“I’ve Been Labeled By The Mainstream Media As A Racist” Doctor Doom Marc Faber Fires Back At His Accusers

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    As hypersensitivity across the world reaches a fever pitch, it seems that no one is immune to accusations ranging from racism to xenophobia. Nowhere was this more evident in the past week than when well known and highly trusted economic and geopolitical analyst Marc Faber was accused of racism after publishing a recent market commentary in his monthly Gloom Boom Doom Report. As is often the case, Faber analyzes global events using historical events as reference points, which in today’s day and age of intolerantly silencing speech and tearing down monuments is a dangerous proposition for someone who speaks with such honesty and forthrightness. So dangerous, in fact, that Faber was quickly asked to resign several board seats at top financial and mining firms around the world.

    As well, the establishment media made it clear his views were no longer welcomed at Fox News and CNBC, where he has often shared colorful and insightful ideas for years.

    Though the mainstream would prefer to keep the public’s eyes closed to the reality of not only history, but where we find ourselves today and why, Future Money Trends featured Marc Faber in an exclusive interview, where among his latest economic and financial outlooks, he responds directly to his accusers with the candor for which he is so affectionately known.

    It’s an interview that many people, especially in America, should take the time to watch because if you support the wrong political candidate, certain immigration or health care policies, traditional morals or even standing for the National Anthem, you too have been, directly or indirectly, accused of spreading hate and racism just as has been the case with Dr. Faber.

    I’ve been labeled by the mainstream media as a racist… I don’t think that corresponds at all to the reality. 

    I wrote a report and I wrote about capitalism, socialism, private property and property rights… and I also wrote about the tendency nowadays to want to erase history… in other words, in the U.S. they’re trying to tear down statues of people who 150 years ago had a slightly different view than other people had at the time… they also tried to tear down statues of Columbus, which historically is one of the great…one of the most important personalities… 

    … I believe if you have civilization and if you have culture you should remember your past… Our past, the white man, has certainly not been glorious… it’s been very cruel… and we abused the system… but the fact is that the white man… the Europeans… they brought a lot of skills and knowledge and built a very prosperous society… that is, until recently.

    I think to try to deny that the Western white man made America great is just not right. 

    And for that I was attacked very badly.

    (Watch the full interview on Youtube)

    Highlighting the wide net being cast in this global witch hunt for racists and anyone who doesn’t subscribe to the establishment status quo, in the extended interview transcript available via Future Money Trends Marc Faber also explains how so-called mainstream media journalists targeted him with leading questions  following a posting of some of his material by an independent alt-right website with which he has no connection:

    We have freedom of the press, and like you say, part of the success of Western society was freedom of expression. But as you said, to have a normal discussion is no longer possible.

    I have seen alt-right publish my report. There were some reporters in some papers that sent me emails with questions.  These questions were very leading questions. Essentially, if you didn’t answer them very carefully, they could have been interpreted as a racist comment. The situation as it is, if I had known that it would be blown so much out of proportion, I probably wouldn’t have written it the way I wrote it. I would have written that a great part of America’s success, after all, is that it was essentially colonized or populated by people who came to America to work, and they brought along skills and tools and stuff. I’d leave it at that.

    It is what it is, so I will live with it. You’d be surprised about how many people have actually written to me saying that they really admire someone who spells out the truth.

    Indeed, Faber is one of few globally recognized voices who has never been afraid to tell the truth.

    You can read more of Marc Faber’s thoughts, investment strategies and commentary at Future Money Trends or watch the full extended interview here


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      1. No one is safe. The left has completely lost it. So much so that they are even attacking each other now.

        Hang in there Dr. Faber. We know what they are up to and we know it’s bullshit.

        • “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”
          Winston Churchill

          • “hypersensitivity”

            Only two words into this article and I think they got it wrong.

            It is not hypersensitivity that is fueling the pretended race outrage. It is power lust. Pretended race outrage is just a means to an end.

            The communists want to shut Faber up and the best way to destroy his credibility is to label him as a racist.

            Now that he is a “racist” he is kicked off CNBC. Shutting him up worked.

            • JS, it’s all part of the ongoing campaign against white people being waged by the left and its minions. The left can all go to hell. I stand up for my people, heritage, culture, etc. and don’t care what anyone says about it.

              • I think the correct term is ‘hyperstupidity”.

              • There is an outright war against whites period! you folks need to wake up and see what is going on. They want to destroy EVERYTHING that is white, such as traditions, holidays, statues, etc, etc. It is ridiculous and disgusting. All they want to do is celebrate and promote queers, blacks, Muslims faggot he-she gator baits and on and on. White men built this shitty country and look at it all now.

                • Ya think? Maybe you should post this on a forum of liberals or idiots. They are the ones that need the info lol.

          • I see this as a sign that there is “something big” planned in the near future.

            Air Force could recall up to 1,000 retired pilots after Trump order
            “The order, which Trump signed Friday … temporarily removes that cap for ALL BRANCHES OF THE MILITARY.”

