you finally open your God damned mind to realize YOU are also responsible for that girl’s maiming, just as much as if YOU personally pulled the trigger….? Because it was YOU who gladly paid and funded “our boys” to have such equipment and to do as they please with it, cause it’s “our BOYS” and they are patriots who can do no harm, right? You fucking MURDERER!

            • there it is. true colors.

              • just me.

                I am not throwing stones at NK. I figure someone on the ground gave clearance to shoot. Bad info.

                Air Force. Not Army. Truck with Farmers. Innocent people killed. Thousands of miles apart.

                • No, the guy (Captain) who gave PERMISSION for the Army jocks on the roof to launch a missile was right there 10 feet below us in the OP. He didn’t bother to come out on the roof and take a look at the situation for himself and decide whether or not it was warranted to fire a missile at this random truck driving down the road. He just gave the all clear, and we fired the missile, and blew it to fucking pieces. And everyone laughed and cheered. It was COOL!

                  The local villagers thought at first an IED on the road had gone off. The Captain laughed about this, and I’m guessing did nothing to correct their misperception. I seriously doubt the truth remained hidden from them for long, considering there happened to be a large contingent of Afghan troops on our FOB at that time, who were out and about and definitely saw the missile being fired.

                  This was ONE event at ONE FOB. Can you imagine what else happens and gets covered up?

                • Forgot to mention: the next day there was a MASSIVE gathering of people at the village graveyard for the funeral. Must have been thousands there. Looked like little ants, from that distance.

                  I COULD HAVE STOPPED these events from taking place. All I had to do was raise the slightest bit of doubt about whether or not that truck was actually an enemy truck. If I had took a stand, that missile would not have been fired.

                  But I didn’t…and it was….and that girl’s life was destroyed forever. I was right there with them, being excited about firing this COOL missile at this little speck off in the distance. What a fucking FOOL and ASSHOLE I was…..

                  • The Captain gave the order. Would of, could of, should of.
                    It is bad. But not your burden to shoulder.

                    • No….read that again. He didn’t give the “order.” He gave PERMISSION. WE asked permission because WE did not question whether or not WE were doing the right thing. The Captain was simply the last one who could have stopped it. We ALL could have. And yes, it IS my burden to shoulder….but far more than mine, it’s that little girl’s, who will have to live the rest of her life with the consequences of OUR stupidity and ARROGANT belief that “our boys” are always in the right, when in fact, they are quite often horribly WRONG.

                  • Life is about living and learning an trying to learn from your mistakes and not repeat them. Fret not young man. You were serving your country. you were under the orders of others. War is F#king messy, mistakes are made and lessons are learned.You personally have done no wrong…knowingly…
                    I’ll bet that the way things went down was SOP at the time. Do not blame yourself young man. Remember this my fellow Veteran brothers. The mind can only be bothered by things that YOU ALLOW it to be bothered by. Yes it is easier said than done. But it can be so if YOU make it so. I can’t say how or why but I can relate with you brother. Personally I called it and lived it the way I thought was best and righteous at the time. It does NO-ONE any good to second guess themselves in the future about their past and things that they have done.
                    The very best you can do for yourself and those around you is just keep living and learning. Stop blaming yourself young man. think of it as a learning experience an move on to the next revolution of your life. You are not alone in your thoughts. there are many, you are not alone.
                    Gods Speed.

                    The Grand Awakening Is Happening.
                    It Can Not Be Stopped.
                    It Will Not Be Stopped.

                    And never forget…..Shit Happens.

                  • You still are.

                • I meant it for the troll Nathan. not you slingshot, you are up and up, he is NOT!

        • Y99, good to see you back. I’ve missed your posts. Don’t let any dildos run you off like that.

          • hope y99 finds his guns in the Colorado river from 4 years ago or so.

          • BH Been coming by from time to time, glad you’re still putting up the fight> Clint, good memory but it was a boating accident in the Puget Sound, which gives all an idea where I’m from.

            • I too suffered from “water loss”,all my firearms in ocean while kayaking a few years back,why I had em all?!On a side point,have freinds and family who fought in a lot of the decades recent wars,many unhappy about the wars and why they were fought.The one thing they all had in common was they said they were fighting themselves for the others around them.They have their regrets but really at time believed they were doing the right thing.They do share their stories though,will hopefully help younger folks who consider the military and the reasons why they are joining make at least informed decisions.You want to help folks,be a emt/paramedic/join coast gaurd rescue ect.One can serve this country and it’s people without taking part in insane wars other side of world that we have no business in.

        • Amen brother. Me too….

        • “Our Military is made up of US, they believe in the second amendment and the majority of real fighting men come from a lineage of heroes who have taught their sons and daughters the value of our liberties.”

          As an Air Force veteran, I can assure you that you are completely full of shit. You have bought the Party line hook, line, and sinker.

          The majority of Army recruits (alone) are drug addicts, ex gang members, and slack jawed morons who join largely because they are too stupid and irresponsible to do anything else. Fact.

          This country is about to get its fucking ass kicked in WW3, and deservedly so. Your precious military will be remembered much as the German Wehrmacht is today…that is, folks will mostly try to forget them.

          This is the legacy you’ve bought for yourself due to your ARROGANCE and willful blindness. Enjoy it.

          • “our precious military” is made up of OUR sons and daughters. Shut your F—in mouth you filthy whore nathan klein.

            • If your sons and daughters were so God damned precious to you they would not be in this God forsaken military, doing Satan’s bidding, now would they? Guess you don’t love your sons and daughters as much as you thought.

              • You are one of those hateful, moronic, antiChrist, pretend to be Christian and do satan’s bidding in disguise. Begone you evil one.

                • You’re a moron. Pull your head out of your own asshole before it’s too late.

        • Wow, well anyway to those that welcomed my post I thank you and have missed your level headedness. To the others I say get a life or get on meds quickly, based on your comments it’s obvious your thinking has been muddled by years of abuse and conspiracy theory or only living a life through books. In any regard I’ll not let a worthless troll like Nathan klein bother me. Nathan I would venture to say that the only thing you’ve ever accomplished is sitting on your hand until it went to sleep, but then I’m sure you still love it more then a hand alive with blood running through it.

          • Agreed, please take this site more serious. We try to help each other on here with real facts or real thoughts. By arguing with each other it makes reading these posts look childish. Lets help each other not fight each other. Many of us on here have been on here for 7 years or so. Not that it matters but we have all tried to help each other from storing foods or creating things.

          • “To the others I say get a life or get on meds quickly,”

            Why don’t you call out exactly who you are referring to, instead of being a passive aggressive little bitch?

            “based on your comments it’s obvious your thinking has been muddled by years of abuse and conspiracy theory or only living a life through books”

            Are you done yet?

            “In any regard I’ll not let a worthless troll like Nathan klein bother me. Nathan I would venture to say that the only thing you’ve ever accomplished is sitting on your hand until it went to sleep”

            Of course you would. Such idiotic, nonsensical comments are the bread and butter of your ilk.

            “but then I’m sure you still love it more then a hand alive with blood running through it.”

            whatever that means.

            Your Nazi military is a piece of shit. Stupid fucks like you brainwashed ME into your patriotic idiocy, which is why *I* ended up overseas in Afghanistan, where I became personally responsible for the deaths of innocents.