            Pentagon spokesman, Navy Cmdr. Gary Ross, said in a statement that the Air Force is currently “short approximately 1,500 pilots of its requirements.”

            “We anticipate that the Secretary of Defense will delegate the authority to the Secretary of the Air Force to recall up to 1,000 retired pilots for up to 3 years,” Ross said.

            “The pilot supply shortage is a national level challenge that could have adverse effects on all aspects of both the government and commercial aviation sectors for years to come.”

            ht tp://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/10/21/air-force-could-recall-up-to-1000-retired-pilots-after-trump-order.html

            • Direct link….

              ht tp://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/10/21/air-force-could-recall-up-to-1000-retired-pilots-after-trump-order.html

              • Years ago they enacted some BS (I forget the name of it) declaring they can call back any and all military people and conscribe the public into a work force (camp). Also take control of all resources and private property. I don’t think that would end well for the turd people…

                • might be in the NDAA?

                  • BCOD, it was the NDAA. If they try it it won’t end well for them.

                    • It was before that. Maybe the emergency war powers act? Patriot act?

                • The air force is where 90% of all commercial pilots are trained.

                  If you are wired for it, the air forces in all branches of service spend millions training you. After 4 to 6 years of service, you are cut free to roll into the public sector driving busses through the sky for an amazing salary based on your experience level.

                  These pilots rarely re-up and rarely go career. They are among America’s most valuable asset in war. Obama trimmed the military budget for 8 years. Years of training future pilots never happened.

                  Of course the military will recall pilots the minute they are needed. It was the risk all those pilots took when they signed the contract that had so much fine print.

                  • Plan twice, prep once,

                    I agree.

                    Obama decimated the military while he was in office. I also believe many officers who did not “agree” with Obama’s goals, were pushed into “retirement.”

            • KY Mom, agreed. Recalling retired military pilots to active duty is an EXTREME measure. Something big IS being planned.

              • Braveheart,

                I have many military veterans in my family – including my husband and three brother in laws and now deceased father and father in law.

                In my gut, I just know something is escalating. We shall see in the coming months.

                Take care!
                KY Mom

            • ‘something big’…, are you kidding?
              ‘GALACTIC BIG’ is what I see coming.
              NK is nothing… a mere walk in the park.

              • Bobby: What do you personally think is coming our direction??

                • I’ll answer that. A shit tsunami. Waves of naggers, mooslims, liberal idiots, govt. scumbags, propaganda, fake news, worthless eaters etc. A bump stock might be in order!

        • Yes, it’s the (((left))).

        • I have a few black rifles I certainly call friends.

          • Menzo, I have a black Mossberg 590A1 that is my friend. With the right ‘food’ it can really ruin someone’s day.

        • The Left hasn’t lost it, this “hypersensitivity” is all part of a long term, orchestrated plan to destroy Western civilization and ultimately, our freedom.
          Our schools and universities are nothing more than indoctrination centers for our children. The media – TV, movies and print, are part of the process.
          Even our churches/synagogues have become part of the indoctrination process, as they focus not on the Bible, but on “social justice” issues.

          Joseph Stalin said, ““America is like a healthy body. Her strength is in her patriotism, her morals, and her spiritual life. If we can undermine those three things America will collapse from within.”
          Seems like Stalin’s dream has been accomplished.

        • Yes, the left has completely lost it. That said, our future at the hands of the left, most of whom were statistically born deaf, dumb, blind and brain dead at birth is not encouraging. It will take generations to undo the damage our un-education system has inflicted, probably not in several lifetimes, if ever. It’s become more likely now that we will see the ascendancy of someone like Mao Se Islam or Mao Se Jackson than another Trump.

        • Speaking of history..

          “are you now, or have you ever been….”




      2. The parents of English girls allowed Islamic men to pick up teen girls from home. These girls were subjected to rape and one was murdered and butchered, then eaten as sausage. But not one was accused of racism. People are insane. Who gives a dam if you are racist or not. Stick up for yourself.


        • B from CA, good to see you back. I’ll bet those parents can’t even look at themselves in the mirror now. Trusting Muslims? stupid is as stupid does.

        • You can’t condemn these people because the cannibals would be outraged. If those girls were black then the cannibals would claim you were just a hater because you don’t like dark meat.

          • John, for Heaven’s sake–the “meat” is not black.

      3. Racism comes in so many forms nowadays. Hard to say anything that isn’t misconstrued as racist.

      4. I respectively disagree with Mr. Faber. It wasn’t men of any color we can attribute the age of industry in Europe to or that of new continent of America. It was the horse. All great buildings, fields, roads and modern civilization is because of the horse. But I guess, essentially, someone did have to train that horse. Okay, I take it back, it was men of many colors that could train a horse but the horse – was it from Africa? I’m thinking maybe not. And I’m thinking Europeans brought the horse to this continent too. There…fixed it – very diplomatically, I believe.

        • George Washington Carver, thats about the only one.

          And no, he did not invent peanut butter.

          • He invented the peanut, someone else made it into butter.