            Your ilk is a bloodthirsty lot. You don’t care who you have to kill or destroy in your quest to fulfill your self-appointed role as the rulers of the earth. That’s why you worship and glorify your God forsaken armies of unthinking killer drones (both the flesh and mechanical versions) as they wreak havoc and devastation across the earth.

            You unwillingness to face the FACT that YOU PERSONALLY have Hell to pay for the misdeeds that YOU cheered for and supported is why YOUR ilk is about to die off and disappear from this Earth….while people like me will be left to write your obituaries.

            When you’re standing in the middle of a smoking pile of ruin sometime in the next few years, wondering what happened, just remember: YOU EARNED IT!

            • Ok, instead of responding to you I’m running out to the nearest insane asylum to talk to a crazy person…………..alright I’m back, wow well I left a message for you at the front desk.

            • NK
              You’re under the illusion that the Military is some all-powerful organization, while I believe in the morality of the Individuals that make-up our Military. You work very hard to place all into a collective disregarding the individualism of many honorable men.

              You claim knowledge of weapon systems, yet I fielded the Javelin missile and know an assistant with bino’s would be like a sniper letting his spotter pull the trigger for him.

              So tell me NK when were you in the fight, and what unit did you serve with that turned you into the muddle minded POS you are?

              • “You work very hard to place all into a collective disregarding the individualism of many honorable men.”

                So does the ENTIRE HUMAN RACE. When they’re talking about the NAZIS, for instance.

                “You claim knowledge of weapon systems, yet I fielded the Javelin missile and know an assistant with bino’s would be like a sniper letting his spotter pull the trigger for him. ”

                He was having trouble tracking the truck as it popped in and out of various terrain. I didn’t say I was a Javelin expert, jackass, I’m a communications engineer. I doubt that guy was an expert either. He just wanted to play with his COOL TOY!

                “So tell me NK when were you in the fight, and what unit did you serve with that turned you into the muddle minded POS you are?”

                The piece of shit is YOU, murderer. Stop defending Nazis with your money and mouth, ASSHOLE….or you will be flushed down the commode of history like the TURD you are.

                • cut and paste and then attempt to degrade the poster. well, I’ll say one thing for you Nathan, you got that trolling “thing” down. LOL

                  • Did Nathan show up about the time Kerry broke his leg? Mr. Heinz has time on his hands about now….

                    Just sayin’

                    • GREEN THUMB

                    • What the fuck?

                      You can’t defeat the argument someone’s making, so instead you make an ad hominem attack, accusing me of being some other person?

                      You’re obviously too foolish to understand that you just bolstered my argument. If the words I’m saying sound like someone else’s, then maybe your clueless ass should consider if that means there are multiple or many people who feel that way?

                      The reason you only see me posting here occasionally, jackass, is because a) I have better shit to do with my time, like work for a living, than to live in this comments section like some of you do, and b) because I’m not so stupid as to post on places like this from my own house. This wicked government has no idea where I live, and I do not leave digital breadcrumbs back to my home. Best of luck with whatever security strategy you’re using.

                      Now back on topic: what a fool you and others are to cheer for this corrupt and wicked military. How stupid your friends and relatives are who are still in the “service.” What a God damned asshole you are for still voluntarily paying taxes to support this Imperial military force, while whining and making excuses when somoene tells you to just stop. You are all serving Satan and will be weighed, judged, and measured accordingly.

        • Y99
          Where have you been.
          Missed some of your statements here.
          We don’t always agree, but you make me think!
          I do respect you and your statement. The trolls haven’t left yet, and some of them are worse than others. So be ready for some B.S.
          If we had the thumbs they would see just how far they are out of line.
          Like I have always said. If you don’t like what I right let me respectfully where I’m wrong. don’t come out as some big bag ass. They need to bring something good to the site not just negativity.
          Again Welcome Home!

          • Sgt. it the BS I’m getting tired of, I suppose I should not be so antagonistic just returning but oh well.

        • Thank you for the reasoned reply. I appreciate information such as this.

          I also don’t believe our government is beyond reproach. It is capable of doing many things that are against our interest as free Americans and as abiders of our great Constitution. Unfortunately, we will have to wait and see how this plays out. Prepping for the worst while simultaneously hoping for the best certainly cannot hurt.

        • ISIS was created by the CIA, its Hegelian Dialectic

          Problem – Terrorism, loss of security/freedom
          Reaction – Fear, war, loss of life
          Solution – Martial law, NSA, TSA, RFID (cashless society), NWO


      24. Jewmerica is playing with fire,…a fire that won’t be extinguished until this whole country and probably the whole world, is a smoldering ruin. Benjamin Franklin lobbied the participants of the Constitutional Convention to have placed in the Constitution, a ban, that would forever forbid the introduction of members of the Tribe into the United States. He, of course failed and the Tribe today controls everything, especially the collective mind of America. They didn’t have total control after WW1 and so it was hard to sell the idea that the evil Germans had murdered six million Jews during the war, few believed it. After WW2, they did have total control over everything, press, radio, movies and so most Americans believed the six million myth that was supposedly committed by the most highly advanced civilization on Earth. Today, as a testament to the success of that wicked race, the United States stands at the door of utter destruction. The wisdom of Dr. Franklin has been proven out and these living generations of Americans, young and old, are left to pay for the stupidity committed so long ago

        • A–Hole

          The fact that people like you exist is proof of our doom, thanks for chiming in with your narrow thinking and mindless drivel…idiot!

          • Y99:
            It’s a full moon out tonight all the weirdo’s are on the lose.
            Any way good to have you back.
            S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • I think you need to shut the fuck up and go away, y99, if all you’re planning to do here is post such idiotic comments.

            Aurelius is trying to WARN your stupid ass about certain FACTS which you seem to be too much of a simple minded fool to grasp.

            • The hardest thing for man to be is simple. People like you make the world far more complicated than it really is, so fuck you NK! What is it you really know? Hey why don’t you take a break from this site and write Mein Kampf 2.0 you fucking lunatic!

              • Why, so a simple fuck like you could give me money and worship my every word, in the name of being part of the “greatest and bestest nation on earth”?

                Let’s face it, you’re too stupid and immoral to survive the next 5 years.

                • Good to see you’re still out there you prodigious personification of all human inferiorities! I’d say you have me wrong and tell you we could find common ground, but I know it would do little good, based on what you’ve posted I put you at about thirty or so and that places you within the window of your BiPolor disorder, so I won’t waste my time, but I will when of the mind be your antagonist until you’re committed…deal!

            • Aureilus is right..Fast website searches reveal actual archived newspaper headlines from litterally every main major newspaper of usa and europe that state some form of six million jews holohoxed or on verge of being dead…I have located 6-seperate eras of such…Beginning in 1895 newspaper headlines, then again 1905 again 1917 or so-and again for grand total of SIX seperate times from 1895 to 1940’s where every paper globally claimed some form of six million jews either now dead or asap soon shall be dead unless tons of millions of $$$$ gets donated or unless western (whitey) nations Act! aka Make WAR against first Russia at early stages then Germans later stages.

              Added up anybody stooopid enough to believe any six million holohoax crap must also believe that while global international jewry never had more than aprox 14-15 million population total worldwide…Somehow add it up and jews had at least 36-million holohoaxed deaths within just 50 yrs time frame!! plus still has 15 million alive Now!

              ITEM: Jews OWN Jewish Almanacs of varried eras, especially almanacs showing entire global jew population numbers in aprox 1933-34 lists just over 15 million jews, a couple hundred thousand over 15 mil…THEN..SAME Jewish almanacs show for 1944 grand totals of JUST around 200,000 LESS jews remain alive globally!