        • Now that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard and I have heard some stupid stuff.

        • Fossils of the earliest direct ancestor to the modern horse, Eohippus have been found in the Eocene layers of North American strata, mainly in the Wind River basin in Wyoming…

          All Equidae in North America ultimately became extinct, along with several other megafauna…

          The horse evolved in the Americas, but became extinct between 8,000 and 12,000 years ago. When the Spanish arrived on the American mainland in the 16th century, they brought horses with them and re-established the animals on the continent…

          Horses returned to the Americas thousands of years later, well after domestication of the horse, beginning with Christopher Columbus in 1493. These were Iberian horses first brought to Hispaniola and later to Panama, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, and, in 1538, Florida. The first horses to return to the main continent were 16 specifically identified horses brought by Hernán Cortés in 1519. Subsequent explorers, such as Coronado and De Soto brought ever-larger numbers, some from Spain and others from breeding establishments set up by the Spanish in the Caribbean…

          Horses returned to the Americas thousands of years later, well after domestication of the horse, beginning with Christopher Columbus in 1493.

          These were Iberian horses first brought to Hispaniola and later to Panama, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, and, in 1538, Florida. The first horses to return to the main continent were 16 specifically identified horses brought by Hernán Cortés in 1519. Subsequent explorers, such as Coronado and De Soto brought ever-larger numbers, some from Spain and others from breeding establishments set up by the Spanish in the Caribbean.

          there ya go. more here:
          ht tps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horses_in_the_United_States

          • I am most definitely racist – I prefer bay horses. The coppery ones. We have raised Paints & Quarter Horses; blacks, sorrels, chestnuts, bays and duns. Found palominos and roams to be generally “duller” and slower to train. We did not breed QH for color – but quality. Learned the brains part on the side. Owned Arabs for many years too -tough and highly intelligent. Still, Bays are my favorite!

        • MountainWoman: Horses introduced to north america by the spanish: 1540’s. native americans finally successfully put them to productive use: 1650’s-1690’s.

          some cultures are able assimilate new technologies faster than others. 100 years seams excessive.

          decent book called “Guns, Germs, And Steel” that puts forth some solid, well researched reasoning behind who prospered when and why. Its a long read, but worthwhile.

      5. I am most definitely a racist, and make no apology.

        To me, for the sake of the argument, humans are no different to dogs. There are purebreds and there are mongrels. The closer one is to a pure breed the more one can be defined by their blood line.
        I like Labradors and believe they share a fairly well defined personality. Same could be said of Jews for example.

        Or maybe I’m a heinous thought criminal.

        • That is why the blacks all want Pit Bulls. Pit Bulls are a mongrel breed that match the owners’ personality. Then they all get shocked when they kill the 2 year old grand kid.

          • What do you call a black woman that keeps having abortions?

            A crimefighter!

            • Why are the blacks all moving to New York?

              They heard there was no work there!

              • Whats long and black and smells like shit?

                The line at the welfare office!

                • I’m not racist, I own a color TV!

            • not picking one side or the other in this fight, but this DOES beg the question ….how many blacks would occupy the U.S. if we didn’t allow abortions to all who ask for them…..now THERE’s genocide.

              • A very good point!

      6. How could anyone look at the condition of the countries run by these people and not be a racist? How many countries run by these people isn’t a third world dump?

        • If you wern’t racist before, you will be now.

        • I especially love all their violence against eachother and anyone around them yet somehow its my fault!
          Total BS

        • i USED to have a fairly high opinion of blacks…..until we elected o’bomber.

      7. ‘You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality’ – Ayn Rand

        This basic truth is something the libtard mind refuses to acknowledge.

        • I was at Sam’s Club yesterday and I noted a BIG quote painted on the wall attributed to Helen Walton, Sam Walton’s wife. It read, “It’s not what you gather in life, but what you scatter in life”

          I told my wife, “What a stupid dipshit. That is the best quote they could come up with from a person running a BILLION dollar business?”

          The check out girl laughed and tried to cover her mouth so it would not be obvious. Apparently she had heard those types of comments from customers before.

          • which reminds me……once you go BLACK………you just committed yourself to a lifetime of single parenthood…..they don’t seem to reap what THEY scatter. i DO seriously have SEVERAL friends who are black, that DON’T fit that description…..there’s LOTS of productive members of our society that are black, so don’t lump them ALL together…..i met a LOT of white folks that aint worth a shi* either! this BETTER NOT be no race-war.

          • Bill Clinton must have heeded Helen Walton’s advice. He was constantly trying to scatter his seed.

      8. So what everyone is racist they just don’t admit it.. I will admit a inherent dislike for all the races except my own. and I dislike parasites and liberals. Its Ok to be racist.

        • I am not racists. I hate everybody equally.

          • That line is so overused and not witty anymore.

        • “racism” is simply the desire to spend time with people like yourself. I dont want to hang out in East Harlem, Little Havana, or El Paso any more than the residents there desire to live in NC’s research triangle area, Bar Harbor Maine, or Salt Lake City.
          Theres NOTHING wrong with that.

      9. I have developed a reply in that I say sometimes: I don’t care if you think I am, I don’t care if you think I am not, because you do not matter and you are irreverent in matters of my life. Rather harsh, but surprises a person.

        The term racist is used as frequent as “I love” which is usually an empty comment.

        Another comment I sometimes use is “Give me substance or show me your evidence. It is not beneath me to get a dictionary and read the term and start my own interrogation.

        Make the person or persons prove their declaration. Hold them to it. Usually they will back down and admit they are just running their mouths.

        All it does is just widen the gulf.

        In this matter, Mac should call them out, make them prove their point.

        Going to lead to an explosion.

        Political correctness has put us is a Soviet type society.

        Another example is look how the Koreans Live.

        How much different are we when you read report as this.

        • I developed a reply too. I say, “Fuck Off”.

          • Another reply is… ” I have multiple personalities and NONE of them like you!”

        • As we know, the meanings of words change as time goes by.

          The following is a good example of a word in transition:

          Definition of racism:

          *from Merrium-Webster –
          1 :a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
          2 a :a doctrine or political program based on the assumption of racism and designed to execute its principles
          b :a political or social system founded on racism
          3 :racial prejudice or discrimination

          *from the Urban Dictionary –
          the true definition is believing that one race is superior to all other. Hatred without reason of another race. ETC.

          SADLY today that has changed.
          In todays world this is what makes you racist:
          Mentioning race in any way
          Not being totally politically correct
          Supporting your race
          Being white
          Telling a racist joke
          Judging by hair color
          Disliking something someone likes
          As you can see this word is grossly over-used and mis-used. It’s truly pathetic. I pity the world. The truth is racism is ignorance and is bad. But not everything is racism and not everything has to be about race. Hope you learned something!

          Real example of racist
          racist: (insert race here) is better than every other race. I think that (insert different race) people are disgusting and horrible and should die.

          Idiot’s example of racist:
          person: I don’t like blondes
          idiot: OMG RACIST!

          guy: I hate Green Day.
          idiot: OMG RACIST

          dude: My friend is black
          idiot: OMG RACIST!

          man: I’m white
          idiot: OMG RACIST

          woman: I’m proud of my race
          idiot: OMG RACIST

          stranger: So an (insert race) guy walks into a bar….
          idiot: OMG RACIST!

          • YUUUUP!

      10. Racism is just Newspeak for realism.

        I like to hit the lefties back when they call me a homophobe by calling them moralityphobes or bibliaphobes.

        Give some, get some.

        • Racism = Conservatism

          So says the media.

          It is funny that Clinton lost because she told everybody that if they did not vote for her they were sexists, homophobic, racists, misogynist, an a bunch of other crap.

          Now they are doubling down on these type of comments. It did not work then why do they think it will work now?

      11. Yes, white men made America great too. I think the reporter is entitled to his full unedited opinion without retribution! He was speaking the truth as he sees it. How I see it however, is that it was a collective effort of various groups of people that made America great: white women, indigenous peoples, slaves, etc. To say which group contributed “the most” is a pretty subjective “fact”. I think to be fair, you cannot give more credit to one group over another and expect everyone to be okay with that. I respect is viewpoint and don’t think it’s racist. There’s PROOF that many, many, many different peoples contributed heavily to the success of this nation. We all should be proud. At this point sadly, we should all be collectively lamenting the destruction of this ONCE great nation. We are clearly in the death throughs of the END. The enemy is just trying to further divide us by causing more distractions and silencing the few sane voices left in the media. Let’s not fall for the bait…stay focused.

        • Conservative Of Color, welcome aboard. Political correctness is definitely running amok these days. Everything you say is true. We’re all in this together and it’s a shame that SOMEONE insists on keeping us so divided. I admit that I hate liberals and what they stand for. I believe they need to find a country that works for them. I say America has no obligation to change anything to satisfy them. Antifa is supposedly going to start a civil war on Nov. 4th. There are plenty of people out here who will make sure that will backfire on them.

        • That is not good enough nowadays.

          It used to be that we could “agree to disagree”

          Not anymore, You have to believe what they want you to believe or you are the enemy and must be destroyed.

          • Since this is the case it will be better when the bullets fly.

            • they never will, political correctness will eventually crush all opposing thought.
              Mark My Words

              • I hope you are wrong.

        • yes all races have contributed. however the percentage of White folks who have contributed positive things is much larger than any of the other races. That is a fact that cannot be ignored. Show me one country or even a city that is controlled by elected black officials that is vibrant and prospering. You cannot find any. Every thing the blacks take control of becomes a crime ridden hell hole. The black race ruins everything they touch. And yes there are exceptions there are a few good black folks and a number of very bad white folks. There is a solution! and that is we need a planet wide culling. Turn off the electric grid for a year and the culls will no longer exist.