              That ties in with international red cross lists and red cross did go into EVERY camp and Often did so…More than ANY other org ever did…red Cross archived lists never shown to public untill finally released once soviets wall came down etc shows grand total of ALL races-types deaths in all camps combined at aprox 287,000.

              Sam red cross lists documented verrifed etc shows aprox 42,000 jews left alive at end of camps era…TODAY numbers as High as over 4 million jews collecting war cash from germans!…100 fold increase of so called camp survivors eh…Should be no shock with mammon worshippers like jews is eh…

              Many websites have tons of verrified documented photos and articles and former hidden army and govnt’s papers released within past 20 yrs or so. Plus the endless too many to count jews wild claims and stories of camp abuse etc etc which NEVER happened!

              Example: Book called “the Little Wolf Girl” or close to that title..Womans book says she escaped aushwitz gas death at age aprox 6 yrs old…Jumped over 25 ft tall fence when nazi soldiers werent looking!

              Then crawled naked thru 4ft deep snow below zero temps untill a Pack of Wolved found her laying tired by a tree or whatever…6-8 pack wolves adopted jew girl and fed her dead rabbits and kept her warm for…OVER 2.5 yrs! Untill a nice young new married swedish couple on a honnymoon walk, thru WWII war infested forest!…Saw girl and then they adopted her to raise her in sweden etc etc..

              BUT!!!…After earning $20 million from her concocted stories, and shes paid $100,000 pr speach to univ’s etc turned out…She was NEVER a Jew!…NOT ever even BORN untill a dozen years AFTER WWII ENDED!

              But shes still paid for speaches on camp survival and life in woods raised by pack wild wolves because her story creates so swell of an “Emotional” responce from audiences!!

              And Thats the real story Create emotional feelings based belife of whatever ANY jews claims even after proven False as can be…because the HolYhoax Shoa MUST go On and On and On…How else can jewry internationaly keep usa folk duped into wars galore for jewry?

              but the Largest worst ever Blame goes to the Many/Most Fraud Pastors teaching that bless jews crap and shirking duty to speak 100% truth as a pastor.

              Maybe when Israel and rich NY jewry Gave a FREE private Jet plane To Hagee and Falwall, both fraud preachers with massive huge followings of duped goyim. Had something to do with pastors agreeing to assist to keep the shoa going on and on like the energiser bunny rabbit everreddy batterys has eh.

              TWO phony bombastic blowhard pastors with heads stuck deep in jew ass is all it took to convince 300,000 More usa pastors to Join in promoting jew/israel firster crap so they may also get a free jet!…

              Couple weeks ago PEW Pole research pole results says: Folks of Repubs and Dems were asked “if You Had to make a choice to ONLY support USA Or Israel in say a conflict of intrests etc?…Which will You choose?

              ANSWERS: Repubs both Polititions in DC and reg voter folk 68% said “I choose Israel Over usa!(can they say Traitors?)

              Dems likewise pols and voters alike were listed at 37% pick Israel Over america!

              Pastors and MSM TV nobody else is so to blame for this travesty and so many dumbed down fooled dupes…Most are whiteys also! makes it Doubley bad.

              Main Problem is NONE of Naysayers and jew worshippers or israel firsters will ever DARE to actually research such proven factual infos that refute most we was ever told of jewry-nazis and WWII besides much else also taught wrongly….They LIKE being deep denial dupes!

              They aint going to like usa soon once that Nation Wrecker tribe is done.

              Those whom Will Dare try reading “The International Jew…The Worlds Foremost Problem” by Henry Ford(yes The automaker ford) of 1922 or 1923

              Them what Can handle facts and real truth on WWII and jewry issues etc…just Ask I have tons of great proof soild Links…Even one has Actual OSS-MI-5..Russian army Air Photo Maps of most of camps and the worlds foremost expert at map reading such info maps and His documented Expose’ of Lies by jews galore of boddies ten layers deep! 800.000 jews killed per month!!!

              OR keep believing jews like the woman who claims she could keep accurate count of jews deaths by…”The color of smoke from tall chimny of crematoria ovens(3-4 ovens none like modern day type) and the smokes ‘smell” was DIFFERENT smell and different color when a jews dead body got creamated!

              Riiigggghhht! Jews think they so different and so super special compared to a common Goyim gentile like we all are…That even the smoke smells sweeter and has a nicer color so she knew it was definatly a dead jew in there!

              How is it not embaressing for folks to admit 100% unquestioned belief in such mambo jambo pure unadulterated crapola like them few jews spoken of here my post?…And know that there tens, hundreds of thousands more crazed lunatic jew stories as bad or worse yet!…..Same storis the almost ALL jew neurenburg trials laywers and judges(jews mostly) Used to convict and hang germans!

              travesty not trial! travesty for germans…ok back to primpping for next sundays class when pastor teaches jews can never do wrong and when they do its all Okay folks!

              but Never ever Dare to question any wild jewry stories or YOU too are a evil nazi racist!

              It surely Is now the “Jewnited SNAKES of AmeriKa” eh. just wait till jewrys wet dream of 2nd soviet reality is full blown here like 1917 russia eh….I bet then You question jews nation wreckings etc…when its too late of course. Say Hy for me to Pastor if he yanks his head from jewry ass again.

          • y99; My “narrow thinking” and ” mindless drivel” is based upon truth, a truth which you know nothing of but which I have garnered over sixty years of searching. I am old now and it doesn’t matter what I think or believe but to you younger ones, it is so important to awaken to the lies that have made you victims. You probably will not, as I know how powerful the media and this nonexistent American government is and you do not, but know that while it was your responsibility, as it was mine and my generation to maintain the American Republic, it is understandable that you and I and we…, failed!

            • In your search for truth you’ve neglected the darkness in your own heart. Tell me when TSHTF is finding a scapegoat the most important thing?


        Great line from one of Ben Stillers better movies…..Tropic Thunder

      26. Volunteers?…sign me up

      27. Something just does not make sense, I thought that the military was to fight another military, one army against another army?
        If they are training for riot control, information gathering on civilians, kidnaping, ECT; I can understand that, but if I were to practice that stuff I think I would practice that in an area that I planned on carrying those actions out.
        You don’t practice football on the basketball court, or you don’t target practice by throwing a baseball at the target, you don’t learn how to fly an airplane by learning how to drive a tank. You practice on and with the object you intend to use and do your deed on.
        So the way I feel about this Jade helm crap is that they are up to no good.
        What’s that old saying, “practice makes perfect”. So Texas and Utah, watch your 6’s, he!! everyone had better start watching there 6’s. If TSHTF I have a feeling that you will have some volunteers heading south and west just like they did in 1840’s.
        The military is not large enough to control all the population in this country and if TPTB bring in troops from somewhere else, may GOD have mercy on there souls, because there bodies will belong to US.
        S.T.S.FP. N. Reb

        • When shtf, I wonder if or how long the interstate system will be accessible to civilians.

          • Loulou:
            No interstates all back roads and good country folk.

            • NR, I won’t even have to use any interstate to get to the BOL and I know several alternate routes, so no problem for me.

              • Braveheart: and all others:
                Here is a question I have asked myself many times.
                If TSHTF in Texas or anywhere else in this country, would you go and help our brothers and sisters out even if it meant that you had to take up arms???
                I’m not sure how many will answer, but I know what my answer is.