          • Unfortunately you are 100% correct. The evidence speaks for itself: name one ‘black’ Switzerland? Or one ‘black’ Sweden (smart design, great industry), or a ‘black’ Albania (crappy ex-communist country but at least they still have running water, flush toilets, buildings, etc.). You will not find a single black country on earth that can boast dynamic industry, flush toilets and running water for all its people, or a black-run city that does not have terrible crime rates and legions of single mummies on welfare.

            And we are talking about a significant proportion of the world’s countries and home to some of the most abundant resources. All propped up with international aid.

          • before turning off the grid turn on the electric chair

        • good post, welcome!

        • The “success” and “greatness” of “this ‘nation'” is what’s the problem. That “greatness” is the elite Establishment (the “nation”–civilization) that we are browbeaten to support, defend, obey, etc. That “greatness” is the elites’ Deep State (the Establishment) that supplies all the Third World foreign adversaries– who wouldn’t have anything to use against us if not for being supplied by the U.S.’ Deep Statists– to be the Deep State’s bogeymen that they can use to scare us into complying with them. That’s how far-flung the conspiracy is. The American Indians had it right, though, being nature-compliant–and therefore, self-sufficient. They only failed (so far) by not destroying the “white man’s buffalo”, the stuff that white man depends on, the way white man destroyed the Indians’ logistics, the only way white man could “beat” the Indians. Then, if his culture is destroyed, white man has nothing to fight with but the same perfectly good stuff the Indians have, what nature provides them with. That makes an equal fight between them. Of course, whites can become real Indians too–not the ones looking for white man’s welfare or any other kind of money, or anything that only money can buy. Then, there’d be no need for whites and Indians to fight each other. This works for white/Indian-black/any other race’s relations as well. White culture (civilization) would have to be wiped out at its source world-wide, though, or they’ll just replace what’s wiped out elsewhere. The Powhatan and other Indians failed to do that when some of them were in England, and the rest of Europe, during their Jamestown colonial period in the 1600s. Their kinsmen, the Huns, had started doing that during the Roman Empire but, fell for civilization’s luxuries and disappeared into Europe’s culture, like many modern (especially welfare, Reservation) Indians have done in America. Many whites too, though, “can’t” (won’t) give up those luxuries of a soft life. They are the enemy of all of us too, by supporting our captivity to the elites who enslave us to make those luxuries that weak, enslaved people think they have to have, and that gives the elites so much power over all of us. Modern people have much to learn to be free from slavery.

          • Those Indians didn’t have anything right. theirs was a warrior society. They countinually fought each other. Fought over hunting ground, women and anything . There intellect was that of children. never caring about the future. did ok in times of plenty starven in the lean times. Stayed in a area until they fouled it up and killed all of the game then they relocated. The Sioux has only been on the plains a short time before white men arrived. They had been driven out of the NE. and came out on the plains and killed and enslaved (yes captured enemy where kept as slaves by the Indians. especially female captives) the Mandans and other tribes. Today the Sioux and Crow still hate each other. Those Indians never advanced past the stone age until the arrival of the European.

            • So that gives us the right to conquor them? They sound just like…… US!

        • finally, a voice of reason.

      12. Looking out the window I see a great white heron searching for food, what a racist bastard I am.

        • Aljamo, I stand up for white people and I don’t give a f#$% what anyone says about that. I don’t usually stand up for Marc Faber but this time I have to. The snowflakes who had a meltdown over Faber’s comments need to go find a country that works for them.

        • That great white heron had dark feathers when it was born so really it is not white, it is Obama!!!!

          • Skunks are not all white nor all black, and they stink pretty bad. I know, they must be mexicans! (just joking, I have a lot of mexican friends lol and one of them told me that one).

            • In fact if shtf I know a lot of mexicans that will fight on our side. They hate blacks and commies too and are some damn good people. I’m not talking about jose the illegal but people that have lived here for generations.
              The retarded left whites will try and join up with the naggers and find out in a hurry just how stupid they really are lol.

            • when a mexican marries a redneck, you get rednexicans….i hope you will ALL think about the blacks that you KNOW are good people around you….there are MANY in MY life, so don’t be TOO quick to judge a man by his “cover”

              • Don’t get me wrong. There are a lot of good black people in fact I work with one whom I have more respect for than any man I know. However the majority of blacks esp. in a big city are the biggest pieces of shit there is. You know them, the ones with naggertude that talk jive assed and dress like thugs. There are a shitload of them, they are lazy, stupid, full of attitude, worthless.

                • agreed.

      13. It is simple: You are a fool if you don’t recognise that each race has its own characteristics and differences, you are a greater fool if you try to impose those characteristics on an individual.

        • In a tribal environment that is still prevalent throughout Africa today, cousins regularly marry cousins, the result, genetic issues through inbreeding.

          I really dislike the Catholic Church, but one thing they did throughout WHITE Europe was to forbid incest and inbreeding, and through their methodical baptism records they knew everyone’s basic family tree and enforced the prohibition, every marriage had to be checked and authorized. The church would not marry brothers or sisters or cousins. Magically Europe emerged from the dark ages? Or was it basic genetics. Yeah, end result, we walked on the moon. Not saying there aren’t very smart blacks, I’ve met many, but there are massively high numbers of Balcks who can’t.