                • Northern Reb.

                  I am not leaving my state because if I leave who would defend my state. If there was ten of us. We would not be able to communicate. Would have different weapons and different ideas on which way to go to get there. For sure there would be one flaming idiot in the group that might get us all killed. Besides every one of us would be over sixty years of age. Why go when eventually the enemy will arrive at my doorstep.

                  Do you also think I would go to New York, New Jersey or California?

                • The type of conflict we are contemplating would probably not be limited to the state line.

                  If the great state of TEXAS was to become overcome, then there would be a domino effect radiating out. A battle of this magnitude would be heard! All of my neighbors here are ex and retired military and we will not be marched out back and shot in the head like sheep, baaaaaaaaaaa.

                  If my neighbor is in a firefight, those here have agreed, they will not be fighting alone. We will be coming no matter the cost. Better to live upright and meet them at the breach: than to surrender your freedom/life.

                  For those who think this mindless banter or are weighted down with guilt for having served, it may be time to step up again for family and neighbor-not in some far away land, but maybe just down the road from you.

                  The states had better live by the same law or they will one day wake in chains.

                  • 1vet

                    So how does your neighborhood stand up.

                    In a ten block area I do not believe I could find 32 able bodied men, with some kind of cohesive training with gear that would stand a chance in a firefight.

                    Four squads, eight men each. One Company.
                    I would bet if you put them in formation they could not march together.

                    • Slingshot:

                      We live in the country. Without being specific Several of my friends can reach out and touch you at 1000yds with what they have. This is a no-shitter.

                      We also periodically blow stumps, operate heavy equipment and we travel in town to lift at the local gym.

                      I’m not saying we’re the “A” Team, but if you have the invaders taking casualties, from an unseen enemy that fades away, that will slow things down. I doubt we’ll be forming skirmish lines and marching into battle so dress right dress is kinda out the window.

                      I’m not saying none of us will die-we all will someday?
                      It’s a question oh how you live your life-with honor- or just trying to hang on to it for as long as TPTB allow you to?

                      I’m not bending a knee…my home is my line…

                    • Independent, yet strategically mutually supportive formations of one. That many separate fronts for them to fight but, nothing larger for them to capture, destroy or infiltrate. That’s how the people can destroy the necessarily collective elite powers that be. Those who rely on the collective will go down with it.

                • The answer to your question is easy. The article said their will be no communication, in or out. I think that like minded folks, within a reasonable distance, if informed, will be there.

                  • Thanks everyone for the come back. Give you some things to think about.
                    S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

                • NR: I like to premise of your question. IF TSHTF. That is refreshingly optimistic.
                  I would defend my community, with arms, no question. Then my town, then my state. I believe we will be defending against golden hordes & meth heads, though, not our military or the UN.

                • My “campsites” are all around here. We hold the high ground; all of the ranges are known and marked well. There is no advantage when on “foreign soil” so it is not a good plan to change plans. If you’re not already prepared to blend into the hills it’s getting kinda late in the process. Get your caches in place NOW.

                  Even though they are our brothers in arms, we better all be prepared to cover our own ground. It will come to all of us sooner or later. I’m sure there are enough people in each of our regions to make the invaders days and nights suck real bad.

                  The “100 Heads” lists will come into play and the collateral damage that they suffer will demoralize them REAL fast. They all live somewhere and they can’t hide for long. Their records and misdeeds are public (or will be) and so are their addresses. It is gonna suck to be them I’ll bet.


            • Our trucks ain’t clean

              • Way out here

          • I think they will use the national guard to checkpoint what you have and steal any weapons you have in the vehicle and detain you. Trust me you will have to make a decision to engage or give up your rights and weapons and you WILL NOT get them back. Think about it, too much of a pain in the ass to catalog them and return them Will not happen 100 percent fact. They will do rather quickly. Side roads will be the only way. There simply is not enough of them to close everything. But if you travel I would suggest you have armor if you have and have multiple shooters that can defend yourself with. Just like in Katrina they will detain you and then go to your home etc. All your stuff will be taken. You can’t afford to be detained at any costs. Think about it. Not arguing just debating.

            • You are on point…100% correct. In my area there are certain important side roads which are not in usable state at this moment, which I’m planning to re-open and re-connect, for the transport of people and supplies from point A to Z, around the roadblocks.

              Some of those roadblocks are going to be unfortunate choices for those manning then, when they come under attack from the surrounding wilderness…

          • LOULOU
            I can give a sample of what might happen.
            1St 48 to 60 hours the interstate will be closed down to traffic other than emergency and military. after that the folks closing it down will start to worry about their families and go home. That is when if there is anyone left in the military will take over the roads.

            Large scale disaster like something happening in Chiraq (Shitcago) All lanes will be turned into outbound lanes.
            This means the North South and West of Chiraq will receive about 2.5 million people. Most of them not wanted. They will have nothing and will not be afraid to kill for it.

            I know for a fact that there are several towns that I live by that are to take in as many as 25,000 people. Population of a couple of these towns is about 25,000 or less.
            How long do you think that infrastructure is going to hold up.

            Thanks for the question. I hope I helped.

            • Thanks Sgt, I have a few family members within 2 1/2 hour drive that will be heading my way. I am in Texas, so mapping out State and farm to market route.

      28. Get prepared, finish up your preparations, do what you have to do, but get ready to kill the enemy, foreign and domestic which is operating on American soil.

        God bless you all.

      29. the blithering idiots over at Homeland SEkURItEe
        are starting to look like rocket scientists

        at least compared to the blithering idiots over at the Pentagon

        Pentagon sends anthrax to itself ???

        Anthrax Found in the Pentagon

        ht tp://www.thedailybeast.com/article…hrax-went.html

        ya just can’t make this stuff up

        • Actually, ALL of that stuff is made up. You didn’t think the news was telling you the TRUTH about anything, did you?

      30. Man made or natural the govt. will fuck up.The last 6 years 10’s of millions of new firearms purchased(obola great at sales)along with lots of folks waking up.I would say the best prep right now id download all the info you want off net,disaster either way will kill the net for most anyhow.You have a printer print this info. up,knowledge is the best weapon.You like to cook,see USCrow site,great recipes there!

      31. Why is there a wooden clog in the center of the JH logo? If you know your history or do some research (ie: google – wooden, clog, prisoner) you will find that the wooden clog was used in the Auschwitz death camps. The standard shoe handed out in the death camps. That is either a horrendous unforgivable error, or their intentions are bad.

        • If as jews claim nazi germans was the worlds best ever advanced pure killing Machine….And in a huge hurry to kill 6 million jews, plus TWICE as many non jews who never get mentioned as they were Only goyim aka lesser quality than super jews..

          While germany was in the fight for its national Life against aprox 40 of top world nations armys at once! Low of ammo-low fuels-manpower etc etc…

          YET! Once jews arrived at so called death camps they were lined up and given…. 6 million Shave and Haircuts!…6 Million Matching pairs stripped PJ’s-6 million Pairs woden shoes….And THEN all mass killed off?

          WHY NO mention by THESE Three guys who of ALL persons worldwide Had to Know far greater details of WWII and german nazis etc etc than ALL others combined?

          “I’ve checked out the six volumes of Churchill’s Second World War and the statement is quite correct – not a single mention of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ’six million’ Jewish victims of the war. Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe is a book of 559 pages; Churchill’s Second World War totals 4,448 pages; and De Gaulle’s three-volume Mémoires de guerre is 2,054 pages.
          In this mass of writing, which altogether totals 7,061 pages (not including the introductory parts), published from 1948 to 1959, one will find no mention either of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ’six million’ Jewish victims of the war.”

          — Richard Lynn, Professor Emeritus, University of Ulster

          WOW! include introductory pages its close to 8000 pages long! and ZERO mentions of what every jew claims IS The Number One most important event of all time universe wide eh???!!….Maybe they all 3 “forgot”?! OR Maybe 99% is THE Greatest Hoax of 20th century…Bingo!

          SOMBODY Explain How is this below even a Remote possibility?…OR its more typical Jew-Lies eh…You decide! SIX-MILLION Jews???…HEADLINES NOTE DATES!!!

          The number six million. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.
          The Sun, New York, Sunday, June 6, 1915.
          “Horrors worse than Kisheneff charged against Russia Today”.
          “Six million Jews, one half of the Jewish people throughout the world, are being persecuted, hounded, humiliated, tortured, starved.”
          “Dear brethren, have mercy on the six million Jews in Russia, and take our part.”

          The New York Times, October 18th, 1918.
          “$1,000,000,000 fund to rebuild Jewry”.
          “Six million souls will need to resume normal life when war is ended.”
          “6,000,000 Jews need help.”

          The New York Times, September 8th, 1919.
          “Ukrainian Jews aim to stop pogroms.”
          “Mass meeting hears that 127,000 Jews have been killed and 6,000,000 are in peril.”
          “This fact that the population of 6,000,000 souls in Ukrainia and Poland have received notice that through action and by word that they are going to be completely exterminated – this stands before the world as the paramount issue of the present day.”

          The New York Times, November 12th, 1919.
          “Tells sad plight of Jews.”
          “… have reduced to unbelievable poverty, starvation and disease, about 6,000,000 souls, or about half the Jewish population of earth.”

          The Constitution, Atlanta , February 23rd 1920.
          “$50,000 raised in city to save suffering Jews.”
          “He called upon the Atlanta Jews to arise to the occasion, and contribute to the emergency fund in order that the lives of six millions of Jewish people may be saved.”
          “He (Rabbi Marx) drew a graphic picture of the starvation and suffering of the 6,000,000 Jews who live in Eastern Europe and Palestine”.

          The New York Times, May 7th, 1920.
          “Jewish war aid gets $100,000 gift.”
          “The fund for Jewish war sufferers in Central and Eastern Europe, where six millions face horrifying conditions of famine, disease and death …”

          The New York Times, July 20th, 1921.
          “Begs America to save 6,000,000 in Russia.”
          “Massacre threatens all Jews as Soviet power wanes, …”
          “Russia’s 6,000,000 Jews are facing extermination by massacre. As the famine is spreading, the counter-revolutionary movement is gaining, and the Soviet’s control is waning.”

          The Montreal Gazette, December 29th, 1931.
          “Six million Jews face starvation.”
          “Six million Jews in Eastern Europe face starvation, and even worse, during the coming winter.”

          The New York Times, May 31st, 1936.
          “Americans appeal for Jewish refuge.”
          “The petition … stressed the intolerable sufferings of the millions of Jews in Europe, in the “European holocaust”.”
          “ … and let in the victimized and persecuted Jews escaping from the European holocaust.”
          (But Hitler didn’t get into Power untill,,,1939!!! yet jews whine of a holocaust of six million jews 6 full yrs before hitlers rise to power????? Liars! Thieves! and Mass Murders of close to 250-Million WHITE and Christian eastern european peoples mass murdered BY the USSR Jewdeo-Soviet-Bolshevik Kommies! so just whom is the True mass killers and what was the Real true holocaust eh?….since when does six million which itself is untrue when really only aprox 270,000 total jews died in WWII etc, replace 250-Million Gentile Whiteys as the greater evil?….Are You getting it as yet folks?….I can provide tons more links and proof documents etc in needed….Just ask!,

          The New York Times, February 23rd, 1938.
          “Jewish teachers chided by Isaacs.”
          “Jewish tragedy pictured.”
          “A depressing picture of 6,000,000 Jews in Central Europe, deprived of protection, or economic opportunities, slowly dying of starvation, all hope gone, was presented

          Am STILL Looking for those 1895 Headlines of “SIX” Million jews Holyhoaxed dead! Stay tuned will post asap if can find it.

      32. They are sure in a hurry to meet the Deagle.com deadline of 2050 genocide.

        • FOR: Those who Deny-Reject-Refuse to believe-Jewry=Kommies….DENY THESE Quoted statements, most BY Jews!….Is trurh Really that, Cries incessantly 24/7 of “six-Million Jews” and Nazi holohoax…Really a smoke screen to HIDE the Facts that close to a THIRD of a BILLION, Whites and Christians were systematically being Genocided BY Jewdeo-Comminust-soviet-Bolsheviks, perhaps?

          If Not? Then WHY do jews nor any major news outlets nor schools etc etc EVER Mention Those third of billion deaths that began in 1917 before Hitler was even heard of!

          And why Hasn’t the Weazeal Eli famed nazi hunter EVER YET hunted down and Charged one single Bolshevik Kommie Murderer to Date?…Prosecute germans…BUT Never prosecute evil jew kommie Butchers right?…Not One single kommie yet ever been charged or convicted! since 1917 to 2015 Not even One!…but Them kommie jews Killed 50-Times as many as six million!..Not One yet! Hmmmmm. Equality as taught by jewish standards?

          “Some call it Marxism – I call it Judaism.”
          Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, in the American Bulletin of May 15, 1935 (He Was usa’s TOP jew Rabbi then!)

          “The revolution in Russia is a Jewish revolution”
          The Maccabean (New York), Nov. 1905, p, 250

          “Jewry is the mother of Marxism.”
          Le Droit de Vivre, May 12, 1936

          “Judaism is Marxism, communism”
          Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and an Answer to All Anti-Semites (New York: Committee for the Preservation of the Jews, 1939), p. 64

          “The communist soul is the soul of Judaism.”
          Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and an Answer to All Anti-Semites (New York: Committee for the Preservation of the Jews, 1939), p. 143

          “We Jews cannot be called upon to denounce Communism.”
          The American Hebrew (New York), February 3, 1939, p. 11

          “The picture which the Soviet Union presents today is one that should bring rejoicing to world Jewry.”
          The Youngstown Jewish Times, Sept. 18, 1936, page 51

          “It would be absurd to deny the intensity of the Jewish participation in the Russian revolutionary movement.”
          Leon Dennen, in The Menorah Journal (New York) July-September 1932, p. 106

          “That achievement – the Russian-Jewish revolution – destined to figure in history as the overshadowing result of World War, was largely the outcome of Jewish thinking, of Jewish discontent, of Jewish effort to reconstruct.”
          The American Hebrew, September 10, 1920

          “The Bolshevik Government of Russia is the key-stone of the arch of the proof of the Jewish conspiracy for radicalism and world-domination.”
          William Hard, The Great Jewish Conspiracy (New York: American Jewish Book Company, 1920), p. 31

          “The Jewish elements provide the driving forces for communism”
          Dr. Oscar Levy, in George Pitt-Rivers, The World Significance of the Russian Revolution (Oxford, 1920), p. ix

          “The Jews [have been] furnishing for the Bolsheviks the majority of their leaders”
          The Jewish World (London), April 16, 1919, p. 11