          I know someone (white) who had an authorized first cousin marriage in their family tree. The church occasionally allowed it, if records indicated it hadn’t happened in seven generations, and you got a papal dispensation. Yeah, there turned out to be a lot of mental illness issues in that branch of the family, to children and grand children born later.

          I often think the simple solution really is the solution.

          • Agree: genes are everything. It just happens the Christian denominations (Catholics, Protestants) practiced the most genetically wise way of breeding. They encouraged family formation, they discouraged homosexuality, marriage with cousins and family, and freakish tribal practices such as using young boys as sex surrogates (Islam). The result was lower rates of genetic disorders being passed on, whereas these rates are very high for blacks, Muslims and Jews. Right now these two former groups are rapidly clogging up public health systems in the West with their medical needs.

            The practice of marrying close family, something that is widespread in Africa and in places such as Pakistan, leads to lower IQs and greater rates of gene disease. Archaic tribal practices are destroying the human gene pool as the highest birth rates are amongst the most ignorant populations. Breeding will need to be taken away from such random factors and placed solely in the hands of scientists who can ensure new births are high IQ and free of genetic disorders.

            • That sounds like a Natzi idea. Not everything hitler proposed was a bad idea. We certianlly have plenty of dullards in the nation. Watch Jay Leno’s Jay walking segments. and the scary thing many of those dumbasses are college students.

              • The Nazis had the most advanced science for the time. They knew what they were on about. On a planet with finite resources and where our oceans are coming apart, the air is being poisoned, we need to only encourage the best of humanity to flourish and to flush the rest. It is just not possible or desirable to transfer an American standard of living to blacks or those who can’t control their urges. The UN has it right with its Agenda 21 program to reduce the global population and save the environment.

        • Quatermain.
          I just had to give yu a thumbs up. One of the most simple and well said statements. I hope everyone else read it too. FYI, I will be plagiarizing your wisdom in the future

      14. “In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

        ― George Orwell

      15. The fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists- Winston Churchill

      16. U.S. warns public about attacks on energy, industrial firms

        “The U.S government issued a rare public warning that sophisticated hackers are targeting energy and industrial firms, the latest sign that cyber attacks present an increasing threat to the power industry and other public infrastructure.”

        “The Department of Homeland Security and Federal Bureau of Investigation warned in a report distributed via email late on Friday that the nuclear, energy, aviation, water and critical manufacturing industries have been targeted along with government entities in attacks dating back to at least May.”

        ht tp://www.foxbusiness.com/markets/2017/10/21/u-s-warns-public-about-attacks-on-energy-industrial-firms.html

        • And what are they doing about it? Not a ffing thing. We should be tracking every one of these hackers and every time they make an attempt on our infrustructure, we should shut down the grid in the country they are in.

          • JAS

            Assuming its not a false flag. Odds are more than even that it would be.

            I personally believe nothing Uncle Sam says as he has been caught repeatedly lying. Its reported from reliable sources that so and so country (which just so happens to be at odds with the globalist banksters) were behind the cyber attack.

            Lets see. President Trump wants to recall 1000 military pilots that have left the service.

            Gulf Of Tonkin, WMD in Iraq, GTFOOH.

      17. The only racists are women. White women love low iq c0ck. The lower the better. Asian women love white ones. All women will end up in a burka,raped, or dead. The only rapes that are being reported in the EU are the voilent ones. I guarantee that most Swedish kunts are raped by muzzies and are grateful. The downfall of western civilization is caused by liberation of women. Every spoiled woman is a nymphomaniac. Women are only sex objects. If you think think they have anything else to offer you are mentally ill.

      18. Communists /NWO /Anti-Americans have been carving away everything this nation stands for
        for over two hundred years. The same people who make their millions/ billions here are the same ones trying to destroy it.
        People will risk their lives to invade our borders…..are the same people who kill because it isn’t like the hellhole they left.
        The same communists who live off of the wealthy….are the same ones that condem the wealthy
        for having more.
        Our intellectual forefathers wrote a Constitution 200 years ago that todays college educated student cannot even READ…let alone understand. Today, those same illiterate idiots are making our laws.
        Educators aren’t even requiring students attend classes… or take tests….before passing them to
        the next level.
        Do you really want idiots to be our Presidents?

        Oh….gee….I forgot. They can legally seal all records….. closed to voters.
        Once voted president, give all anti-Americans and criminals affirmative action, give the working people the “in your face”, royal FINGER…..and proceed destroying this country.

      19. I live in a place where most( not all) peoples race is hard to figure out. To some degree I stay here because they are very few Blacks or Moslems. Unfortunately it is filled with liberals, but they are pretty dysfunctional due to inbreeding. It is an expensive place to be retired and deadly if you need specialized medical services.
        America was built by many races. The one thing that made it great
        was Judeo/Christian values. God, family, country.
        The only religions antithetical to America is Islam, modern African American culture, and Liberal Democratic culture.
        My preparations for SHTF is to avoid Islam, African-Americans,
        and Liberals. I’ve managed two out of three. I suspect that if the SHTF my third problem will die off quickly from lead poisoning.