          “Russian Jews have taken a prominent part in the Bolshevist movement”
          The American Hebrew (New York), November 18, 1927, p. 20

          “Jewry has come to wield a considerable power in the Communist Party.”
          Dr. Avrahm Yarmolinsky, in The Menorah Journal (New York), July 1928, p. 37

          “The East-Side Jew [Trotsky] that Conquered Europe”
          The liberator (New York), March 1920, pp. 26-27

          “The real East Sider [New York Jew Trotsky] is at the head of things in Russia.”
          M. L. Larkin, in The Public (New York), November 23, 1918, p. 1433

          “It is not an accident that Judaism gave birth to Marxism, and it is not an accident that the Jews readily took up Marxism; all this is in perfect accord with the progress of Judaism and the Jews.”
          Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and an Answer to All Anti-Semites
          (New York: Committee for the Preservation of the Jews, 1939), p. 148

          “Karl Marx, who came from an old family of rabbis and brilliant Talmudic scholars, was to point the path of victory for the proletariat.”
          L. Rennap, Anti-Semitism and the Jewish Question (London, 1942), p. 31

          “Among his [Karl Marx’s] ancestors were Rabbis and Talmudists, men of learning and keen intellect.”
          Henry Wickham Steed, in The American Hebrew (New York), December 9, 1927, p. 206

          “The peculiarly Jewish logic of his [Karl Marx’s] mind”
          Henry Wickham Steed, in The American Hebrew (New York), December 9, 1927, p. 206

          “Mr. Wickham Steed lays the rise of Bolshevism at the doors of Jewry.”
          The Jewish Guardian (London), November 28, 1924, p. 4

          “The Bolshevik Revolution has emancipated the Jews as individuals”
          Dr. Avrahm Yarmolinsky, in The Menorah Journal (New York), July 1928, p. 33

          “There are many Bolshevik leaders of Jewish extraction”
          D. L. Sandelsan, in The Jewish Chronicle (London), February 20, 1920, p. 22

          “There is no Jew who does not hope with all his heart that the Soviet Union will survive and be victorious”
          Zionist Review (London: Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland), September 26, 1941, p. 7

          “Communism and internationalism are in truth and in fact great virtues. Judaism may be justly proud of these virtues”
          Harry Watan, A Program for the Jews and an Answer to All Anti-Semites
          (New York: Committee for the Preservation of the Jews, 1939), p. 80

          “If the tide of history does not turn toward Communist internationalism … then the Jewish race is doomed.”
          George Marlen, Stalin, Trotsky, or Lenin (New York, 1937), p. 414

          “The [Jewish] Commissaries were formerly political exiles. They had been dreaming of revolution for years in their exile in Paris, in London, in New York, in Berlin, everywhere and anywhere. They saw in the Bolshevist Movement an opportunity of realizing the extreme ideas of Communism and internationalism to which their fate had compelled them.”
          Dr. D. S. Pazmanik, in The Jewish Chronicle (London), September 5, 1919, p. 14

          “The Jewish people will never forget that the Soviet Union was the first country – and as yet the only country in the world – in which anti-Semitism is a crime.”
          Jewish Voice (New York: National Council of Jewish Communists), January 1942, p. 16

          “Anti-Semitism was classed [by the Soviet Government] as counter-revolution and the severe punishments meted out for acts of anti-Semitism were the means by which the existing order protected its own safety”
          The Congress Bulletin, (New York: American Jewish Congress), January 5, 1940, p. 2

          “There is no official anti-Semitism in Russia; anti-Semitism in Russia is a crime against the State.”
          Dr. Chalm Weizmann, The Jewish People and Palestine (London: Zionist Organization, 1939), p. 7

          “Anti-Communism is anti-Semitism.”
          Jewish Voice (New York: National Council of Jewish Communists), July-August 1941, p. 23

          “The part which Jews play in the [Communist] Government of the country [Russia] does not appear to be declining”
          Harry Sacher, in The Jewish Review (London), June-August 1932, p. 43

          “The Jews have a right to subordinate to themselves the rest of mankind and to be the masters over the whole earth. This is the historic destiny of the Jews”
          Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and an Answer to All Anti-Semites (New York Committee for the Preservation of the Jews, 1939), pp. 99-100

          “We Jews, we the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever. Nothing that you will do, will meet our needs and demands. We will destroy because we need a world of our own.”
          Maurice Samuel, You Gentiles, page 155

          “The Russian intelligentsia . . . saw in the philosophy of Judaism the germs of Bolshevism – the struggle of … Judaism versus Christianity.”
          Leon Dennen, in The Menorah Journal (New York, July-September 1932, p. 105

          “Soviet Russia has declared war on Christianity, and on those who profess this faith. In the Russian villages today Bolsheviks and Herbert H. Lehman . . . were called the ‘secret government of the United States’ and were linked with ‘world communism.’”
          Dr. Louis Harap, in Jewish Life (New York), June 1951, p. 20

          Are You Getting it Yet?

          Now just WHOM Is/were…Kommies.. responsible for Mass Genocideing almost 335,000,000 Mainly Whites and Christians starting in 1917 almost 25 yrs Before a single Hair on a single Jews head was ever harmed by Hitler or germans in general?…ANSWER” Its The JEWS Stupids!

          Why do we Only Always ever hear non stop about “jewish sufferings”? and the provan Falsehood of “six Million”?

          Anyone who can read all this stuff and remain in deep Denials still?…Is a 100% total hopeless Loss period.

          Copy this stuff to show the next jew you meet whineing/crying of six million jews etc etc…Ask him or her “What about ALL them whiteys Your people genocided? its at least 50-Times as many as six million eh!”

          oh wait! I forgot jews matter and non jew goyim do Not! ok sorry I kinda lost my head there…Got it Now jews matter 100% and we goys never matter…But ask the jew anyways just to see their face get all tight and screwy looking when faced with such factual truths eh.

      33. The financial sunami at some point will hit the usa. maybe 1 year away or maybe 15 years away; but it will hit. either the dollar will lose reserve status, foreign countries will call on the debt or its own citizens, cities and states will have too many defaults to absorb.

        When that happens, it’s going to be max max throughout the whole country. things like jade helm are starting up now so those at the top make sure they stay at the top and not on some roasting pit and you can bet 100% that a majority of law enforcement and military will foloow along rather than be thrown to the angry masses that will finally see what the past 100 years of letting govt rule as it sees fit does to a country.

      34. So what exactly are they looking forward to?

        JH is now moved up to June 15th.

        Unconventional Warfare on the People of the USA.

        Blackout communication in the field to keep soldiers from knowing their families are being rounded up by the alphabet soup gang.


        anyone in need of night vision on the cheap should check out , children’s night vision spy toys.

        good for 50 feet, add a infrared flashlight and it extends the range to 70 feet or more.

        for less than a $100. you can set yourself up for emergency blackouts and night time home security.

        * guys are using these night vision spy toys to play night time paintball tournaments in the dark woods.

        * the real deal gen 3 and 4 nvg’s cost $3,000.

        * considering most zombies wont even have flashlights during a shtf event, these toys give you a definite edge.

      36. I dont think they would go the EMP route, maybe a simulated EMP, the way everything is wifi’d in all they gotta do is shut of a few cell towers, use the smart meters and kill power to a street, block, city, or whole state… Like has been stated i dont think they want a frontal assault, they wanna sneak in without disturbing the sheep.