        • America was pretty much a shithole up until the civil war. The northern political elete owned the manufacturing and their workers where not in any better of circunstances than the southern slaves. After the War and the removal of the native americans. The homestead act came into play. hard working immigrant familys . Who for the most part where white. Came and took up land . made that land productive and started the predominately land owning voting middle class. They educated their children. That’s what made America great. And in many parts of the west those homesteaders where at war with big ranchers who where actually owned by English reality. However the Homesteaders prevailed and the industrial reveloution flourished. Who do you think bought the JD and Farmall Tractors? It wasn’t black sharecroppers. Who bought the first trucks? Up until then gasoline was a worthless waste product from the production of coal oil. They poured gas into the streams to get rid of it. Who started the first electric coops. and who bought the appliancesand paid a monthly electric bill. Again it wasn’t black sharecroppers. It was the predominately white land owning producing middle class. That’s who made America great. The current war on the predominately white producing land owning and voting Middle class is destroying the nation.Once they are gone the nation will become a third world shithole. A great culling is the only solution.

      20. Yes, I am a racist. Everyone is, whether they admit it or not. I believe that the blacks are right. We white men forcibly captured them and brought them here against their will. I also believe we should make it right. We should round them all up and give them a one way ticket back. It is the least we can do. They didn’t want to come here, so why should they stay. Make America White Again.

        • Actually It wasn’t white men who captured them. It was other black men who did the capturing . and for the most part the ones who got shipped over where culls. They weren’t crafty enough or fast enough to avoid being captured. And better to be sold as a slave than eaten for food.

        • Agree: we should ‘Black to Africa’ all the African Americans. Even send them on a first class flight back there. Give them $100,000 each and let them get on after that. We did it in Liberia so there is precedent. They would be happiest living there. We should make Robert Mugabe the king of all the blacks.

      21. The left is just a very willing tool of the globalists as they use their utopian dreaming to further their agenda. There is a social / political / intellectual underclass that largely traces its roots to the southern hemisphere. Its refugees have been transplanted willingly or not in the northern hemisphere, or nations with northern hemisphere culture and people. Re-culturalizing these refugees has been problematic and not as successful as hoped despite significant economic help. The goal now is to take it to the genetic level in essence breeding the wild out of them to aid domestication which can best be described as civilization through homogenization. This movement only has the veneer of grassroots.

      22. Breed the wild out of them? unless you castrate every male refugee all you will do is breed down the quality folks. I certainly don’t want my genetics wasted trying to improve culls. And that is what you suggest by your statement (Take it to the genetic level) You admit they are inferior. You don’t keep culls as breeding stock. You cull them. A great culling of parasites is the only viable solution.

        • Old Guy

          The reality is they’re human beings and genocide is mass murder. You going to kill them? If so you belong in prison. Mass murder to improve the herd is totalitarian and absolutely everything I as an American know that we are not. NAZIs and Communists do that. The thought of that being acceptable is insulting to the veterans of WWII who fought such madness. Conversely our Preamble of the rule book, the US Constitution spells out, “For ourselves and our posterity”. That means us. We’re under no obligation to help the world (assuming it is help and thats highly debatable) and under obligation not to as the mission statement, once again the Preamble states, “For OURSELVES”. The solution is you stay there, don’t come here. Law codifies this because the President can decide by himself if anyone coming in is an undesirable and can keep them out. This of course implies following the Constitution and laws of the land. This is where our problem resides.

          • They’re not human beings, they are a mongrel species that has only continued to evolve my breed with caucasians and other races. Left to their own (no human influence) they return to their natural savage instincts and just like a dog or cat will go feral.

            • “They’re not human beings”

              You can breed with them; they’re human.

          • They’re not human beings, they are a mongrel species that has only continued to evolve by breed with caucasians and other races. Left to their own (no human influence) they return to their natural savage instincts and just like a dog or cat will go feral.

          • Nope I aint gonna kill them. all that needs to be done is quit enabling them and they will quickly become self reliant or die off. And Im not just referring to Black nxxxxxs I will include the White wxxxxxs in the group of parasites who if left to fend for themselves would soon perish. Turn off the electric grid for a year that should get the job done. And what would happen in a for real SHTF WROL situation is a entirely different matter.

            • OG, I agree. It may not sound all warm and fuzzy but if something isn’t done this world will be EXACTLY like idiocracy. It already is close…

            • Turn off the grid for a year. Brilliant.

              You think that maybe the de-industralization had something to do with the massively expanding number of people on public assistance? Blame the bacteria not the fever.

              • Kevin: Oh you poor, little Bleeding-heart fool you…there is definitely NO hope for you or your kind. Do the world a solid and go and hang yourself now.

                • The EBT food aid went up 400% (thats 4 times) with free trade being a major contributor, its analysis, thinking. Many in the ranks are working poor now competing with virtual slave labor.