        • Secret Squirrel-How ya doing? Thank God the rain stopped!!!

          • Hey vet, man you got that right… Few more sunny days and my chickens feet
            Will be touching the ground again, lmao

      37. Jade Helm will hopefully Wake more folks Up to the reality of what Once Free zog amerika has become.


        the longer the NWO ZOG take to launch THE BIG ZOG FALSE-FLAG ATTACK , the more time WE THE PEOPLE have to prepare TO FIGHT BACK!

      38. This administration will get the civil war they want even if they have to start it.


        *notice it’s the same homes prior to the cleanup by neighbors.


      40. Jade stone has always been perceived as being an eastern, Oriental sourced thing-
        And helm is a defensive type of word (helmet, etc.), so maybe this is an operation about preparing defenses against Chinese insurection.
        Just postulatin’.

        Jade also refers to something worn out (‘jaded’, originally meaning a worn-out horse), and helm can also mean a position of control, so maybe its about controling the old grey mare called America that aint what she used to be, after ‘something happens’.


        The clog on the shield? Perhaps they mean to literaly clog-up the works, you know?
        (I would’ve chosen a jack-boot myself.)

        • No disrespect to you Hank, but I could care less what the “Jade Helm” meaning is suppose to be. If our Military wants to play their war games and or exercises, then there is a place for it and it’s called Military Bases. These so called exercise’s that they are preparing for are completely Unconstitutional and it should not even be taken place. So much for Representation in this country, even these so called elected fucks are not telling the Military Industrial Complex NO on Jade Helm!

          I do not like these exercises being done out in public, there is just too much to go wrong here. If for some odd reason this exercise turns into a country-wide Martial Law. Anything, and I mean anything in Uniform will be automatically judged as an enemy combatant to me. That goes for all of you retired/post Military personal. DO NOT wear your Military Fatigues in a SHTF Scenario, you just may get the wrong end of the stick, if ‘ya know what I mean?

          • ” These so called exercise’s that they are preparing for are completely Unconstitutional and it should not even be taken place. ”

            These are the times when it will be completely obvious to some folks what’s going down and where things are headed, whereas others will continue making excuses for every little warning sign, all the way to the end. Like the ones trying to say all these military movements are normal, just your standard “annual field training” or whatever. Bullshit. Some people’s minds are full of it.

          • +1

      41. If this is for an EMP scenario, why do we need special forces in the aftermath? That role is for the NG. The combined training with regular troops and the fed involvement point to quelling some insurrection or prepping for an attack coming over the southern border. It is most certainly NOT for overseas ops.

        • My city’s national guard unit (a communications unit) closed down. A special forces unit moved in a few years back and now operates that facility.

          • Oh no! Lions and tigers and bears…oh and Special Forces oh my!

            • You’re a special kind of stupid, aren’t you?

          • Get a grip Dorthy!

      42. They are training to commandeer and then infiltrate our wives all inside our private residences while we are watching through the window. Cum on guys are we gonna take this shit from the Gestapo. She will be waiting on them with a sore ass. I told my wife this and now she’s putting lipstick on. Hahaha just kidding.

      43. Hudges has more BS than anyone online.
        He gets off on the Fear Porn.
        Makes up BS to get attention.
        Don’t think he is firing on all cylinders either.

      44. Don’ forge the guillotines and train cars with shackles cause Dave says somebody saw them.

      45. “Fear will keep the local systems in line. Fear of this battle station.” Fear is a big part of Star Wars – and creating fear is exactly what Jade Helm is designed to create. Squealing on your neighbor is not a normal activity, but if convince people they should be afraid to not squeal…

      46. The industrial complex needs to keep deep water ports on both coasts. The supply line is SoCal to Texas gulf coast. Oil tankers in Houston to carrier ports in San Diego anyone? The interstate system in the southwest is all they need. The rest of the fly over states are not needed except for I-25 from New Mexico to Montana, that cuts the fly over states in half on the east side of the Rockies. Also only 35 minutes from I-25/I-70 interchange to Denver International Airport, and that’s in traffic. They are dissecting our nation and we are letting them do it.

      47. since someone brought up EMP

        this article is worth a minute or two of your time

        Sounding The Alarm On The Country’s Vulnerability To An EMP

        ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-06-02/sounding-alarm-countrys-vulnerability-emp

        just a few short years ago
        EMP was strictly the stuff of tin foil hats


        its on MSM constantly now

        lets say your driving home from work
        when you get home
        you flip the light switch

        what next?

        how long would YOUR community hold together before anarchy began?

        • Flip the switch and nothing,what next?Well,check the circuit breakers and bulb obviously!

      48. WTF?!?!?! Are these guys actually expecting a battalion strength attack on American soil? By who? ISIS? So far I haven’t heard anyone in the military define EXACTLY who this treat is that represents, “the next fight.” One thing is for certain, I don’t think Jade Helm is designed to deal with lone wolf ISIS suicide bombers.

        All I know is that reloading powder is virtually impossible to find for the past 2+ years and that effectively stops the production of domestic reloaded ammunition. Clearly something is very wrong with this picture.

        • Only a battalion? It’s the people’s “battalions” of one that they’re interested in. “ISIS” is the government’s agency. It only runs diversion for their military crackdowns against the same public that Daesh will attack.

        • My local gun shop has plenty of both Hodgden & IMR 4895 and 4350 as well as Reloader 15. All you would want at $31 a pound. Varget is still hard to find though, and my Barnes loads for the AR like it best. I end up driving all over God’s green earth to get it. Luckily I started laying all of the components in before reloading stuff got so scarce.
          My wife thinks I’m psycho…I mean psychic. We laid in 1000s of.22 years back and boy am I glad of it now. I heven’t seen any except high priced “match grade” in a couple years. It’s cheaper to shoot the AR and reload.

          Wish I could help you bro.


      49. This is sensational hooey. The sky is falling-the sky is falling.

      50. YH,a true lone wolf will certainly not be stopped by these exercises or full scale operation,plans may be changed by said wolf but a true lone operator very hard to stop as they share their thoughts/actions with no one thus ruining the info. gathering end of things and as they follow their own orders from themselves willing to make any necc. changes in said plans.
        I will say that though loading powder harder to come by see plenty in some stores and plenty on the net,more expensive,yes,but then,seems everything rising fairly quickly in price

      51. I would also point out at moment plenty of ammo for sale in stores and on net,I get some don’t want to use the net and that is fine.Way I look at it,any stuff comes to a address it moves and would certainly if things go very wrong stay in address for any amount of time.Millions would need to be raided for online purchases and the word would get out quickly,net/cell/landlines down basically going to be a crazy ride and is warning whether done on purpose or not,tis go time defense/perhaps offense wise.Sucks we have to even think this way but at least folks are thinking/preparing.

        • >>”Sucks we have to even think this way but at least folks are thinking/preparing.”<<

          This is the best quote I have seen in a very long time Warchild. The fact that we are not talking about abstract hypothetical theory, but in fact we are talking about actual events taking place in the here and now means we are probably much closer to an "event" than even we may realize.

      52. Go to Drudge for the link to army drilling w/ explosions in Flint Mich. Got everyone confused and scared.

        FLINT, MI (WNEM) –

        It was a peaceful afternoon, and then residents said it seemingly turned hostile.

        “I was standing there, and all of a sudden, boom!” Jean Glenn said.