                  No hope for thinking and analysis?

                  • EBT & other government emablements rewards sloth and laziness and punishes thrift and productivity. It causes my earned money to have to unfairly compete. It went up because liberals us measures like it to buy votes. And the gimmie dats have learned that they can vote themselves so called free money goods and services from the public coffers. It was the liberal democrat Klinton who passed NAFTA.

                    • “It was the liberal democrat Klinton who passed NAFTA.”

                      Clinton was the labor turn coat quarterback. Its wasn’t drawn up with the democrats. It passed with an overwhelming Republican majority. Don’t argue foolishly because you know it was a Republican agenda. GH Bush championed it. Perot drew votes from him because of it. Perot never intended to win and sabotaged this own run. His goal was to get Slick Willy in. He got in and intentionally threw the touchdown pass to the other team. He did it in subsequent games.

                      Clinton = Quarterback
                      Bush = Manager
                      Wall Street Globalists = Owners

                      Want to debate this? Go right ahead. These are facts.

                    • EBT cards are a symptom. Industrial evisceration and the financialization of the economy are the cause. All neo conservative agendas. Want to see a real Republican? Ron Paul.

      23. My racism, or lack thereof, is besides the point. SJW’s, focus, please.

      24. Have you noticed how all the voices of dissent are being silenced? The comments sections everywhere are either being shutdown or converted to some NSA spy network, like Facebook or Google.

        Have you noticed how all the MSM sites, like the “New York Times” and the “Washington Post” where your comments are not only silenced by disappear?

        These Cultural Marxists are in charge. It is not enough to be called a “conspiracy theorist” anymore. The “haters” will be controlled. They know nothing of what hate really is. Whatever label is available these Cultural Marxists will use — racism, sexism, rapist, xenophobe, “Islamaphobe,” terrorist, isolationist, bigot — you name it. These Cultural Marxists are really describing themselves.

        They must be stopped. This behavior must stop or all the voices of dissent will cease. Soon.

        Eventually, all the voices of dissent will be silenced.

        • Help silence dissent by giving out silencers for their arms!

      25. “We have freedom of the press”, problem is that the press is the voice of the overseers which has become completely manipulated to be the government controlling voice. The press can’t print anything not approved by the fake two party divide. No investigation of any criminal misdeeds by the government itself, zero investigative power. The press is all prepackaged propaganda to further erode freedom minus any truthful people centered input.

        • aljamo

          100% agree. Worded well.

      26. I say the reason North Africans aren’t black , is because they kidnapped so many European woman . And the reason so many south Europeans are brown is because they were conquered by North Africans ? Look at the results. The Mores in Spain. White nuns devised ways to comite suisides without offending God. History repeating itself?oil money is giving them the chance . As the Black Death did.The Bizantines ( The eastern Roman Empire ) were destroyed by the Muslems . Not the Germanic tribes. Revalation 2:9,3:9 John 8:44, Blame it on the Germans who are still being persecuted by the children of Satan. We helped the communist rape and enslave half of Europe. Deny that. And now they are helping the Muslems rape and enslave half of Europe. Deny that.

      27. I wonder if the left has the recipe for sawdust bread of the old Soviet days? Okay’ I forgot that’s for the “Racist” little people. Not for the “well dressed oppressed”, who give us their sermons on how we inherited a horrible system which our ancestors created, maintained and worked in and we must disappear from the world to correct it.

        A mental exercise. Next time one these holier than thou types starts doing their spiel(speech) just notice how much their clothes cost, are the any scars on them or burns on them from the workplace. They don’t work, do they?

        So Antifa can threaten, The left can threaten, but war is work and always will be. They wage by complaining, whining, etc.

        Reminds me of an area that had no environmentalist chaining themselves to trees. Somebody asked one of them, “whats a woman called when she’s chained herself to a tree?” the answer somebody said to the environmentalist was. “a woman with a chain already one her”. They calculated the variables and decided against it. Once the left realizes the sh*t they’re going to get into. Well we’ll see. The environmentalist main tactic was to drive spikes into trees. When a saw blade hit it it’s like bullet hitting the cage that’s around the saw blade.

        See complaining about the left does nothing they’ve be at war with regular folks for years and they won’t stop until they are dealt with for their Terrorist activities.

      28. You know, it has gotten so damn old when certain individuals do not like what you are saying, their first response is always: You are a big, bad, horrible Racist! I call complete BULLSHIT on that garbage. This country is so chuck full of simple minded haters. It is open-season on White males. Without white males, this country would of never made it. Think how great this land would be without all the worthless baboons, Muslims, Liberals,gays, he-she’s and crappy foreigners that have no intention of becoming true Americans.

      29. When the absurd over-the-hill libtard fake media labels you a ‘racist’ wear it as a badge of honor.

      30. ‘In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act’.

      31. I always chuckle when I hear the term “Western”. West of what precisely?
        How come the folks that are always cackling about history seem to know so little of it?

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