        “I mean it was loud, it blew up the whole sky or whatever, it was like four or five big bangs,” Annette Humphrey said.

        Explosions you’d expect in a war zone echoed through Flint. People’s homes shook and those inside were caught off-guard. It all went down at the shuttered Lowell Junior High on the city’s east side.

        The blasts are just an Army exercise.

        “There’s older people, it probably gave them a heart attack or something,” Glenn said.

        Flint’s spokesman Jason Lorenz said the city has been in talks with the army for months now about using parts of the city.

        “It’s an exercise to help their personnel do training with urban environments,” Lorenz said.

        That training includes using aircraft and simulated ammunition. It will continue for the next 10 days.

        “I think they should have gave us a warning to let us know there was an army thing going on, I really do,” Humphrey said.

        Just after 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, the city sent out a release informing the public about the exercises. People say the explosions went off around two Tuesday afternoon, but why were residents given such short notice?

        “Obviously, I can’t speak for the army on that, but we try to give people a heads up when we can, we can’t go into too much detail, we don’t want people just coming to these things and sightseeing,” Lorenz said.

        He said for the safety of residents and the military, they’re trying to keep things under wraps. But those nearby say the house-rattling explosions were an unwanted surprise.

        “Give us a message around here, ‘OK, this is what we’re going to do,'” Glenn said.

      53. So, the interpretation of this and several other similar articles I can render is; you say the personnel participating in JH15, mostly our best and brightest, are morally bankrupt, dishonorable, ignorant louts. They are so ignorant and weak willed they will comply meekly with any patently illegal order. That they stand ready to violate Oath, Duty, Obligation, the Constitution, personal morals and integrity, and abundant law to do what have you been insinuating; kidnap, inter, detain, perhaps torture, commandeer property, and if necessary turn their weapons and skills on uppity citizens?

      54. Just another day of hob-nailed jack boots on the cobblestones…No worries…

      55. When we find these collaborators, we will shave their heads and publicly shame them.

      56. FBI behind mysterious surveillance aircraft over US cities

        “Scores of low-flying planes circling American cities are part of a civilian air force operated by the FBI and obscured behind fictitious companies, The Associated Press has learned.

        The AP traced at least 50 aircraft back to the FBI, and identified more than 100 flights in 11 states over a 30-day period since late April, orbiting both major cities and rural areas.”

        Secret Aerial FBI Program Uncovered By 23-Year-Old Journalist

        • Thanks KY Mom. All those low altitude drone near misses with airliners can’t be a coincidence.

      57. I agree with Nathan Klein, anybody who serves this nation’s military is a complete fool or a control freak. To be young and naive is an understandable excuse to be drawn into the treachery this military industrial horror show stands for, drafted against your will also. This nation is despicable in the ongoing mayhem and massacre it spreads worldwide. Is everybody afraid to oppose war and put a stop to the insanity? This country has no enemies as they are all fabricated, but this country is the enemy of all peace loving people. Now our countrymen and women have been declared the enemy by our own so called elected government. Do you think America’s decline will be reversed? Hell no, it will only get worse because people only care about their immediate family and ignore the reality that warmongering is the gravest threat to our future.

      58. aljamo.

        Just turn out the light. The country is not worth saving.

        • Not the country as a whole….but there are parts of it still worth fighting for. I’m not giving up Dixie without a fight.

      59. All this “intelligence” of what they’re doing and what they’ve got, etc., but yet, they’re still able to do it and they still have it???? People must be waiting for their own defeat by all they see as their “event” to signal their action. What do the cops do, and threaten to do, to the people if they even suspect that the people have any armaments?

      60. The ground on which everyone stands is their own individual country, which the elites claim is part of their “America” and therefore, you belong to them and must obey their cops and military or else! And anyone still doesn’t think Putin is merely one of them?

      61. What if the “human domain” masters them?

      62. They may find their “exercise” being exercised on them!

      63. Their “scenario” can just become real–against THEM? They depend on their “human domain” that can master THEM!

      64. And what makes the owners feel angry and understand is that, in order to discuss a statement,
        the owner of Trade and Industry Bureau respectively, Chaozhou and consumer protection committees were complaints, and finally with the help of
        Chaozhou consumer association, the owner finally found a contact Toyota Toyota Triangle Shantou commissioned 4S shop.

        It’s the least it is possible to do to thank them for becoming
        a part of your special day. There are some things people can do to cope with the death of cheap gas.

      65. Is this a some sort of comic relief site? I just stumbled onto it and I am getting a good laugh. Haven’t seen any factual info a lot of fiction for sure. Has anybody here ever googled Robin Sage ? This goes on all the time and there has never been a town or state that has been put under Marshall law been taking over. Thanks for the laughs tho I needed that.

        • Yet another government troll. Do us a favor, sock puppet: ram a pine tree up your ass sideways. What I’m trying to say is, “get fucked.”

          If only you halfwits could understand just how OBVIOUS you are.

          • Just a reminder “Nate” that what YOU posted earlier is true and applies to also.” You are all serving Satan and will be weighed, judged, and measured accordingly.” This poster, Is this a comedy, has done nothing to you personally, and his/her post was pretty harmless, so why the personal attack? very odd in deed.

      66. Wow that was aggressive. This just pure entertainment but do you have any facts or just rhetoric? So if someone challenges your bullshit all you can do is spout off like a punk. Other than the fact that there is a UW event going that nobody’s hiding what proof of the conspiracy do you have. Still it is pretty funny how somebody with no credibility can start a firestorm of bullshit.

        Still it is entertaining cheers

        • Yea Nate is a troll who is trying to win over regular posters by attacking posters who don’t always agree with everything being said. It is this weird bizarre thing some trolls do. It is a little too obvious to actually believe though. most can see through it. Also it’s kind of odd that if you feel the way you do about this site based on your first post, that you would revisit it shortly after Nate posted his little rant to you. Ummmm. the games we play.

          • Might consider PTSD from the incident he describes earlier in this thread.

            For Mr Nate personally; to your question “How much blood do YOU personally have on YOUR hands, taxpayer?”

            Well, not a taxpayer, but as an ex-Ranger with multiple tours, Lots. 44 KIA. looking at them, and not just hands. Their blood and body parts were in my eyes, hair, all over my tigers.

      67. So you got me I am intrigued and it’s very entertaining. But it is kinda funny how you call me a troll just because I challenge your bullshit. And I’m not a troll maybe a hobbit or that cool with the axe. But seriously give me some real facts win me over, but you would rather just talk shit. I have made know claims only challenged you for facts. Just because u don’t like POTUS doesn’t mean everyone is out to get you especially the men who fight to protect this country. I’m sure SOCOM has nothing better to do than harass the good folks of Texas.

        I would say this is a fun argument but there is no argument just hate filled rants with no facts.

        The men of Socom are true patriots and would never left a finger against a lawful citizen of this country that is a fact.

      68. I’m not a Vetran, but always give trbute to those that have served this country. That said, I’ve tried to pay attention to Jade Helm data. IF all the videos and pictures that calm to be connected to Jade Helm have been taken within the last two months, then I think that we’re in for a big surprise. Someone with more experience than needs to do some math because This seems to be a lot MORE equipment for just 1,200 TROOPS!!
        The rumors of UN troops being involved, seems more and more likely to me!! Hope an experienced Vetran has more info. to add!!
        Stay Safe!!

      69. This all goes south and I will be hunting jews until they get me. It’s the least I can do for what those bastards have done to my country.

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